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The Weather.
rrnc* or rns (. nine mov?i, omcua, i
? i*B?r6TOl?. D.C.. Nov. 14, !??. 9:3) a.m.?
For X<* Englan! and the ml Idle Atlantic atates
fair weather, winds mostly westerly. st it'.onarv or
lower temperature, in >*ew England Uglier 1
pressure. |
Special U'eather RitlMli.
The chl-f signal ofllcer of the army tarniHtifS the t
following special bulletin to the pre The
barometer Is h'ghest jn I'tah and lowest near the ;
mouth ot th? st. L'twr^ace. G uer.-l r..lns or snow
have fallen in the lower 1 Ik'.' r. gion. middle states |
an t New England,Tenn . , Onto vail v an 1 e.si !
gulf states; occasional rain in the soutu Att.ntic
states, and occaslou .i saow In tue upper l>ke '
nglon. A'lanta reports a rainfall or 1.01, and
Brownsville, Texas. l.V"> darim: p x twenty-four j
hours. North w steriy windspr< vudlnth* Allmtlc ;
Co.'jrt and vul. states and tim Vi s. iri v.ilSev;
outhv.e^t rl'. ;,i t ;i" I-ke r-wdon and Ohio v dl:-y.
The temperature 1> ? n? rallv b !r> v th mean t r
the mom e.-t of the .Mi-s: riv r; it has
titon from so to i) is; the m.udle .-t tes. TecB?w
*e md fit * e guif si t-s; it has ri- u ?*? ia
Mar;:to^?i and Minn'- oUt. T .<* r>< -p-e: ai
temperatur- s wer- re;w>rt-- i :it 3 p. in > f r 11. :
Wa?'ilngton, '; N. r. >t!;, 7- ;*S.\.?n???., 7K :
Atlanta. 52: .1 t. k - >nv lie, 7T; Pen :cd . tkP; j
New orl -an-, .v; ; G ilve-.f. a, 5P; S:?n Anton:-).
2WC: Tfetsm, A : l.<>- An ; i71 ; s m Dlcgn, o.V;. !
Ti.e warm wave m tne n thn -a wi.i ia ,Ve r pldly
to tlif -our i ,*;rj I ?,?st. W;r ner fi ? we ith -r ' <
Is inMeat -d to-morrow in the south At!-.Hie an l
gulf states.
Titr ".fPKSrV I.n.v." ban Is-nv* t 111 ' In; In
America, in it. kid lop, stral^M 70,11 \ ?> 1 p,te< I
dUC 'J J tO $3. ii.t.US S, ?J 1 > 7, . 1 street.
The Oni.v c\ yr!_ ' i.ang'rv oy . uirjfiwt to
every purchaser at Clark.-, 7.12 7t.i -d. t uort.west.
QMHunAi Cink Cofaw Cantum cwtcnnii i
A Do?en C: bluet I'i'.ot')^ wita a t^irtf^ntii
paint- i. Only tlace, JI09 IVaaa. m K-.uithy*?
"J-ir" un:i "S rap I'ktur^s."' s ?> adv.
J. Jay Goct.d.
For IlE.it.Tit nst' !' -r.asvlv jnii coke.
rcsjEu.'-i Icn Cream an I Cii *rlot'e U\is3r?.
Cocj:k.\nl"s Cheap Curtains Control Citizens'
F?esr Meat-.?lio in 1 st^ak, 10\ 1^.; liv r, 5.\
IK; port: rhous l.v. i:?.; - ri. n, i'; . it>.; choioo i
rih, uI1'. j ut i. I1. in .r.v.'tj corutr Sdi {
and N streets norths t.
Whit* to Nvck, 61 N. t'h irle^ strr^t, Baltimor?\ I
lor price . or am -.t-.-ur ph ito^raphlc oiUllt-i, Airy
one can tako piciur. s. (i >.
German hand-knit j tck?d.-, at Aaerbo-'h'-', corner
7th and II.
| Cochrane's Coni'ort- C >rnn..re Credit tbiy.
1 -?? ? - - ?
Popfi.Aa Piroro,,a >.i-nrc I'oktkaits,?T)avi--' ,1 no 1
photographs, t.y iiis n --.v an t wonderful m-?:u
n?^oas pn)cejs. is ackuowivd^* t i?y .ill to !i i siint-rlor
In ex;>r< sp?>,;t;i?;;, tin - ?rtl*n-.* < rf?:cfs
8nd brlUiun v <?f tinisti to uny ever before in.tde in
this city. Peana. ave.
LaDiEci will ti.i I it ^r^otij" to t!if*ir a lvmt.i'^e to
call at the i-o;>ui ?r stor.'o* M.x TI10 npson, ^>1
F stre?-t northwe -;t, tor the latest modes or "aair
- ? Cochrane's
Hosi ry, I nderwear, reliable, low.
Flwise re-ncmb^r tfi >t Mr-. J. p. lL'un.ige Is still !
*t II* 7t'i str?'??t northw sr. with a. beautiful dis
play of Mrs. Hull's l:nj;r.)v?* i wuv.'s, unexcelled in
quality an l price, v, "uv - dressed and cU-aned at i
reduced prices. |
OrR Bio Dmrr ? C'dMr? n*s silk clocked and
atrlpod h we, worth v9 .,-nts for 18 cents. To get
the choice se!ecti?>a call c:;riy.
Or*f1.C9 sc ;rlct underwear, Fllsrh?ly damageil,
at 74*. for tc-tncrrr w cr.ty at t rk'-, 7:;^ The
popular Luii^'iry souveni to each pure It bit.
Hot Spring Di amond Kracei.fts fi2, at Prlsrgj.
Cochrane's Cornets cost 45,-. pair.
Gfnts' Seotr li-bouofu g iitt-rs r - !i' ? I to 1-L
huf.on ro Uahn's, j
S16 7th street and 192C Pennsylvania avenue, j
1L II. Hempler, the optician, leaves to-day for a !
we k -dmn>tin? Pntaaac met I (
Wm. Fi.AMMEB,rormeriy barkeeper at Lnsekam's ! '
will open this ev.'ntny a lir.-t < l ?^s sciloon ;tt l i'il !
Fennsyiv-nia av au -northwest. The public and
b friends are eonlla'.iy invited to b^ pres -uL
Cochrane's Linens?none tn tu-r, none cheaper, i :
A sorvEMi: will be pri'sented to-morrow to
very person who pureh ?r-s -? . worth of goods 1
Or laor -, at M. Augensti In's, 817 7th ,-t. n.w., wuen i '
th,- followin_* b<?-<rains will be sold: Decorated '
chataU>r s^ts. fS.45; gl--s t?i >et-, 2o -.; % d/. i
goblets, -Ji-.; > o.ii hod, >ker, shovel and '
siev.% is-.-,; j . id 'pan, 17-.; lamps, I1
yapk-te, 29'.; 1 li :n tjcl. a pitcher, 38c.; yc ;'
uz. t ncy v. ifi? ^Lls.^s, 21?\; oilcloth, io *.
yd.; .1 ip.nned syiupcau-.ia-.; pin cushions, sh-li
boxe-, velvet tome . easeH,' or fancy paper, mtrrors,
b<'S- >'p, .1-. each. >jr..{id i.oilJ t\" or -mntr
Saturday, l*-c nihcr ~ I. b
Conien^ed I.o<*al<?.
street l.^nip^ will t> li^iitei at 5:13 p.m. and ex- ' ;
tlllgU=shud ::t 4:15 a.m. * I
A* c >pIt il PI >?Mrp Club gave tbdr fourth an- '
aualrei?-!itio?i ,:t O ld Fellows' hall 1 .st evening. '
The enfert-tiiir.. nt w is in ciiar^r-- of committees '
omporjcd of Messi-s. II. J. l..:uba -h, T. i. Kdligan, I '
J. M. K- :v, M. K. II inn, J. F. D M .tra, M. J
Pwy?T, T. ? Yrd/ t r and II. Daitl .r. .
A youn-i :u >n. n *m"d .Jos. C. C: .11 j, was tn t'ae ' ?
Police Cov,i\ tills morning, and Mr. Jos. Hummel, h
awage agent o' the U, and o. Kx; r-ss Comuauy! i
stit xl t !i d the d *i T.d int ])r?-sented <.n order ves- |
ter lay for l> that d! In t t-lo'itr to h in. The I
defendtr ^t (rc l that li ves :n Virginia, and i'
found the or-: r u r rU - bagu tsre. The court took '
the d? fr-r.-d ?;.fs personal b >n-is to leave the city. 1
Attention .s railed to tn^ advertisement by 1
*lt< h, ?o.\ ,? Brown <>r suburh.in property?valu -
hie either for homes or a> an investment. ' 1
K*v. Will. ivin Btrtl tt. D.D.. who has jn-it !'
be -1 'Ti-tal.- i a> pastor ??r tU* N<-w York av -uue ' Presbyter.an
. Lurch, will deliver tii? ?ddres-* at 1
the anniversary meeting of the Young Men's1
Chrisii m As->c.;iath.n Hits evening at F--uu ;ry M 1
K. ehur h. ' : ,
The auction which are of more thin or- 1
dlnary interest at thi-> s.-ason. will be found oa - '
ttii sth or I1 -'liy's st^k.
