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Ho Wa lamited an the Hrit
A Bitter Fight Over the Tariff
.. .e f3netsd b, "e poetas c.
=Oft* Wa Ne adlel Nmengh see Se
c0 - t Mover -oommee Nom a
0rover Cleeland of New York was anminated
for the presidemey of the United Statli on the
rst ballet by the democratic envention in
Chieag at 3:0 o'clock this morning. 'e vote
CLUaIMr......................,if....... 617M
ML.... ................................6114
11 1St ...................................1
6eD .as ................................ 39%
sravaoos............................ 16%
CAzL= ............................. 14
Moan sion........ ...................... 2
CAmenELL ............ .................. 2
W=rrmaz ................................ 1
RW n L................................. 1
PA N ow.... ........................... 1
11e convention then a4eurned until 2 o'clock
1ie afternoon.
When the democratic conwA'ton reae=ebled
yeierdey afternewn in Chuc ago the atmosphere
was almost unbearable. The band,
"Dixie'' so popular in the morning. tried tht
emptured air xe again aeveal times in a med
tay of other tunes, and each tire ew out
asmwerng y els.
Order was slow in 'orning and so was bmai
nesw. It wat fully twenty saiatee before the
Cnvention was ealled spun to liltem to any
thing else except the bad.
An itnovation in the usme course of ro
ceedinge was made by the chairman U
upon another reverend gentleman for am.-M
prayer in tb# name day's proceedings. The
tiean seleted for this service a ev.
. Gh en of Cedar 9nads. Iowa.
Then the band played, and delegatee sat
perspiring. fanning themselves and wating for
the platform.
In the middle of the turmoil and conftsio a
delegate (unidentified moved to adjourn to 11
e'elack today. There were cries of "Xo," and
when the question was put and a decisive nega
tive given cheera went up from the Nev York
delegates, whose licy was to take a irst ballot 1
last night. and thy rose to their feet and
cheered. Sa, ing their fans.
A =a= dlegate got the floor to present a
repolution. Mr. Fowers of 3lchig a was stand
ing on a chair supported by Don .. Dickinson,
demandia ret tion. He got it in a mtiihts,
ad annomuced t t the committee on reeolu
ions wouMd be ready t. rejrt in fifteen min
atos. This was as 6 o'clock. The announce
ment was greeted with applanse and the band
Plove *When Johnny Comes Marching Home."
Miehigan delegation stood up and
cheered Campbell and others of the Cleveland
delegations joned with them until there was
ean ecting seere. It coaed when at625
chairman announced to the ' tient con- I
vention that the platform was ready and would 4
be presented by Jones, the chairman ot the
Mr. JON from the platform, amid crime of
"Lnder," which grew in intensity, said:
Mr. Ckhrman and gentlemen of the conven
tis: I presume that this committee in its reln
tins to the convention resnt a case of being
"better late than never.
Mr. Jomese cloed by asking Mr. Tils of Win
esada to read the platform.
Mr. Vilas began to do go in him *at
seneorea vie Hn "do* =mp mydr
The ret mention of Cleveland's name in the
emo eten was when Mr. ilm, to the thet
porer lkkofth platform, read "ftre Madi
henmcea ndsomaaros
i tMad out the pent-up esthenimm af the
d beg f-- heoyreemeld brthe
Sthe Cleveland delegatand gae ciand
amme ~ I ,n tesireSsprang to their IeN* Maring
haa, bmarehstand fano.
It Was twenty minnoew after the Olheating
lmabefore Mr. Viis could bring him
9to beor on the cowve-ton again,
ovn tem i had to rev a brief competition
wit a murmuar of suppressd enthasmien that
mntioed to ran throgh the audience.
The further readg of the document was at
emee penctnstd with applause. but ito x
Sese gth seemed to dimmiih its interest.
When th siyor plank s reached there was
a eteegerm etbrea of approval than at any
pit the platform. Thehmmlm.o rase,
Publilcme is a public truet," which %5 ed,
won promptly ree3gaized and bromegt out
amofer but very brief Cleveland ammoa-*-i
The civl service plank ealed out more hiee
Vian cheers. The geierree appisded the ee
demmation of the republican oce holders'
ecuvensto.. Very few demostratoms were
made by the delegatee themuelves at may point.
Not mounting interruptions the platform 00
enpied thirt v-e minutes in the rending. lie
sea oa was obviously welcomed as a relief.
A rieat ovin 'tur Tarv PLA.a.
Mr. Jeses at the close of the reatg emid:
"On behalf er the comamittee ow remohndoe I
more the adoption of the platform as reed."
This was mets by crie of "Noi." Mr. Neal ot
06io took the stand and raid: "As a represent
ativ, from the state of Ohio, appelind em the
enommittee on reeolutions. I gave notice of my
intration to present to thue convention an
amendment to the section of platform relative
to the tariff. I have been unable to eem
erientionsly agree with the majority of my fel
low member, unon. that section of thie platforms.
I, therefore, gave notice to the committee that I
would amove in oren convention to atribe est
all that section of the platform after the worde
denouncing the Me Einley act and to sabstitote
the fdlowinmg:
'We ceioe repubistan iwesettom an a
esmuare pater that the fedral inovrunsetas eeat'
tenlpewr to esure.s ad conet tarigf
thecto ianSs..hl ta tothe a
sewditte . te eravnsen and b--.li ad emomn.
