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. . ? i.er r Hlilt-Dre l?t:i ai.d (J ?l?.
j w , wim .ar<re side, trout and rear y.ird. Rent only
*35. ALBt R'l F FOX.
J 11 -**t 92o Fst Li. w.
li \|t PI. $150.220 X J. ?w. ? lOr??50
7 11 7tii a- n store io:ts R I it. 'i w..lOr ?<)
and d*ei.n..r 1'i't xi'?-JIM it a w..Hr 60
1?".'5 v? ?*?* ?*??. l:lr 12.i2420CravenTeiTare.9r.50
-.17 ytn ?t l. w.,;?r JOO '.'4L'.HCnT*iiT*nact.Vr.*>0
1 >1,. h -i ii i4r .. .lu.i -.ii ;-i I n. u.w. wr .V)
:?i*iN H 1?? ..lOO 1521 Dtin.w .7r 5t?
a- I Jr. ion i.",(i| out n ?, lilr 50
KlWi m ave.,;?r ion 1108 F st.n .w- ltir.
V?>. 14r....83.33 !?32 n. Y av. n w..ior..4.?
T-l ? s:?..,3 1029 17th st.n. w?7? .*o
41*?"? ? *t i *.l?ir 83.33 2900 Q?tn.w 33.3.1
17;;1 1 'e Sa'.. sst.. 1 lr so 1 ?<'-* sth st. n.w,. 7r. -10
] 4 lJt> ?i. upper part ..75 1321 C- ni:.av.n.w..25r
V' ii i: i* ,j?r . ,1213 1. i?t. n w,. 7r. 27 50
T N II > u.w.Ur 7u !!?n; 'fiilint. ii w. 7r.. 'Jj
l'i " 1 ?t. u . llr 75 1 *02 Corcoran St., 6r 20
] |ii7 Mvmh n.w.!)r... Wl i?t at. s.w . tir 15
. . k. ?t u w.. l:ir ... CO 1325 stanton Alley,5r..l0
[h HiJl]r?rpLaw.JOr.lM)
1 h?- al>o?- iouxm t ax be examined bywrnilt fr >M
iru ttiie only. ihuMA3 J. FIRMER * CO.
_ 1834 r **?
?v<>R RENT ? FRAME 2002 32D (HIGH) ST.,
i v iuwn,5 rwuu, ?>uumer kitchen and cellar,
* 1". key a: 2060. JOS. FORREST. 917 T st n w. 12
iiS. Jell-lm*
]"???l: KKNT H'>US??i21. '.'3 FSTTSvW . B ROOMS;
ni">rn ni.pruvemfttt, IIM.SO permootk. Apply
t - vv ?. Johnson.718 13th at. n w. J*7-lai
'!?ui f. larire trrouud* for summer boarders-.
1 .r :*or<j r un.urui-.hed. food inducement toper
i iiieut tviiLiatit. D. U. PROCIOR k. SOS, 1*V6 F at.
|. sx JelO-lw
I 1-* 1 :t l <t.n.w .containing 15 rooms and basement;
t ii-or iio* betnir altered fot business t>ur
I .???. Inquire at U'iCI i tt. JalQ'Ot*
1*>T. RENT- _
? in :td ii.w. C.'?r$S3 33 49 B 13r. #Go
liUi' Mh u.w . llr 5i> >;j Ln.w..7i .... ......,1?
i* U r I ??.?.. lor 4.VOO v!ll >. Cap , furut?he<l. .7.1
I i"tfuiit i'mi*. I'orucr i tli ainl i. n. w., witli An# fix*
t -rm a'i-i < ?..-? luf tlnitr ?U.r?. tor whiob purpoae it Uaa
1? ? !. -i^e.l f _>r ib- iaat 25 year* Lu? to a p?nuan?ut
- ro<'Ti ? for patent attorney or artlat at low fl*.
i. v-. Ii'iin i:, ! 20*0 F st n w. " Walter Buildlntr
i.:-. r." m irur.aiile tur plamber or like in Mine
I w ibentrance ou pav?d aile>. mid a few feet
I:, a, t .I. W. C. l)U\ ALl^
(biacceaaor to 1/uvall ft Marr).
jelO-ot 923 F at u.w.
i' >n MF\T i e04 Q ST.. CORrbF 13TU ST.. TWol
*t> r\ and ba*? :n?'i.t brick; y rooms, all mod. in.pa
> rv 1 rrf> vsnl. cuii ioW.34. ItiQture M. M. 1'ARKk.U,
141111 at ? w.
],'(>K KF N r-1210 1M TH ST N. VERY DESIRA
11- 1 1, k dwiliiiK. containing 13 roon*. t>aib. and
a.i :;i. cvru n UT. nieuiM; well and fouii-ietely tur
t . '1 w II r ui i. !it iixiuu.or to ?de*ir?ble tenant.
A , . v 1 i HOS. J. liTsHEK & CO.. 1344 F -it. u.w.
?? . n::-?l by a naval otticor now atsea; well fur
1 ?.. n< '1. imp*.. ?tabling tor two borsea; vrer
1 >ka . - 1 1 tire ny. <l?ii*iitiul nuiuiuut r^aidence.
< ; . lnuuira, A1 M. I'AREElt. 14IS F at. u. w.
>6 lit
r > 11. lto'oar. uu i ? ncrvte st.; Kas. water, kc.: oa
1. e vt care. Only 415 per oioutn. Inquire ol I St.
a w inyl7-ltn
H!i -dw itUui i eve., aoctit<ied the past three years by
t,..- Se.-retary oftue Bntiau liifatiou. Apply to J. J.
hULl>i>. 1*V* 14tliat. Jel-lm
1. wat ir-ie 4333 15J4y I2thst ?70
1 t . i.n ?*e ^...'JoO 1311 iltb at. b5
\ ni av near K .350 2022 F at 00
i:;>Ml -t 2o0 17CS 14th. ho.Aatora ..CO
1 < in ie 150 1414 Corcoran at 35
< >. .umbta 1". -ad 125 701 D at. a.e 30
> 11. a*e. a^id ? at. 1U<) 17 lu 4 U ot ltJ
1< I ' vm< ?Mf. 75 1712 4th ?t 10
1514Fst 75 hichartlaon at ...12.50
A??v a .a; tie uun.ber ol luruinheit honse*.
Jel 1437 Penu. ave n,w.
> . rlmd F.aa e n.v* . IO r?.. all m.L
>n.ali H uae. near ForUand Flata, -J IL
Nien iiaii ave, Mount Fieaaant, 430.
:W2B^r. ? e.. ?1R. .
l?w TV LEU at RUTHERFORD. 12*??
il:'j..ik-mom. k . on tir?t floor, hard wood finish
1 -?t bt^tinir api ?ratu4. venti'.atinK trratett, and everjr
);..i ri.TC!ndi*. .urcv lot. a choice home. Apply to NS.
? i? 'I'Ot. 7*H> 0th st. n.w. ap27-2ni
rri?iiui t.ii nvimr and Fnntinir; 7 roomx, all mod
ern ltni ruveiiieni.t. price. 43.700; and another in
a. . l.y 1.: * _? 200. Al HTIX P. BROWS,
je 14 ','w l.tutl Estate ai.d l^iana. 1420 F at. n w.
W3-> N. i ave.d. w . 616 to 630 Md. are. a.
h.. li?r> 8.000 * . b. h, 4 riue. 418,000
4,' a. 44 :.iyr- 2211 to 22--'9 lotn
ti- *t. 1: e.. b.t.. 7r.?s800 at. u.w., b.h.. 5r? .13,000
113Ut? 1151U2:id ?t 331, 333 C at. I.e. 2,500
n.w ! li? 4r H.OOO 110O 20th at. n. w.,
4t?J-4UM l .th at. a. I. h? 5r 2,000
w . h h.. yr 5,600 18 lu 18th n. w, L h..
y \ a. ave. a w , b.h. 5rs 2.000
7r? 5.50U y?>y. 9111 a.e . th..
~ 1 .'?> 21.-H 2130 h. 5rs 2.000
it n ? . b. h.. 4ra . 5,000 424, 426 O-at. aUey,
1.11 l> st uwah.,1) n.w.. l.h.. 4r 1.800
r? 5.000 112 K at. n. e.. JT.h ,
?? :."? 22d at. n.w., b.h.. Or ..1.800
;*r? 44.800 1414 Samson St. n.W..
40.">to411 Baar'aalley, t.h., ??rs 1.700
ii w b.h.. 4rs. 4.000 92 Myrtle at. n.e^ b.
62 to tin u ?-.u e.. f.h h? *r .1.700
4 r* 3.500 31. 35. 37 & 39 Mvr
7U? w -t.u. w .b h..6r.3,500 tie at. n,e., b.h, 7ra 1,600
34 !>.N.t,ii.??b. h, 616.618 Marion alley,
7 r 3.300 f.h., 4rs 1,600
21OO Vermont ave 236 2d at. n.e., fjL.
n.w , b.h., 6r 43,000 2re 1,500
f. 14 btu at. n. e., i. n.. 820 8th st. n. e? t. h..
7 r .. 2,500 7r 1,500
174:; 11 th at u.w . 313 10th st. e.e^f. h..
b ii.. bra 2,500 Or. 1,400
ly Myrtle at n.e .b.h.. 412 3d it n.e.. th.
7 r 2.200 2r. 1,000
1 ii? ab> v<? la only a ]?>rtion of the property on my
b ' i?. b r lull lit call at office for bulletin issued ou
the 1st and loth. lie 14, THOS E. W AGO AM AS.
hoin?, leaving the city, will sell a 9-room Houae, all
Li connlete jrder. t>eanti:ul lawn, shade, and ahrub
b rv, lar.e lots, at ? sm rifice; or will rent, partly fur
l :^I.?1 This i? a rare opportunity to aave 4.>00 if
taken at onc-2. Stuall cash l ayiuent. balance to suit.
jel3-6t 618 F st. n.w.
Juat butlt; south front, ten roouia. all modern im
jr vemriits oj'eu trrates; latest improved ranifes;
? ,ul w.lMit nuiltijM; Geertrta pme floonnjr; *4 feet
1. lit t wi i>-paraintr. If aold within the next week
v . :i ?? .. ior ui luousand dollars e<u:h. Terms to suit
juB-has r. Apply to
M14N' OWSER, 903 U st. n.w.
:r^iue C-.ttArff.tu ruulUs alul bath, hot and cold
Water, lot ^>?>xlaU, Lanier Heights . price 48.500.
my 14-5w* 1220 F at. n.w.
^<oH SALL?
k .t. n.w , ci mer_J38.500 19th,n'rDupontcir.l5,000
1 - ti. ?t n. w 35.0U0 VI at.,bet.ytn4l0th.l2,000
NornioUt av, ^.OLS) M at? near 9th 11,000
I wa ? in ie 30 OtiO O st .near 12th 11,000
II -t . near 19tn .. .20.000 I3thst . near S -V'OO
M at., near l?th 1S.OOO 1 st. near 15th 5,000
Medium at d low-priced Houaea in all parts of the
rit). Choice Buildlutr Lots ou Ma?aaci.U3ctt8 ave., M
a; . 16'h at.. New kora ave. Select Lota at Forest Glen
i ri. v\ hitney Close, Mint Wood and all suburban sub
Ui\ lsiun^. GEO. P. GOFF,
Jsll-lai 1420 Sew York ave
l1 m - VI ? -421 2D ST. S.E.-A SKW BAY WIN
* low br:c i h' u-se. containing 6 rooms and cellar,
ath. rui.ic. latrohe. alate mantels, concreted walaa.
a: i t*r ?jid on monthly or quarterly payments, to
au.t j ,r< ii.?*er. pnee. 43.UOO. CANtNHnrtKh k
M'N. 11151 at. Jel-lm
1,' >R S \LE - CHEAP FoR~CASH ^la ? vTa"L L
bn> k ti" .sea, on fc at aw. bet. south Capitol and
1> .aware avenue. Ap? ly on the premiaea. JelO-lw*
>p. s \Ll:
-M or~?t b rtraia on 14th St.. bet P and Q sta. n.w ,
tLre^ story Blick. mod. lmp?L; lot 18x105 to
a... y can be lurneu into a store at little expense;
> r e. i7..'iOO A.so, beaiituul Lot on Sew Hampshire
ween L and M sta., 00 feet front, rnce 41.45
j^r -.| iar?- t.s?V J W. P. MYERS.
