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Railroad Stocks in Good De
mand Today.
Sharp Spurt in Chicago and Great
Western Caused Conaider
able Comment.
sjidI 14suateh to The Evening Star.
NEW YORK. October 31.-H!gher prices
Ia London were reflected in fractional ad
vances on this side during the opening hour.
Traders were inclined to force out some
stock on the theory that the market was
well fie:I with stop-loss orders in several
pee.-alties. This condition was strongly
suspected in Reading, and the stock was
offered dowen in consequence. The move
ment was not much of a, auccess. however,
and failed to inspire liquidation in the gen
eral list.
An aggressive demand for Manhattan was
a signiticant feature of the day, and seemed
to force a higher range of prices- in all of
the active issues. The ease with which the
price of the stock named responded to the
demand attracted favorable comment and
led to the prediction that it would shortly
cross Metropolitan and maintain its posi
tion as the highest priced -city railway prop
erty. The advantages of electrical equip
ment were urged in justification of the rise
along with certain older arguments of a
more picturesque character.
The l;ould group generally. rallied under
a mixed demand in whieh the short ac
count played an important part. Recent
IIquidation by the western element having
attracted general attention and nullified
many of the predictions of higher prices
emanating from that center, led to some
buying by that faction as an evidence of
their sympathy ith'the advance. Louis
ville and Nashylle, Norfolk and West
ern and other western favorites were ad
eanced moderately.
Rumors of an adjustment of differences
between the Osgood-Gates party growing
out of the contest for control of Colorado
Fuel were heard, and there was some in
clination to regard the property with more
favor in consequence of this outlook. The
industrial list as a whole was neglected,
however. and what little new business there
was went into the railroads.
There was a better demand for bonds
than at any time of late, some rather sig
niticant buying of Chicago and Great West
ern issu's being credited to Hanley inter
Oregon Short Line fours were in demaid.
round amounta being given a preference in
the buying. Here and there the supply ct
stocks was meager, and the street argued
that the rally was due to the fact that the
demand was better than the supply. A few
Investment houses bought securities in an
ticipation of a better demand after the
All things considered the tone of the
street was more hopeful.
The known movements of money indicate
that the banks have gained slightly. The
subtreasury was debtor at the clearing
house today to the extent of $1.291,521.
Mor:ey has been shipped to St. Louis dur
ing the week, but a moderate amount has
been returned from other points. As the
loan item is not a disappointment, tomer
row's bank statement should be moderately
fa vorable.
New York Stock 'arketa.
Furnished by W. B. Hibbs .A Cn.. bankers
and brokers, 1419 F st.. members New York
stock exchange. Washington stock ez
change and Chicago board of trade.
Ama t ( Ope. . Lo.r. Cln..
Analgamated Copper... 15 a54 6. f.
A m. (ar & Foundry....._ 3i % W% ::i%
Am. (ar & Foundry, pfd 92' 9% 92'. 92%
American Smelting....... 46 4, 4i?i 4:.e
American Sugar............ 122'9 123 I'L9; lI2'i
Anaconda..................... 97 >r 9B 97
Atch.. T[ & S. Fe..... . S ( 7
Ateh.. Top & S. Fe, pfd. 109 leO': 100 00i4
Baitinore& Ohio........... 105 1 T 107
Baltimore & Ohio. pfd.. ....
Brooklyn Rapid Tran.... 6 ', (.
('analian Pacific........... 135' l3 I :-e 13
central of New Jersey.. . .....
lhesaleake & Ohio. . .50%t 5'% l04 51%
(hirago & Alton...........36 36 t lb. 5%
(hirago & Alton. pfl.. 73 i 73
('hicago 'reat Western. 29'% 3i 9
('hicago. Mil. & St. Paul. . aId N4, 1e B G 1~'.
