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PUBLISH*: I) UAIL) K\( i:i'T S| 1D41
Jlf? IcBEfrlvatia Avence. Car. llt.h 't., hr
The Evening Star Newspaper Compaay
S. H. EADFFMA.NJ. Fres'l.
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1:15 3 j'j) GK P.M. .
Affirai Sampson's Rprl of Its Emirs
BcialiargniBiit of Santiago M Been PosljoM Ml
Tomorrow Noon
PLAYA DEL ESTE. by way of |
Hati, July 4?To the Secretary of
the Navy, 3:15 a.m.:
SABONAY, July 3.--The fleet un
der mv command offers the nation
as a Fourth of July present the de
struction of the whole of Cervera s
fleet. Not one escaped. They at
tempted to escape at 9:30 this morn
ing-. At 2 the last ship, the Cristobal
Colon, had run ashore sixty miles
west of Santiago and has let down
her colors.
The Marie Theresa, Oquendo and
Yizcava were forced ashore, burned
and blown up within twenty miles of
Santiago. The Furor and Pluton
were destroyed within four miles of
the port. Loss, one killed and two
Enemy's loss probably several
hundred, from gunpowder explo
sions and drowning. About 1.300
prisoners, including Admiral Cerve
ra. The man killed was George H.
Ellis, chief yeoman of the Brooklyn.
(Signed) SAMPSON.
Bombardment Delayed to Allow Non
Combaiants to Leave.
The Secretary of War has received
a long and most important dispatch
from Gen. Shafter. It is the one
which has excited much rumor, but
the essential points can now be given
authoritatively. It states Shafter's
demand for the surrender of San
tiago at noon today on pain of bom
bardment. Thereupon, the foreign
consuls at Santiago made a joint rep
resentation, requesting that women
and children in the city have until
Tuesday noon to withdraw before I
the bombardment begins. The Span
ish general declined to surrender at
the time first set by Shafter.
At present a truce exists, pending
the expiration of the twenty-four
hours asked for by the foreign con
Admiral Sampson's Ships Are Vic
In the early hours of Independence
Day offi'ial dispatches were given
out at the War Department confirm
ing the earL?*r rumors of the de
struction of Admiral Cervera's fleet
at Santijjjo. The information had
been received by the President at
least two hours tfarlicr, but the news
was so important, and withal, so
startling, that it was \ ithheld lest
larcr reports should not b t it out.
Promptly at 12 o'clock, how-ver, the
President gave his consent tor yrn
ir.uigation of the dispatches, conv? >
Ing to a waiting nation the glad t d
ings of a victory no less complete
than that achieved at Manila by th?
intrepid Dewey.
The dispatches were read at ti e
War Department soon after mil
irght to a snull knot of newspaper
men and department officials. As
the full significance of the news be
come apparent there was a rush for
the telegraph offices, and soon the
glorious message was transmitted to
every important section of the coun
try as an inspiration to* the patriotic
millions who today are celebrating
tiie one hundred and twenty-first an
niversary of American independ
There is no doubt of the correct
ness of the information. Confirma
tion came later on, in the form of a
formal dispatch, brief but sufficient.
The administration officials were
cautious in handling the news of vic
tory. Leaks there were in plenty,
but when approached for confirma
tion of the rumors each department
official pleaded ignorance, some de
nying that any sort of message had
been had. As stated, this was to
avoid the grievous disappointment
possible in the receipt later of a con
tradiction. A Star reporter was in
formed by General Miles as late as
11 o clock that he had given out no
information concerning the alleged
victory?this when he was told of the
rumor that coupled his name with
the promulgation of the announce
ment of victory. When at 12 o'clock
the President was interrogated as to
the advisability of making the dis
patches public, he smilingly assented,
and soon after there was fresh zest
given to the celebration of the glor
i?us I'ourth, then but just begun.
Was Too Busy to Send Telegraphic
In answer to a dispatch sent by
Secretary Alger to Maj. Gen. Shat
ter, asking why he had not sent the
government more dispatches, this
cablegram was received:
"Headquarters Fifth Army Corps.
"Did not telegraph, as I was too
busy looking after things that had to
be attended to at once, and did not
wish to send any news that was not
fully confirmed.
"Spanish fleet left the harbor this
morning and is reported as practi
cally destroyed.
