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Asmebiiea foe the R~nef of Destitute
Women and Celdrem wti be held em TUJWAT,
Jan. 14, at 11 o'clock. at 1=m K st.
M. . PtZMEoY,. Preshest.
A. I. PURVIS, Seretary. it
CMs16 D.C., Is 20p1i1st Cbarth TU!DAY, Jan.
14. fem 10 a.m. to 4 your bmeb.
COlle and tea luasbed to the Aneustia W. C.
T. U. F4bie lavtred. Mrs. M. D. PRA'T, Preslt
CA'T Gr 8C2 DN
for lie. Pretty hard to d ae you'l enoy s'
nmeh fr 1. 1en dimeres have't a larger,
aw eaefly stioeted smemm-ares't cooked mme
deMetlsy-er served Ia more piems tyle.
very day from 4 to 8. Lam' Care on 2d omr.
umses 4 at.
m 4NNAL 1tilufiG. OF TE 19TOCKHOLD
et the trle Cs-operative Building Assoela
will be bald at the Carroll Institute on
'JMAY, Jan. 14. at 7 o'cock p.m. SUbscrip
tio for steek I the 9th series will be received by
IAWt. Jan. J. Kelly .........0th Precinct Station
J. B. Dray ...............Inspector of Buildings
Jn. B. Murray........ Bar. of flbg. and Printing
ld. J. Hamian lT.................5 11th st. n.w.
J. Riughrue....................1103 7th at. n.w.
D. W. M th................28 10th at. S.w.
. McD .................... 428 K at. ..w.
U. W. SahOa.....................344 D st. n.w.
D. C*.man........................ 211 A a. se.
. J. Berkley ..................... 706 E St. n.w.
F. X. Devereuz................717 11th at. n.w.
am t the West Ed Natimal Bank will be held
at the ltee of the hank, 1415 G at.. TURAY,
Jan. 14. 1156, fr the eekettn of directors for
the e gyear. Fols open from 12 to o'clock.
GEAS. P. wUtIIAMS. Cashier.
'da13.2in er a,7,13
ere of the (ab atismal Bank of W t will
be beli at the Us boise ns ; AY, the
21st day of Janay, = at 12 o'clock moon,
Polls will be open from 12 m. to 1 p.m. for the
electio, of directors for the ensing year.
J813.2 WM. OSCAR BOOM A 0sshler.
ea of the Wasbiato. Lean and Trust Co. ftr the
election of directors for the esmutg year will
heM at the Sle of that ompy between 12
and 2 o'clock p.m. as TUSAY, January 14.
1mN. Watdietim. D. C., December 28. 1806.
d6el.ja6&13 ANDREW PARKER, Secretary.
The am1 meetin of the stockholders
of the Second Natkimal Bank of Wash o
D. C., fhr the election of directors, will be
at the bank on TUESDAY. the 14th day of Janu
ary. 1M6, between the bors of 12 o'clock soon
and 2 o'clock p.m.
412.14S 2 m&ja6&1 Cashier.
ington city.-Tbe annual election for directors of
this bank will take place at the banking house
on TUESDAY, January 14, 186. Polls open from
12 r Io1p~s
da eldn28 a18 H. B. RUFF, Cashier.
Washington, D.C.. December 16, 189M.
The anmal electin for directors of this bank
will be held in the banking homse on TUESDAY,
the 14th day of Jmmzay, Ig.
Pols will be open from 11 'clotk am, to 1
o'cloek p.m.
del6.2a 8S3a6,1 CGE. H. B. WHITE, Cashier.
MM EFFIE MINEIL, buslnes and teat me
dium, baa renamed practice for the fall am win
ter and will be at home daily until further no
tiee. Business examinations a specialty and satis
Ation guaranteed. 1914 Pa. ave. ja4-12t*
t10 11 e= -" for the election of ilcers
and exeeutive c mttee for the ena g year
and bearing reports, will be beld in the banquet
bell of The anor-ham, corner of 15th and H
t-.. on TUIDAY, January 14, at 4:15 p.m.
The twelfth annual meeting will be held at the
hal. southwest corner of Penn. ave. and 19th at.,
on TUESDAY EVENING, the 14th Instant, at 7
o'clock. The twelfth annual report wit. he sub
mitted and oivers for the ensuing, or thirteenth,
year elected. Stotkholders am requested to at
tend and bring with them such of their friends as
may desire to take stock of the new, or 13th,
series, which can be done at this meeting. .
THOMAS DOWLING, Prest., 612 E at. z.w.
W. H. WETZ, Sey.. 2135 11 at. n.w. jal1-3t
trance medium. Sittings daily from 10 to 4
'elock. Erenings by appointment. 2 A at.
