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Tahe Wessa
maGrANI T"L S P. 3. YUM M
For th Ditriet of Coimha, wMrg d
ood 'gi , fair tin Wedaesday; n t
Winds, dimnhahing; warmer Tassday.
rowetrrjotf OF TMZ WAsa.
Temperature and condiim of water St I
aSm.: Great Fan. temperature, W; enition,
@. Receiving reservoir, temperature, 6. Con
ditin at Morth comectiom. 6; --mm- at
sonth coneetion, 3s: distributing rrvOir,
temperature, 67: coaditiow at bluent gat
emuse, 2; comition at ensat gae hoos, OI.
Tim CocusAm, 14th and tret north
west, will mhe special mte Sga in.t
A 0GLusrAm of the bureau of geiting and
engraving writes under date of Apir W:
1. & Dental Aiw'n, 7th and D. eit
Gentlemen: The operatioo p for =e
at your rooms are Arms-eles in every respeal
and the cbas.,eo nat resonabl.
Respectfully. C 0. Dzrure,
1231. a..
Fox 3 DT Losema-All nest SO. can
dies. including Langtry Boebous. Jordan Al
. C horolatee.he.,ouly 35 cents per pound.
.hreat Ice Cream gods. Scents a glss. 8333M1,
ear.leth and F st. and Welcker's Bo st.
Can. XAESaep diret tmp. Bordimu wines.
As Dansri
As used be is that 01 shirt of ours-gttractive
pa:terns and laundered colles and cuef-the
meal 1.5 grade.
Naase A Sbu, One Pies,
Car. 7th SodD.
*S. U. . DzAaL A;W's. Bet teth, SL
Tua. PuarOOnars Fuos Mzmnrrr's, 5 EN.
eve., ar .ouperiorin styleand ainh. ins cabi
aets for 3 per doen.
PyUrrT illings: 8lver, 7e.; pltinas, @1.
Coold. cement. Ac. Artistic and guarantesd.
T. IL DsTA. AssocaTiox, 7th and D njw.
AvNA Totes Caneuve CLSamm by the An
ATuD ersa CamPzT Wogu, 1108 and 1710
at. n.w. Telephome 836.
Sraawn==uT SAUorAZ= for hmuc== Osh
very day at 12 o'clock. 5et per aeba. At
J. Fssnu's. 7e th st. nw.
CAarS CLZAxsa by the EMPanS CaRnST
Woans, 631-435 Mass, ave. n.w., are mle moth
proof fre, of charge. Telephoms 4.-L
--.0, - -
1875 BEL.= or Namson. a genuine hand-vno
nor mas whisky of the net character. bottled
at the distiller. Ca.z= Kuazxua, agent for
So District Columbia.
1= MMuez's lee Cream. 2MG at. n.w.
AZ.na3u's. - Carleton Opera Company i
07he Buhman GirL
Dn==s' Bakoe.-*'The Wages of Sin."
Esaxa's Lycrnm-Bob FitdAmoo and
Tax BarrLz or GErraarn.-1Lh street and
OMie avenut.
Ussvna&Lmr Cwunes.-Mrs. Marie Antoi
Sette NaImaa -NlAlu d in her chamracter lecture.
3mrvxUw.-eainer Pentz at 9:45 a~m.,1:45
and 4S p m.
MaoanALL HALL. -44teamer lamleater, g:n
p.m., Washington Light Infantry Corps excur
SIT. raoN. -Chares Mac"ester. 10 am.
MaaSatL Bja1-t-S6mamer Macaleste, 10
. a A.nd* .m.
Ov ftrday morning Was. Harve!' hod, his
left band indly smased at Winship's coal wharf.
Georgetown. Ly getting it caught under the
dump bucket, and in the afternoon Harvey
White w:- %imilariy hurt in the tame manner.
Iloth of them were treated at the Emergency
Amnvteur Base Bea.
The C. M. C.s have defeated the Southern
Skr. 12 to 5.
I he Georgetown University nine n to be re
Ihe Olvmecs of Geergetown will meet the
Young Mam a Catholic (lub today. Capitol Park.
The Po.' how" went to weiergetown yester
day afternson amsn defeated the etr tham
rock nMine by 7 to 1. The feature of th a
was the battery v. ork of Fitzgerald and Sulli
van of the ls boy. Fitzgerald shut out the
ishamrock. without a hit and struck out twenty
four men. only ibirtr of the Shamroekq going
to the t. Fitzge-a!d bas struck out forty mnot
tn the lost two games he ha pitced. and only
three hits have been made off his piching
Go oN excursion of light Infantry to Mar
shall Hall Tueay. - Adet.
CbIlsren's May Preesamiem.
9t. Patrick's I hurch wse well filled yesterday
afternoon. prinespally with children, for the
occasion was the ekildren's May festival. The
little nces were from .he Sunday school and the
St. Jerebphs and St. Vincent'e.Orphan Asylums.
Bev. J. F. Mchee had charge of thservice.
Weleemed by a Sma.
A warm weleom was givenMaj. Fred Brach
ott, commanding second battalion. D. C. N. 0.,
apom his return to the city hat night. The ame
jar has been traveling in FEpope for the past
eight msoeth. in the interest ofr the world's fair.
Cemmpaay C. second battalion (National Fenei
bls, be-ded by the Third Artillery Band, amet
the major at the BItatimopre and Potomae depot
and escaartal him to hi' homme. There the
majo thanked the company for the honor it
hddoae haim ad promaased to be with it when
it compyete.s it the other crack companies
ot the country at 0=maha in June.
Leyal LEme W. C. T. U.
The semi-annual general meeting of the Loyal
lqeme of the V. C. T. U. wa heldl yeaterday qi
irnon at the Garnield Memorial Church. Somme
863 children, representing eight bande. were
present. Mrs. Wood presided ad addresses of
welcome wet. made byt Mrs. Siggera and Mr.
Stein, to which Mtss I'rylor responded. Mr.
utler of Iowa aleo spohe in a interesting
Winther Nathew Toet Abstlmnese Seoety.
Despite the inclemenry of the weather the
meeting of the Father Mathew Total Abstinence
Society last evening at the hal. 5th and G streets,
uas well attended. Interesting addresses were
delivered by Mr. John E. Dohsrty, president of
the Total Abstinence Unaon; Mr. Edward J.
edm-nd. p resident of the socety, and Mr.
