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White Ribon Remedy.
No taste. No odor. Can' b- gi'en tu glass of
water, tea or cogee without pat;entr kunwI d'e.
White Ribboa Kenedy w.l r. or dies.y the
diaeased appetite fur aleobolic stmiulauts. whether
ti. pa'tient is a tunOrmej mtkte. a "tiptsler,**
socia drinker or drunkant Imp.m'bl. for sa
one to have an appetite for al -otiak liqur after
I ~Wh BY MM BES OF W. C. T. U.
Mrs. Moore. nrsa supeslated -nt of Woman'S
Christian Temperane tn-n. Ventra. CalifornLa.
writes: "I have tested Wb t Jtlibn R - nd7
very obstinate d the eures hare .
many. In many aeamr etoefdr was given se
re. I chverfutlp seceinmead- 4nd indorse White
Ribbon Remedy. Members of .gr Unia an dip
lighted to And an economeal tratjlent to aid a
in our temprpework."
Drugits .r. 1. -11 free
Wrt KRS. . P4WN" Iswa
MASS. Sold In Wainglta at (ttoW pharmac
th a---- - av.
s~mall cost for .tHeat.
You pay dollars for Coal to heat
the house. and by -
Gas Heaters
You get plenty tf heat and the
cost of fuel is a few cents a day.
The ecotrarey "of -uaii a Gas
Heatee I MAideat. We have the
best make'
as Appliance Exchange,
i4z4 New York Ave.
Oil Co.
One of . Washington's
New- Industries.
Why you Aew byer ofs tnd reoasess
Becans they contain be but stoek. 1w boe,.
the average.
Becase the animal matter e is neiess and
Beeans all A* et en and gerness are mad from
. Penayiviala erode.
Bease our oft have tepred omplete cendsace.
Becouse they meet the.*eq'A*rsquremeats bet.
4r then am, ether a.
Becanse They are the best alliround el.s ever af
fered in this or any other market.
Bese each gallon is werth. three, gallons of ay
other oL ;
Because when you ba1 oar sk you get gasfect
We handle wtging-waste in earlead lots. baap all
grades and can give you attractive prices and
prompt deIive6 We ass-ladapedent of-sa trut
or monopoly.
FIRST AND ''" M1. N.E. 'yHONE rAn STf-M.
OC2 tt-5S
Wicks. Oil Cam
,MILLER OIL HE'ATER............. a$5.5
. . J 0.'-ON STOVES.....4....4AQ, ..560,
ALU"MINUM OIL HEATERS..........$0.00
B. & H LARP, QOMPLET......... $1.50
FLORENCE OIL STOVES .........$12.00
BEST OIL 1 GAL., 15c.; 5 GAIS ......75e.
tuddiman & Co.,
66 12th St. 1204 G St.
Best Oil for lamps or stoves. 5 gal.,
75c. se17-m-4)0
Mr. James Owens Says:
I have been a sufferer from catarrh of the stom
.ach, bowel, anid liver for years. I gradually grew
worse, until I could eat or digest acarcely anything
and so weak bad I become that I was, confndt
moy bed. when, on Nov. 21. 1 took a cab and called
up.on Dr. Hancock, and at once began treatment
under him. Within one week I am able to eat
most any thing. My color Is coming bac~k, and I
am gaining strength every day. -1 cannot say too
much for Dr. Hancock. after, othewa had been un
able to give me any relief. JAMEit OWENS. 1146
21st at. n.w.
Dr. Hancock treate with perfect success all
Chronic Diaeases; Rheumatism at once relieved,
and permaanently enred to meyer return. as hun
dred, of old cams prove.
Iaeaseo of the hlead. hose, Throat. Stomach,
Liver and Bowela oatively given relief at once.
