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> t?2S 7thr^706 fa, st.
f s. ?*?..?,%
[Novelties le
[White GoodsJ
S PRICE to be the Influence with
you In buying your Summer
Drawee J Whether it's price, <
value or eicluslveness. we are <
sure we can do best for you. fur
tbere Isn't a more perfect stock?
a newer, brighter or more hand
some variety in the city.
3:25c. Dotted
Swiss Muslin, 18c. yd.
Nearly everybody In town most
??k 25c. yard fur these very same
Swisses. Ami If you're noticed 4
you've found the market flooded i
with common Scotch Goods, ton
can tell the difference with "half J,
an eye." ,j
vExtra Value Dotted \
JSwiss Muslin, age. yd. j
l^oc. India Lin on, |
""'Only ia^c. yard. |
^5c. India Linon,
?<)nly soc. yard.
>250. Lace-stripe
^Seersucker, 1254 c. yd.
^85 Styles of |
[?Yard-wide Percales. *.
Think of selecting from eighty- J>,
Ave styles of Percales. There's .}
not a liner, prettier, variety In this
;i6c. White Lawn <?
?yon couldn't boy the material tow
that price. Hemstitched and well
?$1.50 26=irj. |
|Umbrellas, $1.19. ?
f ?navy blue?fhat color?with fins
Y acacia sticks. i
|Carlhart Le5dy,|
*928 7th St. 706 K StA
? it i
The Greatest Rosin
We've Ever
_J houmnda of economic buyer*
have availed themselves of the
wonderful values In the sea
sonable merchandise that we are
offering at exactly half-price. Bemem'oer,
every ITEM ADVERTISED IS strictly
BONA FIED; we ocly atlrise an early re
sponse to those that desire a pick of the
choicest. Today we've added many new
things to the great army of wonderful offer
tSc. Striped and Fig
ured Dimity Lawns
19c. Figured Batiste
2Bc. India
inches wide
One lot Dress Ging
hams. worth 12Vfcc_
15c. White Nainsook
Z 8c. yd.
- 6*c. yd.
\\c. yd.
- 8c. yd.
noc. yd.
"Z noc. yd.
20c. and 2Sc. White
Apronerts. . .....
?20c. Checked and Strip
ed Dress Goods.
One lot Momle Towels.
"X22 E D<Cc
?c. Galatea Cloth....j
One lot Fine 8atlnea.
worth 25c
One lot All-wool Dress
Goods In all coloring#
desirable lengths,
worth from 50c. to
"8c. yd
12 jC.
i25c. yd.
These goods will he found In our
Dress Goods Department, where there Is am
ple room for the display of alL
_430. 422, 424. 426 7TH ST.
. T?? Hygienic Ice Is constantly
Increasing. and this among our ' t .A
people. This Ice Is all made of .?? '[
Iutely pure water from the larvnt 4!
triktm<?i ,n the r,:*- !
'V. , , *? 'be product of a steady < [
treese of not less than siity hours the ''
JI*'" harder and more lasting than Ice < *
lu ? "Ting temperature. Be- < >
J, * ."I fro? ?" s.-<limeut. Its use by < ?
jlrugif.s's and others hating expensive 4 ?
J?e boxes will result lu a A
labor In frequent cleanings of drain , >
pipes and In plumber's bills for re
Sie?" ?=-, Li k'0'''" urilfo'm
slse. large dealers can easily tell
the quantity dally delivered and J2 x.
doing save themselves trouble and ex. '
pense. It 1s the only Ice so mid? ? 4 '
this District and the raS."^ ?
higher tbaa tor otliex ice.
rFfrr'^w^v or TJTEM.
shirt to be had-we dovbt vek?
Matter what the price.
riade to Order to Fit.
6 for $9.00, unlaundered.
6 for $10.00, laundered.
437 7th St. N.W.
WU sslW
Poole's New Grocery, |
1209 P St,
^Qo Elsewhere For
tPoor Groceries.
Watnrally Ton uk, aren't th?
X Groceriea that an "cot" In prlc?
1? a second-grade goods? No, they're
" ? not! They're the finest and fresh
est goods the market affords.
T Enough people boy tbem to prove
? , that they are the beet.
$4.75 bbl.
JFlour, $1.30 qr. bbl.J
?absolutely one of the finest flours ??
nade. It makes the best bread and *f
y more of It than any other flour on V
jl| the market?and we rive It our un- f%
A limited guarantee. Regular pries,
? ? |6.50 bbl.; $1.60 quarter bbl. A
50c. X
Pound. "
y - ? ? y
11 ?It'i aa excellent tea, acd tolly V
J ( equal to the regular 80a. tea about *t*
X town. Only ot us. ,J,
?5=lb. Bucket Lard, 55c. ?
y A
jk ?absolutely pur<v.
$5-lb. Bucket Cottolene,|
V ?:?
o 49c. I
2:3 Cans Eagle Brand I
Condensed ililk, 48c. |
jFull Cream Cheese, 16c. !'
Lb. 1:
;Qt. Bot. Benoit Freres'|
; Olive Oil, 75c. |
:01d Belma Whisky, |
; 90c. Qt., $3 Gal. J
? ?the purest and most effectual A
Medicinal Whisky on the market? y
prescribed and recommended by the
leading phasic lao?. V
Pleasant Valley Sweet i*
iCatawba Wine, 75c. Gal.?
