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One* (hivw.il/ remarked. "TWi ao kaowitic
what M - Carly.e rnvbt bar* Dnd bat for Jr?
rUoabtlaea dyepepela ?u the eauae at
hie *'uoiu and irritability. Had ba taken Ay re'a
PUla ba woold Lava been a *"nltblni and
"I waa a rraat mffarar T
Cooetipattoo. I had no appetl'ta. became
#reatly debilitated. and waa continually
afflicted with Headache and DliUnaaa. Afm
trylna varloOa ramediea. I finally borac to nee
Arer*? PUla. ai>d eoon my appetite imprtrvwd.
?' bowela war* rarolatad, and I .7 wtU.
-D. U. Loeran. WUmlnaton. Dal.
Prepared by Pr. J. C Ayar * Ca. LowrlL
fc?oM by aU Drantau and baaWa a Madlalaa.
Thb Gescirk Imported
satcrk-s wo*d**ftl rem Err roB liter
__ ra
Cvaatlpatlon. Oout, BhruuiaMem. P'abetea, and all
I>.?iaaaa ot liia vwiaaek
lewarr ot unitattuaa
"Itbaar.Taa uia battar aatiafartion than aay?. n?
which 1 bar* ever aaad. -prot 9M(ia. lmvera.ty of
~1 b?vw uaad It for year* wi?h I
Braf. Hlawaaek.
Write firDr Toboldt'a lectura on Carlabad Watar
aoi bait, raad b<-fop- the Ninth In'ernatiunal Medical
Cunareea. mailed Irea upon application.
UMU * MKMiUMA M. Ito.e Amenta. 6 Bar
"? ?t >?a Ion. . >K-a>,wAf
A Bouk t? do better becaua* yon retl t for a fair price,
hwt y wa'ra Uaaty w laa. bailor wuau yon know the pnee
fa Book* la aa food aa money aaved on anythlmr. O
c I ibe mini Lbiii?a to aare on. tow, IX you only have a
At v<5AVAXrR'8 mnraBuoka ara aoldorartha
r< unter than la any other hcuaa between the ni aana
lunacy arurka on Aaruinltura and Horticulture; a
lanre aaa> rtu,ent of trench Bouka. mail laa and
1 raaklln miuarva. Mandard and Miacailanauua Mora a
txrtuadand onbuUiiJ, aud " ?r1 aay ^ciMlal uiu
that proper people raan.
I he ptwaa an ?. way a fair, and at) eatable Book la
there <k au um |vi
Row little t>e title of a Book tafia you! ttai If yon
aee all the tew Buoke. haw many have yon una to yet
Tuat la wbara BOOR REWS win aarra yon ? food
tarn. kaaaail it oitt once a month, a-brim with J.iet
a hat you went to know el tha lateat Hooka and lha
yu?aip ot Ui? buck world By iLr baat judMinaait of ilia
taat jalaaa It lfata trie naw Dutui and aa>a way Uua
Boo a a**i.i Lull oa ?>u aau laat aaipvad.
With aacA number aa author portrait 5c, 50a a
'tl76m PiiUalalpUa
Oitb Littl* ^o?'9 Skis Clred
11V CirtiCUKA HtMtDIia.
Our littl* aon will l?a funr yaara of affa on tlia 23th
luat la Ma,. 1M\ b* waa attaakad with a aaiy patn>
f il brawklu? oat vl Um akin. Wa cailod la a ph > au ian.
vkuUvatad biiu lor atx>ut four warka. Tba child ra- '
r???d UiUaorno rood from tba treatmaut, aa tba
I r?akju? oat. euyieeed by the ( b^aic. aua to ba Uraa
ju aa anraaatad loru. b^anj* larve; la biotcbaa. and
jj?*a aad nun dlatraa?.na. Wa war* fra?u*ntly
? "luted toffat up la tba uarht and rmb hia with *oda
1' watar. ?:rvxxr imlmeuia, Ac. finally, wa callMl
uMla* Phyati-iaaa until no laoa than atx had attempted
to cura awn au aake tmtluut. and tha child ateadUy
reitiatf ???ra* and woraa, oaUl aOoul tha *Uth of Uat
July, wben wa haaan to giva him Cntcvna ltxaoL>
* mT latarually. and tha cciiccba and Cmctlt
tf>ar *xu-raaliy. and by tha Uat of Auruat h* waa ao
^aar.y wad that wa *a*e him only ona do** of tha Hk
wlT1" about every around day for about tea day*
1 naer. and na ha* nerer bean troubled with 1 'it
l~rnt> * ma.ady. In all we uaed leea tAaa oae-balf of
a W*lWa ut CWTicvna Ucaonvaji r, a litUe leea than una
baa oi cvncvia and only una raaaof ciiitlu boar.
H K. h V A>. taytua, Liain^t in Co.. 1U.
Si. been bad and ewora to belure aia thia 4th day of
January. im?7. C. R. Cut. J. P.
_*old *?*rywbara. Pnca. Crrtctrma. 50c.; Hoar,
-A ??ani.TtBT. |1. t-rtparsu by tbePorrka Daco
avll uaiajcai. Co, Boatoa. klaaa. Hand lor ~Mow to
t ura >ain "
BARVR Skin and bcalp praaarT*d and beautified by
Uie u-a ui.ot;ru:t;aa autr. aylu.U.13,14
Uubbirv Electric Soap.
TX IB S1&1CTLT PL HE. IKll OKV IB qoalitt.
Tha onrtnal formnla for which wa paid R50.000
twenty yaar. ago baa never been modified or manned
m Uie adatiteat. ibiaaoap la Identical lu -f ? -y ? r
aaj w.tb that nuda twenty yaara wl
It contain* nothing that can injure tha f rtrt fabric.
Jlbn?btana eulora and Uaacbae win laa.
1*a aanea l annala aud leanaai* aa ao otbar aoap la
tb* wvriti uoaa? witnout ?...g tiTiiifi ?*?n aoit
aaai a UMaui baa naw.
There la a rreai aaeinjr or uma. of labor, of aoap, of
fuel, aud o< tba taUic. where Iwutiuia' bailnatoaiil*
t ><y to uiivcvMMii
Cm trial will damonatrata tta yraat marlt ItwlU
I*) yon to UiaAa that UlaL
bart utmaa.u m aztaaadTaly imitated and
?poa BOBBIR8* Eiectrio. Don't take Ear
?etlc. Klertro-Maaic. Pbiladalplua Rlactrtc. or any
otAar irauu. aimply bacauae it la cheap. I bay will ruin
? mibea, anu are dear at any prtca. Aakfuc
??< take do otliet Rearly every grocar from li.i-. to
Beaico keepe it In atock. liyour'a haautit, baaul
vruai Irum hie neareat i
carefully tha lnalda wrapper aroand t.
?nd ba carat ui to follow btractioaa on each outatda
wrapper, ken Cannot Afiord to watt ??>Tr befura
1 ryma for kouiaau uaa Ud. miatue, aad iruly i
Wgnr KLKCTBIO SOAP. 47-6at
Indicative of health and |
tnout* by toe arotuataa
j Influenxa
bwt a? r. "*** InmgaiAcaat
D**1AX IB ebaat pama often iaad to Pneumonia
aad otbar fatal luna ?-THIII a na
?lacted. All danaar la averted by natny
ALWATB Bsaaua'a PLaaraa on the krat appear
?nca at aucn aymptona. Tha piaatar.
while a powerful cuonter-lrrltant and
I t>G?BOCB atiBulut,doetn't lajtirt Uie aicatueli.
aata akin. Aak tor Jta>*oa% ref uain*
_ aU otnara. lfy
Haisi Hat..
miBo sttlbs
At?Z. B2-50. B3. n.MiadH
?ft. 99 and M.
UARDLXR at ?aLZoaad?f.?0.
. *1>3 3? 1*01 Paaaa. am. aor. 12th at.
w'^"'.0jltyoRT 8HIRT\ tne old favorite, made of
,-ada ot Ike eaar beat
.?^r UlAkfo.vD SHIRT,
M. J. Ut?
130? # BT. B. W,
lav.tea tha ladirs U
KlBTED millisebt.
Laaaat Btylaa far LADtES,
D Jte^rJit-.L^ ^ ^AB*^~
mJ5 ^ 1,1 ?? r?v? ii?r q
* Aea Aa waa a cAiid. aba crtod Lj
Bh?ahabad cAijtia??. abaaavau
He W?lk*4 tmM a Lltll? Ik I a Kara*
1*1 Drank a Piaial Milk.
N?w You, April 13.? Dr. Barker issued tM fol
lowing bulletin at 8 KM p.m.: " For tbe last
two and a-hair hours Mr. Conklibg baa
be*n sleeping quietly. This morning be walked
around lor a in tie bit. He baa taken sixteen
ounces or milk tince 10 a.m., and there isalitue
improvement since this morning."
When Dr. Barker entered tbe sick room this at
ternooo Mr. Conkilng woke up and recognized blm .
but immediately ?f er went to ikeep.
A Local CaaytalM Bellcrtd to hart
Attacked Hia Trachea.
Beaux, April ia?Tbe forth German Oastfe
says that owing to the contraction ot tbe alr-p&s
s*ges of tbe emperors throat, ProL Bergmann yes.
ter lay inserted a new canular. Tbe emperor's
general condition was not affected. After tbe in
sertion of the canuUr be remnlQr'd In bed. It is
believed that tbe contract cn of tbe air-passages
indicates that tbe tracuea has been attacked by a
local complaint.
The n? w canula was adjusted in the emperor's
throat without causing liitn any pain. No opera
tion a aa necessary. Tbe em?>er<?r passed a (food
nignt. He rose at ball-past 7 th.s morning, and
later received Minister von Puttkainer and others,
wb'> made verbal reports.
At noon tbe emperor and empress drove la a
close carriage to Berlin, w here they visited the
palace. Princess Victoria follower in ?n open car
riage. Tnelr majesties returned to Cbailottenburg
by wiy or tbe Lu?ugirden, thu Old castle and
Cnter-den-Llndeu. The > mperor was paler tbaa
Usual, but Otherwise look" i well.
Dleordora at tltrllnfn in Iks De
partment of tbe Sord.
Paris, April la?Political meeting* were held at
Turcoing and Annentieres, Department of tbe
Nord, last eight, and In both cases toe disorder
was so great that the >pe?>ki rs could not be heard.
At a meeting at Maubeuge, In the same depart
ment, It was unanimous.y remo ved to support
Qen. Bouianher. The party of tbe extreme left
sought in vain to secure tbe adoption ot a resolu
tion in favor of tbe radical opponents oi Gen. Bou
M. Mpuller, minister of public Instruction In the
late cabinet. In an article In the Reyublique
I . o/icui?e, says that since Gen. Boulanger has de
clared his Intention to force s duel with parlia
ment, ibe latter should acce;>t the challenge, and
since It is evident that tbe Boulunger agitation Is
hot merely superficial or transient, but an organ
ized attack upon the country's Institutions, ft 18
the duty ot tut cabinet to propose to the cham
bers tor adoption such legislation as Is necessary
for the protection and detcnce ot the republic.
