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AV 75?No. 14,008. . WASHINGTON, D. C.. JIONDAY, AUGUST 19. 1889. TWO CENTS.
Rorthvftt Cor*?r Peniujlrin.i Ave. tad 11th 8L, b7
The Evening Star Newspaper Company,
& H. EAtFFMA-NN, ltf'L
Tut F*~r*n*<i Ktak H aerr^d to auberrlb^niIn Jm
rtty by camera, on their own a^-ount. at lOce.sta psr
meek or 44c per m< uth. Copies ?i the counter, 2
Mrti *acb By mail ?|h ?ta*e i r paid?oO cttta I
month . oue year. f??. mi luoutbi. ii.
(Entered at the Prmt office ?v W aan.ngton. D C., ?I
second ola-?? mail matter J
Thk Wiwlt HTaa-pnb!l*hed on Friday?$1 *
fear, poet**? prepaid. Six month*. .V) rente.
IAll Uiii) aubecriptiona xnitat be paid in adranotc
to paper aent looser than ia i*id for.
Katsa of advertlsinc made known on application.
r\ l j } N ! !<>N '
.. . There vp.l be sp ecial meeting hcM in hall
giv. wth at. n.w.,on Tu?"*;!.? y even uk\ Au/iwt ?U, at
4 :t0 ?harp, for the conaideration ot N.U. bilinear,
aturltt ?? I-. 4 . Kl.i.l ^. < or sec.
ot Benin.in B. Eench J^hIk^, No. 1E.A.
A.M.. will W-held ai M i*. j,ir Tsn.i ie MONDAY. Au
fiat 19. lss!>. at 7 30 o*ci? ck ivm. A *i-ecial commu
nication will be held ? n 11*. sDAV, Auiriifct \'0. 7.30
0 cluck p.m.; work. M M. d frree. A lull atttn-lance j
In reunited. Member* otner fraternally in
Ti*e*11*> be present. By order of the V*.M.
?nl U\I. v. CMTLEY. Secretary.
_ a*rainat l.r Mt'EL U.(i'>oD of thin city are
requeated to pr**aent tie name to the undersized. All
1 -mona ii;<l?*btf-il ii> him ar? requested to ra;l and aei
t.?- their bill.*. he havimr i^^uetl all of his stock of
f\*o*le. notes and h..< k acounta to the undersnrnetl for
he benefit of hia creditors*.
I>;ds will b?* re<-? jvmI fur the stock and buaineaa aa a
whole, it b^intr a l'anc\ Grocery, and conducted at
14<?M 14tL at. u.w. Oood location. hiore open for in
JULIUS HUGLE, 013 La. are. n.w.,
aulft-3t Aaaifrneeof Lemuel Ervpood.
.No. KtTtf, (* I <?? OF O.**.. and all members
ot at^ter lodire* ur?? r- quested to meet in odd Fellows'
hall v>tu ?ut . v?? i \\..shinwton.D.C.,ou TlJE8
I>AV, Autruat :o. at 1 V? in., to att? nd the funeral of our
dei e**,a l?roth? ?. 1 N r . Aar? u Uawkina. Funeral
will take place ::^.:i Metn?iolitan A.M.K. Cliurch, >1
a: between l."'h and 1 Gtii ats . at 2 p n-. By order
Brother Jl LIl 8 JACKm?>, N O. ULXKY MAK
TaIN, K8. It*
01 KILM>8 OF LAB R ATTENT105! -lis
4* tL me-tint? by LadleV -sive A*?etubiy,
h of L., in G-mhi l'euiplara Han. n.e. cor. 4^ at. and
Jvi.na. ve? MONDAY L\MNlNO, U*th instant, at h
c'. l'K'k. Addrrx* by A. M. V w* y, late e*litt?r "Journal
ol Cnitel Luln-r."' and "Ix)ok?n<r *?;u k*.?rd" will i?e
a>meed by wteral - ml gentlemen. All wjbI
c e. I LiZABCTH L. HaToN. M.W.
!..> aal 3 .'it
|k^ the nioii*>?the Anchor. Aak your ffrixer
U>r a nacka^e J. C.IKUUODa CO., Wholesale Atrenla,
91J Lounuaiia avi^?. n. w aul'J-lm
line ri i rat< d >
John W. Mormn. Mar.Mf<T. re*pectfully makea
knowu to thv \ uolic that, ^kitti jrreatly iticr* used lacili
t. ? lor l.aunuiy bu->int km, he i? now prepared to do
th- be.-?t work t?t j o| ular i n? ea. Filtered water u?ed.
All order* proniptlv executed. Deli very \satrona toali
I*.rt.?? ol tiieciiy. ol * Mb at. n.w. 'lt-lephone, 43^-^
Coniih n booka contain 1 hk KJO ticket*, transferable,
lt>r mxu iitli.Non alllineaol the !!? rd;c ? oa^h- a,
L>r aaie at lue C?>nipnn>'a othcea, loth and C aUc a.e.,
aiid 11# 1' h at. n. v\., at me foliowiutf driitf atorea:
M'l '1/11. t CO., M)i E t'*| ltol at.
1 1 OtiKAM, IV! I 1 Fenna ave. n. w.
I Mil . CKLs\MLJ. 1101 Fat n.w.
A J -4 HAt i?I til. N.-rth Capitol and Hat.
K^?B*1 M HOLL, 'Jlat ando at.
Pr. I Je 18.3m
Dr. J K Bromwell haa removed his office
a: ?i rrsinee ir m 1 l>kb to 1147 Connecticut avenue.
a.. ;? ?? Jj20 lrn*
ua? Fixtures and Lamps, Good Aaaortment,
Chandeliers, Kocheater Lampa, Ac.
Call and exaAuins.
JyJ^.lio 1 V!i>t? F at
co-oi l KAilM. SOCIE1V:
i h?- executivr cuminitire has concluded contracts
a tfi ts? .aitre .lenlers to ! .irn:>h nieinbern with coal
lift w * 'd for the y< ar endiuir >lune !iu. 189o .M?m
1 -r> shon.d io?*- m? ;n?.e in? alliujronaoni^oneof thone
l ji <1 t? low t<? > btain p;icea and cunditi*?ns. a.> all
i .atea n.u>t be 111 ha.ida ?>f the committee before
^KPi h.MHtli 17, Jl. juliera not in i>i?M8eaaion
o: tii?- 1 rude Canl t^rren) amt B?*ok runninir to April,
]>.- . an- noteiititl- d to any advantatres or inlorma
ti n . warding th -? or other contract*
l rude ? a.a.-. 1- -ks and all information can be ob*
tfc:r.< ? !. ru the followiiifcT:
A. I . l.ON ? l-E\, President. 806 A at n.e., Akt Dept.
>?li i li i U?? \1F80>". \ i. ?? 1 r? b't. A G O , War Dept.
