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]So Family Safe
Without a prompt end convenient remedy for Croup,
Whooping Cowb, Bronchi tie. and other Throat and
Lung tronblea. A bottit of Ayeria Cherry Pectoral
hu >tn) many a life. Mr*, i. Gregg, l*t etrent. Low
ell, Xm, write*: "Mr children hare taken Ayer*a
Cherry Pectoral, for Croup. It gives immediate re
lief, invariahly followed by cure.?
"I have found Ayr's Cherry Pectoral a perf<<ct cure
for Croup, in ell cases. I hare known the woret came
relieved in a very short time by ita use. and 1 ad viae
all families to keep it in the ho uae."?S. H.
it D, Mt. Vernon, Ga.
Prepared by l>r. J. C. Ayer k Co., Lowell. Mass Bold
by all Druggists. Price ?1; aiz bottles 95 n26
A Remarkable Case.
The raahifr of M. Gufjreiibeim'a Hon a, 90 and 98
Franklin atn-et. one of tb? Unreat iinport hnuwi ip
thr Vnited tttatea. write# under date of June AO. lh?*S
M/i 'r'r?r? I have wuffered from abaceape* which al
way * lumifd on the bx k of niv nack. ard had to he cut
frou? time to time to obtain relief. I uaed all aorta ox
blood j uriftera. but without avail. The aba-^a
woviid always r*-appear. I suffered very much pain
m til my pbyairiaft advised n** to uae tbagenuine im
Y?Tt?-d (WWwd SiTudel halts (powder form). I uaed
tin* for about four week#, and anc? that time I hare
teen entirely free from the diaeaae. My complexion
and 1 have enjoyed good health ever aince. I
Cannot HieaiL too highly of tola really valuable remedy,
ai.,! have recommended it to all my friends, who alao
?l of ita woodarful effecta aa a laxative.
&SCTJSS?2ferudel Sal, Pow^J^P
In i-ound buttlee. Each bottle cob-lain ewer cartoon
and baa the seal of the city of Carisiiad and the signa
ture ol Eisner A Mendelson Co_ Hole Areata, around
the neck of every botUe. All other, are worthless imi
tations Pamphlets and Dr. Toboldt a lecture mailed
SiT^nVu linatlon. EISNER ft MENDELSON CO.
b 11> relay St.. N Y., sole Agenta. aal-m.wfcf
Sneezing Catubh.
The <b?treoeinr sneeie. sneeze. sneeze.the acrid,watery
discharges froni the eyes and none,the painful inflamma
tion extending to the throat, the swelling of the mu
cous lining. causing choking sensations, cough, ring
ing noises in the head and splitting headaches?how
familiar these symptom* are to thousands who suffer
periodically from head colds or infl uenza, and who live
in ignorance of the f* % that a single application of
HAwronn's Radical. Ccn for Catarrh will afford
intfimfitwntu rtUtf.
Bnt this treatment in cv?? of simple Catarrh gives
but a faint i lea of what this remedy will do in the
chronic forms, where the breathing Is obstructed by
choking, putrid raucous accumulations, the bearing
affected, smell and taste gone, throat ulcerated, and
hacking cough gradually fastening itself upon the
debilitated system. Then it is that the marvelous
curative power of Nanfi rd s Rapical Cl rk mani
fests itself in instantaneous and grateful relief. Cure
bexins from the first application. It is rapid, radical,
permanent, economical, safe.
tinoio'i Radical Ctke consists of one bottle of
the Radical Cibe, one bo* Catarrhal Solvent and
an I*peovii> Inhales : price. # 1.
Potter Dbcg axi> Chemical Co. Boston.
Aching Muscles. Back. Hips, and Sides, and all Pain,
Inflammation, and weakness relieved in one mix- |
l te by the CvncrnA Anti-Pain Plaster. The first
and only i>ain-subdning plaster. 25 cents. JaT.10
SScott s Emulsion
So disimised that it can be taken, ditreated and a?
?ti.:iUt'-d by th ? niost sensitive stomach, when the
plain Oil cannot he tolerated. and by the combination
o; the oil with the hypophosphit-s is much more elli
SCOTTS EMCLSION is acknowledged by phyni
cians to he the Finest and Best i reparation in the world
for the rtli?*f and cure of
The irreat remedy for consumption and Wasting in
St Ir-n.
Sold by all Drusrrists.
I " injures the complex-.m, induces pnii- .
.-,es. v. Vl'.w saiu. Carter s Little Liver Pills remove I
tiie cauae. j
which were awarded tbr A ujhe*t diatinctirm by a medical
:ury at the International Exhibition at Brussels, have !
1 revet! to be a 6rM-class remetlial xrent in all Catarrhs
tif the cryans of res; iration and digestion.
I UyaiciaiiS in die-eases of the lumrs and chest and
asthma. The benefit derived from their use is unsur
1 assed, and even in the inoat chronic cases they toe the,
esse, and stimulate.
SUDEN MINERAL PASTII.LF.S are preferable to
all similar preparations, because they are a natural
remedy, an nnauultt rated product of the spriDjrs, con- j
taininir in an undiminished decree ail the sanative |
principles of these springs.
SODEN MINERAL PASTILLES are prepared ex- j
clusively under the personal supervision and control
ef W. STOELTZING, il. L> , K. K. Sanitary Ct un- I
nil or.
SODEN MINERAL PA STII.LE9 are unequale.l as
a solvent in coryrhs and catarrhs, even in the most
chronic cases. Their success is unsurpassed.
remedy in whooping coutrh and diphtheria; in the j
former they lessen the paroxysm of the attack, while |
j reventinir the latter uiseaae, which cannot take Lold j
In a throat tot affected by catarrh.
vUue from the fact of having a very favorable infill- !
ence upon the onrans of digestion.
In every home. All mothers are recommended to
urge their children during the cold season to allow a
jastille slowly to melt in their mouths while out on
errands or going to school.
nearly all druggists at 50c. a box. Should your
druggist not keep them, kindly address the
Bole agency for the C, S. nlti-thkmOin
Infallible Remedy of the Turkish Empire.
An absolute cure for Nervousness, Mental Weakn.^ss,
Jvsi oiidency. Nervous Head:tche, Meeplessress ai d a
t-< werHJ R1>??1 Purifier, and will pv?iuvei> destroy
the Desire for liquor and Tobacco.
For sale by I>rugtrists in Washington.
S. F Ware. Et.bitt House Pharmacy; C. Christiani,
4S4 Pennsj lvania an.,1 M. Klocaewaki, 50U bth st?
cwrncr wf E at. n. w.
Price 11 per bo*; 6 boxes for $5.
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TTRKISH TABLET CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Public opinion our stronirest indorsement nVTV-tm
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Bay state guitars are the best
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C-lie the appetite are ANGOSTURA BITTERS, pre
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_ work uf Marvua Stoue.
o sixes, colored or plaia.
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Brmun's Carbon Pictures All the Rogers' Grouvs.
d24 in chestnut'st.
The Friend Of All
FONIVS EXTRACT la used in the household of the
President as well aa that ef tee humblest ritlsea.