31 as*. Diaa Debar and Her Satellite*
Still l.aacuiab In Priaon.
New Yoke. April ia?Madame Diss Debar and
her satel.ltes are still in prison, having as yet
been unabie to procure ball. She refused to be In
terviewed to-day. Her husband, th- "General,"
said io-day that twenty-six years ago he was en
gaged in land colonization in Kentucky, and
tnat later he whs commissioner of emi
gration snd member ot assembly in
West Virginia. He characterized tbo
attack on madame's character as cruel and unjust
Whea he got out of this trouble he would write fa
book and explain even tiling. Dr. Benjamin Law
rence said be Was a practicing physician and tem
perance lecturer, and six years ago he became ac
quainted with Madame Diss de bar through 1'rot
Buchanan. His ac'jualnianc with the niadame
arose simply from the fact t hat he wished to ob
tain some ot ber pictures. H>-had not swindled
Marsh nor had anything to do with swindling him.
Farm Buildings Burned In Maryland.
Baltimore, April ia?The buiidimrs on tee rarm
of Mrs. O'Douueii, sister of ex-Governor carro.l, In
Howard county, were destroyed by fire yesterday.
Damage $7,000, partially insured.
The Crown Prince Attended.
BnuN. April ia?Tbe statement that tbe crown
?iioce and cruwn princess did not attend Princess
ictorla's birthday party last night was Incorrect.
Both were present.
Wrecked on tbe laland of UuernNy.
Loudon, April ia?The French steamer Yorouba,
loaded wlih metals and cotton, whicn leu Mar
seilles for Havre and Loudon, has been wrecked on
the Island ot Guernsey, l he crew were saved.
Dr. Aynew Dnngeroualy III.
New Yoke, April ia?Dr. Ago* w Is si ill seriously
111 with perlphiliila, wukh is inflammation of tbe
vermiform appendix or the pact um. Tbe cause is
unknown, Strong nopes are entertained tor bis
recovery. Dr. Sands, * bo performed the opera
tion on Mr. conkilng, win to-day penortu an ope
ration on Dr. Afuew, wuo was one ot tbe consult
ing physicians in Mr. Conkilng's case. Dr. gauds
said this morning that Dr. Agnew is now much
nearer to death than Mr. conk Jug.
To Summon Auatrlan Reserres,
Yrxxa, April ia?Bills hare been Introduced In
the lower houses of parliament of both Austria
and Hu.igary to authorize the summoning of the
reserves and the supplemental reserves in tuaesof
peace under certain circumstances.
Appeal* I* ibe .Hen of Clare.
Dcblin. April ia?The Pernellite members of
parliament have caused to be distributed through
out tbe county Clare, circular? urging toe men of
Ciare to assert their r gbls and assemble In thous
ands at the twenty meetings to be held on Sunday
Increasing tbe Duty on Hpirita.
Stockholm. April ia?The storthing has passed
a bill Increasing the duty on spirits lorthwltu.
A Total Low.
Rociawat Leach, L. I., April ia?The schooner
P. S. Linda y, Irom Elizabethport, N. J., with co.il,
which was driven ashore in the storm of Tuesday,
has gone to pieces and Is a total loss.
Iriaada Of Eeaaepa' Canal Hopeful.
Panama, April a?Work on tbe canal progresses,
and now that the lock system has been definitely
adopted and Eiffels' men deel re that they can
easily effect the work they have undertaken, there
Is much buoyancy observable, and the belief U
strengthened that ships win pass through on the
date fixed by count de Lease pa.
Tbe American fc*change la Europe.
Londox, April ia?A provisional manager has
been appointed to conduct the business of tbe
American Exchange In Europe pending a decision
upon a petition tor the liquidation ot tLe concern.
A Jiegro Lynched.
Bnran, Tenx., April ia?Jerry Smith, a negro,
Wbo a.tcm jted to assault a white girl some days
ago. was taken from Jail by a crowd ot farmer*, ye*,
tenia}, and lynched.
Soiber and Cblld Bnrned to Deatb.
Middleton, N. Y., April ia?At Glotlda two
dwellings, belonging to John GUluly, were burned
last night. 1 be owner occupied oue and Jos. Bird
the other. When the fire start d Bird Jumped Irom
the window. Mr*. Bird and ber babe perished In
thid lljuiie*a
ror Health Officer of Mew York.
Albany, X. Y_ April ia?Gov. H1U has nomi
nated Dr. T. c. w. G'Brlen lor health officer ot the
port ot New York.
Mo Beault After 753 Ballots.
CfXCTOXATI, April ia?A Ttmef.Star Gal 11 polls,
Ohio, special says that the eleventh district re
publican convention took 7.13 ballots without
change, and then took a recess until afternoon.
Mo Verdict In tbo Hrashlaiban Ca
a famous csicaeo clerical scandal trial ends
Chicago, April ia?'i he jury la the famous
Brusuingham case, after making a night of
It, finally disagreed. The K> v. John P. Brush
lngbam was the defendant. He is a Metho
dist clergyman, and has c.iargeoi the Ada-street
cburvb. Eva Parker, a sixteen-year-old girl, after
renouncing the Baptist faith, tiecame a convert to
Mr. Brusuinghaw's church, filling the positions
ot bunda>-school teacher and city mission
ary. Last January she became a motuer, and
stie charged the fatherhood of the child
upon her pastor. Tbe case began before Judge
ununell, ot anarchist lame, over a week ago,
and drew a crowded house. Tbe excitement,
paiticuiarly In Methodist church circles,
was very marked. General utiles was for
the defense, and he openiy charged a conspiracy
in which k. C. Craft, a deacon la the
church, was the prune mover. Tbe latter
was the local superintendent ot the Pru
dential Lite Insurance Ca of Newark, N. J.
and yesterday be was asked for hla resignation,
which be promptly tarnished. Tbe Jury stood 10
agalhat Mr. Brushing bain and 2 for him.
Mr. Cor Ma and Mr. Sail jr.
New Yobs, April ia?President Cor bin, of tbe
Ksailing company, sails lor Europe on May
5ul He states that ma trip la part
ly in coanecuoa with Heading matters.
Alfred Suby. who engineered the Heading deal
by which Cor bin assumed the presidency,
will also leave for Europe soon, and It is
thought that they wiu both act with
Pierrepont Morgan, Who ia now in Lon
don, aad complete tne arrangementa tor
piecing the ISO,000,000 4 per cent booda
reserved tor tearing the present general
mortgage boods. One of the member* of
the Heading syndicate said that It la
likely that a loan will be effected is Lon
don by which the necessary cash to pay oS
the general mortgage oooda at par wui be re
amed. This must be accomplished before July l
or the alteraa ive plan of exchanging the general
mortgage tor income booda will have to be pot la
At Pittsburg last night are is the beeaaseat of
tbe CAren4e^-7W?peapA building. Nob. 121 and 124
Ath avenue, caused damage to the amount of
?10,000; insured. The origin of the lire ia a aya
IMttrki la Cm|hhi
TI?? CUU SLSCTXlC xailwat bill
The House District committee to-day considered
tbe Dill to Incorporate tbe Washington Cable
Electric Railway of Uie District, and suggested
several amendments to tbe ?uboommltu-e. The
subcommittee wilt tonnulste tbe amendments and
report back u> the whole oommuiee at UMtr out
CaylM Tap I?.
iMbUN attaim.
TIM Boom committee oa Indian affair* to-day
ordered a ta v on Die report oa Ue Senate bUl gran u
lag to the Billings, C Lark'a For* and Cooke City
Kail road Co. the right of way through the crow
Indian reservation. I'M Mil la Identical with the
House bia on the same subject. The committee
will also report favorably oa Um Bernta bills au
thorliiiv the appointment of a suput lntendent of
Indian acaoola and granting to tue Washington
aud Idaho Kail road ex. right of way through UM
cceur d'Alene Indian reeei vatton.
Haw Yerk Mack Dlarkat.
Tbe following ara the opeuin* and deems prices of
thr New loik Stock Market, as repoited by special
?ir? bi a?u4 * **' * *
wire w
.\um' j (/,
C\ || d\U9?
"?u rsi S3o ;-,'30 1N. J. cant
* !*? *w- l-ret
5v*" S^'.kf" >orthwaat
Can. south'n.
can. Pso
Cbea. a U
Con. Gas
Lei.. i* ? v* ..
Iaj.. prei....
llncklDf v ai..
111. i ant
kaii. a Tax...
i.aka snore...
L. .. .Vhii
.00. jr*u
> >? Cat.,.,..
48* 4V>, .Northern l ac.
i l>o.. j-ref....
?l?*iO. h. wla n.
I TO ;orafoD'lraua.
l-?* l-aclne Jfall. .
|10|* rto..l*c. ??.
is IlKMfai:::1
,. *4% Hock Islaui..
*??>?, l.'S 8t.laulji.kil
88.* BH', ifiaatr?...
?4J? 64<t oluoufic.,,,
Mi I Sfl* wsuesh
154 ,
Tfca Washington atock Exckaaga.
The following chanjroe from yesterday's quotations
on the toaalili irtou Stock kxcnuiure ara noted to-day:
t. 8. 4S*. 1891. coupons. 100* bid, 106^ asked.
U. 8, 4a, coupon* lii;J\ bid, US4S aakeo.
I t>. C. per. imp*, tie, 1801. com, 107 Ua. 108 aaked.
It. C. 50-year lund, 3-ti5e. 1V24. cur., 118)* bid,
[ llttaakeu. Metropolitan Uauroad stock. 103)? bid,
1U4J% asked. **eeliiu*ton waa, :iii\ bid. 40 aaked.
Ueoryetowu Oa*. 40 bid. National Metropolitan
insurance. 70 bid Corcoran Insurance. oH)t bid.
v\ aabiaaton Market atuck, 15)4 bid. Waabmirton
Brick Machine, -bo bid. 300 aaaad. Bank ol Maali
ilyflou. -Mi bid. National Matrui>ulitau liauk, 1U0
bid, lwJ aakad. Faruiare' and Macliauica' Bank ot
Oeortfaiuwu, 105 Md, 170 aakud. Cluzeua' Na- ,
tiouai Baua, 131 Md. (iraat iaila lea, 130 bid.
B?al lldtata lltlw ln?uraace. 110m bid. Fann. Tala
puona Couipany. 38 aakad. Cbaaaieake and Poto
mac Xelapuvua Co? 7US bid, KUa aakad. Waahinir
ton Lufni lutautry lat luuritrattu buoda, Oa. 1*4 bid,
luO aascd Waaliinirton Uaa.lahi Co. bonda, l!?
bid. National Bank 01 tbo Bapubllc. lo7 bid, l >a
aaked, cviuuibu National bank, low Md, 110 a ked.
iiaukiiu luaurauo* Co., 88M bid. Fanoiama Co..
