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ioth, i ith and F Sts. N. W.
Xmas Cards and Booklets?first floor ? near Ribbons.
This Great Xmas Bazaar
Is filled from basement to roof with just such goods as are most in de
mand during this the Xmas buying time. Thousands of the useful, prac
tical, sensible sorts and thousands that are purely ornamental if you wish.
Gifts suitable for everybody.
Low prices?the lowest ever possible to name for the substantial,
reputable kinds?and we keep no other?are the power that started and
will keep going the earnest, business-like Xmas shopping seen all over the
Many are selecting Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Bric-a-Brac, Clocks,
Lamps, Cut Crystal, &c., and having us pack them carefully in boxes to
be delivered at their convenience. Others are buying Toys, Pictures,
Dolls, Books, Silver Ware, Dress Patterns, Blankets, Ouilts, Linens,
Curtains, Underwear, etc., and having us store them for future delivery.
We charge nothing for the packing or the storing. Will be pleased to
do either for you. We are also marking or engraving, free of charge.
Leather Goods, Silver Ware, Jewelry, Canes and Umbrellas. This re
quires time, of course, so if you intend having such work done select
now and give us as much time as possible.
- Seasonable Goods and Useful Presents in
Men's Furnishing' Store
At Very moderate Prices.
$2.00 EACH.
75c. AND 00c. EACH.
MUSLIN NIGHT SHIRTS. BO*-., 65c., 75c. ? 85c.
AND $1.00 EACH.
COLLARS. 75c., $1.00 AND $1.38 PER HALF DOZ.
CUFFS, 75c., $1.00, $1.20 AND $2.25 PER HALF
IX >ZB\\
ED. 75c.. $1.00. $1.50, $2.00 AND $3.00 PER
ED. INITIAL. $1.50. $2.00 AND $3.00 PER
$3.00, $4.50, $0.00 AND $8.50 PER HALF
SUSPENDERS. 25c.. 50c., 75c., $1.00, $1.50, $2.00
Ac., 25c., 50c., $1.00, $1.50, $2.00 AND $2.50
FULL DRESS, $1.00, $1.50 AND $2.00 BACH.
$4.00. $5.00, $0.00, $7.00 AND $10.00 EACH.
$4.50, $5.00 AND $7.00 EACH.
$0.00, $7.00 AND $8.50 EACH.
HOUSE COATS, $5.00, $0.00, $7.00. $10.00 AND
$12.00 EACH.
MACKINTOSHES, $5.00, $7.50, $12.00 AND $1S.00
SWEATERS FOR MEN, $2.00, $2.50 AND $3.00
flat floor 1003 F st. building.)
Boys' Velvet Stunts, FaMinitleroy Style.
No apparel for a little boy to compare with a Velvet Suit, and as a
Christmas present it is most acceptable. * ?
Beauties From $4.50 to $8.00 Each.
"Reciprocity" Suits for Larger Boys,
$5.00 Each.
Blues, Blacks and Mixtures.
(3d floor 10th at. building.)
Standard Works in Sets.
No one can afford to be without good books. They have become a
part of our lives. What better gift for the holidays than a set of one's
favorite author? We mention below a few, but we have them all. Any
book not in stock when desired will be immediately ordered and delivered
in a couple of days.
Dickens, 15 vols., cloth. Per set $3.75
Dickens. 15 vols., finer cloth. Per set $5.00
Dickens, 15 vols., finest cloth. Per set $10.00
Db-kens. buckram, choice. Per set $15.00
Wuverley Novels, 12 vols., cloth. Per set $5.00
Waverley Novels, 12 vols., cloth, extra.
Per set $8.50
Wnverley Novels, buckram, choice. Fer set..$12.00
Dryburgh Waverly, best, 25 vols. Per set.. .$22.00
P-ulwer Lytton, 13 vols., cloth. Per set $4.50
Bulwer Lytton, buckram, choice. Per set... .$13.00
Same in 32 vols. Per set $32.00
Geo. Eliot, 0 vols., cloth. Per set $1.50
Geo. Eliot, 8 vela., cloth. Per set $3.50
Geo. Eliot, 8 vols., buckram. Per set $8.00
Carlyle, 10 vols., cloth. Per set $5.00
C&rlyle, 10 vols., cloth, extra. Per set $8.50
Carlyle, buckram, choice. Per set $10.00
Alex. Dumas, 8 vols., cloth. Per set $1.00
Alex. Dumas. 6 vols., cloth, extra. Per set.. .$3.50
Alex. Dumas, 12 vols., buckram. Per s? t.. .$12.00
Dumas' Musketeer Romances, 4 vols., M3
leather. Per set $3.50
Dumas' Monte Cristo, Ed. de Luxe, 5 vols.
Per set $7.50
Victor Hugo, 0 vols., clorh. Per set $4.50
Victor Hugo, 10 vols., buckram. Per *et $10.00
Victor Hugo, 13 vols., Ed. de Luxe. Per set.$13.00
Wash'n Irving, 8 vols., cloth. Per set $4.50.
