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j~i ,t~49afly Ivulag 81W.- f
ist asnah of Pn. avsenu.
Weekty Calenda,
& at=& an ==
Is Bonday . . T 4.86 46y
18 MondeY.............. 1.26 4.86 1.5
4 Thua ............ 7. 4 as Lis
16 Wday....... T.2 4.85 19A
1 Thu d............ T.25 4. 10.40
W Mr. WrgtauA TucKan, with uch a
edtelaen as mAy mpiey, is agtkorized to o4
Mwsubeeniers ad adverisemet for Mi
n'- Deay Rn Novt5ar." . Mr. hker Wia wa
o"u the eitis.ufor thee patq#'. uand eeho'
MAh aeweu Ns [email protected] gibra the pqer be a
meaud i pvabieatiea m*a b deIS& permara.
Mr. re mi1l .4cm the iizae of Geergm
SA asr r W so Ira e*
Qu*a''w U lawe theName, and addrea Jessen F.44
' ward, A. 2'Td*s now IUA itred, Jo*i, JIlW &wIa'
jid4, ort ls .W inotn'*8 ORM Ruadg
AdsurtiAvsamta 6a Lft at 4e aboes piac,
&,oela& a tra,
I tn this page ve totend to publish t
Pates of discount. prepared by one of on
banuere, list of different arrivals, and th
otate of th' flour.and produce market. as wel
as the latest telegraph despatcheas
$&-The piper we issued a few days ag
bad a W4lit too much margin-this has nc
quite enough. Wi'bope to rectify all defeot
Is subsequent publications.
SW' Our Courts are sitting, but the busi
- mesa with which they are engaged Is not of
very interestihg.obaracter There pre cas
to be tried in the Criminal Court whIch wi
afford matqriai fQr discussion among outsid
W We learn that J. B. Bensel,-eaq., tI
gentlemanly Treasurer or the National Then
Itre. is about to leave our city to enter xipc
enother and a different Geld oflabor-tiat i
Deputy Sheriff of New York city. Mr. I
'will take with him the confidence of Il
numerous 'friends here on his departur
end' the best wishes for his, future welfar
Dniring the short stay of Mr. B. amongst u
he has, by his uniformly polite and genth
onanly deportment gathered around him
Ilk e circle of frieunds by whom his absei
i be regretted.
- W The acts pastetL by the'Counclg tel
tog to the firemen and their apparatus see
to bavegvren offence .to some of the conp
mies. What part- of the law is objectionab
MajV unabile -to.sa', "a noibave..aet.semn
-copy of it: but we will endeavor to obil
-ovke and lay it before our readers as early
* Our'tty Is well supplied with XMIS
Iment, and strangers need not suffer vi
9' the bluls" for want of it.
The National Theatre is itled nightly ml
dwirermof the'Ballet.' Alboni xcet with
'good reception on Tuesday night. We he
that the "Infan-t Drimmer" who i sill goil
on " four years old." is la-the city,.but'lh
'ind of houses he delights,., r wvhether lie d
'ights aspy, we cannot say. In addiion
'this "array italent," we have some Ta
.going on where these who hlt disposed to I
-dharitable sometimes attent and And amum
Sment In asisting thoee vlto assist the Vent
SW It you want to get good sad daoa
dry goods, grceries, elothing, &c4fael
,over the advertismentain-our celamas toas
-W We-te 'worked off large editieo
ethis paper, and shall -keep some In restin
Bubscribers who- do not recelve their pap
'rill please let us know, as the routes ar n
4o the carriers.
iThemanthatanow+4aysm wti
AnI not prsepay his es'te.
to Worser than the beatbq We,
I What don't know any bWtterI
Ad i you take a tn. tooth-comti
And riks down " all ereaion
Iron elah'S and a meaneras
In this her. .15gysatin
$707.8S! BTOVIS'
T OSRPl RODOsON at-hi. ato?. on II, btween*ii I
95and 7thi streets, a ins asaohtaueut of .?TOV 'ra T
WALa . 0.whjab'partioneul ntmtionlaiseslid.
r.eU Is tso wenaell~oiss uayumwn i I
. PARL3CIthe Lndieandp
endn B~ootajomu's .k 1hour swamy Lath
CessbuI Com6t.abeJ
A meat bsatitlsu tart shissed 3.3
.fPressThoh dnas, fllah HolbislintloandsheRdra
.e'g andla t e tseo Comb.