.e. , _Jal1-2t*
employ, and is not authorized to use our name
is any particular.
j810-3t* DANENHOWER & CO.
jR7-tf 1lta and F rts., Merts bldg.
WAEINGTON. D. C., December 13, 186.
The annual meeting of th- stockholdes of the
National Capital Bank of Washington for the
election of afte-n directors to serve for the en
souing year will be held at the banking house
TUESDAY, Jamuary 11, 186. between the hours
of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. H. H. McKER
del3.14.21,28,jall.13,6t -Cashie r.
Company of the District of Columbia. Washing
ton, D. C., January 3. 1N.-The annual meeting
of .he Mutual Fire Iasurance Company of the Dis
trict Of Columbia will be held on the THIRD
MONDAY of JANUARY. 1896, the 2th instant,
at the odice of the company, corner of Pennsyl
vanIa avenue and Ninth street morthwest. com
mencing at 9 o'clock a.m.
By the charter of the company the election of
seven managers to condart the affairs of the com
pany is requitred to be held at the above meeting.
By the sixth article of the by-laws of the comt
WaY it la provided: 'At the anmal meeti of
the compay the first business in order shl he
the ao tm. at of a ehairmnan, who shall conduct
the meeting and election in accordance with the
act of Incorporation. between the hours of 9
eeloek .m. and 6 o'clock p.m."
Amnount of premium motes held by
the comePny......................$2,-61.5i82 04
Amount of carb Ja hand............ 8,484 43
Securities ......................... 294.858 9
Real estate. ...................... 70,00D 01
Omee furniture and fixtures......... 300 00
Losses by fire for the year 18M,
adjusted -d paid................ 9,019 55
The annual statement wil be ready for distri
bution at the emee of the company about January
13th instant. By order of the board of managers.
ja3-15t J. W51LEY BOTELER, Secretary.
We have 1'ow two experts in this line;
one Is a noted taxidermist of the Smithsonian
Institution on birds. and the other from ''Web
ster's" on animals and rugs. We are now pre
pared to amount game heads, birds and animals by
the most modern snd appovdmethods of
sctentific taxidermy at lowprcs
nw., 1221 Pa. are. n.w. ja2-2w*
tic grate, may be used in any ehimmey, with or
without mantel, and combines heatin qua~ties
with the pleas-rs of an open fire. brighard
or sotft coul or wood. J. H. CORNING, Tl hp
528522 13th at. ja1
-Glocose--Almosud Paste, Coloring, Shredded
Cotcanal, Ra.Isins, Currants and all foreign and
domerstic Dried Fruits, ete.-We handle the
class of goods suited to your wants. Sole
agents for Batter Oil. Ring us up for prices.
C7No cansumers suppiled.
3. B. EARNSIIAW A BRO)., Wholesle Grocers,
1106-9 11TH ST. S.K. A 100.2 M S. .. It
CALLNMDAgg p'OR 'gg,
Hundreds of de.lau. here.
Prices fro-.a 12) er m. unward.'
,del McQULEEN'S, I316 b STRiEET N.W.
Is the result of 19
ars ot careful study
and enstant Improve
meat. Its minutest
ert Is perfect, and
taken all in al, It's
th' acme of bleyele
perfetion. '06 C..
ln..M.. et Sl0,
CO., Taolumias,"
-Hartird.:- 462Pa.
ave. ja-1.id
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Cace inany turin positively and perma
treatment; city references.
nhn.2m nne7r a. ..
An Effort Being Made to Fight the
Caron-Parker Ticket.
10 Z TAM 10 I=1RAY
Rumors of Repeating Parties Being
Formed for Election Day.
With the primary election only two weeks
off the battle between the various repub
lican champions who are struggling for a
.chance to go to the St. Louis convention
is waxing hotter and hotter, and the time
intervening between now and settling day
will be characterized by even more vigor
ous oampaigning than the recent past. The
condition at present is more mixed up than
ever, and while the actual fight now in
progress seems to have for its slogan "Any
thing to beat Carson and Parker," there is
a very decided disinclination on the part
of the leaders of the forces which are
marching in time to it to withdraw and
consolidate on some two men. A confer
ence was held Saturday evening for the
purpose of considering means by which the
opposition to the Carson-Parker movement
might be made concrete, but the meeting
adjourned without definite action. It was
suggested that either L. M. Saunders or
Andrew Gleeson should retire, in order to
combine the entire vote upon one of the'n,
but each gentleman declared himself to be
equally as strong as the other, and the
tangle thus occasioned remains to be un
raveled. Those present at the gathering
were Robert H. Key, L. M. Saunders, W.
