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WILL DSaw A Cown.
To draw a crowd to the "Rink" eo New Tel
evenue JrLnrs LASsavneW will eer 5$,U
amanufactarers' samples of silk dpestri, silk
brocateiles. reami-a , satin damsk, ramius,
ee., in lengths from 3 to 1 yard at om.
fourth regular prices. Jast thing for
ehair seatb. chair backs, eashions, toiet mats,
fancy work, Ac. Only at the Rinkr r*mbm.
New York avenae near 13th.
frelsaL attraction at the Condanetin' Feb.
Do'T Foneir that Sheeta's et met
eandies are only 35 cents per pound for a short
tme longer. Ice cream soda, 5 esats a glesa
A G.Tum.zua of the bureau of prining and
engraving writes under date of April 3%
T. .. Dental Ass'n, 7th and D. city:
Gentlemen: The operatioas performed for m
at your rooms are irst-ciass i every mepect
and the charges meet reseahis.
leepectfully, . . Dain,
131Fst. Lm.
CIn. Xa ena's direct imp. laternes.
Prarrer fillings: Siver, 75. pliea, #1.
kl Ae. Artistie and gimranteed.
. S. DEALa AssocATow, 7th ad D nw.
carrue.-B. RIomaa 11 N streett
fo ready to execute all orders in the line
Cement work-granolithie alks, 'arM
]oused, stables, cellars, Ac. Give him a mal
Tax Cocn*as, 14th and I etreetsi north
ment. will make speial rates for Ramer
Errisomu's Ice Cream, 23 Gt. n..
Cva.rs CLEANED by the uane CAS!/!
Vol as. 631-35 Mass, ave. n.W., are made meth
grso.t free of charge. Telephone 43-.
3R75 BEL.LE or Nazzso. a genuine hand-made
dour mash whisky of the finest character,bottled
at the dztallerv. CnaSaa Emaunr, agent for
she Dstrict Columbia.
IS. U. S. DzsTAm Ass's. Best teeth, I.
NaTE Tora CamrETS CLEaWED by the Am
siAavr STRAY ('AntET Woans, 1'0 and 1710
Kt. n.w. Talephonte 84.
Aznaen's. - Carleton Opera Compay In
fibe Gondoliers."
Hanais' jtrro.-Mariande Cbrke in "Dr.
Seekyll and Mr. Hyde."
Vpui's Lcaru.-Holmes Coatinental
Tax bars or GEXrraene.--15th street and
io avenue.
Ganums Hoarnas.-Fete and Baser.
Zcimu iONS 'o0ORnOW.
lten Yruw.-Seamer Pents at :45 am.,
.4 and $-45 p.m.
Mananatt HALL.-Steamer acalster, 10
* sm. and 2:45 p.m.
CoWmRL Bmac.-Georg. Leary, ! a. s.
MT. YnnExu.-ncalester 1 a.m.
AansnaLL HAL ..-John A. itawbin' Post e
sanoa, Macalester. 7 p.m.
Auseo W. Gatewot. has, by Messrs. Phil
Np. and rMcge-ney. tiled a suit against Charles
Early to recover $2.001. the difference between
the amount which he gat e to Early to pay for a
pe of ground and the sum actually paid by
Tai TarAL of Samuel B. Master, for the kill
lng of Jonathan Keegan resulted in a verdict of
manslaughter with a recommendation to mercy.
A DimenMy Dip the River.
About 2:30 o'clock yesterday a difficulty cc
eurred between Joseph and S. Harper. white.
Wm. Fleet. Angust Wharton. Wm. Wharton and
W.Wise on the river above the Free bridge,in
which S. Harper was shot in the head by Fleet
and he in tn. was bwUy beaten about the head
and fare. Harper a a ound was a slight one and
3Ir. Cruso aft.-r examining Fleet sent him to the
Freedmna Hospital.
Ortgta of Deernae. la .
To the Edii..e s' The Fv-is'neg Star:
"We shall meet. but we shall mim him; there
will be one vacant chair;
We shall linger sto cures. him while we breathe
ou evening prayer;
True, they tell r, w-eatbe of glory ever more
will deck his brow.
Bat this sothe' the anguish only sweeping
o'er our heart strings now."
In sub.'ued sot row when the war was over,
under the sunay skie of the south, the widows.
mothers and chilsren of the confederate dead
rat went out and strewed their graves with
Sowers. In m.ny pLcses they scattered them
impartially over the unknown and unmarked
resting dlace' of the Union soldiers! As
C hanncey M. Depew expressed it "As the news
of this touchig tribute flashed over the north
it rs.ueed s nothing el-e would have done
national amity and love and allayed see
tbonal aniaosav and passion. It thrilled
every hou'euoeo where there was a vacant
chair by the ti. esde and an aching void in the
heart for a lost hero whose body had not been
found, old wounds broke ont afresh and in a
mingled grief and joy the family erit d, -Maybe
it was our darirg!' Thus out of common sor
row to the north and south came the beautiful
caustom."F. C. C.
Tue 12ght Fire,.
On Saturday morning the house occupied by
James Jennett. engineer at the Terra Cotta
brick works. took ire from the kitchen stove
and was totally deetroyed. The loss was about
Saturday evening afire took place in the see
end story of 519 New Jersey avenue northwest,
mcupied) by Patrick Lunmaley and owned by W.
C. Johnson, canned by the explosioa of a geeo
bma stove. The loss was about 021
Tue AcceMets.
Pee Murphy. a white man et twentyex
years, on Saturday night Jumped froma an in
coming Itimore and Ohio trainsat N4orth Capi
tol andi D streets, breaking his right leg. He
was remnoved to Providence Hospital.
