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-30NO135 CLETZL3.
(Continued fro First Pe.)
primeiples he stands on. They want tariff to be
the all-absorbing issue of the fAht and they
want the plank to be strong enough to
make the contest practically one between high
tariff and free trade. They do not propose the
abolition of custom houses. but they do not in
tend to have the least shadow of protection, in
cidental or otherwise. in their policy.
Mr. Gorman. CoL. Brice and their following
are anxious to make the tariff plank less radi
cal and to include among the ines prom
nently the "force" bill and all other issues of
importance which have figured in national
piltfrms of the Pamt.
There will probably be a little difficulty as to
the rilver plank. Some of the Cleveland men
would like to have a radical anti-free coinage
plank, but a large majority appear to be in
favor of a straddle.
The Masschuswtti people propose that the
pink in the republican platform on this sub- i
ject be inserted word for word in the demo
eratic platform. but there is a sentiment against
copying from the other party and it is urged
that to do such a thing as this would give
the Farmers' Alliance, the third party people.
a very substantial hook upon which to hang
their oft-repeated statement that botl#he great
parties are controlled by the money power of
Wall street.
This consideration will prevent the carrying
out of the Masschusetts idea, but the plank i
adopted will be substantially if not exactly the
same as that adopted by the Maryland state con
vention. which is a simple straddle and not dif
ferent in meaning from that adopted by the re
pubb-ans at Minneapolis. There is a general
feeling among the southern men here
that no matter what is said on the
subject of silver in the platform the nomina
tion of Cleveland makes the policy of the party
on that question very clear. and they believe
that the third party will get a very strong vote
in the west and the south. The expectation is,
however. that the republicans in the
west are the only ones who will
suffer materially from the 'trength
of the third party. There is considerable oppo
sition to the nomination of Mr. Gray for the
vice presidency. The sentiment is against him
and in favor of Boie'. But the combinations
have been mae to. nominate Grsy- withi Cleve
land, and it is not at all probable that Mr.
Whitney will be overruled in this
matter. The ticket conceded by nearly
every one to be assured now is Cleveland and
Gray. The Illinois people are talking Steven
ma and the Iowa folks say that the way to
strengthen the ticket is to put Boie, there. but
they will make no fight for that. The out
look now is that Mr. Bouies aID get
the votes of the Iowa delegates
for the presidency and that Mr. Hill will get
the vote of the New York delegation for the
presidency. Both may get sonie few votes be-:
sides and all the rest will go at once to Cleve
land. giving him the nomination on the first,
A question which many of the older demo
eratic leaders And time to think about is that
et the fate of senator Hill.
I have heardt no one expres a doubt that the
result of this conventioni will practielv end 1
his political career. Un les information which
smem of the people here have is incorrect Mr.,
Bill's resignation - from the United States
Senate may be expected at an early
dote. it is probable that he will
take a journey which will keep him
out of New York during the campaign and
that he will take no part in it whatever.
Some of hi friends my that there is
nothing Senator Hill can do which will
save the state of New York for Mr. Cleve
land, but yet Cleveland's defeat in
November, which the- lredict will be charged
to Hill, so tha, he will have the injustice done:
to him of being heid responsable for the fate of
a ca-sbsiat "Whorn he coadera defeated at the:
start. J. F. M.
Mr. Dieesa Refused to Give Memese. Dtavis
and N.rrs TIeIr Twekets.
Srotal DarqsteB to The Evera atar.
Coacaoo. June 21.- The Pisetrict of Columtsia
delegate. got into a delightful row late yester
day afterno.,n to give interest to ibhe occasion
and to prove that they sare not enurely insig
nilsiant in an affair 'f 'a "'rt. Mr. lDickson,
as the nasiom.] comimtteeuan, was given the
hedges and tickets of the d~ eeration. andi as he'
disputed the right o~f Mesarts. Ilavia and Nor-,
tia. he refu'.ed to gave theta * i'her the badges
or tickets ore to '.cugnlze them as delegates
until the case h-:4 teen passed on by the com
nuttee on crdenial~s.
Foreseeing ..me out h arouble as this Messrs.
Davis and Ner-is had protested against the
tickets being give~n to Mr. Dickson,. but it is
the custom to gin' the ticket to the national
committeeman i'er di',tribuition, and the national
committse refused to del art from the- custom
en this occasion. Mr. Vt.ken locked the tick
eta up in th~e .sfe and then vele-ctedl two friends
So represenst him in a nai'ion to negotiate with,
the two deleg es f~r a compt oiie by which he,
Uickson. .hoald retei his place on the national
There was a "bang-up row" as soon as this
course was followed, and the regular delegates
carried the niatter to Chairman Erice. who as-'
sated them thtatewide he~lhad nioraghttoin
torfere in what Mr. t'ickson might consider the
proper course in this matter they should not be'
deprived of admission to the convention, ashe
would see that they got admiesion ti' kets if the
diffhnity were not .et'led before the time for
the meeting of the cenvention.
Mr. Dackson. in explanation of his course,
said that it was the duty of the members of the
national committee to give the ticet and
hadlgee to slee regularly elected delegates The
title of Maess. Dasis and Norris to their seats
wa tn question. and he therefor, did not feel
that it was right or proper for him to give
torn the bedges and tickets until they had been
yet en the roll as asleg-t- by the committe eon
Bo fa as the issue between the cerntsting
dmsan froma the District isconcerned 'Wi.
