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Ojpera GILasses
a nH a l P rice
- This stock embraces the very finest makes of
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Dro Ao L. HOOD9
stelberg's, 935 Penina. Ave.
==At McKnew's.
Suits-Coats-Furs-W aests. .,
HE great care we have taken to assemble a collection of j
fashionable Suits and Coats that would be absolutely free
R Afrom inferiority-that would be distinctly and exclusively
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ciated by lovers of the good and worthful. We are
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-- A superb line of Fur Scarfs at $4.50 up.
A Pretty Flannel Wrappers in red and grays, $5.50. '
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liantine Waists.
-- A very exclusive line of the newest Parisian Corsets-our own +
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Wm. H. McKiew, 933 Pa. Ave.
O 4
Tman Fiish
Es SiMPly Suprb
The only way to be
sure your collars,
cuffs and shirts are
laundered with the
Tolman Finish is to
SCail a Mu.itual Messeniger F~REE
or write a postal or 'phlonie for a
Swagon to calll regulAarlly ffor your
~ laundry bundle. -
2 Lace Curtains and Blankets
are best laundered
when laundered in the
I ~Toliman way.
jThe Tolman~ Laundry,I
AppUJly PostL1I elegraph1L 57Eat
~~ ffB. & Hl-.
Oil Heaters.
Boys.Gas Radiators.
Office,C. A. Muddiman & Co.
1345Pa. ve. 616 12th st. 1204 0 st.
Hair Goods at Half Price. ad in~
Swtnsat... i.)-formerlr $.0O.
Gras Switeba.....44.IO-formsrir W6.50
Grap swaeb.. .. ..0orem.rt ISa.
Imperial Hair Dje, $x.a25-=T RB
r..- s5rZmemAt Mosderate. Prices. ar t
satiumal ~ .o.-UaatE .Prvas w- alrat' ng~JI
~.m m uivuHandpainted4
CH - sNA
At Mderae Nrces
Sherat'. "||""
Established a Century Ago.
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siee are showing many exclu
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ated by those who admire tasteful originality.
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~PEERP [email protected] IIII FRS
8 ~ 17-819-821-823 I )NeYokuresanim
Yeventh Street N. W.,thsteoronceioito-mk
Y Between H and I Sts.asotetoFusinJFwiar
EAlterIng and Relahgmdele4vsism MSdiiI
lUster's Dentifrice Sk u ~~g
Paste or oe"o" hea" hiten *
ayarr e t e gu fir
Powderh.fa"t", *Bei"g free
Form, 25c.2caspr in fSyiha
o tAkyour druggistsgrtlreud t
The W.S. Thomipson tatv.NwTio-aeEt.~
Pharmacy, 703 15th St. C.tiblI130
no 8FRANK C. HENRY, Prdb~.*,h
"DOWNE"~ -
-are r~eonie s theA Sns for bs
DOWNEY'S b'.lete
HoY4r Herms,144
rooms, to ~ whcoration
the Weddings Set for the
Oog Week.
T= ssA ON.
Fe.stivities for the Debutante. Are a
Karked aeature-The Din
ner Dance.
Several pretty weddings will mark the
coning week, that of Miss Ellen Hodge and
Dr. G. W. W. Brewster of Boston being set
for Tuesday. Owing to the recent death of
the bride's father the affair will be very
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J: Tobias of 1429 Q
street have issued invitations to the ma'
riage of'their daughter, Miss Mary Wood
Tobias, to Mr. Edwin M. Eshleman of this
city. The ceremony will take place Tt.esday
evening next at 8 o'.lock, at the home of
the bride's parents, with Rev. Dr. MacLeod
of the First Presbyterian Church officiating.
Miss Mercy Fridy of Pennsylvania will at
tend the bride, and Dr. Henry W. Tobias,
brother of the bride, will act as best man.
A reception will follow the ceremony.
The marriage of Miss Mary Alice Lar
combe and Mr. Blait Burwell Stringfellow
takes place Wednesday at 1 o'clock and will
be followed by a reception at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Larcombi on street.
Miss White- of Richmond and Misi Cooper
of.Jacksonville will be bridesmaids anrl Mr.
James Stringfellow will be the best man.
Another middle-of-the-day wedding of Wed
nesday will be that of Miss Rosebud S. Har
rington, daughter of Colonel and Mrs. F. H.
Harrington, U. S. M. C.. to Captain N. H.
Hall. The ceremony will take place at St.
