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To all sufering from gouty rhen
matim, too much adipose tissue,
unhealthy des, constipation, indi
gestiom and all dime..e of the
stomach is to usethegenuine Carls
bad Sprudel 8al.. They have never
failed. Eisner & Mendelson Co.,
Sole Agents, N.Y.
Do you- Root
Drink Beer?
No AlkaMe
oher chemieals
W. BAR & 0001
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-- 92
ONMA -v...2. .EEbm.E.
TRI emS ~ eAD NOm NONSC AShk h
%&s E D I
m 3am w8 SU nF E
NET.OU 3 E 3S I 33 3T0LE 0 TO
M1200,132&20? AF STW
NOUS3.1 BAT...l~ UI
O31300 0 353 SLRE.1
10(E BR0a3 SETB ..30 350W A135.D
T L.... A.DhTh IlL.
G., T.. B..ws
00310C a aSs aa.
M mm...n...m 3.......y.
&M JR am s"a go winsmas
Wam U4. We Uage etath V iime
the . A. 3. Ummneumans.
-nhese b been ebig mamampno of go
0ramd Army fdothe Bepubli, ht nmw th Se
bet wI be Jmmig emt when ee I wit
the mwe oe going to have ha. nest Semptem
her," aid 3j. W~m Warner to a Bran W
pain -edy tme. M& W'ions mu
e emm deha-ehifd In 0 1 Army,
so he o6 t to knew wat he le taing hest.
"I don't know what o uestimates ae," he
estinund, "but is : e . tngto le bet
that there wil be maoy thomade mace of te
aod 1 ws than have bean empeehauded in
the meet lberal gam. They ae mosing frem
the wet with wouderful uminift.
the -m-imty is met so afterWnef
The srvivr" of that mg-i-eemoem wic
=&fewe tr imphantly this~d OWt saw
the eloe of the War TIME" fib sompmae
the city ia the miabeepifg at WMhso took
so much pride, and they ae ging to gt here
at almost any aSt. Them Ge are thomanLe
of veterans who sered is the wet anod wh
mever have bemsted thawr eye the empital
of the nation; thee are as the hal
as" of the mwi, and If the ailmab wii be
r--sab the agregteu v be with you in
the fa6.
*No; nm- at sor people In WInomui have had
any adverse consmet to me em the
Fiesto have the District eglatre-whik
Cemgress-ap p eney fair te ter
tabimote voesas. Objections me enly
came froam those whe know nothigof the re
latioee between the Distict -
"Am Igoing to witemovernor e m
awhile. I think Misseuri aemb a biean
governor, and I m you I am not n eght
for my heaIIIL."
lmesselesing =mb eett
The amnal report of COrrol D. Wright, the
coma nlasor of laber, which he been trabi
miSted to the Preideut, give a m i in
t-rei -tsi*en the resait of an investiga
am earried out i mecordsnee with the orgale
law of th department, oomcerning the east of
pr=among textilme and glase, the we.paid to
mapleyes in theme sodustrlee and east of
Th repeet when ted wM eemeit of about
M0 pages and -il contain 375 orgnal tables.
staisticof the costof; tio r
a rptrrodfuctonar,
b&AdA ftn rego m from M1 ostablhhmtle,
d of wh are i Europe.
Ameser Znde or Eatter La rrw ee.
natom ftwyer hue Introdned a biB to
anthorime another grade of letter omerlere at a
nehry of sl a yoar and to provide for the
appointmeat fron d carriers' fOrce of One
superintendent to every division numbering not
les than afty nor more than 106 carriers, whose
duty it shag be to mapervie the clleetioM and
de very of ami matter in his district. The
salary of thee mupertendento is txed at
0.Wo a year and the bill appropriatee 2 000
to Iout its o tao ovides
under rules prescribed by the Postinmter Gen
oral to ancertain itness end efclency.
Cemtmeeae of Ineerperettem iled.
The Courage Yacht Club iled a certificate of
ineorpation yesterday reciting that the objects
are to purchase and mail the yacht Courage
primarily for pleasure andevotnaRy for prolt.
The incorporators are Wlaim F. Wuinheimer,
Joseph Dankaki, Julis Both, C.W. Wallngford
and Earl ander.
A certificate of Inoorporation Of the Church
of the Advent (Ep ) has been Sled. recit
ing the eseetion eN the ietent of the follow
iL trustees: Arthur A. Birney, Ch"e. Daviem,
J L. Weaver, J.Walter Hollingmwerth, The.
Friebes, Jr., ad Joe. I. Johnson.
Zeal Zmate Matters.
C. W. Simpeom he purehved for 015.10 of
I. A. Willard subs 97, 191 and 1, quamre 362,
so by 166 feet on northwest corner of th and 8
streeto northwest.
Win. Mayse and A. C. Clark have bought for
07,696 of F. A. Piper sube 1Mt to 110, square
5s, 148 by s feet em 6th between L and N
streets northemat.
Minnie I. Genteer ha bought of C. B. Pear
som for 06,00M sub lots 63 and 65, equare M,
each 15.67 by 6 feet on H between 6th and 7th
streets northest.
John Rudden et al., troatees of the Potomac
Real Esate Conmy, have purchased of A. A.