All troubles of teKidneys and Bladder ouickly
checked; Catarrh affecting any part of the mys
tem thoroughly eradieated from the atem, and
mit results therefrom quickly relieved. Dr. Han
cock givea paesmpt attention to diseases of the
Nervous System: Skim and Blood Dlseaaea eured
and never return. Whatever your trouble is of a
chronic nature I will a ure you, if I accept your
case, as many iltl testif. Begin treatment at
once and avoid ace.t attaca that iii case a
feriag, les of time ad posibly lIfe. Osamalta
tins are free. Charas, for treatment mnoderate.
Medicine. inelnded. Hors: 10 to 5 daily; S
10 to 12; Taarand Friday evening after?.
~bilding, 81 14th at. n.w.' ' hn Main
T. ds-tinw-tf-40
D ONT buy new Harness
ntl yee've seen our
superb atock of swell
Coup an pe an B ar
oedin hane.nht
-S. Bensiner,
9404)44 . ave.
'Pbse M S?.
I have been taking Ripans
Tabules. They aid digestion,
regulate- the bowels and are
the best thing I know of after
.a night's sport. A great
many golfers are psing them.
At (rugssits.
The Five-Cent package t so or~h
an ordiary~ oco.aln. The .l
bottle. 60 ente contains a supply
for a yeas.
32"WalkIn SIrts
discount of-so% f t he~ teg
tar price.
Gafi, ,.?Ir&4iB54gt
ads inelnded W othin o" .th
adway nd right ia of thWha
a branet rarieda, whieh eam be ased fer
street or Wrenemuftribisu*ie bemt the
I of .me amull OWWO, to be to
,id aht
aduct f f
upriataie. t be any
oney ln the et f atd States
ot otherwisa= =440. the other balf
be: pa OWt Me revenueso t Di1
[ct of =-mm -Ib ne
all be VWW-aid usn e..ftn WaA
to by the ah
Coluabla that 1adet hao been
MVlta asneuie this sat.
".ft. e tZ Iffsy~ the -eGO~-t
id amount, .the D1stridt of
>luin , the- n th t siba,
the 1st day on Jwly foaoig e
go of this kat, and aually
y over to the Iemrer ef the-United
atma ne eVXP-f
and "tas, t*rested by the esM
== ta in ttimg bonds ot the
alted States er the Dbsat Colu bia,
Ail the full sum of owo mWsi - oand
iara, as providqd hereto, sha bave boa
th*niate of CoWL
rho Commissioners of the District of Co
mak- estimate- the - cost of the improve
ents under the bill as amended, as Bi
wo: Work to be done by the ralroad
apanie3 $i&O3,108; work done by the
istrict of Columbia, with damages to
operty ,000. Tota $14,843,1.
Th11 be apportioned as follows:
sMroad commnies, 1,4078; United
ates and the of Columbia, $jfIe
I. Total, $148118,13.
MIstimate of the CommIs=tners of the
Istrict of Columbia of detaied cost to the
mited States and the District of Columble-a
) be paid by the United States and Dlu
Ict of Columbia as one-third of the cost of
e elevetion of tracks. $2,000,000; cost of
ading and paying M500,000; cost of real
tate to be purchased, 3500,000; damages
property, due to change of grade, SWO9
0; in addIion. existing legislation requirisa
expinditure in. South Washington estil
ated at $120,000; grading, paying and dam
,es to property, 350,000. Total, 8,770,000.
rovlsion of Mr. BeeeAS' Bl- Zelating
sto Patent Taw.
The patent office offietals are much in
rested in the legislation proposed in the
11 Qftered in the House by Mr. Reeves of
Linois, which proposes several radical
Langes in the existing laws. The issuance
patents end. preservation of Patent rights
the inventors thereof Iaak beefn hereto
re- one -of the closest functions of the
vernmevit. The right has been restricted
kd it6as ieen necessary for all manner of
rms to be gone through with before the
coession of the patent could- be obtained
L the deaih of the original ptent -' The
i introduced in the House by Mr. teeves
oposes to do away with all the red tape
at has surrounded the offiee and upke the
y of the Inventor easier, while guarding
a interests just as closely.
3f the three or four radical changes pro
sed one of the most- popular is that which
ates to the oath of an applicant foi a
.tent who resides in a foreign country.
