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Wtahliftaa Rail lomn Fall
rm?) Victims to tbe *ew l*rk?,
TrTrom rrv? woax is th? ?ox??*lt two ?**?
toss rrxD the i?u.-hiumwi cnanriONsair J
19 OT.ItB CITIES? *OT*S i-SD comnint OF
Netilf twenty.five hundred people uw the Sena
tors whitewashed b. tbe giants?not tbe Cuban
giants? yesterday afi^rnooo. Tbe score was a to a
The air was raw and the w ad blew a gale. Great.y
to tbe dlaappolntmen". of tbe spectators, wbo went
to tbe grounds with tbe expectation of selng Whit
ney pitch, o"Days name was on the cord, with
Tttcomb as bis opponent. While a great many
grumbled at this, which they considered bad judg
ment on the part or tLe management, some, who
looked at tbe matter in a business-like mood.
agreed that It might be a good more to match
their best pitcher with some other pitcher
than Whitney. New York is undeniably a stronger
team than Washing on, and with the pitching
conditions even they baTe the best chance to win.
Tttconnt) Is tbe best n an they have wltb them,
now thai K**efe is ho.dlng off, and to put Wlatl
?ey in ums box. taey claimed, would not insure a
victory, although It mignt save as from so bud a
defeat. "Now," said tue philosopher*. "Is It not
better for us to relinquish th? foriorn nope of
winulng a game from mo Giant-. with their best
man again.-* us and save our good material for
tbeir weaker days, and thus be sure of victory
tlienT It Is the nunberof defeats and not the
kind of de.'.-at-. that count against us In the ra^e,
and a w joie loaf.iu tii' lorm of one victory,In better
by tar than hall a loaf in the form of a smaller
?core. Wlin Whitney against crane or welcu
we hare a mortgage oo the game.'
Boiti uea pui^ic(J well, but the Now Yoricer
falriy outdkl himself, si rising out nine ot the
t?t*t stxi'-n and keeping them ilowu to three scat
tered nits, one by H>y and two by Dally. Tbe
story of Uw game for tbe home team Is a brief one,
your me-, reached tlrst base, one staying there,
twj reaching sec- nd. and one getting to third.
The rest of ueu either lanned the &.r or died at
first In consequence of short.n-tleid hits that were
beantlfnoj heeled and thrown to the reliaoie giant
on first bag A few went out on Hies to 11 ldera,
but a v?r) i w. Tbe te re^t the Senators came to
scoring was in the seventh inning,when, witu nione
?.ut, L>ail.> ..ad hit saieiy and stoien second and
third. o'Bnen was at the bat and a single hit
would have made a rm. Many a hopeful glance
was cast In the dir-ctlon of the coal-yards ,
tnit a. is: "tils Ice-wagons" popped a miserable
ill tie fly to John Montgomery Ward, which
that btgii-iirlced man took in greedily. There was
vet a chance, though .? less aed oDe, with Myers
at ihe b.t. He did a little better and hit tbe ball J
out to tbe center field, hut .Hi. Foster was there, I
too. l> asley, known to hit har i and often oc&-)
Monal.y, was next, and It was tho'igbt tbat pos- !
sib,) ue nilgai bring In that run. He fell a victim
to lltcoino?s curves and the chance was lost.
Thirty-one men were at the bat tor Washington.
being credited with but two errors, which, how.
.,ver, did not result in any advantage to tbe home
team. In the Mcond inning Buck Ewing found a
good ball. and hit It for three bases. Richardson.
To.iowiag Ward, who went out at Ilrst. nit a very
little bail near the foul line and )ust out of reach.
He wouid uave been easily thrown out at Ilrst had
not bwiug been on third. The latter started j
home and o'Day tosee l the ball to Deasley. It]
struck ?wing on the back and rolled off to the
grand si. ud. Kwlng scored and ICchardsou had j
reached third uefore the bail was recovered. He (
came In after a long ly had been captured by j
Hoy. In toe next lunlng. aiter one man was out.
Gore reached first on a nit and went to third on
a bad turow to s-cond, when he tried
to steal. Everyb sly thought tbat another run
was sure to come, but before Gore cou.d get back
to third, alter suaUng toward home, Ueaaley had
nailed him by a beautiful throw to Irwin. Richard
sop opened up the filth with a hit over tbe fence.
Toster lobowed by a -ing.e and was advanced to
third i?y .Murphy's hlu i here was to one out and
tbe hearts of the spectators were heavy. But the
senator* proved -qual to tbe emergency, as Foster
was put out at third by a very pretty play, and
the next twomeQ succumiied to O'Days delivery.
The visitors scored once in the seventh by a safe
bit and some senatorial errors, and t wice more in
t he eighth. W 1th Gore out O'Day sent Tiernan to
arst on balls for the second time during the game,
and too, after Deasiey had dropped a foul, Koger
Connor came to the rescue with a solid drive to
rtgtii Held lor three bases. He, too, scoied on a
n?t by ?wing to Donnelly, wbo tried hard to get.
the bail, in.-eting It on tbe short bound j
but hurt hlms-li in the effort. The Giants hit j
eight times, witn a total of fifteen base*. Wash- 1
lhgton made seven errors. The game was hotly
contested throughout, and was decldrly Interest
ing until it p lnfully apparent that the
genatore could do n.thing wnatever witu Ill
comb's delivery, and men all interest centered on
the uuesnon whether or not they wou..i score.
Whit ry and Mack are positiveljr announced as
to-day ? battery.
score by innings:
Washington 0 00000000-0
?w York U 200101SX??
B se uita?Wa-siiingtoti 3, Sew York 7; Errors?
Washington 8, .New York v:.
is other crrixa.
Tbe 120,000 battery proved too much for tbe
Phillies yesterday, and tbe Boston# defeated the j
men of the city of Brotherly Love by a score of 4
to X Tbe home team could do but little with
c.arkson s deuv ry, making but live hits. The Bos
tons did but little better with Gleaaon's work,
making T h.ts. The error* were ? apiece.
The Chicago club had a narrow escape at India
napolis. winning by a score ot .*? to 4. Paul Hlues
made ture? singles off Van Haltren'scurves. My- |
t-rs leading him with four hits, three doubles and a <
borne. 1 ue hits were 12 apiece, and the errors a
bv India.iapolis to 3 by Chicago.
"Tee greatest game of the day was In Pittsburg,
the >moky City lads downing the champions In
twelve ltniln.s 5 to St GeWeln struck out 13
men, and allowed but six hits to be madt off him.
The D?*trolls lo?t by cosily errors In the last In
ning. wnm Plitsburg made three run* Morrts
?itched tor the home c luu, eight hits being made,
he errors were 2 by Pittsburg and t> by De
Tbe only oth?r (fame of the day was at Balti
more. the Athletics winning by 16 to 10. Free
bluing was done by botn sides,
A cheer went up from the bleaching boards
trben at length the long-delayed score from Pitts
burg was written announcing tbe defeat ot tbe
champions m tbe Smoky City.
Long Jim Whitney sat on tbe players' bench
throughout tbe game and shivered under a tnlck
overcoat. He was o&lcliting as manager of me
club in the absence oi Mr. suiilvan.
Hoy struck out three times yesterday, after
making one of the lonely base lilts of the game,
comparatively ?; -axing, however, he <lld more
t aaa his share.
Titcoinb s exhibition of pitching was as fine as
any > ver seen at Capitol Park.
Admission tickets may be obtained at tbe
grounds and also at the following places: J. A.
Joyce, 17th street and Pennsylvania avenue;
.s'alrn A ugram. loth ?trtet and New York avenue;
> a ..oo s, 9h street between DandE; Emmet
House, i street and New Jersey avenue; Glad
ibon's, 24 and F streets, and Gourneay's, 7th
street, near G. Ladies are admitted free to the
grand stand. The lower stand is as tree as tbe
Lf aching boards.
My-r% ot Indianapolis, boys a house at tbe end
?t every season. He now owns five in Buffalo.
Detroit Is negotiating with Barney GLllgan.
The K?nsa^> ay Western Awoclauon club paid
|0>" for toe ^nvi.t-ge >>f painung a sign on the In
side of the fence around the grounds of the Ameri
can Association club In that City, which reads: If
yo?l want to see ? live.y game of ball go to tbe
ground - of the Western Association club.
President Mlmlck,of Pittsburg, has offered<3,200
for Fogarty.
A Boston Arm has offered a |UK Columbia blcr
cle to me player In the Boston club making the
U-SL general record.
It Is said that tue Chicago club made $*5,000
clear last season.
Han Ion gel* $*.*?' for the season's werk.
Spa'tiding s Australian cluos are as yet very
i be k-ft-banded pitchers of the league are Mad
<l-n. of Bostoa; isprague and Van Haitren. of Chl
. ago; Haul Win. of Detroit; George and Tllcomb,
o* New York; Casey, of Pulladeiphia, and Morris,
of nuaO'irg. ,
D'inisp ?ays that the credit of Detroit's success
lt< rear should be civ. n to Han.on, who was
Maaag'-r Wauun's backboue throughout the sea
i in pi r* Lynch has a f! ret-class nabit?be runs '
wita tue batsman nearly to ilrst base, and he rre
iiuently goes down to pitchers' oox wuen the ball ]
m thrown u? second. He Is r-rompi In hisdeclsio s i
and calls them out In a loud voice that can be
*? *rd all over the Deld. He accompanies his ludg
ne-ui witn mo loos Of nls nan Is that often tell tue -
?tory ta-tt. r tuan his words. He seemed to be a J
mile ??off" j?-sterday tu calling bails and strikes, j
but otherwise ue umpired satisfactorily. The
crowd, as Is usual on a losing day. grew iu-ua
t? ?d at suae of his decisions and hissed him
kjoaiy at times, bat it did not seem to worry him
la me least. He oioked like a letter-earner In his
new gray inlt ^rm.
* i JBwt broke us bat when be faced tbe pitcher i
the arst Hum yesterday.
koger coonor says mat the four game series
that win be flayed rt'.nng the first of the season
la a good move, it win make the contests more
even, he thicka.
Murray's loot i* not quite fell, and he la unable
to run ba~s witn any degree of success. Tbe sore
Is Just above the anoe plate, and the metal presses
the -earner oa the lenccr flush.
iag lor BrMal Cs?pl?fc
nrs warm as at ras sats doob irtnmi) at
-Bridal couples are very scarce this year," ob
served the watchman at the main door of the In
terior Department building to a sraa reporter.
"1 barest seen so few tor a good many yean.
I wall j, aoout this time of tbe year, we have a
great aiany coming m to look around the band
ing- Mitch good it d-jes people, under such clr
viiinsUn.es, to go sight seeing. 1 imagine," be
added, la a meditative tone. -1 bey don t see any
thing except earn other, and. wrua is more, they
duat want to; but, still, 1 suppose that Utey have
to go arouad merely to be able to answer Inquiries
when tary get home.
-"""e nearest approach to a bridal counle this
I tbat 1 bare seen," he went on, -Is a young
?bo came in hers and witn a rather neoiua
?jdest manner asksd if this was the place
I a.rrlage licenses. I told him no and dlfec
im wh>-r?- to go, an.1 ne uart.si off. I was la
I tnat be wos.ci isjme back with his bride oat
iver Old. 1 declare, if some of tbsse psopte
in pretty booc 1 wm lose track ofths
Tbr Officer*?Hon*
arable and UUbonorable C'torgw
.fate* fr*ns iht jlrmsrin.