^ V
Best California Claret 1
;Wine, $2.40 Doz. Bot. |
?Cantrcll &. Cochran's |
?dinger Ale, $1.25 Doz.
?> ?the lowest price ever quoted lor
the same quality of Ginger Ale. V
? v J
?Case (12 Qts.) <?
^Barton <& Guestier's ?*
% X
|Box Of so "La Vena" \
;j:Cigars, $2.15. |
?t* ?guaranteed all llavanna filler.
1209 F St. |
^ ^ So <n\U^\ 11 r*.** ' J
STRAW HAT'S?stylish oues ? becoming
on$*-ne ? cheap" ones- plenty of low-priced
DERBY HATS?Mack and delicate shades i
of brown?will look as well next fall as 1
they do now?a little money buys 'em.
NOFT HATS? fashionable shades of pearl 1
and brown?they are "proper" now with '
your light suit.
Deed to say more?Knox's best?too low
prices for any profit making.
Stlmemetz <& Son,
my31 1237 PA. AVE.
Trustees' !
Sale of
Little's Stock
of Fflne Shoes.
No. 1002 F St.
, a
? ? Trior to his demise Mr. Little ? ?
? ? had placed orders for a large ? ?
? ? line of summer shoes?In Ox- ? ?
? ? fords, "russets." Ac. We pur- ? ?
? ? chased the stock, and the manu- ? ?
? ? facturers have written us asking ? ?
? ? If we would take the shoes at ? ?
? ? a big discount, as many had ? ?
? ? Mr. Little's name on them and ? ?
? ? were not marketable in other ? ?
? ? cities. We bought them and ? ?
? ? they are now on sale, marked ? ?
? * at the same ratio of reduction ? *
? ? as the old stock, viz.: * ?
All $2.50 Shoes $1.50.
AM $3 Shoes now $2.
All $3.50 Shoes $2.25.
All $4 Shoes $2.50.
All $5 Shoes $3.
All $6 Shoes $3.50.
;;B. Rich <& Sons,
(Late John E. Little,)
jioos F St.
? ? 4
For $2.00
28-inch Paraxon Frame Gloria Silk
Umbrellas, In all kinds of handles,
straights, crooks and bulba?splendid
Umbrellas, that sell everywhere for
$2.00, are marked $1.50 her*.
You cannot do better In the Umbrella
lino than get one of them>
New York Umbrella Co.,
17 Market Space.
fto's't* It ratify! ng Besulti' [
? Ip the worst cases of Rheumatism, >
?- ? ? ?v* Rheumatism,
Oout, Stone in Bladder, Blight's Dis
ease, Kidney and Liver Diseases, etc.,
a _?- etc., have attended the use of
^Poland Spring Water.
s ? It contains less organic matter and
4 ?? "ore curative qualities than any other
J ?? wa?r in the world. Its equal may
j - " exist?It has not yet been found. '
] Cr4!)c-Ji*L- 3 $1.78. We >
:??r? are sole D. C. agents. >
jJohn Keyworth, gth & D. I
j Fine Groceries, Wines, etc. 'Phone 636.
Columbia Park.
Bi? Com of Washington Soburba. Only 18 min
utes from the city. For 10 days you can get a lot.
23x100 feet, from $28 to $30, Office. B23 lit!?I$
The Palais Royal *94 Summer "Opening" is to ter
minate with Extra Souvenirs that shall long be re
Palais Royal
Instead of $1.50 Pair.
These "Palais Royal" Suede Summer Kid Gloves
need no introduction?for the last sixteen years they
have been a specialty of the Palais Royal.
Thli summer's Importation Include* those with four buttons. In shades to wear with the
Covert Cloth and other at/Hah fabrics, and those In mousquetalre style In evening shades, aa well
as the new tana, browns, modes and grays.
That these $1.50 ?"Palais Royal" Gloves are superior to those usually sold at the price U
known to many who are regular customers, who will understand that 4Sc Is a special price,
made to attract many new patrona, and, therefore, not more than one pair will be sold each
The $i Lace and Embroidery Trimmed Lawn Dress
ing Sacques at 29c and the $1 Indigo Wrappers at 49c
are among the other Extra Souvenirs for Tomorrow.
C7"Our patrons are Invited to luncb, in connection with the food exhibit on fourth floors j
Second Floor Departments. | First Floor Departments.
Dress Trimmings proper at 20 per cent discount. |
Laces, including Nets and Chiffon, at 10 per cent |
Embroideries at 10 per cent discount, excepting '
the 27-inch Embroidered Flouncings at 59c Instead
of $1 yard.
37c yard Black Moire Ribbon, 5-inch.? ???*???.83c
23c yard Colored Moire Ribbon, 3-lnch.?.*?*?..17c
29c yard Colored Satlu Ribbon, 5-inch.19c
25c Veils, black and colors 19c
48c Veiling, all styles ??...?-??????????. .39c
68c Purls Veils, all styles 59c
2*?c Handkerchiefs. Ladies' and Men's. ??????10c
18c Ladies' Sheer All-linen Handkerchiefs. ??? .12%c
25c llaud-embroidcred Ali-lln?*n Handkerchiefs. .18c
2fic Novelty-border French Handkerchiefs 19c
25c Men's All-linen Handkerchiefs,fancy borders.l3c
50c Men's All-linen Initial Handkerchiefs 35c
Silk and Duchess Lace Handkerchiefs at 10 per
cent discount.
