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1toq" MN& 3apg Whb Off 12k
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3bu.s Won~bu atha. to o. a pini
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am kW aiam aSm Of &Ln
Whio left Laws. at mel 0 -
a MMPer fa. lakOv ow mck smi bow ft
*llwa. 6% vy "a09it Shl ows IO. S,
WaVS61m &m Lww OW*$I
Over 14,000 1m Wee sRsadm
Execution of Ravachol, the Noted
- Mwdw
meM tofe M-enst Ytsihae 0nm
* a.ehos, X. F.
1AAz, N.., Mr IL-The terrible com
-,ae whih b-eks out in St. Johns, N..
en , Pod io . edN day Bairday
as"ding him 14,016 to 15,00 peso
bomeles, away of them de M1t. of food and
aling as wel, has .Urred the heart
of ustaee at Nalthx to the neessity o
pmof reIer. The prompt atem
llen by the cizens en biurday morning t
Oe LM wort of Proision -n
the . .. U and te
H. It L Eeehe with tnteo m
toalle the sumcinobut di wn antie
naboe fre thaem to
~IateheM Ii to be & by He
eadthere ca be no dobit
ohm i~ wl efotcmn from 6 emui
and bown anl everCae.
"The eimases' ommitfee h ane fuBlini
trstives th tmwtisa with the oun
Pal atods thempout theF pruiot, wtt
elewle A Mna setantial car" of food,
othhg and ' d' m ateri. to be yobi
lle ar Wn4.
is e y. Copi of
bo a e bengwarded by the of
-tocedmttBe:to the may.rday all the ciie
and son o hill oi e
The oim.. Cmu= have now fun re
einu ta two tirds of the city of 8.
= detroyed b e and that I 0da0
e md w food or elo
Maey now yop ao oharter and dihe
i e= fomr tem Wednesday nitt
anditrne. It is e templated
tomsothi a provicial matter. We ask you
The ci the amout Monday evening
Ulan d anH..we ane to speed for
poor tow , or whet proen ons, chlohing, ac.,
PFm wilt oward for mid utm ar.
In viewofclethek et loomny willbe detlto of
ADthig as welt as food the ciilu. committeU
avw apned a t y deot here we
hutuso itig wallbet recevdfa rn
smliaw=efe Ta a a a or as
Mimi= to St. John.
A'Brens wese ade in all the hurches hreh
eterdy and prayers ofred and aid aeed.
h usie in g will be held today to carry o
Telegraphic comnicos was not again re
ad tilt ? th p.. On aturday and b prow
ole of private mauelas prevented the trans
osion of a t or deiiteo bccounte as th
he rendt d td e of the camoetracph.
The following .tch wa received yedto
lay In respohse to diath from the citf
thel south a I
"Thsahe ahartily. Do not delay Utunds.
Ettr estitom Full two-thirds ofthe il
M and actorswith ah tootel omptet
knueoled. Dwelling escaped.
Anothe dispatch nays: "Anl from Dyer's
eth e p theo Catholic Cathedrat and
ae Union "nk and Devon row are gone. The
in mode a Clan sweep of everything elm
E.d, advi.e- e the A" is unde rontrol, bu
a anedthe forest i ei pte
eet nd. Fourt hoaand Ipersona have
wen rendered 1,00eas. h
In,.Wan asnmg &no= the send
laffo = t U md thefollowig die
govermet a tey acnowtedgu
tluz: of Hl foern the relief of the destitute
odmangrmeuLwouldbe glad to receive
Te oilent omumittee en Saturday evening
meI the follwn dspat h to the getlemen in
r ) measures at p Johns:
tes = and EL IL IL Blake abd at
I o'cloek ths evening. The Hake hes canvs
and provisions. Will shipyn 106 barrels pork
by Portia Monday. Wire 41C fair anytiayo
* l need." L01E1
o0hi the following answer came:"11
Impoesible to give you at premeut even ap dY
m esatimate of number or requirementa af
ireeliati. Very larg numbers have lost every
thing and are without bom, food or clothing.
beter is being built and immiate nesities
atended to. Will give full information later.
