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WOWDAY Septrmbcr 1 >, 1879.
The Weatber*
, indic ation8 to-dat.
oftici OF ohb? signal omcir,)
_ ^ Washington, Sept. is. lsrt. f
For the middle Atlantic states, warmer clear
weather, followed by Increasing c'.oadlnev*.
noi therly winds, shifting to southerly, lower
The following are the readings of the thermometer
at the signal Office daring the day: 7 a.m., I
M-; 7:3# a. m., .v>?; 19 midday, 70?; a p. m?
72?; maximum, 72?; minimum, 50?.
AntiikriiienU, etc., To*niffht?
^ National Theater.--" Queen'3 Evidence.*'
Ford's Opera limine.?Pinafore.
Th+me'* Summer Garden. ? Benefit Of Miss
Eva Mills.
Theater Coviiqve.?Varieties.
Condenved Locals.
The powerful electric light ordered by the V
8. government for use on the Capitol dome ar
Washington, costing Js,o?x>, was tested by the
manufacturers, In New York Saturday.
George carr. a prisoner at the Central police
station, made several attempts to hang himself
In his cell on Saturday night.
The crayon portrait of Col. W. G. Moore, presented
to Company A, Washington Light Infantry,
on Friday night, was executed by Baumipi
ten. from a photograph by McAllister. The
fli>t officers of t ne company (on the first parade.
Sept. 12th, l-vie,) were Jno. A. Blake, captain:
R chard C. France, 1st lleut.; Jno. MlUs, 2d
lleut.; Win. Mauro, 3d lleut; Jas. P. McKean.
quartern aste-; I)r. Jos. Borrows, surgeon. The
pi rtralt Is on exhibition at Ellis'.
The residence of P. I.. F-urneft, on K street,
near 9th, was entered Saturday by a sneak
thief, and some clothing and jewelry were
fctolen. From the premises of Robert Berebich
cn 7th street, and a lot of children's shoes we.e
Georglana Longford, colored, was found dead
In hed at her heme, No. 4.53 White's alley soutiiwest,
yesterday morning, and the coroner decided
that death resulted from natural causes
A colored man, named William Duckett',
while endeavoring to protect a simple old
negro, named Foster. Saturday, who makes h's
living by pedllng vegetables, who was being
annoyed by young roughs, was shot in the
head by a bullet fired by one of the pai ty. The
ball was extracted by Dr. Walter, who found
the wound to be slight. ,
The pump at the co. nor of mth and S streets
noithwest needs the serv ices of a doctor bad >y.
Ttornton II. Davis, colored, was arrested
Saturday by Detectives McDevltt and Voss cn a <
warrant sworn out by Mr. Arthur Shepherd,
special agent of the pension bureau, charging ]
h'tn with conspiring to defraud the government
by means of false and fraudulent pension ;
claims. !
The performances to-night at Thome's Sum- ]
mer Garden for the benefit of Miss Eva MlUs l
will te full cf interest. The Marine band wUi ]
Play. Ml as Mills, John Pugh. Warren Young ]
and Mr. Prutn will sing, and Ned Hay, Robr.
Downing and Miss Hattle Mcconnell will recite.
" The s. s. Union.?The Central Baptist s. ~S. '
i nion met yesterday aiternoon at the Shiioh i
church, on L street, between 16th and 17th <
streets. The school of Rehoboth church, Rev. ]
Henry Bailor, pastor, was admitted Into ti e j
anion. The election of officers resulted as fo'- i
lows:?Thomas Manning, president; John M
Washington, vice-president; Clement Robinson,
secretary; T. s. Robinson, assistant secretary. <
and Ja3. n. Payne, treasurer j
"Tot Spaids' Divorce Scit.?In the divorce !
salt of Spaids agt. Spaids in the Equity court (
m Saturday, Mr. Spaids procured an order of j
coort restraining Mrs. spaids, who still keeps i
the Owen house, from disposing of or secretin " 1
any of the stock, effects or credits of that es- 1
tabllshment while the divorce suit is pending. <
J*rs. Spaids had some weeks ago procured an <
order restraining him from interfering with her 1
management of the hoteL ]
a Small Point Decided.?on Saturday, Judge '
Mac Arthur, in special term, decided a motiou ]
tor "process of contempt" against Justice Chas. <
Walter, for disobeying a writ of certiorari grant- i
?d on the petition of the defendant In the case of
Rudolph Eichorn, executor, etc., against Fisher,
pending before him. The motion was argued, 3
and the court decided that under the schedule
m fees prescribed for justices of the peace Ju<=tiee
w was entitled to his fee of 50 cents for
cerLlying the record, and overruled the motion, j
Marshal Douglass and President Greener j
on the Colored Exodus.?Mr. Frederick Douglass,
m the paper which was read for him by ]
Profes sorvs ay land at Saratoga last Friday, takes 1
a conservative view of some questions In which 3
his own color are especially concerned. ]
maldn? ^ht of " the outrages cam- !
mitted In some parts of the southern states
against the negro." but sharing the "horror and i
lnd'gnatlon which they have excited, Mr 1
Douglass regards " the present agitation of an 1
African exodus from the south as ill-timed and
to some respects hurtful." He writes wirh ;
great plainness and force on the subject. \d- t
mitt'ng that the freedmen have still much to !
secure, be contends that they have gained a 1
great deal. Mr. Douglass believes that the \
men who encourage a forced and unnaturd
migration make a great mistake, though he
denounces the men who propose forcibly to
prevent it. j
President Greener, of the law school of Howard
\ Diversity, replied to Mr. Douglass' pa >er, i
^or5d,?e?ro emigration as removing him
Sr rea^na. mUCS m ltle S0Utu' aud for '
A Journalist ill.?Thos. J. Murray, for- 1
icerly on the Patriot, and lately connected with
the Capital and Sunday Gazette, is lying quite <
low with pneumonia, and there is but little <
hope of his recovery. He was taken sick on 1
Monday last, and since then has grown worse, l
The crisis in the disease will take place on i
w ednesday if he should live that lon>r. He is (
rooming at 11th and P streets northwest. f
Incident. ?in street-car. Lady, in shabby !
drees, to animated tailor's model, standing in <
?f??t ofher: "Will you please ring the bell, )
?'Pawdon, madam, I'm not the eonduc- i
taw?ah. '?"Indeed! What are you?" He gives i
It up. But if the same question, "What are
Jou?" were to be asked regarding Sanford's
amalca Ginger, thousands whom it has bene- \
fitted would answer in it3 praise. f \
Alexandria Notes.?The Gazette of Saturday '
has the following: It is expected that during ]
the fair week the military companies from <
Harrisonburg and Winchester will visit this <
city as the guests of the Light Infantry, in
"Which event there will be a very fine display oa
the grounds, on October 2d two companies of ]
the Washington Light Infantry, one in full and l
the other fatigue uniform, win be in attendance. 1
The dwelling of Mr.Robert Portner.on north 1
Washington street,was entered Friday night i
thiough the parlor window, which had been 1
left partly open, and a number of articles, such ;
ss vases, mats, piano cover, photographs, etc,
stolen. Officer Smith went to Washington Saturday
morning to trace the thief, if possible as '
It is supposed the things will be offered for sale '
Jhere Mr. Thomas Downey has purchased
from Mrs. S. a. Stoutenburg, niece of tho late
Joseph Cooney, the brick house adjoining his 1
store, on the corner of Royal and Cameron '
streets, ab ?ut twenty-three feet front on Came- 1
* ron street for $l 400 Mrs. Jannett Brown,
wife of A. r. J. Wallace Uooff, died last ^lirht
after a pr tracted Illness The repalTs to !
tie Alexa- drla canal aqueduct have been com- 1
pleted, and water win be let in and navigation
resumed on Monday. i
It was impossible to close on Saturday Hamburger's
stock of laces, edgings, velvet, silks
flowers, feathers. <ic. The sale will be continued
till further notice, s. Samstag, l-i^j Pa. ave. t
Temperance Meetings.?Yesterday afternoon
an enthusiastic reception was given to Charley
pye (wHo Tor six montiis past been entraired
in temperance work at St. Louis), at Hamline
church, and there was a crowded house The
"aeeUJ'S ?as oi**ned by Rev. w. l. McKenney,
who brietiy welcomed Mr. Nye and Introduced
him. and he at once took the stand and made a
very effective address. Major h. a. Hall also
made some remarks. Last evening Taiimadge
Hall was crowded to overflowing on the occasion
of the Dasbaway meeting, at which Mr.