Rya and Mr. Platrick Ryan recited to the great
asmbtion of the andience. A peamt inci
dont of the meeting was the atte-a-an of menm
bees of the coagregation of St. Angustine's
coe. In w hir it is hopaed moe toe
pain a hnnah thesocisty.
'gbe Am-ta Lbeaey Aseestm.
The visiting membewo of the Amerien LI
-ae Aseaitios left W-.hingeon thin meening
for a trip to Gettysbmrg, the Meah- valiey
and Virgimia peima. Yestadaay they visited the
new eg- -- library buildin and Arlhie
tern. ntda igt they were emtsrbtied b~
Mr.andMan caanat Sorwoad I.itat.*
Vhmmn or eaUve W. gangn
Ths keg. gathering of repremsmttveedea
md pasema fe-a at ho fmmeeer vicmues ei
as ne Otver W. Lees yesterday at a p.m.
t &* M sesese,2 11th street nerth
m.ued to the winy high satmng o et a4d.
ems inte ------ty, of which he had bees
a ainl ed mmi== membto her te na rty
Use. Giesm Csay ami te eh
of es =Bptist Chrh.Gn
.-- hush eksese.ise the War D.armm
(~ Lyman, Chsief gimsa- Webster,
he e-e me es mmn Maj. Peher,
MabiSoses Army, he UsIlmes' 3em.
D I. E. BimleaG. W. Pumeof et
m heewht nD....s. S.d Wh. D0.eA
3., and e.. . V. Pame and 3. .
If Qe gemeeste ~ectd as
masea eeeie e- uemse at 3 pm
Q3 m ed pI-1mm toud e
Mmber M andgel ==4= -e
C-m-am --- se ass .-aa-ar e
ereibed w as 148W -P M-OM ot m
hringe of me P @bet newin, I- - I
been approved. Ina letter to d uwL Owude
today () -i, '" DO Egom
"Yesterday the Meams appRbat of Wim
zbhwof 2514 P stree na lb I was Wo
!:r!fair aprL I saw byeo genal
against the grani aleemse to te former
occepant you had b eoaarm. -
the prea m, adsdemte
iee;. complaint of a lIy in
the sequae that Ibringer's Hease was
last yew end the following rmn do by
Lsient &ni berg: 'This hagrocery abere,
and it is propoed to conduct the baml
nes in Connection with the grocery. Piaes
is also a locality wher the reddents we very
muoh I to Mqors being sald either by
or retail, sad further, it to in elme
p miyto the locality known Ws Herring Hill,
and eallw liquor, to be sold here would hav*
a tendency be draw the rough emwut be thb
neighborhood. I would, therefore, be the is
teret of good order, respethy r -omm-end
that this bceee be not-granted.'
"I want vom to Inquire of your spgeant and
me why they did not inform you of the char
meter of thi ama and thin plae, as reported
best year. when the liemse was refised."
Doeessien Day et Atsm.
Manorial day esereises are to be held at the
Antiet-m man.tio cemetery, marpsburg, Md.,
Monday, under the -an-pe- of Antiem Post,
No. 14, and Beno Poet, No. 4, 0. A. ., Depart
Imet of Maryland, asited by the Somn of Vet
eras and the Woman's Relief Corpe. Addresses
will be delivered by SaenMors M t and
Alen, Representaive MefaCol. George W.
Verseis ad Mr. Newton, &.Co The dcer
of the day will be W E. Grilth, Tyler
Poet, No.5, a d.; chief mania,
Capt. Walter Suans, dm Post, Fred
eriek; stant marshal, E. M. Mebley,
Bem Post, No. 4, Bagersto, Md.
A Chapter et Aeedimn.
On Saturday might, Jesse Lewib, colored,
while walking on the B. and 0. . I., near
Brookland, was struck by an engine. His skull
was badly cut and thought to be fractured and
he was otherwise bruised and eat. He was takes
to the Freedman's Hospital.
Saturday evening Margaret Nuusmt found a
colored infant about two weeks old on the seps
of 917 Grant avenue and Annia Thome ofM
Grant avenue took charge of it.
Yesterday afternoon the horse of the hansom
eab of Mr. T. Ricker of 96 Myrtle street north
east ran away and collided with the lamp and
letter box on Myrtle and North Capitol etrect*,
smahing both of them and throwing hm of
and bru him.
Menry Wil==m of 420 Blands' aley was taken
with spasms yesterday and asnt to the Freed
mas's Hospital.
A Baby's Narrw Keempe.
The hores attached to the carriage of Col.
John Bay became frightened yesterday while
oe N street near Connecticut avenue. The
coachman attempted in vain to control the
animal., and as they dashed down N street and
into the avenue the congregation from the
Church of the Covenant were just leaving the
edifce after the morning service. An effort was
made by the coachman to check the frightened
animals, and. in order to do thiehe turned
them toward the sidewalk. To the horror of
the large crowd of spectators a baby carriage in
charge of a nurse and containing a e ing
baby was seen to tie directly in the line o the
course of the frightened animals. The nurse,
a colored womman, realizing the peril of the sit
uation. with rare pre-ence of mind and heroism
grasped the strap that secured the baby in the
carnage, and, breaking it, snatched the baby in
her arms and ran to one side just in time to
miss the horses as they rushed madly on. The
baby carriage was struck and thrown to one
ride and the hores came to a step at the board
fence on the parking. The front wheel. of Mr.
Hay's carriage were snapped off and a lady who
was in the carriage escaped without injury.
The baby was unharamed and the only injury to
the baby carriage was the breakin- of the am
brella. It was regarded as a remarkable ending
of what might have beem a tragie me rrese.
Tim Bruge tn L.ver-e lame.
Engineer Hunt, in charge of bridges, has
caed the attention of the C0o.m.iom.=s to a
bridge on the road known as Lover's Iane.
