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'Death of Mrs. Chas. T. Richardson.
Mrs. Charles Toner Richardson, wife of
the well-known newspaper man, died last
night at Garfield Hospital after an illness
extending over about ten days. Althougli
it was known Mrs. Richardson was seriou.
ly Ill, her death came as a shock to her
friends. It was due to heart failure. Mrs.
Richardson was formerly Miss Mary White,
the daughter of James L. White of Wells
boro', Pa. She was twenty years of age,
and was married to Mr. Richardsor. Febru
ary 11 last.
Serial Christmas Tale.
Next Saturday The Star will begin the
publication of a new story--"The Life and
Adventures of Santa Claus," by L. Frank
Baum. An installment, with appropriate
illustrations, will appear every Saturday
until the completion of the story, about
Christmas. Like many of the stories by
Hans Christian Andersen, this work by Mr.
Baum is a fairy tale for children and a
parable for grown-ups.
Houses to Be Removed.
The Commissioners are endeav'oring ti
arrange for Ahe destruction and removal 01
three dilapidated old frame houses at 10:
H street northeast, which residents of thi
vicinity declare are menaces in case of fire
The houses are on the property to be ac
qtuired by the railroads for the propose<
new union station. They are v'acant, an<
Ithe building inspector says will probably
remain so. They are not dangerous struc
turally, so the building department cat
take no action. The matter has been re
ferred to the fire department, and steps wil
be taken to arrange with the owners fol
the demolition- of the structures.
"I have a large amount of laborious brain
fatiguing work to do," writes a young lady fron
Richmond, Va. " After returning from the o8ee,
have found myself so completely exhausted that:
was unable to engage in any recreation or' amuse
"I tried several expensive tonics without effect
and finally noticing an advertisement of Grape
Nuts as a food recommended to brain workers,
purchased a package and tried It. I found it ex
tremely ilaitable, and after a week's use (tw
meals of it a day) I noticed a general improve
mont in my condition, the feeling of extreme ox
hanstlon was growing less, ad strength visib;
"I bogan to put on flesh and felt ready to ente
Into the amusements of the other members of thi
family, and now, after using the food for elevel
months, I am like a new yerson. I have abeolutell
no sensation of fatigue; my brain is clear, eye
bright, skin rosy and healthy, and mny musele
have strengthened to a marked degree. I am no,
able to walk from the oSce borne, a distanee a
8% miles, up one of the steepest hilas for whiel
I ar city is famous, and to engags in any amuse
ments that may cos in my way, without aa;
sensation of extra fatigue.
"I em also using your Fostam Ices 0000 witi
excellent results. My sister-in-law. whvimes'v 3
Netmalk, Oan., writse that she cses It else
an has net sesd fom ette estasug mis
Instrument Filed for Probate '
by Attorney Woodard.
. T
Remainder of Estate, With Exception v
of $15,000, Left to Decedent's t(
Wife and Daughters. ir
The will of the late Col. Nathaniel McKay, r
which has been a matter of more than ordi- d
nary interest in legal and other circles for
several months, was filed today for probate d
with the register of wills for the District b
of Columbia. The instrument was produced
by Attorney Henry F. Woodard, who was IC
one of the three joint custodians of the will, .
and also one of the executors.
Since the death of the testator consider
able speculation concerning the provisions ti
of the instrument has been indulged in, '
some of which have been correct and some
erroncous. The substance of the instru- c,
ment has been previously published in The R
Star, and that its reports were correct is tl
substantiated by an exact copy of the will n
which follows: 14
"I, Nathaniel McKay, being ill and sick
in body, but of sound and disposing mind P
and memory, do make, publish and declare a
this my last will and testament, hereby re- t
voking all former wills by me at any time
"Item 1-I desire that my hereinafter
named executors shall pay, from the pro
cEeds of my estate, all my just debts, in
cluding funeral expenses.