25c Chemisettes, white and fancy percale.???..22c
50c Sets?Chemisette and Cuffs.????.????????? .44c
75 and 68c Imported Sets, from London..*?..59c
12V Mull Ties, all styles 10c
25c Windsor, superior at 25c. ????*??.?.?????*??. 22c
48c English Silk Windsors. .???*? ?? ._?????.? .39c
$1.25 Silk Fronts, new effect..??_??? ???^.???...98c
44c Figured Lawn Fronts ? ??????*???? 86c
48c Chatelaine Bags, all styles ...25c
25c Combination Card Case and Pocket Book.... 15c
98c Silver-trimmed Pocket Books. 75c
50c Men's Leather Belts --???..??????..33c
35c oz. Woodward's Perfumes. .25c
10c Buttermilk Soap, b?*?t 6c
10c Toothbrushes, warranted, worth 19c. ,.??. ?. 7c
59c Castile Soap, large bars.. ? . ? ? 45c
15c Black Rubber Hair Combs, mm
10c Powder Puffs, best...??*?.??.????,??????????? 6c
$2.48 Parasols, all styles .$1.98
$3.68 Parasols, all styles. .,,..$3.19
$5.68 Parasols, all styles. ????????*?*?????? .$3.98
10 per cent discount on Paris Novelty Parasols at
$5 and up.
98c Children's Novelty 111 *****
$1.50 Colored Gloria Silk Umbrellas.*?^?..$1.25
%1.98 Gloria Umbrellas,with Dresden handles.$1.75
$2.98 Colored Summer Silk Umbrellas.._???? .$2.79
$4.98 English Silk Umbrellas,men's and ladies'.$4.25
12%c Swiss Ribbed Vests.. ?? 9c
19c Ribbed Vests, 2 for **Kn , , , 1. , , x ***?
25c Domestic Made Lisle v?,, ,,? -, - 19c
35c Imported Lisle v'~'tg , 1 nn~
49c Silk Finish Lisle - T -, ,, , ,, ^
98c Richelieu Rib Silk VesU 69c
50c Misses' Ribbed Vests and Pants. ???????_.35c
10 per cent discount on Phyllis Union Suits and
Tights. Ladles' snd children's.
25c Ladles' Fsst Black Cotton Htrsit *.,,,,,., Iftr
85c Ribbed and Plain Lisle
50c Rembrandt Ribbed Lisle Hi?ft TITTIIIT1,
49c Boot Pattern Lisle hi ? 1 1 1 ? ***"
85c English Tan and Gray ,, ,
98c Vandyke Novelty
$1.25 yard Check Taffeta Silks ...89?
$1 yard Fancy Taffeta Silks. ..????????????. 59*
39c yard Wash Silks, all styles ? ...??...8 M
85c yard Check Taffeta Silks ???-????.69c
68c yard White Brocade China Silks 44?
85c yard Black Figured Silks ????..69c
75c yard Black Japanese Silks. ?????????????? .59C
50c yard White Japanese Silks 35<
39c yard 24-lnch Black Jap. Silks 29c
Black and Cream Wool and Silk Grenadines at 1#
per cent discount.
$1.68, $1.50 and $1.25 Wool Tourist Suitings..$1
$1 yard Fancy Wool Tourist Suitings &K
50c and 68c yard Wool Tourist Suitings. ?????? .39?
All the nccessary Linings ??.???????? .50c
59c yard Swivel Silks, all styles l##..34e
59c yard Best French Challies 48c
26c and 35c yard Genuine Scotch Ginghams... .19c
25c yard Best Domestic Ginghams 15c
17c yard Fine Zephyr Ginghams 12V*c
26c yurd Figured Piques 19C
16c yard Corded Dimities ??????????? .12^c
15c yard Satin Stripe Organdies 10c
12V?c yard Stripe and Plaid Lawns 8c
18c yard Apronette lawns 12VjC
68c to $1.50 Straw Hats, ladies' and misses'.. .48c
68c to $1 Straw Hats, mt-n's and boys' 48c
$3 to $4.50 Misses' Trimmed Hats ???????? .$1
$4.50 to $6.50 Ladies' Trimmed Hats ?....$3
19c Stamped Table Covers ??????12c
25c Tinted and Stamped Covers 19c
29c Stamped and Hemstitched Squares... 23c
75c Brown Linen Traveling Bags 65c
10 per ceut discount on Fine Stamped Goods.
45c yard Cream Table Damask 35c
65c yard Bleached Table Damask 50c
$1.25 yard Satin Double Damask 89c
$1.35 dozen Damask Table Napkins $1.15
$1.98 dozen Satin Finish Table Napkins $1.69
17c All linen Huck Towels lUfct
39c Linen Bath Towels ??????..25c
71>e Ready-made Sheets, 90x90 59c
17c Made Pillow Cases, 22x88 12Vfcc
$1.45 Fine Crochet Bed Spreads.???? $1.10
Third Floor Departments.
An English Duck Vest given with each Suit men
tloned below.
ft).75 Sergo Blazer Suits .............$8.78
}1- Serge Cutaway Blszer Suits............. .99.75
915 Serge Blazer Suits .$12.75
*10.50 Serge Blazer Suits. . ?? ??????-?? ? ? ? ?? ? . ? *15
*20 Serge ' Cutaway SulU |18
*11!.50 Covert Cloth Cutuway Suits........... .*10.50
*15 Covert Cloth Cutaway Suits....?.m...$13.50
*5 Duck Suits, all
*6 Duck Suits, tailor made..................$4. 98
$8 Linen Finish Duck Suits.