Mr. Arthur Yates, whose appointment as tlde-de
c?mp to Oil the vacancy caused by col. Clay* pro
Sotl'm has been uslted by Gen. Ordway, Is the sob
CoL Theodore Tates, C. S. Army. He was for
merly a member of the cadet Li,-bt Inf intry it
Milwaukee, and afterward commandant of cadet*
?nd military instructor la the Military School at
Delafleld, Wisconsin. He served with the state
troops during the riots at Miiwauke ?, ana irat
highly commended fflr his efficiency and conduct
on that occasion. He to said to be a very capable
military instructor.
Edward P. Hall, recommended for appointment
as adjutant of the 2d regiment, nerved five years
in the National Guard of Pennsylvania and two
years as a cadet in the Military Academy at West
Pol Lit.
Dr. George Henderson, nominated as surgeon of
the 2d regiment, enlisted in the 7th Wisconsin in
fantry In lt*;l; was promoted to first sergeant on
the butti^tl-'ld of Manassas for gallantry; was
twice wounded at the battle of South Mountain,
and discharged for disability caused by wounds.
After his dlscu.ir^e he studied and graduated in
medicine, and was an acting assistant -urgeon In
the I'nlted States Army from 1888 to 1870. He Is
now ;t practicing physician In this city.
James M. Ewing, recommended for appointment
as quartermaster 2d regiment, served during the
war in the yjartermasur's Depart ment. During
Gov. Steven -?n's term he was ad ju taut-general of
the state ol West Virginia. He Is now the dis
bursing clerk of the Department of Justice.
Kev. Joslah B. Perry, recommended lor appoint
ment as chaplain 2d regiment. Is well known as
the rector 01 St. Andrews cuurch.
The following men of Co. D, 31 battalion, have
been dishonorably discharged from the National
Ouard: Privates F. P. Bates, Frank Hani, E. J.
Lewis, j. a. Broderick, J. M. Murphy, and irom
Co. C, 1st battalion. Privates Samuel E. Crws and
John W. OlTuiu From Co. B, 1st batti.llon: T. J.
\ansant, A. J. Harvey, E. tl. Jacobson and E. K.
Maxwell. From co. B. 2d baitailon: Sergeant
Fred. R. Rt-h, and Privates Kandolpn L. Warren.
H. L. Gardner and J. E. GftSstord. From Co. D, 3d
battalion: Win. Wnltetorif From Co. I), 4th bat
talion: Privates from Co. A, 7lh battalion, G. A.
Johnson. Kobert Briscoe, Alired West, P. E. Mit
chell, T. i;. Carter, I has. H. Harris, J. T. Hill.
From Co. B, 7th battalion: Privates li L. Beckley,
J. J. Bailey. Jas. F. Bell. Edward Brown, J. K.
t^uivons. Richard Hampton, J. T. Johnson, Rub
ben Walkeu. From Co. C, 7th battalion: J. 11.
Blown, L. T. Chase, Henry Rich, 1). A. Koblnson
and Philip Williams, co. D, 7lh battalion?
Privates J. T. tl. Gwynne, Henry Holland, W.
L. Holmes, Benjamin Howard. Charles 11. Jack
son, Jacob Lucas, F. W. Madison, James A.
Martin, Henry Puliips, Win. Rldzley, Chas. Scott,
Juo. Temp.e, Lloyd F. Webster, B. S. Brown, chas.
Those honorably discharged are Ordnance Ser
geant L. I. Bryjni, and Privates J. A. Healey, W.
U. Scott, and Sergeant P. F. Robinson, corporal 1).
A. Edwards, co. B. 3d baitalion; M. H. Jepper, J.
J. Pureeli, p. W. Mccormick, J. H. Kaiser, E. K.
Wad , E. R. Hutchison, E. B. Thompson, irom Co.
D, 3d battalion.
The inspections In the school of the squad oc
cupy th-j attention of National Guardsmen now.
They wm coutiuue every Oay with the exception
ot Saturdays and Wednesday, the26th, uatii the
end ol the month.
The remaining companies yet to be inspected
are companies B and C, of the 3d batt lion; com
pany a, B, c and 1), oi the oth; D and c, ol the
4th; K, ol the 2J, and the signal corps.
All of the companies with one or two exceptions,
Col. Blgelow says, show marked lmirovemeut.
Company B. of the 1st battalion. were Inspected
last nl^ht and tue excellence of their showing was
commented upon by the large number present.
CoL Bigelow says the showing that the compa
nies have thus far made is very commendable,
when it is considered that their armories are
"How about the mllltla bill?" asked Ta* Stab
reporter or col. Blgelow. "What effect will it
have on the National Guard la ease it doesn't
??well," answered the colonel, "it's liard to esti
mate the great trouble sucu a turn of affairs
would bring aliout. It would be very disastrous
to the Guard without a doubt, a.though it might
survive. On the other hand, if the bill passes,
which 1 sincerely hope it will, Washington will
have a National Guard second to none In tue
Capt. Mills' action in not reporting for examina
tion as major of the 3d battalion Is severely criti
cised by members or the National Guard. He will
not be appointed until h- has been examined. He
has, up to the present time, it is said, reitised to
undergo an examination, claiming that his service
In the late war Ills Mm lor me position.
The school for rifle practice Is still in embryo.
There are at present but two competent instruc
tors in the Guard?Major Pollard and Lieut, casn.
As soon as a place can be flued up for practice the
boys will begin in earnest. CoL Blgelow hopes to
obtain the Washington barracks rifle range to
practice in an soon as the members or the Guard
become proficient.
In the latter part of May the first muster of the
National Gu rd will take place. There win.be a
general Inspection of the different companies.
On May 30, Decoration Day, the enure National
Guard will parade.
Instructions hat# been issued for the inspec
tions in the school ot the company, which takes
place In the talL On Thanksgiving Day an In
spection of the school of the battalion will take
There have been a great many discharges from
the Afferent companies lately on account of ab
sence from drills and the non-payment of dues.
It Is understood that the Logan Camp Guard in
tends disbanding, and It was on this account they
absented themselves irom the recen. inspections.
They have been ordered, however, to report at the
rink for inspection the 24th, and ir not present the
question of tnelr remaining In the National
Guard win be settled. Capu S. E. Thompson and
Lieut, sattes have resigned from this company,
and flections to nil the vacancies have beeu set
lor the 2*ih.
Samuel Donalson has accepted the election as
major cf the 4th battalion.
While Major Moore will not accept the col
nelcy of the 1st regiment he will have the ap
pointment of the regimental staff.
The rival companies lor tho championship of the
National Guard are companies B, of the 1st bat
talion, and C. of the 4th.
ca C, of the4ch battalion, will be Inspected the
27th at 8 o'clock at the rink.
The National Guard will not go toto summer
camp as a body, but some of the coanianles have
such Intentions.
The Signal Corps of the National Guard is flour
ishing. They have not as yot received their sig
naling paraphernalia, but are expecting It soon.
The Merchant Rifles visited the fair of the Ma
rlon Rifles during the week, and created a very
favorable Impression.
The drum and busle corps ot the Columbia Rifles
is a?ld to be the flnest In tne National Guard.
The debating society of the Corcoran Cadet Corps
Is still an Interesting feature of that organization.
The base ball clubs in the different companies
are ail formed. The flrst game of the season be
tween the Columbia Rifles and the Marlon Rifles
was won by the former. Capt. Domer W1U catch
tor the Fenclbiea.
Tne Bo-Peep drill, under Capt. Daly, Is a feature
of the Marlon Rifles' fair. It is wonderful with
what precision the twenty young I idles, composing
the Bo-peeps, go through the difficult movements
of the drilL
Messrs. F. Krlchelt and S. .T. Brown hare been
recommended to the President for the commissions
of second lieutenants of companies A and B of the
3d and 2d battalions, re.-Deetively.
^lontffoinrr)- County Hatters.
CormioiidcimolTHi: Kvenixo Star.
Hoc k villi. April 21), isms.?Geo. Watlclns, son of
Rudolph Watklns, esq., died at his home near Der
wiiod last evening in the twentieth year or his
age. He had recently commenced the study ot
law in t he office ot Anderson & Boulc. in this place.
Owing tothemuddy condition of the water in the
Potomac but few black bass have been caught at
the Great Falls, but the water Is now clearing,
and the nshing promises to be good In a few days.
A professor and a number of pupils trom the
Columbia college for the Deaf and Dumb are
camping out near Great Falls.
A meeting o: the democratic central committee
tor this county win be held here next Tuesday to
make arrangement* tor a county convention at an
early day.
Mrs. L-uie W. Weiler has sold her ftm near
Wheaton. containing 20B acres, to W. J. Thomp
son, ot W ashlngton, for *22,000.
The flrst election for a mayor and town council
nnder tne new charter of this town will be held
Monday. May 7. A host ot candidates are already
In the Held, and an exciting time 1? expected.
Chas. McKiniey. some years ago an employ* of
the Government Printing Office, was round dead In
his house, near Burnt Mills, this county, where he
has lived alone for several years. S. A. M.
Ttoe Heaamlns mt ,Ur. Csakllsf,
The train blaring the remains or Roscoe COnk
ling arrived in I'tlca at 6:45 o'clock last evening.
A large concourse of people had assembled in the
vicinity of the depot. The coffin waa at once re
moved to the family residence on Ratger street.
Accompanying the remains, besides the family,
were CoL Fred. Grant, George C. Gorham, Dr. Will
lam H. Watson. Judge sidpman, John F. Seymour,
Edward s. stokes, and several old Utlca friends ot
Mr. conkling. At the bouse the coffin waa opened
and the remains were viewed by intimate friends
ot tne family. The funeral will take pla<-e to-day
at 2 p. m. In the Calvary Protectant Episcopal
church. Rev. A. B. Goodrich, D D.. officiating.
I'tlca was proi usely draped with mourning em
; bums. All business places will be closed during
the funeral services. The city began ailing up
with prominent people Irom abroad last nUht.
! Delegations are coming from Albany, Oswego, Syr
acuse. Buffalo, Hocbester, and other el Uea. At tne
residence last evening a detail frxn the Twenty
eighth separate company acted as a squad of
I booor.
President Cleveland seat trom the White House
! conservatory a box of rare and beautiful flower*
j to be placed on the coffin.
Mr. GUllf arrived at queenstown last evening
from New York. He said luat a svndicaie of Amer
icans had made overtures to re-establish the Amer
ican exchange and to ?asn? Its lubiuuea.
uneen Victoria will leave Florence Sunday and
reach Berlin at 0 tn. Tuesday.
Description mt ihi i Batni Market* of
ncrrmisQui scon n? thi plaza bi colon?the
[Copyrighted, 1888.]
Special Correspondence of In tttxtko 8ta?.
Havana, Cuba, April 16, lf?a.
