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Va. 79. Na 20,139. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 25. 189L TWO CENTS.
s "AJLT, 1zCSr r taaa*T.
1m vWmAai ?talllq.tta r 1Uk.. by
!fS I1rid.g Sear Im splr OMPGI,16
a a iaUi, a, Pm ft
tl. Took oiw, a P40W Jd1'
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l.amra /aasrw
mome" is Jmlawa. a s l.oot"swrt
0.22. ins ta.MStrOaa.sa Wmaatl/sw. D.Q. r
or Ali MISS ON" be ala toNa aa
W a u.tlda atara itarw w as/11ttm1iLL
t'*Lt7iD TOI)'1L
It r. tw Ira a.w tole n idtr far Cala.
,may) aai 1 cams dNtaw theta .rltaln a
utM tar. Mf ttIl I. Ines r arar$abia taw
tr. ew .rt, Ya.1 ta at &I3. Try tM-,.
711 r r:gf- j.1-ai INW117U!at.1.w.
311 b is. a w.. an ,.:11tq U N& tk cow fine s now /Star lair far wda.lf 1.
A]11tIIC %3 IC1. CO.
/IM. Aala.mko: rwtawMtcera.lo4
1 w a. +. Dtswh otL. M: OLp 1'.aa.yha taw.. Lim 1B. V.. lot and of as ...aM 13111 Gold Ilia . berves, sonsom
51s oDttcortlek'IL" Ma
as Margo - I N bwalt
C. T. RA.:aDSt.
1..&r W+u.tom Mtet Rocaaa/%
and Lair aM IN.rt amber.
anasDaad 11. Atlavtk baaldlal.
M 1,twat aat wrR.
1>tTI r .D t 5ZCGIt1TISl.
Natal. iatti Alan t.lttlR atri maid ltrrasl a
Drew Dttw Tara all ats" wit}..
Z=Ff< now.
b ommust DtlNtlaalt, st.a...lMdls..aadao4.
name auiYwd. Oa ftdWlm an IA. bust.
Lrtla sale an teal vole. sad sta. asatYlNa.i
Dulroq ban *Gof ea all &MIN" 09" at aaa
Rates. awo.w
SMmtm. u( at+WaW a"allpttad ar uaMftt. i
aaa.d. i
m awo -y t.aa.m, her dr.sams law L1t a."
mama or o.attas a am 01146
cm. M a.
" DAD=Dim. aa1Ha
i.t Ca. IiTTD at. ADD U1W:Ott ATi
CSAtTiD IT /PSCIAL * of 0ONO 1111
tataal- lrf.r acs oalrtaaa oi.a.1, 3N1i
T.l.rtaae b la d.
Is W >r Slums t aadaab
Araarb dto.af.
&.f1 " 111
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limmt Df.LWb Off DOLI Aal
Amfarw___ shim MtOarw rawdbu of agar
I mano tta aatoaitMa d tb Mti.m.f laaatlct
maim atd/auasal oaaetlmmatramM awl s11wMl
,soft belpswininataaww
D..Iraal..n/,.fade,,, saa. d m a3DTS
as..arttaudasi alma taueaat Tatata
Blowy Matta.d bd.. tam limo dr aad on I ellook
aaaawl and tlga d aaa a.aa wan Nmw.m.aat
arm ao an OW.
Kama, awal mom..laaeNaY.aDtm.ala.w
tar SK" nm tad "%as 4"40W awad" So
altalad I USaM _ .....i
>Ittamaes1ILTZS WADS sari ON ire of TALL
Aa11.1at+wdNada Is ayaLam dateita wtiMmaf
saalrlao.a dtZaa. er aucalp.
arA1.L illli PM 113M NUM 06 to S n
=6 UM
JDt fata.t. m.atoltrara.
lawsv /" ]IN 2:."Wc eA
N tta sas Yatl _ dtR as Mob alaafL
Ya ll" as .. =taaat Am* I atr11 mom
whir rt 7Na W as U L aM Im AM make
4;. Flom
YMta1 JUL. atll*IOA. a eaL
Ssyd 2.ar C. Dsaataw
L later .ti Imrt ur )t
]t Jos- At:asfeha C. til.iaa
Jobs %L &MIS106
.rat ;strata. JaaC1M'. almllt.a
- R. &C.-AL. EMK~B.MS uP ?..AS
temprs' L A. 1644. K. of L.. are
I. aft ad the best mi eetosu of the em
MON'AY EVENING. Deaber2. 1111.
40-'b4 by ordes, f the meWasy
-; ralar et L A. '. . Lof L.
wl hed on SA'IU AY. December AS, all i
o'ciet k p. in husieese of Ian reliae the at
tend..baco every n iasaamber orer of 1.W. d24-2t*
The anal snetlar of the Weanarton
Market Coeapany will be bead at the oN-* of .be cW
Pary is Caster Marked. .a the city of Weaanltos. at
I-. o'c eek i. as the FIR-T -.4, iDAY, betfal the
FOERTH DAY. of January. 1Mif. for the choice of
thirteen dreetor for the enuas yea and to act en
eny other sobject within the power of the c ien
that uay be -rus bt before the nettg. SAMUEL
W. afiRlOE'* ecretery. Waehi tean. D. C.. De
..steer -'u. I.."1. tEd24d
Giemtlenuem: I am in receipt of your cheek Ia paymnt
of tear of my two horges. burad a low ahrate aiO.
which were immnred in your ceoapany. Plea.e arcept
u o your prongt yay mut of the Mae.
ii. 121 t. a.w.. Wasuagton. D. C.
Deceauier 14. IMat. d t
The trustees of the eompany have declared a semi
amanal dividefd of three per ent on the casunal stock
of the company, payable at the .omupauy's ote. No.