Joseph's Church. Miss Florence Isabel
Polkinhorn and Mr. Philip G. Afdieck will
be married Wednesday night, at the M tr
politan M. E. Church at 8 o'clock. Miss
Blanche Polkinhorn will be maid of honor
and the Misses Grace Butler, Pene Anaer
son, Lenora Courts and Mary Lutz of th!s
city and Miss Soper of New York and Miss
Stafford of Philadelphia will be brides
maids. Dr. Henry A. Polkinhorn will be best
man and the following will serve as ushers:
Messrs. Kirk Glover, Otis Wood. Lawton
Norwood, Henry W. Samson, Frank Fletch
er of this city and Mr. George Sheetz of
Winchester, Va. The couple will reside at
the Sherman, where they will be at home
Thursdays, January 8 and 22.
Considerable social activity is already to
ae observed, although, with few exceptions,
nformality reigns and points to the time
when that most enjoyable feature will be
acking and more outward pomp and cir
!umstance will take its place. The debu
ante season will open around Thanksgiv
ng day, and will continue throughout De
,ember. The buds will be the special at
:ractions of the entire winter, for, in addi
:ion to several series of dancing parties
tlready organized, a set of dinner dances is
ilso projected.
The dinners are to occur at residences
tnd the diners are to meet later for the
lance in the large ball room at Rauscher's.
several of these events will occur during
he winter. With the dates of the Bach
>lor's cotillions, the probable reorganiza
ion of the Century and other successes of
ast winter, that were held at the New
Willard, there Will be a great abundance of
:hese-the most joyfully anticipated occa
iions of the season. The hostesses of some
)f the Christmas week balls will be Mrs.
Bloomer, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Charles Sey
nour and Mrs. Postlethwaite, and all these
tffa,rs will be given at Rauscher's.
Mrs. Diehl, wife of Commander Diehl of
he United States navy, has returned from
Surope and is at the New Willard, where
the will remain until she opens her house.
Mrs. Cowles. wife of Commander Cowles,
ias returned to Washington.
Mrs. Shaw, wife of Secretary Shaw, has
'eturned from her trip to Seattle.
Mr. Cambon has nearly every. day of his
stay in this country engaged-by a farewell
hospitality from his large circle of friends
In private and public life. Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas F. Walsh will give a dinner in his
honor on November 14, and the following
lay Senator Depew and Mr. James H.
Hyde will give a banquet for the retiring
ambassador in New York. Mr. Cambon re
turns to France the last of this month, and
a month may elapse before the arrival of
his successor.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Kaufman and Miss
Kaufman have invitations out for Tuesday
evening. November 18, 8 to 11, at 719 D
street southeast. Mrs. Kaufman will re
:eive the Thursdays in December.
The young son of the British ambassador,
who has been with the children of Mr. and
hirs. Cornelius Vanderbilt at Newport
3inde coming to this country, is now here
with his parents.
Mrs. E. G. H. Slater of this city is visit
ing her sister. Mrs. Safe, at Newport, hay
ng lately returned from Europe.
After ca year's absence Mr. and Mrs. S.
kinot Jones have returned to this city and
ire occupying their Massachusetts avenue
The German ambassador, whose name
tow heads the diplomatic list as the dean
f the corps, is still in Europe, but is ex
pected back shortly, probably by the time
longress reassembles. The coming French
ambassador, M. Jusserand, will be at the
and of the ambassadorial contingent, a.fter
ais presentation. The Russian ambassador
returned to town- several weeks ago, and
the Countess Casuini will be here in a few
lays, being on the sea now. Mr. Pierre
Rogestvensky has been advanced from at
tache to second secretary. His marriage
with Miss Martha Hoy of this city has been
met for January, and will take place in the
Russian Church in New York. The Mexi
:an ambassador, Mr. Aspiros, has also had
his embassy home open for several weeks,
his daughter, Mine., de Perez, doing the
honors for him. Mr. and Mrs. Godoy of the
tmbassy are back at their'15th street home.
Captain and ~Mrs. Barron are shortly ex
pected to return from Mexico.
The Italian ambassador, Signor Mayor des
Planaches, and wife hope to inaugurate their
sospitalities by a series of weekly recep
tions this winter. There are several new
mecretaries appointed to the Italian em
massy, which will soon take a prominent
place in the foreign circle.
