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A Dainty Luncheo
It's given in connection with the demonstration
Hot Beef Tea with a bite will add to the pleasure
Palais Royal.
See These Photo Frames.
They are $i value-at 39c. New Art Nou
veau effects, of oxidized silver with gun metal fin
ish. Note that the convex glasses on these frames
* are alone worth 39c.
Palais Royalfi
The standard Corset of th<
modeled after the "Fasso." TI
shorter above the waist and lor
only at the Palais Royal and il
range from $5-9o to $30 per p;
Special, $1.50.
Corsets giving the "Fasso" ef
feet of low bust and dipped
hil,s. Front and hip garters in
cluded at the special pcice,
S j1.50.
Special, $5.
Corsets, made of whalebone
and ribbon, fitted with ga t?rs.
These corsets are mechanically
and hygienically perfect.
ATomorirow-$4.59 for
A demonstration of the fact that most and b<
Royal. The reduced price-for tomorrow only-is
visitors doubly sure. Even at $5 these waists are $i
3 Choice is oflered of latest Pari's styles in Taffeta S
French Flannel and Prunella Cloth. A half hundr<
ery size.
49c $1.29 $1.7
(8e Waists) ($1.50 Waists.) ($2 Waists.
The 68c Waists at 49c, for tomorrow only, l0<
nel; the $l.5o Waists at $i.29, for tomorrow only,
braided in the height of fashion ; the $2 Waists at !
best Flannel and Mohair man-tailored garments;
tomorrow only, are of good silk and best flannel, ni
Those Costumes
The more expensive, from $30 to $75, were mac
came here instead of going there only because of fina
% aristocratic bargains-that are being duly appreciat
----- x x-- -- x
$20. $05
Suits. Coats and As good as the
Silk Dress Skirts. usual $20 Coats,
Not a garment Suits and Skirts.
worth less than $5 is saved you
$25. Many worth and choice r.f best
more. variety assured.
x-- -x x x
The Fur "Opening" terminates tomorrow-or,
' of the "Opening" are to terminate with the store's
04 $10 Furs at $9.24; $7.50 pieces at $6.98; $6.50 piece:
. Choice of Neck Scarfs, Boas, Collars and Muffs; in -
Men's, Women's and CA
Thev are "seconds," but the hurts
are not hurts to hurt. For instance
-a tiny oil spot makes a "second"
of an "Oneita." Men's Suits reduced
-4 as follows:
*4 Men's $i Suits for.............79c
4 Men's $1.50 Suits for..........98c
4 Men's $2 Suits for...........$1.35
$l0 Skirts, $7. $l.500Garr
veTre be sikleoate i rebron naiok and cambric
e cerise and rose. No other colors--but $3 Ia 79c for beat of $1.50 G
saved in the "ost. Corset Covers and Che
BlaCk Taf
9, (T5e and
Rarest of rare bargains-bes
_______- 59c and best of $1 quality at 75c p
____________yard for superior Silks, in black a
75c Cheviots, 59c. $1.25 Grn
Black and beet shades in these ever-pop- Hand-made Velvet 4
9,ular Chbeviots. Double width-5O Inches sale In Dress Trimm
wide. Take elevator to second floor, bargains in Buttona a
Grape Trimming. Evening
2cinsed;ofen forGraes heail $1.75 yrdfo
9, and white. 20e for bunch. 4%~ inches long. Choice of white, pink,
ThGenuine CastiIe S5oa
Thspurest and best of Soap. at 4oc for 12 cak
year. Note that we have to rapidly distribute 20,oo
Sable. You will encourage the Palais Royal to buy
Sthis soap. It improves with keeping.