3 Peunna. ave. a., on and aft r January :.. 1nt:.
The annual election of a board of itten truerees % ill
be Ido at theatnse place us MONLA. January 11.
lo.s aopes at 10.. ni., cloe at 2 p. m. hooae for
traneter ut stock will case December 26. I II. and re
maan ciosed unt.l January 11. 124r. an .usave.
Br..MV Y. blM1 atA. JOHN U. aLATER.
-.1-1w "..etary. l'readent.
Ha. nreed hi ohce and r..de.... to
No. 15 P ST. X.N.
Telephame. No. *e1. 44-lum
'Who heads not Experiene.
Trust him nt."
The esperience of bver at
Waiting Machines teday chow
emlusaively that the
eau stim by its meilts
theSaWeameq whi1h ft
Ihe ago achieved.
41-hr STer AND F ST. K.
z In thtSaabad earefullelected stoatof
P. T. HALLS IM E at. a.w.
Call early and secure the choice. sees%
Wa.iantam. bie. 7. 30.
Policy hobdee are haeby nesbSed to usawm their sa
arance on or before the LAST WUbDAI at De
eoner. iMp. tar the year 112. Pleaee attend to oar
seaewals bier, the last lew days and thus sail the
d-tojal J. WESLEY BOTELE. Secretary.
r have returned to the ety and eBamed
$ies ar.
O~oe. 1514eth st. a. w. [4121 Tlepheme. 191.
.,. 0. COnNWELL a SON.
-1412, 3434.5ad1418 Pena.a..
Aseeady fee CArista.. with hSo et the
Am" quality ot
7I30. be.
435-lu At thelewest Phesta
Open -ems hem 30tbh emil
02-lw 6m lsh 5.
To Dedes Stock.
del-2w Ju . MAI 13. Pa. see.
We beg toae- that we have emoredte er
new eces. 5a. JM st. w. wc.. whose. with our
sauperior factlitas and larier az..- emm-dthm 4er
bsanea. we will be eabld teonie iaegmeedsmatIsie
tie. to jar iriea.
We would ,aL the atteation at those having bonars
to wet to our "Real ?epare-aat.' to which upeieel at
December 1u. 1SM. 416.2w
4:31 11TH ST. N. W.
nan Booa. Coppres. ata
Sc.. latter Pues. Decneset andemSa
Done. OWre Fiataee. Weddin and
Visiting Carets Enirraned ad Painted._ _&a
far. reas eor lualdnL._ that will be aval
able tur quart- r:mnr U. A. I. poete durina tinr an
taumal en.--.anaia are .rqetafste to aed t. aad
quarters .at .a eoeti a uinittee, Ito ma 1, At
and uri-e .1 t.. ,au.. L . #RIIIAIT. t.har.naan
Coeauanartee Acrotuaadatioee, ___no;MS-hm
(aFlFICE Qiat.T~hi.
The dhelde:rwae in now a central temd=
eeseeable .urrqon.laia. all ased.r. con
weieces as arr.e iara. uIhrt. janiitr's sery
Iee. ha:-. Thae se nd Boord ofou ew bsh
se utm ao a deaaraine Laa e.
addraonavanltage of iaaosserehe rental.
det t~et.n.w.
W P.rcat e a. ittle early, but ys wiln he sure
.4 Lavang theana daone sacrsectiy. My eeet-paeeas~
hi nearly uke ea.urag that few can detect the
Teataheme g. Adm 412*11thatf.a3V.
Tb-s will be ome it it illme et to .6 g
Fran V. AE.Dn IN JouN5803.
Connplete farian.ee.bttoana pete., u wale
and ineeeure-. .een suci, laruaast deuredem.
ciee-ll it. I. awe, aw.. 0il A ml. a
an. hiS 43a at. a..
Campeu a eeS e enSthem hel
*ees--e hetere the aedee the yea.
K ae r traende with a amat -i IANILIt
60 et m ns rnse o hseaitcmn
hery. aLeeb
**cunits ee a...1Rw. res
S.J. M.A-Y
P. DaRn.
1131 Ph. ee.
SleE and Wner Neelte sed ase @1
he e-MkW S I .i en..
theam ssde eAn'S ui pm og
ehe m athls.ea Wae, e
p esdWi.Se the 3eeb aseh
an ens ea__ ee
W00A3D & wAstnw,
e &a 00n 3mnraan, n.
T 0 Cistot . . ll. si..
o'etalk.fo, tho qasefias .1.0cm. for tle eaeuntadeu
mybe: A ai3.masm a OLY. N
Vea. Maat- tadoh.
Attest: ROWT BALL. M*. Resietr. d70it
Whynet pm yeatr *emembrancer" i the
taem ot a passe ef Jewelry? Many uanque
631 leveuth vite soetbwest. d25
lmaai Oade a qois ter every line of business at
4 per thousand This price includres the necesamry
ptang. Heretofore th eards have cost from too
to twelve dodlasa C.ad e a
Wva ~ Oi doe Ft n . Rp ~. Printer,
Telepbene. 83-^. J 1 J s D t. n. w.
FRIDAY. DEC. ri. 191.
Too wel um to need detailed description; the suost
coml ad durable wheel iro tuys ever put on
the market and a favorite with Manta (caua ever .Ine
We Lave mar of thew at 4W. with lamap and bell.
Mever used, and reduced isoni o63.
42 1=15- 14th et. n. w.
biy perial arrangement
I an complete all orders
for u Dre mB Suit in
time for wear on New
Yo's day. if lift Esta
day or Monday.
"Espert to 2lksrs."
d25 Orr. 9th and one. a.w.
Aay of yer brnies we still have
lis a yew "ilSday Goods."whkh we
ar selliir at educed pree. These
articles ie mpallydestrabe the year
ArtitW. ArchftectVelad Limers' Bupplies.
branch.1724 Pa. awe. (ail 50 9th at. a. w.