The British ambassador is described in the
liplomatic list as "the Right Honorable Sir
hfIchael H. Herbert, K. Q., M. G. C. B.,
imassador, -envey and plenipotentiary,"
and his wife -as "the Honorable Lady Her
ort." Pending the repairs at the embassy,
he Herbert. are at the New Willard.
The Peruvian legation is at 1701 Massa
shttsetts avenue, and Miss Adelina Calde
on, eldest daughter of the minister and
lfme. Calderon, will make her formal de-.
set this seasomi
The minister of Haiti and Mime. Leger
have their two young nieces, also debu
anteu, with thm .this winter, the Misses
The Spanish ministe'r. Don Emilio de
3J4da, will not be Joined by his wife and
~amfly the coming winter, as, his daughter
will. be presented at the court of Madrid.
ftiefpanish legatiopt remnains in the N(oble
louse, on Massachusetts avenne.
The Cuban legation addi another foreign
some to the list. Mr. Onesada and family
are comfortably establishan at 1606 16th
tet. The Cuanigation a w. er.
al1bornos, and their faif wate with them
vleve Bte. preddsat Mi inie Selby,
vi s peis6t, and MI u aie Brassan,
swetary and treasurer. Thsy also vO a
tfl straw rVWe tp, ya ile ist
Games and dancing were indulged
in until midnight. after which a supper
was erved. Anig these who took the
Journey were the Misses Edna Taelsr, Ges
svieve Rice, Minnie Setby, Rose Baier, Ada
Coels, Violet Speacer. Marie Rice'and the
Misses Bromian. and Messrs. Geo. Benebert,
Frank Pollock, Taylor Curren. Fred Rice.
James Powers, Charles. Venable. William
M enuie. Charles Sneli. Vernon and R!ch
Mrs. Charles W. Pierce and Miss Pierce
have returned to the Portner for the win
- A pleasant reunion was held last evening
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. William
F. Falvey, 630 19th street northeast, the oc
caslon being in hner of Miss Ddrothy
Drew. After supper the entire party wit
nessed the play. The others present were
Mr. and Mrs. William F. .Falvey. Mrs. M.
Blake Mrs. Moekbee, Miss Elisabeth Moek
bee. Mr. and Mrs. Louis G. Frankau, the
Misses Falvey and Master William Falvey.
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tarbell's house on
Oak avenue, Takoma Park. was the scene
of a pleasant party of friends Thursday
evening. During the evening Mr. Galhier
played the mandolin, accompanied by Miss
Collins on the piano. Dancing was indulged
In until a late hour, after which refresh
ments were served. There were present
Mr. and Mrs. Tarbell, Mrs. C. C. Yeabower,
Miss Mamie Day of Garrett Park, Md.; Miss
Ella Greer, Miss Margaret Mohler, Miss
Margariette Collins, Mr. Galhier, Mr. Ar
thur Orpin, Mr. John Yeabower, Mr. James
,Haney, Mr. Haydn, Mr. Charles Gororn,
and Mr. Herbert Hardesty.
The Young People's Union of the People's
Church held its last meeting Friday evening
at the home of Mrs. Jennie L. Munroe, 150
A street northeast. After the business meet
ing the remainder of the evening was spent
in playing charades. The society then ad
journed to meet on November 14 with Mrs.
Bisbee, 113 G street northwest. Among
those present were Mrs. Alexander Kent,
Mrs. George R. Davis, Mrs. Jennie L. Mun
roe, Mrs. Katherine Holmes, Mrs. Anna
Shackleton, Mrs. Frances Upperman. Mrs.
C. H. Greathouse, Misses Flora Raymond.
Katie Potter, Myra Speer, Annie Goebel,
Beulah Parsons, Marie Siemers, Stella Wil
son and Gertrude Metcalf, Dr. Alexander
Kent, Dr. Holmes, and Messrs. Buck Teeter,
George Shibley. Herbert Warren, A. Upper
man, George R. Davis, Arthur Abbott and
Alfred Wild.
Mr. A. R. Spofford and Miss Spofford have
returned to their town house, 1621 Massa
chusetto avenue. Miss Helen Nicolay will
be with them during the winter.
Mrs. Greely has opened her house after
an extended stay in the White Mountain
region. Miss Greely is back from a long
visit to the Pacific coast, and her sister,
Miss Adola Greely, has brought home for a
few days one of her Bryn Mawr friends,
Miss Nathalie Fairbank of Chicago.
