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adkTU & M
Are YouTak
Many a theory held by our forefathers has been I
Ocean cables, telephones, telegraphy, typesetting -m
importance mark the progress of the world. Every st
dred years ago is now within the reach of people of r
they had to be, with the crudest and the rudest, we
cated, home and personal requirements have grown
A Most Exceptional Si
Misses' Ready-to-Wea
at Much Less Than H
Another big buying triumph is to be credited to
has the Millinery Department secured such price con<
every hat purchase in the past. A world-renowned mz
stock, and we were one of three stores in as many cit
variety of styles and kinds, in every conceivable mai
% Beaver Felts and Camel's Hair Felts. All the most
walking shapes, turbans, large and small dress shape
fusely represented. Some are ready-to-wear, some an
and qualities will be recognized at a glance to be gre
These handsome hats are worth fr<
N entire purchase into two Immense lots
One lot to
be sold at -c.
The Smart Velvet Sui.
- Never has there been such a run on Suits as has I
these exquisite velvet costumes at $14.98. A momer
at the suits-will convince one of the wonderful chan
all the history of suit selling has such a superbly hi
+ than $25, their real worth.
They're elaborate and elegant productions in
so popular with fashionable dressers everywhere.
green and brown. Beautifully designed, with cr(
full blouse effect, broad shoulder styles, new bis
skirt finished with rows of tailor stitching; pleats
silk; some with oxidized metal buttons.
$ 14.98.
Beautiful suits in finest cheviots and Venetians
4* elaborately trimmed and all several grades above the
at $30; it's part of a most fortunate purchase from a
maker, and for Saturday are to go at
Tailor-Made Skirts
hew and Stylish Gray Walking Skirto; reversible
plaid heck cloth of splendid quality; ample fare bot
tor. finisbed with rows of fine tail o s titching . hd rs.plea
Handsome Dress Skirts, trimmed with taffeta silk
bands in medallion designs; plfon nd wie-wale chef
tot; black and blue; the neqw uot seems; full flare bot
tom ................................................$7.98
Fineet quality Thlbet and Cheviot Walking Skirts.
elaborately and handromemy tailored; styihd slot seams
deoigns In white tailor stitching: some with habit back. 99
SWomen's Fashionabli
a "If it's stylish it's here" applies with most force
has this store. or any other Washington store, gather
Style, high qualities and least prices are the talking p
beautiful Monte Carlo Coats of finest pean Very elegant ofac
do soie and taffeta silk, elegantly lined Cos in taffeta and
w th fine satin; double circular sailor col W long Dresden silk lin
med with silk braid
lar: edges all around daintily stitched io shoulders: box pleats
dew a; f ounce; shaped double
s n k.es ot by e us. collar stitur
m uth. effet, n1 () ro,ws. ark
W I tsellssts' 0 Fto sat
Another b Purchase tol
ordter wore an eg tohe ual hesrpin-vles
4ty ~ta , anfatouhbetrlnevrwwythnt:s
morrowh estsM iorig aet of si8 -
mIncludted re ay of the han dsoes ad-s
==- allthe ered and. e. pouar colrs stle.it-nstb
4ste s emboieed, vhelvonetn laemdlinfet,
Er hdand nestitped b oar.- houlerat ylsosft
t he ewSix ecn a nd est S hipdneo
sarecordowasgstashed to smithereenstby the
secodltna aeouldke e apid seing .5ooi
nlete;all re ast,wasablecolr; dil braidn e
(leep ufle floune; atThaan $ 1. you'd say the
nessof he uyig enbleusto ake anbt speidel Sotr
Misses' Stylsh
treel *~is...................c........ ,
G~j lboo Cats ~iy ad. a t edve ae -0
Git'8.eats of in3
Ordr. eretined ~ te Cmuiaslner ladunra both sides of
hec man n t. wef for-in ofe ma e ofda oe he sat
ing Everj Ai
cnocked sky high by the developments and discoveries
tchinea, wireless hy. and a hundred other achic
ep has been one of ettemnt-hat:the weaiest e
ioderate circumstances. Where our forebears were
today are satisfied with nothirig but the best. Tastes
as the means of supplying them have increased. In t
Ile of Women's and
r and Untrimmed Hats
alf Their Worth,
the watchfulness of the Hecht buyers-and never
*essions on high-grade goods as distinguish this from
ker closed out at a big sacrifice every hat he had in
ies to get a share. The stock embraces an immense
erial. There are fine Fuir Felts, Scratch Felts,
Arorn and popular shapes-Shepherdess, ping pong,
, short-backs, etc. All colors and shades are pro
untrimmed. Every hat is brand new and stylish,
atly above the ordinary.