1428 New York aee.
re a:.ti ilwe.iinir, on ^2>i St.. bet. U and P sts.; lot
2-.J :r ? it. i nee only 44.5o0. J.W. p. M VERS,
]r 10-??t* 1428 New York ave.
JT *> ?' ... v. tieaMt.t ul yard. house w^ll huished and
. - 1 co;.tbtl?'u Stable Ob t>la? e. will be sold at s
- ? - t uEsBREY i. ORKEN. .*>29 7 th st. >e9-61
^"R ">ALE?bRtAT BARt> AIN8 IF Si^Id AT
_ O - l?o-^t ry an<l-bwa uieut bnck, a. m. L. on
l?,tu *T. u.w . lot 2U leet front, urn-e only 45..>00.
h'.oi au l 7 ;x*.'m i rame Hou*e on l'itb st. n.w . rent*
i : ?-??> i*r in* ntn, pn>e oniy 43.SOO J. V%. p
M V 1 KS, I t ,*H New Yora ave. >elO 1 w*
J78 R s %I^.
it n.' r aad cellar on Caroline kt. a.w.,....$3,60<]
i k in lo-'iuk on 13th. above low* circle 8,..<Hj
1 ? ... r . > n U^st., i<et. 1 jtk antl lotb u.w O.OOt
7 I'">iiis, v>ai.a h PU?- 4 OlM
A,j.i k. >i rooms, k it.. t>et loth au?l 11th sts.. .lo.oot,
7 ojoin*. Pierce Place, bet. 15th and 16th..3,.~?0<
11 Tooma, v< ?t.. bet. ] :tUi au'l 14th at* 7.251
.' i<"io.. S- 'itli < apltul ?t 1.UKH.
it roon.a, on ?. orcorau at .4,751
t roa.iiia. 14th at., t>usiu>jas property 004.
* i rooij *. 1 entoii st.. n'r injt. Print, office, .l^-'rf
7 ri < ii.s, st. l*t. 4th snd .">th n w 3.3X
Stcte ali'i UWelliUjr. 14th kt iO.OLK
" % ruii.?,i u iiik-ye?t.. U-t. i:>th and 14tb..b.2.>l
** 31 roo.i.?*i.il *t?k>ie oil Rhode IsmnUav 8,50i
" rovn a at. J store, 13th and C sta. a. w 4.501
" It rooii.a I'll N al..L?l.-Ulh A 21at st*., n*w
house 10,00t
Frame c?> in.nbartonave
en loi-f ? ?*., near roat office 2,OOC
34r. Iin' k. 1 .net .>tli and 6th. n'r Pe anion of . 10.5O*.
A.*". iitipr>jv.?i snd uuaiiprwved property in aU parw
cf the city. Ai-piy M> 3. v., p. MYERS.
mhl7-l.Sw- 1428 New York ave.
several aixrv-ui Ho usee on A at. il a; all moderr
j. -i r> v? u.enta. lu per cent luveauneub Pnce onlj
f2.000 each. Alao.
i r .ou. t>ri- k. 17>tl? at, bet. T and C at* 7,50(
> loom* on 1-, le-t. 15th and 16th at*. n.w 6.00'
11 rvuiS atd reiiar on t orouran at 7,OOt
Lr: k. 1 Ira.. >Jkat < apitol at., bet. 6th an<l <th... O.O""
11 11 -oiua. n e. i orner U and 21?t sta. u.w 8,50t
' rooi; son Marion.bet bUi and 7th sta.n. w 4,25<
A j p?y at once to J. W. P. MYERS.
inhli-i3w" _ _ _ S"ew Yorkavei
Ai.^v.a'us of buyimr or excha Kiiur lor handaomi
r*w;aencea near Lu[?.ut Circle, la called to the thre<
? -?.i>t and brautiHtlly hniaheii Houses just com
I .'Vi N?. 1740. 1742 and 1744 P st. n. w.. hard
w* '? .i finiahetL h^ndeomely fres> oed,and strictly brat
i!... m every teirvicuiar. DAVID A. VlNDaOK I
N. ow^era. 603 14th at B.w. av2:i-8W
: i?t > ompletetL ellinbly local, d, from 41.800 ti
?7, .OOeach on cas> terms. DANENHoWEJt ft SON
1115 F st. Je2-lnio
E room Ho uses and one tbree-atory leu-room owrne
Mouse. w;th all modern improvementa. on C at., be
twe n 8th and t'lh sts. s w. ; also, one nicely-locate*
Cottas-e aiid liable on (irove ave , Waahimrton ?<rov?
M I Ii- .uire ol A F. BALKER, 901 Viryuiiaave. *.n
Je4-2w* '
1/ >k SALE -1324 16TH ST. S.W.; #22.000-1 WIIJ
J aell at above price and on tertua w auit. this els
iraut and care! ulij constructed residence, recently bull
1 r u.i o* u occutskiicy (John Eraser, architect. David
e>?ti a Co., htuldrra>, a sc uar? north of Scot
Circle, on tir >a?l ltith st.. opl*oaite Mr. Robeson's am
Mr Penii.euns. onck stable in rear. Address Rev
DoUi.Las i > oKKJlsT, D-D. t^alvary Rectory. Clil
ton. by Cincinuaii. ohlo. J?4-lm*
2d st s.e., 3 s b . 10 rs., m. 1 ?5.001
C sL u e 4 a. u.. 12 ra. m i h.OO*
3-1 st. n e . 2 a U. J ra. m. i 3/-\>
Eat. n.e.. 2ab.,7ra^m. I J.2o<
> C. av?L. 2 a h, to n., lit. 1 o.OO1
1006 F st. n.w.
H< u? i ub I it, bet 4 -1 and Gt b h.w. . lot 2 a by 1'<!.">,
only 41 400 each, a (r>><xl investment.
l?lo-3f C. H. PARKER. 4 S *nd E lta.1.*.
oh 8th at., btL F aud (i a. w., good l"t. *2 OOO.
]el5-'.U' 4K and E sta. s. w.
J <itli *t. h.w. , all modern improvements. u iikt rtli
deuce. ?<uly 45.500. C. H. PARKER.
jel5 3t* and E *'8. ? w.
had at a bargain, il aold at once.
10-nx ni bona., all m. i., N at,bet. 1 4th and 15th sts.
tvnx.m house, in. i.. i.'U st.. bet. B and C sts. n.w.
10-room house, all in. i., K at., bet. N. Cap. aud lat
?tt. n.e.
11-room hon?e and store, all n?. i.. H f?t., bet. Rth and
9 11 ata. u.e. HUI TY A DVI.R, 13tli aud p "tg. jel5-4t
t> ruom bay-window brick . concreted cellar, all m.
t.lutlMHU to alley; Wallacli Piace, bet 13tb and
14th, T and U sta. HOT I to Dl E R,
Jelo lw 13th ana F it a.
money, iu the northwest, House 224ti Cleveland
?ve. u. w.; price $2,500; press brick lront, hall. Vesti
bule, latrobe, mautles, iraa fixtures, rantfe, hot and cold
mater, six ruotua, aud bath-room
Terms. part caah. balance easy monthly payment*,
or all caah. Inquire at
Jel5 tft' 2244 Cleveland avei
modern improvement*, irood yard: with brick build
in* on the rear suitable lor a stable. Central location.
lo23 9th at. n.w., also 3 atory brick house, V rooms and
an miner kitchen, lartre yard, (lot 127.8x20.2, to 30
loot alley) 127 A at. n.e.
The above property will be sold reasonable to a
prompt purchaser. Apply to the owner at 1023 Wth
at. n.w. Jelu-lw*
X Brick, N at., near 7th at n.w., 7 rooms 9 3,000
nrick, G at., uear 4th st. n.w., 1J rooms. 7,500
Brick. M at, near Connecticut ave.n.w., liJ r.. 12.000
Jirick. U st, near 20th at. n.w., 12 rooms * 8.OOO
Luck. Suuilenaud xTace n.w., 11 rooms 1 l.OOO
Brick, 4:h at., near R st. n.w., 7 rooms 3,300
Brick, iJth at., near <J st. n.w., lo rojmi...... O.ToO
Brick, Columbia at. n.w? 0 rooms 3.0O0
Jel5 929 F st. n.w.. (Second 1 loor).
i>et. (J and K, all mod. imps., rcutimr lor 412530.
1 rice 93.500. Mu-ruuiu brick, n.e., only $1,700,
renting for 15.30. WRluHT & BOLTON, ytu ai.d F
j ata. Jel5
.T Dwelling, 302 M st. n.w.; lot 21 leet wide; hoUM
almost new , in good repair, and location very desira
1 ble. LOL'IS P. shoemaker.
J?15-3t 920 F ?t. n.w.
brick trout dwellimrs, with stone trimmings. six
rooma and bath room: all ui.i., on L St. n.w., each
4.K-00, ou easy terms. _
TYLER k rutherford,
my 7-6 w* 122tf F at,
A houses, northeast. under rent at 41<-.50 each; will
be sold for $1,150 each. or 92,^00 lor the two.
Jel-ltu SWORMSlED'l & BRADLEY.927 F ?t.
X ob south aide ot K st. n. e.. bet. North Cupitul and
lat st. n.e; price, ?3,300, U sold wnnin ten days.
Buo\\;s 4 BRADLfcY,
Je7-10t 1331 r at. n.w.
in the northwest, now being built; price irom
43,000 to ?4,.>00 each. on easy terms. Call at office
lor bulletin and examine plana. DANKNHOYtER to
I SON. 1115 F at. Je2-lm
3-story and cellar brick dwelling, near Dupont
Circle, 13 rooma, 2 bath-rooms, laundry, &c.,
ail m. L. new and elevant (18,000
3-story brick dwelling near Iowa Circle on Vt
ave., ^3 leet iront, ii rooma deep, 13 rooms,
all imi 14,500
3-?tory and cellar brick dwellintr. 19th at., near
Dupont Circle, 10 rooms and bath, all m. i.. 13,500
with turmture 15,500
3-story and basement brick u welling-, near Du
pont Circle, 11 rooms, lurnace and all m. L,
handsomely hniaued 11,000
3 2-stnry brick dwellings, northeast section of
city, 5 rooms and ui.i. Price, each 1,400
An 8 room brick dwelling, one square from
Brlush Minister's, all 111J. 7,500
9-room brick dwelling, M st. n.w.. near Oth. 6.250
8everal very attractive and well-located new
brick dwellings, northwest section. 7 rooms
and cellar, with all m. L. at tti.OOO aud 95.200
TYLER & rutherford.
my7-7w* 1226 F st. n.w.
For sale?the very desirable dwelling
of 12 rooms and cellar. 508 tith at. n.w.. opposite St.