With the ewiriag fashinsn of own
days it IN becominga perplexing mat
ter to have one's arsan always ia
tras with the latest anode. If they
aretamped "1am." howewer. you
may be assured they ae not only of
the richest and choicest cloths and
auet make. but we cat stylibly
and embody the very latent tade in
vogue in New York sad London.
"I1 it to stamped *Kess' it is the
best"--t sweer way.
Cusieuo Teial,
d25 44thst a.w.
Reposdil p rtegg,
departarp etessa.
be.. we ofer
em anything
of Di.mos. Watche.
Cieke and jewelry.
Gve as a ell.
606 havamTH B?. as
ad the public that we we see to do
gr'amtng ad e grav Inr to all its branches.
2 14:t t. a n
pease er Ituawer, bout. Thackhe -. Anot~i,
Laut" or Daceons. is vuaablsle. and you will bar
aathemahe. iasasne tiegaemt large Git
.0C. P SLL.
dll-la dStha. a.w.
It has bee some little tine Mace we
have meationed those wl mins
Butte of ours. * 'Ihim low prtiee was uar
UatlfW khuow for ufe ailorine until eow Me.
Our???? M eat. and today you will and it to be the
Adest? ?emeercefer anna eq ualtp in tie
United utates. We mesa to manta
ear ew Vries at er a Teleing.
74s94er,61 Shop.
dui b14 nth st. a.w.
DECENEE t 1B. 19)L
Just one year ago TODlA! eace we smed
ENTIRIE eoutrol. Ouir buemebows a flat
tortanr increase dutsisg the Peelt year, being j..t
double that et lin.
418 41 to M at. .w.
er on r..mdeilinhonae at em
repals about a hoeSe time o
Telepheme ate drop av es
ha ad we will siwe you preesgt
IOW3BTm Tiu; los 11338
Tahe out a peissy he the lireas's lame-.
anec Ompany.
oses: Casaar 7th at. an La. aYa
0. W. NOWARD, Deeays1 5I
NmE ET & 30 %tS
asenAam cas AsD
ALWAYS uwanan
-4aa1a aa.T. [email protected]
S~t MNrun
-etm Nesh k.esat Msn 4
464 D m
Washington News and Gossip.
Imien so Advertisesmemes.
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BSINSS CHANES *...........................Pge 2
C I IITEMS ............ .......................Pw 8
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WA.- D ..Iiaslaneoas)......................Pass 2
WINTER RESORTS ..........................Pags 2
Th following ladies have been invited to act
as patroness.s for the Princeton Glee, Banjo
and Mandolin Club onncert on the evening of
Tuesday, December 29: Mrs. Harrison. }irs.
Morton. Mrs. McKee Mrs. Noble. Mrs. an
amaker, Mrs. Rusk, irs. Miller. Mrs. Romero,
Madam Mendonca, Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Dolph,
Mrs. Field, Mrs. arlan, Mrs. Bloomer, Mrs.
Mattingly and Mrs. Thomas Biggs.
Mrs. P. V. DeGraw and son, Edwin, will
spend the holidays in Philadelphia.
Mrs. William H. Codrick, who has been visit
ing her sister, Mrs. Helen S. Myers, 67 H street
northwest, has returned to her homo in Port
land, Ore.
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hammond gave a
dinner party on Wednesday at Belconrt. The
guests were Mr. and Mrs. Pellew. Mr. and Mrs.
Henry May. Mr. and Mrs. John Poor, Dr. and.
Mrs. Richey, Mrs. Wallach and Dr. Bisphatm.
The Nonesuch Eacher Club met at the resi
dence of Mrs. Wm. Russell, 1911 8th street
northwest, on Wednesday evening. First prizes
were won by Mrs. Blcakmore ard Mr. Brower,
second by Mrs. Mathewson and Dr. Hamlin.
Befreshments were served and a Christmas box
presented to each guest by the hostess. Those
present were Mesdames Starkey, Bleakmore,
Jester, Mathewson. Hamlin, Russell. Misses
Starkey, Mathewson and Hamlin, Messrs.
Brower. Jester, Bleskmore, Russell, Starkey
and Msm=
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Williamson. 613 Virginia
avenue southeast, celebrated their silver wed
ding last Monday night. Several handsome
presents in silver and linen were received and
a numbe, of shales .ieuds were entertained.
Among these pressent were rev. E. H. Severn,
Mr. and Mrs. Haskins. Mrs. C. C. Wood, Mr.
and Mrs. J. O. King, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Mat
thews, Mr. and Mrs. Chiseldine.
Ms. Smith, wife of Col. Rodney Smith, U. S.
A., will spend the holidays with the family of
Ge . Wm. Smith at 1606 k street.
Mrs Sarah Irwin Mattingly, widow of the
late Dr. C. C. Mattingly of Kentucky, has lo
cated permanently in Washington and leased
the residence 1455 Massachusetts avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Johnson of Brooklyn
have been spending a few days with their
uncle, Mr. E. H. Klemroth of Corcoran street,
and have now returned home.
Mrs. S. C. Soot, nee Goldie Wallach, is visit
ing her mother, Mrs. Wallach, 243 Delaware
avenue northeast, where she will be at home
on Thursdays.
Mr.and Mrs. W. F. Melbourne of 2013 R street
northwest, having leased their home to Hon.
George B. Wendling. are now at 217 East Capi
tol street, whero they will be happy to see their
friends. Col. George W. Shutt, the brotne: of
Mrs. Melbourne, having been absent, in Door
health, for two years, is visiting his sister AId
is much improved.
Louis P. Smith. now in his second year at the
College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York,
has 24turned to his home in Hyattsville for the
holidays. Mr. Smith recently resigned his po
sition as private secretary to Mr. Soloy, aesmet
ant secretary of the navy, to resume his medi
cal coursa of study.