Calvin Chase, L. C. Bailey and Mr. Sypher,
who acted for Mr. Gleeson. Mr. Chase pro
posed, when the question of uniting on
some colored candidate was considered,
that Mr. L. C. Bailey be chosen as the
standard bearer, with Mr. Key as alter
nate, but this did -not seem satisfactory.
and like the other problem it remains un
Mr. Brooks Is Formidable.
The adherents of Rev. Walter H. Brooks
have adopted a plan in his favor which, if
successful, will make him a powerful fac
tor in the fight. It is their idea to secure
the united support of the colored ministers
for Mr. Brooks and to have them use their
influence with their congregations in his
behalf. It is understood that the lrooks
ticket will carry the name of Mr. L. M.
There were many meetings Saturday
night, and each night this we'k will see
such gatherings increase in pretty nearly
arithmetical progression. A Parker Club
was formed in the eighth district, with W.
H. Jordan president; 0. Gassaway, vice
presiden*; B. Taylor and W. BouldLni, sec
retaries; Charles Reed, treasurer; W. Fair,
chaplain. and W. Washington, sergeant-at
arms. In the tenth district a Bailey Club
was organized, with G. D. McCoy, presi
dent: T. E. McPherson, vice president; D.
F. Wallace, secretary; L. A. Tyler, ser
geant-at-arms, and J. H. Edelin, assistant.
The South Washington Citizens' League
also met and organized a Carson Club,
whose officers will be chosen at the next
meeting. Edward Odum and Col. Carson
addressed the gathering, and the latter de
clared that his confidence in his election
was such that if he didn't get 20,000 ma
jority he would move out of the District the
day after the election.
The various candidates are also busy se
lecting the names of the most faithful of
their henchmen to act as their representa
tives at the polls on elactlon day. At the
last meeting of the supervisors Col. Carson
moved that each candidate be allowed to
have one representative in each pollirg
place, and. it was so ordered, the candidates
being directed .to present their lists of
names to the board by January 20.
Raumors About Repeaters.
What seems to be troubling many of the
candidates is the rumor going around that
parties are already being formed by cer
tain persons for the purpose of starting
out early on election -lay afternoon and
visiting and voting at as many polling
places as possible before the polls close. It
is estimated that good pedestrians can vote
six times in the three hours the polls will
be open, while if they are provided with
car fare or carriages they can cover at
least a dozen districts. As there is nio law
here to punish repeating and no system of
registration to show where a voter lives, it
is feared that the method described will be
put in practice quite extensively.
Inquiry among the republicans in busi
ness here, and others who are men of ad
mitted position, develops very little inter
est In the campaign, an-d many of them
when questioned have expressed the de
termination not to exercise the voting
privilege at the primaries. Some of these
gentlemen say it would. be almost useless
for them to vote when such opportunity
exists for the nullification of their votes,
and when there are such a number of can
didates in the field that they would be
simply overwhelmed with a crowd of elec
tion workers before they got within a
sqtuare of the polls. This feeling Is not
apparently confined to a few of the class
mentioned, but appears to be generaL.
Lord Salisbury's Reported Change in
-The London Daily News says that Lord
Salisbury has refvsed to agree to arbitra
tion of the Guiana boundary dispute on
the terms proposed by Venezuela, and has
also declined to recognize the request of
the United States to trsce a boundary, but
if the American commission define what in
their opinion the terms should be and if a
European power will then act as arbitra
tor all interests, It declares, would be satis
Mail Service to the Bahamnas.
An important chiange in the mail service
between the United States and the Baha
mas will soan be made by forwarding malls
after February 1 by the new steamship
line ranning between Palm Beach, Fia., and
Nassau. Mails will be taken three times
a week between these points. Heretofore
they have been forwarded from New York
on a fortnightly schedule.
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from them.
G R ILO O 38 ledes Archive,, Paris.
EXPLNATORY KOTE: Observations taken a
bar* or lines of equal air pressure, drawn for eac:
lnes of equal -emperature, drawn for each ten de
inow has fallen during preceding twelve hoors T
areas of high and low barometer. Small arrows 11
Also Slight Changes In TeSperature
Are Predicted.
Forecast till 8 p.m. Tuesday.-For the
District of Columbia, Delaware and Mary
.and, fair weather, with slight changes In
temperature tonight and Tuesday; ilght
ortherly winds.
For Virginia and North Carolina, fair
tonight and Tuesday; northerly winds, be
coming variable.
Weather conditions and general forecast
yhe pressure is relatively low over New
England and the lower lake region. It Is
relatively high over the southern states
16nd Rocky mountain districts and highest
to the north of Montana. The barometer
has risen in the lake regions and fallen In
New England.
A moderate cold wave covered the north
western district Sunday and advanced into
the lake regions and Ohio valley Monday
norning. It has e:pended its energy and
the temperatures are now about normal.