)m 69 cents to $2. We've divided the
and placed them on show tables
One lot to
be sold at - - - 4 c.
Is at $14.98.
ollowed the placing on sale of
t's reflection-better still, a look
:e the selling affords. Never in
gh grade suit been sold for less
finest metallic velvet,
Colors are black, blue,
ichet braid ornaments,
iop sleeves, full flare
dged with vari-colored
most of them
;uits usually sold
leading costume
Are a Strong Line.
Beautiful 1%ibet Cloth Walking - or PedestrienneAI
Skirts; made In best manner; rows of fe talor stitch
Ing at bottom; worth ad selling at $v.9...
8uediyprild o Saturday-Beet quality Black
.CanlgChvo SkIort.; daintily and effeatively trim
med with taffeta silk braids; new shape, with best rel
vetem binding.................................... $4.98
Jiest Blue and Black Broadcloth Dress Skirts, made and trimmed
In ahigh class manner and extreml stylish and ele
vant; new slot seams and full fam tom; $8.98 is the .98
mnarked price.................................... . 8
Coats and Wraps.
to the display of Coats and Wraps, for never before
ed such an extensive and altogether worthful stock.
. Silk Monti Carlo The very finest Pean de Sole Silk Monte
eau de sole; 34 inches Carlos, In the most exquisite styles; fuji
ing; handsomely trim- lined with white satin, edged with bliA
)endants on front and silk apDlique lace; also styles trimmed with
back and front; deep e I g a nt em
broidered Per
2 8 sian velvet; a
Al ~~~wrap suitable 'Jl1tf .
forthe smartest O
Finest Silk Waists.
eannouncements of the silk waist purchases no
lered by this department. Another big lot came to us
which have gone before, are to be placed on sale to
~xquisite styles, in finest -peau de soie and taffeta silk,
ack and white inserting, handsomely
ew bishop sleeves, elaborately tuck
em sold as high as $10; none under
the Great Cooper Purchase of
ielette Wrappers._ _
quickness with which the first shipment====
t. And there's every reason why this
he lot, heavy quality percale and flan- f
yokes and bretelles; skirts made with f~
e wrappers were small priced ; the great- VI
day priceof....................... .___
the Big Line of
oats and Wraps,
tu men d fine quali"..."....c......$. . 9
uuwork at the _ ..~
me3 GBeo , 5or thei
ere- eeq0aoteG Yes- teras esWe eatg a ne teSieeslg
su ie isat ast eSa at u espehad asu,
tesese Taub e 5a a . e a sne. in 4se
of recent yars. such as the Hi
.vemeats of like every need and pa
aoyed hn6In
atisfied, because n wnderful special
have been edu- time the enterprise of the H
his development at prices which have never b
A Stupendous Sale
of Messrs. Z
ice Ever
The failure of the well-knoN
York, was the first chapter in c
stock was sold at auction by or<
It's one of the largest and most
a- - The clothing is all spick, sl
* They were bought z
about half their worth!
The purchase includes No
Blouse Suits, Reefers and Ovei
quality, and to be sold at so mu
see its biggest and busiest day I
oecasion to secure
Two Suits for the I
Boys' $2
Suits -$=0-9
Sneta goo lot of Boys' Well-madeDoberasd
Suits; superior quality black cheviot; Intended to be sold at
$2; sale price, $1.19.
Boys' $3
.Suits'= = = $149
Boys' Ver Stylish and Dressy "Manly" Suits. with
single-breaste vest and silk-embroidered shield; wade of ex
cellent quality blue cheviot. Not a penny under $3 would
buy such a handsome spit' ander ordimary circumstances.
