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They Will Ee Lively Ones
Straight Through.
More People in the Surf Than at Any
Time Yet This
Special Correspondence of The Evening? Star.
ATI-ANTIC CITY. July 17. 1902.
Some one has said that there are only six
weeks to the regular season at the shore.
If that be true, the season must have been
at an end a month ago, for the crowds are
still coming and this month Is jumping high
er and higher where the attendance is con
The League of American Wheelmen, somo
8.0l?> strong, came to this city for their an
nual meeting, and what they did not see
was not here. The meeting was a very
important one in every respect.
The Atlantic City horse show attracted
thousands of people to the seashore the past
There were more people In the surf than
at any time this season this week. There
seems to be an additional charm for enter
ing the surf.
This city was thrown Into a high state of
excitement this week by the arrival of
Prince S. Gato. a close relative of the Em
peror of Japan and governor of the Island
of Formosa. The prince is here with hi;
suite and four secretaries. He has the most
exclusive apartments at the Hotel Dennis,
and tak<s his meals in a private dlnir.g
room. He Is making a tour of the United
Three prominent officers represent the
I'nited States navy at the shore. They are
Rear Admiral Sands, who is quartered at
the Hotel Rudolf; Hear Admiral Mordecai
Endicott. who is located at the Muncastrr,
and Admiral Farquhar, domiciled at the
Representative Richard Bartholdt of St
I^ouis is a grt at admirer of this city and was
instrumental in seruring the recent appro
priation for the Atlantic City p >st office.
He is passing the summer here and is lo
cated at the Hotel I>unlop.
The American Boiler Manufacturers' As
sociationi of the I'nited States and Carada
will hold their annual convention at the
Royai 1 alace Hotel, at which time over 300
ni-emhers. including their families, are ex
pected t<> be in att^nd-inee
The following Washlngtonlans are here- ,
Grand Atlantic. Mrs Will Hates. Mrs. II I
w t-'"' Wiliiams- 11 S. Williams.
Mrs. \\ M Drury. J. j. Rrurv. Mrs. P J I
Drury: < larlon. Miss G. MeCullough. Miss
ara Buckley. Miss E. Louise Schwebel
; I'3 Carpenter; Clever, Miss Habel
Miss Louise Hop wood. H. J M. Howarvel:
Morton. H. W. I,e<*: Sothern. Miss M. T.
Hnssey. Miss I.. A. Hussey: Brighton. Miss
Hson- '' IX Kohinson; Haddon I
Hall. Mrs. G. A. Ruggles; Lamiiorn H 1
Steer. Mrs. H. C Steer. Mr. and Mrs. Em- i
mors Smith. Emmons S. Smith. Mrs H W I
Si'sby; Avon Inn. A. C. Roderick; Coleman.'
Mr and Mrs Lewis Simms. Miss ConcelT
Fredonia. Miss C. Pitts. Mrs. A. Welsch;
Cambria. Mr and Mrs D. W. Deily; Had
don ii ill. r Stater. M Faucett, Miss Susie
Faueett Mrs. G II Riggas: Keuhnlev's. M.
Rine. H Boyd. O. Wehner; Kittle Brighton.
A Dufour. E Roaeher. Mr. and Mrs. H.
Calder. R Nattenberg; Lelande. J. Lake;
Mount Vernon. Mrs. Fahnestock. Miss
Fahnestock; Howard. "O. R. Eally; Kenil
worth Irin. R. Evans. Mrs. J. Shedd. John
R.rtcliflfe. J-ihn Shedd; Arno. Thomas
Mairn; Jackson. E. R. Hipp; Totum. Wm
II Martin Mrs H. Martin. Miss Annie E.
Martin. John Martin. L Lattimer. Rober
tha E. Wilson. Mr and Mrs. J Stevens.
Mrs I. Johnson; Lehman Craig Hail. Miss
Barry. Miss P. Parreli. Miss P. Dunlop,
Miss Munee, Mrs. Rice. Miss Rice
Miss Wallace. Mrs. Dalliss, Mrs. A.
V. Rice. Mrs. H. Rice. Mrs. Sallos;
Marlborough House. Mrs. R. Johnson, Miss
Johnson: Traymore. Mr. and Mrs. John
Blair. Mr and Mrs. J. S. Blair. L. Pyle,
E. T. Rabary. B. P. Tiite. E. Beale Blurtier;
V\ il:<hire. Mrs. Williams. J. V. Williams.
M. Jones. J. Erp?ri.e<k Mrs, N\ Williams!
M. iiliams. N Hill Mrs. Hiilman. Miss
Htlim.n. E. Horton. H. C. Williams; An
chorage, F. Evans. X. Downey. S. Wil
liams. St George-bv-the-Sea. Dr. E. Moon
Mrs. Moon; l.imorn, Mr. and Mrs. E. S
Smith. Thomas H. Silsby, Mrs. (;. Cooper,
Miss II. Cooper. George Cooper. Jr.. Mr!
and Mrs. I", A. St. er. George S. Cooper H
Ste, r: Gladstone. Mrs. A. Greene and fam
ily. Miss Beale: Grand Central. Mr. and
Mrs. Leigh: Agney. Dr. and Mrs S E
Moore; Allaire. A. G. Hulstadt, F. F. Bai
ley. jr.. \\ . M, Gibson; Rittenhouse, E
Halsey Admiral Farquhar. I'. S. N.: Miss
Farquhar: Atglend. Mr. and Mrs! S
Keough; Lawrence. Charles A Carmalee;
Seaside House. Mrs. L. Chapane. Miss E.'
Chapane. M. Addison. Mr. and Mrs. A
Burke. Mr. and Mrs. Max Mitchell, J. M
Mitchell. A. Clappin. A. J. Hancock: Royai
Palae . G. L. Thomas. Miss West: Chelsea
R. Porter. Miss Porter. Miss E. Porter; S;!
Charles. G. A. Light. G. A. Sagar. H. Bubb
S. Keiffer; Hygela. E Swick. M. A. Prince;
Wine hester. S A. Tal!<ert, S. L. Hay ?s.
^ ^ Eiliott. C. \\ . Gallagher: Osburne,
Mrs. J. Eli. Miss M. Eli. Mrs. L. Saussa.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Blaney, Mr. and Mrs. W.
Blaney; Avoca. Charles Atkinson. X. F.