Situation has been precarious on
account of difficulties of supply com
mand with food and tremendous
fighting capabilities shown by the
enemy from his almost impregnable
position. SH AFTER."
Oen. Shatter Threatens Bombardment
? If Not Complied With.
General Shafter telegraphs: "Early
j this morning I sent a demand for the
immediate surrender of Santiago,
. threatening to bombard the city. I
believe the place will be surrender
This contradicts the report that
General Sliafter has fallen back.
All Destroyed Except One Ship That
The following dispatch was also
received at the War Department:
"Siboney office confirms state
ment that all the Spanish licet ex
cept one warship destroyed and
burning- on the beach. It was wit
nessed by Captain Smith, who told
operator no doubt of its correctness.
"ALLEX, Signal Officer."
The destruction of Cervera's fleet is
cc 11 firmed. ALLEN,
Lieutenant Colonel.
The last dispatch came from Colo
nel Allen, hi response to a message
from the White House asking con
firmation of the report of the de
struction of the fleet. His answer
was convincing.
Spanish Governor and Other Officials
Taken to Cavite.
HOXG KONG, July 4.?The
United States dispatch boat 2'afiro,
which left Cavite, Manila harbor, on
July 1, has arrived here. She re
ports tliat the American troops in the
transports City of Sidney, City of Pe
king and Australia, convoyed by the
Charleston, arrived at Cavite on June
30, having taken the Ladrone Isl
ands on the way, and having left
men there.
The Spanish governor and other
officials captured were brought to
The United States troops com
menced to disembark at Cavite on
July 1.
Gen. Pando's Forces Will Not Get
Into Santiago.
The War Department this morn
ing gave out the following:
"Headquarters 5th Army Corps,
"Near Santiago, July 3.
"Tonight my lines completely sur
round the town from bay on north
of citv to point on San Juan river 011
south. The enemy holds from west
bend San Juan river at its mouth up
the railroad to the city. Gen. Pando
I find tonight is some distance away
and will not get into Santiago.
Cheering Over the Disaster to Cer
vera's Fleet.
The following was received this
PLAYA, 9:30 a.m., July4, 1898.
Headquarters 5th Army Corps,
Near Santiago.
The A. G. O., U. S. Army,
When the news of the disaster of
the Spanish fleet reached the front,
which was during the period of truce,
the regimental band that had man
aged to keep its instruments on the
line, played "The Star Spangled
Banner" and "There Will Be a Hot
Time in the Old Town Tonight,"
men cheering from one end of the
line to the other. Officers and men
without even shelter tents have been
soaking for five days in the after
noon rains, but all are happy.
Major General, U. S. A.
Hadrid Report Also Has It That Gen.
Linares is Dead.
MADRID, July 4.?At the con
clusion of the cabinet meeting yester
day evening the ministers stated thaf"
official confirmation had been re
ceived that Gen. Vara de Rey and
two of Gen. Linares' aid-de-camps
were among the killed in t^e third
attack of the Americans on El
It was stated that the American
losses exceeded 2,000.
The government has no news
from Aguadores.
It is reported that Gen. Linares
has succumbed to his wounds, but
this report is unconfirmed.
Arrival of Transports?Quara on the
Ladrones Captured.
The following dispatch was re
ceived from Admiral Dewey early
this morning by the Navy Depart
CAVITE, July 3.?Three trans
ports and cruiser Charleston arrived
yesterday. Captured Guara, Ladrone
Islands. Brought the Spanish officials
and the garrison of six officers and
fifty-four men to Manila. On June
29 the Spanish gunboat Leyte came
out of a river near Manila and sur
rendered to me, having exhausted
ammunition and food repelling at
tack of insurgents. Had on board
fifty-two officers and nietv-four men.
Former Tells That He Is Haster of
the Situation.
Gen. Miles was busily engaged at
army headquarters all day complet
ing arrangements for sending of re
inforcements to Gen. Shafter not
withstanding later advices show that
he will effect the capture of Santiago
without them. Gen. Miles is in con
stant communication with Gen. Shaf
ter and is fully advised of all material
developments in the situation at San
The following telegrams have
been exchanged between the two
"Headquarters of the Army,
"Washington, D. C., July 3, 1898.