Wash'n Irviug, 10 vols., buckram. Per set..$10.00
Thackeray, 10 vols., cloth. Per" set $3.50
Thackeray, 10 vols., buckram, choice. Per
set $11.00
Cooper's Sea Tales, 5 vols. Per set..$1.00 to $2.25
Cooper's Leather Stocking Tales. Per set,
$1.00 to $2.25
McCarthy's History of Our Own ?hues, 4
vols., beautifully Illustrated. Per set $4.50
Shak?*speare, 7 vols. Per set $1.45
Shakespeare, 8 vols. Per set $1.85
Shakespeare, 13 vols. Per set ,#.$3.50
Jules Verne, 5 vols., cloth. Per set $1.00
R. L. Stevenson, 0 vols., cloth. Per set $1.20
Edna Lyall, 0 vols., cloth. Per set $1.50
Marie Corelli, 5 vols., cloth. Per set $1.15
.11th st. building.)
Gift Things
For the Baby.
Pretty little comfort-giving wear
ables?dainty and low priced. Full
of gift fitness, any of them;
Hund-erochcted Worsted Sacoues, white, or with
pink or blue border. Each -*>0
Hand-crocheted Worsted Bootees, white or with
pink or blue trimmings. Per pair 15c.
Wool Drawer Legglns, black or *hlte.
Wool Knee Legglns, black or white. Ter pair.30c.
Wool Mittens. Per pair 12'^c.
Silk Mittens. IV* pair 25c.
Hand-crocheted Worsted Caps, white. Each..50c.
(2d floor 10th st. bldg.)
Traveling Goods
For Holiday Gifts.
An excellent line of Trunks, Bags
and Suit Cases especially suitable for
the holiday trade. Moderately
Solid Sole Leather Suit Cases, linen lining.
Ekcli $5.50 and $5.05
Solid Sole Leather Suit Cases, hand stitched,
ateel frame, extra pocket for shirts. Each,
$0.50 to $7.50
An entirely new color In Suit Cases, with brass
trimmings. Rich $7.50 to $12.50
11-Inch. Each $3.50
12-Inch. Each $3.75
13-lnch. Each $4.00
14-Inch. Each $4.25
15-inch Each $4.50
W. & L.'s Special Alligator Bags, high cut, solid
brnss trimmings, leather lining.
12-inch. Each $ 1.50
13 Inch. Each $5.00
14-lncli. Each $5.50
15-Inch. Each .. $0.00
16-inch. Each $6-50
12-inch. Bach $5.00
13-Inch. Each $5.50
14- inch. Each $0.00
15-Inch. Huh $0.50
10-inch. Each $7.00
(4th floor 10th st. bldg.)
Felt Boudoir
Something new and
All the popular shades.
and shapes.
Women's sizes, per pair $1.50
Mlss?-s' sizes, j**r pair $1.25
Children's sizes, per pair $1.00
Infants' sizes, per pair 75c.
(2d floor 1st annex.)
very pretty.
Three styles
For Women and Children.
We are sure that we have every
thing that a reasonable person could
ask for in any of the latest styles of
Hosiery. We are now making a
special Holiday sale of these goods,
and are offering inducements which
will please those who like to save.
Women's Fast Black Cotton Hose, double heels
and tows, plain and drop stitch, 0 pairs In a box,
for $1.00
Women's Plain Fast Black Cotton Hose, double
soles, high spliced heels, 4 pairs In a box for. .$1.00
Women's Extra Fine (50 gauge) Fast Black Cotton
Hose, double soles, high spliced heels, 3 pairs in a
box, for $1.00
Women's Silk-tiinsh Fast Black Cotton Hose,
double soles, high spllctd heels, 3 pairs In a box
for $1.25
Women's Fancy Boot Pattern Lisle Thread Hose,
4 pairs in a box for $1.00
Women's Fancy Boot Pattern Lisle Thread Hose,
the regular 50c. quality, 3 pairs in a box for. .$1.00
Women's Fancy Boot Pattern Lisle Thread Ilose,
plain and drop stitch, 2 pairs in a box for....$1.00
Women's Silk Hose, black and colored, per pair,
75c. to $5.00
Children's Hose, cotton, lisle and silk, per pair,
15c. to $2.45
For a child make a most acceptable
present. We have them in Worsted,
Jersey and Leather. Per pair,
(1st floor
35c. to $3.50
.2d annex.)
Sterling Silver
Holiday Gifts.
Guranteed nine hundred and twen
ty-five thousandths fine. Appro
priate and inexpensive gift articles.
Sterling Silver Bicycle Tags. Each 50c.
Cut Glass Cold Cream Boxes, with sterling silver
tops. Each $1
Sterling Silver Scarf Holders, enameled. Each.50c.
Sterling Silver Feather Boa Clasps. Each....25c.
Sterling Silver Nail Polishers. Euch $1.75
Sterling Silver Pig Tape Measures. Each..$2.00
Sterling Silver Watch Chatelaines. Each 50c,
Sterling Silver Trilby Lockets. Each $1.75
Sterling Silver Watch Chains. Each $1.25
Sterling Silver Double Heart Brooches. Each.50c.
Sterling Silver Bonnet or Velvet Brushes.
Ea;1* $1.35
Sterling Silver Photo Frames, cabinet size.