*1 Indigo Wrappers, summer style.............Oiic
*2.25 Lawn Wrappers, French style.....*....$1.98
(We Boy,' Laundered Shirt Waists. 40c
*1 Ladies' Laundered Shirt Waists. ...mm.-Site
*1.25 Lddlcs' Laundered Shirt Waists..
*1.69 Indies' Better Shirt Waists...
*1.08 Ladies' Best Shirt Waists..
*8.50 Silk Waists, all styles...
*5 Silk Waists, all styles...,
*4.98 Cloth Jackets, all sizes.....
*6 Tailor Finish Cloth Jackets.
*10 Tailor-made Cloth Jackets..
*2 98 Cloth Cape..............?.
*5.50 Cloth Capes, all styles..,
*10.50 Imported Cloth Capes..
*15 Silk Moire Capes
*25 Imported Moire Cagfs...,.
*32.50 Paris Novelty Moire Capes..
50c Ventlfatlng Summer Corsets......
75c Summer Corsets for '64.,
*1 Summer Corsets, Improved styles
12lje Cambric Corset Covers....
25c French Shape Corset Covers.
50c Gowns, Skirts, Drawers, C. Covers.
75c Gowns, Skirt, Drawers, (X Covers
*168 Bridal Undergarments.. ?.
68c Summer Bslmoral Skirts,
88c Egyptian Fast Black Skirts..
*2.08 Black Skirts, with silk ruffles.........*1.89
*7.50 Black and Colored Taffeta Silk Skirts. .*4.98
50c Ladles' White Lawn Waists...............89c
*1.35 Ladles' Fancy Lawn Waists ....... ,.*1.24
50c Infants' Cambria Slips..?. 39c
08c Infants' Sunday Slips.. ....84c
*1.15 Misses' Blouse w. i.t. ., ,.,,.
88c Children's lawn Dresses.......^. ......... 49c
98c Children's Lawn T
98c Children's Gulmpes, all aizea.
50c Children'* Sun Bouaets?.
18c Children's Ribbed Black Hose
25c Children's Russet and Black Hose
Fourth Floor Departments.
35c Children's Drop-stitch Lisle Hose ??..29c
$1.50 "Palais Royal" Kid Gloves, 4-buttoa..$l .85
$1.50 Foster Lace Kid Gloves, 7 hooks???**.$1.15
$1 Real Kid Gloves, 4 i??ttnn? ,,.,. ,r, ***
$1 Chamois Mousquetalre Gloves.*
$1.50 "P. R." Suede Kid Mousquetalres
$1.85 "P. R." Suede Kid Mousquetali
25c Silk Gloves and Mitts.?????
50c Silk Gloves and Mitts
68c Silk Glovss and mi??? , _ _ . , _ . no*
$1 Ostrich Feather 17,0, AOn
$1 Summer Silk and Gauze v.". - - - - |
50c Silk, Gauz. and Jap. Fans.
25c Japanese Pocket Fans....
.5c Mngpoo Fans. ? ? - - ?
(3.98 pair Irish Point Lace Curtains.
*1.48 pair White Lace Curtains... ,,-r
*5 pair Tapestry Curtains, fringed.
*2.50 Silk Stripe Curtains M f'
*1.25 Full Size Mosquito Canopies. ?........ .9Hc
59c Full Size Mexican Hammocks. .43c
*2 25 pair Pillow., six pounds geese feathers.tl.U8
20c Fire Screens, extending 18 to 32 inches..... 10c
20c Curtain Poles, with wood fixtures........16c
48c yarl Figured Drapery silk.. aoe
*2 Baby High Chairs, solid oak .....*1-25
20 per cent discount on baby carriages.
Basement Floor Depts.
JSc Lemonade Sets with Tray.... ............?
15c Berry Sets?Bowl and six Saucers., 39c
35c dozen Extra-thin Table TS.mhinr.
59c Glass Table Sets, 4 pieces.... 49c
12.98 Large-size Cut Glass Water Bottlea?.*l,lt7
58c Cut Glass Flower Holders........ 59c
13.34 Table Lamps, with shsde.........,....$1.98
Mason Patent Fruit Jars, first quality:?69c dozen
for pint size) quarts, 69ct half gallon, 68c.
p.50 China Tea Sets, 56 r1"1" ., a*
(2.50 Chamber Seta, 5 r1"" , ?... ?, j' ""
(1.98 Ice Cream Seta, 13 pieces...., .$1.48
(19.75 Dinner and Tea Sets, 113 pieces.^***^414.50
15c China Cuspidors.............. . m.n .84c
T5c Cups and Saucers, 6 of each.
25c After-dinner Cups and Saucers., 15c
10c Fancy Palm Leaf 7c
10 per cent discount on all Silver Plated Ware,
Belta and Buckles.
.i Jewelry, all ,,, ? ,
75c Jewelry, all , , , ,
. 9c
50c Jewelry, all atyles..
14c Shirt Studs, the ,
$1.25 Gold Florentine Photo. Frames.
68c Florentine Frames?socalled..^
10c Ice Cream Plate, ahall shape................7c
|1.50 "Gem" or Lightning Ice Cream Freezer.$1.19
)Sc Water Coolers, 1 Mr gal. size ?^_,.79e
(2.98 "Light Housekeeper" Refrlgerator .*2.74
|7.50 "Leonard" Refrigerators...............*6.98
3c Refrigerator Pans, with handles,. .18c
(3.50 Flat-top Traveling Trunks.$2.98
(1.29 Double Gas Stoves.....^... . ? .^1.19
T5c Oil Stock, with large Iron tank., -
10c Plate, of Ice Cream, all flavor*.
lOc Xc. Cream Soda, all flavors.