Grateful for promises of help, which will he
greatly valued and meet dMre neeid."
later, detalsa show that the ine broke out is
M'Bien's satoe. at The junction of the Fres
I as m mnsenoe.
a.d h..... khe..as -M.des
-b ommemer, aied hoes ham 1 d
se'sleet Sunday evenig "A at * bapma
er u see asnsm of se utesem
= -he o now" was 0sted ha pab.
he pie, hee mU t metes. kern he -esa
- , , as" PleIn hear as earpews" t
we*k In t e bueteaus. Ahut 4 o'elc
R areshol, who bad ...is I
. tA his deats . . -
was around a"ndai tha his fle
had omAs. so a mmed an sir of heavedo a
. .e .. e.. ...t "we.
he--- -.--n ghilgy edba
jim - e ng --e-a"t I . e
sesh~ac at esme.phi on
=m"omim M
Ater ..des . e , Mb bee:nr,
oldobt to "K. de path"VI MYth
pdo ese d .1an sharedofhi= her
N " joked with thoss around him ad in
d ai pre s amd indi---t ----nte, bet
m...r:'..e-teple i" t"'t hawa
Isres" ed a md had nw ht awas
Cverw. .. b~t"~~h~.
"=a w.." M wo3lo"= :a' I.t :w r
rounded by a seen gard.
It was down, and when naveshel emerged
hemn the gates his eyes fel upon a cgat rowd
ofPeophWho& gathered to sh die. Be
was -In p mvan and harried to So
plc ofearecution, ound whi h a crdon of
had been drown There were milary
piokb also throughout the towns, but the ie
cautious whiesk bee te Uhom -o apr
disorder Isee me=olly un -eoay, as the
crowd which had gred was composed of
mer curics and no sign of any
anarmchstie ym th with the cemdsgmd was
visible. Their = ewas shown by he
way n which they regarded the prisoner when
he was brought to the guillotine. They looked
upon him as upon some * =h=ft-sd being
and taeds no response to words or gestures.
When the - van reached the seaffold
Ravaehol was asked If he desired to say any
thing. He replied that he would address the
crowd, but instead of speaking he began to sing
an indecent and aed to the refrain as
wellas he with his ankles staped. The
ocee in charge m tired of this burlesque
-and gave the to M. Diebler.
The a assistants at awce oised
Ravachol, whereubon the latter's demeanor
chaged. He ed his ass pt
of itndference and eru d rously, bet was
e diy overpowered borne to the Metal
b k. vn whie be tied down an the
he continued his tile srugglee, utter
meanwhile the foulest epithets and curses.
indecent and blasphemous tirade was "ut
short by the swift desce-t of the knife, and at
407 o'clock the heed of the notorious robber,
incendiary and murderer roled into the basket.
The crowd witnessed the horrible t with
the same stolid Indifference that had
ised their conduct throughout. There was ne
of the irreverent hilarity commos to Parisism
crowds on such occasions, and it was evident
that no pathy was felt for the man who had
toll omit his crimes in the interest
fthe people.
Ravachol was one of the most extraordinary
criminals of the age. Bavachol's frst murder
was that of the hermit of Chambles, Brother
Jacques Brunel, in the month of June, 1991.
Brunl was an old men of ninety who lived in a
state of solitude amid the Froes mountains.
The object.was robbery. Ravachol was ar
rested but eaoped. Six weeks later he killed
and robbed two old ladies at St. Etienne. He
esped without being arrested. About the
same time he robbed the grave of
Baroness de Bochetaies, near St. EtIne In
1386 near TA Varizelle he killed an old man of
eighty. Jean Baptiste Rivollier, noted for his
charty. He also killed an old woman servant
of Rivollist. Besides these crimes he was sa
pocted of many others previous to his dyna
mite operations in Paris, which caused the loss
of several live. and destruction of much prop
Datne Frem the leedes Resolved This
Loxuow, July iL-At t o'clock this afternoo
the total returns received showed the election
of 196 conservatives, 168 liberals, 27 liberal
unionists, 27 anti-Parnelhite, 5 laborites and 4
The contest in East Worcester between Aas
tin'Chamberlain, liberal unionist, son of Joe.