Members of the Army and the Navy, tea Bar. the
Berk, tee pulpit, ana the press-all ranks and cleanse
e< people?have sent their personal experience and
* * *" " Kf Istters 1
for tee last forty years, until their totters hsve
. testifying to tee wonderful cures of all
ur inflammation, sffsctcd by BOND'S
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buff wrapper._with landsups trade-mark thsreon. U>al
The Joy of Relng Reunited with Ills
Family Too >luch for Him.
Cincinnati, Jan. 7.?Benjamin E. Hopkins,
late assistant cashier of the defunct Fidelity
National bank, died at 6:30 this morning at his
residence, No. 268 Richmond street. He was
pardoned by the President December 20, bnt
the paper did not reach the Columbus peni
tentiary until Friday morning, January 4. Mr.
Hopkins reached home that evening, and after
a joyful meeting with his family seemed to be
exhausted by the excitement, and visitors
were excluded. He never fullv rallied, and
died this morning, surrounded by members of
his family.
He Declares His Recent Victories Pres
age Ills Return to Power.
Paris, Jan. 7.?The BouLuigist organs ridi
cule the candidacy of M. Jacques, president of
the council of the Seine, who was nominated
yesterday by the republican congress to oppose
Gen. Boulanger in the election on the 27th
instant for the seat in the chamber of deputies
for the department of the Seine, made vacant
by the death of M. Hude. They say that M.
Jacques is too obscure a man to rally the vote
of the electors of Paris.
In an interview to-day Gen. Bonglanger
stated that Gen. Montaudon, who was
elected to the chamber of deputies
yesterd.iv from the department of the Son)me,
though described as a royalist, is really a sup
porter of the Boulangist policy. The general
said that the boulangist victories in the sup
plementary elections presaged his return to
Balfour's Body-Guard Increased.
London, Jan. 7.?The number of policemen
detailed to protect Mr. Balfour has been in
creased in consequence of a report that the
Invincibles are planning to murder him.
Evictions Not Resumed.
Dublin. Jan. 7.?The eviction of tenants on
the Olphert estates at Falcarragh, County
Donegal, was not resumed to-day as was in
General Foreign News.
Suakim. Jan. 7.?The Welsh troops who have
been doing duty here were withdrawn to-day.
Vienna, Jan. 7.?Russia has placed a flotilla
of war vessels on the Vistula river.
Robbed of $GOO In Stamps.
Bethlehem. Pa.. Jan. 7.?The post-office at
Hatfield, -Montgomery countv. Pa., was robbed
this morning of e?;00 in'stamps. No re
gistered or other mail is missing.
Another Bouluii^ist Victory.
Paris. Jan. 7.?The election to fill the vacant
seat in the chamber of deputies for the depart
ment of Chart-nte, took place vesterdav and
resulted in a victory for the Boulangist candi
Given Their Freedom as a New Year
Zanzibar, Jan. 7,?The German corvette
ScLwoltz. before reported aground on a reef,
has been floated with the assitance of a British
gunboat. Mr. Mackenzie, the agent of the
British East African company, on New Year's
day presented hundreds of slaves with papers
giving them their freedom. His action has
created much enthusiasm.
The New York Stock Market.
The following are the oi>enitig aud closing Trices of
the it* W.rk Stock Market, as reported by special
wn-v io< orson and .Macartney. 1419 I" street
Name. O. C. | Name.
O. I C.
C? B.h y 10:> low Can. South 51'.
<>u- ?*? S. J. Cen
:'-'H N 4 W.,pref. fio* 50$
h i 1 1: ? Sorthwest.... 107 , in?1?
Co".Gss M M Nor. Pac ?5?!. ??.%*
D.I. SW ... 1411, !>,?pref .. .in ,1 Mn,
I>. ? li Cinsl 1.12 131O. K. W. * Ji.. yj i
U^IMvUr...! ore. Trans :il 30'?
I>j_ pref Pic. Mail few ativj
F;n* "i '? 27*. h-o..D.*Ev.. ? f ?:f*
ii< siting Val.. i '?.Ai Reading 4Sv 4S
HL Ceu . lJ-t'H 11liich. Ter
Kan. * Tex... 1.. . ] :i ?. Kwi I?l?ad.. !i7 !?7-H
bhor... lo.i . 104 St. Paul
Ixiuis. Nash .,7 Uo.pref ... lo:Utlfl2tf
Manhat.au.... J HI (.1 St. P., MAM SWV
M 1* 72* 73 Tfxihc.... 22
-il,*f1*,< > a? * * Liiion I'ac i?4si (j"> i
i".-^51'.- .107s, 107'; Widwsli l\!\f 1
V' i4S" 44 J Do.,pref .. :.'4 ,
v 11-r'V ? , '' ? ^est. Luiou . b3't t>.'%
lieii Id. 201 201 I I |
Baltimore 3Iarkets.
BAI.TTMORE. Jan. 7.?Virginia ten-forties. rr?
nid; Baltimore and Ohio stock, XfiaKy v.; Northern 1
Central stock, NO ashed; Cincinnati, Washington
and Baltimore firsts. l*)a!>3^; do. seconds, 4.V i
do. threes, 2t); consolidated gas bonds, 100k,'- do.' !
stock. M asked. j
Jan. 7.?Totton, fairly active? i
mi..dime, Hour, firm?Howard street and ;
western super., V.7.Vi.'t.:U: do. extra, :?..Vtal.f.i>:
do. family. 4.7.">?."?..%i?; City mills. Kio brands
extra. winter wheat, patent. ,"?.75a<!.2.">
spring wheat, patent, t?.tv ??7.CO: do. do., straight
8.1 ?aM.->0; do. Jo., extra, 4.7.">a.">.25. Wheat
southern. steady; light receipts; Kultz, lOOalOT"
Longberry, I Ooa 10M; No. 2 southern, loo; western,
firm; No. 2 winter red spot, #5a!C?>.; February
MhaMfc. March, W?>.a08* torn"- southern
scarce and firm; while. :a'a44; yellow 3!>a4"
western steady, mixed si?>t. 4la4lJanuary'
4l?4l^; February, 4l\a41v: Mant, 41Va4'*
steamer, spot, .'is- . Oats, dull ? soutlieru and
Pennsylvania, .'S0a;S<: western white, :r,'a:?- west- I
ern Inixed, 2!(a.'51; graded No. 2 white. 33 asked- !
Hye. <iuiet,_ ?0. Hay. firm ? prime to choice i
timothy, HLonal7.(lO. I Provisions, steady. Butter !
dull and easier?western packed, 14a20; best roll' !
14alK; creamery, 20a2H. Kges, better feeling 1<">
al7. Petroleum, dull?refined, ti.90. Coffee quiet
?Kio CHrgix-i fair. 17^. Sugar, quiet; li?-ht de
mand?A soft, 7; eopjier refined, firm, lttalov.
>\hisky. 111. ^Freights to Liverpool per steamer
Ann?cotton. 7-Ii2d.^ flour, per ton, in sacks, 20s.*
grain, per bushel, ">\atid.: cork for orders, Janu
ary, oe.a.Vt.'Vl. Sales ? wheat, 80,000 buahelai
corn, 1K1.000 bushels. *
Funeral of Capt. A. Grant.
The funeral of the late Capt. A. Grant, whose
death was announced in The Stab of Saturday,
took place this afternoon. The remains were
encased in a handsome cloth-covered
casket, on which was a profusion of
floral tributes. The body was borne
by the following pall-bearers from the
residence on A street near 3d southeast: Iteturn
J. Meigs, jr.. CoL James A. Tait, Col. George
Cowje and Dr. G. W. S. Custis and Mojors
1 .r' l( an^ H. French, Philip Heiter
and F. A. Beuter, of John A. Rawlius' Post No.