.retofore it was necessary for t1;e patentee
appear before some notary public to-make
th. but the inventor will - be permitted,
ider the proposed law, to make oath before.
y magistrate, judge, or notary public.
iother change relates to the application of
e administrator or executor of the estate
an inventor securing letters patent on
e Inventon of their testator. The preseat
w makes It necissary for certain legal
ters to b6 taken out In-the-Unted States
some one other than the Administrator
a foreign lnveinrtbs' estate, before the
tent can be issued. The papers most. be
ken out by a citizen of the United States.
,is often occasions great inconvenience in
taining patents and often makes danger
is delays. The new law proposes to make
possible for the administrator to take
it the necessary papers and thus do away
Ith the necessity of a third party to the
siness. This is regarded as an Important
ange In the law and one that is much
eded. A third change would make It pos
ble for any person to file in the pategt
lice a caveat setting forth the design of a
tent and of its distinguishing character
tics and praoyIng for protectiop for the
me. Under the present law only a citiizn
the United States can file such caveat,
ie new law, if enacted, will extend the
ovisions to any person.
rious Predicament of !ormer Nor
lwegian Staship Hero.
am the Baltimore Anmerican of Ibday.
Lorbidden to .carry cargo, to officer or
an the ship, or use her own engines to
opel her, because she is a steamship
thout a flag or a port to cal) her own, the
rmer -iorwegian tramp steamer Hero will
wve port this morning in tow of the wreet
g tug Rescue for New York. The vessel
LI been rebuilt in Baltimore from stem to
mern and keel to truck, at a cost of $50,000,
id is as good as new, having a capacity of
100 tons of cargo and a speed of ten knots,
t the navigation laws of the United
ates say that she cannot be registered as
American whip, and as she lost her Nor
eglan registry she is a ship without a
a~s she has no official existence under any
ig, she cannot move from her dock with
it violating the laws of navigation, hence
e has to be towed to New York by the
mcue without even the dignity of being a
regs. Her situation Is most unique.
The Hero was a vesse 322 feet long. 40
et wIne and 29%4 feet depth of hold, regis
srng 1,779 tons net, that hailed from Ber
n, Norway. She came to Baltimore in
01 as a Norwegian steamer, and loaded a
11 cargo of coal f or Colon, Central Amer
6n. On the voyage out she was canght ih
norther and blown ashore ofE Colon. The
rners abandoned her to the insurance
mpanies, who, in turn, abandoned her to
,e Merritt & Chapmnan Wrecking Com
Lny. During these transactin her Nor
agian papers were carried off and she lost
rhe wrecking company succeeded in float
g the vesse and towing her to New York.
iter she was brought to, Baltimore to- be
built by the Baltissore Drydek Coam
any at a cost of PM,000.
Gat Paris Sore,
ems the Aehitaetuel Siassis,
Two powerful searchlIghts can be seen
om all quarters of Paris every night. One
that of the Uifel tower and the other,
hich is amost as powerful, Is that of
ufayels store, one of the most interesting
inters of Preach commerce, both on ao
>unt of its magnificent decoration and be
muse of the systema of busIness practiced
It is a credit system. For a smaU sum
aerally the fifth of the whole prc-i.
ady can . purchase whatever hoWngh 4
aebs he may require and ete the bal-.
e. by weekly Instanllmeaslaig besa
cents to ,.: But it Is ot only4e the
Ldlies of payment that the Dutspel a-.