Diehsoa has the best of it to the extent that he
hes the tickets in his pocket and seeam to
ytald anying to Sorria and Davis. As a mass
her af the national committee DIckis ha. had'
the inside pull and has set up things so strongly1
in hi uw5 favor that he seema to be able to
esatrol matters despite the merite et the ease.
Beth Davis and 3iorrns have been werking in
Oa dark, and up to this morentg wer not even
-sg that Dic..- had Ueld a fermal protest'
ndih the es--m--te en eredentis. As a mat
ter t bet the ceests not so mush ever the
gau~en of meate as to who aR he toe atia
if is coms to a ease et esnaemhets Diss
win emnssma thai Denry E. Davip shB be ad
misted as hi eeaguse, eeisd that he
(a-) se~m his- en= the -n-.ai
.....aa- The heist et lenrieand Eess
e est 3ismend he isdom erndeted
t a oW m4 flaB ceesatca and made as
g- testey had beam defeated se t e
adma enomasee sambled to Giage,
~mn.. hes -~ea w..Oa Oa mses -m
am a asim s en amemahh
seating that the seleto of Ilavi and Norri
was seonlished by negro elsequerb o are
really not desoeras at all
During the ams sessow e the eeeTiONU as
seate accorded to the District of Columba r.
msined unocupied. Diduksmt ,Ine so,
Mtee* so that they would nm. get ito h
hads of Dlavis and Noris He did n" otb I
these bu.er on the ground ta" hir Night t
them ad not yet been e-eilly deIermi1ed by
the credenta eaecleti. o. P. M.
POE.ICAIL CLaOg~ mfjAamaN4
The aomMlss of esp elaqum whtm
r no t eraat y all --. d
caRIo, Je i-te On iNg o f the ethe
vention nds the teods of potiCel dmia s-n
letring away, and it does not require the
brving gift of prophecy to prediffs the =o.ma=.
hond of Grover Cleveland ame irat bal,
Indeed, this result ot the egd test is
generally oneded now, even by he ftiesds
tf Hill and Gray, the oi two rivals of N us.
President in the Seilday, th~e1here is
every indication that e- '
down to defeat with ol
and the JUd support of their respective
behind them.
The ofl eial action of the Illnois rqir t
lavt night in deciding to east the 48 mot "I the
pie ta G ror Clever Cleveland and s re
*obeofte Indiana delegation to fan in the
ame line with the 30 vos of t ahe state,
and inally the decision of the great key eo
atetovote as a unitanda, theentireforty-six
[email protected] of Pennsylvania for the ex-President ,ho
eabut removed a doubt from the situation.
And then all the dark- spete and
eepromie ctndidtes are lisla deeat
ngility in draidng themselves in te e
aum. G declare for the ex-Preo
lent and mays he will receive the unanimous
oert of the Maryland tion. the friends
Am lorrison are among the volavd shouter,
and the friends of Pattiso and Itusse and
nampbell ve all numabered among the active
mpporters of the ex-Prnv ia ent today.
It is generally expected that ex-Go. Iati P.
Dray of Indiall wih be the none, for the
rce presidency. He will be presented for that
plce by his own state delegation, and it is un
lerstoaod that the consent of the Gray
men to the withdrawal of their pre
identil candidate and the easting of the
"id vote of Indiana for eveland was ONy
tiven on the assurance that the eveland
eaders would favor ex-Gov. Gray for the vihe
presidency. As the Cleveland er=niztion is
ow very thorough and wel gation d the Isn
ittle doubt that any compact ofthe adr
will be carried out to the letter in the hven
so uo are the CIndia o pleveland in their
position that they decided to nt eo leght
4pagans the selection of W. C. Owens of Xes
inchy as temporary cbhirmn Mr.
Cwers has been identiaed with vhe
Anti-Cleveland people and indeed is a
:andidate of that faction for the eae
whairm nship. and until late in the = 11
Di1eveland people were fully resolved to op
powe his -1electI - by putting up as
ivowed r Cleveland en e in their
:andidate. When the later advicas
:omie in, however, dhoie ta tee wrg
ma longer a re-ton-b doub of e11 OLe
President's nobinatiod on the with bot
nte Cleveland people conlded ta
they coukd aforsd o mg-= a " n
&hat no b ould be aime agaist Owens
:hairmsasrlp. an quibble Upo the guestion a
mporary baielmewre in view of tez
preed conadence of dh Clevelad leaders
night be construed into a&mItmat.i. af week
mon rather then th t
And so it was a 1thoritav givea' out 'this
mrning by the Cleveland mntaers that weSe
rioubt be l o objection to Mr, Owebt and that
the recommendation of the national bat
would be concarred in by aclanimos and
Dwtus seleted s empouory chairman.