J. W. HAH8HA, 8ec'y, UU5 M bt. n.w., V. 8. Treas.
J. V ANDtKH' 1 F. !?40 I at. n.w.. Bureau Statistics.
E. C. lAWCi-TI, 003 Ma^a. ave. n.e., 4lh Aud.
J. t. McCABE, vm :ui at. n e., P O. Dept.
11. H. >MI l H, 7 : ti B at. !?.w., O M-^i office.
L. t ill.>1.131 > at n*., t>lh Aud. o Acs.
L L ?tr.ll?t.EY, 7?'?? i. n.a., Kecr'a office. Treaa.
JOHN \H?i.i;I84#.N,?. J* <j >t n.w., I'ent* oil ofice.
Dl; J??s J t >, SfrJlt" Pa.-Ye. n.w.,hurpr,(ien.ofBca.
J. vl \>Du? >. l.V40Co umoia st , Cren Ln.<l otti? e.
j hr S- ret ir> can als ? Jh? aeen fir a lew minutfa at
B n and at 4 p. in. ea^ n nay at cigar atore, 70?> loth
?t. n w.
By order fif the comities. J. W. HA HSU A,
ao3-lm Mecretary.
to Inform the public that he haa removed
hia studio a d Art Pari* r? to 509 11 th at. n w? ttr*t
f r. a h'-re he will be pleaoed to aee his fnenda and
l?atr> ns.
Paatel Por*raita a aj?ecialty. jy'JO-lm
PANV Corner 15th nt. and New York ave.
St. nure lor hilvrraare. Jewelry, Lacea. Fine Gooda,
and Valuai'ie-ol ail kiiida.
( L-. - ? .? rate. Jelt* I'm
Mtil'a. avenue.
Storage Derartin? nt- all above irronnd. my4-4m
r ^ CEK1I>I( \118 OF ST04 K. CHLgl'13
and other atiuriues. C< ii.m? rcial iitho
tfra| hy and u*?aitmii.tr. A. G. OKDNKY,
Jaa k and P street* 1 at buldi&f.)
31, t :u contrai tof of ail kind o! arftv iai atone
and ? r*. ol .? 1,1 wlape bt naeaaud
reilara mati' dr> aiid durable \\ 31-tOV!t*su*
8Lt? AR8.
Ail the lemln braiu.i>. at New York price*
1LMB. tl i.i RYE WHISKY.
IniiK>rt? r W m?a. brai.?.i? ?? and S?*irar%
fl5 l-( 1 : isyh iiia aviuic.
31, M?-:.*sFine 1 urn:*hin*r at The Mi?l>*iimmer
Induction Sale now 111 pr? *re?* at ^os Y at. n.w. p. T.
H ALl^ shirtmaker. succesaor to iate J. W. An;er ?lt. H.
Tlflwi ml8-3zn
"igb'll ABLE BHI DIXO," 1Q0S f BT.
ASSETS tl.044.781.U7.
Off * tonr,. from W a. m. to 4 .'iO p m. On the first
Vr?ut???!.> >u eacU uu>utU tu? oSn will b. open from
tJ lo ?? o iiuci V- AuvaLki. ?ii. be umd i>ruiupUy
at 7 v'civc*.
but wrJiitloii, for ?h*re? In the 17th tK?e rerelved
(Uli) at tLi oftc* ut Ibe AiwK^ialiuu, Equitable UuilU
liiir. iOOU t ,t.
hhai^e are fC.SO per month.
? 1 000adTaare<l > n oifti .bare.
Pawvhleta vil laining Uie ub;? U ai d a lvacta#, of
U.O AaauciaUwii are turuishvd ui?n ai'j luation.
JSO. JOT EDSOX. Seo'y. my3?_
Menit>er* holding the 18NU Tra le Card can obtain
Ui* term* of the F i-l contra. t^eaiK>n of 18.s9-tK),from
penona uaui?U ou lU, cover, atcoinl i*?re. of their trad*
JAMES A. EDGAR. Secretary.
801 C St. u.e.. and
aul7-lm ?, Chiff of Ft .if-cm. War Dept. "
r CI kl . ? N> I \dvektimno
J5 in tisr? t luduator li. MET
l.f *fc'* tLi 1 AN K. K. Mill card tur a*>*!,l to
t .. i^Iur. u-xl Weo:.< . . ijr. WASHINGTON ISDI
CAluh Al>. i *>.. IK1.! j th at. n.w a lie 17-lil
1.1 Mbfc.1t VElli ujwTTT
"1 are BrU-'bt, Dry. Good Length# and Even
Thickness. We have the Common, ordinary Virginia
Buaids at lvsrer prxva.
Jy8-3m iH-a'ers in Lumber and Mill Worll
__ji.ii hand chayox kikmrii
n ? !? - I oeliverwlat out-e on i?> u.rnt of
tl |trv?l Pr? <s (1U to * 1 II KhM 11II, ?rt.?t.
evr nth aud Mw.. ave. >?[ru until h p. ui. Jylo-<iw
mr ria.Mi coLKi ?>r the district
ur ? ' 'LL'MBI A.
t?r)T Dorsey vs. aa:.h lose) et al? Equity So.
This cause being retcr.-d to the Audiior U> report
fl-tributi u of the p*u?eediivl s^le ot real estate, no- |
let la hercb) giveu l?i ail creilltors and oluers having
taAiii- ^...i.the estate of i.^mird Poe^y. iate of the
isirt \ Cuhuibi*. ilroaanL to prvseut them, duly
v uu.nd. t< J H. t.i "l.D< >N esq . .$.10 4>4 ail v .ur
H 11. MolLlON.rxi . WilM. n.? .. ir i.tecs in tha
cans*-, on or t<e!or*- 1LE>DAV. tue JOth ot Au^u.1,
[alt . U J.t.i G. PAVNt, Auditor.
NEW srout
?l-3m? 400 LOUISIANA AVE.
* S R A laxative refreshing,
ln.lt lozeiige,
van amnaliii to Lake for
Un.. _ . hemorrhoid*, bile,
ula" lM(rt at petite,gastric an4
Isteaunal troubles .u4
headache arising
troui them.
? S J L L O 31 87 Rue llaui outeaa, Pmii%
tan by all Diuggista.
Washington News and Gossip.
Indrxto Advertisement*.