Lipscomb et &l. 16,666.60 lot 1, block '47,
Holmead Manor.
Jates T. Loveless ha bought of W. 11. Camp
bell for *15.968 subs 35 to 48, square 366, sech
about 16 feet front on I and 11th sireekt north
A. G. Henry has purchased for 6.660 of
Mary A. Poole sub N, square 36, 21 by 60 feet
on # between Cobambia and 1th streete north
Peta--e Literary Club.
The annual seunion of the Potomac Literary
Club was held Tuesday night at the remidenee of
its president, Dr. D. I. Lamb. M 10th street
northwest. A large audience greatly enjoyed
the ane program presented. The election of
oncers for the ensuing year resulted in the
unanimoes re-election of Dr. D. S. Lamb. pros
Meat; I. A. Phillips, vice pr--ident; Geo. C.
Gwynn. secretary. and F. . Taylor. treasury.
The essay of the evening was given by Dr. .
N. Burnett on "The Apotheosis of Nature."
The miscellaneous exerisen eo sisted of piano
solos by Miss Lula Facius and Mrs. Addie Crid
ler. recitations by Miss Florence T. Wood, Mr.
Alfred Barker and Mrs. Nellie 11. Rapiey and
vocal mokoe by Mime Margueritte Nolan and Dr.
John C. Eaner, after which a collation wae
Time WaTtiy 0Uu6 ieteus.
The laes meeting of the Unity Club for this
season wae held at the residence of ex-Mayor
Matthew 0. Emery, when the following ocee
were elected for the ensuIng year: Pemident,
Charles Davies; vice president. J. 3. Philp: sec
retary, W. C. Stierlin; treearer, i. B. lillipm.
Tine eseeed Kuighte Teamplar.
Cyrene Coeamandery, No. 9, of Pittsburg ar
rived in Washngton at 7:30 o'clock Wednesday
and wee ato at the B. and 0. depot by a com
mittee of limoes Comnmandery, No. 1. of the
Destrict and eseceted to the Philadelphnia House.
where they were breakfasted by t4inoans Com
mandery. Later they were entertained at the
residence of It. E. Grand commander Lewis H.
Waynesu. on East Capitol street, and they then
proceeded to the B. and 0. depo mud left with
amen's Comm-nd-ry for Pddtha
Me was Aeemitted.
A well-dresemi eelored maan aeed Im=lak
Lewis was placed em trial in the Police Court
yesterday cm a charge of vagrancy and sas
pi.1om. It hadl beena mated to the court that
"capptng" was alleged against him. Iawyer
Moss, colored, swore out the warrant In the
case, and when the matter wes up for trial he
wanted to withdraw the cag, maying he had
smee a mistake, but Jug ibeD maid that
th waims a eious and the aseumed
lawyer Moes beti et when the case was
elled he did not give any testimony.
Policeman Scott. who is detailed at the court,
could not may that Lewis was a "capper." al
he xprsse te oinin hathe hes
maid, "the other lawyere get into a squabble
about it."
It was stated that the defendat was a made
good reputatiom, tht he wae a church demcon
and wae a delegate to the 3aitconvention.
There being m -sa--ae the
charge the ese e
A gam will be played today between the
Y. M. C. C. and the C. A.C. atCapit.tlrek.
Th-em seew3 matchd. aswas dem
strated in hes Friday's game.
The Young Dewe have defatedthYog
Lerkhme by 12 to L. The Young Dowds would
like to met clube whose smemabee -s under
twelve. Addrem 0. VI=ugham, 371 New Jesey
aeeus asethes
'The C. N. C.'. have debsated the J3emme
by a to a. amm ebensgme to hiewsing
-iset esthwo~t
The Young lemateme have oe L Whe
wouldie tae abe eeeeme.
une fourteen. Adden L. aseit WE 1
atret aathwa.C.
The AMutswe mul k to her h .
em Mi10t,36 en aet mestes
The Y. as. *. A. stea am.
Nay ft pemaiss e e.dlsa day aseeng
the abltese ithe AaaIs ate on, A.s 4..,
-en as~ ea pem hamep ge e me
At Tun menusm.-The b eem to
eeehmdad with a
medod with a
aght, wh Vatemed to an flab VMary
asemial Th entetaim me ese
ZSe ofa the1 M Ta 6iaing 9 0hb W ftr . iat
dnd quie a tidy m reamted. Thee who
task Kim Mary Dinblk Mr. John 06
Mile PMRal, Mr. Tra111 Ut. 9tar
Wh. oe, Mrs. iL Per
11114 i ma Prml, Mr. Perry .
Thrlow Jeaw Moen, min Elisabeth
Byat Johnnt, Edblh Cook and Mr Charles
dward Die. Eeores were the order of the
eel , every shletiss being so veil dose that
p or an additlousl endeaver could not
be demied the applauding audience. Another
tetatamment for the beneft of the training
sehool is spoken of In the near future.
XTmRaawAsUuT aNa Hor.-Tbe Washingtes
military evelisla wil gi an entertainment and
hap at the National ' Hat nest Taeaday
evening. The program will include some of the
best local talent and w prove satihetry In
every respect.