('hicago. . 1. . & P......... i4 20 19 200
('oloradlo Fuel & Iron.... 87%'* M'4 $7 g'
(onsolilatel a.......... 21 219 21% 219
Delaware & iludson..... 1 170 19 10
Erie, common................ : 3%
:rie, 1st pf .................. 68 7
Erie, _7 p . . . .. 2.2
e ene rm r.le ctric .........., 13
1llinois f 'entral.....'......... 116.'%
Lou isville & Nashville.. 135" 37' 3' 3
Manhattan Fleviated... I') 13 6O. :'
Me tre poli tan St. ityv.. 140 12 id l
ME). ., Kan . i lex. p1... 60" .' 11. 6'
Mmimouri Pacific............. 109M10
New York I entras ... .. 56.
Nortolk &WWestern..:..... 774
Pacific~ ln i i Meamship. 41. 2 4k.4
. l'ennsyvta nia I. t ..... <16 & ~ IA6 6
People' i,as of C hicago 104% 0 4)' ll'
t'resse.i -Keel Car........... 63
ht'adling. . ............... 6
Read ing . 1st p.fd......... ......../
itentine. .i It' *4............. 77
R e publi. Mteet & iron.. 21" -2i
liubbe r E oud, 2.............. 23
S't. L.ouis & :an frm.... 79 7 N
St. Louis 4: '. F.. 2l pfd . 74 7 .k
St Lottis bouthwest,emj, 3A% -1.31 31
',{ut hern P'acitie .......7... . 70%
wouthern htaiway..........7 37
$outhtertRfailwav, pfd.. 9f% 9 2 .
Trennes.ee I'oal & Iron... 6565 6
Tlexas l'a"ific ................4-16
Union Paittie............ 101'. lS II' 14
tanlon P'aclie. pfd..... 91 Dig l~
Iajited Mtates l.eather.. 14 14 I 1
I 3. L.eathe?r <d......... 99 L 90
l itedl 'tates uber.... .... ..... .
United1 'tates Mteet ... 40 4' 9, 4,
UnitetIState.sMseel, pfd..~,, ~ * 1'
W abash ..................... :m
W abash, pfel................. 48
Western I nio...........1 giw in i
Wisconsin(Central..... 27% t '7.
American Locomotire... 30% 3" 1%3'
A merican L.oco., pfdL... %5 9 4.9'
Kansas a ity Southern.... .3-i%l3''3
.hAl.ftl.K, Md. (~1oe ih.--For. inen.u
a-an-t: ~m apt, 124. 65erla 6x5ra 6500
har...i I hat in s Eta Oct5er 7%.4
Deewt,. 7a7t4 teme39.2% 9ed. 2%
tflt,ie, in75;62aut63%
411 Ja.n~,r.47~a4; 136uy 47 35% r36%
IA&i aaaa.a:.'sora,Mi 200Is 19. 200
faay Inil?Ie, Sa, ; 68* cr7aer 68
147s S.', unWha147%
Ins. 15at 6, Wshlatw 56sa 1t 5%. 15
Laptal2'a1to34. 1:11 log
140 asedMetopolim 5 22) 2 a% 'i2
Meio,iiaa('it Id.a,A,1 7 a% e0
his .. t~%hid 14~ 7bed T 0e 7a1b g
halwy ad~ere o.4. 37bd 37 as7d
1045~d. esisIc.Na 14 0. 4t 146
ice Grphphoe Db.I9,P > 94id9.
Sq &. DE Cumon ..... ........amug
. Att:1 i 3itC Md.Otbr3.ForOm n
are-a. #etqPIrm; aput andOctbe. 7
DeeiW. 670;atassTs rd 7I
Frakln.40 bM , VO.'
cr. b2 b2d. Putolose.
b.d, 83 asked. GerrNt AMsdekA,
asked. National Unsm, adpet.
ba. 11 bid. 12 asked. N. B
People's 6% bId. asked.
Title Insurance Stoe
bid. 94 asked. Columbia 5.