Dominic's Church. Apply uii tbo premises alter 4
o'clock, or to G. *. A 1 LEE. 1411 li st. n.w. aplU-lm
FOR SALE?2008 GSI.. 14R..VERY CHEAP.i9,800
2014 H St.. S r.. lot 20.3 by 140.10 to alley.. .5,5u0
1411 N at. n.w., with side lot 15,000
> .ne new bous? on 20th St., uear Blaine's 12,000
2421 Pa. ave., 9r&* mod. imps 5,500
905 M St. n.w 9.500
02 P st. n.w.. 7 rs., lot 10 by 135 l.OOO
A number lartre and small bouses in all sections of
the city. Call and see me bttlore ouyimr.
my-Jo-3m geo. W. LIN KINS, 19th and H sts. n.w.
Money to loan on real estate, prompt
attention to all applications.
Jel4-lm 927 F st. n.w,
Money to loan
On Real Estate Security.
Jel3 1313 F st.. Adjoining Sun Building.
On Real Estate Security.
Jell-6t 13*0 F street.
9o00. 41,000.
?tJVU. 92.500, 95,000.
Or any sUua up to 420,000. No delay. Low rates.
JeS-lOt E. A. McINTlRE, 918 F st.
\\TE HAVE 91.200. 93,000, *4.000, AND *25.000
it to loan on city property.
Je0-2w J No. BOWLES k CO., 1221 F st
Money to loan to army officers at le
tral rates of interest. JAMES E. WAl GH,
Je4-loi 933 F st. n.w.
ance placed. Army aud Navy Pay Accounts cashed.
l>.aiis on Building Association Stock or other Kood
Collateral Security. WM. H. LEMPSEV, 14?'4 New
I York ave. m> ^0-3m
! ^>30,000?TO LOAN
o -0.000
, 15.000 ON REAL ESTATE,
l.OOO [ttT251 THOS. E. W\QOAMA!?.
Money to loan on beal estate, a r .*> to o
per cent per ????""??. any sum uesired. or on vood
1 collateral security. R. A. PHILLIPS,
| apll-3m 1428 New York ave.
irX satisfactory real estate security, in sums to suit,at
5 aud 0 per cent interest.
13 HILL ? JOHNSTON. 7.38^ 15th st. nw.
to suit, at lowest rate ol interest.
*?15 corner 10th and F sts. n.w.
Money to loan on \pprovedrealkstatb
Yioderate commissions. No delay.
au.m OBQ. w. idNKlNa. cor. H and 19th sts.
In sums to suit, at lowest rates, on approved real
?state security. FITCH^ FOX A BROW N,
oc20 1427 Pennsylvania a va.
se5 13^4 F st. u.W.
Monet to loan on real estate at lowest
danenhower to SON.
?p24 _ 1115 Fit
clasa securities, at lowest rates ol interest. No
utlay where the seuunty is good.
mh30 O. C. GREEN. 303 7th st n.w.
v v monthly installments of 4->0 each, secured by my
salary vouchers and chattel mortgage ou *1,200 worth
<1 furniture. Box 133. Star office. It'
men ot amad capital, wishing to make a most profit
siue investment, will nnd it to their interest to call on
or address me at 8t. Charles Hotel before action, and
s-e soinetlumr new aud ealable. Patented June 2d,
1887. W ill be here this week only.
Jel5-2t* Patentee.
ness fur sale; 1305 E st. 11.w., near New National
J '1 beater, well stocked; fixtures and furniture. br*t
ciasn. transfer of license guaranteed. Long lease and
low rent. A bargain lor an immediate cash pun-baser.
Natislactory reasons for selling. Jell-4t*
'" lor a term of years, security ample (hrst-daas
city real estate, S per cent and no commission. Ad
.lins SURETY, Star office. Je9-1 w*
v* Irrred. with 93.000 or more, lu au established
J bu>lneas which will bear strict investiiratiou. Address,
J with lull name, MERCHANT, Star office. Jel3-eo,3t
* I1 A BERT. 408 5th st je3-3m
Accountant (scotch chartered* opens
audita, or keeps by contract sets of books; partner
shipa investigated. Intricate accounts balanced E. M.
1 NOBLE. 1326 F at- n.w. JaS-sfcwtim*
W w MOFFETT. 1311 F ST. N.W.. COMMli
> *' ? sionerof Deeds for every State and Territory.
) At ofnoe from 8 30 a. in. to 5 p.m. niy24-lm
' fr We sell you flue clothing, both ready-made and to
' your measure, on easy payments at the lowest cash
' prices strasburger A SON, Manulactunnn
! Clothiers and lallors. 1112 F st. n. w. my21-lm
91G PA. AVE. N. W. (South Side.)
Tenons truing abroad, or leaving the city should
avail themselves ol the advantages offsred bv this coin
I any lor the safe keeping of bonds, securities, jewelry,
* | late and other valuables. Clothing, paintings, work*
ot art, pianos, bric-a-brac, rugs, carpets, Ac . Ac., can
l? stored at low rates. Take actiou before, rather thau
i. alter, your valuables are atuien or burned.
Office Hours: W a. m. to 4 p. m.
f2ti-0m (Hatordaya. 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.)
Arthur Nattass.
Druggist and Pharmacist,
14th and I and 2d and D ata. n.w.
During the dull summer season I propose offering
special inducements from time to time. First on thi
list is
for bleaching hair the vary fashionable Golden hw
now in vogua.
Every lady may bluet Iter own hair without an]
trouble whatever and scarcely any expense compare
to what hair-dressers charge you.
1 have a larye supply on hand, aad arill sell In an]
desired quantity, large or email, Je4
CoIlap?e of the Effort* to Sare ibe Chi*
caf? Wheat market? Increased Ex<
citement on 'Change, and Prices Go
Down Lower Than Ever.
Chicago, June 15.?Kershaw & co. are officially
posted as having failed to go through the clearlng
h use. This means their collapse. The Imme
diate cause of the failure was due to Rosenfeld &
Co.. who garnlsheed Kershaws account in the
American Exchange National Bank.
11:52 a. in. July wheat wag sent down to
72\; from there It dropped to 72*, then to ??,
then to then to 72 cents, then to 71 x, and then,
in one Jump, to 71 cents. Another drop of v. a
cent was recorded at two minutes past noon, when
the market touched 70*. From this point It de
clined to 70, then recovered In jumps of uc. to 70,
70^, and <ic., then back to 70 V, and at 12:11
p. in. la 71% for July and 71 for June.
still another failure.
The suspension of s. M. Robinson, and Crafts ?
Co., has been announced. It Is as yet utterly Im
possible to gain any adequate idea or the amount
Involved In the failures ol the morning. B. J. Mc
Cleary's downfall is thought the heaviest,
and will reach more firms than any other.
Mccieary, it is said, was in the deal quite
heavily, but In the present unsettled
state of affairs even members or the firm had no
Idea how they stood. Margins were open and
trades unsettled, and until matters are adjusted
It will be next to impossible to tell how anv of the
Amis stand. The excitement In the pit is fast ln
marke ' Un<^ ^)ears ure savagely raiding the
HT5AOO'June 13. n =30 a. m.?:Four more fail
ures have just been announced on 'Change. The
di ms are T. B. Balding & Co., Crosby A Co., 111b
bard a t o., and -M. B. craltu. Balding ? co. claim
to be even on the market.
The suspension of iilbbard & Co. and Crosby & Co.
wikk,.?01!10 surPrlsei both came unexpectedly.
m clallJQ to be solvent. July wheat
| declined to 73 vc.
~ C?JSA0?' June 15,1 p. m.?The closing half hour
on change witnessed an almost complete sub
sidence ol the intense excitement which prevailed
when July wheat broke to 70 cents.
c f,^TA"KE'JUne 15.12:30 p.m.?There is an un
settled feeling on 'change, owing to the conflict
ing reports from Chicago In regard to Kershuw &
Co. and the news of fresh failures. July wheat
sold down to 71 and reacted to 73.
?v ?w HK, Jun? 16.?The wheat market since
the last report has been very much excited and
nervous. June delivery suffered the most, break
ing fully 8*. July also followed with a decline of
2\, with a good deal of unloading.
Later months are off from lal^c., as affected
by the depression in June and July. The specu
lative dealings, while less than yesterdav, reach a
fair aggregate, over 12,000,000 bushels changing
hands up to this hour/ *
A Dramatic Scene in a Chicago Bank*
ing Houee This morning-.
Chicago, June 15.?There was a sensational and
dramatic council at the American Exchange Na
tional Bank this morning. It began at 7 o'clock,
and settled the fate of to-day's market. Tnere
were present Joe Wiltshire, of Cincinnati, a mid
dle-sized, swarthy man; Eggieston, Kershaw's
special partner, wlio&e fortune is at stake now be
cause, it Is claimed, be has tx-en active in the busi
ness, was there. Kershaw's face showed lines
made by
President D. W. Irelln, of the bank, and of the Arm
?L, ? ,n' Green ? Co., was the most determined
looking man of the lot. Cashier De War. or th *
bank, and several of the directors were present.'
l lils consultation began Just as soon as Wiltshire
got off the Cincinnati train at the foot of Lake
street, and hurried to the bank. He was accom
panied by a good-looking, smooth-faced youn.r tel
low, v\ hose sack-coat bulged, as ? lerks" coats some
times do when they are hurrying to the bunk to
make deposits. The pair at once entered the bank
and the directors' room, where the others were to
meet them,
The scene presented will not soon be forgotten.
Kershaw was busy writing, ilia face was hag
gard, but the man looked brave. Eggleston's face
was a study, too, as he sat in this Interview. The
perspiration dropped from his brow, and his great
red beard was all awry. Wiltshire at 8 o'clock
left the bank and walked to the corner of Dear
born and Monroe streets, where he met the young
tellow who had accompanied him on the train
and who had before this left the bank for the
Richelieu Hotel. The young fellow s pockets
bulged again, l'he two entered the bank, and In
thirty minutes more the council was over Ker
shaw had the money to pay his dlfferences'and to
margin the market. Immediately arter the open
In# of the board or trade the secretary rappea for
silence. It wan a difficult thing to obtain, but
when he finally prevailed he read the following:
"Gentlemen: We are prepared to pav all our
clearing house differences and to margin below
the market. C. j. Kershaw & Co."
broke out at this, and the galleries, which were
crowded to suffocation by ladles, responded by the
waving of handkerchiefs. The rew announcements
of several small failures that followed did not J
count. The board or trade directors held a special '
session berore the opening of Change to-day, ror
the puruose or deciding whether or not to take !
any action. It was thought when the meeting i
was called that It would be best to adjourn the
board for a day In order to allow the excitement
to cool off, but It was finally decided that no ac
tion was necessary.
Chicago, June 15,11:20 a.m.?Liberal orders to
buy wheat are coming In from outside points, and
the market Is becoming steadier. July sold up to
<4. and Is now quoted at 73^, with a stronger ten
G.45Cy" COrn' oal3? July lard,
The Rritannic Sail*.
New'i ork, June 15.?The White star steamer
Britannic which has been repaired, sailed to-day
lor Liverpool. The same officers who had charge
or her when she collided with the Celtic, were In
command, but probably some changes will be
made in their rules when the steamer reaches her
Chandler Declared Elected.
Concord, N. H., June 15.?The senate and house
met In Joint convention at noon for the purpose or
electing a United States Senator for the unexpired
term ending March 4 1S89. The Journals or both
branches were read, snowing that William E
Chandler has received a majority of votes In each
house, and he was accordingly declared duly
An Epidemic*
Lynchburg, Va., June 15.?An epidemic of flux
is raging in Bedford county. A number of deaths
have occurred. Scarcely a family in a large area
has escaped the disease.