There were crues'for WateSon from the gal
bries, amid much conta in.
a-n vairrneow armaze.
Mr. Watteraso was finely esorted to the
gataorm, where his appearance called forth
grent sppline. Ia his hand Mr. Watteen
held s hook. As he wanshaoot to speak Mr.
Mehan of New York attracted attentio by
eseingup heaidle iad sking hands it
Mr. attersua. Mr. Watstereo handed the
hook to the secretary and said that he demired
hefoer he spoke to have read an extract from
th desmocratic platform of 1876. The clerk
sead It. Mr. Watterson~at the close of thread
. imressiely maid: "This deeal.matin of
commeseto uwith the Inrems of the
wiedems of and the hondiction of th 'pii of
Mt saint, and sain o etmoy, hode 5.
The msentiem et Tildes's umewsgeated
wm lewd ohees
Ihe mhairemn pomded for order and Mfr
-m Jonee et the ----itt-- teek the plass=m.
3e maid. "I wish to any on behalf et c0 am
mittee em reelutioue that we aemept the amend
tss of the geatiema fromn Ohn'
Thi rn ------a we- ust dSmg
EDaged chase., Ohio and New York heag in
tha desammerb.. The eud of the sestense
of Mr. Jones was net heard. The verdb veee:
"As an addideon to ection 8" Mr. Watteras
-e forward. Be said the msaventism e t
la he insarmeda whether it ..t
adp the -m-e--- an a er to :tasek
b mnsa mil to e o4r.
Them we.e erlee et "No" aA ovaer hal
.nd we the chairma (Mr. Whaen) q
O m s the desire et th eemttee to me
espt te iabudmnt as n a ddiutem there was
efainand estme et *-o" n."3e
-rmss Jehmaem et Obe teak a the leenr
admed buthe aseed ie emm t f
Q-ee~ef a "GBeed'anm. ~ e
th bf e S u o
eer.m m isrhse
QQ~eune eM80e ,Q . at
'eoie. Tfbae i memM wasem
called "WVIO van ona - mm.- Mr. V81
tof tolad Amote of9W
lace ofpotse in behelfet *f
me.mbers ot a. delstplm whe d.is.4 to
"Im here, h sid, "ba Ry seio% m,
ad you haven. right to vote mean a Mem
of "rmem i ei r m
be -so ed a t he 8o veto
as a nit an all questions and he had em 6
vote in aseordenee wth Ahe txween of a mop
jority of the fdega aoter it had bee goesr
*dead that 49 o desedtevte in the ap
The roll ea wasabout to pressed, when Mr.
Owens of Kenteaky asked hew the state of
Pennsylvanin was recrded. dvised he
aid: 'In the aho of thaI w iemsoeB at
tention of the coaventien to the Aet tet New
York is stil democratic."
There were mingled ineme and blss, at fth
Then the cal of the rea proe--- 1, the an
mouncement being greeted with che
Tn eUnerrT.T ADoeVu1.
There was a minute of -ppose, Rd them
the ebek announced the vets-g6d eyes, 342
noes. The a-une-s- was gr-1ea with
cheering and waving of htei. A New Ya dae
gate oosed three cheese for Rery Waters.
mud ew York delegation gae themheartily.
Mr. Owens of Kentacky gt on aeheir and smid:
"Th country is stil democratie.
But the convention did n*o heow, as he had
probably expected.
T=E snVZRann.
Next cm* the second attack on the platform
-the opposition to the silver plank.
Mr. Patterson of Colorado said there was a
point of difference on the committee on resola
tions. It related to coinage plank and was em
braeed in the =ss of one ingle word, and the
substitute that some of the mesmbers fronm the
south and west offered consisted in a word of
eve let namely, the werd "free" before the
CoingeG mistake in conting was greeted
with jeer and laughter.
Mr. Patterson, resming, said be ted
this amendment of four letter (Oorre h
self), and the substitute as he would have it
read as follows:
WMom te ln W known as
the Shaaz riEte w mE
a.or atonas for isntrp
aof bh Re o thsovnto o amey
spectfu The aightdife
thes county wa ho id not.
Age reet of thh reaultc wee left ae
Mr. psttere. ecnfating wa interrupted
and he appealed to the convention for are
this conuty who did not.
Again there wene crie of "time." It us er
Ident that the galleries wanted the convention
to e down to -alloting.
haimrman quickly put the motica and it
was carried by a large majority-so large that
there was no division ased. The cLairman
then put the question on the ado I of the
platform. There were oedisn votes, but
Mhe chmairman declared the platiform otd
The shairman them announced that the nemt
uestion was the cal of the roll of states for
nominations of candidates for Preident.
At this the convention loudly cheered.
When Alabama was called a delegate named
Fenton juaped up in his chair and moved an
adjournment, bat, without heeding the motion,
the secretary proceeded with the call. Arkansas
ielded her plac to New Jersey, and, ammid
iheers. Gov. Leon Abbett of N4ew Jersey was
recognized and took the stnd to nominate
Grover Cleve He stood just behind the
dhairman's desk. a mn in front ofh
kad n so clearly that could be
mu great hell.