Taltxe: B .rton. Mrs. Eckstein, F. A. Eck
stein. L Notts: Cleaverhouse. Mrs. Y. S.
Hawk. J. <?. \\ eide. David G Stone. Air.
and Mrs. S. Herman. M. Graves: Bobbins!
A. IV. hi S. I J. Moore. S. Moore* Fl
beron. Miss J. S. Ryon. J. X. Rvon, S. L.
Blrkley. Mrs. M Ryon, Miss Dora
Ryon. Miss Bertha Ryon. A. B. Mudd"
Columbia, Marcus Notes. L. Notes; Chatam
X M Coil; Arlington. J. Hlggins: Savov. C.'
Beale, w. A. Naughton; Raleigh. J Little
Mr and Mrs. Peitz Alexander Wolf. Frank
Gorman. T. Rower. Mrs. J Do well, E
Moore. Mrs J Moore. B. Dowe'l o H
Do well. H L lilout. Mrs. E. Maver'and
daughter; Pierr?r"nt. Mr. and Mrs. William
Waller. Mr. and Mrs. W. Walter: Coleman.
Miss Hlrsee. H. Dexter. Mrs A. Dexter,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pophan. Mrs. De Vaughn,"
Mrs^ J M Coleman. Mrs. L. M Williams,
K. "oleman. M. Keliough, L. E. Waters F
E. Starling. E. Waters. Mrs. L KeKough!
E Coleman. D I.. Coon, W. S Waddell,
Miss I.. Sinne: Northern Liberty, J. Hie
gins; Stickney. Miss L. Young; Altamont,
Mrs. G. T. Dearir.g, Miss May Dearlng
Mrs J E Yates. Miss E. Yates. Miss A J
Cross. Mr and Mrs. C. H. Talburt. Rev
ar.d Mrs. Morris Pennifieid> Fikes Mrs C
M Pitt William Pitt. Miss Mabel Smoot",
Mr. and Mrs D. W. Worthlngton. Mr. and
Mrs D Jenkins, jr.. C. H. Raub, Miss Meta
Wuandt. Mrs. M E. Kenny. Miss J. F. Ken
ny Mrs. F. Matthews. Mrs. J. F Marshall.
aJ? J J* Hawks. H. E. Soherf, I. H.
Sharp, Miss < lara Haines, Mrs A Cross
George Toppan, S. C. Wrainwright. J. N
St ( 'aire Dr. and Mrs. Col. man. Miss
< Oleman, I Trjanor. J. Bell. H. II. Kehan;
Sterling. Mrs. Waiter H. Chatfield. Mrs J
H l-aolsom. Miss G. Tupper. L. Gathney!
Mr and Mrs. I M. Lee. Mr. and Mrs. G.
F. ( airns, Mrs. G E. I'arsons. A.
T. Leith. C. H. I^awrence. Wallace
Brown William Re.d, W F. Thyson
Iroquois, Miss Mary L Morris VIis4
Elizabeth R Colbert. M M. Leitenberg W
A Smith. William Garrett; O J RiekettV
F. B. Brookes. J D. Kennedy. W J Worth-'
Ingt -n. Mr. ar.d Mrs. Shipley Brach. rs jr ?
Normandie. Mrs. Rose Rleil, F M Hos'kins'
" A St?or.s>et. jr.; Oriental. Mrs. M. Bali
bach. Mrs. H F. Bauer and daughter
St rath haven. W. H. Puff. Mrs. White, H
Kuson. Jr.; Westminster, Dr. and Mrs J
McCormlck; Hoimhurst. C. B Rheem
Muncaster. Rear Admiral Mordecai Endicott!
I. S. N. ar.d family; Pennhurst. Miss E
H. Dodge, Miss L R. Brown. Miss H. E
Berry; Berkshire Ir.n, Mr. and Mrs. J. D.
Kennedy and family. Mr. and Mrs. E H
Sp.:rg. Joy.ph McCalley. Mrs. McCalley!
Miss Lillian McCalley. Mr. ar.d Mrs. O.
Craywood. L. M Craywood. E. Crayw-iiod;
Chaifonte. Miss T. Brady, C M Bradv. Miss
Flora T. Bradv. C. N Brady. J. Paul; Re
vere. A. N. Fuller; Dunlop. Mrs. J. N.
By Mail $1.00 a Year.
Popham. John N. Popham, Jr.. H. Schiegel,
D. Schiegel, Frank BischoiT. Miss E. Ede
1 in; Glendale. Miss Belle Saxton; Strand,
H. Woodward, Mrs. Ginter and daughter,
T. Woodward, Mrs. L. A. Stubbeifield; Por
ter Inn, Mrs. N. Windslow, Mrs. W. A.
Windslow, H. W. VanDyke; Wavelet, H.
Aupperlee, H. Waidman.
excursion! crowds.
Schools of Porpoises and Other Kinds,
Si?eo!al Com*spon<!ence of The Evening Star.
ASBURY PARK, N. J., July 17. 1902.
With the unusually large July crowd al
ready here, the fifteen special excursions
and the dentists of the state attending their
annual meeting, together with the special
over-Saturday-and-Sunday crowd that has
been arriving all day, have packed the
hotels and boarding houses at Asbury
pretty nearly full. The season is at last in
full swing and there is every prospect that
it will keep swinging violently until Sep
Registrations for the baby parade are now
coming in at the office of the Carnival As
sociation at the Asbury avenue pavilion. A
committee of prominent men and women
from the summer colony is planning the
elaborate three-day festivities in connection
with the parade, which will take place tha
afternoon of August 1!).
Schools of porpoises have been entertain
ing the boardwalk crowds this week. Mon
day and Wednesday mornings the porpoises
were apparently playing water polo around
the end of the fishing pier.
Two new parades for Asbury Park are
above the horizon for this season. The
first, an automobile parade, is assured. It
will take place the middle of August in con
nection with the Sportsmen's Show to be
held In the auditorium. In the procession
the automobilists at other near-by resorts
will be invited to participate. The second
pageant is that of the population of the
ostrich farm across the railroad track in
West Park.
Miss Malconda M. Filmore, a great grand
niece of Millard Filmore, ex-president of
the United States, is a guest of Asbury Inn.
Hoffman Allen of Richmond, Va., is a
guest of the Monmouth.
Mrs. H. P. Howell, widow of Colonel H.