37>? bid, 60 aakad.
BBIHaieN .Harketa.
BALTtMOBI Ha. April 13. ? Vlnrlala paat doe
COU^/U . UCM inraaa, 04 Nortu carouua aiaaa, old,
118 bid to-day.
BALTIMUltK, Md., April IX-Cotton steady, with
mouer^ie lu^u.rj ? niiddilnf, W'.alo. Hoar flriu aud
lairh arti?e?Uowaid atroet and weatam aui ?r, 4.37
a.iti do extra, 3.00e3.75: do. tauiily, 4.U0a4.60,
city mllia aui>er, -'..iVali OO. do. extra, 3.o0a3.7<>: do.
Bio bran da 4 00a4.75; 1'atapauo auperlatlve uatant.
j.>0.ao. laiuli), j.la. Wbaat?aoatiiern. ateady and
uuial; red. UXaU4; amber, K.lakto. weatem. eatler;
No. X winter red epot. 88>aM8M: April, 88**88*:
Mj.. 8H^aoM*. June MOaOO*; Ju.y, SMahM.V Corn
?aoathara, at. adv for wlilte, yellow bi-Ucr; whlta,
0^Aa'>3. >allow , 01a<J , waatern. niirliar; mixed apol,
til >taH :. May, Juae. 5t*a5tfX. Oata steady
?aoutbarn and Pennsylvania, 3.411. waateru wlilte,
41a4-i; waat-iru tulxad. 38a.tW. Bya, llriu. <uai4. Bay.
fir...?prima to choice western, l4.00alti.00. Iro
nstone nriu, wltn irood ueinand?Meaa pork, 15.00.
Bulk maata?ahouldera and clear rib aidea, packed,
7an^t. Bacoa?ahouldera, 7>ta8*i clear rib aidea, W.
hauls. l^?l ,y. Lard, refined. 8*. Butter easier?
wueUru pw.ked. 31a^4. creamery, '.'Oa ll. bKva, euaier,
10. Petroleum ataady rabiiod, 7CoOee. fte-dy?
B>o carroaa. ordinary to lair, 14a 14H- 8u*ar. firm
ano fainy a. live?A euft. OV; copper refined, firm.
1'isealO. Whlaky. steady, I.ltlal-^3. Frelrhu to ,
Liverpool par ateemer dull ? cotton, l-ioo.; Hour
per tou, o?.; eral u, >*aHd. 8a.ee? Wheat, 31,900
bushels; ooru, 140,100 buahela.
Ckicaee tlarketa.
CHICAGO. III., April 13. 11 a m. ? The wheat
crowd thought there ware new war Oou.p.icatlous
abr ad. j or tula reaenu and tbe additional one that
Liverivol cablea we.a firm. May wiieat opened at 77h.
?must laat nurht'a rlosin*. hecaipts of corn wrie
tbirt>-eiirUt can over tbe a tlinatea. But this did not
check tbe boll wave tnat waa >tart<d yesterday. May
corn opened a cant hurber, at 54*. Froviaiona ? re
quiet: May pork a trifle firmer, at 14.05. Tbe >>?y
optiona are quoted aa follows: wheat, 78. <oru, 54*:
oata, 3**; pork, 14.07*; lard, 7.07^; abort nba,
7 no.
CHICAGO at- April 13. 1 p. m. ? Wheat firm?
Ca?n. 74: May. 78*. Juno, 7U*. Corn steady?Caah.
51-t.May, 54*: June. 54. Oata lirrn? May, 3V*.
hye?May, HU H Barley ? N'otbitiK doitiK. Prime
timothy. 'J J 85 Fiax. 145. Whisky. 1.15.
Porn steady?Caah and May, 14.10. Lard, steady?
Caati, 7.HO. .May, 7.05. Short ribe, 7.'JO. Butter ,
dull, in poor demand?Creamery, ;&a20; dairy, ~la i
<T3. Eg?a Arm, 17.
From the Detroit Free Preas.
The cold, haughty, purse-proud merchant prince j
who tre&u his ribbon-counter gentleman and gen.
tlemen's-anderwear aaleaiadles with mere cinilty
or chilling indifference had better beware. The
Uine may come wuen their poaltiona may be re
"See here, Jenka," aald one of these arrogant
millionaires one d iy to ae0O-pound rlboon counter \
cierk, "you want to attend to your b-aluess better,
young man, and not waste so mucu of your time .
Dirung wltn that red.Maded underwear girl across
the aisle, mind th it."
Enragi-d and huoiillated the down.trodien rib
bon counter serf vows and seek* revenge. Ilia
time comes soon, aye, that very night!
Tue purse-proud, cold-blooded merchant prince
goes to ti,e theat.-i. He buys an admission tl ket
and stands up, being of an economical turn of
"Let us p'ds air," says a calm, cold voice at bis
side. Ue looks down and beholds the rlboon-couo
ter clerk in > he magmtlcence of full dress, with
tue uudei wear girl in Cowing robes and 10-bution
kids hanging to his arm; the yes of me men
meet, but >h .-re is no sign of recognition on uie
part of the ribbon-counter clerk, only a cold,
haughty, fixed siare as he passea proudly "U to
tue $3 seau reserve^ for him and uie underwear
girl, ?vhllethe sn bbeiand humiliated merchant
prince stands on in tue midst Of his owu Utter re
A lelNBespeclIni Girl.
From Puck.
He bad made hla declaration ot lore, and It had
be^u heard with a lowering of the fair head; with
a blush on the soft cheek. But he could not help
aa> lug something to nil In, while he waned tor her
"Whan I say I have never loved Ull now," he
said, **lt Is not an empty word. My lipa have never
toucned the lips ot any woinau?except my
motuers: my hand haa never pressed a woman's
band; 1 do not danoe, and my arm "
A look oi strange wonderment came over the
oeauUful face, and the deep eyes grew large as ane
"is this true, George?" she asked, with hashed
"It is," he answered; It Is literally true."
Tbe look ot wonderment merged into a glance ot
lcyaternneas as she rose to her full height and
conironted him.
"Then, for heaven's sake George," she said, "go
somewhere and practice till you get a record."
A crank flred three shots from a revolver at the
gates of the Elysee palace, tbe president's resi
dence, in Paris yesterday. Upon being arrested
be said, in explanaUon oi nis act, that ne wanted
M. Carnot to attend to grievances ot which he was
tbe victim.
The Be.gian government's extraordinary expen
diture for 1888 fa estimated at 110.000,00a This is
mainly tor new forta, military roads, and artillery.
The amount will be covered by a loan.
The pope yesterday celebrated a special mass In
St. Peter* for M.00O French. Austrian and Slav
pilgrims. The pil,rima were warmly greeted by
thousands of Italians who had gathered to see
The corner-stone of the Augusta (Ga.) National
Exposition Building was laid yesterday with 1m
p<e>ing ceremonies. Tbe main building will be
000 reel long and 400 leet wide.
A resolution providing for tbe submission to the
people of a prohibition amendment to tbe consti
tution was adopted In the New York assembly
yesterday. Tbe republicans voted for and tbe
democrats against it*
in New York, yesterday, the presidents of the
trunk lines decided to let the rates on export
freight snipped through Inland cities stand for luo
present as they are.
sixteen Italian laborers, who arrived In New
York on tbe steamer Australia from Naples yes
terday, were detained by Collector Magoue's
orders, as their passage was paid by Newark
The bride who pat dyed eggs under tbe ben. be.
lleving they would batcn out beautltul colored
chicks, is a cousin or the dear Utile innocent who
aaked tor a hlndquarter of livsr.?Xew York
It is toe opinion among tha diplomatic corps in
London tnat Minister Phelps Instead of returning
to England will remain in America as Chief Jus
tice of tbe United States Supreme Govt.
Stanley Fletcher, a we i-known journalist of
New York, died at bis residence in that city yes
terday of consumption.
There are now aUiy-slx small-pox patlsnta la
the hosp.tai oa North Brothers IsUad, Now York,
and new cases ara constantly being reported.
The win oi um lata ak-Ueai-aor. DorsMmer
was offered for probata la New York yesterday.
Be left no children and only one hetr-aulaw, Mrs.
Elizabeth Clifton, of Buffalo. Ho makes his wlie
sole executrix.
yueen Victoria visited the emperor and i
Of Brain yesterday at Florence
Orr, 8mytbe and Dumop, charged with defraud
ing the Equitable LUe Insurance co^ of Maw York,
were again examined by a magistrate at BoUast,
Ireland! veeurtUy. Magistrate Flnlay McCanoe
noriiMd ta it hlaUM bad been losuredln tbe EquL
t .Me for S10.000 wlUtout hla knowledge. His sig
nature had been forged.
a?-ww* 11 1
kuiiag ?o tarda ^
The u moa lam Cloo la New YorE last night
Mtitieae oa tbe tariff doolarUMtbe
fluaaetal policy aeecaad and aa
ars. Florence be he aim, ff Na tmx
avenue, New Yaa, died Wednesday
oaroajo gsauttts attbe see of MM yean
The Tnffk EallU ?
m ron?o aura ua to ?n dibd it ma
?un-ni rtiUT i? ruar rarsratAX
The mart-Inge of Mr. OniM Bulkier Ud Wa I
Bessie o. Ulilyer, which cauaed a aocial asnaatloa |
laat December, had a aad and tragic seq
Bight in the death of Mia. Bulkier at ute boat* of I
her father, Mr. c. J. Hlllyer, No. 8121 Massacta- [
setts avenue The fact of the death beoan
rally known this morning, and soon well-defined I
rumors were abroad that death was ttt raault
of suicide. To-day crape waa hanging from the [
door-beu of Judge Hlllyer"* man Mo a, the
were all drawn, and the bouse wore a gloomy ap-1
pearance. callers, and especially newspi
porters, were refused audience with members of I
iw stobt or thx death,
aa learned tor a Stab reporter, waa (feat Mm
Bulkier administered a poisonous drug to hem
Wednesday. When she waa taken 111 the facta |
became known to the members of the family.
Dr. W. W. Johnston was summoned took I
measures to counteract the effects of the poison.
The stomach pump was brought into use and bar
condition so much Improved that It was hoped
that (the would recover. Her system, however.
* shock, and she died last night
w xo o clock.
When a Stab reporter asked Dr. Johnston to-day !
for information concerning the death of Mrs.
