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J. & W. Elseman.
"Chare Accounts Cb.rffly Opned."
$10& $12Suits
-A clothing bargain that
has every merit to recom
mend it. Suits of excellent
fabrics in choice fancy
mixed effects-all new styles
-all high-class tailoring.
They were
$xo and
$12. Choice 95
Overcoats, $15.
-They have sold right along for
2 and $25 because they were
worth it. Overcoats of fine black
Frieze, 52 Inches long and very
full-the season's best style. $15.
-15 starts the price
scale for Suits to order
in our Inimitable tai
loring style. .
Credit if you wish.
. & W. Eiseman,
315 7th. 12"1'..
"I have suffered with pies for thirty-six years.
One year ago last April 1 began taking Casearets
for constipation. In the course of a week I no
ticed the piles began to disappear, and at the end
of six weeks they did not trouble me at all. Cas
carets have d'jne wonders for me. I am entirel)
cured and feel dlke a new man." George Kryder,
Napoleon, 0.
Best For
The Bowefs
Pleasant. Palatable. Potent. Taste Good. Do
Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe. 10c. 25c.,
W0e. Never sold in bulk. The genuine tablet
stamped C C C. Guaranteed to cure or your money
Sterling Remedy Co., Chicago or N. Y. 8
Annual Sale, Ten Million
Barber &-Ross.
Gas and oil heat
ers that give the
maximum of heat
at the minimum of
Our magnificent stock of Gas
and Oil Heaters represent every
improvement that has been made
in Heaters within the past 6
months. They are "up-to-date."
Oil Heaters,.. $4, $4.50 and $5
Gas-jet Gas Heaters.......$i
Small Cylinder Gas Heat
ers ..................$1.25
Gas Radiators..........$2 up.
Stamford Odorless Gas
Heaters ................$4
1 Portable Grates.........$3.5o
Gas Logs ........ $4.80
Gas Grates..........$10.oo
-a foot -
-for Best Felt
-Weather Strips.
Barber & Ross,
11th & U Sts.
Beca..e We Afe I. abe Mst or
Stock-Taking Week.
1327 F St.
dresse of Wsiton citiss gieno as pro
et thi vry irpoat fact. A pleasant, soes.a
LeNard's Uric Acid Solvent
Remoe. swelling, eflriiates uric acid.
Mr'. Westley Phlis Plls CuhTa.. erip
town t epial tremonths semiborne aa
larrabe Withaov aeeycthm
oAS HeAent uaTERd
an oul ae from hse eia de.t
Ga. s Beaer NOLOnede1 a. n.
"GEAs Heater saf more tann
oYoEy-e s ut
On the first floor we've
grouped a lot of Single Pieces
of Furniture that are offered
in this-annual January event
at just precisely
Regular Prices.
Odd Parlor Chairs, Odd Rockers,
Odd Settees, Ladies' Desks,
Morris Chairs, Library Chairs
Hall Chairs, Shaving Stanft,
Bureaus, Dressers,
Iron Beds, Couches,
Tea Tables, Tabourettes,
Sideboards, Buffets,
Turkish Chairs. Turkish Rockers,
Umbrella Stands, Etc. etc.
These are only incidentals
of the great sale. The whole
store is in a "bargain mood."
"Home's Fittings." Pa. ave. & 8th St.
1p .
A. Simonson
My five treatises on
Human Hair Goods
- will be of great value to all who
are Interested in this subject.
PART ONE-About Back Hair Coiffure. +
" PART TWO- " Front Hair Dressing.*
. PART 'THREE-" Hair Ornaments. .
*PART FOUR- " Wigs and Toupees. .
f Hair Dressing,
. PART FIVE- " I Hair Coloring,
L Scalp Treatment.
All these parts are beautifully - illustrated
and contain much explicit Information. Any of.
, these parts that you ask for will be sent to.
. you gratis on receipt of your name, address .
. and 2c. postage.
. A SIMONSON, 933 Broadway, New York.
No Branch Stores. No Agents. *
. ja5-m,w&s,2St,42
It is really an ambi- Q
tion with us to give
you the best eye serv
ice possible to obtain.
Our work in the examination of eyes /
and fitting of lenses to correct their ail
ment Is work that's backed by a thor
ough study of optics and a long experi.
ence In the practice and application of
the kno ledge of which study forms the
Dr. A. L. HOOD,
AT f2 a
CASTELEuG'. 935 Pa. Ave.
LASA Costs Little
LASS Here.