blushment owes its rd , suo bas
ore espeelally boese -ubsnag
Sly aware -that ther wiUSast hae. to e
jore in e Atit .thea V
se, by hbat a anes o ahs
-aal -nun* hare asisusw
a an. -Mas ~ e adettSbs amoes
a'-g toaast'e a n
laitasd t
RspvWto wthe ROM
Yest eabys
A Now eciabading Act t
am 61
Of lebrar1244 1904- * es
The report on the unionbm inIts biL as C
authoriad by thlouse committee on the a
Distrlqt of ColumbWa, W- =ad-.s th
Mouse late yesterday afteorm by Chair
man iabcock. The iepbt Urges sthe b- 0
sage of the bili,' and explains -ti e i.al a
amendments which the commite have t
made In the Benaa .U -u
The bill will have )ie riht'of way in the d
House next Monday. and It is not usilkely p
that It will be passed 4 t l
The ComMi4itee Repo
The committee haa given very cai'eful i
onilderation to tiebVt 1W:ased by thea
Senate. it states, having held hearingS, an& 1e
permitted the qltien,.the nmi==l9Sers cc
of the District of, Columbia. And parties D
representing the railroad companis to ap- pi
pear ad discuss fdlly aU paeese of the
proposed =mndments.
The aminamnents recommended by this 8
committee. It is beliered; *3it perfect the C
measure so the objections that have been
raised to certain provisions win not now D
apply. - U
The first-Important -anendMent provdeg T
-that no streets or avenues shall be oloied tr
or abandoned under the- provisilns of this ti
act or of the acts of Insbruary 122, 1i1, ?atil, g
all of the abutting repety oathe streets e
or avenues, or portions of them to be tc
closed, shall have been acquired by con- 00
demnation or purchase, pythe terminal a)
company or the ragrgad4 :anpany. I
The next amendment provides that such aj
portions -of the teroinalW structure or- via
duct as may be onnruted a d used 'for
storage or like commercial 'purpobses, shall
be assessed the same.aothw. property in
the District of Colum P
The next amendment recommended by the
committee reduces the amounts to be grant
ed to the railroad companies 150,0W each.
making a total iaving to the District of Co- te
lumbia and the goveunmat .of 1A0000. bi
The committee hag given a large amount
of time to the eondderatid6 of the feasiabll
ty of locating the. unipn st*tyn at C street
between New Jersey avenue qnd st tret 01
northeast, The location of the station at te
this point would greatly reduce the expense te
to the District of Columbia and the govern
ment bor makiag -no gr ry t .e1cost for gl
damages to adjoining property, opening
and paying of new -streets, the purchase of fe
private property fP the plm and the AR- in
lng in to make -the proper grades provided 0,
in tne Senate bill. - One great disadvantage,
however, would be the necessity of covering hi
Massachusetts avenue by a viaduct-about P1
800 feet long, w2*lh.meUF w~n ,porioun op- tU
position, based. eiLih.6r nfl'Uht It would w
disfigure and otherwise mar this great ave- hl
The Masschusetts avenue site, on the Pc
other hand. In the opinion of the architects re
of the station; would be much more satis- p,
factory with reference to the Capitol and H,
lend itself better to the necessary develop- to
ment -of the sorroundings. Massachusetts o8
avenue, an important thoroughfare; would u,
be saved as a boulevard and the facilities a,
for handling large crowds would be greater A
than at C street by reason of the larger ti
number of streets, .making access easiero 01
the station- - "... . . - tk
Th6 ialrbld companies deem Nto 1o is
chusetts avenue sU the best and most as pi
vantageous . from a railroad point of view bi
and strongly objEat to the suggested C of
street locatiofor' the station. p
In View of all of thesO 'faots, the con- ta
mittee believe that by reporting the Mas- T!
chusetts. avenue site. which involves an ex- o1
pendittiretthe District and government of o1
an amount estimated at $1,900,000 for dam- it
ages. the location of the plass, opening of o1
new streets and establishing proper grades, w
that the reduction -provided for in the b,
amendments, so that each road shall re- cl
ceive $1,000,000 in place -of $1,6001000, mak- n,
ing a saving of $1,000,000, would equase oi
the advantage to the railroad companies in 01
the selection of the Massachusetts avenue px
site, and the advantages which would have is
accrued to the District and government had sm
the C street site been determined upon. 01
The amendment striking out section 11 T
removes from the bl the permisslou grant- pi
ed to the two railroad companies and the
terminal company to either accept or reject
the provisions of this act for the building
of a union station. I
The amendment striking out section 12 0
removes from the bill the authority given
to the Commissionere of the Districb of Co
lumbia to permit the extension of street Fr
railway lines to and from the proposed
union statio~n. Congress has always handled
legislation of this character for the District
of Columbia, and your committee believes Pi
that the chartering of new street railways w
or the changing of the routes of existng fc
lines should be considered by Congress asge
in the past.