Bulkier, the docter declined to give anr Informa
tion, saying his relations aa a physician to the
jamliy were confidential, and he could not tell any.
thing about It, "It la time, I think," said the doc
nwt ''in* ~ M P*??r Flrl u <l?*d, to let her
^Peuce." Ail Iniormation concern
ing the death waa refused at Judge Hlilyer's
house. Fronds and associates of Judire
?rU1.yier aUw <leclineJ to say anything
2L KC#Ua*"01 "rs. bulkley's death. They diu
?weTer* denj'tUu rtP^rt? that death was
*n f* ?n<f 01 lu Ul tlifci death
dU? 10, lUe nervous prostration
' tiie elop* ment and subsequent
eyenis. No report of the ,.emh had been received
at a late hour by tb coroner or the health
Mtts. bCLXLKT's KmiAlfc
The death of Mrs. Bulkley brings a romantic
story to a very sad end. Mrs. Bulkley was the
onir daughter of Mr. HUlrer. She was
about eighteen years old, snd her
lather's wealth and her own beautr made
?h? W..5T muol? b0..ght after in society.
She was engaged to be married to Mr. W. L Treu
ho.m, son of the controller ot the Currency, last
*oclel) w*4 woklug forward to a
bri.iiant wedaing, when It was suddenly an
nounced that Miss Hlllyer had eloped
and married Mr. urasale Buikley the young son
? >. , ? Buikiey. The insrriage took place
In Baltimore December ~0, tue couple having
fnD.e i? kijltUiiore and been united la marriage
and returned to this diy the same evening,
ipon their return they separated, the brute
going to her lather's house.
STbe sudden marriage greatly shocked the
areuts or Ail s Hlliyer, and they began, lu the
augnter's name, proceedings to have the mar
r^ese^anuuiled, oh me ground that tue young la^iy
In a tew days, however, theas proceedings
were withdrawn and the coupiTVwrS^L
T?t1^ nJJt'"re aPPu,ently vc-r y hsppy then.
Alter living togetner, uowever, tor tea days tuey
sfpaTutid again, and it was announced that pro
ceedings would be begun lor abao.uta divorce.
Since men Mrs. Bulkley has ilveu at her lather's
Mr. Oraasle Bulkley was sick at his horns to-day
aha could not be ?ecu by an> body.
Tran*(eri of Heal Eatate,
Deeds in fee have been nied as fo.lowa: Martha
R. Tenable to combs Green well, pt. 3, sq. 825;
?70a Geoiyle D. Todd to John W. D.ck, lot 30, ?q.'
40o; 18,000. James o'Connor to Jaoob Burns, pt.
VI, sq. 0*3; $2,000. CUas. stott to W.M. Ualt ta
at, assignees, lots 19 to 23, sq. 1017, and loU 12
to 14, sq. 1041; t?. Elizabeth Martral to Nancy
i?0"* lot UB,fl'td: $112. John u. caeain
P* ?3a, 240, ahd 241, sq. WW;
$*.,*.04. AU0D l>ini^e, iru*ter, u> Juiiu h. Paula.
fnuitt property; ^.^04. Jo^Hua B g* #et aL. ex'r*!
to I. C. Ahleu, pi. 2, sq. 401; K.QOO.
The Hl?ierr ?' the Bustle.
waists descended from the abbnit ami bustles
From the Anrunaut.
Until 182."? the female wain was ordained by
dressmakers to be Just under the armpits; and a
bustle, when such a style of feminine costume
prevailed, would have been, not a drew Improver,
but a bump. Short waists possessed, also one
substantial advantage?tut-r put an endror a time
io tirfht-lucing, and, sixty years ago, a pair of
stays was tbe moat innocent of bodices. The high
est auinoiities on costume seem to have inclined
to the opinion that tne bustle, which undeniably
cam ; rrom Paris, was a reaction among tne ladles
oi the French aristocracy aga I n -1 the pseudo-classic
robes of the revolution and tu?- emp re.
Tbe ladles of tbe courts of Josephine and Maria
Louise dressed mu> h more decently than tbe mar
velieuses of me Dlrectoire had done, still David
and tue artists of his scnool were the real arbiters
of fashion unill ibid; nor could short waists and
dresses clinging to the Umbs be entirely eradicated
from the female fashionable wardrobe until the
Bestoratlon was waning. The battle was fou/ut
anj the victory won a year or two belore tue uepo
sitiou of Charles X, an<l, as regards the garments
of the fair sex, tbe change almost amounted to a
meiaiuorphosls; the waist descending from its bad
altitude between tue shoulders to lia natural posi
tion at the blps; sleeves hitherto tigut were
suddenly puffed out to pretentious amplitude
and tbe pern-shaped, balloon-suaped or le*
oi-mutton sleeve was in process Of time
succeeded by a wider and looser
sleeve, which English dresa-makers dubbed
"the btsbop." Union unately, long waists effected
tbo revival ot the mischievous practice oi thriit
lacing, and stays became real Instruments of tor
ture. i ne dress improver ran its course and da.
cilued us suddenly as It had aDpeaied. The "prin
cess ' robe banished bustles tor lour or five years,
but the bustle came back with short walklntr
akiria, and it tnrlves, and will thrive, and win die
again, we sup.iose, no woman can tell when or
how, notwithstanding all the flouts and leers of
tue satirists, and the so.emn head-shakings and
grave reprehensions or the moralists. The only
practical way to suppress a fashion is to associate
It with infamy. Mrs. Turner, the poisoner in
James I's time, was hanged at Tyburn in a ruff
stiffened with yellow starch, and yel.ow ruffs im
mediately went out of fashion. The murderesa.
Maria Manning, was ban ed ai Horsemonger Lane
la a black satiu dress, and for twenty yeaia arter
ward black satin was out oi lashlon. As It hap.
pens, executions now take place in private, and
nothing would be gained in the way of fashion re
loim by han^l tf a female criminal whosSffarb
comprised a hugs dress-improver.
Dbitbn cbaxt bt Bvoein'o Cigars.?Conductor
Edward H. Lerdom, of tue Pulladeiphla aud Bead
ing Kallroud, who about a week aro created a
sensation by becoming suddenly insane while in
cnarge of his train, offering to carry all his passen
gers lor nothing, was yesterday taken to the Har
risburg Insane Asylum for treatment. It la said
that his insanity waa caused by tue exosaalvs use
ot tobacco, he being in the haoit of m?inn? u
high as twenty cigars a day. ~
A Beetle nr Heb Bab Eleten Ye aim.?Mrs. Keck.
of Pittsburg, Pa., went to a picnic eleven years
ago, and a beetle three-rourths or an inch in lenetu
crawled Into her ear. Yesterday her sufferings
were ended by tbe removal of. tue insect, which
was foun i to be Id a pertect state ot preservation,
tne wax in the ear having excluded tne air.
Bmicuuxo Father Hicxet'b Offek?There Is
much excitement at Brmddock, Pa., over the latest
phase or the trouble between the Edg r Thomo
som Steel works and the workmen. Last Sun
day Bev. Father Hickey announced that
he could settle the difficulties la forty-eight
hours if allowed to undertake It, Tester,
day a handbill was scattered through the
streets ridiculing Father Hiukey and his offer
In a low and insulting fashion, which baa aroused
great indignation among catholics. Tbe author or
the handbill la not known, but tbe Catholic
Knights of Labor suspect the Proiestaat members
or tne order, and a spilt may follow.
Dbitbx to Scicidb bt Hi* Mother's Dbati. The
young man who comudtted suicide at the Conti
nental Uotel, .New v ork, on Tueadajr last, was yes
terday identified by Win. H. Barr, or Puliadeluhla.
president 01 a Uermantown hydraulic pumD workZ
as his son, J as. tl. Barr. Tbe young man waa a
mechanical engine r of great promise. At break
Eiast on Monday the youth declared uU lntenuon of
>ing to Ailanuc city, and his rather auppoeed
m tuere until informed that be waa dead atthe
UoU!l- The young man brooded over
1116 deatii of uis inotber. and lq t hia hia .?
tnbuied the suicide.
,*? N**?>W1.T Esc ATM LTKCB
i>0.?UtK?. Stark weatuer, a wood chopper, sixty
uetr "rml Valley, Peni, nar
inching yesterday. Me was ar
with commuting a rape on the
eldest, ol ub eleven cbilareiL saimsriiier fifteen
years old. At the ^al rwis devetope^ tKS
^tad been continuing the Incestuous crime since
^eiveTea,. o.d, Mtor uJSi ?12
stant death should she maae it known. Indignant
^fns _ seUed (itarkweauier, dragged him rrom
the justice's oOoe, and had placed the rope around
hia neck, wbeu a snerifTs posss resoued and i*.
moved htm to Jail for safet,
A Defacltbbs bbmobsb.?In Buffalo Wedmasdar
afternoon a man giving uis name as Qeo. H. Ayer,
called upon the superintendent ot police and said
ae wished to surrender ntinseu. Be said be had
been assistant cashier of BrowUng, Mine ? Ca,
clothiers, of Philadelphia, and about the 1st ?
February defaulted la the sum of (300 or 1000. Me
made good his escape and had staee been dvlac In
Toronto. Tbe poitoe in Philatbiphla vera aouisd
and a reply received that aa ofltoer would coma to
Buffalo on the nrst train.
a? Hi mm
McKat John Teemsr, on beaalf or himself aad
Aloert Us mm, wrltea from JackaoaTUle, FUl, to
the Boston Harold, offering to give Oea Mnamsr
and John McEay tea aafwder start la a S-mlis
doubi?scull race tor 11,000 a sua, aad aathoriElng
the HirtUd to bold a forfeit at $HOO prevtouaiy de
poelted to baak ulm ia another raos sad which fens
Ttov.?The republican dlaumt eonventloe -*
c<x-.boctoiLOnio, resterday aita.*aooa appointed
Samuel j. Da vies aaa CotTk. Churchill deu-KStea,
aad W. T. Mull aad J. L. MsbTaias alteraates to
the asitoiial coaveuuon. Ad are eataasUeUo lor
^wistaJblhvjktonUUMra u Uujrtty
r ^ IBr* ?
?m twkwti aiixitx.
UlhMln, ExccbUt*
cuu AnwprtuiM aui.
Tlx BOH committee cm approprlatloua km
completed the legislative Mil, and it wlU to rs
potted M (to Hon* M tto earliest opportunity
Tto DU1 appropriates *10,47*3*.35, which t>
Mont ft million leas than tto estimates. The ?p
propriatioa la tto legislative trtll tor tto current
year aggregatea $20,881,840.87, b lac (S06.948.33
more than la recommended la tto accompanying
Mil lor the eemce of tto ttecal year 1996.
Tto wtoU number of aalarwe specifically provided
lor la tto bill Is 0,605, being 412 ices thaa tto
Bomber estimated for. and Sft more thaa tto num
prortded tor la the current law. There, Is,
lowerer, an actual Increase erf only 17 employes
beyond tto wbole number now in tto service,
specific appropriation tolas made la this Mil for
99 persons now employed la the signal oHlce and
laid tram a general appropriation, aad 9 commit
ee clerks in the House of Representatives now be
ing paid from tto oontingeat fund.