..T>v-? 8
MUMSQ Pave 3
[ FOR RENT (Rooms) Pure 2
FOR REST (Hocsas) Patre 2
FOR RENT (Stobkh) . Pure 2
FOR RENT (Staples) Pave 2
FOR RENT (OrricEH) .. Pave 2
FOR RENT (Mihcuusiocs) Pag* 2
FOR SALE (Hocsas) Pa*e 3
FOR SALE (Lt^rs) Pavs 3
FOR SALE (Miscellaneous) Pavs 3
I* HOTELS j,lt4 pave 3
WANTED iiltLr Pave 2
WANTED(Houses) ...Pave 2
WINTED (Situations) Pave 2
WANTED (Miscella.vEOOs). Pave 2
WANTED (Boons) Pave 2
WANTED (Lots) Page 1
Wsjsju A-w CJAL AWs 6
The Star Out of Town.
The Evenino Star will b? sent by mail to
any address in the United States or Canada
for inch period as may be desired, at the
rate of fifty cents per month. fcT But aU
such orders must be accompanied by the money,
or the aper cannot be sent, as no accounts are
kept tnth mail subscriptions.
?s? ?
Government Receipts Todat.?Internal reve
nne, $749,924; customs. ?925X63.
Indian Commissioner Morgan has gone to
Carlisle, Pa., to visit the Indian school at that
plate. He intends to go from there to Indian
apolis to attend the reunion of the regiment or
which President Harrison was a member.
A Customs Ruling.?Th? Treasury depart
ment has refused the application of an Oswego.
N.Y., company for permission to give bond for
the re-exportation of a propeller wheel to be
attached to a Canadian vessel at an Oswego
dry dock.
As Indiana Tost*aster.?The President has
appointed John W. Siders postmaster at
Plymouth, Ind., vice George R. Reynolds, re
Revenue Appointments.?The following ap
pointments have been made in the revenue
service: J. J. Winstead. storekeeper and gauger
in the fifth Tennessee district; W. M. Totten.
in the eighth Kentucky district; Andrew 1.
DeinUter, in the tenth Ohio district, and Robert
8. Temple ton, gauger in the fifth North Caro
lina district.
A Banquet to Rtbsell Harrison.?Mr. New,
the United States consul general at Loudon,
gave a banquet at the Langham hotel Satur
day evening in honor of Mr. Russell Harrison.
Among the guests were Mr. Lincoln, the
American minister; Mr. Farwell. Mr. Nathaniel
Page, Commander Emory and Mr. McLaughlin.
Postmaster General Wanamaker visited
the Boston city post office on Saturday and re
mained there a short time. He then with his farn
llv left tor Newport, where he attended service
vesterdavat the Congregational church, list
cuing to a sermon by Dr. Pittou, president 01
Priuceton college.
Chanoes in the Marine Corps.?Col. T. Y.
Field. Marine corps, was placed on the retired
list ou Saturday, promoting Lieut Col. Clement
D. Hebb to be colonel. Major Geo. W. Collier
to be lieutenant colonel, and Capt. John H.
Higbee to be major.
The Department op Agriculture has been
draped in mourning in respect for the memory
of ex-Commissioner Watts, who has just died.
The department, by order of Secretary Rusk,
will be closed on the day of Mr. Watts' funeral.
To Go with the President.?When Presi
dent Harrison goes to Indianapolis to attend
the laying of the corner stone of the aoldiers
monument on the 22d instant he will be accom
panied by Capt. Ransdell. marshal of the Dis
trict. The monument is the chief thing of the
day in Indianapolis just now. The state legis
lature appropriated ?^00,?H)0. and private sub
scriptions have made up a heavy aggregate.
To Attend the Reunion.?The reunion of
the Seventieth Indiana, President Harrison's
old regiment, will take Capt. W. M. Meredith,
chief ot the bureau of engraving and printing
to ludianapoiis this week. Capt. Meredith will
leave tomorrow.
Ordered to Join His Ratter*.?Capt. Henry
W. llubbell. first artillery, recently promoted,
has been relieved from further duty as recruit
ing officer at Augusta, Ga., and ordered to join
his battery.
Cocnt Yarn ao at a, a Japanese nobleman, is
stopping at the Arlington. He is accompanied
by a young nobleman of his country, whom he
going to leave in America to be educated.
The Order Will re Revoked.?Some of the
people down in Florida have been exerting
them?elves to secure the revocation of an army
order that a short while ago threw them into a
state of excitement. Surgeon Porter, who on
account of ill health is not held to active ser
vice. was ordered from Jacksonville. Fla., to
J .ck.on barracks. La.."if his health would per
mit." When the people at Jacksonville heard
of the order they were greatly exercised. Sur
geon Porter is the state health officer, and has
charge of all the extensive work being done to
prevent the reappearance of yellow fever. For
Lim to drop this work now would endanger the
* bole community. Mr. Goodrich, who is a
Contestant for aseat in Congress from that dis
trict. was at once delegated to exert him?elf to
have the order revoked, and has been working
ou the department to that end. The Secretary
of War has agreed that the transfer shall not
be made.
Cuahoed with Violating Pissiok Laws.?
The commissioner of pensions has been noti
fied that one G. T. Linsey, a justice of the
peace of Blanchard, bcott county, Ark., has
been indicted by the I'nited States grand jury
at Fort Miuth on the eharge of illegally witli
i holding pension money from Mary L. Brown,
| also ot Blanchard.
Personal.?George Everett of Portland,
Conn., J. H. Jackson. C.B. Van Winkleof Plain
field, N.J., George W. Weadock of East Sagi
naw. Mich.. J. S. Cowell of Philadelphia and
Adolph E. Kahn of New York are at \V Ward's.
Dr. Tlieo. T. Underbill and U. C. Barrett
of New York, C. E. Basse tt of Chicago, A. B.
Monks of Columbus, D. C. Merritt of Maine
and Robert Hall of London, England,are at the
Ebbitt. Dr. Nicholas Gutierrer and family
and servants and P. J. Luce and wife of Penn
sylvania, C. W. Lyie U.S.N., W. H. Moyston of
Hot springs. Ark., Miss Nellio M. Colby of
Cambridge. Mass., E. C. French of Cleveland,
Ohio. J. V. Taylor of Chicago and R. W. Lance
of Kentucky are at the St. James. Mr. t'has.
J. (Stone of New York, who has been spending
a couple of weeka with hi* covin, Mrs. J. B.
Austin of 8 street, returned to his home /ea
ter day.
How the Situation In the House 1*
Affected by Mr. Laird's Demise.
The death of Congressman Laird leaves the
relative positions of the two parties in the
the House just what it was after the election.
The democrats were first to lose a man by
death?Gay of Louisiana. The death of Laird
takes off a republican. Out of this situation
the chances seem better for the republicans to
gain a vote. It is conceded that there is no
hope for the democrats to elect a man to suc
ceed Laird; whereas, on the other hand, the
district Mr. Gay's death left vacant is
probably naturally republican. It is gen
erally understood that Mr. Gay was en
abled to carry it because of his being
a protectionist and having plenty of money,
which he was free to spend. To hold this sarao
influence in operation Mr. Gay's son-in-law
has been nominated by the democrats, but
whether they can elect him is a question.
