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BBNT-1204 & M .. LABOR A>u HAND
soma f unuabad rooma. en suite or uufk on arcood
it third Boor, vitli private family arll-lm
Fob bebt-uo* b it. il w.. spacioub scsny
raotus. aueuite or uturl" o-w 1 t uil handsomely
aratafeM. centrally located. 1*0doors lrutn Wuimlay'a
Hotal. furnace Laat or rrate fin. Inference* ex
;ktaif4. ee7- Ini
Boor of houee 'fiti L> at n.w. (or litf ht b. u?ekeei
ltxtuira in tBe >wra below ? U f. 8CHAF
8mm Ukl-wun END VUIA MM K ST..
near saw -i*T?al OfBcr. Ave Hoeua, bath and ranre.
* and cold water. coal cloaeta, Be. 920. lirfer
once repaired. er!4 Wt
B on reunavlvanla armu? sua 15th street, oppoeite
Treeeury I "apartment. and at junction ot 14th N.
aaa. and l^. ?a?. ?tn?;. ar*. Buitiiiu.r formerly
>aeupi.d by the Surweon lieuer d'a (HBrr A* a buai
bfcaa UMAti- >n unaurpaaeed is the city. HILL A JOHN
9TQN. 1 .M>3 j?a. ave n w n.>.1?>ui
"W'M m Alao. thre nx-inn adjoinlmr, third
steam heated. Inquire 713 Market Space. *2-i-V
B that larva aad excell-nt business aland and
in# for aanral y??n occupied a* a aenrrai nittfr), pro
vlaion aad lienor storr uu the corner ot 4t h and i. sta.
n .w. .one of the brat stands in tua c.ty. Apply on
premieee or to J. C. LANO. 4-'4 H at. ae^i-31' .
i>JK HL.M-707 7TH ST 8 W.. sTni:h AND
dwelling ot 7 rooma, bat. Q and H. r-nt 925 75.
aa2"2-3t? 407 4H at. aw.
l?OH REN r-COHSIK STORE, ?-'031 14TH 8T. M
F w . and ?>?room dwelling; good business 1.?cation;
reat, 9-5 par mouth Apply ttLUKV RUPERT, Suer
_ n. w. 08 feet deep. lance been yardtoa lay; ?"-?>.
Alao, -010 11 at. n.w.. 920, amiable for any business.
C. H. i::iuHT. ?>07 7 th at. n.w.
F ave. under "Harne' Hl>>ubrat location tn city
for Lunch and Dairy bBalneaa or offl<-e- Inquire on
I reaiiaaa. aa'.' 1 3t
near E n.w. O. W. MLHK1LX A CO.. Ccal o?ca.
corner ?tth and E ata. aa^Jl^4t,
14th St. n.w . suitable for any buaincaa. Apply to
wra. BOOWE. 1233 Pa arc. acVO iw
A store, ainr-rvoin dwrl .nv lime; concrete cellar,
and lanre brick stable In rear, rent low to aultable
tenant. E. c.^irTTER. 1423Pat. mlb-lm'
hoou.oor. t?h and L n.w ? A3o per month. Alao.
uwelling over store for rent. t3o. 8 rocma, mod. Impa
Apply W. U JOHNsuN. 718 13th n.w. au23-lm
bi#? for c lub*, luiltfea, ?ocxftK^s or |>tlblk! uieetmn;
aiMo . oainiitt?? kuuuii; rem iu <i*rate. Apply to J AN
I TuK. to v floor of premiMra IMM Fenn*ylvanlA at*.
."?OR BENT?PU1 NISHED HALL, 823 P St. n.w..
to ludtre*. cluba and aaaociatioiu, on daya a id
rTemnca to salt. Apply at W. O. DKMiiOA s R?al
Lai .u ufhce. under above hall. au30-3in
a w^tarandfaa. sewerage complete, in rear uf 1518
1. st. LLW. Apply to LT. AI.H ANDLR. 727 12th nt.
B.V. ae22-a.rn.w-at*
4 stalls room fur 3 carna.ea, ooachman's room,
Ac. M. M. PAKKElt, 1418 Pat. ae2u-tSt
f oppoatte Iry City, tna piace known a* uak Ororr.
&0 acres on tna 7thstr-tt road near >or>-at Qlcn sta
tion. - J scree on the Conduit road a short diatance
frt m the reae eo.r. Apply or addraaa 1HUS. E. WAO
HAM A\ J?17 1st n w. ae22-3t
JT a. rea. with lanre, comfortable huuae and out build
liufa.toa careful tenant low rent. McLACHLEN,
A BATCHELDEK. 121.'? P st. se20-3t
A aira*. two acts of buildltura. un. mile from railroad,
half wsy between Baltimore and W xtuuetou.
Prior ?t> par acre. CHAS. A. >H1ELD3.
ae2u-4t? lOOrt > at n.w.
Hamilton and Line In. Loudoiin County, Va.; 2*4
nines trom W. 0. and W R. R. Matiou. Larire brick
house, larira barn and outbaildlntrs, tin- walar. beau
Ufui .oration, rood land, on lwrd and timber (10
? r-? . A'ldreaa J. T. HIRsT. PurcallT.ile, Vaae20-2w*
M country home of 3 acres. aood 7-room houae. out
buildii.tfa. abundaiK-e of the beat of fruit and shade;
beet of sunn* water; ai.u_.ted j miles from talis
Church. 5 minatea walk trom railr ad depot. For
i arti man, inquire uf I. H. sYPHBBu. 1321 P
at. a w. ael9-lw*
property?*ine mnlen farm. 33 acr>a houae. eltrht
rooina. neariy new. all ueceaaary ootbuildi g?. iroo<l
b uemeot hollar alao. one hour > dnre With a loaded
wmon to Center market, r nt t3u0 per annum from
January 1st next, and tenant will hare prtvilese ot
Iuttin* in fall crviw now. price 95.000. GE'.'. W.
INAiNS. corner l.'th and H su. n.w. eel8-0t
oeortr ? s t ouniy, Md.. three-fourtna of a mile
troin -M-abrook St.. B A P R. R . ten luilee from city;
145 acres, dwnuiitr. and uuprotements. three-fourtna
eiea ed and in cuiUvatiou. Also 12 acres at to ilaon at.,
K A V R. R., ewLt inilc-a from city, beautiful build
lmc sites, MARloN DLCBA.TT, touatae and attorney,
b*a*?eiiabunf. Ad. sel7-3mo
villa, Md.. dreirable Lota, oppoalte the handaoma
re idence of the late B. E. Elliot, caq. Lota 50 by
130 leet, frommtf on Melroee are Price 4500
each. Liberal terma to purchaaera of mora than
cne lot or to any mis builduur at onoe. For further
tartictUan apply to l YLER * RLT HERFOkD.
aa 15-2m 13o7 p at. n. w.
X i ota. Com. try llouiee. Dairy. Poultry and Graaa
Sanna. * to 800 acrea. COOKB D. LLCBETT. ?35 P.
At Rockriile. alter 12 m. ae <-lm*
A eat Gt?a, Md.; 1, 2. and 3 centa per foot.
aeo-lm* J. B HEBTFoBO. 1423H Pst.
Two ractaof land about 3 mllaa :rom Waahin<r
ton City, srill be sold separately. One tract con
taining 35%, the other 44H acrea. would make ax
cei.etii Dairy. Garden or Pooiti y Parma, or residencea
!? r i-arson in buatne s in thia city, or would subdivide
alee. > in to small homes, aul. unieesaotd at private aale,
?111 be soid at public aucu .n October lu. without re
aerva Trrtna: Oua-fourth caah. balance in one, two,
thr-e. four aad Ave yeara. Partiaa will be taken to
v ear prooarty frer oi charge, perfect title truarautaad.
Price 9l2.i per acre, lor lumber information, see
I H. slPHERD ? CO.. 1321 F st. n.w?
tu2B-dtoclO toaaninaton, D. C.
10. 15. or 20 yeara Easy paymenta. In tba
event of d. ath. loaa la canceled without further pay
ment. and property turueu over !rae of incambra.ica
Tne 1 lau ot the Vuitad security Life and 1 rust Co..
of BB-Ldalphia la the bra. ev r J. vi?^d to enable par
Uas to own their Aooiea for the ordinary ouat of lent.
Call fur a circular and full explanation.
ae2?-lB F. H. SMUH A SON. Aceota. 1222 *st
proved real aetata eecunty Larva amounta a
ape^tally. TYLER A BL 1 HKRloRD.
aul5-2B 1307 * st aw.
all-l? 1226 Pst. D.w?
_aaS 1503 Pennaylvanla in.
1,000. AND
i on real
HOLTZMAJ. AUoraay. iaaj r"it ."n7w. ae7ain*'
A"? I Mil) *3.000. *4.000. S6.000.
vatavvvs ainall suuia to suit, to loan <
??tatar in cily. 'at Wweat rates. Call now.
HOLTZMAN. Attorney. 1381 F it. n.w. se
$300, ?2.600. ?KSa. at loweat tatia?^
Larrar sumaat 5 par cant. No delay
aei Ira B. A. MclNTlR*. 918 F at
IB BUMS 91UU TO 91,000.
970 000-TO LOAN
50Q [au25] THOa B. WAGGAMAN.
earner lutn and P ata. n. w.
9 XU" a""" Bret mortgage bonds at par and la
teral Tillf * G. BL WHITE A Oct.
)sj asI B. Char lea st.. Batutuura _
Money to loaa
In auma to sBlt, ? t lowest rates, an arprovadraal
aetata eecunty. BITCH, FOX A BROWN,
gM 14117 PannayivamaaTa.
llioa. J. jrioHER A CO.
asA 1824 f st a.W
ap24 Bwtrtaaor to DANBNHOH EB A SON. 1115P.V,
Monet to loab ob beal estate ob ramv
Claaa securities, at lowest raise of interest. Nj
aaisy enara tna sscunty la soed.
O. & GREBB. 308 7th at. a. w.
L<22.-*P*d.*1- B bkownand tab dog,
L'tSZ ltii ila*ilatU* *">. i*ST,0? V ST..