It's a matter of cents to get all
thelglass needed. Any size you need
we' supply.
Geo. E. Corbett, 1PQ1*.hB!LW...
I suffered from indigestion
for a long time. My symp
toms were swelling of the ab
domen, with pain and most ter
rible- headaches; also a coated
tongue. Since taking Ripans
Tabules I have grown better
and am now nearly well. I feel
grateful and thought I would
say so.
At druggists'.
The Five-Cent package is enough for
an ordinary occasion. The family
bottle, 60 cents, contains a supply
for a year.
Credit for all Washington.
Parlor and
Dining Room
Crockery, &c.,
This great January clear
ance sale is the furniture
event of the year for house
keepers. Prices will not be
as low again in twelve
months, and credit is being
given as freely as ever,
Three, five and six-piece Par
lor Suites, Parlor and Music
Cabinets, China Closets, Hall
Racks and Haviland Dinner
Ware are being cleared away
at sacrifice prices. Payments
arranged to suit you, weekly
or monthly, no notes, no in
8 17-819-82I-8237thSt.,~
SBetween H and I Streets.
Hair (Goods at Half Price.
te ats..... .-..s* 3Se5
Imperial Hair Dye; $r~.5
Inclusion of the District Under Proad
aion of Pure lood Bill Bfore
Congre, . -
William Frear, chairman of. the execu
tive committee, and other representatives
of the National 'ure. Food Congress have
written to the District Commissioners, ask
Ing them not to oppose the pure food bill
now pending in Congress. The communica
tion was called forth by the letter of Dr.
W. C. Woodward, the health officer, in
which he urged the Commissioners to rec
ommend the exception of the District of
Columbia from the provisions of the law,
saying it would Interfere with the present
entirely satisfactory local laws.
Addressing the Commissioners, the rep
resentatives of the Pure Food. Congress
"The National Pure -Food Congress, of
which your health ofieer was an Influential
member, formulated a bill which was In
troduced Into the House of Representatives
by the late Mr. Broslus, under number
12W73. At the following session of Con
gress (which is the present one) the same
bill was Introduced by Mr. Hepburn, under
No. 3109. The same bill was introduced
in the Senate at the beginning of the pres
ent sessloi by Mr. Hansbrough, under No.
Was Carefully Considered.
"House bill No. 8109 was carefully con
sidered by the committee on Interstate and
foreign commerce, and after a hearing last
ing more than three week was reported
with few amendments, not affecting the
purpose or -scope of the - measure, and
placed on the House calendar. In like
manner, Senate bill No. 3342, after an elab
orate hearing, was reported to the Senate,
after unimportant amendments, and placed
on the calendar.
"All these bills contain a provision which
all your petitioners heartily indorse and
support, to the effect that Inasmuch as the
bill is intended to regulate interstate com
merce solely, its provisions should not ap
ply to the police laws of the states, terri
tories and the District of Columbia, relat
ing to adulterated foods and drugs.
."When House bill No. 3109 was on Its
passage a motion was made to strike out
this provision, In so far as it related to the
District of Columbia, and this motion pre
vailed. It Is claimed, therefore, In the
communication of the health officer, to
which reference has been made, that the
enactment into a law of the food bill, as it
passed the House, would repeal the exist
ing law and place the administration of
the food law of the District In the hands
of the Secretary of Agriculture.
Health Offcer's Bequest.
"To avoid this, the health officer requests
you to endeavor to reinstate in the bill the
exception relating to the District of Colum
bia, In which request the undersigned
heartily concur, and toward which they
promise to use their utmost endeavors.
Your health officer, however, goes further
than this and In essence requests you to
use your good offices to prevent all legisla
tion unless this particular proviso be se
cured. In this respect, we beg to submit
our opinion that such an extreme action on
your part is unadvisable. The pure food
bill now pending affects the welfare of
80,000,000 people, and secures honesty and
freedom from frauds in a commerce which
is worth, at a low estimate, two billion
dollars. It is a measure which has re
ceived the approval of three successive pure
food congresses; of practically All the mu
nicipal and state boards of health that have
considered it, of the great food and dairy
associations, of the national and' state
granges and nearly all other organized
bodies interested in pure foods that have
given it consideration. The measure, there
fore, is indorsed by all the people of the
United States who have given it consid
eration. Any opposition to the bill which
does not spring from a conviction that It
is too paternal or unconstitutional arises
from interests which offer to the public
food products which the law pronounces
deleterious or fraudulent.