*? "? A. It., escorted by a delegation of
tbe G. A. K., included in which were Major
Newton Ferree. Post-Commander A. C. Paul,
Senior-Vice-Commander 8. B. Whitney, ami
Messrs. be Jester and McAlwee, the remains
were taken to the Metropolitan Presbyterian
church, followed by a large concourse of rela
tives and friends of the deceased. The services
at the church were conducted by the pastor,
"tv- Dr. John Chester, and was very impres
sive. The remains were taken to Oak Hill,
where the interment took place with the ser
vices of the Grand Army.
The Washington Market Company.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Washington market company took place in
the office of the company ia the Center market
to-day at noon.
President Ordwav made a verbal statement
at length of the cost to date of the cold storage
The COBt amounts
to <j;2JS,000, which has been met in part by the
assessment of *"J.50 a share, recently paid,
amounting to *50,000. and by the issue ofim
frovement bonds to the amount of tlSOOOO
or the balance of *25.000 short-time notes of
the company were authorized. The dividend
of thirtv cents voted by the directors at the
close of the year was confirmed, making two
dividends of that amount oaid out of the earn
ing* of the company for tlie year. The work
of construction was stated to be practically
closed, and the stockholders, at the close of the
meeting, were shown through the uuw arcade
rooms and elsewhere in the market
The old board of directors was unanimously
re-elected, as follows: Matthew G. Ktnerv
Edward It. Tinker. Reuben 11. Clarke. John
Cassels, Hallet Kilbourn, William Birnev, Wil
liam E. Chandler, Samuel Korment. N. (J. orj.
way, Charles P. Palmer. P. 8. Smith.
W. Cum den, Frank G. Wilkins.
Rural of tm Thkbx< <iuteb. ?The following
were the readings at the signal office to-day:
8 a. m.. 42; 2 p. m., 45; maximum, 46; mini
mum, 89.
Majob M. p. Small, commissary of sub
sistence, has been (ranted three months' leave
of r'
Citizens Before the Senate Committee
The room of the Senate committee on appro
priation! was tenanted for aome time to-day by
resident* of the District who were anxious to
secure favorable action by the committee on
items in the District appropriation bill in
which they are interested. Commissioners Webb
and Wheatley were present, ready to answer
questions. Messrs. John Joy Edson and A. 8.
Pratt asked for an appropriation of #25.000 for
the National homeopathic hospital. The board
of managers of the hospital think the useful
ness of the institution is much impaired by the
lack of sufficient and suitable buildings. They
want to build wards for male and female col
ored pattents, a maternity ward, and a new
kitchen. An elevator is also a necessity, and
the erection of fire-escapes is required by law.
To do these things, and to effect other improve
ments, the sum of t25.000 is needed, and the
request of the managers for an appropriation
of that sum is indorsed by Secretary ltayard,
who is president of the societv. Messrs. Albert
Behrend and Morris Clark pleaded for an im
mediate extension of 11th and 13th streets.
Messrs. Simon Wolf, John L. Vogt, Anton
Eberly, and Dr. Walter asked for $20,000 with
which to replace, by a brick structure, the
frame building now occupied by the German
American orphan asylum. Ex-Commissioner
Edmonds wan also present, and he chatted for
a while with Senators Plumb and liale.
Frexch Spoliation Cuxms.?The Court of
Claims to-day reported findings of facts in the
French spoliation cases connected with the
following-named vessels: Rosanna, Pollard
master; Godfrey, Atkinson master; La Flower,
Farley master; America, Taver master; Mi
nerva, Endicott master, and Delight. Hatch
master. They will be reported to Congress for
(Internal Revenue Appointments ?The
Secretary of the Treasury to-day appointed
the following storekeepers: Francis M.
llovine, at Ambrose, Ky.; Francis C. Hannon,
at Los Angelea, CaL, and llenry Bogart, at St.
Paul. ___________
The Issce of Standard 8ilveb Dollars
from the mints during the week ended Jan
uary 5 was S201.7H0. The issue during the cor
responding period of last Tear was ?3.rrf;.12C.
The shipments of fractional silver coin (luring
the month of December amounted to $840,87y.
Sn??ar Production of This Country.
The delegation from the Louisiana Sugar
Growers' association, which is now in the city,
called iq a body thi? morning upon Commis
sioner of Agriculture Colmau and were pre
sented by the Hon. Mr. Wilkinson. Mr. John
Dyinond, the president of the association, ad
dressed a few remarks to the commissioner,
thanking him. on behalf of the association,
for what he had done in introducing and de
veloping the new diffusion process in the man
ufacture of sugar from the sugar cane. Mr.
Dymond said that planters could no longer af
ford to continue the old process of making
sugar, and that the new process was certain to
supplant it. He said that even the poorest of
the sugar planters would get out of their dif
ficulties much quicker by adopting the im
provement which had been introduced by the
department of agriculture. This admission,
coming from such a source, is.of unusual sig
nificance in its relation to the future sugar
production of this country. It will be remem
bered that this process is as well adapted to
the sorghum as to the sugar cane.
Interior Department Changes.
The following official changes have been
made in the department of the Interior:
General land office?Resignations: Wm. B.
Matthews, of Virginia, $1,800; Fleming R.
Griffith, of Pennsylvania, ftl.COO; Miss Alice
Wurdemann, of New Jersey, ?'J00.
Fatent office?Transfers: Jonathan R. Daw
son. of Tennessee, and Miss Laura L. Dodge,
of the District of Columbia, to pension office,
at $'.<00. by promotion from 4720.
Pension office?Appointments: Mrs. Sarah
L. Twiggs, of Georgia. $900. by transfer from
Treasury department; Miss Gertrude II. Watt,
of Illinois, and Jut>. B. Haydcn. of Minnesota,
?r'JOO. Promotion: Joel A. Tilton, of New Jer
sey, ?900 to ?1.000.
The Senate committee on ^duration and
labor has ordered a favorable report upon Mr.
Turpie's bill "to provide for the making and
publication and distribution of the register of
labor." It provides that it shall be the duty of
the commissioner of labor annually to compile
from the best aud most authentic sources, and
to prepare and publish, a book to be called the
'Ti> gister of Labor," to contain the names and
address, selected and alphebetically arranged
with reference to occupation, of persons of
known excellence in their vicinity m any line
of skilled labor or mechanism. the name* to he
taken in proportion to population from the dif
ferent states and territories aud Distrii t of the
union, said register to contain only the names
of persons actually engaged in the manual
work of their respective callings; the list to be
carefully revised each year; no name to be
dropped from the register as long as the person
is known to be engaged as above provided; loss
in the list by death or other causes to be re
Idared by other names taken from the same
The House was still in a deadlock up to a late
hour this afternoon, every effort to adjourn
having proved fruitless. The democrats tried
to told a caucus this afternoon, but owing to
the rt- adlock they were compelled to postpone
it until this evening, when they hope to come
to an agreement and to fix upon a date for the
Oklahoma bill. It is thought, however, very
doubtful if they will succeed.
