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low Cycuist Taylor Was Named
Marshall Walter Taylor is the real name
>f the black cycler. but ever since he was
en years old he has been called "Major."
)ince he has become famous as a bicycle
ider It has been Major Taylor, the name
ticking to him with such persistency that
he quotat!on marks were lost long ago.
t was some' fifteen years ago in Indian
Lpolis, the city of the colored boy's birth.
hat he earned his nickname. There was
o be a school celebration. and to properly
iead the procession there must be a band.
!nough juveniles were got together to
nake up a fairly musical aggregation-,all
)ut the drum major. Then somebody re
nembered the little colored boy and that
ie had exhibited oexterity In doing tricks
Lmong his white companions. So Marshall
raylor was brought out and practiced -his
itunts with the band. On the day of the
marade the Mand came out to head the pro
-ession, and In front, dressed in most fan
astic livery, was little Marshall Taylor.
lnch feats of baton twirling probably have
iever been daplicated before or since. So
t was little Major Taylor that day, and
dajor it has been ever since.
knother Victory for "Young Peter
"Young Peter Jackson." the colored wet
crweight, made Harry Fisher of Brooklyn,
4. Y., quit In the eighth round of what
eas scheduled to be a twenty-round bout
n Baltimore last night. The exhibition did
mot attract a large attendance.
Fisher has a tectiar style of fighting,
ich does not create much enthusiasm.
it leads. th'en rteps In and, crossing one
irm over his neck and face and the other
,ver his body, he makes a defense that
sorries -an antagonist who wants to hit
rim. Fisher kee'~s in close to his man and
a quick himself .it short-arm hitting.
These tactics puzzled Jackson for a
'ouple of rounds, I-ut then he decided there
vere other vuln-rable parts of the body to
sit besides the head, and he began hitting
P'isher in the body. These blows, comn
sined with the work Fisher was doing.
irore the latter down.
Fisher was not apparently In good fight
ng form when he entered the ring. He was
lever enough to hit Jackson quite often.
>ut his blows showed no effect on the col
tred man, who fought from the start as if.
a rtaln of victory. There was very little
rariation In the style of fighting in any one
af the eight rounds.
Rest Wern Fre.. Gardner em Feul.
Jack Root of C'hcago won the middle
wright championship at San Francisco-last
fight in a fight with George Gardner of
.owefl., Mass. 'Root claimed a foul an the
ievenith round, which was allowred.
The men weighed in at 3.p.m. yeuterdiay
lai.6 pounds. Gardner was- the favorite
Lt odds of 10 10 7.
16maitsiin Pocf of Heain' 11eok
I. and Sbarbaa~vets,
Rival Leagues Will Have Non
Conflicting Schedules.
The weights are announced for the three
spring handicaps which open the meetings
at Brodklyn, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton
Beach, respectively. All three - are at a
mile and a quarter, the first two being
guaranteed to be worth $10,00 each, and
the last named having $5,WO added, so that
it-vagy be w9rth more than $10,000.. There
are no penaities for the Brooklyn, but there
Is a sliding scale of penalties for each of
the last two.
Brooklyn handicap day will be Saturday,
May 24; Suburban day, Saturday, June 14;
Brighton. Saturday, July 5.
As generally expected. C. H. Mackay's
Banastar, winner of the Brooklyn handicap
of 18U0 and the Metropolitan last year, is
top weight at 127 pounds in the Brooklyn,
and shares that honor with Watercolor in
the Suburban. Endurance by Right is
given the highest weight of the three-year
olds. and is required to carry :wo pounds
more than weight for age, taking into ac
count her sex allowance.
Another three-year-old that is expected to
take a prominent part in the Suburban is
Heno, who is in at 107 pounds, or four
pounds less than weight for age. lie will
probably be trained especially for the Sub
urban, because his only three-year-old en
gagement of value is the American Derby.
at Chicago. Winning the Suburban would
not penalize him for the western classic,
run about one week later than the Subur
ban. If Heno should win the Subuirban lie
would succeed where so good a .colt of the
same age as Henry of Navarre, 108 pounds,
Following Is the official allotment of
weights, placed in parallel columns for the
convenience of the readers, and as an ob
ject lesson in handicapping.
Horseandge Broklyn.uburban. Brighton.
