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A Good li
enUy ON Aywr*s ?areaparllla. Tkie poWilli
attentive effecte la tha sy?te? a cjiun mat
?mm UtUe abort ef miraculous. Ko medlC-ia
Gtve It ? trial.
"It Mty eoe snfferinr from itoxtl deMMty.
want of appetite. iepreadou of spirit* and las
si tods, will ut AyeCs Sareeperllla, I am confi
dent a rata will milt. tor I have ossd It. aad
apeak ?r m experience. It M by fa* tba baat
Mwly I rrar kaaw.*-*. a Loriag. tavkton.
attsi safsaparilla.
Prepared by Dr. J. C Ayer M Co.. UwH Hsaa
Sold by all Drmiwtat*. Mca. ?1 ?ii bottles. ?5.
Tax Genuine
la tba
and moat
trn Im pared Digestion. Dyspereia, Cunvaleecence
Wank Chi id ran, and tieceral Debility.
IT suderiLtf frotu bu ?itacJt ol Iuucm wiiicu umq Dot
vnly reduced u.) strength. Wit brought on eiireiue
a iliausUon. Iroui iu*ouity to ap|
tiie efiects ot Uiu lienmus Joluuiu Hod a Mall Extract,
a ?lutfia?niJ inraa iimt* * *!*>'? lie use wee followed
to22OTfiect?l. ? ood. which bad heretolorebeeu
lound to peas una alimenwrycenai
I ivi ?*rl> There epyearedsn increased power of
evolviu* snimai best sud storing up tat
Rawareoiinauu.ua Tba genuine hsa the slgna
tur% ol JuLauu H?>0" Uia umck ul every buttle. All
?*tber? ika-v "* orUii?* laiiUUoiii. v v rw
JoMA > > HOlTf. Berlin aud V ton a* >aw Tort Of
tea, to Barclay at. jaJ-tu.tbto
Torturing Skin Diseases Cubed
I araa aflllu'tvd with Ecaema ou the Scalp. Fare, Eari
and uatk. which the druggiet, where I Itot your reme
dies. inaNMld oua of tba worat caaaa tbat bad coma
und> r bis notice. He adviaed me to try your CUTI
1.1KA REMEDIES. and after five daye' uaa my scalp
and tart ol my lace were anfaraly cured. aud I bo pa in
an.tuer wnk to have my ears, nock and tbe otbar part
ol my lace cured. hum is SLAXiH.
1'_'0 E. 4 th street. Maw Tork.
Some five months ago I bad tba pleasure to tafonn
you of my improvement In tbe use of tbe ClITlCUaA
REMEDIES in my caae of eevere Cbronic Ecaema
Erythematosa, and to-day cheerfully confirm all I
then said I consider my cure lertact and complete,
aud attribute it entirely to yon* remedlee, having uaad
iirt nthjra
feknan escebohardo.
3300 Penua. Avenue, St. Louis, Ma.
Hanu used your CUT1CCBA REMEPI1W Jfor
eiguteeu montba lor Tetter, .and finally cured it, 1 am
Uiiiooa to get It to sell ou commission. I can reeom
aieud it beyond any remedies I have eeer used lor TsW
ier, bursa. Cuts. Ac. lu fact. It la tba beat medicine
Myrke. iuaa.
l>ni"o .\M) tbh-wicaVLCU.. turn*. Seudlur
"huw to cure .-.Jun I'ftoJ?
Hili Ltb, bUi kheiui*. chopped mod oily tkia pr#
Teiited by tl llC'bltA Mii^UlCAllui) bOAP.
I |
Decreasing The Death Rate.
The mortality amour Consumptives has been mate
rially decreased of lata years by many excellent pul
monics. Foreinoet amouy tbese la SCOTT'S EMUL
SION of Cod Liver OB with Hypopboapbitea of Lima
and Soda. Phthisis, Bronchitis, Abceaa ol tbe Lunga.
Pneumonia, Waakneaa and aorausaaof the Cbeet are
aomr lately aubjo*ated by a timely resort to tba suc
cessful combination of highly purified cod liver oil
with the salts named which are tbemselvse among tua
ftnest r?parativea of exbaus-ed energy. Sot only Long
and Brouchiai troubles, but Rheumatism, General De
bility, the Wasting away of Children and Adults, Scro
fula and Lumbar Ahceaeea and Feebleueee are removed
by Uiih standard preparation. For Anaemia and all I
Ituweriabcd condiiions of tbe blood, it is the beat
poasibL- remedy, and alnce tbe flavor of Cod Liver OU j
la nullified m it. children and delicate lady invalida ex
gjermiMX no repuifnance in taking it. d3
win-, taking carter's Little Liver Pilla. they are j
v. r> a.i?11. uo i?l erfecta. all troublea lrom torpid ,
liver urt relieved by tucir u?m?. i
A II-' Fia O.N- Thml j
V,. ?? -u s man loam at toe luouth Ir-'i" aeeui
U ?1> uncontrollable ?u>er and .ienoui?:e in .lilainoua
li.dividual wUo nad offeud?*l blui.
? iiave ??u tbe object of his fierce ilivectives sud
S-n" awe." on th? ??ne and tbe Uustenng bully
Bi.ut awjsjr lit* ? car.
Fuob: *?> ? oiw. tbal it bnman nature.
Hip? ii4?turv it may b? -butMvUldmilUM.
iuosf wao bowl tb? loude#t miid iM-n-cBt ?r?, M ?
rule. NOT the proi*r people to nn your faltlj to; m
U.e hour of your greatest need they wul be found
ai.d insaruarb as you are warned to "put not your faith
lii i-nn. es it would be well to remember that. In the
n. iVtv.. ol lcataacea. -elf intereat u tbe pruue mover
of Luuian aSaira, and tboae who promiae you the earth
ai d the fii.u-xa tUereol lor a email consideration,
haveu t the poa.T to redeem that proiniae?neuce their
purpose ia maniteat . ..
?e are no valuta, simply a apeck in the business
* rid cjudnctii.* our buaineas in a modeat. atraigiit
forward ? rtoia way?a way wliicb, we hope, will com
mend iljell to
K t "makln? liaate to be rich," <1eM>i?lnir trickery as
ma. li w tr- s. tiery, autl aliould feel tbat our manhood
were h peie.-sl> .leirradesl 11 we resorted toeitl.erin
the lurtbrnuM-r ol toy ft ItoiM* however ifrtst the re
S\ r ?aut u ? < Iit.ieure of the t?ople?along with it
t> e ,.?tr> ia'e ol the je?'ple-and ?ball use all bom-r
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E I. HAHN. 7u5 Mb St. n. w?
ULJ V-M aad St.. ? sst * astamrton.
-Bv a thoroTirli knowledge of the natural law* whh-h
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y a careful appluation of tba fineproMrUssof well
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ETC. HI* D1?A?
Two PuMD(en who Interfered Shot by
the Robber*, One Dying Instantly.
Dclano, Cal.. Feb. 23.?Aa fa-sin No. 17 left
Pixlsy last evening Ave men boarded it. Two
went on the engine and covered tbe engineer
and fireman with revolver*. When about 2
mile* from the station tbe train was brought to
a ?top and the other three men entered the
expreaa car and ordered the messenger to open
the box, covering him with revolver*. Dyna
mite bomb# were exploded under the car
and during the excitement several passengers
ran toward the front. Two of them were shot.
E. 8. Bentley, of Modesto, wa? probably fatally
wounded, and Charle* Gabert, of l'oso, was in
stantly killed. The train run back to Fixley,
where the new* was left. The passenger
coaches were not molested.