"General Shafter,
? "Playa del Este, Cuba:
"Accept my hearty congratulations
on the record made of magnificent
fortitude, gallantry and sacrifice dis
played in the desperate fighting of
the troops before Santiago. I realize
the hardships, difficulties and suffer
ings, and am proud that amid those
terrible scenes the troops illustrated
such fearless and patriotic devotion
to the welfare of our common coun
try and flag. Whatever the results to
follow their unsurpassed deeds of
valor, the past is already a gratifying
chapter of history. I expect to be
with you within one week with
strong reinforcements.
"Major General, commanding."
"PLAYA, July 4, 1898.
"Major Gen. Nelson A. Miles, com
manding the Army of the United
States, Washington:
"Headquarters 5th Army Corps,
"Near Santiago, July 3.
"I thank you in the name of the
gallant men I have the honor to
command for splendid tribute of
praise which you have accorded
them. Your telegram will be pub
lished at the head of the regiments
and this morning I feel that I am
master of the situation and can hold
the enemy for any length of time.
I am delighted to know that you are
coming, that you may see for your
self the obstacles which this army
had to overcome. My only regret
is the great number of gallant souls
who have given their lives for our
country's cause.
! "July 3, 1898.
"Gen. Miles, Washington:
"Headquarters 5th Army Corps.
"Killed a Spanish general in af
fair at Commual and large number
of officers and men, who are still un
buried. Gen. LiMres' arm was
broken. My demlnd for surrender
of Santiago still being considered by
Spanish authorities. Pando has ar
i rived near bicak in railroad with his
advance. I think lie will be stopped.
"SHAFTER, Comanding."
Gen. Miles has also received the
following dispatch:
The District Troops Are On the Way
to Santiago.
A telegram was received by Ad
jutant General Corbin today from
Major General Coppinger, stating
that the 1st Regiment of District of
Columbia Volunteers sailed from
Tampa at 12:30 yesterday for Santi
ago, with the exception of Captain
Looker's company, which remained
as provisional engineers. The Dis
trict soldiers sailed on the transport
Catania and there were no other
troops mentioned as being on that
vessel. Two other transports sailed
at the same time as the Catania and
their departure, the dispatch said,
left no more transports at Tampa,
while the hour of sailing is fixed in
the telegram at 12:30, it is stated at
the War Department that the steam
er did not get really started until
3:30 in the afternoon, but that by
this afternoon the District boys are
well on their way to reinforce Gen
eral Shafter.
OHlclnl null I nofllclal Li>tn of CuHiinl
tle? nt !>milliifco.
Maj. Gen. Shafter sent to the adjutant
general last night the following partial list
of officers killed:
Col. Charl?3 A. Wikoff, 22<1 Infantry.
Lieut. Col. John M. Hamilton, Oth Cav
Lieut. W. II. Smith, 10th Cavalry.
Maj. Forse, 1st Cavalry.
Capt. O'Neill, 1st Volunteer Cavalry.
Lieut. Mtchie, son of Prof. Michie.
?Lieut. Jules G. Ord, Cth Infantry.
Lieut. William E. Shipp, 10th Cavalry.
'An error. Today he reports himself very
much alive.
G?n. Shafter added a partial list of offi
cers wounded:
Lieut. Col. John H. Patten on, 22d In
Lieut. Col. Henry Carroll, commanding
1st Brigade Cavalry Division.
Maj. Henry W. Wessells, 3d Cavalry.
Capt. Augustus P. Blocksom, 6th Cavalry.
Capt. John B. Kerr, 6th Cavalry.
Capt. George K. Hunter. 3d Cavalry.
Capt. George A. Dodd, 3d Cavalry.
Capt. Charl.iS W. Taylor. Oth Cavalry.
Lieut. Frank R. M'Coy. 10th Cavalry.
Lieut. Winthrop S. Wood, adjutant, 9th
Lieut. Hask?ll, 1st Volunteer Cavalry.
Lieut. A. L. Mills, 1st Cavalry.
Lieut. Oren B. Meyer, 3d Cavalry.
Lieut. Arthur Thayer, 3d (Cavalry.
Lieut. Waltor C. Short, 6th Cavalry.
Capt. John B. Rouman, 20th Infantry.
Other* Reported Killed.
The Associated Press furnishes the fol
lowing list of killed:
Capt. Morri.ion, Company K, 16th Infan
try. ?