Banjastar, --ed.......... 12T 127
Waterculor, 4- .-......... 127 I2
Alcedo. .......... 125 125 124
Gold Heels, 4........... 124 124 123
Blues. 4............ 124 124 123
Ballyboo Bey, 4........ ... 123 122
Bonlibert, 4-.......... 122 123 121
McMeekin. 5............ ... 121
Herbert, 5.............. 121 121 119
lGarry Herrmann, 4..... 120 121 119
Hernand, 44............ 12 20 119
Teur Uandles, 5.......... 119 119 113
Roebampton, 4..........118 117 117
Guard, 5-......117 117
DublW,- 4. .. .. . .. 114
Dr. Barlow, 4-..........113 113 -11
Ladi s.borr. 4........ 112 113 .
hr e 4................12 ... 111
.uto.ght.. 4............. 112 110
IS Einance, 4....... 112 110 ...
ataerel , 4...... .. . . 112 111 110
Bak F.z, 4............10 10-.
Elkhem, 4.............. 109 1ol 1og
Bridler, 5......... .109 106 107
lix Shooter, 4.................g ..
Eleno, X................ ....107
saron Pepper, 4......... 107 106 105
trgreor, 4............ 107 106 105
indus, 5............. 106
fischievous, 5...........106 106 1%o
Ilard Seheek, 4......... 106 105 ...
'he Rhyn-er, 4 .......... 106 105 104
Etidurance by Right, a... 106 ... 107
uiden, 5............. 105 ... ,,.
'olonel Padden, 4....... ... ... 101
iamara, 5.............. 105 104 ...
[Ilue Girt. 8....... .. ... ... 1....
'arbnele, 5..........104 U91 i1o
toyal Flush, aged ....... 104 ... 104
roddy. 5................ 10n 103 ...
rhe Regent, 4........... 103 ... ...
rrigger, 4............ lo 102 ...
Withers. 5............ lol 1M 102
Celna, 4................ 102 ..
ecanter, 6............. ... ... 102
elying Torpedo. 4 ....... 102 102
Joldseeker, 3............ 101 1oo 10
'entecost. 3.............Ion g o
)om Paul. 3............ 100 10 ...
'lonograph, 4............ 10 100 .
Anceman. 4............ 100 100 .
'blton, 3...............110 99
4orningalde, 4.......... ... ...
ladle S. 4.............. 9s . .
Wealth. 4.............. 97 98 ...
)ixieline, 3............. .... . t M)
,'y Wheel. 3............ 97 97 g0
trden. 4. .................. 97 ...
il Gold, 5............... 97 Ila 95
'ort Royal, 3,...... .....9 96
;cntend, 4.............. 95M 95 s
"etrae 11, 4............. 92 ... - n
leynote, 3.............. 92 112 93
iipthrift, 3............. 12 93 ...
;thics, 4................ ...
ortbern Star, 3......... 90 90 90
''lora Pomona. 3......... 90 ... ...
laximolo, 3............. 88 90 .
Innhbower, 3............... ... - s
aalke, 0................ 86 ... ...
'erey Chubb Heads the Metropolitan
There was a big turnout of golfers last
tIght at the annual meeting of the Metro
,olita~n Golf Association, w-hich was held
it the Metropolitan Club, New York.
L'hirty-one club, were represented by dele
rates out of the forty-eight clubs which
orm the associgtion. It was a striking
~ontrast to the annual meeting o!f the as
ociation of 1899, at the same club, which
iad to be postponed fen Jack of a quorum,
,wing'to a snow storm.
The officers eleoted were as follows:
President, Percy C'hubb, Nassau Country
'lub; vice president, W. Aliston Flagg,
ilorris County Golf Club; treasurer. Mortl
ner M. Sinper, Fox Hills Golf Club; sec
-etary, W. Fellows Morgarv, Baltusrol Goif
'lub. Executive committee-C. F. Watson,
Essex County Country Club; L. C. Mun
lock. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club; Arden
II. Robbins, St. Andrews Golf Club; Walter
i. Travis, Garden City Golf Club, and Ma
urim Ballou, Apawamis Golf Club.
A proposal to do away with the qualify
ng round at the annual tournament was
roted down.
The selection of a course for the an
iual tournament. ~as referred to the execu
;ive committee with power.
Thre following committees were appoinited:
rHandicap--A. H. Laritin, Younitakan
buntry Club; J. B. Coles Tappar. Nas~zau
lountry Club, and Colonel Geor re (1. B.
Elarvey, Deal Beach.
