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ATES esehpeitfll, UMy Sahnbet. rn CM.
am.. writes:
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The eslit was a complete eure. @iare then I hen
setemrmende th medirtue to ames amd alume wsth
?a*spd by Dr. . C. Aher C.. L NWSfL M.
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lowbwn uwd fovr over FIFTY TYANS by MAL.OWS
INGi with PrIECT srCc12. It S00&TH3 Ow
C1R7F WIN4D COLIC and is the best remuay gk
DIAREHIk. . I14 by druwtaas tn every prt of the
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Brneral IRON DITE.
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McRnew. We take aeceml ot dsteek Thus.
tcEnuew. day. June. M Ork-taknay time
McEv.w. Lericartng-up tr.e. Those with
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3tko.w. any a neroel to appene it. A
McKaw. aumber atesaormary burgain
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McKa-w. Imken Iots. akaw-nslng lines.
Mrnew. A, ask narA soc will be cloeabe
McEnew. fore Thursday at Aiesleealy
Mr Emew. low pices.
McKfew. All Parsae have been .educed
UM nw. one-half.
MclEnuw. ttoch-a.kingr rsductios have
Mcinew. been nade *ain Si. Wemyes
lrEnew. Waists. Underwear. Gloves,
Mclnew. arefe. enmury. Neiatn0 Drw-6
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Mcnew. trale and the prepratiomn for
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Melnew. pan a it of "im today.
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McEa w. BwlaSr Suls, i both navy blu
Mckew. and black, at #10.
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THE "Bwr- Buz
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931 F 8,. N.W.
T..oW AWAY Y.U. Co.umre.
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Cu Whether tis be true or at it h
ebm110e tha anl the PrenMnt'% most intimati
ef eds are to be 1,und in the ranks ad
2d E D I IO N 01so oppsitio $*the prahrgovernor.
Nikel to be over the nomi-anfee for
XTH E UNC HA L DAwhoelt oe Mr. L. N. Walke and John W.
Coons, both of Indi-anli, ar e ..aa.a.
THE TEXAS LAUNCHED w.uelaacih r eaihe
There has so far been but little talk about the
platform, but it will probably ecetain little o1
an unusual character be 4 a vigoroe de.
The e"myNf the ne tax .
Yad This M ning. *** 530*35* E'ER HEL-.
111111 ~J~flJ CRIIU ..I te..e..
UM CEROWAT, ouso, June I.-The work of
the ntional eonvftion of the probibitmo.
paty practically opened today with a meeting
Tomorrow's Prohibition Convention of the ational committee. Chairman D"
of Ann Arbor, Mich., presided. The primary
at Cncinati.object of the gathering was the mae
at Cininnat. lif of temperary er. for the convention
proper wich amenie tomsorrow in'ls
maimna. Cincinnati mus.hll,but them
REPUBLICAN CLUBS MEET. d to if to roti ad
1WVxes or T69 Taueofacli"t as s o
Th possible in advance the prooewdlns of wa
=y be the livet national conventon
lryatea Oyr To d todaAS.y by the prohibittonihta.
Tfhe robtlonlt expres confideance ti
The risee Rogue Shp of fte Now Navy C obje this be the lgath onvention ever held
m" to Wav they ofe making erfo thoe th move
Ponisor, VA, June IL-The Norfolk met a boom. aTemlel I which the
navy yard and Constructor Facis T. Dow conventih will be held is the place in wie.
haveneme a signal trinmph inate moeefu ancock was nominated for the presidency.
n or it has a ating capacity of nerly ,0a, with
blegeps on the nage for about 00 persaoas.
today. The scene, in spite of a an raln The building has been decorated for te o
which faen during the entire forenoon, byon with bunti, ot -rm of
w a mot animated one. About 1,00M ps- stes" an ep re o n charte
tatora mer in the yard and C r many more che s might be e d in a prohibition co
wove on sateamersa tuph ad the venheon,--nd-a-ftw-of which are not oomp .
osite ahore of h ri Tading e a to the ing olntiy ,
onichfe unching toei erected fhro he T ac about 1 dlteoin tof at
lanhn ltomwere Miss Wdge Houston pri~est and several special train* are on their
Was ofsTes a and her mother, r . W- way. Fourtee a lads of a aater
hams. Lieut. W. & cowa. the private amn a oe epct from the Paificn andbthe far
were oa r s, oaht wand t. The Ndew whic tion will come
ocsinttn, on En ign ~n a body, bue wi rb y arrive on the
P4usof the ny pround very It.Tesouthern deleates are
The red, whis and bloue crdr holding the coming in wtteringly and some o the fr
bottle of wine wer tied to a staff mounted by southern aates Will not be Well rer te
a tar emblemnic of the lone star Msate. At There sn a good deal pc work go re on andin
11-16 o'clock the signal Wready" ayF giver the numeroud deleoations almost every idea
Kim= Wilis, ttering the words, " e advaced with eene to then arty can
christen thee Tasn," broke the bottle be found to have some apporteri Te prsi
P- wines n th bow of the noble gre dental nomination is being fought over
intrted- It wa just forty-six =e=u fo the A"d the record of Gen flBidwell, who
Thme the botle wa broken tht the Texas the oi the choice of the leaders In being
bteding in the stream o arm ma land battery, overhauled, by his opponent* to ;ho; that he
ive minutes later soe m moosred to her whAt h would not b dea strong candidate. Gen. id
:iere o'ee thnnotable personsdy" and well in the man on whomn thse opposed to Mr.
