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Open until 1 p.m.?tomorrow?Decoration Day.
If you will! judge things just as you find them
we feel sure we will come in for the lion's share
off your approbation.
Two things are noticeable about our stock?
it is all fresh?of this season's production?and,
furthermore, it is mostly exclusive in character.
Newness and diffferentness?that makes a
fertile field in which to plant the seeds of low
price?and. what a harvest off increasing business
we ought to?and are reaping.
You know what-they are. Contemporaries
of the foreign cottons. You are to say If
they are not as good?not as picturesque.
They will bear comparison with the best
from abroad. And even the difference In
price is made more marked by some cutting
we have done.
28 inches wide?Light, dark and me
dium grounds?13c. a yard?has been 18c.
28 inches wide?Fancy Stripes crossing
grounds of summery tints? Reduced from
13c. to 12Mjc. a yard.
28 inches wide?15c. a yard. Plain and
fancy stripes on white ground.
28 Inches wide?15c. kind for 12%c. a
yard. Stripes and figures on light and
dark grounds.
28 inches wide?15 kinds for 12Vic. a
yard. Light grounds?new patterns?
sound qualities. You know what they
are, don't you? Corded Dimities.
New patterns, on the most fashionable
colored grounds, 31 inches wide?12%c.
Stripes and figures on Light Blue, Yel
low, Lavender, Pink and White grounds?
12%c. yard for the 18c. quality.
30 Inches wide?Silk striped in several
different tints and styles. Used to be.
20c.? now 14c. a yard.
27 Inches wide?soft finished and all
new oddities? 12V&C. value for 10c. a yd.
27 Inches wide?16c. kind for 12%c. a
yard. Stripes and chine effects In Pink,
Blue, Green and Brown grounds.
30 inches wide?12^c. a yard. A splen
did assormcnt of new patterns. Grand,
good qualities these are, too.
Ready=made Bed wear.
These Items should have gone on the "Bar
gain Bits" list. They are worthy of a
prominent mention among these ususual val
ues. You folks who have tried your hand
at making will see the advantage in them
1 dozen 90x90 Hemstitched Twilled
Sheets?$1.25 kind lor $1 each.
A small lot of Muslin Sheets?running
in size from 7-4 to 10-4?and Muslin Pil
low Cases?42 to 54 inches?at actually a
quarter ofT the regular prices.
Bed Coverings
Are another slory?quite as Interesting.
Tells of needables at the smallest prices
ever quoted for like values.
Each are separate and bound.
10-4?$2 and $2.50.
11-4?$2.50 and $3.
12-4?$3, $3.30 and $4.
White Cheese Cloth?$1.
Figured and Plain Colored Cheese Cloth
Figured Silkaline, with best cotton fill
ing and bound or ruffled ^dges?$2 and
Marseilles patterns?
10-4?75c., $1 and $1.23.
0-4-$1.50, $1.75, $2 and $2.50.
10-4?$1.75, $2, $2.50, $3, $4, $4.50 and
Hemmed at $3.
Hemstitched?$4 and $4.50.
11-4?$4 to $8.
Crib Quilts?$1, $1.25, $2 and $2.50.
Red and Blue and White?10-4?$1.25,
$1.50, $1.75 and $2. Gold and Whlte-$2
and $2.25.
$3 to $4.
Linen Lap Dusters?75c., $1 and $1.25.
Italian Silk Blankets?75c.
?Ninth and the Avenue."
Established 1840.
Telephone 995.
IsF "Waists."
?? Won't these low prices tempt you to make
o? your own Waists anil save money?
?? Just arrived, lovely patterns In Jaconette
?? Percales, 3 yards will make a Waist, only
12VjC. yard.
?? New Importation Beautiful Taffeta Silks,
-? lat? st efTectJ, 6 yards makes a Waist, only
75c. yard.
9 122S F ST. my28-20d
J. BoNsiflIS- HOOE' nuoa'& co.
Open Until Noon
irY>/a>/-?/nvnoc-nll-rt/niTKi IP^cTi'nT- "
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
? ? * ?
? ? ? ?
? ? ? ?
Here are two very handy "wet parcels"
for your Decoration Day outing.
Tu-Kalon Punch, white and red, all
ready for use. only 60c. qt.
Claret (If you prefer to make your own
Punch), 50c. per half gal. package. This
Claret will also MM in very handy for
Lemonade or Sangaree.
? ? ? ? Orders delivered anywhere in the District.
? ? ? ? Open until noon Decoration Day.
To=Kalon Wine Co.,'
'Phone 998. West Washington orders filled
through Manogue & Jones, 32d and M sts. n.w.
\ For Coontry Hoyses :
# No paint is so well adapted for Interior ?
# work as ''ALABASTINE.'* Mixing with ?
m ?old water. It is speedily prepared and ?
? dries rapidly. Pure, porous, permanent ?
? and hygienic. 100 lovely shades. Write. ?
# call or 'phone for pamphlet of#easons why ?
# you should use "Alabastine." ?
% ClTOur Immense stock of Paints, Stains ?
and Varnishes well worth a visit of in
s pee t Ion. #
? The "Blue Pennant" waves over the store. ?
* my28-20d ?
JJfust The ThSmig
To pack clothing and bedding in for the
summer-a Lewis Box Couch. It'll make
a handsome and luxurious addition to any
room, too.
?Box Couches = = $8.50 up.
Other summer* necessaries?