Light rain or snow has fallen In New
England and the lake regions. '
Generally fair weather, with stationary
temperature, Is Indicated for the Atlantic
and gulf states during Tuesday and proba
bly Wednesday.
Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of water at 8
a.m.: Great Falls, temperature, 32; _ ondi
tion, 11. Receiving reservoir, temperature,
NO. 1. .- No. 2. No.
Clear or fair Rain or IAcal
weather. snow. or su
The fags are boated each day upon the Issue o
They indeate the weatuer that may be excted d
ticularly the last twenty-four hours of that perio
downward. If more than one kind of weather Is p
cFditions frst named in the forecast will be repr
of r "cold wave" is Included In the forecast Mres
proper weather flag.
The temperature ag, when placed above nunb
placed below numbers 1, 1 or 3, Indicates colder we
the temperature will reman stationary.
Preparing to Celebrate Washington's Birth
Man Found Nearly Froen to Death by
the Southern Railway Track -
Various Aairs'of the Day.
There was a joint meeting of the com
mittees from the Junior Order of Me
chanics, Columbia Fre Compqny and the
Relief Hook and Ladder Company. Satur
day night, in the rooms of the Relief com
pany. Mr. J. H. Studer of the Columbia
company occupied the chair. After a con
versational debate of half an hour it was
decided that no action be taken in regard
to the manner in which the ed of Febru
ary be celebrated until next Wednesday
night, when a permanent organization
would be made. Upon motion of Mr. Ruben
of the Relief committee, the old citizens'
committee who had charge of the atd of
temebrure, paads weredeueted the Atlat
bly Wenesday. e nWensdyevnn
ac nCondintion wit them ine.ngu
Temprate Tad conditon of watmpots
aMs. Graillos, praftr, Strandan
tionnelly, revin Aewi, temoorture,
Sch oe. Mes. J..H. Stie an oM.
uponr the Bsi ess ansr Legu ,whic
etoh, an estitt apornt
Thcflagstee o tedetoac ina ponjutoeioni
wTh he oiteh womt'rte. nyb pce
tAcSar teporsttent-rved huser of thpe
downwrt pmroienthansine kind of wthert in
Februaosrst amted aln thefeaed wto be epy
ofllin "co wave th iparde i the frctze
rill eaethe flattr. hn.I oe
Thtahe mpertur meetig, whe plheld aboedns
place enin numer, 1a perandtrganldation
ofthe tmmte will ei staetioedradyha
commaittee wlebre aoindton mairta
the necssr Narlyangement Afleat
tenane Sou lthecmmtte Ra sa Trquste
aTthewaa joint meeting neda teenomg
mtesfromnb the nir sOde.f e
anics, Cttoumbiause fromJohny Anthe&
Compnghtr, in the osothesteern cato
thempity occuied theti.e a colrdmn-a
versataonsdet of thal Southor riroas
trackde tat oans'onane tans indegard
tol te movenOfner nio thn2d oThebStr
may beoceebred netilateth maend
fontdw a colrermnanet ohrganizasion
would be made Upn carrion of Mr. creno
ofthe Ruthen coitteear tegole ciienws
commteein who had bckhagdo the hill and
bhaof parde wereay reostediten me
tolhe int comitt hs Weneda evenin
nexct an that Reif house, wat 8n o'chodt
athaad e hat commted- totis citymfoe
ofthe fnollarchno wlo. busins en:
Doellyio haouse inAgn, andoDr Malne
ummnwere apoeined homitand odered
upont he Bses then'srmay,hc wic
mets oningt and reudsht int aoth
aommoniteof thre e toact in conentken
wit teoitPomiteeCu.
Ah Strpoterntyerstviewed svralpot the
mos prcokiwent biessamen ody fte ri-i
onegrad tenavidger at arae sto'n heouse.o
ebruar ady cohed alleed tobe vfier
Difeant ohrganition n aston re perfel
Marinth Dude ftned parad ifso theitzeos
ril, tarresthed mattfer nad. Itihargeds
ofut omWitteewil bae, effected, andtha
kniteswsmisseforpontofedenceak anl
Dae reemaetoy rrangement.eAwarrant;
tendayc Jofhnsonh commtedareste is reuete
athe treet eeting Wihenesdan evni~n
WSatrda whitenoos, arrete byaf-aber
'clockn, teehrge messabein warceive
Marrae and hoe rom Jo aerns
Copn asoen Terotrestenpat.