James L. B.irt>>ur ;u!<i ethers li.iv * flle-l a bill in i '
equliy again-t \\\ P. Wood and others f ;r the saie
C lots 1 and 4, i-q. w v rf 3. in reservation D. 1 ;
A thief entered an outbuilding owned by H^^rv ;
Wells, 212 7th street northwest, between 1 arid 4
o'clock this morning, and atoie seven chickens and 1
a turkey.
In the Circuit CnUrt Judg* M ic Arthur to-d >y, in 1 '
thec.se of hay ag'. White, an inquisition for#sa75 ' 1
was taken, and the hearing of M <y a^L Siiiitli was 1 1
resumed. |,
In the Court Jn General T rra t --d.iv, in the ease 1 1
of.the Masoclc Mutual Relief Association airl. i 1
Kondrup, the order dismissing the bill was f -- 1
yoked an 1 the appeal jwrinltte 1 to be withdrawn f J
H?-wett ajit. Fllbeit et aL on hearing ' j 1
This momln-c iK-t ? i Ve a ton arrested a half- 1
grown color I 0< >, who gives his name as Ism.- 1
Berry, tae act <?r <?fT rm^ a I uly's h*.1 ,vv j
gold rlntj with 1 sparkling solitaire in it for $3 in i
a seccn !-h ,n-l ^i. >p. rite boy -> iy.-s it belon-;ed to 1
his sl>ter. w ho lound it. ! J
A co.ore i in n named Wm. K?'nnedv w-is !
char-^.'d :.y bis wife, P t y Kennedj, In the P. - ! 1
J2 - rt thii morning with having assanlted 1
her. _ She said they bail some dispute about a d<*- .
mljchn, which h-i i ..n h- r head. He was 1
ent to jail for :W day. in default of a 510 flne. ;
Tht battalion of the 21 1". s. _\rtiil.-ry which '
nas fr-en encamj I n.'ar Ga.thershorg, MtL, sev- ?
fTaA .n{onf"% 1 r--.-et:tly m ide a march to f <
\ !,r*" ;,rrl"'*'1 f!'--1 c:ty this morning, i
tomtng into t i" c-ty by w;.v of the 7th?fre-t niKe
and p^s-dns.-down ??ti. -ire. t to their old (ju riv.:r4 j 1
good COE^i.UOfU barrUCk3- TUe 1UCU UrC 1U I
1 '
Wafthinuton Aqueduct mid Public
Ituildiucs and tirounifw.
?8T;mvtfs submitted BY OEN. WRIGHT. : *
^rl^ht, cuk'f ol < !i^licv*r3, in his ?.nnu\l ' ^
leport to tn Si-creUtry of War, mikes ra esri '
mate of tor engineering, mainb-nan- r-- :
pairs ar.d cou--.tr , f< -; ..t tWashington . one*. :
duct, an t SAys la t ''onnn t'ou, that fu'ii is
appropriated for t.;e V. asiiln^toti mju -duct for tiipast
year wen? simply for it a repair aud maintenance,
and the n?-ee-s: rv ovei>t'ht to Insure 1
regular supply of w;>ter to the . ity. Durlnp the
Fear the level ot the water in the distribuilmr
pewrvofr was raised to n-f? renee .liu'jab* ve l.dunT '
and the quantity of overflow fr i i this n?se vair 1
at the close of June w as <1- > a,?- a dOMJJXn o' 1
gallons for twenty-four hours.
The e-t'mates ror lmproveDient r. 1 care of public
buildings an I eroun is In the lu-trl t or Columbia
amount to *232.000, as Mlows: For lUiOiuvement
an 1 can\ $lsx?r>i0; for conir;-n->af.on or per- 1
sons employed, fl?,400: for cor.tin.'ent an I Incidental
expen&es, <S00: lor rent of offic.-, 5000. |
^Tranfwers of Keal Estate?Deeds In f^e have i
l*en recorded as follows:?A. H. Stephenson et at. i
trustees, to w. a. Thompson. sub?. 10 ana 11 co '
WWifi.OOa El>n Wei h to Iiruno Harlan 'low j !
*' Buckley to John Fa'- !
*} 537: f?. a. M.Salmon to K. Cav19i:
?! VW- Joh? T. Arn s to W.
* \ub^ 28 to ^ *1- 336; 12,00a Heirs of '
f' to Catherine llennesy, pt. -jn. su ar>3- j
J J. Knox, commissioner. to su Ts * rl I '
b.lock 6> Ivy City; rs. IMrthenla Thy- i
onto 1(V. J. Newton, pt. 1, s?i. 4k'- t
Arthur Small to Turley tW>urn pu l ?'
A's addition to Georgetown; |5(>o.
?? I
tTATTART Sai.e.?The s:ile of Italian marble and
alabaster statuary and works of art advertised to
take place to-morrow at 11 o'clock, 2: *) and 7.e? p.
ol, at the salesroom of Walter B. Williams & Ca
corner 10th and Pennsylvania avenu", attracts a
great deal of attention. Every arrangement has
teen made for the comfort of \hiitors. and a larsre
company of ladles and gentlemen will probably be
ItaftaiAOB Licenses.?The clerk of the court has
iMul marriage licenses to Millard F. Ilalleck
at Charlotte McVay. of Indianapolis, Ind.; John
& Mflfat. of Westminster, Md., and Annie C. Nlch?to;
Patrick McCarthy and Mary S:t!livan; Charles
W. Cooksej and Ida V. Smlthsoa.
MOW PlllZ?>rtGI(TE|l8 TRAIN*
A Talk with Sullivan, the Pnrillrt.
"Tom Allen will have a chance in about three
months with bare fists In the ring.". 80 said John
8?UH"ur),the representative of the Boston physical
"cuichaw," to the audlencc at the Theater
Comique last night, between the rounds of a glove
bout with Pete McCoy. A few minutes later Sullivan
had doffed his close-fitting green boxing
suit, renovated himself in his every (lay costume
an J was talking with a Star reporter in Manaeer
Snellbaker's office. 6
?,?V}^ Ta.nt lokn?w how a prlzp-flghter trains,"
Mid Sullivan, puffing aw.tyona cigar which he
"b'hova" "Wei? flV V1 h anphle ?P;,roved by the
will, fir>t he physics himself thoroughly
; s?me use a black draught, and some use
castor oiL I take a black draught, 'rhen the
man starts in working. He guts un at 7 o'clock In
tue morning and walks a ml la leisurely, lie eats
breakfast at 8 o'clock?mutton chops or beefsteak,
two cups of tea and stal* bread, and anvthmg
s :lty. About half past nine o'clock he 3t irts
'7,?lv;yn"? w% sixout ??d"ixbS?
. ^ ^ inil6 and a hair lie runs In In
pretty fast time. There's a man ready when'he
ou."i,i?.im'^hlm down, and h? Is rubbed thor- j
m" ' V , be.Ls dry-,. iIe 18 r?bbed again and I
Hi l'l"n hes down with two i
quilts upon him. When the personal.on
coin js, he is rubbed down vigorously
i' f,1,'?- Afterwards he st.>n is In a shower and a I
p.ul.,iii of salt water is thrown over h'm ir h^ i
is not training near sea water a half big of common
.salt Is dissolved I11 common water and that
irl tflc raan'3 skln and makes
J .. . r> time 'he man comes in he is rubbe l
Lt';vrY ??ts allthe flesh off him, so if he Is
su u;-k In the eye ho doesn't get bruised or cut. It
Is tubbed down to the bone. Well, he has his
m"!,S?r "lnr<!nVIock7Ul0Ieare nve houre between
i . (1inueC lie has roas-t heer, roast mutmutton,
one potato, and no other
nf r'p tVl excPPt celery. A nun can eat plenty
,i u tMc iJJw to eat three or Tour bunclus a
if ? Kood for win;I and tfood for the nerves.
Il? has a bottle of Bass'ale at dinner. He wIuS
around leisurely during tlie afternoon. He must
? . ' ,l !'s as possible. When he feels best,
1'r'f 1.a. the afternoon, he runs a hundred yards, I
prob ibly four or five times. When 1 was training 1
I i..u a hundred yards in 11 seconds with my cloth1
" *OIVin. I weighed ft>9 pounds then. A man
ha-. to do that, rort of work for live weeks and keen
it up until the last three days before the flgh?
??!,% fy ,g e hl,m castor 011 and about that
mu'h gin (measuring off a couple of joints on
hl-> forefinger) In a glah-s. The reason
they give the castor oil in t he gin, Is that men
can 11 ?ke castor oil without vomiting. Then It i
mxkes tliem feel cool and refreshed Th"n until I
the day of th-fight, he eats gradually, abd jus"
hh?ivlf ,ir,Sal? t> thls a.}HJ"tlte. A man don't fill
H,,*? , p* l!', doesn 1 do a"y hard work at all !