- 00 13tA St., bat. U and
If retaraad to aboes nambat aall^
tit vll BBWabd-lobt a inn of"MunrT
surrounded by a rubber t?nd* The ah^Jl^L
2^d WUI ba paid to Ander"^ tamL.^^Tt
f' """ se22 3t*
Bi y'i*
SI!4* . SPAN lEL.axs w rg-TQ
i I***" W&mri If rHvrutd to
1 Mtt-it*
?3 7tk street sorthwe
I Bar attaottoa to tBa wants of
Nothtio Like Them."
'? tha verdict of mil who tela AjWi
Prompt and effective la their action. they hm
no ill-effecta. and may ba adraiaietered to old or
MW. Herbert El wail, of East Saginaw, Mick.,
am: 1 tm* e rreet sufferer (ram Ooaetlffa
tion. Headache, and Oanaral DebOlty. My Ala
?as yellow, ami I had constant p*la ia my atfa
and back. Other medidnn felling; X took three
boxn of tyert Pilla and am cured."
"1 waa severely afflicted with Dyipqala aad
Enlargement of tha Liver. moat at the time to.
lav unable to retain any solid food. Three 1
of Ayar'a Pilla cai
Marble head. Maaa.
Prepared by Dr. J C. Ayar * Co.. LawaU.
bold Lv all Druggie** and Dealem ia "
nib 13
The ceab'?r of M. Uugyenheltn'e -one, M aad 98
Frank 11a street, one of the ianreet Import hoaacala
the United htaiee. write* under data of Jane SO, IMS,
aa follower
For yean I have suffered from abaceeeee which
alwaya formed on the La-k of my neck, and had to ba
cot from time to time to obtain relief. I need all aorta
of blood purihera, but wltboat avail. The abeoeasn
would alwaya reappear. I suffered eery much pain
until my physician adviaad ma to aae tba nanalne Im
ported Carlebad sprudel Salta (powder form). I uaad
this for about four weaka. and silica that time I have
bean entirely free from the diaaaaa. My complexion
cleared. and I have enjoyed rood health ever since. I
cauoot apeak too highly of this really valuable remedy,
and hare recommended It to all my friezuW, who aleo
apeak of its wonderful effects aa a Laxative.
1 ours very respectfully. L Mxrxaa
Tha lienulne Carlsbad sprudal Bait Powder la put op
In round bo t tire Each bottle cornea la a paper oartoon
and haa the aaal of the city of Car la bad and tha aWna
tun- of Eisner fc Mendalaon Co., Sole Agent*. around
the neck of every bottl<. All othara are wortalaaa lml
tationa. Pamphlets and IT. Toboldt'a laatiua mailed
free upon application. ElSNEu ft MEND ELMOS CO
0 Ban-lay ft.. M. X.. Hole Agents. aul-m.wkf
A Letter Fbom
Cbaio t Soa Ciina, OA 13.
I muet repeat once mora my belief that there never
haa beea anything equal ia merit to tha leramlM
Preparations, my akin la eo immeneely improved by
their use. It haa frown eo smooth aad eo fair that I
need not dread old wre while tbeee mimic laveatloaa of
yours exlat. Oct. 3L?I uae Cream, Balm, aad '-Mtrwi
every day of my life, and could not exlat Comfortably
without them. Recamler Soap aleo la perfect. I
thouKbt other soaps good. but 1 had never tried the
Becamier. I shall never use aay other. It farsur
paaeea ail toilet acapa. london, Dec. ?. 1 hear the
Princeee of Wain Is delighted with Reaamler Prepara
tions. I shall certainly recommend them to Her
Boyal Hhrhneaa when I next aea her. I aead you an
I autograph letter to iacloee to tha Prinoeaa of Walea.
Later, from Spain?I cannot tell you how aaxloua I
am to do all I can for the Becamier Preparation I
tell everyone here in Spain how much they have dona
for me. I have spoken to the Queen about ?>??? and
when I get to South America I hope to Had a letter
from you telling me how 1 can beat serve you there. I
do want to help you, for 1 am convinced your Beca
mier Preparations are the greatnt boon ever Invented.
1 cuuid not comfortably endure a day without them.
Ton can have a beautiful complexion by Vain* the
Becamier Cream, provided you avoid all ooametica. It
will remove the damage cauaed b?- coemetlca. It will
remove pimplea, liver apota. blackbeada and redneae of
the akin. Any of theae Imperfections on a woman'*
face ia equivalent to a painted sign, saying: "Thia
woman ia uncleanly In her personal hablta, aha doea
not think it worth while to make herself attractive."
Send for free sample of Becamier Powder. Harriet
Hubbard Ayer. 52 Par* Place, Sew York. ae7
Catarrhal Da\ger&
To be freed from the danger* of suffocation while
lying down; to breathe freely, aleep,soundly and undis
turbed; to rl*a refreshed, head clear, brain active aad
free from pain or ache: to know that no polaonoua,
putrid matter delilee the breath aad rota away the deli
cate machinery of am*11, taate and hearing; to feel that
the system d <ee not. through its veins and arteries,
suck up the poieon that la sure to undermine and di
?troy, ia indeed a bleesing beyond all other human en
joyment*. To purchase immunity from aueh a fate
should be the object of all afflicted. But thoee who
have tried many re mediae and phyaiciaaa fliai'air of re
lief or cure.
Saxroas'a Radical Crag meeta every phaae of
Catarrh, from a aim pie bead cold to the moet loach
some and destructive stagee. It la local and constitu
tional. Instant in relieving, permanent in curing,
safe, economical and never-failing.
SAKroan'a Radical Craa consists of one bottle of
the Radical Craa. one box of Catasbhal Bolvxwt,
and one lxraovao Ikhalzb. all wrapped la on* pack
age, with trcatiae and direction*^ and sold by all drug
glata tor ? 1.
Porraa Datro ft Chxmical Co-, Boa toh,
Back Ache, Kidney Pain*, aad Weakness, Sorenee*.
Lameneea, strains and Pain relieved ia one minute, by
the Ctticcba Asti-Paik Ila*tm*. The first and only
pain-killing Plaster, 35 cents. ntMmftth
You are painfully aware that you bare nervee? Thai
you are sick, a healthy boy ha* aa many a* you, but
he doeant know 11 That ? the difference betwet
"kick" aad "wall."
Why don't yon car* yourself? It ia My. Don't
wait. Paine'a Celery Compound will do it. Pay your
druggist a dollar, aad enjoy Ufa onoe mora. Thoa
sanda bava. Why no* you?
well?, RICHABDSOH ft 00..
'wciatom Burlington. Yt.
Now Ready.
AT S2. S2.50. S3. *3.60, H AMD S&
With Oold. Silver aad natural Wood
JAMES Y. DAVI8* boss,
Comer PtxmaylTania avi ^
arle-8 Galleries
. ... ~"1he ORi ENBACE."
Painting by
The lataat Lngraviaga and Etchiuaa. PainUnaa Iftr
rora. All the UOatSk ajBODPkL "ngs. *ir
?e24 818 CHESISUTST..
Bow many people contract 1l?mi
polluted water, when they could a
-- to tweatr drops of ANUOsTCKA WTTK
the workj-raoowaed Tonic of exiiauitc Savor. IS
Or da you patrooiae a barber who aaaa
Tom. Dick, and Harry a braah oa yoar
DO YOU face, aad afflicta you with barhsm' Itch.
Piniplea, aad Soaly Sklaf If ao, taa ffrr
EVER bwry's Uf+rmaftkt*ai Hoej log ahariag
and each amharrasalng biemiahea will
SHAVE quickly disappear aad yoar face will ba
ao ft, smooth, aad velvety. Raeh ia
YUURltELT? packed ia a Beat tin box. coovaaieot for
Try Iti
POND'S EXTRACT h knows everywhere, aad wall
merit* it* reputation aa tha ~Pw>ple'a Rasaedy," Mtd
"LaiTarsal Pain Daatroyar." For over forty yean thia
sisat veaatable cosnpound haa proved tta sdkaay, aad
never failed to do ita duty whaa brought iato an. to
baa won ita gT*sl*at isiioan n a *abuaar si all petal
he* baby wm Mak, we gave her OH
V Im?s !*? kTTcSatau totl MvTiil
Latest Atoms u Hi an.
?w. aAUiwrn viiitobi.
tk? Pfwrat I
Indianapolis, Sept. 34 ?Gen. Harrison will paw
a <1*7 of comparative quiet, m no large rial ting
delegations are expected to-day. Alter a couple
of boars' wort 1b his library, tbe general came
| down to hit office tbls morning accompanied by
1 bis law partner, w. H. U. Miller. Tbe state fair
baring closed, tbe str-ets of the city hare resumed
| tb'-lr normal appearance. Dur ns tbe present ween
Uen.Harrlson wnl receive me following delegations:
'lo-morrow (Tuesday) will arrire a larg? delega
tion from Wabash City and Peru. On Wednesday
tbf Tippet anoe Veterans club, of Columbus, Oblo,
i aud the Foraker Club, of Columbus, will be re
ceived. On Thursday a delegation from Xenla,
Oblo, and a large crowd from Fountain county,
I nil., are expected.
Tbe commit tee have reserved Friday as a day of
quiet for tbe general. i
Saturday, the SWb, will be given up to the en
tertainment of visitors from Oblo and Illinois.
With this program it will be wen Gen. Harrison
has the busiest week thus far of lbs campaign De
fore him.
Believing the Qssrasilnc Blecka
nilltis Companies go om Duly.
Muraa, Sept. 24.?A meeting of tbe Joint com*
mlllee of tbe cotton and merchants" exchanges
and tbe city auiboniles was held to-day at noon.
The stringent quarantine regulations w bleb have
been enforced since Saturday were amended by
the adoption of the following: ,
That passes be Issued upou tbe certificate of the
president of the taxing district, or tbe president
of the board of health, to persons to come in and
out of the city who live in the city or Its vicinity,
and who wiu not go to any infected district. That
this aaihority will also cover all cases
of people desiring to bring produce or
carry out suppdes in wagons or other vehicles.
Any persons who are at present at quarantine sta
tions shall be permitted to come to tbe city upon
permits issued by the taxing district authorities,
wnen satisfactory evidence is shown that they
have not been In any Infected districts.
The local military companies reported for duty
to-day, and later will be assigned to duty aa pick
ets ou tbe dirt roads.