Holloway presided. H. Clay sexton, chief enSineer
of the St. Louis fire department, was
itioduced and spoke for 45 minutes, making
an earnest appeal, and was followed by Charley
>yeinoneor his old-fashioned addresses, and
ire result of the meeting was 4/) signatures to
the piedge. Mrs. col. Daniels sang two solos
during the meeting.
MaWKwhn7.T^rruncral of tllc late John c.
w ^ v AbUene, Kar., about a week
motheX afternoon from his
KS? ^:rtcornerF street and New
Kn^hts of s? Wfr l. atte?^ by the
remains were Kn\oDstmA^^n(,s: Tue
and, after the services there to Mt Ci?nv^
where the interment was made v i^'*
day the luneral ser\ ices of Fannie Z Brai'irlr i
a teacher of tue colored public
Stevens huiiding, took place at the
Baptist church, and there was a large attend"
ance, Including the trustees of the sevem-i
division and many teachers. The pastor, jcpv
Jes-e Bo'deu, preached the sermon, and Kev"
George Bridle assisted in the services.
I:okan neck'.a< es and cr,ml locket, at Prigg's. t
The Bout or a C'o:.oked Man was recovered
yeaterthiy morning rrom the fiats near the
Lorg Bridge. '1 he remains had evidently be<?n
bt>me time in the water. The body Is supposed
to be that of Jarne* White, colored, of No. 1302
L street southeast, who ran into the river on
Frida> last, to avoid pursuit alter a robbery at
>'0. H'S Louisiana avenue. The coroner gave a
certificate of accidental drowning.
- t
District Government Affairs*
B. F. Harper has been n a) pointed an ac tional
priva(e In Georgetown.
The Commissioners have awarded the contracts?the
bds ff>r which were opened la^t
week?for asphalt to W. C. Murdock, and stone
pavements divided between Thomas Joyce and
Wm. Buckley (the laiter taking 2d street.
Georgetown, and F street, between 7th and
4.975 checks have been drawn by Mr. Dodge
In the return of excessive water rents collected
of water takers?the amount thus far repaid
being $24 875.
The number of drawback certificates Issued
by Mr. Roome, in charge of revisions of special
assessments, up to 2 o'c'ock to-day were 2,138,
aggregating In amount $142,624.01.
ssued by Inspector Kntwisle:? A. Burgdorf,
livery stable, three-story brick, ao% by 9(? feet:
$s,ik)o. N. Anderson, two-story brick. 14th, between
S and T sts.; $2,500. J. J. Cook, twostory
brick, lith, between D and C sts. n.w.:
$r>oo. James D. Cleary, three-story brick, loth
and H sts. n.w.; $3,600. II. Striker, summer
kitchen, 9th and I sts.; $50. John Lynch, coal
bin, 12 Prospect St.. Georgetown; $15. G. Lybrand.
add story on back building, 631 Maryland
ave.; $142. T. B. Shoemaker, repair shingle
roof, West, between Noith st. and P st. bridge,
Georgetown; $25. J. A. Augusterfer, one-story
brick, G st., between 3d and 4tb n.e.: $15<>. Angelica
Simpson, three-story brick, 8th, between
Pa. av. aca D St.; ?4,ooo. Baptist Church, tsth
and Cedar sts., repair roof; $25. H. Birch, enclose
baih room, 2401 Pa. av.; $ . Dr. Chapln,
erect two show windows. 712 7th st.; $452. II.
Butler, build brick fence, ftth st., between E
and F n.w.; $35. Wm. Shields, 909 13th st. n.w.,
repair kitchen; $30. James Fowier, build fruit
stand, 4th and Pa. av. s.e.; $10. Maria Wai-e,
summer kitchen, between isth and 19th and I)
and E sts. n.w.; $20. Mary A. Godman, repair
sMngle root 4# and M st. s.w.; $125. Ilenrv
Brlnlger, build shed 421 A st. n.w.; $15. Martha
A. Mack, enlarge wood shed l30t> 0 h st; * > >
B. Dlggish, build two-story dwelling 6th, bet.
G and I s.e.; $3,ooo. R. Thornton, build area
111 O st. n.w.; $40. j. w. Davis, build bay window
2313 I st. n.w.; $ . Murphy, build
wood and coal shed llth, bet. F and G n.e.
Amusements, Etc.
National Thbatek.?The National will be
opened for the week to-night by the Mordaunt-Boniface
combination. Ttie "melodrama
"<v>ueen's Evidence* will be presented. It is
somewhat on the sensational order, and is lull
of lr.terr~t. The situations are striking, and
the p'ot happily conceived and well worked out.
It will be put on the stage with great, care.
Fobd s Opera nouss.?"Pinafore," of which
the public seems never to tire, will be the attraction
at Ford's Opera House this week. The
company is a good one. It comprises Miss
Marfe Bockel as Josephine; Mr. Hogandorp.
Admiral; Miss Lizzie Annandale, Buttercup:
Miss Blanche Thompson, Ilebe; Mr. Torrlanl,
Captain, and Mr. Arendt, the Boatswain.
Theater Comiqub.?The Theater Comlque
Has a new com* any this week and a new bill.
TnoKNE's Summer Garden.?To-night Miss
Ei a Mills will be tendered a benefit at the summer
garden. She will be ably assisted, and a
most attractive programme has been arranged
Por the evening. Miss Mills is so popular and
has so many friends that the garden will doubtless
be crowded this evening.
Picnics. Excursions, Ac,
The Mary Washington will leave to-morrow
it 9 a.m. for Quantlco and Potomac city.
The Departmental Half Dozen's trip to Richmond
will be made next Wednesday, or Thursday,
if it rains Wednesday. The trip to West
Point, Va.. will be made on the Lady of the
Lake. From there to Richmond the journey
will be by rail. _
A Singular Proceeding.?About l o'clock
yesterday morning private watchman O'Donaell.on
duty on 1st street, near New York avenue.
was startled by the screams of a woman,
ind going towards the place he metawelliressed
wnlte woman, who said she had been
assaulted. He advised her to go home, and was
ibout to blow his whistle for an officer when
three young white men came up, and one broke
His lantern. The girl in the meantime started
Sown 1st street and the men after her, and
D'Docnell also started after them, when they
fired fc ur shots at him barely missing him. He
However, kept them in slgl t for a time, but by
the time he reached 7th and K streets and fell in
with Officer Fitzslmmons, they had disappeared.
Officer Fitzslmmons returned with
D'Donnell to the scene, but could find no trace
or clue as to who the parties were.
Blue Points only 25c. per doz. Malson D'Oree,
next to W Ward's. t '
A ccidbnts.?Joseph Fitzgerald, aged seven
years, son of Thomas Fitzgerald, corner of 24th
Mid N streets northwest, had both of nls legs
broken below the knee, while attempting to
climb upon the wheel of a cart which was moving
by his father's house on Saturday. Drs. H.
M. Newman and Basil Norrls rendered surgical
Hd Willie Cleavers, a white boy or seven
rears, was knocked down on Pennsylvania aveaue
near the Capitol, yesterday afternoon, bv
be horses of cnarlot No. 21. and badly huit
ibout the leg and head. Dr. Mareteller renlered
surgical aid, after which the boy was
aken to his home, No. 26 North A street, in the
x)llce ambulance Yesterday morn ng, as a
jattle train was coming across the Long Bridge,
F. J. Burke, of Russell county, Va., who had
?me cattle on the train, was knocked off the
x>p of a car, as Is supposed, by a telegraph wire
langlng too low, and he was badly bruised
ibout tie head and face, ne was taken to
f)owling's drug store and attended by Dr. M K
llllams. Mr. Sharp, of the B. & P. R. R., tor k
aim in charge and had him conveyed to the
American hoase. His Injuries are not serious.
Chabged With Assault.?This morning, in
ihe Police Court, Judge snell, Edward Fitzgerild,
who yesterday drove a chariot over a little
toy on Capitol Hill, named Wm. Cleaves, wa^
irraigned for assault and battery, and the ci^e
iras continued.