"\.1 he.se three days. He does nothing but
? keeps at this course of training
c\eri day for five weeks. He is not allowed to 1
rti'nn >ran I'llln'v uot evon water, exeept the ale at 1
on aeeouuteo16lt!?ParC ed a?d dry' and cannot eat '
with AUen?"1 y?U g? lDt? tralD,nS ror the fight j
''Jr Tti,e match is made for three months from
nou 1 won t crolnto training for eight weeks."
youSovemu?!!r^ng'"asked lhe "-'porter." -Do
"I smoke considerable," said the pugilist, "if
the match with Allen was made 1 would knock off
fnVl .in^r.W)U10!T0W- s,noklni? Is Injurious to a man
in training, and makes him short winded "
ter? Ul>?Ut driUKin??'? inquired tiie repor"A
man who drinks" said Sullivan, "can't ever
fnl ver 1 11,f "p to eicest
I ntver di In v to excess. I may take four or five
It iv-ir80? h'v.r' a?*? Jntoxleated once or twice
a ir. I have not ortnk a drop since the nlsrnt 1
wltiiTmr Wilson, four months ago, Wednesday.
1 had been drinking nearly all the time
li'fi i0r months, atter the llgiit with Rvan
SiMi%Sfr!S?wK.^ 1 ,v<,'B"ed m
askS" T,)sSXr.lVe ;"10tl"'r b0Ul W"h Wll30rl!"
' Xev -r In the world, I think." said Sullivan. "I
DITK mill M-mn' flVilfS?" t!lrtn any man" Iwl11
011 f5,000 to fd.OOO th it I can 11,-k him, and I will
pa> .lis expenses over here, ir ho will come. It is
nrtcifw!th\\^rtnCOiJl'llln of th" res'lltor lhe
ioSiaioo a I all"1" m"""> lookout- 1
reporte?'ng'1 SUPP0Se'18 hard work?" 8afd the
"When a man is training it Is terrible work- ?
said the gladiator with a wry fnf?e. "it is t'le '
hardest thing a man can do. * There Is nothing
STAW fasssa?!?^
rntm.l!^'? 1:,;f;'5,Vi't":r Inen tl,an Wlls?n in twelve j
"l! J h' ? f the giant, musing over his Wilson 1
"it' is S Wilson in th.t t:m-, too." j
out of It." S!a"SpSrM a * "?aI ot ",oacy !
"m "???? atAbout
Alien." said th-' rpoorter "rou
ccniident or widppin,' him ' y
" ^\eil, a fighting man ou ' it nevr>r to brn^ or tn i
say that he can whip anybody," S theiuSliS 1
n?i t 1 " ,lt' ti-lit anybody in tli" world
fl rH'n lo( wli p "i,lL 1 w iI m ike a nntc'i o !
finff'ltaV1" ? ?? LeaJvmo, ami try |
to rct,rc!
A figlitlng man Is very peculiarly situated " in
swered the pug.Il.t. -When^ he fight? ofi?'li- u I
('ae C()!11PS up and challenges htm !
If h<_ d<>.i t a < epi half t!i^ people s ty he is ?fr-ii I I
i,^"1 lV'r'hl AllMn' an'1 f"on IbelhV'IouJhtto !
v i . cha.np.on of ,\m 'liea. I wdl firht Allen !
but aff< r th ;t I will not fi ^lit any ui m In th V nri * '
'?'? njlit v.itli 1 ui? Tom |
?l '0Ur or "vo >Cari 1,1 I
r,1s?!1'van he used to play base ball and I
P fi I US C ttC;ier, l^ft field and first b?s?' lb' i
had been sparring, he said, ever sinee h? vvIs i
m ven or eight ye,;rs of age. He was now "i '
S9'SrSte Ie0t 10,11Cbe8 1,1 heli<ht' and weI?bed j
BT<" 'whena I
SSS y,,N>r?01 ?g?.u? h i.-S-.tJ i
n ai gonra. There may be one in a h;indrp>i ui.. I
is a goo l man at thirty. Fighting, "he contln i"d "
is d.mms, fine now that the fefiows S rouAt
if. for ,;iJ years ago would not stand any show
who wonV !\-mv^a," whH l}ad thf*,mit endurance
n?j?SulllSntfe'i? to'SStSStoJ!?;^
for his glove bout with Elliott next mSnth in
Sn nTm!natCh Ia raade wlttl Allen, Joe Godwin
Flie 4-arfield .fKojiiimcnt Fair.
meeting of the execttrve committee last night.
At a meeting of the executive committee of the
Garfield memorial fair association last night, District
Commissioner West and Col. A. F. Rockwell
were delegated to proceed to Baltimore this mornIng
and arrange a misunderstanding between Mr.
J. A. Geary, chairman of the local committee
^PR'i .n^f e?y lnayor of Baltimore, and Mr. J
1 iiif), secrotciry of the iflcrch ints'i??fi m-.rni*
tact u-ers' association of that c?tv t e Tt ?~r
having been enlisted in the fair movement by CoL
Corbln, and both gentlemen having written here
^r^truetlons. It was decided; in order to makl
amends for toe mlsunderstiinding, to offer Baiti
more everything possible in the wAy of sDaCe &e"
Ynrt 1P,S^"0IJ rr?nl L,)UlS T'ffW & Co?, or ktw
1 1, , received for a window on which to display
their specialties in stained irl iss er/?
arrival of a bale of cotton from Arkansas^tor co np
tit Ion for tbefiiOO prize was reported. Messrs.
. h nRon, Miller & Cran?', the military dealers of
New \?rk, advised the committee of the donation
of a handsome sword and belt. uonation
Alleged Robbery by a. ]Qan and
THE acccsko parties arrested in baltimore
Carnlme Monzlone and Marie Ferkstcr. Italians
were committed In Baltimore yesterday afternoon
for the action of the Washington authorities on ;
the complaint of Guiseppi Rocioppl. The woman
Ferkster, was housekeeper for liocloppl in this
city. From the facts developed in Baltimore it
appears that Monzlone yesterday morning rerChlr2/tdi?patch
fr(?ln tUe w?mm to come to
this c.ty. He responded at once and, with Marie's
assistance, broke open the trunk of Roclonn'
1 he pair succeeded In obtaining $220 In mon^r -liui
W! tV ?r clot""1^ With which they de?amned
to Baltimore. liocloppl discovering the theft
soon sifterwards, followed them and informed the
Baltimore police officers. The pair were arreted
In a r^taurant near the Union depot, bavin? nar
chased tickets to Lancaster, Ptu The^tolin
money, with the exception of about five do't.rs
was recovered. Monzione whersearehed h'id a
I;1'- '^| ,n hls pocket, and upon the woman were
found a loaded revolver and a dirk km& iv
tective Coomcs was sent on for the prisoner th^
morning by Major Brock. prisoner this
Boat Race on Thanksgiving D\v ?
"^^e^htsinrte-scull championship of 'the dn!
1. '. the race to come off Thanksgiving iw i
which day there will also be several scruS rfe.
StJS wLh1 ha,Aurum" TheTirtof JhS
contributions had been recePve^on^n^VhWed tbat
B. Smith, W; Mrs. M. C. Alexander ?*
?a?wiiS!-y; n. ?f 1I&'
Mm Chwlotte A. w<sC
church on the SSd inst J wrian
Lacb Sale.?Real lace and lace collars, smuii
pieces silk and velvet# are to be sold at bJwSSJi!
auction rooms to-morrow, see advertisement.
Tbe Aigor Wife JWnrder.
Tills morning in tlie Criminal Court, Judge
W>Le, the plea of guilty entered last week by
I rank Minor, colors, charged with the murder of
his wife, Victoria, on Oct. 11 last, was withdrawn.
Immediately on the court being opened Mr. J. F.
Miller (who last week was aligned with Mr. E. D.
b right to look after Minor's Interest) sild that
after a consultation with the accused the latter
h id expressed a desire to withdraw the plea of
guilty and enter one of not guilty.
Tne court remarked that that should be done
In person.
Mr. Miller answered that the prl-oncr was In
court, liav.ag been brought up iroin jaiL
Minor was placed at tlie bar atid the court said:
' *ou pleaded gulty to the murder of your wife."
?e*, s.r, answered the prisoner in :i low vole?
do you wish to withdraw that pioA?'' the court
asked; and the prisoner not replying, Mr. Wright
Mi:-t :tod that ho w. s a Utile deaf, and at tlie
ii,'t on of the court Mr. Wright asked tin
* T, . , M,n"r a?i ;wered "Yes, sir," and the
'.Vs 'v'1'3 ^< u v%*?*h to plead guilty or not
- ( Min<>r qv.tetly "Not guilty." The
' 'jit ti> :i oi reeled : he cierK to enter the former
i m w.tndrawu, and to enter the plea of not
^ y,
CrtPcthe ^2ill<-r Su^prndcd,
Yesterday alter noon the 1) strut Commissioners
ordered the ojpciisionof DeteetliBOeaQ Miiier.
I in') li lli i *ngthy -esslou with closed doors and
t w,.s tin ,Liy icre 1 that a number or questions j
t< m hMj Mr. .*.!i !"i ; relation to t!io star route !
li'1'' , s, l,t him to l?e answered upon oath, and [
' ' <" ! - jor ot police i>- oliect-.j to susnen I J
u,' <T }- u- Mlll'T from service until the !
p? u ure oi tii?> l>o.trl Is made l;:;own." The i
? Vi." V :>\! ' Nl;,ior li.-o'k last night i
. . ,j ~y.iti' >! ;[, r , su>;?'as.oa w.ll d'lto from
li.s receipt ol th order.