"To oppose such a law because it might
alter the method of the execution of a
pure food law in the District of Columbia,
affecting not to exceed 300,000 of our citi
zens, seems to us a character of opposi
tion which your honorable body, after due
deliberation, would be unwilling to adopt.
Disasters Not Anticipated.
"We do not anticipate that any of the
disasters which your health officer foresees
would really occur, even in case the bill
should become a law as it has passed the
House. The Secretary of Agriculture is
not likely to alter In any essential way the
methods in vogue at the present time, and,
it is more than probable, would prefer to
utilize the machinery now operative.
"Without doubt, the definitions and stand
ards found in the proposed bill are better
than those In the existing law, since they
have been formulated from a wider and
more varied experience and by a larger
number of experts. The substitution of
these definitions and standards would there
fore be a distinct advantage, and If this
should be coupled with a restoration of the
provision struck out by the House the con
ditions of the administration of the law
would. be better than at the present.
"We earnestly request your honorable
body not to oppose the passage of the bill
now ,pending In the Senate, which safe
guards the rights and privileges of the
health 'office of the District, but, on the con
trary, to use your best offices to secure its
passage, and thus confer a blessing of a
far-reaching character on the people of the
whole country."~
William Booker's Testimony Convicts
His Wife of Assault,
Fannie Booker, colored, was In the dock
in the United States branch of the Police
Court today with her two smail children
one a babe of eight months, which she car
ried in her arms, the other three years of
Her husband, William with hi. heed
swathed in bandages, appeared against her,
and his testignony made it apparent that
his appetite for liquor and jealousy on the
pert of both were the cause of his wife's ar
rest, According to his story he remained
out all of Saturday night, and when he
reached his hoble on Ontario avenue, in the
county, at an early hour yesterday morning
his wife attacked him with a brick, which
she used on his head, and inflicted a wound
on his left hand with a butcher knife,
Fannie's version of the difficulty was to
the effect that she went out In front of her
home to persuade her' husband to go into
the house, and that he knocked her down
and choked her, and then she struck him
with the brick to make him release his hold
on ber neck. The woman said her husband
later attacked hes with a stone, and that
she struck at him with a butcher knife,
cutting him on the hand.' Judge Kimball
decided that a charge of assault had been
substantiated against the woman, and sen
tenced her to a tirm of six months In jail..
Judge Kimball communicated with the
board of children's guardians, and an ar
rangement will be made to have the chil
dren's grandmother -care for theap until
their mother Is released from jail.
Alliha Canmy c0ta Offiers,
Alpha Camp, Woodman of the World,
elected the following 0oeeru to seve for
the year 19NS: *Conn u nmanisu', George
W. Lowe; adviser lieutenant, Clair C.
Barnes; baker, . 'L Bataman;illerk, I.
H. Burton; assort, Barney Wethem;~ssa
try, L. J. Bennett; watchman,- Joihn 5.
Rehn; i--a=Ta= George F. ~Ree,. Chans
s, NeleWare t lg to
In the contested. will aasInvelving ths
festateef the late Wbseuif Wr; Grk wb%
has been on bearing-la' about typ welgin
th Probate. cnt ,i aiv tedaen by '*
seetteeMt duee. Uarnefd, sadame ae
The anstomr and
Is a greater one this.
the price this time 6i
.well made, fll-width
to-date c ions of th
and embroidery stocks
ning and making of t
able conditions.
Hereii a part of
Five stries of Ladie' Cornet Covers,
made of good quality muslin and cam
bric, high V and low necks. in French
and tight-fitting effects; trimmed with
hemstitched ruffles and torhon and Val.
.. lae; als*oembrobdery
+.trimmed; sizes =2 to U4
An...lSal. ic......... .
.Ladies' low and V neck Corset Covers,
made- in the French .tyle of good cam,
bric, trimmed with 4 rows of Val.. lace
Inserting across the front; sleeves and
neck trimmed with Vpl. lace;
some with eibroldery and rib
bon trimming; all sizes. An-25c.
--nual Sale Price ................ e
Ladies' Cambric and Nainsook Corset
Covers in 25 different styles, prettily
trimmed with inserttag, lace
and embroidery; perfect fit
ting; all sizes. Annual Sale -
Price........................... e
Ladies' New French Corset Covers,
daintily trimmed with the best embroid
eries and lace both back and front.
any number of pretty styles
to select from. Annual Sale
Price ....................... 49c.