There are two bridges on this road, he sys,
the frst, north of. Rod street, being trens
ferred to his charge by the superintendent of
county roads as a public bridge. The second
bridge never has been transferred.and he wants
to know If the obstreton is in a public road,
and. if so, what are the limits of the road. This
information. he says, is needed that =ece-ary
repairs may be made if the structure i a public
one and that the new work may be properly lo
eated on public land. The records of do oice
of the city surveyor show nothing of Lover's
Lane tn Georgetown, but the recordsof the tax
oaice for Georgetown and the county show the
lane and that no taes are paid on the space. -
The attorney for the District has been asked
for an opinion on the subject.
Tretting uaces at Be-nin.
At the Bening track tomorrow afternoon at
3 o'clock there will be a trotting meeting, to
which admission will be free. There will be
three races trotted, one being a dash of Ave
ailes. The following are the entries: First
race, sweepstakes of $50 each: 75 per est to
Arut. 25 per cent to second; mile heata; 8 in 5
E. T.Woodey, ch. m. Minnie; James W. Hunter,
blk. s. Minnie Hunter:John Dua, bin. Texas
Pony: Iewis Collins, gr.g. Gray Sert econd
race, sweepsaes of 050; mile heats; S in 5; two
entrice. 'hrd race, match 0106 each; dash of
5 mIlasM. Byrnes, gr.g. Sam; D. adhieimer,
br. g. Little Dan.
The Wunerul at Oliver W. laumgan.
Ppneral services were held ever the rema.ins
of Oliver W. Longan at his late res=dence, No.
2211th street northeast, yesterday aftermoon
at 3 o'clock, Rev. Green Clay 8mith, pastor
Metropolitan Baptist Church, and Dr. A. J.
Huntington of Columbian University oeist
ing. The church choir rendered the musical
selections. Tender and touchin were the
tributes oefered in msemory of tedease=d.
Among the large number assembled were Coin
missomer Lyman and Chief Examiner Webister
of the ei' i service. Gen. Breck, A. A. G., with
several division and other clerks of the War
Department and a goodly represetatin froma
various departments. lhe remains were re
moved at 9 o'clock to take the night train for
ltatiaasbmrgh. near Wilinaport. Pa., where
Mrs. Loan was recently burled. The. pall
bearere were, on behalf of the Masm, Gee. W.
Pratt and D. C. eHolms; A. U. dice, James
Sabine and J. W. Palomer; G. A. 3., J. W. De
-aa and Ashtes Dodge.
Hars Barns aND Or1Wc hI. Tnam BSvac3 Te
Maxnaroszis Convvsynoa via B. asn 0.3B.3.
For the blic= natlosal convention cm Jane
7 the adOhio railroad wi ..ll
round-trip tickets to Minneoli at the low
rse of oes fare for the rndti.Tieketa
willbeoenal at aB oceeJune I1b 5, inclu
sive. and will be good for return journey until
June 55. Inet..ive. In additom to. Itsreua
double daily train service to the nortwest the
Baltimo-e ad ohio raroad winl run them
ecebl trate et Pullman slears to Min
nomjne4 Omse tratein wBbeu
pe emsrvisom of Mr. Thms N.
Mc~ee, sretry of the natlomalreuln
-..m.e. Another teals will be oeusb,
the Peunsylvania Clab, et which Messs.
sh-----er, N. A. Cebaugh, Dasisl Bs, J.
C. Quess ad J. K. Test are tee----- h
tag the trip in eharge. The third train ni be
ccupied by the esrriem ad Mortem Leqg.,
~so W.Calvin a ,No 3 e e
etWashigton. For full infermatis
as te time of tralas, steeping-ear asseinmede,
Mars, mesia, he., agyto - eto gs.Usmas
nemed aboe or be. B. Dp i~pma
Mia 1ana s Cuaan Basme, low,., vza B
* 0:..3.--Fem M to June 4m, uiv
seE e etset t Cedar alaw~s
setset enea lowest ert-elms fas em
ibt Um be wend for setmenu
Ju beeiave The Nilaan..
CM. Vmmted Im tsie
'em rtam useCde h b
Baise e adv es of M e
be tmmn
- ON s a dm erns ad . = e
beinm - N - 6A I O
. a -epmAs of to m undes. -...
-ie of lb leats Jaing1 Arn.,.
WE bgi temuew nitesn at g o'daeli e
thepemdas lb mmhte @ , 11l nd
1se110 Owig to Evd--se m iet pes a
aM Ab&th N U94 dom g. ef iowneme In
a6 tinamena as ha bee aems lk' bsabai
paess. Ae.rs say one r knews today
lbee wE be me entries hem Other I*@, al
thoqgh dth e d aid fur the eles' of th m
trim desu nt e p. nawl 1 o'loesk tait.
. It * at eor., psiebe aes smm of
playrs" fromi elher dise who it wa es pe
wouldenter wiO do se befe 1166 i.a
out However, so me comneed with the 'As
seindom Inder yhose - sotsm mm
is to be give has any ka of what is the
Inte=tion at ay player fro e ea.
oor of the -o-aion and the exelve coma
mitte. have made no fort to inteua 4ay ones.
The , L aibley, however bad
0131010 modeme Sod in Some inedanefa bee
written pssoaslletter but with th [email protected]
no efert has beam ande by my one it.
aroma a intmreat Ia what ough te
be lb most importat event i
tennis sao n this City. It is, of eeN
'bis that a good pbyee
other cities ybe hire in .0= to py to
morrow, but If are it will not be boom=s of
the personal efort of lb tennis players of this
There are several an assigned for this
evident lack of interest on the of tennis
ayers here.It is mid that seasoa has
so Into that the plaei have had but few
opportunities fo prctc.t gnAlmurd
that lb Bcelors' were at s in o "r
courts, s their grounds had been sold during
the winter and the space was needed for
However, arrangements have been
made forthe e of aportion of the old grounds
at the corner of 7th and P streets, and erethe
tournament wi be held.
1The feet of it is that there has been lack of
pu eand ent d p ed in th manage
ment Ibs lsile wa ofrunning a lenis
tournament can have only one ending, which
wiE be somewhere in the ground.
The most successful tournament ever held
here wa the etomse of the personal wofrof
Mr. Thome P. Borden. He is not a member of
the executive committee and holds no oleal
position In the association. It happens that
this yer he has gone to Europe, and it seem
that there is no one todo what he did me well
last The aecretary, Mr. Sheibley, who
ha arways been an eiient worker on such oc
easions, has this year been laid up with sick
ness. With these two men out of the way,
although neither of them were members of the
executive committee, there was no one to do
anything, and the consequence is that whatever
arrangemente be bean mole have sort of
made themselves.