P. Howell, U. S. A., is summering at the
Mrs. Cobb and family of Richmond, have
joined the southern colony at the Hotel Co
Recent Washington arrivals at the Ocean
include Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Wolfe and
J. S. Wolfe.
D. C. Worth and L. Harper are late
Washington registrations at the Coleman
Mr. and Mrs. W. Wordinger of Washing
ton are late arrivals at the Colonnade.
Miss Kate Carpenter is a late Washington
registration at the Columbia.
The Albemarle is entertaining Mr. and
Mrs. W. Me-tzeger, Mrs. C. H. Davidge and
Miss Davis of Washington.
Late registrations at the Brunswick in
clude Mrs. F. M. Alexander and Miss Ida
L. Stevens of Washington.
Washington is represented at the Brigh
ton by Mrs. C. A. Ferris.
J. T. Barnum and Miss G. Barnum of Vir
ginia. are spending the summer at the Cole
man House.
Mr. Franc and Miss Franc are Washing
ton guests at the Colonnade.
Representative John L. Burnett of Ala
bama is taking life easy at the Second Ave
nue cottage of Mr. G. W. Perkins of Wash
ington. He is accompanied by Mrs. Burnett
and son. Other Washington people there
are Dr. C. B. Campbell and Mrs. Campbell
and daughter. Mrs. John E. McGaw and
daughter. Miss Ella Bailev, Miss Nita H
Perkins. Mrs. S. B. Perkins, Mrs. R. S.
Oriffin and family, Mrs. W. T. Milstead and
Mrs. A J. Martin of Washington is spend
ing the summer at the Lyndhurst.
Among the Washington arrivals at the
< ill-man this week was Lieutenant G \
Lung. I . S. A.
Th.* Wellington is entertaining Mrs. Mary
B. Sargent of Washington.
Capitol city guests at the Victoria include
Dr. and Mrs. Otto M. Muncaster and Miss
Very Popular Already With Capital
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
July 10, 1902.
The season at this flourishing little sea
side town, containing a hotel, hunting club
house and twelve or more cottages, located
three-quarters of a mile from the Chesa
peake Beach railroad station, is now at its
height. At the hotel, which has many
guests, there has been already a progress
ive euchre party, and last Saturday night
a hop, which was largely attended, the
dancing being interspersed with some very
fine vocal music by the Misses Warren and
Others. It is the intention of Mr. Swain,
the proprietor of the hotel, to have hops
Saturday nights and progressive euchre or
other entertainments Wednesday evenings
during the season. It is becoming quite the
thing for parties to come over from Wash
ington Saturday afternoons, attend the hops
and remain over to Sunday night or for
the Monday morning train.
The Yacht and Hunt Club recently cele
brated its third anniversary by entertain
ing at its attractive club house 2?>0 guests.
Speeches, music, singing, bowling, targ -t
shooting, bathing, sailing, etc., were the
order of the day.
The following are occupying their re
spective cottages: Dr. George W. Boyd and
family of Capitol Hill. Mrs. Jane Hughes
ar.el family of Capitol Hill, Mrs. Sarah B.
Packard and daughter of Kenilworth, D.
C.; Mr. J M. Fowler and family of Kenil
worth. Mr. C. J. Hinkle and family of Ken
ilworth, Mr. E. Judge Williams and the
Misses Williams. Mr. J. N. Beck and fam
ily, Mr. Wm. C. Be ngel and family of Edge
mont, Md ; Mr. Truxelle and wife, Mr.
Warren and family and Mr. Jos. Royall
and family.
Aquatic Matters Take Dp an Amount
of Interest.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
SEA BRIGHT, N. J., July 18, 1902.
In matters aquatic the aristocracy of
Monmouth Beach and Rumson road are ex
hibiting a lively Interest. Moonlight sail
ing parties on the Shrewsbury promise to
develope into a positive fad, and the series
of races to be held under the auspices of
the Meadow Yacht Club has aroused high
Tennis and golf are vying with one an
other for supremacy amcng the outtloor di
Tennis Is the chief diversion among ^he
ladles of the Octagon this week. Among
those interested in the contest for the first
and second prizes donated by the manage
ment of the hotel are Miss Beck. Miss Gil
bert. Miss Goodman, Miss Thlel, Miss Cath
erine Hertle of New York. Miss Henderson
of Kingston, Ont.; Miss Newton of Lexing
ton, Ky., and the Misses Harris of Rich
A ladies' tournament at ping pong has
also been inaugurated at the Octagon this
; we*ek, and the entries comprise nearly all
| the younger element at the hotel.
The steam launch Water Witch was char
j tered by Col. Thomas Harvey on Monday
| evening, and a sailing party composed of
j eighteen of the colonel's friends, made the
| trip from Sea Bright Inn to Pleasure Bay
j and enjoyed a delightful supper at the
j Avenel, returning by moonlight to Sea
A Lively Week With Reunions and
Other Gatherings.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
BLUE RIDGE SUMMIT, Pa., July 17, 1902.
The past week has been one of the live
liest as well as the most enjoyable since the
eipenir.g of the mountain season. The Re
formed Church reunion was the big event,
but aside from this there was a number of
enjoyable dances and card parties, an ex
cursion Tuesday ntfcht from Waynesboro',
Pa., under the auspices of the Lodge of
Elks of that city, and a moonlight picnic
last night by the Hagerstown Assembly
At a bos'nes* meeting of the Reformed
Reunion Association after the public exer
cises Thursday afternoon It was decided to
bold the next annual reunion at Pen-Mar
en the third Thursday in July, 1003. Mr.
E. Cornman of Washington was re-elected a
member of the committee of arrangements.
The next and last big church gathering
here this season will be the Lutheran re- ?
union on next Thursday.
Mr. B. F. Steinmetz of Washington Is
spending the summer here for the benefit
of his health. Ever since the unfortunate
accident iast winter when his wife was run
down and killed by a team in Washington,
Mr. Steinmetz's health has been failing.
A special meeting of the synod of the Po
tomac, Reformtd Church, was held at Pen
Mar on Thursday, when the place for the
regular fall sessions of the synod was
changed from Washington, D. C., to Me
chanicsburg. Pa. This change was made
because Grace Reformed Church, Wash
ington, in which the sessions were to have
been held, will not be completed by Octo
ber 14?the date of the meeting.