Another account state* that two men were
concerned in the robbery, and that while one
remained on the engine the other made his
way to the express car, and by exploding
bombs under the car so frightened tne mes
sengers that they speedily opened the door*.
Bentley, who was probably fatally wounded, is
deputy constable nere. 'lhe amount secured
by the robber* i* unknown. A posse will
pur*ue them from here.
Dakota* Jubilation Borders on In
St Pact., Feb. 23.-The new* of the
signing by the President of the bill
making four new state* was received in
Minnesota with quiet satisfaction. and
a telegram from Helena states that all
Montana is celebrating, but Dakota is really
beside itself with delight. From every hamlet
large enough to have a telegraph office come*
dispatches expressive of s state of jubilation
bordering on insanity. _
He Says He Is Likely to Go on Practic
ing Law as Usual.
Keokuk, Iowa, Feb. 23.?Gen. J.W. Noble, of
St. Louis, who is here on business, was asked
yesterday: "What can you tell me about your
appointment, General?"
??Well," was the answer, "a great many peo
ple think there is something In it, but there i*
nothing in it. President Harrison invited me
to call on him and I called, but I am likely to
go on practioing law the same as usual."
Blowing a Hurricane and tbe Mercury
Away Below Zero.
Isepbmino, Mich., Feb. 23.?The worst storm
of the season and one of the most severe ever
known is now raging over the entire
upper peninsula. Little mow has fallen,
but tbe wind has reached a velocity
of 50 miles an hour, and the teni
perature ha* ranged from 25 to 35
degrees below zero. It is now 35 degree* be
low and (till fulling. The railroads are all
blockaded and the country roads are impassa
Tobosto, Feb. 23.?The weather is very cold
throughout Canada to-day. In the Ottawa dis
trict the thermometer registers 32 degrees.be
low zero.
What the "Pall 3Iall Gazette" Says of
tbe Disgraced Witness.
Losdox, Feb. 23.?The Pali Mall Gazette,
which on the 16th instant said, in com
menting on the proceedings of the Par
nell commission, that if Pigott was the
Apostle Paul his solitary word might suffice
to sustain the charges uis.le by the Tin??*
against the Parnellite members of the house
o? commons, in it* issue to-day says: "Pigott
has not been an Apostle Paul. The dismay in
Downing street must be only a degree
less than that which prevails In the Timet of
fice. There is not a tory to-day who is not
feeling heartsick at the evidence of the wit
; ness on whose veracity and unimpeachable
reputation the Tmitt' case absolutely rested."
Stevens Reaches Zanzibar.
ZoiZiBAB. Feb. '23.? Mr. Stevens, who is going
on a mission to the interior of Africa, in the
interests of the New York World, has arrived
Taken from the Ofllcers and Lynched.
FAT* or THE nboro who attempted to assault
Pobt Gibso*. Miss., Feb. 23.?A squad of
men from Vicksburg came here Thursday night
Ycsterdav they boarded a southbound train
and, flourishing their pistols, took Wesley
Thomas, colored, from the deputy sheriffs, who
were conveying him to Natchez for safe keep
ing. After getting possession of the prisoner
tbe squad started with him in the direction of
Vickabury and, it is understood, lynched him
on the edge of Big Black swamp. Ibomas had
attempted to outrage a young lady in Vicks
. The New York Stock Market.
Tfce following are the opening And closing price* of
I the Sew York Stock Market, as reported by apccial
? wire toCumu and Macartney. 14IMFstreet.
Sunt. ' O. I C. Jiame. ' O.
I C..B~i U .... H>l?i fan. South.... ">4'. 54*
i Un. hu A-'H '>~H N.J. Ceii Siti1* i ?u
?>n. Pac 3.-.J* 3.1* S * W., prof. fi2 ;
C ftO SOil SOV4 Northwest 107 10?>K
Cou.tt*s. 8-H S3 . Nor. Pac St>H H
1>.. J., ft W 141Vjl4i'. Do-pref U-i*. liy
1) * H. Canal. 13tl? 13HJ4 Out. ft West'n
Dftkiotir... lti ? 10. Ore.Trans?
Do.prei ? 4:'4 4 S IV. Mad
Erie 2!?*. 20-. Peo . l> ft Ev..
Hocking Val 2?H ?-'04 Heading.
Ill Ceu 10S?? lot) hu ll 'lVr ~- rm
Kan. ft Tex... 13H 13Hock Island.. W7 ;
Lake Shore H)4 H>4?; St. Hull C.J', ?:>
Louis S Nasli W. Do. pref . . MS
Manhattan... Oh StP.M ftM""" "
Mo. Par. '.1H, 71* Te* iPac ...
Mich Cen IK) I 00 Union Pac?
N. Y. Ceu 1<>!? lo:? Wabash
N V. ftN.E.. 4s^, 4H l>o., ore? ...
AU'li 53K Wost. LUion ..
l'H 17H
33 | aa.
38 I :(N
s?;h st>M
4S\ 4 1 'a
2?\ 2t:*
10:1 10.1
2I'? 21'<
?i4? ?4 .
Vi . 13 .
2; , 27
Au-li 53*.,
KkU Id. 3S3J
Baltimore Markets.
BALTIMORE. Keb. 23. ? Cotton firm?mid
dling, 10'.. flour. Arm, at unchanged prices.
I W heat ? southern. fairly active ami steady
' 1'ultz, 10.1a 1 10. Longberry. 107alll; western,dull
but steady. No. 1 winter red, spot, ?5\aiMS;
March. U6\a?.V, May, i<sa;?V Corn?southern,
active, but ea*i?r; white, 41a43; yellow, 40s4l:
western, steady: mixed spot. 3r,a40; March,
40',a40!i; April 40.a411<: May, 41V*41'.;
1 steamer, spot. a:tli^ Oats. scarce and tlnn
?southern and Pennsylvania, :tla.J4; western
white, 32a34M; wsstern mixed, 2Ua31; irraded No.
2 white. 33\. Kye, quiet and steady. i?Ja.Vt.
Hay. weak?prime U> choice timothy, 1B.00. I'ro
risions. quiet and steady. Kffffs, tlrm, 14al4>,.
Petroleum, steady?rehned, 7.O0. CoBee, strong
?Kio oargoes fair. 17?U. Sugar?copper rellne<l,
unchautred. l.'i'4alA. W hlsky, firm. 111. Freights
to Liverpool per steamer, quiet and abont steady
?cotton. 43 cents per 100 pouu<la; grain, pei
bushel, ,r>a.i vd. Cork for orders, .~M.<ti>at{d. Sales
?wheat, 10.000 bushels; corn. 17.000 bushels.
BALTIMORE. Feb. 23. ? Virginia eonsoL-, 40;
do. ten-fortlee. 351,; do. threes. U5; Baltimore and
Ohio stock, UO; Cincinnati, Washington and Balti
more firsts. 95\; do. seconds. M; do. threes, 26^;
consolidated gas bonds. 110%; do. stock. 44V
Likely to Rest In the House Committee
on Foreign Affairs.
The coorse'fcf the Edmunds' PaD&ma resolu
tion since it passed the Senate has been s little
oat of the ordinary run of business.
When first called up in the House committee on
foreign affairs, a subcommittee made a unani
mous report in favor of its passage, and as Mr.