E"< h |3 00
(1st floor nth st. bldg.)
Woodward <& Lothrop.
^Fashionable Fads
?You'll find them all here?especially
In the Ladies' Shoes. The manufac
turers who make up our stocks are
thoroughly up to date?and often a lit
tle ahead of their competitors in turn
ing out new ideas.
?But in our efforts to keep up with
fashion we don't lose sight of our j
patrons who go in for comfort.
The biggest stock of "comfort" shoes (
in town ycu'll find on our shelves.
For Ladies, made in styles for the
followers of fashion?ami the comfort
loving people -as well. In all the
styles, from the broadest toe to the (
^extreme. All leathers?$8.
>3.50 Shoes.
An elegant Box Calf Shoe at that
price. The ideal shoe for street wear I
?hand-sewed, button.
Slipper Bargain, $0.25.
$2.50, $3 and $3.50 Slippers and Ox
fords, in patent leather, suede, bronze |
and kid. Broken sixes that we'll clear
out this week at $1.^. ?
1334 F St. N. W.
a <?
| OpeoBiti,
Nuts. <&c.
I FryitSo I
? V
X Tomorrow we will give %
? either four pounds of best ?
J' 'Granulated Sugar or four Y
y pounds Choice Mixed Candy X
free to each purchaser of one *:*
f dollar's worth or over of ?{?
v v
?J groceries from our price list.
I4 lbs. Best
| -Sugar Free
X - I
% The new premiums for ?
Christmas are now on hand, ??*
4 I
X large Banquet Lamps, Hun- ?
dred-piece Decorated China
f Dinner Sets, large Upright ;j*
?j* Albums, Decorated Toilet ?{?
Sets, Teachers' Bibles, &c.
| Complete your premium ?{?
X cards and make your selec- .!?
v "* V
a tion. ?>
' !
729 7th St.
In Paying
For tisfe
? Poeketbooks nre getting lighter
now every day. There's no need of
spending every dollar you've gut for
Cbrlhtmas gifts-do your buying
here- we are underselling the lowest
CASH prices elsewhere?and you're
welcome to easy weekly or monthly
In Cream and Gold-Blue and Gold
and Silver?or
|:| Handsome
?all brass?twisted column?latest
improved burner?complete with a
dainty all-silk shade
?sold everywhere for (TJJT)
$3?reduced tc
Oak or
a ^2.00
?cobbler seat ? well
m a d e ? comfortable
and sightly?only
few left
Ours is a stock of sensible, pleas
ure-bringing presents, and our prices
and terms are bringing greater
crowds tSian we've ever known be
819-821-S23 7TII STREET X.W.,
dlO 8ld
S2F ~
Sterling Silver Topped
Cllt QlfilSS Salt and Peppei
Castors, 63c.
:j * Never been sold for less
li * than $1.25 at the very low
f * est. There is just 16 dozen
-! * in the lot, and tomorrow and
i| * Thursday they'll go at 63c.!
Jeweler, 1225 F St. dio-28eo
ii'iii'-.iiiHiiiiv! i.iiii'i iHiiiiiiHii'iiiiminiiiiii'i 'iniTiiiiiiiiiiiHiiitti'iiiiiiii'inlMiTii
4 ? ? ? ? Make seasonable and sen
4 ? ? ? ? sible Xmas Gifts. We have
j ? ? ? ? an unusually handsome
1 ? ? * ? iine 0f them for men and
1 ? ? ? ? boys, ladies and misses.
f * ? ? ? Inexpensive, too. Select
3* ? ? ? one low?we'll reserve it
? ? ? ? for delivery Christmas day.
^ del0 20d 807 PENNSYLVANIA AVE.
Mayer,," Bros.
<& Co.,
937 and 939'^F St N. W.
Our buyer has just returned from
New York, and succeeded in se
curing immense values in Ladies'
Coats and Capes, well finished and
stylish in shape, made of elegant ma
terials, at prices absolutely unap
Ladies' Jackets.
Special attention is called to a selec
tion of Coats at $4.98, of elegant ma
|erials, including Koueles, Beavers
Kerseys and Wide-wale Diagonals'
made in the very latest styles. Worth
from |7.50 to $10.00.
Ladles' Coats and Jackets, made In
the very latest style, all with large
fashionable sleeves, In tine Kerseys, QQ
Meltons, Cheviots and Boueles, splen- ^706G
aidiy made and finished. Worth from "
*12 to $15. ?
Handsome Short Reefer Jackets, rip
ple and tailor backs. In latest fancies
In rough and smooth cloth, mandolin QQ
sleeves, exquisitely finished, some silk ?j)?oOO
lined throughout. Worth from $15.00
to $18.00.
Handsome Astrakhan 2-button Box
Coat#, lined throughout, elegantly fin
ished, ripple and tailor backs, the QQ
ery latest styles, all with large fash- qR1I2oOO
lonuble sleeves. The kind we've been
jetting $18.00 for.
1 lot Misses and Children's Jackets.
Among this lot are the latest styles
ind best materials to In* found aiiy
ivhere. We have ell sixes, from 6 to
10, and not one is worth less than
Plysh Capes.