Arrivals at Buena Vista Springs Hotel
this week included Gen. L. P. Graham,
X'. S. A., retired, Mrs. L. P. Graham, Mrs.
R. W. Taylor. Miss Alice B. Parett, Miss
Tyler, Miss Maude Simpson. L. Simpson,
P. S. Dickey, jr., of Washington.
Blue Mountain House: Charles M. Ire
land, Mrs. Ireland, two children and nurse,
Mr. Harry King, Mr. S. S. Richard, Mr.
Joseph D. Dreyfuss, Mrs. L. Hartm&n,
Mrs. Dangerfieid Parker, of Washington;
Mr. M. T. Cashier, Mr. H. C. Hofhine, Mrs.
H. C. Hofhine, Dr. B. Echerson, Master
Daniel Hofhine, Miss Lucile Hofhine, Mr.
S. Hofmler, Mrs. V. StrausUurger, Mlas
Strausburger, Miss Irene Strtuusburger,
Martha L. Cook, Master Wylle R. Cook,
Mrs. John S. Young, Miss Mary Young,
R. A. Richardson, jr., and wife, Mrs. Prank
Mann, Mr. J. Roy Mann, all of Norfolk,
Kee Mar Hotel: Mrs. Irving Landell and
child, Mr. Robert L. Cameron. Mrs. Johan
Kondrup. Miss Garnett Kondrup, Miss Be
linda Kondrup. Mrs. E. L. Brice, Miss Ro
setta Brice, Miss Smith, Miss Talbott, Mrs.
Isabelle Summy, Miss Ethyl Summy. Miss
F. L. Hanson. Mrs. L. R. MessengeK Mrs.
N. O. Messenger, Mrs. E. G. Ramsdell, Mrs.
M. C. Kelley, Miss Henrietta Goodwin, Mr.
Fred and family. Mr. A. E. Dowell and
family, Mr. and Mrs. Rothchild and child.
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood, Miss Norwood. Miss
Janney and maid, Miss Eveleth of Washing
Among the Washingtonians who are oc
cupying cottages in the mountain here this
season are Dr. Walter F. Reed, Dr. Frank
Lynch, Mrs. Wickam Hoffman, and Dr.
Boyd, a medical inspector in the United
States army.
Summer Population Reaching Near Its
Highest Figure.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
CAPE MAY, N. J., July 17, 1002.
The heavy travel to the shore has now
reached those proportions at which it will
remain throughout the balance of the sum
mer season. During the present week
crowds have come in and swelled the lists
of guests at the hotels and boarding houses.
The cottage colony is also entertaining a
large number of visitors, and the major
portion of them are from Philadelphia, Bal
timore and Washington.
It has been peculiarly a week of golfing
interests because of the large number of
visitors here who enjoy that game.
The lovers of bathing have no cause to
complain of this pleasure here. The water
is excellent and there has been an exceed
ingly larger number of guests than usual
who have enjoyed the frolic In the edge of
the old oaean. There has been considera
ble life among the cottages during the
week. A large number of dinners, euchres
and musicales have been given by the lead
ers of the social colony, and, indeed, it has
been one continuous round of gayety since
last Saturday.
Up at Sewell's Point, Cape May's port of
entry, for yachts and kindred crafts, there
has been much activity.
J. C. Doherty of Alexandria, Va., is a late
prominent arrival at the Devon.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Edwards and Miss
Florence Edwards of Washington are
making the Lafayette their home for the
Benjamin W. Cox has joined the Wash
ington colony at the Rudolph for an indefi
nite period.
Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Osgood of Washing
ton are Lafayette guests for the summer.
William P. Rice has joined the Washing
ton colony at the Stockton to spend the bal
ance of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Hoover are sojourn
ing at the Colonial.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Walter are also
guests at the Stockton.
T. R. Newbold of Washington has joined
friends at the Stockton for the summer.
H Wolverton is among the Washing
tonians who have lately arrived at the La
Eight Hundred Jersey Troops Pass in
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
SEA GIRT. N. J.. July 17, 1002.
This week has been far and away the
liveliest of any of the season, because 800
of the New Jersey troops have been in
camp. Encampment weeks are, In gaiety,
never quite equaled by any other week of
the season, although the latter July and
August crowds do not allow the merriment
to lag. The sport is of rather a different
character while the soldiers are here, and
because of their presence, the arrivals have
been exceptionally heavy this week. The
Tremont and Parker House are literally
packed with guests. The troops are to be
here next week still, and in detachments
during the rest of the season. The latter
part of August the riflemen from many
states will be here contesting for the prizes
offered by the National and New Jersey
Associations and the National Revolver As
The dress rarades and governor's review
at the camp grounds attracted thousands
of visitors toward 0 o'clock each afternoon
this week.
Golf Links and Tennis Help Kill
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
SPRING LAKE, N. J., July 17. 1002.
At this cottage resort, named after the
beautiful body of fresh water around which
it is built, social life centers largely at the
cas'.no and the club house of the prosperous
Sprink Lake Golf Club.
At the casino there has been an Interest
ing series of amusements this week, and the
weekly program for the entire season Is
one of exceptional interest.
The largest euchre party of the season at
the casino was held on Thursday evening.
After the play refreshments were served.
On the golf links the week has been a
very busy one.
The Allaire is a popular rendezvous for
tennis players, owing partly to Its fine
courts. There is a large company of tennis
enthusiasts at that hotel this year, among
them being George Ramsey, Harry O. M.
Ramsey and Harold Donaldson.
The sacred concert Sunday evening at the
Breakers brought out a fine array of hotel
talent. The special artists were assisted by
the hotel orchestra. The Metropolitan
Quartet also gave a concert there on last
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. O. V. Tousley and Miss L. J.
Bauer are at the Wilburton-by-the-Sea.
Mrs. A. E. Bateman Has Revived Old
English Game.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
CAPON SPRINGS, W. Va., July 17, 1902.
The latest fad at Capon is for English
bowls, the game being very successfully
introduced at a charming lawn party given
Tuesday by Mrs. A. E. Bateman of Wash
ington. A smooth strip of sward over
shadowed by large trees was sel?cted as the
bowling ground and a number of handsome
prizes awarded the successful competitors.
Friday evening the opening german of
the season was given by Mr. C. F. Nelson,
the proprietor of Capon, and beautifully led
by Mr. Adair Brooke of Washington.