The Egyptian Convention.
constantinople, June 16.?M. Nelidoff. Russian
ambassador here, has reminded Turkey or her
liability to Russia because or the indemnity due
on account of the Russo-Turkl-h war, and has in
timated that if the liability is not met
Russia will take pledges t? guarantee
its payment. Count de Montebello, French
ambassador, and M. Neiidofr have had a
conference with Kiainll Pacha, president of
the council of ministers It has been in
dicated to the porte that Turkey need not en
tertaln any rears ret-peeling the outcome of her
conduct in concluding the new Egyptian conven
tion with England, assurance beiug given that
Germany, Austria and Italy side with England In
the matter. It Is believed tkut the convention
will be ratified before the:??d Instant.
lieneral Foreign \cw?.
London, June 15.?A disastrous fire is raging in
Lulea, Sweden, on the Gull of Bothnia. A ctiurch
the t ivn hall and many buildings alonu several
sire JR have been burned. *
Killed by the Fall off a Scaffold.
Reading, Pa., June 15.?While a number of men
were tnis morning engaged in whitewashing a
large icehouse near New Ringgold, for the Knick
erbocker Ice company, the scaffolding fell, precip
itating them to the ground, a distance of 50 feet.
Charles Wlest wu3 instantly killed, and WiiLKoe
nlg fatally injured. ^
Large Sale off mineral Lands la Vir
Lynchburg, Va., June 15.?Major John W. John
sum, or Birmingham, Ala., In connection with
Richmond, Va., capitalists, forming a syndicate
has purchased a large tract of mineral lands near
Buchanan, Botetourt County, Va. Northern men
interested in building the Virginia Western Rail
road have also taken an option on immense bodies
or mineral properties near the same place. This
has caused much excitement in the county.
A Policeman Kill. HI. Wile and Him
Jersey Citt, June 15.?At noon to-day Charles
Burch, a Jersey city policeman, fired three shots
at his wire, fatally wounding her. He then .'hot,
himaeir in the head and dlea. He was suffering
from temporary Insanity.
Burial off Bi?h.p Steven*.
Philadelphia, Jnne 15.?The body of the Her
Wm. Bacon Stevens, bishop of the Protestant Epi^I
copal diocese of Pennsylvania, was laid to rest to
day in the graveyard which surrounds the Church
of St. James the Less.
Uprising in the Argentine Republic.
Panama, June 15, via ualvkston.?a dispatch
has oeen received from the Argentine Republic,
saying that a revolution, which Droke out In the
prov ince of Tucuman, has been suppressed. with a
loss or 400 Uvea.
Strange Suicide at
Baltimore, June 15.?The steamship Hermann,
at this port to-day from Bremen, reports that
Martin Kelle, a passenger, aged twenty-four.
Jumped into the ocean when the ship was about
half way across the Atlantic.
He was apparently one of the happiest on the
ship, and was chitting pleasantly, when he sud
denly threw up his hands, Jumped overboard, and
Immediately sank, fit was from Brwnen city.
Plight off the ^orhau Castle** Pa*?cn?
ger??The (>cne?la Uoc? by Fir*t?
London, June 15.?The steamer Norham Castle,
from which the Prince of Wales started the Jubi
lee yacht race yesterday, but which he left at
Mouse Light and returned to London, reached Har
wich at 5 o'clock this morning. The fog had been
so thick during the night that the vessel was ob?
Uged to anchor. Five hundred and eighty of her
passengers remained aboard all night, and landed
at Harwich this morning and returned to London.
The Genesta passed the Norbam castle during
the night. The Dawn passed 35 minutes later,
and w.ta followed five minutes afterward by the
Alpine. The weat her continued hazy. The wind
is from the southwest.
Judge Thurman Completes His Argro
meiit?Bell's Cane Opened.
Boston, June 15.?in the United States Circuit
Court to-day the arguments In the famous Bell
Telephone cases were continued. There was quite
a large attendance of members of the bar, as the
great array of counsel has rather Increased the
great interest In this case among the members of
the legal profession. The fact that Judge Thurman
was to continue hla argument also added Interest.
Mr. Thurman reviewed the manner In which an
Invention may be patented. By this rule patents
are all locked up from the public. The whole
thing Is done in secret. How is the examiner to
know thts thing has not been known before. He
cannot know It unless it comes to him by acci
dent. But if he hears that some person has some
such thing already made he has no power
to call testimony. It cannot, therefore,
be said that these examiners act Judicially.
Judge Thurman then explained different modes of
procedure in the patent and law offices, and said
that In the latter proceedings were as public as
the day. If the Government had the right to ap
peal to the courts to set aside a land patent,
much more had they the right to ask the
court to set aside an ordinary patent.
The next point which Mr. Thurman said he
should consider was whether the Bell Telephone
Co. was a bona nde purchase. What Is there In a
patent which makes It negotiable and gives to It
all the Quality of a bill of exchange If the patent
was void tor any sufficient cause? You cannot
breathe the life into that thing and turn It
over to the Bell telephone with consideration
or without. He then considered the statute of
limitation. The patent was not confined to time
In limitation as to jecelvlng its rights unless ex
pressly provided by statute. This was a principle
recognized by common law for many centuries.
This case has differed from others that have been
decided previously. This case had been regularly
brought before the court, and the decision
of the United States Supreme court
In the private cases now before It
would not In the least affect the decision of this
case at present before the circuit court. Judge
Thurman's turther argument was composed largely
of a repetition of the arguments ot counsellors
Lowery and Goode, who had preceded hlrn.
Mr. E. L. l>lckerson, of Xew York, then opened
the case for the Telephone Co., and dwelt at
length upon the question whether the Attorney
General had the power to bring such a suit as that
now pending. Courts have repeatedly decided
that the Attorney-General, representing the
President, had no power as now claimed.
In all ol these cases he has never appealed from
the decision of the court to the supreme court at
W ashlngtou to iind out whether he was right or
not. Mr. Dlckerson then considered Mr. Thur
man's argument that patent cases and land patent
cases were similar In the authority exercised
over them by the Attorney-General, and claimed
that the two classes of cases were ent lrely different,
and cited iroui the records of the Supreme court,
to establish this claim. This closed the argu
Decision Is reserved lor the present.
A German Who Disappeared After the
-T1 u rder Said to Have tteeu Arrested.
Kahway, N. J., June 15.?It Is reported here
to-day that Caspar Strombach, who was em
ployed as a laborer on the farm of Mr. William
Foster, near Hontenvllle, has been arrested
on the charge ot murdering the unknown
girl found w ltti her throat cut last March, ^rom
bach Is a German and disappeared shortly after
the murder, 'lne police here will not discuss the
It Is understood, however, that they claim to
have suspected Strombach Irom the tirst. Detec
tives have been on his track ever since, and the
arrest Is said to nave been made yesterday In a
small town la Illinois.
A Boston Church Ontted.
Boston, June 15.?St. Mary s Episcopal church
was gutted by are this morning. Loss, $10,000.
The tire Is believed to be ot incendiary origin.
,\cw York Stock Market.
The following-are the owning and 3:00 p.m prices
Of tilt? New Xork ssiocrf Jiar*el, iv< ivpvjruiti by special
wire to 11. 11. l>odge, 531) 15lh street:
Can. Sou 61 Hi! 6U,'i North Pac ....
(Jen. l'at- 38;n< Do.. ]>ref
Ches. 4t O 6V Northwest
Lo.,lsl 11 I it Do., pref
Lv.,2d? 8 i ' Oregon Trans
C. 11. k u 144 Oregon Nav ..
Del. it Huil.. .i lu"J><<! 10234 Pac. JJail
D. L. & W.
Den. a K. U.
Do., pref...
Erie ..........
Do., pref...
H. V
111. Cent
Lake .Shore..
Lou. & Nash.
Mich. Cent..
M. K.& 1'....
Mo. Pat
N. V. X N. t.
N. J.Cent ...
N. 1. toul....
Peo. D. oi K
30 Beading
65H Bich.'ler,...
321* bt. Paul
1 Do., pref
3U'i St.P.&Dulutli 84J< 84>4
Do , pref... Jill*
it?1* SUP. At O I 52
<.?? Do., pref , 11(> 11 6
92 St. P.. M. at N. 1119 1 19>*
97 >4
yw 'v
29 V 29H Texas Pac....
1U8.V Lnion Fao....
56*1 55!* Wab.Pao
80 il Do., pre!
112 llllji |Weai. Union..
Italtimore Markets.
O. ) 3:00
59* 59?i
121* 121
149 149
aiJW 31?
102 ! 100
53% 53>i
37 . 37
50v? 50
o6;\ :i6
!iS*i yo*
;usi 31*
59' j 59 V
19'. 18S,
'X\ , 32*
BALTIMORE, Md., June 15.?Virginia sixes, put due
cou* on.-., 04X. Uo. new threes, 6."> bid to-day.
BALTIMORE. Md., June 15.?Cottou dull?mid
dling. 11J*. Flour quiet and ei^-ier in tone
Howard street and western super, 2.50a3.10; do.
extra, 3.2~>a3.90; do. tainily, 4.15a4.50; city
mills super, 2.50a3.00; do. extra, 3.25a3.75;
do. Hio brands, 4. i'5a.">.00 ^ Patapsco superlative
]>ateut, 5.45; do. lamdy, o.l5. Wheat?southern
lower and very quiet: red, 91a93: amber, 93a9.~>;
western lower and fairly active: No. 2 winter red,
spot, 8Sa88>?: June, 88 bid ? July, 862**87; August,
85 >41*86^: September, 86a8t>X. Corn?southern
steady, with teirular demand; while, 53a54; yellow, 48
a48}?; western lower and quiet; mixed, spot, 463*
asked: June, 45i?a46<; July, 45>va46i?. Oais
heavy and dull?southern and Pennsylvania, 3.'5a.'JG;
western white. 35a3tj)t; western mixed, 33a34.
Bye easier, 59a60. Hay easier and dud?prime to
choice western, i:;.00al4.50. Provisions nominally
steady. Mess pork. 15.00al7.00. Bulk meats?
shoulders and clear rib sides, packed, 6\u8>i. Bacon
shoulders. 7li*8j?; clear rib sides, 9; hams, 12al4.
Lard?refined, 8*??. Butter firm?western packed, 11a
14: creamery, l*ia20. Kggh lower and quiet, 15al5>6.
Petroleum steady?refined, 6At. Coffee nominally
lirnier?Bio cargoes, ordinary to fair, I8,\al9>j. Sugar
higher?A soft, 5 94. copper refined firm, 9'au9*.
Whisky steady and quiet, 1.14al.l5. Freights to
Liverpool per steamer quiet?cotton, Sd. :flour, ls.3d.;
grain. lJgal)?d- Receipts?llour, 11,380 barrels;
wheat, 20.300 bushels; corn, 28,600 bushels: oats,
4.U00 bushels; rye, 600 bushc-ls. Shipments?flour,
1.262 barrels: 'corn. 38.000 bushels. Sales?wheat,
845,500 bushels; com. 61,400 bushels.
A Pleuro-Pneunionia Scare.
It was reported to Chief clerk McGinn, of the
health office, yesterday, that most of the cattle
arriving in this city from outside places were
affected with the pleuro-pneumonla. The person
who gave the information said that the city of
Baltimore bad quarantined against cattle from
Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Last week
the gentleman said mere were more cattle sold In
this city tlian there were In Baltimore.