There was a pleasant birthday party at the
residence of Mr. and Mrs. James IV. Barker,
1106 H street, Monday evening, in honor of the
A1th birthday of their grandson. Master Frank
Barker Laporte, that was participated in by a
number of his Ave-year-old friends. The
usual games were played. tho most amusing
being the contest for a prize in presenting a
donkey with a tail. Master Willie Newton car
ried off the honors, while Miss Margie Folhan
was presented with the booby. At 8 o'clock
refreshments were mrred. Master Frank's
matama was ably assisted by his aunts, Mrs. 0.
Ea.menston and Mars. D~r. Stockstill, and his
uncle, Dr. H. H. Biarker. After the repust the
entire party ealled on Grandma Uarker, who
was lamne and unable to be present. Among
those in attendance wore B. W. and May
Barker, Minnie Barron, Margie and Nelie
Follin. WIlliu Newton, Franres Lurket, Willie
Yeates Helen and Lonie Dent nnd Ada Rose,
Mr. John E. Parker, the choirmaster of St.
Mark's Church, Capitol Hill1, entertained the
mnembers of the choir, including the little boys,
at his home, on 6th street, Tiuesday evening.
There were about twenty present, and a most
enjoyable eveing was spent.
The engagement of Miss 11. May Moore,
formierly of Washington, to Mr. George Bayer
of Baltimore Is nnnounced. The wedding will
oeeur In the letter city on January 10. The
bride-elect Is the only unmarried sister of Mrs.
Mary S. Wilson of Congress Heights.
Mritmas Is passing on the 'VirgInia side of
the river with the usual enjoyments. It has
bee. somsewhat acisy, but not disorderly. The
tiikthat there has been much less in
Tsewas servie at the Catholle Churchbat l
e' e ad during a pattion ot the morning
all the altars of the ehmrch were occupied by
petests inying sens at the same timse. AS 6
.'elesh there were services at the Soethern
Methodist cud Methodist Protestant churches
at 7eeo'loek at Grace P. H. Church, at 10
.'eleek at 8I. Mary's Church ad aS 11 o'clock
at the three Proteetant EphSSondI churches
and the Germsan Lutheran Church. The
sesa were thronged with spert-.e.
tag het deecrees erowds twhose
"hraf-i net mn.leca ad whe stei
hart su . WUihi deer. an old nd
the kep e s e ferywher
- ? enammas nyu anaT.
laameht en sm eeurred amar the 3m6.
-s sasarane es Bepal strseeepposite the
smarhet. Gsse Nyde attaihed Geese Gal
wit a Wette ad Gaul psse Ryde a mes
ea the head 3mb wae. assesed and ti
massag Meyer MShame he4 bethem.as
. -mmn was semm.
Al te mpebethia ais mreig a yen
-masmd Weised asewho had bees jus
ela ben fA s as e ihe -f
A Happy Time Around a Christmas Twss In
the Lbeary.
The tootig of a tin horn in a series of more
of less musical notes was the signal for the
commencement of the Christmascelebration at
the White House this morning shortly after 10
o'clock. When Mrs. Dimmick blew this juve
nile instrument, faces came smiling from every
door all around her in the corridor upstairs.
and soon all the members of the presidential
family bad assembled in a laughing procession.
At the head of it was the President and Dr.
Scott, Master Benjamin and pretty little Mary
McKee. A stream of light shone from the lib
rary door and away in the corner of that his
toric apartment glistened like a thousand stars
the Christman tree. The subsequent proceed
ings would interest all the world could the roof
of the White House have been lited off and
everybody had a chance to peep in.
On a table near the tree were copies of Mas
ter Benjamin's address and the invocation to
the Christ-child, both the inspiration of the
children's governess-Fraulein Hampe. These
were handed about. and while the little ones
spoke in tBerman their audience was just as
appreciative as if every word was understood.
After this formal part of the program every
body had a chance to inspect their gifts. The
children found theirs-toys of all sorts and
kinds-arranged around on the floor under
their tree. One side devoted to Mary's gifts
had a full set of baby doll furniture, with baby
dolls, lady dolls and boy dolls, a piano, a
kitchen outit and a quantity of other feminine
necessities in the world of babydom, while Ben
jamin had a steam engine, a couple of trains of
cars, a full suit of armor, books, pictures and
all manner of things to tickle a boyish fancy.
GIrTS PoE YaS. uARaaiO.
On a table near by were Mrs. Harrison's gifts.
It was like a bride's collection, and all the
members of her family, as well as nysny promi
nent persons all over the country, were repre
sented by valuabla tokens. Even while she
was admiriug them others were arriving--a
beautiful cabinet and a box of potatoes, from
the ideal to the real, so to speak, were among
the articles that came too late to be classified.
The potatoes came all the way from Salt Lake
City, and the smallest one of their would weigh
from three to four pounds. One of the Mlur
phys from Mormondom was shown to the Presi
dent and exhibited among his gifts. Some of
the others will grace the Christmas dinner along
with the usual accompaniments Steward McKim
has so liberally provided for the feast.
Three or four other tables held presents for
the President, Mrs. McKee, Dr. Scott, Mrs.
Dimmick, Lieut. and Mrs. Parke- and all the
household retinue. Nobody knew what the
other was to give and the surprises and pleas
ures would make a long story. Dr. Scott felt
his youth renewed in entering into all the
sports of the children, and they in turn didnot
enjoy any of their toys or presents until he had
passed approval of them.
The family spent a very jolly hour together
and the clerical force, Mr. Halford, Mr. Pru
den. Mr. Tibbets and Mr. Moutgomery,were all
in to see the fun, as were also Capt. Dinsmore,
Mr. Turner and Sergeant Johnson, who es
caped by turns from minding the big front
door down stairs. Mr. 1. H. Hoover, the
White Houso electrician, treated the company
to a delightfui surprise by weaving in one cor
ner of the room a cobweb and a spider. Of
course the web was silver wire and the red
body of the spider had an electric light burn
ing behind it. The effect was perfect.