Harbison the Revivalist Criticised.?The
jamp-meetlng conducted at Desplalnes, near
Chicago, by the revivalist, Mr. Harrison, has
jeen severely criticised by the local religious
>ress. Ths Interior says that the revivalist's
jerformaDce "is a monstrous caricature of the
Christian religion and brings the most holy and
solemn act of the soul into public contempt;"
:he Aevr Covenant declares that '-for absurdity,
superstition and folly" the scene was only ever
mrpassed among the negroes of the south and
idds, "the sentiments and language employed
5y the leader, Harrison, and the gross benavior
>f ministers and converts were wholly discreditable,
If not utterly disgraceful." while the
Alliance says roundly that the whole affair,
which took p,""> "in the presence and under
:he direction ui Presiding Elder Willing, was a
llsgrace to the Methodist denomination."
On the other hand it Is conceded that Mr.
Elarrlson Is successful in drawing large audijnces
and In keeping up the interest of the ex;rclses
to a remarkable degree.
Dbed8 in Feb have been recorded as follows:
Enoch Totten, trustee, to Abraham II. nerr,
property on the east side of Congress, 307 feet
rom corner of Road street, Georgetown; $5,550
Sathanlel Carusl to Eugene C'arusl, lots 21. 22
ind 23, sq. 234; $1,260. W. F. Mattlngly, trustee.
G. N. Leonard, lot 29, and part of lots 2^> and
JO, Sq. 620; $5.
TnB Commissionbrship.?Among those talked
of for the coming vacancy In the board of District
Commissioners are ex Sergeant-at-Arms
J. R. French, Thomas J. Fisher, Lewis J. Davis
John T. Given, Richard Wallacli, John T. Mitchell,
A. S. Solomons, Dr. J. B. Blake. i>r
Toner, w. B. Reed, Thomas Hume, Wm. Dixon
and J. H. Saviiie.
Is stated that until Mr. W. B. Reed presents his
credentials as fine commissioner to the District
authorities it cannot be expected that his name
should go on the rolls, and as this has not been
done, of course the rolls dojaot contain his
name. To prepare the case for the action proposed,
the Commissioners say Mr. Reed should
make formal presentation of his credentials to
Thb Court in gbnbral Tbrm will meet next
Monday, and It will have the largest calendar
since the organization of the court?152 cases in
Marriagk Licenses have been issued to
George Nicholson and Caroline Brown; Oscar
.Johnson and Ann Montgomery; Chaa. D. Scott
and Ella Chllds; John H. Frless and Grace
Spence; Chas. T. Wamallng and Emma J. McDermott;
Justine J. McCarthy and Mary E.
O'Conner; Jaiaes L. Grant and Rebecca C. Short;
George Francis McGee and Mary Ellen Carter;
Joseph Rlchter and Johanna Buckley.
The Pittsbubo TeU(jra)>h tells how a restaurant
keeper got rid of the tiles that infested his
place. The doors and windows were closed and
a train of very tine gun-powder was laid In narrow
strips over the tloor, and the spaces between
the stripe were carefully pained with
molasses. In an incredibly short time all the
hies In the room seemed to ba on the tloor, enJojlng
the luxurious repast bo temptingly set
berore them. It was but the work of an instant
to lire the train; the result, when carefully
weighed, was two pounds three ounces of d >ad
files. Uow many ounces of gun-powder were
uied is not stated.
A Monster Telescope.?Ti>e new refracMrg
telescope ordered by M. struve, the director or
the Russian observatory at Pulkovva, from
Alvan Clark & sons, Cambridgeport, win have
the largest object glass in the world. The aperture
ot the great telescope at Washington is 2(5
lricLes. That of the Instrument for Vienna now
^iLgmade by Messrs. Grubb,of Dublin, will be
" The object glass of the new tol: vTi
Russia la to have a clear aperture or
wi nmhiiv focal length is not yet fixed, but
kiVr.fl,, about 40 feet The objective
rt p within eighteen months artet
vptr^i"J#ave been obtained, or three
L'.<1 the contract,
r*"The walls of buudtagNoTT\vest Fourteenth
street, Mew \ork, led Saturday, bum ig
nve workmen, injuring them more or less'b-r
none fatally. '
Iforc Fire Board Amendments?
Editor Stat:?Will the decision of First Comptroller
Porter, of the U. s Treasury, settle the
fire board controversy, us stated in Saturday's
Star? if the question gets before him at all.
and it Is not likely, as the case stands at present,
tha*. Mr. Reed's claim will go before nlm
from the District oflice for auditing, but supposing
it should get before him and he should
decide that Mr. Reed is entitled to pay, has he
the power to draw a warrant for the pay or to
order the District authorities to do it? Supposing
this difficulty overcome, what authority
has First Comptroller Porter to drop one of the
three members of the present board of nre commissioners
from the pay-rolls? They were
legally appointed and qualified and hold their
places until legally removed by the District
Commissioners. There are other equally knottv
points in the case, but the above queries are
enough to suggest others to the intelligent
reader and lead to the conclusion that it may
not be so easy for Mr. Porter to "settle the controversy
' ne is not likely to do more th in decide^
such points as properly come before htm
lor u6ClStOD? 0
? EQr 7 COURT-Judpi Mac Arthur.
? D80n5gt- Plant; sale finally ratiagt
Drakely; auditor's report do.
Clancy agt. Cou^hian; pro confesso. Coyle agt.
Davis; on hearing.
? _ i'oucE CorRT?JuJaeSwll.
i,wi^ Llias- Faley and John T. Simmons,
? and bo sterous, forfeited collateral, chas.
frm/ell, dlsturb.ng the quiet of Georgetown.
d?- ^Maria Taylor, destroying public property;
$.0 or 30 days. Klsie Robinson, loud and boisterous;
f5 or 15 days. Frank Ash, unlawful
cow yard; Jl or 7 days. John II. Thomas, vagrancy;
bonds or 30 days. W'm. Littleton, destroying
private prorerty; $io or 30 days. Edward
-Johnston, profanity; $5 or 7 days. Jas.
Littleton and Patrick Tyler, bathing in the
river; $1 or 7 days each. John Jackson, carrying
concealed weapons; $50 or 6<t days. Wni
Burke, lai vny of some articles of clothing from
Michael Nejmeyer; 5 months In Jail. llhodie
Royal, profanity; forfeited collateral. Wrn
Burke, assault on Alexander (files; 30davs in
jail. Ilillery Washington, larceny of a horse
wagon and harness from Felix M. Dranev*
grand jury. W in. Lewis, assault on Mary *j'
Lewis; pei-sonal bonds. Also, with assault on
Ella Parties; personal bonds. Charles Johnson,
affray; f> or 15 days. Augustus Swarcv
larceny of a setter dog from Nathaniel Sales'jail
30 days. Lizzie McConnell, profanity; $5 or
lo Q8J 9?
Maury, sister of Col. James A.
Magruder a former resident and well-known to
i"h?b5,?nts ?f Georgetown, died at her residence
In Kentucky Friday last. The remains
p,ace and were taken in
charge by Mr. Birch, the undertaker. The
chapel takC plaCC fl0m Uak 11111 C8metery
about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, nenry
Dade, a colored boy, 5 years old, living at 13
Montgomery street, (Georgetown, while playing
with a pistol, shot himself In the left hand,
making a llesh wound. '
0^Ki'N Akrivai s.?Boat Samuel Jarboe, with
2,3oo bushels of wheat and 1,000 bushels of
corn; boat Loudoun, with 2,800 bushels oi wheat
and 1,000 bushels of corn.
Merchants' Exchange ?Offerings on 'chan^o
to-day 5,ioo bushels of wheat, with sales as follows:?515
bushels at fi.ll, 550 do. at fi.12>.
