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- ' 1 - .' - - - - ?-?
PUBLISH FT) DAILY, E*p?>pt Snnday,
Ftrtlwwt Ccrcer Fenmylrania Ave. and 11th St,b7
The Evening Star Newspaper Company,
GEO. W. ADAMS, lYes't.
Tnr Fyttcixo Star 1s wrvrf to jrihwrlbeT* !n tin
rtty l-y irrrterf, on tl rir < *:; account, lit 10 cert* per
<r 44 rait* i?r n> nth. Coi:e* .it the counter,J
wh. liyniu;. prti>ild?50 cento t JuoijtUi
CI ( jear. ff>, fix rr. utlis. i3. .
{Entered at th. P<?t Office at Washington, D. C.. a3
Mniiil-diwiiui! natt? r. J
Thk Wefklt Stab-pnb!it*hed on Frday??2 a v?ar,
yr*1asrf pr-paid. Ssix mouths, $1; 10 copies for<.o,_'J
tt>I ** fir $20.
I*" ,\n mad roS?uJrti'?aii mn?t be paid In advance;
I f j sj ?-r *?nt rtiau i> i 1 for.
Kati "of n l\. rrVi l- ' :* ?-* kr."Wii on ?rn?1ratJon.
Retrniar inviit.:;.v nt-rtiu.' on FRIDAY E'?ENIN?i.
4th iitrtai t. at b ' loci. Bodnm of much irn|>ori"T;rf.
i*.i 2t) "I MOM AS %\ . IOWLM*, ^cc'y.
wili t>?* h. a- ri- I ' : th?> act of Oon_-re-sa jrrinti:i?r
im . t!n Garfi-'d mh- j wil. : i-1 ?t I..
B;iweley'a ?^U t"-t > t n(?rih?*e?t, THURSI'AY
KVKMMi. V.iir nt .1 lssi. et * i \! v. t> c.i
th<-:r thank'" I > !ii" O 1 .alt -e .ill P.tUilo l! ;:i lia.?,-. a:i I
Orni r. for th-?ir action in iv^ar i t the 111->tt *r. 11
r vis- 1 it. 1 < !:.? h vsi;r.?urned"totheci t Y
L ? and resume i his prai ticc*. aaii-Ut*
r KF.Vi >VK1>_ - A. S. CAY WOOD HAS REtr
? ni< v *1 1 "it- e to 9J5 9th btre. t northwest, c r?cr
New York avenue. au2-6C*
C A'GUST IfcT. 1-- +2.
"^ The fir.-i )T:?ta?me*it of-i:it?*r< on tin- f'io ;eal
? ? the Di- tr?ft ?-f C It.' ii.-. \v;ll U> paid, oa vrovutati
n, by th. Central N :n : nl Baak.
.1 \ %!. s S. ! l>WARDS, Pre^i lent.
Joseph r. r.?>< k. .-! tar>- ?ui . t
? nerehio herot ,\. t.air nL?ler th??-.f
WHITE A Ml'Aia' li-.- 1 ?l.--oh- I > y lant-.u.!
ft ns? i t. T?'e Lusiut&s will b? colli::sio.I 1?>- <>n?- : tao
lat>- firni. G. W. STUAhT.
AntriiHt l?t, H'M. at'.l-3t*
J OHU'K Nf!. 1-11': 2I? S! !U:LT.
(Ol I No. Hn'ii ^'trc? t>,
< i;..> r -w v. l>. <\, .Iniy27. ls>2.
Tl-e r- fv 1 ii i ! ; ' ? ir?'t'TP of f-;? ? . >'nftliy
will 1-e ht-M . >!i'\ I-AY, i.vn-t 7, l-.w-, at the
c>ft> i>t t!;i C"i;ij ani . l oll- oj? a u; 1'2 mill close at 1
>V1.h k p.la.
J?2H a J. W. T'EEIILE, Fee.
t~ Ts" bAJi'L S. SHV. I d>.
s'i < A KS. <>\ K N s, Bi:OILER3, <tc.
0A6 1 ixn 1;1 s. i rr.sacks.
V2 J PLIT33 lil NO and TINNING.
t" v th*- best i>>wder for r> aches, an l rernCamphor,
tor moth-*, at DKKW'S Driy S!or>-. ootner
I'tli ?tr< t and Rai qnaah ?wm iuy"js-f-nt
V?". C. MI-Llil'RN, rnAnsiAnsT.
n.1"> 1429 Penr.py'ivania avenn?.
. HO 7th ?fr.^et r.nrthwe.?J.
New Frerch an.1 S<*r?tch Gili^haius just oj trued; bedt
%nulities ::t lo-v | -:?
Silks, Satins, liUa.lamea, extra grxxl values.
I'tLaiid txanuuj a; 0U1 15Ui street.
a20 Fine Gas Fixture?, fts,
"JJNIVEKSALLV prescribed by the
IN DIE N Prepared by GRIIJ.ON.
Sole Proprietor.
rL.'.riuacicn do Ir.- viaa?e de la
Facu t de l' iria,
_ 27 m Rambuteau, Paris.
GRILIX >X Tannr?n-:'i"Ke Pills and tne naunl pnr-'a- |
ti.ee?a-'-. ?ai le t> take, ^nd never i rodacc?
Sold I'V all Draorist". an3-4L9tlp
Marti-.'.. Pa'.p Block by fie
JktalHc ;< 1 U/ ortar by ttit- Larrc'.
Entr.i-u I"< rtlarid < Vjiieut.
New York 1. <-;..ial- (V;:i nt.
Potomac ii uud-T' i C> ait-at.
T er."? r in Buildin* S.:j ; i; -, 1421 New York ?ve.
PPP At. A ir esss?
Pi'P A A I. ."A A II ' SSSU
F.r.R 00 V T A Ti
We I - inf.-na o;:r : a:ron9 that we hive sold all
or t'M i-took, I ..t a* we still k^a t'emand for more wc
Va^'iita MANCFACiUiiEll S STOCK at L?il us ial
|r.<.' will ?tL tor
tv> rt-> rpn
<v>? .' > .n --.v> L '
~ ?T ~ iT ( ; 0
O > ? t/
22~" 2--~ C ('
ceo ..
i ) !j ^
55 tu ? i r? r?
* "W10 cco .
B- a- in r. . ?that our entire stock of LISLE GLOVES
CiL ww be b -Uifht ai?> 1 r cent less th^n uiual prices.
PPI* A 1, A II cSSS?
1 AAA I. AAA II . 3
V A A LI.LI. A A 11 SS.-.6S
, , U U OO Y A A LLLL ::
1 j <?MK. SWEET }Vm Kr.ri'A^ITEKT OF
.* * ' ? tanif try pir.'.- Mn^, ip-iie.i for ifratuit
?:r. ala- >. .<- ?alu:<?le infonnation <:
#*-ii?r?l i:?t.?i-?r. 'I'iir Mmitirv Li.?!:..--r Ki?y^i "It
'r* " < !. :tr an.l s.'i.>-ib)e NWM of |
kr^Tn ..a ; rlnoipi.M ot piiaul.iaj* and hnmi i;n:iu- ;
.. *'?ai ?. rj?: 1. uvl m:<1 panitary ti.iriiuer:
Vv'ji r., 1;. I.. : "j \?;-h t-> txi'fet*iuy !
tliaiik? t i. o-i t rt:.e;ni i l.h-t, Sweet Home.*11
lui>er>-:.ii it'<^r i ;iit- -a ! think yon ve it miuh
t- v in ile-: .>y i- it ?u a<t\? rti.-oine .t. it c- n4'oii-t
? ;:j ' n pa^.'rf. s'.?:iUil and Vninabw
au.v-. i w. ii. o:,-!j. h : ^-boldert w.auu cafefuiiy
iv^o it an l ct ucontody."
A-k ! r !t :;t our tU res- J17 5th street, 1~:)0 Pstreet,
D"?rf,nt circle.
D t* R A F L E F U II N ACE.
(Turn ce> for C a! or Woo?l).
Fa:.body new 18^2 ini; rovomenta not found in ctlier
Coiitaias more j ra'-'icul I u-seftd foitarc?,
Co^t i--? t > ia or '-.-r?n?e 1< f .<will k-i\o 211 >re
L.- it and a Liver voluiue of puro air tli;?u any furnace i
liia *e '.'h"r.j wwt to buy and use.