All the servants took part in the celebration,
and Benjamin and Mary had a present for
them. Jerry, who is the light comedian of the
mansion, kept up his reputation for fun and
caused the President to utter the only apology
he will have to make today. When Jerry
wished him the compliments of the season the
President told him how much he regretted not
being able to present to him his favorite deli
cacy, a 'possum, and, amid roars of laughter,
Jerry responded that he had nothing agin a
turkey. It was regarded as a fortunate thing
also that Jerry wore his red necktie today, as
the sparkling diamond in the middle of it
helped to disperse the gloom in the dark cor
ners of the house.
The President yesterday presented to each
employe of the house an order for a turkey or
a pair of gloves. Mrs. Harrison added to this
by a personal gift.
Mr. Russell Harrison came on from New York
this morning and was at the White House in
time to eat breakfast with his jarents. A tele
gram was received from Mr. McKee from Jersey
City, showing that he was that far on his jour
ney, and if no further delays were encountered
he will get here in ample time to enjoy the best
part of the day with his wife and children.
The pretty little address prepared by Mary
McKee is as follows.
"Grossmama Dir Gottes Segen.
Glick Und Freund Auf Allen Weggen,
Und Gesundheit aller best,
Zu dem schonen Weihnachtfest."
A surprise awaited the President when his
young grandson proudly preuted the first
specimen of his penmarship. executing with
infinite labor the following address. which he
declaimed with appropriate gestures and quaint
little bows:
"Meinen Grospapa deni lieben.
Hat dies Versehen iih t g hrieben,
Dass er zu dem heilgen Christ,
Hiet von mir beschenket ist,
Zu der schonen weihuachtazeis,
Dei sich alle welterfreut.
Wunsch ich dir alsheilgen Christ
Tausei tahre Leubus frit,
Viele F'reude'n Obdendrieii,
WVill deiii lieber tiungesciu."
Miss Mary Motton had her Christmaa tree
party last evening. Today the Vice P'resident
and Mrs. Mortoc ate dinner with their five
daughters and a few friends.
Secretary Blaine and Mrs. Blaine will have a
late dinner, at which thero sill be present Miss
Hattie Blaine, James (G. Ilaine, Jr., and Mr.
and Mrs. Walter Damroich.---Secretary
Elkins spent his ChristmaA with his family
at Elhins. W. Va. --ecretary Tracy,
Mrs. Wilmnerding and Miss Alice Wil
merding formed a quiet family party
at their residence on K street--Secre
tary Noble and his wife had us their only guests
the Misses Hlalsted, the sisters of Mrs.
Noble.--scretary, Mrs, and Miss Foster
spent the day quietly. They dined together
for the first time since the. Secre
tary's illness.--Secretary and Mrs. Rusk
will have - the principal otlicors of tihe
Agricultural Department at dinner with them
tonlght.--Attorney General and Mrs. Miller,
their two daughters and their son hs d an old
fashioned Indiana Christmas dinner altogether.
--Postmaster General Wanamaker celebrated
Christmas at Lindenhurst, his countryplc
ner Phlldephia, with the members .1his
Tuu Essoars or A Yaa.--A sonfugics of
werds Ia a synopsis of a statement by the
ehief of the bureau of statistics in yesterdayr's
Bran of imports and eiL rts for twelve months
made it appear that e balane~ was en the
wrong aide of the column. The statement
shows that the exports for the twelve mouths
ended November180 aounted to 0,01.185,
as against 3856,952, 136 for the precediung
year. The Impotsfor the saes twelve maouths
amounted to 1,3'?2,48S, agan 20W,43,80S
for the preceding year. Teewas a gain
during the year of nearly $100.0,0 WiIn the
e tttrade of the eountry, while the imports
The grn jury of SpuingkII, Mass., has
found a tndictment for murder in the ease et
Wslises W. Bolmes of Lisopes eherged with
th murder of his wfes.
Lasile W. Rasselt, enattseney gamiel ot
place o e eNar. hiei o
sepe esmr% fosm dhidan who andse
C. F. whosIbam
ded Webmmen aI hi moss Am n..s. &
The Dteanly of itndtag Flass Mahe
sg Came.
DIEANDS Yon sPjaoPaueesWwnon ten 3Wo
onEmt, CANOT xoaoan- oNs or tua Pen.
LEm asonE Ta notsa-TZ Divisi ef
WORK A3ON1 Ta coaiitTnEl.
The cutting down of appropriations isathing
which Wrmises much perplexity for the dat
ocratic majority of the House. It is a very
much easier thing to talk about reducing e
penditures than it is to make the reductin.
The appropriations committee is constructed
with "retrenchment and reform" in view, and
in all probability there will be some very deep
cutting by that committee. But that eommit
tee have not alone the say as to expenditures.
The only bills they have charge of are the leg
islative, the sundry civil. the general defciency,
the District of Columbia and the fortifications.
The Indian, the naval, the army and military
academy. the consular and diplomatic, the
river ands harbor, the agricultural and the post
office appropriation billsare distributed among
other committees, and undess all agree upon a
general policy the efforts of one com sittee to
economize ril not be very productive of re
suits, and there is the probability of very dis
proportionate appropriations. A nuh2ber of
the alpropriations made by the last Congress
are continuous and cannot be cut of except
by legislation or involve, by reason of eon
tracts for work started, additional appropria
tions by this Congress. These present ques
tions that are very difficult to deal with.
