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pme Eqxalm me itram of
the Kaiser.
IM PU A Is Im Cam
London Rjectb Oscar Wikd and
His Play.
wuAT maram m ais.
-e t Nt I trpes 91 1nutu1
the Em.
Mwusn, July 2.--The emt eabriiesm
a spart of an faterview had by me f
s supresmetive with Prie Nmo k in
whieh tha ex-ehmameeer, spawking Of the
ecomau made upen his recemt utew
Moosup says"e ins " my ob
rl = y vni=ldedoofor the good etthe
theuand. The commseocial tres eutered
I h the goernsemt have in.
J d the attle, cheese, wine and
industries, and win esatinue to
ijury upin them aselogasthease trestles
meineracm. It isperfectly Clowto me that
I have pubilhed a draft of the agree
tmot which concluded the Anstro-erman alli
one, in caasteneo the maay molaoitend
-mlading l=r the -=bject =m gtiNg
frem a-eba source, but I ave thraugh
eat remmied wholly an the dei've.
ThoughI have had repeated marnce that
I the condence of the esar,
I ao n Ito disfavor with the
haiser. I do not hrow why. The haier bs not
faln into diavor wth use." The ex-ehaseel
ler expressed himself as being so an ed wth
ewed emrago that he would be willing to
r the rechsaxt wInter.
Loans , July 2.-The imes' dipatec from
INes ecommenting om i--nzck'. interview in
e9 Muanih Neuste achrhiten =yit
iodated June 27 and adds: "It ib i
to believe that the interview was not
amtedoted in order to allow Prince
mawmcek to teme down the asperltiso af bi for
Mer uttesmesm without aga gwto do so us
der the prar of Norh Germn n
Gase ae= If so ibere is ro"m
for bope that the appeals whih have
beas t tthe prc by his warmest
admiser have not s upen dud ea and
that e wE posoe anl cutz
taMri in t wdi wo wiBY d
toers t iise the gover.met.
The ivi* Ziitng of Beal points to
he mmi sime n I 1s 1 e1 e' utterances, ap
pestly pretag deay ad his mental powers.
4o W e Thsse2 t to msome a Fremeb
Imrsos, July .-AN Loadm is hughing at
omar Wae's threat to besnse a rench==s
becmn thes e imer ad plays refused to allow
is play, "bloine," to be presinted in Londo.
The Iet aulois p -=a gushing Water
ver with Mr. Wd, i which e said he was
temameh of an artist to admire the practical
qiss of the English. He could not love
Be had long been esomored of France
ad the Firch. To him there were oly two
@ ge is the world-French and Greek
It is nted out by those who commnt an
Mr. WW' threat to ep t himef that if
he beca. a e =se of hewlibe com
m rve in the French army. It is not
that We as acmscipt would fully est
vthe lngings of Mr. 's artisti and
e stue. Itis thegemeralep o that the
---i-se acted wisely in deciding ot
to aw ' to be put en the boards
The piny is deserihed as a realltie miixture of
and eda a only it forpro
atk The Theater libre. One a the
emoe is Jom the Baptist, who repea
skh hearer the advances of a Phrision
eismO, who is always asking him to kiss her a
the math. The plat moes en in thin style
m after the dese faere Bered, when at her
mear's 1-=jg=oa anos== e for th head ad
Jehe the Deis. Thea when revenge is sated
Dmismm atiome thehead, which in rby
a sm a y~ em a , and itind
eass et esied gt Thin added to
e lever and garnihed with p es
nma eh-Now T1manemt would dcel
le sor a Brih adiese. mer.
vhm maoy se, al
a hmbiingaftr b a ubiete
ee emme drammatie p== . but
deibto asseapeessd beth here and in Nrs s
to theeer evem the French emarship would
Ain.3E uLaG @MET.
This One was Emed in m i menre
Toee'o, O1T., July .-A peia bpatch
mn Wirtes, Ot., my*: on the ,mrai of
dmins day ae e6timeas of WirteS wr ear
-ese to me the -etars and tripae" high over
te ames Jch em the premise of the Rev. G.
A. Tesmm m Praberb ==meier loasted
bse. It wasby far in
town, while the Briish akie a
e-~er hadheechist. dies= be.
en ma siled and edled the ainthoritims'
aetlsties to the matter. Co..naifl.
Plashe mat Mr. Teeam and asked hima to
have te eg lowered, or to at least place the
two DEpgs eq agml terms. Mr. Yeomans re
fused to doe and deded ane to intertoe
with the 2g. Absat t er r the
laeli==== them mrhdto his heea
lowered the lgand It wee toer u
by theensilted aue. Abadretpae
"Ged tote the Quee.," "H eta lb n
"Ihe Red, White and Dune." The crowd them
dimpeased, aftar givig three cheeas for thme
A lanter es Eieselt at WassGam,
1400303, July 3.-fEietioas wee held today
hn the partinamestery divisioas ad West Bistel
aad East DristL. Is the former divisioa the
Right No.. Sir Nieheel Bleks-Beach (couaserva-,
tive),ad the board ot trade, was re
e~poetiou~ In the latter the
DedgerW (liberal).
lbJosph was als sre d wihu ppoat
Dessouw July 3.-A eriem eliu riot es
eerned is Wserterd late best sih.Two p.
mai== mantisp were held in dioetparte ad
t ee , e oe whcte prnia pa
seprsestmed Waserferd city is the larsts
mea. At the other meeting Mr. Ilavid Ueb
ttanirellte).h at for Seuth Galway,as
la"'~'-...s ware well a-t..d a.h
i'" ''.. m e.1eb:'a r~ ee'Tsa,
beere the aupeeta the Parseite fci
headed b,"'tbe-. .termed M. in .... crn
miste rensa. The aiti-Parniite fegtthe
ateser deepesately, bet the latter we in tee
~t e a md.hhuetee e
-ema, b dng r.~ehy, who w ..
jused in aseplee.eveal iae wee
Jaseed the a aiWeaters.
