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Who They Are, Where They Live, and
At What Age Thejr Die*
From Olficial Record*.
/ ???
Life Is a blessing, and a ripe oil age a boon to be
coveted It Is therefore, not surprising that localities
take pride in publishing, from time to lime,
lists of re-ld^nts who hare attained exceptional
longevity. Believing that Washington city will
compar- favorably w.fh others in the proportion
of its oldest Inhabitants to total population, and
to verlry the fact, I hav b"en perm'.tte 1, through
the courtesy of coL C. W. Seaton, to make a brief
study of the report on population of the last United
States census of the District of Columbia. The
accompanying list contains the mines of 1,652 Dersons
returned ns residing in the District of Columbia
Jun** i -t, i?s\ of 75 years of age and over out
of a tot.il pvpul itlon of 177,621. Tills number, on
analy-K <hows tint there *?re 1,007 whites?males
S9s. f -males C(9; blacks, 539?males 164, females
375; and mulattos, 106? males 26, females 8a In
the last census the blacks and the mulattos are
given separate ly. Of the white males 282 >tre between
75 and 80 years of age. us Ik-?ween 80 and 00
years of xge. and 8 between 9) and 1P0years or age. !
Of the wh'te r? mal'S 341 are between 75 and"80
ye >rs n: ag , 2::9 between 80 and 90 years of age, 27
between 90 ana ir-0, and 2 over 100 years of age. Of
the bl ck in-ties 79 ire between 75 and 80 years of
age.?9 teiwen 80 and 90, 14 between 90 and 100.
a-d 2 over 100 years of :.ge. Of the black females
109 are between 75 and 80 years of age, .59 between
80 and 90, 36 between 9> and 100. and 11 over 100 j
years of aire. Of the mulatto male* 11 are between i
75 and 80 vearx of age. 13 between 80 an I 90, and 2 I
between 91 and inn. Of the mulatto females .35 are i
between 75 and *0 years of age, 36 between 80 and
0, 4 between SW and 100, and 5 over 100 years of '
The number of children under five years of age I
living In the District when the census was taken
was a-c rt .-lined, and when their number Is considered
in connection with the whole population
It evidences not only rapid Increase of population,
but '
notwlthst indlng our extensive unreclaimed mud
flats and an occasional adverse criticism on the
healthfulnesi of Washington city.
The names of our oldest Inhabitants have been
arranged In alphabetical order, giving sex, color,
age and nativity. Desiring to know what proportion
of the whole number in this list have died
within the two years ending June 1,1X82, by the
permission of Dr. Townshend. health tlflcer, I had
rov student, Edwin Buchanan, an accurate and
xealous worker In statistics, make a search of the ;
mortuary records of the health office, and when- I
ever It was possible to Identify the deceased with !
a name on the list of the r.ged from the census
office It was done, adding, whenever much discrepancy
of age appeared. the age claimed at date
of death. The deaths out of this list In two years
were 290. of this number 201 were white?males
88, females 113; blacks 75?males 29, females 46;
mulattos 14?males 4, females 10.
This p.-trr of the stuly brought out a curious condition
of things?namely, that the age In many
cases plven In the death certificate, and particularly
among the colored people, differ as much as
ten or more years from that triven for the 6ame
person by the enujnerators of the census.
The variation of ace Is generally to make them
Older, but occasionally It makes them younger.
Another and
was brought to light, which is, that there are the
names of 306 persons on the mortuary record 75
years of age and over who died In the District of
Columbia In the two years ending June 1st, 18s2,
and whose names do not appear In the census report.
Of this number 145 were white and 161 colored.
Of the whites 60 were males and 85 females;
of the colored 69 were males and 92 females.
It appears tint ninety-one or these deaths occurred
at the age- or 75 and 76. It therefore apC?ars
from these two lists that there died In the
I strict of Columbia, within the two years ending
June 1st, 1882, 596 persons of 75 years of age or upwar
Is. While I shall not attempt to explain bow
so large a number of aged persons should die In
the District, whose names do not appear In the
census report on population of the ages given, I j
may suggest that the names or some of them m ty j
jrossibly be round upon the rolls or an age b-'dotf
75 years, others m ?y have resided elsewhere when I
the census was taken, and removed here since I
June 1st, 1880. And If Is proper to state that the ,
number or names in this ll-t rails short by 12 of !
the number claimed in the census of 75 years of i
age and over.
The enumeration was made under the lmmedl- I
ate direction ot W. If. Boyd, the experience i compiler
of city directories and thoroughly familiar
With our city and its Institutions.
To system itlze anl facilitate the work of enrollment,
Mr. Boyd divided the city and county
ln:o 90 -eparate districts with well defined and
accurately described boundaries; separate reports
were made for each or these, whh hi have consulted,and
with his permission adopt his divisions
Th- first figures atter the name or each person refers
t.? the district in which thev w^-re enrolled.
The arrangement or a letter for color, and for sex,
With ages in figures, will be readily understood.
Into which the District was divided and numbered
ar.' as follows:
District No. 1?Contains all that part of the District
lying north and w st or Georgetown, bounded
by K ' k cre-k ami Potomac river to the District
Hue, embracing Tenallytown and Keno city, and
had twenty-six residents ot 75 vear.i and over- 22
Wiiit'-, 4 black.
District 2?Contains all that part of the District
It lng east or Ri k creek and north of Spring
_ir? 1 R<?ck ere k church road, running easterly
cn H ?rewood road to Bunker Hill road, tnence out
Bunker ll.il roul to District line, embracing village
Ol Bright wood. 11 ivlng fourteen residents of
75 years and over; 11 wiilte, 3 black.
D strict S? Contains all that part lying north
and east of Rock creek, rrom Boundary st and P
St to Spring st and 7th st roid, thence on 7th st
road to Boundary st. and westerly on Boundary
St to Ro<-fc creek, embracing Mt. Pleasant and Column
t College. Having tw.-nty-one residents or 75
years and over; 10 white, 11 black.
District 4?contains that part rrom Boundary
St out 7lti st road to Rock creek chinch road,thence
on Har.wood road to Bunker Hill road, and on
Lincoln ave to B undary st, ami Boundary st to
ith st road, embracing Howard University and
Soldi rs' Home. Having sixty-nine residents or 75
years and over; 25 white, 41 black, 3 mulatto.
District 5?Contains that part from Boundary
>t and North Capitol st. out Lincoln ave to
bunker Hill road. thence out Bunker Hill road to
District line, and from Boundary st and North
Capitol st to Bennlng's road and the Eastern
branch, out E istern branch to District line, embracing
Kendall Green, Ivy City and Moniello.
Having eight residents of 75 years and over* 6
white, 2 black.
District 6?Contains all that part of the District
lying east ot tlie Eastern branch, from Anacostla
bridge and north or Good Hope road and
Nayior road to District line, embracing Bennlng's.
Having tw.-nty--.ix residents or 75 years and over:
IS white, 10 black. 3 mulatto
District 7?Contains all that part or the District
lying south rrom Anacostla bridge and Good i
Hope n> id, and Nnylor road to Nichols ave, and !
w heeler road to District Un-.embracing Anacostla
and a part or Potomac City or siantontown. Havrv^1J'"nts
of 75 years and ov?.r; 4 white,
24 black, 2 mulatto.
District 8?Contains ail that part lying west and
south rrom Anacostla bridge and Nichol's avenue !
and ? heeler road to the District line and Potomac
embracing part of Glesboro' or Potomac i
City and St. Elizabeth's Insane Asylum. Having
5W^intJi"nye 75 years and over; lb white,
4 black, 3 mulatto. ;
^~J:or'ta,ns a'd that part lying from
nest side of .Market st, from cor 01 Gay st to High
st, west si le of High st to Boundary, east side of
Boundary line to west terminus of Gay st, north
J^ t,ay to *,;'rket st. Having thirty residents
or 75 years and OTer; 22 white, 8 black. j
District W?Contains all that p.irt lying from '
West side of Iligh st, cor of Prospect st to 6th st, ;
thence south on east side ot Market st to Prospect! ;
s.'^e of f rospwt to High st. Having
thirteen residents of 75 years and over; 10 white, j
I black. 2 mulatto. '
-1 Plst.r'w Lf -^talns that part lying on west
side of Market st, from Potomac river to Gay st,
and sou' ii side 01 Gay st to Georgetown College,
and east side of College st to Potomac river, and
along Potomac river front to Market st. Having
eight residents of 75 years and over; 8 wldte.
District 12?contains that part from Potomac
fiver along the west side of High st to Prospect st,
,ot ?rosP?*t ^ Market st, east side of
Market st to Potomac river, and along Potomac
fiver front to High st. Having three residents of
75 years and over; 2 white, 1 black.
II hl.r? t,13~i'?#nU,ns lhat Purt from we=;t side of
vtush!B;ton st, from Bridge st to Oak H 11 ce:ne^1'
li'etnc? w^terly to High st, thence east side
^ Bridge st, and north sMe of HrUlure st to !
\Vasiilugton sL Having twenty-one realdentsof I
? vears and over; 17 white, 3 black, 1 mulatta
District 14?Contains all that part from mouth
of Ro;k creek and Potomac river northerly to
Bridge st, thence south side of Bridge to High st
and e:ist side of High to fotomac river and along
Potomac river front to Rock creek. Having six
residents of 75 years and over; 5 white, 1 black.
DWrtct 15?Contains all that part from east side
of ? ashlngton st, corner of Bridge st, to Oak Hill
cemetery, thence to Rock creek and south on Rock
creek to Bridge st, thence north side of Bridge to
Washington st. Having twenty-six residents of
75 years and over; 9 white, 17 black.
I>istrict id?Contains that part from 21st and M
tt n w to Boundary st, thence south on Boundary
to Rock cr?*ek, and along Rock creek to M st, ani
cort.i .side or M to 21st st n w. Having sixteen residents
or 75 yearj and over; 5 white, 10 black. 1
mulatta *
.'i^ontalns all that cart from west
skvj of lMh andPstnw to Boundary st, along
^*hJ>lde Boundary st to 21st st, east sld? of tlst
to.p st> n^h side 01 P st to i?th n w. Having
nineteen re^id^nts ot 75 years and over; 8 whlto,
f t'lae?c, 2 mulatto.
District 18?Contains all that part from west
side of 1 Ith and P su n w to Bounda-y^atoS
outh side of Boundary st to 16th st, oast side of
lith st to Pst, north tkle of P to 14th st n w. Having
twenty-four residents of 75 yeara and over- 15
white, 8 black, 1 mulatto.
District 19?Contains all that part from west
v sice of ll'.h st and S n w to Bwundary st, south
XVI?0, ?"7? to 14th st, fas; side of 14th si
th.rt i ' . . Ri<le of * to Hth st n w. Hnvina
bl2?k *??Wents of 75 years and over; 8 white,!