Tournament-Arden M. R~hbne, St. Arn
irews; Walter J. Travis. '1rre City, anid
Lb. C. Murdock, Shinnek Hills.
[#ewa to 0.an-Pf male for President's
~ and -Costsolatlosa Cp.
Charles L. Tappln, captain of the West
ire* .Golf Club, waa in~ big beet tona.. yes
erdey ,in the match play rounds of the
:hree .daya' touirnament which began at
P'alsn Beach, Fla., Thursday.' Mr. Tappin,
n the 'first rpund, disposed of F. P. j(im
mail of Lake*6eid ind, of' E:"A. ifulli-.
wen of Boston in the aftehidon rdund. The
. n's cup-First round:, C. II. (gory
lep KJB, Nott, 6Snp-An4 g~ to play; R.
[,. ML '&efeated 0.'Hersh, 7 up; Frank
WT. Sanger, Ardaley, defeated'H.L P, Dixon,
Philadelphia, 3 up and' 2 to Diay; J6 H.
ifeElwee, Chicago, defeated G. E. Barnard,
Besten, 4 up and 3 to play; K. A. Multiken
lefeated R. L,. Robinson, Racine, 4 up and
I to playr; C. L. Tappln defeated F. P. Kim
iall, Lakewood, I up and 4 to play; Hafry
Idai.Lakewood, defeate4 mA- flnyar
am,m round: Mr. Mcray fab~M
osy, and , to w1e
*[email protected] Eto play,
- Club, which
has been briun"g n " tear in the Di.
trict league rae, treatee the
baengerbiun tea a a Aurprise last
night by capturing two games-Out of three {
o1t- he. i :i I amaOra led
thitprecenV400 uieAnd are
tiotinseemsecured by{
good.-W~g may
ove coo thean 4 feat. The
Bu me Xer wMe ett seven (
pitt a"i the last ile the
Saengers captu'ei game by a
11~rai. Hi t5 * e iness Men
top A bowlng over
N 3" in the .Te -result of
last =10it' gams Ol& taen~fgerbunds
oaU.Ith the Men fto second
place 1' the ch race.
3blig iare tradetain
Business n.
f3p. Be.~
B- dfaem: 4 142
R u... .... 2,4 I (
spins.... a.16
Ttals... 1 2 8 T . 274
Stengebnd . Busines Men.
St. tp. S . S. Se.
li6Zine. 4 1 l lne-... 1- 4 131
Seern'a 2 6 1 er... 3 5 170
a. ... 6 d- 140
Spes 2 5 17 ro .3 5 171l
Totals...11 23 810 Totals...14 2274
Sliengerbund- Busleess Mlen.
St. Sp. e. .St. St. 9e.
Burdine....i 4 4 18 Hop.kis... 4 20om
Sehener'n. 2 5 164. Bber..... 4 .57
Lane....... 2 5 154 M .Carey.. 1 4 155
Ray........ 1 6 150 Kidd-.. ... 6 141
Spiess...... 2 3 7 Brown.....4 3 5 171
Totals ...11 23 79W Totals...14 22 854
Wo". I.4st. P.C
Carroll Institute...................20 10 .6'i
a tnbn ..... ..----19 14 .576
Jlly Fat Men' ..u . . ....--19 14 .576
Y. M1. C. A .....--..-..-..-..-..-..-.......16 17 .48M
Golden Eagle Club. .... -..---..14 16 .467
Business Mjen's Club- -.--.... 8 25 .243
The reserve teamns of Carroll Institute
and the Jolly Fat Men met last night, and
although the formerWon two games out of
three the first defeat of the season was
registered against it, the first game being g
won by the latter by one pin, 5I to 775. The
second game was won- by the Carrolis, 822
to 693, while the third also went their way, 1
781 to 008.
It is expected that an unusually interest
ing bowling contest' will come off next
Thursday night on the Golden Eagles' al
leys, when the Warriors of this city-meet
the Exceisiors of Baltimore. This will be
the beginning of several Intercity matches. I
The Excelslors is the crack team of Balti
more, while the Warriors will-comprise the
cream of Washington's bowlers.
Western Critie Analyses Playlag
Strength of mrisenwan League.
From the St. Louis Republic.
From the list of players signed by the
American League' ealls, as prAomulgated by
Ban Johnson, It ap$rs'that Chicago and
Philadelphia may hai!a'uaunawayrace for
the championship, wtl"oston and Detroit
tagging along. 'c I
Chicago has Grfi1Kfr, tllahan, Garvin,
Katoll, Skopeck anot'itfrson for pitchers.