Tbe following has been furnished the Associated
Press, and Is omclal: "The advisory committee
from the cotton and merchants exchanges, in con
nection with the city and board of health authori
ties, desire to state positively and emphatically
that tbe city of Memphis Is remarkably healthy,
and that we have had no yellow fever in our
vicinity since 1878."
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept. 24.?This morning was
cool and cloudy and rain has begun to tail, mak
ing dump, disagreeable weather. Tbe situation Is
practically unchanged. Reports up to noon show
iorty-nlne cases, more than two-thirds o( which
are colored people. Five deaths are reported for
I the past eighteen hours: Antonio ChlngL an
Italian: Chaa. HoUlns. a child; Eddy CumHilngs,
Lizzie Fox, and J as. Thomas.
I lb general situation indicates little prospect of
Improvement. Business Is cut off by local quaian
Une throughout the state. Mure than hall ibe
stores are now closed, ana otbers are doing but
little business. Only one regular train arrives and
departs each day on the various railroads, except
those running to the beach. The railroad business
Is very smaiL The boat Unes on the river from
this point have all stopped.
Sr. Louis, sept. 24.?J. C. Clark, mayor of Kosci
usko, Miss., and Dr. Scarborough, health oQicer of
Attaia county, inform the Associated Pre^s that
while Kosciusko Is Isolated by the rigid quaran
tine regulations of adjoining towns, ihere is no
yellow lever In either city or county, and quaran
tine regulations are purely preventive.
Thrsc Young Hcs Drowned.
St. John, N'xs., sept. 24.?Joseph Barberle, son
of Hon. J. C. Barberle, George Edward, son of
Louis Edward, and Lawrence Mciiugh, an orphan
lad, were drowned off Dalhousle Saturday night
by the upsetting of their boat. Their bodies were
Thesgkl to be a Maryland murderer.
Lancaster, Pa., Sept. 24.?OtUcers have arrested
near Columbia a negro supposed to be Henry Boyd,
who murdered Levi Cox, also colored, In Harford
County, Md., on September 1. The Maryland au
thorities have been notified.
For Working Their Employes Overtime.
Philadelphia, Sept. 24.?Counsel for the officials
of the People's Street Hallway line and of the
Lombard and South streets line appeared before
Magistrate Elsenbrown to-day and entered $500
bail for each of the defendants to answer at court
the charge of working drivers and conductors
more than twelve huurs a day In violation of an
act of assembly. The charge is brought by tbe
street car assembly of the Knights of Labor. The
tuliway officials treat the matter lightly, and
claim that the men have been paid extra tor all
Again** the Emperor** Wlshee.
Berlin, sept. 2A?The Cologne Gazette pub
lishes a semi-official dispatch from Ber
lin which states that tbe abstract of tbe
diary of the late Emperor Frederick
was published without Emperor w imam's knowl
edge and against his wish. The dispatch further
stales that the abstract contains a se
ries of inaccuracies. Well-informed persons j
believe that the work as published was
specially prepared. The original was mutilated
and distorted and its real character destroyed by
the deliberate selection of certain extracts. The
parts published are not genuine throughout.
The Now York Stock Market.
The following are the opening and closing prices of
the New lork Stock Market, asreported by (pedal
wire to Corson and Macartney. 141V Y street.
Atch-T.* B.F
Bed Tel
Can. Psc
Can. South'a
Ceo. Pec
Clies.a U....
Con. lias
Del., L. a W.
D. SB. G....
Hockinir Vii*.
111. Cent
Xau. a rsx_.
I Lake Shore...
L. ANssu
AUClLCsal... ,
Ji. Y. Cent....
O. I V. II Au/xa.
85 82%N.T.*N.K....
220%220% N. J.Csnt.....
113 1112% S. * W. pret.
67% 57% Northwest....
64 *? 63% Northern Psc.
J}*1 34)ti Do.,pref..,.
17% IS O.K. * N.
81% SIX OreeonTrans.
142 141% l'sclAc Mail...
IIS* lis Peo .Deo. St.
20* 20 Weeding.
54%. 64% Hlcii.Tern...
30% 20 Bock IalauJ..
20%! 23% bt. Paul
118 118 'I Do? pref.
12% 12% St-PaalM.*]
101Vl01% Texas a Psc.
68%: 38 Union Psc
04% 04 % Waoaah
70% 79% Do., oral...,
88% SS% West. Union
ioa% 100 J
26% 26%
60%' .59%
03 ' 03
20%' 20%
35? 36
25% 25*
62% ol%
. 24*. 23*
The Washiagtea stock Exchange.
The followtnir chanrea from yseterday's quotations
on the Ws?>uii(rton Stock Exchange are noted to-day:
U. & 4%?, 1881. coupons. 107% bid. 108 aaked
U. h. 4%s, 1801, reentered, 107% Md, 108 asked.
0. A 4a, coupons, 120% bid, 130% asked.
D. S. 4s, registered. 128% bid, 120% ssked.
D. C. 60-year fund, 3-65a. 1024, currency, 110% bid,
120% ssked. D. C. 20-year lund, 6 p. c., 1800. cur.,
,100m bid. Metrofiolitau liauroad stock, 106% bid,
112 ssked. North Capitol and II Street Ballroad, 34%
bid. 40 saked. Washington Uas, 41% bid. 41% ssked.
Georgetown Gea, 66 bid, 65 asked. National Union
Insurance. 10 bid, 21 asked. Potomac Insurance, 63
bid. Mational Melropobian Bank. 103 bid. 100 ssked.
Ureal Falls lea, 134% bid, 141 asked. Chesapeake
and Potomac Telephone Co.. 77% bid, TOaaked. V> asii
iwrton Gaaiigbt Co. bonds. 123% bid. 120 aaked.
Waeiilmrton and Georgetown Ballroad stock. 210 bid,
220 ssked. Franklin Insurance Co., 30 bid, 42 asked.
Haiti i _
BALTnrOBE. Md. Sept. SA-Ttaetnla teo-forttes,
35% tldto-dar.
BALT1MOBK. Mm. Sept 24?Cotton anil and nomi
nal?midOiine. io*alO% Flour quel anu steady?
Bowsrd street and western super, 2.80a3.25: da extra.
3.40*4.36: do. (amily, 4.50a0.00: city mills super.
2.8(la3.00; do extra. 3-4Oa3-0O: do. Bio brands. 5.00
a52o: Patapseo superlative patent. 6.00: do. family,
566. Wheat?southern. Arm; lulls. 96*103: Lolitf
berry. 08aiO3: western, strous and hitcher: Mo. 2
winter red spot, 9d%?06: September, 05%a00: Oc
touer, 00a06%: December, 004^00%. Corn-south
ern. unlet and easier: white. 57ao8; yellow. 64a65:
western, quiet: mixed spot, 50%a50M: Uciober, 40a
5U: year, 44%a4.'>: January, 44%a44%. Oats, setive
and nucn?ij?ed?eouthcrn and Pennsylvania, 30a3:l;
western white, 31a33. western mixed. 2xa30. Bye,
firm, 61a63. Bay. weak?prime to choice weetem,
1500al6.50. Provisions, steady and quiet ? mess
pork. 157ual6.0O. Bulk meets -shoulders knd clear
rib sldae. naeaed, 0%s0K. Uaua, 13*al4. Lard
refioed, 11%. Butter, quiet and atead, ? wsstern
(?eked. 12aI7; creamery, 21a2A Em, Arm. 10.
Fetruleem. etaady ? refined. 7%. Coffee, quiet and
steady?Bio oanroee fair. 1 Sal 6%. Snsar. flnxi?A soft,
7V copper reOnwd. nrm. 15%al5jfc. whisky, brisk.
126s 128. FMikto to Liverpool par steenier, dull
Si nominal ? ootton, %<L: Hour, par tou. ISaRd.:
In. id. BecnpU ? hour. 11.000 bariels: wheat,
000 bnahela: corn, 6 000 bnsnele; oats, 90,000
i bushels; rye, l.bOO bnabsla. Shipments-Boar. 11,
, SOO barrels; Wheat, 78.000 bnehele. Weiss wheat,
106.000 bushels eon. 13,0001?
Chlc _?
at the close oi Saturday's
inchanared. at 03%.
lard were
lower for
seselon. at 08%: December was unchanged, at
October corn waa % lower, at 40%. Uata end laid
am bsnsert. 1 ork an.i short ribs ware each 5 lowi
Octooer, at 14.45 (or the loroMr and 8.50 f?r th
CHICAGO. Sept 94.?At 11 o'clock the October op
s: snu:
| 8.4&
John W. Collins and Cornelfa"Sparklln sad W. P. ,
" i sad Manruerite T. Sparklin were quietly
Saturday evening. ThM was a double
years of age and a pupil in the
public sehoois, the other one twenty-one
yean of age. They left home accompanied
tor the yosaff nan Saturday evening, ostensibly to
attend the mlastreia, but were married lnsteed.
The newly-married couples sscured temporary
quarters on Oorooraa street, sad frosa there U
Brides ssat word to their mother latsr la u
evening of their marrtagei
tt the hberaltooe oi the speeches ea the aaalver
sary of the entry of th* Italian troops lato Home,
the ratlcan has aUdrssaim aa urgent request to ,
Germany tor assuranos that the emperors visit
?" ? ' to it, as a
WIU sot _
yiuim noi a Mexican Pbook.?Tbe State
Department Ul been informed of the release of G.
D. Wood, of Colorado, a tnHH conductor on tin
Mexican Central Railroad, accused of tbe murder.
1. April Ian, of a woman who vx killed by bis
train. _
A Sboktasb or Firrr Doiaars.?Wben tbe bual
bm of tbe day in tbe Bedemption Division of tbe
Treasurer's offlce was closed up Ittdaj afternoon
a discrepancy of about >50 was discovered In tbe
accounts. About 910,000 worth of notes sent in
tor redemption were examined during tbe day,
and when the accounts of tbe day were cloeed It
was found that ihe books call d lor |50 more than
the marks on tbe packages denoted. A re-ex.ml
naUon of tbe packages was begun on Saturday
morning, but up to the present time It has not
been mulled. Tbe notes being old, well worn, and
mutilated, they are difficult to handle, and some
time may be consumed In the oounL Assistant
Treasurer Wne.piey said this afternoon that there
were no new developments as yet.
Tn Pinta arrived at Junean, Alaska, on tbe 8th
lnsU, ten days from Sitka.