1 i accord nee with the orders of the District
< M tjor Brock th?s morninc Issued
r.Mr. Miller, which wasai onoo
s- ui to ap,i. it is prooabl - that Miller wid be
'\ " ' 1 !r.al very so-ai. |.?n it is not known
r regular board w.ll bear the ease or
me i>i-??.riet commissioners themselves.
'J l.onzi'eSIww .Heuiorjal.
A meeting was hell at the residence of Mr.
II r itlo on H >treet northwest, last evening,
ior tae purpose of forming a local committee of
tne Longie.low Memorial As^ocl, tlou, which has
tor lis object the erection ol a monument and the
de lleation of a park. In front of the old Washington
House at Cambridge, to the memory of the
dead po. l J. M. Toner acted as temporary I
caa.ruiau Permanent ufil . era were chosen us
o.iiow-.:?Morrison ^t. Walte, president; W T
Sherman, Joseph M. Toner. James C. Welling and '
A- K. Spoji in, vice presidents; 11. King, teeretary
and treasurer. Ti.; tollu.vlng geutleiucn
we:e nomlnat. 1 us members of the I cal com*Vi,
?i:r~!i"iV.ll lln -}ivoriJ? John B. Alley, A. o.
? i?\i K A*nger# D.ivnl (iraaun A dec, silencer
r. i> slrd, i. W. Hartley, Georges. Boutwell, Wll11
ua Lbn v, Jos? ph II. Blacktau, Ira N. Burriti,
' ""i6 I?own, P. II. Bukau, Sw .nn Burnett,
beajuam t. BUU:iger, Win. A. B .rtMt, \V. W.
t ui oran, VV S. Vox, Th03. L. Casey, Jolin J.
l!"r:lce c'4pr< u. Eiward Clark, (ieo.
B. < Tivt.nl bd.ett Coues, I. Edwards Ci;.rk, chis.
l I)i.ite, J. t. i-anero.t l) iv.s. Joint s A. Doou.in,
" 'n. Mckee Dunn, Josluh l)ent. Waiter D. DaUJ,K
Du ll y. Theodore F. i)w!ghr, j. u. |
' ,R,,ch^J^C- Win. II. Emory, Jolin !
E..ton, John H. Eilioti, 1*1 B. Eiliott, Joan 11. E .st- 1
man, *. I. Erelin<huys;-n, Chtries T. Foleer. i
btephen J. Field, John \V. F ;st-?r, J. JL Fitch 1
Uenry h. Fren-a. Orange Ferns*, i{. < . Fox!
i r.UK i.-> l-owl r, Horace tiray, Edward M. Gall tu- 1
^ t,Geo. C. Gorh.m, Clias. C. <?1 >wr, Theodore i*
a. tiUi. Jas. tiiliillan, Frantis H Go?iall, P. F. I
* '!-v, A a;di llall. Jos. H It, J unes. M. Harlan, T. j
t>. 11 mvc, J. h. liilgard, c. \V. Hoffm.in, stil ,on '
liutchins, v\ liilam Huater, A. J. Huntington, i
Joan \\ Ho.r% \\. T. ?ll !rup,R L Ilox.e, E. B. |
,! V N ^ I???^\' lll,a:n II .rkness, Frank
H:.ttoa,W llliaui B. llazen, s. Henkle, O. li. Irish,
J J in^toii, John J .y Kr.ox George Kent, S
II. K. tuifiiiaun, G. M. P. King, Hullet Kilbouro,
Ilor t;o K t.g, Koiiert Ltncoiii, G o:ge B. Lorlnsr
Ciiaiies I- iiiman, W. A. L -on ,rd, E ivv.ir j L in let-!
Benj .niin (i. Lovej -y, W.lilam Lawr n Garret
M -V^V1'* 1 F- Miller, Stauley Matthews,
( -U! lu^-M.. Arthur, K. T. Merrick,
l- .u-.k Mdi. ry o T. Mason, Chas. F. MacDonhd,Le,z
r 1. Miller, Martin F.Morris, Thomas
I. ...organ, \\ ililam MeLe >d, John G. Nleol ly,
simon Newcomb, Crosby S. Ne.yes, Samael V.
N:l -s, Henry S.V ai, d. d. Porter, Peter Parker,
r i. w u'1!: Samu'1 F-Phillips. Geo. B. Patch'
L. 1. K. K > .g.T.,, A. F. KoekWell, H. J. ltanmlell,
J. h. Kiakin, \\m. J. Khees, Win. A. Richardson, ;
-V-- J? '^gies, E. Francis Kiggs, A. G. i
V, ' A;.1- sr" nu A- ? Spoffoi'd, William
?uong, l). G. isw.din, Byron Sunderland, Samuel
suellah ir^er U ?n. U. Snell, J. M. Toner, Thos.
U 1 uliocaE,. laws. Tayio-, Jonn Tweeuale, Isaac s.
ilehiior, \V. \\. 1 pton, Stewart Van Vint, Morris^sn
K. \?alte, J. W. Welling, J. R. West I
Urmond Wilson, John I. Wor.km, Joseph M. Wl 1son.
Jeremiah Wilson, II. A. Wlliard.
m i(i.re Wi:re about 3) gentlcm -n present at the
' , At the clo-je, Mr. K.ug said in answer to
t?..i V'l ,ry ^y. Sherman, that gentlemen
louI 11 i.u r their n noes tor lion r.iry ln^mbershio
1. t..es (b-siivd to do so, and thereupau Gen. Sa -rman
headed the list. v JCI
luiukeinrnts, &c.
i. h1T,0-Va^. Tiie Emma Abbott Engn.
. i,t'ra. Company produced i: st evening ;or the
tli t .line in Washington Adolpiie Aoaius' opera, 1
Kiiig tor a Day. "lhe presentation was very j
icceptable, an i tne large au il-mce present I
r em d to heartily enjoy it. Mi s A boot t was v, rv !
>u**iPostul, b?)lii vo \tily an-:! clr.uiiatic.iHy. In li *r
enuitioa of the part o? the Vriwi\ts Xuutea ;;ud
riUl a he;rty welcome William
. tne old favorite, appeared to great advantage
.n the role ol X^pht/ris, the poor fisherman,
j . ,1 s.iiging and actln, well. Miss Annandaie as
( f.e and Mr. John Glib* rt as Ka&wjr, ree dved
ics-rve i applause. Miss Abbott Will appear this
vening as XirjIUj trtte in tlie ' Chlm s of NormdothV.rS"uvSS.b3r
^ sUe' fabriUi' Aun in,Jal- !
Foru's OPtiR \ Hocsz.?Notwithstanding the un- i
j .voraole weather last evening, Far t's Opera I
[ ,:^VVJ*U u 11 ? Tne PC-norm inee or c inrt
vniM i iv .r^ W;lS unusu ill>* good, and the i
nd.\idual e\i. lienee ot some or tae pcriorm< rs
rtas very inan.- d. Bhly Kersands m lie a big hie
.ts end man. One ol the best features of the performance
was the Zou.ve drill and clog dance
lne company will undoubtedly have lSrge a-;lie.'jces
uur.ng tne remainder of taelr entraeemeiit.
The\Ti u Comiqck.?Last evening Manager Snellaike.
. > trump card was John L. Sullivan, tlie
. j iinp.on pr z '-tighter. Sullivan did not make
Uls appi'sirance untii the performance was about
fo.i )>.. ; tut tlie audience did not show any lin|)atici:ce,
as the variety i?ortion of the program
,r- 7>\cnVm Sulii*an appeared in a
! wita McCoy, tue middle-weight
'irr gave a line exhibition of the maaly
The Tempkrancb Tabernacle.?The best
musical and literary talent ot the city has been
?ruwn Ujjon tor the concert and literary entert.duin.-nt,
to be given on Thursday evening next
^ Lincoln hall, to aid la the completion of
m? lemperance fabernacle, now in the
ourse of construetlon on Capitol Hill by
. 1 E ig lest on. No temperance worker in
this city Is more dis-rving ot aid than this
?rr Tie MiSSs
II tr\e>, Mi^ E n:na Levy, Mrs. J. II. Jecko. Mr
t n , ! hippie, MLss M E. Saxton, J. O. Pu.o, ur
K \Niot Miss Annl * LiliibrJdge, Pros. J. Kas'oar*
l*rof. Beckej, prof. BIs.'hoflT and others will take
?art in the entertainment.
liiK Li^roR Traffic" will be the subject of
j, lecture l.y Kev. W. 11. Boole, at Wesley Chapel
hrl lay evening. J v"aHri?