To MASSEAarL HAzs..-On Tuesda next the
earsion to Marshall Hall will b =eunder
the oapiee of the National Associ
atorn (eautuary). The two steamers the Mae
.a.estead Diver Qeen have been ebartered
and eswy provision has been made fore a large
ateadasee. There will be eloquest speakers,
two banda of masie two large pavilions, one for
publie speakhg and one for dancing.
NAvroXaJ. tarne' HA---The first annual
ealhbiion and May bal given by Misses Minnie
and may Hawks Win take ae the National
Bin"' Han this eve . The prograu
wi ineade the erowaiag ue May, of
dancing and of the fairies, ad then there will
be faney dameing in oestame. Prof. J. H.
Vermilya will be master of ceremonIes.
Unrmmaaser Cuumno.-Tonight Mr. George
3. Wendling will deliver a lecture on
"Ooneall Jackson" at *e Universalist Church.
Mr. Wendling is aid to be a speaker of unusual
pover, and he wi present the life and character
of O of the most prominent Algures in the late
rebellion in a manner that wil prove unusually
EoQm Cova-Justfe Magner.
Testerday--Mclairagt. Waggen";reference
to auditor. Coghrane agt. Adelmann; P.J. Lam
bort and Mary Campbell appointed guardians
ad liem. Adriaan agt. Lyon; time to take
testimony limited. Butterworth agt. Kendall;
esminssion ordered to issue and take testimony
in Lowell, Mass. Castleman agt. McGrew;
appearance ordered. Hunt agt. Russ: delivery
fnoe to counsel ordered. Follansbee agt.
Follansbee; petition for rehearing overruled.
feanlon agt. Snow; rule on E. B. Hay ordered.
In re Rome Mansfield, Conrad Shea, George C.
Yeakle.MargarotCotterand Irving Long7inquisi
tin.. in luney confirmed. In re Mose E.Angell;
do. and Gor*E. Angell appninted committee.
Taggart agt, Taggart; comsiaon appointed to
take testimony in New York. Balman agt. Neal;
auditor's report confirmed and distribution or
dered. Trunnell a Harris; authority to em
ploy counsel gran . Wharton agt. Chapman;
commission to obtain infants' answers ordered.
BliTy Young and Gibbone.
Billy Young, the Washington light-weight,
who has met Austin Gibbons, the champion,
twice at Eernan's this week, desires to assure
his friends that he will not be satisfied until the
four-round bout set for tomorrow night takes
place. Gibbon.' reputation will be at stake
itnrday night, and it is said he is a man who
will fight hard to retain his laurels. Young's
friends are confident that Gibbons will have his
hands full.
Temerow's Reealo at Narshall Kall.
There will be a gala day reunion of all good
fellows at Marshal Hall tomorrow, Saturday.
to meet and mingle with the California pioneers,
the "argonauts of '49." The steamer River
Queen will leave her wharf, foot of 7th street.
at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.,returning by dusk. Lunch
will be set at noon at the Hall and dinner at 5
p.m. The banquet will be an elaborate af'air,
and everything is covered by the price of a
ticket, 02.50. Not to see and hear the forty
niners tel stories and sing songs will be to miss
the best day out of the year. A congremional
quorum is expected. Capt. Blake, on the River
Qrn, and Col. Mefibbin, at Marshall Hall, are
themselves young forty-niners. lickets can be
obtained at the wharf.
Odd Fellows' Visitation.
The semi-annual visitation of the officera of
the Grand Encampment, . 0. 0. F..to Fred D.
Stuart Encampment, No. 7, will long be re
membered by all present. After the usual
routine business had been disposed of the fol
lowing program was carried out: Remarks by
Chief Patriarch Edmunds, Boys of the Old
Brigade, song, Norman Pruett; The Encamp
ment Degrees, W. H. Nicholson; Mrs. Caudle's
Lecture, J. W. Ieisner; Encampments of the
Past. Grand Master Haxard: reading. A. H.
Hunt; Initiating the Old Man. N. D. Avis: read
ing, Geo. W. Uline; Encampments of the
Future, Grand Representative Stier. In closing
his remarks Grand Representative 8tier pre
sented Grand IPatriarch Richard H. Sorrel
as a token of the esteem in which that officer
was held by the members of the subordinate
oneampmeut with a handsome gold-hsaded
cane. The program was so arranged that the
grand patriarch should have the closing re
marks, but ho was so taken by surprise that he
was utterly unable to make remarks further
than to thank the donors for their generous
gift. Refreshments were then served to all
present. The next visitation will take place
Wednesday night, the 18th instant, to Mt. Neb
Encmpment. No. 6, in Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th
street northwest.
Why Mrs. Miller Waste a Diverse.
Emile Miller asks a decree for divorce from
Wm. Miller by bill filed by Mr. Campbell Car
rington. They were married April 7, 18S8. hare
one child, and lived together till March 18, 1800,
when he deserted her. She states that he rep
resented hirnslf sea man of large mans, but a
week after she was compelled to loan him mnoney
to half sole kin shoes, and notwithetanding his
misrepreesentations she forgave him und en
deavored to ob~tain a support by keeping a 'mall
but he desrtdher In Marc, ppo82te.
sons of Veterans.
Wm. B. Cushing Camp, No. 30. held a very
Interesting nmeeting Wednesday night. Visiting
members froma John A. Logan. Gen. H. Thjunie:
and Antietam camps (of Frederick, Md.) we-ee
present and an enjoyable evening was piised.