On Saturday night George Washington, eel
eired, living at 124 Blagde' alley, was knocked
down by a eshie ear at 7th and 0 streets and
hadly inr__
Entstats at oReere.
Poteam Lodge, E. of H., held an unesaaly
interesting meseting Friday evening atite hani,No.
514 9th street northwest. J. . TerreD. repre
sastative to the Sapreme Lodge, which has Just
elsed its smsioa at Charlston, S. C., was pree
ent and gave an account of his trip, which was
listened to with marked attention. Quite a
number of change for the benent of the order
were reported,th most important being the
adoption of a new system of graded assessments
by which a amore equitable method will be ob
served after July 1, placing the order in the
foremos ranks of benefieil organiatin.
Great credlit is due Mr. Tertrell for efecting
thea change. (rand Director J. V. Wurdesman
and Aesitant Vies Director J. Wm. Palmser
were also present and eongratulated the lodge
upon the remil.
Che Enamada. eo estaueg aetssau.
For the deatia-n ot the mnonument on Jane
M4 eo the Gee ~nr asAsna.aa deignating
te "zwater mnark' of the senthern soafed
eray, alianseand Ohio lalread Cem
pany wifl sell rouand-trip tichets at all stations
sast et the Ohi. river at the low rate of one fare
-er the round trip. The President of the United
3stet es =he him cabinet, the governesef
twenty-ive sets. smembers et their stas, ad
other dhettngashhed perso.., a. well a several
milt7and emvis esgaen--a nIB pres
- nthe be ideiaesry eeecemis.
ina., Paas's rnaeae'- The hlm r.and
(Cio anrd ------* the amis ofren~ti
Ushab mrm eM aaem s o Ja m. 16 Ie
* insinstwe, at asa of es fase the reemd
trIp, en the esaenof the msenal deaseenatie
eveaties, em un I1.iebato niB be mall for
n ees a umu~inlty.l
An-hsd the doed for - an sames
g-ds the Den Nareheb ume teens.
siw a Iv-d yJunams me eand ml .
g etsgemeet lbtm a Wh
anesni. see spea na nuee.-Ae.
Tm Mesr sawmaear mie of let by inl
of ass mis Um whisk 3m eam
Pr. g. . covesn o1r anamar ca.rus
1140 hppesarmee e the Webtagsgema Mt
tery -yeb -.m.
@1Ua? fslsamer 73LT 21 Ai ? O?331 1B IN T11
3sw onaieassio3-TR Harr or T1 m
IN a==A-OnoICNNCI ATrAran By 11
SWIMnU AL &DT-nsE or T11 0o.
3aR--Tai Panaan OX Ta1 a5321.
The Washingtom Military Cycle Company's
appearance on Pennsylvania avenue thle morn.
tag was awaited with mubh interest by the sev.
eral thousand spectators who lined the side
walks from the Peace monument to Washing
ton Clrele. It was the fret parade of the com
pany and it made a creditable showing.
Although the company is not yet six mont hu
old it had more than thirty equipped men in
line ready for war, and they glided over the
smooth concrete pavements on their silent
steeds clearing the streets of pedestrians as they
moved along.
It remains for this, the fret company In the
United States, to make the exper ment a sue
eee to have the eycle ado for use in the
militia organizations in all parts of the country
and probably in time by the standing army.
The line formed at 10:3 o'clock in front of
the company's headquarters, corner of 17th
street and Pennsylvania avenue, After going
through several maneuvers the mount was
made without a break, and the procession
moved along Pennsylvania avenue to the Peace
monument at the foot ot the Capitol. A
counter-march was made to 26th steet, and
after passing around the several circles and
parks in the northwestern part of the city the
cyclists returned to the armory. An hour later
they were of on their iron horses again and
rode to Benning to be present at the feld sports
of the President's Troop.
Buglar Lemby sounded his trumpet along the
line with such efect that the streets were
cleared and the parade was made without in
terruption. Quartermaster Sergeant Ben Wall
acted as color sergeant and carried the hand
some silk banner of the corps. Sergeant Guy
Collins attracted more attention than any mem
ber of the company. He occupied a con
spicuous place in line and rode the handsome war
bicycle which was presented to the corps by the
Colunmbia Wheel Company. His gun was at
tached to straps on the wheel, where the guns
are expected to be carried in war
times, and to his steed were attached
two luggage carriers as well as a bullseye lan
tern of the best pattern, the only one of the
kind that is on any wheel in this city.
Gen. Ordway was at headquarters to see the
start, and he was well pleased with the showing
mule on the first parade.
There is admirable material in the command,
the members all being young and enthusiastic
wheehmen. and they have the direct and hearty
support of Gen. Ordway.
Adjutant General Long, too, takes an active
interest in the company. The cycle tactics
which will be iestad shortly, are the result of
the labors of Col. Long. Capt. Chas. H. Ourand
and Capt. F. B. Couch. The company was
especially fortunate in its selection of officers.
Capt. trank B. Couch is a native of Bethel,
Conn. He was born in 1866. He enlisted in
company B. fourth regiment Connecticut Na
tional Guard, was promoted' to corporal, then
to sergeant and served five years afterward.
When he re-enlisted he was transferred and
given command of the fourth signal corps, in
which he served two years, when he decided to
take up his residence in the capital city. Capt.
Couch was one of the first to join the new cam
pany after its organization and was honored
with its command.