9 Farbanks'a nai Soa e........ .1i' lceieSa
9,Aromatic Palm tap. box..............loe atl opadW
P'hyaician and isurgeona' soap, cake. Ge "ht os"Sa
Canaries at $1.69.La p
G, o to basemtent and pic'k out the sweetest RihydcrtdP
capsgat pr"potionateyl ittle prces. Baeenirdtisb
Tumblers at 31c.Bane
eay Cu as f Tumblr ntat31c a p ee EtaseCafo
thous ud h ve b en s ld i a w ek p i t He a,nd -w a
Palai Roylap.
ihy benerated P r
Com ~ ~ ichgoe to mae. cagewe egtch
Fromthe aturay Eenin Pea.Bfsementeformthds be
mo Bi lase t
welhoundae rimnl cnhare woek.hae athey ere atng4-he
Th postmetimes ame toldta trhe f.g-psesr a
FromI tlhed ivnhig Peado ymnyost.ie,o,ine
An flowicitiofaenstr ct reas dthap-qaite 1al.S
rpered ntrcu te,anceshsuah incthe thhatl
well-osunde plcrom hrestm wued hewhdiletorun
boten touch wgint theitads puhe rmingfellwoeie
at bega post. Yeear aod whnasaDfot t rue fugd.i-e
his fellw citizes,sftrehe reasohthatoh
tioing physiclan be visited the invalid poorBuiesd15aef
bee of charge, and even furnished medi- aeawy ed o
elne topatent to por t pa fo thm,wh benefste or tor n
0Ais4.0i i s sAAAAA AAA *AAA" * AAAA
n,---and No Charge.
of Armour's Extract of Beef. A cup of Armour's b
)f shopping here. It's free, with compliments of the '
Save Your Bundle Checks. '
Palais Royal patrons, buying $3 worth of %
goods, in one purchase or twenty, are entitled to
crayon portrait free. For specimens and further
information see floor managers.
r the "Fasso."
world-the Fasso. All ultra-fashionable Corsets are 11
is season the straight front is more accentuated;
ger below. The "Fasso" is for sale in Washington b
New York only at Altman's. Palais Royal prices h
ir. '-'
Special, $1. Special, $5.50. '
Choice of fifty different styles, Certain Frinch Corsets wh!cb
with services of expert c. r&t- will be gladly shown and fitted.
e, giving assurance of per. Many ladies have lately tried
eret sthese corsets and greatly praise 1
feet satisfaction.
Special, $2.50. Special, 75c.
The best Corsets for stcut The equal of most Corsets sold k
forms. Intelligently fitted and at $1. Good variety, assuting a
lemoustrated to be the very best satisfactory fit, with ccmfort 1K
orsets for stout women. and durability.
S5 Waists.
st $5 Waists are at the Palais %
to make assurance of many /
better than usual at the price. 4
lk, Peau de Soie, Moire Silk, /
d styles; every best shade; ev
9 $2.98
($3.50 Waists.)
k as if made of French Flan- 4
are tucked and plaited and
4.79, for tomorrow only, are
the $3-50 Waists at $2.98, for /
ide up in the acme of style. \
With a History.
e to the order of a very exclusive northern firm and
ncial trouble. The Palais Royal is offering truly V.
ed by the elite of Washington. Ss
x x x '
$100 $8.
a n I t a, Skir:s, The nsual $10 1R
Jackets Lnd coats, Coats. Sights nd
superior man-tail- Si t at $f k
oredvery latest and
tended to retail at best styl-s. on Sf
$12.50 to $16. third Boor. 1y
X - X x x i
rather, the complimentary prices made as souvenirs k
closing. 10 per cent discount of all $12 to $75 Furs; is
for $5.98; $5 pieces for $4.44; $3 pieces for $2.69. /
iery latest new styles. 9s
lildren's "Oneita" Suits.
Ladies and children find the /
e "Oneita" Suits the most comforting 4
of all the various makes of health V.
undergarments. The "seconds" are
offered as follows:
Ladies' 5oc Suits for......... 39c g
Children's 50c Suits for....... 39C V.