PrS?1^*1 "8 a" that part from west
H!** Sf ti' . ^ stsnwto Boundary st, south
\ *r nn^thndary st tonthst east sue of nth tc
roLi!l^y sld^of N to <th st n w. Having sixteen
Mulatto yCa" ai'd 0Ter; 6 wWte? 8 black<
ci vl 2JrS0Dta,ns a11 that Part trom west
S2*?i 9:'P,to1 and Pits n w to Boundary,
thence south side of Boundary st to 7th st, easl
1 ftnf ? u p sr; "onb slde of p 81 ro North CaP;,
ist-,? I,aYl?S el-'hteen residents of 75 years and
n : *hite, 6 black, 2 mulatto.
svwVirr?*-'t,?lLta]BS a11 that part from west
tl / a?d.5f 818 n w to P st, south side of F
tn f-n, V east 8?e of 21 10 M sr< n?rtb side of M
to i.th st n w. Has sixteen residents of 75 yearand
over; 3 whl e, 3 black*. 13 mulatto. 7
sInf i?i?? Contains all that part from west
sr rn i-?h ?? LHtH n w t0 P st* south s,de ?* F
M In V?M 9V eaSt Sl,<le 0f 1Tl0 t0 M st- n0rth Sl^e ol
to ntn st n w. Has twenty-five residents of 7!
yeiT?a*?rii 15 whlte- 9 Mack, 1 mulatto.
!,tr,,7,k1?Contains all that part from west
tl1"1. and p s,s n w to S st, south side of S
? "t? ?t, east sld? of 14-h st to P st, north side
ji i to iKn st n w. Has twenty-seven residents ol
'V.I?1? and over; 8 white, 9 black, 10 mulatto.
'',str'ct 'ii?Contains all that part from west
side of ith and P sts n w to K sr. south side of I<
t?v?~ i st' east s'<ie<>r nth to P st, north side ol
t to , th 5-t n w. Ha> nineteen residents of 75 years
and over; 13 white, 6 black.
, P'strlct iw?Cf.ntalm all that part from west
side of 11th and M sis n w to P st, south side ol
P to nthst n w, east side of 14th st to M, north
side of M to lith st n w. Has twenty-two reslTH
twL * yrars ??nd 0Vf,f: 16 " tdte, 6 black,
d! ? i i ?Contains all that part from west
and M sts n w to P st, south side of F
St to 11th st, east side of nth st to M, north side or
M to ,th st n w. Has thirty-five residents of 73
years and over; 22 white, 11 black, 2 mulatto.
28?Contains all that part from west
! . -.wth and M sts n w to P st. south side of P
st to ,th st. east side of 7th to M, north side of M
tooth st n w. lias twenty-three residents of 75
years and over; 16 white, 7 black.
i J'v' 29?Contains all that part from west
! ?Jr CaPMo1 st and M to P st n w, south
.. .to 5th n w, east side of 5th to M st,
Po^h sl k- of M st to North Capitol st Has thirtyblaokf
2 icni,itto. 'eara over; 15 white, 15
l?r,S?"tftln9 a11 tbat part from west
side of 2u and H sts n e to Boundary st, south side
of Boundary st to North Capitol st, east side of
North tapltol st to H st n e, north side of H st to
resMe"l?" <"">
pls'rlct 31? Contains all that part from west
side of oih and H sts n e to Boundary st, south side
of Boundary st to 2d st n e, east side of 21 to H st
n e, north side or II st to 5th st n e. Has twentySe??n,Le3.,'!?nl^
of 75 years and over; 27 white.
Dfc'rtrtW-Contalns all that part from west
si^ ii?1 ail(1 11 sts ne to Boundary st, south
Boundary st to 5th st n e, east side or 5th
st to H n e, north side of H to 8th n e. Has three
residents of <5 years and over; 3 white.
^ Contains all that part from west
Li t r f il .an Sts n e to Boundary at, south
f^'O Boundaryst to 8th n e, east side of 8th n e
to C st, north side or c to nth st n e. Ha*
n re? 11ents of 75 years and over; 6 white,
i black, 1 mulatto.
a11 that part from west
si L Sts n e to Boundary st, south
*L r- Boundary st to llth st n e, east side of lith
?P C stn e, north s-lle or C st to 15th st n e. Has
black reslclents or years and over; 5 white, 8
sl.le nV19i.w^nt,alDS a11 that Part from west
sl Je of 24th and I sts n w to M st n w, south side
^ i s!,f? ???k creek, alontr Rock creek to I st n
^Iipntcnf ?*? st to 24th St n w. Has fifteen
residents of ?5 years and over; 11 whlt^ 4 black
District 36?Contains all that part from west
sr t^?ftiri!SJtaP J S!5 to M st n w' south s,(le of M
t o,h?sU east slde of 24th to I st, north side of
i ? to <:ist n w. Has twenty-one residents of 75
J ??er,i 8 w,llte' 9 black. 4 mulatto.
District 37 Contains all that part from west
It ? ?01 r ^ aD(l 1 sts n w 10 M st? south side of M
?fnst sldf of 21st t?1 st< nortb s'de of
t. t t?J'th st n w. Has thirty-four residents of 75
years and over; 13 white, 17 black, 4 mulatto.
^rtct^-9onta>ns all that part from west side
of 14th and I sts nwtoM st, south side of M to 17th
east side of nth st to 1st, north side of I st
tol4thst nw. Has thlrty-elffht residents of 75
J ?,a.n? ?Zerk10 whlte>25 bljck, 3 mulatto
di ?. fVnta'ns that part from west
8id,e of llth and I sts n w to M st, south side or M
to 14th st, east side of Hth to I st, north side of I
to lltu st n w. lias twenty-three residents of 75
years and over; 19 white, 4 black.
D^tf10* ^-Conta^s all that part from west
s^e of ,th and I sts n w to M st, south side
fj 8 .to Jlth st, east slle or llth to J st,
north side of I st to 7th st n w. Has forty-five
residents of 75 years and over; 34 white, 8 black. 3
muuitra. *
^fihtr,ct.4,1?Conta,ns a11 thaf part from west side
cf 4th and I sts n w to M st, south side of M to 7th
st, e ist side of 7th to I st, north side of I st to 4th
st n w. Has twenty-seven residents of 75 years
and over; 26 white, 1 black.
District 42?Contains all that part from west
Slne * ?orth CaPlto1 an(11 sts n w to M st, south
side of M st to 4th st, east side or 4th st to I st
north side of I st to North Capitol street. Has
nrteen residents of 75 years and over; 2 white 11
blac*. 2 mulatto. '
s?Krrl^43~fSnt.a,IIS 811 that Part trom west
2 i F ?tS n 1 3t, south side of I st
to Rock Creek, along Rock Creek to F st, north
? ito st n w* Has six residents of 75
years and over; 4 white, 2 black.
sifK'Sof,C.?4h~C??t:ai,n? al! t,iat Part trom west
side of JO.h and F sts nw to I st, south side
or T sttn0-^ St' east?slfle or 23(110 1 sr? Dortb
of I st to 20th n w. Has twenty-one residents of
an.'i ovfr; 11 whlte. 8 black, 2 mulatto.
District 45?Contains all that part from west
sr ie and.F ,8ts to 1 st n w. south side or I
v st' east 8!.de ?t ^th to F st, north side of
t tol.th stnw. Has twenty-five residents ol 75
years and over; 22 white, 3 black.
District 46?Contains all that part from west
s! tM-ti!"! an<'.(i.als n w~ 10 1 st? south side or I
to l?th st, east side or 17th to G st, north side or
l? to 14th st n w. Has twelve residents of 75
y<n??.!11? ?,IerA 9 whlte' 2 black'1 mulatto.
District 4i?Contains all that part from west
sr tAiiihtlJand G ,^ts n w to I st, south side of I
st to nth st, east side of nth to G st north side or
< st to llth st n w. Has twenty-three residents of
5 years and over; 21 white, 2 black.
District 48?contains all that part from west
side of 7th and G sts n w to I st south side of I st
?n^th1,?a8t slde of llth to G st north side of G
Htto.th st nw. Has twenty-eight residents of
n^0Vr?r; 5. wllltr,' 3 b,ack- 2 mulatto.
District 49?Contains all thit part from west
si ie of 3.1 and G sts n w to I at, south side of I st to
''nJjt. ?iist side or 7th to G st, north side of G st
to 3d s?t n w. Has twenty-seven residents of 75
yCTw,ri,lt ?5': ^ rh,t?? 5 black' 2 mulatto.
. that I)art from west side
of North Capitol st and G to I st n w, south side
,. SJ ^ 1 s!' east slde of 3d st to G st, north
S| ,? t? North Capitol st Has twelve resl,0
,5 J*cars and over; 11 white, 1 black.
ijinf net 51?Contains all that part from west sldo
or V !r8rnap V'0101"110 rlve,r to st n w, south side
?L ?r n ?/??mae river, al?iig Potomac river to
21st st n w. Has nine residents or 75 years and
over; 2 white, 4 black, 8 mulatto
^strict 52?Contains all that part from west side
otmhstn w and Potomac river to F st n w, south
side of I st to 2lst st east side of 21st st to tha
river, along the river to 17th st Has thirteen
mulatto^ >earS aDd ?Ver; 5 whlte' 5 black'. 3
District 53?Contains all that part from 14th st
and the mall to G st n w, south side or G st to 17th
st, east side of 17th st to the river, along the mall
over;white"; iK" reSltientS ?f 73 yea? a?d
nf^!lrlc^,7C.onta,ns a11 that Paft from west side
i ^ aJ . n,w to G St, south side of G to
iir* ?.,14 st t0 D st, north side of D
to llth st nw. Has twenty-three residents of 75
yearQs."df?ver; 18 white, 2 black, 3 mulatto
District 55?Contains all that part from west ship
of 7th and D sts n w to G st, south side or G io llth
st, east side llth st to D st north side or D to 7th
S SSie.WJS?"1 rest<leats 0175 yeuH andover^
.^''strict 56?Contains all that part rrom west side
or 3d and D stsn w to G st, south side of G st to 7t h
??'n w u of.7"1 8t to D st, north side or D to 3d
st n w Has eighteen residents of 75 years and
over; 15 white, 3 black. je?*ra ann
District 5,?Conttlns all that Dart from west
3d!S!o'S'tW"su-ll?? ??TsX
side of G at to 31 st n w. east side of a l st to n ?t
north side of D to North' Capitol st Hasthlrtyl
bUckJmSta01 75 yearsana over: 24 white, 6
Dl-trlct 58?Contains all that part from west
Ci8ts n e to H st, south side of H st
T *Pllpl st east side of North Capitol st
to C st, north side of C st to 2d st n e. Has eleven
resl lents of 75 year* and over; 11 white.
District 59?Contains all that part from west
si le of 5th and C sts n e to H street south side of
C?st to strict na?l 8ue ?#f 21 ht to C st, north side of
??d."^VwKi?,2HbaSrre9,<,enKo'75 > ??*
District 60?Contains all that part from west
side of 8i h and C sts n e to H st south side of H to
5th st, east side of 5th st to C st north side of c st
??r";7?w%. 11",our 0? re TeaS and
District #1?Contains all that part from west smo
of D 9t to 14th st n w, east side of 14th st to the
Man, no?tn side of the Mall to llth st n w. Haa
Idack. ^ nts ot 75 >ears and over; 2 white, l
District 62?Contains all that part from west
8H? ?I' th st n w and the Mall, toDstnw south
side of D to llth st, east stde of lith st to the Mall
north side of the Mall to 7th st n w. Has four
residents of 75 years and over; 4 white.