For the Benefit of the Poor.?a very delhiitul
entertainment will b-e given at Willard Hall
o-morrow evening, for the o-n-tlt of the p >or. ,
A Musical and Literary Entertainment will
j gl\. n at t..e tilth Ba; tist church thisevenin"
tnd the program Is a c'tohe one. *
To-mokkow evening H >n. G -orge M. Towle will
It iiver at the Congn>gatlonalchurch the first In the
ourse of lectures on "Famous People of Our
jy,;. b("otnn'"g the series with " Bismarck "
ck Darwin " win be the title of a
be deliver.'., at Ciabaugh hail this even- '
ng by Dr. Elliott cou-s. This will Inaugurate a
:our-e ot pOi-ulur lectures under the Unity Pres>yterian
chur h. (
The KiNu CoNCF.RT.-Mr. Thomas I. King gave
i concert last evening at the Con-'ivfitifm-n
hurch, In wha-h he was assisted by Miss M E l'i '
hob. rts and the C. c. Choral Society. Miss KoSl
ru made her appearance be:ore a Washln?ton
? idit ncc for the first lime, and h?r reception was
Tae fte?-Uons S
K,!!- /i'. w'; Wt*re wel1 re?dered, and Mr.
KiUte at tae organ was as acceptable as usual.
The Water Famine.
i.o the Kd.tor of Thi Evesixo Star.May
I, through your columns ask Information
oa a suhj-ct now terribly pertinent to the health
and lianpin *ss of some thousands in our community?
For months past the supply of water in*the
Ligher parti of the city has gradually lessened
until now the lack of it Is dally a source of danger'
disease and discontent. I have the unhappiness
of living on Corcoran street, near 14th street, and
lor six days last week was without water in a
ground 11 jor kitchen from 9 a.m. until io p.m. of
each day. aud In a second-floor bath-room and
water-closet the water only runs from 6 until 8 ?
m.; and I am in no worse plight than hundreds of
my neighbors. "Modern Improvements''have become
futile c..uses of danger and disease. Ir I only
rented my h^use, I should remove, but unluckily I
own, and do not care to abandon my property
1 erhaps some of ycur readers may be able to inform
me:?i. is the stand-pipe pumping engine
10 greatest capacity? 2. Would not a
n'H V?u01u't a use in tbe lower sections of town
lhe departments materially assist the enwnnMUf!
an lncr,4ase<I volume for lifting?
i \v ould not the completion of tne proposed extension
of the dam m increase the hiad ofwate^
laat '''' P^^ ^ town would be benefitted? and, if
so. 4. Cannot the work on the dam beat nni*
commenced, and the advantage gained without
waiting the finLsh of tunnel and reservoir? Unle*w
some measure of help is obtained the conrti..Si^
hundreds of families^ HI bTSu?ltMUOn 0f
Very respectfully,
??2v!^??tl?.'!.con8,1,ut,onof "The Columbia Cooperatlve
Building Association" can be obtained
5?5T. ? directors. Embrace this opportunity
of entering a new building aseociauon. see advtr
Columbia BmI CItib.
The utmost activity prevails at the headquart*re i
of the Columbia Boat Club talr committee, In Vernon
Rotr, and the friends of the club are coming
i forward most liberally. The following Is a partial ,
list of articles received to date: W. M. Gait & Co.,
: barrel of flour; E. B. Bruce A Co., Baltimore,
through Geo. K. Kennedy & Son?, 1 case of champagne;
M. A. Louis, gold pen; 8L Louis Stamping
j Company, through M. W. Beverldge, esq., set of <
granite Iron ware, 15 pieces; O. A. Goges, through 1
sime, pair of vases; Horn, Pfelffer &
Bremen Manufacturing Company, through 1
si me, 1 sconce; .Kean & flaggerty. New 1
York, through same, handsome toilet set; ^
Messrs. J. c. Jewett & son, through same, 1 ,
enameled coal vase; Daniel Slofe A Co., through
Paret & Whtttlngton, plusli card album; Mrs. M. 1
McGowan, pin cushion; Kauffinan ? Strauss, New <
York, through Paret & Whlttlncton, 4 scrap al- ]
bums, 1 dozen fancy Christmas cards, 1 doz?n ,
fancy memorandum books, 1 dozen watch cases, 8 .
bird ehromos; J. Klttel &, Co., New York, through 1
T. C. Dulln, esq., 1 lamp; Hecht Bros., New York, '
1 cologne barrel, 1 gold well: C. Dortllnger <t Sons, j
White Mills, Pa., through M. W. Beverldge, esq., .
set of cut glass; Wm. Hodges 4; Co., New York, '
through same, brass kettle; Miss Neena (ietty, *
inacrame tidy; Miss Agnes Nicholson, beveled 1
plush mirror, Miss Florence Murphy, macrame
shopping bag; Mrs. Campbell, satin and lace
tidy; Miss Irene Jones, lot of dolls' sic- (
ques and caps; Miss Stewart, invalids' ,
slippers; Miss Reed, toilet bag; E. H. '
Kl?ig, esq., elegant mahogany secretary d-?sk; 1
J. L. Rutgers, New Brunswick, N. J., through L. 1
R. Livingstone, esq., 1 antique vase, 1 bronze urn, (
1 bronze card receiver, 1 cupld; Miss Rose Sullivan,
macrame basket; Robert Cohen, pair slippers;
Miss Grace Maffott, 3 plush tobacco pouches,
2 mouchclr cases; W. H. Gibson, decorations;
Messrs. Isaac Smith, Son & Co., New York. h;:nd- \
some gold-headed umbrella; J. S. Zelgler, e^q., !
embroidered cushion cover and scarf; Wm.Wheatley,
esq., 100 cigars; Miss Mattle Frlstoe, paint- i
lngs; Miss Grace Whitehead, embroidered pin
cushion: Miss Annie Jones, lace tidy, velvet shav- '
Ing case, plush needle book, pearl and velvet !
pocket pin cushion, lot of pen wipers, and dolls'
Tarn O'Shanter can; Miss Colhoun, two sets of '
crochet mats; Miss Fannie Barbour, Tma O'Shantercaps
and knitted hood; Miss Bnkkenbo:ouirh,
satin and lace pin cusLlon, knitting b ig; Miss
Irene Jones, afghan; R. K. Ilelphenstine, esq., '
ladles' toilet case complete; Miss M. 1
Richardson, embroidered napkin-strap; -Mrs. 1
J. Holdsworth Gordon, ebonized and up- ]
bolstered clover leaf table; Ames Sworl Com- ,
p iny of Chlcopee, Mass., through Messrs. B. II.
Stlnemetz Son., massive silver claret pitcher, <
valued at 150; Shawmut Boat Club, of Boston, pair '
of handsomely finished sculls; Alexander It. <
Brower, New York, through Messrs. B. If. Stine- 1
iu.'tz Son, one silk hat; Miss Hazleton, embroidered
tidy; Miss Annie lla/.leton, embroidered 1
splasher and rod; Miss F. N. Edwards, one tobacco j
pouch; Miss Eially Hyde, four colored women;
Miss B irbarin, one snow flake and tidy; Mrs. l)r. 1
Barb :rln, lace and satin tidy, two baby sucnies; ]
Seaton Perry, esq., 91 yards of cloth: Cu.ii-les 1
Wheatley, esq., lot or lumber valued at $50; Miss 1
Maude Noyes, painted pin cushion; Miss Llllle L. ,
Evans. of Brooklyn, worked tidy; Mis* Ella 8.
Poole, one macrame tidy: Miss Itoy, brush holder, :
sponge holder and work bag; Mrs. W. II. Paret,
embroidered tidy; George B. ilurd & Co.. Plilla- '
delphla, through Puret & Wiilttington, iti boxes
fsncy papetrie; Mra Alexander, 1 afghan; Messrs. !
Meyers Brothers, New York, half doz. painted
handkerchief sackets; Geo. T. Keen, esq., ladies'
handsome tailor made cloak, valued at $00; Clias.
Vaglifc, esq., Geo. Wilson, esq., splendid diamond
Sin valued at $250; Mrs. M. C. Barber,whisk holder;
[lss Marbury, tidy; Mrs. Martury, knit sponges;
Mrs. Murray, work bag: Mrs. .lolins, crimson s itin 1
parlor work bag; Mrs. DeLa Roche, 2 lace tidies; 1
Miss Ballantyne, plush panel (hand painted); Miss
Hattie Stewart, embroidered banner screen;
Messrs. Ivlson, Blakeman,Taylor & Co.,New York. 1
Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, full Russia; C. 1
I>. Pratt, New York, ladles' writing desk, inlal 1; Boorurn
<fc Pease, New York, card album; L. W. ]
Fnlrchlld, New York. 2 doz. gold pencils; Robert ,
Porter, Philadelphia, Cyclopaedia of Poetry; II. ,
Semken, esq., handsome silver t\a set valued at 1
$*>7; E. L. Guilhlermoz, of Baltimore, through 1
Messrs. IJ. IF. Stlnemetz tc Son, gold embroidered ]
shoulder straws and cap ornament; M. W. Beve- <
ride, esq., a colossal china punch bowl; Miss Mar- 1
garet Ritchie, of Frederick, Md., macrame tkly; 1
Miss Kate Ritchie, Frederick. Md., pearl velvet to- (
bacco pouch; Miss Bmlly Ritchie, of Frederick, j
Md., embroidered pen wiper.
Where lloy* Should Not Go.
To the Editor of The Evening Star.