Section 11 has been amended by the com- li
matee with the v'ew of making this pro- hi
vision clear, to give permission to other at
railroads to enter the District of Columbia as
and use the terminals and union station
upon terms which are to be presoribed by
the Supreme Court of the District of Co- 74
lumbla if the parties i interest cannot SI
agree. .a
The new section 12 reported by the com- w
mittee provides for the location of a sub- cc
station by the Baltinore and Potomac
Railway Company at a convenient location ft
near the north end of Long bridge, to ac- oa
ccmmodate suburban .traffic. It was rep- el
resented to this cornmittee !that department R
clerks and others living at Alexandria and hi
suburban points swould be greatly .accom
modated by the establlshment of a sub- fe
station near the Long bridge, which 1would te
make it unnecessary for them to remain gi
on the train and pass through the tunnel to ii
the union station on Massachusetts avenue. ft
Change. Nada,
Sections 11 and 12, as amended by the o1
comamittee, and a new sectioft, 13, read as cc
follows: 2
"Sec. 11. That any railroad company now
or hereafter lawfully existing a author- hi
tsed to extend a line of railroad into the
District of Columnbia, or having seured in
the right to operate over the Uinee of any L
ether then existIng railroad, to a point of ri
connection with the tracks of said termi- p
nal company, shall have the right to the
joint use of maid station end terminas upon
the payment of a reasonable omspensation
for the use of the same1 and if the parties vI
be unable to agree on such terms, tjhen
the same shall be prescribed by the Su
preme. Court of the District ot Celumbia,
upon petition of either -party i Interest, I
nder such rules of proeedure as the said u
court shall preribe.
"Bee. 12. Thtith Raltissore and Poaiao
Railroad Company shall establish and 0
maintain -a mubstation at a -oonvenient 10. c
cation east of the north end ef the Long ci
bridge and at a point to 'be a yt
the Commi=mloo of the Dis ofc Co0
"Bec. 13. That paragraphs three and four
of section eIght of the act of Congress ap- g
proved February 12, 1901, entitled *An act a
to provide for eliminating certain grade a
eromi of ralroals in the District of fa
Cl to require as# autheris the con- ta
struction of new terilbas ad tracks for a
the Daltimore an& Ohp'Railroad Comnpany fa
In the city of W-aington and for other *
pun'poss,' be, end they are hereby, aniend- p
ed so that they shall read me follews:
"In consideration'of thie surrende by th 4g
Bastimor and OhIo UailwosA Ospaieri, g
Durtog this Winsek. anyone
hsvbdefoeearadby mpR
thi sed ami sWoma
OlD IN Alb D01TiD
lectrie z Company sad to
Have ~i-4 "I a Work--e4
GEov 0emal t. ws
bers UAm&amtem Sbeet that- We compnne
had ..aen"Oso0totare the MOgiroement of
=Ws a am m ery ba---in- 41e tn
work. An G2Na _ _vsp.%Uauced and
adopt" aftr 1011ch k$Mkn..smumra it
-nlawfeI pra od t. n r ny
eml -%t,~ assia to.. abornet, street
improveiets, ant aleso skin it a ms
ermnor far qsai-rQ Ad hgantyh to al
to pave, betwast sslto-aad two aest on
each sMde of Um% as refnired by law. The
gVonalt y gryded.-orO a failure to namnly
with th0 Ordta is , ftne msnging from
$1o tww for asen deise, an each day of
suh fale Is -4W be reaa~ A a separat
inf,=="nnat* action, aft-the meagn
ure Wis. ogiposed by W.- awden on the
ground that it as new naatter.' - mwould
be wng, he 3m to vote "for it at the
next nieetn ofouncfl. ftwairman Lead
beater. of thn streu con hteysesired c
tion at once. He alleged faat the company
h'ad :not been altogether fair -in its treat
ment to the city. -In the .tm =aon which
followed the 1e Panty, Was severely ar
raigned, eseatine ~Lon. m.with Its
action regasdIng by Paviw on King street
between Columbus and at.Asaph street.