An immense assortment to select
From. All our Capes have a sweep
[rom 125 to 150 inches.
Handsome Seal Plush Capes, trimmed
with marten. Only a limited quantity
>f these. Worth $7.50.
1 lot Qf Flush Capes, embroidered and
letted, marten trimmed. Worth $10.50.
1 lot of 30-inch Seal Pli&h Gapes, ^ _
?ery wide sweep, lined with heavy satin QLnv ??
Ining, trimmed on collar ahd front'
*lth Thibet fur. Worth $15.00.
1 lot of Seal Plush Gapes, hand- ^ tr? <r?
somely Jetted and enibrrtfdtyref," mar- <?II f=
en trimmed, very wide aftr^ii,' Worth c4>il|3)oVJ,*J'
522.50. --
1 lot Velour Du Nord. rlchfe cut,.
|et embroidered, very wj^lt jfottep, ^ 00
:riuiuie<l with marten j]bia<-k
i'hlbet. Well worth from-WJ* to
Fur Capes.
1 lot of 30-inch French Coriagr Caj^es,
?ull sweep, lined with heavy satin,
kVorth $12.50. i
1 lot of Wool Seal, 30 inches long , J /<Q
(elected skins, heavy satin lining. uj)?
kVorth $35.OIL ^ ^
1 lot of 30-iiwli Electric Seal Capes,^ Q O O
?cry exquisite, with real martin col-sS^>?&
ar. Worth $50.00.
flayer Bros. & Co.,
it 937 and 939 F St. N". W.
? ? ? ? i
Your Feet!
These long Holiday shopping trips
are apt to result In colds and sick
ness. Keep your feet dry aud warm
by wearing our famous "Cork-sole*.
Shoes"?they ar.? stylish and remark
ably inexpensive.
i'Cork Sole Shoes,
For |2'00'
Men, J3*?0*
For 8 styJes'
11 .-jdsps Black or Tan,
Ladies, $3 00
Children,. . t?*?0*
* fa.go.
Our Sale off
Pretty Toilet Slippers
For Men. Ladies - and Children de
serves your attention.
Beautiful Slipp rs nake the most jjtj
appropriate and lasting Holiday pres- I t: j
ent that can be given?and at OUR j t !
prices, the least expensive.. Make jV
your selection NOW -before the as- yi
sort men t is broken. Yi
I j
it I
Of BEST qualities only?better have
them ready-for there's snow In the
VI 930-1132 7th st. n.w. |?*?l
?> 1914-1916 l'a. ave.' n.w. :.V
?>| 233 Pa. ave. s.e. It
i Useful!
PAD Tim f
FOR THE K1TCHEV. Lets of them we y
deslgu and make in our 4iwn workshop?
can't be gotten anywhere else. All i*
kinds of Tinware- Copper?and Galvan- i '
ized Ware. Things you'll find Indispensa
ble after you've orjei UseU them. Any- ?
thing you wish?ttnrt's hAusual In size 4 y
or shape?and not .on baud?we'll make
to order. j t
lO*Ash Sieves, Ofll Hods, 19c. . L
Stove Lifters, 5c. Ash Shovels, 5c. '
"w. Barker, s-^.i:
T del0-2Seo J >
Holidays '1 Soon Be on You.
Lamps are appropriate and useful as gifts.
We have them fur that. But charity be
Klns at home. So don't neglect to make your
ome bea-utiful for holiday evenings by the
addition of a handsome lamp in parlor, library,
dining room or boudoir, for banquet or piano.
We have lamps for all parts of the house of
all .descriptions and at all prices. Come and
see us.
Five o'clock Tea Stands. Tea Kettles, Onyx
Tables and everything for us?* In and the adorn
ment of a beautiful home we have here. We'll
make your home brighter and more attractive"
and make things so cozy aud comfortable look
ing that you'll get more good solid comfort
and pleasure in an evening at home than jou
have ever had before.
Geo. F. Mutih & Co.,
dlO-l'W 41S TT1I ST. N.W.
Cartsbad - - - - Haida
Purveyors to the Imperial
and Royal Courts of
facta re rs'
?Old Vienna and Royal Dux
Porcelain, suitable for Xmas,
New Year's and Wedding gifts,
being the largest stock of this
ware ever exhibited in Wash
ington. This is a direct impor
tation from our well-known fac
tories in Vienna and Bohemia,
embracing magnificent pieces of
Genuine Hand-cut Bohemian
Glassware, enameled in real
gold and beautiful tints burnt
in, and many rare pieces of fine
Old Vienna and Royal Dili
Those who know of the difficulty at
tending the manufacture of this ex
quisite ware will best appreciate its
delicacy and beauty. This sale offers a
rare opportunity to secure tasty and
novel Xinas, New Year's and Wedding
Gifts of this beautiful iui|>orted ware
dirrrt from the manufacturers. The sale
will positively close January 10.
The Austrian Store
003 F St.
If they're Rich's
Shoes they're proper.
pecials for <
the next 2 days. ;
For do other reason than <
to make buying unusually (
brisk, we shall offer ? for the <
next two days the following: (
Ladies' Patent Leather, (
Strap and Opera Slippers, in
the latest shapes, $1.48 pair.