Tis camp has a good deal of talent: in fuect, a
full bras, band of twelve pieces; soe a fife and
dr corps.
Niavy lard Notes.
Capt. Mead returned to duty as captain of the
marine guard at the navy yard yesterday
lHe has been confiaed to his quarters for several
The tag Triton, in command of Boatswain
Wm. Cooper, returned to the yard yesterday
from Indian Head. She carried down an cight
inch converted rifle, a scow load of unloaded
sheila, armor plate and oak backing for tests.
The orduecoe launch, tianta Barbara, Capt.
Bailey. left yesterday for the proving
grounds. Thme steamer Hartann, Ca' t. Ihart
an, of Philaelphia, cleared Wa- -y for her
home port.
Mr. Bteybura's steam yacht Gretchen left the
yard Wedneeday to go on the marine ralway at.
Alexanadrie for repairs. Ilix recruits left the
receiving ship Ilei this morning for the Con
stellationi, at Anapolis.
Twenty-one of the marine guard at the navy
yard went down under Mergmnt Toek to the
ride rneat Belleview maga-zine this mnorning
aboard telaunok h anbridge.
Fires last Night.
At td: e'eok hat night a bse broke out In
he Qid dty 41t hoseme D skeet north
west, a4en th Amldamy Of Maule. It
ehigimmted in a reom ocupied by John H.
Daine, supmpoed from a coal of bre dropping
faem a mB dtove, and helom it was eutin
abst 8M eamge asdoss. The
se t"Pygmalle. ad Galatee" wrn en
in the zreshoe, bet no -ai occurred, and
when sueses -m cut they w mr
prisedb sein th blushed skeet.
A ee took pihee at 515 16th street
lathsdh might, earned bye a fe chimaney.
At U1:1 o'eieek last ngtabte took pilue at
im 3 dteed thet owned by Mrs. Maria
and m cepu by L. A. 0.eve, and
Au eat impi sti stene et A.
essw dth and C eteebt seuther..,
hdev ema P dmage.
In te G Cma mi teday, buime asee
seissa, poes e dm-e- asew. ein
g t :J eres ste etJmes A.
M a .
Veta Luted and ns med l Whns est
Ine 64e ee.Mas eesne VmlTenw
-seben CspL - ni, f ace s-ww en.,
wia laps feet ot hu ur w seh s &
W e, arrIVed yesterday. A Mr
i reported, 2n ia ans ma s oat
fw thin prt. The'inrg threemaster, NWy 3.
Mose, trom Bth, Me., COpt Newbury, with
1,057 tens t ofe fo r as rendes Iee 0sC .
pony arrived yestu'day. Tb M w drsh
foul weather sVe0mntyde iais sUMsA
of Gsy eead, lest her outer Jib end hod be
m spilt. The latter canvas re
and ..am.. bees
w -ater dock. inespects to wea=
eargoatGeqptawn. TheMar slotheuehomn
lotnFebruary in a tands dad*
nor1h1of 82attes ntt wind she lO
ad hred et riggin [email protected] ha sn mt,
Drisim, y hurt, bat weathsed and was
bed into New York barbor.
The 0. D. Wetherell, ice laden, fromthe Ea
sebse, is overdue.
The two-masted sehooner Jumbo, Capt. 0. .
Mama, from Block Point, Md. with Junk for J.
Drieaus of Alean=ia, is an tihe sver Deat.
bhe elsa for Bock Point today.
The two-seasted schoone L D. lauhled of
Criseid, Capt, J. Evans, with thirty-evea
cords of wood for Carter & Clark, arrived
Wednesday ad eleared yesteaday tr West
moreland. Va., after grain.
The two-nmated schooer Emet Arther,
passed down terday.
The steam h Little NeR is tied up at
Givens' wharf.
The two-master Loe Carter, Capt. Gahia.
arrived yesterday with thirty-Ave cords of wood
from Nomini creek, Va., consigned to Carter A
The two-masted schooner MaryE. De1 of
Alezandria. Capt. William . ubrn, ar
rived yesterday with forty-two and a half eerde
of wood consigned to Silas Denty.
The schooner Kate Mulsa al Washingtos,
Capt. Edwards, came up Tuesday with forty
Ave cords of wood for Carter & Clark and
cleared today.
The two-minnted schooner Mary EUln is up
from Maryland Point.
The tug Zeta is being rebuilt at Bennett's
ship yard. She was hauled out of the water
The two-masted schooner Hastings, Capt.
Dix, from Suffolk with 80.000 feet of lumber,
is in the river waiting for a chance to discharge.
The coal barge Summerville, Captain Jacob
Renner, from Cumberland with 116 tons of
Georgo' Creek coal for John P. Agnew, is in the
canal at 0 street.
1t. A. Golden yesterday received per varios'
craft 65,000 herring, 1.000 shad, 100 bunches of
eat and perch. Ave sturgeon, 500 pounds of tur
tle and ninety barrels of malt water trout, tay
lorm and bluefish.
Charles H. Javene ymterday received 40.000
herring. 600 shad and forty barrels of se trout,
taylors and bluefiAs.