hr e Tvnrf ar rkeested by Demorets candidacy wish to concentrate, and
Ax or seven members of he staf, to block the is the purpose of the charge
winne ~ ~against him. The Demorest boom baa the ad
Taed It 2" wa jHIP. fryVantage e organidaof an o p w, onth
The Toas iA first battle ship of the new ago, when hitte thought m a griento It except
savy. A simple shot can totally disble a by its friends. This isa application of new
-ndimn but the armored battle ship has much methods in th prohibition party and, though
pester endurance and wan tae ther Mr. Deorst hea secured a mater of ote
1the fire of heavy use, kowi nt an the leaders my that he is, because of pror
ithale of the ship ar riepocted by armor. hariti. unavailable s a candidate.
i cruisers armor is ofiacfd to speed and Te principal raised in favor of r.
a endurance, and nDemorst seems Te that he willsubscribe
Thue T the rtey liberally to the campaign, but the rohibitio
rem bo ermhre bae sh a leades aod want a - who will a wen as a
a to armor and armament, two speaker, ad Mr. Demoreat, theyeo so far " to
mov lrg goa n arredan d loading . it would be necessary to saaway until'
MdviN h crew and gub oin pr t cte the campaign is over, so that he could not make
tas mmedate destruction by rmotedb arr peeces, av i a da
= Ite to tak4art in hotly cone
t where bws and stubborn e pri L rCAN CLU S.
aduraeran e wi win the day. The battle
hip differ to the monitors in carrying Ceaventoef the NeW e e prohbat
he hevy Sam high shove the water, so that Rchesoer.
bay can be admr all ordinary weather at se, pecar,nd, N. D., June 26-The state ow
mece w tw and tone breechheco-n
arin numerous aran ventbon of the league of republican clubs o
is o t e i commodiou quar today about noon. Mayor Curran, after prayer
a for the crew. The monitors heavy guns welcomed th delegates and President cAlp-a
an be wed in rough water and only a delivered an addres which mm much
w of the omant rapi-re gun can be Ltter were read from work M e a
Wie. Hon. T. 0. Platt. A letter was also read from
The Texas h a prominent pteon in the President Harrison, who that othr
ee oant the now nevy. The majority engagements prevented -Teng present. H
of the s laid down prior to the Texas wr referrtin to the action of rep Chicago convention
irr or le rew.oductionstof heavy gu n regard to the tariff and expected the repub
mantnelbs to be active in upholding the do
Md hed cruisertr were rtoddfeoeeGine of protection to American workmen.
r e offered a prim of 100 for After the appointment of committees e o
werelopmten ofv the neOny-h ajoiyeggsetspeetdhs
he p d design or rioer veseL vxe ndo took a reces until 4 p. o.
These s ptruction of the Texas mmn athorired
ty an sEt ar Cogre s approved August3, 1886, T E e tbLICN COldinthe
mad a circular embodying the conditions of the no et o rn r n
Mrofetn. the principal r fquie ,ent an r a.poi t Ab t O Now Chairmt at the
lat was ised August 21, 1886.
Numerous designs were submitted and in the
af 1857 the board of naval experts The rearganlatica of th republican na
&an ydeided that the best ma that tonal committee and th somewhat unusual
mbmitted by Mr. Wan. John, an English naval Interet attending it were talked about quite
mrchiteet of the highest reputation, who has re
isenly died.
The some set of Congess authorized the wer disposed to be cautiou and reserved in
auilding of the battle skip t a navy yard and what they oad, it mm plan that the Harrison
the Norfolk navy yard W selected. At that m felt Gen. Clarkson and he friends had
ime it wan en"y locking in the meania acted in a reprehensible aner, while the anti
W"Msa~a~ 2, Wnecessary facilities -ofa arso
were ttlyinexperienced in baui' steel amahbiyto ytelas Tefein
hIps. Muc thme wmas ecessarily occupied in btentetownao h at eat
miraing the alens of a plant and in organ- dnintbe iiae yteeet ted
staig aad-lueiructing the workmena, and itm wag h ainlcmitemeig
mot until June 11, 189 ha h Are he 'pate rio h i ntcr oeqoe
At te prsen lim th worinanhipt th hmi to Tai rersntat e toaythat the
cfoneyyrisuupee.TelrsThplie thigorthm en .on the repulnan con
atlahy-bebitwtecnmandi.t oad otee d the Prsent'sa enosul
atchfeelnatio thed wasito tdasWie williyand
The U 5.6Tm s a teelarmoed, w erlowe es edts beuns take tere own
crewsecnd-lm atte ah Of6.1 t watngethsd for wasnplint the main
m ipaeet e rnia ieso semmnot frst time Carkhairan the finathad
comitee ia phanopose hema, who gthe d
HarriConrnacn thought Chershonl have been
I4W~nd. te~h reeeted, Itabbmy the sy tie leasthe istoryng
isdne~acrsts si. 5tes tetwecenmtetw weng of harn s staed
Themen eaft il betwnt-twfetdnty that iew. dIpte by texetardind-y
ingbewe nyu butSStn foa, thes shounldcom avtte en
A arsitoh mutsecnsem11me~ ~ n ahan yioldin oer th e qute
At he aste se t pe ed os=evtee th 'si to Tw Sa rereetae todae seetiot the
fofa any mardse atnsrpknot. The largunke pthe himn. frThe Prsennth natinall wante
attl sg en b buil aitional tndi. amante who had n ther'- nomi' nait
awntoonte o tw tweve- an-eto he wnasp and aside williingl n
Te .. te i tw treten rahored,wneothPridt' edsomakthron
ehenothesbodsieathohr aterQ themeno dpo tohea much
nthpotsigefra.,hvn oepse aout teeorha ma nothe mmittwho gths
~ rnon ateir re spetv siete on . when ae sout it by tedb
Theenea daftwinbe weny-to fet imaon th atovid Ithwak er ampdinar
~eeeen tarye paot de wt s ein, that b thePre siodno he blae.n
gthernimae onge mou~vnt rard kndts, g t's wishe f nin h sme soe ther brihtlyo
r ,80n s a t ten dknta Thow i a bsernO the -imn erma=. ar. all i and
ite en ts woesn e h anin'esd ~ thi-rnk he. genemoa. l s
mtehe l ewrhvn osit aoudt the estember" of the comittee.i
Thegsee -htheir aspui sid the niae. Wha aedreneI buht b Tin ar
ipnd ad fortre-on agmadfr y man the eao sad "Ibe t tr. national
wis Sou theN- arse; us whsinu omite foreside fobrct
Gtigmeatoth deks bosndseniei. n oo i dnt ak "reI
as oedotessu I " ,bowe ""Sb why oaer me aantdmt e a ~s.n
uraend two onenc side. A ston r bow as d' tea.tono
dde te he ofeiema pe'e. --eusd "Whenl 1mw him stedymorn
Foer Wagsh, Ise, JaneoM.-i~he r.Ttus... pisteei."