10 per cent discount on Trunks and Bags.
12 to 18c Rubber Stockinet Dress Shields..*
12 spools King's 500 yards Basting Cotton.
18c Fancy Belting, 12 yards...
29c and 33c Silk Dress Shields.
10c Covered Drees Steels, dozen..
18c Real Whalebone, warranted perfect.
lOo French llornbone, dozen.......
25c Sateen Hose Supporters, belt and clasp...15c
25c Novels, many
25a to 50c Bound
*1 Cook Book, Mrs. Parker's.
18? boxes Writing Paper....
25c pound Writing Paper, 83 sheets.
25a Playing .
23o Gauze and Balbrlggan Underwear^
50o Balbrlggan and Jean Underwear.
75c Imported 13al. Shirts and r>~ ~ j
$1 Summer-weight Wool
$1.18 Ribbed French Bat Shirts and Drawers..60c
*1.89 Cummer-weight Wool fi no
$2 Feather-weight All-wool Underwearww?$1.69
50a Usle and Cotton Half n"-- ,,
32c Ribbed Lisle Thread Half m ***
26a Half Hose, all
$2 English Madras Neglige Shirts.
$2 frenoh Flannel Neglige Shirts.
$1 Percale and Madras Shirts..
$1 Night Shirts, fancy
50a Summsr r ,,,,
50a Summer Neckwear, all styles............. ,?5c
18c Cluett's "Watch Brand" Collars......, ...7c
$2.28 Sweater*, black, navy, ,,, . ?' M
$2.98 SweaUra, extra t"*T , , $2
Q and Eleventh Streets.
At R. Harris <k Co,
Never in the history of the
jewelry trade was It possible
to buy such haiklkome sterling
?llTtr pieces for so Uttle
money. Those la search of
useful and appropriate wed
ding presents can save a good
part of their money in pur
chasing these) . ... .
Sterling BerrySpoons,$a.75
Sterling Tea Spoons, $3.50
Ice Cream Slicers, $5.50
Half Doz. Sterling Silver
Table Spoons, ????'?? $10
v Hundreds of other starling
* silver article* equally
? able.
Cant Glass Lowest!
? We aell cot class aa a
"side line" for an advertise*
? ment. Exquisite small pieces
? at small prlcee for gifts.
R. Harrisi&Co,,
Msnufscturlng- Jswelers,
Cor. 7th D Sts.
J Has Substitutes,
J But No Equals.
^ "fixture" in every household in
which it has been tried. The rea
son is that It is sold entirely upon
Its merits. All we ask is giro it a
trial alongside of any flour in the
world. Then decide whether it's
ALL that we claim for it or
merely "bluff" and "bluster."
Cream Blend
Is NOT the product of wheat
ground ?n a tingle mill. It's the
result of scientifically blending
SKVERAL of America a choicest
winter and spring wheat flours
in exact proportions to embody
OXLY the best qualifies of ALL.
Thus is it rich in phosphates,
gluten, sugar, starch and other
nitrogenous elements?impossible to
flour made of xaheat grown on a
SINGLE soil - in a SIMILE climate.
That's the reason it makes the
whitest, lightest, creamiest, sweet
est. healthiest, best bread and
MORE BllEAI), Rolls, Biscuits and
m Pastry. AND KEKPS KltKSl!
? LONGER than any other flour in
6 the world.
& Ask your grower for "Cream
Blend" and accept no substitute.
p We only whoUaale It. ^ ^
jB. B. Earnshaw & Bro.,;;
? wholesale flour dealers,
*H(V)-11071!(*> 11TH STREET k B.
? AM) 1000-1002 M STREET S.E. It
|| Friday
[?Odds ?& Ends!:
li Sale
la now firmly established as eos of
the features of our business. To*
morrow morning at 8 yoa will find,
as usual, spread oat oa separate
tables at our
main house,
The wetikly accumulation from all
of our three atoree of all
The reduced price is marked is
plain figures on every p*'*, which
price represents
And in sums esses only
There are Men's, Ladles' .?* Chil
dren's Shoee and Slippers in the lot.
880 and ess 7th St.
1814 and IBie Pa. are,
The Host Refreshing
Drink For Summer
I I I I I !? Ice Water. Like all things
? * J J ? for home consumption, yon wish
J J ? f t the best at lowest prices. "KEN.
t ? J * * NEB EC" ICE 1. the BEST snd
It* ti MosT LASTING. We sell "K?n
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J 2 J 2 2 SeTinveirUPiaj% pr?myt ^ W
f ^ T orders to drivers of
? ? ? ? ? TELLOW WAGONS, lettered "la
? ? ? ? ? dependent." Write or telephone.
Independent Ice Co.
Odlce, 810 Pa. ave. Telephone 501-J,
Depots, 9th st- wharf snd S108 Water et.
rr:i'ilij. .]Uii:iitai
It Reaches
The Homes,
5=lb. Boxes, $1.20.
"Matchless Creamery"' la the product of
the rich cream of the Jersey Oow. Other
butter Is but a poor Imitation of Its
matchless excellence. It goee into more
"beet home," than any other butter. Ail
pronouncs It matchlsss for purity, sweet
ness and deliclousnes*. Only 80c. Iu fr
it. boxes. 81.30,
D, William Oystei\
340 CENTER MARKET. Talevhone USB.
Gas Ranges.
