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Today week, the Mth, 411 Wa1tOM
Jockey Cub es open its gates and hemsbg
inauguesias ae eastrs raseeg c paig of
189. Did neceity ueas, the club seM be
gi its measing A sues, OW OesSy deta has
been earefully and theroaghly atmeiD4dte04
the finiehing toucaim given to me trdnk.
The hores are new beginning to e2e so
rapidly that it in Very deubOfl a esOM
toins eam be found for all stables desiring to
ran here. Dartg the pad week N. T. Domb
or arrived with we hores, the Auburadale
etahle with iLz,Wm. samad-rs with Ave, mestly
two-year-olds by Jacobit-; the lmandoph stahle
with four and Frank Van Nes with India Rab
her and Ave others. Those are now at the
track more than em hundred horNes and gev
oral carloads are espeoted Beo f m the
northern tracks.
Despite the statement published in New
York the track is in excellent shape, and the
trainers and owners now at the track state
that it is one of the best in the esOy, being
both safe and fast.
The cold and wet weather of the past few
days put back some horses, but not to any
alarming extent. No real fast work has yet
been done, the owners and trainerv preferring
to put their charges through easy, meratae
work. The coming week, however, the herses
will a move on them and some tnatwerk
maybexpected. It may be stated that the
horses are worked between daylight and 10 or
11 o'clock in the morning. and no more inter
esting sight could be wished than the prepara
tion which a racing stable gives its igasates.
Already these morning preparations are at
tracting numerous visitors to the track, and
the crowds during the early hours of the days
between this and Monday next promise to be
unusually large.
A very interesting question will shortly be
settled in the case of Ed. Corrigan agt. the
Coney Island Jockey club. In the last futurity,
run at Sheepaiead Bay last Septemberte club
wax compelled by the aomrts to allow Corri
gau*' Huron to start. The ciub had previously
informed Corrigan that Huron's entry was
vo:d, but he insisted that it was net, and, ap
pealing to the courts. the club was ordered to
permit the horse to start. It did so and Huron
finished second to His Highness. Yorkville
lDelle being third and Dagonet fourth. Acting
under the instructions of the club the judge
entirely ignored Huron and piace Yorkville
Lelle second and Dagout third. In fact,
Huron was ignored bo:h in the race and in the
betting. To punish Corrigan for appealing to
the courts the club notified him that it would
in the future accept no entries Bnade by him,
and he thereupon appealed to the esorts to
compel the club to accept his entries. The ac
tion as of grave importance to all racing aso
ciationa, involving. as it does, the question
whether a jockey club is a private corporation.
with powers to exclude whomsoever is pleases
from ts track. without assigning any reasons,
cr is a quasi-pubhe corporaiaou, bound to ree
ognize certain ob""aticns.
The club contenX that it is an organisation
in the nature of a private corporation, and that
at can refuse to receive such enties as it may
see fit to refuse. The case is one of aunesal
interest and importance. and its decision will
be awaited with no little impatience by the
racing world.
Tenny is now reported to be not so lame as
he was a week or ten days ago. The '%way
back" will evidently be made ready for the
Srhurban. for which he is quoted at 20 to L
Montana's price in the Metropolitan ha3 been
reduced from W to 2 to 1, and in the Sub
urban the big colt's price has been cut down
from 20 to Ia to L
The meeting of the Ontario Jockey Club,
which begins at Toronto on May 24. should be
a success. A feature of the sport will be the
cross-country events for heters ridden by
gentlemen, members of any respectable hast
club in Canada or the United States.
The starters who will handle the Sag on the
different race tracks this year are as follows:
Caldwell at Guttenberg and Saratoga; Bowe at
Gravesend. 8heepohead Bay, Morris Park,
Monmouth Park and 'Washington; Sheridan at
Memphis. Nashville, Latonia and Washington
Park. Chicago: Ferguson at New Orleans, San
Francisco, Lexington. Louisville, Denver and
St. Paul; Merrill at Little Rock: China at East
S. Louis; Walker at St. Louis: Pettingil at
Gloucester and Garfield Park, Chicago, and
Gilman at Hawthorne Park, Chicago.
nAcrMo ITVza FR 1892.