McFarland and' Suli fkn'r f& catchers, lfibelI, I
Daly, Davia and S n the infield and
Jones, Mertes and W0remn in the outfield. g
The team is strongIn the'batteries, strong
in the infield and 'irbnj'in the outfield.
Strong, Mertes and ntot aLre the weak sis
ters of the nine. iA Vist cannot bat and 4
the last two are-no 1wifat'mIght be' ealled g
"brainy" platers. -
Philadelphia" aign zer, Bernhard,
Plank and Dugglesdy f gii Itchers; Steel
man and Pbwers; &tc D'Tavis, Lajoie,
Monte Cross't , C4*ioi for the in
field, and Hartei 1had llck' for the
outfield. The th' . thes.- Di; Its
lbatting and the Ioders. 'The
pitchers are not hih te pa',and Steel
man has a long way" to, before he be
comes a- firstclass catche'. Hartsel is an p
outfielder. of onilf average ability,. Fults an to
experiment and Flick none too certain. L
What the play*s lack in fidding ability, j
however, they'are almost sure to make up
In their bafting. and the pitcher who meets ej
the team when it has one of its good days *
will wish himself sunk In the Schuylkill be- t
fore the game is three innings old. V
Not Up to Pittsburg Standard. -
Neither the Chicago team nor th4 Phila
delphia team Is up- to the standard of the I
present Pittsburg team of the Natloaal b
League, or up to that of the former Brook- E
lyn champions, Boston champions or Bal- ti
timore champions. tj
Boston has Young. Winter, Dineen, Pren
tice and Williams, pitchers; Warner and C
C7riger, catchers; LaChoanee, Ferris, Parent s
and Collins In the infield, and Hickman,
Stahl and- Freeman in the outfield. This et
teamn Is strong in piteher's unless Cy Young d
has reached the iimit of his efectiveness; h
strong behind the- bat if Criger'-is' not Ill P
two-thirds of the tinle: strong at third base
and shortstop, and weak- in the -outfIeld,
though good at the bat. It does not rate
taP like a team of championship caliber.
McGraw has sged McGinnity, Howell,
Hughes, Foreman and Nops to pitch; Rob
inson, Bresnahan and Erickson to catch; la
MfcGann, WillIams, Gilbert and McGraw ti
for the infild and Kelly; Selbach, Donlin
and Seymour for the -outfield. McGinnity n~
is an exploded phenomenon. Without a
strong fielding team behind him he cannot
rnake the :record he did when a Brooklyn I e
player. The catching department is only
fair; the infield is erratic and the outfield.
tanless Kelly plays there; is mer~eiy an ayer- P
ige combination.
DetroIt has Mller. Sievers, Yeager, Mul- V
lins, Mercer and Crystal for pitchers, Casey
Iand Elberfield for the -infld and Harley,
Barrett and Holmes~for the outfield. There t<
Ia more real American League blood in the
team than In any In- the circuit. It is one t<
ruf those organisations-that, as a rule, are
9luite certain to give the spectators value ni
received in the shape of a lively game, but
when It comes to' a'finish the players will P
probably be found lagging far behind the
band wagon. ' t
Pitcepes for St. Loais TeoOs
In St. Louis they ha-ve signed Pwrell,
Sudhoff. Donohue and Reidy for pitchers. SI
Harper .ls claimed, buV he certingr~ signed
n. National League contract and it ean
to see ho.w the disputie is settled. Te
'atchers are Douglass, asilney and an tun
known. The infiedrare Andergeon, Pad
len, Wallace and Friel; .the outfielders,
Burkett, Heidrick , and McFadand& Frank
le Haas Robison has in his possession per-' F
sonal two-year contra~4 with..allace and F
Hleldrick, and it wiib nteresting to see
if they can break ta.1~--~
Washington's list i-u~ Oarrick, Lee,
Earth, Patten aud riseed4 pithrs
Donahue and Cl ehers; Carey,
Dopughlin,. Wolverte& Itrand Ely, in
lelders; Delehanty ..tja and Ryan,
iutfleiders. It is pg.j the most pro -_
ipunced Rll-aged $t~j he leaguq.