Limitations on the expenditure of certain sums
oontained in the bill, and not heretofore imposed,
are preeonbed as follows: Tto appropriation for
My of pages la the House of Representatives is
imitsdtoboys not under fourteen yean of age.
L'nder the Library of Congress, the (ollowmg pro
vision IS proposed: ?Thai hereafter the law library
Shall to kept open every day so long as either
House of congress is la session.'* The foregoing
provision Is contained substanU illy in tto appro
priation law for tto current year, and to avoid
any poeslbie necessity for its repetition la each
Mil It is proposed to place it In the above form.
Under toe office of construction of standard
weights and measures, the following is pro
ioeed: "That such necessary repairs and ad)ust
ncnts shall b ? made to the standards furnished to
the several states and territories as may be re
quested by the governors 'hereof, and also to
standard weights and measures tnst have been,
or may hereafter be, supplied to Cnlted States
custom-bouses and other offices Of the United
States, under sot of Congress, when requested by
the secretary of the Treasury." changes in the
number or grade of officers or employes of the
government, aud their rate of compensation, as
compared with the current law, are recommended
in the tnh aa toliowa:
The Dili provides tor the offloera, clerk* messen
gers, and others in the service of the Senate in the
same terms as is contained in tto current law, ex
cept where It is necessary to provide lor the differ
ence between the approaching short session and
the lone session of congress making a reduction
of $37,094 02, under tto approprlauo&a for tola
service tor 188&
Housa of Bkramxratrraa.
The salaries of the olerk of the House, the
geant-at-arma, and the doorkeeper of the Bouse
are each Increased (XXX Heretofore the clerk of
the House has had an allowance of 11,900 tor hire
of horse and tor cartaget The sergeaut-at-ainis j
has had $600 (or one horse snd wagon for hie use,
and the doorkeeper has had $1,100 ior hire oi
horses, repair of wagon, *c. These sums have
been paid to these officera as part ot their current
monthly pay, and have in tact formed part ot
their regular compensation. Under the provi
sions of the accompanying bill the allowance to
the cierk on this account haa been reduced .rom
$1,200 to $700; to the ooorkeeper from $1,100 to
$tn>0. and to each appropriation tuere is auded the
Words, ??or so much thereof aa may be nec
essary," which will require them to account to the
controller for the amount actually expended in
tne public service. The appropriation of $&Oo tor
hire o( horse and wagon lor the bergeant-ai-Arias
Is omitted enlliely, so that In tact the aggregate
appropriation tor salaries ot these office is Is not
increased, nor will they receive any greater com
pensation under the terms ot this bat than tbey
have been getting in the past. A clerk to the
Speaker at $1,800 per annum Is provided tor. The
compensation oi the two assistant librarians ot the
House is increased trom $1,440 to $1,800 each. In
addition to ihe clerk at |*,500 ior preparing the
Ceueral Index to the Journals or congress, and
t lieu oi one assistant at $2,000, th bill
provides for the following aaatstauiB, namely:
Two at $1,200; 4 at $1,000 each, and 2 at $*00
each; malting 8 a sisuiuis a. a total cost ot
$8,000, In place ot 1 at $2,000. The officer la
t hai go of tue work represents, that with one-halt
this torce, 11 given competent men, he couid com
plete tue index in elgut years. If the work la
worth doing at all it should be done within a
shorter period than eight years, and thereiora a
sufficient toice is recommended in the bill to ac
complish It within tour years. Und r resolutions
ot tne House, directory to tto committee, pro
vision la made for a cieik to the committee on
elections and tor tne clerk to contluue the l>igest
01 Ctalma, at annual salaries ot $2,000
each. A clerk to the committee on cen
sus, at tue rate ot *1,000 per an
num, from July 1 to Jiarch 4 next, la also recom
mended, tne employment ot tuis clerk tor that
period, aud at tuat rate ot compensation, belug
authorized by a resolution oi uie House. The
wnoie number ot committee clerks employed dur
ing ihe session is increased trom 31 to 39, thus in
cluding .n the LIU the H clerks n. w auiuorUed by
resolutions oi the House and being paid trom the
contingent lund. The salary ot the electrician ot
the liouse v. as, by an error in enrollment In the
law ior the current year, reduced trom $1,150 to
$1,050. It la proposed to tlx ue salary at *1,200.
'i no compensation oi 3 loiders ..nil 2 messengers,
employed under the doorkeeper dUilng tue session,
Is increased trom $87 to $70 each per month, 'l he
2 sienogiapbers to committees Heretofore pro
vided ior at $4,000 eacu, aie omitted.
The following changes are made trom present
The aalary ot the Vice-President ot the United
States, at $8,000 per aunum, omitted from the
curient law because of a vacancy in that office, is
provideu ior.
tbbascbt department.
Secretary's omcj?The force employed In the
cabinet-shop of the Treasury Department la're
duc d trom 18 to 11, and their cornp naatlon
changed trom a per diem rate to an annual one,
the aggregate being reduced from $15,008.50 to
$9,820. one clerK oi class 4 is given the
ultision of warranty estimates, and ap
propriations, in lieu ot 9 cicr?s at $9u0 each.
One clerk 01 ciaSs 3, 6 Clerks at $900 eacu, 1 assist
ant messenger, auu 1 laborer are omitted in the
olv.sion oi tusu n.s. 'lne salary oi the chief of
the appointment divls.on la reduced lrom $2,750
to )2,500. One assistant ciilet of division at
$2,100, 2 clerks of class 4, and two clerks of class 1
are omitted in the division oi lo.ns and currency.
Ihe divisions ot meicannle murine and internal
revenue, and captured property, claims and loans,
ere consoudated under one division, with the title
"miscellaneous division," and the number of em
ployes reuuetd lion. 18, at an aggregate cost ot
}27,t>80, to 10 persons at saianes aggregating
in iue Office of the Supervising Architect the
photograpner, at $2,000, is omitted. In the First
Comroiier's office an increase Is made ot 2 clerks
of class 4 and 3 clerks ot class 1, and a reduction ot
2 clerks of class 3 aud 3 clerks at $900 each. In
tue Second Auditor's Office a reduction Is made of
6 clerks at $1,000 each, and an additional nreuian
is provided tor. In the Tuird Auditor's Office a
reduction la made ot 3 clerks ot class 2,
14 clerks ot class 1, aud 1 clerk at
?,000, and 1 additional laborer is authorized,
me Fourth Auditor's Office a reduction is made
of 2 clerks ot uiasa 3,1 clerk ot ciass 2, and 2
clerks ot class 1. In the Treasurer's Office a reduc
tion is made oi 6 clerks at $900 each, 1 messenger,
3 l.i bore is, l pressman at $1,200,2 separators at
$000 each, and 9 leedera at $080 each, and aa in
ciease oi l mall messenger at $1,000 is made, la
t e torce employed under tto Treasurer in redeem
ing the national currency a reduction is made oi 9
cierks at $1,000 each, aad 6 clerks at $900 each,
and an inc. ease is given ot one charwoman.
In the Internal Revenue Bureau a reduction la
. made ot 1 stamp agent at $1,800 an i 1 coun
ter at $900. In the Light-bouse Board 1 assist
ant messenger Is given. In lieu ot 1 laborer. In
the Bureau ot Navigation $900 additional to the
clerk acting as deputy commissioner la provided
ior, and a reduction la made of 1 clerk ot class 9
aud 1 clerk at $1,000. In tue office of Director oi
tue Mint l clera ot ciass l is provided tor la Ueu ot
1 copyist.
In the Adjutant General's Office, 8 assistant
messengers and 17 watchmen are omitted. In tae
| Judge-Advocate-Oeneral's office the aalary ot tto
chlei clerk is Increased $200. In the Signal Office
the torce is rearranged as desired by the chiet sig
nal Officer, and In lieu of the 10 cierka heretofore
specUicaiiy appropriated for, together with a gen.
e. ai fund oi $30,o00 tor personal service such aa
the Secretary ot war might authorize, tue bill pro
vides ior 39 employes at a whole cost ot $200 uader
tue appropriation tor 1888.
In the (iuaiterinasiei -ueaeral's Office?Tto force
In this ouicu is reorganized in accordance with the
wishes oi the Quartermaater-Oeneral, making a
reduc ion ot 23 persons aad $18,916 la tue sggre
I gate salaries of the office. In tne surgeon-uene
rai's office an increase is made ot 1 engineer at
$1,400^ 1 assistant engineer at$900, and 2 drernen,
and a reduction Is made oi 9 Maustant messengers
and 9 watcumen. In the Paymaster-Oeneral's
| Office a reduction la made ot 7 Watchmen
1 a auperlnteudent of building at ?2da
In the State, War and Navy Department building
an increase Is made of 2 assistant engineers at
$1,0U0 each, 10 watchmen; 1 plumber and 1
painter at $900 each, 2 akiued laborers at 9720
eacu, 7 Bremen; 4 conductors of elevators at |720
, each, 9 laborers aad 99 charwomen.
The clerical toroe la this Department la provided
for la accordance with tto numbers aad salaries
specified la tto current law, but is rearranged by
assignment to bureaus aad of&oes as dasliwd by
tue secretary, increases bslng made omy la tto
Bureau ot Ordnaaoa, where 1 aalianr draughts
man at $1,400, l clerk ot class 1, aad 1 copyist are
I given, auu in .he-Bureau of Frovistoas aad cloth
lug, where 1 additional clerk of olsaa 4 aad 4 dsns
11 are provided tor.
U tto atenurfi oOoea reduction is made at
| six members of tto board Of peaatoa appeals at
$9,000 each, aad aa laoreiea is propossdoC two
carpenters at $900 each. la tto Astont
Attorney-Oenerai's office three artdiuonsi
Uw clerks at $M? each are provided tot.
la tto Oeaerai L*ao office aa lacrsaas Is suae a
10 principal ex miners m land claims aad eau tests
i at fcMMO each, 1 week Of class 4,4 clerks ot class
8, s cierka m cishs 9, 9 class 1, 6 cierka at $1,000
each, ami i assistant measeager, aad a reduc
tion is proposed of 2 oopyisca. In the ladiaa Of
1 are provided aar.
Boas additional cierka
U tto Pateat Ones 9
amiaers at $2,400 each, H> cleras ot e*sas 1, aad 1
draughtsman at $1,000 are provided nr. Is tto
the Office ot tto Arcmtsct of tto Capttal tto ossa
MsasstiOB of tto 7 watatoMa employed oa tto
Capital grouadais las
"P?*1 yyyt t? punast. in the otcor or the
?** o"""" ???* ?* n.000 it
pjvvtdedNr. UtMiMWfiuroffice, umadd*.
Uomi clerics it MOO M> h an oroTklad tor.
Mooej-^r t^oe-Two ad* Uon .1 clerks at
?r*ii???d ?B IWMMt MrilMT u $1,000 U UN
of one fireman, are provided for.