Looot Covers $0 up.
Awning* $2 up.
Adjustable Wire Window Screens. .30c. up
niy2S-20d 1214 F St.
?It's a Cool Thing %
-We Do ItS
Prompt-on time always?and TIIB 0
KENNEBEC ICE we serve has no ^
? v
? superior. The drivers of White +
^ Wagons dou't "split hairs"?the ^
4> ? weight they give is generous, and 0
? our rates, as usual, are down to 0
** 4t
^ the lowest notch. J
?Great Falls Ice Co., %
O 0
^ Office?924 PENNA. AVE. 'Phone 372. *
my28-28d et
We'll Le open "all day" Decoration day to
give those who are too busy on other days op
imrtuolty to hsiv.? photos taker. Brady's col
lection of ?'?'h'Sritics row on exhibition. Come
along aud briug the children.
1107 F ST.
q M. B. BRADY.
my 28-1 Cd
4A.AA * .4 <VAA4A 4 Jk r. 4 A AAAA
? ?r v ? w wvfv'f'fy *
- Biff bargains. Bargains that'ro nl
ways good. EYEGLASSES in polished
steel frames?fittinl with pur FINEST
LENSES--with cork nosepiece, guard
ami leather case?ONLY $1.25.
IC There's no extra charge for ex
amining the eyes?and adjusting the
proper glasses.
2 McAllister & Co.,
4*1311 F STREET. (Next to "Sun" building.)
~ my2S-28d
*+****&*** ************** **
Don't Be Worded!
FOWDKlt will rid the
iiouse oi' theni. For roaches, a
tiles, water bugs, mosqui- X
toes, etc., It has NO X
EQUAL. The freshest, best Y
_ insect i>owder obtainable.Not J
IiniSeCtS. poisonous to children or?
1 C^In airtight cans, 10, ?
15, 25 and 40c. each. ?
w. Thorn psora, 7031
n.y2S-28d . ?
I O?ll?lt>
I Y\ I'OWDKU. It cures
| J) Itching, chafing and
/ prickly heat. Plain
and perfumed. 10c.
box. Evans* Drug Store,
93S F st. my25-8a
|A New Idea ?
4 Send us a photograph of yonr summer cot- ?
2 tage? interior or exterior view?and we will ?
* engrave a plate from it and print it on your f*
i stationery! It gives, an individuality to your ?
5 correspondence that removes it from the do- w
main of commonplace. The price Is moderate. ?
Samples ran be seen. t
^DECKER'S, s,'?,im?.r!.?'le
You can make your home and office cool
nnd comfortable during the hot summer
months by putting in Electric Fans and
Incandescent Lights. Electricity is the
surest and best power and the coolest aud
cheapest light. 'Phone us for current when
you re ready.
U. S. ESectric Lighting Co.,
213 14th st. n.w. 'Phone 77. my25-20d
Every Troy hie
Eyes Are Heir to
?we remedy. Our patrons get the best pro
fessional services to be had?the services of
an oculist and optician, skilled in treating
every defect of the vision. Glasses priced
most moderately.
Dr. Elliott,
Loan and Trust building, Kooma G9-70, 5th floor.
To Be Held Tomorrow Under the Columbia
Club Auspices.
It ia EipcctPil Tlint the Fnateat Time
Ever Hade in the Diatrict
Will Be Recorded.
The big Decoration day bicycle race meet
held under the auspices of the Columbia
Athletic Club will begin tomorrow morning
promptly at 10 o'clock on Columbian field.
Everything Is ready for the occasion, and
with hard work and favorable weather the
track has been put in first-class condition
and it may be put down as an assured
fact that the fastest time ever made in the
District will be scored tomorrow.
There are ten races on the program and
some of these have so many entries that
they will necessarily be run in heats.
Young W. Fred Sims, who lately brake
the southern record and lias come so close
to the world's record for a paced mile,
will ride in class B, and a number of
other crack sprinters are in the list, so that
some heart-breaking finishes, may be look
ed for.
Two events In class A and one in class
B are handicap races and the handicaps
were announced today by W illiam r. ltob
ertson, the L. A. W. handlcapper for the
District of Columbia. The trial heats will
be run of! tomorrow morning and it is prob
able that the finals will begin about 2:30
in the afternoon, so that those ?'h? c:are
to see only the finishes will
auired to sit through the entire aa>.
Tickets of admission are good for morn
'"fhfenWes^nTthe oiliclal handicaps in
the various events are as follows:
Class A, one mile, novice.?o, Dr. H.
Bacon; 0. Chas Zimmerman; S, W. *. 11 ltz
hu"h- 12 H. M. VVhitaker; 13. Wm. F.
Heuisler;' 14, Thos. N. Mudd. Jr.; 110. C. I.
Itonsavllle; at. H. A. Burgess IS T W .
Cissell; 20. Wm. P. ^alker; 21, Robt. L.
Regester; 23. R. H. Wheeler; 24. Geo. t.
Snu'i'; 25, Richard E. Kiester; -b, Wm. R.
Mouiden; 35. George E. BalL
One-fourth mile, open.-^i, Claude Leath
erbury; 4, C.C.Charamus; ?>, Jas.S.Joes. 11,
Wm. E. Ferguson; 31, Chas. Cabrera,
14 Thos N Mudd, jr.; 24, Geo. E. Smith,
F. W. Hutchlngs; 27. F. A. L. Schade;
^htif mnf.eSopen.?2. W. L. Eckhardt:
3, Claud Leatherbury; 4. C.