Puasmaassa, July 3.-Fifty p.1G.. em-.
plesed by MmrshM asethmr & c.. this emr
ajIn ed - te h-m ---ma workers who are
lashed os r who have qutweak i mth e
semle is saed byteemla The men held
.maetime toemy and ms tointeb rsesstve to
amnest emB the assest in isid.
Vamshi Neaen H ew Tea,.
Du m s, July S.-Thea is a paetinl hem.
-s dews hse 3.t eing see Tumidag
Gm ebn AB the danetal an eamseii
-nhaa wee ibsed. The habs wee p,
hese' up to assdday.
1- WAU mmeran=
Tbes 'Was a Ismemons ft mambo Ion so
ThmW~e WOinve .,~ini
hmeas, 51.-2w QN Qs pat .Umen
.mvammen is em =m4 Gen. dwul i6 the
nsmin::f, it has pIed an a&
fort was mob to WS Jude Ge dei
I agree to asept the prm s n.
seen. so oan isied by as llnos
dessQe hem r four and - "as
iocmeffortoth kr~mpry albe'.
- omti moms.~JmOmm declied.
ewever, s e R te 2: 24 - ad
Ws a" meaveried bt the Pnkbaftes -sas
L. Q. Wilmu, an ln11s'ims to
day that semetbiag wan mid t Jo Greehm
about b g the naemim at Omhe.
The 1 was reeived that "Ju
Grem woudd net eomm nt to r an =
PouI not my whAt mght yet
Them , as m new be
one, a esuied beat to he
ebiesartn of do Che Um party en
.artald by 1e em eeen,
but a wVsm open
arm an I-"e r peanos who would
a them. neabjst et the vios to Judge
Greome was tohave et Made te
hihime sminee, it being expeeted
his =sominst- by 9 people's party
would fehov, and th, It waS 41111d9
the pre-hb- porty would be te ftm
hun emetathe os=mhinti-andasapofltiealee
ostien waould 1eei. anm m= berm If
d predsaed fmin
be b t bu
The neimble tIs of the r'nel.a ee
veilon was the strong osmt in vm e
pr- bi ea lese from church amos
thu and sooig it the groundwerk of a
poluoal party In the Vltra - poltical
asi e of the wond, a party ehi&
abeaM also dadether Aeumrm as *ean
em. nature and thereby draw to mie allthese
..epposed to thetr tea and all
wfta t I In di,ene
of the - 1n13p1 -of the prmese' Afliame and
haoeapmAno- The prohbhitienits alk
Ceeiy that the timme is coming when
they willbeapowerful ,rtyand aet the
opinio that there im osinu a f iriterasnt
an dieoutat with the 6W whish will
brak dewn om Moss and -ene a res4)lsemet
ofpolitIcal affatrs.
r tn change they wI to be prpeand
in a ition to stop forward as w. It
as emimehcausediSt. John and others to
object to the resolutimn making prohibition
the sole tiet of party balty,
aa It was eu when It W
dinsooverd that tb rej satia might anse a
bolt that the oppoition to it becamme low in
iest The b intend to heep In
the e Wnd e of the moat sanguine be
ieve that they will poll a large vots in mNy
he Rev. Dr. Evans of 1lo old mid he be
leved the probitionists would ain Immensely
in Iin..i em the school p I k w the only
aty in favor of the lte red school
IRm," anAd would receive t*u-mn==
or voe from pepeiposd t
the republa and de rtiI and to
fae of the exiing school law. All he feared
Won a tremendous exeraiee of the old
ShL There ae in Dhlnmai, he said,
Ueswbers at an order estab
inked especinly for the .mo....
of American tustitutions and these votes he Ox
peeled to be cast ' the ON ldIJaOten the
sool qusin ihthe doeeof the repubb
can pr i ticet In inuai as a Some
ATog 4t Murdeed an Mer sef Pieed
om the anwar.
Naw Toux, July 1-The body of Lizsle
ler, out diagonaly in twain. was found early
thin morning en the Long Island railroad at
Mospeth, L. L, about NO yards over the
t Bm in Queens comtv. One-half of the
bay was lying on either side ft the
trac. is Ber was twenty-two years of age
ad ived with her father, AdamS eIer, &
W. in ampeth, whose hoome i kmin than
3syardsfrem wher the body was found. Mi
Deler attended a deaee lost nih at the home
of James O'GorNmn, on Nmwtb aSVene
=w Grand street. She loft O'orma'eabout
12 o'elock and it in surmised that Ae took a
jort cut for bome along the ralread traek. but
whether she had commpany or not iS not yet
At rt it was though that the girl had
sther ,ommitted ' ide or had been sci
detally kiled,- but it is now ly
beeea she was ...lted
killed and her body p-aced on the track.
it is supposed that the body was rus
wer bythe 2 train ts Morning. Edward
Wo gtm, the a, ys the body amat
have been laid lengthwise upon the t ; he IM
gitive that no ae was in an upright poition
befer the a-,- e --IIearly th mornig The
oroer is investigating.
2 0 2OrRIF TEM Na OEn M.
"e ===npbas at the White Midi"o Cmpan
butim Presee White upremey.
CoaMco, July 1-A speciale omn rmig
hem, Alm., says: An orgna=tion has been
formed here known m the "Knights of the
White Sield." About M were initiated
isno the order. The oatS in tre-bound
and reek-ribbed. The maanttem neaies
troubles with the negres and Psopo0eto
form anss for the Prwato of White
m7. Nothing willbe done in vio
United Enses and state ls
but steps are to be Iben to r
the order and rid the Country of the
nog. race. Soes of the pm- st - - men at
theaftare members et the order.I e
lodges all over the a
met as and form it asen as fameble
Into a poiia at. Th e setings wBi be
hd wel, btsessin will be secret.
'Upees Nupete Thin Week.
Nw Yest, July 2.-Exports et speeie for
teweek, s,787,gi, of which P76,16 uas
gold. Imsports, Ps,7a3, ot which P7,716 was
Nany Lenin in omUbmen Aare.