Licct. Col. Thos. M. Vincent, assistant adju
tant general, reported for duty at Army bead
quarters this morning.
Major-general bcuoriELD, accompanied by
Lleuts. Bliss and Pitcher of his staff, will leave tbe
city to-night onanofflcial visit to New York.
Second Liect. Geo. Bennett, of the Marine
Corps, has been ordered to report to Lleuu-COL
Hey wood for duty at tbe Marine Barracks, Wash
Privilege* ?( Cblaeee Pawenfan,
Assistant secretary May nard has written a let
ter to the collector of customs at Port Townsend,
Washington Territory, in regard to certain ques
tions growing out of section 9 of the Chinese act
of May 6,1882, in controversy between the collec
tor on one side and the V. S. attorney tor that dis
trict and the special agent of the department on
the ether. Judge May nard siys that upon consul
tation with the Solicitor of the Treasury the fol
lowing conclusion in regard to tbe questions pre
sented appears to be most consistent with the
proper lnterpr tailon of tbe law:
"A vessel bringing Chinese passengers found not
entitled to land cannot b<- required to return the
same as to a foreign port before being allowed to
proceed on Its voyage to other ports or places within
the Jurisdiction of the United States, but in sue b
case the collector should endorse the descriptive
certificate, If any. and the steamer's passengers
list or manifest., with a statement of bis action so
that the officers of the customs at other
ports where the steamer touches may be warned
against permitting such Chinese passengers to
leave tbe vessel. No Chinese passengers should be
permuted to come on shore until tuey have been
examined on board the vessel by the collector or
his deputy ana found to be entitled to land and
remain in the Unit d states. No objection is per
ceived to conducting such examination by aruIleal
light If the same can be done satisfactorily. You
will please adjust your practice accordingly."
Kb ntting Oat (lie Chlneee.
A bill Introduced by Senator Stewart to-day di
rects tbe President to Inform the Chinese govern
ment that the maintenance of peace and good
order of the people of the United Stales requires
tbe abrogation of tbe treaty stipulations between
China and the United states so far as they relate
to tbe entry or residence In the United Statee of
Chlneee subjects.
The bill prohibits the entry of any Chinese Into
the United States, except diplomatic and consular
officers (who shall not be detained at any port at
which they may land), and Chinese officials, stu
dents, merchants, and travelers for curiosity.
Students, merchants and travelers shall only
be allowed to enter at designated points,
and shall be required to bring with them the per
mission ot their government to come here.
This permission and their personal Identity shall
be evidenced by a duplicate certificate made out
by the representative of the United Stales at the
port trom which they sail. One of these certlfl
categ shall be kept by the Chinaman and one by
tbe master ot tbe vessel on which he sails. Both
certificates shall be surrendered to the collector of
customs berore the chinaman fs landed and a oer
tlllcaie ot identification issued in their place. Dis
putes as to the right ot Chinese to land are to be
settled by the conecior of customs, subject to
review by the secretary of the Treasury.
All Chinese now in the United States shall be re
quired within six months to secure certiilcates ot
registration, and all Chinese found In this
country after that period without certificates ot
identification or registration, shall be deported
trom the United States to the country whence
they came. All Chinese leaving the United
states shall be required to surrender
any certiilcates they may hold betore
sailing. Tbe Secretary of the Treasury is given
authority to appoint officers to execute the pro
visions of this act, and also to prohibit Chinese
settling within a certain (not naineu) distance of
the borders of the United States. Provision is
made tor the punishment ot persons found violat
ing any clause ot tbe act.
Tbe District in CengrtM.
The First Controller ot the Treasury has ren
dered a decision to tbe effect that employes ot
tbe Government Printing Offlce cannot get the
benefit ot the thirty days' annual leave authorized
by congress until the expiration of a year, a d
that meantime the employe must have served the
year. The decision contravenes the express will
of Congress which was that the thirty-day leave
should take the place ot tbe fifteen days, and that
all employes entitled to the latter should have the
former. In order tbat they might get the benefit
of the longer leave tne appropriation to pay tor
time consumed by leave of absence was doubled.
Under the fifteen-day law jtw.ooo was appro
priated, but as soon as the thirty-day law was
passed the appropriation was increased to 1180,000.
Capitol Topic*.
An estimate for $9,000 to pay the expenses ot
tbe electoral messengers at the rate of 25 cents
per mile one way for bringing the votes of the
electors for President and Vice-President at the
coming election to tbe seat of Government, was
sent to congress to-day by the Acting secretary
of the Treasury. The messenger from Annapol.s,
Md., will receive the smallest amount, $10.60, and
the messenger from Salem, Ore., the largest, ftws.
Senator Chandler introduced a bill to-day au
thorizing the secretary ot tbe Interior to cause to
be appraised and sold so much ot the timber as In
bis judgment It may be for the Interest of tbe In
dians to bave sold upon the lands on the Fond du
Lac reservation In Minnesota, the La Pointe, or
Bad Kiver, Lac Court O'Kellle, and Lac du ilain
beau reservation in Wisconsin reserved lor tbe
Chippewa band of Indians.
A subcommittee ot the senate committee on for
eign relations began, this morning, a bearing on
the long-pending La Abra claim. J. A. Delagnet,
the superintendent of the La Abra mine, was
laced on the stand as a witness on behalf of Mex
co. and laentified tbe letter-book of tne company,
a book whose authent city has Deen disputed. At
this point the committee adjourned until to-mor
row. The amount Involved Is something over
$400,000, which is a part of the
sum paid by Mexico In accordance with the
terms of the Well and La Abra treaty, but was
withheld irom the claimants by this Government
on the allegation ot frau i, the discovery of wulch
was subsequent to the conclusion ot tbe treaty.
Tne claim on the one hand is that American pur
chasers ot Mexican mining property were driven
from their purcnaoe alter navlug made costly pre
parations to work the mine; and on the ot^er that
Che mine was valueless nnd the purchasers aban
doned it ot their own accord.
Senator Gray Is at Princeton, N. J., with hlB son,
who is IU tuere.
On motion of Senator Kvarts a bill was passed In
the senate to-uay appropriating $10,000 for the
completion of the monument commemorating the
surrender of Burgoyne at Saratoga.
on motion of Mr. Morgan, in tae Senate to-day,
the bi.i for the payment ot the wiei and LaAbra
claims in Mexico was made a special Older ior
Monday of next week.
Several Alleged Thieve* Arrested.
The search maoe at the house ot Joseph Har
bour, on 2d street, between G and II streets north
west, as published In Saturday's Stab, has led to
the discovery of several robberies, and Detectives
Raff and Home followed up their Investigation by
making several arrests. Lizzie Springs, tne col
ored woman who nad some oi tbe sto.ea property
in ber possession, is to be used as a Witness. Har
bour and his wlf were arrested on a charge of
keeping a "fence." Several charges ot receiving
stolen goods will be made against them, and In
spector Block will probably charge one of them
witu conauctlug a loan offlce or pawnbroker's
shop. The officers also arrested Phlly Dickson, a
colored porter in the employ ot Howeli A Murray,
sboe dealers, at Tib and 1 streets, on a charge of
robbing his employers. The officers recovered
some snoes waicu went identified by a member of
tue firm, and It is cuarged that they Wite stolen
by Dickson. He denies the charge. The colored
woman, Lizzie bpriggs, was wearing a pair of
shoes which she saidshe purchased trom Dickson,
and the shoes were ldenilued as having been
taken irom the above-mentioned store.
Henry Johnson, a colored porter tor H. Hons,
the jeweler, on Pennsylvania avenue, between Otn
and Tth streets, was also arrested. Mr. Hoffa
Ideuuned some of the recovered Jewelry as haviug
been taken irom his s ore, and Jounson admitted
that be took It anu sold it at Harbour,a.
Waller Simons, the colored porter at KneaCL
who was arrested Saturday, has also admitted
that he robbed his employer. .
The goods takeu trom Harbour's, including Jew
elry and clothing, are heid at polloe headquarters
for identification. The ess? will be heard in tue
Polloe court Wednesday.
Harbour was released on $300 bonds aad Mrs.
Harbour gave bar personal booda tat her appear
Narbow ?boats OS tbb Pbihibbb osWa
Tbe London Sunday Ttm~ pubdshes a Vtsaaa
telegram saying that wnue tbe Pftao<as QC Wales
ssidher daughters were ot driving la aponyoar
nage sear umnader tbe other day.taey approached
a railroad crowing without heeding an eieetrtcal
trom slnal boxes, were lowered, preventing either
advaaee or retreat. Col. Clar-,_ the^ escort, bur
Umm, ftwMnrf tan win ??
Tkmik it nwnHf.
what b tin amvt cum WMM m
masowbt Lnm??m mix wio tin them?
iow loot, tvwiiukd'i wTonuTum wax n
The chanrra utothe character of the work
done In Uie new aqueduct tunnel, which. a* Tn
Stab haa stated, have been presented to member*
of the Senate District committee by persons tor.
merly emp.oved on the work, will probably be
thoroughly investigated. It not by the Senate Dis
trict committee by the engineer offlc rs in charge.
Lieut. Townsend, who, as MaJ. Lydeckert assist
ant. has immediate supervision ot the work, told
a Stab reporter to-day that he proposed to make a
thorough inspection ot the tunnel, sound
ing and drilling holes at short distances;
to make, in tact, an examination such
as could not tall to detect any defects
that may exist in the work, ueuu Townsend, in
the conversation witn the Stab r porter, said be
felt very weil satisfied that the work In the tunnel
had been done carefully ana thoroughly. These
charges, however, especi illy since Oen. Boynton
bad given them the weight of his name, were too
grave to be ignored. The public, he said, had a
right to know and to be satisfied as to the cuar
acier of the work, and he hoped there would be a
full Investigation.