7, H. A. Rhine; 'J, Jas. S. Joes; .14, Thos. E.
Jacobs; 11, Wm. E. Ferguson; 14 Thos. N.
Mudd. jr.: IB. C. E Wood; 24. Geo. E.
Smith; 20, F. W. Hutchings; 27. F. A. L.
^Onfmlle, open-3, Claud Leatherbury;
4 (j C Charamus; 0, Jas. S. Joes, 11. ?
E. Ferguson; 10. C. E. Wood; 19. Bayard
T. Wren; 24, Geo. E. Smith; 20, t. w.
Hutchings; 27. F. A. U Schade.
One mile. District championship?7. H. A.
Rhine; 14. Thos. N. Mudd, jr.; lo, <-? i.
Ronsaville: 10, C. E. Wood; 31. Chas. T.
Cabrera; 19, Bayard T. Wren; 20, W m. 1.
Walker; 24, Geo. E. Smith; 20, I. W.
Hutchlngs; 32. H. A. Burgess.
One mile, class "A"-First heat-,.. Dr. R.
r. Bacon, 95 yards; 30, Geo. S. Ball, iO
yards: 22. Chas. T. Ciagett, SO yards; 4,
C. C. Charamus. 05 yards; \\. L. LcK
bardt, 40 yards; 11. Wm. E. Ferguson. SO
yards; 311. Wilmer J. Parker .0 yards; .,
Howard A. Rhine, 00 yards; It, Fred. A. L.
Schade. scratch; 10. Chas. E. Wood. 00
yards; 19. Bayard T. Wren. 40 yards; 20.
Wm. P. Walker. 110 yards; 23. Robt H.
Wheeler. 120 yards. Second heat?10, W al
ter H Ash, 75 yards; 32. H. A. Burgess 9o
yards; IS, T. W. Cissell. 100 yards; 13, W m.
F Heinsler, 70 yards; 20, F. W. Hutchlngs,
40 vards: Jas. L. Ives, 40 yards; 34, Thos.
E Jacobs, 70 yards; 3, Claud Leatherbury.
scratch; 14. Thos. M. Mudd. SO yards; 21,
Robt. I.. Regester, 90 yards; 15. C. I. Ronsa
ville 70 yards; 24, Geo. E. Smith, ^0 yards,
12, Henry M. W'hitakcr, SO yards; 0, Chas.
Zimmerman, 00 yards. ^
Two mile, A. first heat-5, Dr. R. B.
Bacon. 100 yards; 35. Geo. S. Ball.UO >aids,
22. Chas. T. Ciagett, 70 yards; 4, C. C.
Charamus. 155 yards; 2, W. L. Eckhardt,
70 yards; 11. Wm. R. Ferguson. 120_yards,
25, Richard E. Kelster, 145 yards; 2., Fred
A L Schade, scratch; 10, Chas. E. Wood,
90 yards; 19, Bayard T. Wren, 70 yards;
23, Robt. H. Wheeler, 195 yards; 0, Chas.
Zimmerman, 170 yards. a?.
Second heat?10, Walter H. Ash,14.> yaids,
15 T W. Cissell. ISO yards; 13, Wm. F.
Heinsler. 100 yards; Jas. I- Ivesf 70 yards;
2G F W. Hutchings, 70 yards; 34, Thos. fc..
Jacobs. 110 yards: 21. Robt. L .Regester.
150 yards; 15, C. I. Ronsaville, 100 yards;
24 Geo. E. Smith, SO yards; 3. Claud
Leatherbury, scratch; 14, Thos. M. Mudd,
UO yards; 12, Henry M. Whltaker. 100
^ One mile lap race?2, W. L. Eckhardt;
3. Claud Leatherbury; 4, ? C. Charamus;
0 Chas. 'Zimmerman; i, H. A. Rhine. J,
Jas. L. Joes; 10, Walter H. Ash; 11. Wm.
E. Ferguson; 30, Wm. J. Parker, 13, W m.
F Heuisler: 15. C. 1. Ronsaville; 10. C. L.
Wood; 19, Bayard T. Wren; .4, Geo. L.
Smith; 26, F. W. Hutchings; 2., F. A. L.
Schade; 31. Chas. T. Cabrera.
Class B, one mile, open?1, J. M. W hit -.
lfl C. E. Wood; 30, W. Fred. Sims; 1.,
Chas. E. Gause; 29, Paul Von Boeckman,
^ Two-miie, ^i, one heat?33, John Feister,
170 yards; 17, Chas. E. Gause, 120 yards;
30 W. F. Sims, scratch; 29. Paul \ on
Boeckman. 00 yards: 1, Jack M. White, 90
yards; 10, Chas. E. Wood. 120 yards.
Columbian College Teiinia.
The students of tho Columbian College
Preparatory School will hold a tennis
tournament for the championship of the
school tomorrow. The prizes have been
donated by business houses, and In slnK'cs
are as follows: First prize, gold medal,
donated by Carl Petersen; second Pr?ze:
tennis racquet, donated by M. A. Tappan,
consolation prize, racquet cover, donated
by Overman Wheel Company.
The Senator* Disappointed a Large
Number at National Park.
Wearing new and jaunty cops of black,
the Washington Base Ball Club appeared
before 5,(XX) persons at National Park yes
terday afternoon, having just returned
from its first western trip of the season.