The Tlassmany leiders of New Yok re eiB
mllen and defat and =mintin with onh per
prteney that Cle of e nevedr erry the
nMih state. Tey assert that u f Ceve
Sea is to be anaeted the New
fork delegation will enter its pre
gaind his nomination by easand hth 72
rote" for David B. Hill, refusing to Join
in the usual forsmality of =making' thenove
ration of the ex- tiona cmia
rhi" assertion, however, is malde bythe
rank. and Se rather than by the leaders
f the Hil forces, and it is sti a hoped by The
eveland people that when the decisive mo
ment arrives the New York delegation WE
rote, forjoin in u. king the fSiunegt of
In the imi foralte wofd maring te om
granationaof the eties there uim onma
Iwhoeetn hwvrs made byearal rptte o
lak n ilene.ther C thn by Brhe, le
ifthe Hrll fos and itiranl hof by th
:oenad eoplte cothten.tr. deciie ho
omnthrvs he neood o deegtoppne wil
je omintin maf nthe r m-anto ofh
plye nathA gea Contest. ai
maIt thait oe all nth woany way
int naltion covetho he ise m-an=
wh s ae-a remrhel statis 6u fe
sillvene Ite is alvi'nd to tie tie -
[bror frmehil ad chird.ofa
Boal themocratcomm itee. gir.n ss heso
hernmntion of the scar-yPrrmeseneyo t he
esbena sceely sae t all tera et we
Lhtnone cmttee unertandbs th woald be in
Socrd in thi greatotsa to telte
in the coeletion of the prsietial eaate.
wn sp osed tht ot woukiber.
Evrery noto h Clevelandpol opr
ut the hSenaor withgota giin mye Gov.
ioi nd s theirc r -aeinac vosf th en
Presimply tate that ...c.ir .. o .th
Daise thom~itteeon than t woul ben
lecoroatd in he to amt thgeol tew
annhe onetion thin te==selectinoB hpel
Eer aet o the Cledeand theoe te peeh
.uyed te wheybe easrten oeer t ey
jse an astt t eirtwantysiatesr, bt en-a
promted agons the fistlballont h Usie
hediae wo the endoathe by the hawk
mtin of his own ~A.Indeed a
people~i ar almost as hitter as'
t Bnmgee in teir rt
hione against the noemation of 0vhi
LAlmest every asserties that has bhe made by
the Tamemy plin the lest week as toethe
Inability of eln t ary the epr
state las ~tefnl reception and Immeda
I ihetrememared that h sat
ienvention we. -e loyal to the asa eto
Go.v. Boie that it eves refrained item astu
the catomary eemplimentary a~e
p-s services of the en-President, s that the
-as of Grover Clevelnd does not ess in the
loa t latiem
It is sathr'gattee, that theemn
ingquiser at the Uee~wesis himsae
that there is nohope slt IN.,.
land man earry tes stte of bums
This is nt emmety in beeping with te
deeseaiems ot demmeissuheme... that
Nave been maade -thr-meot the .mey fsr
the pas sin -m-nths, but the Iowa Sstate
that w~ they believe Goees mr
the hawbeye state for the psesideovas hebha
earried it twice fer ,EertthY
ertainly be lost to demesusy if
is metmted for the pruesmy.
L.12M. ciAMOB EN '-M gg ene.
'Eie Ubmnu at tates 'Eh U e~am
Idb That Nats N .,
ammasea Joe U.-he ~auu
-m'gl ha end, and a wae se tubs
what disahitmessentiste wieas
day, asss to gpema peUsUs
led d1h be msse etal
pasrbg a peess saas see
..t *?
A. dle~eM. en meMW am. 69 ex-pmi
e enesssf se _r__es s w e a sPel -
dent- , a -ssssAsm ed. Now the ON Is
damter b msems to be over, and ept
same 41= takes bin t the ever
sur have do ~.Work
ef wMovee
and BB remging the
Ua-to seme amt - edwestern amana"
a wh1R ws the nti4
the ,w-t, the =
miutora ==---=y fore
A! eMae esse who appear to be 0eas
petst judges fss the time for dosing by the
gred t80 1' Weodmaafy' ofternoon or
I rg At aN eveu te canen
Me. ..ould be . .."" .' Leom The
R , e smoin- -we *, mo rmthe Now
York I *MA met.l -i6* to bef a
hegey oh Offe. big' I"' Ueiy that the
=ee day Ia ai on creden
Mob er a a . e the tter, the con
reatv i~e with regard to
a. las~li~llhardlly be by
any 00Z solver
sdate r o A mWn
I n t nb e, h
bas been Berekemy and dmograwpher for the
deimactte natiomal casualie ince 1676,
Btarted to apportlim and hbel the seat of the
Of ad as envnton" ai
be. "I have seatad the deleae ver ince
1 m87 baa grown gray and beld in the
Thoug net ~eeklatinoe an the oulk
dde theuwiful within. Its bare
tiners are .lmoet hidden beneath a mases of
bi,,bu j~Me d hot-houe Pkts
The eaitl%6 wus th its engraved inscrp
tions, "Cleveland and Hendriese nominated
oer thisdek July 11, M4," will 1e almost
buse beneat a profuelon of peime and spg
and When troasmr.
inornes# or enat'. rarauae,
The announement at Gray's withdrawal has
eomsideraMy disturbed his friends in Indiana.
A telegram hOhnm-Ta=npolin mys: "It Is inoon
ceivable to his fiends that peventeen men who
knw thAM the sentiment in thin state is over
whelmingy for Gray, and who were sleted as
ble runs i aelearly defined coatied between
h* and Cleveland, eLM desert his standard
and-voe for a man who, with the qzeeption of a
few enthsiehkt,- no one believes can carry the
With n of the New York
seary Do Freedt has this to my:
'The dmocracy t New York has nothing to
loein this Aght. We wi carry the cities and
the legilatue the wane a l We have no
Aticet hi. year-nothing to invoke en
of, a local character-and I fear
Mr. Harrison will have a much eawier
Uneaf it net November than he had in 1886,
in Bes Clevelad is nominated. The mouth will
be the loser if Cleveland is nominted. Con
ditri ek of the north' a filled by
to.win be redeemed by the repubins=,
and the possaibity of another force bil, this
tm preMed to uecesseful isue, confrontk
them. The south in awakening to this danger
and i eay airmed about it. The etate
mass the delegate made in our head
~Ra. COaMIS thia.'