U=m=-.h2s, c.., July 2.-lire broke out
In the Bagin grant. a mile south ot Antelope,
...trda. The fre seemeda to es~t In three
plces EmandS by the high north wind,
pesad .PaIds of gaeand growing
paand tch of ay were setaway. The
fre sep over a territory of 6,6 asses andthe
firisain ewe th and Iss~er.
ad fis @1wheat and barley are being con
A L.ynching Pasty Uspausel.
?rsna, On.., July 1.-ortly heos.
might a mob ot about 6W mem arrived In
thi city from Nihmahee Viage, ix miles din
bat and prceigto the .ny alde
mnd ist the irWsurrender GereWI
who neal for outrain mas'
- mmanWas, a thirteam-yser-cl il
ita week ago. About 2,6Wpepl
were attracted to the seem, and the bdr
aemedto bea in the jeaa, btthe
-. epe, th.d mo.. ""*ea.ders withdrew to
hed a oemueltetles. It in prehable thet an
ether attempt will he amode.
NestEpn Mr. Osueeiad.
lnn's Ear, Mass., Jat 1.-Mr. (leve
lod maid yesterday tthe mis en whisk he
would reosive the emedal ne.atie*n of hin
no=min- had e been aefniteamy fixed
en in et s as whoa the eenventien
adiumed. He as et touhshowever,
is te dais would be - he 1t ethe
daish he. already been pobshd.
Themmer-~y caet Eassn.
Gammarow, Pa., July 1.-Nee Teak ase
toi the wishete hs =mm in the hmar
d erihe ssma e am ...d a dspes
ulr te amohe USe ramen aeeedhees
a fStwoli~ A geed ehtiwa
maade~' des at
63 Pensr~sat , mt wIthe
uler nd~ 16.s al for
77. Ta dUss ho batd wu e ihe
- to came inen am
Us m. sere ee d ehem
..saske bees m- e t m n
gsywith ehmss her New1
Cas.., k of i-ahe W ss
of =smashamsse assmee esa
4inrakeh et erd s tohesmha
-J'a-...sn .,e...,e..
Qm kmeQdadd
amJ4 t
A Wnmpeb M - t h Sm of
sm3% 5* .-The nar sm impss by
assoeeaen yeisr ~h. of mad
S enmy -estesdau Sm Sm baum
ONad M e64dmg to e baas
Sp toess hIe t o a bnes b ss
Veing ft, S lea eas.. e wamme.
nw es pa pesn the re
... he ....het wa s . b"*.2...
emed In m d ma hed thu
Anesnd and in every
Go eQa sg bof the s iwrt
at %e ithey goanr ioy thed essi
gasse chthat the aemib, bumetuwi n
' Sfd no As te ms mndedJth
Mnybu part in the dosmwounio
e hi, woune w-n$
o er, and t ho in
=n-~ -09 InMigENDItAte
ah oe esd gvernor. Fially the civil
- sharpS upon the smo, but mst with usn
VdiimStes, -~v suds, asy
f heady, were tkowu at
the owed, and many at them were e
l hurt The0 as eL command
eventuenly er Sanu to le ml.e to pre
teo word & voly .
mWa Voaa d O tr lotee T ende the
lpigting. Uen of* tcowd fell with blood
phos w home abot ough thi esty
Iebe got i the end the i
of thefield.wag picked up MA
stationim downe in the caind o ed to
the 1211 in sto that O of the
Will 011
A w the her Un,
ones bys a Cuvsu S& m 1ebbera DMaS
im~he hadha th Ashedi.s
ft. PAW, NE.. July &-2e a u Pnd was
reaeds to Oth o passger train was beld
up ied Wg about oa mile eset oa
Koeel, Nina., by two [email protected] -me who
asepted t " eb the exp a e. The
ber got On the tender or th engine
at St Pseto and at aae distance fm the
asont they sot down uin the cab and ordered
the e1ils to empth train. One of the
e std guard over e engineer and
trema , while the oThe went benk to
IM epres ew n red on the
ingelisdaruivedlatthestaiog. Ahedideso
helockod into the barrel of a gun and was
no Ud1to therow uphis handr. The robber
id: "Where in yawr guard?" Thbe messenger
anwered: "Th is no guard on tht
The robber got n the car and ordered the
msenger to open the mafo. There was a lars
amount of now neL It but in op"ni the mane
t Igrabbe the moey and dropped
itbndJly or iese by th robber. Teing
that the ant we empty the freebooters left the
tar with cures and praoceded to the engine.
" F~udrmm met. nirhup the
wrk hf a ile. The we then told
togo bwak to their train. The robbers then
d fmippoered Into the wood1.
e te a carieadi tog.
Dr.waunm . ., July .-The choler is
i7MPetrvsk and Astraban
t sitytod, rplationws ment it.
-sl~e Mmi With Pists
PA , July -A dispael, from Tonquin
stts - another baMtte has occurred between
the French and a large body of Tonqunee
date who were thatreced at Thsas. The
Frethe foree, which numbered 150 men, charged
thephras position and cried It, winga
eem M ed and seventeenun .
Murderer Taes Neoteed a New Trial.
Xnwm, . LJuly 2.-Before Judge Depue,
in this city today, apection was mande for a
new trial for Bobert Alden Fale, the boy msur
derer, by isn counsel, lawyer Frank McDer
moto 6oune submitted amggdavits for the pur
poe of showing that young False was not of
soUnd mind at the tim h killed
Ta. Hayden. Couhela sought by an affi
avit to prove that Frederick A. mse wo
was Ly foremn of the jury which tried ka
wan ineampetent to act a a juror. Asistant
P ecuor Hood argued Mnte I on,
which was denied by the court nday was
ed for ma sentencing of the boy uFrderer.
for dhr Smuggingi.
Now Toni, July 3.-John Bain, the faether, of
the famy at eill idran who landed from
Ig Tuuteme a few days ago and who atempted
to emggole about 02,0g0 worth of Jewelry past
the taoem ofiors, was arre d lat eg.ht by
Unha ted s Deu nahal erutfilekl ate
1'hildelphi, HotL This morning he was
brought before United dates CommIsIoaer
Lymn on a chage of smuggling. After a short
eiamhoh he was held in 02,00 ball. Bain
is won Is mid thrt dlr wife owns
a large mount of property in Pittburg, Pa.