Second Lieut. Benchley, Company E, 6th
John Butler, private. Company E, 6th
Henry Anderson, sergeant. Company A,
1st Cavalry.
Second Lieut. W. A. Sater, Company A,
13th Infantry.
Capt. W. F. Drum. 10th Infantry.
Lieut. McCorckle, 2fith Infantry.
Wass, Battery A, 2d Artillery.
McCoy, Battery A, 2d Artillery.
AVagner, Battery E. 2d Artillery.
A. P. Underwood, Battery A, 2d Artillery.
James Hellen, Battery A, 2d Artillery.
The list of wounded, given by the Associ
ated Press, follows:
Capt. M. J. Henry of the volunteers, shot
through hip.
Ad.jt. Gen. A. L. Miles, adjutant general
2d.Brigade, Cavalry Division, shot through
Lieut. Col. John H. Patterson, 22d Infan
Mason Mitchell, Company R. Rough Rid
ers, right shoulder.
Sergt. Samuel Devore. arm fractured.
Trooper Long, shot through the leg.
Lieut. Joseph Armstrong, cavalry.
Capt. Rodman, 20th Infantry, neck and
Lieut. Col. Haskel, 17th Infantry.
Capt. Bloxam, 6th' Cavalry, in the leg.
Capt. Bereton, 24th Infantry, slightly In
l?ft leg.
Lieut. Col. Worth.
Capt. McFarlane, 16th Infantry, slightly
in leg.
Capt. Dodge, 24th Infantry.
Lieut. Turman, 6th Infantry, fatally In
Lieut. Robertson, ,6th Infantry, below
heart, in left leg, and right leg fracturad
by third bullet.
Lieut. Purdy, 0th Infantry, through the
Maj. Mont, 10th Cavalry, in the groin.
Lieut. Seaborn, 8th Infantry.
Lieut. Wood, 9th Cavalry, -hi the mouth.
E. J. Carroll, 2d Massachusetts.
Blackmore, 2d Massachusetts.
Revere, 2d Massachusetts.
Short, 2d Massachusetts.
Fred Junske 7th Infantry, in head.
Sergt. Bite, Battc-ry A, 2d Artillery.
Sergt, Cornfield, Battery A, 2d Artillery.
Corp. Kean, Battery A. 2d Artillery.
Boor, Battery A, 2d ArUllery.
Lieut. Horace.
Devereaux, Trcop K, Rough Riders,
through arm. .
Jacob Pauster, Troop H, 8d Cavalry, In
F. R. McDonald, Rou^li Riders, in the
Wagner, Company F, 13th Infantry, In
the leg.
Charles Jones, Company B, 24th Infantry,
hU't h'lrstinrt of shell.
A. Dorcutt, Company P, 16th Infantry,
In the <ti m.
Jacob Kuhlen, 2d Infantry, shot twice on
right of chest and left leg.
E. H. Ersteln, 2d Infantry.
S3. F. Thro, In throat.
John Bonner, 3d Infantry, in the right
Capt. George K. Hunter. 3<1 Calvary, in
right leg.
Maj. H. \Y. Vossells, commanding 3d Cav
alry. in the neck.
Capt. George A. Dodd. 3d Cavalry, in the
First Lieuu O. D. Meyer. 3d Cavalry, in
the nip and ^roin
Fiist Unit. Arthur Thayer, 3d Cavalry,
In righi hip.
Second Lieut. J. T. Conrad. 3d Cavalrv,
in the ankle.
Capt. Kavanaugh, 13th Infantry, in the
left hip.
Capt. Farrey. (1th Infantry. In the leg.
Capt. J. J. Burton, 24th Infantry, in left
Lieut. W. C. Siiort, Oth Cavairy, in right
arm and right shoulder.
Lieut. Col. Henry Carroll, commanding
1st Brigade, cavalry division, shot through
both hips.
Col. C. A. Winloff, severely wounded,
probably fatally.
Capt. J. B. Kerr, 6th Cavalry, in right
First Lieut. Wood. !>th Cavalry, In mouth.
C. Augustus Barton, Troop D, Oth Cav
alry, in right hand.
John H. Burr, Troop E, 6th Cavalrv, in
right hand.
Corp. Winhall, Troop E. 6th Cavalry. In
right shouMer and back.