The most disappointed people at the action
of the Senate in going into secret session to
discuss Mr. Edmunds' resolution re
garding the attitude of European governments
toward interoceanic canals ou the American
continent, were the the diplomats from the
central and South American states. They
are vitally interested in tue matter,
and, having missed the open discussion
of Saturday, they determined to hear that
of to-day aud almost filled the diplomatic gal
lery. When the motion to go into secret ses
sion was adopted they departed, greatly disj
ointed, and expressing their inability to un
erstand the policy of Congress, or u branch
of it, which varied" so from day to day.
The citizens of San Miguel county, New Mex
ico, in maBs meeting assembled, December 27,
1888, adopted resolutions asking Congress to
admit the territory to the United States. They
were presented to the Senate to-day by Presi
dent Pro Tem. lngalls.
The manufacturer's club of Philadelphia, at
a recent session, adopted resolutions in the
form of a memorial to Congress, asking the
entire abolition of the internal-revenue sys
tem. To-day Senator Cameron presented" a
copy to the Senate, and it went to the finance
committee for further consideration.
The Honse committee on invalid pensions
has decided to report a bill making an increase I
in the amount of pensions allowed for ampu
tated limbs. The bill will also contain a pro
vision allowing an additional pension to per
sons who now receive a pension for amputated
limbs, but who are also suffering from gunshot
wounds for which no pension is now allowed.
The amount of increase, however, lias not yet
been determined upon.
Representative Collins was, on Saturday, re
elected chairman of the Massachusetts central
democratic committee.
Equity Court?Judge Cox.
Saturday, Hewett agt. Burritt; injunction de
nied; 65 days given to take proof. Swearingen
agt. Swearingen: appearance of absent defend
ant ordered. Fowler agt Taylor and Taylor
agt Tvler; cases consolidated and time fixed
for taking proof.
To-day, Chester agt. Morgan; vacation of pro
confesso ordered. Gordon agt. Gordon; refer
ence to auditor ordered. Cleary agt. Cleary;
J. W. Welch appointed guardian ad litem.
Baker agt. Baker; bill and cross bill dismissed.
CimcutT Court?Judge Hagtier.
To-day, Sexton k Son agt. Morch, Mitzger
agt. Fowler, Bergs * Son agt. Mahoney.
Durham k Worster agt. Pumphrey, Wilson,
Frank k Horner agt. Ulrich * Co., Whitman
k Son agt. Fleishman, Tuck k Sou agt. Koch.
Berger Bros agt. Sammons, Clark W. Glass
Co. agt. Dumber, Maryland Pottery Co. agt
Rosecrans k Co., and Wright k Colwell agt.
Itosecrans; judgment by default Scribner's
Sons agt. Madison; motion for judgment over
ruled. liurford agt. Pullman Car Co.; order
lor security for costs by February L
The Simple Service* Attended by Many
Prominent Citizens of the District.
The funeral of Wm. M. Gait took place to
day at 11 o'clock from his late residence, 1114
Vermont avenue. The spacious rooms were
filled with a gathering representative of the
resident citizens of the District. The various
institutions and enterprises with which the de
[ ceased was connected were represented by
delegations. The casket was placed in the
front parlor, and at the head wbs a floral harp.
Besting upon the casket was an anchor, formed
of beautiful white flowers. A cluster of palms
also lay upon the casket. Near by were other
floral tributes from friends. The immediate
| family and the large circle of relatives occu
pied seats near the casket. The services were
simple, but impressive. Rev. Dr. Bartlett, the
pastor of the New York avenue Presbyterian
church, read the appropriate Scripture selec
tions. Then a quartet, consisting of Prof.
Paul Andrew C. Bradley, Miss Nettie Bradley
and Miss Deseret. sang, and Rev. Dr. Sunder
land offered an affecting prayer, in which he
alluded to the sterling character and unblem
ished life of the deceased. While the mem
bers of the family were taking their places in
the carriages the quartet sang another appro
priate selection.
The casket was preceded to the hearse by the
following, acting as pall-bearers: Henrv A
W lllard. E. Francis Riggs, F. L. Moore. John
\V. Douglass, Gen. J. W. Foster, Francis B.
Mohnn Wm. E. Clarke, and Jas. L. Norris.
The body-bearers were F. G. Mayer, a partner
of the deceased, and the following clerks in his
establishment: J. J. Hurley, E. P. Anstrol,
Jas. M. Allen, E. G. Marlow. 8. T. Anderson J
G. McQueen, and Wm. Feldhaus. The inter
ment was at Oak Hill, and in addition to the
usual service of committal the quartet sang.
The following were among those present at
the services at the residence: Lewis Clephane,
Judge Strong, Judge MacArthur, George
W. Pearson, John E. Fitch. Charles
S. Bradley, ex-Commissioner J. B. Ed
monds, Gov. H. H. Wells, Admiral Rodgers,
Rev. Dr. Hamlin. H. K. Willard, T.
O. Hills, George E. Kennedv, James L
Barbour. Geo. W. Cochran, Geo. M. Oyster,
Prof. Gallaudet, N. W. Burchell. Lawrence
Unmix. W. 8. Thompson, W. H. Clsgett, Rev.
Mr. Miller, Philip F. Larner, Chas. Gurley, Da
vid Walker, J. Ormond Wilson, Edward Tem
ple. Samuel Norment, Col. L. P. Wrigbt. Dr.
Walsh, Jas. P. Willett, R. L Fleming. John W.
Thompson. M. G. Emery. Chas. Edmonston,
John \\. Boteler. 51. W. Beveridge, Wm. S
Teel, W. W. Burdette, Rob't A. Parke.
Newman on Trial for Getting $40 from
Her by False Pretenses.
In the Criminal Court, Judge Montgomery,
to-day, tho case of Dallas M. DeHughe*, alias 8.
M. Newman, alias G. M. St. Clair, on the charge
of false pretenses, was called?Mr. Campbell
Carrington for the defendant and Assistant Dis
trict attorney Mullowney for the government.
DcHughes was arrested for false pretenses
in obtaining $49 from Mrs. Kate Smith under
promise of marriage, and subsequently it was
ascertained that while acting as an agent of an
insurance company of Baltimore he wrote to
the agents there that his daughter was lying
very ill, and asked for an advance of $100, and
then sending a telegram that the daughter had
died. The check was sent him, whereas he had
no daughter here, and the whole pretenses were
The first witness was Detective Raff, who tes
tified that he had a conversation with the pris
oner when the latter was under arrest in the
12th-street station-house. Whi n witness told
Newman, that he had no right to represent
that his child was dead he replied that that
made no difference, for he was employed by
the company. He at first declined to state
where his room was. and witness told him he
would find it. The next day witness went to
the room and fouud some letters addressed to
Dallas M. DeHnghes, and he answered, "It is
a man whose life I have insured."
An objection was made and a recess taken.
Mr. Mullowney, in answer to the court, stated
that he was not conversant with the case, and
did not until this morning know that he was
expected to prosecute. He also stated that
Judge Hoge and others of the office were sick.
The court directed a recess, stating that he
hoped the case would be prepared.
After recess the court respited the jury till
morning, stating that the case was not in'con
dition to proceed with.
State Patronage.