First Lieut. W. Allen Belh has had several
veers' experience in local militia companies,
iving at one time served in the National Fen
eibles. He is a native of the windy city, but
has spent most of his twenty-four years in
Washington. A prominent member of the
Columbia Cycle Club, he has always
taken an interest in cycling and
was one of the organizers at the cycle com
To Second Lieut. F. P. Ijbbey is due a~ra
deal of credit for the bringing together o
men who were the organizers Lieut. Libbey
is employed in a position where he meets a large
number of wheelmen and he was eahled te
bring together a sufficient number for the start
ing of the present oranl-atom. Alth not
having any past military experience, Lieut.
Libbey makes up for it in enthusiasm.
The non-commissioned officers are all en
thusiasts and perhaps the more conspicuomsl
energetic is Quartermaster Sergeant Ben
Tm usmaswm.
Following is a roster of the company:
Sergeants-H. E. Crook, Guy V. Collins
Ben). Wall, W. Harvey Muzmey, Hamilton Dim
mick; Corporal Was. D. Hedger; privatee
Edw. D. Anderson, Richard L. Barrington, W
W. Borer Philo L. Bush. Frederick Brigm
Edward Cl(app, Edward J. Caeen,1~
Daskam, Chne. l. Dulaney, Js. W. 0
C has .K Henney, Robert D. Howell, H. P
Huddleen, Win. P. Jackson, Francis 0
Jenkins, W. H. King, Walter I. Iembky, 1. B
Lybrook, J. B. McQueen, A. S. Michener, T. L
Mitchell, A. B Morgan, E. S. Morgan, C. R
Murray, 5. Iawton Norwood, Win. E. Pierce
A. E. Shn=nn, C. B Story, Lewis Thomea,8
H. Wiggin, E. 8. Wilcox, Chan. J. Young.
Our Dirthday club.
The Birthday Club, a new eocial attraction i
Washington, held Its first meeting on Saturday
night at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Crufut
140 B street northeast, to celebrate the birtl
of Emerson, Dante and Tom Moore. The princi
pal speaker was Dr. W. T. Harris, c..mmi.aona
of education, who delivered in clear and forei
ble language the result of his etudy of Emer.
eon's poetry, and revealed to his listeners
spiritual beau vriu seletions froma hli
pocus. Prof. R eynolde efered meom
auggestions as to the widere of thoght
be traversed by the stadento ntadMj
Powell made a few 'remarks upon bohofti
great writers. Mr. Crue'ut deecribed the inteon
of the club after a negative f-ain, vis., that 11
was to consist of no memabers, no offeers, at
fees and no refreshaments, and yet it expected ft
lire on by soemyatertous mau=a= Mifro.
Toma Moore's songs by Messrs. HryBrandon
Al Fennell and Wagner enlivened teevening
from timte to time. There were about meaety
fire guests of lierary taste pent, anmon
whom were Commdssioner ndMrs.Lmn
Dr. I. Mceride Sterritt, Mrs. Bara B.
cost (Grace Greenwood), Mrs. Dr. Harris,
dent of th Univeriyo Louisiana; M. L
M rer, Mrs. M. Hampee= and Mise Jane
Ta new Sehuetees Perk subdivision on 1I1
atreet istohbesld est in Iota at aetien al
June g.-AdE. -____
May 3eSlate as at. Alepeine.
Po~y Uegpuil ot St. AIoyiuns~nay sheel
led by Miss Hortae McGewan, tek part Is
the May bssval-seaatel- yesterday afterme.
In honor ofthme vrgin Mary. nhe pee~u
et -ha-., heded by the ereos beamo, -ee~
and aelytaleft the Maese esheel at~ e 'ceel
under the guidane of Rev. Father at
dlirecter et the smaay seheel, inMasei
along North Capitol, I, let and sameets to th
church. AS te ebureii a ehiren asha
and esmtnaarhd the asiste th
amase et Nay hyItheeueuer
Te eawammemy ofet ntheqnm
Eate Ready,feeehrat.
Misses Mary Jordem end MyWas. Mh
Jorden ab read an addrss, aidt
which later alhephefe a Gew semen
The eh~asa we ~ ate and emel
oe omrred a bemeh of These Ie Gesme
wae eheeethe tro omasmaal
aoefese nd enae s a pseeen.s
M~4m to -e ase, whos M w Maes
Tauem wh dee s et f hugt
me g-m Schesen pins meis 1SB sean
et Jane aste of es em
A4 e -eea neQ,
Th ~~m.e aba
MashB u~S engne
-ges 0 Wds* y
S Umg Uammaimt
PEtemas end ESe a 11asant itme,
b0mlEdy ellrsem at 64:eeleek te eised
isnae of * Nian. Lgislave Asc-na
of tde d4 --mnaee to be a ta.gU l me.
thing. At about the hour amed the mmbes
and ti ia ited gests had bearded the stmnr
liver Queen, and when s eem
-o-ed of Mr. WhIhm . Bate, JOANie
Martin V. Mntgamme and Mr. Frank H. Ben
ford-mM ae word the eraft proceede down
te Potomea. At Mrshal Hall there was a
heist atop-Jestlang enough togive the steward
a ebenee to tabs on a gargeof oam ehowder,
p-aksd, springhnmen and other deaeie
and then the voyage was r-me. Dinner was
served on the boat. and at the eonelaion of the
meal there wer but carefully peprsd
Impromptu speechee. Altogether the occasion
was a moest enoyb e . The borne reterned
to her wharf at abot 10 o'cloek.
The invited guests were Mark W. Barrington
(who was to be held s sible for seteoro.
logical oP. ditigas), Charlne Charles
i P. Lincoln, Postmaster hw oodkarry N.