A coterie of young and athletic-looking
men, bearing "Pittsburg" across the front
of their shirts, among others, were in at
tendance, and seemed to have lots of fun
with the local nine.
Washington started off with a show of
activity, but Connie Mack, from the play
ers' bench, breathed a hypnotic wave
across the grounds, and throughout the re
mainder of the exhibition the Schmelzites
were, for the most part, like inanimate ob
It being ladies' day, the attendance was
larger than it would otherwise have been,
and the enthusiasm was great when Sel
bach, the first man up, hit to Bierbauer,
and beat the ball to first. Joyce, who fol
lowed, promptly lifted the sphere to some
where in the vicinity of Le Droit Park,
and the concourse almost burst with joy.
That was all the home team could do,
however, until the eighth, when the hyp
notic influence weakened just a little.
In their half of the first the Pirates eas
ily tied the score. Donovan took first,
Stenzel was hit, and both moved up when
Beckley sacrificed. Donovan scored when
Crooks dropped Smith's high fly back of
second, and Stonzel crossed the plate on
Coogan's fumble of an easy bounder from
Bierbaucr's bat. In the fourth Bierbauer
singled to left, and Clingman followed with
a little one to the pitcher, who threw to
second, but Coogan muffed, and both run
ners were safe. Clingman sacrificed; Sug
den hit to Coogan, who fumbled, and then
threw wild, Bierbauer scoring. Clingman
trotted home when Hart singled, and both
scored on Donovan's single. Stocksdale
kept up the fun by hitting Stenzel, when
Beckley hit to first.advancing his two prede
cessors. Smith drove to left, permitting
Donovan and Stenzel to complete the cir
cuit, and Bierbauer ended the monotony
by retiring at first.
One more piratical score was made in the
sixth. Donovan hit to right, and scored
on Beckley's three-bagger. In the eighth
a quintet was added on hits by Hart, Don
ovan, Stenzel Beckley, and an error by
The final pair of runs for Washington
were also made in the eighth on Coogan's
hit to center, a short passed ball, Abbey's
two-bagger, a sacrifice by Stocksdale and
a double by Joyce.
Washington had opportunities to* score in
several other inning*, but failed to take
advantage of them. The game was tire
some throughout, the only relief being two
good catches by Selbach and a creditable
pick-up and throw to. home by Crooks, T^ie
work of Coogan at siiort was a disappoint
ment to the speptators, who had been
promised something different. Score:
It.lI.O. A.E. It.H.O.A.E.
Solbach.lf... 12 2 0 0 Donovan,rf.. 4 4 10 0
Joycc.3b.... 12 12 0 Stenz.-l.ef... 3 2 3 0 0
Ha?s'mer,rf 0 1 1 0 0 Beckler.lb.. 1 2 10 0 0
McGnire.c... 0 3 4 1 0 Smith.if 12 10 0
CartWt,lb.. 0 0 8 2 0 Bauer,2b... 112 2 0
Coogan.ss... 1 1 0 0 3 Cllngman,3b 110 10
Crooks,2b... 0 l 6 3 l-Cro.-s.ss 0 13 2 0
Abbey.cf.... 1 1 2 0 0 Su?den,c.... 117 2 0
Sto<rksdale,p 0 0 0 2 Oj Ilart.p 2 2 0 4 0
Totals.... 4 11 24 10 4i Totals... 14 10 27 11 0
Waslilugtan 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0?4
Pittsburg 20pG0105 x?14
Earned runs?Washington, 4; Pittsburg, 5. Two
base lilts?Joyce, Abbey, Bonovan. Three-base bit?
Beckley. Houie run?Joyce. Stolen bases?Mc
Guire, Hart, CUngman. Double plays?Stocksdale,
JleGulre and Cartwrlght; CUngman and Bauer.
First base on balls?Oil Storksdule, 1; off Hart, 3.
Hit by pitched ball?By Hart, 1; by Storksdale, 2.
Left on bases?Washington, t?; Pittsburg, 5. Struck
out?By Stocksdale, 3; by Ilart, 0. Passed ball?
Sugdeu. Time?2.10. Umpire?Keefe.
Other Licagrue Games.
At Baltimore. Pitcher R.H.E.
Baltimore Haffer 12 10 1
Louisville Inks 5 6 6
At Brooklyn. Pitcher. R.H.E.
Brooklyn Kennedy 13 14 1
Chicago Stratton?Hutchison ... 2 7 8
At Philadelphia. Pitcher. R.H.E.
Philadelphia Taylor 8 14 1
Cincinnati Parrott . 2 7 3
At New York. Pitcher. R.H.E.
Cleveland Young 7 11 0
New York... Rusie 6 10 3
At Boston. Pitcher. R.H.E.
Boston Wilson 12 17 3
[ St. Louis Staley 11 10 4
Tlic League Record.
Clilb?. W. li. P.O.
Pittsburg.... 21 8 .724
Cincinnati... 20 11 .045
Chicago 1? 12 .013
Cleveland.... 18 12 .?'*>
Philadelphia. 14 12 .538
Baltimore... 12 11 .522
Clubs. W. L. P.C.
Boston 13 12 .520
New York... 13 13 .500
Brooklyn 11 10 .407
St. Louis 11 20 .355
Washington. !> 18 .333
Louisville... 5 21 .102
Amateur Base Dull.