If this tournament is a failure it can justly, in
large part, be attributed to the negligence and
lack of interest on the part of the association.
The oflcers of the association are as follows:
John C. Davidson, president; A. H. L. Post,
Baltimore; 8. . Sheibley, Washington; execu
tive committee, Eugene Greenway, Baltimore;
ILB. Brown, Washington; J. E. Smith, Wil
mington DeL; Chas. L cCawlay, Washington.
Up to noon today lb only entries received by
the secretary were as fodown: Singles-R. I.
Goodfellow and Marven Thompson of this city,
A. . Agelasto and . A. Agelasto of Baltimore.
Doubles-Goodfelow and Thompson of this
[email protected] Czracc.-Tonight Mrs. Maxie
Antoinette Nathalle Pollard the burlesque lec
turer and authoresm, will delver a farewel lec
ture befpre her departure for Europe at the
Universamlist Chureh Mrs. Pollard is lb widow
of E. A. Pollard, author of "The Lost Cause,"
and is herself a woman of very brilliant attain-,
ments. She delivers an illustrated character
lecture, entitled "The Princess Mu Qul." repre
senting a Chinae lady of rank, who tells about
her own country and people and who criticises
men and affairs in this country. Some beauti
ful views of China, California and the world's
fair buildings wi be shown. Tickets may be
obtained at Droop's and at the door.
ALnavon's.-Tolg the Carleton Opera
C om y Wil cu Balfe's charming and
Opers, "Bohemian, Oirl" in a man
ner that cannot fail to be attractive. Mr. J.
C. Taylor, a tenor of superior ability, Will sing
Thaddrus; Mr.Carleton, the Count; Miss Marie
Bell, Arline; Miss Clara Wisdom, the Queen;
and Messre. Drew and Ricketts wi alternate as
Deviikoof. There wiE be a children's ballet
introduced in the market scen.
A Fowan FuservAL wl be given at the
Metropolitan M. E. Church tomorrow and Wed
nesday evenings. A unique program, novel re
freshments and pretty cosMma are among the
features announced.
A Gn29r DAv AT RIvan V1zw.-The Inau
gural of the special attractions at River View
yesterdaf' was a fattering success. Fuly 1,500
p raved the inclement weather and went
d on n Saal J. Pent.. The program ran
about an hour and was replete with interesting
and thrilling feste on the tr , high wire
adThe Bfdr rente, Bill
ters ,itrs Mendoza and the Opan
ish dancer, Cyrene, were al generously ap
plauded in their respective acts. The attrac
tion. were a ted by the large crowd
yesterday. Amne program wi be repted
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and y
The Washingtom Light Infantry Corps wi
give its first excursion this season tomorrow
night. The steamer Knealeater les been secured
and Marshall Hall WEU be lhe objective point.
The pplrty of the corps is very great and It
is exetdthat their friends will turn out in
CoernCadets WEI go to Marshall Hall
em thb Naeatern Thursday night. There WED
be music and dancing and fancy bicycle riding,
and every one who patcptes in the excursion
may be confident ofan ejybetimme.
Tonight NoaparellCuni No. 450 N. U,
will gve an eerontfinall, the
Maclsaer eavngher wharf at g:8S o'clock.
Tomoarrow ngtheb Young Mae' Christian
Association WEgive its annual exenrsion on
the River Queen.
Betheada Park is now open for lhb season,
and the new gravity railroad is running suoemes
fully. There are other attractioes for visitors,
and lhe perk can be readily reached by lhe
Tenleytowa eectrie oars.
aesstary Veseer's Estern Share Trip.
On lhb invitation ef Mr. E. Kurt. Jolnuon a
congenial party of Washingtonians accomapanied
hia,on l th.. trip of lbe fst and handsome
little asamer Camabridge dotrn thb bay and up
lbe Choptank -riyer on lhe "eastern she'" of
Maryland. The Camabridge is one- of thb
stenamers owned and run by Kr. Johneon and
his brothera, as tb hoptank Steamboat Coin
in., Judge J D K Rian .
5. Une, 5. Harrison Johnson, 0, G. Stales,
C. N.Hendley and T. W. Noy. A start was
made froms Baltimore latudy evening and a
return Monday moarning. Thes party give glow-.
ing description thel pleasures of the trip and
of ltt ton of -a region which is world
famems for fshad fruit, osesand soft shell
cebs, early ohemfedsned4
aubimere ptt
AuiteaSna Tit fur Btm e e
Thealimo...d Ohi. r.....d h. b
a new Sudytrain In sarviee between Wsig
torn and DlinrIvIgWig et
p. i. The train heriser levig =or
for Wahnimat U p. deily viebreafter
leave at 1 . sehudnle et aB-heal
talmn of end Ohio railroad is p
Mahm esewhbse in th papier.-Aduf.
e- Ensessin oa---Mby Vast.
loe lbe armers' enagetand ..eumety
sle se the ah'o
25 wM1 esausease tibets to Dereison
tea din Oem Cai Aban.lb
Lax.gea~I asameis.) sa en 0
a s ymms SI, qiessas eaaIm MW
emimem ess aaea sn.a
Me esile. of M esr eeaa
en ens a se es semef sansbi
Urn, IU~e~b ~ d
a ameat
& 'msm mt
11110" is Mn Omaasese 2i ill
Deem ito e Adesr mas
0 ate 3. e of 1 0 a am Ob d~r,
twesnrwevse l , a isa h t fte estbis
dienen ofthe T8ems1r 1su em sce
un semim In a roena to 1as ser Nw
Trk, lA 1mtesday, wifth gash b
wre and A en earig man sead arm
burners and sog the roam.
A physales wealsed, andeftr MI. P.te was
rmietstled m wd reseved to INeI sn.
pfta and passed to the ward for f0met prin.
a4n, Igd with attempted emid, whish t
New York is a erhadmi feaise.
.When she recovered Re-seRo-Sae he
4-ed that she hd attempted to
saeid. She sould nt expan how she
reeoived the gash in har w or why the pa
wes turned en.