Monday morning a successful progressive
euchre was arranged by Mrs. E. F. Mack
all of Washington. The Washington win
ners of prizes were Miss Daisy Mackall,
Miss Christine Simpson. Dr. Lewis Battle
and Mr. George Waggaman.
Among the popular guests at Capon this
season are Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Jones of
Washington, while their three attractive
young daughters, Misses Lucy, Inez and
Edna Jones, are among the decided belles
of the younger set. ?
Two very popular recent additions to the
lists of beaux at Capon arff Mr. William
M. Dougal and Mr. George JWTaggaman of
Washington. 1
Mr. D. Barton Mackall of Washington
who has been such a welcome visitor to
Capon for a number of seasons, has re
turned for the remainder o"t the present
summer. j .
Other recent arrivals from ^Washington
are- Mrs. Lenox Simpson, Mioses Christine
and Marguerite Simpson. Randolph Simp
son, Dr. Lewis J. Battle, Mr^ 15Walter Rob
ertson and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. Groscup.
Weekly Full Dress Hops at leading
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
BELMAR, N. J., July 17, J902.
Than the Shark river anchorage of the
Belmar Yacht Club at sunset there is no
prettier sight on the Jersey coast. IHa a
larchment in miniature, a forest of masts
of tny craft, for shipping over the shallow
mile-wide bay Into Shark river enlarges
west of the railroad, bridge. The descend
ing sun illuminating and whitening the sails
of some 200 craft presents a spectacle to see
which the cottagers and hotel guests from
all this section of the coast gather In their
The weekly dress ball at the Hotel Co
lumbia is the most largely attended, elab
orate event of its kind that Belmar has
seen this season.
The new boardwalk In front of the Colo
rado and Atlantic is a pronounced addition
to the attractions at that popular house.
The Belmar boardwalk is crowded again
tonight, so crowdcd. in fact, that the propo
sition is being pretty generally considei|l
among the hotel proprietors whether or not
It should be widened.
The progressive euchre party at the Hotel
Columbia this week was one of the largest
in the history of that house.
Has a Word to Say on a Burning Ques
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
OCEAN GROVE, N. J., July 17, 1002.
Along with the camp ground worship has
this week been mingled a ruffle of the feel
ing over another attempt to effect what the
staid conservative element regards as the
secularization of this ultra-religious resort.
The protest was elicited by the project to
advertise the Auditorium services by put
ting a twelve-foot letter sign?"Ocean Grove
?Auditorium"?above the Auditorium that
all the country and ocean round might be
reminded as often as darkness came that
there were popular concerts, with small ad
mission, .going on. Such brilliant obedience
of the gospel injunction not to hide your
light under a bushel, the "old timers" re
garded as distinctly bad taste. The protest
bids fair to prevent the innovation, which
was the pet project of only a few of the
association advisers.
The camp ground program this week has
attracted thousands of people interested in
the special conventions which have been in
session there.
The King's Daughters held their na
tional convention on Wednesday, with the
president, Mrs. Margaret Bottome, in the
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Hanna are Washing
ton guests of the Langdon.
A pleasant Washington party at the Sea
side includes E. P. Hanna, Miss Alice M
Hanna and Lulu E. Hanna. (
Dr. Ada R. Thomas recency registered at
the queen from Washington and will spend
the season here.
Dr. W. H. Stone of Darnestown, Md. is
at the Mulford.
Where Open Air Fun is a De
Special Corresjiondence of The Evening Star.
AVON-BY-THE-SEA, N. J.. July 17, 1002.
Through Avon's shady, balmy groves
life-giving zephyrs have wafted themselves
this week to the delight of the largest mii
July crowd this resort has seen in at least
a half dozen years. Simply perfect has
been the weather; so perfect that indoor
pleasures have been largely forgotten in
the sportive pursuit of open-air fun.
A bal poudre was the chief social event
at the Avon Inn last Monday evening.
Ocean City Folks Have Had a Week
of Them.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
OCEAN CITY, Md., July 17, 1902.
Nothing better could be said of the weath
er here during the past week than that we
have enjoyed seven days of characteristic
Ocean City coolness, with the delightful
combination of stiff sea breezes and bright
sunlight. Saturday night dances at both
the Plim arid Atlantic were well attended.
The attention of music lovers was divided
Sunday night between the two excellent
concerts given, one in the parlors of the
Plimhimmon and one in the Atlantic ball
The "marshmallow roast" given last Mon
day night to the younger set by Mrs. H. R.
Smoot of the Smoot cottage proved a most
spontaneous and delightful affair.
A large bonfire was built near the water's
edge, and tables for refreshments arranged
nearby. A revival of old-fashioned games
with the consuming of many nicely browned
mallows, with much frolicking and laugh
The cottage of Dr. Paul Jones has been
taken for the season, by Mr. Con well of
Washington, and the members of their
household are: Mr. and Mrs. Lee Conwell,
? Conwell, Mr. and Mrs. Conwell,
sr., Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Ethell. Mrs. Gales
Moore and Mr. and Mrs. McMillan, all of
\\ ashington.
Mr. Charles S. Lusk of Washington, sec
retary of the bureau of Catholic Indian mis
Ti.o"?' f.i.00?!6 down to spend several
weeks with his family, who have leased
button lyodge.
r-^/rS" ,"*ames Lusk of Washington, wife of
4 ^ u the EnKlneer Corps, IJ. 8.
hter, Miss Eleanor Lusk, have
been spending some days at the cottage of
flD^,n p- fa* of Washington, and will
will 6 n6 Plimhlmnion, where they
the first of August. They
Mr them to leave for the Adirondacks.
radii I"0'? Ho,nnl?tt, a West Point
Fox cottage? ?" urlough- visiting at the
va^ion*1 w"i quests of the week at the
various hostelries are as follows:
drTr^ Mil' P'e?t?nt-^Mrs. Bright and chil
Mr a nd m Br'fht' Mrs- Guss,, Miss Guss,
Sleman M,f ?r?ntDc?ark, Miss M. Louise
g ue Cha/f- Rw Shugrue, Fc^wlck Shu
son P w;k i Brlght' 1 R 'T. Smith, Nel
Mrs. Geo"VUbSR^0neI Richards'
Tho^ ^"^-naUie M. Shacklette, Mrs.