Miner, the republican nominee, is said to be
strong and all efforts possible will be made to
elect him. The republicans claim that all that
is necessary for them to carry the district is to
have a fair count of the votes.
Col. Halns Reports the Progress of
Operations on the "Flats-"
The monthly report of operations on the river
front improvement for July submitted to tho
chief of engineers by Lieut. CoL P. C. Hains
shows that the expenditures during the month
were *15,289.82. The work of constructing the
tidal reservoir outlet was continued. At the
close of the month the material had been ex
cavated from the last of the wing-wall coffer
dams and part of the concrete foundation for
the other down-stream wing wall had been put
in place. Dredging operations were continued
under contract with the California hydraulio
dredging and reclamation company. About
95,000 cubic yards of material was
excavated from the Washington channel and j
deposited on the lower end of section 3. Un-)
der contract with Henry Wilson about 4.000
cubic yards of material were dredged and placed
in the embankment. In execution of the pro
ject aimed at there has been dredged a channel
350 to 550 feet wide and 20 feet deep between
Georgetown and Giesboro point. This chan
nel has filled up to about 14 feet on the up
stream side of Long bridge. The Wash
ington chaunel has been dredged to a width
of 350 feet and 20 feet deep, but by the freshet
of Juno 2, 1889, this depth was decreased to
about 19 feet. All the material is being depos
ited on the flats, and up to the present time
about 620 acres have been reclaimed from the ;
overflow at ordinary high tide. Of the 12,000.
000 cubic yards required to till the flats up to
the required height there lias now been depos
ited on them about 7,713,000 cubic yards.
The Civil Service Commission to Take
In More of tho Departmental Service.
Before the President left the city Saturday
he had a conference with Civil Service Com
missioners Lyman and Thompson. It is under
stood that certain changes in tho rules were
submitted to the President for his considera
tion, and it is stated that an official announce
ment will soon be made. One of the import
ant changes proposed, it is said, is an amend
ment of the present rules so as to require an
examination before an appointment can be
made of chief of division in the departmental
service. Under the present rules chiefs of di
visions while in the classified service are ex
empted from examination and can be appointed
without being certified by the commissioner.^
If this change should be made it would
the civil service rules over nearlv the entire
governmental service and would be the last
extension of any importance that could be
made to the operation of the civil service law.
The following are the exceptions under the
present rules from examination in the classified
departmental service: One private secretary or
one confidential clerk of the head of each
classified department and of each assistant sec
retary. and also of each head of bureau
appointed by the President by and with the
advice and consent of the Senate; d rect custo
dians of money for whose fidelity another
officer is under official bond, but this exception
does not include any officer below the grade of
assistant cashier or assistant teller; disbursing
officers who give bond; persons employed
exclusively in the secret service of the govern
ment; chief clerks and chief of divisions.
A number of additional places are also spe
cifically excepted from examinations in the
various departments.
Difficulties Met by the Surveyors In
Going Over the Grouud.
The surveyors at work on the zoological park
grounds find they have about as troublesome a
bit of surveying to do as could well be imagined.
The irregularity of outline and curious lines of
holdings have given them much trouble, but
they are making a very accurate survey and ex- |
pect to be through in three or four weeks. Mr. J
Hornaday says that the more he goes over the ;
ground the better satisfied he is with it. He is
studying the lay of the ground and laying out the
park on paper, and as he divides it into sections
for the various animals he is delighted to see
how readily each species may be provided with
a home suited to its nature.
No advancement with the work, however,
can be made until the surveys are completed.
Another Governor and Commercial Body
Jolu the Patriotic Procession.
The following letter was received at the
headquarters of tho board of promotion today:
Tebkitout or Idaho,
Executive Department,
Department or the Interior,
Boise City, Idaho, Aug. 14, 1889.
Mr. Alex. D. Asdeeso*.
Secretary National Board of Promotion,
Washington, D. C.
Dear Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge
tho receipt of your letter of July 22 inviting my
co-operation in the promotion of the Three
Americas exposition at the national capital in
1892 in honor of the discovery of America by
Columbus. I accept the appointment so kindly
tendered and will me my best efforts to nsaist
in making the exposition in every way a success.
1 am fearful, however, that my official duties
will deprive me of the pleasure of meeting you
in Washington in October. I will be in Wash
ington for a few days in the early part of Sep
I a in, with great respect, your obedient serv
ant, Geo. L. Shocp, Governor.
Notice was also received of the appointment
by the Nashville commercial club of the follow- j
ing committee to co-operate with the board of
promotion: Lewis T. Baxter, president; Charles
Sykes. secretary; W. ?. Metzger, A. E. Baird
and J. M. Williams.
A New Test for the Charleston.
The new crit cruiser Charleston was given a
trial run in San Francisco bay Saturday after
noon. No government officials were aboard
and the trial was simply to test some altera
tions which had been made in her machinery
since the official test trip three months ago.
There was no attempt to develop maximum
horse power or high rate of speed. It is un
derstood the builders consider the trial satis
The President at Deer Park.
The President, Mrs. Harrison and Private
Secretary Halford reached Deer Park at 10
o'clock Saturday night. On the way there they
were joined by Mr. John B. Elam, Mr. Harri
son's junior law partner, and Attorney General
Miller arrived at Deer Park Sunday morning.
The President, in company with Senator Davis,
attended religious services at the chapel, bnt
Mrs. Harrison was too fatigued to attend. The
President expects to leave for Indianapolis at
?JO Wednesday morning. '
Telegrams to The Star.
Terrible Results of a Tenement
House Fire.
To Prevent the Spread of Infec
tious Diseases.
A Child Carried Off by Toy
An Indian Said to be Over One Hun
dred and Fifty Yean Old.
Senator Quay's Sou Looking Over Af
fairs iu Virginia.
Spocisl Dispatch to the KvtM.NO Stah.
Petehsbubg, Va., Aug. la.? The train from
the west Saturday night nail among it* passen
gers Gen. Mahone, his son Butler, and B. K.
Quay, a son of Hon. M. S. Quay, chairman of
the republican national committee. On their
arrival here the party were driven to the resi
dence of Qen. Mahone, and ou yesterday the
general and his visitor were cnlled upon by a
number of leading republicans of the Mahone
faction of this city, and matters concerning the
republican state convention, to be held iu Norfolk
on next Thursday, were discussed. Gen. Mahone
has been iu southwest Virginia for the past two
weeks or more, where he had conferences with
some of the most prominent lights of the party
w that section of the state. Mr. Quay's visit
here at this time is considered very sig
nificant, and it is more than probable
that the next few day* will bring other
prominent northern republicans here, who will
attend the state conveutiou at Norfolk.