Ther arey staixg tohady coloed an weas
ing aonghe arrte Southevrce rlado
abe vaousve Ostatern Atiore and Thea
prante peeed o inverstgatesthea mats and
sformin wit hsabeck ad the chis sand
ih th3wnd
I Am
tiona ot oncin .Dsrbtn
reservoir,75temerantre 34Sodlitine at in
fluent gfate Inhuste ;elinent ae ohoumse 4.
gres. haed Teaide Tabe.n hremno
TeodayLo tHidegh"am and 1:02" phw om.ono
H igh teid4 .man6:4p.
p8m. Hodiigh tde hneto, 7:3 acm-ond i 7:4pm
heSn at ot oncin Moo.Ditbungl
rsunrire, 7:2pe.aunets 4:5; Mooiio a n
rises, 6:0atm tomorrow.len gt hue,4
The e B Tcyle.ms
TabyLew tamps must bem anhtd at04:6.
cyc e, bicycles and ti e n.mo
aterm sundwLo shall cr0 a.al 1ih
The City Lightoo.
trisnsh begun atime. Soli a l. ae ligh
btnth ofsa begun otedhu lefoare Isthermtime
Aphthaycl lamps alsl lighted at 4:Xm
Eetshin regu at rei hre rath oA
meorg tihte and t heow"s i moion
afWthr sub.wn alcrr utblih.
s;codionTe northy coneti. .
Pubica lamps lighted at :2p.m. and
tinguishou eun at 6:5 a.m. Thstriut
rsroigemertue. The;condiner.n
nt gae houne 7efuer e t he t4e
Etermometeregu at e2 weahe buratda
mornng hante a le.s n temo
Toay-Low tide, 0:2; not man :2 phm.
ium te, l :42 .m. and30.
t rinom Temeratide C:4 ama
ries . 4 aiga.orow
Teof th e Flampge.
Alln thefollamng thurty-eixhiur tedbuamore:par
The polce oreat fo the re of the A
ecleste, b the pperdtriy ceun moain
Gas lap 2 all, igted ay er pemr; wen
ectingisn begu at d007 aeW Thfe iht
ring is epoehur beoe the.tm
nam. sinl
Stha las a tet
Hithorynfahiing wete pp1dfO'rgantilaion
Eing ish ucning beurt 6:22. The pa
Thee bare fbeen manutes l nter i esth
ringd thn the so lamsa the .tioon
schEduewoth nothodisyto Emcpa.huc
RSth, but the owng t Then aoccrdy
tr, whe hen the edi r eaies of the
therutiefu t che wedat t reu today
7t and34 pAm.,reets nothatiwere 42;d mhe
8. No. 4. No.'CHRC
rAidng ha ard ee l dsce in
olth he psoro
P nt the exerss an bot uti ark.
nThey re ov e eae f err in the ofsti
Bnihops WIlsn hsyof atimoe Moebersof
allfte forthe Methodist pico pan the
cit, weeprsntn the audience noet onldys
feilled bey the eict ay Wienfr ad rin
athe afleurc g will e eayd town the
ashes wh seats natea er herd he
Ah; dhet ntireytld e thle desred by
Misto Ba the r of the Mrnatont
Drsnteeeicaions aeron.temonn
and e i s er is w iln an o
vi-1 2Bishop Wilson of orntra.s th
incdensmy ofe affitry unde the ogeaionis
o Ehouthesn Methodist Epscpheal Che
Humtm er, s th e acw g en cev. y.s
terdat, when hedsedicator sineothe part
ofetheifuliding-waereced at te orer ofle
7and rAll streeted othes churcheld. Tihp
Wuilsoin trst lrea. Beerl desigea few
Although tn hc pato ofi thate urchice
waseset, ther exrissabt the wosm oo orever.
Bishop Wilson ofccete. themerus and
athe dsouthri ofthod church esrIne te
igti wer prsnt adkted atec not onlye
fille eechrch sat $25 th e inbcribedi
forb galeris, preset wasnecessry to liuidte
ailes th inetss ftechrh n
What repne HvDe"was sung byberae
AtMisses Bmerofph chloir agaf theached,
eno Place M.EoCain hurch wasth
dcrtdeitcatio ndu fer owesan
The sermon bych Bih -Wiliseeton aneo
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He Questions the Statement. Made
by Mjor Powell
Tsk? EL'= C LIGHT ' Il?
What the Records of the Commis
sioners' Office Show.
"I am not disposed to continue this contro
versy with Major Powell," said Capt.
Thomas to a Star reporter this morning. "It
was sought not by me, and his statement
was only replied to because he had wanton
ly, if not viciously, attacked the United
States Electric Lighting Company. Mr.
