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TME ETENENG eTAE 6me * veaer m
permemess etre-a-d-u to Wasaeem hese
m. - ma 26 f emy ember uipar In
s"eeS,. As leoal EWB paer meu Ad
vesemm. uim - - as. me ---m
The so-hm hesghtly teday foe th eeme
who- mbled torenew their ptesof sb
mity to the amery of ther ek mes who see
tsr Dim for the Union. As yaw Van; amy
there seems to be, so far an toe vebei are com
cermed, a more earnest tIte, if pod
hie, in eB the perbiens to te meer
cues for whieb the day is es spart.
I many be d iscult for a memial day orator,
at this dat% to ved ritemems; i may be in
posible fur a morial day pst to -be a
new mts but to Sh modier who war spared in
battle the meee of fth day return each
eer wltk a *ehmem m iidusie
11b $we to the ol, d story
an t - t tha si m over to wan.
he day to faB of lems, of plelotm. In
recent yesm in this etty th sched children
,a6e been gives great harein th emrise
mad the reit ---ea beotherwse thm whole
NOmme. In the years that sme whom the lt gris
sled veterahmePassed sO g a" the schoo
sMhes et today hoe tman his piece
in Se world these m wi Ro Ji the
memry Ot t )vee eerver md parici
. Pastsea semt reminer of the pabioic
devetion of their ree md gadsimue and cc
their own duty to their country.
Following up Wedu..day swmcm- the dWver
Osmate have aeered . am-.,hm of
Mr. ewar' fre e smmmere. They
4 in hih glm over a 111m10 victory mnd
ennounce their comidence of the Ale pasmage
t the bill through both houe. If the voice
of the comnervative public is heeded no free
nimage act will be pained until the amaves of
The republic and the condition of afair
hroughout the commercial natms better jus
1ity such action. The interests of te wholo
republic are to be regarded and not merely tho
Itee interested in producing and seling sdver
limnd the few communitiee where bad crops, amis
EmnTamement and the attempt to reform thing:
.-by creating new parti" have dineomeerted the
mormal arrngement. The interesting arti
*Ie in the June Forum on "The Fal of
BRiver and Its Causes," by Mr. Edward
O. Leech, directer of the mint, thrown
samme h on the mousy question. Tho
istry of the coen of diver's decline or
gold's appementiom is saceity given and be
fog fami., requires no re-etatsement here. But
Director Iaece remoe4y is so sensible, mo ob
viously right, the* seeme of his ramarks in that
cmection enamot be repeated at this Juncture
tee often or his pniion insisted upon too
Prennously. He ays truly tAM no asieeent
of the present monetary ocutudom is pomsible
without internatiomal action. He thinks the so
bltion lies in the adoption of interntlional bi
ametalisms. Be contende that the experience of
the ast seveaty years of this century han dems
doubted thai both ametale mn be need as moemmy
.1i" gester stakeboy of Valuse than eme alose,
=m he hw the nadegmquey for the worid's
esofmi hve misa= annual product of
jid. Tw* peeipis swe Involved in interna
14e90 h n-a- L. Free ceimgs o beth
in logegamemey. 2. lIing by laterns
agreeet the ate at which eSda of
ametal be available for the payment
.9 ogiptos Mr. Lamh argues that Europe's
Oea, n ngkn='s, in the etera
eihti niam are greater to degree tha
et e1 emry. This last msm to be a
umemto fverf a emmervadee poicy.
emay sestion of as diver quesnm, in Mr.
.. .e .. .m- g e om of.pry
eapisn wh, hove zam=in the drahiMge,
a entiation at The myapit and
pNt of the report which reItes
F6 a. emedamsthe pasnt phumb
and drabwgearsma dn wisth gennc
as ntquated, imperfeetin an respeCt. and
dge st ay. The batotheitho
mwelsem hba been in us eolyab
h el whenh older part of the Capi
imssy yearaid and thewipsabos ferty,
A me aw pes er drains have been provided
bim The wingm mame added and that an the va
ism applise for eeryiag 1 F waste and pre
Perring heah and omfort re gree inade
"Uate for the perpoems micate the need of
SpReIg The biding in the respects lndi
sentd. The drainage and ventilation of public
%maildins nme of he vital eemeerne of Con
reWm, a yet hee are few that are moae neg
1beted. The investiation and work of iae
PoWemant which cel will properly can..
to be bestowI upon the Capitol largely on it
own seeount should be estended to certain
elor pub buing, whose uncaniiary eon
dittos is notorises, for the preervatiom of
hema sa lito among other public ervant..