Cssain; s ty AAISTee T iE delss3. anr. dopnt IM*tel abiaa e t
tevsam h avn~npeis ob italetod at whnhi aesrtht Ite ua tes
in tth leegstn eqt mt e sillg h Phiet's t hoe seuld ae It Selase
les mt itr Cfase aehed e.s i te hark Oha not mest in hee ee, ohe
Fnt esa, Inn Jo ==.em -n ergeIomnr y aed rC~sm ehayestleh
thte e-anvn- he atwho'sena__ **- AtY 0*m
-he ~e u s ihdesis M. h O h w chemm a he
:.1e.e ...t esnre a..e ..........a ed hl4a rSO .. .. .evee ih
Of the la. Usts msend iana tenmn Mm.se ea uulle saw
-ewser _ -adse Ge .g w. i ahdntmow eue o
th as , e emesadbito dfe asee e e
tea wns emy ~al hee i eS eteo
anat.eene sefsise egs
lbubhe e h eugeiye ebe o
L "".e..re.... ath ntd u.
...Sma.... m Sme.
3N WAE., WrME m0.
3 * 11kMAIn ane Eas n W
11 T , e -D"e in 11
mae w.. ft a very Ani as81%.lQ
011111 s011111haging 1eat. Of 610 ta
see treet, Baskin Vaney, .e-ng.a. da
Gml een Neths-a weses,.Aaa
now *akns Tat - a NethM
ame O shoA a meaegTo1, see
1101-4 a,11d mehme4 .a .* an
blee Great 26althern pd Wn Pu
peahaand Ma were 4L Res and
advancese rgIN- kem 1 p eat, but
a majewity of the other j s LWee wash and
at ween eughtSy ee. At 1 p.m. Aw
m1e1 1i da.
NMOey loaned asay at lX per ent; en
eheag guie, but ates, 4lk
40;aetal2ates, = 331;f = dAwep ds
d steady;
anS. . Nma .
- 11 1
. ...... * 1 ah .... ..
Wa rshOnoSn steek EUhaug..
. cm. scrip 3ea at Am. Bank of washatoz,
461,at Me W. and 0.II a at IuL W
G a= 46M. CaP. and Nort . 0 . B., 10 at
GOvetAmeM Bonds--U. . d, registered, 1301,
fbid, 11% asked. U. 8. 4s, eoopoes, 1?..
Drlct oColumba Bonds-Martet s Tocks,T,
1116 curtee, 1SO bid, - asked. s1year fund, 64r
183 IO d, 161 bid, - asked. 0-year fund. Ki
A g 1 a e. reg. n-ck, loss.
tokrI, , 1K -asakend
Sbi, 4 ~kd. Water stock, Ilk 1905.
currncy,15 Id,-sed. JIM85 124 ftnd, car.
YI, 1%bidK l asked & , reg. 9-1(^, IN&'
1101,. lS bid, - asked.
MMlsellaOu DOnde-Washington and George
towUNWVailroa 10415bld, -Maked. Washing
1cm and Georgetown Railroad Convertible s, 1e
bid, - sed. Washn Maute& company Amt
01,110 bId, - aske Washington Market Company
Imp. , 118 bid. - asked. American Security and
Trast As, 1965 A 0.. 140 bid, - asked. American
Security and Tri ,F. A A., 100 bid,- asked.
American Security and Trust is, 1306 A. a 0., 10
bid - aked. Washington tight In! antry int mort
,aske Washington as
,series A. 31, IN0 bid, - asked. %A asking
sir000 13, 0 AMbid, -asked. ihn
ten Gas"C.Convertble da, 1901, 1l9 ble -
U. 8, Electric Light Convertible Ws ASA bKd 1114
asked. Amaa ilroad ft 103 bid. - asked.
Capitol and North Street Railroad lst mortgage
Ile bid, Ile asked. Chespeake an Potomac
l~p ot batort. So. - bid, 106 asked. NeOrO.
tan Har os4 Convertible ft II bid, Ile asked.
a~o alAssociation ft, 103 bid, - asked.
Eci nRailOad ft, 95 bid, - asKed.