One Urge 84>urner Favorite Rang* Only 115.00
One large 4-bnrnes Perfection Range, 0n|y f1T,?
One Patented Oas Stove, with t burners td
hsat all 4 rifft
C. A. Huddiman. 6ii lath,
?waa . * .
Entries ilready Made for the
P/thlan Contests,
Encouraging Report, Made by
General Carnahan.
There was a goodly batch of mall for
Secretary Percy Q. Smith to open at Pyth
Un headquarters this morning, and In theee
missives the committee found much to oom
tort and encourage them. Many of the
chairmen of the subcommittee* dropped In
during the day to report as to the lay of
land with them, to get Information as to
the outlook with the other committees and
to swap prophecies. Gatherings of theee
gentlemen are very Interesting, from the
fact that they are nearly all veteran Pyth
ian* an4 they have had many experiences
Which they relate on very slight provoca
When work Is slack one of the favor
ite themes is the encampment which was
held at Kansas City two years ago. The
knights never seem to weary of telling how
they did it there. Kansas City is furnishing
the model for the local committees, and
h?tpe to ^cilpse lhe triumph which
Pythianl&m registered In that hustling
toyn* Th*J" a'l have so profound a
confidence in the ability of the Washington
people to accomplish great things that they
tloa, their hopes are certain of reallza
The Competitive Drill.
The entries for the competitive drill close
on June 1, and it Is thought by General
Carnahan that the number of bodies of
men who will have registered by that date
will be more than forty. The list at
present is as follows!
Excelsior division. No. 42. Indiana.
Parkersburg division. No. 2, West Virginia.
Marlon division. No. 25, Indiana.
-?u. malaria.
Springfield division. No. 6, Ohio
frnf*1?. dlvl8lon- No. 10. New York.
LUlle division. No. 18, Iowa.
Hart division. No. 29, Iowa.
Hampton division, No. 38, Iowa.
Kansas City division. No. 3. Missouri.
Preyost division. No. 1, Missouri.
Louisville division. No. 1, Kentucky
Galaxy division. No. 88, Kansas.
Lebanon division. No. 63, Ohio.
Terre Haute division. No. 8. Indiana.
Percivale division. No. 11, Alabama,
Mystic division. No. 12, Kansas.
Anson division, No. 16, New York.
dl'-'lalon. No. 5. Indiana.
? d,!v""on- No. 5. New York.
, f8' battalion, second regiment, Ohio
^John Barr Glen division. No. la, Wis^on
Harmony division. No, 14, Connecticut.
y dlvUlon- No. 5, Colorado.
I oughkeepsie division. No. 24, New York.
CrT* dlvl8'?. No. 85, Ohi*
Eighth regiment, Ohio.
f,la,ny d'vl8t?n. No. 18, Indiana.
Oak division. No 20, Ohio
Toledo division. No. 85, Ohio.
Hartlngs division. No. 19, Michigan,
Sam Houston division. No. a Texaa.
Canton dlvlalon. No. 88, Ohio.
Kalamasoo division. No. 9, Michigan.
Logaji division. No. 26. Indian!
van la. unne11 dlvisron. No. 47". Pennsyl- |
Austin division. No. 14. New York.
CV^hy <UvUlon- No. 81. Iowa.
Buckeye troop. Ohio.
number of entries ever rSntt^Jw. Kest I
Famous DrIU 0PBwnIa?,t??..
Borne of the companies In the lUt have al
ready won their spurs In competition and
? natl?naJ reputation in so far as
the Pythian order 1s concerned, but many
go Into the lists for the first time. They
f UOU*ltheT know tha Prtce of the
victory for which thev cov?>t Q
y^^enanheJilhr0URh .thMa no, ?
llkelr bv I?!? 'i 19 thought very
that th? J,n k^N. ebraska"w?shlngtonlana
mat tney will be here. Three nf .?
noted Nebraska commands In this particu
lar are Omaha Division No. lj Lilly Divi
sion and Black Ea*l? Division.
tr? ?f^US?r8Cftod*3r *t headquar
ters from General Carnahan shows everr
brigade and probably every rertmmr
the Uniformed Ran/ will b. Ap^nteS'
St WMh^d,1CaUtin" ?" w?n represented
at \\ ashlngton In August. This is an.
thorltatlve. General Carnahan tells the
executive committee that no calculation
Yl ^made 3ust now a? to Ui? num?
hp w? h and the followers who will
be here, because of the unsetUed railroad
transportation problem. The maJorltr nf
th^Tnf^ r1U 1101 Btat8 ahTOlutely that
they Intend to come until they know how
much the luxury of the trip is Koin?
cost. It is also stated officially that th*
order will not accept a higher ^te of
than that charged during the Grand Army
encampment and similar gathering*.
Enthusiasm Reported.
General Carnahan has biea visiting va
rious commands since he was last In
Washington and reports enthusiasm In
aU directions. A few days ago he returned
to his headquarters at Indianapolis from
an extended trip through the northwest.
with especial reference to the Dakotaa!