Lieut. Townsend said that the mechanics who
were engaged on the work ought to know it any
one ilkl Whether the work was being done prop
erly or not. He tor that reason paid more atten
tion to i be charges made by the Kendall Brothers,
the bricklayers, in a letter they pub.lsued a week
ago, than to other charges made, in this letter
It was alleged that the work ot lining
the tunnel, was upt done according to specltlca
Hons, and that In many p.aces open spaces had
been left irom two to iour feet between the brick,
work and the excavation. Lieut. Townsend wrote,
upon the publication ot this letter, to Mr. William
Kendatl, asking to be lniormed at what points
such spaces as be described had been left, in re
?ly he received a loiter from James T.
unter, an attorney, who, writing for
George and William Kendall, said:
'*1 would state that the Kendall Brothers are
prepared to go with any member ot the senate
District committee and point out the imperfect
parts and faulty work," and adding: "If it be
comes neceas try, In order to have investigation
commence at once, will go with any person or per
sons designated oy the proper authority who are
thoroughly disinterested." Lieut. Townsend re
garded this as a rerusal to indicate to him
the points where It was claimed
that the defective work existed. lie
said that in making the investigation that he
proposed he would go over first the work ot the
Inspectors now employee on the tunnel, as It was
intimated that there was coliusloti between them
and tne contractors. Tuen be would examine the
other parts of tue work. Lieut. Towusend bald
that It there was anything wrong in the work he was
the officer that was lminedi teiy responsible, for
the selection or removal of the inspectors was leit
almost entirely with him. He believed the Inspectors
he had In his employ were honest and efficient.
Some men he had reiused to recommend tor ap
pointment because their faces were not honest.
Some men had been removed tor permitting care
less work to be done. l'aere w as an Inspector, he
said, at every point where work was going on, and
the engineer officers were compelled to depend on
There had been, be said, bad work discovered,
and It had been torn out and done over again.
Scores ot men had been discharged tor doing care
less work. Some of this bad work, Lieut. Town
send said, he had discovered himself and ordered
to be torn out. It was possible that there was bad
or careless work in the tunnel that had not yet
been discovered. Lieut. Townsend said that all
01 the men who were making charges were
persons who had been removed from the work ex
cept twa lie thought, however, that their sta'e
ments should be hearJ, because sometimes the
truth could be recalled only through such persons.
The two men not removed were two of the Kendall
brothers. As Lieut. Townsend understood .t, two
ot tue iour Kendall brothers, bricklayers,were sus
pended or laid off, and tne other two then struck.
Senator Ingalls has recommended that the per
sons making charges shall lay them before the
Secretary of War or the District commissioners.
It was expected that charges and affidavits would
be Died at the War Department to-dav and an in
vestlgatlon asked. Tne chief complainants are
Thomas Lucas, wno was, until the 6th ot August
last, employed on the work as an inspector; the
Kendall brothers, who worked as brick masons
in the tunnel, and tiea H. Coryell, who
was employed on the work as a civil
engineer. Mr. Coryell's charges, which
have heretafore been ventilated respected mat
ters of engineering skill and ]u igment as to the
character of the iinlug and accuracy of measure
ments. The charges made by the others, and
whicu Mr. Lucas says he can get the statements
of many workmen to substantiate, reflect on the
character and durability ot the work, ana Indicate
an understanding between the inspectors and the
contractors and subcontractors. It Is charged that
ihe packing between the brick arch has been done
largely by unskilled laborers, and In many cases
no tilling was used at all, the fraud being con
cealed oy building masonry bulkheads at Inter
vals, completely Ailing. It Is claimed that the
purposely careless construction was passed by the
inspectors as being sound work; mat if the con
tractor was satisfied the inspector found no fault,
and that the workmen received intlmailous that
the best way to p.ease the contractors was to
hurry the work on, even if they slighted 1U
A Stab reporter was informed at the office of
Beck with M Quackenbush, the contractors for the
the tunnel, to-day that neither member of the firm
was In the city. Their orders were, It was stated,
at the office that the specification ot contract
should be laUhiully observed. The brickwork In the
tunnel Is done by Bremen & Co., under an agree
ment with the contractors. At the tunnel to-day
a Star reporter was informed by an Inspector that
one oi the Kendalls was laid off the work because
he was not needed. Subsequently some other per
son was put to work aud ne was not. lie there
fore informed bis brothers, and they took their
tools and left. The Inspector Was informed that it
was a trades union mailer, the man who was put
to work being a non-union man.
A Colored l.awyer In Trouble.
This aiternoon In the Police court Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Sbllllngton said that be had a mat
ter which he desired to call to the attention of the
court. He read a paper in the form of a petition
aslollows: "Now comes Joseph Shllllngton, as
sistant attorney ot the United States tor the Dis
trict ot Columbia, and Informs the court: That on
the 14th day or September, 188N, an Information
was hied In this court under tue vagrancy net
a ainst Frank Woods, OUes Hlilam aud Kichard
La> ton; that said delendants were tried, adjudged
guilty, and committed in default ot bonds; that
thereafter one James M. Kicks, a practicing attor
ney before this court, caused to be wrltteu by one
J. W. Cromwell a letter to one J. R Clifford, of
which said letter the loilowing is a copy:
Washington, D. C., Sept. ?, 1888.
J. R. Clifford, eiq.:
Dear Fhiknd: These boys can be released,
on the payment, so their attorney tells me,
lor 127.50, of which he is wining to allow
you $5, sending the balance of ' $22.50
to me. It may be quite a hardship for them
to raise all of the money; but If they can for
ward a reasonable portion, and you wi.l hold your
self responsible for securing the balance, 1 think I
may induce ulrn to proceed at once. They endeav
ored to secure bonds, but were unable to do so?
that would have cost them quite as much as the
amount now charged. Act promptly.
Truly yours, J. W. Cromwell.
That the boys referred to In the foregoing letter
are the above named. That in > auslng said letter
to be written said Kicks uas been guilty ot gross
moral delinquency and professional misconduct in
his relauo..* to this court, wherefore the said as
sistant attorney prays that a rule issued to the
said James M. Kicks commanding Ulin' to appear
and snow cause why be should not be punished for
contempt. Joseph Shilu.sqtun,
"Assistant U. s. D.strict Attorney."
bices in oocbt.
AS Mr. Shilling! on finished reading the petition,
Mr. Kicks, who Is acolored lawyer, made his appear
ance and was told of the petition which had Just
been r ad. He desired to have the matter ex
plained to him, but the Judge told him that this
was not t ie proper time lor ulm to be heard.
Mr. Clifford is anattorney in Martins burg, W.Va.,
the home ot the colored boy* reierred to in the let
ter. After tue boys were sentenced In the Ponce
Court It is alleged tuat either Kicks or cromweU
opened correspondence wit u .dr. Clifford, who sub
sequently came here aud procured the release of
the boys.
The judge ordered the rule to issue and made
the fouowiug ord r:
"Upon consideration of the petition herein Bled,
It Is tuls 24th day oi September ordered that a rule
Issue .is prayed to the said James M. Kicks, com
manding him to appear before this court on the
27th day of September, 1888, and suow cause why
he should not be punished lor contempt, provided
a copy of this order be served on the said Kicks
be tore the Ust-mentloned date."
The ruie is made returnable on Thursday next,
when the matter will be heard In the Police Court.
Mr. Sbllllngton served a copy of the order os
Mr. Kicks. In speaking to a Stab reporter about
the case Mr. Kicks said that the petition was sot
worth the paper on which it was written. He said
that it was done because ot his color, and not be
cause then* was anything wrong about the trans
action, as for himself, he said that he would not
have stopped at 127.50; that be would have
charged them 940
TtaoSoaato Tariff Bill.
A PBOMW that it will BB BBTOBTBD HI I SMI 11.
The republican Senators held a conference la
the finance committee room this afternoon. >
It was understood that they were examining
asnator Aldrich's report os the tariff.
Senator Edmunds spent moat ot the afternoon la
the committee-room.
A Stab reporter was Informed that an effort was
being made to get the tail ready for submission to
tne full committee at the regular moctiaf to
lilt could not thea be reported it would be torth
eotnlag not later than Thursday next.
The king of Qreeoe visited the kaiem- and kalser
laa at Potsdam yesterday and afterward started
lor Tleoaa. He * >snw^a1M by his son, the
duke of Sparta. '
BUI *? PraklMl I
rint TMm Vp.
At 1:15 o'clock to-day tM
tt?ooM?wmaio( DWrtcXOot
Mr. Hemphiu called up IM MU to prohibit ?
manufacture or Ml* ot ur adulterated artlcls of
rood or drug in iM W-trtct TM Mil was printed
? m m ? v- ?aa VSBW Vl-VI IV^ ||9 0UA W w~
la full lo Tax star waea mporiad to tM Boom, ft
deals with tM subject greatly u detail, sad a
?weeping la its provisions. Amendment* by tM
House committee make tM adMltfrmal prorUton
prohibiting tM "manufacture of any article of
food which aball to composed in whole or la part
of diseased, decomposed, offensive, or aacleaa
animal or vegetable subsi anos."
This amendment was adopted, aad Mr. Atkln
aon, who took chtrn ot tM MIL aaked for tM
third reading. Mr. Ho^era denuded the cooaM
eratlon of tM measure by sections, aad ralaed
slight objections to oertala parts, aad bad adopted
formal amendments to make It clear that tM ap
pltcsuon of tbe law is to u?e District.
Mr. Warner, of Missouri, wanted l**t tM Mil
should to rary carefully considered to guard
against annoying trivial proaecauoaa of MatM
business men.
Mr. Atkinson ssld that the MU had toen very
careiully considered In the District oommtitee, aad
waa reported because It waa absolutely necessary
for the protection o! the people of tM District.
Mr. Movers aat<) be did not oppoee the purpose of
the bill; but lie wanted It carefully guarded, so aa
not to work an injustice to hoasat business, lie
took exceptions to tM section wblcL provides
that "ll the defendant shall desire to reply upon
an) exception or provision contained la tula act
it shall be incumbent upon him to prove tM
Mr. Warner proposed to strike oat the whole
section, which, M held, antagonized common law
principles. This motion was rejected by a rote of
An amendment offered by Mr. Rjgera, providing
that Instead of creating tM ofllce ot district
analyst, the analysea to made under the direction
of tbe Commissioner of Internal revenue, waa
Tue bill waa |
tbb aocsx or mercy nix passed.
Mr. Hemphill col.ed up bill SlW, regulating ad
missions to the home ot the Association ot Mercy
In the District.
TM MU provides that girls under tM sgs
of eighteen may be given into the care
of tbe association by their parents, or by
the.r mother, if tM father be not
in tbe District, by their guardian, by ttotr own
act, or they may be sent there upon conviction of
misdemeanor by the courts.
the MILL fasssa.