Equal Portions to Wife and Daughters p
"Item 2-All the rest and residue of my
estate, real, personal and mixed, whereso- n
ever situated, and of which I shall die seized
and possessed, I give, devise and bequeath P
unto Mabel Grace McKay, Admiral Philip 6
Hichborn and Henry F. Woodard, their
heirs, executors and assigns, forever, as
trustees, in and upon the following trusts,
that is to say, that within a reasonable time a1
after my decease they shall collect n all d
outstanding claims due my estate, and shall to
also convert my real and personal property, ai
and claims receivable, into money, and from t<
the proceeds thereof they shall pay to Sam- 5;
uel E. Tatem the sum of twenty-five thou- d1
sand ($25.000) dollars, and to William Mitch- ci
ell. my devoted servant, the sum of fifteen ir
hundred ($1,500) dollars, and the rest and
residue thereafter remaining they shall di
vide into three equal parts and pay one
third thereof to my wife, Mrs. Mabel Grace h
McKay, one-third thereof to my daughter,
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Weidersheim, and the re- p
maining one-third thereof to my daughter,
Mrs. Harriet A. Kneisly.
"It is my desire and wish that the bene
ficiaries under this will shall receive and p
take their respective parts of my said es
tate absolutely and forever.
Subject to Consideration.
"The gifts, bequests and devises hereinbe
fore by me provided to be given are subject 11
to the condition that if any one of the 'ega- ti
tees, or devisees, shall question or dispute A
this my last will and testament, or bring t
any proceedings in any court, at any time,
for the purpose of breaking this my last
will and testament, the portion, or por
tions, of my estate so bequeathed and de
vised to such legatee, or devisee, shall be
given to those who do not contest this my y
last will and testament.
"I appoint as executors of this my last
will and testament Mabel Grace McKay, C
Admiral Philip Hichborn and Henry F. I
Woodard, and request that they be not re
quired to give bond.
"In testimony of all of which I have
hereunto set my hand this seventh day of
July, in the year nineteen hundred and two. si
"Signed, published and declared by Na
thaniel McKay, the above-named testator, G
as and for his last will and testament, in
the presence of us, who, at his request, and p
in his presence, and in the presence of one 1
another, have subscribed our names as wit
nesses thereto.
"Witness: H. L. FAIRBAIRN, C
"Atlantic City, N. J.
"Atlantic City, N. J. C
"Atlantic City, N. .T."
The filing of this will, it is expected, will r
be followed shortly by a contest over the
estate. in which Mrs. Jennie Pope McKay, 2
a former wife of the testator, will figure as
a principal.
Committee Appointed to Provide for
Storage of Explosives.
The Commissioners have appointed a com
mittee of District officials, including C. B. s.
Hunt. the computing engineer; Snowden p
Ashford, inspector of buildings, and Sidney
Bieber, the fire marshal, to prepare new
police regulations governing the storage g
and use of explosives in the District of
Columbia. This action was taken upon I
motion of Cal. John Biddle, the Engineerr
Commissioner, who stated that the pres- I0
ent regulations are obviously incomplete
and out of date, and that for the better a
safety of life and property new regulations
ought to be framed and adopted.
The engineer of bridges. W. I. Douglass, t
recently submitted a report to the Cam- S
missioners on the subject of explosives,
and made the following suggestions in con
nection with the proposed new regulations: a
"No blasting should be allowed within the.
thickly settled portion of the city, except s
where it is absolutely impracticable to ex- i
ecute work without it.
"When permits are issued for blasting
withIn 100 feet of a tenanted building or
public highway carrying considerable travel
the following rules should be enforced:
" 'That no more than the necessary quan
tity of explosives -for one day's work be
allowed near the site of the blasting, or
more than twenty-five pounds of dynamite
or more than fifty pounds of powder, unless
the storage of the can be effected at a
point 150 feet from the nearest tenanted
building or public highway..
" 'That all explosives be kept under lock ~
and key, and that the room or house or
place in which they are kept be marked
~"Dangerous explosives." '
"That all detonaters be separated from
the other explosives at a distance of at
least fifty feet.