Ladies' Muslin, Cambric and Wainsook
Draweri, handsomely trimmed with
three rows of inserting, deep lace on
bottom; also deep embroidery ruffles; 20
styles in the lot to select from;
made umbrella fashion; all
sizes. Annual Sale Price...... *
A sale of first importance to ev
ery woman-from the standpoint
of price, quality and "wantability."
Patterns of the prettiest sort, in
fine hand-made needle work, in
Irish point appfi4ue effects, in
Swiss, cambric an4, nainsook
also a full assortment of matched
sets-strictly high-grade goods.
Six center aisle tables show these
50 dozen hekfI Black Merce
full flare; finishe, with darts and
The Coat 2
Another chance at' thi
we or you or anyb
There is a choice
too numerous to speci
are represented--and
sale is finished in th
sale prices are half ar
One Lot of Coat
SOne Lot of Coat
Paiseworthy Behavior of a Crew Trom
the Xarietta.
Acting Secretary Darling of the navy has
addressed the following letter to Ensign
William P. Cronan .of the Marietta and
similar letters to these members of the
crew of that ship: Coxswain L. E. Burton,
Seamen 0. 0. Mast and D. C. Brixey, Gun
ner's Mate L. Boidin. Ordinary Seamen E.i
T. Martin, W. G. Rand and C. E. Mills and
Apprentice H. M. Thomas:
'"The department has been informed by
the commanding officer of the Marietta,
and, through the State Department, by the
Venezuelan minister of foreign affairs, of
the rescue of a Venezuelan fiaherman from
dirowning, by the Marietta's lifeboat off
~ a Guayr, Venezuela. November 25, 1902.
The rescue was performed in a- heavy sea.
on a dark night, under eonditlons that ex
posed the lifeboat and its crew to consid
erable danger and the commanding offiber
of the.Marletta, the second in command-and
commander-In-chief north Atlantic station
and- others wha were cpulant of the cir
cumstances, have exp&sed their warm
commendation of the behavter of the offi
cer and men In the lifebleatajand of the'ad
mIrable manner in which..the boat was
"The department is bratified to learn of
such praiseworthy actr as ithese, ad de
sires to communicate to vgj its apprecIa
tion of your skili and gped.jpadgment on this
occasion of saving life under' dIfficulties, an
incident which is in ka t with the best
traditions of the servid."~
Ex|travagant Tak Sultan of
- "Swine Who cat swineg he latest cost
pliment ten4ered Amrcaa spidlers in Kin
dean by the Sultan of Baalod and the
paaungam of that gjldm4. Th4~ two
Flipino "braves of the. Mr tribe" have
dansed the American troops no little an
noyanee ines the oeoupation and have
proven themselve- past' gradmasters of
misehie maerans. *They do not fight in the
oPen, pretarring guih pd geen wargate,
Riee is an ----i:e of the ljtten~ itisved
at the-War Department *a the inst 1hii
pie an. t was senitotabse Asseses
offeeqs-i atMan, beasiEg soiha
of the utsn ad the 9.*9.uM. B(1a.
sthrUa ui
7th and K Stse
Dxperience of Years perfed
"Forward" Is the watel
an ever. It's quality the
goods-with laces. and emt
Dir kind-just the same g:
-with every seam well se
ie best American factories
the price detail:
Ladles' Muslin Drawers( made ith
yoke bands; have deep caabric hem
stitched ruffle; all sizes In open
or closed styles. AnnualSl
Price ...................7c..
Ladles' Muslin and Cambric Drawers
In 15 different styles; all are trimmed
with torchon lace and hem
stitched or tucked ruffles; yoke
bands; all sizes. Annual Sale
Price ........................... 25c =
Ladles' handsomely trimmed Drawers,
well made of the best quality materials,
and best trimmings. of lace.
embroidery and ruffles. An
nual Sale Price................
Ladies' Chemises, with cam
bric ruffles, neck and sleeves;
all sizes. Annual Sale Price... *
Ladies' Chemises, with yoke of tucks
and inserting. cambric ruffle
around neck and sleeves; sizes
36 to 44. Annual Sale Price.... *
Ladies' Long Skirt Chemises, yoke and
neck trimmed with lace and embroid
ery, and trimmed around the
bottom with lace. Annual Sale
Price as ligh as $2.98-as low DC
as................ ....... 69c.
Ladies' Short Muslin Petticoats with
deep cambric ruffle anid yoke '
bands; 23 to 31 inches long.
Annual Sale Price............
xary Salle o
500 pieces of Embroidery and Insert
Ing. up to 4 inches wide; the assortment
Is Immense; the styles are, one and all.
of the prettiest description; every piece
is of the newest and daintiest designing;
about 100 different patterns to se- -
lect from; easily worth 8 and 10c. r
yard. For this sale. yard........