District 63?Contains all that part from west
sJd? of 4% ?t n w and the Mall to D st n w, south
side of D st to ?th st east side of 7th st to the Mall
north side or the Mall to 4^ st n w. Has nine
residents of 75 years and over; 8 white, 1 bl.ick.
District 61?Contains all that part from west
side of 1st st n w and Botanical garden to B st n
^ nnr'V.x s,de or B st to North Capitol st west
tn l? ^orlb Capitol st to D st south side of D st
to 4>s, ?t, e?;st bide of 4<* st to Botanical PRrrien
thence to 1st nw. Has twenty^ve l^denum
?ffl?nd over; 23 white, 2 blick. 01
o u. ^ iLi^~Cc)5trtlns a11 that part from west
to cor B st s w, north side ot b st sw
5 USr.'K' re31Jcnt8 01"
side or C st to North Capitol st east side of
Capitol st to B st, north side of B st to 8d st n I
east side or 8d st to East Capitol st, and nortl
sldeof East Capitol st to 4th st ne. 6as twelvt
mulatto9 ?f JearS And 0Ter; 10 whlV6?1 black,
..PJ^tr^t W?Contains all that part from w?s
?ld? oc 8th st and East Capitol st to C st n e, soutl
JJfeprCjrt to 4th st n e. east side of 4th st to Bus
Capitol st, north side of East Capitol st to 8th st i
i e. Has eleven residents of 78 years and over: lC
r white, i black.
i Dlst net 88?Contains all that part from west side
of 18th st ne and East Capitol to Cstne, noutli
; side of C st to 8th st, east side of 8th st to East
i Capitol st, north side of East Capitol st to 13th st
> ne. Has seven residents of 78 years and over;
i seven whit*.
, District 69?Contains all that part from n e cor
18th and B st s e, thence north side of B to Eastern
Branch, along Eastern Branch to C st n e,
, south side of C st to 13th st n e, east side of ISth st
n e to cor B st s e. Has Ave residents of 75 years
. and over; 2 white, 3 black.
i District 70?Contains all that part from west side
of 12th and D sts s w to the Mall, thence passing
l Waslilneton Monument to the river, along the
river to D st, north side of D st to 12th st s w? Has
[ thirteen residents of 75 years and over; 18 white.
i District 71?Contains all that part from west side
of 7th and D sts s w to the Mall, along the Mall to
t 12th st. east side of 12th st to D st, north side of D
st to 7th st s w. Has six residents of 75 yeara and
over; 5 white, 1 black.
> District 72?Contains all that part from west side
of South Capitol st and D st s w to B st s w, south
; side of B st to 1st st, west side of 1st st to Botanical
l Garden or the Mall, through the Mall to 7th st,
! east side 7th st to D, north side of D to south Cap!
ltol st. Has twenty-two residents of 75 years and
over; 11 white, 11 Slack.
; District 73?Contains all that part from west side
: of 4th and D sts s e to East Capitol st, south side
of East Capitol st to 3d st, east side of 31 st to B st,
i south side of B to South Capitol st, east side oi
South Capitol st to D st, north side of D st to 4th
, stse. Has thirty-four residents of 75 years and
over; 24 white, 8 black, 2 mulatto.
t District 74?Contains all that part from west
side of 8lh and D sts seto East Capitol st, south
side of fc.ist Capitol st to 4th st, east side of 4th st
, to D st, north tide of D st to 8th st s e. Has
' tweniy-three residents of 75 years and over; 13
white, 9 black, 1 mulatto.
> District 75?Contains all that part from west side
of 13th and D sts s e to East Capitol st, south side
of E ist Capitol st to 8tli st, east siile of 8th to D
1 st, north sl ie of D st to 13th st s e. Has seven residents
of 75 years and over; 6 white, l black,
i District 76?Contains all that part from s e cor
B and 13th stse, along B to Eastern Branch,
; along the water edge south and west to 13th st,
east side of 13th to B st s e, (including U SJall,
poor house, U S magazine, Congressional cemetery,
Ac.) Has twenty-four residents of 75 years
i and over; 7 whites, 16 blacks, 1 mulatto.
District 77?Contains all that part from west
, side of 10th st s w and the river to D st s w, south
i side of D st to the river, along the river front to
10th st s w to place of beginning. Has four resli
dents of 75 years and over; 4 white.
District 78?Contains all that part from west
side of 7th st s w and the river to D st s w, south
side of D st to 10th st s w, east side of 10th st to
the river, along the river front to 7th st s w. Has
twenty-five residents of 75 years and over; 7
white. 16 black, 2 mulatto.
District 7#?Contains all that part from west
side of South Capitol st and G st s w to D st s w,
south side of D st to 7th st s w, east side of 7th st
to G st, north side of G st to South Capitol st. Has
forty-four residents of 75 years and over; 18 white,
20 black, 6 mulatto.
District 80?Contains all that part from west side
of 6th st and Virginia ave s e to D st s e, south
side of D to South Capitol st, east side of South
Capitol st to Virginia ave, north side of Virginia
ave to 6th st s e. Has forty-four residents of 75
years and over; 17 white. 27 black.
District 81?Contains all that part from west side
of M st s e and 8th st to D st a e, south side of D
st to 6th st, east side of 6th st to M st, north side
of M st to 8th st s e. Has sixteen residents of 75
years and over; 14 white, 2 black.
District 82?Contains all that part from west slie
of 13th and G sts s e to D st s e, south side of D
st to 8th st, east side of 8th st to G st, north side
or G st to 13th st s e. Has nine residents of 75
years and over; 8 white, 1 black.
District 83?Contains all that part from west side
of 4)4 and M sts s w. to G st s w, south side of G st
to 7th st, east slJe of 7tli st to M st, north side of
M st to 4)4 st s w. Has seven residents of 75 years
and over; 3 white, 4 black.
District 84?Contains all that part from n e cor
4)4 and M sts s w to G st s w, south side or G st
to South Capitol st along the old canal to M st,
north side of M st to 4)4 st s w. Has twenty-one
residents of 75 years and over; 1 white, 7 black,
13 mulatto.
District 85?Contains all that part from west side
or 6th and M sts s e to Virginia ave 8 e, south side
ot Virginia ave to South Capitol st, east side of
South Capitol st to M st, north side of M st to 6th
st s e. Has twenty-six residents of 76 years and
over; 16 white, 10 black.
District 86?Contains all that part from cor 7th,
M and the river, along south side of M st to the
canal, along the canal to the river, including the
U. S. Arsenal, etc. Has six residents of 75 years
and over; 4 white, 2 black.
District 87?Contains all that part from cor of
South Capitol st and the canal, following canal to
the river, along the river to South Capitol st,
thence west side of south Capitol st to canal to
place of beginning. Has four residents of 75 years
and over: 4 \\ lilte.
District 88?Contains all that part from cor of
South Capitol st and M st se, to 2d st se, west side
of 2J st to the river, along the river to South Capitol
st, east side of South Capitol st to M st to place
of beginning. Has two residents of 75 years and
over* 2 white. '
District 89?Contains all that part from south
side of M and 2d st s e to 13th st s e, west side of
13th st to the river, along the river front to 21 st,
east slue or 2d st to M st s e to place of beginning.
Has six residents of 75 years and over; 5 white, 1
Dlstiict 90?Contains all that part from se cor
or 8th andGstsse, along south side of G st to 13th st
to M st, north side ot M to 8th st, east side of 8th to
G st s e, including Marine Barracks. Has twelve
residents of 75 years and over; 10 white. 2 black.
Name*, Residence, Color, Sex, Age and
In the list below the locality, color, sex, age and
birthplace of the persons enumerated are Indicated
by abbreviations. The letter "w" stands
for white; "b" for black; "in" for male; "f" for
female. The first figures Indicate the place of
residence, and the last the age of the IndividuaL
Thus "Able Kezldah, 48, b. f. 76, Virginia," means
"Able Efzidah, residing In district 48 of the
enumeration; color, black; sex, female; age, 76;
born In Virginia.
Able Eezldah, 48. b f 76, Virginia.
Acton Elizabeth, 85, w f 75, Maryland.
! Adains Jane, 40. w f 85, Ireland.
Adams Rachel, 20. m f 76, Maryland.
Adams William, 50, w m 83, Scotland.
Addison Dennis, 33, b in 83, Maryland.
Addison Mary, 7, b f 75, District or Columbia.
Addison Rebecca, 73, w 184, District or Columbia.
Adklns Emily, 26, b f 87, Virginia.
Agee UezeKlah, 7, b in 78, Virginia.
Allen Anna, 33, b [ 78, Maryland.
Allen Charles, 23,b m 81. Md. Died Sept 15,1881,
age 90.
Allen Edward, 8, m m 80, Pennsylvania.
Allen Eieanor, 18, w f 80, New Jersey.
Allpn Elijah. 85, b rn 80, D. C. Died May 7,1881.
Allen Eliza, 50, b f 83, Virginia.
Allen Harriet-, 37, b r 84. Vlrelnla.
Allen Henrietta,65, b r 90, Md. Died Nov. 20, 1881.
' Allen Maria, 85, b f 77, Virginia.
Allen Mary, 19, w f 84, New York.
| Allen Thomas G., 4, w m 76, 'l ennnessee.
Amer Patrick, irt, w m 83, Ireland.
; Auderson Eliza M., 8, w f, 79, Maryland.
Anderson Hugh, 48, w m 79, Maine.
Anderson James, 2, w m 75, Maryland.
Anderson John S.. 70, w m 84. Virginia.
Anderson Susan, 47, w f 80, District of Columbia.
Anderson Win., 23, w m86, Tenn. Died August ?7,
Andrews Elizaoeth, 41, w f 85, N. Y. Died May 18,
Andrews Ferdinand, 79, w m 77, Massachusetts.
Appleby Jeremiah, 15, b m 80, Virginia.
Appier Jessie, 85, w m 76, Maryland.
Archer Ellz t. 54, w f 75, D. C. Died Jan. 6,1881.
Arnold Charlotte, 25, w f 85, New York.
Arth Catharine, 31, w f 85, Hesse Darmstadt
Arth J icob, 34, w m 85, Hesse Darmstadt Died
Sept 4,1?80.
Asdown Sarah, 79, w f 76 Maryland.
Ashby Chloe, 49. b f 80, Virginia.
Ashe Harrtt t, 37, m f 80, Maryland.
Atchison Annie, 80, b r 90, Virginia.
Atwell Ann, 89 w r 80, Md. D.ed June 9, 1880.
Atwell Ann. 49, w r 76,Virglnla.
Auchmutz Joanna S.. 37, w r 79, Rhode Island.
Ayers Mary, 15, b r 85, Maryland.
J Baddy John 8., 7, b m 85, Maryland.
; Bailey Elizabeth, 65. b f 90, Maryland.
Bailey Maria, 49. w f 75, Maryland.
Bailey Thomas, 8, w m 76. Massachusett&
Balsey Solomon, 76. b in 91. Virginia.
B iker Jane, 1, w I 88, Maryland.