"That all blasts be fired by a battery. t
~"That all dynamite shall be thawed by 1
means of a thawing kettle, or equally ef- t
ficient device, and not by close proximity
to a fire, in the common way generally
"That all work pertaining to the use of ~
explosives be executed under the direction t
of a competent inspect9r, and that all
blasts be fired at such time of day as will
least endanger the public.
"That all persons desiring to use explo
sives in a locality where careful use is es
sential to the public welfare, should exe
cute a bond, to be filed with the District au
thorities, with good and suffBcient sureties,
in the penal sumi of $1,000, and not more C
than $10,000, to save the city harmless from
any damage which results to any person by
reason of- the use of the explosives."
Eaptist Ministers' Union.
The Baptist Ministers' Union met Mon
day last in Shiloh Baptist Church, Rev.
J7. T. Clark presiding. Devotions were con
ducted by Rev. Shelton .Miller, D. D., as
sisted by Revs. James L. Pinn and Will
lam P. Gibbons. It was resolved to attend
the rededication of Rehoboth Church on 1st
street between N and 0 streets, Monday
next at 11 o'cloek a.m. Papers will be
read on that occasion by Rev. Walter B.
Brooks, Rev. B. W. Johnson, Rte. Geo. W.
Lee, Rev. 3. 8. Dent and Rev. James L.
It was announced that the msembers of
Bhiloh Chirth'wU0gie& E zn= to the
nun*=tows aM thalt oie n e De
'air and Cool To*ight and Fri
Forecast till 8 p.m. Friday-Por the Dis
'ict of Columbia. Delaware, Maryland and
irginia, fair and cooler tonight and Fri
ay; fresh westerly winds.
Weather conditions and general forecast
he Mississippi valley low of Wedneday
iorning is central $hi* morning in the
wer lake region. A second depression ap
ears to be moving easterly over the north
.n plateau region. The area of high
ressure that has covered the northeast for
ie last week is gradually giving away un
er the influence of the ,advancing low.
reseure Is relatively high In the middle
[issouri valley.
Rain has fallen in the middle Mississippi
alley, the lake region, the Ohio valley, the
>uth and middle Atlantic states and In
rrlor of New England. There has also been
tin on the Pacific coast, and snow or rain
North Dakota and Montana.
It Is warmer this morning In the middle
tlantic and New England states. Lower
!mperatures prevail in the upper lake
sgion and thence southwesterly to the igid
le Mississippi valley.
It will be fair tonight and Friday in all
lstricts, except the lower lake region and
urthern New York, where rain will proba
ly continue tonight.
It will be cooler In the Ohio valley, the
wer lake region and the middle Atlantic
ates tonight, and cooler Friday In the
iddle Atlantic states and the northern
Drtion of the south Atlantic states.
Brisk northwest to west winds will con
nue tonight in the lower lake region, dl
tinishing Friday; along the middle Atlan
c coast the winds will shift to brisk north
esterly tonight; on the south Atlantic
oast mostly fresh south to southwest
Inds will prevail; on the east gulf coast
ie winds will be light and variable to-.
ght, becoming northeasterly Friday.
Storm warnings are displayed on the
wer lakes.
Steamers departing today for European
:rts will have fresh southerly, shifting to
esterly winds and occasional showers to
ie Grand Banks.
Records for Twenty-Four Hours.
The following were tihe readings of the
hermoineter and barometer at the weather
ureau for the twenty-four hours beginning
t 2 p.m. yesterday:
Thermometer-November 5, 4 p.m., 64; 8
.m., 61; 12 midnight, 57. November 6, 4
.m., 57; 8 a.m., 58; 12.noon, 68; 2 p.m., 68.
Minimum, 69, at 3 p.m., Nqvember 5;
iinimum, 56, at 6 a.m., November 6.
Barometer-November 5i 4 p.m., 30.11; 8
.m., 30.10; 12 midnight, 30.06. November
4 a.m., 30.02; 8 a.m., 30.00; noon, 29.96; 2
.m.. 29.94.