William J. Turner. Company E. 10th In
fantry, shot through head.
William A. Hus^ter, Company C, 74th In
fantry. in wrist.
Benjamin Franklin, Kith Cavalry, in side
and wrist.
Capt. George D. Walker, Company T. 6th
Infantry, in right leg.
Peter Beryman, Company C, 4th Infan
try. in 1 he chest.
Second Lieut. T. A. Roberts, 10th Cav
alry. through the stomach.
First Lieut. M. H. Barnum, adjutant loth
Cavalry, in left side.
W. T. Conray, l)th Cavalry, struck by a
George P. Cooper. Company G, 2."th In
fantry, hand shot ofT by s hell.
Christopher P. Jordan, 2d Ir.fantrv. ?n the
J. O. S. White, Troop E, 10th Cavairy, in
the left hand.
Henry McCormaok, Companv E. 10th In
fantry. in the right foot and left leg.
Sergt. John J. L Taylor, Troop E, loth
Cavalry, in the right foot.
Charles Andraw. Company K. 71st New
York, in the right elbow.
Thomas G. Harriy. Tro^p G. 10th Cava'.ry
In the right arm and shle.
W. Washington. Conipanv E. 74?h In
fantry. through the right arm.
Frank Ridgelly, Troop C. loth Cavalry,
In the left leg.
Wiley Hipshur, Troop A, 10th Cavalry
thiough the foot.
Alexander Hlggins, Compp.nv G. 24'h In
fantry, in the thigh.
H. L. Douglas. Troop C. 1st Cavalrv In
the left arm.
Sirgt. Patrick Welch, Companv G. #th
Infantry, in right leg.
Gideon Dalrigo, Troop B, 1st Cavalrv, In
the right thigh.
Corporal Dennis Gulnez, Company A, 6th
Infantry, in 1-ft knee.
Charles Molke. Troop E, 3d Cavalrr Jn
left arm and left leg.
C. L Pcpe. Company A, 24th Infartrv, In
the left thigh.
Nathaniel Ach". Company H 13<ft In
fantry, In the rght thigh.
James Turney, Company P. 6th Infantry
in the right leg. also hurt by shell.
George P. Douglass. Company G, lOth Ir
fantry. run over by cannon.
Clarence B. Leedy, Company A lC'h In
fantry, in the back.
J. A. Bledove, Company B. 6th Infantry.
In the right foot
T G. A. Gump, Company E, 6th Infantry
in the foot.
F. Ball. Company H, 13th Infantry, ifi the
John J. Miller. Company R, 8th Infantry
in the wrist.
H. R. O'Mallsy. Company P., 6th Infantry
in the right hand.
Jamefl McClure; Company A, Oth In
fantry, in the right leg.
William Arms, Company A. Oth Infantrv
in the l;ft leg.
Corporal Francis Christian. Company C
Oth Infantry, in the right leg, twice.
R. H. Rheman, Company E, Sth Infantry,
in the right shouMer.
James Gands. Troop C, 9th Cavalry lr
the foot.
Charles James, Company I, 1st Cavalry
In the right leg.
J. R. Burnes, Company C, flth Infantry,
in the right knee.
Lawrence Diveen, Company B, 13th In
fantry, in the right arm.
Mount Mining, Company E. Oth Infantry,
in the right hand.
James Minven, Company E, Oth Infantry
In the left hip.
Charles W. Entemman, Company D. 16th
Infantry, in the right knee.
. R.\,L'. ^c5JiIlan. Troop D, Rough Riders,
In the left shoulder.
, "'J1a,?n *a<"er- Tro?P I. 10th Cavalry, In
tho left shoulder.
Robert W. Robinson, Company B, 24th. I
Infantry, in the left hip. 1
Alfred Thompson, Company A, 24th In
??urt by bursting of a shell.
in t'hI'l^eaVer' C?mpany A- 20111 ^fantry,
inTfa^?hanntfIsl:h"eur,d^rOOP E' R?U*h
a&h?ughhtnheMback: "'YOOP ?th CaV"
Charles Dahlsborz, Company A 21st In
fantry, ln the right knee.