Baldwin Mary, 68, w r 77, Maryland.
Bull Jane, 19, b r 111, Virginia.
Ball Sidney, 79, b f 77. Va. Died Feb. 11,1882.
Ball Tablth i, 10, w t 78, Md. Died April 2, 1882L
Ballou Hosea, 44, w m 86, Rhode Island.
Baltimore Thom ?s, 36, m m 76, D. C.
Bancroft EHz tbeth D., 46. w f 75, Massachusetts.
Bancrott George, 46. w m 79, Massachusetts.
Banf Annie, 79, w f 75, Hanover.
Banks Betsy, 7, b f 82, Virginia.
Banks Sally, 84, m f 80, Virginia.
Barbarln Francis N. 11, w m 80. New York.
Barbee Rosetta, 37, b 180, South Carolina. .
Barber Phebe, 90, w f 73, Virginia.
Barker Rebecca, 21, w f 88, Va. Died Mar. 25,1881.
Barker Rebecca, 9, w f 88, England.
Barlow Catharine, 64, b f 80, Maryland.
Barnard Adeline, 74, w f 75, Maine.
, Barnard Caroline M., 88, w f 87, New York.
Barnard Chas. P.. 18, w m 77, Pennsylvania.
Barnes Sarah, 51, b f 75, Maryland.
' Barr Chloe. 80, w f 86. Ireland. Died April 1,1882.
Barr Elizabeth. 48, w f 75. DeL Died April 25,1882.
Barr Thomas, *), w m 90, Md. Died Mar. 27, 1882.
age 98.
Barrett Kitty, 50, w f 82, Maryland.
Barry Harriet 80, w f 85, District or Columola.
Barry Mary, 82, w f 84, Pa. Died October 6,1881.
. Bartol Horace, 55, w m 75, Maine.
Bayne Sarah M.. 80, w 176, Maryland.
Bayne Thomas, 80, w m 81, Maryland.
: Baxter James, 8. w m 86, Md. Died April 87,1881.
Beale Emily, 4, w f 80, New Jersey.
; Beall Elizabeth, 20, w f 87, Maryland.
i Beans Henrietta, 57, b 183, Maryland.
; Beck Anna, 28, w m 76, Prussia.
I Beck Elizabeth A., 40, w f 76, Md. Died Dec. 15, ^
; Beck Margaret. 81, w t 81, Germany.
Beck William, 81, w m 81, Holland.
: Becket William, 78, b m 75, Maryland.
i Beddo Harriet, 89, w f 75, Maryland.
i Beherns Frederick, 28, w m 90, Hanover. Died
; I June 28, 188a
I Hehrend Ulrica, 48, w f 75, Hanover.
; ae^Abrain, 3, b m 80. North Carolina.
1 ? 1 *, Maryland.
* ffffgSP0' 15, b m 76, Maryland.
\ Qcott^n. b m 78, Maryland.
? f?}{ b m 90. Maryland.
J will sulUi in* f 75, District of ColumfcU,
a Bell Bandy, 10, t?m 80, Maryland.
s %
^ \ ' . :
' Be? Sara, 44, m f 80, Maryland.
Bell Susan. 69, b f 78, Maryland.
Belt Chas. It, l, w m 89, Md. Died Oct. 83, 1881.
Belt E. S., 87, W f 75, Md. Died Juljr 18, *81; are 80.
Bentley Amy, 17, b f 78, Canada. Died May 4, *81.
Bergman John W., 88. w m 75, Prussia.
Bergman L. H., 78, w m 75, Virginia.
Berry Barbrai 79, w f 80, Maryland.
Berry Mary, 76. b r 78, Maryland.
Berry Morris M., 45, w m 80, N.Y. Died Jan. 87, *81.
Berry Robert, 76, b m 78, Maryland.
Berry Sarah, 18, w f 82, District of Columbia.
' Berry Susan, 76, b I 75, Maryland.
Beston Elfza, 6, w r 77, Md. Died Dec. 81.1881.
! Betz Mary A., 41, w I 76, Wurtemburg. Died Fob.
12, 1882.
Beverly Page, 89, b m 84, Virginia.
i Bhrend Ellse, 49, w f 77, Ha never.
Bllott Thomas E., 71, w ui 88, Maryland.
i Birch Amelia, 37, b f 80, D. C. Died Aug. 8,1881;
age 85.
Birch Susan, 54, w f 80, District of Columbia.
Blrnle C., 36, w m 81, Ireland.
Blscoe Ann, 13, w r$i, Maryland.
I Bishop Joshua W., 13. w m 84, Va. Died Dec. 11, >80.
i Bltner Eliza, 45, w f, 75. District of Columbia.
i Black Eliza, 20, w f 79, Pennsylvania,
Blake John B., 56, w m 77, Va. Died Oct 26, 1881.
Bland Sophia, 74, b f 75, Virginia.
1 Biount Elizabeth, 26. w r 76, Pa. Died Aug. 12, '80.
Boe Lucinda, 28, b r 80, Viiylnla.
s Boland Fred'k M., 8, w m 76, Maryland.
Bonaparte Napoloon. 4, b m 75, Virginia.
, Bond Dellah, 29, b f 81, Maryland.
Bond Elizabeth. 88, b I 76, Virginia.
[ Bond Thedotla, 25, w f 77, Virginia.
i Bonsolt Christian, 29. w m 82, Bavaria.
Boone Ann, 27, w r 75, District of Columbia.
Bossty Cella, 79, b f 80, Virginia.
Boston George, 80. b in 89, Virginia.
Boston Isaac, 8, m m 81, Maryland.
' Boswell Elizabeth, 80. w f 80, Maryland.
I Boteler Eliza, 81, w f 77, Virginia.
Boteler John D.. 81, w m 79, Md. Died Nov. 13,1881.
Bowden Mary, 84, m f 85, Maryland.
Bowdley Daniel, 25, b m 80, District of Columbia.
Bowe Lucinda, 29, b f 78, Virginia.
Bowen Lucy, 68, w r 75. New Jersey.
Bowie Anna L., 4. w f83, Md. Died Dec. 16,188a
Bowie Thomas, 37. b :n 80, Maryland.
Bowler Moses, 18, b m 80, Virginia.
Bowler Susan, 18. b f 84, Virginia.
Bowne Amy, 3, w f 75, New York.
Bowse Mary S., 41, w t 89, Maryland.
Boyce Isaac D., 33, w m 75, New York.
Boyd Catharine, 55, w f 80. Pennsylvania.
Boyd Nancy, 80, w f 78. District of Columbia,
Brackebush Frances, 19, w f 75, Hanover.
Bradley Edward, 65, w m 75. Connecticut,
Bradshaw Henry, 74, w m 76, New Jersey.
Bradson Bettle, 81, b f 90, Maryland.
Brady John, 48, w m 85, Md. Died July 24, 1881..
Brayfleld Susan, 55, w f 83, Virginia.
Brayman John G., 4, w m 77, Rhode Island.
Breen Bridget, 50, w f 80. Ireland.
Brent Elizabeth, 74, b 179, Maryland.
Brewer Edward, 10, w m 76, Maryland.
Brlgham Ed, 60. w m 80, Massachusetts.
Brlgham Lucy, 60, w I 79. Massachusetts.
Bright Rebecca, fc5, w I 79, Maryland.
Bright Jane, 75, wf 76, Virginia.
Brlghtwell Malvlna, 33, w f, 75, Maryland.
Brlsco Bettle, 37, m f 77, Va. Died Aug. 14, 1880.
Briscoe Eliza, 78, b f 76, Maryland.
Briscoe Sarah, 78, b f, 96, Maryland.
Brodhead John H., 18, w in 79, Pa. Died Oct22,'81.
Bromfleld Nathan. 89, w m 76, Maryland.
Brooke Margaret, 78, w f 79, Md. Died Nov. 22, *1.
Brooks Ann, 72. b f 75.Va. Died June 4,1889; age 82.
Brooks Jane, 79, m f 85, District of Columbia.
Brooks Jehlcl, 5. w m 84, Vermont
Brooks Lena, 6, b f 82, Maryland.
Brooks Mary, 48, b f 82, Maryland.
Brooks William, 17, b m 76. M iryland.
Brosnahan Michael, 33, w m 80, Ireland.
Brown Abraham, 16, w m 75. Maryland.
Brown Ann, 38, w f 78. New York.
Brown Cynthlana, 9, b f 84. Maryland.
Brown Daphne, 76, b f 80, Virginia.
Brown Elizabeth H., 28, m f 75, Maryland.
Brown Henry, 40, m m 75, District of Columbia.
Brown Henry, 38,b m 95,Md. Died Aug.22,'80;age89.
Brown Juliet, 74, w f 75. New Jersey.
Brown Lee, 38, b m 76,Va. Died July 15,1881.
Brown Levi, 15, b m 80. Md. Died Oct 21,1880.
Brown Lewis, 80, b m 75, Maryland.
Brown Lloyd, 37, b m 78, District of Columbia.
Brown Maria. 41, w f 84, D. of O. Died April 19,1888:
Brown Mary, 16 bf 83, District of Columbia.
Brown Mary, 38, m f 85. Maryland.
Brown Mary Ann, 81, w t 82, Pennsylvania.
Brown Mima, 18. b f 102, Virginia.
Brown Mockey, 85 b f 80, District of Columbia.
Brown Patsy, 24, b f 75. Maryland.
Brown Sarah, 23, w f 77. Massachusetts.
Brown Sylva, '22, b i {,8.Virginia.
Brown Viiginla, 21, in t 85, Virginia.
Brown William II., 38, b in 86, Maryland.
Bruce Amelia, 36, b i 75, Maryland.
Bruce George, 73, b in 8), District of Columbia.
Bruce Hannah, 7. b f 78, Maryland.
Bruff Joseph G., 36, w in 75, District of Columbia.
Bruin Mary, 47, w i 80, Italy.
Bryan Elizabeth. 57, w r 80, District of Columbia.
Bryan George, 48, w in 77, Pennsylvania
Bryan Mary T., 26, w f 86, Virginia.
Buch man Sellna P., 13, w f 75, Pennsylvania.
Buehman Jonathan, 1, w m 77, Pennsylvania.
Buckely Alice, 80, b r 80 District of Columbia.
Budd Sarah, 27, b f 75, Maryland.
Bulger Isabella, 79, in f 85, Maryland.
Burgoyne Charlotte, 15, b i 84, Maryland.
Burice Mary, 8, w f 78, .Maryland.
Burns Elward, 17, w rn 76. Ireland.
Bums Elizabeth, 17, w l 81, Virginia.
Burns John, 31, w in 76, Ireland.
Burns Maria, 72, w i 75. Ireland.
Burton Cella, 74, w f 76, New York.
Burr De Veri, 57. w in 75, New Jersey.
Burr Mary, t>6, w f 76. Connecticut.
Burr Phllo, 66, w m 81, Connecticut
Burroughs, Jane, 61, w f 76, Maryland.
Burroughs Nicholas, 9, w m 82, Maryland.
Bush John, 58, w m 79, England.
Bushey Henry, 18. w in 79, Maryland.
Butcher Louisa, 79, b r 77, Virginia.