The Pastime Pleasure Club, No. 1, has
j organized a base ball team, and would like
I to hear from all clubs under nineteen years.
| Address challenges to Jas. A. Browne, 224
Florida avenue northwest.
Th^ Atlantas, jr., defeated the Postal
Telegraph boys yesterday by 13 to 2. They
would like to hear from teams whose mem
bers are under sixteen years. Address
| challenges to J. H. Wood, 803 Gth street
Four Favorites Won.
A big crowd at the Alexander Island track
yesterday sa1^" four favorites and a well
backed second and third choice finish first.
Twelve bookmakers weighed in, and finish
ed a bad second to the talent. The racing,
considering the track, was good, although
there were no heart-breaking finishes. In
the last race Ontario, with Carter up,
! stumbled and fell at the first turn, but the
! boy was not hurt. The winners were: Ro
sita, 8 to 5; Ataman, 4 to 5; Terrelle, 3 to
10; Torraine, 3 to 1; Grampian, 2 to 1, and
Home Run, G to 1.
Anxious to Smash the Record.
John Feaster, the speedy sprinter of the
Spalding racing team of this city,will make
an afttempt tomorrow to lower the record
for bicycles from Baltimore to Washington.
Starting from Frederick street, Baltimore,
he will make the run by way of Elllcott
City, Columbia, Ashton, Silver Springs and
Brightwood, to 7th street and Florida ave
| The June Lists in the Circuit and
Criminal Conrts.
The following persons have been drawn
for jury service during the month of June
| in the Circuit and Criminal Courts:
Circuit Court No. 1?John Lynch, 3115 N
street, George Keen, 1310 F street; Wm. N.
t Dalton, 1000 Vermont avenue; Wm. Mercer,
1410 14th street; John F. May, 726 10th
street southeast, Thos. I. Biggins, 3430 P
street; Amos Yost, 1004 Pennsylvania ave
nue southeast; Grant Ramey, 2012 15th
street; Gecrge Jones, 1715 11th street;
Ernest Betz, 1212 E street; Henry A. Birch,
2455 P street; Joseph Bower, 1326 F street;
I Jas. G. Kent, 406 Dtb street northeast; Will
iam Bauman, 1)20 20th St.; Herman Burk
hart, 1013 7th street; Geo. N. Happ, 1)13 0th
street; Chas. B. Pearson, 1217 Massachu
setts avenue; Robt. M. Lamer, 1417 G.
; street: Thos. W. Toner, 1110 G street south
! east; Henry A. Mason, 1722 10th street; B.
Carly le Fen wick, builders' exchange; Henry
H. Hill, Deanwood; David F. Weaver, 3430
P street; E. L. Dodd, 200 lit street south
west; W. sJ. Mullin, Broad Branch road,
aad Chas. E. Berry, 1221 G street south
Circuit Court No. 2?Ora L. Pitney, 1305
! F street; Edwin H. Larrabee, 11) K street;
Albert F. Marsh,UO!) Massachusetts avenue;
Chas. C. Bryan, 1413 New York avenue;
Wm H. Dyer, 13th and C streets; Thomas
Manning, 43G 8th street southwest; Robert
Denea!, 2013 Dumbarton avenue; Joseph
Steorman, 1935 14th street; Edward A. For
rester, 223G 11th street; George Shilling,
1311) F street; Frank B. Coggswell, 3315 O
| street; Wm. S. Teel, jr., 1705 R street;
Maynard Simmons, 1)31 F street; Thomas
I Craige, 1517 4th street; Ernest Willner,
1 1334 7th street; John J. Kidwell, 700 12th
street southeast; Edward Padgett, Ridge
road: Patrick Monahan, 1213 7th street;
Henry F. Steele, 1007 14th street southeast;
Jamos Hutchinson, G01 Virginia avenue
southeast; John Graft, 222 7th street south
east; John B. Stubbs, 1134 Florida avenue
northeast; Henry H. Brown,528 12th street;
I John R. Ergood, 140S 14th street; August
Grass, 1204 New Hampshire avenue, and
Frank F. Scott, 13 10th street southeast.
Criminal Court No. 1.?J. McGregor, 518
12th street; Arthur L. Laws, 1307 K street;
John Higdon, Buena Vista; N. D. Hilton,
2110 I street; Horace Keech, 7th street
power hcuse; Wm. M. Joyce, 1)38 N street;
Jas. A. Frazier, 1205 G street southeast;
William Kucs, 3121 South street; T. W.
Richards, 73'.) Sth street southeast; Jos. W.
Lynn, 500 Sth street southwest; John S.
Brown, 145 N street; Geo. T. Newton, Ana
costia; Wm. T. B. Davis, 1342 32d street;
Richard D. Somerville, 1115 15th street;
Chas. E. Davenoort, Sll 23d street; John
Middleton, 1330 I street; John J. Gleason,
Bunker Hill road; Geo. W. Harrison, 302
Oth street southeast; Alonzo W. McCath
ran, 114 4th street southeast; C. G. Thorne,
1213 F street; S. R. Stratton, 323 Oth street
southeast; Daniel Stewart, Gil 4th street;
Jos. H. Covington, 502 12th street south
east; John T. Powers, 518 Oth street south
east; David C. Grayson, 14th near B street;
and E. J. Sisson, 215 5th street southeast.
Criminal Court No. 2?Richard S. Camp
bell, 021 7th street; Richard Cralle, 1333 F
street; Hiram C. Corliss, 704 14th street;
Walter Hyson, 1835 R street; Samuel R.