Sale price, $1.49.
Boys' $3
Reefers ='T *49
A big lot of Fine (;ality Reefers; Bstron ada
tially made ; warm and comfortable; velv.tlycoli . no.
regular $3 value. Salf price, $1.49.
Boys' $6 Res
sian Overcoats,$2.98
Boys' High-grade ajad very Stylish Russian Overcoats,
red and tan; kade WM velvbt collar; fine leather belt;
every store as~ks $6 for,_#quj, quality. Sale price, 32.98.
75c. Kree Pants--39c.
Included in the varghisel-a big lot of Boys' All-wool
Dickey Kersey and ekssftilerf Knee Pants; made to give
satisfaction; full taped seams, heavy duck pocketing, patent
waist bands, strongly :sewud seams and buttons. Easily
worth 75c. Sale rice. 39c.
Window Display In Hecht Anne
Sacrifice Sale of a Wholesalej
Superfine Winter Ui
Among the good tf
buying operations have
purchase which will hc
best we have ever mad
stock of Men's, WVom<
Winter Underwear. T
-,brought a crisis which :
close out his entire stoc
t_hree -- fourths of it. 0
at our price-and we ar
PRICE. With wintry
the corner it's a chance1
Men's Derby Ribbed Shirts and Drawers; Men's Ertra
os; drawers to watch, fiishe pearl butr t s D
with double gussets and taped '~dubl gustts
sms. Regular price, 50e. Spe- and ove-oc
c.................. -fine. Regular
tMen' Fleece-linedt Underwear buthircts - ---!. ..
drawers tomatch, fnished wit '~hildren's B
price, 75c. Special.. .....i.g t r a
shirt and dawers to mach trimmed wth Speial.
ulrdf prce $100Se9lC.. ..... Women-s F
ting made with double r lovfi-wk
Men's Dr. wright's Sanitary Fleece-lined wear, made
Saturday's Extraordinary S1
Men'sAWemen's Fui
50o dose samples Men's Hig-grade Faney Nen'wsa nei
pe,"ar'i pecial'.."25C..-.
300 samples All-41k D la.26-inch; pic,$OoI
90 sam leiirs women's All- #4Men's Mada
.a.s We.,i", gg 4uale=ty; aD al
have stte notte on th seera that BaUIbSen
9OW Na Harsusolg a
WIaasess Na...m..gj~ a ., zsMsfesina
the vow5ie.Comet thismsigodgs o
rht Stores have mad aplace for themselves an(
ying in small amounts at the income justifies,
purchases to tell you abolut-purchases which ,
cht Stores in providing ftr its large and rapidly
ken appsched by an other store in Washingto
of BOys' Nigh Gra
m&Latz, 691 Br
Ruwivers' Sale---T
n makers of boys' clothing, Messrs. Zion & L
ne of the most sensational sales of boys' clothil
ler of the receiver, and the Hecht Stores secui
important purchases of boys' clothing ever ha
an and new, and the very latest styles of the fal
t about half the cost of productior
-folk Suits, "Manly" Suits,, Double-breasted St
'coats-thousands of suits and coats of through
ch below regular prices and regula- values that t
omorrow. Read the remarkable offerings-an<
wice of one--two Overcoats for
Boys' $4
Suits $1.98
Here's the main part of the purchase, and the best values
in the entire sale. There are Included at the SI.98 price
many hundreds of fine suits in the smart Norfolks, Vestie or
"Manly" styles and double-breasted kinds. Almost every
color and fabric one could ask for-brown, blue, olive and
gray mixtures; fancy cheviots; plain blue and plain black
cheviots. All are superior grade in every essential-tailoring
is equal to the best, and not a detail that has been slighted.
These suits were made for the best elan of trade and will
be found in every good store priced at $4 and $4.50. Sale
price, $1.98.
Boys' $6
Boys' "Manly" Style Long Oxford Gray Overcoats, fash
lonably made, with turn-up cuffs, slash pockets; best velvet
collar; finest quality lining. A big lot of these dressy and
high-grade coats. not one of which has ever been offered
at less than $6. They're an important and large part of
the sensatiomhl purchase, and provide a chance which has
never been equaled to fit out the boy for the eold weather.