The markets ot Havana, aa well as those ot
other large Cuban cities, are undoubtedly the
j Quest in the world. Those or New York, PhlU
adelphla, New Orleans and San Francisco are
surely deservedly famous; but when one considers
the actual size, and conveniences ot the market
houses themselves; the countless necessities and
luxuries attainable aside from the actual food
supply, and especially the bewildering variety of
everything in flesh, fowl, fish,fruit,vegetables and
flowers, securable at any one metropolitan Cuban
market-house in any coastwise city, It Is only
^ honest to confess that the most noted In the
i l otted Suites fares but lily by contrast.
There are no places In Cuba more worthy of re
peated visits than the Uavana markets. They are
splendid affairs, at least two of them, in them- j
selvea; they furnish a rare spectacle of tropical
food and fruit products impossible to equal in
months of travel In the.lslaud; and thesceuesone
witnesses, as well as the people who are met, are
lull of pleasure and Interest. They are three In
number?1*1,!za Vleja, in the square at the inter
section of Tenlente Hey, Muralla, San Ignnclo and
Mercaderca streets; Plaza de Colon, near Parque
central and the Prado, and Plaza de Vapor, Just
wesi or campo de Marte, In tue new business and
residence quarter ot the city. Besides these there
Is an ancient market and plaza frequented by the
lanclieros, guadangros and oth-r queer folk of
waters.de vacations in old liegla, across the bay.
At the latter market you will flnd Cuban
metropolitan low ate Intermingled with the
rawest and rudest rorms of Interior existences to
}our heart's content. It is tue locality of all
others where the guajiro of the country meets the
lazy city lout on terms of the sunniest equality,
and while bartering Ills greasy pouches ol cane
leaves toddrr, chickens, eggs, and all manner of
Irult, exchanges valiant tales of country prowess
lor city yarns of street and sea, w hile quaffing
huge draltsof wine, flirting bravely with the
senorltas of all colors, or gambling at donlinoes,
loteria or tutti, wlih the abandon of a Spanish
grandee. From daylight until dark the old Kegia
market is a seething mass of these lowly tolk who
cnatter and bellow alarmingly; but th-y are all a.
simple-hear ed lot, as harmless as nouy, and as
happy as UUuy, which is saying a good deal.
the plaza vieja
must have been built a couple of hundred years
ago. It is in the very heart ol the oldest quarter
of the city, well down by the deserted Plaza de
San Francisco and the wharves, where the mourn
ful ruin of the church oi that name, and the
deserted archbishop's palace, mutely attest the
glories of a former time. The market Is small and 1
low, witu stupendous walls; while the architecture
oi all tne bul.dings of me locality is ol the most
squatty yet massive character. On every hand
are the century-old structures, each one strong
enough for a tort; while the pillared column-) ol
facades and supporting arches oi porches with
gigantic bases and entablatures are ludicrously
tremendous when the lnslguiflcanc ? of the low
buildings behind them are considered. Every
stranger who gets sight oi this ancient locality, in
former times the center ol the fabulous wealth
and business activities of the llavanese, is drawn
to ii again a ad again. Not only have age aud ruin
sealed it for decay, bui every present feature of
the ^ lace intensities the Impression that one has
come upon, as In a dream, a quaint bit of the
quaintest of thousand-ye^r-old Kuropean cities,
where all the intervening time and progress have
swept past, leaving everything suilveied and
silent, almost as at Pompeu and ilercuianeum.
the ctessils at the xakket
are precisely such as you could have round at
Toledo halt a thousand years ago. The architec
ture is more Dorian than that of ancient Greece.
J"?' laZMfom. crouching at the bases ot pillars
and at the dge ot slimy pools beneath mouldy
arches, are sodden shriveled, voiceless and appar
ently as dead as the yellow mummies or Thebes.
Negro, mesilz&i aud coolie servitors about the
quaint place ar* bared to the waist, and their leet
are sandaled like the ancient pilgrim trlars.
face you see dreamily set In Moorish wln
. V or i18 lf carved In bronze against the rail of
overhanging balcony, Is au old face, as If gathered
troin tue antiques o fin out the strange old pic
ture. Animated skeletons ol guajlros with sparse
produce from tne country seem alone to supply
and provide, while their beasts of burden with
their heads between their lorelegs, lean In their
sleep against wall and pillar, the embodiment of
?"??2?: 2?' to?* ,ue seeming is lntensltled
by those who buy and those who struggle past
the Plaza \ leja. Here the aristocracy once came.
lenaclou9 ol old ways and localities, white
haired men and women with traces of former rank
and prestige about them, totter out of the old
structures hereabout, saunter listlessly in pur
chase meagerly or Indolent old stallmen. and shut
tle back within tneir shadowy old atcobaa. Mould
and grime and slime m brave company have
cla'med the spot and Its weird habitues lor their
own. But up above, where the crumbling roors
are .oucued by the glowing sun, all along the nar
row canes In every direction re such bits or angle
arch, and capping key; such gems of barbaric
color, and such rare aud ancient architectural
fane es lu oriel, foliation, and dainty lace-lUe bal
conies. like flecks oi sea-ioam flunz upon gray old
rocks, as never else this side w,e Atlantic thrilled
poet s thought or warmedjan artist's heart.
and the Plaza de Vapor, however, are outside the
old city's fortressed wails. They are extraordi
narily large structures for Cuba, each one cover
ing an entire block of ground. The first one first
built as population and business began creenlnir
trotn the old quarters out toward the frowning LI
Principe and the pretty hair mountain, Jesu del
.vonte, rrotn its style ot architecture Is already
old in appearance. It is quadrilateral, two lortv
stories in height, the second supported {>?' mam
moth round arches upon pillars fully 4 ieet square
projecting beyond a deep and loftv peristyle sur
rounding the enure structure. I nderneath this
cluster all manner of booths, shops, diminutive
fairs and beggars. An Interior open court the
facade or whose lower story Is similarly treated
contains still another structure more lotty than
the encircling one, and this in t jrn shows pillared
rorticoes and galleries to the interior of the outer
ulldlng. Ttie floor of the great court Is covered
with massive stone Bagging; and within this open
space you will flnd every manner of Cuban coun
tryman; every salable product that here finds our
chaaer; and every grotesque outfit or beast and
Saunter with whtcu the food and rruitof the
land are brougnt la scrimped measure from the
hali-worked sltiOB or farms to the indolent con
sumer. \
Here upon a scant heap of lengua de vaca grass
are a brace of cochlnlllos, or little Cuban pigs, all
legs and head, their legs still tied with the same
twisted grass Just as they have been flung over
the rush poucues for iheir ride or leagues from the
country. The Jaded nag which brought them, the
Indolent human who owns them, and the black
and hairless pigs themselves are all asleep, aud
will remain so until aome purchaser awakens
them. Mere, again, is a group of goats, country
boys, and skinny ponies. The mother-goats are
tied to one pillar, the kids, which are bleating
pitifully, are tied to another, and the boys and
sleeping nags torn a sort or barricade between.
Presently a tat negr. ss appears, purchases a kid
demanding a stripping of goat's milk to bind the
bargain, flings tne struggling animal over her
shoulder, and disappears amid charges and coun
ter-charges of goat sand boys, and a perfect bedlam
ot bleatings. Here, there, and everywhere are
plies ot todder, pouches of oranges, pack-sad
dles ot roots, herbs and salads, pyramids of
green and ripe cocoanuts like cannon balls in an
arsenal, piles or panting culckens, groups or
shaggy donkeys, herds ot sucking calves, crates or
game-cock and snared wood-pUeons an i other
lorest lowl; but never an owner upon tils leet and
I alert for sales. All these truckmen irom the coun
try lie In the midst ol their belongings sodden as
the mendigos around the pillar bases of the chime
ful cnurcues. '"lake it or leave it! " is their un
varying tn .xim. Wltnin the booths and stalls of
the market the types ot indolence are not so
marked and aggravating. The stallmen are a
bngnter class, l hey have something of the alert
ness or our own marketinen; aud the shrill voices
ot the querulous mestizos women, the interminable
shrugglngs and ejaculations or approval or protest
at kind and price, the clang aud Jangle ol the
ancient steelyards and scales, and the merry
chatter ot a thousand persons of all color and
degree, add constant Interest to constantly vary
ing scene!
In or near this quarter of the city?over San
Lazafo and Caile Baluarte way?live the densest
and most hideous mixtures of humans known to
man. Plaza de colon is their market. The fiercest
of Malays, the most shriveled and repulsive of
Chinese, tne most hideous and ferocious of gen
uine Airlcan blacks, tne most horrible and aban
doned of wultes, luter-bred, and still more loath
some in startling types, all gather here. The
most terrible creations of a Dante's mind or a
Dora's pencil cannot furnish such impish group
ings. Among these the Chinese coolies are tue
most horrible. Eyeless, legless, armless, noseieas,
hairless, earless, or in some other striking way
maimed as 1 have never elsewhere seen persons in
the semblance of men, they seem as though they
had all passed through some awtul cyclonic con
vulsion of nature, wan lue preserved, as illustra
tive of the most hideous carcasses which may
still retain the human soul. And these ghouls
practically control this market. They have a
great Chinese theater within It. There are over
40,000 lflce them throughout the of Cuba.
But over at the splendid Plaza de Vapor market
there are different scenes and life for study. This
is undoubtedly one of the finest market structures
in the world. Tne architecture is similar to that
of Plaza de colon, though the interior is the per
fection of arrangement. AU tue stalls where
meat, fowl, ana fish are exposed for sale are filled
with great iron-trame j tables, which at certain
hours of each day are boaUy hoisted 'by steam
B?er to an elevation permitting thorough flood
f through steam-forced hone of the slanting
trenches beneath. The whole place Is a marvel of
convenience and cleanliness. It la located la tne
very heart of the "new Havana." and Its patrons
are wholly Cubans and Spanish families of wealth,
to?.n?er 0ax*8 '""J the great hotels like Gran Pa
?aje, Inglatera, and Teiegrafa. Underneath the
archeo porches, w.ilch surround the entire
building, are countless little shops and stands
with moat artistic displays of wares, reminding
one forcibly of the pretty auope of the Paris Louvre,
and theae, la w nich the most gorgeous of Bowers,
tbe quaintest of bijoutry, the cusUlest of laces,
your ch olee ol Cuban or Spanish lottery tickets.
imaginable cheap and ooaUy trifle from
dtxalaoss to diamonds, an temptingly sxpoasd
presenting everywhere brtgh; and attractive pic
tures to the streeta. Behind the tremendous walls,
and between theiu and the market proper, reached
through aplendld arched entrances,
hi tub racrnnT cam i* tbi woai.D,
with dainty tessellated floors, exquisitely tiled
walla, a wealth of shining mirrors, and copper
and allrer. Three are always bright and gay
with mozos or servants in white, and clean, trim
Cuban habitues In their handsome linen suits. A
number of these cafes are given OTer to the exclu
sive use of the guajlros from the country, ma ta
mes or butchers trom the corallea, Jardlneros from
the little truck-farms In the suburbs, and compra
dores who pass their lives behind these market
stalls. At nil hours of the day and night these
carte are filled with the most picturesque group*
of men. bright with yellow and crimson sashes,
romantic in their capas often of hairy hides of
deep-forest beasts, sancy In Jangling spur, fero
cious whip and tremendous sombrero, and lierce
and portentlou* from their savage machetes
broad as your hand and holt as long as their
own Utue, wlde-trousered legs. But they arc a
harmless lot, happy and sunny-hearted day and
night long in their excited pretensions of labor.