.Cleyeland's list I pht, Moore and
iicott. pitchers; oa *en. Sobreckcea
ihoet, Bonner, ra apShay, Infelders;
MceCarthy, Picker ga4,rpeyoutnold
era, It looks to beyas good als the
C~leveland club of la ye~ 11 to or thrxee
more men equally a ns~gM 510ued there 1s
ik possibilIty that Il.'-able to GAish
Two Itont. f gregs pa 1W p -iaq
lease ball aituation # 1tes yesterday.
tne' was' the 'U2me einea of
t'the QassbB- stg nso-m~be
itteMel be a~Sedlahe
eathu uanamsen
whrseIbt ba
Sooner or Later
W TE hope to open the eyes of every
woman to' the convenience of our
Laundry System. Try our way
once at least.
This is the Way W
the Wash Day
Washing, 5c. Iron e, 8c.
The famit wash Is t a
done bere at Five. eta t and
'a Pound. Wt wash efteb Mt= twe
piece, irna all oat It=
pieces, atarch those te b ag eaa
needing starch and re. resular smrtmet e
turn wash "Rough abedaA tahbisM . t9
Setbh'tih **&ring aP
Dry-~ parel.
Simply Diop a Postal or 'Phone 707.
Palace Laundry,2 E St. N.W.
J. D. Frazee, Prop. 'Phone 707.
ilectric Vehicle Company0
Electric. - Gasoline.
Mark XXXI Elberon Victoria.
.This is our latest style of Victoria, and is the most
attractive and stylish vehicle as yet placed upon the market. h
Write for latest catalogue with- price list; describing our
nev models.
Only Washington Agency for Columbia
Panorama Building, 15th St. and Ohio Ave.
hia and Brooklyn and the abandonment, home was formerly at Kansas City, showed
-mporarlly at leate of the National that he is still a great pugilist by knock
cague territory. Ncw York, Boston, Cin- Ing out George Green, originally known as
unati and St. Liouls. "on obt. ynmtGeni
If the Freedmanites wish to conduct their "oung Corbett." Ryan met Green in
.d of the league throughout.a season of what was to have been a ten-round bout
rangling and warfare they will be permit- at Kansas City Thursday night. Green
,d to enjoy the questionable fun of the mnade a dsperate effort to win, but Ryan
?rture. easily proved his master. The blow which
There are advantages In the latast alleged put Green to sleep was a right hook which
reyfus idea that appeal so strongly to .the caught im flush on the side of the jaw
ader of the Pittsburg team that he is aid just ore the end of the seventh round.
have been quite insistent in pushing it I The smash was a hard one and Green did
!fore Mr. Spalding. The compact league not come to for several minutes. In the
ould afford great sport. it is true. al- itrat round Ryan dioored Green once and
kough the clubs would have to do a lot of I In the second Green went down on one
aveling. knee to avoid punishment. In the fifth
But big crowds at Pittsburg and games in :round Ryan capsized his opponent three
bicago almost every Sunday during the times. and it was only by judicious clinch
,ason Would make the -National League a Ing that Green managed to stay as long
tying organization. The eight-club circuit as- he did. At the finish Ryan was un
muld -be reorganized in the~ fall, after the -scathed, while Green seemed to hie badly
>adwood and the Freedman-Brush factionitused up.
1d beom we1ar b if the profitless partici- St. Wes* h Uatt Clab.
- - Ralph Orthwein. a wealthy young bual
FARMERS' DASE BALL DATEs- mesa and .clubman of St. Louis. has been
arylamd Agricultural Ceeg WH elected president of the St. Louis Ameri
Play Georgeterna and Galiandet. can League Club. He became purchaser
Mr. John Darby Bowman of the, Mr- of stok in te clubs, uneraotoo be-ver
nd Agricultural College, who will manage that he Is not to be a large stocholder Z4
e base. ball teafi this year, yesterday an- and that W. L. Hedges, who has gone to
>unced the schedus's far as completed; St. Iouis from Cincinnati to make his home.
follows: will retain a majoritg of all the stock of
March 19-Gergetown Uinitewsity at Col- the s club.Anton Steuer frer olce i
ge Pa~rk. a stockholder in the cdub and will be ac
Api 5-Naval Academy at Annapolis- tively Interested in it. Several other St.