Condition of the Water.
Temperature and condition of the water
8 a.m.: Great Falls, temperature, 56; con
tion. 33; Dalecarlia reservoir, tempera
ire, 54; condition at north connection, 36;
)ndition at south connection, 24; George
>wn distributing reservoir, temperature,
; condition at influent gatehouse, 19; con
ition at effluent gatehouse, 22; Washington
ty reservoir, temperature, 56; condition at
fluent, 36; condition at effluent, 36.
Tide Table.
Today-Low tide, 6:00 a.m. and 6:03 p.m.;
Igh tide, 11:43 a.m.
Tomorrow-Low tide, 6:40 a.m. and 6:49
m.; high tide, 12 m. and 12:25 p.m.
The Sun and Moon.
Today--Sun rises, 6:35 a.m.; sun sets, 4:53
Moon sets, 10:02 p.m.
Tomorrow-Sun rises, 6:36 a.m.
The City Lights.
The city lights and naphtha lamps all
ghted by thirty minutes after sunset; ex
nguishing begun one hour before sunrise.
11 arc and incandescent lamps lighted fif
en minutes after sunset and extinguished
>rty-flve minutes before sunrise.
Brookland-John A. Massie to Emily B.
Toodward, lot 7, block 21; 4100.
Florence court northeast between F and
streets-Maurice P. Evans t Chas. t.
,uehay, lots 80, 81, 82,.square 1061; $10.
Bloomingdale-Francis A. Blundon et al.
William J. Leishear, lot 72, block 3; $10.
L street northeast between 6th and 7th
;reets-Eugene A. Jones, trustee, to Alvin
Belt, lot 196, square 855; $10. Alvin G.
elt conveys same property to Peter M.
alvin; $10.
No. 445 H street northwest-George P.
litt et ux. to Sabine Berman, west half lot
), square 517; $10.
Eckington-Harry J. Mattern et ux. to
harles Gersdorff, lot 23, block 22; $10.
Fifth street southeast between A and B
treets-Thomas Walker et al., trustees, to
eorge F. Collins, part lot 13, square 818;
Pleasant Plains and Lemar's outlet-Har
et E. Brown to Sarah F. Spear, lot 63; $1.
Beall street northwest between 26th and
th streets-George W. Casilear et ux. to
aphael A. Casilear, part lot 108, In Beall's
ddition to Georgetown; $10.
Massachusetts avenue northwest between
th and 7th streets-George E. Hamilton et
I., trustees, to Edward D. Wagstaff, half
iterest In part original lot 3, sqiuare west
f484; $4,185.06.
West Eckington-H. R. Howenstein to
nnie A. Stroh. lot 67, square 4; $4,500.
K street northwest between 24th and 25th
treets-James O'Day to Anthony McHale,
art original lot 18, square 28; $10.
Petworth-Annie E. Paxson to Herbert
ewis, lots 25 and 26, square 40: $10. ~Alice
.Lusk to Henry P. Werres, lot 34, square
2; $10.
Holmead Manor--Margaret E. Maxwell to
eonora Richmond, lot 57, block 45: $10.
Addition to Brookland-Thomas G. Car
lick et al., trustees, to Abram W. Harris,
y ts 4 ands 5, block 43; 3620.
Twenty-first street northwest between M
nd N streets-Eliza C. Hutchinson to
mma H. McConnville, lot 50, square 70;
Ingleside-H. Rozier Dulany et al., trus
ees, to William H. Rohrer, lot 24, block 4;
0 street northwest between 16th and 17th
treets-Benjamin S. Minor et al., trustees,
3 Joseph Auerbach, lot 88, square 181;
P street northwest between 31st and 32d
treets--Louisa V. Robinson et al. to Bertha
.Robinson, lot B in Beall's addition to
leorgetown; $10.
K street southwest between 6th and 7th
treets--John Burke et ux. to Rose Col
nan. lot 30. square 471; $10.