Nm eb.Ton .Apri11-12:"Chiesseawthorn
April'--Mar 7 Aeepahesi any
Nashville. TcuI June 13* 2
LArIte. uunu.. es 22-July 12
Apr:l 30-June 4 irightcae Bearh
Nay 21-JaU1 24L ja , -JuAa 33
Alrl3-Jn %A.4 Ort a inn.. A=So
Toronto, Ont.. Ma 24-28ju&seeeed -ray
i~euwe.CoJ..AWust 27-Dept. 10
may 23-June 11 e In Y.
Now York Jocke Club Ttber .'30
Montreal...June 2'J-Jar O1 1-16
Tuesday last badse, with 112 pounds up,
ran a mile at Guttemberg in L1J. the fastet
male run this seson.
Sunol will within a week or so be shipped to
Meadville, Pa., where Marvin will endeavor to
lower her record of 2.53 on the kite treek
It is said that the electios of a republiena
mayor in Jersey City will have the efet of
destroying th political ring under which the
Gattenberg has ourisuhed'for so long.
It is believed that the Elizabeth back wlU
throw open its gates this spring, probably
about the 20th of this month. Should It do so
the Outtenburg track would suspend. The
betting privileges, which will probably be an
dler the charge of H. Stedeker. will he operated
in a diferent way then heretofore. Instead of
the msen making book under the presnt
"stand" system they will parade the lawn and
accept bets on the *nod," simil.ar to the way It
is condacted in England.
The Damblane lEat Club has engaged th's
leaning track for i two days' meset next
month. The 17th and 19th of May will prob
ably be the dales ceeosen. A rather elaborate
program is being prepared and the meeting
wiBl bea aetable oue.
Eqtarr Comr-Judge Hagner.
Saturday-Hale agt. Horton; time to take
complainant's testimony limited. Killeen agt.
Hlaworth; distribution of fund ordered. Keene
agi. Hars; paymsent of fund into registr or
dered. Walker agt. Turner; sale ratif'ed asie.
Gialliher agt. Mclutire; tesimomy before A.
Mapr ordered taken. Fischer ag.Fischer;
do., bA. Harper do. Inure JosphWalsh, A.
Bradford and W. (1. Taliaterre; writs ordered.
Pnonaru Couar-Jnstice Hagner.
Saturday- Estate of James Katiey; order
changing record. Estate of Joh. T. Le==m==;
letters of administration granted to Jonette
B. and Isabel H. Ienma; bond @lm,0W. Es.
tate of Christian Bets; answer to rule fled.
Estate of Thomas P. Bel; wiii admitted to nre
bate and letters of administration with will en
nexed granted to W. Mays; bond W60. In re
orphans of Joseph Anton Flatth; guardian
qualified. Estate of James Dyrne; wDi admait.
ted to po atend letters ied to Magae
M. C. Byn; bead W50. Estate of Joh I.
Gregg;1 'ttieu for letters et mnistatisn
Std eguardanship et A. W. Bloharda;
notitsn for authority to purchase real estate
hiedwa-saet A aneey wta admitted to
~ieand letters isu1to 0. . Emr
end . M. MeCermiek; bend @1,0W
Estato o Uet Ma J. Poth, lettuse et admiuas.
traties J. ed W. Elder; bend SAW.in
se F M. Chen.guardian; -oe me,.
Esate of Dsiry 3. Ja es re etjbu.
Aa Weete; W. M.s-c
or bend SAW. 3iatoT .
both Thuartes; W. L and . los oao
an~amim er. Estteef~ehndta e~j~
admtsted to probate and Msurnems
M. bebadW0sss. laemasse e
Wanse L and eaie V. Emme end anther
ge7~mdant to ~ s
ot James B. Whis a ofe et atmrss
-s en the mUse.