Taylor, 3425 O street; George F. Randall,
Anacostia; George C. Bowers, 1314 F street;
Sanders Garland, 1333 F street; E. Cham
plain, 218 12th street southwest; Robert
W. Calloway, 1752 P street; Richard Bar
ker, 120 F street southwest; William H.
Ostrander, 007 C street southeast; Charles
E. Hall, G55 C street southeast; John H.
Jameson, 200 15th street southeast; Claude
E. Jarboe, 7th and A streets southeast;
I>. T. Chase, 822 13th street; Max Hoffman,
1020 14th street; A. C. Johnson, 2320 L
street; W. P. Harding, 13th and.F street;
John N. Dorster, 1445 Pierce place; Aloy
sius McCloskej', 1020 7th street; William E.
Curren, 1214 37th street; John Bell, 1112
New Jersey avenue; Harrison Clements,
1)08 Pennsylvania avenue southeast; Thos.
A. Brown, jr., 1022 14th street, and Henry
C. Shuster, 1827 18th street.
Transfers of Real Estate.
Deeds in fee have been filed as follows:
Wm. S. Anderson et ux. to Ella A. Birck
head, part lot 12, sq. 51G; $-3,500. James S.
Edwards and Clarence F. Norment, trus
tees, to Mamie E. Norment, lot 12, sq. 3GQ;
$5,000. Wm. T. Gill et ux. to Percival M.
Brown, lot 58, sq. 916; $10. Henry C. Norris
to Frank WIckline, lot 42, sq. 1011, and lots
9 and 16, sq. 1012; $10. Frank L. Calhoun
and John E. Benton, trustees, to Oscar M.
Bryant, part original lot 17, sq. 928; $<550.
Fanny Beall to Henry Orth, lot 4, sq. 341;
$10. Oscar M. Bryant and John Mcllveen,
trustees, to Wm. H. White, part original
lot 10, sq. 847; $1,151. Edw. N. Burns to
Arabella E. Burns, lot 242, sq. 074; $10.
Petor Feisinger et ux. to Josephine R.
Shelley, lot 201, sq. 9G, Georgetown; $6,25o.
Franci3 E. Gaither et ux. to Wm. M.
O'Brien, lot 30, sq. 374; $10. Hiram J. Pen
rod et ux. to Martha A. Richards, part lot
3, block 37, Brookland; $10. J. Lemuel
Shaw to Joseph and Lavlnia Peters, lots
77 and 78, section 3, Lincoln; $10. Priscilla
W. Page to Anson Mills, lot 21, sq. 114;
$26,500. Chauncy Thomas et ux. to Jessie
L. Pearce, lot G, sq. 277; $8,120. Frank
WIckline et ux. to John Bullough, lot 16,
sq. 1012; $10.
The Oity Council Met and Transacted Boa
tine Business.
A Robbery of a Sleeping: Man?Pre
paring; for the Decoration Day
Exercises?Oilier Notes.
The regular semi-monthly meeting of the
city council was held last night, with a
large attendance in the upper board. There
was ^ a bare ciuorum In the lower board.
Mr. Theophilus Ballingor was sworn in as
a member of the board of aldermen from
the second ward to succeed Mr. Charles
Goodrich, who was recently elected in
spector of wood and bark. The bill for
taxes on persona! property, incomes, etc.,
for the ensuing year was read and adopted
with some slight changes over the one of
last year. The tax was fixed at Jl.'JO on
the hundred, a decrease of ten cents from
that of last year. The license law
was passed with some changes over
last year s. The liquor license was
raised In several instances, and the dog
s reduce<i t0 J1-2S- Application of J.
it. -Miller for the use of an old pump well
at the corner of Prince and Pitt streets
was denied. The petition of E. E. Down
ham to erect a frame dwelling within the
nre limits was refused. An ordinance to
reset the curb on both sides of Cameron
street between Lee and Fairfax streets
was enacted, and passed; $100 was appro
bated for repairs and alterations to the
office of the city engineer, and $73 was ap
propriated for repairing the sewef basin
on Cameron street. *
Robbed While Asleep.
Yesterday a traveling man, who gave
his name as Paul Nicols and who repre
sents the Employers' Liability Accident
Irsurance Company, came to this city to
get some information. He ran across a
man named Charles Watklns, who furnish
ed the information, after which Watklns
took advantage of his being a stranger
and proceeded to show him the town. The
? ??t P^tty well loaded. They went to
me Hotel Borans, on the corner of Prince
and Royal streets, in the afternoon, where
iMcois said he wanted to rest. They were
given a room, when the stranger took 01T
f?,?f his clothes except his vest. In the
Inside pocket of which was about J21. The
vest w*as buttoned up tight around him.
t\ hen he went to sleep Watkins was in the
room, and when he woke up Watklns was
gone, as was every cent he had in his
pockets, and his vest was wide open. The
Was^ reported to the police this
w !?f' a 8 belnS investigated.
finl? W1" be remembered, was
?nr y. the, mayor several weeks ago
for badly treating his wife.
Mrs. Borans, the hotel keeper, says no
one went Into the room except Watkins
A special session of the mavor's < n?rt
lent to taJi*! 10 ?'.ck*-k- and Watkins was
jury. Ja" t0 awalt the actlon of the grand
Decoration Day Servient.