Butt Sarah, 28, w r 85, Maryland.
Butler Ann i, 49, b r 85, Maryland.
Butler Caroline, 84. m f 76, Maryland.
Bu ler EWz ibeth, 67, w r80, Maryland.
Butler Hfirrie??j23, b f8l, Maryland.
Hutler James, 4, b m 79, Maryland.
Butler May, 59, b I 75, Maryland.
Butier Mary Ann, 46, b t 75, Dlsirlct of Columbia.
Butler Susan, 71, w t 77, Va. Died Sept. 14,1881.
BycrsEston, 2, w t 85, Ireland. Died Mar. OH,1881.
Bylngton Sarah, 68, w f 75, Conuecilcut.
Byram John W. 45, w m 76, Va. Died June 9,1880. i
Cabell Mary R G, 40, w t 76, Virginia.
Cabot Mary R, 64, w f 95, Vt. Died May 22, 1882.
Cahill PatricK, 57, w m 75, Ireland. Died Jan. 30,
Cain Thomas, 38, b m 80, Md. Died May 7,1832, i
age 88.
Calder Thomas, 4, w m 80, New York.
Callahan, Mary, 31, w r 80, Ireland.
Callahan Timothy, 57, w ni 75, Ireland.
Callan Lawrence, 67, w m 78, Irelaud.
Calvert Charles, 37, w m 86, Engl md. Died SeDt
13.1880. y
Cammack Elizabeth, 53, w f 88. England.
Caminel Judy, 25, b r 80, Virginia.
C*mpbed Fannie, 22, b r 79, Virginia. Died Feb.
22, 1882,
Campbell Mary I, 56, wf79,D. C., Died July 5,
Campbell Mason, 39, w m 81, New Hampshire.
Campbell Peter, 76, w m 79, Maine.
Campbell William H, 56, w m 80, Mass. Died May
Cane John E., 50. w m 82. Ireland.
Capron Horace. 26, w m 76, Massachusetts.
Carlco Susan, 52. w f 76, England.
Carr Martha, 58. w f 77, Maryland.
Carrlco Mary L., 89, w f 85, Maryland.
Carroll Lucy, 42, b f 78, Maryland.
Carroll Rachael, 23. b f 78, Virginia.
Carter Catharine, 80, b t 79, Maryland.
C .rter Eliza, 26. b t 80, District of Columbia.
Carter Elsie, 6, b f 85, Virginia.
Carter Margaret, 79. b f 79, Maryland.
Carter Maria, 6, b r 75, Virginia.
Carter Maria, 4, b f 76, Virginia.
Carter Mary, 42, b f 75, Virginia.
Carter Mary. 24, b f 80. Virginia.
Carter M tllle, 19, b f 89, Virginia. Died January 23,
1882; ag-99. J '
Carter Sarah, 80, w f 75, Virginia.
Carter Stephen, 4, b m 82. Virginia.
Cart writr lit C., 78, b f 77, Virginia.
Cartwright Hannah, 63, b f 91, Maryland.
Cartwright Moses, 42, b m 80, Virginia.
C.iton Michael, 49, w m 83, Ireland.
Caulfin l Jas., 46, w m 75, Ire. Di d Apr. 30, 1881.
Ce:us John, 1, b m 79, Maryland.
Chapman Judy Ann, 17, b ; 100, Maryland.
Chapman Lucy, 84, m r 80, Virginia.
Chapperean Charles. 4, w m 78, Prussia.
Chase Augustus, 30, b m 76, Maryland.
Chase Dandy, 74, b m 78, Maryland.
Chase Lucy, 74, b f 77, Maryland.
Chase Maria, 78, m f 78, Maryland.
Chase Thomas, 89, w m 75, Maine.
Chase William, 41, m m 77, Maryland.
Chew Amelia, 23, w 177, Maryland.
Chew Eliza, 4, b f 87, Vlrcin'a.
Chlseltlne Mary, 23, b f 108. Maryland.
Chlslom Lucy, 74. w f 85. Virginia.
Church Mary A, 85, w f 78. Virginia.
Claborne Henry, 52, b m 75, Viivinla.
Claggett Mary A, 40, w f 78, Maryland.
Clancy Margaret, 57, w f 86, Ireland.
Clapp Sallle, 24, w f 80, New York.
Clark Abraham, 30, w m 76, Maryland.
Clark Daniel, 80, b m 79. Maryland.
Clark Harriet, 5, b 186, Md. Died Jan. 19, 1882* 1
age 95.
Clark John D, 47, w m 89, Pennsylvania. <
Clark Maria, 76, w f 76, Maryland. ,
Clark Marsh B, 73, w m 79, Pennsylvania. <
Clark Martha, 18, w f 92. Mass. Died Jan 16. 1882: (
Clark Matilda, 4, b f 77, Virginia. ^
Clark Teresa, 80, b f 75. Maryland. i
Clary Mary, 4, m f 75. Virginia.
ClaU*lh88i PCter W' W m ^ Va* DIed Aprtl '
Clements Eliza, 9, w m 82, District of Columbia. !
Clemmons Ann B, 71, w f 75, Maryland. <
Clephane James, 39, w m 89, Scotland. Died Dec. <
1st) 1880. *
Cliflln Anna, 66, m f 77, Virginia.
Clymer George. 46, w m 75, Pa. Died April 14,1881. i
Coates Henry, 80, b m 88, Maryland.
Coates Prlscllla, 89, b f 78, Maryland. i
Coats Annie, 90, b f 102, Maryland. ,
Coburn Martha, 85, w f 76, Mass. Died July 1.1881. i
Cochrane WUllam, 4, w m 77, Ireland.
Cogglns Elizabeth, 67, w f 86, England. i
Cosrswell Lydla, 88, w f 82, Maryland. i
Cohen Esther, 64, w f 75, Prussia.
Coke William, 87, m m 79, Virginia.
Colbert Henrietta. 27, b f 95, Virginia. <
Colburn Henry, 38, wm 75, Maryland. i
Colcor^Deboran, 47,wf84,Mass. Died Feb. 80,
Cole William. 59, w m 80, Maryland.
Coleman Anderson, 56, b m 80, Virginia.
Coleman Edith, 84, mf, 100, VaT Died April 15,
'Wl f 11SS> |
Coleman Jane, 95, b f 75, Virginia.
Coleman Margaret, 88. w r 76, Ireland.
Coleman Thomas, 84. b m 80, Virginia. <
Coleman Timothy, 11, w m 80, Ireland. Died July
Coleman William, 88, w m 81. North Carolina.
???w m 8?. District of Columbia!
CoUns Joseph,41, wm 76, Maryland.
00111 ? a* *"- ;
Collins Mary, 58, w f 76, Ireland.
Collins Vallnda, 1, w 175, District of Odamtta, : j
Colston Carter, K, m m 90, Vi DM May t, 1681
Columbus Charles, a, w m & IU&T ^
Conaway Grace, 79, b f 96, Maryland.
Connolly Charlotte. 48, w f76. Ireland.
Connolly Patrick, 67, w m 80, Ireland.
Connor Ann, 35, w f 80, Ireland.
Cook Jacob, 81 w m 76, Pennsylvania.
Cook Lewis, 78, b m 80, Maryland.
Cook Mary, 69, w f 79. Bavaria.
C?ok Sophia, 7, b t 78, Maryland.
m^am? Q b m 75, District of Columbia.
?* *}' w m ??> 2* T- x Dled ^ 17? 16SL
cook Wm. M., 31, w m 80, New York.
Coone Dr. C., 4, w m 75, New York.
Cooper Isaac, 17, m m 75. Virginia.
Cooper Rlebanl, 7, b m 89, Maryland.
??P]eJ 49, w f 75, District of Columbia.
Core Patrick, *7, w m 80, Ireland.
gwonn w., 46, w m 81, Dist ot Columbia.
Cottinger Ann, 23, w-t 79. Pennsylvania.
Covenston Ellen, 7, b f 80. Maryland.
Cox Mrs.. 26, w f 80. District of Columbia.
Coyle Ann, 17, w r75, Ireland.
Cozens Hester M., 25, w 180, Pennsylvania.
Crabbs Emily W., 54, w f 75. Maryland.
Craig Jane, 80. b 184. Md. Died Sept. 9,1881, aire 8a
Craig Louisa. \ bf 79, Maryland.
Craig Maria B., 45. w f 81, Massachusetts.
Crampton Susan, 47, b f 76, Maryland.
Crawford Elizabeth, 26, w f 87, Pennsylvania.
Crawley Rachel, 4, b f 81, Maryland.
Crocs Aralntha, 72, m r 90, Maryland.
Cromwell Catharine, 40. w f 86, Maryland.
Cronln Ellen, 30, w f 80. Ireland.
Cronln Sarah. 65, w f 79, District of Columbia.
Cross Lucy, 57, m f 80, Maryland.
Crosson Heniy J., %, w m 75, Maryland. Died
November 21,188a
Crouse K ite, 12, w f 78, District of Columbia.
Crowley Patrick, 41, w no 79, District of Columbia.
Cruise Patrick, 3, w m 80. Ireland.
Crump Jane, 79, w f 79, V.rglnla.
Crutch field William, 24, b m 75, Virginia.
Culhane Catharine, 58, w f 80, Ireland.
Cummlngs Mary R, 16, b f 79, Virginia.
Cumuims Abraham, 34, w m 79, New Hampshire.
Cunningham Elizabeth, 15, w f 80, Ireland. Died
September 27, 1881.
Cunningham Mary A., 69. w f 79, Ireland.
Curley James, 1, w m 8:1, Ireland.
Curry Hannah. 52, b f 79, Maryland. Died September
22, 1881, age 75. ^
Curtis Elsie, 15, b m 75, Maryland.
Dade Alfred. 27, b m 79, Maryland.
Dalton Olive R., 68, w f 75, Maine. .
Daly John, 39, w m 75, Ireland. '
Danforth Charles, 70, w m 76, Massachusetts.
Darby Edward, 35, w m 76, Maryland.
Darby Edw.ird, 13, w m 75, Maryland.
Davenport Clan, 24, m r 85, Virginia.
Davenport J. T., 15. w ra 82, Rhode Island.
Davis Ann, 21, b f 93, Virginia.
Davis Ann W., 1, w f 78, Virginia.
Davis Catharine, 72, w f 78, Maryland.
Davis Chloe A., 57, b f 75. Maryland.
Davis E Sward, 82, w m 76, D. C. Died D?c. 8, 1881.
Davis Hannah, 25,,b f 90, Virginia. Died April 19,
18-1; age 80. * '
Davis Hutclile, 79, m f 81, Virginia.
Davis Jane Sarah, 27. b f 76, Virginia.
Davis Mary, 64, w f 75, Pennsylvania.
D .vis Sarah, 90, w f 93, Md. Died Sept. 12, 1881.
Davis Sarah E., 45, w f 77, Va. Died Feb 13. 1882.
Dawson Aaron, 66, w m 83, Md. Died April 13,1881.
Daw;son Benjamin, 45. b m 80. Maryland.
Deal Charles B.. 57, w m 78. Pennsylvania,
Decatur Ellen, 23, w f 81, Ohio.