Ladies' $1.oo Suits for. .....n.79c
rents, 79c. $1 Oarments, 68c. '
eonly n llght-wei%ht 11k-like Blac SaIn Peti coats, fiihda
wns, kirts, Drawer., woo ier w;al e, ev e ry e '
feta Silks.
ii values.)
tof 75c quality Black Taffeta at
er yard. Another surprise-68c _______
nd white and blue and white
ipes, 93c. 10c Laces, 5c. '
Irapes. embossed. For These 1 to 5-inch wash Laces -are well '
n: lDepartment, with worth 1,.base the wil come from the '
Uauzes. Ribbon Rosettes. '
2 quality Fancy Fig-. 19c for the Rlosettes made of Silk Gause '
aus. 4Iche wide. colr ibn work at th hack of the '
p, 12 Cakes for 40c.
es, is the best soap bargain you have read of this '8
> cakes in order to make a very small profit profit- '8
more of such bargains-and buy a dozen or two of '8
pcake...... .. .Oc Toi" Tourist Soap, box ........... 'c
sbhRag for. .. c .(....1e 4 Colream Soap, bo... .... ..........'8
box............20e 4711 Glycerine Soap, box-............. 8
it $1.98. Towels at 19c. '8
Good value at $2.50 40 inches. for onl 19c Second floo fo ths'
t bargain, scarce kind of bargaIn.
s at $4. Flannel at 49c. '
are good valuB atke leatT ol 40c yard t'll ein mayt6
second floor, thin second floor. '
iG & 11Ith Sts.
affection of thousands ~ntsfrterfins onro
ad heard of his kind-lae hycmtogifndidnoneo
disposition did nothepte,oreeyanfmasknw
into politics, and hethtnoncahepasndu'ibtte
2entally unaable to re- CaWeo uhdwflsde o ee
le upon him, althoughoteenrefothgodflwcapin
dornqult te, s oep.rterfred.Sonro
kind tareom nogtef ndfinnneonmt
thnholtca,tn on cnhel aedt oft, ut.th
r equipment of moral "1 wish I could give. up work and take
hat he hsas any moral a long rest?'
ty is full -of good fel- "You'd do It if you could, would you?'
ners and other entr "Well. I'm not sure Id do it If I could.
sf which IS borrr,d It's one of these things you'd like to do
epaymenX from, when you can't."
anything to a
Is even abstracted
II of good fellows Whe. Barber-"What do you think of this
tak, a night off with seep?"
haef- mney,. cP in In- - -Vstm"Nvae tasted bete."s
Arrangement Made in the Bronx Zoo
ties for Observation.
From the New York Twwae j
Next month, when the new lion house at
the Bronx Zoological Park I. completed,
New York will possess a studio which will
be unique. Few people know of this des
tined home of art, which is the outcome of
a suggestion of Director Hornaday, and for
which the Zoological Society added $5,000
to the original appropriation for the new
building. Mr. Hornaday became interested
in the matter because of the complaints of
Ernest Thompson-Seton, A. Phimester
Proctor' and other well-known painters and
sculptors of animals concerning the hard
ships they were forced to endure in study
ing their subjects.
At Central Park an artist is obliged to
arrive before 9 o'clock in the morning if
he would sketch among the animals. At
that hour the crowd pours in and renders
further work impossible. In the winter
there is only about half an hour before 9
o'clock when the light will permit of
sketching, and with this short time artists
who would have the beasts as their models
must be content, even though they have
come from a distance. To remedy these
evils and to afford the artists of New York
every facility for pursuing animal study at
the Bronx, the lion house studio was plan- *
ned and built.
Close to Nature.
The studio is at one end of the building,
and shut off from the lion house proper, so
that artists while at work may be free *
from intrusion by the public. It consists of
two parts-an auditorium and a studio cage. -
The auditorium is 20 by 17 feet, with plat
forms raised In tiers, so that when a num
ber of artists are working together they
may not interfere with each other's view. *
These platforms will comfortably accommo-g
date about thirty easels at a time. The
great studio cage opens from the audi
torium as the stage from a theater. It is
entirely covered with skylight, affording 4
perfect light for artistic effort. The studio 4'
cage communicates with the long line of
cages in the lion house proper by means of 4
an undergroundl passage. At one end of 9
the cage is a lift, which, by means of a 9
spring underneath, can be wound up or 4
down from the passage to the cage floor.