W. E Stuart yesterday received 0,000 her
ring, 500 shad, 00 of eat and perch and seventy
barrels of sea trout, taylorm and bluefish.
The pungy Billow, Capt. Max Jenkins, yester
day brought 2,000 clams and 740 rabs.
The sloop Mattie passed down last evening.
All boats from the Chesapeake report rough
Maj. Wetmore's steam yacht Lurline of New
York. Capt. Nelson, in being overhauled pre
paratory to a summer cruise. The boats and
steam launch of the yacht are being overhauled
and revarnished at ayisor's boat house. Sail
maker Waddy Is making a set of awnings for
The Washington and Norfolk propeller Waih
ington, Capt. S. P. Davis, came in on time this
morning. Her cargo consisted of beans, ber
rims, cabbage, peas and potatoes, with a large
amount of Boston and Providence freight con
signed to W. T. Anderson E. J. Adam, G. T.
Wade, W. C. Drury, W. 0. Bhreve, W. W.
Leishes, R. A. Golden and W. K. Stuart.
It is rumored that the United States light
hou e tender Jesanjue is here to carry Mrs.
Harrison to Fortress Monroe. Some of the
White House people were at the wharf yester
day and had an interview with Capt. Wyatt,
commander of the Jessunine.
The schooner Ros Betzel is discharging
60 000 feet of lumber for Thomas W. Smith.
William O. Seville and rty returned last
evening from their trip on Samuel J. PNts.
The Pentz was commanded by Capt. Tulle.
Joseph Brown, a boy hailing from Philadel
hia and employed on (me of the coal barges
lying at 1334 street. complained yesterday to
lsrbormaster Sutton that be had been ill
treated by his captain. The case was investi
gated and the charges disproved. The steamer
Mattano is due from down river points this
Eleetion of Ofocers.
The fourteenth annual meeting of the Serial
Savings and Buildin Association was held at
1416 F , street nor west, Kellogg building,
Wednerday evening. The secretary and tress
urer's relort sho*u aseets of *6,674.78; interest
and surplus, @9,998.73; profit made, 11 per cent
per annum. The following oficers were eleated
to serve the ensuing year: President Robert G.
Canpbel: vice pre*ideut. David G. Dixon: eec
retarv and treasurer. John A. Prescott; direo
tor--Jared D. Terrill, Orange S. Firmin, M.
P. Callan, Wm. Mayse, Geo. H. French, Geo.
W. Chase and Chas. C. Hall.
Urging a Hearing.
This morning Mr. J. W. Walker appeared in
the Court in General Term and urged the speedy
hearing of the cases of John Jackson, William
Yewell and six others, who seek their discharge
from jail. They were some four weeks ago be
fore Chief Justice Bingham on writs of habeas
corpus, Mr. Walker claiming that the sentehces
from the P'olice Court were illegal. andl the cases
were certified to the Gleneral Term. Mr. Walker
urged that he was ready to argue the cases and
he hoped *hat a speedy'hearing would be given.
The chief justice sgetdthat he see the
district attorney and thy woul give him an
early day.
The Funeral of Mre. Spoford.
The last tribute of respect to the memory of
Mrs. Sarah P. Spolford. wife of the librarian of
Congress, was paid at his residence at 2 p.m.
today. Dr. RI. R. Shippen of All Souls' Church
read the beautiful burial service and Dr. E. M.
Gallaudet repeated in a moat feeling manner
the fine elegiac verses of Wordsworth:
*Oforsdnr!Bu wh comata?"
The folio wing gentlemen acted as bearere:
Messrs. A. G. RIddle. J. M. Toner, E. N. Gal
lanidet. W. W. Godding, I. Edwardi Clarke andl
Robert Fletcher. The procession moved to the
beautiful ltock Creek cemetery, where the
temporary interment took place in the famally
vault of Mrs. HI. ML. Hutchinson, kindly tenderedI
for the occasion.
Mr. ITad Given a Diverse.
Yestenbyv Justice Hagner, in the Equity
Court, made a decree of divorce in favor of
complainant in the case of Ashton Todd agt.
Mary Archer Todd. They were married In
Richmond, Va.. in June, 1883, and he oharges
that after she had threatened to leave him In
March, 18689, she deserted him.
Spencer A. Cees WIll.
The will of Spencer A. Ce was filed yese
day. He leaves his farm In Otsego county, N.
Y., to his brother, R. N. Coe, @150 each to his
eisters, Elima Condit and Adelin Foote, and the
rest of his estate to his wife.
hA Operetta by a Washiaglem Dey.
The repetition of the burlesque operetta "Il
Jacobi"~ at the Masame Templs last night
inhowed a mnarked Imaprovement over the first
presetiatn. 'The audienee *as large and
greatly pleased. The participante In te per
formance were the tris.e. Sue Imbune and
Dae Moore and Mr. Harry Daudon in thg
Misses Jesbic Wie stel
White and Jeesie Sthand Esrs. esmaand
Thorns. Maynosnm and Eddie B
danced a dan~h ce. Geeal dansing
lowed the prom.