Washingt m Title, 2 bid, t 3
Telephone and Oraph u 5p-Cb abs
and aotomac Telephone, 40 lsW
can Grapoophone Com., 6 l Msd. e
can Grapbophone Pref., bM,
Gas Stocks-Washingts a. 3 i lsisi.
Georgetowa Gas, 75 .
Type Marbine $tocks-Mergestbaier Lifotype.
186% bid. 187% asked. Laaston Monetype, 10%
bid. .11 asked.
Mlscellaneois Stneks-Greene Con. Copper Co.,
24% bid. 24% asked. WashingtonMarket 1$ bid.
Noafolk a.dWasDlastoa teumnt., j96 :I .
*Ea. dividend.
Government Bonds.
Bid. Asked.
I per cents, regstered... ......... 110 1
j2 p :-s W-ea cian ::: 11
per cente, .10-1e8.. ... 110
s pe cent,apon. 18-I121.., 4
4 per cents. registered, 197. 111 I11%
4 per cents. coupon. 110......... .111 111%
4 per cents, rcI.......136 136r
4 per cents. copon1.........137 138
5 per cents, reglaerad 9104....104 110%
District tf Colesbis 1.28.........1 26 ..
Grain, Provisions and Cottou Markets.
CHICAGO. October 31.-Grain:
gtSh. Low. Close.
Wheat-Dee.......... 73 % i(
May.......... 4a 42%
Oats-Dec........ 30% 30%
May......-.7% -313 31% 31%
CHICAGO, October 3l.-PssIsios:
n.. Oen. . . 1gb. Low. Cloe.
Pork,an. .. .. ...... 1.2 15.95 15.57 15.0)
May.......... 14.77 14.13 14.75 14.75
Lard-ian......... 0.35 9.37 9.90 9.32
May.......... 8.62 8.4. 8.10 R.'0
Ribe-Jan.......... 8.27 8.27 8.22 &21
May..........85 7.85 7.80 7.80
N!W YORK. October 31.-Cotton:
Open. High. Low. ('lose.
Docember............ $.43 .... 8.42 8.46
January.............. 8.51 8.57 8.51 8.54
March............... 8.28 8.33 8.27 8.31
May................. 8.27 . 8.33 8.26 8.32
St. Louis Man Convicted of Perjury in
Boodle Trial.
ST. LOUIS. October 31.-Edmand Bersch,
former nrember of the house of delegates.
was today found guilty of perjury i4 his
testimony before the grand jury as to the
$75.000 boodle fund raised to secure the
passage of the Suburban franchise bill and
given five years in the penitentiary.
The defense rested about noon, and after
brief argument by opposing- counsel the
case was given to the jury, which deliber
ated but a few mirutes.
Allegation in Suit for Recovery of
The hearing of the case of Primo Fontana
of Italy against Mrs. Mary Helen Carroll
Robbins, in which the p:aintiff seeks to re
cover $3,888.10 as damages for an alleged
breach of contraet, began yesterday after
noon before Chief Justice Bingham in Cir
cuit Court No. 1. The plaintiff claims the
amount specified because of work done in
connection with the erection of the chapel
of St. Anthony of Padua, in St. Matthew's
Catholic Church in this city.
Mr. Fontana states in his declaration that
he came here from Italy to finish a statue
of St. Anthony. in accordance with a cer
tain design and within a certain time. He
claims that he was unable to finish the
work in the time specified in the contract on
account of the unfinished condition of the
walls and roof of St. Matthew's Church.
It is stated that the parties to the suit
agreed to submit to arbitration any differ
ences arising between them, but that Mr.
Fontana refused to comply with this agree
ment. He contended that on account of
the incomplete condition of the structure
he was obliged to lose a great deal of time,
and he asked the amount named as re
The case was tried before the District Su
preme Court in 1816, when the presiding
justice instructed the jury to return a ver
dict in favor of Mrs. Robbins. on the
grounds that Mr. Fontana had his relief in
arbitration, arid, further, that as' Mrs. Rob
bins had given the chapel to the church she
was not longer responsible.