Mr. McGinn said to a Star reporter this after
noon that they would Investigate the statements
made, to ascertain, if possible, whether there
was any foundation for them, and If they
found upon Investigation that there were any
cases of the disease in this city they would report
the facts to the National Bureau of Animal Indus
try and do wnat they could In the matter. The
recent act of Congress, he said, provides for the
destruction of such animals and appropriates
money tor that purpose. Mr. McGinn inquired of
the health department in Baltimore as to the
rumor and was lnlormed that the pleuro-pneu
monla scare had prevailed there for some time,
but It was now pretty well under control. The
Baltimore officer said that the Bureau of Animal
Industry had been working with them, and were
acquainted with all facts In connection with the
Resigned.?Miss Maggie A. Walker, of Iowa,
has resigned her position In the General Land 01
Orders were Issued to-day retiring Capt. Pease,
of 9th Infantry, capt. Kennington, 14th Infantry,
and Capt. Durham, 18th Infantry.
Accuited of Bigamy and Forgery.
FRANK cookk's exploits in several cities.
S<vea wee s ago a joung man, who said that
he wa? Frank cooke, opened an office In Newark,
N. J., for the sale ot rubber stamps. He borrowed
a great deal of money, and Anally obtained a $260
tricycle from D. Rogers & co., of Newark, on a
forged check. He was arrested In the Coleman
House, New York city, where he had registered
under the name of Martin, and has since been
locked up at Jefferson Market. Yesterday Mrs.
iianlbal, of 80 South street, Brooklyn, went ta
Jefferson Market Court, and said a man calling
himself l)r. Frank Vernon cooke had met, wooed,
I won, and married her daught er Mary on November
I 10, 1886. He told the family that he was a
Shyslclan and had an office In Lexington avenue,
ew York city. As he never allowed bis wife to
visit his office the family got suspicious. About
this time tliey heard that he had another wife.
When his Brooklyn wife asked him if be had been
married before he denied It, but in a few dayB he
disappeared. Cooku was brought before Mrs.
Ha id bal. She said he was Dr. Frank Vernon
Cooke. Cooke is also wanted for swindling in
Boston, where he went under the name ot Dr.
Frank Vernon cooke, and where he Is said to have
married a respectable young woman, whoa he
The Mersey (England) Yacht Club has arranged
a match for a race between the yachts Thistle and
The committee of the British trades-unions
congress has reported adversely on the proposal u
hold an international congress.
The Cuban budget shows receipts the last yeaj
to hare been $23,000,000 and expenses $25,862,000
The government will increase from 10 to 20 pei
. cent the duties on all goods from oouatriss whOM
i products Injure Cuba.
general loga.vs body.
Wbjr Dr. Back Wants the Guard Be
Tbe Washington correspondent of the New York
Herald says: Ever since General Logan's death a
volunteer squad of regular Army soldiers hare
guarded his tomh In Rock Cn>ek Cemetery. The
other night when Dr. Buck, the venerable rector
of the ancient church with which the cemetery is
connected, sought to pass through tne grounds ho
was challenged by the guard, and was so much
annoyed by them that he said he would have the
soldiers kept out of the cemetery. He has com
p.alned that they desecrated it by playing cards
there and other unseemly conduct, and so there
^ /?ard around the vault. It Is in this
> auit that the remains of General Logan were
Pni *!n I)ec*roher 31, to stay until the state of
Illinois Is ready to receive the hpdy.
"When Mrs. Logan heard of the proposal to re
move the guard she was deeply grieved, and said
if the guard were removed the coffin, with her late
husband's body In it. should be brought to her own
home, Caluuiet Place, there to stay In what is to
be a memorial hall to her late husband, until In.
Illinois, or course her irlends do
i ^ done, as It would be a constant
!,i Mrs: L?gan's grief to have her husband's
s in sight. An effort is being made to
lndu< e the vestry of Rock Creek parish to let the
g";1? ^?ain In the cemetery. Dr. Buck's wishes
to the contrary notwithstanding. Dr. Buck's resi
close by the church and t he cemetery,
kL>1^ t'ie J"ard of the church. Dr. Buck
has been the rector over thirty years."
What Mr*. Lofan Knyu.
A Star r> porter this afternoon called upon Mrs.
Gen. Logan at her residence, Calumet Place, in re
gard to the above statement* She said that it was
true that Dr. Buck, of the Rock Creek parish, had
said that he would like to have the
guard removed. lie thought that it was
no longer necessary to have a guard
there, and, besides, that It was not
appropriate in a cemetery of that kind. Mrs.
Lo<an says that she told him that at present she
hud no other place to deposit the remains of the
General, and that she would not feel at all inclined
L. .{?ua V as romoved, to allow the remains to
stay there, in such an event she would bring the
coffin and place it in the halloi her house until the
place was prepared by the Illinois legislature.
Airs. Lo^an said that Major Rlttenhouse, a mem*
J**.1" of the vestry, was of the same opinion as her
self. Dr. Buck iiad said that he would bring the
I matter to the attention of the vestry, but she
I that this would not be done and that
nothing further would be done. As to the alleged
bud cO'iduct of the men, she had heard nothing
about li, out she had visited the grave frequently
and lound the members of the guard not only gf n
tiemaniy In their conduct but laltlilul in the dis
charge of their duties, she did not think that
their conduct had been in the least objectionable.
It cannot be learned that any protest was made
either at the War Department or at the Washing
ton barracks, from where the guard of a sergeant
and^lx men is detailed by order of the Secretary
O'Brien, of the Washington*, Sus
Word has been received that O'Brien, the flrat
basemen of the Washlngtons, has been Indefinitely
suspended, and it is said that intoxication
is the cause. Nothing la known here of
the reported suspension of Shaw, but
many people are of the opinion that
It might be true. They claim that no nine ball
players in the country can make thirtv-two base
hits off his delivery If he does his best. There
is no denying in ? fact that the Washington
team are not playing bail as It should, be played
and they can play K. Whether the demoraliza
tion Is due to the effects of John Barleycorn or
not is not known here, but many people believe
that the reports to that effect are not unfounded.
Garrison of Fort Uleyer.
An order was issued to-day by Gen. Sheridan for
the garrisoning of Fort Meyer. The post will be
commanded by Major Lewis H. Carpenter, of the
5th cavalry, who is stationed at Fort Supply, In
dian Territory. The companies ordered here
are company B, 4th cavalry, and com
pany B, Oth cavalry. The former is
commanded by Capt. Henry W. Lawton, the
famous Indian fighter. He 19 now in the tleld with
his command in pursuit of the renagade Apaches.
He will not report here until his services can be
spared by Gen. Miles, which means until the In
dian campaign is completed.
Company B of the 6th cavalry was engaged In
lighting the Indians some years ago, and
saw a great deal of hard service. For the past
few years it has been stationed in New Mexico.
1 he order regarding this company takes effect on
the 1st of July. It is expected that additional
stable facilities will have to be provided beiore
the second company can be accommodated.
District Government Affairs.
have been issued by I nspector Entwisle as fol
lows: John Cassel, to build a three-story and base
ment brick dwelling, 710 19th street northwest;
$7,000. Thos. Maloney, two-story brick dwelling,
1524 6th street northwest; $2,300. F. L. Reicuert!
brl.-k store and dwelling, 1114 and 1116 4W street
southwest; *2,000.
Sale of Suburban Beat Estate.
Messrs. B. F. Lelghton and R. E. Pairo have
bought of Ida U. Marshall part of the tract known
as "Enclosure," bounded by the lands of McD inlel
and yueen and the Metropolitan Branch and Bun
ker Hill roads, about 3 miles from the city. It is
rolling ground adjoining Brooks' station,
and 134 acres in extent, and the price paid Is
$<.?,ooo, nearly $500 per acre. As the rtLroad
company contemplates erecting a handsome sta
tion at tuis point the purchasers, who Include some
ten or twelve persons, associated with those
named, will at once lay out a suburban town.
Sales of Beal Estate.
W. F. Holtzman has bought of H. W. Garaett.
for |4.~52f lot 45 and part 44, square 177. fronting
20X100 feet on 16th street, between S and T north
west. O. L. Wolfstelner has bought of C. W Kln^
for $4,000, sub lot 234, square 271,15.17x49 reet!
on 13th and Bouudary streets northwest, 8. Hil
ton has bought or G. M. Meyers, for $4,000, sub
lot 90, square 241,10.67x95, in Kingman court,
between 13th and 14th, P and o streets north
A. c. Strauss has bought lor $4,600, of J. Sprigg
Poole, sub lots 191 and 192, sq. 271, each 18 by 7o
feet, on 12th street, between W and Boundary
Joseph Lyons has bought for $5,500, of C. V.
Trott, sub-lot 24, sq. 15,18x50.36, on Penn. avenue,
between 25th and 26tn streets northwest. '
the Lnlted States circuit Court in Bos
ton yesterday, after General Goode had con
? m ar8ument, Chauncey Smith followed
for the Bell company, claiming that the plaintiff
was not entitled to the relief prayed for. Judge
Thurman, for the Government, contended that the
Government alone could enter suit to annull a
patent, and not a private lndlvlduaL Judge Thur
adjourne<?UInent was concluded when court
The Associated Charities.?The report of the
general secretary of the Associated Charities was
made at the meeting of the board of managers last
night. It showed that the number of calls at the
central office since May 10, 18?7, was 212; that
the number applying for work was 56; that employ
ment had been lound ror 10; waa sent to alms
8e"t 10 hospital, 2; sent to friends in
different parts of the country, 8. ouite a large
number were aided to clothing and groceries. The
secretary reported also that the distress Is not as
extensive as during the winter.
unm.r^KfEriLT?STAB'8 1>0cket Atlas of the World
10 every new subscriber for one year
nf )mKI?LY Stab". 11,13 a handsomely printed
Profusely illustrated, with more
than 100 colored maps and diagrams, and contains
a wealth of general information, see advertise
ment in another column.
Drunk por six Months.?Jas. Foley, a con
tractor and milk dealer, was in the Police Court
l^day,c;harged Officer Nicholson with being
un habitual drunkard. The officer testified that
Foley had been drunk for six months, and that he
naa sent him home In a wagon on one occasion.
JJ? required to give bonds in the sum of $20 or
H roe months. Jessie McCoy, a re
spectably dressed woman of thirtv vears was
arraigned on a similar charge. She pleaded guilty
an(* disorderly, and was sen
tenced to give bonds or go down for one month.
Three "i ears in the Penitentiary.?Yesterday
afternoon, in the Criminal Court, Judge Mont
gomery , the case of Henry Brown, indicted for the
?j7^y~ha,wa82n? S48 trled, and a verdict of
guilty was found. He was sentenced to three
years In the Albany (N. Y.) penitentiary.
^?PgJL.4tUfT. Nprsks' Association.?The Army
Nurses Association elected the following-named
officers last night: Miss Harriett P. Dame, presi
dent-Miss Dr. Susan A. Edson, vice prseldent;
Mrs. H. A. B. Corts, secretary; Mrs. Martha A.