Decker Julia a., 18, w r 75, Maryland.
Deery Susan, 78, w f 75, Ireland.
Delano Isaac, 3, w m 78, Vermont.
Delaway Ann. 47, w f 82, Virginia.
D-neane Eliza, 53. w f 79, Pa. Died Oct 20, 188L
Denhatn Margaret, 37, w f 82, Virginia.
D *nnls Richard, 9, w in 75, Virginia.
Denny Mary, 7. m f 79, Virginia.
Dent Robert, 56, b m 78, Maryland.
Dent Vluletta, 48, w r 92. Md. Died Nov. 23, 1880.
Deppel Hannah. 30, w f 76, Frankenbur*.
D r Catharine, 45, w r 76, Bavaria.
Dereinu Ellzn, 16, w f 80. Maryland.
Dickson Nancy, 71, b f 90, Virginia.
Digges Appholon, 1, w f 79. Maryland.
Diggs George, 4. b m 77, Md. Died July 81, 189a
D ggs Lettie, 4, b f 75, Va. Died August 8, 188a
D ggs Mary A., 13, b f 80, District oi Columbia.
Dlggs Rebecca, 36, b f 75, Virginia.
Dines Nancy, 36. m f 78, Maryland.
Disney Mary A., 82. w f 81, Maryland.
Dixon Mary, 17, b f 85. Maryland.
Dixon Sophia, 34, b t 75, Maryland.
Dodson Henry, 4, b m 81. Maryland.
Dodson Jane, 9, b f 78. Maryland.
Donahue Thomas, 31, w m 76, Maryland.
Donaldson Cassandra, 4, w f 76, Maryland. Died
April 27,1881.
Donaldson Hannah, 3, w f 86. Virginia.
Donaldson Mary A., 54, w I 82, New York. Died
Nov. mber 17, 1881.
Donnelly Elizabeth.^. w f 80, Ireland.
Donri Mary, 30, w f 78, Ireland.
D raohoe Patrick. 85, w m 80, Ireland.
ponohoe S arah F., 85, w f 78, Virginia.
Dunovan Mary, 25, w f 80, Ir.-iand.
Donovan William. 83, w m 7t>, Ireland.
p.rsey Edward, 72, w ra 86. Maryland.
Dorsey Mary, 8, m f 75, Maryland.
pown John M.. 19. w m 77. Maryland.
Downes John, 73, w m 80. N-w York.
Downing S irali A., 49, w f 79, Verm int.
praper Samuel, 47, w ra 79, Del iw ire..
Drew Mary A., 31, w f 80, DistrU t of Columbia.
pri;;i;'? S Hi), 6i, w in 88, Connecticut.
Dur k 't EHz ib th. 44. in i 88 District of Columbia,
ptiukett Ja'-ob. ^9, b in 8), .Maryland.
Duckett John, 72. in in S5, Maryland.
Dutfy Elizabeth, 9. w r 75, District of Columbia.
DunL.p Harriet, 73. ;n r 76, District of Columbia.
Died August 18,1880.
DUnnAprU80Mi^. A" **> W f 751 VlrfflnIa- Dled
purfT Livinla. 49 w f 75, Maryland.
nrFIoriv73, b f S4 M<1- DeJ Nov. 21, 188L
l>u\.ill L ,za, 57, w f 77. Maryland.
Duva:l John, 1, w in 76, M 1. Died June 5. 1881
Dyer Jane M , 54, w f 85, Maryland.
Dyer Kinney. 4 ), w m 82, Viginla.
Dykes Ann (?., 81, w f 75, Virginia.
Dyson Ann It., 79. w f S2. Maryland.
Eady Mallnda, 44. l) r 75, Virginia.
Eddy Martha, 57, w r 80, K ntucky.
Edelln Elizabeth G . 85, a f 84, Maryland.
Edgison Calvert. 13, b in 8-3, Maryland.
E g.esion Margarat, 41, w f 75, Maryland.
E Itnondsfm Caroline, 39, b f 75, D. c.
E Smondston Gat-wood, 56, w i 77, Virginia.
E Jn.un is Ros t, 44, b f 80, Virginia.
h lmundson E., 45. b in 80, Maryland.
&mva .;iaraes' 26- w 111Virginia.
Ellis Willii>u, 7, b in 82 Virglr.la.
E.\ns Rebecca, 21. b r. 80 Virginia.
Kslin James, 3. w m 87. Md. Died Sept 29. 188a
E-s.-x Jo.-ilah, 41, w m 77, D. C. V '
E/ans French S., 2-,). w m 78. Virginia.
p-:lna rirai,1 w 1 79 -SPVV Hampshire.
L.an3 liavier, 19, 'V m 90. Virginia.
Ev.ins V. alter, 85, w in 81, D. C. Died Mav 18 1S81
K?h'.-rty I'.llz i A., 40, w f 75, Va. Died April 17* 1882*
F Uicrty Win. l-? 4-.?, w m 77, Marviand.P ' *
F irfaix Joh tnna, 8^, b T 86, Virginia.
F?rron Mlill", 29, b r 75, Virginia.
ted nine James A., 2. w m ;8, Berlin.
F l ows .Tames, 41, w m 75, Virtrinia.
Ferguson Amelia, 37. w t 81, New York.
"Tssi; f gp^ b ' 78, Md- Dled teVt. 80,
Field Cass;e, 24, m f 76. Va. Died Nov. 11 1881
F'lltns Sarah, 25, w r 77, M irylan L
31' w m 78' a?rmany- Died June
Annte E., 27, w f 75. Hesse Darmstidr.
Fisher Ilannali, 4, b f 81, Va. D.ed January 6,1881
F?sk .1 ma, 8, w in, 79 New York. ^
Fiiz;erald Honora, 30, w r 75 Ireland.
Fitzgerald Patrick, 31, w m 86, Ireland.
FMzhugh Fleet'vood, 54. m in 89. Virginia.
F 'ziiiuii Jribr.sy Ann, 17, m f 80 Virginia.
Flagler Albert, G!. w ni 80, New York.
Flanagan Bridget, 87, w f 79. Ireland.
30*188!amel1 31' W m ^ IrelaaJ- Dl0d April
Fleishman C L, 63, w m 75. Bavaria
Flemining A, 41, w in 75. Virginia. "
F ynn John A, 15, w in 78, Ireland.
Flynn Maria E, 15, v 178, Wales.
Finoslinskl Joseph, 2S. w rn 75, Poland.
Fo.ey Mary, 67, w f 93, Ireland.
Foley Mary, 31, w I 78, Ireland. Died Sep. 28, 1880
9'. '
Foley Patrick, 42, w m 78, Ireland.
mirlCU W1 75' Vlrslnla* Dled Jan. 26,
Ford James, 51, rn m 80. Maryland.
Ford Margan t, 81, w r 80. Ireland.
Ford Mil on. 30, w m 75. N w York.
Forney Charles, 7, b rn 8;, Virginia.
Forrest Charles M, 44, w m 78. Virginia.
Forrest Ellen, <6, b r 75. Maryland
Forrester Ann, 93. w : 83, Maryland.
Foskey E .ward, if,, b m 90, Virginia.
Fowler Mary W., 43, w f 76, Massachusetts.
Fraction urant, 81, ra m 80, Virginia
Frankland Ann E., 40. w r 76, Virginia.
Franklin M iry, 69, b r 90, Md. Died Feb. 6. 1882.
Franklin Samuel, 49, w m 76, Pennsylvania.
Franz Caroline, 4, w f 80, Maunhelm
Fr izler Marina, 6, w f 80. Maryland.
Frailer Sarah, 35, w f 88, Va. Died April 15.188L
Freer Ellz-:oe-.h. 37, w f 83. Maryland.
Freiieieh HofTinan, 3, w m 86, Hesse CasseL
French Elieu, 1, w i 85, M >.ryl md.
Frfdiey George w., 17, w m'75, Pennsylvania.
Frlstoe Martha, 3, w f 79, Virginia.
Frizzell M irlah, 61, w f 77, Virginia.
Furgerson Sally, 90, b f 96. Virginia.
Furry El!z. A , 21, w f 76. M l. Died Jan. 20, 1882.
18S0; agel8L' 76' b m 76k VtL July 24.
Balnor Elizabeth, 49, b f 75. Virginia.
G ilb-rry Ann. 40, w f 76, Ireland.
?ale Leonard D., 39, w m 79, Massachusetts.
Gallagher Ann, 40, w f 84, Ireland.
Gallagher Catharine, 29, w f 82, Ireland.
Salvin^Mlchael, 17, w m 75, IreUnT Died Sept %
[Jannett Sarah W.t 18, w f 77. Massachusetts.
Sant Elij ,h, 38, b m 76,
Gant Elizabeth, 40, m f <5, Maryland.
G mt H ster, 37, b r 76. Virglnii
Gant Nancy, 17, b f 80, Maryland
di1880L A"'481 W m 851 N' J* DledDe&*?
Gardiner William F? 55, w m 89, N. J. Died Jan.
28) I80I1
Gardner Catharine. 29, w f 78, Maryland.
Gardner Charles T., 47, w ra 79, New Jersey.
Oardner Jessie, 33, w m 76, N. Y. Died April S4,
Gardner Mlra, 8. w f 77, Maryland.
Gardner Patsle, 72, b r 95, Virjrlnla.
Gardner Susan, 42, b f 8a Virginia.
Garner Portia, 78, b r8a Mwnrland.
Garrison Geo A, 18. w in 77, New Brunswick.
Garrison Nlmrod, 29, w m 80, Md. Died Feb. 4.1882.
Garrison R A M, 78, w m 78, Virginia. '
Gartrell Otho 0,41, w m 75, Maryland.
Gasaway Andrew, 65, b m 75, Maryland.
Gault Klti le A, 49. w f 76, Florida.
Gount Cecelia, 72, b f 78. Virginia.
Gaunt Beizon, 19, D m 75, Maryland.
Gearin Michael, 4, w m 75, Ireland.
George Edwin, 4, w m 75, Virginia.
Gibbons Ann, 9, w 175, Ireland.
Glbbs Hamet, 1, b f ?8, District of Columbia.
Gibson Dinah, 4, b f 80, Virginia.
Gilbert Julia Ann, 56, w f 78, Connectlcnt.
Gillard Monica. & b f 76, Virginia.
m 75, llesse Darmstadt
Glsendlmer 8?blna. 98, w f 84. Vro-inia
Goddanl Ann B, 27, w f 79, District of Columbia.
IC<mtM?udoHjfext Page.]
potomac river boats.
Leave* 7th street wharf at 7 a. m. for
Connecting with Baltimore aad Ohio r. r. at "Shepherd's-"
also, at Alexandria with 7 30 a. m. Ferry Boat
iran Washington. On Monday* for Noniini and intermediate
landings, returning 1 uesdays. On 1 hurvlays
for Currioman. Noniini. St. Clement'* Bav. wharves
and intermediate landings, returning Fridays. On Saturdays
for Currioman. Xeonardtown and intermediate
lanoisgs. returning Sundays.
J. B. PADGETT. Agt..
? C. W. RIDLEY, Man..