Mis. Pike went to New Tork ahet two weeks
,beig ated leave of absence from dhes.
was wall as tha time and we suslering
hom inomua, due to
When she arrived New ork she wat to her
ister's house at Bayonne a New Jerey subsu.
Zat Wednesday she 1 Into the city to have
her retors ticket to Washington extended and
atterward mede a visit to a friend at Port
whnd, Staten Islend. She Sys that she
to New York on ThuKdy but Met so
a she concluded to go to the BitO House
pqd try to get the "ewhich she needed so
much. She took some danum to quiet her
nerves and as her head wae aching concluded
to have her hair cutof which @be did. She
does not remember anythig after this.
Mis Pike is a typewriter in the customs divis
Ion, and is mid to be a most efleint one, and
moreover a very practical young woman with a
large amount of good sense. The duties of
writers in this oNce are onerous, and Miss
P's onstant labors were beginni to tell
upon her health. Her most intimate d In
the ofe, also typewriter, has been lying dan
gerously ill at rfield Hospital for three
weeks, the result of overwork. Work at the
typewriter is said to be peculiarly trying upon
a woman's nerves and cases of prostration from
It occur ahnoet daily among department clerks.
Dr. Muncaster of this city has been attending
Miss Pike for several weeks and it was upon
his advice that she went to New York, as he said
she was threatened with prostration.
Miss Pike lives with her widowed mother and
young brother. Mrs. Pike left for New York
yesterday to see her daughter. She was ver7
much overcome by the news of her daughters
a leged attempt at suicide and could assign no
cause for it.
Dr. Muncaster said to a STan reporter today:
" Min Pike went to New York upon my ad
vice to get a little rest. Her physical condition
was good with the exception of extreme
nervousness brought on by overwork. She was
threatened with nervous prostration '$ she
did nothave a cessation of work for afew davs."
Mr. Comstock. chief of the customs division,
confirmed the statements of Miss Pike's devo
tion to her department duties. The t writing
in his division is very hard, he , the
correspondence conducted by the division is
Work of Deepening the chanuel-latere in
the Gun Shop.
Work preliminary to widening and deepening
the navy yard channel is begun. The con
tractor, Thos. P. Morgan, Is to dredge the
Eastern branch channel directly in front of the
navy yard so as to form a basin twenty-two feet
deep at low tide. The channel line Ip to be
parallel to and twenty-Ave feet distant from the
wharfiline. The central portion of the basin
for 401 feet is to be 210 feet wide and narrowed
to 100 feet at the extremities. The material to
be dredged is believed to be soft mud,
but the contractor will be bound if it
should prove not to be, except where solid rock
is struck. Ali shoals, lumps or ridges left be
hind by the dredges must be removed. The
excavated materialis to be deposited behind
the embankment now being built channelward
from Poplar Point. This is in accordance *ith
plans approved by the engineer in charge of
the Potomac river improvement. Trenches are
now being cut through the Eastern branch
fats, so that the plan may be carried out. This
embankment is to be six feet above low tide
and there must be three feet of water at
low tide along the trench line. The estimated
length of these slush channels is fifteen feet and
the amount of dredging estimated as necessary
to complete the work 55.000 cubic yards. The gov
ernment inspector of the work is Thomas Jenk
ins. and he will be provided with quarters and
board on one of the dredging machines. The
limit df cutting has been staked off and the im
provement is to be completed in 110 days from
the contract date, April 23, 1892. The contract
price per cubic yard is 14.9 cents.
wOaE IN TE oUN sno1.
The gun shop, the center of interest at the
yard, is running on full time. Forging. for the
thirteen-inch steel ride have been received from
Bethlehem. Pa., and the work of finishing the
tube, jackets, &c., and assembling the various
parts will be prosecuted with vigor. When
completed it will be the heaviest gun of the
navy. The finished pro4uct of the gun shop
comprises eighteen ten-inch, 129 six-inch and
mineteen eight-inch rides. Under construc
tion, but practically finished are four ten-inch
mid two eight-inch guns. Iis ordnance will
constitute primary batteries. As ordnance for
mecondary batteries there are, cometed or
nearly so, twenty-nine five-inch and thrty-4ve
four-inch rifles. Master Mechanic of the Gun
Shop Bobinson is authority for the statement
that the latter branch of naval ordnance is in
an experimental stage owing to the evolution in
ammunition and breech mechanism for rapi
Bre guns.
Several hundreds of four, six and twelve
ndbrass guns are being cut Into requisite
ntsto be smelled for use In the gun car
geshop. These instruments were made dur
ing the late war and are said to be of an espe
cially fine quality of gun metal.
The experimental battery at the eouthweet
end of the yard has been abandoned and prob
ably will be soon removed. There are In this bat
tery four six-inch and two three-inch converted
rifles, all without breech blocks; one Dahlgren
twelve-pound boat howitzer and two eleven
inch iron muzzle-loading gn.A number of
carriagem are also here. (tneyexperiments
and tests of new weapons, brechmechanisms,
carrisges and the like were formerly conducted
T3 EaarINa otrAnD.
The strength of the marine guard at the yard
is seventy-six, rank and file, divided as follows:
Commissone oo~ers, 1 captain, S lieutenants;
noncomasioned oc~ers, 10 sergeants, 10
corporals; 4 musicians 48 privates. The men
on dong Idouble guMduty one dayoan
duties thir is considered hard work. There is
no complaint aaneg the men. They speak well
of their rations of beef, bacon, mutton, beans,
cafes, bread and potatoes. There have been
seven desertions fr'om the garrison during the
Fast two months. The aesee deolame the
fores too smaL. '
Puneral er Samneel F. Ima.
The, rlof Mr. Samuel F. Loaxa, or.,
too frsahis late reidene No.454 1
street nouthwest, yesterday aftenoon at 8
e'*lesk, the Bev. Dr. Nttinger of the Seventh
Street Presbyterian church eomaneting the
ervicese. A detahet of marnse, under the
emend' of Ert . Halt, with field matme,
seorted the teento the pae, the body
heare.. being eight siors ebedfrom the
uevy-yard. Beuside Past, No. 5, G. A. R.,and
Eastea Nge.o. 7, I. O. O. 1., als attsmded
th uma.honorary Lahaeawere S.