When Gov. Abbett named Cleveland the huy
rh et an hour before was renewed. The dele
lates sprang to their feet, many of them
mounted chairs, hats wore thrown in the air and
the noies of cheering was deatening. Nichl
an's banner was waved aloft spin. The en
thusiestic banner bearer forgot discretion and
iking the banner woes the asle daunted it in
the face of the New York late Gen. MSk
We resented this impertinence and denounced
is and he was joined by other members of the
Mayor Manning of Albany put out his foot to
bar the aisle where he sat and the banner bearer
fell. Michigan man were acroes the aide in an
insat and it looked as though blows would fol
low. Gen. Sickles said: "We in New York are
gentlemen and we do not propose to be in
"So are we," said a man from Mihien, "and
me know how to behave ourselves."
*"You cannot carry that man's banne across
here," mid lhlm, waIg his crute In the air.
"We propose to say who be our candidate,
and we do not want to have Michp ramming
Seir candidate down our throats.
Then a Mihigan delgate poured oil an the
broubled waters by saying: "The =an was told
mot to rmise the banner and he had no rt to
go over in the New York delegation foany
Dvent," and the conflic which thre-tm-ed blows
ame to an end.
One inconsiderate legae hoisted a bandana.
Dthers had umbrellas and ces in the sir, hate
mad handkerchiefs.
The cheering e-tined intermitingly for ten
minutes. The chairmen maceeded in pounding
Drder with his gavel and Gov. Abbett want cm:
Almost the neit sentence was, "Not ey will
he receive the support of every democrat an the
lad-." There were tries of "No" and
rannter eries of iTes" fron all over the hall.
tping a moment the repeated: "I
everydammorat," a etromg esaphasib
on the word "democerat.' point brought
lewn the horn..
At another - where Gov. Abbett
mm one cre,"Give as a democrat." btit
lid net provoke a demanei=mtln
When Gov. Abbest case to the review f e
maodern heroes of demeeracy eah was cheered
in modematon from BneseR to Does, but when
David B. Hilr'sname wee amentioned 'Ilmmmy
and the New York delegatin led a desmoastra
Mon second only to that which- Cleveland -me
had made. Mountg their chairs the New
Korhera led ace inarmy which found re
erizite momentarily in every pert ot the hell.
TNice the New York -e eat down, but each
ihe the cheering started anew and agan and
igain the Mrends and admsirers of New York
aroe to their feet. Amos Cumnawaved a
ihn around hie head. Jolly DititA
Bidgway's round face shone with em
Gen. Sicklee waved hie crutch high in the air.
Governor flower was waving a fan hihin
Bae air. All of the New Yorkers wereyeln
themselves hearse and the galleries were sp
bnete. t behind the eheramn Dr
Wakr stooda alone wavn a white
berchief in the faee of the enaentin.
Gov. Abbett was permitted to cnsias his
speech in comparative saee at 36.12 p.m.
A renewed ontbrnsh ot cheers took pince as
he sat dewn. The Miehiga==deegaiten hisleed
the Cleveland banner gan ad te mintes
uwror, en bendw al
above the dhn.
naimnse mta Tutwewim.
Rain begn to drip ia em the ehermnm's deck
and also begn to pear in en Bhe ladles elitug
at his rigt, sad embeeame we. pyt up for pro
teceties. The clhairman steedhi as -d but
It. The serte mv*edavoered t eseme
the roll eall. lighteing mseawhiewa
fsai' vvidly, and the terseatagi f Sereing
Belt wy a-mg thewot imnemed ,eisme
Ohlemndobeg reashed jidded te Bhe ete
ot New York. Mr. W. c. newtt of nheebly
med. hi way up ths ese t e m ~samser
Uesae hiamee wae e~ed eat by he is emk
Bet Sew Teck had as- $aed when B. prt
had pt, ine et hr eens wh wa .m and
devtdad ame s emt em emed
ess. anhems use Bee
L efenese ewasewexn.Dsit.
The esek then ssmed Be eel ef e re.
'Ehe ehirmnf e ibwdesenanndet s
Oemeesu sese--e- B. ==-a.net Guver
Gvnd The seE seemimed amm 34
nais wa ineih, wham A. V. Bies teek Be
pkefonem I. msend Qene-nlanofeteQ
When fodass walmed thes sme esa of
"Yeochts"hut W.N. .s Be
evhmes-.--. Ms..........
had been heended a- Mr. Veaas hm n
a S te e ee b
ea bled tohis seem e BMis e
he sen sle em met.~b
Ime me3eiM m &
tesk ssiasase assmnsme
e m mbUamme 4
C t b Y a n d sa s t e d . e m e , a sem s a
b a faisadf ao I
Mr. hsod e J. A. MEwl ti 4
easmd his -- e--- ad a sIends e Mr.
EAse had sseed Usury Waskm . 60 end a
his .a.m.. mw
ML W ma-, who u Is pmsmted neat, tk 2
an ptem. "I eemd the eAttn o I
esms Doles et Iolw" he =A &hem. "and g
beer 0-s to h truth of al t has been
maid of him by Ia Aemad nal sgbw, Judge
Ieaisimma was msst eaed, and A. Karamn
tok the platform amid gres by the sallenee
to egmn the nmination of Dale= The an
dism.. ove him a bad reespthem, but a respect
ful hearing for the few remarha which he made, c
When mascm was Oed Patrick A.