1.350 do. at fi.ia.Si, 330 do. atfl.ll#, 1,300 do. at
The Art of Staining, !
yearly contemporary with the revival of
Gothic architecture applied both to ecclesiastical
and secular buildings, the taste for the en?cl"neDt
of such edifices by the Introduction
Painted glass has revised and
flourished. The secret of communicating to
? ^ss?, exiulsite and glowing colors so richly
and harmoniously blended in the few uninjured
specimens that remained In the mediaeval
churches of Great Britain, if not absolutely
lost, was long burled In obscurity. Another I
most serious impediment was the difficulty or
producing a pigment which should possess sufficient
affinity with the glass to be readily inwrporated
with It, an! yet be capable of reduction
to a consistency favorable to its use as
^ o^lnary k]?d of painting material to be'
??' variously treated, according to the
artistic necessities of the manipulator. Bat
these and other minor obstacles gradually dlstbe
searching investigations of
negiccted an Ert tliat bad 1)6611 80 l0D=
Let us now follow the art of glass stalnln through
its chief stages. The design of the
window being determined upon, and the car[9??
or ful1 sized drawing being prepared, a
1^ .? skeleton drawing is made, showing only
the lines which indicate the shape of each
separate piece of glass. It is apparently not I
?fnerally understood that a window is not one
piece of glass, to which are applied the various I
colors displayed, but a number of small pieces
which are united by grooved lead, which encloses
each Individual fragment, and that each
different color we see Is the color of that parP,lec?
g.las8'the only painting material
employed being the dark brown pigment
Xl?oiit0 dmn?e the more Plicate and minute
details. This skeleton or working drawi-io- I
then passes to the cutting room, where sheds
?n Im;l&lnable shade are arranged
i? IS ?' eacb faring a number, by wiilca ;t
particular tint is known. The drawing beli'i" I
numtered on each separate piece of glass by
means of a frame containing all pieces of ever v
shade. and each numbered according to t'le*
rack containing the glass of that color, the u e
of this frame renders unnecessary the tediois
Sa^iesst?f vwJS,Un^ eacb rack in search of the
Kicular shade required; the glass is laid bit
PJ? ?he drawing, and each piece is then
cut tt> the required sk ipe by means of a diamond.
t?be ?}ass 13 ent ^ passes to the painter.
3,,?' JWPS It over the drawing, traces upon it
with his brush all the details of features, folds
of drapery, foliage, etc., as designed by the
artlht. But as the action of the weather and
continually varying conditions of the atmosphere
would speedily remove every vestige of
paint if left in this state, it is necessary to subject
the painted glass to the action of heat by
placing it for several hours In a kiln, under the
Influence of which the p&Jnt is fused into absolute
affinity with the glass, and becomes absol^1^
lncorP?rated with its substance. After
this burning process, It only remains for the
different pieces to be united with the grooved
leaden frame work which binds the whole together.
The placeB where the leads loin are
then cairfuiiy soldered together, and nothing
remains but to thoroughly work over the whole
surface with a thick kind of cement, which fills
up any interstices between the glass and lead
and renders the whole panel perfectly waterl
tight and weather proof.?[Chamber? Journal.
hitney'a Opera House, at
Detrclt, Mich., was crowded Saturday evening
rtw}tn?fs the wrestling match for m>, beat
two in three falls, between col. J. a. McLaughlin,
of Detroit, and Theobaud Bauer, or
M*w \ ork. 1 he first round, collar and elb jw
EK "SPi* McLaughlin in three minute/.
The second round, Greco-Roman, was won by
Bauer In 27 minutes. The third rouud, catcafficatch-can,
was won by McLaughlin in seven
A Case of Love at Fiiist Sight.?Yesterd iv
morning, while a widow of some forty-five summers
was quietly sitting in the ladles' reception
rc^atthe car shed, waiting for the outwardbound
Macon train to^back down, ashort heavy
L ieJn^n* ^tn shaggy whiskers, deliberately
walked up to her, and, without the slightest
warning or the shadow of an Introduction,
began making a proposal of marriage In the
most earnest manner imaginable. After expressing
in unmistakable and ardent language
the rervor of his Impromptu affection,
he stated that he was the
01 }'<*? acres or lan<1 ,n the western
,r^ of,th? 8tate- and bad the honor
w> be the fond parent of two interesting cbn.
dren, aged respectively seven and eight years
and who were at that moment enjoying the
privilege of excellent schooling. He then proceeded
to beg her to marry him at once, and ir
sue could not make it convenient to do so then
and there, please to register a promise that siie
would, under no circumstances, put the weddlng
off longer than the ensuing Saturday. The
orr-hand lover spoke in such a rapid and impassioned
strain that it was impossible to check
him until the tale had been told. WherePPpn
/he elderly lady, having recovered
floin the confusion and amazement inseparable
from a courtship so startling
In character. blushlngly, but firmlv
informed him that he was a -rank" strange.- to
her, having never laid eyes on him beforef that
she way taken completely aback by his ofT-hand,
tliough warm proposal; that she had not even
the pleasure of knowing li s name, and while
she appreciated his kindly sentiment for her
she could not consent to become his wife on such
exceedingly short notice. I'pon this he granted
her a brief hour for reflection and walked awav
returning promptly berore the departure of the
Macon train, and, taking a seat beside her In the
ladles' car, was again pressing his suit In the
most urgent manner as the reporter passed out
Of the Shed.?[A tlanta Constitution, 5th.
Col. INC.ERSOLL'8 POLITICS.?Col. Bob In^er
soil says: "Whether I act with the republican
party or not, will depend on how the republican
parly believes and acts. If that party agrees
with the statement recently made by one o
Its leaders, that the government cannot protec
Its citizens at home, and nothing is left for the
colored people but to submit and suffer?if that
is republicanism 1 am not a republican." He
addea that he was not lighting the republican
pai ty and concluded, "if they (the republicans)
will help me, or help the cause of human
rights, I will help them with all my might.
But aa for political speaking, 1 do not hanker
alter it. i rom ls&s to ls7<; I took no part in
politics whatever, and did not in: end again to
make a political speech, but was lrawn by circumstances
into the last Pies tenth-l campaign."
I t?~llon. Wm. T. Hamilton, id., was at
the New York Hotel Saturday.
American Girls Abroad*
a tribute to thk b8auty ok uncle sam's
It Is doubtful whether any country in the
world pre duces so many pretty vlrls as America.
and it Is ceitaln that some of the prettiest
in the world are Americans. Tne fact is Indisputable
as the causes of It are obscure. It. was
one of the peculiarities of Venus, as a goddess,
that there could be no doubt whatever about
her beauty. There was a great deal to be said
for Jut o. as she swept along with that stately
peacock trailing Its tall on the sward, and It
was impossible to deny the attractions of
Minerva, still the moment Venus came
into the field, Paris held out his hand and
put the apple In hers. So it is with the
pocket edition of the godJess, which the busy
City of Bunkum and Shoddy publishes In wholesale
quantities. The little New York beauty is
Irresistible so long as she keeps her mouth
shut, and almost irresistible even when she
opens it. Everything seems to be against her.
' (ilve me blood," said the aristocratic, preeminently
carnivorous old lady who met young
Davhl copperfleld and asked him whether he
went much into society, " give me blood; there's
nothing like blood." Most people would agree,
in a limited sense. We know the beauty of
our aristocracy and attribute It largely to
high birth and good breeding. We know
the dignity and bearing of an Austrian
lady, and the common-place comeliness of a
little German parvenu. We have our pet theories,
ready cut out and dt led, and can apply
them to every case. The lion and the unicorn
are fighting for this crown of beauty, and up
comes the little Yankee belle and knocks them
both down. The lmpaitlal Paris (in a suit of
dittos), standing with his hands in his pockets
on the Rhine bout, and not paying the slights!
attention to the scenery, but looking an the
pretty girls of all the countries in the world,
slupies out the New York Venus in a moment.
He has not a doubt but he is right, and she
thinks that he's ?n excellent Judge.
And yet, as we've said, every thing is against
her. She comes to us across the Atlantic with
that horrible twang that spoils every thing,
and of which she seems utterly unconscious
She pe.ks it up in your lace with the most prevokliig
naii<i froid, and so do her sisters, her
cousins and her aunts. Her motser accompanies
her, and a hatchet-face, objectionable
brother, who seems to have the grace to
know that he is not a gentleman, and is,
in consequence, alternately depressed and
defiant. A man, however, matrimonially
tncllLCd, gazing on that alpaca mother, finds
serious couitshlp a difficulty. A little genial
flirtation is, however delightful, and it is imI
o.-sible to withstand so much beauty set off by
such a charm of manner. The little American
does not object to the Ulrtatlon. but she has a
frugal mind, and knows the kind of lover who
is likely to develop into a husband. Yet with
all her frugality, she has a mind on pleasure
bei t, and flirting, which in Bngland is a
Eractice and in France an occupation, is for
er a science, which she studies conscientiously,
and In which she makes
dally progress. She is still young, perhaps
not out of her teens, but she has
heard a great deal, seen a great deal, knows a
treat deal, and certainly makes no secret of her
experience. She Is perfectly frank, and her
absolute realism protects her from some of the
bad effects which flirtation produces in English
girls, it Is hard to avoid admiring her, and it
is impossible to believe that the lady In alpaca
Is hern other. The h ttchet-faced brother seems
to smoke so much of his life out through his
nostrils as he has not already expectorated
through his Hps. On the whole, the property
affords a delightful view, but the incumbrances
are heavy?uncommonly heavy.