Mr. Fontana took an appeal from this de
cision to the .Court of Appeals of the Dis
trict and the higher court reversed the ac
tion of the court below and remanded the
case for a new trial.
In the case now on hearing Benjamin S.
Minor and Charles J. Collins represent the
plaintiff, while ilamilton & Colbert appear
for Mrs. Robbins.
Lieut. T. W. Lynch Retired on Account
of Disability.
First Lieutenant Jas. W. Lynch, United
States Marine Corp's, has been wholly re
tired from the navy, with one year's pay
on account of disability-not incident to the
service. His physicians reported that he
suffered from heart disease.
This of cer was tricd by court-martial in
the Philippines on charges of drunkenness.
and. being convicted, was reduced in his
grade. Soon afterward he was again tried
for a like offense, and, being again convict
ed, was entenced to be pIaced at the foot
of the list of lieutenants < f the corps. This
sentence has been before the Navy Depart
ment for review, and in view of the fact
that its approval would result In the reten.
tion of the officer in the serv.ce, the depart
ment has adopted the course of retiring him
on the grounds stated.
Mr. Caulfield Goes to New York.
Patrick J. Caulfield, who has been for the
past two years employed in the bureau of
navigation. Navy Department, resigned his
position today and goes to the United
States p)ension agency at New York city.
Mr. Caulfield's dilty in the department was
supplying special and general court martial
orders and other publications to all ships
in commission and to individual officers and
consequently was known to nearly every
offieer in the service.
Shepherd Memorial.
The subscriptions to the Shepherd me
morial fund are as follows:
Amount previously acknowledged....,89
Victor G. F!scher......................I30
John McElroy.......................... 1i
Bunlding Permits resued.
Building permits were Issued today as
Capital Construction Company. six-story
brick addition.,Por-tiie apartment house,
southeast corner of 15th and V streets
northwest; cost. llU0.
- George W. King, one two-story frame
dwelling, 37219 Plospect street northwest;
cost, 1,UiO0.
Case of mnallpoe
Thomas Garnett, a celered boy, ten years
of age, suffermng from emenpox, hag been
removed from 148P street northwest to
the imallpox hosptaL. The house from
which the boy was taken has been in qar
antine for severa.l days. his sister, Lavlnia
Garnett, having ben.discovered there with
the disease some days ago. The other in
mate, of the hass are maler stiit sur
Est Esuetbed to WUse.
The wEl et Adolphes P. iApphdsert, datel
July Ii last. ws Sled today for predate
with the register it WillS of the Dist'et
The testater direets that aN bha mtde, 30th
real and prsonat AB3i be jisside hfr artte
Mrs. Uleuabe.' K. rLspnha. hvrin her
life, and at her death the estate. Is to be
divided equaly amomg the ehinam of the
testator. .
A provlsiont ha the wR t ="gem that
should the widow remarry she a to seest
enUTy one-third of thr Isgt 833s
-dne4 the other ty-t* EI to a s l
ehtidre. ia .ing:
* II ftgum selfha
germsthie messtmm
S 88have 'oy J
"thesm to better adv t
thnetrewhere, as ris e _des*
able us to quote a 0Ksbloe rce sa4
"qualities than in .the mfore. , g_4 kglcond .
"ed establishsnets.Is
Iys' Sse Pants a
"strictly all -wedl ab t, Cut i
nees fashion, well and strong
ly sewed and perfect fitting.
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and $10 values. ToEorrow only -
Clioice line of Men's Winter-weight Under
wear, in reliable qualities only,, at 50 75c. and
S1 per garment. Sizes to fit all,. men.
Chery & floran Co.,
The Men's Store, 811 Pa. Ave. N.W.
DYREIFORTH OUT- We have reached the climax. o Ta O
416 7th st. ... W e are ready. We mean busi- 16 tha.t. n..
New stock. n1ess. New toek.
New Prit. Low wll have a te NewFrie.
New Styles- . New xdyl.3
New Ideas. ef pect- Je Ide".