Coms took the platserm. He urged the con- I
ventio to head the voice ef t democracy of a
the Union. He was a democrat who was for sad k
not -ga" other desmofat. ti
I.i=*ota was called and annoanced that the d
almost un"6r demoeratie senient of that w
6te - -n-1 the ae trover leveland. C
Mr. W. H. Wallamosf Mieori in a dowery z
"aogsd ther old desacrney of
=i and ==tzn 1 the =dnoslouat If
Grover Cleveland. I
Montana being caled Mr. lara, from his C
place in the center ae, said Iowa?. favorite
Son was good enough for Montana. 1
He secoaded Bois.' nonation,
New York, a its name was caNed in its turn, C
asked through cGo. Slower te be passed for the a
who "ame to the plform U
saidP~nmYivai%% democrats bad sent their
ro sno demands, to indulge n
nno idle threate and to eatend to The des.
omab assembled no empty promissa second
=olto my an th S te
nomines. When the P11n Hancockfell no a
shot from en y a trek him. Von 6
give him your vote?" a New York &- n
eg asked. a
"We gave him as many vot s the Seate Of C
Now York," Mr. Heasel replied. He closed b
seelmthe nomination of Cleveland. Mouth o
! , the door, seac-a-1 the nomina- g
tion of Boise. Tennes=ee, ihough Mr. G. W.
Ocha, econded Cleveland. g
Texas seconded the nomimmaem of Cleveland. e
Senator Daniel at Virginia was received with j4
Applause a he m e to The tfor to re'
Znd for hgd6He said =responding to W
demando nely half the demoerata of Vir- a
ginia he seconded the nomination which had re- o
ceived the solid support of the empire state; fi
that candidate whose history for a quarter of a M
century had been the progress of democracy In u
Now York; "that fearless, upright, straight
forward, unadulterated democrat, David B. a
HiLD." ri
nean oocznAx's iaorse. U
Be went right on, though -regardless of eat
caDs ad cries which almost drowned the sound
of his voice. As the interruptors of Daniel's
grewmore and more vociferous
urke Cockran took his stand in the center
aisle and raising his hand aloft said: 0
"r. Chairman, if this mob cannot be t
Silenced, and if New York cannot have a hear- ,
Ing i convention she is ready to leave it."
excitement which this declaration caused
brought about a temporary calm, and the I
ehairman, knocking loudly with his gavel, said a
he regretted the confusion, but it was not the a
delegates, but the occupants of thejaleries
wiA were creating the disturbance. was T
followed by aries from all parts of the conven
tios to clear the galleries.
Bogers of Arkansas reminded the convention
that t was a "deliberative body" and not
the Fifty-Ire Congress of the United States.
Mr. Owens of Kentucky same up to the plat- a
form and moved an adjournment until today at
11 'olock. h
The chair ruled that a motion to adjourn was IL
not in order while the call of states was in a
rge. Mr. Cockran called attention to the h
tin 1884 an adjournment was had while r
nominating spesebaes were in progress. n
The chair maintained that he had made his I
ruling on information received from those fa- 1
miliar with precedents. to
Mr. Cochran: "Then I appeal from the de- n
cision of the chair,"
This remark was greeted with eries of t1
Mr. Collins of Massachusetts made the #oist Z
of order that as Mr. Daniel had the foor no
one could take him off it to move an adjourn
ment. f
This it being sustained Mr. Daniel re- U
=aed baddress and was listened to in
John Goode of Virginia followed in support &
at the nomination of Cleveland. .
Washington state sent Its first greeting to a r
democratic ecavention and neconded the noa- .
inasion of Cleveland and promised to east its v
vote for him next November.
West Virginia, through Gen. St. Clair, see- b
ended the nomination of a winner and a demo- 0
arat, David B. Hill. [Cheers.] 61
Mr. Martin, from o same state, seconded 4
Mr. Davis of West Virginia added that nine- a
tenths of the democracy of that state favored
Mr. St. Clair rae to pro agelnt this state- f(
ment, but the eavenon woul not hear him a
Wiscnma seconded Cleveland. J
Mr. Bourke Ookan arose in the body of the a
hall and mad New Y he understood, had a
been ad t was the desire a
of his ehe should ay few word. a
He fet physay unable and asked as a favor
an adjournment till 10 o'clock today. This wase
amet with loud cries et "No."
Mr. Cochran said: "Mr. Chairman, if there is h
was threatened with an invasion his dsegton i
had asked him to nta plain statement of
the political theUIS~ire. Whatever the!<
genvention decided the dmcayof Now g
Yesh eaid not be dislsyalif it ]ol.~er. I
D eleas from other stats knew r.Cleve
land onyas the last desmocratic Presld.nt.
Thir memo=ries of him were doubtless grateful ,
ones. In the lest flour yearn he had known
little of him ezeegt through an oosos let
ter. Nut in New zerk the Geveland democracy
is the last four yearn was onipoeed of the men h
ever whose prostrate belle. the desmocratic
to the demnoermey. h
mAKIe was nauAr. o
lteally it was ordered that balloing should s
The Wis 3aese.