Nati Bank Storks-sk of Wa n *
bid, - ased. Bank of the Republic, w id,
asked. !erplk ,U bid, - asked. VentraL
0 bid, - are and Mecics, i
b - asked. Citibema', 110 bid, 186 asked. Co.
labtde End, i asked. Capital, 1.r hid
aserance etod, SO- bid M asked. Trader, 10
bid, 1 t5 ased. L~aan,11 bid,- aske)e .
on, 161 bid, - asked. o100 bid, - asked.
Railroad stckc-Wealingen and Georgetown
M bid, 8U asked. Metropolitan, 0 bd 100 asked.
Colubia. o bid, 6 aked Capitol an North 0
Stree, 3 bid.,N asked. Eckingbon and Soldirs
Noma. X5 bad - asked. Georgetown and Tealey
town, 43 bid - aked. Alonk Creek. 100 bid, -
Imaricee Socs-W nasI 47M bid - e.4
FraUnin, 3 bid, - asked. Metropolitan, - bid, -
"iked National Union, 16 ba 21 asked. Ar
l"ngton, T bid, 1" asked. Coran, - bd, -
skeL Colubi, 1 bid. - asked. Potomac,
0 bid, IS asked. s Nbid - asked. PeoeV
= 616 Tbi.-asked. Cod ,
m al, W bid Bat Dsep t bd -akd
Tileimneltos-ColumbiarTIle, % bId,
- asked. Real Rate Te, 130 bid, IN taketd
Gas ad Electric Light Stocka -Washington Gas,
45g bld, 46% asked. Georgetown Gas, 4& bid, -
asked. U. L etric ult, 140 bi, 14 atsked
Telephone Stocks-crasapeke and Potomac, 4,
bid, a askd American Graphophot, 3% bid, A
-Ne. ,ean esvenla, I1 b ; - asked. ,
Mba eo sokl-Wd Market 14
bid 16 casK Great 1alls Ie 116 bld, 115 ;asked
Da Rua Panorama, 1 bid, asked. Pneumatic
Gun Carriage, 0.4T bid, 0.71 asked. Lincoln Hall. Ts
bid - asked. Nor. & Wash., D). C.-tlteanbla Co.,
.fa bid - asked. Ivy City Brick. - bid, 1e- asked.
Wash. Brick Machine, - bid, 10 saked Interocean
Bdng, -1aid,1Uaasked
S dci ar National safe
Depoa, Cavings and Trust ompsay, 190 bid, -
sed. Wkigop LOan and.Tram, 18 bid, 120
asked. American Senrty and Trus. 116 bid, 114%
asKed Wah g life Depoi lo1g bid, - asked.
--. eenk.
Ed Bo alter fthare smarkh .
iATyMndwa Jane 9p - lour steady, - 1
ch e ta ,A N barre ashpmenmt 4A
brrs aler, 3,30 bhe eat staforg-No.
red, spot, at Jane, uneaOo July, heeas;
Augut ISaSS% th ber 40111041 steamer No.
h red. uat - receipts, LOWr bushels; atlph
meats, *.150 bushels; stock, doom bwshls
salesl, lT,000 buhels. Southern wheat atve
Ful lts ter conven orn 9strW,
mixed spot, 5o; n,3;Jly, es4titlemer
mixed, 50aft - recelps, 9,00 stoc,
lwin bushelaim f0,00o bIsheyl. Souhern
con rMer-adte, w"I; Yellow, S Oats arm
-Ndo. lWite1 western, 41&41%; No. Of mae
wesr fa -reOep ti6 8.00 btthesheieno*I
13,301, bu he Lyroaegie th to.ns 3,0k
mayoccr wn hve o te aet ay
f efetv unchangd Cottoeance nmet
into the new e ta tey ar enash.
itobl maealloesoulers 6he lon ire r
In clea ri. ies % mi-laed saal (urs
today t sure tmoed wahs taa ap; airn
lar-g-, 13A;hard,eind, se. Ads
n ite atieo re Mfacy is; do.
o cheat1, o Mal s? la.,
faa6,d. godto chier31;ser-abd
CHCA0~Jue 95(lolgb
bnesse r ea Jomrmal fer Waisea
(00.) 1 ass ere ws a qumm
atruth ar w nsk eg mmm me
.Oneeihte (OW) mpoed a CA at ge
M. M ft (71011) m 1ved the erodo
te - but ,pea ees
::hee....."*s :m ees-- ute...he
De seisee etsebseait
The a-he- Of Ahs ppho is betu the
iark to an te instead at ag
oeLM, W esepear Read vas we2t tod,
Inted aoh whih yas J adh bythe ea
- and aseprest speaker.
One hundred a m ammber- having s
@pCnded to their ame journal was read
-id apprvd
wang MAassa our.
Mr. oMuiin (TtMn.),frOOs the committee.an
rue.m, reported a resolution setting apart today
(after the morning hour) for the coeidatio.
at liUk reported by the committee o tivad
peniona; Wednasday and Thursday for bil
by the couun
e04ii; and Fia n
for bis reported by the committee on labor.
This order is not to interfere with appropria
tion or revenue bills or cofermene reports.
The resolution wasaed to.
Parsoat to the (after a few unimport
ant oommittee reports) the Boor was accorded
to the committee on invalid pomsn.