The national legue for the protection of
Axsrica l inmaea has sent an appeal to the
demperatie aifmaol committee, which will send
ft to th esomiet en platform of the cenven
Mo.,~ ~~ i %mhat h oloig proposed contit -
tioni emndemst i.patform: No Muate donl
= m job*e ee aethmant of re
or hefee thereof,
or 'nie Ito- pr9 eI at eredik, or any
money raied ?!-zat or authorise either
to be ad, for et foendig, nato
taking ~ _M or dornrltie, ayen
f-1-veeexeme or otherwise, anyrchurch,
well~a. dem UMi or religicus eaciet r
py inmltut, = or undertaking e i
whlV or win paut une ekior oooeise
The NOw Yeo am Th Their Oppeei
on te Cewese in Ir-ealee.
OMaso, Jane 2.-The demoeratic national
eonVaention om itesgesmig day ha. not oven the
interest af -the mventiua held two weeks
ago 'at Minespaies. The opponents of Mr.
Martis. kept uep a bhld front until the third
messieb of ige ocaventien. - They claimed
even Bn hour before . n=omintion was made
that they had hopes.of lieesm. The maen who
havobeen ghtg Clevhelad mot bitterly have
nhouive of u oplowb in corridorp Uf
' nm aymy dM not gie upthe battle
te an eats hatour ts emm in Tboey avegh
mt ade' ae for.' uereed buen ray the
at th... ei~e4r methe evening ot dof
th a e byna on y tonfaort
invtaa th y nt h anvee
MChen..d .tat.na ad refne-t w..e
fo i nts et of - abt midnt
a.e 'h aes -r ethe hod eenthm of
wa -ter . Mary ning.al hoaveo
day -. o .esstwo 6faoid
hoek sother~a
"e I(e od i== o-- fe the dwabyf wer
a engh..redthe ofs eveyoti ewo
dahk ad ~eeTe t to thloca lad
I~ tnd t e uitB'h batGsvlsa nd h
ens tesfo Gin.Earsed w oula.dos hove
wiNte hskthding fre serig t
Bu eeadef.ee eadsee wredistadnceont
ing 1hns tney el hatamiht and agin 4.-e
day-t ..t. atamlai. an
bee a ande . le.matr Gie.
atbigbaefe .fm b~t iNe
t eh ammowaThy sa .tedr and
~uvne Rm. Co~ ,Jne 3.A
dememas . .ig whene a. ino
5aaton 3. n. stri.
stand, while hgher up the spas re.rved for
lsete of honor were a seoem of gpams.
The Phry, though eneiroling n
tire hal an probably ab log
esT er erested for nattn- ceaven
seen, semed a part of the hundred of ers of
asetS and did not appear to be a distinct por
ti. of the structure. The rail was hidden In
edontie s mall fag.and bore at isrervar the
shield cf the various staies and portraits of a
em of boasted democrats of the past.
, the orowds focked into the han ebmest
the lrst nament was that the Now York de
gan had been given back emate, aba.m,
Iian Iowa, Missouri, Montana, Penyva
nia, Wisconsin and Wy were In the frost
ebtra. It was the I of the alpha
bet, howeve not of any sinster p~lti
ad desgn Ylksteei alpgabestca
order, commenc with ma, were seated
nearesthe s er to the extreme right
and the states on the rol
ranged backward. At the head of
the next ale Iowa and Indiana *ere
Se fortunatee ones and the next in order
Alphabetically went to the rear. Missouri and
Montaa were the lucky ones in the middle
aisle, where New York and Massachusetts fared
the worst in this part of the building.
"First come first served" was the order with
the spectators and the front seats on foor and
gallery were soon crowded to overdowing.
At 11:30 o'clock the great wigwam was the
coolest place in Chicago. The planip of Mh
Soor, the great timber standard, the roof-in
fact, the entire structure was yet
moist from its drenchng by furious
rains on Saturday last. result was a
cool, damp atmphere, like that of a coun
cellar on a hot summer's day, when the =
sweat and drip with moisture. To those
pioneer spectators who had climbed the
outer stairs and were seeking their
places the cool moisture was a grateful
chang, though not a permanent vatisfacuon.
Out Ithe smoke-hazed streets the slowly
moving and reeking crowiu betrayed a general
impulse to move toward the lake shore, where
the great wigwam is.
In parties they bent their way thitherward,
and as the muggy morning grew in age others
and more people were drawn within the cur
rent. As the bells tolled the hour of 11 the
pioneers reached the ball and the crowd had
established a steady flow, then the pioneers dis
appeared within the monstrous barracks like
bees who creepover the sill of their hives and
A k fringe of tators soon adorned the
rail of the uppe Ierv. Hundreds of others
ambled down the aisles in the lower gallery and
pressed forward to the front place. All seemed
to have brought fans, and the flash of thee be
fore hundreds of dripping faces lent life to the
growing scene.
The eat press stand was ea4y astir and
ranging u behind the news writers the solid
oaken chr provided for the notable specta
tors became flled with occupants.