Similar lifts are situated between every two .
cages in the main room.
When an artist desires to sketch any ani
mal in the lion house, a shifting cage will *
be placed upon a car in the underground
passage, and this will then be run upon the
lift adjoining that animal's cage, and raised
to the cage level. Doors in the sides of
both cages will then he opened, and a piece
of meat thrown into the shifting cage will
induce the animal to enter it. The door of
the shifting cage will be closed, the lift
lowered. and the car run through the pas
sage to the lift of the sqWio cage, on which
it will again be raised. Vinally, the door
of the shifting cage, will. be once more
opened and the beast releesed under the 4
skylight-the most sattsfaetory model an
artist could desire.
View of Animals.
The lion house will gost altogether $100,
000. and will be the handsomest building In
the park. In several of its arrangements,
besides the studio, it will be unlike any
other zoological house in the world. The
aisle in the main roon} will be built in sev
eral platforms, rising.like steps one above
the other from the cages, which will be
ranged along one side only, to the opposite
wall. This will allow every one to get an
unobstructed view of the animals on days
when the place is crowded.
Each animal will have a sleeping den with
an outdoor cage opening from the back, and
an exhibition cage in front. In all other -
menageries the sleepipg .dens are built to
the same height as the estes, a thing which
Mr. Hornaday considers most unnecessary.
In the lion house at Bronx Park the roofs A
of the dens are being built quite low, re
sembling caves, and affording the animals
an elevation on which to climb. Experience F
teaches the keepers that all animals ol the C
cat family appreciate such an elevation and ble
spend most of their time upon it. This will cia
not only give them more room to move in, ci
therefore, but will display them to much cn
advantage to the watching throngs. the
Thomas H. Cole Assessed $10 in of
Police Court. tis.
Thomas H. Cole, a clerk in the pension
office, who resides at 471 H street north- 0
west, paid a fine of $10 in the Police Court are
this morning, having been convicted on a au
charge of assaulting Edward R. Fountaine, quw
a former roomer at the house where Cole the
resides, but who is now located at 23 F see
street northeast. ha'
Mr. Fountaine testified that he moved wh
from Mr. Cole's residence Friday, and be- neg
fore leaving he sent for Mr. Cole, with the cor
intention of turning the keys over to him. wh
He said be extended his hand to the defend- use
ant, but the latter refused the advance and sax
threatened to thrash him. Gei
"I declined to accept his invitation to reft
fight, because be is an older man than I"
am," Mr. Fountalne recited, "but I told him 187
if he would send a substitute about my nor
age to see me I might entertain the proposi- tw<
tion, and he thereupon struck me pver the pec
head with a cane." mo
The defendant denied that he was the the
aggressor, and declared that he only struck"
Fountaine a.fter the latter had hit him. pec
Judge Kirnball held that the evidence was am
against Cole and acted accordingly. gar
Local Detectives Ash:ed to Locate gar
L. A. MeQueen. prc
Capt. Boardnman of the detective bureau ma
was asked today to have the police locate pro
Lawrence Archibald McQueen, who was me:
reported to have disappeared from his home Iapj
at- Riverdale, Prince George's county, five has
days ago. It was stated to Capt. Board- fro
man'that the man is also known as Jack ii. bej
Helms. He is said to be a native of Dublim, Thi
Ireland, and is twenty-eight years o:d. unt
The 4th of September McQueen was mar- anc
ried to Miss Mary V. Stevens by the Rev, our
J. J. Muir of the Temple Baptist Church. in
McQueen speaks several .languages. A '
description was given af him,, which in- fine
cluded a number of ink marks and ma
Aigures tattooed on h*od. He is de- tnal
scribed as being ratlir ,ge)od-iooking ana On
of refined appearance. ,Wihen he was ls.st ran
seen he wore a darik soft [of 'clothes and peo
carried a dress suit cas, !non which was prii
the narne "J. H. IjerinU.' He Wore a g3ld disi
Masonic pin on his vest -a&d-also the plc- "'
ture of a girl in a sall gilt framt. The boy
police were informe'i h 4 ?a,me here on tac
the St. Louis from Seut njon in July. It the
is supposed he has reftvveg in Kankakee, cha
Ill. wit
W___ry __y___A_ of
3oseph Minich Alleg ~e Was Rob
bed Whiig Asleep.