The visitor Is astounded at the
that can be found In this market. There la noth
ing to compare with It in a single market of any
American or European city. Briefly, eTery article
displayed in the most sumptuous American mar
kets, lnclu ling every known brand of American
canned goo is, Is here, and, besides this, every
fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower produced In this
lanu of ind- s> rlbable luxuriance, and that, too, not
In brief seasons, but every hour In every day in
thf year. Tnlnk of 2fl varieties of sweet potatoes
coustantly exposed for sale. There are between
40 and 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables used in
salad-making alone. Nor can one rorm any con
ception, until it is seen, of the Cuban supply or
food-birds. I was shown, and counted my v lr, 83
different kinds or birds, comprising 37 distinct spe
cies, while the magnificence and lusclousness of
vegetables and fruits are positively beyond
comprehension by us who exist In rig-1
orous climes. as over 100,000 fiavanese
ure dally supplied from this market the
vast place. Mhlch has upward of 1,000
booths, stalls, and stands, is constantly thronged,
and here, more than in any other way, or at any
other place, can the tine-faced men and women of
the gay cuuan capital be studied all unconsciously
to themselves. These markets are alone worth a
trip to cuba. One-fifteenth of the entire popula
tion of the island dally crowd Its aisles and gal
leries Innumerable tancies blossom among their
smelitot irult, tuelr songs of birds, their odorous
breath of fiowers, tuelr murmur of fountains.
And here the concrete realism or dally lire blends
pleasantly with one's most vivid Imaginings, until
through tue warp and woof of conscious compre- '
bension are wrought the bitter and sweet, the
cloud an i the sunshine, or Cuban memories in
fadeless dyes. Ekgar L. Waxxman.
iHcn Well Known In W^nhlnglon who
Figure In Metropolitan Elf*.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
New York, April 20.
A good deal is being Just now printed about the
protpbuity of Blaine's nomination for the presi
dency as a result of death's removal of Roscoe
Conkllng, one of the Maine man's bitterest oppo
nents. Roscoe Conkllng, however, since entering
into professional business In New York, had paid
little attention to political matters and held no
Idea or ever again taking an active part In public
affairs. Edward Stokes, of the Hoffman- House,
has t>een one or conkllng'3 most intimate mends
in this city, and In a conversation last week, ot
which I was a listener, Mr. Stokes told his auditors
thai Mr. Conkllng's animosity toward Mr. Bialne
had been almost entirely healed by the lapse of
time, during which both men ba^ been apart rrom
public affairs, an l by the mediations or mutual
friends whose position enabled them to explain
some things that were fatally misunderstood sub
sequent to tn-' memorable Chicago conv n'lon of
lsso. "Mt. Conkllng nas been entirely engrossed
In his work," said Mr. Stokes, 'Since he has been
in New YcrK, and has orten told me that Dothlug
could induce him to again take part In po.ltlcs.e
As to Mr. conkllng's financial position at bis
death Mr. stokes speaks with some knowledge. It
has been widely printed tuat the ex-Senator has
made so much money In his rew years of law prac
tice here that he is enabled to leave a considerable
fortune to his family. Mr. Stokes does not credit
this. He says that Mr. Conkllng has made be
tween twenty and lorty thousand dollars a year by
his prac Ice, and probably no more. His living ex
penses In the city were considerable, and his tastes
were extravagant, and what was left out or his an
nual Income was applied to liquidating certain
claims for which he was responsible. Mrs, Conk
llng, who has lived apart from her husband for >
some year>, owns a valuable piece of property lu
Utica. where she makes uer residence, but the ben-J
etlt which she will reee.ve rrom the d -ad states
man's estate will tie equivalent to almost nothing.
Mr. Conkllng paid off a large mortgage for her"on
the L%ca property about a year ago.
Two rormer Washlngtonlans of prominence are
now two permanent New Yorkers of prominence.
They are two colonels as well, and they are enjoy
ing themselves here hugely, each in his own way.
1 refer to Cot Robert u. Ingersoil and Col. Thomas
P. Ochiltree. coL lugetnOll pretends that he lives
here to pracUci law and attend to the marketing
or tils publications, but I have my aoubts. When
I see Dim, Jovial and beaming, strolling down
Broadway of an arternoon, I Cannot connect his
very paient expression of careless happiness with
my Idea of a court pleader or a pamphlet purveyor.
And ho goes everywhere, too, where there is reast
or reason or least ot terrapin, and surely no man
who gads from ulnner to rout and iroui opera to
billiards In the evening, and from club to hotel In
the morning, as the colonel does, can spare much
time for business, col. Ingersoli's Sunday even
ing informal "at homes" at his residence are just |
now very Bobemlanesque, and squads or bright
people, in evening dres-, morning dress, and
shaoby dress, climb his front steps rrom 8 to 12
every Sunday night to drink a glass or wine, nibble
a biscuit, and la k. And the talk Isn't so much ot
atheism, or agnosticism, and or heretical subjects
generally as is supposed by outsiders, but poilt.es,
literature, music, drama, and painting are the
things inost chatted about.
The other colonel. Tnomas P. Ochiltree, of Texas, '
Is a fixture at the Hoffman House. He came here
to ge> an idea of the beuuinoude and to mingle In
the high lire ot the metropolis, putting always. If
you please, the most figurative construction upon
the objective "high.'' When colonel Ochiltree
first dropped into sew York lie was considerably
laughed at for the persistency with which he en
d avorcd to cultivate every man and woman whose
name gets into print a good deal. Actors, politi
cian prize-fighters, men about town, the colonel
threw himseit at one and all ot them. So long as
thfy were people talked about, whether for their
ajriii or their scandals, they were the chosen or the
lord to the colonel. Now, however. Colonel Ochil
tree Is a welcomed and appreciated chum or more
than hair the talketl-about people in town, and be
Is acknowledged to le the baron Munchausen of
the times. To see him sitting In the Hoffman
caI6, with a crowd of actors, writers and "round
ers" pressing each other's shoulders to hear the
wild tale ot Texas llie or the spicy anecd <te of
French extraction that the colonel is telling. Is the
commonest thing In the world; and the coionel is
happy. He was an usher at a complimentary ben
efit performance given In Wallack's Theater to
Marshall P. Wilder last Monday afternoon, but be
didn't "ush" at aa He mereiy sat In a back seat
in the parquet circle and told stories to a big crowd
ot his friends, und with such effect that during a
most dramatic and wholly serious recitation rrom
the stage, twenty men in the parquet, suddenly
filled the auditorium with a thunder or uproarious
laughter that shocked the rest or the audience
and broke up the recitation completely.
The coionel had Just reached a climax In a
Texas story ot "Ihe Bull and the Blizzard."
? ?
A woman of the widest culture and most remark
able attainments died In New York the other day,
and her demise was scarcely noticed at all In the
dahy newspapers. Yet she has been ior twenty
years a writer of entertaining tales, scuolarly art
criticisms, and strong articles on social subjects
which have been widely quoted and everywhere
admired. But the credit lor all her literary work
has been given to her son, by her own desire,
aud he, a fine-appe .ring, well-fed man of tony
odd, has profited by the popularity ot uia mother's
work, and has been petted and feted, while she has
remained contentedly In obscurity, proud to lift
him into prominence by her grinding toll. She
began this sort ot thing when the son was a
student of Cambridge University, England, a score
or more years ago, and wrote his essays and
orations tor him for fear the boy would overta-k
himself. Her own splendid education and reading
fitted her for this work, so thoroughly, Indeed,
that ner son's graduating thesis at the university,
written by his mother, was talked of at Cambridge
for years afterward as a most scholarly production.
A year arter taking his degree the young man
established a literary magazine In London with
great eclat, and It was b llllantly conducted lor
two or three years, when It taUed on account of
recklessly-bad business management. Among lu
coutrluuiors wer Some of the brightest writers in
England, and some of tbe most popular stories
were those signed by the young man himself. But
his mother wrote tuem. Then the young fellow's
father died, leaving tbe family In rather
unfortunate circumstances, so mother and son
came to this dountry and established here
a periodical devoted to art, which soon took the
lead of its class ot publications. Tbe Bon's name
appeared as editor, and it was signed to > pec Lai
articles ot a high order of literary merit. But his
mother wrote them. The son became known
widely for the character of the Journal supposed
to have been conducted by him. and was courted
by artists, actors, musicians and literary people;
and, as he was a sclf-poasessed, well-bred, hand
some man, be made his way pleasant and easy
among those he met. Nobody ever heard that ha
had a mother, and nobody ever Imagined that he
was not the talented critic and writer he pre
tended to be. And so it ran on. The art periodi
cal was stranded by tbe Bon's lavish expenses, bat
his reputation as a writer secured financial back
ing for another literary enterprise, and after this
tailed, tor yet another, tbe mother doing all tbe
work and tne son securing all the cmllL At one
time he was quite successful la delivering a
lecture which bis motuer wrote for him. Par
three years past, tbe old lady has been au 111 as to
be hardly able to sit up, but she continued her
work for tbe son's last journal ap to almost the
hour of bet death.
s?;m8100fmclfslto be real, and jt'
will be freely doubted, perhaps, Deeanae I give
. Bui I know it to be true, for 1 bare M
names, nut i know it to be irae, for 1 have Man
associated with two of tbe 11 terajy tenturesTr
Which tbisipod mother was m^Tbu?LjS?t
life and spirit, and during tbe flrst part ot ber
fatal Illness I uad these facts from ber ova Hps
when our business relationship mads me nscea
sarily aware of some portion of ibem.
tilaoe ber death the son has apparently been
unable to do tue work formerly credited to him,
and p<-ople are beginning to bint that "his genius
has left blm." _s
lthas, lAdeed. It left him with his mother.
H. bTsouul
safe Investment the most dninbli property tn the
my lor the money, thrseequaree from low* Circle,
south front, eivht l?rn rooms sod bath; beautifully
l>*{>ered, concrete cellar: heated by a furtisos: lot
SHOO, with a 2-story brick stable, fents 8.*)month;
0"ly 80.500. DAVID D. STONE.
??>gl-3t 806 F st. n.w.
desirable boom for s few honored dollars caah,
aace from *20 to *05 par month.
T St. near ?th < new >. 7 room* and bath *4.000
Corcojau ?t ., near 14th. 0 rooms and oeilar 6.500
R st., 8 rooms and bath 8.800
11th st, near East capitoi, 7 rooms and cellar... .3.700
ivi- n 8 month. 2,500
12th st, near W, 6 rooms 2,400
T. near 15th. 8 rooms and oeilar 5.000
1 st. n.&, 6 room* and bath...... 2.000
?pgl-3t 800 F st. n.w.
rooms an J bath; all mod. Improvements, in a de
S.r*^,wyon ?.f the northwests rents for 830 month;
?1,000 caah, balance to suit; price only 84.000.
?Pgl-3t 806 F st n.w.
sTenue. in rapidly improving section, containing
*2 rooms, large cellar, bath, furnace, ran ire, pautrjr,
ZTZ . ord'r: couvenieut to four lines of oars
t?-<!Sr<4c*; ,ot fe*1 front running to a street;
86.500; terms very easy. 803 Worth Carolina ave. It*
tjKJR SALE-CHEAP-734 10TH ST. & K. 8.