Powell in his interview of last Saturday
seems inclined to muddy the water. It is
not a question between Mr. Powell and my
self whether or not the United States Elec
tric Lighting Company neglected or refused
to occupy the territory north of the cities
of Washington and Georgetown with 1,000
poles, and with ninety odd miles of danger
ous overhead wire, upon the gratuitous sug
gestion of Mr. Powell, without warrant or
permit, and without an appropriation to this
day ever having been made for light out
side of the city of Washington by incandes
cent light. While it is true that the United
States Electric Lighting Company did re
fuse to make a bid, it was well aware at the
time the proposals were issued that there
never was a dollar appropriated for that
purpose, and that no effort had been made
by the Commissioners looking to that end,
save and. except an effort made by Major
Poweil last February to get ax) appropria
tion of $2.;0) for incandescent lighting for
the suburb known as Eckington. So much
for that point.
The Question Undisposed Of.
"The question raised by Mr. Powell's at
tack on the Upited States Electric Lighting
Company,which seemsundisposed of, is this:
Major Powell says in his former interview
that the permit was issued 'squarely and
honestly,' and that the United States Elec
tric Lighting Company, not having a prior
application before the office, was not un
fairly treated.
"In his interview of Saturday Mr. Powell
says I' substance that after the preliminary
effort on the part of the so-called Potomac
Light and Power Company, and random
lines run by them, a line was finally adopted
by themselves and by the Commissioners,
and that on the 12th day of November, 1895,
the permit was issued, 'and that represen
tative newspaper men having applied for
information about the permit, he directed
the permit clerk to show them all the papers
in the case.' (and, as his interview would so
indicate.) the newspapers having published
the issuance of the permit, the United
States Electric Lighting Company, two days
thereafter, with full knowledge of the per
mit having been issued, filed the application
in controversy.
'I stated n substance in my answer to
Mr. Powell that I Lad filed an application
on the 14th of November, 1895, for a pole
line cver a certain section north of this
city, and upon his objection to a certain
pcrtion of it I changed my request to that
,of a verbal application for a conduit; that
I had b3eard nothing from the application
till the appearance of Mr. Powell's inter
view. i also stated that from his inter
view it was sl'own that on the 4th day of
December he neld up my application, stat
ing that he would not issue a permit so
long as the question raised by the injunc
tion suit by the United States Electric
Lighting Company against the Comnis
sioners raising the question of their au
ti ority to grant a permit for a pole line,
with overhead wires, was not disposed of,
and that notwithstanding his statement
that lie would issue no permit, he did
upon Ahe return day of the injunction, and
only half an hcur before the calling of the
case, issue a permit to the Potomac Light
and Power Company, which permit had
been secretly iksued some time prior. Not
%ithetanding what Mr. Powell says in his
irterview of Saturday, I reiterate what I
slated, and will endeavor to prove my
statement by the record.
What the Records Show.
"The records of the Commissioners' of
fice show the following order:
"Dccenmber 10, 1895.-Ordered, That a per
mit be issued for an overhead electric line,
as requested by the Potomac Light and
Power Company in their application of the
6th instant, subject to modifications as to
route and to the location and character of
the poles as may be prescribed by the en
gineer department.
"Official order furnished engineer de
partment. By order of
tz.gnied) "tx. TINDALL, Secretary.
"The records of the engineer's office of the
District of Columbia show the following
permit issued December 10, 1895 (not as
Major Powell would have the public be
lieve, on the 12th day of November. nearly
a month pt ior to the real issue of the per
mit.) The permit is as follows:
'December 10th, 1895. Permission is here
by granted to the Potomac Electric Light
and Power Co. to erect poles and string
wires along the following roads, viz.: From
the intersection of Woodley road and
Klingle Ford road along Klingle Ford road
to Lowell street, thence to 16th street ex
tended, thence to Kenesaw street, thence
to Sherman avenue, thence ' to Blismarck
street, thence to 7th street, thence to Lin
coln street, thence to Gth street, thence to
College street, thence to Linden street,
thence to Elm street, thence to Le Droit
avenue, thence to T street, thence to South
Capitol street, thence to R street, thence to
Brentwood road.
"Also from the junction of Kenesaw
avenue and Sherman avenue to Whitney
avenue, eastward on that avenue to the
Soldiers' Home entrance.
"Poles between Klingle Ford road and R
street must be set straight, painted black
for a height of fifteen feet and white above
that, with cross arms not less than thirty
five feet above the level of the street. The
exact location of the poles shall be as
hereafter established by the street depart
ment of the District of Colurnbia.
"All poles to be used by the United States
and District of- Columbia governments free
of charge.
"By order of the Commissioners of the
District of Columbia.
"(Signed) H. M. WOODWARD,
"Permit Clerk District of Columbia.
"The Potomac Light and Power Co. ac
cept the above terms.
"(Signed) H. T. PURDY, Agent.
When Made Publie.