Ahoat m peeple esshee et temb b G
cepmne end Arapahee resrvs ta
horn Ositay, whish viB he opme tafi
esale teses Oemeses arste am
day -lm Mis Me. Thore Us o'f
be s- e seei ongermaises
? petig s- M e n
npup mhe ge sa enu
assep.h ie afts caa .es tou
w ern ma, ee
,u .tee .l4 ./
and '
the 2aftesm at n mese S e No 5 m. On
Mseme sensdowesessesh ab eO
ins -w 2be00W S f
-en ue Wyash. The e Rtse
Inbe to a." kom' e s
1 0 a49e as FM 3S-f-m , be
det Vai nera nrumse im one -a M%6 w his
mL~am~ mIg, ftbwa eP m pm
asesegee be heM and preset be mM
ibebi, sbstres. thaeany sesuenbsa
nos bei of mf 04arh an r VqMm
STh. feiarMw has tUe befet in bey
WW be rewbaaset yare unrecogsinable
ls ead head were trulyee edbytr
ii e only the her and roasted truak
bodies earned 6e amss int
The . - i--- he wn itelf a
be rmarkable ftr Ts patienee and order. 1
treuble is feared 3a.1m it te obvious that Jos
S sfe be defeated. Ter Kozo
in forema Of tb Murphy
O ps , "sid AVq Perk., ee o
be. pri-=_mse,hpeismer had a
5saes abas they had any quantity of no"me
!1d ead buy themselves out; that Parker
ymstreay reheived a leter from a stranger
ofering S500 if needed.
The pissoners appear neither sorry nor war
ried about their crimes. The only dangeros
dea the o have is tha the Invaders have
so much w tl at their command and so away
friends atcourt tast they will escape punishmen
The special guard bose resembles a hotel or a
amnmer sevork The prisoners sun themselves
upon the piazza, board at the Canteen restau
tant, and are escorted to and from their meals
by a Ale of guards.
Ge. Mll, who was seen last night In Chi
fgo, said of the cattlemen rustlers' diffieulty
in Wyoming: "It's a peculiar feud, and for
1,000 men to be armed and assembled on one
side on such an issue is memething extraor
dinary. It is remarkable that those differenees
should have spread to such an extent among
that class of men, who are accustomed to out
door life, to taking care of themselves
and all of whom are such fine shots.
Thee Is little fear for the safety of
The soldiers who are guarding the
captured cattlemen. The troops are fghting
men. For this they enist and are trained. These
rustlers are sensible men. They know that if
they slaughter a company of United States
troops the government will not rest until the
wrong is avenged and the deaths wiped out in
blood if it taken the u hole power of the gov
ernment to do it. There is an a whole some
respect for regular troops in all didiculties in
the west. as there is through the middle and
eastern states in times of riot. Unless the gov
ernor declares he i. unable to handle the trou
ble the government troops will not be hurried
in there in any great numbers.
"I have sent no one, but one of my staff has
gone to the Indian territory. I do not appre
bond auy great trouble there in the rush for
land, which takes place Tuesday. Some of
that land is good. a great deal worthless.
Much of that land which gave rise to the name
"Beautifl Indian Territory." while furnishing
splendid pasturage. is of no account for clti
vation. Oh. yes, the Indians are all quiet now."
SO woUD FnoM THE TnoOrs.
Col. Van Horne of the sixth cavalry was te
have left le~inney yesterday morning at sun
rise with his three cattie prisoners-11ese,
Ford and Elliott-and it is supposed that he
did, but nothIng has been heard from him. He
had three troops of cavalry and his destination
was Fort Dodge. near Salt Lake City. Is i
feared he will not get there without trouble.
A thousand well-armed rustlers under com
mand of N. A. Ryder. a young Methodist
preacher. are lying in wait for the troops and
swear they will get possession of the prisoners
and hang them if they hnvo to kill Van Horne
and all his men to do so. It is thought by some
that Van Horne will change his course and take
his prisoners to Fort Ruswll, near Cheyenne,
where the seventeenth infrntry is stationed,
evidently being under the impression that he
can make this post without being interceptcd
by the rustlers.
It is considered ominous that no word has
been received from the troop.. Many wires
have b--en down for several hours and it in
thought to have been the work of rustlers
who have met and fought the troops and want
the news kept from the military authorities .
long as possible.
Uvrsit.tT Cirncu.-Ex-Gov. Bob Tay
low of Tennessee will deliver his humorous lee.
ture on "Tho Fiddle and the Bow" at the Uni
versalist Church this evening. Mr. Taylor is
maid to be an attractive speaker and his lecture
is full of amusing incidents that actual!y oc.
curred during his campaign when his opponeni
was his own brother and in which his liddh
played such an important part in his success.