J. Maurice B^Tt' v 5"p1t,ns""arnmend
Mrs T pctor a Mr- and
g-aret and the ^sses May, Mar
Stewart Rarr A S Messrs. John and
Hammond S P r* k" W' Pawner. T. V.
F. S. Smith." Johns?n. JjrN; Waggaman,
The Hamilton?T m t,._i l_ t'tf
The Waverlv?H n ^sowskl.
NeDturiP vii?y; C' J?hirto?i.
The Plimhlm S" ,John Harrison, Jr.
Newma^ Miss Ruth~MMr- a?d Mrs' C" R
Long Branch Sociabilities Begin
With It.
f?~rPSIX>ndPnCe ?f The Evening Star.
with i!^?' N-J-ju,y 17-1902
B^inch- ht8^'tens,?n expectation "the
whole north0 the soc,ety of th,s
hi? J Jey coast 13 waiting the
diJ ?tf gl6r ttfet sha11- ne3Ct Thu?"
ninth erno?n- signal the opening of the
Countv n" exhibition of tha Monmouth
, y JHorse Show Association. In this
ii?tnn|S |S f?W there Is being manifested un
, n erest, although the visitors have
.. ys rown themselves with zeal Into
300 al event of the summer.
nf th 3 y' "eXt week will be the pinnacle
ri e sc'3son. During the horse show the
us hotels will outdo themselves in
providing entertainments for the throng: of
visitors. The Hollywood announces that
on Friday evening It will give a garden
party?one of the functions for which Pro
prietor R. Graham Woodward's hostelry Is
Proprietor Hlldreth will tender the West
End's houseful of visitors a dance or. the
lawn, the part of which east of Ocean
avenue will be Inclosed and a platform con
structed a hundred feet square on which
thu young folks may pursue the males of
the dance on the very edge of the forty foot
ocean bluff. The Howland, Brighton. Scar
boro and Blberon also announce dress bulls
for the horse show crowd.
The cottage colony at Elberon continues
to receive Important additions. Nearly a
score of costly cottages are In process of
erection, among them being those of Miss
Elizabeth Kelly and Miss R. F. Kelly of
New York. Prominent among the cottagers
are Mrs. George M. Pullman. Gen. Thomas
T. Eckert, ex-United States Senator James
Smith, Jr., of New Jersey; ex-United States
8enator Edward Murphy, Jr., of New York;
Governor Franklin Murphy, Charle3 Ab
bott, Lyman G. Bloomlngdale. Charles
Fahnstock and Washington Wilson.
Prominent among the Washington ar
rivals of the week at the Ocean House Is
Miss Lola Allen.
The Scarboro Is entertaining Mr. and
Mrs. M. Kelly, who arrived from Washing
ton on Tuesday for the horse show season.
AT THE T.TTTT/g gashto.
Cottagers Meet on the Old Pleasure
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
July 18, 1WK2.
The cottagers are nearly all on the
ground, but, as usual, the early entertain
ing starts hard.
One thing Is at last booming?the bath
ing, the temperature of old ocean having
gone up half a dozen degrees within a few
Except for some minor changes about the
main bathing beach, Narragansett. now
that It is in bloom. Is seen to be practically
the same as for three or four years. The
villa end of the resort Is growing.
The opening of the Little Casino by Chas.
Rausiher of Washington tills a long felt
want. The place has the merits of being
exclusive and retired, and every vis'tor
at Narragansett should take a peep at
the ornamental dragon which is never ible
to slake his thirst at the water tank. A
feature of the new management of this
vest pocket edition of the old social clear
ing house Is the "diner riche" served Sat
urday and Sunday evenings.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ellis have cottage
F at Earlscourt, Little Casino; Miss Jen
kins of Baltimore has one adjoining and
most of the others are taken for August by
prominent residents of New York, Phila
delphia and Washington.
Peter F. Collier of New York this week
brought his pack of forty hounds to Ca
nonchet, the old Governor Sprague place,
which he has rented for the season.
Interest In polo Is at fever heat here, ow
ing largely to the late international
matches, and it Is safe to say that the
hotels will be crowded during the tourna
Cake walks and fistic encounters are on
rather earlier this season than usual.
The Washington cottagers here include:
Alfrfd F. Hopkins, llverthorpe Villa, Robin
son street; Miss Margaret E. Gale, Idle wild
cottage, the Rev. P. M Prescott, Pres
cote villa, both on Central street; Horace
Wylle, the Snappers. Boon street; E. A.
Mitchell, Rodman cottage, Rodman street;
Edward D. White, Needwood villa: Boston
Neck road; J. F. de Assis Brasil, Sea Side
shanty; Mrs. Francis Wharton, Flat Rock
cottage, all on the cliffs.
Miss Margaret E. Gale entertained at
luncheon this week at her Central street
Dr. Chas. Richardson of Washington has
takfn apartments at the Little Casino for
the season.
Miss E. C. Nix of Washington, who is
here, is accompanied by Mrs. F. A. Abell
of Baltimore.
C. F. Pressy of Washington is this year
room clerk at the Gladstone.
Late Washington hotel comers: R. H.
Deming, E. A. Gardner, Edward R. Young,
Mrs. Ernast Wilkinson, Theodore Wilkin
son, Mrs. John T. Almy, Miss Almy, Mr.
and Mrs. James Hay, Louis Pastor, Rich
ard Ware, Miss Noble, Mrs. W. B. Noble,
Mrs. Wallace NefT, Miss Nancy Neff, Miss
Haupt. Mrs. H. T. Ballentine, Miss Ballen
tine, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wells, Miss
Wells. Mrs. Sanford, E. P. Smith, Mrs. W.
H. 'Clagett, Miss Clagett, the Misses May
nard. Mrs. Herbert Maynard, Jr., David H.
Maynard. Mr. and Mrs. Loekett and child,
Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Davenport, Miss E. C.
Nix. Mrs. Clarence R. Dlx, James K. Mc
Cannon, Miss McCannon, Mrs. J. Mitchell,
jr.. Elizabeth Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Downing and children, Mrs. Weightman
and Mrs. Ashgood.
Everything Moving for Residents and
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
ARUNDEL-ON-THE-BA Y, Md.. July 18.
The first dance of the season was held on
the new pier pavil'on Saturday night, and
was very well attended. A number of visit
ors from Baltimore, Washington and An
napolis were present. During intermission
a short vaudevile performance was given
by talent from Baltimore.