Those wI10 are prominently spoken of as proba
ble candidates ou the republican ticket for
governor are Gen. Mahone, Hon. Geo. liowen
of Campbell county, Col. Joseph P. Minatree
of thin city, and ex-Mavor William I.amb of
Norfolk. Mr. Bowen has served two terms in
Congress, and is a prominent farmer in his sec
tion of the state. Col. Minatree is store keeper
of the ltichmond and Danville railroad, and
during the war was on Gen. Mahoue's staff,
wall the rank of colonel. He is a very popular
man, and it is said that the position he now
holds pays him a salary a* large as that of the
governor of the state, which is *5 000. Col.
Lamb is said to be a very affable geutleman,
and served with much gallantry in the eon
federate army, especially at the battle of Fort
Fisher. The general impression is that
and that one of the other named gentlemen
will be nominated in his place. The friends of
Gen. Mahone assert that his nomination would
create more enthusiasm in the state than that
of any other man who could be nominated, and
^t_ is certain that every effort will be made to
induce bim to accept the nomination. SlioulJ
Gen. Mahone accept, the political fight in Vir
ginia this fall would be one the like of which
has never been witnessed in the Old Dominion.
The democratic state ticket, headed by Capt.
Phil. McKinney of Farmville for governor, is
considered a very strong one, and the demo
crats are determined to lead it to victory.
Capt. McKinney is widely known and deserv
inglv popular throughout Virginia, and is a
good speaker, and in a few weeks his voice will
be heard from the stump iu advocacy of his
claims for governor and the success of the
democratic ticket.
Little Ones Dying Daily and Sickness
Greatly on the Increase.
Chicago. Aug. 19.?The Globe this morning
?ays: The suffering, starvation, sickness and
death among the miners' families in northern
Illinois is greater today than at any time in the
past. The large supplies sent through the
Chicago relief committee have been exhausted
and the people are face to face with hunger.
The little ones are dying dnily and Bickness is
greatly on the increase. It is no longer a
secret that the operators have decided to open
their mines with non-union men and have al
ready prepared to call upon the sheriff and
governor for armed officers and soldiers to hold
their locked-out miners in check. It is impos
sible to predict what the consequences in such
an event will be. Infuriated by hunger the
wretched miners will be in no temper to per
mit, except nnder the riilea of the militia,
others to take their places in the shaft*.
Tlie Ex-Speaker Has Received Much
Attention Tliere.
St. Lours, Mo., Aug. 19.?A dispatch from
the City of Mexico says that Hon. John G.
Carlisle and wife, accompanied by United States
Minister Ilyan. left there for Guadalajara Satur
day night, where they will be given a reception
by Gov. Cosora, for the state of Jolisco. On
Saturday afternoon the secretary of the in
terior, Romero ltubio, gave a dinner at Tacu
bava, at which Mr. and Mrs. Carlisle, Minister
Byanand President and Mrs. Diaz were present.
The entertainment is said to have been the
finest ever given in Mexico. Mrs. Carlisle was
visited by Mrs. Diaz during her htay in the city
and by many of the ladies of the American
colony. Mr. Carlisle has received more atten
tion from Mexican officials since he has been
here than any American since Gen. Grant's
An Indian Believed to be One Hundred
and Fifty Years Old.
Chicago. Aug. 19.?A special from San Fran
cisco says: For several years there has been
domiciled at tho Monterey county hospital an
old Indian known by tho name of
'"Old Gabriel," who is believed to
be over one hundred and fifty years of
age. Gabriel was born in Tullare county, but
during childhood removed to the town of
Monterey. Father Junipero Serra arrived in
Monterey in 1770, and it is well authenticated
that at that time Gabriel was a grandfather.
Father Junipero taught Gabriel the art of
cutting ?nd laying stone, and at the time of
| the building of the first chapel in the years
1771 and 1772 Gabriel assisted in the con
struction of the walls. Gabriel still
speaks proudly of the skill he acquired as a
stone cutter. Father Sorentini, the priest, and
Bishop Amat reached Monterey some time in
; the year 1845. The former says that "Old
Gabriel" was
He was then said to be over one hundred aud
ten years old. An old lady by the name of
Castro, who died five years ago at
the age of unety-five, in testifying
to old Gabriel's age said that
when a child she saw old Gabriel, and that at
th.tt time he had children several years older
than she then was. Up to within two or three
years Gabriel was a familiar figure on the
streets of Salinas city, bnt now ho
is rarely seen. He has always beon fond of
striking colors, and for rears wore a coat made
of cloth representing all the colors of the rain
A Child Carried Oft by Toy Balloons la
Brought Dowu by a Skillful Marksman.
Chic too. Aug. 19.?At a picnic yesterday,
given by the Pioneer relief and aid society for
the benefit of the families of the imprisoned
anarchists, Sophia Schwab, aged two, in some
way became entangled in the strings that held
a lot of toy balloons. In struggling to get
loosened from them, they became detached
from their fastening, and sailed into the air
carrying the shrieking child with them. The
mother fainted and the utmost excitement and
horror prevailed as the balloons gradually rose
to a height of abont 200 feet And when the
breeze carried the balloons out over the lake
the babe was given up for lost. About this
time Gus Koch, an expert rifleman wl<o was
resent, rushed for his rifle and called for a
oat. The balloons still maintained their alti
tude and was fast sailing out over the lake. As
soon as the boat was near enough Koch com
menced firing at the balloons, and one after
another pierced them until the bunch com
menced to settle. Then the boat was rapidly
pulled to the spot, and when the balloons
descended the child was rescued before she
touched the water. Although terribly fright
ened the babe was uninjured.
Boonevl lie's Postmaster Completely
Kulned by Bis Assistant.
Chicago, Aug. 19.?A special from Hunting
ton, Ind., to the Aev? says: The defalcation in
the Booneville post office approximates ?6,500.
The United States inspector has completed his
investigation and the bondsmen have settled
up, each paying the sum of $813.10 to the
United States government. William E. Denny,
the defaulting assistant postmaster, took sOOO
of Postmaster Swint* undrawn salary. Mr.
Swint is the editor of the Booneville Enquirer,
a money-making democratic paper. Swint. rtn
account of ill-health, left the entire manage
ment of the post office to Denny. Denny had
not made a report to the government for twenty
one weeks. This neglect brought about the in
vestigation. Denny's robbery has completely
ruined Postmaster" Swint, who turned over to
bondsmen his paper and all his property except
his household furniture.
A Combination "Will be Formed and
Kilrain May be a Member.