Tckets may be secured at Metzerott'.
Lumren 'LacZ MEMoaIAL Cauacu. -The Yale
Glee and Banjo Club will give a concert at Lu.
ther Place Memorial Church tonight, whict
will undoubtedly be largely attended. The
work of this club is well known here and this
year the force is said to be increased and be it
much better shape than ever before. The sing.
ing club is well balanced and camposed of ex
cellent voice*, while the instrumentalists play
with precision and effect. The concert will be
under the Vtroiage of some prominent ladies
and the occasion will be quite a social event.
TEN PurAnamoxse QuARTT will give an en
tertainment at the National Rides' Hall tonight
that should be liberally patronized. The ladies
composing this organization are all well-knowr
singers, and their concerted work is among the
beat that has been heard during the season
The quartet rill be assisted by Mss Lotta
Mils, aceompanist, Miss Birdie Lucas, vio
huist, Mr. H. C. Chase, baritone, Mr. D. C.
Bangs reader, and the Columbian Musical
Club. Aftbr the program is completed there
will be deaming.
Bosveo, SixPwuOiT Oacuzas~a.-The nei{
comeert by the Boston Symphony Orchestra
will be on Wednesday evening. the 27th instant,
at the Congregational Church, at which Mr.
Niknseh announces as soloists Mr. and Mrs.
Geor-ge HenchelL. As this will be the last con
ecrt of the season the prograta will be of un
usual excellence andI the numbers by the
soloists will be those in which they will be
heard to the best advantage. The sale of meats
will open on Thursday at Ellis' music store.
The Alley Problemn.
To the Editor of The Eveunir stLr:
Do the people who are asking for a law that
shall prevend bhe erection of dwelling. on alley.
hem than forty feet wide realize the great in
eenvmenee such a la-w would entail on all em
ployers of labor in this city, as well as the
great hardship It would bring to those who
In bhe ene matter of dlomestle mervicee, for
Instnee Ever eee knows that houshold
sevante in Wmington usually go home at
night. Now if all the cooks are
to be banished to the suburbs, who Is te
get bhe early breakfast? But a word to the
wise is suafcient. There Is lttls need o1
dwelling on this subject If we have any wise
legislator.. Ask the women who manage
households what law they would make a
this matter, and they would say purify the
alleys, mnake them wholesome, but refrain
froen a plan so cruel to the laborer, se ineon
venient to bhe employer as this new scheme.
Boston has healthy streets less than t0 feel
wide, and it does not call them alleys.
_______. C. L
gs There a ElecsrI. Scheme?
To the Eiter of The Evening Star:
A altises who Informed last winter that there
was ar combinatlen of bee 'earlous electrks
companies who furaisk the pleat for electrk
street rairoads toe sero be adoption of the
trolley yaseIa Washington, their Idea being
that if teculd sesed here after Congress
bad fuheibthe use ot everhead wire thai
would stles bhe question for all cities In the
UDett e se
When bhe qusslie s asked hew they ex
steI em pllsb it bhe infermant replied
~ubothabt the sheae battery was
" " sid t easm, 'It is ne adlerg
bhe easement"It'leeks as
to be ~ntes;but that b only aU
esymarrme--- and is furuhed
The seibe emeyha nettvss
be Mme to a is
te s e hreMg~we
erb~ bet Uare me eguiwe
Esa t.1 i as a t.aehEm
U a&. 4N6% her sgSb MON
-s mftUsums
e 49401b allt Idg aoa, ka
hawhg detNef S di y Aghts
I dle. The oteimed ewe mAss 'ms am
amue, an t1ymase umetess bad ben S1
Get a to get smemy tar paying eL' Me dret
ftm 0 boak thee .S is b and @nve
The bils were seasinale has peIsen. Whoa
Mergem Ihyne aet him at the statios with a
tem abet 5 e'eleck Friday ight Itevena
pissed the silver, which was in esavan bW is
a baset in th bottm of te wagen. The tW
men them started to drive to the mines.