Th, onvention hall was roped in like a ggan
tic prize ring and guarded by a strong force of
police. It was a muggy, sticky,. sweltering
Chicago day. The air was so thick with smoke
that respiration was difficult. Occasionally
them struggled throug the gloom, only to
make more plainly v Iis the etal
descending soot fiskes. Through 9
less surroundings the vast crowds forced their
wy, he in by alternate layers Of livery a
bles and hug Chicago office buildings on one
side and by tall bill posters boardings, shutting
out the view of the lake.
Conspicuous, pated igns indicated the dif
frent sections or which tickets of admission
to the wigwam had been issued, and a small
army of deputy sergeants-at-arms super
intended the process of kin the delegates
and spectators into te ed paelo-e
Fully two hours before the time set for the
commencement of the proceedings the crowds
began to climb the outside statrs and tumbled
themselves inside the ugly wooden box much
after the way in which 8mHan and Jah
and the little wooden animsle are let down to
the toy Noah's ark.
Perambulating bands and mearching pro
eione innumerably lent outside life to the
streets. But inside the building the effect of
the decorations was lost in the immensity of
space and the depressing. obacur
ity of the opaque atm The
thousands of yards of bunting and the unique
collection of papier mache spread eagfos;
distemper portraits of dead heroes and embla
zoned allegories of fame and victory were
barely discernible and their effect was lost in
the cavernous depth* of almost limitless
space. Yet, notwi tanding the preparations
made, they were none too at for the. crowds
which sought to gain am an, or faing in
that, to get a glimps Into theO1bLildinJlfrom
the outside.
The constructore of the wigwam ejalned that
It weuld pek,000 people standing and seat
1,000. Apaetythese limits were reached,
bat as for hrigthe spehs'or diserning
the features of teseerthe gat smajority
of the audience was aes well of as that on
lookers at a spectacular euhibition of the "Full
Neferabyln. the discomforts were -In great
attakn-oo humoredly, and to be in and to
form apart of a great national democratic con
vention amed1 to be moetsfying glory
enough, even for the mat oesicting.
At 11:50 o'clock the first shout went up. A
blue eatin banne, the ensign of the Horae
Boise Club of Davenport, Iowa, was borne
forward to the convention floor and
bena and behkpd It camse , the
regged -e who will sis in the conventione and
vote for their governor to the lass ditch. Close
behi them fllowed Bourke Cockran, Gov.
Flower and ILisut. Gov. Shhan.=
n~aatetrio eame Bichard Croke and the
ery started: "There's Crokar! thee's the Tam
While the New Yorkers weresetn s
selves In the canter of the hell-Dlml fi n
on the rih.The sound of band mui and the
blebne are by Pennsylvania tothe
seas en the left.
.Than in groups and In aisand ae
ether states tulled to their pae.Mar...
the gnallres we. filling aiiyand as they
-uswreluce upo the air ta r
grwn moementarily -mr dense and murky.
It wa hi orn, and a shdo
from the north and the skyt.n tha
Ma. bernm clouded The ge
wi~the great hell and a hath oe
throaa sammeof hmpending si ea ee
Was thereef again to be blown away? Would
a teruig wind eomme out of the- grwn biach
nese? Was thre dense? Woudthereb peril
in -n
Thee ean a vivid smak of Ngt, wh~e amse
par et thunder reashed the.a...us ew.,
At length so great was esrter blagbngp
diSe newetters at thei* ee hgdt
p~~ewasnet rnogh see wee.
fae down tre .....T . te..uts,
A Wiem wind aes... ternminnle. be.
mamaademst a n0
Minuff~ iglne baOS t9 S
98,Qale .
.......es.... --..am
W. a. =m==mou
After. g e g oftappi' Mr. Owens peb I
"Two6 reat dag mesee se Admaera
Party. One is esrad4, Gher lteaL The
ArSt- the organised ---=ry of a hI
ft upprled by the who
.The mome
a tndecy among [email protected] to mbae
Ofue mogtid e theap MAhi
stand690 bfor usindmdhl tor ouasto
an harmony O hi this a gI
w-deanoora*s a the advance a
army ea& forward to blase t y
How momentous Is ty I
not tn o. Ifyoirtrk 1666-- in wisdom,
th ilostodigI mine and ampsd il
will rise and ell you blam. The roll call of
the repubiho attests that its har and its os
sciene are with as in our war withd
o: on a a torm that ehl
louges the ap ~n ailathe suport
west des uce ,aswe the wrek
ed bi, of @H nans; we must rear
a temple to the plain people and build a shrine
ao broad that there every lover of his kindma
kneel. T burden b lifted fromt be
of labor. and to that end it hasa right le do
mand that whoever beens our banner mef liftc
it above the smok. of eoaioe and the din of
faction ta every democrat of the Union may
followit lead in exultant and irresistible corn-I
bats. Lt us not mistake. Te gravity of theI
siuation deiiads the broadest patios and
.v g..dfu..orM~o..