CRjcuAKP>o?f, Bovntov. ,V Co., Mannfacturert,
X -A14 Water St., N. Y>.
SoJ J by
13:17 E si. u. w., Washins'ton, D. C.
\Y U- \? ilEATLi.r*:>
Will fall for and il? iivor WORK any v. hero in t!? D!v
fcKt. U|>ca receipt of ad?lreM b> mail or otherwise.
Good* receiveila:; 1 retun.c.l Ly ui*ll .aid cxprdwlron
MA to ail i>arta of tho country.
No. 10C8 (OLD 43> lEFTErSON r.TREET.
w huk Iuum.*. OaOoUIOKX. i>. C.
Washington News and Gossip.
Government Receipts To-day.?Internal revenue,
$S33, 422.83; customs, $S97,69&33.
National Pane Notes received to-day for redemption,
Among the Callers at the "White House to-ilay
were Senators M ll?*r, of California, Fry\ and Ingalls
ami Representatives Horr. Neal. Davis, But>
la, H- iii ion, Dawes, and Pee lie and Governor
Bout well.
Mb. s. a. Brown, chief clerk or the State department,
idt here this morning for Auburn, N. Y.,
where he will spend his vacation. Dr. F. u. St.
. < 1 dr, cle f of the consular bureau,will act as chief
! clerk during h:s absenee.
Naval Vessels at Boston.?The Navy department
is Informed of the arrival of the Tennessee,
Y ntic, Enterprise an 1 Alliance at Boston yesterday
The Kearsaege.?It is expected that the Kearsarge,
now at the Norfolk navy yard, will be ready
to join the north Atlmtlc squadron in a few
The Da i.e.?A telegram was received at the
N ivy department to-day from Commnnler H ari
riii jton, at New York, stating that the Dale would
j ->a:1 as ooon as the weather moderates.
I Death ok Admiral Beaumont.?The Navy departi'
"it is informed of the death or Bear Admiral
John C. Beaumont, U.S.N., (retired) which occurred
at Newmarket, N.H., on the 2d inst. Admiral
Beaumont was appointed to the navy from
Pennsylvania on the 1st of March, 1833. He retired
voluntarily about six months ago. Ills last
service was in command of th navy-yard, Portsmouth,
N.1I. He was In his (list year.
Foreigners Looking Into otr Internal Revenue
System.?W. J. Gerald, esq., an officer of the
lnlan I revenue of the Dominion of Canada, spent
the day at the Treasury dep irtment investigating
the workings of the Internal revenue system, espe
dally in regard to the collection or the tobacco
tax, with a view of embodying the best features
of that system with the consolidated regulations
of Canada. Commissioner Raum placed every facility
at hl3 disposaL Mr. Gerald will visit the
collectors' offices at Baltimore, Richmond and
J. rs >- ( lty to further study the United St ites Internal
revenue system. Representatives or the
r:ii,.n, Russian an l Danish governments have
r tmtiy been Instructed to make similar investigations.
[ Proposed Indian School Under Catholic Auspice:.-.?Bishop
O'Connor, of Omaha, had a consultation
yesterday with the Commissioner of Indian
Affairs !n regard to the establishment at the
M. shone Bannock Indian agency. In Wyoming
leiTltory. ..f what Is known as a contract school,
bishopO'Connor proposes to establish the school
under Horaan Catholic auspices, and to conduct It
according to the regulations prescribed ror the
government or the contract school system.
Civil Employes in Navy Yards.?Secretary
Chandler to-day ordered the continuance or the
civil establishments at all the navy yards, under
the present system of organization, until the 15th
Hist., by which time it is hoped to make permanent
provision for thLs class of employes,
The Michigan.?Commander Albert Kautz,commanding
the Michigan, reports to the Navy department
that the Michigan sailed from Detroit on
the 19th ult. and arrived at Green Bay, Wis., on
tie -M i, having stopped at Port Sarnla, Canada,
-*ort HuroD and Mackinaw. He states his purpose
of sailing on the 2d lr.st. for .Milwaukee and Chicago,
reaching the latter port on the 10th.
Pursuit of Hostile Indians.?Gen. McDowell
telegraphed to the War department last evening
as follows: "Commandinggeneral department of
Arizona telegraphs that Lieut. Geary, with thirty
liiountel m n and company of Indian scouts,
stru -K tr.-ii of about nine Indians nine miles southea-t
of Clifton, on thesWh. Indians stole twentyo.v
head of lior.-*s ot Mules' Springs on 27th. So
far they have killed nine horses on trail. There
ar-- reports that In dan- are concentrating soutlie
>t of w httlock. Cienega trail he Is on is three
days oid."'
The Asiatic Squadron.?Rear Admiral Clltz,
commanding the Asiatic station, reports to the
Navy department, under date of Yokohama, Japan,
June;:o. the following changes of stations of vessels
in that squadron since last report: The Richmond
arrived at Yokohama June 2T> from Kobe;
the Ashueiot arrived at the same port June 10 from
Kobe; the Alert sailed from Yokohama June 13th
f- r the 1 nlted States ; the Monccaev is under order
to visit Fusan and Gensan in Corea, and Port
ir.m iton.Nan Iloro, to the southward of Corea,and
' a pro* eed to Chefoo, China, and watt orders;
t'ie Swat ira arrived at Yokohama June 23th; the
P.tlos is at Kobe, where she will remain lor the
Naval Orders.?Lieut. J. B. Murdoek. U.S.N.,
has been permitted to visit Montreal; Chaplains
II .ywood and HafT n have been granted leave for
on-' month; Mate Charles Wilso i granted one
month's leave; Command r L. C. Merriman's leave
h is he n extended until 2fith Inst.; Passed Assistant
i, uIn-cr J. c. K >fer has been ordered to the
D '-patch; Lieut. R. Ring, rsoll has reported his re.
turn home,l;aving been d< tached trom the Pensacoia,
Paelfle station, July 11, and has b en granted
i; absence till Oct l; Passed Assistant Ena
r ( has. II. M inning has b"?n detached from
t;i? D.-spnt ]? and grant l six months' leave; Assistant
Kuglneer B. C. Bryan, from sneclal duty at
tae department, and ordered to duty'at the Washington
navy y.rd; Boatswain U. II. Frary has
been detached from the Adams.
Army Orders.?Lieut. Col. Godfrey Weltzel
corp-. or engineers, is detailed as a member of the
commission advisory to the board or harbor commissioners
of the city or Philadelphia, constituted
In orders from th1 Executive Mansion, Mav 25
'.lee Col. John M. Macomb, lite of the corps
of engine--rs, who was retired from active service
j tine 30, ls^i Tae folio win,--named officers of the
corps or engineers will report in person, on the
dat s set opposite to their resoeotive names, to
liaa ri,Jx-r" -V?'K'tt, corps or engineers, at
Wllietts Point, New \ork harbor, for duty with
the battalion or engineers: Second Lieut. Edward
Burr, sentemb r 30. 1S82; Second Lieut. Oscar T
Crosby, September 30.1W; Second Lieut. Lansing
II. B'.'aeh, Ocfoijer 21, ls^a. Leave of absence for
s. ven days, from August 1, 1882. Is granted Second
Lieut. James c. Bush, 5th artillerv. Leave until
C,"\;:nLV r I:IS?"2'1'' "ranted Post Chaplain Robert
McWatty, i. s. army.
^ Personal.?John J. Uglitfoot is at Enstport,
W B. Allison is at Manchester, Vt
W. A. Evans has gone to the Healing Springs, Va.
??John i?. Hymau has left Fortress Monroe for
Vr V Jane Farnham Is at
Jordan v. hito Sulphur Springs. J. c. Fay and
um. J. Kae-s are at Hehoboth Beach, DeL -Mrs
I.. ansieben Is at Wnterford, Va. Miss Ida \
Gangewer is at Carlisle, Pa. w. W. Burdette
has gone to Rock Kaon Springs. S. T. Brown
'? ^ ^ 'iKin. A. m. Gaugewer is at
. "i L i'ini i -rlan l Pa. David W. Malum Is at
p ;. ',V n M vai' Kleln w??bt is at
u M'a l H.d. >a. 1. roumey is at Ocean City,
; T- . Itconib is at York Harbor, Me.??