Cac C CUNT-Jnatu MoTromesry.
C.ng Standeyat al. agt.W. Fletcher order
far Gammm. Sam agt . LlAughlin; do.
]Nellsagt Woodwind:. do.
Today-n toewill of chae Taly; order vacat
iag verdict as to fraud and undue in.uence and
overruling amoion as to mental incapacity.
iunr gte Kin; motion to strike cut
healek e orth~de;fo~ou orseurtyfo
Whok Loui n .e. ee, overe; ageL
amonhsI~wari satmnn agt;
sedaln= eveon, 11 -oe ate diks Mtona,
!Ln Wl da be a& Co7 ar . Gt
C. m. Taelenth Co; Mary 6mb etion
ers Aeman C mhavedl Tadancd 16 pmers
TegThe Deat. Doranyd Wn
Therig the thenltyou hous endingtt rny
Gledy buodaypersmae were1 hMond frauted
byJht e-Lus, JameF.Laaeberg, Syars;J AJes
aryK.abs, 60 i ers; Matha wughtan, I60
mo..nhes Anony erm The mots;e Cheste
10rons; Miae, Dun , 1S
damel, ad~as "Cotth5y"edar wo ates,
Meas; le n Tere jIS years hEdmohare
mNedearmn he: JEdiha . nimhndstwie StrJ.
C. Koell. e monhs Marasy eilastemonte
Per assS ots l Thoans, Ionha.'
Thi leare N.M Drumaer Will.
The nwlo he ae knon Merrel raensyr
by o n C.6ee, 8s ambuth and . ell
JTne leess proert toe hi wne-ml =l
damTe will of Fed er. Shnnstlee lb sher
ml er a d. i areal ety ash.
a N rzasm Ma., July 1, i .a
bauel elan, s me Win er who is in
mlhrigN. Ja n . Deald. wi o
WhI. sd fth atm etadem hoea
te ew ualle hesas thse Zse rs
besmah, b. th hmass of 10S Wsh.
a Sam" WE sow a wey 84609111
m as o Deer lie he iemw, whea
. M "Dr Idhs and Ms. Emi: Zte we
be& aseend i 6 masear baflef "Maphbk"
a and am maim epaato pasekt- deeps. 2he
a dm "Se" Wi ae mndm a an me a saa
- t drop. Ti &edi- the e L. PIeNA
I 101430 to Inalas dpeping 4 meai
Large oewds went d4wn So samud.
*0 "Der ago ib "r ihe her -8
O haehlJt w aod WP
The eEm-emamemeb ah ags a te
drop. Tbb wa npv* e;Abalon
amoen alt Ever View 11110
Ther, wE be a ap dm am t10
and fancy -eca naiMan- to ha ama
armstions ata Jul y d
---an -11bhag e ofnee amod
d:80 a mwfft s 6 0.n
W~ould[ bas will be * MS of OF=
Mou M01 Leryseve
aThe Neret aindat wa iemso
~ohrg~.aeah a Ocea lieu orh
'The Shusime MakMeM - attkmenm
for the Fourh or July.
The Chrse" Eamaleetr leaves at CA11 pa- to
dage Marelhan NR and India Md 2bW
e -,- ,o.-otsurig 6.0 trp1 Mw
hami Hall . amestow.
MWO mlLS daU1lUitd~o Inie
Road and Iver Timw every "y
The Mary Washitgim goes to
owes, Thursday.
etea kpresut. a lage amber of
OI IL Bada seos gies.
sawlet Ceurien to Pi n Thureft,
'.'.C omboal trip to Ales.dria ve bse.
mush enjoyed during the warm weather.
No more patriotic way of h Four
couM be found than by goito tomb of
j Wadbgte at Mt Vernon The Macaleder
will mak two trips, ain at 10 and . Just
are. the river from the of the dead ft
K rsboll Ball, where the joys of the lving can
be obtained. Boats will leave for the H al
S9:0, 10 a m. dand :45 p.m.
A epoch tai willihave the Saltmore and
Ohio etation Monday morning at 745 'olock
for Ocean City, MEd., the new remwt. There
will be plenty of time at the bench for a pi
in th ooa, a dinn. at th.*Alantio a=
and for the purobase of an ooean let. Oean
City is 1M0 mie nesser this city then any ether
-ean resort
0O eOouA W om July d with yeur in
tended, hav her elect a lot, purvhee. it, an
happy the same aLh-Adef.
Gains"a FftIsherMOm.
The I. W. U. D. Grand Thbernacle, No. 2,
0. U. 0. of G. 1., with her oieurs,- organised
a new tabernacle at Dowie, Prince George
i county, Md., named St. Mark Tabermaole, with
the following offiers: Wm. D. Kyler, I. W.
ruler; sh Fletcher I, W. A. ruler- John H.
Fountain, IL W. ;2 i ft1 rLdK IL .
treasurer; serena Johnson, W. conductoer
Sarah J. Kyler, P. W. instruotor; Samuel
Garther, . W. adviser; amuel Culver RL W.
and Edward Harri., L W. 6.
Wasnu can you go for an ocean bath ezeept
Ocean City and return the arne daY? Go eO
July 4, va good tims; purchase a las.
I Ado __
Ien of an Alum Mie Th OeseIM
Beig Diseeveres.
6uom the Omaha Bee.
Becent reference to the natural wonders Wf
SMontana, particularly the chicknh broth and
bichloride springs, brings to light other of
equal magnitude. Cal. John Doyle's wonderful
vinegar mine in Beaverhead county passes the
domain of doubt into the sunlight of truth. L
is backed by crimp affidavits, and athdavits cost
$1 each in Montana. The colonel nd his part
I ner did not confne themselves to vinegar.
They discovered a mountain of pure alum in
the Beaverhead range. The discovery was oon
sidered aten-strike and better thana gold mine.