" work but begins here. Under the -
of summer and the [email protected] of autumns we mustI
carry it forward with untaleauing courage to a
triumphant close. "This again must he asma
T Of edMalom. The 'study of the corn
,bgnin theo wedstad southa
must be earried into every hamlet at
the cast sa north. The people must learn
t -.tre relation to t"".aerer They
must learn that no railroad i
pion the tribunes of the people= sto tick
mashers write our tariff 6m They
must learn, too, that for personal and 1
political advaneeet their country was
menaced by the threa'of war, athey will
learn with shame and regret that the very day I
the warlike proclamation of their Preshdent was
read in the bas of Congress the peaceful re-I
liofthelittle eight-bj-en republic of
us ateptng he trm o mepresidential I
ultimatum was read in every capital of the
"Our 0e' mst be measured by theI
deeds and ot by thei prefeslous. The Fifty-I
AM Congre s wrote the blacet in ou
pos t c e the approval of p l
and they reedin ton" so -a
seemed the voice of God. Wiha unanimity
that [email protected] no parallel in the history of
government it was determined that $1,,U,
000 was far too much tlo lay for such a museam.
of freaks. If we but permit a they will stand
by their verdict.
"That our em may trlumo let us work- In
kindnes. In the heat of contentio et s no
forget that our political broher ma he
ad honest and perhaps better informed.
poled by one pose, thate= u o pubi s
good we w eeourselves ries brkere
and atte hat hr
publican when Ito Marshal N py went down
aine.ll before the maed legions -al .
bread-and-butter brigade.
The speakrs voice penetrated to the bae"
reosese of the galleries and hisreas
cheorded to the echo.
At te close ot Mr. Owens' pe upon mo
tion Of Delegat White of California the ranl I
was called for the constitution of t
on credentials, on rules and order of
permannt organimaion and onre s,
e stated by Ter onemember of a
oomittee ofA vapo andd up11ko
rso mmit tee. e t
A resolution extending syptyto J
G. Bams a adopted ami Cona Jhames O.
over tielL
The Conventi ten adjourned- lA U
o'clock to orrow mornin.
X., Slested by Tieir Som. Deaogagn
to Represnt Thems.
CGeCAgo, June Lft ollowing a te. W n-o
Committee on permanent oanhnaa
boesn, 0. ]. Harrison, Jr.; Colorado, James B.
Orman; Conntcticut, 1. 0. Renediet; Delaware
D.orgD. in.Clfon; ios,H. W s
Wakeaour entcy.J . aa es he
.. A.ch Loiin;I . Mbb Mr.
Pran A ; Minsoa Ale. Miohenn Mse -
K . . W etr. M uN *. H.e
mn;Neraa, Robet M. g; New Rm
sIrei . Dlbrtw n; New ,Jerey Jme
RhodeIan, W o an iiaR; Tnaea
D.a D. Arer:o; J. . BrafoVr;
mot. H. Donly;T5 OII~ . .Meilt
Cohn sea . a Mn
Lew Higgibsrdah. J1 enet
Cale orzr 1.F.e drd~
C mas, V.0
W- -r. lmP. T
eL- Lmas em Tu Al N,
a"~ IL 0
Fk~ ohn mi~a Wis~, i. Wa; ~
geina, A. . Da Nm eb, 1. W. sesse;
Labon, L. Iaa; New Mades, E. . U
ilse to do u- b
me sehe habeen == = : gSNO ,d, L
. Whie: psradsFak Aidm; Debim,
L Y. S W. D. (Uisy.
W. A. Cut- 1
a.I,.l. , Keslushy,' Joh s
Fila IL IL nat, 0sh~
r swe zC.. W. OM - le
b W .V. Q lsm Jhn W.
I~L I or Nham New ' timp
e Mkdey''"uVie" 6 -
lie; Ohio, Roer 3. M
eyCoahres. lhode Istnad. F. E..
W. V. ghdil; Wernt,. oises,
fesy Ae Umensuaa What 0ses e Adept.
CmoAeo, JunO 2L-ITas*Maoe dihmf mlui 4
re tet the Nay convemcm dailem-- , de
Ilring to' loter. fem prominent &maN-ef I
n various saes., will dcaide.a st 4
nything me tham a formed mollbaelen fe toe I
.Omitteeo n eantulsed ase that
hoimselves m te real choie of the
lseersts. If this crse be puarMd the dei
gation wiE doubte witss the ossedis
tome the wm soor.
If thoew favora formal eesatebed
revail is is that a brief, "etIng forth the.
ituation se swn by th Nay eo.wvm !n M
,iB be submitted and them, he bhalf at -
themrh .Ur.ml use
bw& rse shA g B ons yet h doubt
his -moratg, but wiW mAdsbeei-y he ide 'Id
slem the mt sessiot the onvemaem.
M'he lowine wing as Besm Nall" to te
CMuoAo, June 21.-Iowa has maldher .e iis 0
snar to the nakst and proposes to se down i
Pih g mans met and baners dying. The die- J
ataao met this morning and at ses took up
he asater of beeping in he res. It did mat
eke long to coves to a decidm.
The eanouseemeut was at emo r lly
mede to the other Iowans he the Oster room of
he delegaton headquarters that it had been
lecided to keep the name of 4aresee
Boes up for Sret pince, and at
under no cireasteness would any p
Posiion lookig to hbs aecqlace, ofthe1
edoad plice on 't.'est'et condered. Me
noncemeet ... greeted -M . -e.
'he Ueling ammong the delegates is dht a
t is better to go down In a a
rood cause than to Yield up the fght and
t ones by so doing coamb that they were not
a much n esaest ame they hd ifed tonke
heir opponents thik. As one delegate eit,
'We came hare aftier the lrst. .ie If N
sun"t that we don't want anything."