Geo. i-alther Is at Bridgeport, Conn. Distr.et
Attorney Corkhlll is at Cap?3 May \ t
Stuart is at Ocean Grove, N.J. X. L Anderson
Is at tiie Greenbrier White Sulphur Springs. i;
P. Mlmir.aek !s at Plattsbnr?, N.Y.-?R. Bucha?i
;.i is at l;?>'k Enon. Mrs. John Randolohand
daughter S dlle are at lK>ubllag Gap Springs.
Tiio Snudry Civil Bill.
amendments .made in the senate previous to
its passage.
The Scu.ite late yesterday afternoon passed the
sunt.ry civil appropriation bill. Amendments
were adopted directing that money shall bo applied
to introducing, as far as practicable, competitive
examination ji? a means of ascertaining
qualifications for admission Into and promotion in
the clvli service: apnropi?.?ting ?-J0,()00 to meet
ti e extra expenllture made necessary by the bill
recently passed reorg:-nizlnr; the letter-carrier
sptem. providing for piomoiitTi1 from the to
i- eji.oio grad , etc.; providing fur the payment
of ?. :io monta's extra p>\y to Senate employes; nijai)d
S37,500, je^^ectlvely, for
I, ?--irc'l lse sites and the commcu'-ernent of
i the construction cr the government *.ulld!ngs
il^ i'r"!1 '0r la Williamsport an*> Scrant
;n, la.; establishing a coiling do>?k ftnd naval
io'ov, I'w' ' 14?y?U s- and appropr'ailng
|i-0. 0a to'Tt-for: appropriating $ 0,0ct) rur r^sato-' ' Vivv
vVrii0ln ?if.l'lc tlr>"docK; at thePenii
t hVA'' n.nu"? an Increase of wvo.ooo
i-Q s'-nal service, making 10,000;
Ins .1..!^, i?t tii. item icr pay for nrintlUir tiiede.
aeluahy delivered and nothing
,* directing the architect of the Treasury department
to report at the next sen don a sit? and
I puias for a hall of records building; also tr
aim ndm nt appropriating fio,(uO for rlfe-c^ai^s
and ^-and-p.pcs for the Government Printing o'fli-e
and Government Hospital tor the lusan^
I pm the bill being rejiorted to the Senate all the
amendments were concurred in with the excentloa
of llo^e upon which special votes were rL
served. Fpon an appeal by Mr. Gorman, the Senate
rr-fuse i to concur in the committee amendment
striking out the provision for the building or
i llf, post offiee and custom house of
, white marble at a cost not greater than that or
granite. Tne pruvi?ioa remains as pa.?*4 by the
J UuUi-\ i he biii tu*n passed.
- - " ! - ."
-* .
Senate Proceeding;**
A message was received from the President. In
t'ie Senate to-day, transmitting:, In response to a
Senate resolution of the 15th instant, a communication
from the Secretary of State and accompanying
papers relating to the Clayton-Bulwer
treaty. Referred to the committee on foreign
Tiie House bill authorizing a $73,000 government
building In St. Joseph, Mo., and appropriating
S50.000 therefor, was reported by Mr. Vest from the
committee on public buildings and passed.
Th" Hons? bill In relation to land patents In the
Vir^.n'.a military district or Ohio was reported and
Mr. Coefcrell, from the military committee, reported
the House bills donating condemned ordnance
for monumental purposes at Logansport,
I nil-; Nelson. Ky.; 1'tica, N.Y.; New Brighton,
l'a.; St'MiOenvilie, Ohio; Eaglewood, III.; Montrose,
Iowa, and Pickaway county, Ohio; and for
the loan of tents, etc., tor soldiers' reunions in
Iowa and Illinois. All the biils were passed.
Mr. Anthony reported from the printing committee
tlie House resolution for the printing of the
nc-ri 'u'.tural report, fixing the number of copies at
200,000, instead of 3< 0,000.
A number of democratic members strenuously
objected to the reduction, because of the alleged
popularity of the work and Its value to farmers,
and were supported by Messrs. ilawley and Ferry.
Tae amendment was rejected?yeas 10, nays 45?
and after Hie appropriation had been increased, to
cover the original number of reports, from $146,000
to f 219,(00, the resolution passed.
Mr. Wiudom, from the committee on foreign
relations, reported with amendments the House
bill to amend section 4,400 of title r>-l of the revised
statutes concerning the regulation of steam vessels.
He explained that Its purpose was to extend
to foreign steam vessels the provisions of the
inspection laws now applicable to domestic vessels
concerning freight and combustible matter to
be carried. It provides for the appointment of
Inspectors for this purpose. After discussion, the
commit ree amendments were agieed to and the
bill passed.
Mr. Miller, of New York, reported from the commerce
c mmittee. without amendment, the House
bill to provide for deductions from the gross
tonnage of vessels of the United States. The bill
The Senate soon after two o'clock voted to take
up tlie tax reduction bill, but Mr. Morrill, in
charge of the measure, yielded the iloor for action
on the blil to prevent pieuro-pneumonia in cattle.
Mr. Allison remarked, Incidentally, that he did
not think it possible for Congress to adjourn this
ICousc of Hepresentatives*
II;scock, chairman of the committee on appropriations,
reported back in the House to-day
the "Anderson" adjournment resolution with an
amendment providing for final adjournment at
noon of Saturday next.
Mr. Kasson precipitated a lively discussion upon
the House by requesting Mr. Hlscock to allow the
resolution to lie over for the present, for the reason
"No; not much," Interjected Mr. Anderson.
Mr. Kasson (sarcastically)?I am asking the gentleman
rroiu New York (continuing), for the reason
that I am informed that there is to be an
attempt made In the Senate to-day to take up and
act upon the tax reduction bill; and I submit
that the importance or the measure, at least, justifies
us In waiting until we learn what the Senate
has done.
Mr. Hiscoek replied that if the Senate was disposed
In good lalth to act upon the tax bill 11
could postpone, of Its own motion, the day or adjournment
to a time which would enable it to consider
the measure. He wished to Inform the
Senate that Congress could adjourn at 12 o'clock
Saturday, so far as the appropriation bills were
Mr. Kasson suggested that It was peculiarly the
province of the House of Representatives to act
upon the question ot taxation, and for the House
t<> turn over that responsibility to the Senate,
intimating that it was willing to adjourn without
waiting ior a reduction of taxes, was an abdication
of the particular functions or the House.
Mr. Hlscock said that no member o; the House
j had been more earnest than he to obtain legisla!
tton on the subject or revenue taxes; but the point
had been reached where it seemed to him that the
Senate was Indisposed to act in that direction.
The House should force the question or immediate
action on the Senate. He b dleved that Congress
had discharged its duty to tiie people by continuing
in session up to this late day for the purpose,
and for the sole purpose, or obtaining legislation
on tiie subject or taxation.
Mr. Cox, or N. Y. (a member of the appropriations
committee), said that he had been in favor
of passing a resolution for adjournment on Friday
for the purpose of spurring up the Senate. The !
gentleman irotn Iowa had stated that the Senate I
\\ ould take up the tax bill. It seemed to him (Mr. j
Cox) tli a it would be the ultimate 'ooltshness or
If gelation to talk about that now, \ hen a republlcan
Congress had abdicated In favor of the Long i
Branch commission. It had given away Its pow- j
ers and Its rights to a commission. Then a IP tie !
pitiful bill liuil been brought in to reduce taxa- j
lion. It amounted to nothing, and everybody ,
knew th.it the Senate had no idea of taking'it up !
j for action.
Mr. Kasson.?I beg to differ from you there. My '
; authority is tiie chairman o" the committee in
charge of the bill.
Mr. Cox.?And he Is beaten every time.
Mr. Hlscock.?By your side of t iie Senat\ [Derisive
laughter and cries or "No, no," from the
democratic side.]
Mr. Cox.?By the majority of the Senate. I think
It would be wiser to adopt a resolution to adjourn
upon Friday, but inasmuch as the sundry civil appropriation
bill cannot come to tiie House to-day,
we had better have the previous question called
upon the amendment and wind up this profligate
Mr. Hiscoek thought that the word "profligate"
came wltii very 111-iaste from the gentleman from
New York (Mr. Cox), who as a member of the committee
on appropriations had not objected to the
Erovlsious of the appropriations to any considerale
Mr. Cox.?I voted acainst item after item, and
the record will show it.
Mr. Hlscock.?I am willing to r.pneal to the gentleman's
Mr. Cox.?I appeal to the record.