D street southwest between 1st and 2d
treets-Dennis Sliea to Patrick Smyth,
art original lot 1, square 580; $1,500.
Granby-Irving Wi-lliamson et al., trus
ees. to Elizabeth Walsh, lot 41; $3,978.
Konument Boiess Supplied With
Small Amount ot Coa.
It will doubtlesd delight Washington
Ight-seers to learn that of the small
mount of coal that' tricMes Into Washing
nn Col. Bingham, snperinutendent of public
ulldings and grouinds, Is catching enough
n enable him to run the elevator In the
Yashington monument Friday and Satur
ay of each week. To an inquiring Star re
orter Col. Binghasn jocularly explained
hat for some time he ha4 debated the ad
isability of burning greenbacks in the
monument furnaces, as.the price of coal, if
niade "up in one-dollaa oertificates, would
ave about equaled the caloric value of the
oal itself. There Is nomy a small margin
favor of the black.diamond, however, and
n taking from the ieomning supply enough
sal to run the monumntlevater two days
s the week Col. Bingham thinks he will
eot deprive the rest of Washington of a
ery perceptible amount of heat.
T10ON, OR ANT AflM tadising
fre.n a week or stmeb a be
tuekl,ee an aua eussd bir the e
of Heeteatter a Stelmeb Bittess. It has a
record of Iftyre * seeh cures back of
andee * erefre urge eey 5 rer -te
tit. It wIn e eb.~ebehbaa
eur PI ATE UTAEeme the seek etf the
3'""" A rubber tree does not
RUBBER reach its fullest maturity un
RamiON. til from ten to fifteen years
old. A small amount of
sap can be secured from a
cultivated tree at the end of
the sixth year, but this only
with the danger of depreciat
ing the value of the tree.
We have 6,ooo,ooo fully ma
tured trees to start with and
millions more growing into
maturity each year. The
rubber to be obtained from
the Casiquiare region is of
the very highest quality
known commercially, as
Para native labor is to be
had in great abundance and
very low cost. Call at Para
Rubber Plantation Co., Of
fice, Room 45, Home Life
Spencer Trask & Co.
27 & 29 Pine St., New York
Members New York Stock Zebaap.
Matthews & Co.
1413 G ST.
J. S. Bache & Co.,
Court of Appeals-Present, the Chief Jus
tice, Mr. Justice Morris and Mr. Justice
1247-The Bark Shetland agt. Johnson et
al.; continued.
1244-Tubman agt. B. and O. Railroad
Company et al.; motion to dismiss appeal
submitted by Mr. F. D. McKenney in su,M
port of motion and by Mr. W. A. Meloy in
opposition thereto; appellant allowed five
days to file brief on motion.
1231-Payne, Postmaster General, agt. U.
S. ex rel. the National Railway Publishing
Company, and No. 1232, Payne agt. U. S.
ex rel. the Railway List Company; argu
ment commenced by Mr. H. H. Glassie for
1206-Dabney agt. Dabney: concurring
opinion by Mr. Chief Justice Alvey.
1196-Talty agt. District of Columbia; writ
of error dismissed with costs, opinion by
Mr. Justice Shepard.
1207-Boering agt. Chesapeake Beach
Railway Company; judgmcnt affirmed with
costs, opinion by Mr. Justice Shepard.
1228-Norman agt. United States; judg
ment affirmed, opinion by Mr. Justice
-Willard agt. Cook et al.; petition for
allowance of special appeal granted.
1211-Columbia Railway Company agt.
Cruit; judgment affirmed with costs, opin
lon by Mr. Justice Morris.
1212-Washington National Building and
Loan Association agt. Fiske; decree affirm
ad with costs, opinion by Mr. Justice Morris.
Equity Court No. 1-Justice Hagner.
Mitchell agt. Mitchell; divorce a vin.
mat. granted. Marshall agt. Marshall; do.
Waggaman agt. McNalley; pro confesso
against, defendants granted. Same agt.