Senator Quay was the central fignre to-day in
several little conferences on the floor of the
Senate. The longest and apparently most im
portant of these was held with Representa
tive William D. Kellev. Cabinet matters
are resting for awhile, and the
practicai politicians are looking after the ends
of the strings which they expect to pull on
state patronage under the incoming adminis
tration. With such affairs the silent Senator
is now wrestling. He expects to leave Wash
ington about the latter part of next week for
Florida and there he will seek the rest he needs.
He does not expect to return for a month or
Removal of the Indian Rnrean.
To-day Secretary Vilas signed a lease with A.
T. Britton, the president of the Atlantic build
ing company, for the use of all the rooms on
the eighth floor and ten rooms on the seventh
floor of that building. The lease is annual,
with the privilege of renewal yeitrly for
five years. The rooms will be occupied by the
Indian bureau, which is now located in
the building of the Second national bank, on
7th street. The removal to the new quarters
will be made to-morrow. The Atlantic build
ing is on the south side of F street, between 9th
and 10th streets, and was recently built by a
company composed of citizens of this city.
The inauguration committee occupy quarters
in this building, which were tendered for that
purpose by the company. The new accommo
dations are considered by the officials of the
Indian bureau as much superior to their pres
ent quarters.
Real Estate Matters.
T. W. Smith has bought, for $4,100, of J. H.
Soule, pt. lot 8, sq. 868, 20J* by 123 feet on East
Capitol, bet. 6th nnd 7th streets northeast.
Eliza C. Merrill has bought of W. P. Lips
comb, for $6,000. sub. 31, block 5, Le Droit
Park. John E. Talty has bought of Rebecca
E. Cuger, for $10,500. parts 3 and 4, square
321. fronting 25 feet on 12th street, between E
and F streets.
W. A. McCarthy and Jeremiah F. McCarthv
by T. A. Lambert, to-day filed a bill against
John McCarthy, alleged to be of unsound mind,
for the sale or real estate in squares 387 and
The walking match from here to Baltimore
between Frank Dayhoff. Thomas Kenne, Wm
Hoover, and Al. Door announced for yesterdav
was postponed on account of the weather un
til next Sunday.
The will of the late Susan Lowell Ladd, wife
of Chas. H. Ladd, filed to-day, leaves her
Eropertv to her two children, but directs that
er husband, if he so elect, have tho use of it
during his life.
A Negro Desperado n? Custody.?Friday
night a negro named James Gray got in a Belt
line car on 4th street and snatched a pocket
book from Mrs. Elmira Rawlings. He lumped
off the car and ran, but was soon overhauled
bv one of the passengers and held until the
arrival of Policeman Jamison, when he was
taken to the sixth precinct station. Tho pris
oner also proved to be the negro who was
wanted for shooting at John A. Ruppert some
months ago. He was also identified as bein?
the person who attempted to rob a car on the
Co umbia road a few nights ago. To-dav in the
Police Court Gray was tried for assault with
intent to kill and larceny from the peison, and
was held in both cases for the action of the
grand jury,
Gttiltt or Robbery from thi Person.?To
day Edward Golway and James Quarles, two
colored boys, were tried for robbery of the
person, 35 cents, from Wm. Armstead. The
latter testified that Golway and Edward 8chru
man ran him against a tree box while Quarles
hi8 P?*ets. The defendants
testified thit Armstead went into a confection
ery store with a girl and Golway got the girl
away from him when he put up the Job to get
even. The Jury fonna Golway guilty and
Quarles not guilty. ? *
Resisted the Omcm,-An intoxicated
negTo caused some excitement in the neigh
borhood of the Pension office about noon to
??* l*e?m?d man and wen^oui
grabbing at everybody who came near him.
When arrested by Detective Garter and Officer
Jamison the negro allowed fight and rave the
officers a lMlytime in taking*him to
He was very profane and obscene, and
& ,0f * *****
If the Qnwtlon of Statehood Is Sot
Settled They Want an Extra Session.
Judge Moody, one of Dakota'* Senators-elect,
has just arrived in this city, after having stop
ped over in Indianapolis to consult with Gen.
Harrison on matters of interest to those terri
tories which are now seeking admission as
states. Mr. Moody is extremely cautions in his
expressions just now, because he fears that bis
words may be quoted as coming from Gen.
Harrison. He says, however, that the chances
are all in favor of an extra session of the Fifty
first Congress.
"The leaders of the democrats in the House,"
said he to a Stab reporter to-day," are too far
apart on this subject; they cannot agree. If
they could come to an understanding as to Da
kota's fitness for statehood there would be a
renewal of the old trouble on the question of
division. Of course it is possible that this Con
gress may do something for us. but it seems to
me to be rather improbable just now."
There will be a delegation of Dakotans in
town during the latter portion of this week.
Fifteen or twenty of the more prominent
citizens of the territory are now on their way
here to do all in their power to push legisla
tion looking to the speedy admission of the
territory as two states. The delegation will be
headed by Judge Burtlett Tripp, chief Justice
of the supreme court of Dakota, and Goy.-elect
Mellette. The two great political parties sre
about equally represented in the delegation.
If it becomes apparent that nothing will be
done by the House before the 3d of March,
then the delegation will endeavor to secure
from republicans who will be in the next House
a memorial to President Harrison asking him
to call an extra session.
a he District Commissioners have addressed
a letter to Senator Ingalls in relation to a bill
to authorize the Commissioners to permit the
temporary occupation and crossing of the streets
by the B. and O. railroad tracks to meet the
demands or increased travel at inauguration
times. The Commissioners say that "there
seems to be no reason why the "accompanying
bill should not become a iaw with the excep
tion that the Commissioners believe it to be fur
I I?oro. Pre^eral>'e if discretionary authoritv
i should be vested in them permitting ail rail
, road companies entering the citv of Washing
ton to lay temporary tracks for the accommo
dation of traffic for a period not exceeding 30
days during any influx of the people of the
L nited States into the city of \\ ashington.
1 he passage of a bill of this character would
seem to be reasonable and proper."
I lie District Commissioners to-day drew tip
and sent to Chairman Hemphill, of the House
District committee, a draft of a bill provid
ing "that -f 7,000. or as much thereof as mav be
necessary, payable from any money in" the
Treasury not otherwise appropriated, "and from
the revenues of the District of Columbia, in
equal parts, is hereby appropriated out of any
money in the Treasury, not otherwise appro
priated, to enable the Commissioners of the
j District of Columbia to maintain public order
j l'rote?t life and property from the 28th
of l ebruary to the 9th ot March, 1889. both
I inclusive. Said Commissioners are hereby au
I thonzed and directed to make all reasonable
j regulations necessarv to secure the preserva
I lion of public order and protection of life and
I property, and fixing fares by public convey
j ances during said period. Any person violat
ing any of such regulations shall be liable for
each offense to a fine not to exceed ?25 in the
I olice Court of said District." The Commis
sioners estimate for 400 special policemen.
The question has been raised at the District
building whether a frame house has any rights
that a brick house is bound to respect." A few
days ago Mr. Frank W. Adams wrote to the
Commissioners as follows: "I am the owner of
a frame house in this citv. The house is en
tirely on my own land. My neighbor wishes to
build a party wall, and in order to do so will be
compelled to tear the side of mv house out be
cause my house is built close up to the division
line. Will you kindly inform me what the pro
visions of the building regulations are upon
this subject, and whether or not mv neighbor
can tear my wall down in this manner? Mv
house has been standing for a long time." The
Commissioners to-day wrote to Mr. Adams that
"under a decision of the court the builder of a
brick house has the right to remove a sufficient
Pa't ?n abutting frame building to place his
wall hnlf over the party line, on condition that
he makes good all incidental damages to the
frame structure."