Je*2 7th at wharf. Washington. i?. C.
Close connection with trains for
l eaves 6tn itwt wharf, terminus of 7tn and 9th
street cars, MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS at 5 W
p.m.. and SATURDAY'S,Grand Trip, at 6:30 p.m..returning
MONDAY MORNING about 6 o'clock.
Connection with steamer lor Boston. New York and
Tickets and staterooms seonrea st general office. National
Metropolitan Batik. 813 I5tn street. jel8
C5 river landings?siith-street wharf?monday
and wednesday, at 7 a.m. ; SATURDAY
night trips at 5 p.m , return in* Sunday evenintr.
Inquire at General Othoe. National Metropolitan
Bank. 613 15th street. jel8
To Norfolk $1.00 j Pin^y Point and
Round Trip 1.50 1 Point I/wkout 50c.
I Hound Trip fl.uo
First-class accommodation cannot be furnished for
Steamer leaves 7th street wharf daily, except Sundav.
at 5 :30 p. m. Saturdays at 6.
Saturday Night . xcuraiousa special feature. Return
Monday morning.
Round trip t.ckets food on either Leary or Excelsior.
Exclusive connection with the Boston and Providence
Freight received daily until 8 p. m,
? ? L. M. HUDGINS. Gen. 8upt
WM. P. WELCH, Agent. ]el'2
reaves 7th atreet wharf daily (exoert Sunnav) for Mt
> emon at 10 o'clock a. m.; rttummg reaches Washingtcn
about 3.30 p.m.
o30 L. L. BLAKI , Captain.
The steamer FUF, Capt. W. C. Googhegan. leaves
Stephenson's wharf, foot of 7th street,every SUNDAY,
at 4 o'clock i>. m.. for Baltimore and River Landings.
Returning-, leaves Baltimore every FRIDAY at 5 o'clock
p. m.
All accommodations strictly first-class,
o ningt ** prepaid, and will be received on
bAlUUDAiS only.
ml6-f-m 7th street wharf and 112th st. and Pa. are.
ton on Srndays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. at 7
o'clock a.m., for Potomac River Landings. Lands at
Grinder's wharf Sundays 8ud Tuesdaya down. Wednesdays
up. Brent's wharf and Chapel Point Thursdaya
down, and Mondays and Wednesdays up. Mattox
Cieek (destination) Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Packages received and information (riven at offices of
G- L. SHERIFF, 328 and 1114 l enasylvania avenue.
G. T. JONES, Agent, 7th street wharf. mhl2
Travel To Europe.
estimates of cost ror tours to any part
CHEERFULLY GIVEN. Siiedal arrangements
for escorted parties to foreign lands. Full particulars In
.Travel. *ith maps, sent Free. Address
162 Broadway, New York.
mhl0-s,t,tb,39t C. A. BARATTONI. Manager.
summer service.
Sailinc from QUEBEC to LIVERPOOL every SATURDAY.
tailing from BALTIMORE to LIVERPOOL every alternate
Extra Weekly ships from
_ Accommodations Unequalled.
Cabin |70 and $?0. Intermediate $40, Prepaid b tee rage
For information, Ac., apply ti
LEVE & AI.DEN. General A (rents,
207 Broadway, New York.
G. W. MOSS, 225 Pennsylvania avenue;
JAS. BELLE W, 711 7th str-et:
Or, Mrs. d. A. BROSNAN. C12 9th street,
ni!3 Agents in Washington, d.C.
OOPE!!! ? URO PE! !!
leave New York April 20th, Juue 1st. June 13th and
June 30th, 1883.
Passage 1 ickets by all Atlantic Steamers. Siiecial facilities
for 6ecuri!.ir GOOD BKR'lHS.
TOURIST TICKETS for individual travelers in Eurot>e,
by all routes, at reduced rates.
cooks excursionist, with Maps and full particulars,
by mail 10 cents. Address
f21-wAs34t 2C1 Broadway, X.Y.
btramhhip Line Betweek New York. Havre.
London. Southampton ajtd Bremen.
The steamers of this company wnli sail EVERY WF.Dyi/DW
AND SATURDAY from Bremen pier, foot
of 3d street, Hoboken. Rates of passage: From New
York to Havre, Loudon, Southampton and Bremen,
first cabin, {100; second cabin. $60; steerage. $30; prepaid
steerage certificates. }22. For freight or passage
apply to OELRIC1IS & Cu., 2 Bowling Green, New
\ork; W. G. METZEROTT k CO.. 925 Pennsylvania
aveuue northwest. Agents for Washington. jai2
1u prom pier 4ttk. s new york
Gallia .. . Wed.. June 27. . Scythia Woa.. Julv 25.
Bothnia.... Wed.. Julv 4. I Gallia. Wed., Aug. 1.
Aurauia.... Wed..Julv 11. i Bothnia.... >\ed.,Au.r. 8.
b??l?-:,V^?ea- Jul>"18* ' Aurauia .. .Wed.. Au-'. 15.
Steamers maiked * do not carry steerage passeugers.
Kates ot passage?$80 ana $100, according to accommodation.
t-'teerage at very low ratea. Steerage ticketa from Liver)
col and Queens town and all other parts uf Europe tt
lowest rates.
Through bills of laden given for Belfast Glasgow.
Havre, Antwerp and other porta on the Continent and
Icr Mediterranean torts.
For freight and passage apply at the Company's office.
No. 4 Bowling Green, or both steerage and cabin to
OlIS BlUEi-OW & CO.. 605 7th street, Washington,
Or to Messrs. Ol'IS BIGELOW k CO..
Jan 12 605 7th street. Washington.
The first-class, full powered. Clyde-built Dutch
Steamships of this Line, AMSTERDAM. ROTTERDAM
W. A. 8CHOLTEN. MA AS. .arrvlnkr the U.S.
Mails to the Netherlands, leave company's Pier, foot of
Sussex street. Jersey City, N. J., regularly every WED*
NESDA\ for Rotterdam and Amsterdam, alternately.
First cabin. t70: second cabin. $50: steerage. $26.
E. CAZAUX, Gentral Agent. 27 Sooth William street,
New York. For i?ssage apply to W. G. METZEROTT
A CO.. 925 Penn. ave.. W ashimrton.
medical, atc.
prescriptions and send you to some side-show druggist.
who divide profits with the doctor. Those disap1-ointed
of a cure of private diseases should consult Drs.
RtOTHEHS and GRAY. 906 B street sonthw< St. Will
turnish medicine, guarantee a cure or no pay. Thirty
years' exi<erience. Je26-lm*
Pills for all female complaints, obstructions
and all diseases produced from irrrgnlar:ti s; no taste
or smell. For sale only at 906 B street southwest.
address on receipt of $L Box 307 City Post Offloe.
Dr. BROTHERS, 906 B st. n.w. Particular attent
ou paid to all diseases peculiar to Ladies, married or
single. ,A11 irregularities and Ovarian trouble a treated.
Thirty-five years' experience. Jel6-lm*
accommodated with Board, before, during and after
sickness, with Medical Treatment, in a Physician's
family. Address Mrs. M. H. SLOAN E. 116 North Caroline
street. Baltimore. Dr. Sloane'a Nervine, Tonic for
the Generative Organs, $1 per bottle. Jel5-3m*
To all who are suffering from the errors and indiscgetio
s of youth, nervoua weakness, early decay.
of J^nhood, Ac., i v%H send a recipe that will curs
you, free of CH akgr. This great remedy was discovered
by a missionary In South America. Send a
^f-addfeaw*1 envelopejo the K?v. Joseph T. In Max,
Station D. New York City. o7-s.tu.th.Ak.ly
longest established specialist in this city, with 18
1* are experience, will guarantee a con In all diseases ot
the Urinary Organs, Nervoua Weaknsss, etc. Consultations
strictly confidential. Can be consulted Wednesdays
and Saturdays, from 3 to 9 p. m.. at his office. 456
C st. n. w. Refers to the leading physiciana of Balttmore.
Main oiho* 30 N. Uberty st.; J&Utlmora. Md.
or two of Dn. BROTHERS' Invigorating Cordial,
cure any case at Seminal Weakness, Nervoua Debility
and Impotency. It imparts vigor to the what* '
system. $06 B st. s. w. JelS-lm* 1
jo kadi read::
avenne northwest Prioe $3 per box. esnt by man undar
ssal onreosiptof price. ?11
the trades.
T) ufus H. DARBY.
It 432 9th street, NEWSPAPER. book AND job
PRINTER. AO kinds at Printing, la good style, at km
prices. Satisfaction guaranteed^ js6
t elgers. journals.
Jj CASH BOOKS, Ac.. Ac..
To order atLycstfs Btndm 1013 Pa. me. I
Jal8 ft W. MflNBAL Pwp*r.
i: Vr." ^ 'v. -
Detarixlnt or the isTKRiok"
Washington JuneM, 1MB.
rroiv?*!? w-!ll lie received tl till* office until
twj-LYe m. thk tenth i?ay or July. ih?u. to
furnish, d?'i\rr. fit aud put to |*taoe c??iri|4ete suoxift
17.500 iwwn'.rrn thousand and five hundred) luiwrt
feet of hoJow tiln or M)?? arch l>kirk? c< I'utihw r*im
Cotta for flreprooftn? u?. new roof* new torn* construe
ed over th- south wiu*- of th* Interior I*e|<arUuent
BuiUliuir. S|?c:fi( at-.ou* and diagrams sbowiug lita
fl?aciuc of the rafters, etc Blank form* of |wi ana A
Mms, and hi> additional :ti(?ruiar<>u may I* cl<talm4
? application at tbeotticv of Cm** ft schulte. architects.
The ntrtit to reject any or all bid*. or lo waive defevta. 4M><
ia reserved. , !{
_ .. . IT II TELLER. ^
eo5? Keen tary of the lnt. ru*.
Department of THF. INTERIOR.
WasMlMiTON. Juue 16, 1HHS.
Seal. *1 Proposal* will 1* received until noun on Vny.
IHY. H I V SIXTEENTH, <at whioh time tbev mil 14
ouened iu she prewsuee of mch buMm a* may desire to
attend). for furnishing to the ?i< \emment Hoi<ital fop
the Insane, near this city. Meat*. Uroceriea, Hour. Pry
Goods. Kbdrn, HaM??n'. Medical Huppue*. Paint*.
UK Fuel, Lumber. ftc.. for lift twal )eai eL-lin* June
3d, IKS4.
Sbedul** of estimsted amount*, blank form* of proposal*.
instructions to bidder*. ftc., will l?e fum sb??d
on application tothi* lVpsrtment.
Proj.o*s:* mint lie addr*ased to the "Secretary of the
Interior." and indorsed "Proposals for 1umtshing
Supplies to Government HospiUd for th*- ln*aue.*'
H. M. TEi I>R.
Jel9-7teod Secretary.
Department of thk INTERIOR,
Washinoion, June 1*. W1.