They kept the fnd a secret for several
during which a shaft was sunk to the d
200 feet. The cut wan madeall th wMY=tro
k a send vein of alum, and it was esome that
the whole mountain was composed of it. A
large pile of the stuff was heaped nar the
mine, ready for shipment, and the Miner. had
a chme to ood the marketwith their product
and rake In 01000.000 at one fell swoop. I4s
Monday the colonel'S partner went to town to
r lay in a supply of grub andthe formarresa ed
behind to guard the treasure.
During the morning a heavy rain began So
fall and continued all day, and In the afternoon
the colonel had occasion to down into the
mine, making the descent by down the
rope, and when once down at the waS
eo taken up with a contemplation of -his novel
and wonderful mine that he did not heed th
11 : hours until he he to east his ye
a wh faded from
mouth of the shaft. etarted to climb
upward, but had not proceeded more than half
way when, to his horror, he discovered that th
heavy fall of rain had so thoroughly eaturated
the alum sides of the ehaft that as a natural re
suit they had drawn together until the hole was
ea-rel large enough for a man to crawl
The imprisoned man recognised his awful
position, and without losing much time etrug
gldtowrard the to f teaft Every fo
advanced the saft became smler, and for
the last ten feet he was coeilled to dig hi.
wa pwith a poktknife, adwhen he ialny
hanae, i lothe. were torn anMes
soon revived the colonel, and he sartdtoward
the eam to meet hi. partner, to whoma he A.
fo altog hysarce frtw dy the
misins The rainhad undoutedl throgl
and tightly cieeed up the discovery ihaft and
otide, methat to timne It has benIpe
sihbe to nd any trace ofthe mne.
The Murdenes Mend.
Froma the It. Jamses Ga..tta.
Has the murderer a distinctive had? M.
Desbirolusi, a French eavant, who made the
hand his study, was eamphatic en the point.
by the thuband to thi thum egy h
mrs".hat"the"e ".f m-rder-er.m e
enthe latter chrceitoi Eieaand
retsapsth ivetgaios of th
chir-ma-t but as to the formser It isea Saet
that me of the moast brutal murder. en re
cord have been ereatdby -e whome
sist. liame, the murdee ef the arre, I
i...d,hada ..plryafvei... Agi.heb
'knew higi -gevidence at his Lwa
asd by th rsnrwhether she beldh
afraid If ahe aoefromen s and found hian
derer was a t aui toep e tu
and aman's amn over wemrn
d~ sabest.
inied e bm deraut ot the doaw
lng whisk he. been puhibhed te~net that et ha
auen bile. The tree pu e 6 il, er
ba~eddthumb, as It mgtbe emdi
b ehgives to the hdrst easround
appearane. It isa B
be e abbfeited s tohatit has bean
es ~he sie nd stedsbeyond it. In
the dang of D...ing=. thmmb the benesm
~Few~ withthet;
a... due ote .amd ....rea....o
Detasenas e~sa d 1w hamnet of t
smass anin h maa e e
es to am u an an
1 1001 pus St hW eM be a m e g11
kni ebsruse to l mafIsseen den sip
is et as Delatis. of Inisam-s--e- a
Meadn t1han fhr se yeass. Tun wl b
forml'es--i -- by th oeet the Beei
1I8, SMs of the Amedean Reveilhmo ca
fagh-a of 6h American Reveluies and k
te OsIs Tnhhiaa and th Vetsren Ve41
Light Mese..nl..1 es. mi
A J oinb of-mn. et g goes at Ree,tio,
Urn at America Bevolutian Iand th Dough
es f Aseriosa nRveaia k" arn Iged
ft Will he highly Inteetn an
thar webe a
*'elook a. mn., also patrotic "aginu
-ha about twe '"v. mi..tswil"'
held. Rev. Dr. McKim and Rev. Dr. (id
ala.. hn e two rat the esna
Wil .The adetsgn Light infant"
have eaead their as sa asserta
dh ThIrd Artilry Band has beem empgi
Beak wl be provided for an n
eburch by th =er in akesaac
The lne et much will be laki
UP at 90 under assert etW.L.L
nd moton of artillery sad will reeed to
Washingtan moSumet, where the ozereise
will consist ot reading f Declaration by Ms
Barry Bekley, two adrecess suitable to tl
occasion and music by band. A sailue of Air,
tee na Will be fied by Light Battery A a
e" i et"t National Guard, hP'' EG. r:
expected that th entir esereses will b
an hour. A cordial invitation Is ex.
S Patroti"eitieesto be prese"t "am
to give their suppert to a movement which it 6
wilbecnea "permant feature of th
At o'clock lightbattery.wressla
of f arty4our guns
The national board of management et lb
Society of the Daughters of the American Bere
lution, at a meeting an Friday afternoon, fra.
allY accepted to Invitation of the Soc~ety ad
th Sow of the American Revolution and tl
Sons of the Revolution to partic ite in lb
esercises in honor of the F , and re
that the members of te "Mar
i n Chapter," the "Doly Madina
Ci sro" and other members of the Nations
Doeetyresden inWashington will meet a
the Church of the Epiphany at 9 o'clock Now
The Oldest Inhabitants' &Moation will eg
an usual, on the Fourth of July in the Corcora
building, but the program will be a deviatlom
from former celebrations. After holding theia
business meeting, electing offcers, &o.
they will proceed to the old Uniom
engine h6bse, where they will celebrat
with te Veteran Volunteer Firemen's As
soeation. The latter association will provid
a collation for the Oldest Inhabitants and wil
endeavor to show that they know how to tres
Ad appreciate old an, and perhaps If th day
is not too war= give them an oppotnty tc
man the brakes. The celebration bythes tw
bands of veterans will probabl be among lm
most interesting il"cide s of 'day.