Oao additional dark of claw 8. Velar* of class 1.
and 8 eUrvtan are provided lor, and the salary
of the uMsgrapb cp^mwymini
?rsa?d freta $1,000 to $1.800.
?fc<K M b'|> ?tilfctft
ma tw At or bb*ab? j. bvdsok.
Thl? afternoon la tbo criminal Court KdwardJ
Hadaoo waa placed oa trial tor aa laiinlt and
oattorr wna lataat to kill bio brother, Oeorye O.
Hudson, by shooting him oa the tlgut of ftbraafy
1? tbe bakery 4th aad Datraata soutbsaat; Mr.
Howard Clagatt tor the defradaak
*????? Uiat while la IMUm.
broUw Wward entered aad fired live
?botaubJm,oo?atrUiDf ma above tbe sar, and
?*? "?? hand. la testified that bU brother
r.,1?. ?? ? TP?ln and wlineaa u>id his
WottM #ort ?*?4.
uVJT^Sdward aaid: 'George,
?L??,. *"r ***? te say yoa had better
begin u> i?j tneaa." Witaoaa aaM aim to give
?l0Ptn' an4 tm* t? f*t out ot taa way,
firing. Edward had boon
dlachargad and bad threatened wttaaaT Ufa.
TrtoU tor Axaalt.
luiiMoiT oi rat casb or not ? ?
In tbo criminal Court, lo-oay, Paul Helmuth
waa on trial on the charge of aa anaanlt oa Michael
McMahon. la August last-appeal frota a $85 Oao
tn tbe police court. It waa testified tbat Mc
Mahon and a companion went to Uta ff 'ffrw aad
asked for Doer; that Mrs. Helmuth aald mey had
but whan money waa abowa bar aba
it J"41 I bay refused to take
'? *"5 leave; tuat they ware tuaa at
11 f ?lkt*d ">?l Helmuth a truck Mo
, * plect" of ft* pipe.
companion, testified
i ??.. ""n< &e knew after acarUng to Wee
biBL ?D 1 piirtl ud tWw B,*n w,re Matlnir
, *?r. Mr. Campbell Carrington stated
?Sil(1 4b0W lh*1 Mra. Heimutb rerueed
th5. i? ?"??*??. an<l ">?T oecame vary abu-jv.;
S 11 tn?n to leare, aad led one
,Ual l"ey aionea, aad be re.
SS ilr J"" 10 tuat one of tue men got
Into tbaaaioon, and wbda la tbere waa alruclc by a
atone thrown irom tbe outkMa.
Hclmutb teatiiied tbat both tbe men
**J* dnuu; uiat . fter bring refuaed beer tbey
5}??* ^er 'ether and motber, and tbey were put
out; that they forced tbelr way in. aome one of
them breaking in tbe door, and tuat ttonea ware
thrown, one of then striking McMabon.
hAwoa or m 1 B*a*oaaraa.?rb? following
readimra at tbe uignai uffloe to-day: 7 it
bl, m; a p. bl, 48; maximum, 41; minimum ^
n*p*w la ??? a candidate.
nufiniiT no ntcaiDiimAi. in ta iruiw m
K^*?rk Mpeelal ta tbe PhlUdalphla PraM, April 11.
The atory baa been freely circulated tn political
clro.ea that Mr. Depew waa almpiy a auiking borae
'or '?'sloe; tbat the New York del>-gat?a would
go to Chicago oiienaibly for Depew but would be
leady to Book to Mr. Blaine at a given aignal. Tbta
report baa bad a ?ery depreaalng effect on tbo
other candidates wbo have entered t6e Held under
t.ie lmprekkion tbat Mr. B.alnebad written bit leu
U* Of withdrawal la good falta and waa actually
out of the race. Mr. Leuew waa seen at bis resi
dence oa 45tb llreet tbU morning and naked If
there waa any truth In the rumor that be waa act*
lag ..a a Biaine aKeni ln diaguiao.
"I bare made no c noealmeni of tbe fact," ? Id
??* .1itb f cheerysmae, "oi m> preference for Mr.
Blalna. I hare been a Blaine man, I mink, for
orer twelve yeara. 1 bare thought aud ?m aUU of
the opinion that be poaueaee? el ments of strength
n .'. n'Tf "HL10 06 '..0UUJ 10 olh,'r CanJldate.
But," Mr. Depew added wltb emuhaala. "1
not oonaent to be a (talking norae for Mr. Blaine
or any otber man. 1'he proposition is too abaurd
to merit serloui consideration. 1 shall certainly
not be a party to any such ti ansae lion."
"*r. Uepew, bare you any objection to stating
wijetber you are a candidate tor the presidency or
Mivfiepow croMd his lags and his features aa
? apression. -So," be aald deUb
erateiy, w am not a candidate. I do not desire
the nomination. I observe that a number of gen
t.emen have salt, frankly mat they were candi
dates. It la nothing to their discredit, and if I
were a canuidaut I should nave no beaiutioa ln
announcing myaeu as such."
Mlt is said If you entered tbe race actually tn it
Jou couid m the ae;egat?a from this state. New
eiaey and Connecticut, sure."
"I dun't know as to mat. I certainly should not
enter upon what Is understood by an *active* can
vass for votes, even If tbe presidential bee was
butdng ln my bead so loud 1 could not near you
talk. As it is 11 annot even bear the rustle ot tue
wings of mat pestlieroua insect, aud I have never
asked any man to support me for Preaidenu 1
have had no communication witu any One with
reference to my possnie nomlnailou at Cuicairo "
**i>o you believe that Mr. Blaine is out of the
.?'l^S'leT.ev,thl^he wrote hl9 'Wtef ot withdrawal
ln good faith and was sincere."
"Ko you tblnk Mr. Butue would aooeot tbe
tlonfimOU" nt"nUu"JOB 01 Chicago conven
??i dont believe tbe man Uvea wbo would refuse
One of the Drawback* la Ce-aperatloa.
From the American Architect.
Tbere is something lute retting in the way in
which Americana take up the Idea of abanug tbe
profits of manuiacturlng among the operatives ln
the factory, which has new attained a w.de-sprvad
popularity here. American manuiacturer* are
almost alwaya .men who have themselves been
operatives, and they re u?n with their employee in
an unaasuinlng, sensible way wbkb iso.ien very
Instructive. Among otuera, tbe bprlugfleld Fouu
2.rJ.j0uipiin7 01 M*ssachusetu i.aa lust paid a
dividend of 2X per cent as an addition to the w^M
earned by eacn man who has been with the com
pany during the year. Altnough this amounts io
a present of $20 or ?o to each person employed, at
a season when such extra income la particularly
acceptable, the directors of tbe c mpany, in tbe.r
circular announcing tne dividend, rather anoloime
for tia smailnesa, and, while acki.owiedirlnif the
disposition shown by most of the men to do their
part ln earning it, express the hope that another
years business will show a better result, and point
out the most effective way to accomp.lsh thia In
their Judgment tbe most serious drain upon the
surplus proflta which mlgbt be used tor nayinr
dividends cornea from the carelessness of moulders
and others, who needlessly turn out d fecuve
castings. In every foundry mere Is a certain
amount of loss from this cause, but we
Imagine mat tbe Springfield Company's men
will bo rat .er surprised to learn ihat the
cost of making good tbelr own careiesa work
amounted during the past year to twice as much
as the dividend; and that If tbey had all done
their work aa well a< they could tbelr ah are of
pronta, without any extra hours of labor, or any
extra exertion beyond a little care, would have
averaged *? ln place ot ?20. Thl- l.ffei ence will
seem to tne dullest workman well wor.h aavnur
another year, and the company'a circular rein
forces tbe moral by pointing out that the loss on
an Imperfect caating is sometimes ss great as the
uroflton a good one, so that if a man losses a cast
ni which takes one bour to mould, bo must work
bia best all the rest of the day barely to cover tbe
losa from his careless hour, without earning any
thing aa profit for that day, either for himself or
his employers. This, It seems to us, la very well
tut, presenting the lesson tbat profit in business
lependa on constant care and economy in the
smallest details in a forcible and simple way
The circular closes by reminding them that tbey
have a personal interest In Tne business- mat
every minute of time and every cent's worm or
property aaved increases tbelr profits, and tbat
every pound ot poor and rough caating injures me
reputation and business of the fouudry while
every pound of good casting helps both, and in
creates the present and prospective profits ot the
? _ la Tlfhia
A special to tbe Philadelphia Prut from New
Haven, April 12, says: Sergeant John H. Sherman,
United Mates signal officer, belongs to one of me
best families of Whliaeyviiia. Hla office Is la tbe
Insurance building, and adjoining me office of
Qea O. powning, ln whose employ a tow days ago
was a Mrs. Koiand. bherman is a prominent mem
ber of me New uarea camera ciua Kecemly
two young ladles became intimately acquainted
with Mrs. Kolaud. They were from sixteen to
eighteen years ot age, and, although rather
thoughtless, are ot Irreproachable character.
Tbey accepted tbo Invitation of Mra. Roland to
qui and see some pictures wMca aba promised to
snow them, she exhibited to them pictures of
young girls ln Ugbta aad scaaty doming. Finally
Mrs. Roland show ed several suits or custumes of
the same character, and asked the young ladlea,
"just tor fun," to put them on. Oao flatly refused,
but tbo outer arr .yed herself la the scanty ap
parel. Mrs. Roland com gH man ted her
inform her father, whloh aas did. u
very angry and demanded tbe negative of Bher
man. who delivered it up. HetoM Bhenaaa tbat
be would not proaecate him. Prosecuting Attor
ney Daiiey said to-day that bo would bring an
action wuen complaint waa properly mada. Mra.
Roland to-night said the young ladles were MMs
Norma Durrvil, at Pair Uavea, aad Mlas kureita
Smith, of this city. BUS says they aad aakedhsr
to hare them photographed: mat Mlas DarreU
was the one wbo had bar Ukuasas taken, aad tbat
(here waa ao irregular sonottatloa oa her (Mra.
Roland's) part, bus does aat dsay that Miss Dor
reli was taken In
say s bsMafad to
rMKiMnx RE?a AJr?
DiU. of the Republic of Mexico, ta
Instructed Minister Romero to vfolUt* (mtin
of friendship, nrTM?re? ul unpuoi wr.h
China ut Jiyu, through the minister* from
tkon ooimtrtesst Wenaiagtea.
ippHotUot to tot
count of Slikuee* ltd will _
rearing board to* exsmiaauoa.
surgeon, (ranted U months' leave, win psrmto
MOB to fo ? broad. Second LMi. w*. D Wright,
Signal corps, ordered to visit Block Isiaad im
NirrifUNU nrr, on tmportrr eervide. Pin*
Lieut Joan P. W user. Am artillery,
temporary dhty at Wiuet'? Point. s. T.
??ouriiT Wamnv Im i
lor tbe flr?t payment on the ?te<
phia, building at cramp'* yard.