The English critic, admiring freely this
unparalleled beauty, begins to think whether it
can last Well, let It be confessed that the
aspect of an American mother is not encouraging.
one wonders whether she could ever
ha\e been pretty, or ladylike, or attractive.
One looks from mother to daughter with a puzzled
anxiety. Surely all the American fathers
must have been very handsome. And yet those
citizens of New York who do come over the
Atlantic are, no doubt, excellent men of
business, but have very little in common
with Apollo or Antlnous. Perhaps, after
all, the English girls are not so bad. Possibly
they may not be such gawkles as they are said
to look. If they are, one fact Is at least clear;
they soon grow out of It. American beauty
has some consolation even for a Jealous English
critic. Be must admire it. He cannot
deny it. It Is not a matter to argue about or to
dispute. The little New York paivenu, with
an ancestry that throve on shoddy, and a parentage
that grew rich on petroleum, has, notwithstanding
these antecedents, a beauty
that Is at once captivating and refined. And
yet there is consolation for the English girl.
"I had scarcely taken orders for a year," says
the dear, delightful vicar of Wakefield, "before
I began to think seriously of matrimony, and
choose my wife, as she did her wedding dress,
not for a fine, glossy surface, but for such
qualities as would wear well." When we look
at the New York beauty, brilliant In silk, and
then turn to the faded, worn-out mother, dingy
in alpaca, we may feel perfectly certain that
Dr. Primrose would not have crossed the Atlantic
for his bride.?[London May/air.
Ex-Empbess Eugenie's Wealth.?The exEmpress
of France is said to be one of the richest
widows in England. In addition to her
Hungarian estate she has a castle In Spain and
a nice place In Switzerland. But hard cash is
what comes most useful to dethroned sovereigns
who hope to return, and of this the Empress
has long had abundance. It is estimated
in Paris that she is worth at least
1,ow,(too sterling. Only recently she sold a
large block of house property in the Rue
d'Aiba, in Paris, and M. Rouhe's house,
a well-known political ceLter at the corner
of the Rue de 1'Elysee, was hers, In her own
light, and was sold last year for ?l5,ooo.
The death of the Prince adds to her property,
since he left, to her a considerable amount of
landed property In Italy, as well as the Touloure
property, bequeathed to him by the grisly
general who had been equenyto the Prince
when he tcddled about the corridors of the
Tulllerles nearly three feet high and weighed
with the miniature unlfoim of a colonel in
the Gent Garde. This vast property was
no encumbrance to the Empress while yet
Bhe a son to live and scheme for. It was
drained pretty freely by the Bonapartlst organs
of tfie press in France. The Ordre ana the
Pay? were lavishly supported by the Empress,
and she also drew handsome checks In favor of
the redaction of the Gaulois. The need for
keeping these fires warm is now dead. The
Empiess Is not likely to keep newspapers alive
to work for her good cousin Jerome; she will
not, however, find her riches an embarrassment
as long as the priests have ready access to her.
A newspaper supplies large outlets for superfluous
cash but I think on the whole the
Church can hold Its own In rivalry of this character,
and & good church-woman like the Empress
will not find occasion to distress herself
for means of disposing of the Interest, and
eventually the capital of a million sterling.?
[Cor. Philadelphia, Timet*.
tsrBen Butler's only hope of becoming a governor
Is to marry a governess.?[at. Louis TimenJuurnal.
KB"'Henry Ward Beeclier preached his la?-t
sermon of the season at the Fabyan House, N.
11., yesterday. Excursion trains ran on all
the'roads. About 1,000 persons were present.
The" subject was, "How shall I Inherit eternal
urcol. John W. Forney, of Philadelphia.
Walt Whitman, the poet, and others have arrived
at Lawrence, Kansas, from the East, to
participate in the quarter centennial celebration
of old settlers to-day and to-morrow.
HrRichard Gllholy, a show card maker in
New York, was fatally stabbed Saturday night
by John Jones, at the latter's residence, after
serving upon him a summons In a civil suit.
nrpresldent Hayes left Cincinnati Saturday
for his home, Fremont, Ohio, accompanied by
General Sherman and Attorney General Devens.
rwThe conductors, gatemen and platform
men of the New York elevated railroad have
been notified that a reduction of twenty per
Tent, in their wages will go Into operation toGay.
I' tar~The dates of the several political conventions
In Massachusetts are as follows: Youn?
Republican Conference, Worcester, Sept. 15;
Republican Convention, Worcester Sept. 16;
Butler Democrats, Worcester, Sept. 17; Butler
Independents, Worcester, Sept. 18; prohibitionists,
Horticultural Hall, Boston, Sept. '24,
Democrats, Faneull Hall, Boston, Oct, 7.
Regulate tbe Blood t
Take that wonderful preparation, Quirk'* Iri*h
Tea. It cures biliousness. Price 25 cents.
To Itadlea and Gentlemen.
We wish to call attention to A. Fischer's
Chemical Scouring and Dyeing Establishment,
No. 9<J6 G street, near 9th street. By promptly
adopting the latest Improvements, whether of
American or European Invention, he Is enabled
to do his work in a manner not to be equalled
by i hose not possessing these facilities. Ladies'
and Gent's Garments thoroughly cleansed. The
effectual removal of grease spots guaranteed!!!
Through skillful pressing and reflnishlng all
garments will appear like new. Cheapest prices
In ihe city according to tbe work done, and
suiting dull times.
Ilurralit _ , ,
Quirk'* Irish Tea, the poor man's friend. Frlce
25c. Prevents a bilious attack. Sold by druggists.
Skinny Men and Women are not admired. If
lacking In flesh, vital, brain, or nerve force, use
" Welles' Health Renewer." Greatest remedy on
earl h for impotence, leanness, sexual debility,
premature decline, &c., Ac. fi, at druggists';
advice free. Depot, 68 Barclay street, N. Y.,
and for Washington at48o l'a. ave. 3,24-eoiy
'ou*' ing Syrup has been used for children
It corrects acidity of the stomach, relieve?
win? iMi.: regulates the bowels, cures dysen
ey hi dill rrnoea,whenevcr arising from teeth
, tig i r t * :\9\ causes. An old ftnd well-tried r mt.
a Lottie
; . . i
V/ or THB \
Bintfe Nnmber Drawing. Class 41." drawn at New
Orleans, on Tneaday, Bept mbjr 9ih, 1879. %
j ,'r- ' So frizr So. Prize. #
151 20 30688 20 64097.... 20
153 20 30797...:..; .20 Mill) ?>
2'5 20 30836 20 64219 ' '.20 f
625 50 30859 20 64533 .... 20 1
745 20 31=27 .50 <54821 ^.20 1
771 100 31431 20 64942 20 1
820 100 31556 20 64982 20 1
837 20 31753 100 6>017.... 50 '
390 50 31913 10000 65196 50 |
892 20 31973 20 65655 20 '
958 20 32034 50 65805 20 : '
1409 50 320;?0 100 65994 20
1469 50 32243... 20 66080 50 ' 1
1552 100 S2319 *' 20 66122 1(100 1 <
1597 20 32447 .. 50 66138 100 ,
1605 50 32450 "*20 66161 20 '
2027 20 3259620 <6431 ioo >
20?0 20 32861 ;.20 6fi4H4 100 j
2033 100 329-32 50 66546 50 1
2204 20 32947 50 66738 25(H) 1
2241 50 32968 . 20 667*4 20
2345 20 33239 i<>0 00*04 50 ?
2416 20 33246 .20 67221 20
2596 50 33337 20 67342 1<H)
2638 50 .33376 20 67710 20
2724 100 33492.. 50 67762 20
2735 100 33fii4 ."if!0 68023 20
, 2763 20 33671 50 6X050 20
2*31 50 3:1x11... 500 68165 20
2X60 500 3391H ' 50 68348 1(M) '
2958 20 33947 20 6X612 20
3213 20 339X6 500 68850 50
3240 50 34010 20 689S4 20
3399 20 34051 ' *50 69063 500
3403 20 34131.. 20 69139 '(O
3776 20 34173.. . 20 <>9522 20
4191 50 34381... 100 69593 50 .