Tbe Mil was passed.
tbs serosa school fob girls.
Mr. HemphUl then called up the MU appropriat
ing $30, ooo for the reform school tor girls in the
District ot columMs.
The line was amended so ss to make tM appro
priation for tbe purchase of a site and tM erection
of a budding, and the bUl was then passed.
This closed the District business in tM House.
District UeveraaMsl Affmlra.
KrsT bang the banners with rofes.
The Commissioners have granted the Cannstst
ter Vulksiest Verein permission to hang a b inner
and American Hag from Saks' bonding to th Fire
men's Insurance ca. also for extending a like ban*
ner at tae corner of 7th and N streets nortuwest.
In grantlDg the permit the Commissioners speci
lied tbe use of ropes to hang tne banners, aa it la
contrary to law to use wires.
The Commlssioueis have approved tM Issue ot
retail liquor licenses to Wm. K. and Gustavus A.
staples, of *OU 2d street soutnwest, and Nicola
Hosato, 701 canal street southwest.
Superintendent Lansden, ot tue \t ..smngton Gas
Wo ks, has complained to the Commissioners of
the nuisance caused by dumping ot uecayed ani
mal and vegetable matter in the Immediate vicin
ity of i heir works, at the fool of u street. He says
the 150 men they employ are unabie to eat their
dinuers on account of the stenc ., and asks the
commissioners to correct the nuisance at their
| earnest convenience. %
Col. Joun ai. Wilson has compiained lo tue Com
missioners ol the encroachment on public reser
vation No. 63 by tbe o ? ner of the house at the
intersections of Massachusetts avenue, M street
and Thomas Circle. Tula is a parallel case to the
one mentioned In The Star ol March 17,188H. The
Commissioners In passing upon that le.t r waived
all jurisdiction, other than poi.ee regulations,
over reservations ol this chaiacter. The owner of
the property, CoL Wilson says, has permission of
the building Inspector to ? xtend her house
7 leei on the parking. Aa the Commissioners have
waived their ilgnt over tne i?eservations he asks
that the building inspector be so informed, as he
is apparently Issuing these permit* without the
knowledge of the commissioners' action The
building inspector says It is coL Wuson who Is In
error; that the parking In question Is private park
ing, and the owner ot the house a as a perfect right
to extend the building line to the extent granted.
the fro roe ed belt limb extension.
Some days a*to '1 he Star reierreu io the applica
tion 01 the Hell Line Ha iroad to run their tracks
along 14th street to B street southwest, past the
Bureau ot Engraving and Printing. Tbe appUca
ilon at the time created quite a stir among tue
residents of that section, who protested against
tue issuance oi the permit on tne grounds tnat it
was not necessary, and that It would disfigure
their street. To-day Messrs Chaa. White ana W.
J. Cowing, representatives ot iM roud. called on
the Commissioners to further, if possible, tue issu
ance oi the p rmlt, T he Commissioners declaed
to take the matter under advisement.
of the Church ot the Covenant was talked over
at some length at lb* District buildings lo-day.
i A committee composed ol Mr. Wm. Ballantyne
and Judge Strong, on behalf ot IM church; CoL
Fleming, on behalf oi the architects, and tbe
builuing inspector, were present and oiacussed the
matter. It was deckled to change the specifica
tions, and apply formally tor the permit to bu.ld
to-morrow. The principal chauge will be the
backing ot hard brick instead of rubbio as hereto
fore. other changes and modifications wiU be
made to meet with the requirements of the build
ing regulations and the building inspector's recom
The following gas lamps nave been recommended
to be erected: NonhwesU-2on asdstreet, oetween
O and P streets; 2 at the corner of and O
streets; 1 at the corner ot 22d and N streets; 4 on
Corcoran street, between 17lh street and New
Hampshire avenue; 2 on 13th street, between S
and T streets; 1 at the southeast corner oi 22d<uid
and y streets; 1 on ihe south side of Massachu
setts avenue, between 21st and 22J streets; 2 on
the soulli side Of Massachu-etls avenue, between
20th and 21st streets; 3 on N street, between 17m
and lsin streets. Northeast?2 at the corner Sib
and u; 1 on Bth street, between A street and Mas
sachusetts avenue; 1 on 8th street, between fcasl
Capitol and A streets; 2 at me corner ot Mill ana
B s.reels; 1 on B street, between Sib and Wlh
streets; 2 corner 0lh and B slreeis; 1 on the south
slue of B street, between Win and 10th streets; 1
on the north side of B street, between 10th and
11th streets. Southeast?2 on G street, between
3d and 4th slreeis; 1 on G street, between 5th and
Oth streets. Southwest?2 on 2d street, between U
and H streets.
were Issued to-<lay as loi.ow -: Thoe. Kearney,
three brick dwellings, trorn 2010 to -"014 K street
northwest; >15,000. W. A. stewari, two brick
dwellings and stores at 400 Maryland avenue and
123 4* street southwest; $.">,000 W. H. Harru,
one Irani dwelling, on Sth street extended; $000.
Wm. 11. King, one frame dwelling, on Canal komI;
The acting auditor w.is ousy to-day preparing
a list of tne items left out nf me general deficiency
bill, tor the put pose oi having them luciuded in
the blU before It becomes a law.
A delegation irom citizens' committee No. 3,
composed of Messrs. L. chap pel, J. .viUlard, U. H.
Martin and A. Glrouard, called on the commis
sioners tills morning and presented a petition
naming the sireet In tne nori .east section of the
city they desire to have Improved next year.
some days ai<o Mr. sainuel Norment lu a letter
to the c ommissioners requested the improvement
of 22d street, between M an J O. Instead oi between
O and P streets nontiw.Mt. In reply to his re
quest the commissioners taytoat one cannot be
substituted tor the oi.hi.-r, one reason being tAat
lue latter connects with the improved portion of
P street, another lhai tto Kld.ng Ac demy is ren
dered dangerous by the excessive drainage coming
down on the east, and iM improvement of tM
street between O and P wiu provide lor tM drain
age and relieve the Hiding Academy tram danger.
The contract has already been made.
The abbitbatobs ? tub strong Cabb.?Tto
arbitrators appointed la the oaae of a. Strong
akainat tM District of Columbia?U. Cady Henlck,
samuei D. HoUlday and J. J. Dailiagloa met at
tM Treasury Department lies marulng, MU con
cluded that more suitable quarts, s could to found
for tuelr meetings at tM court house, aad ad
journed to meet there this afternoon. At 2 o'clock
they called on tM marshal for a toom, but as the
case will probably last s me time aad aa tM
courts are about r-aSsemMiaic, M doubted
be couid accom modal* (hem, aad
they then went to the law scnool of Ueoigetown
college, where accommodations wars found This
arbtl atlou is to settle tM disputed accounts be
tween tne District and Mr. strong lor work (Use
uuder tbe Buaraot PubUc Works. Mr. Suong la
represented by Oaa. Butler, W. A. Cook, aad L.
Browning, aad tM District by Mr. H. & Davis.
His Bus Were Broebm.?Jaa. Wsshlngton while
driving a loaded wagon down Capitol blU to-day
waa thrown irom nis ssat by tM breaklag ot tM
harnesa and tM wheels passed over his abdomen 1
Dr. Sobon ex ami ued him at tne Emergency Hosptla.
and round that two ot his ribs were brokea and
that M Md sustained other injuries.
HilfOI Of ^
were the reading* ait tM stxnal OIBce to-day:
?L, 58; 8 p. nc, 83; maximam, 06; I ~
The Minhtebs' Uk
tM insirict, Hev. 1. U. MlteMU,
a W. Moore, secretary. Mid thstr moutuly i
Ing to-day la tM MstropoUtaa LM.I church.
TM suasion was devoted to UM r
the material aad spiritual
lever sufferers, TM "
nray lor tM sufferers
thetr relleC TMevUs of
advise taetr
appointed to rs .d a
Columbia, Mi*
Tutfty-A*a '
auiwt m rev
n. nnm BOX onam $100,000 fob a bb?
[the BUI latrodaosd By 1MB Call
lor LM appointment of b yellow tww oocd
IB BB follow#:
Bt u mmefri, <*?., That tbe Pre* dent ef tbe
UBllM States Shall appoint ? OMBBtaMOB of arven
phystctaas or the different school* of medicine. no
tar bb prtoUctble, wto shall ouu it and new and
Bin b report of all the facta on the 7*1 Km fever
IB Jtodoaflttt, FLa., ao far aa practl.-able. and
?kali aBo observe Bad report all facta aa 10 the
condition at the city in respect to semiauoe and
local cbbbss of disease, a ad tbe jrreater or lees
prevalence of the diaease id particular looainms
aad under particular conditions.
faction 4, Tbe aald commission ah all make a re
port of these observa Ions to IBe surgeon-general
1 of ibe Qarine-boaptlal service, with their sugges
tions and conclusions on the sub) ct, and thr ?ur
geoo-generai ahall prepare the same for publica
tion, with hla opinions and raoouimendaUuna, and
report it to Congress.
Senator plumb introduced a bill offenng a re
ward of $100,000 to any person who ahall discover
and copyright tor public use a ay certain remedy
or treatm nt of yellow fever which will lower t he
death 10 leaa than 8 per cent of tbe cases which
may be ao treated anywhere Id tbe Cm ted State*.
The bUl requests all persona who bare beau
treated Or any copyrighted remedy. Bad who re
covered from thr oiMeaae. to lUe a sworn ai?le
nient to that effect with the burpron-tleDeral
OC the Amy, and doctor* and nun*-* who
attend any persons who were treated by a copy -
righted remedy. and w uose death reauiu> are alao
requested to file a statement 01 the maoner In
wulch the remedy was applied with tbe surgeou
Ueneral of the Arm). V\ he never tbe surgvon-Oen
eral ahall find iMil recoveries out 01 a thousand
caaea of yellow f. ver w hich were treated by a
copyrighted re.nedt 1100,000 shall be paid to tbe
dlaco?em of the mmit.