Pittsbcbo, Aug. 19.?John L. 8ullivan and
party passed through Pittsburg on the limited
this morning en route east. Sullivan was
sleepiug and Matthew Clnne would not allow
him to be disturbed. Clune said it was true
they were going to form a combination and
that KUraiu will probably be in the company.
An Editor Shoots Bis Wife and Child
and Then Himself.
London, Aug. 19.?llerr Lachmann, editor of
the Londoner Journal, a weekly newspaper
printed in German, shot his wife and child to
day and then committed suicide.
A Good Breeze Blowing and Prospects
of a Fine Ruce.
Newport R. L, Aug. 19.?The Corinthian
yacht club's sweepstakes race for 40- ooU-ri was
sailed today. At an early hour there was
scarcely a ripple in the harbor, but by the time
the yachts left the harbor the wind was blowing
at a fair rate from the southwest. All the
yachts entered went out to the starting point
except the Chiquita, which is not here, but
may be at the start. The start was off
Brenton's reef lightship. The course is twenty
five miles in three legs.
The starting signal was given at 11:03 and
the yachts all crossed close together, but could
not be distinguished. There was a good
breeze blowing and a prospect of a tine race.
11:15.?The Tomahawk and Gorilla are now
leading. Half of the yachts are on the port
tack; half on the starboard.
Principal Topics to be Discussed During
the Convention.
Jersey Citt, N. J., Aug. 19.?The twelfth
annual congress of the federation of trades and
labor unious of the state of New Jersey opened
this morning at the city hall.
The delegates number about one hundred and
fifty, and include the recognized leaders in
trade and labor movements in all parts of the
state. The principal subjects for con
sideration by the congress are ballot re
form. better scliool facilities for poor
children, the eight-hour working (lay. ten hours
for surface railroad employes and* better sys
tem of factory inspection than prevails at
present. Alter President Mellor had ? ailed
the meeting to order the delegates were wel
comed by Mayor Orestes Cleveland.
The Yorktown's Trials.
Newpobt, R.L, Aug. 19.?The United States
cruiser Yorktown will not make her trials until
the arrival of the Atlanta and Chicago, which
are expected this week, and then all three will
be tried together. The Boston is expected in
a week or so.
An Advance in Pig Iron.
Pittsbubo, Aug. 19.?Circular No. 1019, just
issued by the joint committee of the Central
traffic association, announces an advance in the
pig iron and special iron tariff to 25 cents for
car loads and 30 cents for less than car loads.
The advance takes effect on September 1, and
is between New York and Chicago both ways.
This makes the rate from Pittsburg to Chicago
12; ., and 15 cents, whereas it was formerly 11
and It cents.
A Manifesto by Swiss Anarchists.
Bebne, Aug. 19.?A manifesto is in circula
tion, signed by Swiss anarchists, which vio
lently attacks the bundsrath for instituting a
political police and a public prosecutor.
Crane Will Go Back and Answer.
New Yoke, Aug. 19.?Samuel Crane, the
base ball player who was arrested on a requisi
tion from Pennsylvania charging him with
running away with the wife of a man named
Frouenfelter of tscranton, has agreed to go
back to Pennsylvania without further trouble
and will leave this afternoon. Mrs. Frouen
felter will also go back to answer to the charges
her husband has made against her.
A Collision with a Cow.
Viscenneb, Inc., Aug 19.?The locomotive
and eight cars of a freight train on the Ohio
and Mississippi road were wrecked yesterday
morning by a collision with a cow. J. C. Lyons
was instantly killed and C. M. Paulley fatally
huft. The engineer and fireman jumped and
escaped. Several head of cattle were killed.
A New Trial Asked for ? Murderer.
New York, Aug. 19.?Lawyer Wm. F. Howe
was in supreme court chambers today before
Judge Barrett on an order to show cause why a
new trial should not be granted to Charles Gib
liu, the murderer of Madeline Goetz, on the
ground of new evidence. Giblin is one of the
five sentenced to be hanged on Friday. An at
tempt will be made to show that Giblin did not
own the weapon with which the fatal shot was
fired. The prisoner's wife and child were in
After a brief argument by the counsel and
the assistant dristrict attorney the hearing wm
closed and decision reserved.
Fatal Stabbing Affray In Chicago.
Chicago, Aug. 19.?Mike Canty of 108 Seward
street was fatally stabbed by a companion
named William Meill about midnight last night.
Canty, James Troy and two others were stand
ing in front of Canty's house, when Meill came
along and forced a quarrel, finally plunging a
dagger into Canty's neck and severely cutting
Troy in the thigh. Meill was arrested mm1 the
wounded men taken to their homes.
But It H?d Fallen from the Cat Door
and Wan Found.
CHir.ioo.Auff. 19.?Aspecial tothetferviMfrom 1
Terre Haute. Ind. says: Saturday at 11 o'clock
p.m. the postal clerks on the fast mail train ,
over the Pennsylvania railroad discovered that
the registered through poach for St. Louis was
missing. It contained #10.000 and was in the car
when the stop f6r supper ?u made at Terre
Haute and wait not se< u afterward It ww sup
posed a robber had secreted himai If on the trian
and in some mysterious luauu r stole the poach.
When Vaudalia wus reach* d a telegram was
sent to Terre Haute notifying the police of the |
loss and requesting that effort* be made to find
the pouch. Search wo* at once instituted here 1
on tne theory that the pouch had dropped from
the train and the missing sack was fouud in the
railway yard with its contents untouched. It
had fallen from the car door as the tram was f
Bearing the depot.
The Sunday Law In Indianapolis.
Indianapolis. In>? Aug. 19.?The effort to
enforce the Sunday law was reasonably success
ful here again yesterday, but several of the sa
loon men undertook to defy the officers. Five
of them were arrested uud the others theu
closed up their houaec and abandoned busiucaa
tor the day.
Train Robbers Captured.
Kansas Citt, Mo., Aug. 19.?Friday after
noon James and lioal Pullen, brothers, were ar
rested in this city, charged with the robbery
of the Wabash train on August 3. The pris
oners were taken to Liberty, where they nave
been kept ever since. The officer* state that
they are certain that they have captured the
right men.
Cut Hid Throat With a Razor.
Chicago, Aug. 19.?A Hrrahi special from
Wichita, Kan., Bays: Robert Doran committed
suicide Saturday night by cutting his throat
with a razor. He was a brother of the Doran
nominated by the republicans Saturday for
county treasurer. He had spent a mouth in
making an active canvas s in his brother's
interests and it is supposed the excitement
drove him crazv.
Will Boycott the Newspapers.
Vincennes, Ind., Aug. 19.?The 1'ike county
newspapers have been criticising the farmers'
mutual benefit association, which has estab
lished granger stores in the county, aud th"
members of the association resolv? ,i at a recent
picnic, to boycott any paper which opposes
them. The papers defy them. The Xt irx de
clares that it may be the Bteausof making UK)
subscribers pay up.