It has been proposed that aclausebe iaserted
in one of the appropriation bills repealing the
sugar bounty and the steamship subsidy, but
th is a thing that wil be very dilicult of
ac mplishment and the attempt might resuit
in a very long session with a hot light between
the Hose and Senate, and fnally in the fail
ure of the bill upon which the rider was placed.
These expenditures must be continued or there
will be a tremendous fight. Very rigid econ
omy may be put in practice in the ordinary
government expenditures, but at the best, very
many millions cannot be saved by cutting off
clerks, reducing delaries, and cuttingdm
contingent expenses n the ordinary govern
ment service. leyond theme things there is
very little that Mr. Holman's committee has
control of, and as an ofeet for the poitieal
necessity of a reduction of exponditures. there
are very urgent demands for unusual appro
priations, as in the case of the world's fair and
provisions for the payment of Indian claims
which were appropriated for by the last Con
gres, but not paid for the reason that there
was not over much money in the treasury.
To make any material reduction in the appro
priations there must be some very deep cutting
by the several other committees having app
priation bila in charge, and there will Imeas
difficulty in bringing about a concert of acion.
It is expected, for instance, that there will be
a very earnest demand for an increase all alm.
the line of the establishment of the Agrica
tural Department, and in the present state of
poitical apprehension it will require a great
stock of courage to refuse anything that a de
sanded in the name of the former.
In view of the pesibility of a brush with
Chile and in the light of our experience of
doubt and anxiety, being threatened by tort
eign complications, propositions to iedaee en
penditures for the navy may !ad assay n
pediments in their way. The same complce
tionsma inspire the framers of the conslar
and di appropriation bill with the
idea that our international afairs are of such
importance as to demand especial attention
and liberality of provisions for the diplematie
service. The postal service is spre'i and
there is a demand for greater potalf* tiss,
which may increse the expenditures beyond
the receipts.
AA these things stand in the way of thep
icy of economy nad- aresset diclsew
wil require great skill to overcome.
From the contemplation of this situation the
thoughts of the eoomists naturally tarn to
the river and harbor expenditures. There is
some talk of having no river and harbor bill or
of greatly reducing the appropriations for the
improvement of waterways. But the very
mention of this idea provokes a vigorous
test, and it develops that the west must he
a large expenditure for the improvement and
enlargement of facilities for water transporto
tion whatever else may suffer.
Serioas Aspects of the mse-The rsp.aa
Message to Congress.
There appear to be good reasons for the be
lief that the Chilean situation is more serious
than the public generally appreciate. The ex
act situation is not generally understood. The
difference of opinion and the misinformation
current appear to arise largely from the feet
that the attitude of the Chileans as represented
by their minister in this country is very differ
cut from that occupied by the government on
their native soil. Minister Monttisveryfriendly
and conciliatory in his manner before the ad
ministration and is said to be holding out on
all occasions the prospect of a satisfactory set
tlement of the difficulty between the two coun
tries. But meanwhile his people at home are
making things as disagreeable as possile fee'
the American minister and for all represen ta
tives of the American government in that coun
try and are maintaining an attitude of arro
gance, defiance and absolutt hostility. It is
yet to be developed whether Minister ilentS is
sincere in a desire to reach a settlement which
will be satisfactory to the United States or
whether he is merely playing the part of a
dilmtfrthe purpose of gaininag time. It
is probable that the United States governument
is as much in doubt as are the public as to
what the outcome of the matter will be. It Is
probable that Mr. Blaine is not deceived by
any professions that may be msde without acts
to sustain them, but this country is strong
enough to be forbearant until forbearance
cases to be a virine. The new government of
Chile will soon be fully established,
and everything depends upon the action of
that government. At this tune there does not
appear to be any particular reason to expect
that there will be any radical change of sen
timent in Chile or any ddEerence in the coo
duct of that goves nment, but at the me. timse
they will be given an opportunity to do the
p roper thing and this government will be rn
lieved of the possible criticism of having acted
too hastily should hostilities result.
At the same lime it is certain that thedint
of the United States will be maintained and if
satisiaction for the outrages that have been
perpetrated is not given by the new Chilean
government soon after its insisnasian the
mutter will probably be laid before Congrems
coon sftar the holiday reina for such aton as
appears necessary.
Tures esi Orns~amse der AIK the &
M thisFanpese.
There were great timmes at the Washinghmn
Asylum today. Early this morning a numher
ot ladies froma the W. C. T. U. west out and
distributed gifts to the Inatis ot the alems
house. Evory oee semed happy. The hos
pital wurds were tustsfuity deesrated ader the
skInlfa hanas of Kims Reed, the h..d nars
and the patients wore all height and eentented.
Dre. Boves, Walsh, Utn.~tn.egh, Nvitt an
nkrte. smde the regulme seeme this -seii
and preseribed for the slak, and ege wedsf
comafert to the ears et thr anferinate.
A grand dinner, wieh amqm end srune.=y
sense, fali and other deessie, wa mcewed
to all shoot S o'elesek. The *ibR" iszed hse
inmat-e tfhe aheand hamsh week esq
and the ythymade hr om do
them as ae W ema m
semed to melesp esa- h tom eanbf hr
aInmisa e h gh eth
e ma .d h n hh
At te Seeof Lat Night'. ai
way Wreck.
Bloodshed in Mexico in Closing
ants rentsexs wsas asr.m
The Medules of the aaiwny saisen t
smsae an the ass.
Taarewx. N. Y., Dec. 5.-Nie people In
all were killed in the munmbo., betwees the fnes
St. Louis express and tb Niagara eprems en
the New YorL Central railroad, eas ale maeth
of astings, last night.
Tas anaan.
Their aness mm fellows: Them. Ph4lhy of
Boston, George Knight, conductor; Gertrude
Muore, Medias, N. Y.; Min D. 0. Ford, B.
dina, N. Y.; George Wright, car perter; Mrs. A.