Messrs. Church, Grosvenor, Calvert, Ross
and Dr. Honntown were guests of Maj.
Medford during the week.
Miss Lenora Courts has returned from a
long visit in California and is with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Courts.
A delightful progressive euchre was given
at the Arundel Wednesday night. The
prizes were captured by Mr. and Mrs. Mark
E. Towers. Among those present were
Mesdames Cuthbert, Htlnecke, Medford,
Kreh. Towers, Kipp, Steele, Misses Smith.
Stewart, Buoy, Shea. French. Kent., Med
ford. Messrs. M. A. Steele. P. H. Steele,
Knight, Wolfe, Tomlin. Flint. Kent, Tow
ers, Shea, Kreh. Hedian and Webster.
Mrs .L. E. Payson has returned from a
visit in Boston and Brooklyn.
Mrs. J. M. Cra'.g and Mrs. Crew Wilkins
were guests of Mrs. Weston Flint during
the week.
Mr. James Sanner and Miss Gertrude
Lusby are guests of Mrs. F. T. Sanner.
Mr. J. William Bridgett. Mr. Willam A.
Curran and Mr. Albert J. Reily were guests
of Mrs. Mark E. Towers during the week.
Miss Mabel Smith left Monday for a two
weeks' visit In Columbia, Pa.
Mrs. Lawson and Miss Georg'.a Ifft are
guests of Mrs. Peters.
Miss Helen G. Shannon Is spending some
time with Miss Minerva Du Bols.
Ecuadorian City of 40,000 is Almost
Obliterated by Fire.
A dispatch to the New York Herald from
Guayaquil, Ecuador, yesterday says: Tills
city has been almost obliterated by the fire
which started at 9 p. m. Wednesday and
raged all of yesterday.
Twenty-four blocks, comprising about 548
houses, were destroyed. The total loss Is
placed at more than J6.000.000. There Is
J4.000.000 Insurance, all In four companies.
A large loss of life is reported, but the
number of victims has not been ascertained
at the time this dispatch is filed. The dis
aster is so great that the residents are in a
panic, and have not been able to count
those of their families and friends who are
About all of the principal buildings are in
ruins. These Include the colleges, banks,
public market, churches, custom house, fire
department building, municipal offices, rail
way station and many stores and dwellings.
The fire was fought bravely, in spite of
many obstacles. The homeless are being
cared for as quickly as possible by govern
ment officials. Action is being taken to al
leviate distress.
There is no gas in the city, and the resi
dents now have to get their water from the
Guayaquil has been a great sufferer from
fire. The principal flres took place In 1707
1764, 1830, 1841 and 1896. The flre In 1896
was particularly destructive, and three
fourths of the residents were left homeless.
That great conflagration destroyed many
old and dilapidated buildings.
Volcanoes and Mules.
From the Springfield. Republican.
"Extinct volcanoes" seem to have some
of the most celebrated characteristics of
sleepy-looking mules.
Manufacturing Retailers.
Where FuiraltMire Is
>eem at Its Best.
We are exceedingly gratified at the large amount of
business we are doing, and we are glad to know that the
beauty of our establishment and the excellence of our
stock has become quite a topic of conversation.
We are sparing neither money nor pains to make tiiis
the best furniture store in town, and we are proving suc
cessfully that best doesn't always mean most expensive.
We are showing an enticing assortment of new furni
ture of every kind?furniture that is honestly made aud will
give good service?and our priccs are lower than you will
find on similar goods elsewhere.
Proprietors of tlhe Stiamph Bedding Co.,
6311 to 639 Mass. Ave. N. W.,
"Just Around the Corner From Seventh Street."
First Night I Used Zema=?iara I Slept Well."
(From the Pittsburg Times.)
"Dr. Harris: I gratefully recom
mend jour wonderful medicine,
'Zema-Cura.* For three months I
suffered the most ACUTE annoy
ance with that dreadful disease.
Eczema. Couldn't sleep from the
terrible itching. Had about given
up all hope of being cured, when
In despair I bought a bottle of
Zema-Cura. The first night after i
the first application I enjoyed a
sound and refreshing sleep, the
first restful sleep in three month**.
I bought three bottles in all and
am today entirely cured."
Pres't l'ittsburg Mfg. Co..
LiSth and Railroad sts.,
Pittsburg. Pa.
Why should any Eczema sufferer continue to suffer when Zcma-C<ira *\ill iH?sltively cure htmf
You need t?ko no risk. 50 cents will bring you instant relief.
Ls a liquid, applied externally. It has none of thv? disagreeable features of a salve or ointment. Tt
Is the only CURE of skin diseases yet discovered. Zeina-Cura will positively cure Eeroiita. Aen?-,
Heat, Herpes, Lupus, Erysipelas, Urticaria (Nettle Itash?, Barber's Itch, Mosquito Bites. Itla khi t in.
Hives, Burns, Cuts or any itching condition of the skin or scalp. All druggists sell it. ."mi <. n:s
and $1.00.
Remember! ZEMA-CURA is not one of the many "patent medieines" of the day. It is a tu
tor's prescription?a scientific compound that has been used f??r years by Its discoverer, I'r Harris,
In daily practice. It has restored thousands of sufferers from torturing skin diseases to perfe. t
El^If you will write today Dr. Harris will advise you fully and carefully regarding your <as#
and charge you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Address: Dr. M M. HARRIS, The Zema-Cura Co., No. 3 West 22d st.. New York.
During the treatment of all skin diseases with ZEMA-CURA, externally, U-AH-MA. Dr. Harris*
B1o?k1 Purifier, taken internally, will be found of great benefit. By acting on the excretory system
XI-AH-MA eliminates the poison virus and hastens and completes the cure. ? 1.00?druggists or cx
pTrss prepaid.
Ccunty Sunday School Convention?
Large Wheat Crop?Other News.
Special Correspondence of The Evening Star.
GAITHERSBUFUjr, Md.f July 19, 1902.
The date for the annual convention of the
Montgomery county Sunday School Asso
ciation has been fixed for Sunday and Mon
day, August 3 and 4, at Washington Grove.
Mr. W. A. Maxwell of Comus, president,
and Mr. Joseph Reading of Rockville, sec
retary, and the executi%-e committee are
now engaged in the preparation of an in
teresting program. This will include ad
dresses by some of the leading workers of
the District of Columbia and Maryland,
among them Mr. \Y. \V. Millan, president
of the Washington City Sunday School
Union, and Rev. George H. Nock of Balti
more, state organizer of the Maryland Sun
day School Union. The association is inter
denominational in its work, and some sev
enty schools of the county will be repre
sented by delegates.