They Died In Each Other's Arms.
Fuesno, Cal.. Aug. 19.?Yesterday morning
the wife of Attorney W. H. Topper of this city
knocked at the door of her servant girl. Eliza
beth Vernon, to ask her to bring in breakfast.
Receiving no response she opened the door and
saw tSio girl aud her lover. Audrus Olst u. lying
clas]<d in each other's arms. The g rl was dead
and Oisen died in a few minutes. On the table
near by was found an empty bottle that had
contained poison The most plausible reason
for the suicide seems to be that the couple de
sired to be married, but their love affairs were
interfered with by another party who was a
constant visitor to the house.
Murderer (iuscli Captured.
GnAND Rapids.Mich.. Aug. 19.?Ai tielGusch,
the notorious murderwr. was captured yester
day and taken to Hastings, where he is now
locked up. The new* of the man's arrest
spread like wild-tire and au immeuse crowd
gathered and loudly threatened mob violence.
'Ihe officers iu charge of the jail put ou a bold
front, however, and. as the mob lacked a
leader, summary Justice was not meted out to
the assassin.
lee Deposits In Idaho.
New York. Aug. 19.?A special from Port
laud, Ore., says that an immense deposit of
ice has been found in Pne creek canyon,
Idaho. It probably dates from the glacial
period Capitalists are considering the feasi
bility of mining the ice for commercial pur
Nearly All Are for Mahnne.
Lynchmkg, Va., Aug. 19.?Republicans com
pleted the selection of delegates to the Nortolk
convention Saturday in all this section and
southwest. The meetings were well attended
aud harmonious. Col. C. H. Famous of Nat
ural Bridge, heretofore strongly auti-Mahoue,
has declared for the regular ticket.
Prlnee Sulkowskl's Revolution*.
London, Aug. 19.?Prince Sulkowski, * ho re
cently escaped from the celebrated aristocratic
luuatic asylum at Doebling. near Vienna, aud
who has been adjudged by German physiciaus
to be of sound miud. is in danger of being sur
rendered to the Austrian authorities, who have
made a demand lor his body. He has been
making some revelations not at all palatable to
the Austrian court, among which is his very
positive assertion that an Austrian noble mau
of high rank is still confined in boebliug. sim
ply because he happened to know the circum
stances attending the death of the Crown
Prince Rudolph. The alleged correspondence
between Prince .Rudolph and the unfortunate
object of his love. Marie Vetzcra. is having an
extensive sale, but the authenticity of the
letters is stoutly denied by the court circle.
1'riuce Sulkowski's friends have rallied to his
support and it is doubtful if the German gov
ernment will dare to give him np to Austria,
although it may insist upon his keeping to him
self such facts as might be di&agreeabie to the
Austrian court to have revealed
The Sixty-sixth Day of His Fast.
Indianapolis. Ind., Aug. 19.?Yesterday was
the sixty-sixth day of the fast of Robert Marvet,
aged eighty-six. Ills pulse has never been less
than forty-five nor higher than fifty. He has not
left his bed for twenty-five days. He takes only
an occasional sup of milk. and during the fset
of sixty-six days Das not used one entire gallou of
milk. * He is very much pinched and shrunken.
A Dynamite Factory Explodes.
Iron Mountain, Mich.. Aug. 19.?The dyna
mite factory of the Peninsula powder company,
three miles south of here, blew up Saturday
night. The cause of the explosion remains a
mystery, as the workmen had just left the
premises. No one was hurt by the explosion,
bat the built'ings were destroyed Los# about
A Banker's Suicide Causes a Panic.
Tcuix, Aug. 19.?The National bank, the
Milan savings bank and the Rank of Naples
have advanced '24.000,000 lire to two Turin
banks to arrest a panic caused by the suicide of
Signor Copelio, one of the leading bankers of
this city.
Kdlson Honored by King Humbert.
Pakis, Aug. 19.?A special envoy of King
Humbert of Italy today presented Thos. A.
Edison, the American electrician, with the in
signia of s grand officer of the crown of Italy.
Mr. Edison thus becomes a count and his wife
a countess.
Jumped Out of a Third-story Window.
Chicago, Aug. 19.?Annie Wold a daughter
of Norwegian parents, residing at 118 Milwau
kee avenue, committed suicide by jumping oat
ot' a third-atorv window at her home yesterday
afternoon. 'Ihe young woman was twenty
three years of age and unmarried She had
been partially insane for several months as a
result of over-study of religion.
A Reception at the Vatican.
Roue. Aug. 1?.? A reception was held at the
Vatican yesterday, it being the feast of St
Joachim and the pope's fete day. His holiness
entertained his visitois in his private library.
His health is good and he exercises for an hour
daily m his garden.
Iu Sepuutoer lie will issne a new encyclical,
when be receives the Frrn h pilgrims.
Three Men Kllieu iu aa Explosion.
Lowo*, Aug. 19.? An explosion occurred la
the Che 11 eoUierr at Hanley today by which
three men were killed
F.nfUnA Atkrd to t o?op*r?t? w'tk tfct
l'all?4 bUlM to Prevent their 8pw?d?
Ln*no*. August It.?The government to <?
r?*atpt of an official communication from the
Stale drptrtanil at Wwhiuftun iaviting tb?
oo-opomtiou of EasUiul in taking measure* U
prevent Uw >prr?J of infection* Aunim. Tha
?ante communication. it to understood, has
Won ? nt to the other Kuropean powers. and
contain* a proposal that wall-known plague
renter* liable from their commercial rs'auona
with the wt>rld to diliiw the germ* of rholcre.
yellow fever and aimilar peats shall be declared
obnoxious to humnnity and the governments
in whose territory they are situated shall b?
called upon to cli'iDKe tht'm to the satisfaction
of an international commission appointed W
regularly inspect theni.
THoroa tbk osjvct aoroar to ?? acoov
u conceded here to l>e a praiseworthy one, tt is
thought the United Status authorities have ub>
dor estimated the ditttculties in the way of car
ryiug out such a reform. In addiuoo to many
A?i?.n ports, the cities on the southern aud
eastern Mediterranean literal several West In
dian aud South American porta must he in
cluded in the list of objectionable places. Pre
judice, Ignorance and ustloiial pride, generally
strongest auioug the filthiest nations, will have
to be indelibly coinbatted.