Henry Maurer, Company A loth in
fantry, in the right leg'twice.
fanrt^.eVntheTeftrf^i Compa^.H- ?<* In
JPSFX&gF?*A- *** Jn
in^he'Tft^r- Tr??P * 10th Cavalry.
faF?vs b- 13th ln"
th?k& arm"30"- Tr??P A' IOth Cavalry,
fantry, h, uie'len".^0"11^1' P' 24th ??'
fant%r,r!??l0"tch8- C?mpaRy C- 1Gth 1"
Joseph A. Golden, Troon tr jm r? t
In the right shouldir. ' d CavaIT.
theTe'fTl^'. Argran' Troop r- M Cavalry, m
th^ left<S^fr' Tr&?P J- 10th Cavalry, in
fle?hBwo15en^rinflSt.IVeJ|)tenant M Cava,ry'
theantcclT,aB' W Taylor' 9th Cavalry, Jn
Mta K U"eUm- 24th ^fantry. 1? the
?houTdTr. Crttlmfl-n- "rrespondent. In the
?ffigjUSTy ?23S -
?to.HfC?mz*" "? 1M? C.V
Donald C. Kecailand (McClelland*), Co
puny E, 71 si New York, In right knee.
Milton Alisshe*. Troop H, 3d Cavalry,
right arm.
j James Grunes, forajany B. 24th Infant
In the left arm.
Frank Morgan, Company B, 1st Cava.
In right shoulder.
John C. Dunnard. Company A. 16th
fantry. In right aim.
Fia k Morgan. Cwnpany D, 1st Caval
4n nsht shoulder.
Wm. A Wield. Company K. 3d Caval.
in right hip.
Barney kedmor.d. Company E, 12th C:
a ry. in left arm.
John H. I.at?i-n. Company I, Mh Infant:
in riijht etbov.'.
William Tuner. Trcop D. JHh Cavalry
r.ght leg.
Davl.l A Iron. Porr|i.ny B. 22d Infant
in right hio and arm.
Thomas I'. Gordon. Company K. 3d ?'
ally, in left Mp.
Wm. H. Miller, Company F, Gth In fan
In right leg.
Richard T. Addison. Company F. Gth
fantry. in right shou.d*r.
Alfred Setilmard. Company I>, jOth
fantry. in the groin.
A A Mitchell. 3d Cavalry, In riglr a.
Michael Grogan. Company 1>, 13th
far.try. right leg.
Michael Koch. Company H. IClh Infant
In left shoulder.
John H. Campbell, Company I). Pith <\
a:ry, in right leg.
John Watson, Troop F. 10th Cavalry,
left ankle.
Thomas Walters. Company E, Oth
fantry. In left foot.
William Parkes, Company E, loth Inf.
try, in left arm. in neck and right she
Andrew Hoffman, Company I, 1st Inf.
try. in right toot.
Pat K< yes. Company D. 24th Infant
thr.mgh both thighs.
P. P. Byrne, Comiwny F. 13th Infant
In right leg.
Albert B. Swift. Company H, loth
fantry. in elbow.
Ftank Witel, Troop A. 1st Cavalry,
left hip.
Pat Tuchy, Company B. ."M Cavalry,
right hand.
James C. Smith, Company C, 6:h Ga\al
in left hand.
Sergeant Henry Sloghem, Troop K.
Cavalry, in groin.
Milson I". Trynn, Company C, Itth lnf
try, in right leg.
Arthur McAllister. Company C, !?th J
fantry. in left shoulder.
A. R. Ma upon, ???? ..any F. 7th Infant
In should -r.
Harry Smith. Company F. 13th Infant
in right leg.
Christian Hintench, Troop B, Oth Ca\
ry. In right arm.
George Graham. Comi>any B. 13th
fantry. in lfft aim.
I>an H. S'ark. Company I,. 33d Michig:
ri-rht arm shot off and hip injured.
Clement Cjrtls. Comj my I,. :;3d Mlc
gan. leg shot off by bursting of shell.
Dr. F. Rawson, 33d Michigan, in left at
I-ieuterint Harris Devereai-x. Troop
1st Volunteer Cavalry, In 1. ft arm.
Philo I->akel, Comjiany K. l?th Infant
in left I. g.
William J. Tilly. Company B, Oth Infi
try. in jrroin.
W. Johnston. Troop D, Rough Riders
right thigh.
Rfchard Henderson, Company I. 24th J
fantry. In left hand.
Willi.in II King, Company C, loth 1
fantry, in left hip.