Joseph Minich, a man alpout forty-five
years of age, who said ?e wcas an engineer B
on the P. W. and B. 'ard, was in the
Police Court today on a ehugge of trespass. Fro:~
A park watchman told 4udigesBundy that hE P1
found Minich drunk and asleep under a tree twc
in Henry Park yesterday afternoon.
-Minich explained to the court that he pro
can)e here from Baltimore yesterday,.and In On
the afternoon he went out and had -several of:
drinks with some friends, and h'e remein-, edil
bered notig more until he woke up Int of',
the park art found thgt .he had been re
lieved of a fine gold watch and 120) in T
money. He was releassd. n hbis personal boil
bonds. var
A ChItw .leal
'"The Life.an4 Adventure qt Igenta Claus" tta
is the title of a. new story by ,L. Fi'ank 'o
Baum, pilblication of' bscai wini be sbegun
in The Evening Star next Saturday. An in- 'ns
atallment et this story, with appropriqte I
lastrations, will appear in The Sta! et'erV
Saturday until the narrative shall be ceom
Bon Marche wo
A Marvelous
Our Superb SI
and Untrimni
Sold at Unequ
We will make WEDNESDAY the greatest o
because of the unequaled bargains offered in the
line of goods unsurpassed in quality and represen
on a quick reduction of our immense stock of REA
MED HATS and MILLINERY Trimmings. Ev
Special Lot of $1.50 and $2.01) Ready
to-Wear Hats
Representing hundreds of the very latest fall styles, in large
variety of colors. WILL BE CLOSED OUT WEDNESDAY 89C
AT ......................................................
A Stupendous Assortm
It will he hard for you to appreciate the immensity of the "untrim
sale in this department. We will mention only two of the SPLENDID
Stylish Scratch Felt Hats
Bound in velvet, in black and large variety of desirable
colors mAc In dlemand. ALL REGUltLARt The. VALUES. 4c
Fancy Feathers.
Quills and Wing effects in
plain and two-tone colors. 25
bo=es In all. 25c. to f
5'c. VALUES......... 9C.
Our milliners have been unnsut
Foliage. pation of this great sale. As a
charming assortment of our ownn
In autumn effects. green, black
and white. REGU
Are millinery marvels-made so
In their construction and the care
Plumes. liners. Made of moire antique silk
plumes; some with birds, wings, of
Black and White Ostrich including a special assortment of
Plumes. 19 inches long.
Silk Velvets.
For millinery trimming and
dresses, in black, navy, cardi
nal, castor, white and geen. Another superb line of our
WILL BE SOLl) 69C" n large variety. Regular $800 a
AT.r e sold tomorrow at..beu
Special Sale of Embroideri
We wil stat thsaletomorow withlhoiner0yards--madie so
Wewl tr h aetmro ihaot300yrso ieNng, representing the "sample" pieces of one of the largest New York
At the Candy Counter CrE
!LOUR AND APPENDICITIS. that the price is $1
for the set.
Physician Says Modern Milling is To0 add intrs t]
nd ginal autograph
Responsible for the Disease. check drawn by i.
n the Chicago Tribune house,
besold Tomoro at..............
hanges In milling processes are responsi- The abuedition is actual
for appendicitis, according to a physi- ber is so small that
n who has been in the practice of medi- once. There are in
. for fifty years, and who has observed entrre edition. It is
At tearedyounde inful
spread of the disease. This physician, white silk iaebudofulrc
H. C. Howard of Champaign. Ill., as- The book is "elepha
o A that until the trade demand for ex- has in its text over
ingly white flour changed the methods Hopkinson Smith.