.Iertly Oter 6. o'cloak a mle and va
ee soverMd standing i the road. sheu
half w betwee the saon and the mie
The bodies of both men were lying In ti
wage and they were stil wara. while peeo '
blood saturated everything is the was and
darkened the sand in the road. Stevenasn
head was hanging over the Geat of the wags
and his braise were blown ot payne, ts
mal Carrer, was lying is the bef of the
wagon, his bead hanging ever the aide. The
*1,800 in cash was not seeured, but was found
on the person of Stevenson and In the baskel
in the wagon, but two valise, whieb the a.
fortunate men put Ito the wan when they
left the tatol, wre game. They contianed
only pack es wich =tevenson was briagift
from laun in Ocala.
A white man, who was coming ang the road
haf an hour before the bodies were duseovered
saw two negroes sleuching alon by the read
side. They were apparently Operatives from
the phosphate mine by their appearance and
this is tho onl clue. The names of these ne
groes are not news. The murdered men were
found near where these eolored men were seen.
Excitement runs high and everybody is talking
about the atrocious murder. It in said thai
one body has live and another six pistol shot.
in it.
Citizens of a Kansas Town Assaulted by a
Mysterious Unknown.
It Is believed that there is in Leoti, Kan., a
reproduction of the Jekyll and Hyde theory in
one of the citizens. For a long time the peo
ple have been puzzled over the periodical ap
pearance of a demon. His forim is slight and
his carriage good, but he takes pleasure iE
suddenly striking any ono who may be nea
him alone with a heavy cane, which he always
carries in his hand.
Those who have seen his face say it bears the
imprint of most malignant rage whenever he
strikes, and his whole action is that of a per
son who takes delight in causing suffering.
Those attacks became so frequent that much
comment was excited, and a strict watch is be
ing kept to ferret out the mysterious person if
Leoti is such a small town that every one
living fh it is known, and it is impossible for a
stranger to have remained there for the length
of time over which the attacks have occurred
without some one knowing of it. As there is
no stranger in the town it is beleved that the
person is either a disguised resident or a man
who has the power of changing his appearance.
After a Hard Fight the Canadian Liberal
Leader Succumbs.
Ex-Premier Alex. Mackenzie died at 12:4
o'clock at Toronto yesterday morning. IIe
was born in 1'erthshire, Scotland, in 1822. and
went to Canamdn in 1142. In basiieas he was a
builder and then tie publisher of a nowspaper.
In politics he was a liberal.
lie first entered parliament in 1861. when he
was elected to the united parliament of Uppes
and Lower Canada for the Lambin division.
At the confederation in 1867 he was elected tc
the domi.nion parliament. and shortly afterward
lie was chosen leader of the liberal party.
On the overthrow of the MacDonald adminis
tration, in 1873, ho succeeded to the premier
ship, and. with his party. remained in power
until 187.1. when the liberals were defeatcl on
a protection cry. Hard work waile in oBi]e
bad undermined his health, and he soon re
signed the leadership.
Tramps Suspected of Murder.
The tramps arreated in conneetton with the
my4erious finding of the bodies of two men
in tto yoods near Ibhway, N. J., have bee;
beld pending an investigat;on. Thu men under
arrest identify the bodies as thos3 of Thomas
Walsh and John Davis. They aseort that the
men carne into their camp intoxicated and car
ried a bottle of wod alcohol, for the posession
of which a fight ewnued. The men were driven
from the camp, retaining, however, their
alcohol. A number of the men foliwed the
two, but all the prisoners doy having been in
the following party. They say that they heard
shots and that the party returned soon atter
ward with the spirits. The police behave that
bvoth aten were murdered und that at least one
of the murderers has been captured. Theaoy
base this belie! on the fact that whil one of
the prisoners was being conducted to the lockuji
and while crossing the bridge which spians th
river the prisoner threw something in the
water. Subsequent search near the spot led tc
the finding of a revolver containing six car
tridges, three of which had been discharged.
A Vlfteen-Xill. Race Arranged.
George Connors of Chicago and Everett C.
McClelland of Pittsburg have signed articles tc
run a fifteen-mile race at l'ittsburg Saturday,
May 7, between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m. The
contest shall go, rain or shine. MicClelland
agrees to give Connors a start of one-quarter
of a mile. The race will be for 5210, the win
nor to take 75 per cent and the loser 25 pea
cent of the gate receipts.