Bussell, of Massachusetts, was the only member
who openly opposed the measure, there was
every indication that it would be speedily
reported and passed by the House. A favor
i able report was made, iu fact, but the resolu
' tio# was recommttkd in order to allow
Mr. hussell to eiplain more in detail
1 his reasons for opposing it. Then it
transpired that Mr. Norwood, of Georgia,
I wished to make a minority report against the
. resolution, and he Joined forces with Mr. Rus
sell in preparing the document It was a very
long argument upou the subject, and
' the treatment was so able, that when
completed, the report was signed bv
Messrs. Hooker. Cathran. and Rayner in ad
dition to Messrs. Norwood and Russell. Here
were live of the seven democratic member*
of the committee arrayed against chairman Mc
Crearv's report, which represented the views of
the majority owing to the adherence of the re
publican member* of the committee. It is now
understood that the chairman is reluctant to
press the matter, and widen the gap between
himself and bis democratic colleagues on the
oommittee, taking the ground that the
immediate necessity lor the passage of tbe
resolution has disappeared, as a result of
recent events in France, so it is conjectured,
and that the matter will nbt coats again before
tits House dari&g this session.
[Continvtdfrom ftrtt pape.J
of respect to the memory of the lata James N.
Burnes, of MiaaourL.
Under the order mad* yesterday. the Speaker
was proceeding to recognize member* to call
up measures by unanimous consent; but
was abroad, and Mr. Bland, of Missouri, sub
mitted a motion for a recess for thirty minutes.
Mr. Oear (Iowa) raised the point of order
that the true intent of the special order waa
that no dilatory motions should be admitted.
The Speaker* however, received the motion,
and the tellers took their places and patiently '
awaited the appearance of a quorum.
Mr. Bayers (Tex.) asked consent that the
special order be set aside so as to enable the
llouse to proceed with the consideration of the i
deficiency bill; but Mr. Buchanan (N. J.) ob
jected. remarking that all the ceremonies
should be adhered to.
Then Mr. Burrows fMich.). saying that it was
perfectly apparent that no business could be
transacted under the special order between the
hours of 10 and 11, asked uuanimous^onsent to
modify that order so that it would merely pro
vide for the meeting of the House at 10 o'clock.
To this request Mr. Bland objected.
The tellers retained their places until 11
o'clock, when Mr. Bland withdrew his motion
for a recess.
Un motion of Mr. Peel (Ark.), the Senate bill
was passed to ratify and confirm an agreement
with the Creek nation of Indians for the pur
pose of opening to settlement the unas<ngned
lands in the Indian territory ceded by the
Creeks to the United States.
On motion of Mr. Cox, of New York, the
Senate amendments were concurred in to the
House bill for the taking of the eleventh
census. [The principal amendments are those
extending the scope of the inquiry as to the
number of soldiors and sailors and their widows,
and to provide further for ascertaining the
number of negroes, muUttoes, quadroons, and
octaroons. and for ascertaining the recorded
indebtedness of private corporations and indi
viduals. J
The House then went into committee of the
whole (Mr. Dockery, of Missouri, in the
chair) on the deficiency appropriation bilL
On motion of Mr. Herbert (Ala.), an amend
ment was adopted appropriating $150,000 to
supply a deficiency in the appropriation for the
bureau of construction and repair of the navy.
Mr. Bingham (Pa.) offerea an amendment,
appropriating $2,100 to reimburse Mrs. A. R.
Hancock for monies expended by Gen. Han
cock in entertaining the Yorktown visitors.
Mr. Cheadle (Ind.) moved to amend the
amendment by providing that none of the ap
propriation shall be used to reimburse Mrs.
Hancock for monies expended for wine* or
liquors. Lost
Mr. Binghain'a amendment was adopted.
The House bill for the relief of Alexander
Motfatt has been reported from the committee
on claims, with ameudnieuts. The claim is for
the use and occupation of the premises known
as the National race course, in this District,
from July 12, 1864, to June 12, 1865, by the
United States. The House bill appropriated
$12,142.9*-. the Senate amendment reduces the
sum to $4,773.80.
Senator Faulkner yesterday reported, without
amendment, the bill authorizing the Secretary
of War to make a survey, plan and estimate of
the cost of constructing a bridge across the
eastern branch from the foot of South Capitol
street. The bill appropriates $85,000.
Senator Hampton yesterday reported from the
military affairs committee a proposed amend
ment to the army bill appropriating $35,000 for
the construction of a counterpoise battery to
mount one six-inch breech-louding rifled can
non on the bank of the Potomac below Wash
After The Star report closed yesterday
afternoon the Senate continued its considera
tion of the sundry civil bill, and Mr. Daniel's
amendment providing for the preparation of a
pedestal and site for a statue to Gen. Winfield
k a,nd ?Ppr?priating therefor
*40,000 was agreed to and the bill was passed.
1 he agric ultural appropriation bil 1 was then then
up and passed. Mr. Hoar secured unanimous
consent that during the remainder of the ses
sion members and delegates-elect of the House
be admitted to the privileges of the floor of the
senate. A committee of conference was ordered
on the disagreeing votes of the two houses on
the Senate bill granting a pension to Mrs. Irene
Itucker Sheridan.
The fifty-third open meeting of the Congress
ional temperance society will be held at the
Lutheran Memorial church at 7:30 to-morrow
evening. Speeches will be made by Governor
Long, Senator Frye and others.
Severe on the District Attorney.
The long controversy between the people of
South Washington and the Baltimore and Po
tomac Railroad company is known to every
body. As stated heretofore in The Star, they
have entered a protest Against the illegal occu
pancy of H street southeast by the railroad
company. The matter was, as "stated a few
days ago, referred to Attorney Biddle for re
port. In passing upon the case he said that
the people of South Washington had been re
peatedly notified that if auv reputable m?n
would tome forward and make affidavit that
the street was illegally occupied he would take
action against the company. Messrs. Dwver
and Parker, in a letter to the Com
missioners to-day npon the question, *av:
??Referring to our communication relative to
the obstruction of H street southeast by the
Baltimore and Potomac railroad company we
wish to call your attention to the opinion of
I the District attorney. We cannot but acknowl
| edge that it was devoid of all decency; in fact
I it was of an insulting nature, and transgressed
all rules governing official correspondence, and
we think the official deserves a severe repri
mand for using his official position to reflect
upon the citizens of South Washington By
reference to your official records you will find
that the District attorney has been instructed
to enter suit against the gas companv of
Georgetown for a violation of District laws
We wish to ask the question. Will he require
in this instance, some reputable man to come
forward present himself, and make affidavit?
If not. why does he not enter suit against the
railroad company, when, as we understand, he
has in an official opinion stated that all tracks
laid without the sanction of Congress are in
violation of the United State* statutes?
"Very respectfully,
"'?Chas. H. Parker,
''Philip N. Dwiu."
Real Estate Matters.
Mr. George Trnesdell, the owner of the
subdivision of Eckington, haa recently made
the following salea of lots in that aubdiviaion:
Lot at the northeast corner of 2d and 8 gtreeta,
64x100 feet, and lot at the southeast corner of
3d and Randolph streets, 50x114 feet, to Percy
E. Clarke, for $5,789.70; two lota at northeaat
corner of 2d and Randolph streeta. 60x114 feet
each, to Rufus L. B. Clarke, for #5,300; fifteen
lots in different locations to Jas. a Wimer, rep
resenting a syndicate, for $28,083.27; two lots
50x100 feet, on the north side of T *treet, east
of 6th street, to Fred H. Sauudera, for $2,000
lot, 50x114. on the east aide 3d street, between
8 and Seaton streeta, to Grenville Lewis, for
Duncanson Brothers, auctioneers, have sold
at public sale part of lot 9. in Wright * Cox's
subdivision of Mount Pleasant, to Campbell
Carrington, for $200; two-story brick house, 2251
8th street northwest, to D. Fitzgerald, for
$1,330; two-story brick house on lot, 63x186
on N street, near l*t street northwest, to S j'
Block, for $1,200.