Smith, William B. Thomaps W am L
Orounme, snith D.Fr, Ge LeNBreW
J. Lampton and P.nk L Whitehead.
The association, which is composed of e
members, ex-oaeers of the Michigan legila
ture and ex-otate ofeer of Michigan now red
dent in Washington, has the following roster:
President, Win. B. ates; vice prslent, Martin
V. Montgomery; secretary, Prank N. Hoford;
D. B. Ainger, idward P. Alen, Samuel Yorhe
AtLee, David S. Barry, Charles E. ,
Roswell P. Bishop, Aaron T. Biss, Mark S.
Brewer, HenryB Brown, David Wolfe Brown,
Julius C. Burrows, John Logan Chi pean, Na
poenB Conger, Omar D. Cogr hmas K.
Cooley, Byron M. Catcheon, W . Dunn,
Myron H. Ellis, Harry Paul, Thomas W. Ferry,
Allen Goodridge James S. Gorman, Jonathan
H. Gray, John 1. Gry, Benjamin A. Har
lan, Walter L Reines, well G. Harr Edwin
E. Hoskins, John C. howland Jay A. Hubbell,
Fred I Geo. W. Jones, hurt M. Kennedy,
Edward . L W. Irving Latimer Hugh
Lewis, Geo. H. ilaun, Jonas H. Mcowan,
James MoMillad, Burt McPhee, Charles
Moore, Schuyler 8. Olds, James O'Donnell,
Edwin Zina Perkins, Witam B. Preston, H. W.
Robinson, Mack 8ack rider, Leonard L. Sale, N.
W. Seymour, John B. Shipman, Oliver L.
SpaldIa , Samuel M. Stephenson, Francis B
okbrid, George Stormont, Byron G.Stout,
Frank H. homas, Charles T. Thompson, David
Thompson. Calvin G. Townsend, Cassine E.
Triplet Thomas A. E. Weadock, Henry H.
Wells, Fank W. Wheeler, Harrison H.Wheeler,
Justin R. Whiting Orlando B. Willcox, Walter
W. Williams, Edwin Willets and Henry M. You
mans. All the foregoing were not present, but
that made no appreciable difference in the
jollity of the crowd.
John A. Rawlins Post, No. 1, G. A. B., will
give an excursion to Marshall Hall tomorrow
for the benefit of the encampment fund. There
will be ag program of entertainment and
wharf at 7 o'clock p.m. sharp.
A select family excursion under the auspices of
the Episcopal Church of Takoma Park will be
given on Wednesday. The objec tive point will be
Harper's Ferry andthetrain will leave the R. A O.
depot at 9:90 am., returning reach Washington
about 8 p.m. Arrangements have been per
fected to make this a most enjoyable affair.
Yesterday was a gala day at hiver View, the
spledid program attraoting 1.150 persons, and
Sisters Braats, Sisters Mendoza and Cyrene
appearing to great advantage. Cyrene will be
seen in her serpentine dance Wednesday even
in and byspecial this afternoon she
ldance h h fandango. This morn
ing the Stamuel J. Pentx took down 1,200 on the
9:45 boat and the Mary Washington 800 to River
View to celebrate the day.
Geergetewn Law Commeneement.
The twenty-first annual commencement of
the law department of Georgetown University
will take place at the National Theater this
evening. The program includes the open
ing address and conferring of degrees by
Rev. J. Havens Richards, S. J., president of the
university, an address to the graduates by Be
reaentative Herbert of Alabama and the aw -
ing of prize b Judge Jeremiah M. Wilson.
Tihe Marine Band wil furnish the musio.
Death of Miss Jennie White.
The friends of the late Z. L. White will be
pained to hear of the death on May M of his
only daughter Jennie, who, at the promising
age of eighteen, passed to the world beyond to
join her father, whom she so closely resembled,
both mentally and physically. Her lovable
character had endeared her to many friends.
E=a inagis for Primetes Celege.
The local examinations for entrance to the
freshman elmse of Princeton College will be con
ducted by Mr. F. 8. Preabrey in room 92,
Washington Loan and Trust Company's build
ing, Thursday and Friday, June 16 and 17. This
examination will be identical with that held at
Princeton, and candidates for admission may
thus be saved the journey and expense. Those
intending to present themselves for examina
tion are rnested to send their names at once
Har RArns AND OrrucrAL Taun Savres to
MunxnaroLjs CoxvENTroN via B. AND O. R. R.
For the * national convention on June
7 the Baltimore and Ohio railroad will .ell
round-trip tickets to Minneapois at the low
rate of one fare for the round trip. Tickets
will be on sale at all offices June 1 to 5, inclu
sive, and will be good for return j until
June 25, InclusIve. The rond-ipfare from
Washington wiR be W285. In addiinto Its reg
ular double daily train service to the northwest
the Baltiamore and Ohio railroad will run three
o~isI trains of Pun...n ese p lu ars to Kin
will leave Wasigtnat 114S am.Frd,
June 5, =unde- the peruonal siupervision of Mr.
Thme N. McKee, secretary of the national
republican comIttee. On SaudyJune 4,
another train will leave, occupied bytePenn
IvnaCuof which iMeesrs. N. J.Shear
A.Cbugh, Daniel Ramey, J. C. Queen as
J. K. Test are the committee having the trip In
charge. The third train will leave on Saturday
and will be occupied by the Harrison and Morton
ichreof WClvnChase, No 091 stee
niorthwest, Washington. For fuill Informnation
as to time of traina, sleeping-oar accommoda
tios, meals=, Ac., apy to any of gentlemen
named above or to LB. Hege, city paseenger
agent 1851 Pennsylvania avenus, Washington.
Go on Dinmnown's real estate excumion
June 8and 9. ge speca notices.-Adod.
Eanu, Dana & Co., auctioneera wHi
sell for the signee at their rooms, 010 IYenn
syvnaavenue northwest, teomorrow (Tuesday,
Ma,) at 10 a.sa., a stock of ladles', gents',
369' chidre's and Infants' shoes, to which,
by their advertisement, they invite the trade
and private hbere.-Ader.