Far fba l'ellew f ever a
Tbe following additional subscriptions for tbe
yeiiow fever sufferers in Florida have been re
ceived Bt Tu Wu omce:
Heretofore acknowledged $1,234.75
Evening Star Co.. coal 01 advertisement
beueui concert 11.23
Caan I.W
Total 1.2SL00
VplBM JsIbu la WatklaifMb
This afternoon, la the I'oiice court, Prosecuting
Attorney Shiuimrton cabled Judge Miner's atten
tion to tbe case of Cbong Lee, the Chinese laundry
man. who was tried Saturday on a charge of vio
lating the pharmacy law, aa pub.lsbea elaewhere
la Thb stab, and said be wu satisfied that be
could not obtain a conviction under section 10of tbe
act, and he would therefore abandon the case and
ask that the court give judgment for the def< nd
auL At the sauie tluie he deal rod to notify Cbong'*
counsel, Mr. C. M. Suillh, that lie would
on Wednesday next have an information
against him under section 1 of tne same
aot. lie said that be desired to see if there is any
law prohibiting the Illegal traffic In oriurn in this
District. He w anted to know if there was any
law punishing tue keepers of opium Joints with
their attending vices, aud If there was not he
thought t at congress should be appealed to for
such a statute.
Judge Miller said tha' congress should by all
means give tbe District sucb a law, and a good
one. They shoull enact such a statute with the
name celeilty u they would a statute to prevent
the spread of the >eilow fever, and til re ought to
be a statute about which there could be no possi
ble doubt.
The case against Cbong was dismissed, ana on
Wednesday uext he wll: be called upon to plead to
tbe new Information.
Mr. S.nllu said tuat to avoid the trouble of ar
rest he would b ive hi* client lu court W ?'OB'-sday.
He thought, however, t .at the man could not be
twice tried lor the same offense.
Hale* sf Ileal btais.
I Margaret fc- Barr lias hotuhi of s. E. Rauter
! berg, for $7,500, sub 82, sq. :W3, 20xUT> leet on S,
between btu and 10m street* uortuwest. John
McL. Carusl has bougdl lor $20,000, of Eimua
Audenr.ed, sou lots w and tl"., mj. '.'47, and has
sold them tu U. L Emmons lor *21,000. They
front 20 le t by 110 ana 113 leei ou L street, be
tween 13th and 14th streets northwest.
C. W. Baldwin oas bo jgut for $10,005 45. of
Henry Hurt, sub 67 and 72, mj. U33, Hunting 120
by an average of 8* dcpui on Artuur 1'iace. bv
tween B, C, New Jersey avenue and 1st street
northwest, and has sold the sain'- to the District
for the same amount. Martha V. Mo burn has
bought for ?7,-?jo, irotn Annie K. L atnera, pts.
subs 14 and l.?, sq. 245, fronting 22 feet on west
side oi 13th street. _
Lscal Kmc*.
Suits have beeu Died by Mary E. Klley against
Geo. W. Weber lor t be partition of the estate of
the late Terrence Kiiey,and Franc is C. Joues agaln-t
John Jones et al. for tue paitltlon of the r< ul es
tate of John Jones, deceas. d.
CoL J. K. Wheat ley lia-i been arrested on a war
rani sworn out by Am at T. Blsseii charging him
with threats. The hearing will be Thursday.
iKDicrxiwTB?'Tbe grand Jury UMlay found a
bill of indictment against Frederick Barb- r, col
ored, lor the murder oi Ago<>s Watson, by throw,
lng her into the canal on June 23 last; Jaiut s
Moore, alias Perry, alias Frank A. uro?n, house
breaking in nl?ht (live caM>-); David W Uliaius,
housebreaking in night; Fi< ming Clayton, as
sault with Intent to klil; Juliu> it. Khooei, as
sault; W. E. Norton, up-s.iUU with Intent to kill:
John W'al.er, Leonard Fmnlcuui, and Edward
Cuaningham, housebreaking lirday.
SraciaL OmciB? Mist Mink Thbib ow* Br<i
jbss.?"Hereailer you had better ..t end tojour
I own busln ss and let otuer |ieopie's buUi.ess
alone," Is the advice Judge Miller jtave to M ailer
Scott, a colored special or additional poiiceiuau,
who charged a small white boy, named Waller
Moreland. with Using pruiarnty. When first BBaed
about tbe case the negro sta.ed that the boy said
"damn," and he told the boy If he salo that again
be would "put tbe oil on him." When again asaed
about tbe case Scott made tbe language worse.
The Jud.e then told him (bat he was paid to Watch
buildings. "No. sir," interrupted Scott, "to watch
houses. The )ud*e then toid luui that the regu
lar otlleers were paid to do police duly, and that if
he wouid stay where be is paid to stay, and do
w hat he Is paid to do, be would bud enough to
keep him busy. Every u?r. lue Judge said, some
"special" comes here with a case, and be was sic*
Of It. Tbe case w as dismissed.
A Dakobbocs CBABAcrBB.?John Ryon, a tinner,
wno lives at 3d aud Boundary streets northeast,
was released from Jali Saturday, where be wa<>
serving lime for Asv.unlng his latuer. lie got
drunk Saturday evening, and when be went home
he again assaulted his father. Officer kimim i
arrested him, and he was locked up at the sixth
precinct station. There were a great ui iuy or ?
oners In the station at the lime, and the officers
found 11 necessar> to put turn lu a ce.l with an
other prisoner named Joseph Coyle. During th'
nlght Hyou became euraged at som thing said by
coyle and procteded to assault nun. This alter
noon Uyon was placed on trla. In the Police court
lor the two assaults. His father lesiined that
when his son returned home Saturday night he
threatened to kill turn and assaulted h>uu Coyle,
whose nose showed the effects ot the assault, gave
teslimouy against Kyou. officer kimmei ueard
Cojle cry "murder" and saw cojie being held
against the door by Ryon. officer slack tesUiied
that he had known the old man to have to sleep
out on the commons In cold weath< r because be
waa afraid of the boy. The Judge told R>on tbat
be ought to be ashamed oi himself; that If bis
lather was anything like bis sUe or age he would
not go within a square of him. He was fined $20
for assaulting bis father and $10 tor assaulting
To-day, Hospital agt. Hospital; cbapln Brown
appointed guardian ad litem. Cunnings agt.
Banlelt; I. 8. Kimball made party deiendatit.
Reeves agt. Reeves; testimony ordered taken by
Irving Williamson, examiner, hyphux agt. Cook;
time to take testimony limited to sixty days,
smith agt. Boteler; injunction denied and rule
Delighted at Dsllar 1
n BBS oi rat fbicb makes tbl raorLB or thb
kobtmwbbt mrrr.
Tha rise la tbe price of cash wheat la Chicago to
$1 per bushel, is, according to a paper la that city,
an event or nauooal tBiportanoe, and u particu
larly a matter oa which the Northwest may con
gratulate itaelL Tbe price la a son of dead llue in
tbe market, as It has been declared over aad over
gala by men In Chicago whose opinions command
respect, tbat the day of the dollar wheat was past
forever. Nevertheless that price was made Satur
day lor ibe cash stuff. It la Ave years since waeat
so.dai $1 bushel, aad meanwhile It has been
dou s to W cants, although It has sold as nigh as
$2-78 wllhlB the business Ule ut several m--n la
active business. Last year at this turn No. 2
rag wheal sold la Chicago at about 70 oeaUv,
range for September being 67>, oenu to7i\
cents, and tbe average 00^ cents, call the
advance SO cents, tbe Increase in the valae of the
wheal crop of tbe country Is over $126,000,000, aa
enormous addition to the wealth or the United
8 ales. Tbe merchants aad bankers, it is said,
art watching the grain market with unusual in
terest. It to contended that the board price list
will make all tbe difference la the world to their
trade aad laanrtBl opsraUoaa tor the next twelve
emZTtrZ IkS'w^ow KtfESS'JR
?of tbe graved. Tha girl had in iueeari)|
morning hoara Uad Aseta, qsllu aad plikm stipa
jaBBferaejjpBde B psiUsas dssosnt to tba yard.
IMMmkt mi.
mere m twb s**?r?.
Tba B??U to-day pmo.-e4.d 10 tbe coa?
ttou ? tbe gea?T*l Oeflctencr appropruim fe
Among tie iid* & Imenta rrp>?M Irva tkr M_
mlit-e on kpprop .ailoaa ^ agreed to Were 1MB
10 towing s
UmlUn? ttt aversgv uioil Mltrr d puMta
BCbxil teacher* la (Ac IMstrtct or Columbia U> |R7S
Appropriating for aalartea a( two aMltMal
associate )uan.~s of tbe sjpretaa cowl of Hakota
I1.0W, andoi one sd>1tt| >uA. luauueof ibr mmim
court of Kew Mexico |N4l. ' "
AppropiiaUr .? ?i.\.iaa to par im mm?m?
md-rpouad Cab* to. of PltTab-ii: tor under
ground elevinc cabl s. uw Cepttol Mi
Luc departments in U aaumgvi.u
*'? ,#h" *? *??l AU RlgbU
A NT a* reporter c^iM UhUji ai 3uf? Ea*t CtpU
tol *r*et. th* oc Mr. j(*m T Woo4
whom a Boston dispatch. prtaied la o?Un
part of Tub man. reports an ? L
Mr. Mood's wife and ana wm area. ?M
It tfcw was any troth ta lb*
statement that Mr. Woud had JlithiNafnL
Mm Wood a-.ld: -At Orwt we EESfbt
something bad uai.prn^,, toh.m, aad seal lit* pto.
lurr to the Boston p u.e authonu-a 10 look 'a'"
Ibe mailer. Wnce the* we haw faired a
letwr iri?B hliu. dated Thornton ? Faery. M. M.
The trouble of the whole mat tar was thai M
stopped at Bedt'vrt, M as*.. to vuit a roams Ml
faded to IM ua hear irom hi in. Hr ta all rVK'
a *???? hlrkfd I alii l - - n n | ? aa
jum booket mwn wira asBarar *?t> urrur
J as. Kooney, a bartender, waa placed under ar>
reat last ulgbi bear the BalUmore and INttomac
depot by Nrift B> rnt-v and waa locked up at the
Brat precinct station, charged with aaaault and
battery, with Intent to lull a woman ??r-ii Mary
Birrlt. with wbom. Is is alleged. lie has been living
at Mo. laid C street aorUi weal. i ue t>po na
saull. win. U waa committed laal Tburada), It la
charred. waa a brutal oee. and the woman la ?u>
piuuel) III. II the woman had not grown woraa
after the amault win commit ted It u poa^inte that
the police would ??? have known of tbe affair,
dr.e waa in her n*?n at the houae uiemiooed wbea
Moooey called. Me had beeu drinking. and an tar
s* la know u that a aa the ..no rause ?i ute trouble.