"And this permit was not given to the
newspapers of the city of Washington until
the 12th day of December, '1895, two days
thereafter, as the- filer of every newspaper
of the city of Washington will show. It
would be charitable to suppose that Maj.
Powell was mistaken In his dates, and that
he had read December 10 as November 12.
were it not for the very patent and labored
efi'ort on his part to show the fairness of
the transaction of the issuance of the per
mit to the Potomac Light and Power Comn
pany, on the ground that it was a mere se
quence to a long attempt on their part to
Nicotine Neutralized
ANUBMgM B ....................... s 1
ATTORNETS .............................a1e 4
AUCION SAM ......................... Page 9
BOARDING ............................. s4w 4
BUSEN 4ACM ...................Page 4
CmITYTEMS............... ....
004m1MSONEs OW D Jag..............PAg 5
OUNRY REAL 1rA1U ............... Pago 4
DEATHS ........... . ... T
DENTISTRY ............Page 5
EDUCATIONAL ................. .........VW
EX URSION3 .................... . ..... g 12
FINANCIAL ................. ............agW a
FOR EXCEANG ....... ................Page 5
FOR RENT (Flats) .....................page 4
FOR RENT (Houew ...... ................page 4
FOR RENT (Miancalame ...... ........Page 4
FOR RENT (OBess) ...................o... 4
FOR RENT (noms)...... ........ 4
OR RENT (tblae.....*......o..........Pag 4
FOR RENT Oftores) ............. . .Page 4
FOR RENT (Warehous e...................Page 4
FOR SALE (Bicycles)....................Page 5
FOR SALE (Houses).....................Page 5
FOR SALE (Lota)........................Puge
VOR SALE (Miscellaneous)...............Page 4
HORSES AND VEHICLE................Page 4
HOTE ..........................Page 5
LADIEE' GOODS...................Page 5
LECI'URE .............................Page 12
LEGAL NOTICES.........................Page 6
LOCAL MENTION....................Page 13
LOST AND FOUND.......................Page 4
MANICURE .............................Page 4
MARRIAGE .................. Page I
MEDICAL ...............................Page 5
OFFICAL NTICEs......................Page 5
PERSONAL .............................Page 4
PIANOS AND ORGANS................Page 5
PQTOMAC RIVER BOATS.................Page 4
PROPOSAI2 .............................Page 4
RAILROADS .............................Page 5
SPECIAL NOTICES................:......Page 8
SUBURBAN PROPERTY..................Page 4
UNDERTAKERS .........................Page 5
WANTED (Heap) .... .................Page 4
WANTEI) tiousp).......................Page 4
WANTED (Lots).........................Page 4
WANTED (Mlscellasneas)..............Page 4
WANTED (Rooms).......................Page 4
WANTED (Situation .................Page 4
get a permit, and that the permit actually
did issue and notice of the sane actually
was given to the public two days before the
application of the United States Electr!c
Lighting Company was filed.
"*It is not unfair to charaeterise the state
meut of Maj. Powell, in the light of the
re ords of the ofticn, as a falsification of
the same."
She Sent a Libelou Postal Card.
Upon her plea of guilty Judge Cox today
fined Lavinia Harris. a young colored
woman, $10 for writing an indecent and
libelous postal card to one Mary Lucas
the 31st of last July. *The postal alleged
that Mary Lucas had been intimate with
one George Vodery, and, after Informing
the Lucas woman that the man belonged
to the writer, warned her to let him alone
or there would be trouble.
Judge Cox, in imposing the fine, remark
ed that he was not aware until today that
there existed such a law.
American Security and
Trust Co., 3405 ( St.
Capital, $1.aoo00.
Surplus, $22,000.
Silver, &c.
Take no chances of losing your
diamonds. jewelry,.silver ware, etc.
Store them in the gire and burglar
proof vault In thke storage ware
bouse of the American Security and
Trust Company.
No charge
-for sending to your house for the
goods nor for delivering them again.
You can hare the goods back in an
hour's notke
You telephone 463
-nd we will do the rest.
Security & Trust Co.,
Storage warehouse
A. M. Read, Manager,
1140 15th St.
C. T'. H~avenner,
Member Washington Stock Eiechange,
Dooms S and 11. Atlantic baning,
Stocks, Bonds & (rain.
Private wires, New Ycak ansd Chicago.
Investment Securities.
Tel. 453.
Loan- & Trust Co.,
Interest PAID ON DEosITS.
Loans '"***' "
Acts as Eaecuter, Adnl.aater.
Trestee, Guardian and Committee en
Acts de Registrar, Trasfer and 1is
cal Agent of Ooegerations..
'Takes. ul chage of Real and Per
annal Estate.
Safe Depoelt Boze. for rant.