Chamberlain, and Oscar Browning, liberal, had
some Piquant features. Mr. Chamberlain was
a pupil of Mr. Browning at Morton College. Mr.
Browning was assisted I his canvass by other
college done, while Mr. Chamberlain was as
misted by a number of his college chums. His
father's infuence mlso helped him well. The re
sult of the poll showed the election of Mr.
Chamberlain, who received 5,111 votes, against
2,517 cast for Mr. Browning.
aRUazs IN DavArr..
The following election returns have been re
eived today:
Ireland, Kildare, north division, Patrick J.
Kennedy, anti-Parnellite, elected, 2,083; James
L. Carew, Parnallite, defeated, 1,745. In 1M6
Mr. Carew was returned unoposed. While a
member of the late aimment was arrested
in his bed i Sotland on the
charge of violating the Irish oercion
law. On that occasion Mr. Parnell pleaded
warmly in his behalf in the house of commons.
Mr. Carew spent some time in jail for his
ptriotism. He moied the side of Mr. ParneR
t lthe recent dferences and is now defeated.
Scotland, Dumfriesburghs, R. T. Reid, Ub
eral, reelected, 1,696; Sir A. Nel Agnew, lib
eral unIni.t, 1,166. Vote in 1886-Reld,
liberal, 1,547; Mattinson, conservative, 1,217.
Ireland, Sligo, south division, Thai. Curran,
anti-Paruellite, elected, 4.86; Pfolliott, consr
vative, 545. In 1886 Mr. T. BSton, nationalist,
was returned unopposed, being also elecbuat
the -am time for West Belfast. .
Sexsmo choosing to sit for Belfast, a
new election was held in February. 1867,
and Mr. E. J. Kenedy, natioalist, was elected
unopposed. Mr. Kennedy resigned and in
July, 86 Mr. Edmund Leemy atioas
side of Pareande wa renomnted~a by the
Parnellitee, but appears to have withdrawn
krm the contet.
'Scoland, B.=EsirM, B. W. Df be!lre
eleted, 1296; Maltaman Barry, Idpmet
1In 1836-Duff, liberal, 3,83 Sir C.
unionist, 1,336. Mr. Dtwas
-lord of the tresury.
They Are Da-.sai at tine UWste es
Toen, Kern., July 11.-There is musk die
satisfaean- amoang lantg d----eaf asth
sate over the acton cf the demoeratic state
emnvenlion in Ilaering the peaple's party
neass. 'The dsplane= ts so' in
tense that the emo-ma==y of the
fifth ditist has a eel to el "true deorats
In lises" to meset in Barrisgtsm Juily 20
to put a fall Uiet in the Isld. It
is alao learned tiget te dernoeat are
Tthir mldistres
stagttislat. The am--mis of the eventh
O~iFUi~ldiste have ealsI a esaventisn
[ist '~ns ditrit and.ef
Mieds to have te esaentaien refuse to neni
nate a sgh demeerat. Witheut the die.e
gratis veto Qe ~~t~a ' a
tinadveeted by h ims. w ak - a
-lens ih in th smwMe e -
-eemet Thenstietistehusehteis
brd|th .,,..h..w. .a 's..edl
5. . uouh.ebr et .he 3um enas
n f.ae,..4 Dgre,7,"psi
demasessdc ef stam
I Mhe set*. inse
-vsmge ies no mie bOeges
[email protected] J L-2bse appae to be a do
Irm -1 watieto s mir is =a
smal Soy eloarlnoes u69 m seha e ~mm
be.0 l e Pmtemwhen as -es An. b.ween
Oepial and lMber sM. 2he laiere of do
=as 11 iber Ofra-lam 16is cy wheam
~~gat 1te G Fit.re' Unica mali:
"We P e NANO& and arming 1,6 sent.