Joseph Kline, Troop L. Rotig* Km.
left hip.
Jos ;>h N. Wright, Troop f oth CV?o!
In lift leg.
Joseph B. Mickellicz. Company F, 3d i
(liana. in left arm.
S. P. Davis, Company L. Rough R:d(
in left kne-e.
Wade Bledsoe, Company D, loth Cava;
in left hip.
John J. L. Taylor, Troop E. 10th Cava,
in right ankle.
Henry Conv ay. Company H. 2T.th ,
fantry, in right hip and in grcln and lui
George J. Besch. Company D, 10th N
Vork. in right arm.
^l'aul Bartlndo. Company I), ICth N
York, through the neck.
Matth=w J. Long, Company K, 10th N
iork. in neck.
Thomas Farrell, Company B, Cth i .
fantry, in right breast.
C.varies Lane. Company B. 18th , ?
fantry. In right leg.
Colon Glrard. Company B, 6th Infani
In left leg.
John Humingkake, Company B, Gth '
fantry. In chin.
S-rg;. Julius Goluly, Company G, 21st :
fantry, in ;eft breast and arm.
Walter Tainson, Company u. 10th Inf.
try, in left ankle.
John P. Toser, Company C, 13th Infant
in the breast.
T. Sharp, jr.. Company C, 17th Infant
in the breast.
John G. Winter. Jr., Troop F. Rou
Riuets, in right elbow and left leg.
Henry Elvers, Company D. 13tti Infant
in left shoulder.
Mason Robinson. Company D 24th i
fantry. in back.
B. H. Allis. sergeant. Company I>. 2i
Infantry. In right foot.
William McComb, Troop E, 3d Caval n
left foot.
Captain J. V. Guthrie, Company A 1
Infantry, in right knee.
A. H. B Moor, Company B, 2lllh lnf;.
try, in right arm.
Captain J. Broadman. battalion co. .
mamler, 2lith Infantry, In neck.
Basil Rickets, sergeant. Rough Riders
right shoulder.
H. M. Barnes. Company G, Oth Infant- ?.
Robert C. Dontag, Company D, Oth J
fantry. sprained baek.
Fuller J. Thompson, Troop A, Oth Cav.
ry, sunstroke.
Paul Newman, Company D, lath Iuftu
try. sunstroke.
Harry Sturgis, Troop D. 10th Cava),
Daniel t\ Barter, Company D, l!l?t J .
fantry, sunstroke.
j Robert Lewis, Company D, 4th Infant
Mark J. Whitley, Company F, loth 1
fantry, sunstroke.
Second Lieutenant Lyman M. Weit
Company F. 24th Infantry, sunstroke.
Shatter, Wheeler and lonnu Con< In t?
lnder the Weather.
Siboney, Cuba, Saturday, July 2. 1
p.m., by the Associated Press Dlspa
Boat Dauntless, via Port Antonio a
Kingston, Jamaica, Sunday, July 3, 5.
p.m.-Gen. T. B. M. Young, commander
the 2d Brigade ot. Gen. Wheeler's cava.,
division, has been suffering with fe i
since Wednesday night, and has been Cc
fined to his tent.
Gen. Wheeler also had a alight fever < ?
Thursday and Friday morning, but rec
ered sufficiently to go to the front s<
after the cannonading waa begun fr. ?
Grimes' hill.
Gen. Shatter is still more or less atlin
so that his headquarters has not been tr.o
ed as far forward as would be most oc .
venient, but he has directed lb* g> net
movements of his army, though lying n.?
of the time on a cot or In a hamraork < .
tended by a surgeon.
There were many cases of prostiat. >.
from heat among the men of the t?tli Mi
sachusetts and tho 33d and S4th Ilegltnu
all of whom were land only this m..rn-.
and pushed at once to the front to ret
force our wearied men on the firing line
Ueat Ord Is A lire.
FORT THOMAS. Ky? July 4 -1! ?
Mason wife of Lieut. Mason of the ? ?
Regular Infantry, sister of Lieut. Ord
the Gth. who was reported killed In U<
Shaffer's dispatch last night, received *
telegram from her brother, Lieut. Ord.
Plnya del Este. saying: "I am alive ai v
well. Am on Ger.. Hawkins" staff. Wuu
tr. the battle at all."

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