Leir BneAe futai Bru*AeeIZ A'afrpeAne.
Mnglish, Ammwr~am end Weneh erafr Dansbas lb
eo erne~u Tooth ne aiMrIushe Ua gre v.
Perjimy!-PeJlsssy 11 'terfhmey 21/
o frem overy flowrfbatoromgsat 5Eeel
2er botd.. al German e'cgae very flna fish en
mse, ress6 musk, Low'sabina amerWahtag U
.Shauiq Nateriel.
Wa Rae we bave taken grest plats to asie
fawOrin Geea,,sad Malntary Shari
Me thIis depatment of onr trade we p
ste&' maitgtemenho ahi
Wemee net berely fbar senuie wate6
Though with plutute hng ina 8imle
Beme is where afectin canl.
Filed with shrines the beart bath niMl.4l
dIomel-go-watch the fthful dove,
Sailing 'eath the heaven above det
*me is where there's one to love
Bom is whos there'.'one th bwl
6oMI'Saotmerelyroofand rams
It need smethling toendear It;
nome is where the hart am tlem
Where the's some lip to shee it
What Is home, with none to.mest
wout to welcome, none to greet get
some is 0et-and only iwelt.
Whaethere'aonwelove to maet al
H Baar.-"1 trust.everything, under God,"
aid Lord Brougham, "-o habit, upon which
I in all ages, the lowgliver ds well as 0h school.
mater has mainly placed his reliance; habit,
whlch akes everything easy, and casts all
difflonues upon a deviation from a wonted
-course. Make sobriety i habit. and Intom
perance will be hateful : make prudence a
habit, and reckless proligacy will bess con
trary to the child, grown or adult, as the
most atrooious crimes are to any of your lord
-shipsL Give a child the habit of sacredly
istwb* truth ; of carefully respecting
prope of others, of scrupulously abstaln_
r ing from all acts of Improvidence wieh,.ins
Soye him in distress, and he will just as 4p8.
lythink of rushing into an element In. wglch
he cannot brdathe, as of lying, or cheatg, 0T1
SW It may be wd for some of our thea
tre and concert-going people to consider how
fashionable they. are, according to the exist,
ing standard of fashion The Home Journai
ever aufait in all, matters pertatning to fash
on%) it may be iest to our ludy readers to
a know, announce' t ..throwing buqueta up
1 on the tnge" is now pronounced 'bot the
a thing " by those whose example, in such mot
ters, is law It has been overdone, not by the
public, the editor thinks, but by the profes.
sional ovation-stimulatord Then, as o
*.pera-glasses. Mr Willi atys. "the time
was when the display of oue t -our con
cert rooms was something t:el in its effect
upon the spectators, an order of nobility
a The time to, when to be viithout one as a sort
of distinctiot - Then agsun. as to bunnets
and hearl-dresses. what our oracle s.ys should
be beard,' and reepected by all who atro anx
ious to keep within the my-tic circle of the
" exacting goddess. " "-Tbe tune was." we
- are told, "tehen all the ladies at a gi'rnad co
cert, or in the boxes of a theatre, wete 16 fall
. dress " The time is, when bonnets are-in (on)
n the majority.
L Lyos. of Neiw Yor is - t fmewhat e a
a og . b nd J ti adverti jnent in
'Oft to the atilly night,
Ere E Imberchaino. havA ain% a,
the bntbp and &iae ro.ch.,. have
.n thmu-Nds conme around me;
n rain Pd t.*rb, I 'couldant sier,
S he rack I Lsenied nts ion.
Till I kiled'theu all, bota gr It and vmnql.