We Vw Jam. O'Connell, IueIliat- of balg
Triads Omel, as soloseL I e
aise a cepaw syea ememgh.
$a -o A. ( bC. 3w bod .sm
ou ealisom.s pr temsese. We have
lheity u = apers and a =n.ber have
already signed 69 papers. We wil [email protected]
cempamims of S me.. nsy wM he armed,
drilld aMd -q 2 1 We - wi join
state Um" nemry, but the
me object of e.u egnsaium win be to 0ght
Pinkerbens whinoer they awe clemd in to
.Mgh - We will mmd a pettion io.
mrrow se seereasry of mdo*e asking for a
charter at ooese o I and e as an in
depedet' mitary As moon as we get
thai we will arm oursele and begin driling."
TIMe MaNst Was Dun M Priess Wee
Naw YoRz, July 11.-The etock antet
opened the new week this moring with
further depression, but the usel -odema
volume of business and the ual narrow
luctuaioma. Landoa cases lower and fire
Bran. i wor to lower
.,0.nttud..o, w.n ". ".oo an
ahrigo rane X per est to 30)% , he
t oon gave way and quickly re to be
low the level of te oengprices, Louisvie
mAd Nashvile adge.. movesment.
At'J3g Louivile owed a lom o percent
& it last price of Saturday. all the
othern lost mni fractions, evesBurlington los
re wao to the late 4..1.,'
though a Biramsser prevailed without any
recovery. Bedmia lingtoa and Louisville
Atolds and St. PAul were specially active, We
the rest o the list were very throughent.
The market at U o'lock wasdu and eteady at
small fratiom below Aret pricem.
Money onemiseasy ato ot. Prima mer
canle paper, 83Ma53% Stern exchagsu
mud eamy,with actued bumineemsa 1%7f
day bie and 480sMfl8 for demand.
tes d4atS3M. The report Of the
Mercanti e Deposit Company tothe miok
enchange shows no change in silr, 2,Mf,000
genoe; crfcates, 2,096.
Government bonds dull and firm. State
bonds neglected. Bailroad bond* quiet agpd
The etook market became mst opprst dvel
all after 11 o'clock, but the weakn. of the
early dengs returned and sbght fractional
loom were sustained, St. Paul and
Louisville being the most prominent in the de
cline. No other feature was seen and the mar
ket at moon was dull and stagInat about
o.t - of So morniag.' "ver, 87.
m= 0. 0. Nemo, 0. LC.
..... ..... . .
!L5~ Is..
Waeogton ailroa CossnebS. -
nb i., a ..::
Cntry ode seba, . ..e
wea ask.. Ch
eo tIbsu p a, 1. sre. . S.
AWctay Melra SLS. id. "a astd Wa0;c$Le
a Markes t Co. m " 1 i. se.W*
et et :o.led1.8 1& bin'd. aK.
eia. sorteo.ar S' ".... A. 1
Id= 1 aske d.eia euit n rs m
ISM, XM6 BAIM bid,.- Mrd A sercan sec .t
am1 rM -m. 1"0Md. P aked. me bid. - aned.
t ,-ed Dan'f||'' pul~, bid~e .-.t
asked. Metrosylat, to bd, - asto. Cnrl
gold. 14 - as iked. Wsadr MecanIcs. 11e4
bid. 1bd - askd.CtVw Losb~. 1K and. mr.
MaD, 1. bid. 115 as&d. s ae. an tis.
I. -1ask e. L b..._a...,.abe
iR b1 asked. TSecosd ,S bid G od.
Raroad 100 6s-W D40 o. -and
todTn aGe. et n rora UM-ter
W b asked. M6 Cahsai an Nt
Hse& based and ley
ggft 19K bid. - asked. Wachwo Crekur5 idt
inancrye HIoke-sae& eis4id, Ua md
Cranklin. 00ce bi.41Ib - a&kd. e&ltn T bid.