Tan Sain my atelife. Darr & O. sue.
tioneers, of thtdesirabiehouse, No. 018 1Erench
street, which hes been otpnd will take
plaee tomorrow. Tuseday, Ma31, at 5 o'eloek
p.m., In front ef the pm im-dde.
Tan Poeorm enle ot those valuable Iota at
the earner ot 0th and B streets noteswhich
isa perempory ne, wRi take piece s fnt i
Pansoge in eeerek of a geed invesbSmnt
shiald attend the sale eftems desrable houses,
No.. Usaand le tth het nertheest, by aug
Toen Avrnnmm is oed to te mie by am.
~l111th street nerthwelnusa rnr
at d-Uo'esebk. gse advt. C
3mseeem Geme a hus oe MEmms.
aseeum.-A traiin eto Pam sees
1w h~lave W ~ nfor M o viaLR
.and O. B. R 112ma.m. Jn
ner ththesu upo mes.
toh. and 0 bnd reta
he U=GSse Nba .mfU
ANlWIWUs -nd
Vt - -ed ,e Amtcher.
Core Patesmn held the -quest eer .e
body of X. C. Atwell, the murdered halstee
old Olio bahamsa, on hianrday cmanee and
a verdict was rendered eat he was k ed by a
pstol wound is the lier, tindated by a psoa
nakomwa to the jury.
J. N. Moered of 10g H steet northeast, who
was a member of te erew with which Atwel
worked en Friday night, tesmdsd the e
tragedy occurred at Trinidad, where they had
been waiting for a train to bring them into the
city. A party of colored persons eams along
and one of e wnen speaking insolently to
Riley, the switchman, the latter retorted in
i" ila L The woman called on one of
the o men, who ran p and einched At
well and the shot followed. Witness was inside
the shed dmig his lamp at the time.
8. A. Gates, telegrapher at Trinidad. told sub
stantiall the same story, saying that Atwell had
said noi to the and tht the attack
om him was unprovoked.
James Wells, a Pnoman ear employs, saw the
shooting but did not hear the word spoken
prior to it. There were four amn and three
women in the negro party.
F. A. Riley, the switchman, said that he told
one of the women about the trains and she said
for him to mind his business. Some one in the
crowd said that he was afraid and he retorted
that he was not. According to another witness
he said: "I can whip all the niggers in town."
When the women caled up the men and some
thing was said about shooting he hid behind a
John Costello, engineer, heard questios
aed about the trains, but did not me the
'tDhr M. Shsefer, who performed G.
,sid that the fatal bullet tted the
pisl oundnar othe railroad track.
The remains were I taken to the residence of
the aunt of the deedased, Mrs. Eing, and the
funeral took place today.
Stabbed in the Besk.
Edward Barlan was stabbed in the back while
in a difficulty with Jeffrey Williams an Fenton
street northeast yesterday afternoon. Barlan
was attended by Dr. Boy, who found that his
injuries were not serious.
Woudn't Tell Who Cut lmi.
A young colored man giving the name of
Charles Ridgely appeared at the Emergency
Hospital on Saturday night with several cute
about his head and a long gash across his chest
and' his wounds were dressed. Further than
stating he was cut at 3d street and New Jersey
avenue bya colored man, he refused to give any
infrmataan. -
Guilty In Al Three Cases.
Maria Crump plead guilty to disorderly eon
duct and not guilty to indecent exposure and
vagrancy. Officer Beyer testified that she loafed
about Maryland avenue; that she had been in
prison in Maryland and recently returned; that
a man complained that he had been robbed at
her house. The court gave her sixty days in the
vagrancy sass and $5 in each of the other ceses.
Father Mathew Total Abstinence Seciety.
The meeting of the Father Mathew Total
Abstinence Society last evening at the hall,
5th and G streets northwest, was most inter
esting. The Rev. Father McAvoy, S. J., of St.
Aloysius Church, addressed the audience on the
necessity of being temperate to be a Christian,
and compared the progress of the boy that
abstained to him that indulged. "Young
women," said Father McAvoy in conclusion,
"do not marry a man addicted to drink with
the intention of reforming him. Young women
sometimes may they will talk to him and he will
be all right. Oh, no; but that young woman
will be certain of untold trouble and probably
Capt. Patrick O'Farrell, president of St.
Paul s Temperance Society, gave a practical
talk on the material benefits of abstaining from
drink. Mr. M. E. Melleday, tenor of t
Patrick's Church, sang with great effect "Good
nacount of the number of persons that are
enrolling themselves in the cause of total ab
stinence at every meeting, it I. probable the
meetings willbecontinued through the summer.
The District Ship at Rigs.
A cablegram has been received by Miss Clara
Barton from Dr. J. B. Hubbell, who is at Rigp,
Russia, stating that the Tynehead, the District
of Columbia relief ship, arrived their safely.
Death of Isaac N. Kalb.
Inac N. Kalb died yesterday of apoplexy at
his residence, 1585 T street. The deceased
leaves a widow and two children. He was a
ent member of St. Paul's Lutheran
and at the time of his death was as
sistant superintendent of the Sabbath school.
"s to ainneepolla and Uetzur
via the
CEssa1suAs A Ouro RAmwa.
Excursion tickets will be sold to delegates and
others attending the national republican con
vention at /22, Washington to Minneapolis and
return; tickets on sale May 30 to June 5, in
clusive; good returning until June 25.
The Chesapeake and Ohio route is via Cin
cinnati, Indianapolis and Chicago, through the
grandest scenery east of the Rocky mountains.