Ladies' White Kid Extra
Fine Strap Slippers, $1.48
Ladies' Full Length Tan, (
Brown or Blue Jersey Bicycle <
Leggins, $1.48 pair. {
Boys' Corduroy 3-strap
Fauntlerov Leggins, all col
ors, $1.23 pair.
Misses' and Children's Jer- 1
?sev and Velvet Leggins, all
colors, $1.23 pair.
Ladies' Deerskin College
Shoes, lace or button, abso
lutely waterproof, the $3.50
grade, at $3 a pair.
Ladies' Winter Tan Shoes,
kid lined, extension sole, the
regular $+50 grade, $3.50.
Men's Winter Tan Shoes,
heavy soles, the regular $3.50
grade, $3.00 pair.
Men's Seal Calf Lined
Shoes, cork filled and abso
lutely waterproof, in several
shapes, the regular $5.00,
grade, $4.00 a pair.
Bo R!
> 11002 F *
> i'
. For
ou can buy all I
kinds of Furs?but I
If you want those that y
are NEW and STYLISH |
this is the pi ice to come. ?
Fl it CAPES ut $15. $16. I
$20. $25. $30, $.15 and ?
$40. Newest effects in 1
Neckwear at LOWEST g
ruiCEs. I
El^Carriago Robes, Men's Fur Collars, Priv- ?
Ing and l>re*s Cloves, make XMAS Gifts M
that men appreciate?big variety?prices uu- g
usually low. I
Hatters & Furriers, 1201 Pa. Ave.y
1 1
? ?
Were we to name but half of the ?
titles we carry in stock this advertise- ?
- ment would need expansion to the size ^
? ? of a page. Suffice to saj we have ^
? ? every kind. Prices begin at 5c., 10c., ?
j ? * 18c., 25c. and up. Every one of them ?
2 * * remarkable value for the price. ^
J ? ? The famous Henty Books. 50c. each T
i ? ? Fireside Series--for girls... .50c. each j*
4 ? ? By such authors as Carey, Ewing, t
Y'onge, Meade. _ F
? ?
? * In pretty and substantia bindings?
? ? eminently suitable as gifts for Sunday r
? * s< hool class<>s. p
? ? By Miller Many other titles in this scries, k
? ? CHEERFULNESS,'' by J. R. ^
? ? Miller, and a number of
? ? other titles?very handsomely_ f
?? bound
428 7th St. fTfer*
Beautiful Sealskin nnd Persian Jackets
now $150, $200 and $300.
Beautiful Seal, Mink, Black Marten, Per
sian, Electric Seal and Wool Seal Capes, 30
and 3tMu. deep, now $30, $40 and $50.
Collarettes and Short Jaunty Capes, $12
and up.
Superb Fur-lined Cloaks for carriage and
opera wear.
Fashionable Fur Cravats, with fur tail
cascades, $10 and $15 and up.
Fur Scarfs, with both head and tall, $2
and ui>.
B. H. Stinemetz <& Son,
Hatters and Furriers, 1237 Pa. ave. dlO-20d
Get Your Gowns Ready
for the Xmas season. You girls will need every
Evening Gown you possess. Send ua the soiled
ones to be cleaned. We'll make them as dainty
as those Just from the tailor's. Drop postal for
wagon to call.
Anton Fischer, 906 G St.,
Miss Mary Condit Smith Presented at a
Mr. aiid Mrs. Letter at Home to Their
Friends?Debut Teas aad
An Expression to Be Made of Their
Views as to Dr. Satterlee.
Committee to Go to New York To
morrow?The Decision May
Be Delayed.
Mrs. Condit Smith gave a brilliant recep
tion yesterday afternoon, from 4 until 7, in
ion or of the debut of her youngest daugh
ter, Miss Mary Condit Smith. The drawing
ooms were thronged during the entire
:ime. Roses and orchids sent to the debu
tante were banked all around where the
handsome young lady and her mother
;tood to receive. The rooms were all pro
'usely decorated, and the refreshment ta
3le, with its handsome appointments and
lainties, was a picture. A Mexican som
brero, in pink and white candy, most
rlaborately ornamented and filled with
ivhite cherries, made a pretty bit of color
it one end of the cloth.
The debutante was gowned in white chif
'on, traced on the yoke and on the front of
he skirt with seed pearls. She carried a
>unch of lilies of the valley, one of the
lozens of bouquets sent her. Miss Condit
Smith and Mrs. Leonard Wood and Mrs.
Field were in the second drawing room,
?vhere Justice Field was always surround
id by an admiring court of his own. Miss
lane Fuller, the debutante daughter of the
?hief justice; Miss Murphy, sister of Mrs.