Lain op iwML-uu. Naval
Richard Getewood. who lately returned from Pen
saooia, baa beea granted Mm moaihr leave of at>
?rnce on account of Mckaes*.
Tn Lam Wsrrs Imam Tui taat stood u tM
oenter of the ellipee east of tas watte boom waa
to-dar removed and planted on tbe front laws, on
the edge of the driveway. It to intended to keep it
niied will flowering plants.
Naval Obdbbs.?Llest. J no. a. Norrls ordered to
the Hyorograpiiic OOloe; Com. Thoa. Netooa and
Ueuk-Coaa. R. B. Impey ordered to torpedo
instruction May 1; Lieut, Chan. Belknap
detacbed trom the Naval MlUtary Academy
and ordered to torpedo Instruction May 1;
Lieut. Clayton H. Bkctiman. detacbed (Tom tbe
recelvtng?*bip Indejx n^ence. and ordered to tor
pedo instruct lo i. May I. Lieut. Corwin P. Kee*.
detacbed (row the Mirtiig*ii, aad ord.red to tnr
pedo I net ruction. Bay l. Lieut. was. R. A.
Moooey, detached I rum tbe Naval War COt.rga,
aad order to torpedo instruction, May L K ?iga
Albert P. Mblack, detached Irum tbe Washington
navy-yard, and ordered to toipedo laetriMUon,
May L
Aa M ?apertntfalrai Paal*a Bwasssaap.
?at bb raoMoran ro bcpbmintbhobst or fas
controller Durham baa rendered A dactoton In
tbe matter of tbe coaetructioa of tae act making
appropriation* for tbe eaunee of teacher* in tbe
public schools of tbe District. Bo eayat The
statute provides that there shall bo no lacrsaa* la
salaries paid to teachers la grades bow receiving
1800 or mors, aad no Increase tn tbe number of
teachers lb any of aucb gradsa shall
be m-de. The statute prohibits aa lu
ci?sss in tbe pay or numoer of the
teachers in any grade as therein designated, bat it
does not forbid that promotions shall be made
irom one gt ade to another. a* 1 unoerstand the
particular question now presented, and to wiBch
there has seemed to be some Utile doubt/ to
whether a vacancy having happened In fie
position of superintendent ut tbe lilgh School a
teacuer la a lower grade and receiving
a salary less th.in Mr. Paul, the toie
superintendent, received, can be promoted
from such lower grade to CH tbe position which
Air. Paul occupied at the time of ul* death and re
ceive tbe *ame salary a bleb waa paid to him. 1
am of tbe opinion that the promotion can bs
made, not oniy to u e position, but to tbe salary,
without any violation of the provision of tae
statute above Quoted. *
District (?erernmral Affairs,
Messrs. b. A. .vcknlglu A W. B. KeeU, of Phlla
delplil , called on me i oinnilssl.uei ? to-duy In re
lation to a n>-w underground csble, -Tbe Foitren,"
wuii the object oi having it introduced la Wssb
lugton. The commissioners aay ibai If tbe cotn
5 in> cab furblah lnew proofs ol ita efhcleuct and
urabiluy they will have li tested, 'ihe principal
feature of the cable to thai it requires no condaita
or huowaya, but caa us laid la any ground, dry or
moist, or In a sewer.
A* published in yeateniay'a braa a neuiioa from
resident* oi south Vtaahlngiun was forwarded to
the Commissioners for tuelr recommendation* oa
a b 11 providing tor tue improvement of tbe reser
vation at the Intersecllon of Maiyiand and Vir
ginia avenues, between 7ih and Uiu atreeu south
west. lo-d .y the Comuiiaalouers replied, staling
that as they have nothing todowita aucu peu
i ions thsy are obliged to retuee to rsooiuasad im
There waa bat one building permit Issued to
day?U. A. unawo.d, to erect two frame ii we ill n?a
oa Maple avenae, AaacoaUa, at a coat ol^bOU.
Ml-t"IU.?NK r*.
Justice Harlan bad a conference with tbe Com
missioners i ULs morning relative to tbe improve
ment of that section of the county north ix the
bouuuury around leib atreeu
com.niasioner Webb to soil ooaflaod to BIB I
by a bad couL
John W. Dick has bought, for (6.000. of Qeorgte
D. 1'odd, lot 30, aq. A&5, 17.34 feet front, on Oth
street, bet we n F and u Greets northwest. L. C.
A Idea has bought, for $3,000, of Juenua BlKge et
aL, executors <>ud trustees, part lot 2, fronting 87
feet 4h inches by 100 feet, on L suost, between
8th anu Ukb streets southwe*u
The will of the late John J. Taylor filed to-day
leaves his personal property and a life Interest In
bis real estate to nls wife, Caroline, to revert to
his children.
The ladles of the Ceneral M. P. church will give
an entertainment at tbe Church of Our hatxer
i his evening. The beauuiul bryson allegory will
be repeated.
In the criminal Court, to-day, Thomas Grlgsby.
colored, was tried for housebreaking In the night
In entering bebree c Buruelte's lai-tory, and lar
ceny oi saw-biadea, Ac., on March V7 last, aad was
BkiaKkSTkD.?This morning a New York officer
(Mr. T. J. McCarthy ) arrived hcie with a reqdisl
tlon from the governor of New York lor Win. E.
enck, wuo Is caarg- d wiui the larceny of (1.030.
Chief Justice B.ugliain Issued a warrant of ai rest
and la a I.tue tune crick was takeu before tbe
Chief Justice. 8arah F. Palrcluld, with ?ho in
cr.ik had been living tor ten years, although not
married to him. Identified crick as the m.in
wanted, and *.ild the stolen money was one-half
the pioceeds of properly thty bad jointly pur
chased. crick was arrested oa the ft. a instant on
the same charge, but was discharged on a w rlt of
h bea*corpus because of the absence of requisite
papers. Immediately he procured a license to
marry Malinda Bolliaa.
Mabribb ahd Sbttud bow*.?In the case of
Laura D. B. Ford allaa Belt h. charged with keep
ing a bawdy house, a nolle prosequi Was en ten-d
to-day. Tbe house, In the neighborhood of the
bew state. War and Navy building, waa raided In
beptember last, and In the Police Court the de?
leudani under tbe name oi Keiui alias Kord alls*
burska While, waa hned (lott Mr. Lipscomb in
asking to enter the nolle said be had been to
directed by Judge Uoge. lie did not know the
reasons, but he understood thst since tbe occu -
rence the defendant bad toft tAe btml uses, married
and settled down.
Musical Int*stii*ii*wt.?The musical enter
tainment at Masonic 1 empte to-morrow evening
promises to be of much more than ordinary inter
est, and at Us conclusion the farce "A Cup of Tea"
will be enacted by Mr. Sotua, uiss Henderson, aad
Mr. Prank M. B .teler and Dr. Q. P. Jonnaton, of
the Capital Bicycle Cluu Mr. BurmetBter. Mi*.
Bate Doane, and Miss Nora ?loach will furnish the
musical part of the pitmram.
Tn WintT Stab's Pocket Atlas or tAe World
Is offered free to every new subscriber for one year
to the Wbbelv Stab. It to a handsomely printed
book of 1W1 pages, prBdwely lllust rated, with more
than 100 colored maps and dlagrama, and contains
a wealth ot general Inioriuauuu. bee auveruao
tuent in another column.
How Um All
th* P*nama Star and Harald
The Untied btales Pish commission Msalary Al
batross, Lieutenant - Commander Z. L. Tanner
commandlag, arrived la port oa Tuesday aad to
now at anchor off Tabogullla island. Nearly a
month was speat la the straits of Magellan, where
large collections were made la all branches of
natural history. Pishes of excellent quality for
eating were there seined in great quaotftisa. Ves
sels passing through the straila. if supplied with
seins, could thus obtain an abundance of fresh
food. Camps ot Poeylans were Visited and con
siderable ethnological material waa obtained from
them for the National Museum at Washington.
In Byre Hound icebergs are usually to be loun d
floating, bb many glaciers flow into tbe water
there. Tbe Albatross raa Into ibis souad and
made last to a berg tor tbe purpoee of getting a
supply of Ice tor ner refrigerator. Huge blocks
were then cut off and hoisted to until su tons had
thus been taken aboard. Tue loe was clear and
oompact and lasted uatll the arrival of tAe ship
The ship win la a lew days raa a Bae of dredg
Ings from this port to the Gslapagoa islands and
tnence to Aoapulco aad Baa Francisco, it Is ex
pected that Prat. Atoxsarter Agassis will joia tae
pang here.
Mayor Hewitt |
la Mew York at the
to ptepartag to eeh
Wsahlagtoa as Prseldeat of the Called
Elegant Invitations were Mg?* by Mayor Hewitt.
Blbrtdg* T. Gerry, aad other officer* of the <
mi t tee, to be forwarded to the Prsetdeat ?
Halted States, members at the Cabinet, both
and (he Hopreme coait. Bach
Houses of Coogreea, and the Oupreme coart. Bach
In vita tion was hsndaomrfly ssgranid aad aaaUr
booad U a tastefnl form by secretary ciarsoce B.
M. Tae eaboomsslttae oa military aad l
parade made a report, which waa
T a revtewtag staad la WaUi
tttlT MWkt w*trr a Otnui
irirtuafi Knot
Tb* lafal wraukle over la*
IpwUN of IM BHKO-, will probably he <
MmUi }**?? tpll U?J?r.
Uw rlpDM llMir UMUtfMIOKl lb*
tor an inaperttna b? ywoteTdej lilac, ih-oark iMr
coaaaM, J. Juerpb Burpky. * MOni peayitur IM
U? ueurt amend IM iUM Tbr VbltaOaipbie
7i?m ujrt: Lawyer BurpfiT"? euf*wrtloa? are
- - iM d M
tbat IM ocBer be bo atneofl duui prevrLl * iu
BOB bad bib COM?I imb IMK.bC ? ?MI tal IBapeO.