With i.owder tougt of L. No 424 Sitmrwoas
a a nenw and. cooaaant pf the abae a -rJrlq
whkli1 invite tio lWhed to 6all and exandne
'Io unin-le Head asetes
.aece ColtierCape
M -.ry $a vert 0"
Oyera end a ancy Cape
dt-e 16 Pmna. Ave htwir.loda an 11M sp.
d O.- & 0 parti.m BaTU the altenUen o
e the ladlea of the tLet, and Vflii , to -h
.nd vauablock of OR t .U . Toe esor
siont eoUlm's the richeat~Aud Ineeddmio m or
ROYAL 11117W
Is 9f 9201 1AlTIN. CHINCRILLA,
In Oct every artiife -in the trade -fdast* ."
. aid iblanu, ae eaniftlly ru-pr 0neat t Sale.
Ir and sold at athrlhtoryprics at Brown's 3i17
b u ding. Pennayvaela awene. d" 1
r- an all-healing SALNU, which wii cure Com;
F Bons. Ws, As., As.The remedy .le f and an
No canterisingm ubstance Is ued.
ResIkence 43 sWeet. one house north of P'enneytva
na avenue. . , ee Is
VAtD.- ayingjust returned home with the
largess asscrt=env of USFUL AND FANCY Alt
T Ut ever opened in Washington city, we invite our
CUstAimere to lop at our stck,. s* we can nw aefrd
-them at twenty Ave per centlees than former price, as
1e now lmprt most of our beat direct. Out
tracts we enn . 'afford to elatwfty etaen
ote e-r pric a- lev'iaty Ave L ; p- ve
liatoran itsrS'pe,.nd sa tgaaria, 4
=rgaucrelr.o de~ ~ ud~
Ib att. a'tfetee geheralli ereneresd, aid cur yresm
ts. have beta ~rea nedued.
me dee16 und-r Natiotaat H-tel,
'~IUhave this day reeilved the ibloulng, whieh we
n. tyredterminedtoesll obedper thana th.esame.
a. 120 aytenand Waterlatthfe lorigShawls,fkot
50e -280 Terkary,Cebharete~ad printed Shawis, gml prial.
14. So) Csmeei long hhawls, tery stiperior and ehe.;
71 Caos-Shas, plain and enhrbnddered, whlad
sonrd~hstreet sli Penareane,e
die 1 . * iss Qathnott's t'ew 'Baid'ing.
.Ipledlessortaentuf Coetdotha, alid all the
'artons .shates Wide Mantilla Velveta, Broche Crape,
hs Baa e and AbbmeSa wAs, net reeved
inMX UIba~ LLT.
ae , Pean a,, betweaent ei E 1 th s.e
a Mes . T. PARKm1I~~,
b si'E8ECTFULLY latihese ~biflende and the puhbi
Li. ponerally, thathe is prpred to extents wok In
h* pjua. pneal at ear-anoeb:e rates
aWa a done in. Wasegtin. Orders left 'tt bis
seeine an aasavemee, between oth eadi 7thate,
tiofa lne oCseret, bra:t si. ro-.,
A.4iraneageu-s. dwarhssa.
The New York Tribu. thus sets forth I
tages of making buss wants known
adveritsements in a nJWspaper:
"If you 'ant a house, there is no need
running all over the city, incommodlng h
dred. of'families by a long list of questIoc
or by overrunning their rooms. If you wa
a house, a brief description of maal
one as you id like, andiadvertlise It. Y
will not wait long before the house will ool
to you ; and thus you will save time, strent
and annoyance to yourPsi and others.
- If you have a house to.let, a blil at i
door may be seen by a hundred persona i
day; an advertisement in the Tribune will
seen in the same period by a hundred th
and. Therefore, advarte; for nine out
ten who want house mrc the newspape
" If you wanfa ervent, advertise just
yo'u would for schouse, ttlgwhat guallik
tions you require, etc. Then, 'instead
hunt4ig through the toid, and getting a
stick at last, you may' sit St41, and sel
from those who will call upon you, the To
one you wanted.