Joseph Burden has bought for $7,500 of G. B.
Towles. sub. 98 to 98. sq. 657, 72x54 feet to alley,
between Pierce, M and 1st streeta and New
Jersey avenue northwest.
Hugh M. D. Marten has bonght of Ella H
Pnngle for <4,146.10, pt. S's sub. Mt. Pleasant]
For the Parnell Defense Fund.
Thk Star has received the following for the
Paruell defense fund: B. J. Coyle, $60; E. A.
McGurk, $10; Henry Murray, $5.
Marriaoe Licenses.?Marriage licenses have
been issued by the clerk of the court to Albert
James and Mary E. Burrell; Wm. Burke and
Annie Thomas; Jas. M. Johnson and Mary Rob
inson, both of Montgomery county, Md.
.. of Officers.?The stockholders of
u?e Arlington lire insurance company of this
city to-day elected directors for the ensuing
I follows: Walter S. Cox, Wm. Gait, Wm
w ^ Edmonston, J. W. H. Love joy,
. w? giy**0*' ' U Moor*' & x. Brown,
Two Stomp Books, Representing Sev
eral Thousand Dollars, Mh1b|.
txzt warns skxt st mistxis to tn ruw
scao ooLLMToa's omcs ud un nn
In examining the vaults of the (tamp divis
ion of th? internal revenue bureau, Treasury
department, laat Tuesday afternoon st the
close of business it wss discovered that
two 10-ponnd tobacco stamp books wsrs
missing, representing a rnlue of several
thousand dollars. Investigation showed that
their absence from the vault was due to s mis
take whereby two tobacco books had been sent
to the collec tor of internal revenue at Pittsburg
instead of two mull books, for which he had
made a requisition. He was immediately
telegraphed and replied that he had received
the two books, which he returned.
The incident has given rise to a rather sen
sational story, to the t ffect that a thief had suc
ceeded in carrying off #4,000 worth of stamps
from ths Treasury.
A Pistol Leveled at a Detective's Head
by a Man He Tried to Arrest.
Detectives Carter and Mahon were standing
in front of the National hotel about 10 o'clock
last night when a young man named James
Rooney claimed their protection, saying three
men were after him, as he believed, to shoot
him. The officers went over to the Metropolis
tan hotel, where the three men complained of
were standing on the sidewalk. When the de
tectives approached one of the three, ffrnS.
Warwick, went into the hotel. Ths others?
Arthur F. Kirby and A. B. Tompkins?were ar
rested by Detective Carter, while Detective
Mahon followed Warwick into the bar-room.
He was standing in front of the bar. The offi
cer approached nim and said, "I want you."
"Wait till I get a drink," said Warwick.
Then he turned toward the bar, but instead of
calling for a drink he drew s revolver and.
pointing it directly toward the detective, said:
"Now, take me if you can." The offioer made
a lunge at Warwick to get the weapon from
him. Then there was a general scramble for
the front door by those in the saloon, who ex
pected every moment to see some one killed.
Warwick managed to escape, and planting
himself in the doorway leading to tne office
he again leveled bis weapon at the
detective. When the officer made another at
tempt to catch Warwick the latter ran out of
the door and along the avenue. At 6th street
he turned and started for the corner of C street
at the National hotoL Detective Mahon drew
his pistol as he was in pursuit of the fugitive,
and when he turned the corner of 6th street he
tired one shot without effect. A second shot
was fired, but like the first, it did not take ef
fect. Detective Wheeler, who was coming
down 6th street in front of the living bul
lets, captured the fugitive and turned
hitn over to Detective Mahon. who es
corted him to the first precinct station, where
he was released on $50 collateral. The weapon
was not found ou him, and it is thought that he
passed it to some friend. His companions
were released on t'^0 collateral each. This
morning in the Police Court Tompkins and
Kirby were chargcd with threats toward
Rooney, and Warwick was charged with carry
ing concealed weapons and assaulting an officer.
The cases went over until Tuesday.
How They Celebrated George Washing
ton's Birthday.
The Capital bicycle club held its usual patri
otic celebration last night. It took the form
of what was called by the amusement commit
tee "a peanut barbecue," the program com
prising also a burlesque representation of
! the forthcoming inaugural ceremonies.
As customary each member of the club brought
with him a book as a contribution to the
library. The club was out a bushel or so of
peanuts, a barrel of apples and a couple of
kegs of cider by the entertainment, but
to more than balance this was a tempting
array of new books. Many friends of the club
men came in as guests to witness the inaugural
pageant, to sip club cider, eat club peanuts,
and smoke club pipes. The inaugural parade
passed twice around the large reception
room before coming to rest before the
platform, representing the east portico of the
capitoL The procession was under the cotn
mund of Grand Marshal Maj. Gen. Beaver,
personated by Mr. Allen. The order was as
follows: Platoon of mounted police, repre
sented by Dr. Rchooley; Prof. Susie,
personated by Mr. Burnett, and the
full Marine band. comprising the
famous kazoo-plavers of the club; the Penn
sylvania militia. 10.000 strong, repiesented by
Mr. Forney, who formed the body-guard to the
l'rcsidcnt-elect. Then came the following: Pres
ident Cleveland, personated by Mr. Wentworth;
the President-elect, by Mr. T. P. Borden; CoL
Lament, bv Mr. Learning; Mr. Thurman, by
Mr. Low; "Mr. Morton, bv Mr. Wilson; Mr.
Blaine, by Mr. Seely; and the Chief Justice, by
Mr. Godwin. Following were a number of
members of the club whose faces
were concealed representing the veiled
cabinet, others representing a committee of
the United States Senators. At the end of the
procession came the "Society of Advanced
Thought," comprising Belva Lockwood, per
sonated by Mr. J. McK. Borden, and Susan B.
Anthony, by Mr. Bacon, and the G. A. B., re
presented by Mr. Dodge.
Among the group of Senators, one that at
tracted especial notice for his unique costume
and wild, woolly appearance was the now Sena
tor from Dakota, who was presented by Dr.
Lane. The ceremonies st the east portico were
carried out with due solemnity. President
Cleveland was sworn "into the soup," and the
the President-elect and Vice-President duly
took the oath and made speeches. At least
the President-elect essayed to make a speech,
but Mr. Seely. who was costumed as a plumed
Knight insisted on making the speech for him.
A reference to George Washington brought out
a quick response from Greenough's statue,
which was then discovered in winter quar
ters behind a screen. The screen was
removed and the statue represented with
much fidelity both as to attitude and as to
scarcity of clothing by Mr. Dyrenforth.took part
in the subsequent proceedings. There was
much good natured fun about the performance.
War Department Changes.
Willard G. Steward, of Louisiana, clerk,
$1,000, surgeon-general's office, resigned to
take offect March 5; Haroid E. Hilton, pro
moted from clerk $tH>0 to $1,000, signal office;
Fannie N. Hepburn, promoted from copyist
and typewriter, #840, to clerk #900, signal office;
Eleanor Wood, promoted from copyist $720 to
copyist and type-writer #840. signal office;
Eui'th C. Nixon, promoted from copyist #600 to
?720. signal office. Emma M. Mulligan, pro
moted from copyist 4600, to copyist and type
writer #720, signal office; Carrie M. Cooke, pro
moted copyist $480 to $600. signal office!