hanerkn misng pocsseoaeurspoed
grinding wheat there was no appendici- bookingoevercpd
nied by a morocco-b
o prove this assertion the physician ing twenty of the
nts to the fact that where coarse breads cated In water color
used the disease is unknown, but that size of 2Ox3. This s
soon as the fine breadstuffs are intro
ed appendicitis comes along as a se- A Strang
nce. By this reasoning it s shown that From the Detroit Free
people of agricultural communities who
redti frm mal lnl aedi nt Teonductor ofa
oe thoe hisas srtionh smal millsicrian rirodha
ntste fuspate tha her coarse Theads idwwo a o
usbed wrefo the disease nnw , but clyhat ovd o
eon sthe n presus beare to-ad
:ed apediase cmes aong them Th "Cnuco,- o
mne folks rmteaoing cors brea sho thet l e ta o
nred flourforfo ml il i o
re th sadiseas Howard ther wmalile were "u intwr
ed of tb the etaoge ole. nd 10 crsonen
nt-re yftearsot of pratic amonthe atha.
pi befd thre tie frono th inkeaw bu ee.
'e thene ortycess ofourpents ow be lemno
d are common. lasteyaarnganhem.mThe
6argesut andetended chae inpature diof 'm
mi,ab out fo theirte arentio ad ther the u si'lb he
tob can eemer chang prom the aoutyumih esom
eho of griamnn ainong the peent In wll a'm
nty- fv royearms fpadcsivelymone wattheik h
plen befo-th Time pla dof milltink be sat h rntedo
in thn forge cities, an appendicitis beowm.
cesse andr xeded hsalle in the byaianat offrt
ntry handteol co uldbutd nots. For lieax-me,an
ple, bu the datocentoes. Ther bouhe- ,te odco
uts tof th gnrlage ilngetalshoThsm the mandI
:hodcts ofsgknddgtgaen owtemprsen
:hid the nroemls and texsuthedi fnoemk om
eting cbothin Tie thylano getin began Jdo,m'a
t n the lage cornted, and pey,ictio. "Adme-isW
an to hrave appendctisr. Soate thes ewd7
cey didrotwdaedu appendic itis in mnthe ;btI oth
nthy ban t peatl ould fnothiet four wsbtb nk.
put by the new processs ofe milligt "Admolma
fashioni. Nwte aeapniii o ieai?
stpite neg rs wil tel southa thd no kndrthnt
flo, u in ls eiralmelu theb an t a t a g?
ieb the ld pcne, but the tedeo, l'yto.Wa
ansito haefo apentcits Soitefgoes. itfryoeys
yadcdunt ofv its endsibits thn Ger-ny' go-tm
1mth bega te dieti ourans o hthe "ha'swhture
pueet in ithas geroesstof inesng aThercnrnaos?
fashause o hhv appendicitis i on nti Frsoe i'
rrany, jut. tharaweeado.?
D:piene malcildlen hait. yow hat "Lokhoee Sa
wo hs ad thseire wllurdthan tat Ifyusyo.
e of the odpoeass. nbamut of tall de- e od eti
nd itchefou surgiunt operins. Hteeahe,ans.t
accoarse bfrets indigenerabl,t vtbe s,r- dn u n h
gemet of ane dsove rui,an heof emn thetw
pnlo esang has noety hnad. mThefaymdeoe n
he dicase for thedetyears."foundynrides
_uie sal chlden av it. Iwulknowe one
who Vas had thielein ell-defned absnmned"si
of fTtoldedao,ad cmeiut,f alho
iteartfn ~s ue without surgcaoeraios.H
*ceareny treativeer, s etboks, wul agaaf
emt s an s-ome frit.nd the worswhfrmiscou
len ls and has not had a for-om h sm brm
ie Dcken volmos re 7i0,and heckb rn himel a
od n fllcruhedcrmso rnc The "Venie s a
and he dublre I Ingree; w The adIo resoactua
of waer jik, 'beri re oer 0 beru ms to kmall th at
ion~ allot tem poofselk iidonce.r w Th-ln:hee a in
mnta by tpi*htik. . ILDro n 're edtin-on.I s
-Theasaan&tbeo. aO, esli tpshe botal elepha
Oz~has eneitsst-xt.over
en. The GrHonkinson Smith-O
ho thl.- at. Ting-dtwentyofofehthe :
cate in atercolo
man's Bon arche
Millinery Sale.