Sealed Proposals will I*- received uutil N?K?N >n
Fit 11>AY, the SIXTH OF JULY, (at which t;n,e Uiev
will lie oj>ened iu the |'!twi,i* of sucli bliders a?
may attend' for furnishing Meats. Unwerie?, Metical
Supplies and Fuel a* may lie require1 ty tha
Freedmeu's Hospital, in this city, for ihe fiscal year
endirtr June Ho. 1NN4
Schedule* of amount*, blank form* of proposals, Instruction*
to bidder*. *c . will l>e furni?h?.t upon application.
Proposals 11111*1 be addressed to tile ">ecretiry
of the Interior." and endor*. d ' Tni-sal* for fur- *
niblmiK aupplie* to I'mdiut u'i H<w>pital.
H. M. 1 EI.I.FR,
JfI9-eo.1t , fv.-rvtary.
Healed Froposal* will l>e rio lved until TEN OTI/OCK
A. M.. SATI'RDAY, JI'NK THIR 11K1 H. !???, loe %
PainilnK the exterior wall* of the Ciovemment limiting
iifhtv. inciiidintr *a*h and door*, old |<art two ooata,
new addition tun* mat*, tin i\?uf* two coata.
For particular* atUire**
yy> at H p. Horsns. Public Printer.
ro the North, west. ani? hoi tiiwfst.
Tn*rss I.favf. Washinoiok. riu>M station, rnnsra
ofmitrami B *tr>it*. At- ri>l,lx?*k:For
I^ittabutv and tlie \\<*t, ( bicnir-t Limited l.*pr?ai
of l'ala<e hiUepiiiK <'*r* at V '.t?i a.m.. rtatiy . Fai<t
Lino, it.30 a.m.. >iaily, x*itb sirepintr far*froiu
Harri*l>unr to t*iuc:n'iati. \V?-wt?*rnl *pr>?** " :V? o.
m..dailv. with l'alace t'ar* t<> l*iltHl>urif and Ciiicinnati.
A1m>. con net*, except Saturday*, for t'hioairo.
via Colvnit'iiH and t\ St. L. ft P. R.R., with
sleeping Car lltlitbunr to ?'hiea*-o. Mai Eiprm,
9 T0 p.m. dally, tor Pitt*l?uiv and the Weat. with
Palace ^leepimr far >Va><biiitrtoii to (iiica?ro.
For Erie, Canan<lai?niii, Rf*cbe*t*r. Rufalo, Miftnt,
9 Ml p. m. daily, except Saturila>. witli Palace < "ar*.
V?Khr (rtou to Cauaudaitfiia, and Hartnabur* to
For Willianioport. 1/ock Haven and 1 lmira, at 9 90
a. m. daily, exeej t Sunday.
For New ^<rk and tne l ant, H:O0a. m , 10 30a. m..
I :.'*0. 4:V0. 9 50 and 10:30 r. ni. On Kundav, 4 'J'i.
9:5o and 10 v<i p ni. Liuiited Esprem of Pullman
Parlor Car--, 9 no a. m. dailv. em ept Sunday.
For Bo*ton without chantre, 1.30 p. ui. every week day.
On Sundny. 4 20 p. m.
For Brookl>n, N. V., all throiyrh tra n* connect at
Jerm-y City with lioata of ltronklyu Anne*, affording
diiect transfer to Fulton atreet, avoi.linir doubla w
f<rr:i(e aoroaa New York ('itv.
ForPhilartelpbia, H 00 a. in.. 10 Ma. m.. 1:30, 4 ?0,
II Mi and 10:^0 p. m. On SumUy, 4 :*>, 9 .V> and
10; p. m. Limited Expreaa. 9 30 a. m. daily, except
For Baltimore. 6 40. F 00, 9 30, 10 30 a. m.. and 1 30
4:20. 4 40. <1:20, 4:30,9;6t) and 10 20 p. in. ?>11 sunday.
9:S0, 10 :t0 a. m.. 4 20. 0 20.7 30. 9 50aud
10:20 p. 111.
For Pope*a creek Line. C:40 a.m. and 4.40 p.m. dally,
except Suudav.
For Annapolis, f, 40 a.m. and 4 40 p.m. dally, except
For Alexandria, <".-30, 7 00. 9 20 11:00 and 11 26 a.m..
2:00. 4 :tO. 5 (at, f>:20, K and 11 ;?? p.m. ?in
Sunday at 6:30. 9.20 aud 11 25 a.m., 2 uOaud H >k)
For Richmond and the South, fi:S0 and 1125 a.m.
daily, aud 5:00 p.m. daily, except Sunday.
Trams leave Alexandria for >V?*biiiri<>ii. ?. <10 8 00
9:5Sand 10:00a.m.: 12:30, 12.50. 3,00. 5 10 7 no
and 9:10 11.111.. and 12:00 mnluinbt. on Sunday at
N:0lt, 9:53 and 10:00 a.m. : 7 00 and 9 10 |>.ni.
Tickets and information at the office, northeast corner
of 13th street aud PelilisylvaiiU a\enue and at tha
station, where order* can !? lett for the < lieckinir ?Ja
bairKaKe to dettiuaiiou from hotels and residem *.
J. R. \N? M U?,
General Pa>?eUKer A?renE
CHAS. E. PFfiH, General Maua?n-r. my 14
Schedule to take effect SUNDAY. M AY 13th. 1H*3.
L*-ave Washiuirlou from station, corm rol New Jersey
avenue and C street?
For Chicago, ( incinnati, Ixrui*\ille and St. Lou it
daily at 3:05 a. m., 10 15 a. ni.. 10:10 p.m. with
Thr-'U?rli ache* and Palace Sleeping ?'ars to al "V4
jioilite. without chancre; 10:15 a. m. daily to i'hicas-ou
except Saturday.
For I ittsbiuy, Cleveland and Detroit at *:S0a. m.
and 840 p. 111. daily, 8 40 p. m. is a solid train to Pittabiir?r
with Sleeping <'nrs attached.
For Toledo and Detroit via MourocviUe, 10:15 a.m.
daily, w ith s!e;-|?er for Detroit.
Trains for Philadelphia and New York at 810 a. m.
daily exciit Sunday; 3 p. ni. and 9 40 p. m. daily,with
Parlor ana Sleeping Cars attached.
ForBaltiniore on week da\s, 5, C 30. f. 40. 7 45. 8:lo, 9
and 10:05 a.m., 12:10, 2:2o. 2 35. 3, 3 :t0, 4 30.
4 44t. 5:;40. 7. 8, 10, 9:40. 11 30 p.m.
For Baltimore on Hnnoays. 6:30. 7 45. 9, 10 05 a.m.,
1:25. 2:35. 3. 4 :40. 5:30, 7. h:10. 9:40 n.m.
For Aunepolis, 6.40 a.m., 12:10 ami 4.40,011 Sunday,
9 a.m., 4:40 p.m.
ForWav station* between Washington and Baltimore
5. 0:40 9 a.m., 12:10p.m.. 3 :^t 4:4<t, 7 and 11 :i0
p.m. For ntation* on M<'tro|Miiitati Branch. 7 45
daily excx pt Sunday, 8:30 a.m.. 4 .45 and 5 45p.m.
dait>; tor Staunton. 8 tilt a.m. d-ily exc?-pt Sunday;
1 or Frederick. 8:30 a.m., 10:15 a.m. aud 4:4S
p.m., daily except suuday.
For HajrersU wn 10:15 a.m.. daily exoei>t Sunday, 6:45
p.m. daily.
Train* arrive from the West daily, 6:20, 7 35 a. m..
2:25, 8:00. 9:25 p.m.
From New York and Philadelphia, 2 55, 8:30 a.iru
daily, 8:10 p.m. daily except Sunday.
F:om Aunaioi*. 8 20 a.m., 1:50, 6.37 p.m.; Sunday.
10:40 a.m., 6:37 p.m.
From Staunton. 2:15 p.m., daily except Sundav.
From Fr?ierick aud intermediate pointa. 8 25 a.m.,
10:00 a.m., 2.15, 4:2U p.m., and 8:00 p.m. <1ail;r
except Sundav: 10:00 a.m., 8:00 p.m. daily froiii
l ointof R<>cks.
Trains leave Baltimore for \N aabliiirtou at 2, 4.40, 6 40.
7:15, 7:30. 9, 9 10. and 10:30 a. ui.. 12:15. 2:50.
4, 4:40. 5. 6:25. 7:3<L 9:00 and 11:36p.m. .on Sundav
s. 2. 4:40. 7:15, 9. 9:10 a.m., 1:30, 4:40,
5. 6:25, 7.30and 9:00 p.m.
All traius from WauduuKtou stop at Relay Station except
4:30 p.m.
For further information apply at the Baltimore and
Ohio Ticket Office? Washington 8'tatiou. 6i9 and 1351
Pennsylvania avenue. Corner 14tli street, where or (era
will be takeu for liatfjfaifc to be checked aud received at
any imiut in the city.
W. M. CLI ME NTS, M. of T.. Baltimore.
my'4 C. K. LORD. Gen'l I*asseinrer Aircnt.
Liebk; compaxvs extkact of meat.
An invaluable and palatabl*tonic iu all ennea
( f weak duo-'tion aud debility. "Isavucctss
aud u Is sm for which nation* should foci
eratefu!."?See "M<dic*l I'm*," "Liaioet."
British Medical Journal," ftc.
CAUTION?Gennlneonly with the facsimile if
Baron Liebur's Snrnature iu Blue Ink across
ti e Label, llua caution ia necer-.tr>. owlux
t( various cheap and infcx;or euUiUtutua bail
a in the market,
To be had of all Storekeeper*, Grocers and
CLemirt*. bole A*fents tor the I'nit.d State *
<wLoiesxle ouly> C. David ft Co., 9 FeniLurch
avenue. London. EuicUnd. ap27
??? ???????? ??
A wineplansf ul of which contain* 10 irrarnmet of Beef
artificially ditreeted by Peiwtne. It 1* entirely assimilable
and passes mto the blood veaaela without 'eqiriu* tha
stomach to do any previous work. It 1a highly recommended
(by the medical faculty of Parla) to con vale*- j
cents, to ixnous who** blood la poor or who suffer from 1
Chlorosis, Diabetes, Weakness, (ieueral Waatimr Away, I
Stomach Ache, GastraUr:a. Los* of Apuetite, or tothosa '
Exhausted by > xoess of Work. Aire. Fever. Dysciitwy.
Disease* of the Chest, cancerous Aff ections, rreqiieut
Travel)ntr or Ixttur Fatigue, l ane. Rue Vlvieime. No.II. *
bold by all Druggist*. ja22-mftthly
or th?
In tlie city of Louisville, on
SATURDAY. JUNE 90th. 1883.
These drawings occur on the last day of race month
(Sundays excepted. > Repeated adjudication by Federal
and State courts hare placed this Company
beyond the controversy at the law.
To this Company belongs the sole honor of
having inaugurated the only plan by which
their drawings are proven honest and lair beyond
N.B.?Tbecaanpuiy has now on band alanrn caidtal
ino reserve fund. Read carefully the list of prims Tor
; M. I... ,y30, 600
' .... 10, ono
, ' -f*!??
w^iyP^iOUee?seetsestese?s?onees* 10,0W
???*** HP.00U
lOCjPnzM. lWi^h.. 10.00J
25 ; , v?Cll? steMassseesas sssass*

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