Ferguson, treasurer. A letter was received from
/ronton, N. J., stating that the condition of Miss
Dorothea Dix, president ex-offlclo, was not seri
ous, and that while physically enfeebled her mind
clear# 8he is &u inmate ol the bo&Dlt&l
which was founded by her own efforts.
op the Thermometer.?The following
m m. Signal Office to-day: 7 a
m., 60, 2 p.m., 75; maximum, 76; mtnimnm,
oif!fuNTf^KD,i,FO,R g^nd LA*CKNT.-Jna Hill,
,Adams> Indicted for house
I*"*1** of * gold watch and
Jewelry from the residence of B. De Long. In April
last, was tried in the Criminal court to-day. He
guilty of houEs-breaklng and guilty
of larceny. When called for sentence he said:
bonor, I ask for mercy in honor of
7,r please." The sentence of two
years in the Albany penitentiary was imposed.
licenses have
c^2??, 01 Frank
walker and. Mollis Miller: Everett r. York and
^^ronce B. Fitch; Joseph iL Simmons and Mattie
D 1l5fry Sheed; Arthur
?AdTE.oS?d??.8?f?,e John fconneri
Neb ^ ot Lincoln,
^ Taylor; John W? Hardy and
Fuss; Henry Jett and Julia Free; Herman
Hei?eBnn?5fr SSif D; Hf*VteyVJ- c- Gordon and
Kb. W. W. Coaoouv It doing qulti well to
Improvement* to W> .Tlade in Tit. Plea**
ant and Anacovtia*
Plans harp been In preparation mr time In
the engineer department of the District govern
ment for beginning, under the appropriation re
cently made by Congress, a system of suburban
sewerage. The details of the plans for wwsring
the northern suburbs hare been worked out. and
now await only the final approval of CoL Ludlow.
Under the appropriation, sewers will be con
structed to drain Mount Pleasant, Le Droit Park,
and Anacostls. The Le Droit Park eewer,
an eighteen-lnch 9ewer, will i>e short, emptying
Into the Boundary sewer, and will cost about
*1.800. The sewer for Mount Pleasant has been
Planned, after careful consideration of the natural
features of the area to be drained, with the view
to following the natural drainage so tar us possl
j"id also providing a sewer for present use
which will ultimately become a part
of a more extensive system. This
^^er? _ beginning as a twelve-inch
a ' at 1110 point when* Park street and
lbtn street extended meet, will follow Park street
tJien P? alo?g 14' h street road to Harvard,
to l.ith street road, to Columbia, to the line of New
avenue extended. It will then proceed
. *"oug Iho line of New Jersey avenue ex
tended till it. meets the six-foot sewer
that runs out 8th street. It will con
1,113 sewer, and through It
?*'ir lts sewage into the great Boundary
*.As 11 proceeds from the starting point at
st.reot, extended, it win gradually be enlarged
until at Columbia street it merges into a brick
sewer i>4 inches in diameter, and when It reat hes
win street it will have boen enlarged to a four by
sewer. This enlargement is made in view
5ct ultimately a sewer to be con
structed on Sherman avenue will con
nect with it on 8th street. This sewer,
tneestimated cost of which Is $-J3,OH), will, c>>l.
Ludlow thinks, provide for the sewage of the
"leas*nt region tor some time to come. The
lOial sewers now laid In the Mount. Pleasant
streets win connect with it. It Is not Intended to
carry on the surface drainage,as,on account of the
topography, the natural drainage of the surface is
a J*1**5 part toward the north and west.
It will provide for the surface drainage of a part
or the area only. coL Luulow expects that other
sewers will be constructed ultimately draining to
tne north and west into Intercept lug sewers, and
that a pump will have to be Introduced to make
the proper connection with the existing systems.
. work on the Mount Pleasant and Le Droit
Park sewers will be done this season.
A sewer will also be laid In Anacostla of a ca
pacity large enough to provide tor that section.
?.oral Xotes.
Chaa. Williams, a sailor, while at work at the
loth-street, wharf unloading ice about 0 o'clock
this morning, fell in a fit and had his right arm
badly hurt. He was removed to Providence Hos
pital In the ponce ambulance.
This morning Detectives Raff and Home ar
rested a colored servant girl named Jennie
Holmes, and locked her up at the sixth precinct,
on a charge of robbing her employer, chus. A.
Show of LeDrolt Park, of a gold bar pin. she Is
held for a hearing.
The Smith National Cycle Manufacturing co.
has organized byelectlug the following officers
and directors: A. Elliott, Jr., president; George 11.
Plant, jr., vice president; Edward Balgley, secre
tary ; A. F. Chllas, treasurer; E. G. Davis, Geo. S.
Atwater, Wm. E. smith, H. o. Towies.
The Courts.
Eqcttt Court?Chief Justice Bingham and Judge
Yesterday, Cannon agt. cannon; cause con
tinued and further time granted to take testi
mony given. Bramhall agt. Wharton; commis
sion to get testimony of non-residents ordered to
To-day, Liverpool agt. Liverpool; appearance
ordered. Kleinulenst agt. Johnson; reference to
auditor. Knott agt. Dickerson; Sailna Speake ap
pointed guardian ad litem. Peck a^rt, Sprague*
petition of John B. Burgess granted. Chad ey
agt. Clark; sale decreed and c. C. Bradley ap
pointed trustee. Co. 11 us agt. cross; du. 11. E.
Davis do. Van Auken agt, Adams; demurrer
overruled and ten days given to answer. Corrlcan
ugu, Corrlgan; It. J. Meigs, Jr., appointed guardian
ad litem.
Circuit Court. No. 1?Judne C r.
lesterday, Capitol, North O street and South
" ashington Kaliroad Co. agt. John f, cook; ver
dict for defendani, ?i,55*J.4H.
'io-day, Murphy agt. Jounston; Judgment con
fessed. Beale et aL agt. Brown et al.; on hearing.
CIRCUIT COURT, No. 2?Jtnlye llayner.
To-day, Shlpman agt. Fletcher; trial resumed.
Criminal. Court?Jadge .1/ tntgoiner .
lesterday, Wm. Bellows, embezzlement; recog
nizance lorielted. Henry Brown, grand larceny;
verdict guilty; sentenced to three years at Albany.
Probate Court?Judge James.
To-day, Estate of Jesse W. Jackson; inventory
or debts due and collections returned. In re Ro-.a
Toblu; W. Tobin appointed guardian, bund *3,ooo.
Estate ol c. H. Bilss; administratrix released.
L>tate of Hannah Jones; U tters of administration
granted to li. c. Jouts, bond {1,400.
To-day, John Smith, disorderly conduct; $5 or
15 days. Sophia Lewis, do.: do. John L. Carter,
colored, obstructing sidewalk; $."> or 15 days. Jerry
Harris, colored, profanity; |5 or ? days. Antoula
Wiener, sflllng liquor to minors; ??o and costs.
Joseph Williams, disorderly conduct; (5 or 15
days?appeal noted. John A. Bryan, Sunday bar;
$20 and costs?appeal noted. James McKenney,
disorderly conduct; collateral lorielted. Thus.
Sutton, larceny; 30 days. Win. H. Smlih, assault;
continued. Alice Williams, do.; $5 or 15 days
Barton Smith, larceny; restitution in the sum ol
$5 or 15 days.
Cumberland'! Champion yiarble Playet
From the Cumber land News.
The Hilty boy, who a few months ago lost both
arms In a railroad accident, Is a remarkable lad lc
many respects. Our readers will remember wltto
what nonchalence he bore his sufferings, and that
In an amazingly short time after the operation b?
was out on the streets, as bright and chipper a*
you please. Ills misfortune has not prevented
him rroui enjoying himself in many respects a:
other buys do. For ins- a nee, he plays marble-,
and plays far better than many boys who havt
two arms, eight fingers and two luumbs. In short,
he Is a champion ot the ring. He does much of his
playing on the West Slue, and it Is said he has
"broken" a number ol tne best players over there,
or course, the reader will have by this time guessed
that he plays with his toes. That's what he does,
and his "shots" show wonderful accuracy ana
lorce. Perhaps, as he grows up, he can train these
substitutes ror fingers to do useful and even
artistic work. There are well-authenticated cases
of this having been done.
The Deadly Spider Again*
From the Chattanooga Time*,
A colored man named John King prepared for
bed last Tuesday night. Being very warm he un
dressed hlmseir and sat down on a back porch to
cool off. He was Just In the act of going Indoors
when he felt a stinging sensation on his left hip.
Thinking It was some Insect he crushed It with his
hand, and upon investigation found the Insect
was a red spider. King thought nothing of the
incident, and in less than a minute was In bed.
In a very short time he discovered that his lea
was swelling rapidly, and he Was suffering in
tensely. Local remedies were applied, but they
did not alleviate the pain, and finally a physician
was sent ror. When lie arrived King was round t?
be in a very dangerous condition. The bite or the
little spider h.:d prostrated him, and as the poison
was absorbed the man's boay swelled to enormous
size, and was cohered over with small white
splotches which gave him a most peculiar appear
ance. After a vigorous combat, with a remark
ably strong constitution to back bins, a doctor has
succeeded in saving the man's lire, but he will
never be the strong rellow he used to be.
The Sensationw of the Dying-.
From the New York Medical Journal.
It is doubtless the case that in many Instances?
and perhaps they are the majority?dying persona
lapse gradually Into an unconsciousness that ends
their bodily pain, and saves them rrom the anguish
of the final parting with those they leave behind.
It is not uncommon, however, for clearness or
comprehension to persist to the last, and perhaps
It is still more common for some of the special
senses to preserve their activity. We think It was
Ernst Wagner who, In his "General Pathology,"
dwelt particularly on the preservation of the sense
of heating In many cases long arter the apparent
occurrence of unconsciousness, and who tenderly
cautioned his readers that this possibility
should be borne In mind. The following touching
account of the late Dr. Wilson Fox's last mo
ments, when his friend Dr. J. Russell Reynolds
was at his bedside, is given In the Lancet * obitu
ary: "On the next morning, when obviously and
consciously dying, and after his eyes had been
fixed for a few minutes on the angle of the room,
and as some gray streaks of dawn were entering
In, he said suddenly: Tnere is a great UghtTa
great glare of light. ? ? ? ? I feel so strange
r ' ? a glare of light. What Is It, Reynold??'
The reply was; 'It is the peace of God.' He grasped
his friend's hand firmly, and said, 'God Bless
? ?
Hiohwatkk-v is Massachusetts.?In a lonely
place on the road between South Wareham and
Tre:aont, Mass.. JamtS c. Chase, proprietor of
cranberry bogs in Wareham, was robbed late Mon
day auerncon. He was passing through a lonely
piece of woods when two masked men suddenly
sprang upon him from behind the trees that
fringed the roadway. They overpowered him.
took his watch, chain, charm and between $500
and $000 in money. They remained with him in
the woods till 9 o'clock, when they tied him to a
tree and left. He released himself at 3 o'clock
Tuesday morning and reported to Deputy Sheriff
Claims to Hate Been Bewitched.?A young
lady. Miss 8orrows, who resides In Derry Town
ship, Dauphin County, Pa., claims that she has
been bewitched by an old woman or the place.
8he says that between 4 and 8 o'clock in the morn
ing a black cat appears before her and yells In the
most frightful and unnatural manner. This has
been going on Cor several days past, and Sunday
last more than two hundred country people gath
ered about the young girl's home and discussed
the affair. Yesterday morning a member of the
grand Jury headed a delegation who will lnTea
tigate the matter and make a report.
The conviction of the members of the French
Patriotic League who are on trial at Lelpslc la con
sidered certain. The offense is punishable by six
montha' Imprisonment, with two years'seclusion
In a fortress.
The Dutch parliament has extended the electoral
franchise pending a revision of the constitution.
The number of electors Is raised from 130,000 to
A Madrid dispatch says arrangements will be
made to settle the ot a marten cttttw la
Trunulm of KnU
ta fee have be*n tiled u follow*: Carrttg
ton and Rodout to Joseph Bunion, sub lot 13N, sq.