Biorage Vaults for truns, boxes, &c..
c'ontailning valuableg, silver, brie-a
brae, &c.
Incorporated under act of (hngres
and subject to apervision of the
comnptroller of the currency.
John Joy Dson............Pr'sIdent
John A. Swope..........ice Presient
H. S. Cummings...Second Vice President
John R. Carmody...........Treasrer,
Andrew Parker...........Secretary
John B. Larner....General Ceuneel
.A. 8. Worthilngten.. '
J. 3. Darlingten.. Advisry Counsel
Bailey, Charles B., Hamniton, John A.,
Barber, A. L., Isaer, J.hn 3.,
Barker. William E., Noyea, Theodore W..
Batchelder, I. N., SmerS.Iladore.
Baum, Charles, Shea, N. 0..
Carmody, John R., Slpear, Elis,
Clapp, Jolhn M., Stevens, Frederick 0.,
Crane, Augustus, jr., SwOpe, John A.,
Cummings. Horace S., Truesdell, George,
Darlington, J. J., Warner. B. H.,
Du Bois. Jam. T., Willard, Henry L.,
Edseon, John Joy, Wilson, A. A..
Fox. Albert F., Wine. Louis D..
Fraser, James, Woodward, S. W..
Gurley, William B., Werthington, A. 5.
1419 l8 at Glover ilng
Osrepondnt o Sass Moore & Selg
Bankers and Delem aml~emm Bonds.
Deposits. Exchange. Lame.
Railroad Stoeks and flonds e~nd all securities
listed on the exchanges of New York, lziladeilhia,
Boston and Baltimire bmght and sold
A specialty mnade of investment securities. Dis
trict bontis and all Inea. Rlaiload, Ga., Insurance
and Telephone Stock dealt in.
American Bell Telepaune Stock brught and sol.
Seven per cent
5 and $1oo Gold Bonds
Secured by first mortgage on District
of Columbia real- estate.
CAlumhia ThI l . ahstmact.
mApl ats once. r m uoEPx
"- I 819M.
ae afa boI goee all1beU
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equal the saumt ea dire; be a
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asset as sen emt audiete. e a mtess
Come. -a -. te.o w. e . mY, ... be,
tame DaWimr aIS. OL a .
W. H. weW r.Mns & w.
dward . WeeTt..I. ..m .w.
VAn p . 3MWAD fa.B UMs. Sl at at. &w.
FANK 3.l88N BlR1 at. mW.
Jem", . uem 81 at.i &
MI I. Mw.. 00 315 at. w.
CAM iuim e. 1146 n at. mwV
A WALL S N33. W.
Uta*. a me ntame n eat W.
Dheeiat e ie opeem sis
Imagdistnesestmm= ate
W. EB LI.AJ & Q6
""= Saw .r*"m f""
v42i F Street.
... .U.-?AL.,~.....
fThe~w CarbdCo
-amit h beat and Poe.
The Nto naSaf D
sthavinsan MTrus
wo e Dereiat er a.
mtha Wste "T. oft eftE otaT
feat m.. sa alwaysoe.M.d at %en.
CbPtTAL. mXedmlrf EON D-s-am
aIe r ambe'r-t *l. am ml
lared. We0ee.a . Gee a 3 a
b t i m AS~ mees. b e m s. *
at Par m a ma latvege
B. H. Warner& Co.,
43-i. M1 V ST. K.W.
5.KCM sA and & e Cn
apa-tt )DWABD . DURN. IM2 V St. &w.
'rnS I St. N.- W.
omb% 3mf Grawe ftwemmona ttm
DrectR eal tae.
a'ampafeat at am.. . Mm a a..
N.4r Dzew a-. New To ab nktat f s Xqw
T..Hodgn Co.,awaft
6gPUS AND 4 13 Mamt
-r - Ift*=r=!
The Acetylene -as Co.
The Carbide Co.
Owaftealushe II tr be of at w
Uglt, Heat and P wer.
5. a. KIDPHUZ ................... r~e
3. H. 3tXVDGEAM............ kaftedant
P. PA ...... .t............... I
CAS N WANCE 0i 4aWb 5JuMM A 00-TrmK
Sbee afe 1 a mNIie Mbw GC d-ft wI
be remo nt by be trer- at PW m;3W
Velme. Iw-p ~ to da on* Pu0neatrwat P
AMlieaimme ftr the on .1 evewe at tbe
aeamlee Sc. as3 1TO G. mLw. 423-I
71e National S2afe Depitk
Savings an Trus
ofzz he let aN .,
Con vig 15W3.aonts43 1. Open
mentei pay days and attsarm
f eam N nae ie ba Etedemt a a t
ofa a .roam, ~e tm s'e emes
J. mtR. Wilard &eRm C.

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