Can you Inform the public if there Is In exist- '
ence a law, and of which I don't think there Is the
least doubt, to prevent boys from the ages of ten (
years and upwards from visiting such places of ,
resort as the "variety shows" and the like; also, ,
last, but not, least, " pool rooms," where the pool \
table Is free to all, and after each game Is played 1
the boys have to order drinks or cigars. Thene are ,
the Iil'iffs tchere then Jtrat lourn to take to drink, \
and if lhey have not tlie money to go in the game, 1
th- y have the privilege of Improving theit' minds '
with literature of the character of the Days Doings. ,
In some of t!;ese places any boy can play who Is i
tall enough to look over the top of the table. I
If Major Brock wants to win the hearts or all the ;
mothers and fathers in the clfy who have boys, h'1
can do so by enforcing this law to the letter. These
places rii.11 more young men arid boys than all the !
rest combined. Let Major Brock give his orders 1
for a cleaning out of these vile resorts of the ?.
youths lint visit, them nightly and .?.w- tint the
jujlicr. carry out his ortln's, and If any fall to do so
re more thenu It is to be hoped, dear Star, that
you will set. this bait in motion, and receive the
thanks of all good people. Pvblicola.
How an of.i) Colored Man* hap his Boots ,
Blacked.?Moses Worm ley, a colored bootblack, ;
and an old colored man n imed Andrew Marriott
were at Judge Snell\s bar yesterday, charged !
with fightln; with each ether. The oi l man had !
Ills head tied up in a large handker. lilif, and lil^
shoes were polished up to a point that is net
often reached by a man In his humble !
station In life. Policeman Kearr.ey stated
that Saturday afternoon, Mose had the old man '
under arrest, and took him to the B and P depot,
and demanded that he (the officer) make the oid 1
man pay him for blacking his boots. The old mun J
said bed! in't have any money, and that the boy
blacked his boots while he was reading a news- J
paper, ami he didn't know anything atout it be- .
cause he Is deaf. Witness told the !
boy that lie could not make !
tiie man pay. They then went away and witness J
afterwards arrested them for ilgiiting. Special i
Otticer Colclasier test'.fled to seeing the boy strike !
the old man on the head with a stone. Moses was !
fined $5 or 15 days, and the old man was dlscharged.
Alexandria Affairs*. t
Reported for Th;c Evening Star. (
Nef.d ok a Park or Parks in the City.? '
Alexandria lias seldom enjoyed a Sabbath in No- *
vember as delightful as last Sunday. It is on J
such days that draw the whole population out to *
enjoy the fresh air that the want of open squares, <
parks, or anything of that kind is most felt. The s
trees and herbage then draw hundreds to the 1
graveyards, not to be burled, but to enjoy the open 1
air and the green grass, and catch a glimpse of 1
the shining creek that flows by. There is no I
breathing place for children in the town, Fortu- nately,
now, the edges are easily reached, but if
the town should grow much this deficiency would 1
become unbearable. Even the court house lot <
planted with trees would be better than nothing. Why
may not a fund derived from real estate "bid 1
In" by the city at the tax sales be applied to es'ab- t
llsh small parks 011 some of the lots which the city
is now proprietor by virtue of its tax certificates.
Corporation CorRT.?The corporation court, j
Judge Meade, is now holding its monthly term, t
which will probably occupy a week. On yester- d
day the settlement of some estates was proceeded \
with, aud there having been no administration of c
the estate of John S. Owens It was placed In <a
charge of City Sargeant Smith. No criminal cases r
will be tried this term. E
Railroad Meeting.?'The Alexandria and Fred- t
erieksburg railroad company held its annual s
meeting this afternoon at the Fayette-street t
depot and elected its former officials. The at- I
tendance was small. The stock of the company is s
held as auxiliary, and the road is run as an ad- Junct
of ilie Pennsylvania railroad company.
Police Court.?In the mayor's court jesterday
Marcus Reaves was lined $2.50 for assault upon
John Hunt, at the canal basin, on Sunday last.
Both are canal boatmen, and Hunt resides in
Georgetown. The vigor of Clifford, lord of the
privy seal, has abated several hundred nuisances,
and few cases of this kind have lately been called
before the mayor. The Alexandria water company
has been a most successful as well as a ^
most userul organization, and its semi-annual
dividend declared, to be paid this week, is larger f
than that netted by any other Institution In the n
city. p
Reporter's Notes.?The city finance committee ?
met last night and destroyed the redeemed
coupons, which have baen turned over to them by
the treasurer. The warm weather lowered the *
price of oysters In the shell, but with cold weather 1
they are stiffening again. Another addition is to $
be made to Portner's brewery, or a commodious <
building for emptying, cleaning and renewing
casks, cuttles, &c.
8TA1R CARPETS. 25c., 37c., 50c.
TAPZ8TRY RUGS. $1.50, |2. $2.50, f3.
VELVET RUGS, S3. $2.50, $3.
MOQUETTE RUGS, all styles.
8MYRNA RUGS, all styles.
FLOOR DRUGGETS, all styles $5, $6, $8.
FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, all widths. 37c., 50c., 63*
BLANKET8. $2. $2.60, $3.50, $4.
BED COMFORTS, 76c.. $1, $1,25. $1.50.
Carpets sewed and laid. 8c. Paper Oarpet Lining, 7c.
T O W S O N ' S, 1
al* South Side. ?
born street. Chicago. Advice free. 18 years' experience.
Confidential business ionliy attended to
| without publicity. sJ5
. ?'
> -:VV- l"-: i! . - ,
Unpleaaant Relation* of Staff and Line
The feeling of hostility and distrust which has
;haracterlzed the relations between the staff and
lne officers of the navy for so many years seeins
low to be nearlng another periodic eruption.
While this feeling Is continuous enough, and
while constant tilts are In progress over minor ,
uittersof naval discipline and management, yet j
t la only occasionally that matters reach such a j
crisis that the din of the warfare reaches the pub- ;
Jc ear. In fact naval officers will say that the
?nmlty between the staff and the line has been j
forgotten, and all sensible officers are willing to j
ecognlzs the lights and functions of both classes.
It the same time they will admit that there is a
party composed of the old fossils of the navy,
ml Impetuous younger officers who try to stir Into '
But In spite ot this disavowal, it has been the
experience of every Secretary of th? Navy, that
-his feeling has by no means died out, and it is a'.- j
uost a dally experience for the head of the navy
to And these factions arraigned against each
)ther In almost every detail in the management ot
the department affairs. As a rule, thfv-.e IP tie
battles are settled,and the warring I ^etlons withdraw
without evoking public attention, and the
defeated party await the next opportunity la the
fond hope or letter success. Recently, how ver,
the line officers have been storm? one vi tory
after another, and the complaints of the a IT are
In consequence beginning to make themselves ,
tieard outside of naval circles, and it is the opinion
of those most familiar with naval administration
that a point has been reached, when the patience
3f the sta II has ceased to be a virtue, and that
The history of the staff for the time when the
pay corps was simply a purser on board a min-of- j
war, and the medical corps was a mo lost doctor
svlt-h the rank of a first class seaman, Is but a rcpitltlon
of these periodic eruptions resulting usual- j
ty In an authoritative ruling as to their rank and j
iuties, which freed them for the time at ieast from
the encroachment of the line. The staff officers
"lalm that at present they are suffering irom
which controls the management of the navy. This
influence assumes as a primal truth beyond dls- j
pute that every naval officer Is qualified lor the !
performance of any duty In th? service, and all
that is necessary Is that If an engineer or an
astronomer Is needed an officer should be detailed
tor the duty. Those of the staff officers who are
professional engineers or astronomers maintain
that a mere "detail" does not carry with It any
dispensation, either divine or human, conferring
upon an officer plenary learning in either or these
departments. On the other hand, the line officers 1
maintain that every naval officer fully versed in >
his profession Is competent to undertake, elth?r in
person or under his dlrect'on, either or these '
branches or any other in the service. Upon this
Issue the two tactions have been waging
and the action of the Secretary of the Navy on
the revised edition of the navy regulations, i
which he is now considering, will probably lead
to an open quarreL It seems that there has been
no edition of the regulations Issued since 1876,
and the staff claim that during the years that
Have intervened the line has succeeded in getting
i number of orders issued which infringed greatly
on yieir rights and functions. These orders are
In- orporat"d in the new regulations, and he;>ce
the staff are opposed to their adoption. The delay
in the approval of the revised edition bv th"
Secretary is caused by the struggles of these two
factions. Wild- the issue upon tills matter la regarded
as one or great Impoilance, It has not assumed
the proportions nor does it promise in Its
:ullest development the serious outcome which the
Indicates. In that peaceful and lonely retreat of
science and malaria a storm is brewing which
fives promising indications of turning into a
jyelone and dashing itself against the doors of
Congress with all the fury of a western blizzard,
riie line officers have during the past few months I
since the death of the former superintendent, Admiral
Kodgeis, been quietly carrying out Their
Ideas, and the staff officers are greatly* dlssatl -tied i
?ver since I.leut. Maury left the X.ivalObservatury
lo eo with the south. The staff officers known as
professors or mathematics have had charge of the
work of the Observatory. During the past few
mouths lieutenants of the navy h ive been placed ;
n charge ot the Instruments, so that of the seven
nstruin-ints used In making observations but two
ire still under the charge or the professors.