Lo ask. atonl nin &%) id. 118M-asked.~
tonrk Ri UOe bid, 10 bi.- seddhoe
peake ad...iae Peotoac iTm bi. s- Kd
145 01100skd. Caio n a eet snore bld.
d. asked. Coeromlial
tjf ti ase.Ral1tt0f~e e bd -8asked.U.I
foo7i akd. G4%gtw - bi d, s Ws
2 efStlO fiht. 12 bid.lO asked.Wat
-i, se.A eia I Iid S
Penne9vaCO. IS bid 1- askd Ue
14d, 19 aAed Gra Fal Ic,10 i.
Nr WahDC.Ssembaat MoSbdTus soe.
EzL Wobbm Ahu do Bud*
ILUM'M nMR 8111111.;
Senator Hicod Joint Reuoution
as to the G. A. R. Encampment
The Conftrence Report FInally
Agreed to by the House.
Mr. MePhremos asked and 0b16"M leave at
bm .fa- the reid af e ssdm.
Mr. Grma was ppoted Me .eamte
of contingent expames Instead of Mr. Tames,
absent an ------a t hmas
OaIa eyostessu. loom.
Mr. PeEr introduced a Jot ,...-,e. pro
posig an smedmust to Se nnestisem in
these word, "No peasn shaI held dh oBoe of
Presadent of United toaeS more thm an
term," end that it li an ath tola.
Mr. Pi rearked as he ...ba....
a sinler joint re-ofltio b already i
troduoed and eferred to the a m.isee an
civil survice reform and had been repot beek
by that committee nd placed on s aea..
Mr. Weott, chaisman ot the civil service
-ommite corroborated t hatate--e, and
added that the bebflies were that that
joint reshou a term of six
years weoul Lp nextssio;
at h thime he had no Nloubt extended re
marks wouls he made and very many emeAd
Mr. Cp IntImated that he wouls afr
an eamendment to it redueing the term to two
Mr. Pe.r's jointreaolndon was i an the
t o le ovr" s AGAINe aN aZPaM .
Mr. Chandler ave notice at hi intention to
ofer to the sundry civil appropriates. bill an
"me"dmentappropriathg eUM to set any
extraordinary emergamoy that may arki be
tween the adjournment ot Congress
and its next menting in Deoember in eo
aection with elia.c disems.I
Mr. HEo-ak intrdued a joint reesoilaon
(which wa rterrds to the eammise an civil
ervie reform) providing for ave ot abessus
for every federal esalierin goverametempoy
meet duuing the Grand Arnay --ca---nustA
next Septomber.'
Mr. Quay (It nomlcalnao with the agremet
made luet FdMy) presmea the tatemest at
the -ometa empip for pubbat.i th e
Ooispresnsi Riord,
Mr. Buder (according to dh &oti hereto
fore given by hm) moved tht the sat take
up for eeasideratis sh bill to ma ir the
revemse unie essrvic fotheNavy Dearkemst
Mr. herm demse the yeasn s I
The ma. .a. . .greed to... b. i
laid before the elea-yems, U; mays, SL
Mr. Albon moved that the revenme amte
bill be laid ai"e and the .ssid..tis. et the
sundry civil appropriatis bill be rammend.
Mr. Botler expressed Me to
to pdi b pleviddI il s
%se IgHe = ofm
therefore that it "Sid a.de y.'
Otherwie he was uppid to Mr. s1'
m- which would diplce his bill
Atr-m e .icars. 'd --me u ni
bill wee "hi! aide inaformally."
Mr. Allims. withheld hen mto so as to give
Mr. Waslbborn an ""pr,"'itto apb" sme
the Hbile opoises and
remark. on the -anm bill =1n pii n
futures, imsing speclal taea on deales
therein and sl eek & &awne and persoms
or"tin SPrdavis to ob
K. wA=mxVN ow qirro..
Mr. Washborn mfid that he had, in the early
days of the session, introdmned a bill having
fr its purpose and intent the Wetting an and
to the yatem of dealing in optioes.r selin
futures. or (in conant parlenos) "shorteeZ
ing." That bill had been drawn on the ises at
the so-cealled Baterwcrth bill.