Dominguez; Miss McCammon. Miss I>ang
lorne, Miss Cabell, the Misses Garnett.Miss
\verel and the Misses Dodge were in the
-eceiving party. Mrs. Montgomery Blair
.?resided at the tea table. Among the
ruest.3 were Mrs. Lamont, Secretary Her
?ert, Mrs. Micou, Mrs. Fuller, the British
imbassador, Lady Pauncefote and the
Misses Pauncefote, Mrs. Romero, Justice
ind Mrs. Harlan and the Misses Harlan,
rust ice and Mrs. Brown, Miss Pitts, Justice
ind Mrs. Gray, Justice and Mrs. Shiras,
Tustice and Mrs. White, Dr. and Mrs. Guz
r?an, Assistant Secretary and Mrs. Uhl,
Senator and Mrs. McMillan, Miss McMil
an, Gen. and Mrs. Miles, Senator and Mrs.
Murphy, Senator, Mrs. and Miss Call, Dr.
ind Mr.;. Nash, Admiral and Mrs. Crosby,
Mrs. Elkins, Mr. and Mrs. Munn, Mr. and
Mrs. Whittemore, Miss Aline Wilcox, Mrs.
K. A. Wilson, Mrs. Ross Perry, Mrs. and
Miss Clagett, Mrs. Stewart, Miss May
ielle Stewart, Mrs. H. P. Randolph, the
Misses Patten, Mrs. and Miss Greer, Mr.
md Mrs. Dominguez, Minister and Mrs.
.azo Arriaga, Miss McCeney, Miss Hagner,
Mr. William Acklan, Gen. and Mrs. Stern
>erg. Gen. and Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Josiah
^ierce, the Misses Cullen, Mrs. Payne and
Mrs. Calderon Carlisle.
A company equally notable and large was
>resent at the Leiter mansion between 4
md 7 yesterday. The big house, which has
>een closed since the departure of the fam
ly last spring for England, following the
narriage of Mr. and Mrs. Curzon, was
Lgain ihrown open hospitably. Mr. and
Mrs. Leiter received together, the hostess
vearing mauve velvet, trimmed with lace.
Miss Leiter wore gray moire and lace. Miss
Slsie Anderson, Miss Elizabeth Warder,
wo of the winter's debutantes, Miss Adams
>f Boston, and Miss Caroline Story pleasant
y assisted. In the dining room Mrs. Slater
ind Mrs. Millikin did the honors. Anions
he guests were the cabinet and Supreme
Jourt famiUes, Mrs. R. R. Hitt, Mr. and
Mrs. James Wadsworth, Mr. and Mrs. E.
Francis Riggs, Mr. and Mrs. Clymer.^Mr.
md Mrs.-S. S. Howland, Mrs. N. L. Ander
on, the Britisfi ambassador and Lady
Pouncefote, the Misses Pauncefote, the
French ambassador and Mrs. Patenotre,
he German ambassador and Baroness Thiel
nan, Mrs. Romero, Mrs. John W. Foster,
3r. and Mrs. Mackay Smith, the Spanish'
ninister and Mrs. Dupuy de Lome, Mav
oyeni Bey, the Austrian minister and Mrs.
-lengelmueller, WMrs. and Miss Bonaparte,
Mr. and Mrs. McGuire, Mr. and Mrs. and
he Misses Boerdman, Mr. and Mrs. Archi
>ald Hopkins, Judge and Mrs. Nott, Miss
^Gtt, Judge and Mrs. Hagner, Col.
md Mrs. Francis Colton, Mrs. Hearst,
senator Wetmore, Admiral and Mrs.
Franklin, Mr. Bax-Ironside, Baron von
"Cettfler, Bishop Kurst, Mr. and Mrs.
\lbert Clifford Barney, Miss Barney, Prof.
iml?Mrs. Newcomb, Bishop Iveane, Senator
ind Mrs. McMillan, Miss McMillan and Sen
itor and Mrs. Elkins.
Mrs. and Miss Reed, whc are with Speak
r Reed at the Shoreham, will not take any
?art in the social gayeties of the winter on
ccount of the recent death of Mr. Reed's
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Barbour will give
dinner Saturday, December 21, in honor
f the charge d'affaires of Colombia and
Irs. Rengifo.
Gen. and Mrs. Moore will give a dinner
n honor of Gen. and Mrs. Miles Saturday,
)ecember 21. which will be followed by a
mall reception.
The Guatemalan minister and Mrs. Lazo
irriaga will give a dinner on the 2Gth of
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Barney will give a
inner on the i58th of December.
Mrs. Tha^deus Norris, 1751 N street, will
rive a tea Tuesday, December 17, when
liss Norris will make her debut.
Mrs. John Frederick Leech will give a
ea Wednesday, December IS, at 5 o'clock,
irhen Miss Leech will make her debut.
tyrs. Grant and Mrs. Sartoris have sent
ut cards for Thursday, December 19, 5
'clock, at 2111 Massachusetts avenue. They
will receive Thursdays* in January.
Mrs. Seth Shepard has invitations out for
Tuesday, December 17, 4 to 7, 1420 Euclid
?lace, to meet Mrs. W. W. Leake and Miss
Lieut. Clover will give a dinner to gentle
tien on Tuesday, December 17.
The Spanish minister and Mrs. Dupuy de
iOme gave a dinner last night as a fare
veil compliment to Mr. Padilla of the le
ration, who will shortly leave for Madrid,
^he guests were Mr. and Mrs. Calderon
'?arlisle. Mr. and Mrs. Dcminguez, Miss
Srace Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. Ayala and
Jr. Pastor.