Recently, at the request of Maj. Raymond,
Messrs. O. W. G. Ferris A Co.. bridge engi
neers, of Pittsburg, examined the new bridge
constructed over Rock creek by owners of
property along the line of the Massachusetts
avenue extension. This is a private struc
ture, and as it has been announced
was intended only as a temporary bridge. A
bill is now pending in Congress to appropriate
SluO.OOO to build a bridge at Massachusetts
avenue. The examination referred to was
| made because citizens interested had in
timated a desire to turn the bridge over
to ^ the District, at the same time dedi
eating its approaches to the public use
The Commissioners will not, Maj. Raymond
said to-day, accept a bridge or otLer structure
until satisfied as to its security. In order to
be informed on the subject Pittsburg
experts were asked for their opinion
These experts report that the sec
tion of the end-panel top chord should
be 14.13 square inches, while the contractor
has put in but 12.70. Thev say that the com
pression members, such as the i'h<inix column
used m this structure, have long since received
the general disapproval of American
engineers, the principal objection to
sui-h construction being its inaccessibility
for inspection, cleaning and painting. The finish
or the bridge, they bel eve, is much below
what it should be for a structure in this local
ity, and not equal to that required for railway
structures. They say "the specifications
for the structure have not been com
plied with in regard to the proportioning
of the principal columns. While the bridge ia
perfectly safe for ordinary traffic, they would
recommend, in the face of the several defect?
which they mention, that the District purchase
the structure. There is a question at the Dis
trict buildings how far the Commissioners
and building inspector have authoritv over a
bridge erected as the one in question "has been
erected, entirely on private property. Under
the old regulations '-bridges" were
especially named as among structures
coming under the regulations. The word
was struck out in the revision made bv Col
Ludlow. Building Inspector Eutwisle "thinks
the Commissioners would have power to close
the approaches to an unsafe bridge.
?,,ca8e the Aqueduct bridge
Col. Ludlow condemned and closed it. This
action led to a settlement between the bridge
owners and the government, and the erection
of the free bridge.
Dr. Tindall, the secretary of the District
Commissioners, has written to Mr. 8 M Gol
den in relation to his request to have Navlor
road included in the schedule of roads for'im
provement next year, "that *3.000 or #4.000
would put it in fair condition, but that it is too
late for the Commissioners to submit an esti
mate for it and the only way to get it before
Congress is for you to present it to the Senate
committee on appropriations, which is now
4|e District appropriation bill for
18JO. Capt. Symons, in reporting on Mr. Gol
den s letter, say* the Navlor road will be of
great importance as soon as the bridee
across the Eastern branch of Pennsylvania
avenue is completed.
The Commissioners Saturday afternoon un
proved and rejected * number of applications
I I-01" i'^uor 'icensea. The following applications
for bar-room licenses were approved: North
west?John L. Burkart, 631 10th street- John
McBurney. 200 llth street; Edwin B. Aare^f
1210 D street; John Herley, 2500 O street- John
bu^?:s'rk- 'v ? ffiSSftuS;
burg, 323 Pennsylvania avenue; George Hoff
man. 1204 20th street; John Leonberger, 1804
7th street; Lorenzo A. Lucas, 2165 Pennsylva
nia avenue; Chaa. Owen Abbott, 312 6th street.
Nwtheast-Robt. F^r^bury. 900 10th street;
Wm. L. Mahoney, 600 K street Southwest?
S^8mBT-.?J? ssssa^-JKi
a ^arrooln license,
w 7if *?Uowing were disapproved: John L.
Keith, 321 13th street; Louis Keese 901 25th
street; Henry Ewald, 1027*^ 18th street; Michael
. ?treet! J???n M. Perreard, 606
; Ku?rlK- "I* E street. North
s'0*?; E. Ward, 1222 Maryland avenue,
^"^weit?John Leonard, 600 3d street
approred: John M. Meredith, 91]
n ' ' 12017th north
west Djeapproved: Thos. Marmaduke, 1026
Me Northwest Champlain avs
T miscellaneous.
John T. 8uter has been appointed inspector
I* construction of the two new school
buildings, one at 36th and E streets northwest
and one on 28th street, near M, northwest, with
compensation at the rate of *4 perdLy.
The Diatriot Commissioners spent the after
noonbefore Senator Plumb's committee, ex
plaining matters relating to District estimate!
Senator Quay Among the Visitor* Tkm
or habou?wuat the committees ark doiwo
cin comm.
Senator Quay was at the inauguration head
quarters to-day. This ia his first riait since the
committee opened their rooms. CoL Britton
was not in hia office and Mr. Quar talked with
CoL Swords, who told him of the progress
made in the arrangement* for the inaugura
Mr. James E. Bell, the chairman of the com
mittee on comfort at the ball-room, has invited I
bids for the erection of 8.000 hat boxes in the
penaion building. The bids will be received up
to J an oar j 14.
a htks rmow nw *i*ola*d.
An Episcopal clergyman in New England has
written a hvmn. a copy of which he sends to
Chairman Britton, relying on him to work it in
as a part of the inaugural ceremonies. He de
scribes himself "a* one of the many clergymen
of our country who gave their vote to* Gen.
Harrison at the last election." The hvmn ha*
six verses, and begins with the line*?*
"Ood of our fathers, whose command
From darkness called the radiant light."
No disposition has been made aa yet of thi?
contribution, as the committee on poetry has
not been appointed.
W. L. Davis, the colonel of the first regiment
of infantry, Iowa national guards, notifies the
committee that his command will participate in
the inaugural parade.
The Henrv K. Boyer club, of Philadelphia,
proposes to bring here seventv-five men.
A correspondert in Yorkshire. N. Y., calls
! Chairman Britton's attention "to the most an
! cient and notable drum corps. Some of its
members are seventy years old. and thev played
through the campaign of 1840." Thev want
Jlr. Britton to us<e his influence with Mr. De
pew and secure passes for the ten members to
come to Washington for the inauguration and
At the meeting of the inaugural executive
committee 8atur<lay evening the plan of Louis
D. ine s committee to decorate the Avenue
with arches was considered. While the gen
eral plan was commended, yet it was concluded
that the arches would interfere with the ap
pearance of the parade and the displav of the
flambeau clubs. The report was not 'adopted
and the committee will further consider the
The music committee was ordered to close
contracts with Beck's band and orchestra,
of 1 hiladelphia. and with the Marine band, to
furnish music for the ball. Beck's band in to
furnish one hundred pieces for 41.700, and the
Marine band fifty pieces for #750.
military committee has so far received
fifty-five requests for quarters for militia or
ganizations and for positions in line. They
have found accommodation for 6.320 persons.
1 be civic organizations committee reported
that associations numbering 16.313 members
have announced their purpose of being present
March 4. and that twelve had reported without
gmng the number of their members, which
Probab,-v ""fU the number of men to
1 he public comfort committee reported that
they had secured accommodations for 32,357
Mr. Beresford was awarded the contract for
printing the pamphlet containing the official
list of committees.