.ISkS?1# House; all mod. imps.: bay-window
'">nt;lot20*">0 deep; 81.000 .-ash. bal
V C. li. PARKER,
_sp21-3t 4*4 and E iti aw.
Brisk House; a food investment. price 81.600.
<?? H. PARKER.
_?p21-.1t? 43?and K sts. aw.
^ M,t 8L050 each; 84">0 cash, balanos
*i!>[?r."loaUL ? C H. PARSER.
spil-Jf 4^ and E sta aw.
4* snd McLean avei aw. with all mod. imps.; a
a'l'-rii i1.*?.!!1.11 pent tor **> or ?a"i P?r month;.
' <1.400 cash, balance 1. 2?snd3 years.
_*P-.'l-df q H. PARKER. 4* and l. sts. aw.
,*v?0"8?: pri-ss-brick frout: two-story and basement;
modern improvements; on N st. between 3d and 4*
ap/r^t4 * a BARKER. 43* and E sta s.w.
A House and good Stable. 352 F st. s.w. Price, 81,500.
.... C H. PARKati.
*P2I-3t* 4)t and E sta aw
twelve minutes' walk of Boundary, hand
t,-u ""ins. >>?th. psntry. large cel
uud attle; modern improvements. ttr.?t-clsas in
e*f,r5.,Vffc:Fect: terms easy. Address B? Star offlce.
mod?? building', 1 as thirteen rooms, aU
inodirn improvements; two-story brick stable on rear
r.,47; tl 1.000; one-third cash.
Vm?r? -r , \. vo *nJ three years. J. T. DYER, 600
l.ithat. Telepnone Call 937-3. ap^l-3t
n-'^K'x^ front, all modern improvement?,
nsllioli Pj*ce; p: ice $4 000: one-third cash, balance
tr7\ J- T. DiER, 600 ljJth st TelephoneCaU
" ap21-4t
FrJLS^bErH0.USE.8-8:i9 WTH ST- 8.W., TES
^rmpbriyc;W^,t00bnACpp^to20X0? t?"lley: k'U^la
sP21-3t *?
ap Jl
ft. on New Hampshire ave. and Ham-) on 18th st
UurUisldateU'i i !?: iJ?0Cli0>i? oulldlng I.ot on
norm side Rhode Island ave., near lows Circle
spgl-flt 100B F st n. w.
bsy-window bricks, cor. Nortn Capiiol and
^ * rent ?13-a0 mo.; price 11,450
1008 F st. n. w.
WALLACH place, new. six
I I (rn Improved house; swninn.
Box So-, r.rt5# ?4,a60: wui briu* ^
l^OR SALE- -
.ni.1,.^1 buck houses, new; tinted to oodten
ind Wk /?.UJ're"t1r,-'l't-c*r1". ?n lront s reet, side
ana Dack alieyx* bur yards; in a rapid v intDrovmir bmv,
W.doo. one-hilf cssh Applyto ^
ap^j.Jt ItDWlN U. JONES, 404) B St. s.e.
*n 0.000 feet ol ground, uesr l eun.
f t* u H'e i ^wuse reutod at ft9 i" 800 4
irurk*2? f!pt at^\i9t l*3 ,e'"t uf tfTonn(i- ne?r Lincoln
JS lront: lioug a reut at*29: <4.500 2
??m?r^ltS?fS?'?ew?r ?U<1 water; Iron
15^^bmidifn^LoU^ue10SSi ?.
aftte'^ir?'?kli ?Wn?" tUrect' "nd U ?food v,Uu*
itaStf?Wt?0Teat'- ?n T ,t" ne*r lt,lh ,l 8"^
J. R. HERTFORD. 142334 F st
sP???.rt Circle, 1^ rooms, bu. nail. 16*JO 19 h ?t
wnt- ?75 ai, 1 brownstoue ou <j, nn'
?ve.. near R L ave.. 8I0.OOO; rent, $100. Apply 1750
- ap21 -3f
; 1 rent for *i0 month; $7,500, or
n?rthwesti MtV=
i??SS f"mVI^?000H^SpSw^
woul,. do weu to place the sam in lui luNd. 7KS
_sp21-lm (Kellogg Cull jn^'.'iVlIf
I??1},Pale-by a. s. taylo^ Tri4^"BT~!5~^"
A lOr. brick, m.i., ou 33d st ??: r,(0
r ranie house ou I st.. bet 21st and 2Sd u.w" "500
}? ?ve.. near Conu. ave.... . '" io'000
fc t o? li ? ,",*r "8'ce st $2.75 sq. foot
Lot 011 MAhH. ave. and *-'d ?t. n.w., at bq foot
^p2L3t ?'a *nd 7th *U" u e- " 7ic ?<l- foot
lots? ne rly 40.000 feei, wi h J? room slate roof
uouse; one square from deiot, Tskonia Park wh^ra
dsal with owner. MapSe ?ve.. oral 711 Hst-nw cu^
Kood^title; wrt.a for details. GUV MOSES, ap^l^t*
. room brick, northern se< tion of city, one souare
irom two iincN street cafs; water in houi-e and ira? in es
= ,.'i arl lOOleet Io ? id?ta?k?lS"
Address A. 1. LeNoltt, city post-office. jtV*
i^OR SALE?100 BY 178 t)(J. lhi_T. WITH 11EAIT
tllul Cotiuite of 0 rouuu, one of the handaomest in
xakomapark; 011 easy trrms; ?3,.i(j0.
?? acre, with a good 9-room house, a first class resi
dence t ianden St-tiou. Met. Branch, 7mtieabyith
st turnpike. Easy terms. 84.00O. y
,, X. H. aYPHERD 4 CO
-i* 1321 tat.
ou?lh stu.e.,near F st; lot 60x100 to a wide
Foi'920^F?t n w C^fUUUl home- ALB Ell IF.
81.500 iu payments of if 25 moctlily, will purchase
with lot lSox270 uset; grove ol shade 1
trees, ?c.;>iear station a*. Hyattsviil , .Ua. Apply to
i-2] of. . f H- GRAY * do..
_sp21-3t* Federal Block, cor. 7th and F,
xort43 M*"' *Te" 3 ,tory 40(1 basement brick,
1MO? fat!? It' 5 '?r>' bricju l2r?.V ni.i'.".'.?x7,'oSo
lWOl iath st n.w . 3story brics, lo rs. and
??*?We. mi, good lot .?..."..? 10 *00
?^04 oVfV..' 3.ft^rr *nJ basement bnck.'iarl L000
i?04 w st n.w., J story and basement brie*. 12
,?12-1 ?f'1 -h^lynew IOOOO
1 sai ^ ?tory bnck, lot 20x00..,7.'200
lOi ttw., 3 Story brick. ni.L, lot 16.8X
20 1 ?t u.w., 3 story brick, 10 rs., m.i fj.'^oo
^?t-n w -'??20x9o .. .. ?500
13,torybrick4ndceU'r- 8'^'.''lnn
ISS V.'r ' 3 ?to1rI^ andW?m;n^\'.'J:ooO
iStip n-w., Z story bnck, water and teas 2.000
f.'^???,rr8V *'"? ,tor* "twe, bnck bassment
in good repair ., <vin
330 to 3*7 McLean ave 2 story brick.' -5r"water
34?i^2^.t!. 1,7()0
aud i si. ii.w , 2 story ttiim^'renUiurltor
#60 per montu, lot 26.6x164. 82 ue. it
,?oi ??. * "? earner * co.
sp21-3t U1U F st iTw.
b'oek Dupout Circle; soutn and east exp sme. I
Apply 603 14th st. n.w. ai.21-ai 1
,L?ceto Secure a Desirable Home?Ehrht-room
Slick House, three stories: *11 modern Improvements '
ioii 'rQ l' located on Masssciiusetu ave. u.e.. NoJ
Fdwe l^wJ^Sd, DnEo8rl^E
810.000 aud 811,000iS?uectivriy. "7'5UU
f4-12W .. 1307 F st n.w.
llug, ten robins, bath room and cellar, furnace and
1 modern Improvements, hsudsomsly papered- lo.
cated two squares from Dupont Circle: price 88 ioo ?
Ja2S-13W 1807 F st n.w.
'robe. gas, water, and sewer: only 2 squares from
Capitol st. hardies and cars; if sold at once wll
be sold ?t a bargain. Iriilrsss w
ap2Q-?f Star offl'ce.
"ALE ? 1451 SST. NEW THREE -81 OR V*
14-room brick; parlor, back parlor, dining-room!
and kite lien on one floor; every convenience ? must be
?e? to osappreciated. jl4,500.
spgQ-Ot WalTAKER * JORDAN, 1417 J
POR SALE-HODSK*. 920 N. i. 1 vs.s. a., b. h.,
1320 sad 1328 2d ?_
n.W. Uh. 4 Jt6r.13.500
211 to 9T& 10th st
. 6r- 13.000
2 to 8 7th-st road. .1L300
1732 to 1743Kstn-w^"
m#'i?Mi'Vv'* ??6o?
2031 st n w. bJi? m.
tiMr. 25,000
2001 R st n.w. b.h_
? .85.000
400 Mstn-w.blk.ni.
_kl4r...? 22,600
6E4 sad 825 H st n.
w..b.h.,snd 6 houses
_ fjy* 1*2.000
1118 Conn. sve. n. w.
? ? .itooo
223 Ind. sve. >.w.. tx
m.L. Ur. 7^00
1419 20th st a.w. h.
h., m-L, 8r. 7^00
N. Cap. and I sta. n.w..
fir ... ....... ... .. . a . 5^O0
806 8th st B.W.,
,6-1- *Jio' vii?^fioo j
4SB to 448 I at n.w_
^ ?? ? ?????? ? ?? e4k?000 I
r., lir. an, 4th st. s *. M.OOO
-?yy- tu aw.. new. hand?ora*, Vr r.VHJ
si-et ''?*.?uj *"?r. rw.. ?r fa st aooo
?st 7r V"**' " 000
jgssssfe $ ttr-hou- ?n ^ ?s ooo
-tts^sWo^j em nt'ri"k>m ?*??
?P?Mt T. H. BTPmPtO^^
Q ST. N.W.: 22x100 TO ALUEY;
dr.._ ?nd "*Um: harti wood finish: threa
1 frontA? model horn*, owner U
r.T^TT "f1 *"1 aall low. Permit to Inspect can be ob>
?p5?lm BILLY DLiliLE, U18fH
b??t linSit^f gpuntU surrounding: 1318 30th st ,
a^mfesb.g.?ffia? *-?
Mr^k?'iag-, ?yas-l.ge
?M'Mgary waahatend*. gaa stov*;in fact erirr mod
ern v*S?ncs,t? ?-'<v?nt order; p. bet. 6th and 7th
SnjrTi. ' ?8-50<J. e??r term*. W. J. NEWTON.
0? F "j: apl8-w.th.aot
f?fJoo?? af 2JJ8 ?OU8K ?>R $4,300. TEBMS
?nd i'i lu monthly payments of 8A0.