Mrs. John Van Renssalear has cards out
or a tea, 4 to 7, December 20, to meet her
ister, Miss Johnston.
Miss McNelly has gone to Richmond,
khere she will sing In a concert.
Miss Bertha Bartlett, one of Baltimore's
nost beautiful belles, will be married on
Thursday to Mr. Charles M. Sherman of
^hicago at the home of Mr. Columbus
)'Donnell Lee, in Melvale, a few miles
rom Baltimore. The bride-elect is the
laughter of the late General Joseph Bart
ett, U. S. A., and her future husband is
he sen of Mr. Hoyt Sherman of Des
Moines, Iowa, and nephew to Senator
Tohn Sherman. He is engaged in the prac
ice of law. The ceremony will be attended
jy none save the closest friends and im
nediate relatives of the contracting par
ies, but will include Senator and Mrs.
Sherman and Major General and Mrs. Nel
son A. Miles. Tecumseh Sherman, son oX
he late Gen. W. T. Sherman, will a?*t
ls best man. The young couple wiil make
heir home in Chicago.
Miss Florence Bryant of New York will
;isit Mrs. Lamont after the holidays.
Mrs. Ellen Meade Clarke, after spending
teveral weeks at the Virginia springs and
it the Atlanta exposition, has returned to
he city.
Mrs. George R. Byington of Norwalk,
'onn., is the guest of her mother, Mrs. O.
i. Morrison, 1225 O street northwest.
Mr. T. Lloyd Lewis, late of London, Eng
and, and Miss Gertrude' E. Ryan of this
ity were married last Tuesday evening at
he parsonage of the Rev. Samuel H.
Jreene, D. D. The couple were accompa
Med to the parsonage by Misses Nannie S.
iyan and Loula E. Barnes and Messrs.
Slethyn and F. Metcalf. Mr. and Mrs.
_ewis are located for the winter at 800 2d
itreet northwest.
The regular semi-monthly meeting of the
Doux Seize Card Club was held last Fri
lay evening at the residence of Miss Mabel
-.atimer. Previous to the participation In
in elegant repast the prizes were awarded
is follows: Ladies, first and second. Miss
Blanche Young and Miss Kathryne Kaiser,
md gentlemen, Mr. Henry Walthain and
Mr. J. Edwin Young.
Mywlery Story Final Chapter.
The final chapter of the mystery story.
"Before They Were Married," will be pub
lished In next Saturday's Star. Guesses
is to the solution of the mystery may be
forwarded to The Star office until Wed
nesday evening at 0 o'clock, when the
polls close. As is well known, the $250 of
fered in prizes are to be awarded only for
explanations sent in by women and girls
according to published conditions.
There is naturally a great deal of interest
felt among: local Episcopalians in the ques
tion whether or not Rev. Dr. Satterlee will
accept the call to be the first bishop of the
new diocese of Washington. Inasmuch as
he has not yet been officially notified of his
election no intimation has been received of
Ms intention in the matter beyond the un
derstanding that he would give up his
charge in New York with genuine regret.
The committee, which was appointed at
the primary convention to call upon Dr.
Satterlee, will leave for New York at 10
o'clock tomorrow morning. They will prob
ably call at the rectory of the bishop-elect
tomorrow afternoon.as several of the mem
bers will be compelled to return to Wash
ington that night. The committee consists
of Rev. Dr. John H. Elliott, the president
of the standing committee; Rev. Alfred
Harding, the secretary; Rev. Dr. Mackay
Smlth and Gen. John G. Parke.
A Meeting; of Laymen.
A meeting of the laymen of the various
churches of the District has been called for
this evening, to be held at the Church of
the Epiphany, for the purpose of getting an
expression of views that may carry some
weight with Dr. Satterlee in forming his
decision. It is probable that two or more
influential business men will be asked to
accompany the special committee on its
mission to New York, to urge upon Dr.
Satterlee, on behalf of the laity, the ac
ceptance of the call. In all his work In
New York he has been extremely popular
with the laymen, and it is thought that If
the call were seconded by the laymen of
this city it might influence him more than
a little. They will urge upon him the im
portance of the work in the new diocese,
and the broad field of usefulness that will
be open to him here. The new Episcopal
cathedral and its needs will be urged upon
his attention, as well as other features of
the work which would appeal to his vigor
ous personality, and his desire for broad
A member of Dr. Satterlee's church in
."?Cew ? York, who has a deep affection for
him and expresses the gieatest regret at
[he possibility of his leaving Calvary
Church, has written a letter to Rev. Mr.
Harding, in the course of which he says:
"If Dr. Satterlee accepts you will have a
bishop who will galvanize and organize the
Jiocese into intense activity, and make
svery man, woman and child work like a
troop horse. I never came across a man
who could think out new church enter
prises anC set reople to ^rork more vigor
ously thar. he does; and, vhat is more, he
has the business faculty of making his en
terprises successful and self-suttaining.'*
Mi?y Consider It a Month.