4" If you want a place hatervant, apprentic
or journeyman, don't vander da) after'd
from house to house andshop to shop, bl
tor.do mere trifle cfaaged for such nodo
il'the whole world w, " .au do, a
aere you can bet,. ' wur days.of.
eas will soon be,nu x ed. leu don't
about hunting np laborers; they look in t
papers, and save themselfes -the time ad C
trouble of travel.
" If ybu want board, yor nee4 trt stop a
'hundred doors -t. be told -ht- the4 are-faU,
e:imb uncounted stairs to find that tho rooi
dunit suit Advertise; tell ast rooms-a
prices and location you deaire, ''d the ne
day open your answers and take olice. o1
duzen first-rate places.
Those who want 1oarders eely no
advice , they have tonisin'Qe ceased to depe
upon friendly tecoomndations and doe
pintes, buttheymighq -vein thernoth
by moreparticular e iion of theiacco
modations, prices. eto.
" If you wish to sell,tnore goods-Ihis ye
than you ever did beforeid fertise more. T
uupraileled success of thuse merchants a
traders who have kept their name; and th
goods before the people, Is a lessoh not to
itteregarded by any one who .depends up
pubibc patronage for a living. The best at
tomera are tbuse wlio fin outWiit*aey-wa
before they leave, bom rant these ax--,
eus who Invariably Joo itt thenewspaper
see where the article is o be found
-if you want a steamboat or a poodledog
tlousand laborers or an errant boy; if y
wait anythig whateverthat you do not ku
just where to find, or not choose to r
after, advertise 'your wipts, and zianety*n
times-in a huni.ed youtwill be gladlyi-er1
at ysipr door,,ar olicape? and better than
atny other known proces
* The-dnily citapiper'is the estalis'ed
dium of exchange bntwden mind at d mind
regatrd tu uearly all the"4oauts of win, antd
-nsef*ulness is exie.datg among all clas
-ilh sarprisnig ridyity Everybody ri
the taruing psaper fr u' e millionairo o
as Ci4A'. ta:Ahr. ,be' mWts
tated his l'onr'v te-aud .no Imt of
lpper giver so f esh,.4srild. #sad conapreb
aiec piotrste of the city and ehe age as.
Aucurs or ViA.-pinu was ones a v
naems ftr Ue prusechtlon m a case before
C,'manuu Pliab of Hoston, and has tatime
was so dlrtet ad onnlueive, that a coun
fur the defenere thgoght it necessary to 4
oreast him The 011owgnp dialogue.enasue
" Mr. Fitin, you e in-etreet, dovol
"Yes-I do."
**Have you livedhee a great 1tIleod
"Several years. 'I
"Does not a 'tealelle there Under Y
"There does."
-$hs is certai known ia the 4ig1
hood by the name a Mrs. Fin."
Is she your wfe
No: we were.'asr leglf mred.t
-That will do sirJ A have nothing men
But I have Notmibing more to ens
'sit," rePlied Mr. Tkma, with spirit * "I
gira Faun of whom ."' have been pleased
w)th such 14 , Is my mother-an
have known but one' man base qugb
breathe aught againit hA Y sir, a
guess who.'he is. True, she is under
protection. ]he protiseted me through
infancy ind childh and it is but pay
a small portion of thdebt I owe her, to
as aguch for her old age "
The baffled coq had notianotherwd'd
say.-Bos on Bee.
MBROIDERIS 'wl'ht as
- 1t e
A newad'a as~saottno
Mlin ha his'~r AN
an bewI.Cndea.orta fve s~sht
a ay dealt, of th dt..
Sf wie, Lqiqors, an~ CIe.
B. D & nZi'4 I es ut0o o3DiA*
D PROUR 5ATIVA CIt a L-A certin
al im luotey, heane., Sosui alie. ~
a ab a se, abhere enJlsee asul
.D,rt he-an the popuzlaP ar e
wndcines of the dip, corner of eth asS U
at Unb-n, -
The ef 61 Gov is ow fally emi
edamseto aaitenhs ofa eltgnsI
sam~ pies gspq f0 For sae - .
eet Clemhatsjir5teer.af6& eseR
a, mas, --ucrs,
he fAcLL. S5oAU 4 OOT,
td SweL , 40e Wim
X1kb Preabss "d o OO
Of A= a And8RE.
or it ., dob wmu .m 411" ma..