SThe hi esthalt resulted as follows: o
.. ........................ ~ li
........................ - - b
........................... - l
............................I - - (
.............. ..... ... - -- 61
......................... - - - 1
....................... -
......s............... .. --
~~~~.................... -
.......... 31 -
...... .... 3 --
im d's 0 .. be T a s
.....an. O....e as Valeofa bef. t . S
- r mserand.
71mdo hasss -----aas and els adt
d eagemdp and As doe V64e
Then lr. Upsher====mmwa dta
hinged bar Vale to vte t Cc =
lewsn Of mEastahy ammaushea a aohnge $a
ovao bam r state, mUfing, it clsvand
=ose %; Omend 2.
- eat vle o da te.sa rk about
kenseslty of aty and was esgating "
baer. move yoe, ir, "t relsa be nip
ade-" wha te ubuirasan
ia with the --n===-ne e t hoses o
Mr. Neal-I was gon to move eAt Ow
miss be sapeaded drover Cleveland be
MAde es nmise f this aonvention byes
voursafar ]byem&
Mr. Danisl of Virginia was romgissd by S
hair and said in : "On behalf of the die.
amic from which eame km divided
at which shabll go me and on
I every loyal and true hearted demooat who
Iavs te great party that bear. the banner 4f
yopse I oe yoen ir kow that one veic
all econ fro 161 c~vnt nld that
ery ton shal utter the words Grover
leveland that leader in this -." {TM
The toake una.nimous the vote as
e nomination of Mr. Cleveland was carried
ith about half a doaen nos, which' ware
reeted with hi=e
The chair said: "Thaesave it and the
motion Is carried."
Thee were loud cries for Flower and Bourke
kran requesting them to move to make the
amination unanimous.
In response Gov. Flower stood up in his chair
ad said: "We from New Yosh move to ake It
Mr. Cookran-"The motion is to make the
atnasionn unanimous?"
The chairman-"Yes"
Mr. Cokran-"ere having been some ea
mssions of diment in the igborhood at this
ll to te motion which was put by the chair,
Ad as norol was esled I desn it my duty to
ate to this convention that on the motion to
ske the nomination unsnimom the vote of the
ate of New York, in fill submaission to this
invention, was east in the affirmative."
This statement from Mr. Cookran was re
dbed with tremendous yells from both dele
ites and audience.
In the confusion Don M. Dickinson of Miohi
a moved up to the front and shrieked at the
mair: "I move you that this convention do ad
urn until 2 o'clock this afternoon."
Mr. J. H. ihIelds, chairman of the Iowa dele
tlon at 3:45 am. was recognized by the chair
id said: "Mr. Chairman, in behalf of the state
Iowa I wish it understood that the delegates
om that state voted unanimously in favor of
aking the nomination' of Grover Cleveland
The announcement was received with great
kthuslasm. Dickinson's motion was then car
ad tmanimnnely and the convention adjourned
tl2 p.M.
he Prneiples on WhIch the Party Appeals
to the eanastry.
In the platform adopted by the demoeratio
mlvention at Chicsgolast evening allegiance to
ke principles of the party as formulated by
efferson and exemplifed by his successrs
rom Madison to Cleveland is reaffirmed. Op
onition is expressed to federal interference in
leotions and the federal elections bill is do
ounced. The tariff plank reds:
We denounce the "eu a protection asa fraud.
be labor o the a man of the A e dr.o peu
ea i for the of the few. We declare It tobea
ndamentel prtncipe of the democ ratic pryte
n federal o t as no e tutton9%U
1poea and clettrznieeop ~ u
a we demand t thcol
oflimited to the necesties
the goverment when honestly sand economically
The McKinley law is denounced as class legia.
tion and the efforts of the present House of
spresentatives to modify some of its features
-e indored. Reciprocity Is claimed as a time
)nored doctrine of the democratic faith. The
ciprocity advocated by the republicans is do
unced as a sham. Trusts are claimed to be
me natural result of protective duties, prevent
gfree competition. The republicans are held
be guilty of giving away the public lands to
Alroads. The silver plank reads:
We denounce the blican legislation nwe
e Sherman act of as a eowardly makeit
wuatm With ~t Of dange inth tu.
t pushul Jack r ioftesupot aelm
Ithor andious for Its speedy hoe. bold to the
me of Itotb irold and silver as thesadard money of
Hkcountry and to the L-oins" of both miuld and silver
ubout discrkninatn atainst either metal or char
W mintaire, but the dollar unit of cotsgof~t
stala =t be of equal intrinsic and excaEah
neor to be adjuste tugb Internatio nalagree
ant or by such safeguards or lIsltion as awI n
Te the mainteance of the parit of the two metals,
Ld the equal power of every dollar at all ti-e=.lmboh
arkets and In the payment of debts. and we
ar cenc sha kept at wIt
t ~such evn. We insist U l=hi ot
afor th protection of the
a, asdthae ais nd moet defensees
CiM of unstalemony nd fuctuating currency.
The repeal of the 10 per cent tax on state
ink Issues is recommended. An honest civil
rvice, free from politics, is indorsed. A for
epolicy free from blster and at the
tivation of friendly relations with o na
one is urged. The national government is
ked to interpose in protection of those sub
cts persecuted in the dominion of the czar.