The ammiversary ezercises of the Howard
Univeraity. which took place last night, were ofi
pecallar interest to the public beeams of the|
facts coeereing the progress of the colored'
amee thee wore breeght to attention by the ad
demo eItwna pomted out that in 185 the
ambe- who esell real ansd write was not.
worth couddnring, and that today they haee
2, eedegs-bred nminire, 354 newspaper.
'-' emtne US lawyers. 749 physiciana,
-w~. there a 247 negro students in European
waversities studying and fitsing themesilve for
p.1fmm.= This is a amoss gratifying ubte et
anur; anmsrmes bhet the progress et the
eslmled mees bs t ealy weg ligrful in its rapid
By, but bet Mtis foumne upon that amost sub.
amtial bai possble, eduation. There is no
9e.m et the esentry's recent progrem beti is
-ee kaprmas er --f-r.o-y than this one.
This ls the mad, amered day of amiertal eel.
9.. int hoer ot the canleadead. La h
ye rail by the naia beinug, while les
-st in the smm ct aurning, is jast an
veeenmil, just as fell of gativde and pride
as to bhe dale sollowing the mighty,-.uli.t
the tae WE m -seremese lengsae Aaseii
geariotima hat., when the hearts of Asserima
eatimeme ot anl mactio wiln beat lams warmdy and
damwmnlsy than now at the aserering aml
eemarims ot an evet so fran=ht with ignidae
s-e to the whels repuhli.. The ghues sded
Os not in the maerims of the worthy. The
seemmring ama t fte Uniem in the gramme
amd -od of it. aintsm in the achisyneatr
one virtaes et be pubst who hove dae nd u
ede msed o tMs behalf.
IIe mped Beth eek 1a propmty own
e a the pa eoisin to expgiinto
esori why he gsesmn pomn its
sam to go to pre..a- This reaebtoi toauiy
ese he mmss ,my amed by the ee
Mr. Nenmn and the eaee Mr. Pester be.
Mr. 3.. .. b e seispised ofeam
mem880 Qbmn 1*malenpah fe
sanbesm to hrament net hesu~ta
a5s as mmayweds tasnet sessMa . U.ms
Wauschubly me damerhes to be sem
- - iansa uagd to eyame mae
wemen temsse hem n "WU bohei
h." 'Ehy w [email protected] WE,1wit a eiM
ieegnsto hew ethe toe E4m e ass
n. nhmla WE pe ens of gh
tiemm ee e. 'Eh m adiempaWnamw
knee a Mi r e end tfempiylm anges
M beenisbs epel,
amm e enm~mmma
A, T..
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0000* .2 s~ ja.
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000. .S 1 5dage. ~ Mnvs. AaeSt enade asi.=- . .3 w31. OOOo
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uskesfimoan Isk "a" man1 3 m
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nock; w 61.31; myW
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son ~ ~ ~ elve ni~o of coe" . n ULa 2e&Wr
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stee hod 3kt.m= asms test yer stee 6G. 3k b p p
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dre mes,5 . ,. .el. of2.. 3 os Us7.. .
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o~aT ..l.. SURI---.. ...,..
---- - - -AT -EoS4.E --
-- wa,.a - -
---- is a 41 a - -
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=T .o C. H~eI..
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907 PA Am907
e. Leo 3 wel. WOe-D-ars 3w. WILL
mu such UTsZZP' QUAIJob as such LW
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Thke 0U-bougb Wel smed as
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Spsdht" of ah gradse-Ubi US es
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maok etn . weth tr p- lstac.
so. bra thie de-,mo
The teis es- Mutoes I s
sdep-but w use haen't any at
md olty hm ta.e-OU'S A28
Ce sUapstb Obetrthig about the.
Ther oaw-the 2t- making. WOoo.
it 40601. ean""o il - Maer
ofr. prwa. Wee ae henda TaI
and02 I- ohe"e' to keep It so
slvo ,madt up ean. . the ACc
nsut ichasut nay tulmnd meud
sme sawy ball way. Th.Y'U hold
their sae atter thea youa'd ink.
Tin if CUTAWAS. too.
GUtS mANkln MI'. a eaPadmmt
ViU Us Pbaloi lal a mateae
f *ma. we hveh,. .
and telant-af there only one re
sut PAible. h *AhvT Iu
would P, % - west twice am much
ead well heave at to may umm"ee
nd I9 they"s eves m goo4 an
eUS as SB.