Vinson; do. Same agt. Dank; do. May
agt. May; divorce a vin. mat. granted.
Davis agt. Davis; commission ordered to
issue. White agt. Glover; time to take
proof extended fifteen days. Shires agt.
Shires; E. B. Hay and A. E. L. Leckie ap
pointed receivers. Krunbine agt. Roberts;
rule on defendant returnable November 13
granted. Anderson agt. Anderson; on
hearing. Schley agt. Schley; testimony be
fore A. H. Semmes, examiner, ordered
taken. Garrison agt. Sanders; appearance
of absent defendants ordered. Levi agt.
Lane; deposit in lieu of appeal bond al
lowed. Haywood agt. O'Donnell; decree for
release granted. Henderson agt. Stock
well's heirs; appearance of absent defend
ants ordered.
Bankruptcy Court-Justice Hagner.
In re Orme Bros.; reference to E. S. Mc
Calmont, ordered.
Circuit Court No. 1-Chief Justice Bingham.
Detrick agt. Watson et al.; judgment by
default. Blick agt. Metropolitan Railroad
Company; on trial.
Criminal Court No. 1-Justice Anderson.
United States agt. Constent L. Jones,
housebreaking and larceny; defendant with
draws plea not guilty and pleads guilty;
sentenced to jail for ten months. United
States agt. Joseph Munster, John T. Phil
lips and Edward Phillips, highway robbery;
verdict not guilty each. United States agt.
Edw. Phillips. highway robbery; nolle
pros. United States agt. Pebk Adams, as
sault to rape; on trial. Unit.ed States agt.
Hattie Williams. larceny from the person;
verdict not guilty. United States agt:
Hughes Cole, housebreaking; defendant
withdraws plea not guilty and pleads
guilty; sentence suspended. United States
agt. James Bradley, larceny; verdict guilty;
sentenced to West Virginia penitentiary for
two years. United States agt. William Car
roll, carnal knowledge; defendant arraigned
and pleaded guilty; sentenced to West Vir
ginia penitentiary for ten years.
Criminal Court No. 2-Justice Barnard.
Heling agt. Dowd; verdict for defendant.
Donaldson agt. Uhlfelder; on trial. John
son agt. American Home Life Insurance
Company; verdict for plaintiff for $150.
Probate Court-Justice Barnard.
Estate of John Thompson; order of sale.
Estate of Frank T. Browning; cause refer
red to auditor. In re Lulu Thompson; or
der of allowance. Estate of Edward Ko
sack; letters of administration granted to
Laura Kosack; bond, $100. Estate of Irene
V. Stinemetz; petition for letters of admin
istration filed. Estate of Benj. H. Duvall;
order continuing trial of issues until No
vember 12. Estate of Nathaniel McKay;
will dated July 7, 1902, filed. Estate of
John Cameron; exemplified copy of will
filed with petition for probate. Estate of
Mary E. Gwathmey; order of. publication.
Estate of Catherine M. W. Martin; order of
publication. In re Eleanor L. Wright; dep
ositions filed. Estate of Henry Jarvis, sr.;
letters of administration granted to Chas.
M. Jarvis; bond, $600. Estate of Hattie
Baum; will dated August 27, 1902, riled.
Estate of Edward H. Breckinridge; proof
of publication. Estate of Mary G. Niles;
petition for probate of will filed. Estate of
Frank T. Browning; answer filed. Estate
of Thomas S. Barbour; will dated Septem
ber 15, 1902, filed.
Xarriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses have been issued to the
White-William A. Rux of Norfolk, Va.,
and Julia T. Goode, Winchester, Va.; Pen
dieton B. Mayhugh of Greewich, Va., and
L,ula C. Jenkins, -Warrenton. Va.; Samuel
W. Greenfield and Lida. W. Kerby, both of
city; A. H. Kersting and Nellie Burges,
both of city; Paul D. Cook and Rebecca 3.
Jones, both of city.