The crop of new wheat is being threshed
in this section, and farmers generally are
realizing larger yields than expected a few
weeks ago. Some have reported surprising
crops. The ejuality of wheat received is ex
cellent. Mr. John W. Walker, from his
crop of forty-seven acres, had an average
of thirty-one bushels; fallow land yielding
thirty-five, and corn land twenty-five bush
els. It Is thought the entire crop will aver
age above twenty bushels to the acre.
Last night a lawn fete was held at the
home of Mrs. Alexander Garrett and a
handsome sum obtained for the building of
the new Methodist Church at Hunting Hill.
Mr. Wm. Z. Leamon has received the con
tract for the building, and has raised the
chapel at Rockville, some time ago aband
oned. moving the material to use in con
structing the new church.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Mobley lost their
youngest child Thursday. The funeral yes
terday at. the M. E. Church South was
preached by the Rev. Charles E. Ely. and
Interment was made at Forest Oak ceme
The Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone
Company is making rapid progress con
structing its line from Frederick to Wash
ington, having reached Gaithersburg yester
day with a large force of workmen. The
town council gave free right of way over
Frederick avenue through the town, and It
Is now expected that within ten days com
muniicatlon with Washington and Frederick
will be opened.
Mrs. Cornelius Browning of Germantevwn
has been sent to Garfield Hospital, Wash
ington. for treatment for heart trouble.
Dr. Elisha C. Etchison has recovered from
his recent critical illness with appendicitis.
The will of the late Mr. Richard H. Ben
nett has been admitted to probate in the or
phans' court, and his son, Mr. Richard A.
Bennett of Germantown. granted letters
testamentary; bond, $l,;i00.
Dr. John H. McCormlck of Washington
has been visiting friends in town.
The Growth of the Beard.
From the Philadelphia Times.
"The beard hardly grows at all when
you are asleep," said the barber.
"How do you know?" asked the man in
the operating chair.
"Oh, by experiment. You see, I always
used to shave myself in the morning the
first thing after getting up, but I hated
to do It, because it was so apt to make
me late for breakfast. So one night I
shaved myself at 11 o'clock and went
straight to bed and to sleep. Do you
know, my face was almost clean when I
got up? You would have sworn, unless
you had examined me closely, that 1 was
ffesh from the razor. And ever since then
I. have shaved before going to bed, and
have been given credit for shaving in the
morning. The growth of the beard, you
see is practically imperceptible during the
eight or nine hours of your sleep.
"But if you should stay awake those
eight or nine hours the growth would be
as fast as usual. One night, after I had
shaved, I had to stay up with my sick
daughter, and I almost needed a second
scraping in the morning. The beard grows,
in my opinion, three times as fast when
you are awake as It does when you are
Dissolves Commission of Cardinals
Dealing With Friar Question.
The Hnmo correspondent of the London
Daily Chronicle says the pope iH lnt< nsely
displeased at the way in which the com
mission of cardinals has conducUd the ne
gotiations with Judge Taft in the matter
o? the friars in the Philippines.
"I learn from an authoritative source,"
says the correspondent, "that, b< -id. s an
nulling the procedure of the commission
of cardinals, the pope has summarll) dis
solved it, expressing his view that the
American demands were reasonable and
signifying his readiness to treat with Judge
Taft personally."
The following note from the Vatican
was presented to Governor Taft last night:
"I hasten to acknowledge the receipt of
the letter by which you kindly communi
cated to me the cablegram from Secretary
Root answering my note of July which
explained the counter project of the Vati
can for the regulation of religious affairs
in the Philippines. While thanking you
for this important communication. I am
happy to assure you that the holy pee
has learned with the liveliest satisfaction
the high consideration in which Mr. Hoot,
in the name of the government of th<"
United States, holds the fitness of the
measures which the Vatican, independent
ly of the solution of any economic ques
tion, designed taking to ameliorate the re
ligious situation in the archipelago and to
co-operate in the pacification of the peo
ple under American sovereignty. The
measures are indicated in my memoran
dum of June 21 and my letter of July !?.
These declarations of Mr. Root do honor
to the deep political wisdom of the gov
ernment of the United States, which knows
how to appreciate the happy influence of
the holy see for the religious and civil ele
vation of the people, especially Catholics.
"With equal satisfaction the pontiff has
taken Into account the assurances of Sec
retary Root that the American authority*
In the Philippines and at Washington will
put forth all possible efforts to maintain
the good understanding happily establish* <1
with the auth orities of the Catholic Church.
On his part, the pontiff will not fail to
give the apostolic delegate soon to be sent
to the Philippines the most precise In
structions according to my former notes.
"The main lines for future negotiations,
indicated In the notes, having been accept
ed by Secretary Root, the representatives
of the Vatican In the archipelago will eater
into relations with the authorities in the
Philippines on the four points indicated by
Mr. Hoot at the end of his CtWftTUL
"The holy see docs not doubt that mu
tual confidence, combined with the action
of Its representative and that of the Amer
ican government, will easily produce a
happy solution of the pending questions, in
augurating for that noble country a new
era of peace and progress.
"It is my agreeable duty in ending this
letter to be able to render homage to tho
very great courtesy and high capacity
with which you have filled the delicate
mission which the government and Presi
dent of the United States confided to you.
Willingly I add that the favorable result
of the negotiations must be attributed In
every ,large part to your high personal
"While flattering myself that this first
success will be a guarantee of the happy
Issue of ulterior negotiations in Manila, I
have the honor to be, etc..
Gov. Taft was Informed last night that
the pope had fixed July "J1 for his farewell
audience. Governor Taft will start Satur
day for Valparaiso, near Florence, where
he will stay with his family until Mon
day, when he will return for his audler.ee
with the pope.
Increase for Steel Workers.
A dispatch from Johnstown. Pa., yester
day says: From an official of the Cambria
Steel Company It Is learned that about one
half of the company's 12.000 employes will
participate in an advance of wages which
will average 10 per cent, to date from July
I. The men advanced were known as "hour
rate men." that is all employes paid on
hourly compensation ss distinguished fron)
tonnage men and piecework employe*.

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