In DA. Ao NmOz.w
wir UNa the week t ou . a ab
qinU i Isua so at 00 youn
as e ttee er two a ..
TMl th Isat fogthm e a.
T.G A.ee R Pwho..a..s
ma nn an O a MPunJT. j .
.etsimmes th TfUEsDA eadamtain adsa W
leidya lat Seturday f a fotamate pusehnee.
ouel sad the emuSk. Rat aely 3.000 sats) ar.
1.00u aearatetehbeineavenits~asmt
1LO No . No. 2.
$1.65 j $8.00 '
- ...... ..: .... .........
..n . a mu...aian ahe, Nme, ...
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Q A.26.
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W. A.. Pua &. Cm.
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.u.W . aw a w1w eain. e.
amm, @4 iO eder tb ATTEA"T A
EsM M ise hae estaat4 AT 3AE
mm bon 4vi e aem AT ST
de4bS b A&%==.l r the meneas. mte'me
-A2=D A* PII acs DOWN bow e" is
=eeMaef Whegom3e00 nW3aiv.
2M Son Fo. 19. YA.
We w~l~rToMOS9WI.8 agds prof the
quVm46rn ow m ag etOOe
sa.t, ean OOn nhe ZownST Pa1es
usa .... a Par10 7S TuE.
3lb. YARD.
Lea At T.W s.
fACK nsean am UocADD InDIA
SUS.S. In So T V . ..T QUAL , fal
St inheswid.t..NEWUT... OST STYr..
IM DREA88 FABRICin the marke. RaSler
Pins ywhsr..S1e. OUSanre05 10
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tge ie. O S.. in
an 2
VW" draw
BdSWIS RIBDED Ix~qaeneck
d--e9T ra. atoe
21C. EACH.
Nzw Gr. A ynxaAr AT BARGAIN
PSWUlar eri... FOR TUS.
1W1. AIR.
Singular ice. S1. FOR TUDAY,
F emer price
mer price, Stin. MARKEDUVON TO UIc.
* Sil C"EE O
LACE 7 to 13 inches wide. off~price. 4w.
to 71 yard. CHOICE of tbia
25c. YARD
I lot NORMANDY VAL L Cl. 3 nc
Wide. Reguar price 15lc. to UDCE
o. lARD.
I GAr~a O, T., Rzmwx BLUE
sJEtraet. Regutar price. 35s. 103
wEe. oUNE.
LO Down LADrE. FExcn Lim.
Dropsitch th double heels andtoes erm.
dot dye. isgular price, 62W FOR TUES
254~s CIN %AM AST
"LA " .ith dOeM and tos
Regla value. FOR 13TEDAY ONLY.
2k. PAIR.
Is BLACK. WHITE or DRAB. All size..
W. A. PIRsCE & Co..
-9 MARK= .PAa.,
1t Car. Sk . and P. eve.
The peat pleasure drive of Washagtomn alonghw
saditrSad. Ne amm be.timul stcrh of saemery
Isaa At etered there cm be toum. it a an the
eslikes needed to 2as10 gra"dhmm,.,d. Evem
Tbob ib ethat relation to Washdagtem. ThelBas
I carriages that ae to be found upon it every day
how that thi Is its natural function with regard to
be capitaL
The nee of oa avowedly be.--a-- drive is so
4at11tt Bdmaotliageait wamdmtminthep,
le prinin. Social leaders have proposed the==shlinb
aMat IL lboroughbne to be deivod to the display of
sulpgesm atomas. The lveriderPark drive in
law Yark te an ezample ef 4w eces-=-u ana beaty
f a fshoa carriageway. Chiseo felt each a ds
manmd aneenta4 miles ape nmiles of boulevards,
NIh reference to this city the Idea never maited.
But the eptal ef this nation, a center of wealth and
alemas, in ear tain to hae a drive et that dsriptica
a the nesr future. The fbet that aanburban city of
auaaliaid beaty, as Slam Uche winlbe, is innsted
ive ens above Washingtcen on the Cadel aged,
whichb aina.n plately just how a wheme this drie
rillbe..e..bished The magmntet aweep et road.
may betwea the two pla5cs, -rss ideal oppastun.