Minerva Mi Parman, promoted from copyist,
$4S0 to $600. signal office; Alice T. Hercus.
promoted from copyist $730 to copyist and
typewriter $840, signal office; Ella M.
Jacobs, promoted from copyist, #600 to
#720, signal office; M. Emmet Well,
transferred and promoted from ' class
#1.000, adjutant-general's office, to class
1. Secretary of War's office; Max F. Eltrich, of
Washington territory, declined appointment as
class #1,000. office commisary-general of sub
sistence; Milford M. Jar vis. of Michigan, and
Henry Floyd, of Texas, permanently appointed
clerks, class $1,000, office surgeon-generaL
Alterations Will Not be Made Until
Gen. Harrison Reaches the City.
There is nothing new in the cabinet gossip
from Indianapolis save that from the fact that
law-partner Miller, who has been assigned to
the Attorney-Generalship, has intimated that
he will not be in Washington more than three
or four months, which leads to the belief that
Gen. Harrison has selected him for advioe is
the trying times of the early part of his ad
ministration, and when the matters have
quieted down some other man will take the
law department of the government and allow
Mr. Miller to return to his lucrative private
It is believed that Gen. Harrison has left the
Navy department and perhaps one other cabi
net office open so as to adjust things when he
fets to this city next week, and provide for a
acittc coast representative and for a New York
man if one can be agreed upon. The World
savs to-day that it is rumored that Gen. Har
rison has asked both Messrs. Miller and Piatt
to meet him in Washington for a conference
next week.
As to the charge that has been circulated to
some extent that Mr. Blaine has urged that
certain men be selected and that others should
not be considered, the Htrald correspondent says:
"Onegeutiemsn said to me to-nignt that Gen
eral Harrison told him yesterday that he had
not yet received a single intimation from Mr.
Blaine since the day of ths election, either by
telegraph, letter, or messenger, as to whom he
would ukt to see in the oaluast or oat ti it"
Ota. Hastings Man hailing His Forces
ob Paper.
or raoczssioH TO be ISSUED BtH.T HBXT
Chairman Britton. of the inauguration com
mittee. has received word from Indianapolis
that he will be notified of tbo departure of the
train bearing the party of the President-elect
from thia city and of the number of peraona in
the party, ilr. Britton will meet the Preai
dent-elect upon hia arrival here and aceorn
pany him to hia hotel. There will be no
demonstration or general reception upon Mr.
Harrison's arrival. Mr. Britton may be accom
panied by oae or two of hia colleague* on the
inaugural committee.
The grand marshal's headquarters, in s room
on the third floor of the Pacific building, was a
center of activity this morning. Maps of the
route were spread over tables. Oen. Hastings,
the grand marshal's chis> of staff, was there,
and he was busily eng iged in preparing the
material to be printed in the order
which will announce the full order of
the parade. Mr. Myron M. Parker, the mar
shal of the civic parade. Oen. Axline. Gov.
Foraker's chief of staff, and Mr. Edwin 8. Stu
art, of Philadelphia, marshal of the Pennsyl
vania brigade in the civic line, were in con
sultation with him. Many of the Washington
civic organizations that expect to parade had
not reported to-day, and thev may be left out
of the line. Gen. Hastings hoped to have the
whole list of organizations made oat, and all
the aids of all the various marshals named in
time to have the order promulgated Monday.
The Philadelphia Press to-day says: "The
City Troop, which has never attended an
inauguration except as the President's personal
escort, will not be in Washington on March 4.
This has been fully decided upon. A variety
of reasons are given, but the tact that General
Harrison has invited his old regiment to act as
his body guard, and thus relegated the Troop
to an inferior position in the event of its at
tendance at the inaugural ceremonies, is said
| to be the real reason.
Daring the itiaugur.i.ion busiuess the Balti
more and Potomac wdl use their depot exclu
sively for passenger trains from north and west
and through trains from the south. The local
trains from the south will use Maryland avenue
and 9th street (the freight depot) as the tem
porary terminus, and all trains with organiza
tions will also stop there. The road expect* to
handle a much larger number of passengers
than four years ago, notwithstanding the tact
that the Baltimore and Ohio has this year ad
ditional facilities for handling northern passen
Gen. Axline, who is Gov. Foraker's chief of
staff, and will serve as such in the inaugural
parade, will remain in the city until after the
inauguration. Gov. Foraker will be marshal
of the third division, comprising all the troops
outside of the regular soldiers, the district na
tional guard, and the Pennsylvania national
uard. Gen. Axline figured up to-day that this
ivision will number about 6,100 men. It will
comprise a number of famous organization*?
the New York seventh, the third Connecticut,
the eighth Massachusetts, the fifth Maryland,
the Baltimore Light Infantry, and others.
Mr. Louis D. Wine, chairman of the commit
tee on street decoration, stated to a Star re
porter to-day that Chief Clerk Youmans. of
the Treasury department, chairman of the sub
committee on the decoration of that building,
had reported to him that Capt. Peter lioun-tt
and Mr. E. O. Leech, to whom the prepara
tion and execution of the plan of deco
ration had been entrusted, had completed their
arrangements for the decoration of the Ireas
urv. The decorations of the Treasury build.ng
will be very beautiful aud far more extensive
than on any previous occasion. They will
embrace the" wrapping of the large pillars. 50
in number, with American flags, 12 feet by 7>^,
with cross flags 5 by 8 feet, each surmounted
by a large gilt star. Streamers of bunting will
be run along the base of the pillars and the
cornices of the building on the east, north and
south fronts, and in cach of the pediments at
the top of the north and south trontsandat the
northeast and southeast corners of the build
ing will be placed large shields, bearing the
coat-of-arms of the Treasury. 10>j Ov feet,
with radiating standards, six in each snield.
draped with American flags. Streamers of
wide bunting will be used in decorating the
porticos. It is expected that the effect will be
very besatifuL ?
Chairman Wine said to a Stab re
porter to-day that Dr. W.G. Duckett, chairman
of the sub-committee between 21st and 22d. on
Pennsvlvauia avenue, has reported that he had
personally called upon the residents of his dis
trict, and that the feeling in favor of decorat
ing on the 4th of March uext was universal. A
similar report was also received from Col.B. F.
Whiteside, who reported for Dr. A. P. Pardon,
chairman of the sub-committee from 18th to
21st street. Mr. Wine also said that the flags
placed in his hand' fur distribution by joint
resolution of Congress are now ready to be
given out to residents on Pennsylvania avenue,
from 1st to 22d st. He will be in his office on
Monday. 2oth inst., from 'J a.m. to 4 p.m..where
applications will have to be made in person by
parties desiring to borrow the same, and fur
nish satisfactory surety for the safe return
thereof. In no case will these flags be given
out without a satisfactory bond.
O. G. Staples, proprietor of Willard's hotel,
has given to Wm. Ottmann & Co., New York,
the largest butcher in the country, an order
for meats which takes three hundred bullocks
and five hundred sheep to make. This is the
largest single order the firm has ever received
in lorty years' business.
The executive committee has arranged to
have the Flambeau club drill on Pennsyl
vania avenue, between 7th and 10th streets.
Capt. S. H. Merrill has been appointed marshal
for the drill.
Gen. R. D. Mussey. of this city, has been
appointed to command the fifth brigade of the
civic division. This brigade will comprise
organizations from all the states, except Penn
sylvania, New Jersey. New York and Maryland.