The "Cincinnati Vestibule," an electric
lighted train, leaves daily at 2:0 p. in., arriv
ing at Cincinnati 800 a. m. Chicago 5:35 p. m.
and Minneapolis 8:10 a. m. the second morning.
The famous "F. F. V. Limited," a vestibuled
train, comprising combined car, day coaches,
Pullman slepr and dining' ear, leaves Wash
ingrton dal t11:10 m~ ., arrives Cincinnati
6:25 p. m., Chicago 7-8 a. m. and Minnapolis
11:15 p. m.
The train service, road bed and comnforts of
travel via this line are unupse.For tickets,
sleigcar reservations, bgaechecks, A..,
at C. A 0. offices, o.518 and No. 1421
Penyvania avenue. Sleigcar aecommo
datious should be egedas early as possible
by calling upon Gleo. M. Bn, passenger agent,
1621 Pennsylvania avenue.-det.
Central DemealeCommittee ongto Ca
The central democratic committee, through
William H. Manogue, William H. Mohier, J.
Fred Kelley and James F. Brown, the subcomn
mnittee to make arrangements for the trpto the
national democratic convention at Ciaonext
month, have complted arrangements wth the
Pennsylvania ralod for a special train con
oftng solid vestibuled Pullman coaches,
wihand composite coaches attached.
The party willeave here June 17 at 10:10 a.m.
and arrive in Chicago the next morning at 3:0
Instant Nessee to Travelers West by te
The Columba expeswhich now leaves
Washington at 8:M p.ma. daily, carriss through
sleecar to Chicago, arriving at3:1 o'clock
This train svstibuled and is
equipped with every saftyThere
is also a direct connection toCninti, In
d~nplsand St.Luswt thrghlepn
vania railroa dinigaea-Adei.
Usebiale== Natlesal Coente., Kas
apat, Kamm., Reses vIa e SwmrvamRail
For tho assoemeaa ct dsss~gamad
visitor, to e republican national convention
at Nin==an=is Goe anis aread Coa
anelto 5,idevalid tortrn aB
ISe , at~ hs f*nshgtansd geopas.
Monats rates from ether sken
Owing to teeup e timrf e, sher eat
salread wIN be [email protected] set to ea
WeNaasamm----ie~nweesas en
The e~est ad peputir semte to 4isage sa
e sesasenct e assmle---n-as- staes
an sed . ive m btes3sk
som ett omm s
The deny adveea s of Alhimmhh i vetb
f nalingsnt we. alue supled
with a siMmg fund desemd to pay f gpad
oaly the debt nsred t r. tie.
mee These -in~- fndeu seesie
hse s fmtl or brendct- had been
.bsdbed far. This sleek was the
thse pay 7 e/ nds i
from tsn to twisty yeas. Thi prved a
misd.. r.t thaseok and .1...11
.sherl~a St.be ofthe 4I lanrin Water
Company so invesmaant made an.an
before lb. wa =rvdmth but an
utter amacaand ute
tog funds were all but uns assL.
and had but a no-al nsmsa.
The eptio was tho OlISON subem pten at
now Midland) Bairoad Company, whik,
never aying a dividend, was sold to e
B. adO. B. RCo. soon after the nearbet Anfr0,0,adtia ,wthhepw sr
the insurance of the old market, was used to
build the new market house; and the market
revenues were by an act of conses pleced In
wse so fy up corporation stork. These cam
mheions have dane . 11 bought up nearly
$100,000 worth of corporation stock andvi
before the closs of thepreent turn ove
the evidences of this -i i sciysud
and wae to draw the p, e annum intee -
est from the city treasury wha e
to them for some years past.
3n0onTAro3 DAL
The observance of Decoration Day In Ala
andria did not comprehend a holiday froma bus
nem and all the stores and shops were open;
but the public schools were closed. The n
tional cos.eeskept the day s Sunday, and as
there area very at number of Alexandrlans
whose daily is in Washinton al these
were released from buminme., and his tended to
give the teotn something of a holiday aspect.
Davis Post, G. A. B., under the lead of cam
mender B. T. Luas, led the way, shortly be
fore noon, to the Soldier.' cemetery, and there
after the exercise of the program re t to
Tax Bran Saturday the graves were decomntd.
Altun ran ATwau. unannan.
On Saturday afternoon last as Officer Sher
wood was on his way home he noticed a well
dressed colored man whose feet seamed dusty
with travel and who carried a smail satchel in
quiring the way to the Norfolk boat. The ocer
kept the incident in mind, and while at supper
his wife read Ta 8Tan aloud to him. When she
read of the escape of the Atwell murderer he
leaped up and cried out, "That was him," and,
carrying with him his supper and leaving
the other half on lh table uneaten, the officer
started on a run for the Norfolk boat whart.
The boat had gone when be arrive and he re
turned to the station house, where t. Smith
telephoned the Information to police headquar
tars, Washington.
Mr. 3. B. Watkins has bought from the Me
Knight estate for 38,000 a handsome dwelling
and lon Columbus street a few rods north d
the court house.
A charter for the Washington Spring and
Park Company, with N. M. Ambrose as presl
dent, has been granted here.
Mr. Frank Baldwin has bought for
cash three acres of land near Boslyn In Alex
andria county.
A book for signatres to a Petitio to Con
gram for the Washington and Arlington bride
is now open at Arlington and will soon be
signed by people from everystateof the Union.
An Alexandria choir ofstingof Mias. .
Nugent, N. Gorman, N. Missh~an N K.