Lord Salisbury says that Lug.and will do
everytniug in her power for the furtherance of
Buch an object, in which she la especially inter
ested. hut the Spirit in which application* for
cooperation will be received by the semi-civil
ixed powers may be eaally anticipated,
suggest to Turkey and Lgjpt to cleanse and
remodel Constantinople, Alexandria, bmuua
aud other cities, would undoubtedly be re
I garded as an insult and a covert meuace to
Moslem traditious and religion. Havana, too.
i may be. as stated, a standing source of danger
to the I'uited States, but to order the nuiaauce
abated, would be considered Ui H(?iu as equiva*
lent to ordering every hidalgo to waah his laca.
Ulaaitniu* Results of ? Kir* In ? New
Vork Tenement llouae.
New Yoke. Aug. 19.-A small fire at 805 7th
avenue at 4 :4S this morning proved Tory dis
astrous to the lives of the sleeping people in
the tive-story brown-stone teuemeut.
The following are the names of the victims
who met their death: Win. Glennon. aged
sixty; Nellie Geoban. aged twenty; Mary Wales,
aged thirtv-oue; Jaue Wales, aged forty; Thos.
Wales, aged two, berths Lusting, aged four;
Wm. MclUe. aged forty-seven, Jatues Jeffrey ,
aged fifty-live; also, an unknown womau, aged
about forty-five.
W ui. Git uuon. aged about eighteen, was badly
burtied about the face and feet aud was taken
to the New York hospital.
The building was occupied by thirteen fami
lies, who have been niude temporarily home
less bv the fire. Ihe flumes did not do very
much damage in the various apartmeuU, but
burned out their strength in the hallways.
The pecuniary loss will not aniouut to mora
thau *10,000.
in the rear of John Snyder s restaurant at an
hour when all the |M (*ple in the house wera
sleeping soundly. Just how the fire started is
IUI yet a mystery, but as the restaurant's cook
to uussiuk it is tair to presume that an accident
occurred while he was making the tire in ths
big range. The awtul speed with which the
flame* swept up through the building suggest
the use of kt rosene by the cook. 1 he door
leadiug trom the kitchen to the hallway was
fouud open and the great volume of tire rolled
out into the | asnage aud swept up the stairways
so rapidly th.?t ijimilie* li* nig on the first floor
must lutvitably have perisln d without even so
much as a warning, but it so happened that
the rooms directly over the r? staurant were
unoccupied on account of the heat which
seemed to
C>il)l K>kA IK.
Less than half s block a way on the corner of
2*<tli street and the avenue stood Policemen
Warner aud McCullagh of the BOth-sWeet
station. They received a warning from s cry
of pain which ciitne from the buildiug. and
lookiug in the direction whence it came saw a
lv.ill of tire bealiug a^MU-t The frout wiudows
of the restiiaraiil. Its the time that they real
ized what the trouble was a forked tongue of
dame shot out trom the root autl lighted up the
n< ighborliood. W ltn Uieir clubs the two otneers
beat in the front door but a spiteful bUxe shot
i out and drove tliem back, lliey tried the next
i door and in that way fouud au eutrauce.
There were nosigusof life iu the bui.ding and
the oliuers hurried from one room to another,
ra| plug on the doors with their clubs and call
ing to the inmates to
Murmuring* at first were heard, then a bur*
of m..uy voices, which finally changed into a
wail of terror aud agony from the women aud
children struggling for their lives in ths
death trap.
l ire escapes leading from the burning build
ing to the as yet uutouched tenement next door
Wire speedily tilled Up With halt-naked people.
In the m< ituunie alarms has been *< nt out and
the fire department was soon at work ou the
Humes aud assisting the frightened inmates,
'llie flames Were eltingushed easily enough by
the firtineu and all the }>eople on the firs
escapes were safely landed. Not one person
escaped down the stairway, and the names of
the tew who tried it are found in the list of ths
dead as giveu above.
As soou as possible
The first body fouud was that of old W'. Glennon.
The remain- were discovered by the side of tha
bed iu his room ou the secoud floor. He had
risen to fly with his sons, but his old legs were
not nimble enough and he perished. The boys
were takeu to the hospital. They were burned
on the feet, caused by walking on hot iron bars
of the fire escape. In the rooms of the Wells
family w as a signt which canuot easily be for
gotten. In the middle of the floor kuelt ths
mother, Mary Wells, aud in her desd embrsce
were her children, Julie and 'lhomss. They
had been smothered, and not s burn or blister
dclaced the pallor of their countenances Ths
nine dead bodies were placed iu the ambulances
aud taken to the .Kith-street station. Coroner
Hanly gave friends permits for the removal of
the diead.
srsPTCioc* riBcrwsajtcES.
Acting Cspt. Scbmittzerger of the 30th-street
police station said: "The circumstances under
which the fire occurred are, to say the least,
suspicious. 1 have questioned the three men
separately and there are certain discrepansisa
which they should be called upon to explain.
Snyder luis kept the place four or five years
aud his reputation is none too good. It was
op. n day and night nndoccasionslly some verv
lively scenes have taken place in it. The col
ored cook ssy* that they have not done much
business lately. Snyder had 91.000 insurance
on hto fixtures, which, I think, is mors than
they are worth. The policy expire* on Sep
tember 24. and.strange to suy, be had the policy
in hto pocket when arrested."
From Wall Street Today.
New Yobk. Aug. 18.?The bad bank state
ment of Saturday, together with ths new aud
severe cut in rates by the Chicago, Burlington
and Northern, conspired to give a decidedly
weak tone to the stock market this morning
and first prioes were generally from to % per
cent lower than Saturday s closing figures,
while Northwestern was down \ par cent. The
weakness did not bring any more activity with
it, however, and while further declines ware
scored in most of the list they wars for small
fractious onlv and Northwestern and Burling
ton and Quincy were particularly well held.
Wabash preferred lost which was afterward
recovered, aud Chicago Gas loat and Cot
ton Oil??, but the movements m the remainder
were entirelv insignificant At 11 o'clock tha
market was dull and steady at something
the opening price*.
Five to be Hnnged on Friday.
New Yoke, Aug. 19.?Hangman Joe Atkinson
visited the tombs prison this morning and had
a brief conference with Wsrden Osborns in
relation to the arrangements for the execution
of the five murderers on Friday. It to expected
that the scaffolds will be erected on Wednes
day. There will be two. Three men will be
hanged on one and two on the other. The at
tached weights will ha 1,000 and 160 pounds
Tithes Bailiffs Attacked.
Loiroox, Aug. 19.?At Pembrook. Wales, ta
ds y two tithes bailiffs attempted to snforce tha
collection of tithes, when they wars set upon
by a crowd. Tha bailiffs took to their heals
sad the crowd, increasing in sue every moment,
followed. The crowd Anally ast dog* upon tha
trail of the fugitivsa and they ware eaptared.
Ths bailiff* were worried and their clothu^ wm
mnch torn hy the dogs. They ware compelled
to swear that they would aevar again serve m
tithing uAoecs and set at lihar%.

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