Pre** brick ?;2F. ?f ** denlred at a per cent
?18 001 frvnt eight rooms and bath, all
?lSe^2cSirir0nf,1i.?n**? lB.mo,t exclusive and reepect
Sflw 0f n*w" *ddieaa. 1HE (IWNEH, Star
2522: sp4-t-th*a.lm
?Tmifet1*3~HT5,HS?-iIWr9.,N EW T-BOOM BKICK
1 ^ Delaware ay a. n.*, 1 oue<
ot D?rkSL?S? ': h*T* ?" mod. imp* . 2.i leet
f??.ut of bouse*. and ar* only 3 square*
Xrom the Capitol; Are convuLleut to ctn, Jtc will
donhi? iSJf if ot tb* northwest, couuuntnir
W roi>??h2h?^*"roS!f1' bntler'? P?ntrr. ciirbt
^u' ;fn. furnace room, and servant's
C.'P?M and electric belts throughout iha
andlii? f,ISUeVt^0,ldl,,ou; Iot 3"*l-0 f?et with aide
?"VP?r?y Can be aold at a Ten* dr.
Jr.^J.J?5 1 onc^ and terms made t> auit,
Fiame, tlx rooms. lot 25x100. $2.6oo Alao vary
pretty seven-room Cottar 84.500 '
aold 3t WA1XEB * WILSON,
_apl9 3t JOWO F at.
onbwaat, u<*r 1, excellent ueUrbborhood. 14
room Brick: all mod?r.i Improvement*; ouly 47 500
WALtJLB* wlLSoK, 1000 F atreet.
^ ?' improvemenU; touth front;
giToniT^a 1" aubatantiailr built,
O??0EB,^05T.t*1,h- ?r redacuou '?r .iivst-0"
inat^^r^iR1 ,ld*- 'Utmin* through t.
^- T5.' three i,on^? Juat completed
and ranted. wUl p?y 11 per cent net Alao. tor rent
one 9-rooui hotiae and ?Suar. near Highland sution
Juat completed; three minute*' walk to depot
^hT*? T W. W. McCCLLoLoH.
apiS-Ot Lumber Dealer, 14ta and W ate.
X room hew House, ou G at. n.wH oppoalte the new
Peuslon office. Apply to owuer. Room 1, lx!26 f at
u.w.. irom 9 to 10/mor 4 to 6 plm apl8-4t '
.I"3 "*Jf? ?t-. near ColumbiA Railroad, water, ma.
trobe, slate man tie, yard# front and rear, alleys aide
and rear. Apply to OWNER. 701 luth at. n.e. aplB-4t?
monthly payments at cash pricea.
To Partlas seeilnfr nice homes and nret-claae lnreet
tneuts, I innta InsMction of thuae beautUul Uousee
^ H st. and Linden riace u. e.
J***9 bouses were built by me by days' works, are all
of different deem, two and three atoriea and back
bul.ulnjrs, < to 10 roouis each; lianaaouje solid antiuue
0i\a ?re, cathedra; Iflasa: Oiwiy
built; handsomely ftnished iu difle.eut woods, and
only seventeen minutes nde lrom 15th and N Y ave
iJalriL1"?10***1111(1 ?""?t ramdlv improvlnif part 'ot the
SlH K*if." lironouaced by pftnh users thehaudsomeak
best bnllt and cheu|?Ht houaex ever ollered 111 Waah
lntfton. I or partlculara, apply w. F- BL'RFORD.
_?pl7-lm 14a--' N. V. avenue
For sale^ ~ '
Brick houae. twelve rooms and cellar, cor Gay and
C'on*resa eta.. Geor.-etown: splendid Bite in choice aec
tton. tap!7-lm) MIHON k LUCEEI T. 935 F n.w.
Fh5 .^^T^41, M 81. N W,, HOl bE AND STA
ble, all iu nrat-claas condition; lame parlor, dinlujr
room. kitchen, an laundry ou first floor. 9 be.'.-rooms
term*. Apply at E. F. ROaE.vBEi.t>'S, B13
lath at. n.w. apl7-lm
For sale-foR a limited time-a bark
i'f^r *.i*rm.""'nt lnveaimant. business prop
erty In the northwe?tern part of the city at ?l5.uoa
"""Jer laaaeata good rent to a prompt paying
tent, to which I oaU the attention of mv frtenda.
- *? 13th and F sta
V?.B SALE?712 9TH 8T. S.W.. 2x.l6Sa4.~3:
X story Bnck DweLliu* and Store, at a bertain.
... w. :u?ey d eble,
*PJ-'m 1319 F at
("OR sale?a fine small business pkop
erty on Mew York are, near 13th st n.w Two
r~- ? wV viwuiw amid, t, >1.. u*?r Afw uami
ahire are.; speculative prices. Two Lots Mamachu
?6t.u n*ar U'-pont Circle; north side; 8^.80. One
Lot. 18th at, near Dupout Circle; 82 25
mh29-lm 14th st n.w.
I month ; new and neat frame dwelliUK, 27:1'.' 7th st,
'Ojd, (Brurhtwood ave.). opposite Scheutzun Park
price 81.500. Apply 229 / th st aw. t8-3m
FOR -ALE-1019 CONN. AVE.r~3-8TO'<Y AXD
basement brick; ? rooms; 3 baths; lot 21xl37*?
10 alley; price 817.000; eaay terma For permit to in
?P?' t apply to BMTIi, Bu<j vv N k Co., 1321 t at.
Bnck Front Houses, now being erected near Stau
M"ii. Hlllre,,1i,rthe*"t ? "cu'li frout. Price, only 83.000.
with liberal discount if) uichased now. Mouthly pay
ments. Call and see plana and obtain choice of houses.
Several already aol i
f23-3?n 1225 Ejo. n.w.
liousea withjs half aouare of atrret cars; clesuaa.i
neathful location; on terma of 4100 cast and 825
cbarged on monthly paymeuta
SWOltMSTEDf k BKAhi.1.1, 927 F at. aplO-lm
house; bath, furnace and mod. imps.; price 814
^**5" For i<ermit to inspect apply to
BKALL. BROHy t CO.. 1321 F at. apllVlm
Fob sale-i am authorized to oifer-a
special rate, for a few days, on one of those hand
aome new orick awellium. siiu.ited on 15th at. n w
?po?e T street container 10 room*, cellar, turnace!
?"*?..^5? beautituiiy papered, cryatal chatiueliera, Ac.,
tor further particulars address
? _ wa>h danenhower.
ap!3-2w Sauceeeor to Daneuhower A Son. Ills Fit.
X denoe, 1019 Connecticut sve, tnree-story brick
and oasement; doee to Farra?ut rxjuare; nine rooms,
ili*??!!*~i~?,9Al?,WecloeeU.rear iraUenee; 81 feet
front by 137M fret deep to public alley; all conveni
ences; nelrhmrhood unaurpaeeed.
... , THOS. J. FISHER * CO..
. 1324 F n a*.
Department of the interior, washing
ion, D, C., April 16, 1888.?Sealed proj oeala
fidbc received at this Department unul WEDNES
TWitLVE O'CLOCK M, for furnishing Stationery, in
such quaut.ties of tho different articles respectively
and at such rimes and from time to time as they may
be ordered, during the fiscal year beginning JuirY
1888, and ending June 30, 1889, for the uao of th e
Department of the Interior and its bureaus and of
flcea. Blanks for pro|H>sals, with specifications giving
detailed statement of the re<julr< meala to be met in
respect to each article, and a ao the estimated quanti
ties probably to be requir d of each, and giving full
instructions as to the manner ot bidding and condi
tions to be obaerred by bidder* will be lurnlslied on
application to the Chief of the Division of stationery
and griming. Department of the Interior. Wasbing
IS&.H-C .T?" *9CTeu," ol.tb? Interior reserves the
right to reject any or all bida. to Waive teohnic^l de
lects. and to accept any part of any bid and reject the
other part \> M. F. \ I1.AS. Secretary ap!8-wAa3w
WAR DEPARTMENT, Supflt Division, April
12th. 1888,?Sealed Proi>o*aia, in duplicate will
be rece.ved at thia office until ONE OT'LoCK SAT
ORDAY.MAY 'lWELFTH.1888.lor supplying IO.UOO
?, Boldeijt more or lees. Specifications and infor
mation will be furnished to bidden on application
The Oovernment i*aei vfa the right to rej^ot a,.y and
all bids, and to waive deferta. tnveiopea contain.ug
proposals should De marked "Proposals for File Hold
?W." C. H. HOYT
_t?^j0.21^23iPy8&9^AiristMit Quartermaster,
I 1*- VMRAXSX, UO itifl H. W.?TEETH
mJ extracted without pain, bjr aid of local application
" 5* ? n-W. Gold at.d Aui*iffam I tillugN aapeclal
tJ. Pain prerented In extractuur by ap plicatio n to
gwaa. achCg teeth saved; anifldal teeth inserted.
1 17 >? set All work war
Doipt Runr Your Stoma
Bulletin Na. IS. Divieiooof '-rr of a^-?.
ture. make* some startling revelations aa to the tm
purity of been aold ben, la the
salicylic add, bicafbeoate of so
poisonous subatltutos a
Bseraolaan bill ea
the official j^|^?ajt'
?? fbrtheD. Coil
1 Queen at Bean.
nounoe to his friends and the public th*4 havla*
Fobsale-pucfs <?r 1 tow acre*, o* r
fe O. K. K.; MOM iznprov?<L Mai d for Farn. Built
lln. S?cUO*4S * ' 100S-I010 ?' at.
* of i(t* tcm u4 land, l rvni 5
Wjog ?<Jr??D.Q. mifottc* ?I'M 1 2t*
FM SALE- ' "
At LaSrel. *d_ beautiful frame bones. S minutes
Walk from the station. cor. lot. 100x30 b<'UM, Hhv.'S.
with birt bulidlnt 14x16; X story ud la) window;
water and m 66,000.
Also frame bolus. 9 mom*. 1? an** of rrc-and. 2
minute* walk fmm ths station, barn a 1 tan da of f ran .
?say terma. <tt,500
splendid tarui oi 100 arpsa naar Gslthersbnrr on the
XtCfopolitifi 1 ranch; |u><d buiiamr. rood ffnciof. in
Of cultivating A baimi., t riua aaar.
?a-oro. r h. w ars fh* cm..
??*>?? W6rAl?._
X Piaatad in nno* frulta, rood bouas and atahla.
and out-bousae Id rood condition. b lnllea from Una
city. In Montgomery County. Md. ran ba bciwht
cbaap If pnrchae- d at oooa Alao two tbrfw-etory brick
houaea. modern improvamerita, N.?, 17?6 and 1731
L at.. near Conn. ava.. price <1 2.00U. Double frame
rotten on Scott ava.. near 7th at. mad. Brr r\?ma,
ataUla and roach houaea for each. olrr at
the door, plenty of shad*. It u 25 by 1 SO
teat, ean ba boorht for <."LSOO ratitu* at prwut lor
? 1 5 par tnoutn. One frame house nn 11 tb at. a.e -K
room*: modern improve rueita. lot 42 S front by 1 17H
deep. atalla aud ceach-bnuae for two buim. aritb alia)
way (Ida and back: price <4.500. Lot 4. divialou 4.
Foreat Glen Park. 15c. par loot. l> t a. block 36.
Columbia Heights. can be bought chesn fur raali. 50
?150. SIDNEY Wlld.s.
bnal Estate Broker.
_ap20-3t* Odar Grove. Ml Pleasant.