Ish home rule is given sympathy. Rid en
ircement of the anti-Chinese immgi tion acts
Ad the alien contract labor law is demanded.
ast and liberal pensions for disabled soldiers
re favored, withan honest and impartial ad
inistration of the pension bureau. Improve
ent of the Missiappi is favored. Congress is
ked to help the Chicago fair. Liberal appro
riations in the several states for the public
hools are urged. The admission of Ncw
exico and Arizona as states is approved. It Is
mId that the oficeials appinted to aminister
me laws In the territoisand the District of
olumbla should be bona ilde residents. Laws
i proteot railway employes and othere en
mged in haaardous Industries are favored. The
sweating" system, coen convict labor and
seepomn fchildren factories are all
mou aand sumptuary laws are opposed.
ridf gkteh at the Man Who Will Again
Lead the Demoeeratie Essess.
"Grover. Cleveland's luck," or "his star,"
ive been terms which men have used in speak
g of a career which shows amany sharp con
asia and which Illustrates the possibiltties that
sen up before amy American eitieea,hrowever
amble. In the comparatively short interval
E if toen years fromn an obscure lawyer he roe
.ecssvely to be aheif, mayor, governor end
reident of the United States. There is yet
anding in the little town of Caldwell, Essex
inty, N.J.,s..nt two-and-a-half story frames
velling, In which Grover Cleveand was been
t March 18, 1887. His Lather was a Presby
risa clergyaman with a large familly and a
ml inecomne. Grover irs the fif th of nfbe
rather. and sistgem. The familly is of Yamee
lock, and Grover Cleveland's ancestry dates
ask to the early setlers in Coneastient. Whsn
rover was three years old his ftewith his
moe yway of the river andeasel to
~ e, N.., and here the boy was sent
th district seheol till ha was feurten years
f Thiem the bmily moved agan to the
[ aetna Uties, where after he had
renshed three mermons the father sihemd
led, and the ehilde we scattered.
fIten years ot ags, went to New Yosk to
Is brother Williamn, who astendi.r la ab~
united him byvirtue of the sl ut
amin th oft Gveh andbsred Wiha
iv dellom In hi ektfor the northwest.
On hi h beto e e ma wad who
mlIes a aaqe y a.
mN er smriw
idehai yese4t wuls
1rmmse Ser th ha s4t
4n h A
id t -
owe -
=me" at etesa As. 'Nowh
V109 ahm hea-le sds, ns wesm
M*sk"m.T... ei ..e... h.m ..
30 .AT 3Mr. -memiMe .
brerst " a am b the mas
in asmD g .- ar h ee 4e mlsa M
Pusing his a omele" bisfthe Was ato
MeinoA! iNab INL. i~w
et the Eat a= Ye K me b y the *M
*9 VMS i no n the Cosis IAr di
Foeswing In a emnpleta IM of One sesebers
at the nadoad omrniee as ussd by the
Various da-g-a- In .vmton yeiday:
AbAma. Renry D. Clayton; Ara.=., N. 1.
Rss; Calfornia, - ; Colorado, (arles L
Themal C-anno, Chearles Frech; De.
wars, - ; Ploarlds, Samd Pase; Georgia,
- ; Idaho, Frank W. Bases; I.lino., Ben T.
Campbel; India, . P. menb Iowa, Col. F.
. Biehrdson; Kamas, Gen. (harles W. Blair;
en .--; Lo-m-a, James Jefris;
mi Arur Sewel; Maryland. om. A. P.
Gormas; Machuett, Josiah Quinoy; Kidi
J..Pt .ontana, A. J. Das; N.
braka TobsCastor; _NevAa, - - Now
Hampahire, Alma W. Sulloway; Now Jer
MY. -miles fs;. New TquIL William F.
'eehan North "-'*l''., M. .
Unom; North Dakota, W. C. Listeon; t)bio,
Calvin S. Baio.; Oreon, . D. MKee- Penn
syvn Ii:F. Harty; mmi liw
' bon. Carolina, n L DoUsboa; South
Dakota, _; Tecunesee, Belae- L ar
Texas, 0. T. TatR Vermon
Weat viria -; son"utn Hoa. L. 0.
Wahl; Wyoming, -; Arizona, Cbern K
Shannon New M.iNo H. A. urgason; Oka
T. . N. Dicarn 0.; Utah, .. l A.
M; Ditria of Colbia Jamem U Norris;
ask., A. ,L Delamey.
NOWAS DOWLING aSOX. Aacta.. 61223g. a V.
lt WN se .
Efo" ** A -l-eve"
AT OUDof al00; al
um ash ochaer.
deposit o . 100 req-re at U'., of a. All o sey
ale.da THMSDWI&SN. Austs.
RAI.I CL DARC & 00..a.