Exepting Mr. Snowden, all te counci men
voted in favor of the orditanma
Report of Gts Work e Clark.
The tmi-annuearegort of &. L. Monroe,
erk to the citS o r the s on term
ening November 30, 1I= Was read. It
showed that the sale of gas amounted to
rai0L . -Of thi" e moit $1,.47w .had
been aid nt leaving a blanc' of sWr.ee.
The report also aowed an increase in the
ae of oke, tar n me, which amounted
to $2,01&57, 1 Increase of about 21
per cn over the nding sales of at
year. It was a s.that the Increase In
the msnmptin eotrat over that of last
year wss about$ cent, It W&as etat
at the co cltus oe report that the re
cbiptsv for.the pressat year were larger'than
ever before.m...
.A favorable rel)6tlFas received fronm the
committee on light on the petitions of Jacob
Brill and Hugh Latham for the supplying
of electric curr1tbm intanesacnt lights
at their respectiesplaces of business, the
privilege to be iemporary and the prop"r3
Precautions to b ftaken.' The report t -
adoptsd : rn inhfe *was resented and
referred to lthe committee on fnance-and
light granting ,th&aWAh1ngton, Alexandria
and Mount Vera sd Company the
right to supply ~ forte umplaing
and motpr priilg . provided that 20 per
cent of, -the 0"drfteebo PaMid -to the city
render a tqu to tb4ake he ora
that It b" od.$5 for fathr6&
t 1a l I ntdducid an or
nriane~ira rg for parking next to the
houses on streets witere the roadway is
reduced and for flle Oerection of neat Iron
fences In front of."a dwrellings. It wasn re
ferred tothe joint committee on laws' and
finance2' 'A resolution,, which he also In
troddtid, troviding for the appropriation
of $1,800 for gravel g St. ALaphrlut-tiom
Cameron street to Pendleton street was re
fIarred 4o the committee on atreets.
Street Improvement& Or animn.
Mr. Boran presented an ordinance for pay
ment by property owners -for street im
provements It provIded that they pay 2s
per cent of the amount down, aind the re
rainder In' one, two, three and four years
the amounts to be secured by notes. It was
referred to the Inance committee.
Mr. Uhler offered a resolution that the
street committee- be requested to eramine
the ordinance granting the Waohiton.
Alexandria and Mount Vernon Railroad
0ompany permission to !ay aihdin att the
Catereon ofreetnt Pen diesnton street s
fbdto theercai mmhet ee ono tcntais
reen clauose.m Uheri san o~
necessrya foremaentdanrinae fwitc pay
meth bprod prticaner f oub track.m
cronvdengs tpie tha ft Cameo street
pie ceto the atounfo n the .I a re
faerd In o -,to he n oryas
Commone touclcnredn the fiactionitee
Mr. -theord ofee aldresouning hatih
tree ecomdTteda be requsted to9eamin
th Erdnnecgting therWshigtn
Atamig fAlexandria C ntVroncilr o.
27,pRnya Aermssuo, h'eo laasidinght the
fotrsown ofKirngwerd Welectfo teets
reeing la:s. . Grilbreri hegsanoC
a. thellread ve regeti;ll a. double rator;
cieriMngteus chpfin Nthelaero atGee
line, toute hearge of taewtI wae-n
elcomed counci repesnatrved in t'he Gain
CoRof the rdofalerwhec adjournin tiln
teecnd Tuesay Iernauary. 1.0B.
Pola l ecdatonatfOe.crs
The Dmer~o Alandriath Ccporato.
cout, Royale trchism pein last niht tek
folowge Loficers wrewha elected ton
the Hench. vindyce reet;e staea oaratorn;
wayeside fore A.ret t, ware, ndoe
eletedn.s Thepresntatie any te ofrand
Coutnce at thsttem whic meurt ny chan
ery cas chen thes de e d '.