A New Era Begun.
An Important new era in river transportation
in the south was inaugurased Saturday by a
shipment of 1,000 barrels of sugar from Na,
Orleans to Chattanooga, going up the Missis
sippi river to Cairo and thence up the Tennee
see river. This is aniade possible by the com
pletion of the Muscle Shoals canal. Another
large shipment was also made from Chicago
and the northwest by rail to St. Louis and
thence by water to Chattanooga.
Cereal Production in Nebraska.
The census oeoc has Issued the following
statistics of the cereal production ia
Nebraska for the census year ending
May 31, 1990, compiled under the direction
of Mr. J. Hyde, special agent In charge
of agriculture: Barley, 82,500 acres, 1,82-),
111 bushel.; buckwheat, 15,358 acres, 120,00
bushels; corn, 5,480.279 acres, 215,898,996
bushels; oats, 1,80S,515acres, 4:4.843,640 bushels;
rye, 81,872 acres, 1.058,083 bushels. wheat, 716,
855 aero, 10,571,056 bushels. The tota ae in
cereals was 7,961,969 acres and the total pro
duction 273,W3,889 bushels, as compared with
3,112,146 acres ad 18,439,809 bushel.Is n116.
Mrs. Desmaend Wastsa Diveres.
Mary M. Deesoind seeks a divorce frems Da.
tel Desmoud by bill filed by Mr. Campbell Car
riagton, charging drunkenness and dsestion
They were married May 3, 18116, and she
~7ethat he ws drunk four daje is a week
ad deserted her in liG,
Catmnt Steed tn Ireot et a I...ase.,
The body of Frederick Piqard, a New Yqrh
batter ad prominent member of Tam=nasy
Ball, was faed en the track of the Erie rail.
read is Jersey City UaiE evesing. 3ev.
cral ta had possed ever the bedy andii
had bees heribly mass The urn heass
b , o t taehsSe byshe edgh
be eudg s reeste-irepbst e west
to the se bedl isbeat a5dm su we
hilled. Melebesacts ehis wie il thrn
MIsameal Osns ase bedo
314 amp a m--se
I Ues ealsat asiaa
assae ~ s hsa - ed -
Get the Genuine.
N yM mE with bane A ba seky i the aomb&
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fyO cmut sepftryM Au=oc= PrasM , weA up betweem
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Don't be duped by taking an imiamtiom whem it is a
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If you always insist upon having
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Will open MAY 16. M. Cranston will kive his uni- - LUCAS. ELL MARTIN
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LELANDE. ATLANTIC CITY. uN THE at MADA YALMON-k' old stead. 713 11th et.
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BAMUEL WAGNER. Proprietor. ap0-3rn R Dma CUiNG Tai.
T ec. Atalno City. N. J. will open ApMU 9. LALA iN PhVATE LIFE
1 b92- To learn Pr. LItan's French sy-t -to I'res
apO.3m W. K. CHEEEMAN. Cutting. We teah eattin. bating. ka-ine. ds;a.n
HE DERKELEY %PRING E~ .Ym. bowei:F~uatcaa pida andatripe; alt stles
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T E V ICTOIIA. an heea
Ocean and South u-rolina ave. Open all the year.M
muI2-:tmn M. WILLAwas. 13jur d ton Hole kept ft 83si foer
Descriptive illustrated booklet mailed free.
Sea wator baths in the h '
1-ABtnaE ROB:~ ItTN & FONS.
I JU K e e ave near Tnn, st-e. At!antc l City.
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'h-3m M. J. ECKERT.A TOE:
'Fill WALLINGFoijD. 1535Cbestut at.. PbNiGiFORD..
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01EL MT. PLEASANT. 710 xarhet r.. u Untington. [email protected]
Virrin' ave. near beach. Steam heat; e:octric Ioll LANO. 2 cm YARD AND UP; SUTTONS
nauila liu aoayl .2m A. M . L -L P t ,r d--r. 1ce tadoss : p~nki e s .
O- aTEL IPERtIAT, ATLANTIC CITY. N. I_., or-iIJeanttaholes. 3ccants each a t.
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