OscA somBAos.. 'NAME
1NAT fLit~ TIA AD. X'
byvia ofadead of Ps p In Libs, al
No. i folio . e an records forI
mtliof Oolut%.:id at te wittle requVA
OT t e partet esuuder by.ed
RutI ofer for~slet oto f ensei
*at HNL.*AS4 T Ph at
"18MV bei1d real estate: All 1M60 nu1bt 91
to. ) i setiou a Aube three of DRm b
*&rms of Oneal, as th, residue In mse and
two yrta 6 nperso=. pasb.1e se-I- a
'114.. onrc 0 hie
eooan cash at be osim of the purcaser.
t 00i"pf iaO dco:=?=* at e f ls If the to
tp Fc we no with In Afe, days r
from, the day of **l" the *nistees reserved the right to6
r~lth pro atthe cikamcs of the qul
pipasr ~Ir Ave ds'avertlsment =ruc
COMA=~ffn Pubin.eus~isci
noe puohasm, AM WIOMT.
________ ____F__ THSN ING. 71
~iotovivro romoroofoffoffofoofoffbe
A? &SLODAN. Auctioneer. 1d4M G O. t
TWENT .ITz. IN& bOxxiNCIiG AT til
THOMASDOWuLeN & O.ko..62g W
Parlot Furnltja'e Walnut. IL T. and Oak Chamber
1 712n, nQ6and oiddan
~i~itu boo.u~e a1*3 =r~ y~h~L
Wrw . oew Hair stresase. SukadCto. 2%
B.* h~sEjPIoa W..Spre &ad Of
T~ ~~~ satreas..hars
In hams,0. several Harm&0Carlaus HIn.ho
For U,? A. gove1agent twoHfossx and one Mule.
J823-26 TH MAB DOWLING & SON. ul. i
SHOW C)ASER. sic. as
Marion- Harlaid4
Royal Bakin
[.me kem Mia R3mffs L~ i
AIM & SlAaN. A---M LW GO.
00 W
0- A W
9 .4 . we
ATIS D & SWAN. Aneb. 147Get. . w. ..
L, 0. 'i AL -Ato IEP.
Brte. betwe 1 i . dathd by.0~th d.
K1 O DA i L ..
4K er A. D. t8S aa4 duly .I iber No.
M 2S11 .ner ort the r as
mut of the premilsee PtDTSls3~~IAI(
2'RTR. ..ie AT t0er*tm... "
the t"owing dred A e- i
0 city of Washlngto Ditict afi~ to wit: to
t numere lift) -bl ()C VOLqW3ohn~p
A NCoteI DrS
Ibdi,. th..h f ah. .
b dl of R bqae ate en-a- undse ds
ed (111). fro AD 23 nIrt u.
a &arae a about 921 for" I* afee
peACMFE.o 2DB s00.el... .e...
dJ al nM. b E in of
Fo yers. Wi . e.
my re'and recording at prbrs ost. A p
of will e req o a a"'
t ATLIe. oAf ode..e a.t.R
Mm day. foma day of Clothe frmeumr"ae
put toremelthe propetaste risk MAmiVONt 49 0
aulilu=a Purchaer.
0~ao ads.A. a.aDG...
Reon e. "
%NOMAd DOWLING k SON. Aact... 612 2. . a
W~.b Y . .. we will to f CO
by.avnu Ra i So9 V alley. ba
ote b anN~om2-starv and t'masyst brick th,
ey elr fdb~lucn let, being lot #e9quate&
outyt beWe f=3 inff on2J ot.Weo L
=.3W'1*1~r'mx311u~mh PAJ;T SIx tt
KLd P.. U AME DAY we willisea infromt Of la
*wst~e ~t i.sqare 24. tresting 55 test 9 ich~es eb
ttte a)rh idq t Nss nartbwest Ijetweem Jttb
.425th streetby a dept f lOteetto aft4ot alley.2
tproved by a comnfortable frains dwelling known as
a.. so. 2411 K street northwest. The tWtl to
ch It lawbeen reported good by do
n o b ohe tela
uleat me of aeds cn each viece of property.
)UMCANDON 3305. Lu... U . f nLW.
zusE v aEW o ALPnmfvzD PeopEETYr oNx
By irtas o two deeds ofGrutS.wof - a
5 et seq- and 17tm..ih o efd 0=
te Dlcs ci -04, ~ ~ate volmta
the paie sue hrb.we aP
9 T zTY-70O3~ D 0F A.
rIotbe re 1I mdli a ork un
=dwc -Ir the north rof ct em osmbim
azvl 'andtrsn goet Dme eeibm m
Cl t e n w in ed s o -as id l dw ell- *
onerI oask. balam in two eqa runwumI
0, two and three yer.With iir t a
red m 0~prysm.I !~.tpi~t
-Abr eot fWO fhrqs sih e
Endorsement -
g Powder.
be tie Legaln3aum Powd4 oma
eOAS DOWLEkj & 05 Aa... g2..t.
tb w.. ti ~met b)
totso .t~ RALF-AisT anX
.se i . iw..IM.
T W Ny. C,. R T-I
uled the Co .t .
lOOt le yuter I wbioe&r
IB..M-- ba .-"-to
mm~~the Dgatyt . 1..mbia.. eete
o ebr - buis lot a pemium the
Tm t em'
t of Po.pe. ..v-. to m.
.wwt. u.. c.
tep. wes. r: Y... =&m! -
e' r .!.|||v r mbrk*
. mg."***. ed i C th
.=tselt. !e"'e 4 -1 1
lat t .r Beatt .t f.. r .I.