Mrs. Frederick G. Berger delightfully en
tertained the ladies of the Peirce Guild yes
terday, the first meeting of the season. Ar
rangements were completed for the annual
luncheon and sale to be given at Masonic
Temple the first week In December. The
following officers were elected for the en
suing year: President, Mrs. W. H. Bayly;
vice presidents, Mrs. J. C. Pennie, Mrs. J.
A. Swope; treasurer, Mrs. W. H. Hoeke;
secretary, Mrs. A. B. Browne.
Miss Leila M. Wilson has returned from
Boston and with her aunt, Mrs. Lucy Page
Stelle, is located at 1220 Connecticut avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fairfield are at Mrs.
Frank Randolph's, Keswick, Va., where
they are enjoying the Keswick Hunt Club.
Mr. Fairfield, who is connected with the
coast and geodetic survey, expects to sail
for Manila December 1. Mrs. Fairfield
will return to her Washington home, but
will join Mr. Fairfield in the Philippines
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Kaufimann have
closed their country house on the Military
road and have returned to their 16th street
home for the winter.
..ast Thursday evening a dance was given
at the home of Mr. Herman Burgess of
Hyattsville. Those present were Mr. and
Mrs. Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. Machen, Mr.
and Mrs. Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Grady, Mr.
and Mrs. Conradis, Miss Lizzie Burgess,
Miss Effie Morrison, Miss Gilhen, Miss
Hobson, Mrs. Fenton, Miss Lula Mobley,
Miss Lillie Mobley, Mrs. Susie Sherman,
Mr. Lavender, Mr. Gary, Mr. Collins, Mr.
Fenton, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. L. Conradis, Mr.
Mobley, Mr. Otto Hochschild, Mr. Niel
Bailey, Mr. Tanner and Messrs. Eugene
and Elmer Burgess.
Lieutenant Commander Holman Vail, U.
S. N., and Mrs. Vail have leased 1908 I
street for the winter.
The Columbia Heights Art Club, with
full attendance of members, met Thursday
at the Portner, Mrs. Stokes. hastess for the
day. After a preliminary by Mrs. Schnei
der, she announced Mrs. Eveltn Clark
Morgan, chairman of the day. Miss Red
way's report, the treasurer's statement,
parliamentary drill by Mrs. Tower, topic
of the day, "Orators and Statesmen of
Constitutional France," by Mrs. John Hyde,
had a ring of Interest and business energy.
The responses to roll call brought out many
additional items of value to the essayist's
fine paper. Discussion on Educational
Methods, a disertation on Mirabeau, ended
the regular order of the day. Miscella
neous reading by Mrs. Stokes gave a bit of
merriment to the meeting. Music, "Bache
nie's Minuet," by Mrs. Seip; encore, a spi
rited selection. The guests of the club were
Mrs. Furgeson and Mrs. Hunter. Mrs. Dar
ris was announced as the hostess next
Thursday. Mrs. J. L. MgCreery was elect
ed a member of the club. The feast of
reason and flow of soul" ended with the
dainty refreshments served by the hostess.
Mrs. Ellen E. Ison has -returned to Wash
ington for the winter and is at 1204 Massa
chusetts avenue.'
Last Tuesday at Fort Myer, Va.. Miss
Amy Law and Mr. George F. Ormosby were
married by the chaplain of that post. Capt.
Charles S. Pierce, UT. S. A. Mr. and Mrs.
Ormsby are now on a trin to North and
South Carolina. The bride is a great-grand -
daughter of Thomas Law, one of the orig
inal owners of Washington.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Tolson last evening
entertained at a euchre party at their resi- -
dence, corner of Spring street and Morris
avenue, Anacostia. Refreshments termi
nated a pleasant evening. Those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Eno, Mr. and
Mrs. Bertram Thornette, Mr. and Mrs. J.
W. Tolson, Misses Mary Tolson, Jennie G.
Bartley, Bessie and Maty Leapley, Nettle
Mattingly, Carrie Marryott, Mrs. T. F.
Williamson and Messrs. Charles V. Tolson.
J. Taylor Bronson, Joseph Mundell and
Grover Tolson.
Mrs. W. H. Walcott, Mrs. Blanche Wal
cott and Miss Walcott and her brother have
just returned from Providence, R. I., and
are located at 1227 13th street for the win
Mrs. H. M. Ferry has returned to Detroit,
Mich., after a four weeks' visit with her
sister, Miss M. H. Hill, at 180 C street -
southeast, and -her daughter, Mrs. Arthur
O'Conner, at 1336 1 street northwest.