kyfor It. Tihs Condit road to Ia realitytheasten
iouao etaylveantsavenue. At the distributing
eservoir the business portion ess and the residence
uorion begins. Handinmme hoses, equal to the
abaaces ta Washington itelf, now exist along tit
segib. ad moe are paamand for the nest future, rt
as matter of but a oomparatively short timme whem
llegant mibttecture and inmbamat lawns will em
manse the surpmsing natural beaty of the surrond
These are not mertemam-nan of possibitiss. They
me tects which age already being demncasrated. Yseas
iso thin condition was easy to be foetold by the ob
opration of events in oter cities anA acemeideration
ifWshington's ima.sa=e1y incresing populatio ad
wealth. A careful-eanatio-o et [email protected] about
he [email protected] ot Columbia nistnlye camed the
SIEaM avamas Ia (Geveland. that beauful drive
pwereblag'thewatsramd shaded tirgreet iese. gives
name ta ofe what 4w Comaal read, with lb 1W.
netsy swadie atengs will be. It in ots
wistatamer Dhemistse ltasssas-=-msir aven
me the lted sleestabove It. All thse wllco.
atin usetaen aveaeeioumnn-diewtheene
gam eesn6. thapnuesina sae to4w de.
uuiagestm o ethms ine ein @4 ies be tmaesa
thtgs the mad wil be esta b o ins geeger
wieth of 3.0 foet. i will 4m some in aje==.te
bewiy4 ee esamioe 4w Am e~he
Rhedettbene eaues mses et smese
[email protected] est beanisi et th msta
The Mesae of ms e.sa.=rn sadesa SBeb
..mh~nmanyer. Thee in net sekst estet
e4wgae. It4hamsieta.
S.a s. DALIED!. DeemEr. Maeg
D..wm S o. T
P .. .8..
S a "...=..am .
*"sm ...
a dI is
8% A a
CWoAEB, Sun. Waam AnD
P0 an nx i ""
0 RQN fia I
000 333 E N
of as marke f an U ~aM.e. MIme wm
hi 'acket, Dmmee. Eeete. ". A"as e
es~amas---*Ef the inmele pue. es1
Iaies'Dime40Cloth NN..= roa etr, 3.
Blacker Tan.............
11o other disomat as thismier.
I*dier 0 OupmeM& M Ia er nok
Flan= .........................
610.0 3amr WIt. be ll am oat 00e .
made Navy at Mack See................M
I"d, 403 Stripe ia ftemias Otaing Owil,
wa"E has Iauded collar ad aM..........UM
Iaies' 0.5 &af.t 0saft t , a se
oral deig. runs. oener am maft..........."
Idesw Percale Shirt WaIst, bon plante. amagN
with bolt an hick SleOS. SoMl euryebee
a 0 Star pks-...................... Sea
*S60 Black Satteen Bar 9kemted Weld...........OLS
L50 Black Broende Nstteen Waist., mAD with
loom pleated bosmBa s s. 3, 38 40.. SLI
S150 White Lmmas"e shint Webb. It- piat
back MAd fitat..................................0M
ele. Boz Pleated White lva Wda............
OL White Tawa Waet. ests a pAM , ba.
"mvlhed omlle MneaM..... ............. .M
EROUrIN AE0! OYI...s 168 &&L.
500 DRm Igths sel Raamente at iewed
chima Oilks, which wueSe0e..02ec.. 7c. &-re
Star Prie...............0. 3.: a" Mr. -AR
75e. 2unck Prated Chhal 411 in dort 0m10m1
&am gramme .............................. -y"
Se.284ach PrinteM ANS. hibek eammes
with white Ige. Ao igh ga....ag.
S1.258 -tch Dtmatel Cha Sh tadSk m'
light gra, beAutif SOal 1ag.... W -
6127-inch beat ShBaghkt sa Impn s
slightly imperbht an eelvede...........-e. eb
*1.2 24-lach Safin Striped. Droads emI Rlta
Dot. Pare Silk Black Greomedimas..........S. -
gam0 4nch be.t qu... .Mk r----!
isripe with pulha dot deiga.......
Woor... D.. Go=&. WA..
Goom. &o.
All Ow S. c . D.- Goo.. mU WOO.
.de................... ...........5. -es
37jie. Plree Eoec-il=' iegeeae nateema,
this eeasa's insportation, light er doak
ground................................s. -es
15.000 ya- Me. Set*ghas gt.e
beet quality.
Tan. AE, F.,.....
A lotdet hint D'lreland Iames ba ...i..a
deims warth 50c. and S............c. iml
A lat me. 1atIls'Ielamllaee..........M
A lot oet10Me. Olmbric E3abruidaEre..............Se
A letaet c. Casable Ebedemies..........es
A lot et Se. 3l4mdh-deep Gm.lea Eul
tri..................................me -es
age. Swim Im-g.ise-tea IS inahea deep.... .55., -e
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