G.idn J E en. g. d
GereC. Base of Burnmide Past ehe
3sr, I. H. WtooJ.T Patty ad C. C.
ets ohsm n ed. The totertm
Cemeasio a s Mser. -
S. Lorast hf Te ar. hea
to rea to thea b.
and wasenn ene riv
h th e ~bm..
Hbes - en ab se
___tdd iu
em n.
m0t e 111 dV e0s af son" emf,
Abne INlI sefgo a e smme tonnn 141.a
pSMser Asee A- el - Je-m000 1p
-~N Amlb.o neem nosi bobaeiW
ps o puSe d b ser a ada 14yeM
Zkt andsw yvmen to pme dt Abe a Ieno
tebls-ME $.d~f
SJehaen tedbhi tdsydlt a ssalt~iiaig
tt Abe asked hin t r ten easts andatreek
him bansa ha re f I to ghe bi m nmew.
'3 only had slht ns," amid Jehson, "nd
I A h lb I-edu et g h m lb
"Di" y owe bmi y asonsyr
"What num s - theb greend?'- Ude
Mier asked Johnson.
The witase said tat there were as numbre
On W but whan preaed by tbe owlr
e a lba thuere was a evp geme
- . o.,Ome of wee - .
with a stome, and there was a knot on Johbns's
head to show for it. Abe cI". had a bruied
hed, but that was dm by lb poieeman,
Abe took and in his own babelf and be
ga telling about "pasmes," "pots,"'little Joe"
and other terms in them gae, but hitscume
-al told him that he have to tlk p .,
as the court and Jury, as wo as himself, wM
not sequainted grow as denied that
ha threw lb done
Another witine ealed told of a knif that
took part in the affair, but there was nothing to
substantiate his tsAement.
Counsel said that the affair broe up a game
of crap and the blow on the bead was the natu
ral result. He thought it a good thing to break
"And it athuse asuaults and'murder that lb
co*rts are trying to prevent," remmarked the
aTjury returned a verdict of guilty.
Judge Miller questioned Abe concerg his
prison life and gave im three months in jal
eA3nbauaseu grauzia ag rouruc rAnge.
One of the most imperative needs of Alexan
dria in making it a comfortable home is the
Plecsantnass of parin so familiar to ali lb in
habitants of Washington, and that seems to be
within Alexandria's reach in only one way.
There are no open grounds available, but two
100-feet-wide avenues pass, the one north and
south and the other cast and weal, through the
$own. One of them in not'paved at a, and lb
other is paved only about one-third of itsuex
tent. These streets, Washington and Franklm,
are public pro y, and it is possible, to some
extent at l , to et out of them the pleas
antness of parks. If this resource be properly
utilized it would give a park of about three
fifths of a mile area, narrow, to be sure, but a
Crk two miles in extent and 100 feet wide is
tier that none. Such a park would be avail
ble- to every ward and would touch al
aectiona of the town, and if the trees now on the
street be utilized and seats provided for ladies
and children there is no reason why a -
esque avenue might not be made on Wa 'ngton
treet now and extended east on Franklin
street in the near future, and as the city own.
fortunately both Mon street and the
reater portion of the oldeluline from Wash
Ington street to the river, time would afford a
chance of making Montgomery avenue even
wider than Washington street, and so
give the Alexandria of the future a
unique "park avenue" easily available
from all ections of the city with a superb river
view at each end. There need not be this year
any change in the paved portion of the street
except some slight changes easily made, but in
the projects of paving north or south of the
present paved area lb work could be done
with reference to the general plan and less
pavement and more gram and trees provided
for than in now contemplated. The pail
use of tstreet asa publi park-not e
ing of the street-would need to be conald
ered. Now the great drawback on Alexandria
as a city of residences is the want at a pleasant
promenade and place where moth.es ad ehil
dren can get the air.
SUNDAT sanvIcas.
The chiurch services here yesterday were con
ducted by t* ypodat pastor. except at the
Second Presbyterina Chuek, where Rev. . I.
Wells of Virginia oelstd aid at St. Mary's
Catholic Church, where Rev, lather Chester,
S. J of Georgetown condnatothe Service.
In 'the afternoon's discourse he dwelt on the
responsiblities of parents, and said that the
untimely fate of a prisoner now in Alexandria
jaf under sentence of death was dna to his
wait of home training, for -a 'understood that
he had never learned even the Lohd's Prayer
The Aleandria Bafe Deposit Company ha.
now a charter and a safe. Books were ordered
some time ago. Now the deposit of lb charter
granted pany weeks ago by Judge Norton ha
been m at the state offce and this makes
the com a tion, while the great safe
ison uatloa at lthe corner of King
and Faax streets. and Alexandra has among
its other institutions "a safe deposit corn
maNScuD YAom anowINIo.
Aunia Wilson, a white woman, fell overboard
yeuterday morning from the Pioneer Min.
wharf and would have found a watery grave if
Mr. Robert Loyder had not sprang in and ree
cued her.
Armory Hall in now being made ready for the
reception of Lowere for the confederata decor.
tion tomorrow.
The tots! loans and discounts reported by the
bank. here at the cose of bbiiness last Tuesday
The citizen. meet again at thb Opera House
tonight to tshe action memnorial of tle late Sep
ator Barbour.
It is expected thit the street work under thb
corporation contracts will be well adir way
when June open.
The city concil meets tomorrow night.
A Three-Tear-One's Bad FOI.
A distremsing ac~iden occurred at E~llt
City yeuterday morning. A large erowd had
collected about the depot awaiting thb arrival
of the 10:10 train froma Baltimorte, aoag whoma
was Bobert, the little three-year-old ion of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert H. Wood. of this city, who
was on a visit to hit gadparents. Mr. and Mr.
J. W. Doruey of fiot City. The child was
rollicking about on thb poreh of the fines.
e ldngpote, when, amahigaltp
tence of twenty teZ51was plk pin as
lnsensible condition and taken t leriei
of Mr. Dorsey and medical aid ecummoned.
While no bone. are thought to be broken, It is
feared the little fellow has sustained serlous In
tern.! inis._ __
lead Cadsmuse.