On the 22d instant he organised a regi
ment at Sioux rail a South Dakota, and it
is thought that this will be seen in the
rreat W ashlngton encampment. It Is also
given out that one regiment from the far.
oft state of Washington will tread the local
*n a lftter to the executive committee
Gen. Carnahan states that they need not
expect any rush of applications till within
two month* of the encampment Between
the time of the settlement of the railroad
tariff matter and the latter part of June a
few applications will come in for quarters,
but the grand rush will set In by July and
then the work must be executed with a
wh ' aud * vim. One of the reasons given
why the knights are not communicating
with the executive committee is that one of
the rules of the order, and. In fact, one of
the rules governing all bodies of men or
ganized on a military basis, is that those
bodies of men shall report to their com
manding officer, Applications are already
*7 "1? ad-)utant general. It
is said, and in due time these will be ra.
ferred to the committee in Washington.
The Railroad Uaeat Ion.
Gen. Carnahan states that the railroad
t'hw^V at .p.r*sent- u being crowded to
Imw k' and H13-' an agreement will prob
ab!y be reached within a few days. The
\V ashlngton committee on transportation
*? addreased a letter to all the proper
railroad authorities within the United
=Iifi rX,PrOD15t actlon- a* Prompt
action v> ill be as advantageous to the rail
tM?t.01.tl?^nM0f ^ ^er Arties at in
terest, the troublesome matter will, liii aT
pec ted, soon be dlsposedot ^
Contracts for Horses.
Chairman Mock bee of the subcommittee
ten aD<1 Wa? at headquar
ter. this morning and reported the receipt
of considerable mall-oontalned Inquiries as
to horses, trappings. 4c. 0n#
I^erS- S
This proves to the committee that unau
tlon^fhI^!0n' ZS been ln oommunlca.
b^en^HHri^ ??un,.ed companies, and have
5 to m^ke contracts with them
^furnish horses, InaqjeaOent of the pom.
ft iHmaey M tlw )UitoM
A rrf vale m! Dtpartarttt
The Mexican minister an a Mrs, Rorasaft
>i a dinner last night entertained t^natoj
and Mrs. Davis, Senator Perkins of Calfc
fornla. Mm N. C. Blanchard, Mr*, & V,
Miller, Minister and Mrs. Gana anA Mra
Mr* Colvla li. Spr&gue of Glen Falls, M,
T, has sent cards of Invitation bar* for thj
marriage of her (laughter, Miss Grace Tar*
lor Lyman, to Mr. Frank Paul Lsstch of
this city. The ceremony will tako placs
Saturday, June 1^ at 12 o'clock, at th?
Church of the Messiah, Glen Falls. The
bride-elect formerly lived In this city, and
was prominent In wodety, so that her com
ing back as the wife of a Washington ma
gives pleasure to a large Circle. The couple
will be at home after the 80th of Jane at
1681 81st street, Georgetown.
Mrs. and Miss Blanchard, wife and
daughter of the Louisiana Senator, Will
sail for Europe July 16 for a may of font
months. They will go to the North CaM
and make long stays In London and Pari*.
Mrs. Blanchard will go down to her horn*
In Shreveport, La? soon for a visit to her
son. Miss Lucille Foster of Shrereport 10
still with Mrs. Klanchard at the Norman
die, and Is being extensively entertained
by the friends of her hostesa
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Wlmer and family har?
returned from Atlantic City to their home
on Wyoming avenue, Washington Heights.
Mrs, Blaine closed her house on Lafayettg
square yesterday and went to N?w York,
accompanied by Mrs. I >amrosch. The la
dles will spend the summer together In tha
wrth, going to Portland for a part of tha
Mrs. Arnold Hagne. who recently pur*
chased the Hugher residence, has lately dlse
posed of her New York house. The latta#
was sold to Sir Roderick Cameron for J1M.
UO. In 1&53 the same property Was sold
for *7,000.
Mr. and Mra. Louis Stevensoa?rw?ieW 1e
Mrs. Charles Behrena Is Spending tin
week with her daughter, Mra. H- M. Hufna*
gel of Brooklyn, N. T,
Mrs. CoL Caldwell of 1759 Q street baa
sent out cards for a tea. on Saturday, Juna
Z from 6 to V o'clock.In honor of her guest^
the Kev. l>r. and Mra. K. & Bust of Cia*
clnnaU, Ohio,
Miss L,ula Chappel entertained a few of
her friends last evening with ?"CroklnoH.'*
Several lively games were enjoyed, inter
spersed with music and refreahmentA Those
present were Miss Ethel Mathea. Miss
Laura Chappel, Miss Viola Thurston, Mr.
Striker, Mr. Mclirlde. Mr. Can and Mr.
On the evening of Tune 3, from 7 tint0 10,
the Inasmuch Circle of the King's Daugh
ters will hold a reception at the home of
Its president. Miss Hamblett, lXf California
street northeast.
Miss Adalalde Carson haa returned (Tori
Alabama, where she spent tha past two
month*, the guest of Mrs. C. M. Shelby
and Miss Shelby. Miss Carson and Mlsa
8helby will go to West Point next weak to
attend the commencement exerclsea at ti e
Military A cadi .nv,
Mra. Chaa. M. Shelby and M1ss?SheTby,
wife and daughter of Gen. Shelby, has* re
turned from a two months' visit to Ala*
bama, and are at the Metropolitan.
The marriage of MUs Maria EllcabaOl
Lawrence, granddaughter of Mra E. IX E.
N. Southworth. to Percy Badeau Tounf of
Newark. N. J? Is announced to take place
on Friday evening, June L at fit John's
Church, Tonkera, If. Y. After the cere
mony a reception will be hell at the bousa
of the bride's parents, Ma and Kra Yr
ttrirkea With Paralysis.