There are all sizes.
40c. Knee Pants-19c.
A lot of Good-wearing Wool Knee Pants, made from abort
ends of men's sultings; 40c. regularly. Sale price, l9c.
50c. Corduroy Pants-.29c.
Corduroy Knee Pants. the wear defiers; strong and pervice.
able, and will look well for all time, Sale price, 20c.
K, 517 Seventh St. On Sale at 513.
-'s Stock of
ings that the week's d
brought forth and a
lId its own with the We are willing th,
e is this wholesaler's judge us-should prc
:n's and Children's t edrhpb h
he backward season ln.Frbte al
nade it necessary to tnint vr se
--and our buyer got ntb u noas
fcourse, it had to be Thtswyheajr
to sell it at YOUR in cetrabu
weather just around $25 ieta'
hat comes but rarely. ettshwn,b
rs heavy weight, ribbed, lsruan
dawener to match, with
prc, 180 295c. fnyefct n h
bbed Underwear, Beece-linedi, ofWsign.Te
The veroatiar
andnandrbluefers;y; th
lIarp~ lac feze e awilg h
.......' "~ erviebe Oxfsold pr
linRc"Fec-ie e me o ttrn til
winoutelck$25 abeu int a lsui
price80c se-~~C Eveg setyer abo ut t
dresserst shwinga, ay
bt Sis ll an ein
uous e higessynpar
Sts, assmere and $:
of ashngtn.nhes
BlackeBOvercGrats r
blc rieze,e,he alwal
matterkof ior ith
Everyttya anscut t
dssonersi wer, a
Haads,ebeft ullt Mis fulsl inkepn
ofi the hig hes stndar'<
Suts $.0 o-2
For Meys
I then 61led the place. Gratifying every wish,
instead of a large'outlay of money, has solved
will emphasize anew and for the thousandth
increasing clientele the best the world affords
do Clothin-Mstock
oadway, New York,
he Greatest Sacri
atz, of 691 Broadway, New
rig on record. The entire
red a large part of the stock.
ndled by any Washington
1 and winter season.
-and will be sold at
its, Novelty Suits, Sailor
and through dependable
his Boys' Department should
I take advantage of this rare
the price of one.
Boys' $6
Suits = - $
n lait y u i D r m th e .ted t
styles, finelIY m-deVof.wo:.teds. superfne. blue ebeviots, &c.;
stylish dark m Ixturv effec and plain blacks and bluet; 1 t
16 years; up to $6 are the valus.' sale prce, $2.6
Boys'$7 &$8
Buitse Suits.e
Iet of fine quality Dress Buts3-piece style-coat, Test
and pants-inenat blue and black cheviot. winter-weight
serges. dark mixed cheviots and casulmeres: 9 to 16 years; all
very high grad e In every way and the most stylish suits even
shown In Washington.
Boys'$3 Sailor
Blouse cSu ht $1its,
Fine quality Blue Flannel Sailor Blouse Suits, some
With white braid trimmings. some with od braid eve
suit of superior grade and long wearing quality. Never
fared under $. Sale price, $c.a.
vertReefers$ 149
Boys' Splendidly Made Reefers. which have never beeA
offered under $3-finely serge lined, best pearl buttons, Yet
>et collars. A wonderful chanc at $1.49 the sale.
Pleated Waists--6c.
oys's he r Waists, pleated both back an
fron;%vryIstro=lymaderand substantial. Sale price, 6%c.
Flannel Waists--o2%c.
Warm and Well-made Outing Flannel Waists; nO
sold.undr 215c. Sale price, 12%c. for Saturday.
i515 Seventh St. (Fourth Floor).
y These $1250 Suits
'Coatsm $
it you should
ye our claics
rsng wante at
t or vercoat.a
>yr thesells,
wi thetailoring
al- odds.men.n
aivosi theg e ve :d.onm
""res lin of**e-ma.a..u.vem
popular plai.
ray. .Inithec

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