$350Chren' Dolewhbree fromC $1.5 ltdeo Bst Quait9Uo
$4.5o Three-piece Suit.o
blus effets allwo. e.g ats 15 iades f er iet Unewa 1
nra .. ... ..... ......... "V . 8 F rS trdy....9
$7.50 Men's S ts, odds andof e s, $at Mens o U
all wool. For Saturday......... d. Ra , 8
$7.50 and $10.00 Men's Top
Coats, In tan sad Oxfords. Far
Saturday .........................
SHOES-SHOES. ne W erweight 40c.
* r,$1n0reliableUqualrtieseon.y,..t..........7and
$2.00 and $2.50 Lades Lace Shoes ti of i al .
ame, patent dipy sie .,4ad0 e' ik aeaU bels.... .$....9
$1.25 Boy- and Yoths' Sebool98 - 30 n 8W,Lde'8
Shoea, all soli<d. For Saturday...... "cassel oos........
$P.25 Lades' Button Shoes, patent
tip. For Satardaif .... . .... .9 " =.0adrnhFaaI 9
$1h 0 Litale Ged. t Sprn a y.Heel Q,,tpass alcors. .......
Sh,al sid. o Sa tuda ... . *
75e. Children's Spring Heel Shnes. FrStra.. ....
SlTe e 5 o 8. Patent tip. For Sat
urday ...... * ". ..... ........ .......... . "
GTlovetH GUloW hverahdte!lmx YLOT vr
We. Aera We mean iankets. o .
s A Forra a d . .. ce.. e.
(1. e PaiesBe Q oa K rid will h a d Saft o a
$ loves. For Saturday.............. e s
Newndds endtec... .. dem.
$1.50 Ladl es' Best Quality ndo
Gloves. A s .For Saturday...... . $ l l. .
Underwear for Ladies, 1e.Neesk ih ol..8.
Men, Boys & Children. in.'W
75e. ladies' Union Suits. For Set-S. .
erday ............................9. co ad.... . " . r "..
75e. lten's Heaty Fleece-alued Un
derwear. For Saturday............. .... a9c u*r 'B t Satrd1e.
3 i. Boya' Heavy Fleere-lined Un
25c. 1.0 Badys' Hevt Derby Uione
deF.or Fr t ............ .9 . .. .
$yre.ort 'u en'si Al,w CoUdewer
School4 Umbrellas.
Bar.er &Mes,1it n's Ubrees........7.
$2.0 an $250 adis' Lce hoe, tn . j0 Ladies' Uinbseias..............i7e.
00Men's Silk Tasata Umrel....$1.49
same paenttip sies '~,4 ad ei sn - $2.00 Ladies' SIly Taffeta Ubrellas..$1.27
4's. ForWS.t.rday..e..."-..."p$3.98
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tip. For SaFor Saturday....... Wai.t,.all...l.rs
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Shos, ll old. or atrda............Fo.2 Saurd a ie.et............. 69 .
$1.50 Ladle. Sp.ing 1ee4SWoeeta98analltcolorr
all stuid.yFor..aturday.........*
7&'. hildrn's Sring eel ends$.0 Wtti ecs IrBlank etgs7 c
SlpsS o . atnttil. Fo St.Fo a ud ntay. oh.a:1..... .
$1.50 WBlat eneanessa Blnets
uray................ 9c- For atieda.. ........ e
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shades.ceFerfect..d.........:....C... e3 4
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GdeweA llae. For Saturday.... $e B .00 L,focol..... . .~e...... c
UnderBarbeor &aRoss, Iih and. G Stree.do. C
Me,aos &Heate,~
Ladiesght.rheerfu SrithatForksSft
4. Hates, hat hro ou a o. substan- lot as' uchh eat No ood tor cary
-adlght t og..
lined0 -'-4c2c
DlnyofGRadiforthi Oall sizes,o.