F rooma; lanre barn ; 1.000 fruit trrea. IH milaa fr> tn
ClifWu Station. on Virvlnla Midland K K ow Imiir
from tbe dt> 6 7.000 140 ACBER in hiiA*6steof
cwltlvation; 600 fruit traaa; tt-room dweldtw. a firat
claaa Montgomery County farm . v.'H mil.- from M!ur
Spriar Station. Met. Branch. ou Uolaevtlla tun pik*;
68.0U0. IKS ACRES on R?>rkvllle turupke. V nulee
Irv in rite ^ nnla Iroiu Hand lib Station. M-k Branh
over 2.000 fruit tre-a of all *anetie? dae.liur
?no tenant boose. 67.000. 20 ACl.Es. h room h. ua*-,
barn, fee.: 300 trult troes viney ard. 3 uules from city,
63.500 14 ACRES, covered w.tb trult. H rim bouse,
barn; 2V ttiilea i.oui it* Frr< lindrr $:i.5oO 8
ACRES, ."-room liou?e. ibblr. fee . 2 mile- from new
PreeBndse. 61.600 2 ACRES. pretty llttla t otlaar*
of 4 rnoma. 2h mdra from Uaotvatown. *koo. 5
ACRES adtotniu* Carlln SiTitura. 4 miira trom t ity.
6 ? 50. 4 AfhLS. witta bran new 14-rocin bot.at u
Fall* Cbun h; 5 uiiuut ? from station. a very ran- luu
irain. <4.500. 72 ACRES. M-ruom boner. 5ta mi Ira by
turniuto; 1>? from llurbiand Station, on B and O
62.7.>0 5 ACKE8. l0-rtx>m bouaa. finer?rd n ant
meadow, la H ?ttoTllle; 45.000. 5H ACBi.s. :t room
cott..|ia. runulny wat r. 2 S nulae from new Aqtv-d ,n-t
Bridire ; <1.000. 12H At UKS. 0 -ro itii hou-e. aiaida.
benuery. Mc.. S mile from eutiwii ou Bet. Bntuck, W
mi rafroiu city . 62.250.
100 OTHERS, of lite cbarcter and averatfe price.all
of 1 to 3 acrra. all ovrr lootinc city at we>tern and of
Maw f ree Briiifa, only 3 to S centaper t.wt.
T. H. bYl-ULRU ft CO.. A
?p20-3t 1321 t H
Storea. near ntstt n . rant. <5 |?rm4itk. e nub.e
tor barber, ice .nam. idioemakrr. fee. A|>|1> at
AMA.N'S Store or W.VL B. SMI 1U. Mrlrx se Tai k al. ?5t
or who ?? of country bou-e. nnr abadr and * at r.
Iceai.d milk; fruit. Adtlrwa Mr? THUS J. BLOWN,
near Uutberaburr, Md.. or 1235 Pa. ??e._n.w. al < -.?t*
ty or city property, a tirlurbtfully aiinatml Uriure
Grove of 40 acre*, in tne viliiura of Palme.'. Ala. bria
County. Fla. ou line of r? I road. 20 rotla tin depot,
bbrbiy Improved, mow nn cr.?pa; virlO' . (4.000. Alao,
54-acre Farm. 1ft mil'-* ironi ci'F. oue-hall mi a t<
detKit. wall uurrore.i; will axtbamra. price. tl.ttoO.
sTALEY^fe HILL. 024 14tb?u ?plW-dt
Eldorado farm
We are anthonnd to eell one of tbetoeet Farm* In
Mon'comrry Couuty, Maryland, contaiuimr 234 at rea,
lu Uie bi^be-t atatr cu livaU.'U. bur iiult >v.uirnta.
farui in irraa*. well fertil.zed ?i d niauur -J. pn ducu.ir
axcvllent crop*, la aupportiuir one bundtad bead of
stock the year round.
Situated on the 7tb-?t. pike. 8 mile* from W??;nmr
ton. n;ile from torret Olen Station, on tbu Metro
politan Branch U. and Ou; 3u train* per da;. . I, udu
tttea from Waiblnglon to Foreat (alen.
Thla lai fltie opportunity for any ^entleni*n who da
?irea a ftne'eountry aeat. aa well aa a tarui tnat will pay
6 per cent on 650.000. Fine atabira, ?brdn. ice-liouar-a,
kie-pond. newly fenced in field* of 10 and 20 acre*.
running water in everj tlelil. Hi t and cold water in
dwelling, aea'rrmru. kc Two tenant bouara. Tbe place
will ba Bold it deaired with all tbe taruiinir imple
menta. wora-boraa*. aixty bead of Jersey and H date in
Cowa of tbe be.t atraina W til be aold ou reasonable
and favorable term* if atild b> f.>re Uie brat day of Ma;.
al tbe owner deairea to *o abroad
mh27-tii.th.?.4w l.ltb and F eta.
r teen-room frame bouse, slate roof. 111 acres of land
and superb stream . price, <4.200. Also yy a -rea, coD
teiulnr 20 suoerb builtUlitt sifbs near station p ice m
?ere loU. JIOO. Adoreaa DAX'L AMMI..N.
mh'.'2-eolni* M ssbinirtou, D. C.
J Fall. 300 yards from Gaitnrrsbiiric station, on tho
Metropolitun Rallio.d, 1 a< rv of trrouml. Insu an 1
healthy location, flue view of tbe mounts.n" ?i i>-uuid
water lapl0eo-3wj A. P. HILL A CO.. 13:IS 1 at.^
of the village of B>m kvillr. auitable for biiiK.iiitr
sites, haa a dwelling of s rooms, all u*oe>.*sry oni
baildnura. fifteen mn.utea' walk from station. frnite
of all kinds, Kood shade. A. P. HILL A t 'tL
apl0ao-3w 1331 F d.
rupollian Branch. 11 miles from city. 100 a. rea.
mtable for builditw sites. ThL tToi'erty exr.-nd-.
fr.,m the atstion to Bock Creek and adjoin a Garrett
Park. (apl0eo-3w] A. P HILLfe Co , 133S F at.
bousea. fee.' bt-satuul. healthy site, 1 H mile. Iroiu
Bonn lary St.; 200 hneat fruit, anade. aud un: tries.
200 irrspoa; bernea <2.000. C. B. H . Pen?lon OSioe.
aplSwfesl m
ando. It. R 12 acr-s with improvements, very
r.ble location. SERQEAN T fe liNOLt., 3 E. Lex
inrtO i St.. Baltimore aplC-lw_
r bnck hotel. 45 roou.a. tn S acre irrova, with 3-acre
lawn ic front, ?tahlinir, with 5 -oorna above, the
buUdiiur* and 8 a. ree at half cost. Alao 7 dw>lliiMrs
1 5 to 12 rooma. Several houa -t lor reut: 2furnjabed.
W.s5 Est. n. w.
Mr. Cook* D. Lnckett, of thl? firm, is in Rot kville
' dally afterCp. m.. and wtll remain any day to show
property, a repreeeutaU>e will meet any tram to ac?
commodate peraous desiniuc to View p.-operty Twent y
PV9 trs us dai.y. sp!4-l Ot
' arty?A fine country aeat of 100 screa, quarter of
a mile lroui Silver -pnnir station. Mei Branch K * (1
1L R; improved by a lanre do..l ie frnia honae of 12
rooma, with all nece??*ry outbtuldlntrs; l la-e weii ??
tered; land 1 very rich; can be anbdiiiaed to ?dv?n
tsire. For lull |?rticu:?rs apply io J. T. D k ER, 000
13th 8t. n.w. Telephone cad, 037-S. npl2-2w
7X9 Dbess TsnnoKOs. 719
The sbovc !l X very Important question to Ladira
this season of the rear, and never *more so than at this
time, when it is ao hard to match the New Shades, We
have them alL Wears ahowlmr tbe finest line of
ths market. We have full assortments of TINSEL, alao
SILK and METAL GIMPS at 50c. per yard, flnt r
goods at hirner prices. Stock of BLACK TRIMMINGS
unsurpassed both for variety and style.
We have never been able to show a handsomer line of
Noveltlea in PARASOLS than this season, and in con
sequence, our salts in this department have been un
usually larva. We keep onr stock up by new supplies
every day. One lanre lot of all SILK. STYLISH
STRIPED PARASOLS, which will be sold wblls they
lsst st tfes very low price of 62.
Ws pmclissed yeeterdsy, 79 doi. Handkerchiefs, the
samples of s Bankrupt Jobbing House. They have
been divided into two lota, and placed upon our
counters: one lot st 5a. and tbeotbsrat 10c.; they
srs ysrjr chesp.
We have Juat opened mother case of handsome and
ssssonsble BLACK DRESS GOODS. Comprising SILK.
Th < Manufacturers of this cslebratsd brand of Sosp
| have authorised as to civs s Bslssm Fir Pillow with
! every cske of Sosp sold for s 1 .mltad time; ss ths Soap
retails st 26e_ sad ths Pillow Is worth 37a, this is s
rare opportunity. |
E. a DATH,
Thx Acknowledged Peer Or
Uon-xuxxiJia hew homx sewing |
Ms wct% SMvtt for simplicity sad snas of novp.
of work that esa ha produced upon it. Wo ars
a few alsraat forttsn atabtuldsied in
Dlwsh. which ws wowld llks you to call
Mediuic An Lqght W
OnTrrsKAV. april twenty foibib. imr,
?t r* ?-j.\ E OVLOCE M we will mO.la front
Hlfwonii Ninth IBJ D at reels northwest th? abov4
t-am. the Kroparty uf a rratjamtii leaving tbe oily
ROBERT \ oaK A CO.. Auotiotmera.
SOO b tm>( iniimi
ASKioxrrB salt ofvTlfable eeal ESTATB
This property in No l'.'W 11th afreet aoattoaaat ul
^ of Wround 24 (art bjr 100. upon wl.l.h
*?> ? ton.k H.w, '.'4 (??! by 48. with <?? lanrs n>a ?.
and an L 14UX>. It la in rood urdar. haa a Ian* and dry
oellar. aad fur baaiuaae purpoeaa or a reaidaaa* la aarr
ot>e hundred dollars at e-.le Tarma at Mia I
T?3I aoritur at purvhaaer's coat.
tesr j.c wMpwoi*.
tbeuce northwardly U tha plat. uf heffluuina
A .lepoalt of ll.OVU wlil I* nnuiml at tha tl'
X FIUU BOY, .ti)8 ?T-UK) MN\ at mevanth
Brio;!.! tbAM'. ?ASHIKuI(>*. D C
?*? ZJfJ '?*I>Ai. *l\ THIRD. IKafc, AT TWELVB
*H\Rl.FuoT or IIAtXTH MKr.ll. ? AHH
*T?oaenrt 1. i:n?>i. ltd* 87 lfa? length. 1C14-19
fcct; width. ?.".?MOM. Aeptb.77 10 (rat. nmn
y?r capacity aboit TOO pereotiw
Thia.tseiuer is lb. roiiahiy Uttad up and equlppaA
bjth for r end frntrbt buemaae. ai d bow
liornaol mud enrolled. wee ut?iy llial up laat par
and one of tbe most |ii|ialat lnal> u tha lv<tonie.i.
Ap? aalr m ? peremptory nar to cloee the affairs of tha
olyiu..ut Ktnuilwil Co. ot Waabinaton. D. C.