The steamser Nigwwhich wisved etNe
York ydda, l as pasnger hem
Havana seven sha mfore from th bask
'sClo wih was wreded near
One hundred Cem are drivingwhlteg
Urns from their ciab In am
Rosis Brown wa hiebsd to death yesterday ha
a row amsong emplyes et a me fes hey at
leamfe anise thedaaf ashes --s.n
we amnded
of 4C mob% Sa tow i n Q
5it, zb eZEM0 sok seeglle Oas put~a
~e abgest etfeht dm5
off~ tw-tii e f h e ~ hr
fo. *" e n
eSA madVoe ebst every we
Uib te two.rId of eUsee
&C., doput hate
em b hsek inee
fea tohire st Wtageats
n street.
T33 "Men a LaY e-' rAnag.U5
The aditer he Issued a pealt sr these.
essees e the tahie on Wanugiss.redd he.
tween ling and (mWMee 1ssetse""me by
Autesen a Ure. and recsey wrecked by Are.
There hd been eems e&of as m r
a0 inee to roestsein the o"df ele "
bthe Is no eity low wh fteoad
S of astabe upo ay stew . he
cityed declae that hons end velsic
awe not to be uo ever shiawahse, exeept in pos.
ing from and to stables; earies we
not allowed to obist trteet longer than is
hour etsuchs awe ot allowed to use the streets
for their business; so vehicle is allowed to be
'driven in a tier eept inbacng , a ubat
there are no other prohibitions which ap to
the housing or use of her in the city. U
bs no rue her similar to the bi1i1ag regain
lisn of the Dieet, whMh daslares that mo
lvery stable "baR be erected nor any uildial
converted Into a livery stable within i hty e
of any dwelling home, &c. Tes tight to build
and use to onirely free here, United oaly by the
somme law of Unisan.
The -setaig et the Alezandila Weslugtm
Lodge o F. A.A. M. last night was enalvened by
the presence of a number of Washington
brothers of the mystic tie, who were eordially
The official visitation of the Junior United
Aserican Meehanise of Alexandria Counil No.
88 ookplce atmight and was em occasion of
MUC inteet6 an*"e
The Alexandria Water Company has declared
a dividend of $50 per share.
Next week ten of the leading groceries of the
ty wil close at 6.39 p.m., except aturday,
and will continue this rule until Ieber.
A 315230So SAS IV 2113 Oans.
About 11 o'clock Tuesday night a carriage
containing two men was seen to hastily drive
on the Pennsylvania avenue bridge and when
half way across suddenly stop. One of the oe
cupants then got out and was headed
by *6 other a large and ppareatly
b object. A moment later a
, accompanied by a crash, we
heard in the creek below, and in an instant the
vehicle had regained the Washington end of the
bri and was soon lost to view. An soon as
le an officer was acquainted with the facts,
d with the aid of a small boat and a long pole
the creek was dragged in the spot where the
splash took place. After nome difficulty there
was fished up a large glass show case,
similar to those in which dentists disay their
trade objects The fail had shivered panes
to atoms. Thinking that the case had contained
something that the consipers deired to con
cel a thorouh overhauhng of the spot took
place yesterday. but nothing was diacovered.
Those who witnessed the throwing overboard
say that it Is their belief that the case contained
the body of an infant, as something of that
shape flew out from the box as it descended.
About 11 o'clock Wednesday night car No. 2 of
the Tenleytown electric railroad while going at
a moderate speed struck the curve near Pieree
Mill road, bounded off the track and into agul
ley. At the time of the accident the
car contained five or six , three of
whom were riding on the front platform. At he
frst t It Messrs. James Tallaferro and
rakFuner, two of the front riders, were
thrown over the dashboard and into the mud.
Mr. Faulkner sustained slight injuries about
the knees, the other passengers escaping with
out harm.
since last Thursday the following loaded canal
boats have brought cargoes to town: N. ].
Grove, A. L. Miller. Gallia, Scow, John Spen
cer, A. Greenlees, Edith Pratt, Consolidation
No. 7, J. H. Milatead, C. . White, W. T. Conle
han, Jas. M. Schley, ODU V., C. W. A"Mme,
IL H. Keedy, Cuba No. 109, Coenol
dation No. 205. Consolidation No. S0, Jams
Bryan. No. 108 Java, Judge Hagner Judge
Stake. Samuel Henry, Mary Mortens, ko. 101,
No. 102, Consolidation No. 12, Four Brothers,
Hugh L. Bond, Jr., Three Brothers, J. I. Cowes
and Emma Mertens.
01 Box soore ANOTZma.
About 11 o'clock last night Officer Amos re
ported that Amerieus Blackwell, a smal ecolored
boy, had been shot, perhaps fatally, by an an
known white boy on Milwaukee avenue, Tenley
town. It appears that the white boy was driv
ing to posture a cow when the colored one
began to pelt both animal and driver with small
stones. After having warned him several times
to desist and these being diiregarded the white
boy became angered and putting to his shoul
der a gun which he carried pulled the trige
and sent a load through his tormentor. The
white boy then made his esospe. The wounded
boy was carried to the home of Dr. Chappell,
who rendered all ble aid, but thebyr
mains in a eritlcoFndition.bor
At 5: this morning the Bockvllle hensyator,
valued at 5900, burned out at the power house
of the Georgetown and Tenleytw railroad.
The Oars, though, wIll continue to run, asthe
power will be supplied froma a Temleytown gsn.