The Fourth of July will be a big day for th
Junior Order United American Mechanic. a
Fredericksburg. Va. A large delegatio
of the order of this city will 1eev
the Baltimore and Potomac aepot on the
date at 10:57 am. Delegations from the variou
councils in Virginia. Maryland, West Virginii
and other states will be present to asi in th
Cand raising of flagson '" public echo:
=.There will probably be from 5,00(
to 000 members of the order in line of march
ice committee of arrangements announot
that t* *members meet at the depot "t10:
am. The tickets are fized at 4-0 for th
round tri. A picnic at a park near Fredericks.
burg will held in the evening after parade I
over. The train will leave about 9:80 p.m., at
riving herea&bank 11M. The prgm aaged
consists principy of singing a ti n
and music by numerous bands, as well a
speaking by prominent patriotic speakers.
Judge Kimball ERxpee to Wave a lend al
That Day.
The many friends of Judge Kimball of tl
Police Court will be shocked to hear that hi
honor expects to have a load on next Meand
morning. qowever painful the inteli
gence may be, and in th ese e
a gentleman so noted for unvieldin
prohibition ideas s J Kimball is the new
will be more ta o=iar distressing l
statement ka the authority o his honor in
self. In adjourning court this afternoon hi
honor remarked that Monday morninghe wool
be romptly on had at 8:D o'clock. "Judg
,ill, imagine," explained the couri
wil have a eon ti el~ s
lime Monday. but w ha
a load on! go Iwant to begin as early as po
sible."' In Justice to his honor's friends ii
should be stated however, that the court re
ferred to a Kmoae docket.
Transfers er Real Estate.
Deeds in fee have been iled as follows
W. 0. Berry to J. F. Scaggs, pt. 7, sq. 491
04,000. Fannie L. Byphax to W. J. Friszell
lotsl19to2,aq. 650; S-. R. S.Trapir to r
C. Guatner, lot 32, blk. 44, Holmead Mawo
02,625. Myra T. Heltman to L W. Moore, p
12, sq. 982; 0-. J. C. Iepeti to Albert Cam
Ricardt EsteBrw et a, p1. sub3,.
240; 04,000. Mary C. Prout to J. t. Vnaos
lotmS to6, sq. 835; 0-. John A. M==sle toA
rf.ust, uoe1land 62, sq 237 0. J. I
1025 61,4E3.50. W. H. Wachter to Age a
tern, pts. 113, 121 and 122, Ancsi; 601
Wshigto LE. Co. to I. C. Fairfax, sub
154 to 17, sq. 1015; 04,107.41. J. J. Jmeeol
Columbsus to HP.Pilsbuy sub 66, sq. 676
01,625. W. J. Newton to C. K. Lepp, pts. 111
ad 119, sq. 961; 0800. E. Carusi to 8. Oppen
A.Elis sub 208 sq 156; 03,750.F C. Nac
to D. K Gotwals, pt, sub 20, B. B.AM.'s sul
Jamaica; 0-. L. L. Apple to Florence L. Mor
ph, w. M 4, blk. 4, North Grounds Columbisa
niest;0-. O.K B. at to L.W. John
son, sub 4 sq. 513; 0-. Sm to J. L... Per
nay, sub 85, do.; 0--. J. B. Crelle to C. Wit
amer, lot .11, s.13; 0-. E. J. 8tellwagen ti
PararkA K1,9" lot 10, l,16, ad. to I
Harris, lot 10, s. 23, Eckingtcn; g8,m0. Bans
to Issbella B. T lot 11, sq. Sdo.; 04,853.25
S.LK.Co to G. Talor. p.D.sq. 786;0
J. J. Wood to M . F lynot 6, . 968
01,500. Julia E. ytoA. A.IBerger,
and 2, q.6; -. CFlint toMary'C. Ha
den. lot 17, blk. 17, add, to La Drollitr
015121. Ba~a yndiat Compn to C. U
Pessub 3.sq. 1012; 060. KO. Fairta
to CiyInvestment Cosepsy, sub. 154 to 151
N.,1C7.l1.eE.to S. J. Masks
04,500. 0. K. ryanI to H. E. W. Pattarso.
s.65; 02,645.Jsp A. Goldstein to B. A
Sc~er m ~~rty e.0. R. 3. Morris S
KP~Nru., t0 blk. 18. W.'s ad. S
Wahlgtm01 . nieJ ss toam
leh.".A a's.s.b .on Maows; 5.. &...
Xhnto.B.iseall~n ,qi
An End.agm Nz chase.
The msembers ofthe Lane file ....: a.1
of Dm~mr" read emieged an emningS.o
bseFridayafternoan. The fas, a large rea
-n, -m gives a half khebstrtof 1k bound
and them thoeug1m in the riders lsne
w~etheuh ee the 1kwsoyatU
sese sftaly sa des
... lt. ..n 1t se whhdinl
wer Su. Amsk. h
3eSammr a .ewm s
640M~1t huh
assen S -i.W. ,
AleRi.1ae 1k w se
Kifhcen Economy.N
Ac1tua t- slow the RaWm Da~t Fur
to be 27 per mnt. aager th= a er .m
an the maket. If smother bakig pow"r in
frce upon you by the grocer. that ya .e
charged the car uM&podingly 1wer pina.
inaE Bestee wsazm wE. smm mame sama
via" ae ft"e U&a me t ae" v an meswvn nab=" eass S.-- ee eemnoe w
rew1 md m wi Fms s m N,
huemaS.aDtet manm. ___menus hit smndL
"16smeinat treikt n new tae The oen" ofr o s SmI.an men"
um," UK a fLUis d1rumnwor whe was ftryig Wf mpmiest. of wthe boen a amsaeml
te be cai eeme in he ueseting oahby by a-me Ea9 apeedlatoe gM ma am
h amsp, "Ies by M sak in a ans& s- renermeo m ity.
l teeM. ne olte teem is m In To lbs et Antes gonoemEfmiea,
he am In a depy a" mleme.ag a esleI M s, eed Am a AUM,
pse owe wi GMd Un a ye jomy. I gmm"eM ehe had a E am tk
.e% t.. tows ..... at ^...,M., I. ..M..m ela hase ...e
A-s s ahee 1eetk ml p 's -e .n dmesee Oasseomm s etb efis amoee-m
[email protected] to get aSmosh bomem an mai eat. m"*l.