13W5101 BILL
In oinmittee of the whole (Mr. Dochery
of Missouri in the chair) Mr. Martin (Ind.)
called up S.male hill -madatory of the de
dpension bll, with an amendment In
a substitute. The ebb
stitute asKnda the act so W to grant
a pensin of $8 a month to the
dependent widow of any oaser or enlisted man
who served ninety days in the army or na of
the United States during the war of the -
lion, and who as honorably dismharged,
and who has died or @hall here
after , die, or who died without
such discharge while in said service while in
ne of duty or abent on furlough or in the
hospital, or under any other circumetanoes
than while absent or under arrest or imprison
went as a deserter.
Mr. Enlo. (Ten.) moved to ammend the bill
by adding to the original act a proviso that no
pension be paid under the aot to persons
who are able to make a lving for thnasives.
so Qonux vorOn.
On the question of reporting the bill favor
ably to the House no quorum voted and Mr.
Jones (Va.) having made the point the comn
mittee rose and a call of the House was ordered.
A quorum but when the committee
again resui t n the uorum vanished,
and Mr. Martin (Indiana) e the inu#lity
of further pressure withdrew the SiL
meroX To Ali= xuaen.
Mr. Martin then celled up (and Mr. Butler of
Iowa, who originally introduced the aseure;
favored) a bill granting a pension of 012 a
month to army nurses who served not less than
six months in the civil war.
Mr. Oates of Alabama said that at the
first reading of the bill he had been in
dined to oppose it. But he had thought
of the noble women of the south who had
cared for the wounded soldiers. Had
the confederacy been samoedul In their strg
gle hose women would have been gratefully re
membered and pensioned.
SNest said tm ave Besa DIeUSSed at
the White menus.
The cabinet meeting today was attended by
all the members. Among the questions said
to have been considered were the Secretaryship
of State, the international monetary confer
ence, the army and navy vacancies and the
republican executive committee. If any action
was taken on these matters it had not developed
late this afternoon.
p .
The Current Appropriations to ne continued
-Delay I the Oemseremee.
It may be some days yet before the District
appropriation bill is placed before the President
for his action thereon. The possible delay was
foreshadowed in the House committee on ap
propriations this afternoon when it
was decided to continue the appropriation
for the present year until the 15th day of July.
This resolution will be presented In the House
this afternoon or tomorrow, and, of course, it
will be adopted.
There was to have been a conference on the
District bill this afternoon, but Senator Allison
had other and what seemed to him to be more
important business on hand, so an adjournment
was taken until tomorrow. None of the mem
bers of the confereneecomnitteeare really hope
ful that an agreement will be reached even
within a week or two. There is just as much
objection as ever on the of the democrats
to an appropriation for the Grand Army en
cempmen and the republicans are by no
means ytolet gotheir endof the rope.
Both parte are very emphatic in their
statements oe this matter and they will prob
ably s4over it until one or the other is ex
. There are also serious differences of
opinion as to the street improvement schedule
and on this the Hore conferees are arm in
their opoiinto an increase over the
assager fgrsthey had fixed upon. If the
District bilbecomaes a law before July 15 It
will be ad deal of a surprise to more than
one r ofthe conference comunittee, be
cause there are now no indications of any break
in'the stubborn situation.
ncT LmrrLB AO0OM1J31ED TumEanDAT.
As stated in yester'day's Stan the Distriot day
in th House wss without result in any way.
After the Nerfcolk and Western bill had bee.
read Mr. Atkinson of Pennsylvania ade the
poin t tnomh es the bill grantiMd the
rgtto overthe streets of the city it naas
be eosI~din committee of the whole. The
i ws a-a- bythe ks ad Mr.
Mr. Athnseond----^a-divison ad the rpb
licans retrahand froma voting. The ayeswr41
nes 3 Mr. Bowers made the on
af na geneum and Mr. Heard dsmane the
a Not a qure, ad aea fl the Bsse wa
ordeed on the motion of Mr. Heard. ndg
the emil a motion of Mr. Atakinson.s toador
bas nmt the a )ad the
guestion reourred toehe io to go into com
mittee et the whole, ad the yeas and nays
we ak en ad the quorum dissrdym
House ador.Mr. ihvingeson and Mr. More
dih d---ndsd the ye s ad nay There
wese-ysem, IS; 35y 3. r. them
refused. H e them moeved to aderwhisk
en a divisien mm sd to.
No saQues L5asu*se aIwtoar
The absemos et Mr. N...phim in South Osse
IS.m esaed an i=nsin p**s----sea of the 1
haring baer.s the Romse Disitit ---..an..e
athe Igear Sems qeest down fer to
day. The heartng b el e head haew
-u em.t veases nau.veat ---as
A dispgea.. ag gem Wn-t..s.
uSeed enfs Gatsr Ma as mesi and
vented teo w he -spim esed by
me i nan and
smed tese tet if ee e a depe
An uinins uin
-am .- - -m -- 6
1661en I '"a- ega Enstem ad
The esma Of the ___e -'e -ae to
-ssac th e aselmdun et me .. a. em
ehe -g aN6 muag ether ftg
tar goser pr p9e - dsa and these
day at this week far the se
of ts h , e dsem oa et Paesient ad
'Vies P res eahi Iepsesemances to Cengues
wE p041be1 beng W ut a ry fesstAbg db
eassie. The ---m- ittedas alling up
if poble two very prt reemilsa-. The
drwst fa ss W Chew ertainly em or is a
Jaw reascumm propsiug to *6 leg6soltere a
am-adman to the n.C-alam prelWa At
enatme w be oeem In sch as
eah tte may by law &rect.