That bill was the subject of very extensive
criticsM, and he bad (avaing hinmeIf ot such
criticime ) afterward Introdoeed anoter bl
with the sam object, and which met the .iu
tion more Ie and -a-ia-etaly. The
bill passed by heHa wae, substantiay, the
same in prinsiple and in ntbodsat dealing
with the questios the Wh bi introdoced
by him, and wool eacampHA (with some
amendments whisk be would poo.
what a friends dahed without
with the Commee of the country. Profae
sional gambler had eoghtto produce hie iEm
-aome about it and =e=r and m Irchants
ubn ne.--mifyalarmed about the effect
which it would have on d hesmm ee of the
it w ot its (nor did It) Inter
oresalet any predut where the a ter
the owner thereat or whee he had a
contract for its oe r It as neither
th edomat emm==iemo, but it ftlg
imate trade without toterferemse or h erne
but it was direeted agphast t ~m mod
ern inventios known as "chart 'aeg at the
agric.ltemal prodeb of the ee r.
'ld am a avstem under which, bymmpre
mntetom, trials of trade ms andi wa
.ible to jaggle with vaineesemnd peaetielny
inate from the e.-ee at th a ons
the eperatios at the taw of
and densma-. m whizh robbed
-rd e nd tee h
n MBwast ila e aJ e
gab en t the mset outtgeoma, l and
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Os amelies at Mr. DeleeR (Pa.) a b as
pa-e amaherlahng the eale of erteinsgebie
property to Pitsburg, Ph.
Os ameio e Mr. Delloek (lb.) a 68 as
p-se -Mma the peeieon at te e at for
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to the patat hine Phs.
on a and e ecefee eee
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the repubtepeitofattlakh being the appro
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Os mitime at OeMt.3s(. T)
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mss. Mr. Esmpbe AM ado& S Emee t
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aod Weomr t, and Mr. A&ImM a" All
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isdup Mr. Jebmasse ab i ued tem
esmestae t s ..s 3anttt. TkhEt
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Ait a, SAMao a. 00
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morem Wa the eenee It ise po aff
an. Aferim delay a Mr6I-Wall W
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Mr. Aim keas ate ndeport em Ae b
rea. re probaly thought it am. ag uMr.
It =m= nt. It amly took up Sen emrn,
het It efrre ts the report tam
he committee for - A-t--mmnd Mr.
Wthedema me paint that tis epartakeuor
muk to he mte eens as
m . omowean Sote m aus.
Mr- Job.... toted SoNar in support a
ML THe proeamt -------t- he ail, al a
Salue of the pIoperty ItA Distript at sa,.
nt.. wherese the i" so
by h.M committee shewed Usas a"
be WW0.000,00. He ndelSe th e
nork of the asmes an d t he mst
hat they worhed behind sse uss. fa
W& the new a m nt amer the -w a
rain weoud rubs -m money them n sese
for the use of the Din ie, th Ses mate n
aske that the rate et taation be acesed,
atta Wh, -o ipeeise an eds to
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ia the new assemn. ho sadl, sum vsey
I&M e sham bobldsoed Iu. to Jl
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a omped of e rsumstd who ame&&
woul be In ear at a~aessn adh
e..d.to..arme...s mik .eo. .is . he
-b l :Tatta e,4's:* 2...-,
ry In the Ceart of 6. S he hS
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eenmate.....poi... to bigee b
that thei old amm-e eoullmmet up
515O~ th MAI0 p nt. at
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mid tha eb apmi the abte o aery
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han In ant emty in esafy.
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In the assems.at at preprty.
h Ma . hy m d *m. toO
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band t se imeest oml boor&e Mt M be
the rqusitiet the ale cekpakemm
lauw bla med at W ad ovePes
dcem.r h sm " es~sadlor toa to
eaulintoh at the emera"eT 3
Wasl ldo the aglaky t te sasis. or
no"ey is in paymentfr me bem.a..m
Mr. C. C. Glover amd Mr. 3ma Pierry hatd a
extema- comissre elkwihet Seessy tis
mfteruoon upon the m..i. and at the ies et
It warrat uas signed ante mem i esd y
lbes sar o the cortbs, s Iii;
whom cemgre wa rebinby a4m.