4528 20 34608... . 100 70266 50
4612 'HI 35120 50 70314 .20 1
4942 20 35192. 20 7i>410 20 1
5038 100 35320 20 70465 100 ?
5071 20 :(541H " 20 70599 50 '
5076 50 35570 ... .""20 70609 20 J
5204 20 356X6 . ' 20 7(M150 20 ,
54;W 20 357f.fi ".20 70801 20 ,
5534 20 ;;5806 20 71119 50 '
5fj24 20 35x74 ....... 1000 7117(5 50
5<:>7 50 36310 20 71204 500
10J :'(417 50 71265 20
5840 20 3(436 :"i0 714-"W4 20
6233 20 36490 "jo 7I4C.7 "0
C439 20 3(5904 ".50 71664 20
C<05 20 36973 20 71691 1(M)
<<42 20 36984... . 50 71938 20
6X30 50 37168 100 71944 1(H>
7231 50 37209 .'..20 72093 20
'393 20 37219 20 72095 50
1431 20 37237 20 72274 20
7524 50 27431 "KM) 72444 20
7592 100 375H3 ..".'..".'...50 72459 20 3
(<'63 100 37868.. 20 72494 20
7717 20 37919 20 72500 20
7743 20 37934 20 72550... 20
8145 20 38349 ..::.::;:2o 72043 20
?33H .20 3.S476 20 "2853 50 .
8491 100 3H508 20 '2925 2(? i
87<9 100 38509.. . .50 73124 20 J
20 38754 .20 73141 20
XX5.) 20 38757 20 73168 20 1
9155 20 38795 " 20 73282 5<H) 1
^205 . 20 38X33 .20 73453 50
931<)...?. . 100 39035 20 7:1657 20 1
9448 20 39128.... 50 73715 500
95X2 1( 00 39184 .100 737:16 20 1
;'*21 20 39227 .500 73933 50
99(1 20 39345.. 50 '4097 20
101(4 20 39439 ;* 20 74288 20 <
10291 500 39970 20 74356 20
10386 20 40127 *>0 74690 50
i?wx4 .20 40164::::::: :s<? 74841 20 .
10655 1(H) 40517.. .. 20 '">001 -JO i
10791 100 40613. . . 100 75151 Km) "
10341 20 40679 20 '5254 50
10?31 20 40682 20 7?349 20
10920 20 408:17.: 20 75627 50
11059 20 4H05. "" 50 75737 50 :
11114 50 41136 :?i i 75969 2) i
112:13 2o 41145 ::::::: :5) 76198 2, '
11297 100 4116X 20 '65XX 50
11345 50 41343 100 76633 20
11439 20 41409 ' '" 20 76719 20
11471 20 41472.. 20 70705 20 ?
11500 50 41566 20 76848 20 <
11591 50 41588. 50 '6959 50 1
11594 20 41682.. 20 77029 20 I
11041 lf;0 41824 '?() 77030 20
11X34 20 41999 ...".""500 7J4*5 20 ?
11916 5t.O 42143... . 20 '<691 20 <
11977 20 42412 20 Z'Z94 2o
11991 500 42504 50 20 "
12001 20 42H04 KM) 78167 20 (
12138 20 42914.. . .20 78202 20 '
12347 20 43136.. 20 'M:,12 20
12940 100 43249 ' " 20 7iW44 50 "
13004 20 43294 20 78008 100
13019 20 43393 ...:..".*20 78024 20 '
loO*. 6 20 43407 . . 50 '3637 29
, 13128 50 4:1412... . ' 20 ZSD'l 20
1H142 20 43460 20 78(04 .")
13357 20 43897 oo (^<93 20
13509 50 44059 """."ioo 7C804 100
13531 50 44270 '?() 78869 50
13706 20 nisi::::::" 20 7yl7a 20
13X20 50 444(52.. .. i<M) 79319 20 I
14207 20 44545 ... . 50 Z95? 5<M) J
14310 20 44635 50 ( 97I8 20 '
14325 50 44766 50 7y894 20 ,
14408 50 44794 50 80108 20 <
14496 20 44858 .::::::"2o 20 .
14891 20 44901 20 50 3
14933 20 45072..: . 20 **>VJ 50 1
15014 20 450X9 *.20 J*0'}1 20
15024 20 45419 20 30810 20 *
15061 20 45433 20 *"*^4 100 '
15153 20 45585:::::::."so 30933 20 j
15309 100 45677 20 31031 20 {
15419 20 45721 50 31513 20 J
15710 20 45X01 20 31?4a 20 '
15746 50 45863 .. 20 20 J
15753 20 45946...."...'.ioo 31640 20 ?
loX28 20 40510 20 5J2^3 1<X) ,
15X69 20 40811 100 20 1
15970... 20 47137 50 318o0 20
15994 60 47515 ....::: *20 31853 20 1
16007 20 47572 20 31894 --50 j
16097 20 47587 50 ??{?> H*** ,
16216 20 47004 20 ^8 50 !
10258 20 47765 100 #??>?
16440 20 47X43 500 20
16449 20 47X44 50 20
105<J4 50 47949 50 50 .
16515 20 4X045 50 20 I
10040 20 4X090 1O0 22(43 100 ^
10716 50 4X213 100 20
10725 20 4X563 50 50
16937 50 4X837 50 1? 20
17005 20 48926 20 2?fo3 20
17206 20 49068 5000 ?*39* 20
17310 50 49111 20 20
17330 20 4938X 50 20
17418 20 494:18 20 ^97 5,,
17421 20 49442 20 **?1?
17440 20 49473 50 2^81 50
17088 50 49528 50 20
17831 20 49555 20 2%?? 20
17992 20 49692 20 g38?| 50
1X010 20 49710 20 20
1X078 20 49909 loO 20
18203 50 50159 20 #4240 .j0
18359 50 50220 20 2*244 " yj
1?437 20 50329 20 ?428j> 20
H479 20 50367 20 ?4299 2<>
1X491 20 50091 100 24*}0 50
18992 110 <>0917 100 w3<8 100
19724 20 51017 20 *44,1 . 5,,
19770 50 51026 20 ?44?4 5?
20083 20 51368 100 3*619 50
20215 20 51501 100 3464^ .^0
20378 50 51572 . 20 84,'a7 .. 20
20580 20 519X1 .20 ?4775 ."50
20830 20 52111.. .20 348,b 20
20994 20 52118 ;.20 34946 ..20
21003 20 52146 50 *5084 20
21122 20 52339 KM) 35094 50
21197 100 523X0 50 35385 50
21210 20 52398 20 7 KM
21322 20 52669 20 Hj2I<J 20 21333
100 52907 100 55J48 2d *
21348 ICO 52950 50 w'l?l 20 "
21483 100 52957 20 ?6349 l4|1J
21551 20 53051 20 363.6 20
21725 50 53124J 20 36410 50
21779 600 53196 20 ?^r-{ 50
21966 20 53204 500 w>4a0... . 100
22085 20 53327 100 36528 20
22116 50 53:142 20 *6034 20
'22194 20 5:1427 KM) ?<>94X 50
22339 20 53792 20 37201 20
22404 20 53X69 100 37398 50
22539 5(H) 53937 50 37444 loo
22742 20 54036 50 37062 100
22825 50 64064 50 37907 20
22X92 500 54?H'rfl 50 37940 lOOu
22963 20 540X8 20 8X114 20
23005 50 54150 1CM) 3X215 KM)
23174 20 541X9 20 ??334 20
23277 20 54390 50 ?X841 5,,
23341 20 54556 20 89200 20
23371 100 54580 20 39249 20 *
233X7 50 54745 50 39329 20
23434 20 54871 20 89308 20
2*3487 50 54949 50 89419 ..20 ?