Terms of aai Oat A .leivait ct ?l.HO0 at ttlua
O- ? la *1.1 ha requited. if lanua of naif are n.4 ooui
p.nd will tu ibree oa>a th* rwiil reserved to resell a*
nsa ..nd.'oai of d fau.tlua p rcnaaet, altrr t r* lays*
punlic uoifc-a of eucli e-ale In aolue newspaper puto
llstied in Rsabintrtoti. l> C.
toy oruar of board <* Director! of
? 'AbLK Kl AL KaTATfc: IN IHK (trfUT ? a?H
'*!??ON. l)Ibla.H T Ok' ?.x?Ll mmia THE ?J?
?ir.E ?f. Tut 1-ATK HICHAIX R. CuMUk,
of a d?rr?a of tha Snprama Court 4
tha D.?.n. tof Columbia J .tod Apn .id, A. I) lHNh.
In Eqult) cau>a No .0.S1D?Brw>r? ^ ai. sat Ci-mba
fi *""1' ?udml?u? iruxtaa* will . Bar ft* aa.a at
I'Ut lie .H. ti. n in tr .il of iharmr ctlvr pr muiaaa. aud
at tlif lluir* lirnuia:U*r Di.'iiUt.iiv.l ;h?di>ura par^ala
(>f raal w?tat* n?rar>uud?i dtacnia^
1 eruis ol sala*. Pui.'bMw uiouv) lo ha paid nna-third
wiUijti if>u riitva ol (lute ol ntifli tiiua ot ?In
one !hir 1 iu < ur ji-^r from day uf aaie, and oM-t!hra
in two jotrifMUi ?U> of or all r*th. ml >i*t1on Jl
pwvkwr. mr.hin Uu aU>> iruui d?l# uf rmt UcaUuO of
?A.e. l*fi**rr?d i>?ym< 11m to hear ititarMt at H par
cant frutu <lay ut taie. )<?> it>l?> MuuauDualif.aaoli
delerrtMi fmyioant U? he nvrured tagr ?lylit ?^parata
|>ruiui?*< r> tj \<>* ol | mid to b? (urtliar ??
cun-U by luorwairr ??r ur**d of tru?l on pn
Ca-h Ue|*o?iU nr^ulmi at tinie* of ilm. i
On I HrRST>AY, tb#? THIRD DAT OF MAT. 18*#.
attnebour ol HALF Pah 1 Polk uCLiC* l? M.
all that flee* iu i i?arc??l of real estate knowm and da
arrib^d ou tb* piat or plan ol ?aid nt> ot m i^nbnufl u.
?a part of lot uuuiberau on**, in aouai> nointiarad four
liundred and ait) una, im|*ov?-d by t >? Ur?a b"M
buiidui*: No. 6U4 i>n.a\l?ania arenuf north
west, and bound>*U a* Bifiutunf at a
i int ou tb? line of Pannaylva&la artaina. forty
nva feet elirht ln< bee. weetwardly from tba
nortb??st comer ??f miJ nquare. tbano*- rnnntnar wast,
wani'y aloti* tue lint* oi nald ?veuun W taet, tbaaoa
aoutbwardiy at mrtit ? with aaid avenue oU faat.
Unikv due south H to tbe Una of It street, theoce
a^t a) Ud saia street t*<eu tb**uoe nortb 4G V. and
roe of
(kOu FRIDAY, the roCRTH DAT OF MAT. 1H8?. at
tha hour of HALF-FAb. Fol R O'CLOCK F kl.. all
ttiat i*?<a or |?rcal of 'and kuowu aa Lot F. In the ??
c.TdaJ subdit Jion of lana of orurioal l<ota nuiuoared
ihrae and four. In agiiart- numbered thraa hundred and
tiClity, iinprornd b) tbi Mru k biorv and Dwelluac. IKU
F-misylTaiiiaat a. n.w^ aud Iwuudad as tollowa to* ?
rujuiuk ai a point on hannsylvanla ava. two buiidrad
ud fifteen fat-t aeim in. liea weat fron. tha Uorthaa t
r.imarof aa daguaru,ruuuliur thence In aaonthwsnarly
? lirectlon at n lit antrlea with said are ua lift) liat
three in. hea. tbeuo- due south sixty-one feet nine aud
on. -ball lucbea u th- luaot Cstrant. Ujei.ra with aai.l
ktreei wnat twenty-two faat aafeu and Br -eighths
luckaa: tbenca due north altty alt teat tau mcbea;
theu. ?'uoi thesaterly at rw ft antrlaa with Faouaylva-4
m> aveuue tlity-tlirve feel nine lucbea to said arenue,
and them-e aouthoa^tarly with said avenue twont) -
Three t^at ou* and onr-hau in. bra to the pla>-? of ba
A dei- ..lt of t.vio will l? required at tbe tlmaol sal.
On -ATURDAV. MAl FlfcTH. INHH.at UALfc l'AJ?l'
Fiji K O'clock P.M.. all tnai piece or panel of laud
knownae part of lot ait, In square three huudrad aad
eU-ht). iiupr<'ied by s larva double bnt a buildintt
Nua HJh an.I Vi.!'l Pa ava. n w., klid bounded aa fol
lows Mtarinn.uir at a iviBt distant lorty-lour feat tea
1 ur lies Irotu tbe alurle fortnrd by the liuea of Hauu
eylvania avenue aud tenth at reel uw, aud rut ulnv
tbeuee easterly with tbe liua of aaid avenue JU feat 1(1
inches, thence leaviti* said aveuue at rurht auflaa
theraio aixty-ali feet, four lucbea, thence with the
line of said lot due waat twenty-five feet, three tnchea.
tbence iiorUiwaaterly tort)-five feat, eiirbt U 'hea. and
thence with a liue lutersei'tlnir the line of Fauuarlva
uia aveuue at rurbt ana lea thirty two feet to the place
ol beffinnitur. <V ntaiuinir aguare feet tno-e or
1. aa A depuait ot $L0UU will be requlrwd at tha Uaia
PAsl rol.R O'CLOCK F M.. all thai plane or larcl
ot land knowu ka lot A lu the recorded subdlvl^oti of
orlnnal lot 11 unjbared ?? '<*. In sqaara numbered three
hundred aud tort) -uiue, improvad by ttoat iaa*a corner
bnck store Boa 1O0U Fa ava. Daw.
A de;vait of 41.UO0 will I* ray aired at tba time of
PAST Fol K O'CLOCK K M.. all that place and parcel
of laud known aa the weateru |a.rt of Lot numbered
lil'taa-u lu square three hundred and seventy-four, im
pioved by the tbree atory and haaeu.ani praaaed
brick manalou. No. Win I street uorthwaat. and
bounded aa toliows lvaainuinit at tba nurthaeataru
coruer*of said lot. them* ruun un east a.oujr the lloe
ol J street n rth *est twenty-five fart tan ana oue-balf
lecher th. no s -ulL to the rear line ot aaid lot. tliaaivi
Weal alontr said rear line tweuly-tva faat tan aad u??
half luchee to the aoUthveataru coraar of said lot.
thence uorth to the said atreat and place of baainnlaa.
A deiioalt of tolKI will be required at tbe tiiaa ut
PAST I'oLK O'CLOCK f M . all ol Ix* numbered w-n,
in l>svi.iaon's na i.rded aulidivialou of the esat ball of
square thre.- hundred and lurti-ona. Improved by tba
t^o-atory and iMweiuaut Dwelilnv, too. 1124 10th
street north waat
ALm I. all of Lot numbered eleven la aaid re. orded
stilaiiviKiou of salii aguare Improvad I? tbe two-atory
Bt I. a Dwallu if No. 11WS loth street north waat
A daiaikit ol t -''in will be required oa each of mid
Lota at the tiuie ol sale.
PAST lol'KO'ClAX K P. M? ail that piece or ptneigf
land known aa part ot Iota tour aud live, of tbe r?c.-rdad
sutaiivisioaof oninnai lot numbered ten,In aquare three
huudrad aad fort>-four, inii rovai k) tba lanre two
story and haaeinent frame dw llinw No. Hlu Tentb
?lre. t n vs bounded aa lollowa Hwinnlutr at a puiai
ou leu:fitol B-W-. one hundred and Bvs faat from tba
a . uYbeaaY aaai' *'f aai I
thence k-MB the weat .in
n.a. tt.irlgr-nine i.et elarht Inches to tbe oautreof a
three-te<? alle) . tbau.-e weat ninety-nine faat tan and
one half inches. tbeuoe south thirty -nine laat aitfbt
inches, them-e east ninety-nine twt ten and on?-bal(
Inches to t e pis. ? ot Imriuuiiuf. b> .tut fur tba north
l?rt tbeie..f eurhteeu leet six iB. hea in float on aaid
loth street. A deposit of ?JOO will be required at tha
PAbT FOl R 0*CL(M E P.M.. all thai unimproved aq l
vacant iwrcel ot land daaenbad ou tba plat or plan of
aaid city of Waahium. u aa lot numbered ^8, In aquara
numbered IU. tue same bei:? sit ualad on MttL SUwaA,
between 1 aud K streeumrtbweet.
A dapoalt ol t l>Si wil. be required at ttoe tlma of mia>
?ail aquarv aud runnlu*
.ina of aaid Teeth street
1O06 t at B.W. 1
48b La. ava. n.w.
jar a. edwardh.
ap21 -dfcda ioo &tb ?. a.w.
^EO. W. HTICENEk, Auctluassr.
by vlrtae of a dead of truat. dated March SO. 1MT.
aud rooordad in liber li;48. folio 2j?. at aaq. one U
tbe Isnd r*. urds of the District of OuiiMbla. aad br
dlri'Ctiou of tha party secured thereby tue under
a^rued trusteea will oflar at public auction, in front of
the premise*, on THl KSDAY. tbe THIRD day of
MAT. 1H*K. at FIVE O-C'LOCE, tba fol)owln?-de
scribed property All tbat certain piece or jarval
ground situate. 1) ma and beuir la tba city of waablw
ton. in the Distrirt ol Colombia, to wic Part of Int
No. 15, in square No. HO3. ba*.nniua for tba aaiue at
a point aleven til) lucbaa from tha eoulbaaat <\mfr
of lot Ultaeii 1 loj. square rlirht bondrwd aud bva H06'.
tbenca runuicuf weal oue hundred (100 leat to a tea
(10'loot alle) . thence anna ?a. I alley north tw?lvw
(l'JI feet aud ait and three.loiirtbs Iflfcf inches
i hence east one hundred >100) feat to tbe buudmar
liu- on the wast aide of &th street nortbeaat. tl.eaiw
alonr said 5th street sou b twelve (12) feat and alt
and three-fourths . o. Inches to tbe place of barlh
uinir. Improved by a two-atory. alt (til rowat brloA
house and modern conveniences.
lamia made kuow.i on day ol *?le.
OEuP-tifc. F. OK AH A M. {
apgl-lOt IHoMAS B bHoEMAEER.)
* f t RRR A PPT .O.
wwww R R AA T r I
ww ww krr aa rvt Vs
V7 S 5 AmA r <3
i A o?8
Withoat any doubt Uria M one of 1
Use to purchase datable WRAPS AND J.

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