The Saturday Evening Assembly will give1
.another of their popular dances November .
15 at the National Rifles' Armory.
Mr. and Mrs Charles C. Guy and son,
Chester of New Lexington, Ohio, left for i
their hcme Friday, after -a visit of four
1weeks with the latter's father, G. H. Stull -
of Capitol Hi!!.
Mr. and Mrs. Win, E. McElhinney have
returned to the city, and are -now at 811n
21st street, where they will be glad to see
th-eir friends.
,Mrs. Geo. Vinson Balch will give up her
home, 1381 Kenesair avenue, November 15,
and will reside this winter at 1858 Kenyon '
Mr. Woleott Manwaring and mother have 4
located for the winter-at!2S B htrer south-.
east, Mrs. Masarn i;* he widow of a
New taol an Ia the daugh
ter et arber of
A wa gitn35 seee sung,No
at a
IUA! -ao es o . , L
HAVS A sad A1S . a
Bot s, both ot abigte., D. C. "
3MB--EAFAUTER. At the reslidence et th
bniie, 40 F etstet southwest, oa Wedassdq,
Novmbe jI by Rev. C. C
AUVER of Fredefick. Md.
ATIMR-CRAGIN. On Monday. November !.
1102, at the home of the hrid's parents. Ith
Rev. Frderiet B. Aowdea, ULIAN AI 3ND
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartwel
IURRAY-fiROWR. At Loek Haven. Pa.. s0~
her 20. l90 by the Re. John Cook. BRNTLET
P. MURRAY of W =ashi=gne, D. C.. and MiSe
IMILDA J. BROWER daughter of the late Dr,
D. H.3B Brower of banvile. Pa.
IANFORD-BREWER. On etember 24. 3IM
the Rev. J. H. L Ewein, Alexandria. Va. *
ROSBY. On Thur.day. November 6. 1902, at
11:35 p.m., at Hotel Vendome. WM. H,.
CROSBY. In the rixty-ninth year of his age.
uneral Sunday. November 9, at 8 p.m.. tress
Lee's -undertaking establishment, 332 Penmry .
vania avenue northwest. 2*
CROUCH. On Friday, November 7. 1902. VAN
BOGAN CROt'CH, at the residence of his
uncle. R. B. Turton. 2712 M street northwest.
lervkes at house 11 o'clock Monday. November'30.
Interment private. *
TOONEY. On Saturday, November S. 1902. at S
a.m.. PR.LNCIS E. (I ONEY, aged eleven
months and twenty-three days.
uneral private.
)ENTT. On Thursday. November 6. 1902. at 11:45
p.m.. at the Garfield Hospital, CATHARINE
mneral will take place at 2 p.m. Sun lay. No
vember 9. from Undertaker Winsl.w's. on R
street between 12th and 13th atrc ets.
IAYDEN. On Friday. November 7. 1002. at 6
a.m., JOSEill HAYDEN, in the sixty-fifth year
of his age.
Puneral Sunday. November 9. at 2:30 p.m., from
St. Paul's Churrh, :3d street. *
IEADLEY. On Saturday. November S. 1902.
ANNA GEItitt'UlE. infant daugh:er of Albert
J. and Gertrude Moyer Headley. ag.-d two
months and fiteen days.
uneral private.
3OOPS. On Saturday. November 8, 1902. at o:.J
a.m.. ALPIiE('S 4'.. beloved husband of Jt.1ia
A. Hoops.
cuneral on Monday. November 10, 12 m.. from hs
late residence. ,20 Jcffers-n street. Araeortia.
Relatives and friends invited to attead. *
ROSTETTER. On Monday. November 3. 1902. at
7:00 o'clock p.m.. at his residence near Pis
cataway. Md.. JOSEPH C. HOSTETTEit, for
merly of Washington, D. C.
FONES. On Friday. November 7. 1902. LEST.R.
infant son of Theo. Jones of Garrett Pa-k. Md.
runeral from Frey Bros.' undertaking establish
ment. 1830 14th street northwest, Saturday,
November 8, 4:30 p.m. Interment, it. Olivet
cemetery. .
F.LiHER. On Friday. November 7, 1902. at 4:45
o'clock a.m., JAMES. beloved hushand of Han
nab Keliher (nee Lyne), at his res-deuce, 1514
82d street northwest.