I h ra to
heir stamdard bearer the Iowa .S.d
mit tht they now have net ike resmoteds
0a1os f s but will vote for
heir man me They say
hat esrelad wiB win, but t
as willot the mmi=m=e= vole of the cam
renton an ArAt ballot for the r-asn that
own hes U voios and intevnd to ous them far
Death at Wee. C. sammehmi. elf Newash. *
O(sAso, June 2L--ed C. Mnu--, a som
er of the Joel Parber Demeertis GCb, at
lewae, NJ., fell asleep on a window @12 of his
m go the fourth "of the Tremont Home
A 4 o'lock this m and whie thus em
Pmged 1as his balanes, bel to the gram and
-s heaowtly killed. The deesaed was a udi
o-do simes at Newark and quite preaint
a caes of his party.
S53N 13ON TE 13366 SNA2l.
'h "o" a - View Of the Ple
wowtDis-ras 10 Ihe Bvembr O. a
Cuxoaao, June 3.-Cnmae'ng the intr I
I the feeling shown by the anti-Clevelaed peo
A* whle engaged in trying to eounterast the
lsvelmad sentiment they were rem ably Pso a
eaml in their eforts to appear amisa when
May appeared in he soovention hel this awn
ag. There is no doubtof the feeling they
stertain, but the situatiem was not sech as to
,erage ay a mm . f i -iM
Sthrdomiee..a- The arst da----at-m
ythe assemabled multitude was a cheer wham
he Iowa folkes meen with afBls benar. It ~
sbut a mnodeat-eheer. For the most part te t
leispgas took their aeate quietly. .a
Just before the eonvemtis r weeed te erder i
severs thunar storm came up lnhg th a
uB almostmsdak as might for awhlis. -
The violene of the alarm hlsed bat a few 1
minutes. Then the h uret the h e 5
loedend lighted the hell, and th i~n.s. I
rseted it with applease. -
Refer ths asembling of hesneemlm.
here was amderabie h&i ot eamlast ove th a
himhtyi et the..m.m.ne pletferm sidi
,-ban Mr. Wattuemo wee boahed for
het plas by thoe who were doing
he planming of th orgamiatie, butse
-my of the Clevelemd a. were oppead to a
ha md wanted Va, wh, is suppoede to aep- ~
esset Cleveland's views as to qhat eheuM he
ese on the platform.
Them wa me proemise of a fight, hut Mr. I
r-ttarm. settlad the melanr, a tihrea he mee 6
amerme, by reefsing to go en the e--mem--e
Sas e-amky uep.bmaheve.
Er. Biss oa~ed the eeasemise s torder ad
stredased Er. as..in, who read a 01 e
inspemay eseme, headed by E.-W. a.Ows
a -emerr ekstruma
The reslmtion mes adapted by.a...M.m
ed Mr. Owee was essertd tethsafnnby a I
able applested fge th perpem.- Mr. I
Ne m bgn hi addeme it -te
seese t a pe gat de gass eneted *
he parip.
One mes estemiaL ether tusmen. .o I
as eagpoiad emplita he eppeidme to __ ,
he ether mess dse-m - dieseneat
p amme tsme bgtween sois. C
This mse se test of hia speaek ich mes I
drained he a a====91ip dam vdaegedth-m 1
at slsegaml an rgm ag e ..
Tham hethaefoser. e 3d.,amp-n
meE n ertreenhntl m Be
thmasaEt 0m s ea e *A
moinet 4 t
S- e....... 3. ..m. .a e
um e Op=& nse..... " o
p-IN Dbsmash to The eeIder dOr.
C~acaaN June Sm-A n m ae t asto
wing in viw is 6gsmt by wI" e
appoere of = and ne3ds don .u
. ..-r se,.. to t..r ......
a 9Ae toy bow to 09 wgM e m
asseny And wE mUNA se --I-- A& a.er is
.iagmdt.e...l. Dse to ..c..a
ks omes. The assume f te mesemas is
my domble. P. .
man Usk at Awawde es by th em ms.
-aose Aral. The Naismi read
e of Wahingtom was atst prise,
SAM .ad es .aesi. ..p, ....
modi of te ehowspiwp egy son. at
IaTvsha,e1; Mo~ht UlitI Goan at
WbIAh IIsht Gemde A
m, asmead; Gvererse Geinrd Dests,
ird. Zomave drm, Bab Zm Em
Ey 47,Lo; Art; '6nsoe-i;
rai, 010,.% , bema
EllW . di,
M.il4. .irria D...t Whppe N.
khut Light Ouis. 114bed inam ad
Ems, cs LI E' is f DeaL.
inosamasAe3er vauusssssr hsa..
es aln Oas Me .
mem' (cemi.
Cmoa.., Juse 2L-Th pdalbam [email protected]@.&
y Mm rm-ns I1.ie for e fne.d of ha
mobhd we: erns. Bebt. L Patterom., Feed
ri K..s. Bebt. Peuythe, Philip Ey of Due
i, a pesuom friead of Mr. Ineha, Arthw
. ionm, Dr Frak Bmhtg, MA (s.... A,
7%0 r mls wE be intmed I to m Us0
ick aly aalt at Grmalmd.
Maa WEE ae s ass is re. Ows Mao
Seameor, PA., June L-he City is s
4h Mleel stmmi iN- tho e ammaemminsta
asel, ring and' -ImC adora As I N 11 @
ad e wrd Of *A- is se at
bast every orner. There mre abol
resty mmber at e Wobinge &vhdm.
eke, and e bo ae having a good ime. The
witadgm to as 'emadtol mee in WwMe
me as eom6Mand thisaato will an imq
- e bumbi hegs have n
va err es whisas.