Anl162--Dallaudet Collage at College Louis capitalists wRi ultimately become
irrk. ..- owners of part of the stock now held by
Apri 19Western Maryland College at Hedges, but the latter will always retain'
May3tnte. Jae-oe Co Coleg Prk a maoarint. grn-tn-tteS.Lu
May 10-Gallandet College at Washing- park will begin February 10. The team as
May ont ams College Pastr. Wor on ughe gran tana t he St. Lon
ay 24-Mount St. Mazr's College at Em- tnhe Amri Laue of the mourty. o
May .31-Deiaware College at College Careeraa' Ciese Game Wtt Cam-else.
une 7--Washington College at Chester-- The Carroll Institute basket ball.. teamU
nwt sprung a surprise on members of the Cor
Manager Bowman -says that he will ar- conan- Cadet team in 'last evening's con
nige gam d -the Wingn MiiL test, by giving the latter the closest touch -2
Itute, and also the Eastern. Central and to a taste of defeat that they have ex- -F
restern I11gh School teams of Washing- per jenced this season. The conts was
in and the tpiscopal High School of close and exciting and the invincible Cadet
lexandria If possible. Nicholls will cap- team barely won out by the close score of
in the Agricultural College team ared I) to 7.
ay shortstop, where he has been playing In the first half the visitors, thinking
cellently for severdl years pst. thal. they would have an easy time lin de
rhe players of last year who will be In feeting the home team. put the secod
eir old positions rare Shortstop Nichols, team, or reserves, on the Beid, and they
irst BemnHirst, Pitchers Brown and were greatly astonished whent, at the end
irrell an Left Fielder Gassoway. 'Ehe of the. balt, the aebre stoed 7 to 3 against
out promising of the new men are Fe:- them.
eyer, pitcher; Smith and Wood. cateh- The reguiam took- the field in the second
a; Matthews, Mitchell, Sasseen Stocl and half, and by a gallant Amish, won out.
cillips. 'The scoring for the home team was dos
by Whealen, whohad two field gmat. to his
Dy.. Easily Whipped Green.. crdianToms aagdtsora
rommy Ryan, the middle weight, wrboqe goal on a free throw.
-for a suit
fabrics worth
and $30.
-We want Vo ag4 every
dressy man in toQ% to ike ad
vantage of this chant t4f sait
ple our fine tailering werk.
-Winning a "name' throagh
our snappy styles and fpatless
-4erm.flid h%" "b ftd A*4"6.A
edcete I t.
J. & W. Eiseman,
1211 Penna. Ave.
Credit for all Washington.
Bargains In
Any housekeeper who will
glance through the price list
below cannot fail to be con
vinced that the bargains of
fered cannot be approached
elsewhere in this city. In
spite of crippled prices we are
ready to make the easiest
payments ever KNOWN
weekly or monthly.
Solid Oak
Bedroom Suites.
I $o.oo Bedroom Suite.$7o.oo
1 $62.50 Bedroom Suite.$47.o
I $65.00 Bedroom Suite.$57.50
i $60.00 Bedroom Suite. $45.oo
1 $45.00 Bedroom Suite.$37-50 9
i $35.o Bedroom Suite.$3ooo
i $25.oo Bedroom Suite. $ao.oo
i $4.r0 Chiffonier..$35-00
r $32.50 Chifonier.....$25-oo
i $35.00 Chiffonier.....$2750
i $16.50 Oak Chiffonier.$i2-5o
i $13.50 Oak Chiffonier.$t .go
I $12.50 Oak Chiffonier.$ioco
$1.25 Jardideres -95c.
$t.oo jardinieres..... ..7oc.
75c. jardinieres. ........6c. I
5oc. Jardinieres.......... 3c. i
Oak Buffets, with
Prench Plate Mirrors.
S$42.50 Buffet-now.. .$325o
1 $40.oo Buffet--now..$30-00
1 $45.0G Burfet-'now: ..$37-50
$3500 Buffet-now... _.
I $32.50 Buffet-opw... 7
I $12.50 Buffet-now. ..$ 0.go
Brass Bedsteads.
x $55 Brass Bed-now..42.w5
1 $45 Brass Red-now..$32
1 $35 Brass Bed-now..$27.5o%
Dinner Sets.
1 $12 ioo-pc. Dinner Set. $8-/5
i $24 roo-pc. Dinner Set.$r9.75
i s q6-pc. Tea Set...... .50
i $7-5o to-pe. Toilet Set. .$-75c
All $8 Toilet Sets-now..W o
seventh Street N.W.,
I a sm a ire r bsm rIa~
ROPERLY ,a.~f pme A
D i~ .1te dts In Taew.4 sys

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