23592 20 55033 50 898:13 20 '
23784 100 553X3 50 89855 50
23845 20 55480 50 900?M1 20
23936 20 55052 50 90194 50
23965 20 55886 20 91313 KM) G
24022 20 55912 1<H) 91487 20
24165 20 55966 20 91493 ..20
24315 20 56010 20 91506 5,,
24318 100 56200 50 91566 20
24322 20 66315 50 91023 ..20 \
24712 50 56514 20 91038 50
24747 20 56546 20 91693 20
24770 20 66575 100 917(54 20
24988 60 56877 20 91904 20 r
25119 100 57115 20 91979 50
25139 50 57145 50 92068 20
25179 50 57331 20 92277 50
25199 50 67300 25(H) 92439 20
25202 20 57502 20 92487 500
25206 20 57653 50 92498 50
25235 20 67( ' 03 30000 92573 1(M)
25247 50 67940 20 '.12635 20
25256 60 57968 50 92636 20
25206 20 58508 20 92078 20
25315 20 58580 KM) 92708 20
25456 20 68774 20 92760 20
25466 20 58936 20 92810 100
25696 20 59121 50 92935 100
25729 20 59284 50 92974 20
25830 20 59349 20 92993 50
25917 20 59600 50 93099 20
25931 100 59877 20 93180 20
26033 50 69932 50 93510 20 ri
26282 20 59986 20 93926 20
264(H) 20 60106 20 94096 20
26522 20 60131 50 94265 20
26599 50 60275 100 94325 20
2(1040 KH) 60479 50 94301 :'(> 26888
20 (50735 20 94488 20
26905 50 00933 100 94558 100
26915 20 61057 50 94649 50
26927 20 61170 20 94725 20 b
270; 6 50 61192 20 94X00 50 a
27402 20 61291 20 94804 20 n
274IS 20 61295 20 95047 20 i
27669 20 61399 .20 95515 50 f
27822 20 61419 50 95699..... 50
28096 50 61450 5(M) 95305 20 f
2hlf>5 20 61559 20 95972 . . 20
28179 50 61932 20 95975 20
2X222 KH) 01973 20 96273 20 1
28501 20 62197 50 96431 . 20 J
28517 20 62441 '20 90091 20 a
28584 5(( 62519 KM) 967x9 20 I
28709 20 02588 20 97117... .20 I
28X08 20 02719 ....50 971(59 KM) 28968
20 62734 50 97187 -?0 I
29052 50 02X19 KM) 97441 - tl ,
29OX0 20 62X02 50 97701. ""20 6
29146 20 62868 20 97787 ->0 e
29202 50 62X90 50 97X80 r>0
29207 20 029)'X 20 97890 50 -j
29209 _0 ,i.;097 JO 97901 "/20 1
29;507 ICO 03134 20 98240 i<M)
29447 ;<) 63182 29 98591 21)
29."()'4_.. 50 03293 20 9872S
-9<;o? 20 c.3113 _() 99026 ::::.r.:\5o
29S'i,9 20 (^M::i r0 99150 50
<;;?,,<? 50 99221 50 |
?71 _<) 1 Mi 99447 1<N)
(I 63( 90 i') 99508 20 (
( VV- -O 63756 KM) 99655 20 t
02: 0 20 63965 20 99700 20 ]
'( 20 64053 . () 99988 20 t
SO 64059 -0 ^
?*w*1 ^
. ?? 32fi?l dJ4Wll;F Hjoond Capital Prise, ?10,000,
? ho e ?old in N>w York.
No. 49 068, drawlntr Third Capital Prize, 95.000,
rhole cw.14 in st Louis.
torlT' 57,3t0 a,ld f,c'738- ?2,500 each, sold iu New
Nob. 9 682 35.87*. 66.122. 8\005, 87.940. ?1,000
-ftcb, t old in New \ork and New Or.cans.
2 219u 300 4!<0fiI 100
iS\i *1912 200 49<r.2 100
?? 3W14 200 49063 100
3W :?91R 2O0 49064 100
1-KJVT 2SHi -i1916 i 200 49065 100
?7^! *5 415112 '-*10 4SH)6B 100
J7B1? ?*> 200 49067 100
"SSS:::::::S5 SB 8S?S !S8
ijupili *>*. belnir U? 'two' U?t
5?o ooo. gio^ uumber drmwiw the capital prire of
NTOH>R^*??T'iJS,,r ??P**vlwdthe SINGLE
M^7r,niSi5^iL?htreby crtifv that the alwve
h2 ini?<2Slr\b?rV *Bicb were thin day drawn from
SCSa"16 wheel with thepiize* cor185"
O""" ?? * ?
Prize? cashed in full without dedSi^."10"0"'
A. Splendid Opponunity io Win A Fortune
UTH. IH79,? 11 ;tt hKnnthiL," u>rmwij??.
Louisiana State Lottery Company.
This institution wm retrularly Incorporated by the
C*KiBl?tnre of the 8tate for Educational and Ouarljfb'e
purposes in 1868 for the termofT^entvtheStIta"tL
???trmct the toviolable faith
monthly on the second
foHcShk D^bufconf* " l**1"0 ' Look at the
? 980.000
1 Capital Prize....... io 000
1 Capital Prize 7.1".Zl'.'.:: R CKW
2 Prizes of f21ftlX' 5 0,,,,
asssssf ''as ,ga
2(2! I^rizes of 1(6<i
no prizes of 20.':;.'.';,'*.*" ? MS,
1000 Prizes of 10........V : . * ljooo
9 Approximation Prizes of f30ii 2.700
9 Approximation Prizes of 300 1,800
_ 9 Approximation Prizes of 100 yoo
L867 Priies, amounting to fllMOO
Responsible corresponding agents wanted at all
i^bepaicf01'10whom * kberal compensation
Application fbr rates to clubs should only be made
?tpe Home Office in New Orleans.
J^S-cleariy statin* full address, for further Inormatlon,
or send orders to
_ _ ? M. A. PAI PBUf.
?' Box 693* He w Orleans, Ls.,
>r same person at '
Wo. 310 Broadway, ZVew York.
AExtraordinary Drawinotare undf I
car*?^"01 ?*?*? qnali
SaSSSfflyUK1"'' *"""? <o?U ?rtx
OAKMd PINE WOOD in the stick or sawed and
?lit, at lower prices than ever before offered in tliii
1*9 tr STEP HEN SOW li BRQ.,
"vtr 7thstreet wharf.
riKSSSg ST&EE? ? Lrt~
rtlch wfll be sold It bottom^priaM.
OaU early and leave your orders.
998 Ia.ov.aa4 IK at,.
Between B and Oia
Wharf foot of 8d st a.a. ayT-ly
JOHNWW bbothebsl wwd>
?OOD. T*LEPi|OHio^oiwaoTioKa GOAL.
JOOD. Prompt Deliveries. OOAL
.ssmssjs^S; wsrss"^
vharvea, factory, extensive store yards ?T>mKH?fl q
?*<"* op.lMyaly when ooal fa k}weat;offloM
j city. and all in <wmwfllahi oommuniprompt
attention to orders, we are
)reP*red to offer to our patrons the best vanettee of
oalatthevery lowest pricea. iweueaoi
K)SSitaf1,or8*rtctl7pur*??^ ,5U4D
-Wsfn offloe, mill and depot, foot of 12th, isth and
rsU-aw. Offices: 1302FsTnw.;llU^rtTn.w
^a. ave. s.a. lyl>-tr *'
Fall and Winter Clothing
SATURDAY, September 18th, 1879.
lOll renntvltmnim ave.,
?ep!2-tr Three Doors from 11th street.
OPLAR, 1 inch and M, Na 2 per 100 ft, not
FHITE PINE BHINQLE8, No. 2..per 1000. SL7C
LEAR BIDING, X inch (without a knot),
per 100 ft......... (LOO
1BQINIA FINE BOARDS per 100 ft. Mots.
ITFRESS BBINGLE8, No. 2 per 1000, S4.60
tnjVAx Waibhw, P. 01
11 the activeMocks, and also carry same on very
tioderato margin as Ion* as desired. They negotiate
Li-privileKSS iff rates that affora large and
reanent profits with very limited liability. Their
xplanatory circulrir and stock report, containing
niart^m'S&r ^ tne 00 4ppUc*tl011
FILLS. The beat remedy known. Thousands
th^reffloagN S^d^yjll drngrtta. STOTT
i OROMWELLT wholesale AgantsTMa 480 Pena.
Ivanla am ap22-ly
128 Mb street, cor. F northwest All kindi sold an J
xchuurod, on easy terms. Ranting and Repairing.