It la aliegod thai alte waa la t*d at the uiuc, and
that be dragged her from tbe la-J aiid Meant her
a uuoiber of unies and departed. leaving the wu>
man l> ing unconscious In a poo. ot bliatd. with a
buuiber ol cut* and bruises un her lace. Mary
mwle bo utiiiT) Naiaraaia know a. 1*. Muncaotrr
waa called to at lend the lujurrd wnann. Ue found
her la a aerlous condition. t?h. grew worae, and
>eaterdajr bei niotu.-r wanted ui rvuiore her to her
botue in Vt eat W a-JUtifi 'n, but her coudiuon wan
auch that ibe doclur would mil allow ber to be
moved. FVartug that Ute worn in would bot rw
I cover an inmate of tbe houae boilOodofBcer Mailer
ot what bad oeium-d. The offlctr tben went ni
: aearch oi Koouej, aad about a o'clock laat nurht
1 HFiYt. Kyroea found hliu near tbe de(<ot and l'?.?
him Into cuatod). Me denied the cuarve. Thia
I m<*n>in? llie Injured woman waa better, audit it
thoagui that aba will recover. Koiaey waa
1 charK?d in the Police 1'ourt lo-lat wiiu aaaauii
and baUiery with intent to kill, ana t he caae was
cont.ned to await the rewuii of tbe woiuaa'a in
lore Blafflaf Thaa Betllac.
MMIOT THE BONA ?iua WaOERh t.tlb 0? TBB
rasaibBNTiaL u.koiov
From tbe Sew York World, lo-dar.
There baa been a lull la tbe actual betting for
several day*. "Mouth beta" bar* been luade ou
both Bides, but vary little money baa been put up
for several daya. A number of bookmakers have
signified a wllllugneaa to back Cievclaad at odd*
of leu to eijint, bui tbey have tonud ver* tew rv
pubuctns wllllug u> atvomiuoilaU' tbeat. com
UiiaMtoiier Jacob Uraa, who oflered to bet Myroa
Baugs laat week fW.OOO even thai UartlsoB would
wlu. dei lia-'d to ekleud Uie aaiue offer to a btaa..
maker who waiuil on blm I he fcSJ.oOu fvpr ?
senied a pool made up bj a number of gentlemen,
and Mr. Hem aald be returned tbe niooey wbea
Mr. H-itiga de<'lined to bet. Mr. Ht-?. saw l?<>?
ever, thai be li^a no dealre to luai e lata with pro
fessional gambhiv Ml ad. of bis bete are wna
trleud> or auquaibLahi-ea.
A noticeable feature ot tbe bettlug on tbe elee.
tloii is the careful manner In which parties with
uiuDey to put up avoid each other It arema to ba
almost impossible to get two persons i <?? ih< r who
are ankluus to bat. H?tb side* indulge in a great
deal of talk w hen tbey are quit*- ?un tliatiio?M
la aivuud with muucy to put up. \S ben aaked ta
go a coupic ol biiK-ks ?r n? w h'-re the) can la a -
cominodated, some excuse la luvartabl) g.veu.
Tbe repub.ltana are doing the moat of Uila kind of
blumui;, however.
Ji:nui> Oliver announcod Saturday tbat be had
bet on ck-velaud al odds of leu tu elglit. 114
luade tbe beta Mime tl.ne ago and thought La
would put up a little more before election. At
Mooie A rjrwfX on 23d street, waa d'
p.'sited last week U) oe bet even ou Cleveland.
Tbe nu n< y IB still uneballebg'-d.
hx-Jud?c piic-u, who is quite a well known char,
icier aioubd the repuollcau b< ad^u^rters, la but
tiling over with conudencr in tbeauo .-aa of llarn
sou. lie ha* made a ??,tt wltn a fri>-uJ to w -ar
a continental auitofcl tb<*aof t he stj ieot one hun
dred years ugo if t lev.-laud Wlna.
Hcuaior Co^geshall, of onetda. m ide a bet of a
bat w.th Senator lve? last auium-r ibal Harrtaoa
wouldcumr dow n to llarleiii wi.n ai.iaai majority.
Mr. cogg' idiall Uiluks tbe hai la a- ttuod aa won.
H<- bas also agreed to buy Mr. Ivoaaauu of tloiben
in tbe event of Mr. Uarrlauu's defeat. After th?
local tickets are lu tbe field here It la thought that
tbe betting w ill gat ?>?1&.
The Dake't KIhm, *
Prum "I ranor Brneatli Ux- Arlala-rac)."
There has navei been an Instance of "KTarlotts.
neas" like tbe visit of lUe Uuke de Nivernals, la
tbe aeventeenth century, to bia dyiug steward.
Wishing to are bow matter* aluod wltU th? i???r
fcl.ow, ibe duae st< Plied into llie ruou:, and had
ibe exuviae condesceusi<iu u> make personal in
quiry Into ibe slate of hla heailii. I ue steward,
uiu-r.y be wild- ii'd i. dBsd liliaaeif la
his bed with ?,'teaL aifflt uu> and said. ,n a tone uC
the most abject homiuiy: "1 iiupe >our lordaluy
will not be offended at mi d>ing my ur pr.~
encc?" Tbe duae, deeply touched, answ l-red: '?Sot
In th - least, iuy good friend: do .m. miud me. ?
Wbereup .n tbe aid kVal.ed himself of lbs
a rations pormission of ula master and gave up tba
Pramnusa H'tin Wiv?s to fntwaMBM. -rww
Wail. BCiU.iam.in, and hU wife Augu.-Aa, a whi.a
woman, are lotk-d up in CUltagu tliarged with
brina'liig white women from Milwaukee aad lur
nlsulug tucui ior wives to t'hln .men In Chicago at
$25 each, through their matrimonial agaucy. It ia
tuargeu four or Ore local t'hluamen Lava beea
lurubdiod with wives. _
WtmnmBw L'mi.h tuiKnts or IsBoaatiTT.?
Hev. i?i. T. P. iiuureth, pastor ot tbe L tain atns-t
M. k. church in Cleveland, Uulo, w no a, ured In a
sensational church trial a year ago. Is a^ain la
trouble. Last Thursday nlgbt the > orthern Oui.i
Metuodisi conference, wulcu had bcf?j?e It tbe r?.
port ol a couiiiiltlee that bad investigated Be#
charges of imutoi tllty against ban, iwiuiiited Ui?
ooctor to wuharaw inn., lb- eliurta. He aays ha
wiu become pastor ot an indcaa nuent ioagraga
Bbvbvttlwk Mbh Pi/a.ou< at tBB Pobt.? Dela
ware's wuipp.ng.poat was uaeu haiardajr,aadBBV*
enieen wnlie ana coioreo in n were 0 ?gi.'ed wiiB
Hi-- tat-o'-nine-tails lu tie Jail >ard i N- a Castle.
About four bundred Spectators Were present,
many of whom were boys. Pive of the victims
were placed in the plliory for an hour. Moat uC
tlie victims were punished tor buifiary and lar
ceny. _
the opening ot L>|ekluson College laat Friday tba
freshmeu received a warm recepiloi. at the hands
of the obllg ng -aipbotuores. They wen- bmuBd ta
b.aiiaeta and I lien put uuder tbe hldrant. Iba
sopnomorescaptured the new studenis beiore tb< f
were out uf bed In Ute morning.
A cult Biatbk to Heatm.?A story of bornbla
crueliv, which may tesuit lu ihe lynchlhg of as
inhuman negto, is repun?d from Anderson t ouaty,
K c. On the planUtUon ol Millard Wngut litres a
negro naiued ilnckney dbelL In bis numertua
lauiily wi re sevtiai stepcnndreu. Laat Friday
morning oue <a ibem. a cnlld of two years, n.id
Couiunueu some lulling offense, Whlcu aruWBd
tue anger of the stepfather. Ue aeued a heavy
stick aud beat the clu.d, talulng bmwa oa Its ba< a
and bead and shoulders without mercy. The child
yelled anu cneu fcanu ly, out IM entn-aUea h.al
noen>-ci oh the iv<-?iea- .iDJ ei.r .ged oarent, who
belabored tbe n -lpiesa child until It Waioe un
tou.se.ous. Futecu minutes af.er be had erased
bis merciless beating Ute child died. Pbeil Is la
Jail atrougly guarded, t be people <# the neigh
bor ood are hi,hij mdlgnant aud row vengeaiica
against the bruial stepialiier.
KKSS'EDV- EVAS8 Ua Moadaj. Mapteuibar v'4.
1Mb, h> ih Kcv Jaiuaa F ka.?iu, l>r. w. t UN
SI. 1. ot MKinlt-lu?u. Ui. W Mia kobt Lis
kV AS a, at l-*d l&ta strerl. Wa?binrtuu *
S'KLSOS'. Oa Monday, Nrptonter 24. 18KK m
4 :ttJ u'c.ock a. OL, It hia late raaawuca jJl nr*aa>a
?t.iK-1 Durthsaat. BubkKT AkXAOk. sard fort>-aia
.Notice at funeral hereafter. *
Mt ITLKl. Ou Hrp??Ui!Mr 24. lfcKK. si t a la-, Mr.
Bonier) County. Mil.
Fune.al a ill lake plaes frsai bsr lata rssMsaes, 1B3U
Four ana-a-had a.rrvi aoackwast. on w.
toet U-Uilar 2d, at g O'clock p.m. U
1'MOMAH. Oa SsileaAar 23. 1HM, il4 Ui
S.U1. CttAKLU M. 1 iiiiMab. a.d.at sou ot
1 liiiia??. atr< i thlrtjr-Bva run aud ata aaa "
1 uxieral wUl take plaw from Ilia atoibar'a
1034 lMLk .treat Uorluwral 1 a _ _
St 2 o'clock. Fluids are IB Tiled to BManA (I
a?ort pa?t? plsssa com 1
Fob K ebvocs Dtantrr
FAA?r Soap.
Pbabt Soap.
Peam. Soap.
F*" W?n? H"*
Quoit Qua Qovlbior.
Son H1"??1 S?*

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