:ock of Trimmed
ed Hats to Be
aled Prices.
F all previous days in our business experience. Great
foremost MILLINERY Department of the city in a
ting the most exclusive in style. We have decided
.DY-TO-WEAR HATS, as well as the UNTRIM
ery dollar's worth, therefore, will be subject to A
Special Lot of Regular $5.00 Ready
to-Wear ftats
Repreenting the very best effects of the departent. $ 50
NESDAY AT..........................................
ent of Untrimmed Hats.
med" stock placed at your disposal tomorrow. It will be a memorable
RAtGALN$ awaiting you.
I Fashionable Camel's Hair Felts
In black, white and color., shepherdess, Dolly Varden, roll
sailors and other shapes. ALL. REGULAR $1.50 VALUES. 95c
WILL BE SOLD AT...................................
n Our Own ExclusivePompons.
Ou O nBlock, white. castor, gray.
navy and cardinal in large
Creations.untt. V E 2 .
tilly busy during the past week in antici- Violets.
result of their labors we will have a Natural and white Violets,
iake to offer at a special price. with n folis a
by the excellence of the materials used
bestowed on them by our expert mil- Birds.
trimmed with black velvet and ostrich
-naments and beautiful chiffon scarfs
otber high-grade Hats. of various kinds. 2.50TO
00,$18. 00 and $20.00 5
JES AT Millinery
)LLARS Ribbon.
Changeable Louiainae, 7 In.
wide, In lain taffeta, pink,
white and blue and new
n'n exclusive creations greeans, including new
nd $10.00 values. WiiFII -$50falplaid.. 60c. B3
es, Edgings and Insertings.
ainsook and cambric Embroideries Edging and Insert-l
importing houses, at about half price. REGULARiIU'j
IING WEDNESDAY ONLY AT ...................... 121-c
Wednesday - Our reglar Rc. the pound U
U. FILBERTS (pure sugar)4..................c.
3114=320 7th St0
00 a volume, or $6,000 THE LbGEND Or AN INSECT.
1e edition includes an HOw the Dsvills Darning Needle Got
of the author and a
on a London banking His Nae,
choice as the Dickens. From the New York Tribune.
ly larger, but the nun- Uncle Cyrus Hornbee had finished reading
it marks a scarcity at his Tribune. "I see that down In New Jer
0l only 118 sets in the sey they're agoin' to set the devil's darnin'
n four volumes, which needles on the skeeters," said he. "Wa.
rushed levant, wiha
silk fly leaf. tand Cic E hat ain't sech a bad Idee, to my way of
nt folio," 22%x17%. It thinking."
200 illustrations by F. "What's a devil's darning needle, Uncle
raken all in all, the Cyrus ?" asked little Nephew Ned from the
the finest specimen of a city, who was "Out on the farm for the
Lund portfolio contain- summer.
ull-page plates, dupli- "Bless my soul!" said Uncle Cyrus with
s and mounted, of the a laugh, "it ain't possible you don't know
at is priced at $1,500. what a devil's darning needle is? Wal, I
suppose that'c to be expected when I re
~e Wooing. member you were born and raised In the
city. Tomorrow we'll go down to the creek
train on at North Da- and I'll show you. one ofthm.igt_n-c
it sak dow sto auptinAsfrsetr,Igssyuko
in f rdms, whtio do' y?