!uneral Monday. November 10, at 9:30 a.m.. with
high mass of requiem. fro:n .:oly Trinity
Church. Relatives and friends Invited to at
tend. 2"
iIcKINLEY. On Saturday, November 8. 1902, at 9
a.m.. BERNARD F.. son of Wm. E. and the
late Mary S. McKinley.
runeral from 1310 .45th street northwest. Mass.
Trinity Catholic Church, 9 a.m. Tuesday, No
vember 11. 2*
PALDING. On Friday. November 7. 1902. at
12:30 o'clock p.m., MARY ROSE, wife of Mr.
John Spalding of Charles county, Md.
muneral from her late home, 1224 Duncan street
northeast, Monday at 9' a.m. Requiem mawa
at St. Joseph's Church. Interment at Mount
Olivet. "
IAYLOR. On November 8, 1902. at his residence,
1727 R street northwest, SAMUEL TAYLOR,
aged seventy-four years.
uneral will take place from Shiloh Baptist Church
Tuesday, November 11. 2 o'clock p.m. *
rHOMAS. Departed this life, on Wednes-iay. No
vember 5. 1902, at 5:15 a.m., JOHN THOMAS.
Home is sad. 0 God, how dreary;
Lonely, lonesome. every spot;
Listening for his voice till weary
Weary, for we hear it not.
A precious one from us has gone,
A voice we loved is stilled:
A place is vacant in our home
That never can be filled.
By a Friend of the Family.
'uneral will take place frah his lat? residence,
1015 11th street northwest, Sunday. November
9. at 2:30 p.m.: thence to Metropolitan A. M.
E. Church at 3 o'clock. Relatives ar:d fr:enda
are invited to attend. *
VOMERSLEY. On Friday, November 7, 1962. at
1:30 p.m., at his father's residence. 5cai \ir
ginia avenue southeast. A1tTHUR WIMEltS
LEY youngest s- n of Wm. H. and the late
Esther L. Womersley, in the twentieth year et
his age.
uneral from above residence Sunday. November 9,
at 2 p.m. Interment Rock Creek cemetery. Pri.
vate. "
In Memoriam.
IELL. In loving remembrance of my dear soa,
M. IDGAR REIL. who died three years age
today. November t. 1899.
Loved in life, remembered in death.
)ODSON. In loving remembrance of my dear wife
and our affectionate mother, ALICE S. DOD.
SON. who died one year ago today, November
8, 1901.
Dearest mother. one long year today
We laid thee in thy tomb;
Thy sacred memory through years
All the brighter shall bloom.
Loved in life; in death remember.d.
[AN.SON. In sad but lov-ing remembrance of my
dear t'esbaud. GEOIRGE W. HIANSIIN. who de
parted this life une year ago today, November
8, 1901.
Loeed in life, lamented in death.
IARTIN. To the memory of my beloved son,
HARRY E. MARTIN. who entered into resh
five years ago tomorrow, November 9, 1897.
I should not weep that thou art gone,
For thee to die was gain;
For w-here thou dwvellest now there comn-s
No grief or earthly pain. MOH .
'ITTIS. The monument erected by the members
of Columbia Commaandery. No. 2. K. T., in
memory of Dr. WILLIAMI PITIS will be dedi
cated at Arlington cemetery on Sunday, No
vember 9. 190,2. at 3:30 p.m. Friends are in
vited to attend.
IILLIAMS. In memory of a devoted wife and
mother, EMILY MI. WILLIAMS. who entered
into rest ten years ago today. Novembe.r 8 162.
729 11th at. a.s. 'Phone 3. 128-F.
32-1784 PA. AVE. N.W.
se10-Bin Telephone main 181.
Service and prices guaranteed satisfactory.
BSO 14TH ST!. N.W. 'Phone Main 1090. se23-se
612 11th at. n.w. Telephone No., Main 199?.
J. H. Tabler et Bro.,.
714 i1th n.w. **kOSO*S
l25 14th St. N.W. Telephone Main II
1. WILLIAM LEE, Funeral Director
ndl Embalmer. Livery in connection. Cmimnpilea
Inapel and modern cematorium. Modest prkme.
B2 Pennsylvania ave. n.w. Telephone call, 155
E. 11. Boteler,
mg PA. AVE. 5.3. 'PHONE.
Joseph P. Birch's Sons,
3o34 MSt. N.W. W'
ia,7ine168 nv .. Tel. Wes I
. 443 7tSt. S. W.'
W. R~ Spliar.9,

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