Thistu amoussIeposed a==eamawhish
allows sash sltas as may deIs to elect their
8ema t by voae, the C tuie n at
preses mahialg Iteempubmy that the e .
ha- be by the s legeslaeesa
MWs 6thW 1690otm which awae be dolled
up p aoposme m==dmets to the cmmsdto
5e la to for ap dent
term of y iar t t power
of ceelectioa and for the com-a-m of de
terms of Cosgreeemsaon the Ist day of Joam
ary and for do Imauguratioa at President en
letter resolution saons little show of
getting Censidemation this week, however.
Seaer au eR Submets a apegr a"d
On may 4 the Sonats District eommittes was
by resolatio instructed to make eazeful in
quiry and report the results to the Senate at as
early a day a practemsle, as to th "compaint
ta the public schools of the Disilet of Oo
lumbla are unabl to prepare students to pass
the admission e=amnatinms for Harvard Col
lege, the requiremsents for which are readily
mst by high Aools of the beet grade."
After thorough investigation Semator Gain
ger from the committee has reported. The
recommnendations are to the effect that -the
committee, had they not been forestalled by the
school authorities, would have recommended
that the course of study in the Washington
High School be lengthened to four years.
hey now recommend that the four year.'
course be maintained; that -the courses of
study be arranged so as to provide
anadequate prepartion for the many Pils
who datre to enter colleges of the h=hs
standard; that entrance from the grammar
schools to the high school be guarded by suit
able tests of fitness on the part of the puil to
pursue hr school work, and, in a wo. that
the sch be brought to a condition of thor
ough eaciency and to a place in the drst. rank
of secondary schools.
"The committee desire to say that they have
found no reason to critcise either the siperin
tendent of schools or the principal of the High
School. The Washington High School is un
able to do the work which high schlols in
other cities equal in aite to Waihington
ae doing, largely because of the theory
which obtained some sit years ago among
those having charge of the nancis interests
of the District in Congress. The deterioration
which was then worked has not yet been re
paired, notwithstanding the urgent recom
mendations of Dr. IAne to be allowed to
the work, and notwithstanding very zealous
efforts on his part to make the very beet of what
he had te do with.
"To every one who has to do with the manage
ment of the public sehools of the District the
committee suggests that in future no effort and
no pains be spared to make the Washington
High School a credit to the capital of the na
tion, for this means the betterment of the
whole school system of the District of Coma
The Oldest Engraver in This Cauntry Passe
a Away at Nlnety-two.
Mr. John F. K Prud'homome died last night
at his home, No. 310 P street. He was the
oldest engraver in this country and it is be
lieved in the world. He bad been in feeble
health for somemontheandhis death was notun
expected, but prior to his last illness he enjoyed
good health and retained all his faculties and
his artistic skill to a remarkable degree. He
was bern on the Island of San Domingo in the
dirst year of this century, although he cams to
New York while quits young. There he
Warned the art of engraving under
the elder Giabrede, who was an artist
of high abilities, a professor of drawing at West
Point and an art connoisseur of high rank.
a singular train of circumstances Mr. Prud -
bomme subsequently taught the younger Gim
brede and from him Mr. George W.
Casilear. the present chief of the engraving di
vision of the bureau of engraving and printing,
received his frst instruction. Mr. PrNd'homme
became quite celebrated in his art. He
engraved Trumbull's ture. "The Signing of
the Declaration at nee," and did
a good deal in the way of Istatg books for
George M. Morris, N. P. Willis and other cole
brated authors. He was carator of the Na
tional Aaemy of Design and for a time was
the instructor of thelifeelsein that institution.
Me accepted an appointment in the bureau of
ving and printing In June, 1M0s, and re
ma in its service until June, [email protected], when be
resigned. His work was highly appre
iated, the deficate ornamentation on
the bank notes and securities being the
ract of his graver. His long service and
grs eat age Induced Col. Irish, while chief of
ebrato extend to himn ertain piiee
sot enjoyed byothers. Mr. Prud'homme
leaves one duhe.His funeral will take
plae froma hin s resdnce temorrow eveming
at go'oloek. .
Bepert et a Ibmemattse Thee an.m- as
to Itsabsty.
Yesterday afternoon the Conamehanes .ap
pointed Secretary Win. Tindal and Mr. 5.1K
Fese a omitte to cmin.= the batig
bsese and report it. e-ca-o with regard ts
This afternoon the cemanse made a thor.
sagh personal amla-om et the bach. Ihey
also examind It by mase of a ie of posseum
reahing from the shuse to the edge et the
IlL. They found no depsessions et amy
maportanee between the stakes and the sar,
but tn a number of places there wer
does Inmedisel e the edge of the Il,.
hse depth venied'at least ene foot witi the
listac of ast.
The report,.hc will be maade toerr~ew,
nilemba. lhb following as its eemimieases
Iret. The beach is not morse dangereas to
es Vhe eam swim ektl wdl ie sn.n
sin their est-paseo ovrrhea tha
let swim.
Third. As amater= et amt saaaia
lese soud be crested em the whose the
ishee now ore, so that thess who emanme swima
mynet get emedsy into deep wer withaut
---segate -e or beiug eenssinem Of lb
N poe~m whesmaed estim shemId
~sas to ise lbheash amisss aspa
o r gn erbya pw
vhs e um M hainswien saosas
EsIeag anadeSma lamadan emsi ed
d e== 1 ef 355 amb nd b s es m
bed1 L. Mus, a wthl mm, emas ogd
enis ss dge e
se o Ms memneL OWaaM
as- ms a-....