Las week thb food Inspectors eo-ds-a==d
m2 pounds of mat, 230 qrts of berris, 8
pinuappies, 410 bunches asparagus. 70 bunch..
rhubb, 11l cadig 0,I egg plns Umm
we.k er tha .uni
Poundumster ElinteIp's report showa that aB
a--+l were imapoundedal..t week uua 4 a..r
hilled. During the week?7 dog, were reans-med
andtheeosetioas from fee.scad mle...---unad
to Uk0 At the eloseeof theweek 28dgrs
amined tn poemd.
De W. MUms Su
Ihe ersedn ot lb hes~ bod wos a
them ot a eurmu yeserday by ne. . aesi
Many, lbe pasur of lb WkuslM.Mcameh.
He e~mred In ---n----ao- te lb sspesds
e enhnhleam a einwite ilm
.bes lb aeler day ad m b hmu .
leasn sesesam at lbe p.ges
<nab at Tubags curnes lb has sad,
-a turned ene and aoh-bet anm hpe..
Sug, a s- Eh, 'aR detm an b eer q.
L5 .6.er osmli eItha bemu e i
- bes aan ah er*rm ekebire
An" m mmaa.
AMenet mme -n - -8 fth am& h
ASO a be kub t o mls e sa w ammet. I
-- __ u madved at tu -.ms ts
a aby hre. Dr. Eda, the a. was S
desahe ad, wom m makdaWts
mend e *A t Ie wh We eS0.hg te
h-ge Sa to e-er -mt NO -w= ==am
Oed depPon seothedei by Amime== was
esm, S [email protected] gus6Intl misemmaguman%
aem i s 411*4qmueds whik e d be Inne.
simmired as to SasteIt wed et 0be
beter to wthhael i. To espet #a& a
ysete tof gevermet weIW d be a m a.
Amedles was Qw friend of o humon usse?
Ba s bi r samy. Dr. G Ids mid
amt anD the osml f goe jews 10gld1
inthe e k-wib he de to be
the- weet trm ot and Pwu
cbreistiy. Kle se the
Ruead. empre sem gpsio eumt"e mas
wo nascn erams mman==us
At the os of the First Cooperative Bod
tag Aocinatian tomorrew aight the e*tise- of
GeorgetownuiM eome together to draw up Tesm
1ntiens anklon Congress~ to vorably repo" On
ay raor lb sobest the t r
Ing of Geor etown. 0 movements at do
Norfolk and Western read will be
disecuessed and awemmse ef'ort to secure
uro C" onges [email protected] j-*;n
tar thi egrslednslse town.
nmasna PARa.
The threatening weather yesterday da met
deter many people Fom "aking a ride on te
eIetre ears, Betheeda Park being the pom in
view. The improvemesm at that piece have
changed its ap-ms- greaSy. os witch
beck railway is up and o running order; the
made, will moo be in working order; the
grounde are being abundantly supplied with
are lighnt, heuio h.as been endg d
the est. is nearing completion.
ausTem zoem .vMrs.
Entries of merchadise reived at the
Georgetown customa house for the week emding
May 21 were an follows: Eatries received in
bond, wines, value 01,12; eigare, 6978; paint
fegs OW; bicycles, OM; wearing apperel,
6180; antiquities, 0100; mcnallanone, ee1;
entries received direct, lathe from B. JMom,
N. I, value, $1,16. Toin, $,87.
A 53ao0W To YOUs 333.
ILed night Rev. Mr. Wiim of the Presby
teria church delivered an iniereeting memon
to young an "On the Choice of aProfesion."
"Every young man," the midbnter mid, "ham
his whim and fevers, one day wanting to be a
soldier the next a lawyer. But whims and
fevers have never yet led to a judition choice.
Constant and tiremome work alone brings soo
cmn in life; petenders one sad all ignomini
ouly fal. man must seek the profession,
not the ession the man; but woe is he who
deert for the golden calf. Entertais no
career that cannot be entered withan ease
conscience and no poetia where little
efort is to be mae Thero thing to be done
before starting on Ufe's journey is to gird our
loins for endurance. Do you imagine," the
continued, "that any of the r mem of
pt on beds of roses in youth?
No; they studied hard and long before their
efforts were crowned with -ecom. And as you
hope for success prepare for it now. The green
avenues of the future are too far off; the founda
tion must be laid in the quiet enate of the
present. Don't be afraid to do anything
Wdl you do it weL. The boothlack,
wok Is conscientiously doe, is as honorable as
the banker. One of the neatest amen I ever
beard of was he who swept acrossing, and when
chided by a companion for doing so menial an
act, replied: 'Have I not done it well? But
above all young u, before you do anything
In this Re consecrate it toHim, and when allis
over give it back to Him."
Mr. Tyler Nordlinger, general real estat and
insurance agent, reperts the following recent
maes: Lots Ns. 15, 1617, 18, 19, S and 2, of
block 3, and No. I, block 1, of Easterday A
Haldpan'a sub Colege Park; No. 39, square
107 and .'s addition of Georgetown; No.
3M, in B. and H.'s addition, and los 1n and
101, in suar M21 of King a Emsamons' sub.
A wbol =l dog poisoner has visited te
neighborhood of 26th and P streets and eightor
ten valuable canines have been seat to the lend
of the hereafter.
Coaxm AN BoXToze removed tomorrow, Sc.
Dr. . J. Georges A Son, 1115 Pmn.ave.-Adat.
A New Dig Ok COsming.
The Netiehem, Pa., Iron Company has
mhipped the material for the trot thirteen-Inch
gun to Washingon. It oomstb of a jacket and
two hoops. The tube was seat to the foundry
several week. ago. All par of the gau have
mow been GSeihd, and in the curse of a
month the fret thirteen-Inch gun ever seade in
this eountry will be heard in a cannading
Lient. Com. Swift and Brig. Gem. Sauger of
Washington ade a visit of inmpection to the
ordnance work. Iente. Meigs and Stewart
escorted the ofieals about the great works.
leking Afer er m=nd=t..s.si.* lowd.
COl. Wright, the register of will, has had
neid-rshe corrempO- e recently with Mrs.