The committee on transportation have now
the printer s hands a pamphlet giving rail
road rates from all principal points. These
TU r 7 for distribution this week.
The committee on badges reported a very
E-ifi ?*, a by a local artist,
wlnth was adopted. The design is not to be
described at present, and the name of the en
graver is also kept secret.
Albert Small, of Hagerstown. Md.. who was
assistant treasurer of the national republican
committee, called at headquarters to-dav.
Gen. Robert A. Schenck was also among the
callers on Gen. Brittoa.
Col. Alfred R. Conkling, of New York, has
accepted an appointment on the floor and
promenade committee.
Gen. Geo H. Williams, of the executive com
mittee, left for Indianapolis this afternoon on
business connected with the inauguration.
Capt. Symons Say* flat* Made Rcfore
Its Passage Are Not Affected by it.
Referring to the controversy about subdi
visions. Capt. Symons said to a Star reporter
to-day that be desired to correct anv impression
that might have been made that his recent ac
tion or the action of the Commissioners or the
opinion of Attorney Riddle had anything what
ever to do with subdivision* made and platted
and recorded before the law.of last August re
quiring all future subdivisions to be made in
conformity with the plan of the city of Wash
ington went into effect.
; "It is not intended in anv manner," Mid
Capt. Symons. "to disturb these old subdi
visions until Congress makes specific laws to
? - r4* The Cll!"'at issue is one in which a
subdivision was made, surveved and platted
sincethelawof last August went into tffect The
subdivision is not in conformity with the plan
of the city; it is not even in conformitv with
the plan of the adjoining subdivision of
ISrooklands. It is laid out with narrow
.streets, running diagonally to the points
' ?V5? compass and is in all respects just such a
subdivision as the law of last August was in
tended to prevent Subdivisions of this char
acter have already done great mischief to the
: District, and if allowed to continue would do
incalculable damage by preventing the exten
sion of the city upon any proper plan.
Capt Symons savg he has not to his knowl
edge been "severely criticised." as has been
stated, except by the parties interested in the
" ef|t Brookland subdivision, and he don't ex
pect unfavorable criticism from anv others cer
| tainly not from real estate dealers who were
1 instrumental in having the law of August 27
passed, know its value, and desire its enforce
ment for the general benefit of the District
A Case He fore the U. S. Supreme Court
to Test Its Constitutionality.
A motion was made in the Supreme Court of
the United States to-day by ex-Gov. Hoadley.
of Ohio, to advance for argument the case of
Chae Chan Ping, appellant, against the United
States. The appellant was a Chinese laborer
who departed from the United States for China
on June 2. 1887. first having secured a return
certificate from the collector of the port of
fan Francisco as required bylaw. He returned
to the Lnited States on October 7, 1888. but
Iand WM re,IM?<l the ground
that the return certificate had been declared
void bv the Scott Chinese exclusion act of Oc
tober 1, 1888 Chae Chan Ping then sued out
a writ of habeas corpus in the United (States
circuit court, which being refused an appeal
was taken to this court It is contended in his
behalf that the Scott act declaring the return
certificates void is unconstitutional and an ab
rogation of vested rights. It is sought to have
the case sdvanced for hearing on the ground
that it is one of great importance, in
vo ving thousands of certificates, many of the
holders of which have considerable propertv
interests in the United States, and that a clelav
in the determination of the case would result
in great injury to the persons affected.
The Death Record.
During the forty-eight hours ending at noon
to-day deaths were reported to the health office
as follows: Chaa. H. Middleton, white, 15 rears
Winfield C. Buckley, white, I year; Lucian
Linton, white, 64 years; Minnie Robb, white
10 months; Mariah Re wall, colored. 05 years';
Frank Jones, colored, 39 years; Peter Shaeffer,
colored. 60 years; Richard Edmonson. Jr., col
?red:,t5 y?STVv ' H- Harris, colored, 1
month; Jas. E. Damon, colored,3 months; Jno.
W. Hamilton, colored, 48 years; Hannah Law
son, colored, 65 Tears; Ida Lawson, colored.
2 years; Bobt Taylor, colored, 60 yews; Elm en
Branon, colored, 1 year; Albert Grant white,
years: Anthony Derate, white, 66 rears
Bravton k. Mitchell, white, 1 month; Charles
Hickerson, white, 16 davs; Wul M. Gait white,
64 years; Jno. A. Flecken, white, U months
Mary Sullivan, white, 82 ye? '
Tnt Columbia National Bank?A Lrvci to
Depositors.?To-morrow the directors of tha
Columbia National bank will rive an old-faah
ioned lunch to their depositors in the m..?.;,.
Temple, adjoining the bank. This is a new
feature in the history of banking institutions,
?s the directors ana officers are generally tha
ones who enjoy hospitality of thiskind
For Wnxraa Tub Kaus on m Moru
UIT.?Philip King and fttmsl Wailach
afarr xrsi&js, sjsa
Wnrnm m* Ownj> *m 4 T*r*g Pt*a? ?
Officer Coleman waa complained ?o by Lawta
Primoe. 1 colored man. wko stated thai ?
colored woman. Lena J oar* bad brutally
whipped bia tan-year-old child with a laip
trunk (trap, because. a* abe said. the child vaa
impudent to her. The officer investigated an<!
?aw upon tbe face of the child l*rge welta art
d?ntlv made by a (trap. Tbe woman wn ar
rested and waa' subsequeatly released on M
Rfvival Mgrrrao* were coo ducted last waat
at tbe Dunhortnn Av*nne M. E. church uadaf
tbe direction of tbe paator. Rev. M. F. R Rio*,
with gratifying reeulte. The services are ta ha
continued during thia week.
Grrrwo lirrTts. Mr. George B. Barn
who baa been confined to hi* house bt lit
M ? ? ?
for several dara pact, ia steadlTv improving.
A Bu>w with a UmUL-ilf. ( athleen tt
the name given by a negro who waa aiiseted
br Policeman Murphy lor assaulting Mtok
Howard at the Broad branch quarry Saturday
evening. They had fought before, and wbM
the trouble waa renewed Raturday Cathla?
(truck Mack on the back with a ban
Judge Miller beard tbe caae to-day, and
Cathleen #10 or SO day* in jalL
Reported for Tn Evrvnie Sta*.
A National Colokkd VafM
L. Robinson. editor of tbe Washington .VHwaa
/Ainitr. and president of tba Frederick Doug la*
literary axnociation of thia city, baa beM
appointed chairman of the eighth congressional
diatrict by X. B. Clark, esq.. of Newport Mewm,
Va., chairman of the autx'ommittae of arraaga
menta for Virgima, and baa been authorized to
call the colored people of tbe eighth diatrict
together for tbe purpose of electing two dele
gates to represent tliat diatrict iu the national
colored convention to see. mbl* at Washington.
I). C.. March 6. 1*89. Editor Robinson states
that it will be an important gathering, and that
every atate in the Union will be repreaented
Ho also aaya that the National Colored Preaa
association will assemble alao at Washington
on the 5th of March next. He ia a member of
the national executive committee of the preaa
convention, and predicts that theae two con
ventions will be tbe moat brilliant and abia
gathering of colored men ever assembled ia
thu country. Mr. Robinson will in a few day*
issue a call for a mass convention of tba eighth
district, to meet in this city on the 22d of Feb
ruary to elect delegatee.