[email protected] See O 0me a
lashing Jo y r e Caues ofn Iftek
semeSea""yeeng s, 449s eye...eft
eaft Is heet 4f as % ss We afet
-me am seem abs- as #WWb he ha
a-esk bse o-elseted fto Cse
"4bimman A-t~i af the -.f-ma
"aeskseee,"m0=0" toaw uteasspist, "is
a gont, hPgeakli .6 bt-eart, om e
sn,. awyer of end sas "eSperanue
amlpeinessdea 3.psmnnlmaerqinll
"mtom "Mary to me him amseet empa
tost emr .
"'IN" -betwee -- tweepIS." Mr.
Clsmen, "is "a Z.. and w" 0. flow
sde ot " ise. We a" going towno
ahe emaire pommoal "sn.
"W s ee earry rasimek for w. P
yIV soft. Ad will ge the d--amm
votw anso more."
Donea of the Enehsh.eta e r-ts-- who WeM
Usseasd as..-en .-pab.
Baehard Gandlach. the yeo German whis
a a o. 0te Orteld and Preelene Hoes
pita" was denled because, as alleged by his
frisnid he was sering erem diphtheria. died
at the Freedmaa's Hospital beeen. 8
end 9 o'eaek Ist night of haiet fa=lre,
Caused by diphthara.
In onvermion with a Stan reporter this
morning the young man's friends stated that
while asppl gA Kolb's RoaW an E between
th and 91b stre young Gundladh was taken
ek about th 17th a this month. Mr.
Kolb, the proprieter of the hotel, %am:
teld bvthe dk amathathe would lke to be
in a -lal instead of remaining in the
1; and st next day the siek man
was carried by his fnends to Garteld
Rostital. There* tim- ulhvoiianm in charge
dic e ht orua h .w d
fring from diphtheria. an refused to accept
him er a patient becase of the contagious
charecterf the .dise. His friends infrened
the physician that theayw Y al tiat was
required, but the physicaa adhered to
their statmaent and the suifeer was
thereupon taken to Providence Hospital. where
he was remed adminiu on the me grounds.
From there he was takes to Ereedma-n' Ron
pitol, wherd the physiciaa in charge.
stated that he would receive him
provided the health oeioer interposed
no objection. At the health ofce they were
directed to crry him to the hospital at the
aims house. That he remained until last ena
day, when his friends carried him to the Freed
man's Hospital.
His friends bitterly complain of his treat
mat while at the Almas Hour Hospital, claim
ing that he did not receive that attentins arid
care which a saferer in his condition deserved.
Of his treatment by the physicians at the Freed
man's Hospital they opbbe in the highest temS.
The sick man's friends procured the services of
Dr. Sellhausamea, who attended him while at the
Freedman's Hoptal. Yong Gandlach was a
decorator by and had worhed for Jqias
lausburgh and Houghton & Co. He ha no
relative in this country, his brother having
left New York a few weeks ago for Geramay to
oll&t a legacy left the two brothers. shart time
ago. The body will be taken fe f by his
friends and buried.
MUT~AL EEL asaociaxoW.
The coming oC July wil bring msay pleasant
meetings of the varios bemvolat orgasis
tions, of which Aleaandan has ame thirtr.
The election. have been made during June and
the introduction of the neems into
serice is ' the work of the tat
meetings In July. Alexandria han had
organizations of this kind sines 17h4. when
Alexandria Washington Ladge, F. and AL.
was Or*anzed. No other order came until 18n,
when w I.O.O.F. established Potomec Lodee
but Alexandria has Ance taken its ham of
the orwani-tioma which eitend over the evn
try, and we have new here Knights T ,
Knights of Pythias. Knights of Honor. E te
of the Golden Eagie, Rechabites, Good
ofare Sons of Jon-dAb, Royal Armma,
L~' 0. Red Men, L 0. Mecnics
Jr. U. A. Mechenics.O. A. Forestersof Amierica,
L 0. B. B., Catholic bendcial eeieties.and the
I latest, the Order of Pente. The Hoso of Tem
perance, which formerly maintained few or
ga tios here, the United Brothers, the
ts of Temperance and the Brotherhood of
the Union, as well as same more recent mutual
beneilcini societies, have died out here. but or
tione sufficient are still maintained tonase
alf score of hals, do much good and eutead
a general knowledge of the law of delhberative
assemblies, and to teach that respect for the
gavel that was once felt only for the sword.
The examination of Prof. Scharf's German
pupils in the public schools took plaue yesse
day. Menars. Louis Kroft and Lawrence Stabler
were the examminers. Prises were awarded b
Prof. echarf to Annie Moore, Nettie bkow=,
Eie ash James Snmthe. and some
twenty oters were mentioned as showing come
mendable progrem.
DANsoS BrTa STam.
The heavy rain 'A evening passing down the
hill between Lve and Union streets worked
away the foundation of the new walls of the
warehouse now being built up on W. H. Maya'
hill on Union near Duke street.
Two funerals took place hers this afternoon,
one of the Infant ceild of Mr. 3. F. Burgess
and the other ot the young daughter of Mr.
W. F. Hastbower of Fairfax., near thia city.
'11e city conci-l helds its send June ast
SuerlerWalter 1i eolsed,
pointed by J uhsk..
Rev. Father . .J., et Geergutewn, in
in charge of St. Mary'. s r during the eb
aensof Passer O(tir on the seemoy stiems
-tt-ch-d in the chnsrch.