Mr. Hiscoek.?I am willing to appoal to ev-jry
member of the approprl ition committee as to tiie
economy of each item contained In the appropriation
bills. 1 1
i Mr. Cox.?The gentleman feels that the $70,0"*),000
excess of the appropriations over the appropriations
of last year re<ts upon htm.
Mr. Hiscoek replied that ?43.000,000 of that
amount was tor pensions, anl $l0,0i)0,000 for carrying
out tiie services of last year. Tiie charges
had been rung before about that $70,000,000, and
his colleague knew as well as he how the excess
had hnppt n??d.
Mr. Cox insisted that the majority of the appropriation
committee being republican they h id to
take the responsibility of the excessive appropriations.
[Derisive shouts of "We'll do it," from
the republican side.]
Mr. Hlscock.?So rar as the appropriation bills
which have come from the appropriation committee
are concerned, tills side or the House is
entirely willing to take the responsibility. [ \pI
plause on the republican side.] one word in re1
gard to our having abclleted In favor or the tariff
] commission. That Is not so. This commission
i was appointed for the purpose of considerin' the
j question of customs duties. It Is not charged
with any responsibility, and has no jurisdiction
over the subject of internal revenue tax m,
which is the only subject which tiie gentleman
I from Iowa supposes may be taken up la the Senj
Mr. Randall.?I only want to say for myself, and
j for many on this side, that we would naturally
i vote for the earliest possible adjournment, but if
that side will give any reasonable assurance that
, by a moderate extension of the session we can ,-ei
cure a reduction of taxation, we are ready to
Mr. Reed.?The assurance ought to come from
j that side In the Senate. That Is what worries us.
Mr. Carlisle.?The gentleman seems to think
that the democratic minority can control the action
of the Senate.
Mr. Kasson.?Minority?
Mr. Carlisle.?Yes.
Mr. Kasson.?Is not that questionable?
j Mr. Carlisle.?The gentleman from Iowa savs
j that he has authority for the statement tlrat tiie
Senate desires to t ike up the tax bill. I feel authorlzed
to say that whenever that motion Is made
!iere will be an almost unanimous. If not entirely
un-mimous, vote on the democratic side la favor of
It. [Apprise on the democratic side.]
Mr. C irlisle then irnde allusion to tue fact that
the Senate had laid aside the fax bill In order to
proceed with t:;e naval appropriation bill, and Mr.
Kasson said that i'ds was necessitated by the fact
that democratic Senators had exhausted all the
time in speeches anl a^^ndmmts.
Mr. Carlisle contended fc^U it was the right and
duty of Senators to debate and fuiiy consider every
measure presented to them. Ha trusted that those
gentlemen dissatisfied with the pitiful reduction
of taxes made by the Ilou-e wohkl continue to
| amend the bill until some relief should have been
! ??iven to the people at large.
Mr. Reed.?Aud yet it Is a notorious fact that the
obstruction to the bill has come rrom the gentleman's
friends, [laughter on the democratic slie,]
and it has been done under the pretence of discussion;
and uuttl it was apparent that gentlemen
intended to talk thejiropoaiuon to death the naval
- f -V "v. . . v . \ U . V ' . '' '
! ~ ~
bill was not taken up. It is useless for them to
Imagine that by words and language they can
cover tlie fact notorious to the whole country, that ?
parliamentary means have been used to defeat a 4
reduction of taxes. For gentlemon to ask us to
give assurances while their own friends b!oc? the
consideration of the rnea.sure is an exhibition of
courage which would be sublime if it were not so
common on the other side, [Laughter.]
Mr. Cox.?A Keed shaking in the wind. s'
Mr. Hlscock.?The republican Senators are In tc
favor of a bill reducing Internal revenue taxes. I p
propose to advertise to tho Senate that so far as
the appropriation bills are concerned th^y can all 11
be passed between now and Saturday, and If they
propose to postpone the day of Judgment?[here tx
Mr. Hlscock was interrupted by a loud burst of 01
laughter, which, starting on the democratic side, w
spread throughout the House; while Mr. Hiscock. n
correcting himself by substituting the word "ad- t!
Journment," was advised by a voice on the demo- ji
crat'c side that "judgment'' was the proper c;
Mr. Hiscock.?I don't abandon the word. If thev tl
choose to postpone that day (renewed laughter) I tl
desire that tiiey should understand that this post- F
Eonement is for the sole purpose of considering a
ill for the reduction of internal revenue taxes. s:
Mr. Kasson asked leave to offer a resolution de- k
daring that Congress ought not to adjourn until a
bill has been passed reducing taxation. oi
Mr. Towushend objected, and then the adjourn- a
ment resolution, amended as recommended by the C!
committee on appropriations, was adopted. d
Mr. Hlscock, from the committee of conference
on the general deficiency bill, reported that
the committee had been unable to agree upon the
point which had been in dispute,?the payment of
mileage to Senators for attendance at the extra 11
session in October last. p
Tho House then insisted upon Its disagreement, o1
and a further conference was ordered. 0
Mr. Haskell submitted the conference report on ?i
the Senate bill for the sale of a portion of the r,
Omaha Indian reservation In Nebraska, and it was n
agreed to.
Capitol !V'o(pii. y
In the Senate, yesterday afternoon, Mr. Conger e
moved to adjourn, but the chair (Mr. Davis) recognized
Mr. Anthony, who urged the passage of a
printing bill. Mr. Conger protested against the
action of the chair, and Mr. Hoar declared that in f(
Ignoring Mr. Conger the presiding officer had s
boldly deprived a member or his privileges. t<
The House yesterday passed the bill, reported P
; from the committee on pensions, bounty and back
j pay, to pay a pension of $37.50 each month to f(
such soldiers as have suffered amputation of the
arm at the shoulder joint. The present pension is i
i HO a month.
The House resolution for ainp die adjournment
on Saturday at noon was received by the Senate to- ..
I day,and the general opinion expressed by Senators ^
j was that It would be amended by inserting noon si
or next Monday; though some Senators favored v,
adopting the resolution, saying they could get n
away Saturday as easy as Monday. The legislative,
deficiency, and:uaval appropriation bills are b
still in conference, and the sundry civil will have r
to go there. L
The House has passed a resolution to adjourn s'
Congress sine die at noon Saturday. There Is
reason to believe that the adjournment will take
place on that day, although the hour may be ex- tl
tended. Tiie appropriation bills are now in good a
sliapp. It is understood that the legislative bill fC
has been agreed upon lu conference, a compromise a,
h iving been reached on the disagreement for the
I transfer of the pension recorJs Horn the surgeon al
general's oflice to the office of the adjutant general. n
j It is said, too, the Senate will recede from the mile- tl
age amendment In the deticiencv bill, and will ol
provide for the payment of tiie mileage out ol' the ^
contingent rund of the Senate. This will leave ^
only the sundry civil and naval bills to be disposed s(
of, and it is thought these can be passed on T
Saturday. In anticipation or adjournment on Sat- c'
unlay, many members will leave for their homes t!
to-night and to-morrow. It is not expected there E<
win be a quorum of the House in attendance after
to-day. tl
The Senate bill providing an appropriation for J
an addition to the White House will hardly be
reached this session, it being under a load of bills
on the Speaker's table.
The House committee on public buildings and f(
grounds will not make a report at this session on ni
the proposition to erect a buiiiling for the Army w
Medical Museum.
Mr. Neal will, under the Pound rule, endeavor to
pass a bill to direct the Attorney General to in- n
quire into the legal title of one J. L. Ivldwell to st
lands along the Potomac river, contemplated to *,1
be used in the proposed reclamation oi the I'oto- "
mac II its. v
Architect Clark, of the Capitol, will, as soon as
Congress adjourns, take steps to bulid an addition ?.<
to the government asylum for the insane.
Th j Senate District committee had no meeting
to-day. They have wound up their business for
the present session. i n
Another effort was made in the House to-day to j w
pass, under the Pound rule, the bill to remit the al
special assessments on the propertv of the late !
Carlisle P. Patterson. Objections to Its con-ddera- : ,
tion were made, and It was not brought up. Mr. i 11
Neal, chairman of the District committee, stated I
he had no doubt the property had been damaged ! n
by the Improvements assessed against it and that ! P
it liad shrunk in valuo many thousand dollars. ; n
For this reason he reluctantly would favor a re mis- !
sion of the special assessment taxes only. j P
In the House yesterday afternoon there were ,
two roll-calls on a proposition to pay the Capitol "
police ono month's extra pay. It was finally P
agreed to. tl
rLATS. g
'I lie Appropriation in t!:o Itiver nud ?