Ke*t to tbk Guano Jr*T.?The mayor thia
morning sent on to the grand Jury the caae at
Chas. Thomas or Tboms. colored" arrested by
Officer Henry, charged with stealing brass trom
the Midland shops.
Rr.rrxr Roman*.? Between 6 and 8 o'clock
Saturday night a tweak thief entered tbe house
of Representative Breckinridge, of Kentucky,
by climbing through tbe back parlor window,
and carried off two overcoat*. Saturday af
ternoon. while Miss Fannie Caseell. of No. 1732
10th street, was passing the corner of Mb and
French street* a colored boy snstched from
her hnnd a satchel containing ?2.40, and
escaped. Saturday night thieves visited the
houtte of Antonia Liiigui. No. 1UW4 E street, and
carried off a box of orauges, bunch of ltananaa
and hslf bu?hel of apples. A sneak thief en
tered the hallway at the residence of Chaa. E.
Roberts Saturday night, and stole an overcoat
and two hats.
The CoBvltisI Kestoi atlve
After fatigue appear* to be "Mumn's Extra Dry
Champagne." H. R. H. and the hunting author
ities of England adopt it after deer-?telkiaf,
while Gladstone and Bismarck use it after
speaking. The new vintage of 1884 of Mnmm'a
Extra Iiry evidently surprise* bon vivanta, aa it
has connoisseurs.
Rr88ELU-MARR Waabin*ton. D C . Janoary ?.
ls*!t, at the Metroi-olitan Church. ?y Rev. l?eunra H.
Corey. WM H RVSnLLL. i>f Baltimore, U> JOSE
PHINE V. MAKE, of this city. ?
BATTFVFIELD. Suddenly no January ?, 18KB.
FKKDER1CK W. BATTENIIELD, ajrod fifty-two
May he rest in peace.
Funeral from Ida late residence, 1 00# R street north
asat, on Tuesday, January K at 8 o'clock p.ui *
CORNWELL <>n January ?, 1KXH. at 11 o'clock ?,
m.. JAMES FRANKLIN tDKnVk.IX. beloved son of
Newt' in and Jans Cornwall. a*nd two yeai
Another little lamV> is irons
To dwell with Him who rave;
Another little darliuv babe
Is sheltered in tbe grave.
God needed one more angel child
Amidst HI* abiniwr land.
And ao H- bent with lovinjr amilf
And clasped our darling's hand
Br His *?>
Funeral on Tuesday, January Ka(ii> clock pa,
from hm parenta' r*sid<ti< ?*, (J? S street southeast.
Frieuds and relatives are Invited to atteud *
COST. On January 7. 188B. at 6 a.in., after a long
ill new*, winch he hurt- with Christian fortitude. Kl llt
KICK COST, the U-loied hushand <if Mary K. Coat.
Kuueral from hi* late residence. >io. 304Z M street.
West >Aaahinrton. Wedneaday, January W at :<? -lock
p.m. Intermeut at Oak Hill Relatlvea and i.ieoAs
are reapei tfull) invited to attend fss4ertuk and
Hstreratown |?|<er* pleaae copy. S*
FISHEK. On Sunday. Jsnusrr? 1H??. at 9 30 a.
m., JACOB B.. aon of the late John U. and harsh A.
Fi?her, of New \orkcity.
Notice of fuueral hereafter. *
FITZQF.RAI.P. On Monday morninr, Jsnuary 7,
IhMi, after A o'clock Mr*. MARY FIT ?; Eh ALIi* na
tive of Ahbay-J-eaile. count} of Limenrk, Ireland. M
the reaidenn <>f her aon-in-Iaw H. W Lio)d.lall lMk
street nortbwfat.ag'-d eiirhty-Cva y**r>
Futo-ral at S ;M.i wedneaday, to proceed to the Im
msculate Conoeptionchurch. Maas at U oVsiock. ?*
HAUERTY Ou Saturday, Januarj 5. 1 HUB, at 4 p.
m. at the reaid<-n<? of his uncla. Cot tare hill north
east. XVI i 1.1AM T. HAOERTT.
Funeral at 2 30 p m Monday, 7th inat. ?
K AKH On Monday. January 7. 1 HHP, OEOROK
RAYMOND, son of William J and Annie E tarr,arsd
four month* and twenty-five days
Funeral from hi* late residence^ B14 26th stiaat
northweat, on Tueadaj. January H, at 2 o'clock p. tn
Helativea and lrienda are res|?ctfully invited to at
tend *
M< NAMEE Died. January the tith, 18KB, PATRICK
M< N AM EE. the beloved huslwnd of llri.lir, i McNa
mee. ured *iity-five years, a native of the County Ty
rone. Ireland.
The fuueral will take place from his late residence,
Eleventh snd G street* northHasl, lueada), January
the Kth. 18HH, at 8 o'clock p. tn.
(Philadelphia i>a|>era please copy ] *
MITCHELL. Died. January 1K8B, BRAVTOjrM.
infant sou of Johu A. and Mollie E. Mitchell. w?d one
month and aeveuteen data.
Kuueral takes place from hi* parents' realdenoa,
1004V* I *tre.-t aout beast. Monday, at 7 o'clock p in.
[Baltimore Sun pleaae copv.) *
Thl MAN Died January ?.l 88B. st her roahkoc*.
120 5th street southeast. MRS TRl'MAN, ?sd
ninety one years
Kuueral will take place Tuesday at 3 o'clock.at Eben
eser M E. church. 1 nenda and relatives are Uitlted
to attend *
TI CKER. On Janusir 7, 1K8R st 1 4? o'clock a.
m.. ELSIE ROSE TI CK I II. youn?reat daughter at
Silas S snd LiUie &. Tucker, s#r*d eirhtesn month*
and fifteen daya.
Funeral from her parent*'reaidence. 1218 C street
south* eat, Tuesday evening. Jai.usry 8, at 3 o'clock.
Friend" and relatives are invited to attend. *
WILLIAMS On January 6. 1KKB. at 116&a. m..
CHARLKS K. WILLIAMS, infant aon of Jamas K. and
Mamne Williams, atred three mouth* and eiffht days.
Funersl from 1213 C street m.uthest, Tuesday al t
p. m. Interment at Mount Olivet. *
IIorsford's Acid Phokphatt.
1' ears' Soap.
P EAB8* Soap.
Pears- Soap.
Pair \^hite Qasm
S?FT H m-Tiya gra.
?The Great English Ccn.plexioB Bnsp
srs nf IkiiiImm >
Painless. Effkctcai*
Beech am-8 Pills.
Beech am-s Pills
tEAT iNGUsH^MEZtl^iK1^
Sold by all
Drugaista Price tic. par Box.
THOS BEECH AM, St Helsu's.
Pared only by THOS BEECH AM, St.
caahire, Eng. B. t. ALLEN * CO* I
t 8.. 906 and 307 Canal st. I. T_ (who
inst doss not keep tbssn) will mil
PILLS on recall* of pi las, bat inqntvs
ntiou thia paper.)
Gnrar Sctt* Scoured
Costs, (0e.; Pan ta. 85c ; ?as**, f#o.
Rniainng done In bset manner. (MsllMfSrs
ueliversa I?^buu* caU 143-2
au2-tin 1229 3 2d sC Wsat ? ssh&rwa_

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