A. adjouramest of Cone abesa he r
5th ot July is probable.
Members & the Ehlmu.=a as....
The Speaker today appehaud Ju A. 3.
Wagner, Jadge W. S. osa, Er. 5. 3. EKse
mann. Mr. K. . 14rher, Mr. V. D. Daeg
and Mr. S. S. Pruakln a mas.e ah
Memorlal A-.-ahs. t the D aist et OCatm
bis, In accordane with the Jaint .sa.m "
proved J of. 1,15 A .
DSTIr odoIooy-mr006 g.
cosmanb saner raa Useaioa.
Major A. 3. S. Davis, mp-it. et semant
end aery swepimg, in eeamis.m a en
reporter today, said that if eeai so
ft gthe am-is et ainbtS am
Sand of dothe Cah Tor hMO des
sey wue ms.ko me. .....
Ia. Whem msh, arpne amade di
aiyto himn it hiqal appems @m ter
ley or an mue swer e s a"ed
n-ami.a Ztlbe allras d SaSm:
A coNhAeCT BEtnnu
The coumsti of the aber Aph mPeek esmy
er repair at eumof and mss euler he pa
it er te ho bees estad f e me bem
ram s, 1535.
somnoC. eer adMSmesa W m
exuade poairnc ism to sm: bey do
she, srom twedary betek adn s oe a
lar.eat etenarthee, lo, th, .
se tmie.ry aMd bresses almeta
le,s1; in.. lU. retw a.esr
kK ofba July is A..r,
rielk Afe Osoyesaii
The -m jry telen apeit a- A- IL
Rogo, aJu e n , elk to. LI.La,
s ha wih s stme at et C.
LiveS enma Mr U hot, =6 ems ms.ina at
Ibejide, K ado a do amia at e
U4e In aeesmm MM an jins rombolim m or
besimn T a 1A, ISMS
tresk;;; ||u hed.:t M.pat
id.s .. ihe. ml -s-- s
he slatems iee , esasskn
menebdOlSat eas is U
ameenhe s la
-s -G - UMeS;cs
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.~~emm in ONGSUL i
&MI ~ b VM m&Sihm tdo 00
ft t 4 -~ Cbm Sb ofoem 9w
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ft mio waso 04da su te a
no ~ ~ -, go "aea o PU6 i
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bev% No me at fhe oe~ hoss
wh m o Ws. wso~wdn
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am Uddom am."* mot o" b
bum 9b fm sp loin to peIsm s
ub b hsow~ 0a tale wbo wh ith 16w er,"
1wd thm e swU o ttbc
J2 M d~ 60e bin toue bo apt e
WeskJuta yew bime cmid t %swVem~a
mis b U we * UN& "hT moemngui ab
3mmdam atth Tememe
1 Afelgwe the tsmpeuwm~ws. h
Th.e em the wte burne of te: Sam..o U
u %m b gred om. ur
AmwWeIam &AL to basses
-~ a -40.
2U mu'ose bUt ha gt ai . I t a
muW9% tamt. i~ym 3Wdth %. et now*1
OOSwtALL wn the tem10. aftI!Z at 141
alke of th e lrto usit r r:8 . em7
2 tL U mueve 79; d cw . 69.t
an 4w &T~Ar6&a , W
satovt T heratoir &me.uk 10
Jh b I atd I~ l f.,
Mar w lmetr vo mm gft
V~*umrumtwa. ow =ft~math.
6= AM n sily mim-0 at . Voemt
WAL 4WD& am yewam.
Met ~ u~ =8atL
=51M.; th W eMat .1
W.. 196 Ln
a Ed bow
=Mo send*o
owlw U.pts4
3a 4 t-,1
w*M . Job

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