Harbor ltiU-How It Will be Kx>
Pc>i<i?d-Plaii? of tiie I mproveaient, tl
Etc. vi
The passage or the river and harbor bill over the
presidential veto gives assurance to the city of
Washington of the reclamation of the Potomac
flats. Just when work upon this much-needed iin- x
provement will commence is a matter of consider- lr
able speculation. In the Arst place, the money 01
will be expended under the direction of the Secre- R:
tary of War, bus he will be unable to make any -smove
until he Is officially notified by the Secretary p
of State that the bill has become a law, which will la
be done by sending him a certified copy of the V,
bill. This will not be done for a week or ten days. si
After that there will be the usual necessary orders s'
is sued an l details and requisitions made. It is P'
generally understood that Mr. S. T. Abert, United V'
States civil engineer, will oe placed in charge of ls'
the proposed work, although there will be nothing in
to u re-vent the Secretary of War from detailing q<
some one else from the corps of engineers to super- 01
vise the work. * re
It is supposed that the work will be done in
accordance with the general plan recommended by M
the board of officers of the corps of engineers, con.
slstlng of Lieutenant Colonels Q. A. GUmore, Wm.
I. craighiM and C. 11. Comstock. This board rec- SI
ommendeu a plan, which combines substantially ie
the haroor and shore lines of Mr. Abert's plan r,
Horn Lisby's point to the arsenal, and the low ,
grade, filling, and surrounding embankment of
tiiat plan belcw the long bridge, (with a cheaoer P'
revertuient than he proposed,) together w'itli of
Major 1 winlug's high grade iiiling ami sluicing v
ponds between the long Dridge and Easby's point, q
Is to dredge the Georgetown channel to a maxl- H
mum depth of 25 feet, with a width of 433 feet, and d!
the Washington channel, between the Long bridge
an,Jtlt!l; ar5onal wharf, to a width of -100 feet and o
..J1 ? at ,ow water. The dredged mate- in
ri Jh1(J!U "lain channel will be placed upon n
lllv lialiSt ^
recommended by Major Twining, will probably be s'
net less than 8 feet deep, and will be provided with Pj1
inlet and outlet gates, automatically arranged for
lllling the ponds from the Georgetown channel W
and emptying them Into the Washington channel Ai
curing each oscillation of the tide. An ample sys- W
tern for the drainage of tho reclaimed land will be E.
provided. D!
?.? m}*.00* how the flats will be reclaimed M
entirely, as the dredged material will not sufllce co
for the whole. The ponds, however, will cover B.
considerable of the area, which will not have to W
?13 bought by some that Observa- Ai
% 7 1)6 cut away and the dirt dumped vt
upon the flata o'
will be determined upon as the work progresses, '
and the plan may be subjected to considerable al- or
..T5? Attorney General ls directed to
see that all titles to the land are clear before the
reclamation Is begun. Dr. Kldwell holds a patent m.
upon some l9rty acres of the land jenown as
Thi3 patent was granted him December 8,186#,
and for the land he paid fifty cents an acre. The
law directs that land for which patents are issued th
shall be firm, and not subject to tidal overflow. H ya
is crotable that the patent will be annulled, on the
.mH?1 11 was ksued Illegally, and the money
}}} V? ^^nded to Dr. Kldtsrll, but tho que*. la
UaV8 10 b3 decided before the work can ca
uw oegun. jy
e?timony for lite Refcncc Continued
When the star route trial wp.s resumed this
lornlng, Mr. Henry Lyman, chief clerk of th<5
?con l Assistant Postmaster General, was called
) the stand by Mr. Wilson. He tests t1*d that the
rlvate official letter hooks of the oftlee wanted by
le defence had been missed; that he had made a
lllgent search for the books, but they could not
e found. The books were In the office for three
r four months after Mr. Brady lert the oflice. They
ere kept in the desk of the Second Assistant 1*< stlaster
GeneraL After a "cleaning up" In the oillce
ley were missed. In reply to a question from the
1 ige, the witness said the books could be easily
arried off under a man's arm.
Cross-examined by Mr. Merrick: Th" witness R".i 1
Here were some changes in the <ni :o a boat the i
me the books were missed, Messrs. Turner and
rench beins: removed.
Inspector Woodward was called to the stand.and
lid he had never seen the books, and had no
nowledge of their whereabouts.
Mr. Totten then submitted in evidence so much
f the dally Journal of th:* Post oftlee department
3 contained orders relating to the routes under
imslderatlon, showing that the entries of each
ay were signed by and received their official force
ora the signature of the Postmaster General.
The tedious reading of the extracts from the
>urnal was suspended at half past eleven lor the
urpose of
icmber of Congress from California, who was
resent. He Identified his signature, with that of
ther members of congress from California and
'regen, in a letter to Mr. Brady, petitioning tint
lie route from Redding to Alturas be restor-vl '
rom three to six trips a week. The witness said
tiat he had called upon Mr. Brady with reference '
) the route, urging the proposed Increase, Mr. i
rilson asked If he had acquainted himself with
iie mall service in his state, but the question was
a capitol page as a witness.
After Mr. Totten had read further from the i
mrnal,George Adamson,a page at the Capitol,and
>rmerly page or messenger to Mr. Brady when
econd Assistant Postmaster General, was called '
i the stand. He testified that he lert Mr. Brady's
nice on the 5th of October, 1880, and was not em- '
loyed there on the 2Stfi of December, 18S0, the
ay when Walsh testified he had his interview with \
ir. Bradj*. Mr. Totten then continued with the
jading from the journal. ,
At halt past twelve o'clock Mr. Totten concluded
nd a recess was ordered.
after recess
tr. Wilson presented and read petitions asking (
>r addittlonal service on the route from Bedding ,
) Alturas, California. After reading several p??- |
Itions, Mr. Wilson olTored a letter from Repre- i
entatlve Berry to Turner respecting the route,
ut it was objected to unless Identified by Mr. (
ierry, who was not present. i
Judge Wylle, remarking upon the progress of
uslness, said: "It seems to me we have been
reeplng to-day."' i
Mr. Wilson submitted and read a form of ncjptance
in use at the star route letting of 1678. to I
low the instructions therein given to contractors, i
bcell's boomerang testimony. 1
There appeared to be a general Impression about ;
le court-house to-day that the defence had made
serious mistake in putting Buell on the stanJ,
>r the disclosures he made under Mr. Merrick's 1
marching cross-examination were quite as damping
as Walsh's uncontradicted testimony. The
latter has, it is understood, caused discord among
le defendants and their counsel, who accuse
ne another of responsibility for the blunder. <
[r. Ingersoll called Buell to the stand, but, it is .
iated, did so in accordance with a general under- ,
andlng. still he was blamed for the outcome,
his morning Mr. Ingersoll did not appear In <
iurt, but strode for awhile up and down the por- i
co and terrace outs-1 le. There was apparently
)me coolness among the lawyers. One of the
mnsei for thv government said some time ago ;
lat the time would come when the defendants i
ould have to separate, and it appears that Bueli s i
?stlmony was a heavy blow on the wedge that is 1
) split the defence. i
Biotrict Government Affair*.
The total mortality in the District of Columbia 1
>r the week ending July 29,18S2, was 91, being ll
lore than during the preceding week. There 1
ere 82 births reported and 19 marrlaires.
Building permits issued by inspector fintwisle: 1
o. Parker, repair brick, 612 Pennsylvania ave- 1
ue north west, jl.000; W. C. Dodge, erect a three- 1
ory dwelling, B, between 1st and 2d streets northist,
f6,000; G^n. M. C. Meigs, erect a tliree-story
welling, N, between 13th and l lth streets north- '
est, $6,500.
Th? District Commissioners have awarded the
:>nlract for repairs to steam-pipes in Peabo-ly, ,
ranch and Wallach school buildings to C. G.
horn at J395.
Mr. Brady has commenced tlie plans for the three ; ,
l w school buildings. The work on the buildings j
ill be commenced as soon as the preliminary !
rrangenients can be made. .
The coroner's report for the month ending July
1,1882, shows the number of bodies viewed and '
iquests held to have been 58.
The report of the building Inspector for the
tenth of July shows 83 new buildings, 103 re- !
airs, 3 awnings and 37 lineal feet of vaulting ,
lade in that month.