Brengle, with Mime Mamie Moevett presiding
as director and oraast, rendered La Huche's
mass at St. James Chapel, Falls Churh yes
terday. Rev. Father Luer of this city cele
brated lhe high mass
The steamer Excelsior, which has been at the
Pioneer mils wharf for eighteen months ex
cept for the week she lay aground at the mouth
of Four-mile run after the cyckne, left for Bal
timore last evening in tow of the tog John L
Brady, which had been sent from Baltimore for
her. She will be thoroughly overhauled and re
ceive a new bottom.
A shooting affair occurred in the open court
in the rear of the Smoot and res[
dences on Prince street Saturda nit. John
MoNemo, who had been away for some time,
came back to his home and was shot at by some
evon unknown, who dred Into the alley from
umbus street No one was injured.
was COUmTs.
Cacar Count-Judge Mcmigoeay.
Saturday-Bell mgt. Sheridan; order over
ruling motion for new trial set aside. United
States agt. Howgate at al.; death of defendant
Mose suggested. J. L. Scott agt. District of
Columbia; judgment against defendant for casts
vacated. Pfander Vacuum Fermentation
Companyat. F. A. Smith; motion for ontian
nce ovrr . G.. Bider agt. District of
Columbia; judgment in certiorari. W. B.
Moses & Sons agt. Pitts, adminstrator; death of
W. B. Moses suggested and ease revived in
name of survivors. Jones agt Metropolitan
Railroad Company; motion fora new over
ruled. Cochnower Middletown and Hum
meistown Building Stone Company pmotom to
quash return of marshal and set adse sevie of
writ granted. Marvin agt. T.B. Johnston et aL.;
motion for judgmen against defendant John
ston granted. Kcksragt. Riverdale Park Com
ny; demurrer sustained; leave to amend in
ndays. Eureka Brick Machin Company agt
Childs A Bons; plain t tdeposit
security for costs; demurrer to declaration over
ruled with leave to plead in ten days. Saks
agt. drown; motion to quash writ of certiorari
made and withdrawn and order dIreting the
Justice to maske a comlte return. Witi,
aministrator, at den; death ofdenan
Baden sgetdand na=miisttr mi ad t
defendant. In re William D. Cross; ptto
for writ of habeas corpus certihed toGera
Term In dret instance. Goddard a~.Faland;
trial on agreed statemsent of facts. cpraI
Jamaes; motion to set aside Judgment., huc
Bead- moioneontinusd. In re will of
inhankty;motion for new trial argued.
Saturday-'Conel0at Oonl; twenty
d.~ .llowed defendant to close testimony
fnag . Harri; ~ an eto absent ie
fendnt rderd. gt.Otterback; dis
tribution of funds by treases ordered. DBo
laye agt. 3onktaver; mnotion for alimony, &e.,
Eetad to the "UknU ad Nenee."
Three students from Wsshington at Yale were
honored last Thursday by election to the "ShaD
and Bones" Society, for which but Sftssn men
are selected each year. They are W. W. W.
Parker, son of E. Souhard Parker, Loga Nay
and E. F. Gallandet.
3elsewing ta mUthsr'e se
The Bolt county primaries in Cagresmean
Wilson's district at Bigglow, Mo., resmited in
a sweeping victory for D. D. Berns, sm of
lbde asedn Congresman 3am. N. Burn. Na
has so far earried thirty-mine out et dgtyw
delegates to be elected.
se LUA AND Z3Ua afAM~t
"'htelsbs, eena to themak*haelw
e pueaemnew4ttee. I used ss's ene
.amisssamsee lb sewnin has amsaaa.
psseL. N has been v ssmasa Wheale.
e 3m wa fe se ssmmn eint usendm
Mhe. a matm3 e d~S Iese M
te hasstwessna. New U sa e Osmn
s3a I om. ssstetatse ed bt3sem
lwe ewg . a .. m m
mesessien M Va Nse MMine
dmsabessi s tasesismse
ala r iSa ht mGB o ? apss
Eotierissiemr y aoset sosVisat!eep.
51see sth eise ws toil hesenkgae
he lih, Presbyteim sathe is esmmen e
he nilh saamey of S abbh shed
-Maisonry Geis. The wesmab or
-anioe was eahIbh awely tmgw4ye
piess ner t sdbba. 'shed of tS abwhr
as termae and the lar is as e.
I- lebhig Me esetye 4fa ah m h r. The
aisimary meosety ow, f is lS pal, is aS
gashed eaort et the abhath =shbd ha e
Sarry telises insteusd and physical ao
lt to 6S por and nedy at the aly. Th es
leeies, order the dieeoe eta . prident,
Er. ThOdOsre t.U...t, who Is beas for a
emaber et years the aueiuat head of tIs bei
lortant departant Of thd week Of the church,
moe d.a specal slaw 1~ Thaw va sap
ladsema roci a by t o hildren
ad a brief forws given t the origin and
emof the W etry's work The prei
he 's address was .as tst.rdia review of te
Park of the society. both pst and present.
Bev. Dr. UmmhrmdA th ster. gave anad
Ires which was renmoi waith aresn-alm. of
he early da of wet he temas S reMaoso
insisy oet. ohuaeb. He aers~ that 'hS an
sea.ees galed by the parsrl ootebct with
he poor, which the work af the meoity sake.
neseesary, aterds ineadsub and amoee of a
morei nleretiag datierla cbanmoter than the
ages of 'e novelist. The aitant pastor,
Bev. Mr. Hobmes, delivered an addes e. the
ltatre work and needs of the motiey.
lesn t W1W. B. Sews.
The lt ad tribhte ot aftecties and respect
me paid to thc te W. . Now in hfaera l
orvies which were held yesterday aftermoom.