>t what they regard as an infringement upon
Lhelr legitimate duties, and say that the profes- '
donal astronemers have always been In charge, j
except during Lieut. Maury's administration, ex- j
Lending from 1852 to 1861; that t?ie observations
taken during that time were, -however, round so
inaccurate that they were thrown away, and !
there Is an hiatus or these years in the records of
the observatory. The staff officers do not, they
>ay, regard with favor tiie revival of a system
'Vhlch past experience demonstrates a ralluie; but !
hey have to submit to superior >
authority with the best possible grace,
ind arc probably willing to wait for time to '
restore their rights. The line officers maintain
-hat they are only taking lnio their hands the 1
llrection of the observatory and have no Intention
)f Interfering with the work of the professors. >
While on the exterior all Is peace, vet the pros- !
>ect is extremely stormy to those versed in naval t
iffalrs. The entire difficulty will come before !
Congress when the pending bill making appropriation
for a new observatory Is called tor consideration.
The staff will oppose any approprlalon
for the present, while there Is a prosnect that
he erection of the building will be under the
llrection of the line officers. They claim that the
scientific men ore the proper ones to superintend
.he arrangement and erection of a building where
he details or construction are of so much Importance
in carrying on the work of the observatory.
Building associations.?A meeting of gen- I
lemen interested in the starting of a new co- '
)peratlve association was held last night in the '
iflice of Messrs. Church and Stephenson, corner
ith street and Maryland avenue southwest, Mr. a.
Depuc in the chair and Mr. O. T. Thompson secreiry.
a constitution similar to that of other assodatlons
of the kind, with several modifications
suggested by experience, was adopted. The title
s The Third Co-operative Budding Association."
flie election of officers will take place at the next
neetlng, the 20th Inst. The monthly payments Is
2 per share, and the number of shares limited to
At the 85th meeting of the Second Co-operative
iuilding association, held last night at Messrs.
Church & Stephenson's office, South Washington,
even shares were redeemed at 1213.40 per share. '
I'hls association has had a very successiul hlsory,
and Is soon to be wound up.
Farmer, Teacher, Gambler and Horse TniEF.
>etective McDevitt has received a letter from J)e- |
ective Wright, of New Jersey, stating that Munly,
the ltockville, Md., horse thief, who recently
vas for several daj-s in the custodv or our officers 1
?n the charge of stealing horses, had his trial last '
Saturday, In Newark, for stealing a horse
roui A. Mullln In September. He at first pleaded
loteullty, and afterward withdrew the plea, and
hen pleaded guilty. Later advices from Newark
tate that yesterday the court sentence I Mundy
o ten years at hard labor In the state's prison,
le said that by occupation he was a farmer, a
ichool teacher, and a gambler.
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p.iu.. Bfter a ji ni*'ili' i**-p f?f fuurti > !i .*? u*!ih ki /*
BK'i H D AVIS BUASId.M ASU^ tU^v.-ath vcir
n? . .iM-, thir<4 >lai:irh'tr of B- rLoyl m i 1 liyi, tli
Urn* In,an. of Hj. hjnoud. \a. Uiz-Utli
"Suffer Ijttlecblidreu t<> ron:? nnto Jfo. and fori <ii'
t.?< lu not. forul snob is tlu> Kintrd. ?n of iie^veti "
Vvh ii i'^'V\\ '\ Vke tUl t f:0Ul the CUnrrh vf the
rpit>ua.ij Weduet-dn). N. wj ib i 15th. it Jo'cl.K-t ?.
. ,IKt" 3'''J ac*" ?iiitauci>a iavit? dt?i attend. [ Ki nco:'j.
] b'PratCh aud *Vw Kcyune
CAHTFR. On Xov^mb^r 13. 1KS2 atfi-4r.? tn ?
1 'u street ii 'iilnw, l Mi ?\i \.s
H. t \It l Kit. Sr., m the nxtv-tir^t yt ar ot hi? n**.
? !?iH-BilUlierf l I'laeeiroiu l.'ev. Jutai lirook'n
H? //; ,?U V^r.ll-?ilt.,*v-u"e, Novf-nilier 13, at i. >n.
Keuti ves are fi lends invited to attend.
- or :^ic8^- ril. Novem^r l?th. 1k>-2.
The funeral wid uke \ ]n e irom Xew York Avenue
f?h at "o Ml iVeVr-011 N"V-mlHT tb?
tc? atteluL Ihe tnende of the family >r - invited
vDlxtV* T. v'1 Sa,'irdav- *ov\u- 1S^2. in Brooklyn. N.
V* V' r ^ of FreJ'k W. Daw, au<l f- con i
s?arVei- cl,a,cmn- "f 5u:u(""i-s- vji
yea"""*' Is?velu,wr 13t^ Uihis t?n*?-&
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oVl .-lr eduesJay. November the loth, at two
vf2vG K At 141 Devoe street. Brooklvn. F.T)
" V? J ' on Iriaay, NovcwUr ;id ]h> >
of dlnhthena. GtOHGE F. J., aWl| three vea'? nini
al0?n^T\t e duyH, youmfefct son of lid^lr W.
A. end Mary E. Jor^enetn. ^ "'
" " ^??
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i ' -?" ^'ELIAMb ? CO., Auot<onerr*.
Uli < ? .t
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A - U* S,UI1 1 N01ilHWFJ8T?
Vy a-oti; < t">f wtx r- ?t l
'J 1 Ml >r? v\. N<tvi'wiv u n\,\a SS3
i I:1K!>. ; t t i R I'Tl.oi'K F. M.. mfront*1*
o. t:: I ' hii;iw-. c-'uni V prutw rtv kn wi?? \o.
: f' i 't;t tu r:' a.-' tli n;':n?* lu-ititr kiu>wn ot? tli-?
vr a <f A*in.ic->toi, Oty at> mil> lot H.
-..usn- 4VJ. 1 In 'ot fr :>t- 2*' !> on flu n. rt'i t .i* ,.f
I riroot ?n 1 ru'i _>?ark al* i>t '. ?> i(* t to an alley . ?v :jt;i
ir< si ; { 'J. '2 t-i,-..: ? f> i :. . lul im tit |>ri)\t >1 h)- %
oi'.i forr-'bk! tr:iue dvvolliui.' of elevtsi rkiu* iu ?r<vsi
i.li.- i ?-o tliont-a*>.l dollar* o?sh. of ?hiih |IM
must Im> t aid i t * f . ha'anr*'in otio, t?c and
; thr, 'J?ar- .< !t'i lrtvre ?, f'vurvd 1>. dt o l of truat.
?> Htiri?>ir nij.1 rv'O^: Mny k< ftuvhaier'a i'.?t. Itnii#
t" 1 f?.ini' ii : w :i !i : it >! \ i n iiaj k.
j 1 n l i ..rti? v;.;irK f !i !> i.Hil <<n i?pj>Hoi-tlon to
HIUNEY.V ! IICNEY. Att. mrya,
S^tM H "tre?-t north v.e^t.
| W ALTER B. TOLI \MS \ PP.. Aocte. nM-dto
rsuti :>rr!'s? sai i ?<f fr??fi rtv <?n ninth
I -TF1 K Bl.'I WEEN N AND O Sllli ri
N< Hi I H\S 1 S 1.
1!|' ) irtne of ,i tli>cn-t ol 0>e Su}>r> 11:0 O.' irt of tli^^Ua
Pistrnt t.f t'olumlia i-!.ntH^d tu tho VHtli tla\ ..tV3
N'IuHmIv r, A. !? Iin 7.U'.*h, thr?*
I iiui'i'-mvti- -l Tru.-t? CH uiji i to"tin* h'vl?'"t I'.i.Tii. r at
iml* k aiiet:. n. V< NDAY. the TWENTY NE\ ? Nl II
l>\\ OF Ni'iEVBt H. A l>. lt.vi, in ir m ,.f tl.n
prouiiw*. tt F('I K <i'( I.(ICK F. Nl.. Fte f? llo*itikr-dew
rlU-t 1 r'(terty. t*< ? t: E??t uutril?ereil titt>-tht-KM
I io-O, in mi hit niiiiiliored thirc htiix]r^?l mui
M-vf? ? {,'^Cu >. ! ili?-1 ty<M *"a*hii?irtoi!v
j i < . JiiiiiluM, on the ?' *! df* "1 i'th j-tr- t*t. U i -u \
and o sirwt J! >t >?? t. ! VI h r with :he ini|tr<t\?*.
i in tit- thereon, .? i . li o*v xvtno: t^vo lrutne tt*):i.'i.i"ita
j nnnii-ereit r"aj**?*tix-r'\ i;i> and '
ler.iif. a?|tri*..*ri nl l > th"d* ert-e. are: Or.*-third of
the i"irt lm?e ntoj, ? ln_i a?!i. and the rwi'lue in twr?
ti< al lii-tilnii tit* r ? ii oitfr of Hi* hi .1 tw<'lve iimntha
j re J" i t VI i , with Uv<t? .1 lie: tiliK inteiest ntnl m*. ure4
| l?y illoi fri' -i u( ii tlie | roj i rty n.Jd from Ut?* of
hi.it\ * il'; o.i.i ,.i j!imi m'l Im* i-"nii-.reii at the t ine of
m!e. It the t<n:<H i f t-ule are ii< t ei<rn|il)?td wtth in ten
' d:.y- from date of sa'e. the truM* ? e reeerve th?* riylit tu
re-?ll the Itroj crty at the n-k and e<?t of defattlt:n?