Poundmaster Einstein, on his rounds to-day, i
ieked up forty-! wo cows and had them driven to
le pound?the largest day's work since he
as been in the service. He state* that he pro- j!
uses to break up the practice or driving cows on !
le pavements and parks, as has so long p*. \
The Commissioners have prevailed upon Conress
lo extend the time for commencing work on
le public school buildings from September 1st to
etober 1st. I'nder the law passed July 1st, the j
ommissloners were required to commence these
uildings as above, which gave them too short a
mc- tor purchasing sitc ^, making plans and adertising
proposals. The amendment was Intro- 1
ueed by Mr. Allison and agreed to by unanimous
< WE It AGE and drainage in west washington.
Til r,cordance with directions of Health Officer
owusliend, Inspector Of Plumbing Robinson has (
tspccted several places Jn Georgetown where
ivners of property nave openines into sewers not i (
rovlded with proper traps. I n his report he ssys:
This Is not only in violation of law, out Is also a
rlous nuisance, and the length of time these
laces have been in use Is a strong argument in ,
ivorof early abatement; the dilapidated conJion
of the base of most of these sewers makes it of
le greatest Importance that each connection
iou Id have ample flushing arrangements." He
lys further: "In addition to these untrapped (
tssages Into sewers there are many vaults, cess- j
)ols, and 'dry wells,' Into which houses are ]
alned, and as a consequence soil In their vicinity
being polluted uid the danger to health lncreas- ]
gyear by year*' These conditions are conse- )
lent upon the defects of the old sewerage system
West Washington, and the Inspector will be dl- ,
cled to proceed vigorously against all offenders. '
National Dental Association. !
The National Dental Association of the United 1
Lat^s began its session this morning in the j
cture room of the National Museum. Under the i
lies of the association,the annual meeting is to be c
;ld In this city once In four years. The delegates 1
esent are from all parts of the country, and the }
licers are as follows: President, J. B. Rich, New i
ork, N.Y.; first vice president, J. P. Patrick, sr., t
harleston, S. c.; second vice president, J. H.
nlth, New Haven,Conn.; third vice president, W. I
. Dwindle, New York, N.Y.; fourth vice presl- t
?nt, J. R. Walker, New Orleans. La-; filth vice c
resident, F. A. Levy, Orange. N. Y.; sec., R. Fin- I
y Hunt, Washington, D. C.; ass't sec., F. M. \
dell, New York, N. Y.; treas., II. B. Noble, Wash- t
igton. D.C.: ass't treas., John Allen, New York, <5
.i. Executive committee?J. Curtlss Smlthe, 4
ashlngton, D. C.; T. 8. Waters, Baltimore, Md.; 1
B. Ten Eyck, Washington, D. C. To-day's ses- e
on was principally occupied In arranging the
rogram of business. The session of the conven- t
on will probably last two days. t
The convention was called to order by Dr. J. R. \
alker, of New Orleans, one of the vice presidents, s
a executive committee, consisting of Drs. R. B. t
lnder, Baltimore; E. P. Brown, New York, and s
S. Chlsolm, Tuscaloosa, Ala., was appointed, c
s. V. E. Turner, Raleigh, N. C.; J. P. Holmes,
icon, Ga., and w. R. Bull, Charleston, S.C., were s
nstltuted a committee on membership. Drs. J. c
Hodgklns and J. L. Wolf, of this city, and W. t
. Ford, of Macon, Ga., were elected members, r
rter the transactlon.of routine business, the con- p
ntlon adjourned until to-morrow morning at 11
clock. 1
Andrew Smyth will probably be nominated as c
perintendent of the New Orleans mint in a day t
two. t
. T
rHE Total amount of duties refunded by the 11
easury department on sugar under the recent |
clslon of the Supreme Court, up to August 1st, t
1811,461,525. jj
. X
Fhr Montauk has been ordered to proceed from j
e Washington navy yard to the Norfolk navy
rn Commissioner of Indian Affaibs has been j;
formed that all the fugitives Piute* hare been
ptured and returned, except some twenty who t
ive gone to Warm Springs, Oregon. t
" ?
Rioting: In South W ahliiniflon.
Yesterday was fighting day in the s uthwi stern
section of the city. The ball open I in t He morning
by an affray between sonic intoxUwt'd y uin/
men at the corner of C an,l 1 tth streets, an t was
kept up, more or less, up to two or three oVlce:<.
when oflieer Thomas Aldridge, mouut t. came I
upon the scene. The*:* young men, firelupw.th
liquor, had been tussling together,half th ~ time in j
good nature and half In anger an \ using language ,
n^t at all suited to a respectable nel^hl orho>d. ,
onieer Aldridge, on arriving, at once ordered
them to disperse, whAn one, named .Tos. Coning-|
ton, a plate print- r, 39 years old, ans.vereJ back j
in a very offensive manner, calling the officer j
names. Others ot the patty are said to hive insulted
the oni<-er and dared hhn to <1 s- I
per>e them. At tills time the oftl.' r j
put Conlngton under arrest, when tie
prisoner appealed t - his companions t>' rose re
hlua, which they all immediately attempted to ;
by ass-ultlng ths officer with-t n? s. Tne poll >
man was In a wry dangt rous situation for a eon- ,
slderable time, there u-iug s? ven ?>r eight of th- -e
men upon him. He, however, inaintatL-d his .;rtp j
upon his prisoner, tho ugh nearly stur.net with
blows from briekb its and paving stones. Ills uniform
was nearly all torn from him, his face battered
and bruised, and in all tl?H ttaie h" t.ialntaln
1 his coulness and good Jud iu- :t. civ >f
the men named Bressnalian be<omlng mn^ rfes- ,
perate than h:s f> l'.cv. -, r.u; to a wir ei\vr!_-ht shop t
nearby and, seizing a broad ax\ ran over o t ie
scene . nd raised It to cleave the ? ill r's he !,
when some one wrenched it from his lt.is;> and a
Mrs. Sullivan in that nelirhboriio I, wuo was ^itness'ng
the affray, caught It an I threw It down i
s< wer-trap. thus putting it out of the rnicli of the i
excited mob. Mr. Aldridge, who ha 1 so i*r re- ;
leased himself bom the as- ,ii;?i?is as.t be able to j
draw his revolver, had tired several shots to the I
crround as a warning not to further m >l? -t
him In the discharge of his duty, an 1
when Bros-nnhan came at him with the ;
axe, lie raised lil< pistol a little higher and shot j
Bressuahan thrcugli the calf of the right U-?r. i
had the iff-'ct of deterring others of the nu ll, aii l
by this time other p >li?-e arrived, an 1 Br ^iiali;.'i ,
and another man named llenry It 111ns were arrested
and taken to the station-house ?>n E strc< t,
Mr. Aldridge n-ver for a moment letting go his j
prisoner, Conlngton. There arc others of the :
issailants who have not yet been arrestel. lire-nahan
was subsequently attended by l?r. Leech,
and then sent to Providence hospital. The affair 1
caused great commotion iu that u-ually <julet por- i
lion of the city, and drew out hundreds to 1< ok at t
the riot. The charges agaln-t the?e men will be !
heard In the Police Court.
llenry Rollins ani John Conlngton were
charged before Judge Sneil to-day, under the
statutes, with using pe rsonal violence on a member
of the police force. Policeman Taos. A1 Irldge
testified that about 2:80 o'clock ycster.i.iy alter- j
noon the defendants, with Taylor Biv.-snahim.were i
disorderly at the corner of 14th and C streets, near
the bureau of engraving and printing, and when
be attempted to put them und>r arr?^t thy resisted
and assaulted witness In a most violent
manner. Witness was compelled to uxe his club,
when Taylor Bressnalian, one of the gang, got a
broad-axe and made at witness who shot lilm la
the lpg. Bressnalian Is now In the hospital from the
effect of the wound. The court refused to hear
statements from the prisoners, and suit the c:w
lo the grand Jury under ?1,0"0 bonds. In default of
which they were committed. Th * defendant > I
were also fined $5 or 15 days each for disorderly .
conduct. _
Kncauipmcut of the Capital City Guard
visitors FROM baltimore.