* The Banner City club, the largest white re
publican club in Norfolk, Va., numbering 7i0
members, has arranged to take part in the in
augural parade.
Representative Honck received a telegram
from the legislature of Tennessee yesterday,
informing him that they would attend the in
auguration in a body. /
Work was begun to-day erecting the review
ing stand in front of the White House. This
stand was the one that once stood in Athletic
The Brigtitwood Railroad.
The Stab has heretofore referred to the pe
tition of the Farmer club, as well as the resi
dents and property-owners along 7th street
road, protesting against the placing of the
tracks of the Bright wood railroad in the
center of the road, as it would serioasly
interfere with the travel. The matter was
referred to Capt. Symons for his views. In
his report to the Commissioners he says:
??It is my opinion that when a road is as wi'de
as the 7th street road that the proper place for
a railroad track is in the center of the road
way. In the case of the 7th street road the
track can be put in the center of the roadway
and there will be space enough remaining for
wagons on each side of the track. I suppose
that the protest of the farmers against the oc
cupation of the center of the roadway by the
railroad track arises from the fact that the center
of the roadway is not occupied by the macadam
portion of the roadway, the sides being simply
graveled and not in as good condition to haul
over at all times as the center. The proper
treatment of this road, in my opinion, is to put
the track in the center of the roadway ana to
macadamize the roadway to its fall width, so
that there will be ample room for travel on
macadam roadway on each side of the railroad
Suit fob a Restraining Order.?The Wash
' ington and Georgetown railroad company, by
Mr. Enoch Tottau, to-day filed a bill acaintt the
District of Colombia and Henry L. Cranford,
to restraint the issuing of a certificate for work
done on Pennsylvania avenue, between 19th and
23d streets, for 1787.2&. The complainant states
that the work was done by defendants on their
own responsibility without notioe to them, and
??art that the law wm not complied with.
They farther state thaton January 96 the credits
of Cranford in tbe complainant's hands were
attached, and they submit that as long mt the
attachment is in fores they cannot pay the -Jl,
bat, notwithstanding, they have been eekt. 1 to
pay the account, aad the CoutMoaers
threaten te issa* the ee^tUtaata.
Denial of the Sensational Accounts of aa
Altercation Between Than.
Visitors to ths Senate wing of the Capitol to
day had ojas for but two people?Senator
Blackburn, of Kentucky, and Senator
Chandler, of New Hampshire. The cause
therefor could be found in tha highly-flavored
newspaper account of s personal enoountar al
leged to bars taken place between tha two Sen
ator* above mentioned. The collision was said
to have taken placa at a meeting of the Senate
select committer on Indian tradersbips
held last evening, and at which Senator Chan
dler submitted a report that criticised to a
caustic degree Secretary Vilas and sx-lndian
Commissioner Atkins. Certain statements in
this report were, it was said, of a nature that
was offensive to Mr. Blackburn, and be
called upon Mr. Chandler to substantiate hi*
This, Mr. Chsndler. the account said, refused
to do. and the result was an interchange of
language in which Mr. Chandler waa alleged to
hare atigmatlzcd the Kentuckian aa a "slave
driver." while the epithets of ??scoundrel" and
"liar, with profane adjectives, were said to
have been nred at Mr. Chandler by bi*
burly opponent. Then Mr. Blackburn
was described a* lifting Mr. Chandler out of
his chair by his right ear. and following thi*
was a scene of confusion and strife, which was
ended bv Senator Faulkner'* loosening the
Kentuckian'a grip aud taking him out of the
room. The only other witnessea were Senators
Cnllom and Plait and the clerk to the com
Senators conversant with the fact^in the esse
were very indignant to-day when spoken to of
the matter, and Senator Chandler was ?spe
cially annoyed at the rumors which had been
spread abroad. He talked of the aff iir, to a
limit extent, to a Stab reporter and said:
"I do not know how such a story could get into
circulation. There was a disagreement in com
mittee, it is true, and a* to it* nature I shall, at
preseat. say nothing. I will say. however, that
ueither Senator Cnllom. Senator Piatt. nor the
clerk to the committee gave out one word of
the affair last night I do not know who gave
it out. That there was an enormous quantity
of vile, abusive language used, or that I waa
the subject of a battery, or that I waa even
touched, are falsehood* that have not the
slightest foundation."
Senator Cullom was averse to saying any
thing aa to the minute particular* of the alleged
trouble, but he did tell a Stab reporter that the
published account of the diaugreeuieut waa
?all booh."
Senators Piatt, Cnllom. and Chandler were in
frequent consultation throughout the early
part of the afternoon, and the two former were
seen to sign a typewritten paper submitted bv
Mr. Chanaler?presumably a statement whicL
he will either read to the Senate aa a question
of personal privilege or give to the pre?s.
Shortly before 2 o'clock those three Senator*
went down to the room of the committee on the
judiciary and were locked in there for some
time with Senator Edmunds. It is generally
believed that the matter will come up in the
Senate before adjournment this evening.
but Senator Faulkner waa seen. He said he
would not affirm or deny anything in connec
tion with the matter, but he smiled when in
formed that Mr. Chandler denied that any as
sault had been committed on him. lie said
that whatever had been given to the press
had not gone from him, and be knows that
Mr. Blackburn had refused most emphatically
to say one word of the affair, turning away six
teen reporters last night. Mr. Faulkner said
the story had probably been retold bv some of
the Senators who had learned of the occur
rence from those Senators who were present in
the committee-room when the fracas occurred.
The President Has Api-boved the acts grant
in? pensions to Elijah W. Penny, Mrs. R. S.
H or ton. Mary A. Bedell, Annie May P fer. Mary
lhoru, Elizabeth L.Nott. Dorothea Ruoff. Jen
nie Harris. Martha J. Warren. Miss Emilv lto
nune, Wra. Harper. Marv von Oinhausen." Wru.
L. Nelson. Jno. J. Brown. Charlotte Avres, lte
becca V. Veddt-r, Irving W. Combs. Mary K.
Allen, Ja*. Waters, J. \Y. Porter, and Jos. H.
The Essex at Suez.?The Navy department
has been informed of the arrival of the U. S.
S. Essex at Suez, homeward bound. She i* ex
pected to arrive in New York May 1.
General Eosecrans' Good Fortune.?Gen.
Rosecrans' office at the Treasury was thronged
to-day with friends tendering congratulations
on his retirement aa brigadier-general, and
many telegrams of like nature were received by
the veteran. Veaterdav was a red-letter day
with him. Just about the time the House w*t
i assmg hi* bill, Georgetown university, through
her faculty, was conierring ou him the degree
of 1.1,. L?. amid the plaudit* of a vast audience.
Storekeeper Appointed. ?Richard L. Myers
has been appointed storekeeper and guager at
Mt. Vernon, Kv.
Approved bt the President.?flbe Presi
dent has approved the acts granting pension*
to Marie Beiser, Ishatn T. Howze. Elisha C.
Paschal, Esther Gould. Lyman D. Green. Nona
J. Tillery. Mary L. Jewell, Florence C. Coch
uower, Robert Keilv. Maria W. Emery, Sterne
H. Fowler. Capt. Michael Pig^ott, Ellas J. Ken
nedy, Fannie A. Boyd.
Commander R. D. Evans, naval stcretary of
the light-nouse board, has been detached from
that duty aud granted one year's leave, with
permission to leave the United State*. He has
received offers from the Nicar .guan canal
company, which he is now considering. He
leaves his present duties on the 1st of March.