Polrd Iseco. Wilterhofonatea.:ar
hs beenconneterm oft te corornatioee
Jude oale . harleiy, hswa beented
tos bench, Moay- y esaelgsaue
Prpiinfte. ofre ttne he duoinet
was ced aea segwue e Jarmonie
at. Ther wto no a ay s nt ofm
ponfrtance atoti emo meheinly to an
cetise areoedokt
Tr.he aaW ll. hofrmvr eas
a ere onne wih the tsta gae
BatPrethe N. " o* te n"e
Ites ofati fo~t~ ar bh=gue= to
stopr avertising~a e m enenof
bees' aAnd ~ ySi boan f e
Tneie-ee ratl t todlit;- eel
tof~ themsoadget sa qtthemaevso
Btese A thsaltossad~e aenee
Matiof pesivat. b880tog o
Wee making a specialty
dtis Chrismas' of an elegant"
a-pe. stag-handle, ga- $1
We also have a magnificent
colection of the finer Carving
Sets-with 3 and 5 pieces.
These are packed in beautiful
satin-lined cases, and make the
handsomest sort of Christmas
gifts. Prices,
$3.25 to $15.
Bt of 6 Cilluld-handle --
Tamle Kmut-$uarantd 1.7
ate. ..............
rlanicure Sets
Desk Sets..
-The ideal gift for a lady Is one of ouri
DeI)Lnty Scissor
Cases at........... $2to 15;
-Or perbps she would prefer a Nica
Manicur~e set. C4 2
Pr ......... -..
--3ome beautiful novelties In Desk
Sets, consisting of
Letter - Openers . and.
sham .................
Pocket Knives, In
boxes, 25c. to $7.50.
L ansburgh & Bro.
-Doyour -shopPing
it muchltmore 'davenler
W ee rave *nitals on
from $1.00 up stamped
Is there anything that will
set of furs? Is there anything in
Imitation Ermine Sets.
with round muff and col-9&c
lar.....I......... .
Children's Imitation Ermine
0 Beta, flat muff and boa
combined, muff with $
purse and small head... 4*
Misses' Sets of English Sable.
Brook Mink, nutria,
gray fox and An
gora. from $S.4 to....
Holiday Umbi
- Women ar1
1.000 Silk Gloria Umbrellas: a
large variety of stya, handles,
either plain wood or trme; steel
UO Union Taffeta Umbrellas,
beig ilk and linen mixed cloth,
rakn tstroing, durable and fast
-color; handles pearl. sliver trimy
med, carved ebony and ..matural
__weed; cord and tassel;
for women or man; a
Ps.5 umbrella, for. ...
500 lk Gloria Umbrellas; prettily
-trlioused or plain weod bandies;
steel red; paragon franne; women's
Blankets and
NFor the promotion of comfort, a
_Our line of Bath Robe Blaa
Syear. We have all the new color
Sborders and fancy jacquards. A
__present. The prices are $r.98,
a dows;$ R .asledSin
nomfrtun a mt ooh t-'
eles's ~ wetestR asedn
gisgy-an 4Shn wey
16) Out -b - -sne Mades
Dolls for th
lead uarters
To t&Oe'of yr friends wh
ase Losd of skatng.-a'
Barney & Berry Ice
wilt be wekcomed as a Chris
tiias gift. Our stock is one 4
the- larget in Washingto
We baye e Skates at
50c. to $6.
Also full line of Barney i
Berry Hockey Skates, at $r.:
Roler Skates, 50c. t
v ehqs here from what
1;=bItly the moat varied collectl
of Fine Ntckl-plated Chilag 'Dial
shwa-in -Washington. Ebony. stag
horn handles-Just as you prefer
$3 to $11.25.
Tool Chests.
The-things )ou. would like to have I
you are ortf thing to
= =v = 001r nsace to chests.if
many times have you wished Tor a t
chest when you had any tinkering
do about the house? And these chei
are Allle with. regular mechani
tools-fully .gusateed. Prices
$5 to $25.