Yesterday afternoon the Capital City Guarl,
Capt. T. 8. Kelly, a colored military company, left
their armory, and marching to the park at the
Van Ness place, near the foot of 17th str *et,
entered upon their encampment and picnic, which
will be continued until to-morrow night. The ,
jompany Is encamped In ten wall tents, and there i
nre parades, drills, inspections an 1 guatd mounts ,
luring the day, while in the afternoon and evening
there Is danclne in tho pavilion. This morn- ;
Ing the Baltimore liltles, Capt. G-.-org-* Matthews,
arrived here on the last mail train at the B. .v P. I
depot, and being met by a detachment of the
guards marched to the grounds, quite a numb r
nf their friends coming over with them. The
ltiiles did not bring over a large number in co:isenuence
of the rainy weather, but being mostly
uniformed in blue co.it>, v. iilte j>ants and fatluue
caps, they made a go d appeal ii.ee an t shov ed
considerable proficiency In marching. The Hides .
ret urn tonight.
Brctai. Treatment of an ADorTEn Cuii.p.? '
John Wallace, a savage-lookimr oM colore I man, i
was pu? on trial in the Police Court this mornlin; i
for making a brut il ro-s;tult on a ton-year-old c->:- !
3re I boy named Jacob Anderson, his a<lopt?-1 s.-a. '
The boy testitied that he lives at Montello with
Wallace, and on last Tliursd iy his father s -nt him
to the railroad for some coal, which he failed to
tlnd, and when he returned the old man put ; ro.-e
around witness' neck und pullert it until the i
[lowed from his nose and mouth, mid then beat
him with a large oak stick. Gcorgle T ij lor, a col- i
jr-'d woman, testified that sh<- heard the boy
screaming murder, and went to the hou-e and-?- iw
Wallace have a rope tied around t :e boy's ue;-K
find the other end of the rope tied to the t able 1< ir.
The blood was streaming from the boy's mouth
snd nose, and the old man was beating him with
a large oak stick. Tho boy's aunt had her hn.nd
between the rope and til** boy's neck, and hud to j
cut the rope to keep Lim rroui L-ihif < hoked to
leath. other witnesses testiiied to ti.e s.im? !
[ect. The prisoner stated t!.;t lie only lull the
rope around the boy's wai-t and did not wnl;> h:m
rt'ith a largo stick. A tiae of $50 ur i<0 days was
.Iffairs in Wokt IVn^hitictnit.
Tns Potomac Boat Ci.vb held a regular meeting
last evening. Three active end two fnaet ve uieiiiber.i
were elected. It was decided to secure the j
services of a trainer for the coming regatta. It !
probable that M. F. Davis, the well-known ouisliiaii,
will be engaged.
pf.noi.ino Withoct i.icrNSE.?Two young men '
from New York, named Sarn'l Me>qult ? ;.i.d l.ouls ;
Goldberg, were arrested this morning for selling
rubber goods on the street without license. They
had about *45, and were just at-out to go to tue
depot for another case of goods. One was allow.-d
to go, upon leaving the moneyr, to ' see what he
could do.:'
Personal.-Rev. p. II. Sweet Is much better
tills morning. Miss Virginia Beall leav-s to- ,
morrow for the north and Miss Teresa Stlnch- I
comb for Berkeley. Mrs. C. W. Smith, of Pros- i
pect avenue, has th-1 sympathy of frlen is for the ;
lo-s of her mother, Mrs. Iguatz Spitz, ot Brooklyn, !
N. Y.
CoMri.aist Is made of neglect of th? shade trees,
especially In this weather, because the branches
are allowed to grow too low, so that it is almost
Impossible lo carrv an umbrella under them.
Port.?Entered?Sclir. Maria Louisa. Gaskell,
i'rom New York with fertilizer; sclir. Ilattle Baker,
Baxter, from Weymouth, Mass., with do.
Condition of the Water.?Great Falls, no re- i
[iort; receiving reservoir, clear; distributing reserrolr,
clear. _ "
Hiou Tide.?August 8,10.46a.m., 11:10 p.m.; Au- 1
;ust 4,11.85 a.m., 11.59 p.m.
Alexandria Affair*,
joivjrted for The Evening Stab. 1
The Law of Docks.?The revivals on the river (
ront have led to some applications for leave to ,
ise portions of the street-way at the docks by the
iwners of lots alongside the docks, and the couinittee
on streets have now under consideration
he application of the Potomac Ferry company for
eave to enlarge the Alexandria landing of the .
Washington boats. While the work ot tilling up .
he llats in front of the town and extending Cam ron,
King and Queen streets Into the river was in ,
irogress, the town policy on this subject was setled,
and on the 3d of June, 1785, the common ,
ouncll ordered that permission be granted to all
>ersons who may desire at anytime to run out j
vharves to take In ten feet of the street adjoining
he said wharf for a foot-way. ' This was the rule
luring all the time from 17X3 to 179S, while the .
'banking out," as It was called, was in progress. ,
lut there has been now no banking out for over
lghty years. \
Clearing Oct Nuisances.?'The work of clearing f
he town of nuisances that require the mlnlstraIons
ot the odorless company, is being pushed
kith vigor. The mayor decides complaints on the
ubject every day when he comes to his oflice, and
hen new ones are looked for. Over one hundred
ueh nuisance cases h ave been already disposed
?f, and the work still goes on. _ . a
XJnion Street.?The work of repavlng Lnlon c
treet Is the improvement of the season of the
lty. The work will cost about $3,000, of which F
he city is to pay f 1,50a The new pavement has L
iow reached Cameron street, and is said by competent
persons to be well laid. ? _
Reporter's Notes. ? At 6 :s0 yesterday afternoon c
Cr. Michael Downey and Miss Julia Dunn were i
aarrled by Rev. Father O'Kane, at St- Mary s
hurch. A throng of friends attended the nupifltn
The proposal made some time since for ^
he establishment of a giant refrigerator or arctic .
rarehouse at one of the unused buildings on King, ^
lear Lee street, has been abandoned for this sea- 1
on, at least. The Columbia engine-house has
teen repaired sufficiently to serve the purposes of
he firemen until next year, when the city council '
as promised a new house for the Columbia. 6
"annle Barton, colored. Is held at the statlonlouse
to answer the charge ot assault upon a child. ^
Tbi Chut of the chkbori Nation.?Mr. j
tushyhead, the chief ot the Cherokee Nation, ar- J
lved In this city to-day. and will have a confer- c
nee with the Secretary of the Interior relative to c
he affairs M the Nation, and especially the In- 1
ssion of V* reaenraUon hf ihe whites. ii
. -
Till' riiVPTI %\ MT? %TIOV
Ariil.i >i'i;otinfiiiK wiiti the Milrnn.
Vik*\a, August 3.-#lt 1> ri | rt I bore t!i ?t Arab!
Pasha 1* negotiating w ith the palace at Constantinople
al>nut a kin 1 of parallel notion between tits
own and the Turkish troops to be *?'i:t to E^ypt.
Arabt, it is said, pro:>o-es that Uh> Turks onupf
Cairo, while lie wl?l remove to some central position
In the I>elt.t. provided the Turks promise not
to attack his re ;.r.
Ili*mar( W Kcgrt U !?? I rfji im i'? l(c*
tlr* nii'iit.
London, Aucu?t a.?The /?/,. > ' Berlin dlKpitcfe,
annoua?lag that Prinee Bismarck had instructed
Prince Von lloheulohetocxptessto M. De FreycU
net regret at Ills rctlr- m i.t from the ministry,
also says: At the sail > 11!?? ' the wish b.is l?-eu xprvs&rd
tl? it M. hi' Freyclnct could be in !u< ?vi to
resume office. In wnlii c?>. ' ?;-rm;mjr w<>uid l?s
willing to support his eastern policy as much as
The (mini Qunilon in lite t onl? r? n<e.
c'onst*xnxori.K, August 'J.?At the > UingoC the
conference yesterday t?>unt Corti, t!ie Italian ambassador,
introduced the proj?os.?l formulated by
Italy In regard to the su / ?*> !? 1. Th< r? prwntatlvesof
Ci'iuiiiny, Austria ?t? i Turkey luim-'dlately
fdgnineti adnrslon i?? the proposal, but U*4
DufTerln and tin- V irqu!> De Noallles, the Kncliuh
and French amba**- idors, r-'sp.' *tlvely, de 1 ire4
that they must eousuii their government bcloro
coming to a decision.
Sii?>/ 0<'cii|il<'(l by file Itriiisli.
London. August &?A dispatch to the Exchange
telegraph company from su< /. ^tat?*s that that
town has been occupled by the British. The tele?
graph office has been reopened.
Kuittor* of an [ iMH niiiiiii Mn**?rrr of
( li riot in it*.