The cry tody i: "Fam, M. ft=
e, ommes to Waebtom." The plus
adgo being stbed by sem ow.
amr in gret demas, s em o
Tuu owu-uusu~ u.arw.
ft. Dekamma Tisas Me Yhs Wousia a Wag
to liter LEgm aMMag.
Mr. NO D=m.t, aimt ...== Iaer Us
1t1rnt of Cehabiem, has maie a sse
s ~ sh dheaion. of e eme-ene bMaa
Ohes -agmr Is ewor behg aU
rihoeu een de paymae. eq a Dsans
ma. Mr. Demst thinks he has alaw w-'P
wE eover ght pordot et e o0s-4iles
ring mo ea rt avere in the eeamI
ad be has ineh d am tafgemAio agnims Join
)syle, whs pihs.t be immus to at do esmma
i GsmA eem md Ik ast..
The infrmaie was A o i dohP -eoat
mdey. It ewu amae e
- Otitg th ebeCW i
hot as t'vilou, aving weuog
ad efeetoal seanse terer, sso IgMRr a
-a tiies les tem.. e gan..
=go. thim 80 asis
. at for its =a.
rantwE bamut et nf
ad Oileme wheeb wi in al prOahbety he
mad ad tet- w be a ed finasut does t
be gemn week. -
mWu et Vesem G e bI PeII
Thin G IP
aentd e wriset posesism prayed be yin.
dany by em neek Cr~mar e--e.
i- as to em.e ee.ete .em *wrd $s
hich ek appeaeed by e. Presetmad em
mmmln for whieh, Uee,112.4 ma pa.t
is rgsty eq e eomd Imelay ht
daitat eq Mr. T. Timar a eat
mipren padsee ig-iEs
-- eam wU geeapaans 3dbm.m
hewrit eq pasessi.. and 3dh
lam pomeasios eq e mand. As
as bem heretaoee --'hinadt Tan Bran, em
.-d-. e nme bmi thmeis to e
-e mal a , Mr. r whoe wE mel
-mt in 4.m= 3ara, wham, ebm mi
ne be aenims, m eers we digss em
semiist awareis toe p.64 e.m. no. ea
mee g-e e gaera. pesama tomaa
sheet 2,assesss eq p~emd.
Marriatem. have been t.. by em
eh et es gemrt tembmswIs ng: W.3.
Eby and Oberis A. 3amll,heth eq 3m.h.g.,
a.; MNet A. mami an N. Um.
[mry Alisad Ena uej~b et
AZ ".mm..Ge .
- 5. Telse m et0. a.
LU...e" -?e'Al m. Jha
d .is 3. Lanse; Walter. Mmenemm m
E as Waheml.-me
2Vi.,mi ~ of aNhi ~
Lim; Sed
Naen s , IeWn
oft ...e...o. .so m of
Ilo."es awe. am..-'U6.re.
Is . em. .f f.
... a." 5..-e.. wo. -swif.
" wdasi.'|' veif p w seee
sm. ....* "*. .. *6..
too, or..e.r a" o e. . * ~f
.-g -. _ ."2!-... .. ..
~.,S- s
*6~amlot MA. 110 mb
*n *t0 ft r
-..a e.. ,~ 1...*
slose I pa"a 111i .4m OL 6
a. Is 1.. . k.. . . ..
.517ng ew anew e yr so bd#
.sg. --a*6.m.m t=
mih. * -2... 6m ""'.
h~s *sm%-"'ug *"E"..'"g
Mills an at U e'd. . .* t
t.- - but a. s ..at ise pen i.
au--- -,- ..- e....e0.
M .. se en-..
V.L A eKAL'e ?35 6.*L.p
.. f .L O.'1 . 4L
a f a 1 . a. k b se, . taa INS
.. .' t'. ... ............
0'usM. I^ i .a.a a
him io Ii , a a 0.
:, "'a rie. :sL
l ;sbm smt If MA
a 84 wad.m a,- at29wet. IO&
Morbst.i ai atU.aea 9%W s 6MW
OM we MTfuma a. -Ga ummv i
aMaMIs sselo.-C mL 41 mwIws Ma
min. w 17 Warsks& , ft einemU
im M w m* Oe go~ine 416
Me. LboiO14f
0*6Mmy. U MieLA saw 4" law
Si. NO MiS ini.3m 4
MmeUi. e&-eop and~m George.
W.a fta 11 Mi-.OL aw SaimiAm
0i F- In i OM s.ws,1.aA M6& [email protected]
13. IOW-Rofts me . Ttf t f A.a M
-~~~a Las 6.1m, ir
6 Idi 1 111 IK NO i-~w Gda
@win A. . mdIa . 126 Mi. we
Mi~ ~ ~16. - rmWn adL MiVs ni
3m, M. 0",inm lof MIl.
us~cmww~ f Mm. INS
Calle ad rn 0 Uqn An to
*6eolea UmMLr :r~-=mn
bWn - 4IM Frmer mt ZWiaJS.
moo buvomer as 6-u - oftn.
knob%6 @inV5W. no AL
- ea o V% asho V"Gs in
a"w w dn 411% eMmow
MSn bn m. WOOL of ad
~In biin msm. MwMI Md
MICO.I.~S~ "".- aovI
6a II" new 408 Prli
414 6W 49w WOO Vow-d
*6~om are ab~ am
M U& SoGrss

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