His successor as naval secretary has not yet
been selected, but it is thought that eith-r
Commander Lamberton or Commander Coffin
will be detailed. The former is now on duty
at Norfolk and the latter is a light-house in
First Lieut. Bedmoxd Tully. twenty-fifth
infantry, having been found incapacitated for
active service by an army retiring board, has
been ordered to proceed to his home.
Army Leaves. ?Lieut.-Col. Jas. C. McKee,
surgeon, two months; First Lieut. Tbos. B.
Dugan. third cavalry, fifteen dava' extension;
First Lieut. llobt. R. Stevens, sixth infantry,
three months' extension.
The Chinese Minister and suite arrived
here this morning from Havana by the fast
mail train on the Atlantic coast line.
First Lieut. F. Guilfoyle, ninth cavalry,
has been relieved from recruiting duty and
ordered to join hi* troop.
Capt. Samuel McKeevp.r, second infantry,
has been ordered for examination by the army
retiring board at Omaha.
The Walking Women.
The score in the walking match at the Now
York avenue rink at 2 o'clock to-day waa as fol
lows: Laura Jeffrey*, 157 miles and 1 lap;
Clara Dupont. 151 miles and 7 laps; Josephine
Thorn. 150 mile* and 1 lap; Lady Macbeth, 148
miles and 7 laps; Carrie Jefferson. 143 mile*;
Jennie Morris. 141 miles and 9 lap*; Louisa
Maroni, 140 miles and 1 lap; Alice Mawbrey,
182 miles.
Hanoi or the Thermometeb.?The follow
ing were the reading* at the signal office to
day: 8 a.m.f 21;2 p.m., 17; maximum, 22; min
imum, 16.
The funeral of I>r. Bliss will take place at 12
o'clock Monday from the house, 607 13th siruet
From Wail Street To-Day.
New Yoke, Feb. 28, Wall street. 11 a. m.?
The Improvement in the stock market in
progress - late Thursday afternoon contin
ued at the opening this morning, and first
prices on a very moderate volume of bus
iness were from k to 1 per cent
higher than Thursday's final figures.
Northern Pacific preferred. Union Pacific, and
Atchison *howing the largest advances. The
demand for stocks at the higher level was not
auflicient to maintain the improvement, how
ever, and the market became heavy except
ia a few stocks, and small fractional
losses were sustained from the opening
prices during the early trading.
Oregon Navigation and Burlington were the
specially strong stocks, rising 1 per cent and %
Cr cent respectively, while cotton oil was
a weak spot, losing 1U per cent followed
by St Paul preferred, witn The others gen
erally declined slight fractions and the down
ward movement coa tinned until toward 11
o'clock, when a recovery set in. There was
no further feature of interest In the
trading and at 11 o'clock the market was fairly
active and steady to firm generally at saaall
fractions belew the opening flgmrsa. The
western stocks monopolized the interest to the
desdiiy wbteh ostoxLsf the? van doll aad
Ofwroui Contributions tm ? N*Ut
The following ram*, including thOM prorl
oualv hkiM*l?lpJ, Ium lim nwlw< kf
"The PvmU M(bm Fund."
Hon. William U Suwart tSO. Croaby a
Novea. *25. Boo. Frank Laslor. ?? Thorns
Kirbv. ?*>, Patriot Moors, 910; Audraw (Mm*
?on. 910.
Contribution* of |i apiece from Um follow
ing P. J. Mclutire. K. B. HcOfttrwk. Ur%.
Margaret Donohoa. Cub. Jo*. Fuiilf T. T.
Kcsne. Cob. Mi. b'l McConaick. Patrick Word,
Mr. Kyan. lis let atrret. John Keillv. Jama* P.
Kelly. Jaa. LrmkcT. J. J. Fltnifaa. P. F Mo>
Mabon. Patrick bUnton. O. L L?? T. A. I>u*ey,
Arthur Small. John Keefe. tula. Patrick Bar
lihvT. *b. K. Downey. Bra. Mary Ljnu. F. J.
Reuelisu. Maurice Murphy.
From Jno. Irvine *3. Jno. P. Rtratton ?'i.S0|
from the following *2 each: B Bnl'. Jao.
Maddigan. B. J. 1>? vre, l>aul Orady. Jno. (X
Kuight, T. F. Cook, M. K. Laabey, Jaa. B*>
Can a.
From the following 91 each: Jno. A.. Handl
boe, Jno. Mranv. Jaa. bullivan. T. F. K., Cmh,
B. Coulon. Caah. Friend. B. Moore, Caah. Jaa.
Dillon, tfm. J. Donovan. B. ltobinson D. Con
nor. J. Crowe, L. Cavsiisugli. 1 boa. Randolph,
Dt uu Clune, J. B. Power. Jeremiah Fishertv,
Caah, KaU Diuneeu, Jno. CWrol, Tboa. A.
Healy, T. J. Foley, Caah, Bra. Motioa. Calk,
David Quain. H. J. 8chultew. J. B. McCarthv,
B. belcher. Juo. Carmody. Wni. F. Bollov. P.
J. Monaghan. C aab. l'atrick Regan. Br. Mur
phy, D. t. Mo ran. A Friend. Juo Delahunty,
Tboa. Kenedy. \\ in. Connor, P. liar tig an, Br.
Buck, Bra. Walah.
From the following SO oenta each: E. Jainea,
Caah. B. Keardon. 1'hoa. Met abe. Caab. Jos.
McDonald, Caab. M. O DouneU. Br. McCoa
vilie , U. L, Laurence Connor. Thoa. Qaitlaad,
P. J. O'Connor. J. B. Flvun. Tboa. L. Connor,
Mr. Mitchell. Matthew Kyan. Jno. Connor; from
Caah 35 centa; from the following lb oeuts each;
D. F. Arthur. Caah. 8. M. Williams. A. Frund.
Cash, J. T. llauunu. Caah, Caah; lroui Caah U
cents. Total, **44.20.
Mr. Taulbef'i Honorable Course.
From the U aaiilntion ssutin.L
Mr. Tanlbea. of Kentucky, deserve# tb?
thanks of the people of tbe District for the
manly courae he has pursued in th? Webb iu
ventigation. Be baa done his duty, and all
good citizens, outside of tbe r?al aetata rings
and aw in<lles, will thank him.
Tboae democrats and republican* who have
signed that outrageous whitewash report will
rte it The whole thing waa indeed an oat
rage and it waa humiliating to ot>a*>rve how
democrats and republicans applied tbe gag law
ou tbe floor of tbe House aud refused to let
even a atatcnieut. showing that in the majority
report the teatimony had been tampered with
and even faU.tKd, to be niada part ot the
A <>ciitiem?ii'a Drink,
according to George D. Prentice, is chant pagM,
a product ol modern art. Fancy the feennga of
ancient epicures over ruch a beverage as
"ilumtnV Extra Dry" of the viutage of 1IM4,
prououueed by couuoiaaeura the tiuest for years.
CACTLEMAB-McGRAW. On Tuesday. February
1 1 w>!i, ?t tlie n-aioeuos of I tie bride'* staler. Mrs.
Geo i nuiiiM, 111 Ikltiumrr, by tbe hev Ur utuuurr,
lir.Mil B (AMnl.M A Si. ol W astuutfUHi, L>. C, to
K.A IE UcuKAW, ot Alexandria, Va. *
III Ell.