The George o f(as.Cmayi o
engae nlyn ver to mie ofnew supply
pipe. Lamps wilbe erected on all the streets
as soon as orders are received froma the Coin
Yesterda~ Mr. B. H. Warmer addressed the
ol h eho th graend etrn High
A petItion a-,king Congress .to speedily pas
the Wa' hgon and Georgetown extension bHi
is ben cicltdthis morning and uiveresl
Mr. Henry Hardy of Pleasant street died sud
denly lest evening. Mr. Hardy was a widely
known man in this section, and at oe time was
an editorial writeron the NatioaAIIelUgeueer,
under Gales and Seasn, and Washington-sor
respondent of the Baltimore Clipper.
He was also conneeted with the Batimore
Arn,ean and a perat Wheuling, W. Va. He
was the author ofa bock, "Nie vs. Nasareth,"
settin foth his reigos ideas. He was for a
longtm ~ oina Identisied with the peh
Ms ashol thie purt of the DistrieL
John A. Logan Post, No. 13, departmsg ef
the Potommac, G. A. R., held a languly atteadmd
esiom at Mesemde HalB last might, with Coma
mander James H. Deny In the chair. The pe
esition has been made to have the pest
din ow s a to isuspeesimna
cmn snamment. John 0. Markma of
Wshno a comrade of P.st 13 isilland
Mrs. Mary Naabs has isewoered.
Mr. John E. Fairtis ian Meryad.
Mrs. Jaamatte Lawrenes et Wo~g, W.V..
is tn tows with fris..ds.
Werk.e. the new doehie treekj en
Mr. 2. 5. Pasesi ot Jeesa w U 40
alat t t
fo he Imanes
as3.Mase of agn mn hebea
M~a-- dasnesumy
et as....g *amd. ..ns e
FLommmi e a emem,
em e - asse et oe ass Am~os,
Ohe amM 411101 4 11111011,Mas WOOsL tso
a.sI N Waase. wil p.bW* be
lamed #W peb .6 aied a..."sw
8% ham It bDetseDA L.10,
oee 4 Aor e lomdhnef lr m s a
Soekmtof 1111mihn stor a wI eIs ef
fto pae A-s, Iee ae hgu S imm
sov. rmry h
te. na eestato WIDsm 3Amsoabe
4th AraOmSetatirne 51 Asr,
e seaW m AM~bal tehi thise asl
. s h"*m t...iwmfob h e....we
te 5,. g ft Wlln foAer bit, via eP
amtely sib.e In hig wn"
7U Willa Astor t ho ne 6is gap.
Pn.eweld WE t Aet ste os
bfeo&eothilef~ ago SA lr, so. M
hl st fram W 4SUOa. f s le, Wth
Joe Jambh Among, the
sea, U the Wait af the "pg
411 for lIs arm bsig ahbeitt epf M
half Of the wil 3 A Ator e stat
wbhh Wilkam Asor hmld for Ife isto gb to thm
uM. ThO be and lUeS No. m 8th emaa,
metoMm. Asr.' .t steam,.re Wshe.
Veyed, with other property vmed at aso w
I* Jobs Jaeob Asist whem he arrives ot be ae
of twenty-on YOW Ofebmif of as " teo
the &hn to be .ove e
whom the young sa reache" the 4f twenu.
Ave pem, ad the balance *he:&besomes
t years ol As Mr. Adste in now between
thinty year ol he WEN hs-li.
atly seesive as buense fostue e hiM able.
ta. Web1tr Aser, de wiew of
wiUlb Astor, raeives in additio to eamm.
Uy settled as her at no= the lkt avaas
And Newport bemsesand b amitre for 111,
with an naauity of 5n,00 Prom his iNvid
ual estate W Astor also given aeaty
0,140a in trut funds to be dividedasing
hiM three gramahilrea r i the bmay
Ns of Van Allen. HiM dage, Me. bosu,
volt and Mrs. Wilson. each receive -tr eubtee
for life et 1,00, with te se of he in
Gth aseune.
A trnuSt fund of I0,00 is dvided em
flom children of Mrs. J. Coleman Drays.
Abo0t WEO,0 is given to charitaleloMeta
,on , r to pev. Individuale. The eot of
Mr. Astos's vidual e igiven in
irues for life to John Jamo Aou. 1408 - to
r fr. th...Whole ab, abosae.
men in the country.
The executors and trustees who wE have the
management of a pargPt of the some are
Henr Philip John Jamb After
Maw AliaAX~azL-Annmammat WsrW.-AAg.
Gladstoee StIt Enremut.
Cabe Diepatch to the New Tork Eerad.
Mr. Ohdstone some. Irst whether ia paint
of seniority or as the greatest member of par
Hamest now living. se has pined greend
since 196 by dint of sheer superiority to eol
rivals. Me orstoreial powers have not fien
of one atom, while his skill as a debits, even
seems to have beome more oosmummnte.
When we same toher in he ar session the
recollection of Gooand hartme was
strong un us, and the am who was ehiedy
responsib for so much disaster could learosly
obtain a hearing. I have seem Mr. Glaistome
obliged to stand silent for several momente
until the mocking ahter and murmaars with
which he was greeted d subsided. In a abort
time. however, his premoev over evetybodv
in the house began to o, anm those who'hated
im mot were eempesd to pay ha the
tribute of atte If nt of open admiets.