The 3ageesmetom Um.asa
In the Cre inaCrt. Juiste Ca., tadag the
trial o1F nuak #. Bnegpts far 3. amardir et
John P.Rorrigea by shoeting h oa n thmern
lngoetJanmory dliaae ns.lasn ensaM r a
street -e assmed mln the seaen efa Jey
at end Dinltre Atoerney Cab ml ate
D it Atony l t Srte ps es.
onsteen tailed to answer. Of te etasthe
larger uma-r had sme esenimuss assepns
lssuetwo or thses were elek, es 3. at
temAst to iathe bos was......e
AE 1:1 t irtytaame wee aseeted te be
&awn, to reot at9S einsak 0.. m=, a
the eermse aisinud,
Mr. Garmoste watdap
dsieasemalr e1te ( bb n.. se.-am
by 3. &amosf est imain.
- beageMsne. us been amI by 3.
dash 0t the eserS ha 3. dabsag E?ae
sat.e Keasy hsaa..gam s. a. BuMe
0f Omedn, N.., a Em N. -esk
W. sM-te3--malmers. 3*, A. T. Iese
aml . Oeraemb as 6m b et
w ry ui., W. Ba~ma
- - mad ay s .
amh a, Mmth
amsuatshb~m AL t
Mai. Mr u se m sstsa
is -i s t es m saM
ha -ase -a 0m1t ee
15 uo e
Patel ilhe puo'us ism alimb a..
~,bF to pmbahabh m of emp9 o sh
isbema samby
all - of an&Ue b~ smon a
Be..il. Asr e.4awfm ma esm
"mmo as mlant edimadp
60, Se 0le f J tm
E an SMNelm r. ~.
Sam. ha bee red k WabMa. at Sm
&A& at bba b n Swy, N.C.. at Mr. joa
W. mmar. 68e darki te do m..amodso
of a a Tmb MA POKe. r. Mino
,Pm OfE OV " 00S~ O 44U1Mdmtand 1-6
the =eat isalm bas m mdark tom Msr.
matofohsb bOOh~s The imsWb
Punt sai .o.wome mame is wbieb be pa,
Winmed we duaiea. 31r. Man..-' was popabw is
"hi hiysad in hill *e alla. where 11. bad
11109-1 fisaiff a lawyer of post proamiese
lisat (Ib~ffod MAd %Mg~ ban, WArIw
in No Taft city from We.&Igma. Tb
laevillemat bon hme wa? to Ka&ra. K. bee
bees Ordarmd to rwbw, 9~g Cap. mp. Owe m-W
isrY &.tbm o the kwaifono arise. mbe bee
68M, cIuezged aid, PUavOWug 0*4 -owe
wdiitr VMr~S abd plans of the Futmab gav
truman). Th lieuma"Aa end ban T" as
6by Use an* sgamer.
19ram a * tee*
Ni Umber T. CArrUthr,- of the liebarl
Plamcihommiwharaived b(m *%as Una"a jigg
dlay evening. wes gr"."e with a pbos -wl
pd". tide Morning. Mr. (larmlimm in anmal
plac of the et a"" oft*r MAd upon. remein
Wi tiutie.. found hanging abovt e A& thi.
mixed ride th-L- "C imacara. A Sn.benqm
of roomto fue doqasrd bee deLThwoe
war a .omenir U( tle iliniqh of jar. k.~pi.
thira IMIser 143(an mAv as ab We ua
Lad was peented him toy a wasimro at Weot
"We foaltig were the *framw 84this
Wlice of the wathme bureau today: 6 au. 1%
1 p-m.. 74; MimrnU 7; OiNAIn 4K.
11 GETTh. ' ? itho IN- ane IK
W.:rltw 1 wWUk * a tig wIL Ebim
11RA&NrK. its STen. 17 " atm,
At kit mce 44'!I -un wom. A
Wilrit %-l4k&$.O IMaeu ISWi6
TRUST. 0% Monday. lone V. I&" a Sf r~ m.
1LILUILz rommmu 4agabt~el if baim'i
Miowa qpar ora.
Ilw=u at i leee. Pa.
FIrGK ter ..at 11Mm Wea7. ftte
lvtr te rap 0 lei a-l.mwa
mA~der1.wbmvn ael nqbm m
bberrni i. e m.aae,
skiadftws paemvt.da~n.II
ThWdu ift SNW a-room Slama
g~m bted Is godape fbrd.lwf- w
lata et SU411L hi ~be vdena
m el vawautheact. Juame 6
W V Is. 5. 4. en em e auqi .4
ma;!" we pu ist b=s for th. sellm
PIMrtfowMjE (in Jaw T7. &W2. S. Jr. IL
rrsomm. in is Milb-t-P-G)V.
pom W tlas oafteim 1~
ROAMeain Moh mat mse'2 at 3w, Am. oAw
hmuu mqaarul ye% " mift "=z=iiw0r
't mu.af lAMES. beiuved -.a~ed.am
at O l k tople I"~ saM- 0=eme~. Am.
x4Wfi. ID. C- Rolegiye ad ti~w~ilbs ~ q No 2
Inpwafujlm --dte -=ata&la
k=pbie asews 1&#w qent *W
NlIWKIMG. MlW4nda-, * me 71w i
btiumasjif WesSimr kei m~meiAm
'9=41amilly. link S blit iit. at 3 cedim
as Minmam.
iArty-ttaurcb ~r of ler aw.
maw e wall to- Ihmm a& bras meew bis.
- he hem th611eeq. lIkuifIan
"I&nlar " oter. a m~ SL=. 0,wS~ s
*VW. bob 4~. whlw emmnfi-bM~ a Wa
le ft a em s baele OW U0043. , l am m d

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