-nhee-- e.mh.r..a.,he t....t W.i....,ahw eu e=as...
I Sle em -.ch o .s.u.e, .a abaty r..et meewr ese m. ee.tem
.o bese.... w t. .peat e.. .m MM h ft O.t e.emie ., at. .mal
-n e-epag.M w....p.,.e.m of e.
".".in alm. '"ie -or the-ae. s:; w eh.- ':pm4 m,:: ba.n egdm.
t 'it.r U " .__ o wit'u,. . .- "e --, :'.t ms eh-- -..r'- . d e
mw as big qoe ftee. I moeie mof "Twemo.e of Gummor, iesev ft amE
jto~a A"Out bus. Sesh WSme,' do 's pee belftnea Talsidone
might be fem mOsee gil at jewI wein md"
6Zhe was unmfta bimever in *M of'do ground hr heary m T b"
.S.R-M* ,'U''as...'as about eee '.me.i.to ..mea ad - ... &a
am I mbedamed ery of inaeteat ma ombed -te =7on
e6u#i*! jimpr pie~rfag a" - ha aMnm
lbte"%. . si . .. ...e'u.l -.. al 6111 on
amlthegaymle ...gig.a s.mte. .me Cy.
y eom .md of hs mne... .. najoet. .reee te be dee -
" sA I homed the .istemt mned ~er of ssy -Wlef OeOMi asnawaes 0h
-wn"r rulam. aass a.o,....., a".' "..".:J.iEeti
.w..e.....t ...r.. ... b.e. .m....
-I - ou'. about. peer do wner is two an's e."is d.. at ae
"Lyere , for they bow bb se i ha. pt= w
RMWpety the maeter, wi k so.iral, en I ag by geld cain' fee &' g."
a a ths s m h=b--.= suIa Imteom eat he -
.at w...eiL"e.. ,..r..w .- MA. IL*e.. ....
I eSt ve the
Prewnd Ia w e hy th emur '__e e .a
wee eti help 0. e a id W al Mother.wsmt etd cuisevida ce. ea en M
wetnd ga te . Two. If a" moe, an qamee e 'a.*
-'home of the ! Wy rean't IS t PONof V.aden. m.belw g; grogs m
"for b e po 1ado VM th as adw tet ategtma eart% wi 466
"and wems be asy g gbut t ye n
Kv poS be6 toay anmd at l a eI of aiigi. .--he eke in pen s
f Od thasin fthase .m . .a , fra ats. h w n-br --6.0, 6
and w pt ,escue the peew lw. 7 din ee inse tha imm -s
S"Ietthea a e h hdreft troorm was the " e -
shlme ea waxy. I gave moVms hng bto edo benaeT " e
... Colored m ..eat th . for .t,.. MAethog re ho:::'.. c.
jP~I&nCentas, and after isbatkg' -Meatu bow it oud lied it w fie U6e
dsa eamTyame the amAaz L which S Sama e as nva ,L
reaetly I lokd iaremte. why ds There wo pbkps., a
Vled ae helpin as mlan t rhe tso a sol de Cuisn Oamee Over, mqi e
tee tr I=Was Wild th [email protected] Mp inted dews [email protected], m A - t; thlbg. so he , 6m
the Mahols to wit how '. e as 1s M of a table. s.. foe 1l9
Met a word me e an Ia eseI inm eSable ater mes as4 oeSmge
lod to su the weaf MA ha. m '.8 dimmer vtepeewma daes s osgas.
-s m ased m wen m of dea, Ah .ne e wema-6 t.
C'om off te ik TIM m Ml fool.0V "' etd ml aMb=.. 010 ow in
"I loked aa.A s holea te r uth dog the gimllk ,m emar nt o
coming at - They ma , w A t , espeeste s p ana as or dmoi
jag. =A I -kuno w u malf a joh. may -t which me esl e. , S .
They a ee a hetoe' meiragdma teragn- BAr D.-kr ea t gaea beeam n
The hn A.m D.m"m a"en an essin goE
torea"ige: :' labeled ,.-ho Fe-l.' ime eteem
ere eve, M wma = people whe.he ess.a The aelar aemme is at MKS&.
e.It e am of thoe adepd. T Rus ima at'.h Winter alm Iar1, e IM9.
whee mm. i throw beok f ' b,es -te..e'r-e A".a :e'
by, th a iie s It ewh d ge bl11. t b o uetiied is T'
near e the atestand tmpsee Miss , We er gest , an aismen we
amants ~ ~ ~ ~ b upU in ,ukin ou. Mniet thdomty f a bar Ser pow
fmeg of A Se la n tohes jpli g
,7 MCas CAR& V.emwrmre wlt's tha "ni' s
bbet wemt mase maepy Ibyh" e
NoW fhem1. Iequ emtaw eof seed fom t es o
USre YmMlL domiht Gawk cl.ie e to bask e m
ledriesu Indoe*v* for Othat l eor ea - mMInn MM VMS YAsd 4
iniedoomplet dole'e of an ghe dienmagie An tue Owerm. w wr wou
ee raiways Ie the asustry up to '.a daw " samu Ou o_ _n.
Them SheIk'er aved t.b there be.. in he m.rftaer
Unted b. 3 rands, with a a g ap- Whe 09hee at sur nlmp e, a
a of stwn operag jar8t,3. wh a Youn lsft eadear' a ee evening, ast
road, with 7 msset em h LME be f e. d- iner '.. me a s etqde ase'.
In Cumasa "t r were 1M reat, with sLpSYmE mwamneat i0eba
Meap-a opseatg as miles of U w R , sum m a I t- a ememo altb.