Davis Post, Grand Army of thg Republic,
held a special meeting last night to per
fect the arrangements for the Decoration
day services tomorrow. Several corps of
the Union Veteran Legion and the Legion
of Loyal Women of Washington will come
take Part in thfe ceremonies. The
foliowin* program will be carried out: 1
Ca i' - calling the assembly to order
^ 'Jer . Gustuv Rienecker; :(. "Old
II" ??* choir; 4, invocation. Rev. Clar
Th0^. ??'ri?e1t 1!.a"' "Nearer, My God, to
Thee choir; b, oration. Rev. Wm. H Mc
Comrlde C FAr"( nca'" ph?ir; 8, address,
j on racle c E. Traoutmun; !(, "Todav Thf?
Hallowed Spot We Seek," choir; 10 ad
dress, Airs. A. Odel, past president I oval
(strewimr of?T": Hi "Cover The? Over"
h'r, A flowers), choir; 12, benedlc
huplV il" 'arence Ernest Ball; 13, taps
ten try. Halut(?. Alexandria Light In
wi!l commence at 2 o'clock
The national cemeteries arp nnw in *v,
beautiful condition, ajul c'apt Davi?
and his comrades of Thomas P. Davis Pos?
,s~a.s a
vogue in this cu'v ,.cemetery has been in
Police Court.
There were but two cases, and they of
minor importance, before Mayor Strauss
in the Police court this morning. Frank
Jchnso,^ Ralph Holmes, Wm. Smith and
James Smith, four negro tramps, charged
with being suspicious characters, were or
aered to leave the citv irvfn \vnn
Loenl Council, U. of St. A.
The third public meeting of the \lexan
aria Local Council of the BrotherhooJ of
wni'be SevSdC3'
nss and others. on, a. k. I-ar
Charter Grunted.
Judge J. K. M. Norton of the corporation
FlorIdfrHted a tharter yesterday to the
Florida Home and Plantation Company.
Wm?* capitai stock of ?<)0,000. Edwin
v\ u*ets of Monroe, Alich wa? nomJ
The mayor has reduced the fine of Wil
liam Mullen, the Washington cabman, for
crueKy to animals, from $.>J to $25
The entertainment by the members of
he Young Men's Sodality Lyceum to their
ladj friends last night was a great suc
CMr and v?ICSSant ??ninS was spent,
to Richmond ^mUe' G" Brent ha" G?"c
Sarepta Lodge of Odd Fellows held a
routine busing lMt "'?ht anU transacted
L?ge iT'c ^ee'.lnsrh ?.f. ,GoI<3en L'et>t
i/L., Vw T" was helli ,ast night,
erickfaburg. U"er 13 vlsitinS in Fred
Ths light for membership oft the ne?t
police force promises to be a hot one
There are a number of applicants It is
toroe wm iT^'fec^ ta"re
teied by thieves last night and a lot of
piunder carried off.
the emmet guard fete.
It Hun Cloned After it Moat Succca.ful
The encampment and fete of the Emmet
Guard closed last night, after a most suc
cessful run of ten days. The encampment
was for the purpose of raisins funds to buv
uniforms with which to enter the competi
tive interstate drill which Is to be held at
St. Louis, and the members of the Guard
feel conildent that this purpose has been
accomplished. The closing evening was the
most successful evening- of the run
people being present and the attractions
proving more entertalnirg than on any pre
1512 Chestnut it., Philadelphia. Y*
Beware of imitations.
Johann Hoff has a rait pem
& Co. to enjoin tjiem from ur~
Malt Eitract" fof an Extract 1
in New York City.
Ask for the genuine' JOHANff HOFFS MALT EXTBA0H
I HAVE found the
Johann Hoff's
Malt Extract very
beneficial and a
splendid invigorator
and general " tone up" to
dition of the system.
debilitated con
Beware of imitations. The gen
uine Johann Hoff's Malt Extract
has the signature
JgJ on neck label. Eisner & Mendelsov
Co., Sole Agents, New York.
w \ W&?r///y? ri-> v\\ vri W///u r* v \w .t tiu% r? .a v> r* vt'U. s r* w\\\ v
vious evenings. MaJ. MacKenzte gave
sword dance which was highly entertain
ing, and Master Eddie Davis gave an exhi
bition of tumbling. Capt. Walsh made the
announcement of the winners of the sev
eral events which have taken place at the
park during the encampment, and pre
sented two gold watches to young ladies
who had been very active in helping on the
enterprise. The first was given to Miss Ida
Ruppert, who was the most successful one
in the line of soliciting contributions for
the affair, and the second to Miss May Top
ping for selling the largest number of tick
eta. The list of events and their winners
were as follows:
Irish jig and reel?First prize, Miss Delia
Fay, silver medal.
Foot race, 100 yards, championship of the
District?Won by Wm. GloUbach; prize,
silver medal.
Putting the phot, sixteen pounds?Won
by Pat Ready; prize, s.lver medal.
Foot race, 100 yards, the contestants
members of National Guard, in full march
ing equipment, won by Sergt, R. B. Mackey,
fifth battalion; prize, silver medal.