Washdiotok, D. a
)?SdE0olQinbi*nL4W Baaain?. ?U? *t. between
1 Jy81-6m
*E\y.-Tle Southern Pacific Tea
*qiiality of TEA and COFrives
GliS^Si ^ ^where for the Prioe. and
th6tiSru.w ' c-?10 ewry **"??* **
f ? v
111 '1[ ?'
S'iioMDA?. tbwS??i??5io^SSr,ijrD
The EccentMc Oo?n??iuation, Specialty BurlttQu^
and Fem?le Minftrel Troop*. Bvht S^ rite And Dance
Artists. Four Great End Men. lea Beautiful
Yonng Ladle*.
The gr?at afterpec\ " LoverV 8trat w?a " The
Greatest Coir bloat ot> traveling in oon->ert*l with
tbe Theater Comiqae Oompany Two Shows ia one.
For one we?k only. eeplS
Qmeem't Mtidencc.
QUEEN'S Th* Latest London EVIDENCB
OUEEVB Success, already EVIDBNCC
0T*FEV'8 Perfcrmed EOfOnirht* EvmfwoS
oUFEN'8 at tbo Surry, and WW E\ I[)KNn*
OWEN'S Nights at the Prinoess KVIDBNOR
gl'EEN'S Theater*. London. England, EVIDENCE
And a. ill mnn'nir in
England. Ireland, Scotland, W?lf? and Australia,
and which baa made a decided bit thiassason
in New York. Philadelphia end Baltimore.
The new I>ro?> Curtain will be lowered on Monday
evening for the first time It la fro it the pencil ot
Mr. Samuel Brook or. of New York, box plan lor
the sale of inferred places now open.
Monday, Brpteniher 23-A*ah Richmond's Comic
sei'15-tr Q| era Pom par y. in Fatlnltra
Mort Succes?ful 0:?er? Known to the World, with A
Grand Open Cast.
! Argelo Torrlani as th* Captain (the DlstingulahcJ
_ , _ ' liar tone).
. a.rlrt,H'JT"?*nrP ** ""rJo*svb(Baaeo Cont?alto>.
A. \\. F. M'Collin, as Ralph, the Lovat iPrl?*
Tenor Pramatiqne).
Carl Arendt a? the B >stswaln (Baritone).
Joseph Gtet-nsfelder a* Di^k Deadeye < Basso Pr<>.
Mies Marie Bockcl as the Captain's Daughter <?>
Li/z'.e Ar,nan<laleat< Suttercup (Contralto)
late of HtrakoHch Italian Onera Company "
Mil's Blanche Thompson as H??b>' * >orano)
Grtnd Oj era Cli<>rua and Or?-h< ctra.
Biats it setved at Drea's drug store
September 22 -Emerson's Mewather'tn Mlns'jsla.
f*ei>16-tr ^
rpilOBNE'd M MMfcU I.AItltfc*:
MONDAY EVENING. 8*i t. 15TH. lfef J.
sep!3 2t
wibeki. - Phot.
A IMMICH announces the first of his aeml- tkM.
Dancing from m to 10 :io The privilege of ?2
excluding all objectionable persons is reserve?!
Carcsof adnisa on, 25 cents: no charge for la dins
Phof. ELBINMAN, Master of Ceremonies. sl2-4t
ppORD'S. Little Duke, Comic Operm*
Washington has rwvvnized the true merit of this
procuctior. as ha* been Hbown by the fact that with
eacb performance the audience** have irrnstlr increafed.
u Matinee the auditorium was fillei mostly
ladies and children representing our best fami^5^T->M9BK
? ? ~ encampmeht.
A Grand Opera Company In Oomlc Opera.
Undoubted the beet Comic Opera production
baa ever been in this oountrr for
Admission 25, 50 and 75 Cents.
Beat* can >>e secured during the day at Drew's
Drug Store without extra chart e.
Next week "Pinafore," with special exoeUenoe la
fry detail. sepll-tr
No. 611 E Strut Noethwbst.
Blnirle Admission .....................35 Tntl.
85 Coupon Tickets for t&
QEO. /niEMAnra
Brwku 4th in 5th in e axd ? Bra. i.e.
Wsshlnsrton. P. O.
Ho 611 E Btucbt Noeihwbt.
Bednoed to tl per month. Bo initiation fee.
mnlze and decarbonise the mtMn. thereby
promoting health, cheerfulness and kmgevter.
bf nee the mar.y experienced penonaM that Tlsit
Db. WHITE e well-known establishment, 1A1S
Pernsyivanla are, opposite WlUardhi Hot3.for raPICNICS,
On the fine ateatper Ladt of the Lakh. Ticket*
jOM ively limited to 3u0. -AmS?
The beat will leave 61 h st. wharf
Hccday moraine at 8 o'clock.
pip* at Alexandria, Piney PointTPolnt Lookouti
returning, leave Noi fsik Timiday mornins at 8 SO
?pT^*nea#d the 0ap?"'wrtvin*bomq
1 ickets. round trip, (adults) fL 50; children under
6free;between 6and 12. 75 cms. Staterooms.
round trip, 81. Other tWpiag_ accommodations
O*?- on*>o*rQ 50 cents Ticket* for sals by
?oIlrPf K&? Dnwr fts, cor. 9th and F sis. n.w.;
Ellis A Co.'* Music store. Pa sve.; Baliantme'a
^ 'A n.w. j MaJor1* Dnur store, cor.
7th and H sts. For state rooms app'y to Nourse Ie
Co., cor. ?th and F etrsets: at the office of the Inland
and Beabosrd Cosstipg Oomjwny, 15th st, and of
KA MILES FOB 10 CE>T8. " '
Music and dancing. Steamer Ma
BY WASHINGTON will leave at 9 30 . ..
am. MONDAY, Beptenbsr 15th, aDdJHBK
SATURDAY, September 20th.
Bound trip. 10 centa.
? * t L L LF.A VK at 9 A. M.
FRIDAY, September 19.
Returnlnfr at 8:30 p m.
Music snd Danclnjr.
Round trip, 25 centa
jrF.HDAY, B-i>tember 16tn.
THURSDAY. 8ettember 18th. fl
WiU leave at 9a.m.; returning at 8^0 p.m. I
Music and Dancing. f
Bathing, Fishing and Crabbing.
Round trip, US cents. sepl2-tol9
n T** MirHMOND II ??
BT thk
Op t*e' Ijny or th* Lake."
WEDNESliA Y, September* 17tk,
To West Point. Va., and by the Richmond. York
River and Chesapeake R R to R'chmoad,
(about 90milaa.)
Wfbt Poikt, Whit* Hot sk, Paik Oaks. BkvhM
Pinks, Dispatch Btatiob, Mhaik>w Bbiduk.
akd Bavagb Station, and giving a fine
lew of the defence^ of itiiiimin^i
The train will tor on the BatUe-flelda.
R*turning the boat will stop at _
Yobktown, giving time to visit ttf*
great historical spot, replete with
tereet to all Americans. Thia is undoubtedly tbfl
flnert opportunity ev?r offered to the nubUe for
viewing the great battle-fields around Richmond.
and also the cheapest. u
Boat will leave Cth street wharf at 6 p. m sham.'
Wednesday, arrivintr at Richmond 10 a m. Thnnn
af fa. ^Friday ?t S p. m, arriving Imam
Tickets to be had only at Turkish Bath Hoaa 609
E street n.w.; Brad. Adams' Bookstore; SohafhirtsM
Hou*' 809 * *"*? n. w., near Judiciary
N. B.?Ample sleeping accommodations for alL *
Sheets provided for mattrwia eep9-7t '
Row the most Complete in this part of the eovakf,'
49 Jefferum *U. nw fridge at. Georgetowru
^ - t specialty during the summer mnoths
n^flrtiWor> J?11* 'or and returned free ef flhwfe.
Orders by null and express promptly sttsadsd tob
Address as above. lyllAr
CUTIOURA, 'ar?re a*ortme?t of SOAPS, HAIR
ualn K?^
aug?^eotr 40ft 7th st. aw.
v JEhhKN. for 20 Tears with H. Ssmken,"?
. thia city, now at 913 Pa. ave . Dempeay*s etat.oT'ary
atore repa-rs Watches of every ooostruo- t
tKn.trom the m<-?t complicated republiaan to the J
tin ost Uict nu rehens^ble democratic stem and key- M
v lnCer, and make the "doarsat" little hdW M
vatches s si>ecialty. espl tr JM
?Sia^rWA0A,Sioa5SJffdS f I

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