B. Baldwin, N.Y.; unknown womesa; Unknown
man, supposed to be either lawyer Edward
John.. or Lawyer K. C. Wileoa o the Ira at
Jobes A Wileea of New York; umknew
wesan, about twenty-ev. years eld.
ens rsen.
The injured, who are at the hespials in
Yonkers, e as feows: Iast. John'esoepital
Miss Lilal Baldwin of No. 71 ead 85th ereet,
New York; Mrs. B. B. Baldwin; Dr. K. .
Beet, 9M Lneox avenue. Now York; editor of
the Poughbhepsie ear, amt unknewn; a
woman with the Ieldwan family, whose mans. M
At tit. Joseph's Hospital-Mis D. G. Ford 6t
Medius, died at 6: a.m. today; Geo. Wraght,
car porter, died a4 4a.m. today; Ms Lia.
Ford, Median, N. L.; Mies Mrphy, Mdiu,
N. Y.
o= naaMS exmelru .
Both Mas Ford and Wright were terrely
scalded. Their agonia we Intenese ui they
died from their burs. It is probable that the
death list will be welled to twelve er Mftoan.
Of the injured Misr Llli Baldwin ias.aled
about the mend and body and her reeovery a
doubtft Mrs. 3. It. Badwin. the uister-ha
law of Mbs Lill , is else bedly saled and
breised. Her eonditaoa is ertisaL i.. E. E.
Bet is usalded naw braised abeet the body and
he sin a very dangeroes condition.
The editor of tae Poeugheepeis Mar, who is
ales bruised and eaMed, is u-mie. Me
ham not spoken a word about the -sa-t. he
unknown weman who was with the alMdwin.
is aufering from aheek. lb. is inesesaee
and has been se ever elnee Me sndsat Min
Lissie Ferd or Medin is is a orisinst en-d--'n
rem berns. Min Murphy ef Madus is ae it
a very aeriocenda---.*4
The eawe st of rges or t. Jehn's and
Si. Joseph's Moept a m--a..n= the set
bsas and demng al they ean to relieave them.
s mre as IESn aamaa.
AM that remahne today to el the sery of the
bighto dsaser is the sin ret ot the Waguer
deeping ear "Gibralttr." Tia is e. meel
dewing at the ds et the track where the eel
lien oecurred. The et of the ear wee
burned up. All th other meable wgehkage.
a e as the daagedene, hae been reameed
by the wrecking trais o the lw jeek cen
ma salread.
Al AWVU. caet.
The Si. Loue espres was -omp"ed " t two
opres ears, two Ordienry rashes and itsee
epers. Her reusing tin between the
Grand Centra dent and Hastinge in mak
1aster th that of the eMle and Nidgen
La Sight he was two aimteasnate dmade
tre than Aveon" speed. Wnwsgoing per.
tienlarly faeta Kntnge, for there are a
switohn or sidings to ear there. The engine
had no warning or the danger unal his
engine ws within 188 lest oreseom the rear
of the etalled expres. Then he dicovered the
red lights on the tail end of the last ea. It.
blew his whistle. eversed his engie and
jamsed down thebeaeansuinaniasant,but se
wwt. The speed Or The heavy unt wae ainreey
cechbed when the Collisi.an. om D- hoeAn
yet been able to desecribe the oem.
Mr. J. C. Gould. the trnven engineer of
the Now York Central, e one o the passe
gere in the Gibraltar, and he with two other
men were the only peroes a the ear who e
espedalivesanduninjured. Theymatintheirests
near the freet of the ear. They may there we
so w-rling whatever untS an ineaut before
the eeah, when the mandeifgef the It. Lnois
expres was beard siet ss them. No one
is the ar bad time to thnkMos it was aN
m== axe Cahn!, nos Sitaodn
There were ehrieb and ais fron the
wounded and dying, and then they may that for
a asoment there wan abseto elanee, save for
the panting Or the angina tant seed i.
the midst of the aper and fr
the grininng O its u e wheel en
the traek. le ties.tr med. ot knew how
they get et of the oar. The aack saent the
pemeeners in the other amts rolling heom their
agasa into the aides and en top Or each other.
Many Or them were brusd, bt .. .ear
is known e waeriemny injured.
It was several minutee before thepim er
and the trairnmen recovered fem tecok
and then they were 'u stricken. Te
tramnpled en each other thi frsto get
to the oen air.
It ws fully itaen minutes before anyoes
had teeovered enmmee.al to mse the deng
wreqgh and to thigk Or saving. The trata
men were tret abeet. Thhd as fom tha
uninjued.caerk a awot~ e an ''::he
the wood work Orfh irla remaeiped.
The injnred who were in the wreck mmed
and begged to be reles--- Their erbas urged
en the workern. Somme Or the pi~eswee
hurried back to thle depot at Emneto send
the news out over the read to warn otrains
that were das and to e..m==n amtae fem
the vi~ags.
Yoes were telegraphed for. There
hurried to the see.
A half hearshggn by se ktrnen end
esine Or the ulju aeerwho had
aie amos, out awyth h4 rs
leeear and QedketO tuo Qubea
Now as te man Ineed- em estmed.
The dead bobaem ot beside Ose ba
an imagroeied setainen. Maes em pro
eared Ese the iand dash..s at
tended them. Osir -at end
bruise. eand breeben bones 'hod been
fhifutMy elded by Osteiam sesceeped
O...."ar.r bli.. e O.. ine:r::d
teadmstea. hn a t,.in wms
saade ap nd ewe the demtags theg em put
anbm nd in to Te.kse nd theq
5 an e d meao s e...
glas See nde he hetireemmed ser
uniting b at O aben to Taeas
peemies or s sememie Os dead.