ColoredM-ames H. Thomas. city, and
Georgiana Jiones, city; Benjamin Bond,
city, and Mary Ella Cutch, city; John Al
bert Cary, Barboursville, Vs., and Amanda
Allen, city; Oliver Enell and Lillian Black
ston, both city; Chasn. Howard and Jane
Walker, both city; John Manaky and May
Margaret iva, both 'city; Phillip Broek.
and Martha Poindexter, both city; George
N. Addison hAd Mabel E. Gibson, both city.
Deaths in the District.
The following deaths were reported at
the health offRee during the twenty-four
hours ending at noon today:
Mrs. Annie M. Roberts, eighty-one years;
Eugene McCarthy, eventy-tbreee years;
Henry Brock, seety-two sawsl addget
Cudmee. sixty-tve years; 1eaaun Mo
heOugh, K W070 yeas: ipsd$n
-troms Hor-nin at the
-lowrateof 8per cent, and
-pyback as you please.
aum you want.
-wheneser you want it.
-n diamonds, watches and rJewlry
-eand household goods in storage.
-Private offices in an omce bD
9th and Pa. Asa.
Horning, 'esa
Real Estate. Loans, Investments. Insurance,
1408 N.Y. Ave., Bond Bldg.
The owner of property is relieved
of every care of it when we take its
management. We take entire charge
-and turn over to him the biggest
profit the property is capable of
We want more desirable houses to
rent. Our list of vacants is working
right down, through our constant efforts
In the right direction to rent the houses
to desirable tenants. nod-40d
and TO HOLD.
Savings may be accumulated to
greatest advantage by opening a de
posit account with the banking de
partment of UNION TRUST &
n.w. 2% per annum interest paid
on monthly balances.
JAMES G. PAYNE....1st Vice President.
GEO. E. HAMILTON..2d Vice President.
Attorney and Trust Officer.
GEO. U.FLEMING.........Secretary.
CHA1RbiS S. BRADLEY..Treasurer.
HARRY O. WILSON....Asst. Treasurer.
-We have a number of good tenants
waiting for houses that rent for $25
to $50 per month.
-Owners who list their houses with us will
get the most profit out of their property because
we rent houses to permanent, prompt-paying
JAS. M. GREEN, 1336 N. Y. Ave.,
Real Fetate, Loans, Insurance, Investments.
Carl Auerbach, deposits
Ale. S. Clarke.
Michael J. Colbert,
Anthony Gaegler, earn interest
o. C. Lewis.
8. Dana Linccln,
Francis mIller. at the
m e aMiller,
Henry Turray,
John II. Ruppert, rate
Th. F. Sa Eel.
James F. SLea. of
John Shnigh rne. f. .
p it
Commercial accounts received.
Dinome Savings Bank,
The Equitable Build
ing Association is 23
years old. Years have
poics a building association en
servative principles should make
them. There has never been a dol
lar of loss.
The association is conducted for
the profit of its shareholders-and
the man who can invest $2-50 or any
multiple of $2-50 a month places it to
its best advantage when he invests in
Equitable shares.
Equitable Co-Operative
Building Association,
1003 F, Equitable Bldg.
-Deposit your spare money in a
SAVINGS account George 11H Ot
1. 0. Kimball,
and it will earn 3% W.ltonLmet
I N T E RE S T oan Br* " leman, is-.
E. Quincy Smith.
nually.im a
$1 opens a savings ac-ount.
Savings Bank,
Bond Bldg., 14th &N.Y. Av.
- as me Issued by the
Wash*n Losa n Wash'n Real Es
any whtaih tate C on p a ny,
co,m""a", -as "1321" F st. nl.w.
~~.~1.~."t $100oand $500 Gold
x it Debentures.
NOTES on Washington City real
flONEY AT 4Yzand 5%
Pvmmptly leaned as veal ate in the
District et Columbia. lOWEST COMMIEO3eg.
Hleiskell & McLeran,
asSl-V-e - 3' of . u.w.
# or Sate-150,00O.0O 1et
Building Association.