Eary N. Rouser of Everett, Pa., who clei... to
be omof the heirs of --Nevid, a grandfather,
who she states served in the war et 1812 and
acquired lande Sm the District through his
lether's wilL.a CcL. Wright he. gven her a list
of the Nevistestatestfrom the bokand advimed
that If she desires to premecuin the amatter
further mhe shuld take legal advie.
HorD' CoNeu... Au.I
3OOULA AND 3MU3 3rnn
"Ihmegee rne~insa the asek, jeilwas
kmn jeare eli; am new dfty-e. I Used'ets asma
petirecentlya end the swenting ha enuselr isp
passed. it hbemn vry beem. When I be
gumI was isnn s1 me meud with the gense end
rhemmathi Isat a I smild
As alive. Whmnsver I eneebt eeld I could net walk
te blschwithset bbtin. Now I a bee bemi
all agI ma teurec monm us ed. m..p.na t
wyrone. I reesived a leter been Mms. Beai &
1gw. new efhWement. Minh.. askig Emy thmma
amabseeb bshal f UsNed's baemernhawee re; I
etoee wrote hwr thtit win, se samt partisma
th henset the..ma-- iA - I hove shee sueived
I letterbeen har TEANKUNG 33 YEBT muS .
au.ed." Mem. ANNA MYimeramn. 06 "-'
UOOgtWIULAmma se Mg et - m~
dntc''sIes t miea. se amn St -
sin ~n esermeet - e
blen_ e sabIs.etsmmn
semeaesme a ame e aes am
stasme fasimee, MaeM& Uosme e
en mmM g-ssesisa - g
W. M UmUa.' -..
~~meih sthm in
g d s d by umens bem
limb mase by*es -ebse ma.
$wr t'm and e . a..
t P. f s mt r hem a. M r. psm em t
F. b MN, SeONg a 8050, -aA
byk ear~''e.r"*ir .m....
WabgM. ofs' Ou (L r aab.
Part ohe rial69 hF", A -
and gosidi hi emn
lb be-. Mr. t MGM" P" Wsmae
b. RT. Mr. Rt ofi. Jgew's Casee
n ome dts o e" , eoes
eines at eemd
~EMa Eldl waINION. INoug -18 NO u
moa poam sinn swmmmm of WU S
abeAh ses afte -a
de GI eme aeel.lm - wem ak 00 eall
mI I emep lsr a wasering tire"gh so Market
ome wia be ia Ene s tgt t od MR.
*mwi Ihe aM areanme. demma
e. An s a for the se.-r-.- t9 th
ay em he evigrm oA Sniasee bi sFa
edo 69 emear of the Posa, e ad
am P sad rimbe and POO.L
M. $eoa . smythe is in St. .ThGd.
' Mamenemes tsoees' Ommum.
A OrNe ad apprecite.a... thelamea to
an emi ai progams at Sm.' hnei , Ft
ea MAgh glme Mad Them oamuieaae of 6
Nrey, mny sad marine Corp deparle--s ot
the NaesPsarimma W. C. T. U. 2%9 tamer'
HOe bnhed eengtrUted to the I te ohfe
avudeng. In were MAgy eavored IN 'a
Mrs. Frambe C. Geisef New York whor
saveea dramsatic erne in a re styLe.
7ba National Go A sao we"n aim
- an the am mase. VA& h.army
me e m me m me mas contribud eme
01r61 NOW find Kismar T. IUord two serita
des. e mmmeg me wmi. the woe
e-e mJonig: -Away Dew m e m mem
wanee River" and H~ Sweet. asem
paud by the Giftar and Bhaoeib,
ame. - -r . m
..e ..
se ,m
.me gSd
Mamsme knwdER.
um shoat hdAki powume a m
u~s 'abe..a...a.
U40 Smi w omeCaeef
me me
.se S
.s .sSa s s s s s s s s m m s
me Sm
i.UG V1a ND PE MeUmE
me o =me IN P s s m OW~i UN
ee W k m m e . r o p er, a m .
AN Q31 :
-me neti m nm
Ate laesl w e
(T llpAw. D. C.. N,
m me Jme e mePeaele vm me.m e em
W e-m om meemmeet me me me me me
mem. eeme mse, me mmemecme.me e.
NaVz EmUU. esener own
lesee A haD. .A
me le a DEvba e-9-d .
amayssl Roomurout eat..
Nat op4-el. skUB GOXDURR. a
oTTnwe man
(Troffat A 846 C.rt.m.). o
Wievs ea aI pONmam
A"Partn Igg
ICETS abloeeumefte "Ae pmoo, gSL ss
EXTRA TI---T Ime hacs, alml .
hma DMa, go T ,My
Eiedlot bnm, p r.. Q In atnin.
Csats. e t5s. Totn m.
M.ulae Mr-s. 'am m. ~
MA rd rO J E. 1a. oa a.
Kitsmmml d~i w.dot~. lsh~a
TIKTS.namib.Sulj anseeie aser
t~Ibas rAd d 12. amomsed b m e.
Am melin bid wU enehsisiar dmsem
dam ~g. ..
SemiathiAsng 5pssem. ml'
uas) m. .& .dTatlJ9ed 1as'M m.Du
Mer ar-a-an-p Qauee. AeMaannenm
-ht weph~.. me..... . ..b it
B.T eday. 4 de Nil.
SaeDsea h. ge Y im asa,
bml'ae-eaksnm. aa. imS,
asSm. tstesmssmse
teen a.-ea essm,
seusse. haamenv
S -
am am @==
Vaud*. I of& as
Was &LI &L sOuim m
[email protected] WSm~ at ma
LUS MO& a.d m
S.w. 1U1-m& amw., sp
so*Vo se* mdm as *nmw
we by. Com b. Afim Owa-ftfd
Il. ukdk,Y Tob T&O a. b Um oui.
bm. Epek cum~ DNWm km
.1 Owuumazuma, 5141-ba .. f
"Am wan.n atmw. utNOSM
IbmLm U&v Wibm1hn'. w too feeam a'
A mrion of "hbbm .in i afli sod
-d Ibm .4m . greet
4M i1dOit mma vo k~L
~.a-- -
46o U**aECL OM.M76d
- w
No eo t m tom VS
T e mD m ml asO 0 - -
uerOb oswu, UL~. .
bminri :: kDrAm'.a
To b
l~~v~f ~ Ol asi
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