Auxindru. August 3, 11 :'<0 a.m.- last evening
and to lay alarm whs caused by rumors of an iiupendlog
massacre of Christians. The patrols huva
lurn ord?*r? d to lti?-r?' = >?? tlielr vigilance and tlw
police to confiscate sticks frotn the native*. Criers
have paraded the native quarters <?r the city enjoining
the jh*o de to r?m tin at home at 3 o'clock
this afternoon, the hour which, It Is reported, has
been fixed lor the massacre.
PnMink Iinpri%?tt?>d in 'Him.
News from Cairo to t li" soth ult. states that
enteen pashas were Uupn^>aed In the eltadeL
Among the nund?cr was All stf-rif Pasha, who wan
arrested because he employed <.r? eks to gu..t\l his
An t(ta< k Kiprrliil. ,
London, August 3. i.':30 p.m.?A dispatch to th#
Exchange telegraph company, dated Alexandria,
3:30 o'clock this afternoon, antioum-es that >lltlM
British troops have been ordered to the front, ad
attack b 'lug expected.
Ilnstia in ili<> ( onfrronro.
Const anting ri.e, Mieust :t-m. Oikhi. th*" RiN*
slan representative, on reiolnlng the enntervuoe
ye^terd.-.y. nave no reasons lor ~o dolnc. M. (Hi iil
annouiitvd that Kus-i.i also adhereil to th prop<>
sal of Italy in regard to the Suez canal. \
>?*\*?|iuprr r<irr('?|M?n<l<iit% Willi llM
Army in ll|C) i?l.
London, August 3.?The war ofTlee hasis-ii'vl A
notice that the numtx rof uew; paper eorreKpondents
allowed to accompany the army in l^ypt
shall be limlbnl to eight for Ixjndon newspaper*,
lour i<>r j r?'\ in -l il papers, two t??r Scotch p niei'%
and two lor lriih pap i s.
<><>n<*rnl l'??r< >gn >? *?*.
Dtrijn, August 3.?The elreular t-? ln> issiie.1 by
Mr. P.irnell, with a vl<-\\ to ( necking tlie operations
of tUe land eorpoiatlon company, 1^ also
signed by Mejsr-. Iill'.on, Davltl. Kgan, tiray and'
M C trthv. It will la* si'Ut throughout Ireland to
obtain signatures to a requisition asklus the l/>rd
Mayor ot Dublin to convo. e a meeting durimr exhibition
w?-ek lor the put pose of inaugurating a
national fuud tor tlie relief <t evict-u tenants
The clr.-ul ir Mates that the otvaniza'h Us will not
be a political one, but that evictions will lx- lncreaM-d
if tenants be left <lcfenceies? in the presence
of a wealthy company.
London, Aueust 3.?Tic Hillsdale <-rew hr.vtt
challenged tne Amateur K iwin?r Association to
furnlsli m :un lpainat' <1 en-w t<> row an international
race In alortnlL'ht. Ir the association refuses
to accept the challenre the Illllsdales will
claim the champh-nshino; Kn^iand.
ti:oi bi.e in' tkll'stf.
Tkifstf. Auyust 3.?V.'hlle the society of Veterans
were mar* hlng through the < r.-^o yes;erday
to ralute the AniiiuUt Cl.arlt > l^>uls, brother of
the Emperor, a p ? r 1 w..s thr uInto the ranl:s
and several of the men were in jured. An angrycrowd
sul s"?nientlv hrt?ke the windows in hous<*s
ireqU'.'iit* <1 by th- ii '' n faction. The I rre. lent a
ciub had lssti' 1 a m nite-to exhorting Its partis.ns
not to partleipat in tl. festivities in cotw
nectlon with the opemn/ of the exhibition here.
The IIok?oii alkinir !t|atch.
H art stil.t. alll.ad.
Boston, Auiruvt X.?At n o\k this mornlnir,
the score in the w.>ikln.r ipa'eh in this eity v*too-?
as follows; il 'ft Nore'uao <il-, llaiT>
maii ~S#o, and Caiupana - v.?.
Events in Vmorn. .^lf\lro.
TrcsoN. A. T., Vunust 3.?Mexican advices from
Guaymis, Sonom, State: on Monday las* Aur?*llO
Cant 'tr.:n,; n actor, w i- -hot and Killed by I'rot.oplo
Sturrlett.:, In a li< us <?f ill-faine. The slayer
5s a nephew of the not' rl< u~ ?' llfonila outlaw,
Jo .quin Murrlt tti:. lie kl'.I-d two m- n in Lo? Angelos,
n.arte in?- escape frem prS-'ii to New ^oriv,
where h? was n ?aln lnear.-er i s1. an-i when -e ha
escaped to tillplace. lb* w.is sliot. '1 ucjwlay morning
I y ord< r oi t' e toveruor.
The pott of (.u..yinis is full of morchant ve.>
sels. The heavy ruins cause I several washouts oa
the Soaors railway last week.
Greenback \owfnK(i<in? Cor t'enero**.
Ioi.a, Kansas, August 2.?The greenback convention
of the s*'Cotnf district <?l Hit> ' tate yesterday
nomin :ted CoL ! '. M. I'etinieuiu for c-'iitfis.
Allen Willums was nominated as candidate for
Congrcs=mau-at-l wye.
A Condurtor sli??i.
G *lvecton, Texas. August s.?Conductor Kl;n?
ball, of tiie International i" l r <d. was -hot while
going home from work it il :3o ocl k h'^t nigh*.
The ball struck on tue ri^htslueof his heai and
passed under th< skin.
]*Iorc Cosgm^ioiial >oiitinnll?n*?
Kansas Citv, >!o., Augv -t The d' mocrats of
the lirth district have nomln. ied Mr. Alex. Grav.-s
tor Concress.
Eac ci.aike. Wis., Au;s'i-t 3.?The rcnubllcans
5f the eighth district have nominated Mr. W. T.
Price for Congress.
VIII X?t Itcuiil lli?* fine,
springi'IEI-D. li t. , August 3.?<;-vei iior Cullom
rotuses to remit the. thousand dollar tin lmpo^' d
jn Elward Murphy i)y the Cook county criminal
xmrt for ballot box franls. lie has -ei v l his adliilonal
sentence of a year In the penitentiary and
now asks a remission of t'ae pen;:ity.
Karatoira I*?.< < ? I <wlaj.
Saratoga, August 8.?Bojtjack won the first
ace; John Davis second, liuie?tu.ly
:wo started.
The second race was won by George Kenney;
Barnes second, Toc-ln third. Tim?1 :lr'Franklc
1J. won the third race; Apollo second!
Boatman third. Time?
EC It ode Inland Coinrrwnn-a Coajfrais*
Providence, R. L, August 8.? Mayor H.tyward
lassent to the HioJe Island C >ii?rress:nen tho
ollowlug telegram: -The city of Providence eonrratulates
the repres-'iiUitlve.s of ti.l> state in
^ontmss, upon their successful efforts to procure
or lmprovem *nts of its harbor so large and
leeded an appropriation.''
The Oalragre wn Welllc n?rri?M.
i warrant for the arrest of a scspectkd ma*.
PoUceman Qulnlan, of the seventh precinct, this
fternoon swore out a warrant at the Police Court
barging a certain notorious negro (whom he ex>ects
to arrest) with attempting to outrage ths
ittle girl, Nellie Morrison.
As a Result of the settlement in the Lewis will
ase In New York the sum of K will be apilled
to the reduction of the national debt.
Ths President signed ttwlay the act to regulate
tntnlgratlon, and the joint resolution for publishng
certain decisions of the Fir&t controller of the 1
Treasury department.
Range or the Thermometer To-dat.?Office nf
he Chief signal officer: T a.m., 70.4; ll a.m..
p. uu, 78.6. Maximum. 79.2; minimum, ?*.?.
Ik ths Cape of Wni. R. Davis, who was charge#
n the Police Court a lew days ago with rrcelTlnf j
160 from Charles M. Alexander under false pre- 1
enses, Mr. Jobs H. Ott\-er aski d Judge sneli iff *
llsmtss the case to-day, cm sccoont of Hi protw .
utlng witness not appeavlng t rpros.'<Wle ths ^
xse. Mr. Moore said ue had a doctor'? cert .ncaM . J
o the rffect that Mr. Alexander is sick. The c?M ,
vas further continued.
.... L M

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