"b.. ls. .iSod . T ft
SfT ~ Ira bra, ;,
..t.m a ..9! th tbm. G. ..et ..Mt.
t==bw.ou Itlos
awnhia" aa
totsatmm e sa mjwocd y Oa teme draw,
am, a coamme . C. 14tgM.
AO 611 (?CLO 3. .. Q. eI at to b
mty ee qtiarfo t he- aoduit )eod t the
' h: " o road - E omos a.
e. 2"* ., teaoatdb
iErf~ tnef~3wthoftedf ftI 1. thouei
;Ube Peft o
tragri E M t Ihe= ;
PIS"Cove to Cathne
~4 ag enamedLbe 7L at.5.c Ste
1ta NUTe. endmm tWC tlead do" 2.el7
Cme b ofuedb the Dstric at Oukm .is oebel
ats. at a a 1 0o~ey .w l . a6 pepl's
=Atb tmbo.Y==t eeoSu)r sehmd Soe&
3 ILL= I. or an0. . a t sm
J~33SL T. to -us~ With
aa UT
20FEM im "h MMe
AN5 SAC ml. I'De, Ath eeeh m
WI.xit mLegmohn 4
at o or hisObbot 'nbu em
=WAM8=11= at. am. fof ear. I& v C~
Sin m.scr.
111 tbe Goldt 1 h
'"In* at
dm4.1 Otwo mai bthe am Sol
D ysm th e o wer T a bea sL O
(1"m *eOwondr t m s or h. a w VII1 s
I at the eCd teat man
Itai Sawit east $&as
ofval w It tsin a~ b. grm anv.l~.
Sl t a se l mm.iiot uewtiaaeeq
the Wqabaahme?3owii& ..rall -set. at vio.
epal."of lbe putbaee. A am5l V4 lawt ,w i I hI It.
iiten te.' Sb. puwhavo at am "a Saao. 4 .1
eemw~r.~ am metuinal at Sb. .. .4
4 4aw a e Ill" W"bw Uall~ wiTv114
Iay ide r4 wm toe at t waa" ild r-v the*
CKAII. AL 3Ultt.
ofm a W& C :t '
A .4Aow
ownr~ t howatate Jll W Im . VU.= &
I(um 016w' 'wiaIht
Taum: cans.an
KATCLWFU DA& aO av AULto._ -a~
t virtiv ofa ad..edof troadl) raa ,lrd-l? in 1
1fWi. bill Jo "4 qwm .4 th i- t...4la t tia
I I'%?A~tbl1~ T"I a * S. Wtt
la~ V~w~isflat tpw.. lawli4.55
. L-4A vMU~iiTimol.
FAOTH ILK 4A1 " AT1 8%1uct..skwo
l;gXTTTn - ohr, ItF ALt. U(
fifAu- - T T '144.4111S 4. too
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RN.l4 1111altoLUn it; tL . Itvi & % IV-11Aes
UMTT-Talftio "ARitT WWA. . I aW
P.i c PY A
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t-wey ZZ (Ki L.e W-l wtao go, g&. isv
a dtw . .l at 11W dt .' tl.t, i
lim tlarrhli- 44 at .. mheS t e.. ra-ia -of
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?3N i lt -1 44y . tookwil pol~l aI l.. ow .t.
al"Ipal m aw''.I. th ix iiw. -.4 * P.M- T~ Utow a .
11-24IiA. -W Shwaw.'ld oa l"El illd taw .lq
Wo-.wi ee~. Di". m alaIh isur. tua &wsi a ale I'
po.Wuqeft..s 14. meid~a . ie ile odW ~ dlhbP
Sith ~ ~ a 1.4.w ro,".~mq
oi4 ly v Iii mtk satill hmm of t m. amA.i
dik Wth? 11,1ar ,* etv auttlr d ie at arnie Inerg
vr111enur, . t ' itismUta a isp afiatil d coiaa
swuSod bi. a dlodor . a .h
TUON-Aw DOWLIN &N)U. ae. at I t a
BlM f to h~ 1'irar I NS En KOr ereosip Im *A-vTO
""W ehi, "em ao .-rw. o to '(aciaes t at t live
TJINE.I DOWAN at 11TVF elAw*P. Olt9 a.4
ak ht 341.4f a 4; T~ e tI ' = w a ofd " in
of hhcwnthimeo Wmi loll %g..et ae
ah isr 0 o. l~al usnii ti tb nolala
~ of which amid lot 13L f..W too uq.s
aihfliall f el. . . .ointseMryit ~itsrl et ?3e
ma tuha mm w ltar eat Ji ofsai &A eli m
Tsi 4te I- W .Fin eall . difth e amid bea a
butec~mlt wthm. deoar. h -tl
064t 41M arbif am& ~~ am ueat
iu174Akf RuuETr. TADuk r .e
1110 73 o me.. uoae a "Ie cm ea.
selu d. m at 51*. valqiualo the
pm erreowridtilitlv-. we wrilt ml. in fti. th
PrNL A. tb. 111111. AT I1%* (i'tIiAtK P5.a11
hiam VOI ltausi Is W~ .-Ity ufW .
ai otquAr. ulrad kc.hir.t and oolost
was d ass~ . ma-ihu e~l~~ 4195~a
of wil Wea --b tinyIma in"I v?8 tei i u lottim

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