Honor tbe operation and w-OTuaifbof Eeeij-* ta
vern on*, wbich. It lb claM?d, are lb tbecoarwe at
parfei-uoa. lb n*? or UN ia.-i thai buck kaowird?w
If Imparted to mini toil pan Mb. could Br pereertai
and aMied aO aa I* depnva 1*7 Of bin r?bt to
obtala a palpal It to tun Mr BaEfe?*ro tbat. be
fore any inspection ? bad, Wiiaoa M required to
accompany Ibr at porta to ibe workbbop af KaMjr
and ibarf point oat bud identit) lu# nteoblne
which mo ci*ima to own by vinu* of tba
mrni of lMt, bad to identify aticb mat Uioe .<?
tbbi or 1MI. and alao furnlab to tba rxiMU, la
alao turn 1Kb to tba ei nana, in
cuiar oewrripiion." Willi draw,
?uttoo of lbdMi It to aMO akked
oreprii<d to pay ib? ekpenaba at
Kion ordered by iw coart.
k ibe court tor k bearing ->b
iiornd. wi.iob, lb all probability.
lull oou?^?wUl 1
ss u. ?>, ux oct-c
?o? Mm ufiM bcban rum uuaa ro m
nitouTui or a imttk
Jofea bad Beary Bill and Mary bmitb are ia jail
ta Jaateaiown, Ky . charged vita oar of taa aMbt
atrocious crime* la tba biauiry of taa atata. Two
week* k?o two poddjari cane to
poet of tbair waraa. Satt day ibaj i
Pour dayb altar tbM br?* war* area la tie wouda
eatin* what look.-d Mae flcab. Tbay were driven
away, ana bu etaininauoa re v.-a led tba noua.
tacBe and la* and a part of llf Beck uf a Bian ub
tbe KTound where tb* buir? bad twea. 1 be bi%-*
were traced to b oare near by, man W Icb b hor
rible udor cam* No on- dared enter tbe car*, ba
It ?aa ou tue ground oi tba Mm boy*, wbo bbd
forbidden aav one logo oeai lu Midnbda) af
irrunon Mar) Nmitb, wb<> ??? uoitaekaeper lor tba
lllil biotbera. rao ibto tbe bouab uf Jbajra Jooea,
tbe aeoivbt netKbbut of I Br lllllb, bbd bakad for
proteciioa, Bbe ?>i told bo '.arm atiou.d oMBa to
bT, and aaau abr quitxd do?b Mad* b borrtWe
ronfdMiob. >lie aaid Ib bubatabtw tbat abb *?<
fon-wj b> tbe Ulll i>roih?*r* to a?iat >b tba Burder
of tbe petdlrra. 1 be tilila attempted to amjlbar
tbt'lr victlma a lib a guilt, but tba peddiri* auut
? ? ao bard l bat Me. ry uiu ??*?* bar a kblte aad
loid iM-r locut tueir ibroaia, w^icb bite did aad
cuukhi tbrir wood la a dlabpai. 1 be Uilla took
tbeir boalea to tbe . ,.?i. wbara tbay wrra two
d?ya aad tneb wera Ufceo ??ay, bbe fcn
wucia. Tba TtcOiua had about ?KO?a i
bona to JewbtQ wau oiaer uuabb.
rubtlbf at ?av. MllPa
mis b?r DtTkbCkOBa roa "a*itt aoa" Tab
aacm, brr tbk ooTBanoa m oaacaaiv.
M:aa K*a Ray arrtvad at Albasy Wednaaday
erannig, aad Tkumday woraiag bad aa aadtaara
wttbUor. UlU to intercede for i be lira of "Mappy
Sob" Vaa Brum, tba murderer, arateacad to baaf
at Waiaaw, X. V, UMiay. Tbe goaaraor rauatrad
bar kibdiy. Wita faltrm? voice him Kay racitad
tbe wbolc blaiory of tbr murder to tbe foreraar,
bbd ar^urd in ( U vaa aot pretne^.taied. ?ao
atatoU uer reaaon r> r l?iie*ioe au. Hi <? I*r*ebtl?
k?kou tba ifoTi rnur l bai be commute ute dratli
bbnteoce of v at, Hruat to Ule IBlt>rlaOiiaieut. I ba
gvrrraor aaM u.bi be couid not aar bia ?>y to la
trnere witu tbe axecuUoa, and toe law muat tafcd
IU i-oumk
Ai utewe worda Mlaa H?t grew deathly pa la, bar
beau dropprt! ?uU au* fen ilu> a falbl. A Dbyab'laa
Wba auruiuo.trd itnj reaioratu,* ^p.iiied. li waa
bait aD boar Beiote abe lecorered. Luokinf abou'.
Iter lb a dated aort ot way abe cfteu, "poor Bob,
lK?r bob," and aabk b.ick upob tbe aula. '1 ua
ekecuUre ciiuinbcr brcaioe a ac?ua of cuaivMloii.
Cierka M(?M ba?.k atid MH^BMMMMrB
tbe kin Who lay patilitif upob tba aoia. mj* ra
coratad from oae lalut obl> to reiapae lau> kboioer,
ana or. BalCb ad viae j uiai abe be asbt to tba
liberal taoapitai, wbich Waa done, tiei eyea wan
gtaaa), bar fa or bot ami lrver.au, aad abe acem>>l
obUvwua to araryibiug KOlof oa arouud ber. aba
la oomptetaly brokab Uum u, auu Uieia u bo aa<l of
pitj tor bnr. 1 be belief la yeuerai tba: aua to atlli
? lova alia Viib Brunu
HTaaaoB Srrrcaa*HSix DirrcUbNCka.?ia Proa.
perity, Bvwbery county, a t... Miou-rraue?n oia.
ta babcaa bav?> Ur.-u botb' d lor aom< uum bear
tbe uouae oif.L. Wine. 1 be abakla* of tbe aa rib
am cuuUDuen, ubd baa be> n auppietio-uied ra
C'-buy by loud report! like cannot cracker*, arvar
wuicn Uibie ia a atrobg *o>< U of euipbur. '. be
Sbenomenon waa witbeaaxd oa laeaday by a Burn
er oi peraooa, and Mr. Miae baa locked up aia
bt.rnr >al uiuied iwty. Tbe d?i urbabcw ara kot
axparleuoad elaew bei* lb tbe owualy.
Taa Coar of tba "H atrtka alre.dy ezoaeda
?S,0U0,0U0. Mr. Powdei .y la rwbt, gebt teniau. It
lb tube U> boycott tba bl 1 i'tiMuirLpk*m
BEBIEIX-REKM.tnE At tha of tba
Waairy M lu abun b. Ai>ril 12, 1MB, b> the Ka?,
J bine* K \?rur. w a.r. Ilt-.-kl V>. Ukki .k-LL, uf
Vtaaluwrtob. U. C. to Via. ktl.1 A. Ul b>AOk. of
W?at.uwrab>ad County. Va. (\uytiua vai*ra t4raaa
BRADT. Depbrad tbia Ufa oa Tboradby. April I?.
Ibbb. at W 1 i o clock, aior b bl.ort aa<l |?IL lu llUma,
I'Kli.lP t UANCia Hi AM belovad b"U >4 Jamaa bad
Kaiiirrtae Urbd), bawd lourteab yaaia bud aavab
t uuaral from Lib pamila' rean eaca, 1011 B?cc?d
alrevi uortbaaat, ?uud?). at 3 o'ci >- k | m. hivMi
aud nilbuvaa b'> r>^i>a< t!ull> mt iud ta bluud
MtUWB. At bar r?id<?? In tb a nty, oa *'?la?
db . AiTli 11. lfoot. MAbuAKi.1 M L> L1A ttb.b*loia4
wilt ol Jobii I. Broau.
All. buabbS^. dtimliliT bnd fliei:da.
1 ou l.t |r dlNlunl bin tiaar I be ?Ub?l d
Wabbovailua star cbu >ou bi.dav daar.
ba I looked opor bar daar faoa.
lu It 1 tr?? daei mai ka of luwbnl baautyi
It uurroib b auui i boa ab>r> la told
Ufa aft well araut wltb Jniy.
Tla a face *n r*ntl* and haama Wltb (Tbaa
tlf vl.tuea r*r> and brlabt.
Be uatitnt ?nU ?wae<. at ceia wot;Id giaal
Wltb aaulr* ot OaHwtia. lurl.k
Bt lim ri itxu, L 0.
Ifotlca of funeral beraaftor *
BlIKLKY. ??n l liuraday aietilna. A:>nl 12. lfc*R,
at V o'C ock. at VIW1 klbaabi linarlU bt tiu. . Mr*.
BLMUK O. Bl^LbLfcl.oaurbUrof C J bud Ai?M
> uarral private. ?
Bl'hltia On Ttiuradaj-. April IStb. 1MK?. of con?
aniuptn>ti. CHAKl.fft WI1 l.\Ult. la>luvad aou of Obi
araou bud Kmiua Hums bud rrti da^r ol Koliart ba
M*nfar?t Tiler. a?r?d J jrart Si utoiiiba. IT daya
Another Utile lamb baa Mitcrad tb* fold ab>n-a
?. CI
Fanrral will take plae* from tba rrbd ne of MB
mandperenta, 470 O tr??- uorUiwaat. oa Matardaf
biorninir. ?prll I4ib IKMk. at 11 am trteuda aaA
relative* ar* iiapucttnlly invited. *
tlXUT On Prtday. April 13, !???. at 10 o'-i .-ft
a in .WAIiV 1IM.I.1. dauirbter of Pa.ri.-k and Cetba
rlae Flnley, lu tbel unaeatb year of ber aa*.
Kotloe of funeral hereafter a
Oh AO EH; M AKIE C balovart wife of A?M
Oraaea. aad mother of Mr*, a a. I b ana. a ad ai&ty
it* yaara. tv* moatba aud alkdajra, a nativeaf Naa
oby. oeman) .
Funeral ta?aa place oa Saturday, Aped II, at 3
o'clock, from late residence. <J"_*K Jd atreet north wl
Relative* bad frtaada art rMpwilflilly invited to bt
tiod. f*
UBEEXLEABE. Enteral Into rrwt. In tb* full tn
ontib o Cbrtauan faitb I baraday April lit. IB** at
tt:3S am., lira P. JANk OKEEVUAkt. widow of
lata Lll 0
? aad t*
rrlendabnd iwlbtlva* r*ep?ctfully lav)led to attead
tha turo-nl. Snuda>. April l.V from llymjatb Coo
art raiioiibi cbun b. oomarlTtbaad f atneta uartb
waat, at two o'clock.
daya. Fuaal private.
CTBBIEX. oa April 12. im?. JOBS CrBBlrX.
*T*d aeventy- Ivbt > rare, a nati v* of County Oora,
lrelind, bad a ramdant of tb* ITiatrtct t*r tbUtr-ocvwa
Tuneral from hi* lbt* raatdaara. S52V Patreet aeitb
**t. buuilay. Apnl 15. at W.BU o'cloi* pm. !?
aiLHOS. April IX 1KB*, at :t SO a m, A If TON I a
'lL^OJL <naa ileltuial.eri baloveo wife ef / ft Wlt
>11, aa* forty-lour yaara, two mewtb* and twenty-uaa
Poneral wOl take plae* f r.
April 1Mb at * p. m.. thru to O. *_ Lutuw
13tb and Coeaorait MraeU lllaab aad I
respectfully invited to attrod
M l lo7 lath. a. w.
WkB tt OhtoB B 1.M0 aBM toas, M toat tttok. i
20 fa*t h?b. It waa bul l 2,000 ywac* an ** a
fanea, battteaaa
now world wide, of theO. O. Taylor Old lnalB and
I860 11 ? 1 1860
UB, Ul.lUtau.Afk WM
njUZ&S&fCSlSStttl tlSSki rum

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