Now the eumeervativee treat ne wth grat
respect whsle a marg e"eti of his own fol
lowere al in its power to vex and thwart
Celred 3eta0e=emesmess.
At the genei eenferemee et tbe Afimma
Methodist Episuopal church Wednesday is PhD
adelphia a report re-amemding the appoint
mast of a =ommis=i= n from the A.M.E. church
to mkeet a comninssion from the African Metho
dist Zion church at Plttsbnrg was adopted by a
vte of 178 to 7,
teineof Dr. R.V.
Pir oare ane
odd owenty th gh
e e druggs.e ow
thorised an
s refunded if they fato to b or ue.
Beeold on td arplnof "vaht e
fld or no pay," o h een
psuaedusiciam lwy have ...,sm
always wi e"emfloi
Dr. Ries Gondor it alD%.er 7,
an. Z
*m . .P.
Dr iese a r Anaes7Iom. ..
De. ?e..ne..P...aPSuc.Wsa..a pe .n
iri s uslraliemil ..d.S
A-elD e g ie. . e
a1. m e. a.% yArd. a. y
ems rns..a y.. e rieyar seete
Oard. L0sa .7 ad
-nch china sab., a1 colors. Us. pat.
Extra Quality Black (Maa OUk,.U bi.s wies. St
61 yard.
Des.m:al.. ns a., to -am. t.., N..,..t
oiias.:..us.... Osar SL.a.
Vein *swlse eev:i.s.ab mIin. at .s
- *5 @owessn A vYa KAUDosm as.
* S5?3N 0sesa1 sKYa er Uns
-amse or MOST anem
A. n5 @ am m
1A3WJ ow uzw wu .
1218-1220 F 8. N.W.,
TR.... Vry.. To
Tom 8,." Pav Or
SOUBTUS =W. 3165
$9.00 ff L" at 40 YaM
Ov 8,.. Famm
P.... M.. NOMAL
TomR. Rom Cou. $22&
B.. Room C.m. 5..
mom am,
MU.00 r u or 40ams Ysa ..~
uWfthith.e. H...e.
w~tsk a
Dawl o.. C...r.a2.0
A"n Por bea esamt
Boemirf bs muurnel to vs.
W. H. Ca..... Mu C2 .
1218-1220 F SL N.W.
Weuaft"r MMa missi s a am~"= =enu does
we seato m.an
webse ~bto dm tbwihal
. Ir eam .
wofe useawsea. smasrssmaft.
W. Hu.meH....w. ma. 0..be
For whafvw Iseor to b
M...5 .wvbw
A i" at boa e as bInal haIus m
Lh.m W.. .s .h cbem am be... k . 101"
smdgeaw sQt oageb.nuas
Rmewe newof um mt ass tae.
ta ems f s hea Wern teme isme.
hseheOmad the fmie pltaebo at ut
Emmbres ant on""lemt s as.ma Mwe a
ssea oftc ae mar ofimlso met mmme, SON sime.
h oe ha r e. We e pasuhm
Or atuIt amlsea-er eratves rne aem .
Waumam *"Oneaus
eelam the cUbImaa smmneema, ml da~aema
mA rt a e a m t e urn rae
&VO&. WSS.
Ieao% ths r-b t t an a m te
se m f&lame---.mu esmsyha
MR". PUA~nw= D.ar...,
.e.....a m - .Ic e . W w...tt
tOaum artr a parrert aI amantatnd a
we"e Nt Manfm t t all hap, atd et.m sha l
have fAed as all other p an l ae e . We'ls t..
mmlame I. a P r s
Aest t m's Cora issesopersooa and miie s.
C61V of eas Itemas sm dimuin aftOW
pra. wil bhemy. a~.mme"--a.--e=w
CTLY r~o ..a..,
hem..haremem... omr.t e. ..
C t ...m w Cat. Jacwe, u . T t~
t .Pmae...I..l~hm h T..1.......ern
--ll.tt eet. att en p t h~at samtda,--.
we ..go %r t l s~hag min. aw..y S
hat bibina a81 pat .s. bee..m eh Ut
mM-sDIT s-mm u e ye puin As.
ibteCng ams o whl..a wsillopn . . e ves s
Sm ete that see ...y th e mmrn tth a .
Bam C0,....... T...
6= ..=l 0a..= ....
ha,=k0mW seE hsa S....
Wab" TM. X WT
a& mid b M4 a
- umx IDOOM uu
atmat nem mm alspo
wausm. rs
nom bdmpem am a
=aft an= am 014 1mm
*Mm ma ho OWL tam&
Allmwa ldomoofbiadse
Aaseam-o mmmi shoul
Seeks.mbd lies 20116OwGuh
A bo mmsae meme.
miamib M la vbmL "OM. Go
a"me &"a H e lk
0"Itm awmat &om6 a
bwwf urNIM saaB dS. omm a
wue niu "?3M ewGo ayE
usNo abo o Oaz
I mm'. am s, amm b...... aw
B u AU L A T U a m W E
S*3 164 iSL -E
0 0 ' m I om w w S m .
Tm. WmSmoHm.
1115 F Sism, N. W.

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