A May Feutivnl.
iira. Flora C. Dyer's May ball, which
was held at National Rifles' Armory last
evening, was one of the most successful of
the season. Potted plants decorated the
room and many lights shed their rays over
the scene and made it beautiful beyond
comparison. A number of ' little children
participated in the affair, the feature of the
ball being a flower dance by Misses Irene
Cahill, Rosalind Griffin, Florence Dyer,
Maude Anderson, Jean Connell, Etta Dyer,
Gladys McCarthy, Minona Donn, Helen
l>avis, Edith Davis, Edith Griffin, Florence
Hay, and Ethel Lockhart. The other special
dancos which were given were "L'Sprite"
dance, by Miss Florence O'Brien; dance of
the nations, by Miss Marie Fisher; "Direc
torate," by Miss Irene Cahill; "L'Etoile,"
by Miss Maud Anderson; "National Rifles,"
by Miss Ethel Lockhart. The queen of May
was Miss Ethel Lockhart, and her maids
of honor were Maud Anderson and Minona
Donn. Walter B. Williams was the her
ald, Karl Bradford the scepter bearer,
Mabel Stone the crown bearer, and Irene
Cahill the Goddess of Liberty. The others
who took part in the dances were: Misses
Mabel Stone, Lillie Simms, Elsie Smith,
Helen Williams, Ruth Noyes, Eleanor i
Churchill, Marjorie Mertz, Delia Stone,
Care Macy, Bertha Ridenour, Yillette An
derson and Margaret Betz, Masters Walter
B. Williams, Karl Bradford, Edmund Cam
mack, Paul Hay, Wcscotte Clark, Charles
Slafer, Gay Freeman and Ernest Betz.
Steamor Macaiester to Marshall Hall and
Indian Head. Friday and Saturday even
ings at 6:."!0 o'clock.?Advt.
An experiment ? but a
Proved Success.. Thous
ands of housekeepers who
at first thought they never
could use any shortening
but lard, now use COTTO
LENE and couldn't be in
duced to change, simply
because it is better, cheap
er and more healthful. The
genuine has this trade
mark?steer's head in cot
ton-plant wreath?on ev
ery pail. Look for it
Made only by
; N. K. Fairbank Company, j
114 Commerce St., Baltimore.
Dr. J. Semmes,
Tihe Only
In the City Curing
And All Skin Humor*
Dr. J. SEMMES is \*ell known in Washington as
Wrinkles removed in one treatment by a beien
tiflc process
Has no equal for Baldness, Falling Hair and Dan
druff. One bottle will promote a new growth, or
n;onoy refunded. All druggists. $1 per bottle; six
for $5. ?
704 H4tlhi St. N.W.
ray 22
Gold-filled Rimless Eyegla-nses, warranted
years, made especially to our order amlrf?
fitted with finest French lenses @1]
Eyes examined by a skillful oeulist free.
myiiS-lm* A. KAIIN, Optician, F st.
Wells Drilled
Thoroughly at small exp
iostnl to W. E. DeWITr,
>cnse. Windmills.
10th at. u.w.
Like an Omnibus
?there is room for everybody
In our accommodation plan?and
everybody will find it most con
venient and profitable to "get
aboard" our .
It helps yon to pot the boose
to rights at once?and let us do
the waiting Instead of you. Boms
Furritdr* Is wanted?some Car
peting?Matting?Drapery?a Re
frigerator?Baby Carriage?some
thing?Where's the boose without
a need? Perhaps yoo can pot
yoor hand in yoor pocket and pay
the bill in a lump?at once?
maybe yoo can't. What's the use
of doing it when yoo can pay a
little each week or month and not
drain your treasury?
Isn't our way the sensible way?
Notes? No!
Interest? No!
What then? Your promise.
That's all!
House & Herrmann,
917,919, 921 and
933 7th St.
636 Mass. Ave. ?
Bwmmwm www
There are seme Gas Range* that
waste more gas than they con
sume. Be wary of that sort, fo*
they make large gas bills. V
Gas Ranges
Took the first prise at the world's
fair. The makers showed them
in practical operation?showed
bow much better they baked and
how quickly they would heat
water?and the oven attachment
that draws the pans in and out
automatically. We should like to
show you their superiority over
others. We will, if you will drop
in. Special price for cash.
Smaller Gas Stoves if you want
them, at smallest prices.
E. F. Brooks Co.,
53? bt., BUILDING.
Dr. Shade, 1232 Fourteenth street, is a specialist
n all diseases of the air passages, nasal, laryngeal
ind bronchial catnrrh, pharyngitis, laryngitis, ton
>llltis, bronchitis, ulceration of the throat, diph
theria and tubercular consumption.
Office hours, 9 to 11 a.m., 1 to 3 p.m. and 4 tt
1 p.m. Terms reasonable. Consultation and ex*
iminatlon, free. my23-tf
! Our Sign
* Means that every dental
> oj>eruiion ve perform is <
ABSOLUTELY atmolutcly without pain. .
> and we uso no ?WllHllui
> or other dangerous prepar- .
PAINLESS atftum.
> The work we do Is of the ^
> highest character?beyond ,
DENTISTRY. criticism of any one. Ex- *
> traeting, 50 cents. Other |
, charges in proportion.
Evans Dental Parlors,^
? 1217 PENNA. AVE. N.W. my2S-24d
Gray Hair
1 thing of the past when Nattans Crystal Dte
.?overy is used. Guaranteed to restore gray or
Taded hair to its natural color in 3 to 10 day*-"
jositlvely not a dye. Stops the hair from falling
>ut, arrests dandruff and makes the nicest dressing
'or the hair one can use. No poison. No sedi
nent. No stains. Price, >1. Wal slse, &oc.
ST. N.W. Sent, express prepaid, to any part or
be country on receiDt of Drice. jaJO-tr

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