6T4; $52K. s. R. Bond to Emlllne Lusby, sub lot
10, sq. 976; $2,050. MlTTA. Watts to J. T. tins
kins. pt. JS, sq. K5; $?. c. Early to W. Blair, lots
1.VI and 15T. sq. 13*; JLVMO. J. W. Easbv to C. N.
Moore, lot *2, sq. 5?; $3,000. F. O. Marfan to R.
W. Barbour, suU. ?>4. sq. I91;$lo0. D. it. Hazea
to W. E. F. Watson, pt. 25, sq. 4?5; $4,200. Joseph
Lockey to c, W. culien, pt. a, aq. ?Kr?: fio.oro.
Henrietta Douglass to Mary Keete, lot 1? aq. 010;
*l- >0. Nation*! Metropolitan Fire Insurance in
to Julius Ltnsburyh, lot 12, blks. 3, 11,12, and 13,
blk. 9, Isherwood; $?. Juilus Lansburgh to Chit-"*,
ltauiu, same property; $?. s. R. Bond ??: aL to W.
Young, sub. 11, sq. t?7?: $1,010. F. W. ITatt to J.
W. Ridguay, lot 11, "B iyiev'? Purclia**;" *2,000.
J. W. Ridgway to G. W. Clark, same property;
>1,100. F. O. Marean to H. W. Barbour, sub lot
t>4. sq. 191; f?, u. w. Marean to conua L. Marean,
same property; $_. c. W. Kin* to O. L. Wolt
stelnor, sub. 234, &q. ;m. $4,oou. g. M. Myers to
s. Hilton, sub. ho, mj. 24i; (4.(too. E. A. Clifford
to Annie R. Leather* lot 21, sq. ?>7: *1.000. Xartli
A. Lipscomb to It. K. Palro, lot 05, U. A L."? sub.
Mt. Pleasant; $1JW4.41. Ida I . Marshall to B. F.
Lelghton and R. K. Palro, la trust, part ot Lnc.o
sure; $75,000. M. Barrlngerto M. T. Freeman, lot
131. C. B.'s si.b. Mt. Pleasant; tl.737.SK. C. Brown
to same, lot i io, da; $1,015. M. r. Fnrmitn to C.
M. t rump, one-naif same; $507.50. H. W. Oarnott
to W. F. Hoiuman. lot and part 44, sq. 177;
J>. R. Bond and F. lur.ldt, trust Ml, to B.
R. i-.arnshaw, SUbs. 7 to w, sq. ?7t>; $1,IMS. IK. M.
F. Morris to li. j. Daly, lot* ioh and liv. W. A P. a
sub. Mt. Pleasant; $2,&<M.?U s. R. liond et *L,
trustees, to Ma* Marshall, nub. lot. 8q. 1001;
fMO. A. T. Brlee to John W. Hogg, lot 4, sq. H.i.
West Washington; $1,200. Dlstner to 11. J or.
dm, sub lot *1. sq. s. of 475; $2,W00. Augustus
Ktnlt h to James W aters, lot its, see. a, Barry farm;
$200. John Sprlgg Poole to a. c. Straus, subs 1M1
illid 11>2, sq. 271; *4,600. R. Bond ft al. to O. J.
Mueller, lot 2, sq. wort, and sub 21, sq. lOul;
fl.27ii.3i O. B. Brj on to H. F. V\ oodard, lot 40,
Res. A, 25 to 27, sq. 1017, 3 and 18, sq. 10?1;
?4.000. n. K. Woodard to H. C. Bordeu. lot-a 25 to
27, sq. 1017: $?. C. V. Trott to JoocphLyoas, sub
lot 24, ?q. 15; $5,5oa
Affairs in Wm Wakhlnfton.
Thk Tenth Wbdpino Axxiveks?kt or the Rev.
Dr. and Mrs. Jno. 8. Lindsay was pleasantly rele
bratedlast night at their home. Their parlsnion
trs not tiled them of their intention, and provided
a line larjre wedding cake, with other dainties,
which were enjoyed. There w as a very large rep
resentation ot the parish present, tor l)r. Lindsay
Is evidently held in great esteem and respect.
Many unique, and eveu valuable tokens slgnlO
' cant or the day, and proor of the reverence and
affection felt by the people here lor Dr. Lindsay,
were brought and displayed?and some ot the
realist kind or "fin," this being ??a tin wedding.'
Ukaik Rkckifts.?Caual boat Maryland arrived
wlin^.500 buaheisot wheal an l L^Oo Oushel? or
corn lor u. T. Dunlop. Canal boat M. C. W. Bv>yer
arrived with 2,400 bushels or wheat and 1,000
bushels or corn tor J. G. aud J. M. Waters. I he
price of wheat Is quoted at 97\c. a bushel, yellow
corn at 50o. a bushel, and white corn at 63c. a
v. anal Arrival.?Canal boat R.,v>nd Top arrived
yesterday with ?U0 bushels oi cement for J. G. and
| J. M. Waters.
M.?Great Falls, temperature, 74; condition, tt.
receiving reservoir, temperature, 75; condition at
north connection, 5; condition at south connec
tion, 14; distributing reservoir, temperature, 76;
condition at lnilueni gate house, 10; eQlueut gate
houae, 34.
Alexandria Affair*.
R?*r>orte<l for The Etknih? Sta*.
Tat 1" ike Dkpartiibnt.?The lire wardens
I cenily held their anuual meeting, G. E. French,
1 chairman, and last night submitted the report of
the operations of the year. This local board con
trols the Are department and appoints Its ofncers,
to whom $2,925 was paid in salaries during the
year. The running expenses of the companies were
as loiioWs: Hydraullou. $1,795; Columbia,
$2,904.40; Relief, *G45.9L Besides thl9 $L400 was
s,>ent ror a new hook and 1 adder truck, and $4o0
tor the repair of the truck house, making the total
cost to the city of the lire department, $7,42*3.
Thk Fkle Gas v^vestion.?The question of gas
has now become a burning one In council. L;u>t
night the captain oi the Alexandria Light ln
rautry suggested the new departure that military
comp inle.s be put on the same footing as lire com
panies, and in this light that the bills tor some
Hi or gas which has been consumed beyond the
$50 worth allowed free be canceled, and that here
after all the gas used at the armory, which now
serves exclusively military purposes, siiaii be free.
The pressure on gas matters will probably lead to
t he adoption of some general principle In grant ot
tree gas, a regulation of the Bow, as It were.
The New Military corps.?The Alexandria
Kltles met last night st the concordla Hall and
elected Mr. Geo. R. Hill aa.captaln, and were after
wards entertained by the new commander. It is
thought that the rlUemen will select as an ar
mory the lower story or the odd Fellows' liall, on
coiumbus street, formerly occupied by bt. John's
citv cocNcru?The two boards of the city coun
! ell met laat night and tax bills of Alice Barton
aud oMiers were reduced If paid within 30 days.
The finance committee reported adversely to an
appropriation tor the repairs of the Uydraullon
engine house because the property does not belong
to me city, and the report was concurred in. New
gutters were ordered in front of the property of K.
K. Downham and 1L Bryant, and other minor
orders made.
Corporation Court.?The Corporation Court has
adjvUrned over unill to-morrow, on Its probate
side Miss Addle Hubbard has been appointed
guardian or the two children of the late Julian
Arnold, who have round a home with Mr. Patter
son. '1 he will or the late Dr. Gregory, who gives
his property to his relatives, has been tiled, and
Wm Rogers has been appointed administrator of
i John Wool's estate. The time of the court has
been occupied by the verltlcatlon before a Jury of
coupons tuat had been left with the treasurer for
the payment'of taxes.
Notes ?The Reform Club here has disbanded
after a useful existence for n ve years and then two
years ot decay. The old bun gallery engine has
been sold to tne Woodhouse Manufacturing Co., of
New York. Judge Keith has retused a preemp
tion mandamus to compel IL H. Young, clerk of
imj Alexandria County court, to grant a certifi
cate of election as clerk to Klch. W. Johnson, and
the whole matter will now come betore Judge
Chichester at tne next term of the County Court.
Mrs. Markhom's 27)4 acres, with dwelling, *c.,
at the W. and o. and A. and W. Railroad Junction,
about 2 miles from this city, has been sold for
rii.000 to C. F. Wliklns. The Are horses or the
Relief Co. are now being used to work the new
street roller at the upper end or Prince street.
The Christian Association held its regular meeting
last night aud transacted routine business.
Alexandria Typographical Union, No. 217, has ln
>tailed Lee iilil president and the other officers of
the union.
Returning; Captured Battle Flaga,
Gov. Ross has received this letter from Adjutant
General Drum:
'?The President of the United States having
approved the recommendation that all the Qagi in
the custody ot the war Department be returned to
the authorities of the respective states In which
the regiments which bore them were organized
tor such final disposition as they may determine, I
am Instructed by the honorable secretary of War
to make you, in the name or the War l>epartment,
a tender ot Hags now in this office belonging to
volunteer organizations of the State of Texas. In
discharging this pleasant duty 1 beg you will
please advise me of your wishes In the matter, it
Is the Intention In returning each flag to give Its
historv >s tar as it is possible to do so, stating the
clrcumT-ances or Its capture and recovery."
Now Where In JVloloney)
A dispatch from Lachlne, Canada, to the New
York Times, dated June 14, says: A visit made to
day to Lachlne, where "Billy" Moloney has been
passing t he summer, revealed a fact which may
nave startling meanlhg for those aldermen of the
board ot 18M, who accepted bribes, and more
directly for Jacob Sharp, the man accused of brib
ing them. The man who carried the "boodle" was
missing. His family were at his summer residence,
but the much sought for and much dreaded "Billy"
was not with them. Not a particle of information
could be obtained from Mrs. Moloney, but spurred
on by the fact that all the recent sensational
rumors in regard to the ex-readlng clerk's plana
had united in the prophecy that be would be In
New York on Wednesday, tne Ttmea'a correspon
dent instituted a vigorous Inquiry. Nothing
definite was discovered except that Moloney was
In none of his accustomed haunts. Hack driven
and station agents were interrogated in vain.
None of them could or would admit knowing any
thing of the exile's movements or In what direction
he bad gone.
Ail the hotels were visited last night in a search
for Moloney, but on none of the registers appeared
his name or a name which there was any reason to
suppose had been assumed by him. The fashion
able hoarding houses were visited one by one. At
all of them the answer was the same, nothing had
been seen of Moloney. Moloney was not in
Montreal, Just as he was not at Lachlne. This
does not prove that he had not started lor New
A Costly Bonfire.
Tuesday morning six wagon loads of gambling
tools were burned to ashes. An immense crowd
witnessed the burning. Ever since Atlanta went
dry an extraordinary effort has been made by the
police authorities to supprees gambling in every
form. During the past eighteen months the police
have raided many gambling establishments and
captured a large quantity of the lay-outs. Ail
these things, including faro lay-outs, roulette ta
bles, fortune wheels. roug?*et-noir outfits, chuck
luck boxes, poker tables and chips, markers, ?w>r?
ot cards, and dice boxes, made over six large
wagon loads. They were hauled to the most pub
lic corner in the city ana dumped In two lane
piles. The tables and fortune wheels and faro
boards were broken and split Into ""?n pieces,
some of the furniture was new and costly. The
aggregate values of the two piles of fuel was not
less than $10,000. After pouring several gallons
of kerosene oil upon the plies Chief or Police Con
nolly applied a match, and la a few moments the
flames were shooting upward. Several old gam
blers stood and watched the destruction ot their
property. One of them, OoL Oishoim.
that he will sue the dty ror damages.