frm$2H eabt Wheytmayte here!to
. ml as Heaters, $.5
+ TheNew Samfor Fir.bi'fkCon Gas Alltesorl lie at wo ith andsomew
tisiheatlikea be of oals at 2.75up.ass torienmm i *nhe betur n m tst s
ea Rdatrs, -scoy .ig.t.up the .wfr$0
Plenty of as andiatrssnowrenallreenes
f4 m$ee p hodaout y and btheproe to
mor anoe tby "wM'.s". frse,tndsad
hos co --ayet s 1en
a teifli a a fot. give you fieofe
hesen la a dpro-dtves t oTg -han'ge
a t*WillL sucenuh a eteik you te
apriesme in Naiew porra, has been
Ad-ent--t. ---r---------m--h---w----n-t t
workoneat ray hadbent enopeUih,3
butia whe the ueus. et wok the p
a.praises oiBce In -ew Yor his een
dischartdbeas he nun t work St- was ~ ~...
ccordi. Qdchad. w.t Jg .
week m Stris EbaEa be.a,sl4-ih
bIt wtis na seamas ag th n tgg pagSge ~
onitat da be charlst w. .easiwa.
U. -3. N., wiws we sed by eOSrt-Raar
tEal on cauwge of haeSgw..tie WM gayr
nstev Of the Mleamen Vg .beggg
A 1b
tartsWith a R
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WI-me-dau-aia" Shoes is their beat Advertise
welted or twrn Soles-with or wihu Invisibl $ 21 5 )
In Fine Viet Kid. Velvet Calf or guaranteed
Popular Mapea at ...............
'RIME" Shoes.
bested "1'R1t13" Boots ame hand-sewed-only 4$ 1 9
these ha Cosk Sol beep te
any good '.50 Shoes 5
3AR" $3.50 Shoes.
wary hor you to pay 5 or even more for you Shoes-you ant buy
orkmasship or better Style - than is found in these 'TRI-WEAR"
shown that they actually give thrice the Wear of any other adver
POLIS" $2.50 Shoes 4
re the only Shoes ever sold under $&50 that have genuine Oak-ta
come in over 20 Styles-and are made of guaranteed Patent Leather,
alt, Coltakin or Vicl Kid.
' $1.95 Shoes
Lad Best among medium-priced Sooes.-They have the Style at the
id wear better than any Shoes you ever bought at this price.-We
aber and will take back any Pair that does not give good wear.
LD'S SHOES That'l stand
lf and guaranteed Patent Leather Blocher nd Regular Out Lved
i-Quaities that you can buy nowhere else under *LBO.-AU MStan
NUflENT" Shoes
Idurable all-around School and Dress Shoes $l
tA sig pefl-We have them In 3o dlRereat
.ar "g Leatherse-s+s 6 to -I. -S% to 11
Ira, as any leather Shoe can.--ade of Reliable Kid. Sterli Calf
it-Stone Sole leather Heels and Soles-All Sines for Boys and Otis.W
bre- 37C. Tomorrow-rsIJ Tomorrow
ses ad3Isses' an 3ien'e and
in red Felt Child's warm black IWomen's warm Felt
Or.Jersey Leggins. House Slippers.
Cor. 7th and K Sts.,
1914 & 1916 Pa. Ave.,
233 Pa. Ave. S. E. k
nia. Ave.
hoe Store, has purchased from~ the trustees t.
f M. Dyr uorth & Co., 923 eninsyiraia aventue
wa as THE LEADER. Thousands of dollars
ibles -tomorrow and sold for a' SONG. If- your
ts, you can buy it fo' Ies~ thaxn RALF the. first
v with odd suits, nne and two~f a l.ind, thatF
10. A few odi sizes in overcoats that are worth -
id assortment of $15 and $20 Suits eon the bar
is will be hurried away at! cent eci. These are=
stock. - .
Popular- Shape. $1.0
th a competent force of suan a:u oting=
ityW&to in evystan Xoam't fa'l
oeeig atS8o'clock.

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