R. II ri"i\'i4,."t' u'v" f TrotliH*.
T^UNCANbON I'.I'.Ot)., AlirUoiieers.
111! S, I Ni XFIl El) 1 1 AS1 AND ?i?,t>l> WILU
<'! FHK Tit! MONT Hol sl " fOl.M H
<>1 THIRD street and indiaKa avenue
I NOimiWl.HT.
By order and ir? etion rf the Sujireme t'onrt of th?
Di~tnet t>l t 'oniii.l fc, holdiv.v a h| i**ial t?*rni for < >rl
li uiH Court luit:iie-?a, 1 an excoutrl* of tin last
wii: anil tu?itaji.?>;it .>f the lute I rank I Hill, dttva??*d. *
, M*H. -t i-t;I' !' r.uet n. in front < f th?* i niiu*^.. toth?
hiKii'st niddt r. m, ]'F!DAY, the I ENTS - Ft d'Rl H
DA\ <'I Nt A EM It, |{. ihx?, ht Fol RO'CEtK'h F.M.. i
the 1 uni.tiire, Eivttiric, Fne*piiv.l i^a?.* and ?io<nl
vuioftbeH tel ki wn ua tli- 'TrMiiorit Hi ut""loHt
tu liorthivitt cniu^r *?f iiiitl
e\?-!iue northw< et 111 th * l ily ot V. athit^'ton, ax lh? i
Mt!iic are r.-tiirjieu In my iuv?-ntory of th- i?ert- naie?<t?ste
i f the k till ; rank P. Hill, nmv on fi ? in tu<- iid
court, thefcsid -ate l^*imr of the ?i tin* hull.Imtrand1
i Freini?en, at a r ntal of one huntlr*td and tiftv if 150)
j u Jiaris ix-r immth.Htid <lriiiKon tbi :t0t!i day <f Jt>u?%
i 1-k:E lhea.id furnituie, ti*tur.i>, lt???.* and jro- d will
; will lie eoid aa a whole.
o/-'1/'""!"1 '^"'-^hml <',) eauh, of which two hundred
i (T-00 di'ilarn down on the daj ol ha'e. aud the reuiainder
I 1 ! a;\ it,i and twelve112) luonliu^ witliiutereft, tlie pureha-i-r
to (rive his bond, with wteuntj fi r the ilfferred
paynii nte. or all caah. at optiou uf jturchueer. Po?( ei*Piiin
trivt-n immediately.
1 he 1 ren.ont H iu*-?* i<i one of the Le?<t eatabliahed and
inoat conveuientiy loi ated lio?*?i in tlie city, and in
; doiwr au cxeel.ent bi;niueKB. whieh proiuieet- to lie belter
; theeomiriK V iuU*r than at any time heretofore.
! ^ s i" a fine < t rortunity tor a if'"""! hotel man or any.
one d?viritiK" to enter the bimiif*" iitiiler favoraitV ctt-1
cun>8twice?; M*RY E. HI EE. E". .wiiti i*.
H< NUV E. DAN IS. Attorney, (ilibni>ikiiiiiiieiiiM
northwest. nU. 15.17,21,
IFor Othrr A i/cfttom Sre Ser? nth I'auf. i
Sealal Proj opals for htdldiinr the new 0< nnan
Orphan Aoyluut at tio' d Ho| <* Hill wi'l 1? re<M\.-d by
the Prenident of the Anaociatiou. Mr.D <I'1S Ki r CI,EEL
1423 Fjdreet iiorthweat. and will lie oitened DECEMBER
EEE\fcNTH, HE YEN oVEtX'K I*. M.. at
Abuer's Miif-ie Hall. Drawiinm and ki ocifir-. t^onf cat*
l^t-e u at the h. uw; of the Arehio et Jaeo.i Jose. 161S
y street northwetit.
nil-at* JOHN E. WEYSS, S.-eretary.
Department of the interior.
OFFICE Sitehvikivm EXGIM kb ANI> Ai?r?rrTr:i^fc
1316 N rtreet nortliwi>t.
Wa?hinKt?n. It.V.. Novetuiier I4th. 1KR2.
Wanted for immediatepse, one tlioiiKui 1 < ui 1 yarda
ot Rinall stone or broken et ne for couen te fou^ttat)o,i?
ct mte of new Penaicn Building, on Judniary
Square, in this city.
bivlfi are in\ned.
Supervising Engineer and ArehitevL
nl4 tti,th,fiat-3t.Vwlt
WASHINGTON-, D. C., NOV. 11. 1882.
Sealed rroj?o?ele w:ll be reivived at th* uf>ioeof th?
Architect < f the Cai itol. till NOON ol 1 W .NUI
1HIKD Ol NO\ E AltJEK, IHH2, for furiilmnmt, deJ
liverlmr and wttiiiv up in pl .c? F1re-i?roof st?lrwa\-?.
Iron Ladders, lialconi.*? ami st?ii'l-pij>?-s at tin- (j v|
ennuent Piinting and the (toveriinient Hoppital
, for tlie Insane, in the District of Coluuibia. and !nr
[ furnishinK', delivennjr and puttinir tt[> m clace an ele!
vatad Irou Rail with tralleya on the liovernnieiit Priut,
ina (iftice.
liana and si*cifications may be peeu at theolWi*<- al< r?
named. By oriier of ih?*
Bcbkac of Enuuavinu ani> Printino.
N uvember Hth, 1882.)
Sealed Froi"ifal? will lie received at thia ftn* until
11 SIX III, DtS'i, for tui|>i<liea needed by this Bureau
during tuesix months from lanuarylat to June 30th.
1M?<3. i f art:. !e? in tlie f*?llowimr classes;? l?ry t'.oloni;
Oils; Ohemicain; Tynnrr^plnoal Inks. Test.Jet. Ii i*-r;
Binders' Mat- rials, Di xtiine Grocer's Sundries. Bianlc
St?iel Pia'.cs and Rolls; (il'ie and Twine; Itarilvare;
Iron and Brass < a-tii.irs; lias and S'l-ani IntintT*:
Lumber: Howe Feed: Id*, and Coal and Wisnl.
Blsnk t' rics for proposals on artie'i-s of any la**,
with information a<> to qu.t'.itiea, quantities and conditio!*,
will be fiiriiisluU on application to tlie undt rfri?iied.
Pri>(s sc? on mch Rem will lie onus oer d
separately, and preference Riven to artlc ea of dotu??tio
peoducti <n or manufacture, c uttitiona of prit*.-and
quality bemtr ?<pial. As it is not convenient t > Mt*??a
la:>r. supply of jro . is in the Bn.-.-au, orders on the acts.
-edbidden* v.ill l?c n>*ide iron; time to time u* the
actual need may be iteterniioed, and, as a rule, lor not
less than the quantities siwH'itied n th** Rchedu e?.
Thoee desfrimr b unks and i.;fo;ioat.i>u must ajieclfy
on which class of articli-s they sn qn-.iifii-d to pro| one,
as awards will la* made only to established manufacture
ere i.,t or dealers iu the articles i.eeded.
'Fhe ris'Iit to w-ive uefixts aud to ri J-ct anv or all bid*
is reserved. O. H IRISH,
Ohief Bureau Lu-rravinw and Priiitinir,
o7-law5t Washiutrtou. 1>. C.
HiiE-l'nOOF BflElJlNtl FOK PsNsJONOFFIi i^
No. 1316 N Ht meet N, W?
0 . o t y^HIHOTOB, D. C . NOV. 1. 1KH2.
^.R'pwate Sealed I''top. Malawi 1 la* received nt thi- off ?
^TLRDAY, THE MtiOoN!) 1?VY d?
DECLMBLH. IShi. lor lurui^biufcr mud deliv?Tinral
i the site of the new Pension Buiidin* on -In.unary
Squate, iu this < itv, Foundation Stone, broken stona
i'*rConcrete. Brieks, Cement Lime. S ml, < ..lornur
i ni*iVj, ?r 7or^iI*i Terra-ootta Con hoIck,
anil PilasterC;i|th, and fori'xeavntion am<t lor
?, ,!or1U" Concrete Fottiidation, for all lalxir in
Buiidintf Foundation and (VPar Walls of Rubble stone,
ail . for all Kbor in Layiu^r Brieks r? qniro.t tor th.- construction
of a Eire-Pioo: l.uilihiifc' lor the I'uit d Stau*
Pension Olhoe.
Specihcatioiia may be obtained from tbta oflli>?.
J* upervlfrimr Eii(riue?*r and Architect.
n4.9.14.19. 25.28 6t B\T. MaJ. Pen, t v. A.
C. J. BE ED.
S1AKLINGS. eta. etc. i
ASw. ail kin 1- nf i'v.'e% Seoda and Flit urea, at th*
o30 Under AUeObk TtaupMk

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