Lansburgh ai Bro.
le Holid
id4 the early part o
it All geddsthat areb
binhelias gtad sverwa
aur -Sets.
please the little one more than
ore serviceable ? We think not.
Imitation Chinclilla and Bron
Mink Dela.t fat midf,
with purse and small $
head...................... *
Wbe - Angora. Bets. deep co
larette qmnd fat muff,
collar and muff with
heads; WorthS.W
Price..- .* ....... $.4
te Angora B $
rellas for Men,
id Children.
Large assortment of Sun and Ra
Umbrellas, in red, garnet, may
green and purple; either plain 4
aul tassel; i ad box
An All-silk Umbrella, in blael
garnet. and blue; either plain 4
fancy border; case and tasse
natural, wood princess
handles; a 3B umbrea~a ($
Largest assortment of exquisil
handles on fine Silk Umbrellas I
the city. Genuine sterling UUTv
and god posts; als the long peal
hWnes, it-un..l18-5
nd for thoughtful gift givers.
kets was never so complete as th~
ennabinatin, plain grays .wi
.Bath Robe naese an elegal
$2.98, $34, $4-5o and $5.00.
11-d WhIte Wool Blanket-tli
touch; wide silkbnd
34.5 value...........
Italian Sir, Couch Thres-la
3*es12-4 astra Heavy Dala was
eisas Quilt-fear hemmeme di
Little Ones.
..a Ar ut* now. Hostaof1chi
-tvadiesg 1s..away afe of a
We have just received an
other p t o those popu.
L. 'a-r~ P.e sc'eens and
they'll be gone in a few days,
for the other lot we had went
out at a "quick step." For
I your own use or for gift-giving
these fireplace screens will ap
peal twyou s tfie best values
._ that have come along in
nonth. Prices, $i.o up.
Bass and Black And
- ronsat$2to $jlO 10
Tea Kettles.I
Thom6 Fash~onable 5 O'Clock Tea
Kettles, which are absolately neems
n ary to the lady who receive. her OR
friendse ;1 Jh. aftiestost " nw de- 11
signs, in esold o OR1d
b rithW asbeos .S 5Up
,a . t...s...... -
- 6 Nat Picks - 18c.
6 Picks & Cracker, 25c.
An Aseest, gasor
oe that, we .can fbiay $1 .
guaratee at..........
Other q.3 aso. wth fan
"ene. up to S.
l ith and a Sts.
Lansburgh & Bro. I
ay Gifts.I
Stheday as you wwl find
xable we box free of charge.
re fte. AA. I4ather goods
A Serviceable Wrapper. Male of -
a choice pamters o$ ARTte7 in rich
shades of navy t gray.
Also the Persian designs, Full front.,
with pointed yoke, stylishly trim
k med oter-shoulders; the new shap- __
ed sleeve, turn-over collar; esel- =
lent widtt skirt; Onished with full _
deep flounce: sses 84
46; regular price. 5.
Special pricep.............
IM - Short Knit Underskirts.
made of anl-wool la dainty light
shades of blue, pink. white, red. !
navy and black: finished with faneyr
-edging, full width and length on
rsguar prce,-*** 98c
cial price............
Women-s H e a v y Flesce-lned
r Combination Suits. jersey mtting, in E=
white or gray-oneita style er but
ton down the front;
Pants: ~s le. To- 39g~,
morrow.ea..h .......
Wom..-s AD-w..t..rIet V.ss
P1., vaine. .Tomprrow,
0!'u7 Corset
C.r.. bsk ...*. wath
Wessste ast lackTights. ankle
or hines Iegth, egen or
4000e; wil -not ersa
p12 vaine. 1Emerrow,
BoyW Eira geavy Flsece-lined
Paitsnts and Draw
me.vans- taesw25
. B. C -dt ma
Sa ~
fallhips ma
se as,-. Metl.... *
a..anm Cass
ama e of'o.tB; b

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