Election Frauds in Baltimore.?The
League ot Baltimore presented another set of
tion Judges and clerks for trial jesieuls]
charges of violation of election laws. The umm
arraigned were Jacob Sternhetmer, Martin J. Clark,
Henry Gado, Judges, and Heseklah S. Beat and Jea
W. McMahon, clerks of election in ttos UU i
At the last election a number of dtasM, inctt
several colored men who were on the rag?.,
books, were marked off as vocu?, when, as they
testified yesterday, they <L4*at vote nor go near
the polls. Dr. Chas. W. ?tKLeTl, of the Maryland
University, gave the names of a dozen medical
students who had left ttte city a year before elec
tion, but whose names wars
voted at the last election.
Thr Mlaaatlr ?'lnb*s Hi
tik Ltnn utr tu. thk nutu atc.au i ic
lkaw thk mil
Thr Xcw York .sun. says: A stiff south
Wf?t wind blew the Atlantic Yacht Club flag
straight out toward staten laland yesterday after
noon. The sun shone brothU) at HUlge, but
th* wind vhi raw. Only the young women In
Mu' yachting *utt* did not wnrn to mind the cold
There were not many of the natty sailor ml*"*
around the clutehouse, but < Iitc were % l>?t of
th-in afloat in thr tx?at> that were to tak 1 part in
the race of theda?. The ladle* on the winner in
each class tot the prires. aud the sklpj?'r the
K Airy ot presenting them. No boat wan a', lowed UJ
c ?rry either Jlbtojiaaii, *plnn*ker, or maliitopmast
h i.vaall, and none n<-edcd t hem yeaierdav. The
big rn<v?r Atlantic * a* the nrst across the line,
and she held her lead to thr Btilth. Khe liad no
lOmpeutor in brr class, and a strict application of
thr rules would bsve lost bor the race and de
prived her lady crew of their prizes. The commo
don1 and committee were too gallant to allow
this. Their ruling In her case tot It. several
Tho starting gun wn* fired at 3:34. The fleet
followed the Atlantic In clow order. The Sham
rook led th*> second lot, and was the tldrd boat
in. Her time w?> on 1 > 4 minut<? iv wcoaib mora
than that of the Atlantic. T^s run was tree wtth
lifted sheet* to Huoy ta The lead- rw were around
and away for oyster Island before the last boat
started. Tbey got all me wind they wanted as
they ran toward nlater Island, ami before they
turned for the pinch homeward the f?? that
started with topsails on took them In. About the
club bouse the ladle* wet* greatly eacued. So
scientific theoriesuoubled t hem. All they wanted
w i* th.it tb'ir fnends should win, and get one ot
the pretty silver trinket* that had been provided
as prize*. More than Tony got tiiem. They went
as toilowv: Class A, Ureyling,? prizes; clash B, VI
dette. 0; class C, Atlantic, not reported; class U,
Shamrock, 5; class t, AtUlon.6- clans Adelaide,
5; Class 11, Klval, 3; class I, Tourlat, 8; class J,
Arab, 3; class K. Fro Lie, I. The Atlantic made
t he run In 37m. 43s., the Shamrock la 41m. 1
aud the (ireJ Hug in 44m. '<"k.
A Xatieaal Baak la
I tea's aooot'KTB.
Uumors hare been curreut for several day* at
Coxsackle, X. V., that the National Bank, the
only one there, was la trouble. The directors
hare too silent about the matter, but Tuesday W
was learned that Sidney A. 1> wight, the cashier,
who is sixty-nve year* old, to between *.">0,000 and
$00,000 short in his sccounta. He has been ill
since the discovery was made by the bank ex
ainlner recently, and decline* to make any state
ment or bow be has uned the money. Lie has en
Joyed a high reputation, hut held the ofllce for
several years, and Is treasurer ot the c ox sack to
Savings Bank and the Malleable ln>n *'ompany.
David M. Hamilton, president of the Itank, and
some "f the other stockholders are wealthy men
and win submit to an assesainent, Th* t ouirolier
ol the curnm y at Washington has ?>r\l*-red the
capital to be made good and buslue** continued.
Confidence hat. evidently h en restored. The sav
ings bank Is said to be all right.
Put In (he marsh is Die.
The N. Y. Nun to-day Rays; A new element Of
mystery was Introduced Into the case ot Magda
lena Zorn yestenlay, and a new horror added to
the autopsy made by order of Coroner Kidman
It wsa shown a* conclusively as ue-dlcal svldeuce
can show that while death result<-d dire, uy from
drowning It must have occurred while she was in
a oondition or sh??ck from ln]urlen pn-vliuslr r^.
celved. In plain Kngllsb, Magd.il?*na s leg and arm
were first broken accidentally or by Intention, and
she was then flung into the tnnrslt, and H it there,
probably still conscious, to drown.
\ow BUsssrrk Mirk.
Tho physical condition of Prince Bismarck
much worse yesterday. Acute rheumatic pains
prevent sleep and bis physicians have advised
Immediate change of sir and absolute resu The
chancellor's strength will u >1 p-rudt of his travel
ing. 1 berets no doubt but that his condition to
much more serious th.m the doctors will admit,
it is officially announced that Rm(s-ror William Is
making remarkable progr?\->s toward recovery.
A Clirotmak Kiixs a Bot to a Frr or AM4.cn.?
A telegram from K?'idsvllie, N. C., June li says:
'l'iie He v. Geo. Plttard Is pastor of the North Fork
Methodic church. He Is popular with a Uty
eongryatlou, and teacher in a boy*' school
dwnug the week. As he was cn/sslng the lawn a
rew days ago during msns the biys were playing
base ball, and a ball thrown by tbe center fielder
struck Mr. Plttard In the face, tirulslng him
severely. The boy at once ran forward. i>flgged
pardon, and said the occurrence was entirely ac
cldeulaL The minister. Infuriated by tb? pain,
kiiwkednhe boy down, stamped on him, and
dragged Llm about until the boy* timted and
drove the preacher away. The lad, who was In a
terrible condition, was tenderly carried to the
dormitory by bis fellow student a The minister
called to the boys later and upbraided them for
not dragging their school-mate from him sooner,
and said he had no idea what he was doing; Uiai
bin u-mper for the time had crazed him. i lie boy
has just died, and Mr. Plttard has fled.
Thb Print* or Walbb ik a Foo.?The Prince of
Wales, who gave the signal for the yachts to start
In the jubilee race In England yesterday, was hi
have been present at a dinner party of royalties la
London last evening, lie Intended to land at 11 ar*
wich at 5:30 o'cloca and proceed to London on a
special train. 1'he port or llarwlch wa* enveloped
In a dense fog. The Prince bad not arrived at ?
o'clock, aud the officials were becoming anxlona
The dlM net Is lnfesu*d with reckless?-older steam
ers, aud tt was feared that an accident might have
happened. The Prince of Wales returned to Lon
don by way or Gravesend. He leTt the Norhau
Castle at Mouse Light.
qe*. Koswkr Ex rt. a ins Hon* Mon*. ?Oen. T.
L. Kosser, wh'^se recent attack on Sheridan's mili
tary trip up the Shenandoah Valley cauxed discus,
slon, has returned to Minneapolis^ Minn. lb s.dd
yesterday: "My p<isltlt?n Is being wholly trisuuder*
stood. I've m;ol>' the atta> k In no spirit oT hatred
to Northern soldiers. It was Indreent tor Hherldan
to propose to camp in the valley, where he h*d
ruthlessly burned the h<>mesor harmh ss women.
I would say the Muue thing ot I'onred-rate 0> n.
Jubal Early should be visit Chuiuuer?burg, tho
town be had burned wantonly. Early ought to
have been hung lor the act, and the ciuzens
would be justined in tarring and featb'Tlng him
ir he came. The Houth will receive any Urinf
Union general with open arms except pope or
Sheridan. The latter sees It as I do. and isnX go
ing. We want to welcome all I nlon soldiers wia>
were not barbarous and brut al."
Favxcil HiU AND TUB J mi i.BR.?The Boston
aldermanlc committee ou Faneuil Hall ye^itcrday
afternoon gave a hearing, on the petition or the
Central Labor Union and others, that the board
reverse lt? action granting the use or Faneuil Hall
to the British societies tor a banquet in honor ol
(jueen Victoria s jubilee. M. t han>l?erl.dn, Uev. J.
M. L. Babcock and others, tor the jietitloners,
argued that the hall Is the only temple sacred to
liberty In the world, and that to allow its use ror
that purpose would tM desecration. The oininiu
tee will make lu> report next Mon<la> nigbt. con
siderable hard feeling was exhibited during Um
Ckabob* Against United Status t'o*iscxs m
Canada.? At a meeting of the house of common*
committee on agriculture and emigration or th*
Dominion parliament yesterday arternoon, a lively
discussion took place on the statement by Mr.
Ix>we, deputy minister or agriculture, that Ameri
can consular agents In Canada were quiet but
active emigration agents for the United Status.
Several members denied thla and said the real
immigration agent for the l ulled states In Canada
was the Grand Trunk Hallway, which, by being
kept out of the northwest, offered Inducements te
emigrants to travel over Its Unea
Koutier's cabinet was supported in the
chamber of deputies by a vote of 322 to 2U7 on a
proposal from the opposition to remove the sur
tax of five francs from Imported cereals.
There were only two evictions at Bodyk* yester
day, leaving but four families to be evicted.
Bismarck s tax-reform schaa.% the spirit bill, haa
passed the relchatag.
POWLEB-TA.IT. June 1.1887, by Bev. M. P.
CECIUA HTKPPER, of WMhlngtoa. D. C. ?
CALLAH. Cta Wsdnssday, Jons 15th 1887. a* StK
AU1. AUCECALUN. tufant child gj B IL Osllaa
air?d hvcbjmwi^i and six dava.
Funeral thursdar, June 18th, at tare
her parenW residence. 230 H atrsst Mat
HELBIO. On Tneaday, June 14. 1887,
AMKl.I A HELBIO, affsd 4 months and 11 daj
JOHMSOV. Tusadar, Junf 14.1887, A>'1>KEWW.
JOHNSON. Captain. U^fe. Navy. andalAty<
Fuuaral ast?luss will take plao* from
church. Thursday, June Id, at balf-j
Belatives and tahsdi an liiniad to a
omit flowers. ?
MAGBUDEB. On W*dnesd? motntoa, tea it
1H87, st 10 o'clock a m., KTflENE A MiOkCDEB.
swad twenty months and three d?ya Us hslsvsdscw
of Janies E. sad Mary B. Mirrudtr.
Hla funeral will take place at tl
8330 B atrsst, Washington, D. a
MURPHY. June 14. 1887, 'at
FBANE MUKPHY.s?*d thrss moM I
and Eats O. Murphy.
? Funeral will take place at his ^areato* i
icksoa strset ?Bfthssst, st 8 80 p.m.
BOBEBTSON. . On^ths 18th
younswat sad beloved dau*htea ot Tho
baxah K. Boberfoa, aged two mnailhs sad
^droons th* lovely flower
has psssed our dsriln* Busts
and paseed to the eras ot Htm who
Is the Kingdom ot Hea
bichajS?" ?fwvrsitr
Funeral Thursday sftsmoon, fasa 10, aid (
this city
proraJJ^OA^B ? impbovemekt of
Ornci or rax Cowwiasionns,
WAsaiwoToa, D. C.. Jws 16. IW},
id lYopossle will bs received st this otter oat

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