DIETRICH. On February 21, 1W??. at 3 p. in*
CLl.MKN i. son ol i l.iui-ul ai-iI I.om Dietrich, asea
taeiiiy-one *ear? Hud lour montus
1 niMt.1 bu.day alieri-oou. .February V4. at 2 30
o'clock. lrurn at. Jt?eph cliui\ h Fneaios are luvltsd
to attend. *
FOKRK T. Departed thia life on Hanirrtsv. Febru
ary U.i, 1 t>MI, jui.K. .-Al l.A ? A. I) I ' Kl.i.hl. lbs
U*iotrd ?.!?? ot JmUnm F. Forraat :u the t?ait> -avvalath
year ot her a^e.
Fell aaleep in Jvaua.
Funersl from her late re-ldeuce. So. 2i Defrosa
atria l ou Moudsy. the '^otii in?taut
<4AbKlN8. Uu \sedue-Uj. February 20th. 1HKU
U<A A.. tweuty year* aial ten montha, wlte <?
l.u i.-rd n tiask n? and tkiiovad dsuKhb rot Eiusiiuxl
and le >belU kii.lt L.
tier Mineral aill t. ke place from the (Onirreaa HtrvM
M f. chur> h Oli Ml in la > .vriu.it. t etrfUarl - 41 u. at :t
o'cluck. iM-lalivea ai U frli uda ot the fauuiy are re
aptx itnlly Invited to atteu<l 3*
Ul'OOt.NH. IM. Ou Saturday, February 23, lt???,
at U a ui . Jt.ttO>iE, brloved ?<u oi muwu and Cary
Uuctreubelui. a?red nve yean and two uioiitha.
t uueral a 1.1 ta?e place to-ni' .rrow at 2 p. m. from
j the boaie ot hi* |>areiit? 305 at. a.w. *
lil'kLKi. hu d.-tily. oil the eveuuur of Februarr
, 22. l^Mt, Hki.K.\ (i.Lm.VN tilkLLi, Oausliter us
j SV uliaui U c.urley
luurral tro..i Uie re?W?n?. WW Tbirtaaatb street,
M a 1-y. February 2 \ at i 1 o'clock a. m. ?
H ALF On Friday niominr. ielmiary 22. 18KW. at
i 4 1*> o'clock, ki Aik t AUCr, oeloved wile of t rank
I J Uaut. and only d.uirnn r ut 1 rai.kiib au i Adalatda
, Uurliuiraiue, lu 111 ? twenlletu year ot her nfe
I 1 uuerai Ironi her late reaidruce, W4 i V lunula avs
uue roulhweat, r>ui day aiteiuoon. euruary 24. at 2
| o'clock. Uclalivea and tnenda luvltad 2*
IDDIN8 <>n 1 nd?y. I ebruar> 22. 1KNU. ALFKEU,
you-ireat a< u ot t. *? la:e Frederick aud Jaur Iddiba
liie tun. r-1 ?ni u.a -1 Ut from hia Ut< nwidenc?.
No. 4i4> St-w I oi k avi iiUi Uortiiseat. k.ouda). i ?tcu
ary 2.'i, at 2 o'clo a p in. KelaUtas aud tricnda are
reapecuully iuviied to attend. *
McsiiANK At hia tome at Mount Waahlustou.
Ha.tniioiei ouniy.il Nui UoaliAXL, til blUiuur^
tuia uiuruiuir.
Ikotiue ot .uueral hereafter. *
| N AVU'tt. At her late residence. No. 1227 M street
uonneest, ou lei.ruary 2.1. lh.in, at 7 0 am..
bAlkAit ANN NAV1-OU. widuw ol lliompaou Nayiot.
? dim duty-one year*
yuuer^i wi.l L.ti'1 lace from Ht. Patrick Chorch. Oil
I Monday, at 2???clock p.m. i. lertueul at liuck Creak
' Ceiiietuiy < Mends aud relatives aie ivsi?< Uuiiy
I Vlted to atteud.
bunE. Uu imtay. February 22. lKWi. at &:!?
o'clock p.m., M A111 L. ItUMk.
k uu*-i'al will tsar i in.* from the residence ot bar
brotuei lU i?? .o*-orve tv yd. 1421 Uopkn* stmel, bs
twirii O sud t. -'Oiii and 2 lai aireeta north a fat r>uu
d.iy at 2 u'uota | .Lu. ueisuvsa aud Irian da uivitsu to
sbi KM\KF.R. At 6 p m. no Thursday, February
21. lt>.->u. at the resldeuce ol Niciiol^a Wlllla. e?u_
. Irat'pe. I aliHit . oun.y , naryUud, M.ANk A , ami ui
1- L). and (atnaiine ta. bimeiu.nr. m tne tweuty ftlth
ye r ot hia aire
Fuutral iroiu reeidence of hia iwrenta. No. 3110 P
atrvet norUiaeat. on *.onda), February 2&, at 11
o'ciock a ui.
IhtlliV. De|?rted tliia life February 20. 1 HMO. al
I 11:45 a m., L. l.A N. Ll eUA ?. llie bek v^d wile of
L>r 1 L ( p-haw. an J da<iKnl?r Aula aud Uie lata
! iJoydiirosu.
t uueral will take | lace Sunday. February 24 at 8 pi
in . iroui tie ropoiitau A. ki a., church, ki aireet, ba>
tare, u loth and lOUi susets Uortiiwest. Frianda la
; Vlted. *?
WXIDE. February- 22. 1KHU 11:1& a.m.. ALBkJt
lUA ol-.SK> A Ml lUL beloved daughter of Oeores
A. . I ? 1 ?U ? J- - -A ?a? - -- *
L. itXitl Mill lilt- Heide. ^ccU mix \ c4aT?. umj iuouUm iujJ
(went) *iwu di)i.
i Uiit-rtki ?&a1 uke plirt fruni j?#r ou rwidnict. No.
-t .11 si. B.Vt , ull .^Uildk). kt J'.m. ?
' MILKY. Ou lel,ruai? 21. lKHU. at 4 o'clock
' in . M.ViwV L Hlitk, U?ov?l vil? uf JoLfi v*
D'-?t ! '? cruel dart hac r??rr?d oar
A ..J liuVked um do?aa WkL tfnel,
Alatl b I.**., til I lie alleiil ?od
Uur tiariiutf iiiuiiicr nit
I held tne white hands fttldod,
bo uUletly oil her lnvaat.
Th? > l-.Mk ?<] aluitiat aa u the Tiord
iiad ?n v?ai iu<* prouiiem r?at.
Funeral mill take ylmc* tr\m her lat* raald?nca, 5a
4l*V N street atiUti vtent, huud^y, Fcbruar> ?4, at s
o cluck }? 1U i.< a?tiv?a aiid trMudi are rw^'ttully
in\ileva U) attend. ?
ZAN1CHLLLI. Itfpartal tl ia life at St UiaahatbM
At-yluiii. l-ei?ruBr> 2.. 1KH4*. hot, 1K)U>U 1> UM
1< ilKJXI, I ?* lntiitiiAsaaieruf Ihini infantry, I', a. A,
in the foi. u year uf hi? a?re. A uauve uf Italy.
INt-w lu . * i ifuae eul y J r
IIobsfokd's Acid Phosphate
HYSTERIA, and other dlnaaaa of Um nervoua
I'tm Soap.
P eaB8* Soap.
P EARS' Soap.
Paib White {|im
Soft H kalthftl g
?The Great EuslisL Cvu.pleaios
lUewsra of le natni?
Bochavi Piua
Blecham b PIUX
Heechaits Poja
A ulilkEA A MOE.
ro? W*A*
Dsns Sen*
rem hire.
414 trra ST. K.W.
Iglvaalt i
101 MTOlin

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