The many friends of Mrs, Lucy 8. fitrva?
will be grieved to learn that she suflcn-d %
stroke of paralysis last Sunday and Is lying
in a critical condition at the residence of her
son-in-law. Mr. Wm. H. Halleck. 6th and H
streets northwest. Mrs. Stone is the widow
of Dr. John Stone of Georgetown and 1s 1%
her eighty-eighth yeaix
STELSnoVSE. Bora to Mr, tad _
housa so Wednesday, lUj Su,
LU> of PInaVimfia h.-j
ItcKEXNET-OOLVIX. In WksMnrtoa, IX 0,.
nosday, May 80. 18&A by Bee, t o, Bdridg^
Mr. H. A. McKKSNeV to Miss SCSI? U 0ul7
J 13> of Catleu atatiuo, FaUQOleS ??"*% FSB ?
I t Dim i | 1*1*1
BBOWN. BoddenTyv on ??*jr M, tWCjntt*
teoth year of his age. llHXTtV BTK-NETr
btotrs, yoatifmt son of Kate L sad Uw lata
William B. Brown.
Fnnfral will take place from his mother's Mh
dence, &00 6th street ntlmt, on Friday
surnlag at W 30 o'clock. Requiem Ma S?
tsu l>?inlslc's Church. interment prt>ai? *
CAItMODT. On Thursday mornlnt, May 81,
St 1:9(1 o'clock. fcKlJ.TK Infant daughter of 0,
J. and Maggie Chow-ly, egad three yeaa% mm
booth and fifteen days.
Funtru. from hsr pereti is' residency TO 6th Street
euuthesst, oq Saturday morning at 10 I'clodt
Fr.eada aad relatives laatisd to artixl p*
COHEN. On May SI. IBM, at 6 l.a, EDWTlRH
tX'llEN. ayt-J a?^enty nln? yean.
Tnufnl from hla aan'a rsaldiaoa 1T08 t' ?t street
DorthvoKt, on i'rlday, Juna i, at t pja. *
ENO. On Wednesday morula* Kay ?, iwa st
S 30 o'clock, 11ARHT E, U? only cMld ol
Barry H and Carrla 1L Lius sgsd swl^g
and aix day*.
Ihe little crib te empty Do^a ,
Tb- Utile clothes laid by,
Smother's hope, a father's Joy
a death's cold arm* doth lie.
Co. little pilgrim, to thy bou%
On yoader blleafnl shore;
|Y. nila* tlwe h?r?, but sooa WQ1 crnnf
.Where thou bast tone before.
Funeral from the parents' ssstdenca, 117 )? IM
street, Anacostla, IX C, Friday. June E si. a
p.Bk BvlaUres and fnends larited. r
HESS. On Msy 80. 1MH, st MS p i. ELXA L
beloTed wife of Unls Bees, Is ths lorty-elghta
year of her sea
Fnarral from ber late residence, 816# Q strssfe
aortbwrai. on Friday, at 2:80 psa, lldallisa
sad frieuAs are respectfully lartted to itlsA ?
HICKET. On May 8V, I8?4, at 6.-80 a-?, tXUS%
belt red Wife of David Ulcfccy, at her essldeno%
tl6 C street northeast.
Ftmrral from bu Joseph's Church at a ffl> Patiiti
dayw V
OKTOV. On Wedneedsy erenlng, May M, 1*94 H
f. 15 e'clock. MAMuD E. the only disgbsj aC
Warren a and ' Ortoo, aged low kaMK.
and six months.
Paceral from his parents reeldeoo^
north*eat, Ftiday ? *
SPELSIlorsa. On Wednesdays Msy 80, U?K M
I'llimi VAJJiIKE Infant ss?
D o'clock p.m., B1C
of Mr. aad Mis. W
Md., papers please copy
of Mr. aad Mis. W, U Spelahoosa. Tlliliasiis.
8TACK. After a palnfnl Illness, ea May 81, |K4,
MAFIUCE IX STACK, la the slxty-dghtB yea)
of hi* see.
Vmersl from his late residence, 748 Id stisst wrta
?e?t, Saturday, June 8, st (> *0 am. Titer)is
rptl.., t fully Invited to atUaud. tvlmllg a^Q
Ta Meaaerlaaa.
Among the mat notlceaMe sad handsomely
Becorated crsres at Mt, Olteet yesterday md
that of the late J. M. RldLAKDa, a well
knosn printer. The grave was decorated IJ
the G. A. R- sad his devoted wife. Eoag
his memory lias la ths hearts of thaas lad bar
bind. a
| "My Fig' Cake |
is splendid! In fact/* says ? jvcam
Doosakeepea "It la almoet too food. 1?_
Seems ss though I a ere makti* ?ska~
all the time for donations OS charch
fairs or soma committee. X teU thsai
U they will fallow the recipe U JVKS
Cook book and use Oeveland't Baking
JWdar they can make cake )ua> ss
hies ss mine. I am sere I aeiul mads
such cake befara Thanks both te
QaTslaial's bsklng powder aad tha Seall
. Ths redpe book Is sent free ea Sa*
pelpt of stamp and address.
?1 and S3 Fulton st, Kev lor*.
Baking Powder.
?7ur?r* And -eraa/" :f' ^
to?*mATfaw tu*?
washinotos aiunn* *o*vm??*a? oa, ?

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