* m on enm . as.
flse es e ~e n pe n Ose m
a....the~ betitg Os eakin eand
yestes.uin~e~auekheMr W~
3.d Ghed ~mm ech af M e
St anee and a smaas esu mmme.E
ebses lm er sand l e ,~
5oe 3uemi d aseses asesee
- ~ t n d t d ei m
bsed wad Oer te snreo am I its" to
emw t.e raa..
Cv or tumsc es. w -b Abe aft
reosug Mied orders is tbe patine emt weep.
ter the slimig Of bar amm ris i aubd.
Ma erndl that the masmse. Of do ia
lstite in emahuc is he. a eainay of
rural amrdof Pueblo ears swa yerdep4 to
ente the reuasts ef (damns. sam Augdaeslee
aun Semis Demise sod ramos the mosha
fammi berais. A eCaned g*Ehsgd Mad eame~d
stne a gwd e. u mt .ar N a , apas to.
keeled se~ It !sade h shan etun weei.
ausad qd sererd &sad eadiars.W esaspisa isi
Wort w ithout tanrt wtbwntrsaeq. deial
wrs e asi ad esered fto the dui
bee. ih wear cloe ed saled by Ase
iLe aecemas et ibm admit we esletbas.
lb e duymm Maw taut they Wane wais emi
be alto., tea o bememeN ao
N s my humaltams. The pep j
to-m asc ated citred cumaldeqatjsuujit
ais b trop. crnaag. Warvo . h rel.
with pistol. is thar haed. Mal showed a dip
pesttles to Ight is defeame. at the pneda Thu
sad aond t nee.arv to ur bai arm ay
lw twme. on the Zia, Of merck. One .edder
Was wounded ai one as who inasd tau
moldier. wae ahut through toe heJ A"d tl
lushes0 in bhs tracks. Aesekeer waas e crowd
was shot tbrosgb a leg. A aumbar alf b
wet. Moore or least ered by the haeme eq ite
troops as they fcwserd theta em,' beaat the
mob that cumpastsy bocked Op dier OW.
Unewoman to tacrowd ems micidesisly btht
at IS anl bm th b rsmado. is Absaa eSaw
Cmicse.. Dec. 2i.-Th. lraae'ascilemf
Weeis~geia Bays: That. is as esprevem in
the Uuals sitma"u.. It is madmimeed tal
the Preseelens has abts decdead tisl tan b
Cara a s. IL other wards am ukamaaemt
is soot is bue submitted. CUSe. it is said. wl
be iaefeamd iaetiaeeiy aoe bhe baumer.
thue aremtoas. wchknear lisasasbr I
that if a itatactery reply is be demeeded4
the United Wtates is not made ith.. a Cosal.i
number at days a opesid memuga asbpseI
or a dschersuog Sj were Wi ba sdmutiud is
Coegrea b the ma el be maod. pretty rl
too. ac t isabe de IN brats theat~t
the attacts of Ceange. afaer behw ed,.
Ln utlInmg the brdadav recess feor na
Gaone to. almand a great deal d time bm e
eared ad appateey aadad tat a ture
Cosomstatt. et of arc., at be dess et
"oleaa eadiag tbe dree r t Cougress.
A Valperaea opcial dieyetoh s hat des
dous eai thau (leass sed I.Matq ., wse
sdmsittd .l mbbegels r uau~
be musokd is i.sa legal lbmi. nhe
Mess.. aeried at t.elpmraise yasee day. Thus,
is bgb .sha t aaig that a decsio rs
th uAtwma . ern a b made by be.
suprome court Mad thet be gma~uat wilt
pened to att, sib the Luiest Nisi.. es es.
l1ate has is.. sneaed activity absurd ae
(baless ear skip for be par/ tow adit.
(Cewa havs bass .wins/d, matck Mightsa
om bes torts and w Selm aw ae ean ae amed
with Uaaechur russLe.. itia vigabes has se.m
been shownto guardiag bhe srseueh. Thu
thusg hers bes dose is precast sty dumi.
ate on be day at imasguretemo eq d
MS u as ueday.
wem qs wis: Ws~AJKS
ewy Lea, tu V'ist Ck-lm ad Od
leg a tuna astlmmead at WiWSk brateso
shorty betae N cck be might is be be
Cory of wh L wow Aaaless C0ma-p
wm Cairrot arom bawss Why .sed sad
Hey"a samtae Sad slim dsatrayod be. hg
brook s !ute , uesugisi thee baa by AM
mwar a. b ba... of maambssmiag pOmm
ler.sqpieeTh ae afet beb Ser am
dirided haseusm thity sesgssm
JmmeuriMea lt.., bec. MIL- -lre beS&
ilarAeyed seery She ese buiersea pasties dt
"wow ar N Wasry. Ther av t b h lydee orf "mama-atm
l- t. patern covsrers by Mauseue
MWUtaU.G, ba.,. Lse. I.- b. mos sat
Ih ideim bteck knee. as the GeMad, am. ofthbe
maeat structurem it ib city. burued yeesrda,'.
I"m Ara Sad mmcd sowms Wan, eccupsd by
J. Ui. Weaer'. dry conao. no eate app
Uleemc tsrm are d ibts mitwa be heavy
thetu ?a16 Iambsse ag wase ever Um
is ilam, e. he maiamg eompiseeag
gutted atm a Otue hs leso em abat" cad ie aleau
I* OMLW Mh ib aasmue is as am tara
Jens Vasa ThuesMi Uo Was Use Umsl
Us" buet On 5b~e
bmwa a., Osit. Dec. L- -webbh I C., at
this oft.' Mesrikag here Jest meoed ias a
am is a building chek is j"g bas
00046 Lasd lTs. ina skyheghe its b oding
Mad dieily Mannis ase ky tight cass pit.e[U
Sashes AdsW oras aebte clck wra tcea
by.a terie crask form b des ia as
skylight He read te me chat ems be a.
gar. Wham he reached the pdk of eube h

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