Pe remain were brought from the Normaadie
hotel t th Mereopolitaa . E Church, aceom
aled by the employes of 'hS bIrte.e, hoe
ad the relatives and friends. At the church
he easket was placed tn the ashs at the goral
ributes, which fled the air with the fragrac
f their lovely beauty. One of the piece was
iblarge broka. oolumns ve feat I iwho, the
ibute from th mm who knew th deceased as
nemployer andIa friend. The remains were
orse by eight employee of the dead man. the
oarpbeare being Mssed. H. War
seM .Bveuidge.' I ., C. C. Da.==,
Dr. 5.0O. Bilk, N. I. Cowing and A. N. Lothrop.
lie services were imple and 'S ern by
Rev. Dr. Corey contained a tribute to theability
ad wose of Mr. Moses. Upon tS oamola==
Kf the services in the church the remain were
.ken to Oh Hil, where.S intrm.t m
. A. for may years Chinese cosul at
Ia Francisco, recently dropped dead on the
treet. He was at oss time- talnessy fr the
R Chimes=.. Companies.
mse ...ma ma 3mm. a mmm a am
maw Ye 3 en r erroe m
ma maiaawer Ldslsir o
mabSi A Lae~ Emigbar r
mealess u m . bma.n- TU. TT w0s
maven fat.es Lei lay. ad0 .sa dent ms.a
ama 3ast1aesir~re~ems m
ma bys5 bveoby s ott... wee
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partwet we.e
TemnefmsetMhetEw yineses
ma 3*Elm IOWDL a
Chmeeste haes He a. w-ows
wsin uaeiea.ssemsashta sem
1115 F Seama N. W.
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--aenas as.e.
m, leemm Sd. w.
mnemamseatsetwsthehn ee
eslsee s smaaaese ea ma
T. I. WTuu
1115 F S BN. W.
WUdosl~emo's baet with beem. Ul
Cmr lotL t laa W 3 a Ta UJp.S 1
!wolkb 15otw E*D-TI TTSC HOOT'3
sev let ey learL wiOm C
Sm let Job IsihW iwine tmaals.
Ii",--tr.aawce.et oBiS
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taxltiee.e.ey ap. !1'eOpee 1o.eey le
n.oft ml. tr COSt..eftw ytit:.gii"a
a.t...l..a c ww ber". at.t..u. eve" him lie. sue; - tr. iis+{ M select avow.
Ft ftM BaNtftr. 4M !t. .t. Lw.
1%. IMt.
"Ad..ele." seta Terli.tt Feed Bewn.s & sort.
Mi ?a GL aW eylt-w.tr.Mws
d wooer 9M lta et. ..w.. is .e.t- .
t.:.b.." ..d Cild e . "s,* aet
; also ewe Da dr.L sy!-tr
News, ]lest.e tt But to Peal,..
Wnlw A wwwd at New ..wdtw.s.xd a
J.37 Ofio. 417 a. d. me.
ty.lcidpsse.ds.e.rYt "e. Dn"w Ma
n'x 8th coup
pp IN TM
A mesa ant Y M.1e. Orekegm Qeeb 1ee1e.
Darewi own. Sts said 73s.
s.xt OPeee- QthEWt LACENAWD[E IIr..res
w txrOTOx vs. C1ICAOO.
//1 AdmWw Y3e._b.m..M!31.4:11a.73CO*TIIE*T&Lr TAIL
w . O.spw .w a Mo the (..atop-Ne'9iltat
Ifa1L c r.:11..d haw. ILO.. e. suit
DAl'. 31, teer.
trot Call.ta'. sy.Ayt. Q.t! wQ Qembb mamba
Iab a[ to for &IL ey ,ye"
TaT1 0x1AL COxci1T
RI.a tmsx Kamm
Oeeier do dY.N.t d
Dl. J. W. SIDWOtl.
114etDCX DA, . C la tft;b U. Wis. wes: lle..
MM tea.tor Cue m ra. Gas
roe mteerCCh.H..e$. Davis.
Tickets for male. Ili' ii1a Iw IDi 16V.
Ova., wf 31 sod Jw L =WW
BA"M ,[Olttt
3M x.t. mow.
"w....6 tamer
a. Ndea MA of am lt.. uedww of
SAY irzw mAPTIST CSVSt:al.
Win b pe.a ea wEDxftsDAL lulls I. 140 4,
ASS *Weet.
I. tt. MUM 69 eM Ess. ter No Ae.titd dit
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KmxAV's uCEQi TULT"AL maImaL
[email protected]= Torosaow
aoraar OOSUTxa RTAL aOSOIALTr aw
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WIT Ir....w 111170111 QsIAE. =160
i IleaL 1 L L aM T. R Dees,
wain: oosillzxalxa EOIDLL MAT 2t1
210 Actor at weessumn,
MA1LANM ew r
1 Dt smT w. A" X&WaS
mecca wi PIONTlIA PONTUxtannoW
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among Tsar 1'nu.u seta Asepses. d.
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AM mum
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now x.e At.aeW.a tee Seq ot
a&Afdwugtewdmd r. 4%4p.MUW
beed s.t"Ra wallet to amMaars..
d d _-' OeiMH af.xtt.t. sneer US 0. seta
Plans sw. a. W. .rant
$AI.LI TO RsoxT.
OsA"D TOU 1A>mTT A1r00S All an&
moos SAM BM UM JA illl& 1tATOs
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wm Mss aNM.a: eta..reat.rti
A.."- "mos. awe4.aae terms
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gzcvsetope, a.
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nrow =AmAsti ism
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a.VCPL J. Marna
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3OB A. BAWLrxa treat. NO. I.
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tiw Clot a.wy....._ ............................ir
Mr. w-uw. a.m. w..r r. mob" att,. w
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Mr. 1. C. tirOWrt . ...
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