A telegram received from New York this
ifternoon says that Dr. Satterlee refused
today to make any statement regarding
fiis acceptance or refusal of the office. Hia
issociate. Rev. F. B. Howden, speaking for
him, said: "Dr. Satterlee will make no
statement regarding his election to the
bishopric of Washington for at least one
month, during which time he will take the
matter under consideration."
Dr. Satterlee is Just recovering from a
severe attack of laryngitis.
Sir Matthew White Ridley, the British
home secretary, has undertaken to reconsid
er the case of Mrs. Florence May brick.
KLIENSCHMnVT -OSBFRN. In Baltimore, Md..
ou Monday. Dfwmlier I), 1895. MARY EMILY
OSBL'RN of West Virginia to FKED. C. KLIEN
SCHMIDT of Washington D. C. ?
BARNTM. On Tuesday, D<-comber 10, 1895. at 8
o'clock si.in., LEVI liAKMM. at the Tremont*
In the sixty-third year of his age.
Funeral services from the Tremont on Thursday,
December 12, at 11 a.m. Interment ct Rock
On.uk cemetery. ?
B I' R KIIABDT. At Philadelphia, Pa., on Decem
ber 7, 1K?5, lira. MARY E., widow of Albert O.
Interment ut Mt. Olivet cemetery, Washington,
D. C., upon the arrival of the 1:40 p.m. train
cn the B. and O. R.R., on Wednesday, Decem
ber 11. Friends of - the family iuvited to at
tend. 2*
DY'ER On Tuesday morning, December 10. 1895,
JOHN W DYER, beloved husband of Roberta
C. Dyer.
Funeral from his sou's residence, Mr. Frank M.
Dyer, 816 F street southwest, on Wednesday,
December 11, at 3 o'clock p.m. Interment pri
vate. ?
FISHER. Fell asleep in Jesus Monday, Decem
ber i?, 1(3)5, at 5:3o p.m., JACOB EISHEtt, he
lovi d husband of Alice Wells Fisher, nnd
brother of iiuuuah Chestnut, aged forty-eight
Funeral Thursday, December 12, at 1 p.m., from
Galbralth A. M. E. Zlon Church, 0th street be
tween L and M. . ?
FRY. On Monday, December 9, 1895. at 6:30 a.m.,
CATHARINE, beloved wife of the late Joseph
Funeral from her late residence, 319 New Jersey
avenue southeast, Wednesday, December 11, at
2 p.m. Relatives and friends Invited to at
tend. 2*
HENRIQI'ES. On Monday, December 9, 1899. at
4 o'clock p.m., at-his residence, 2007 1 street
northwest. SEM.MEY HENRIQI'ES, In ths
eighty-third year of his age, for the jws! thirty
years a clerk in th* Navy Department.
Funeral private.
KEI.IItEK. On December 8, 1895, at 12:43 p.m..
MARY A., l>eloved wife of James Keither. In
the thirty-seventh year of her afce, aud daugh
ter of Edward and the late Julia Bresnahau.
Funeral Wednesday, DeeeiuWr 11, at 8:30 a.m.,
from her lute residence, 402 Virginia avenue
southwest. 2*
LAUXMAN. On Monday, December 9, 1895, at
5:30 a.m., Mrs. MARY E. LAUXMAN, a native
of Germauy, aged eighty-three years.
Funeral from St. Mary's Church on Wednesday.
Deceuiber?ll, at 9 a.m., and requiem mass will
be said. (St. Louis pa pels please copy.) 2*
O'CONNELL. On Sunday. December 8, 1895, at
5 o'clock p.m., TIMOTHY OOONNELI.. Id lb.
seventy-sixth year of his age.
Funeral will take place from his late residence,
1331 K street southeast, on Wednesday morn
ing, Deceinlier 11, at 9 o'clock, thence to St.
Peter's Church, where mass will be celebrated
for the repose of his soul. Friends invited.
Members of Stone Post, No. 11, G. A. R., take
notice. 2*
SEWELL. Departed this life, on December 9. 1*95,
at 0:30 a.m., ut her residence. No. 144*1# Co
lumbia street northwest, Mrs. MARTHA
SEWELL. mother of Mrs. Mary Lane.
Funeral services at Anbury M. E. Church Wednes
day. December 11. Friends are Invited to at
teud. ?
WINKLER. On Msndnv, December 9, 1895. at 6
p.m., MARY G . beloved wife of John Winkler
and daughtet of the late John and Aun E. Dlv
ver, lu the fiftieth year of her age.
Gore, but not forgotten.
Funeral from 1408 Gth street northwest at 9 a.m.
Wednesday, thence to Immaculate Con?*cptioa
Church, where requiem mass will be said at
9:30 for the repose of her soul. Relatives and
friends respectfully Invited. ?
In Memorials.
GRAFF. In loving remembrance of my l?eloved
wife, ANNA MARIE, and our devoted mother,
who died one year ago today, December 10,
t *
t ;
? ?
X 4
| Cleveland's
| Baking Powder
?j* Cleveland's, the best that money can buy.
*Our cook book, page 49, tells you .j,
?j* how to make It. A copy mailed free y
on receipt of stamp and address.
Y 81 Fulton St.. XV* York. I
I $
. . ? ? . .
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