Another Reduction of Interest
Charged to Borrowers.
edag the feurth eonesendve reduction during ea
retree of budness in twenty-one years., beengh
about by the changing circumstanees of time. on
al loans mow being made we are only charging a
(W per cent. and a uniform cbarge of $10.00 for ep.
penses. Thee terms, in connection with the peigs.
leg, of paring of or of reducing the loan at any
time. make oar lsase the eheapest and mast mn.
Our monthly statement for August of this Veo
showed: Assets. S.30.615.16. LtabllltIes. $2.3t .
14.87. Surplus. $111.320.20.
All advances are secured by Sret deed of tre4
on desirably located real estate. Inside the Die.
trict of Columbia. We make beilding loan and
charge interest only as the money is used, and nil
on the whole advance until it is all taken. thbt
saving considerable during the construction. in ad
tition to the interest on the loan we rdqutre such
raymente on the advances as are convenient fto
the member to pay in reduction of the debt.
We are paying a dividend of $10.000 or mie
every month as prodts to members on their sob.
We pay 4 per cent per annum,
Payable quarterly. We take any amount from $1.0
to 85.000 from any one member. Altho-gb 1re eaa
require a notice for money to be withdrawn. ord1.
narily we pay on demand. Active business ae.
rounts are not desired. but we allow a member IS
withdraw money once or twice monthly.
We cannot impree, too strongly on the citizena
of Washingt.n toe Importance of saving money,
to be ready for an emergency or for a more adva.
tageonsa investment. And we regard the Perpetual
as the best medium yet offered for saving money
and earning interest thereon. being the largest in.
stitution of the kind In the District. and the no"
OFFICE. C08 11TH sr.
ANDREW GLAS. Preident.
JOHN COOK. Secretary. ocl-tf
First Co=operative
Building Associam
tion of Georgetown
1325 32d Street.
Buys a Paid-Up Share,
paying 4% interest from date of des
Invest your idle money with us.
Deposits subject to call
GEO. W. KING, Treas.
Home Title
Insurance Co.,
Equity Building,
317-319 4Y Street N. W.
Examines & Insures Titles
Judson T. Cull, Prest.,
Nath'l Carusi, Vice Prest.,
George S. King, Sec'y,
Samuel Cross, Treas.
Jesse H. Wilson. John C. Weedoa,
Jackson H. Ralaton. Fillmore Beal,
John P. Hlntel. Fred't L. Siddon,
Mason N. Richardson. C. Clinton James,
Vincent A. Shechy. Harvey T. Winfield.
oc2-tf Francis H. Stephens.
The National Safe Deposit,
Savings and Trust
Capital: One ilIlion Dollars
Pays Interest on deposits.
Rents safes inside Burglar-proof Vanits.
Acts an Administrator. Executor Trustee. Ae.
The American Building
and Loan Association.
'Phone 2026. 007 0 street. B a.m, to 5 p.m.
S Interest Paid on
se30-3m,20 W. 3. FRIZELL. Secretary.
W. B. Hiibbs & Co.,
1419 F Street.
4% and 5%
.elS-tf-1d 10th and V ste. n..
The Mutual Life Insurance
Company of New York,
Richard A. McCurdy. President.
3narantees a Axed thcome for life. whicb ineoms
is protected hy over three hundred and fifty-wo
millions of asets, which have accumulated Ia a
successful businesa experience of hifty-nine yea.
For particulars address
Manager for District of Columbia.
No. 1835 V at. n.w..
becond story, front room. Telephone. Main 1135,
Enterprise Serial
Building Association.
I. H. Shea..Treaeer ly paymetsm [am
DIRECT 8S an time In eat en
No3 onal.3 Koa~ a o. and iee i .
as. n~ts. amsned oole . charaged. Expmma
SCEARY' PFIOS, 60 LoIana ave.
Or W--HU-O0E. D. O.
Capital, s500,000.
ENGLAND. IWe.Amn. FR.UIV Age Uamm Nr.

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