placentd moint, with NehwNdkeal bu oqio
othermystriou insltkwth ye ltanfe
tnntoi2%17% yo,poaeysudntnm.Issecrw
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the fanet that.I'men gotfagremacflti'oltleis
cue.I sacm an' aladsotfo lgbosmt
Fwrot n bork gaine. oudtn
drownd in 'ar rver e sarummionbeerhd onhe raim ngo
aloe."his Tribns. Wh e that don intche ther
'uywe ' o e,yitl tiyragin ose hverdvldrin'abv th
afavor.edles onithebrighetereen sand sile. "Wa
undertand hat yu hgol li' e abeuil bar iee th myewels of
eryhat's asdil' darntng eede clte
to amebac, flloedCyboins ankd ltte cnphe Nefr thee
yearsy,owho wao "outeonothe farm"hforothe
ausng besetfoei oni- summer, h ot eol tig bu
uageid aes dup he criesrmy su! nae"ciud Uncleswt
ut b ou name?", theoa auh, got tant posue nae,th dv'sno
she movedwhaalodngit' darning needle.Hes' als caleI
upethat e we'ftoer expce wme he
ot.Hy Wooeveeamebereouaseaeceorninndeeaieedoynwhh
treld.writy. To ori el abou everyod andcee
r twanon ya ao.the everyhng.'l horyo dnet ofetem righteinac
waya dw to make himon s e sterp,. Ones dyoue knok
ame downead., Whenla hs pet tae dotn forurkthe elna
apaenlndoin e byhe and byntey come abou amorequith
a upnteqatta deeph pool in it.Ts badnorance aboy, the
woul. hat's o ether n mytew teusrdo inecththe stne,
poolan when 1 he trie tlou clibout hm
asoretpub,shing himins untild at ls es
t'ayou Artha hI'de rowned.a green th lete' tle bo etihome:
ndaodmnbu aper hstretchs. M,e wher thebbewa he s
calls me.Guessaou tol hmh aidn'cot knomohn fagbouto te
dog,t root handt seen ait. Eeyody wasn
drwndinB'rrierh wA fe huamin aftr tha thy fond
alo bjnehd in'We the letedgsuedbd n the poolemn
theyt rtght the by gdowte ands to imou
turynwed out tome te aiy draow hovrin' bv thel'ad
theurai bfrunIget the bysh oketims had an, sah had't
an ther. pasener lsenm th rgt reen they skled hid
wnerstland haw- ype godid' lknohn abatflbout nwthjes dog.n
ghtvert man isd the Thtwehe saiuhsascn time ohning brhgse
the cr. Illseakuoean itersd whieh noodlad eve ftoand
boyhknew where,l nd helmdde itsept strihe
le came Cack, floeboinkon the boy' lis,arooin' fthe wings
ear deld,f was oe ove the isih all ephomw'sun..o
aurin eide.hmpo the "On tim the oy enoied thlng abouth
ldthle critte and thesnme,"honlathne bgl
was spakigs aot. theyus.n Iefaulstennow,elflo telittle.
adIsposghmut beyutae?"iowh aot t hadueed ame the boyi's
situatimoved alough touanin needat tHe ouln't spaklur evene
gtohat.uc apomuber wl - atrh a aeh
e replied.Thedittlae oy hae ket this way ' o ae
dayt. reay yofvr a mtwhoe da.hewa aol' cetino drink. boywh
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rg ptwon hatr fn ago.heeveythin. The dit see hm the besno
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potla? ,tusjg andeepu too cry,t Thas ad broen.l To,he
would. Wat's you oesu anduthre. the soorcde int the p
bein a ight godrpp.ot, and tnhe borid to lib outh
oiy try Imyouf at soard.. r,d Wen' t'e beee bad,en home
ad imtan nae-b and Iflks aed where mther dog as lon
callswing, Gss wroe asl eem h' distknw ndn paabo the
dofre eggm4 g,hi and hn'ten t Eeyad was
taie t o eptifu maefu worry, sands wosrd cid ale tihted
of i. . ~log few dayset that thsee fupnd
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they took tthe booytaown ad soaidtsim
turned_out_tob e'Dd eoudw ts he dog n thwool?'ean
the trin runing t he by Ksh his hed and i ehd'
r. anhe paseges senth og t all. TheIthe askbedvhim
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aittl dog,rand then, wihoe ep the bigOn.
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