2, oItinb Lustre fte*
t J- n-Gm .l
U ra e Pe. wei 0 ON6
S .q da" the. l e0 "It'
eiGold b eb g t doors wel No . .ea
y& 10. bblW, N. I hNawe q
6t kit N. Ib Welch INt~
Of boxe .1.h a n110
.00 t.u
t. m th AwhnIx weodb"e
m ec eie ie al
*r 1'y
cobud, of "
Ifonsstn 'pfumcltawl4 Meppfa~ =fmfee.
JtICoe trI " onreentsugb -l-a
Ot laze Mho". a~ "Aae,
- a O n8 01a ~A d t
toa . atr che.
3d Pervauf. d r of*MyOf
gal OP Ipe. CaICtei ma~ m y.as oal
pr" ernto 3"* wof Iofm avery kidttA
ho 'be" po lltee-of tbe vmY3 te't matiel autd br t
best~workmen In. ia rg wichusa1 suases by
* ayosmr ctb~llnit Fui this ci any otbes 0l1
sath Ui,. ,.M~imuul wikwa.t~t
A ..19.
Pkml l1aeean qalne for vom at Uhe
oable-Boat an hf 1% sb o*
Ad AI UMR8 or CONGUMN stia..
zM LVIews and others will pleaso = UVAt!hi
Cubes? vs have ieMOVsd to their IOWAew S,"
the Ocil'Igm 1q15,) three dciwor Int at he oe W.
rormerly ok-upimi and have opened an smorlkeat of
ed superlcrGo1d Watchox~ DlIumond,-and otber ric v.fe 4l
rid 17, Silva Wale, &.. w lc, BwflnmOtqual,901%
adco i sit not eurpwnsd in this0116
if. W&Mohc. uepaired with I
Mo. W GAW m I
80g of t*e Goldon Ri1Pa."a
dole between 610t101
ar 6 u aV PJs We ~eir tter'
cod IO aes ree d Catoo 1*
PdoGeout Citron end aue.9nsmlW
Ar go. Ica'I tocvclmVmls
k- 100 box. fmsh Wedlzaes'
l'emne frVehi upeesJA~ RUN t b
Ipt 100 he Lnjel o d "
beo. ZutplePowieri*o loot, Boo%'-mo
to 41 c0hi"W401M, "oo~weaW s
It errenem white * outs~~m
,I,00ilS htimrlnk bsir 4L
OU de1036 A=Z
%n ff. PoughaOlawa hsoAs Iea
nor &O-Tble pvauablosaf boebr q~h
O x rts mI, i
Othe-*peld~la U~I*S
IS Th sbo~aro troubladvwih tats et tIsli
its In the thrne$l which, d4quthm4bem7"O
p08 nirhi by the, Inselcuhwic tpwbaS
bb) I-s hs a . . pd~~3
hamait ofQ swe~iis~
ids The eubsoriborltpreew
Per c, whtplach4
sO ata 4m.~u~
s o heira ey-wuabs a hsvaie gn
tthe WA s. eat m~wiI
4-h U th I" bt
4WSUs do Mea t l
to I dv d o plaid eoat14i
LI s 180 91f 0o 6blsedllW110 4 al*
d 0 doivhi &,nt --i ~gg~hr
Ui 111 " leabe .r toel, I -
ism4.betX Lss
Isdo flnew, am u~em N~I
be b sol dow~saDi
No3 @3AWPElmmioRMWTf
Wit gtlrao e ues, 44w;
Mad, es ofDY Clia T
5. ~ t t -e elme
&of No esw Waewie
80 ruea.wt Iee
...bs e r:.-mnu.
ite 1. 30as. aman
D mesees Wswen Wem a4 esa
0 - -
D Due OwmTa
H S j .t& h
.Bomw Ia m' -
- V

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