Beer eM aml 1d aM ery ttfeem, eespeorve won ,aml a me mAe
them ras, here ppea t resa y ' ---n- assp ml te me and he m ml ca
hiki to sbatesi wors -nter -Em r1nd, ' n Uan dha mlIsm - aMw.
hi eSe bhe ing theer * -A hem ve heam w dia reOa MadW.
eeshpvdemiarbachs. whs, heO Wagema ** e Iu ask led we oe &MM
i ofr d t al;s.... sinef '
Vea, me; he ta Oh, ".rse a ens Gd. yo; u" mto h
each; he s Georgiame et, Z' - te=, aw o.rt I be sheut ow 0
three a*h, ml he myoal other wasm threm? and rpluig towe a p1W be = ne
hee hne. o or to rady aitid 6 nhe - &am" -
ersm in quite ,nhs-doiimlmg.tlmor , I saw umeie haemout to meonce
of lae th conlidae roab weeonr Wt or he eswe e* is gweok he l "M roo a
,r oen erv han ubte. ' ortlay asc Pn hold Upa seemer ofeUL
coenlations he eaeerhed many =1s. r as se tam as a
as the g tme geneemy ineasd do a fin st h4 asuI. sw
Blom 0obw ev e has ben, much wh~y gdhim* .kwmelitle anood dbh M
he' olehie old so will be man oO mself seO m dmebm
by the s-tishtwic we give below. Themn
ower allS athea akegnmldro Miss to,.wumt e1m lh
m-t-e =" L-- --.inx-that .t. ta ""..fte he o.a
forty relbahe busr henewly be& or ml.Z wIr he retire teo m
elmetially e1uippe hi emury: tha room, m&, aMer M att , inag a-se
Ae'mea g.e. .. w real meted '."Ibees's a queera.l..
e .h.. e p.,ae evee m '..ur e elr l
temeffyo en t eal u ' ath nlee Va,1g 'nt. .' O
MUMl A 04L4W U6
I ara-aa 0 m.
OF. I.S. mW&Mb aatDu nb.A..
A..mi.mb .mm of eas he a MeSi
t . . Ne.deo.d e .e essai..a f
a5s ei...bh to e in -.pt e
ab...d whma." emh. ..... e . ml.
of. - - s U ab . . m. hbasa
tm &M . 4.u.0. s.... If q a. .a ..
011 OWN= e110 by MW01
4huftwhichis seybne eordel to so
mise. TM. Ta.... tet. em go..
i lb = e..m . dert .. - em ts..
of Ia ..
'E' a ho hi ., a .M* ' .
a . . b.e. a ..
'' to"r.d m.,.wm hm...6hm~...
emib" meat v wOsdo - ke R o
... . er h. eam hMhar .a
enbda ner;Ro ; bel beom Ises, hAS
to.~a ,....... h..1neve
thb hsfyr.in. --r-----. 1. .
boohe _!tire al
Pathpe *pr onseil han ees HIM a
am ve.i. me. he' Ib . .. .
mandt my. be he ma he. heespav
ehee rema. n;.ehar..f eemb at
only With the a in which a wrem mtea
l ales.f 0160 is 60 &46s ase sper.
e. ,form of ....... it r peafe te
l.f p.ect . 0-sam..... em y.e arl.
m =...ve. po. ..in. em ,"d what
igtbe terme the ~mh mpmt
- - I eue"mou n
Unartusnatly te p at such a dmi
e.mi..ter . .ide I . the afm He
ait"t..'.whale"the"..-h.,"" ee=*.
of Many t t thee .ect. be.s g .
to be fosered by I-Udpgd plmb.. Umi
the ehil of pamuolas - mm -I . Imd
g . I. p bi h .ily..e Wew as
..e.. hand prsl Mm .eq.
wh.... Pmred. e.... V.alue n.
.r e hosehold ba..-eer.... fe .
hi. ..vereign pra e b at e b.Il.
a beg a. e. %W ree. hi d-- WI
i.. .. .ir n. . lo .
.ble t. trelai the. wr .h.a..a,
upon. theiniemno thaut bre to
=he PerhiiMa uaaouieovm
Aot Ise .f W~hit..rmind i hee op A at
te e.N .e . the ..d. And, . .rm, the
brilliant ch W.. the one whse mould b...
.g will be fored. The oth.. children ef
Dmy my kI. ..thome, bt the Metms .s
be mad toi'.. nd . for em of se
learned rofesi. .eM he .. a to
i. Oftius ...... be l an
" Meat..are.s. WA he mtret. ot lute
the world with e r meemla prempet an
areer, - m
more ecetric. eo ..a "gocht.d .l..il,
bil 1.11ev.. Often he Ism @bow. himself Poe.
souned of extardiuary energy and cepait for
appliaon. Apmali"A.tenatld.. ea
en.y to Make .eabort writtn erbof
trii subjscta. Occaiugmly they pmn
Of PWRno.. tm.. bame a dewt h..w
the bala.cl, M fx.. orns while
tiat sehool But .ly .t [email protected]
comes after he bee gane out Into the world. Be
is ewly not ye--in.H m nveirbecom
s. I. hi. b or tho Veture
..an et t
tact with " "my gradly ourreo the
morbiwd tdece.but if adverme erown
etenOm. arime and refue to be put donaspe
ehlty If the individueal's baft is ouned by
failure to rho to d eot pich'~tured by mMd
i.,morb~id broodings maydevelop out of
oafy me9 hm and -upec, the dolusiom
t f md o4be ml thankte mature
conditon is Merely 6- a 6 rue
riOtL hat it hascome tobhe omethng ne
than" tis proved by theapase
or later, of ballueinatione atn r oeo
the aOMine Theme do no10 meemly eOnOJD
at fist With delmoom. Mhe Incipient
noils my heer aome about him andC"
time be "b~ to convince himof of their un
realty But, meaner or later, 1heme mnund. be
coma so tangible that they have the fu force
A import of atal voices. At &rut he hear
theceoly when people are actimmy eaig
has Mind merely mha trpetu whetlth6S,.L
This perversions technicoInytred a Mel
Oa. But 5.b ba e Ia wort and -mb-a-eI
whem s real aound come to has earm These
are true bailfocuatons. hiverviona of othe
amms emaly presede or follow this one. IRS
adone of touch and mil are omm. noe
former load to a bel iIn lmvible alti
Ihe that tenI the body, a"lite latte
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