Lot 2
Fine Cambric and Nainsook Embroid
ery, in widths up to 5 inches; qualities
that have never been shown anywhere
for such a low figure. beautiful new pat
terns, In endlese variety, the newest
spring designs; the choicest effects, that
compare with styles selling else
where at 12%c. Our price for 8c.
this sale. yard....................
rized Sateen Petticoats, made .with de
tape strings; all lengths. Special.....
he Periodi
greatest coat sacrifice
xdy else ever heard of.
f a variety of styles
fy--all the best fabrics
every garment in the
e best manner. The
id less than half actual
5at- - $5.00
at- - $I10.00
tuas and Buarsing, people of the Sultan of
"We send our regards to the four gen
erals and their .vermin. If you do not want
to go from here, come to this place and
the sultan and panadungan will take care
of you, for you are a lot of hogs that eat
hogs, and in not presenting youselves at
scalod look out, for we shall go to fight
Another threat of the Irate sultan against
the American troops at Camp Vivars, Min
danao, was that unless they Immediately
repaired to the seashore he proposed to cir'
cumcise them.
"'he advices show that neighbors of the
Eacalod worthy are quite friendly to the
Americans, the Sultan of Uato having re..
cently visited Camp Vicara
Bold Move of Band of Pathans at
In a dispatch from Delhi the correspond
cut of the London Daily Mall says:
"A body of Pathns made a bold attenfpt
in breed daylight Friday to attach: the 1
guard and rob the jewel room of th9 arts
exhibition, where getns valued at 31,250,000 I
were In keeping.~ Members of the polie
force and the jewelers present, after a
offe, succeeded in foiling the attempt.
"Entrance to the Jewel room haes now
been made much more diffeult."
A.me'ican Vesslu Buiit in 1903.
The cnmmissioner of navigation repotsI
63 saD and steam tessel. of 171,im gros
tons built In the United States and offiilyj
numbered during the six spths ended De
camber 31, 1963. During the corepenag
si months ended December '3t, 1901, IT7
sen and steam vessels of 154.011 gress teas
were built. Of the tonnage built In the let
ter half of 191. 98.30 tons were. built on
the Atlantic and gulf, 3.40 teas on the1
Pacific and 4T.84 tons on thp Great Ibm
loywarding Baggage in Na.
Aetlng Secretary of the Treasury Seed
nng has instrueted the eeetoi of e.lsess
tNew Yotk. that.1an instances where
suantity of bagag destine tot 90sada.
me uiot s..ma- to Elaan te eiska
rel it that pert, suck liamae saf
these sales. What was
word. We've got bettei
t's going to Impress you
rolderies that are dainte
iods practically as you'll
wed-every garment she
where the employes . v
Ladles' Short Petticoats of muslin,
with hemstitched ruffle; yoke
bands; 25 to 31 inches. An- 29c.
nual Sale Price ...................*
Ladies' Long Petticoats with yoke
bands and 9-Inch cambric
rufe; all lengths. Annual29C
Sale Price.......................... b
Ladles' Long Petiicoats with deep
umbrella rume. hematitched and tucked;
some trimmed with embroi
dery and lace; 40 to 44 inches
long. Annual Sale Price....... 4
Ladies' Long Petticoats In about 18
styles, finished with darts and tape
strings; deep umbrella ruffles with three
rows of lace inserting; deep
lace on bottom; others have
deep embroidery ruffle and
hemstitched and tucked; 40 to
44 Inches. Annual Sale Price... *
A splendid line of our popular "96"
Petticoats, trimmed very elaborately
with the best laces and embroideries;
full fare skirts; all lengths
and 25 styles to select from.
Annual Sale Price............. *
We've added to this sale a sample line
of garments that includes the finest lace
and embroidery trimmed Skirts, long
Chemises and Drawers.; being samples
there are only one or two of
a kind, and they are worth up
to $2. Annual Sale Price.... *
f Embroide
Lot 3
A very wide assortment of new Cam
bric, Swiss and Nainsook Embroidery,
widths running up to 6 inches, patterns
of every sort for every use; included
are plenty patent edge that will be in
such favor for trimming muslin under
wear, etc. See the beautiful needlework
of this lot; values up to.
18c. yard. For this sale, I 0C
Lot 4
Exceptionally fine qualities and the
best values ever offered for the money;
fine grade Nainsook and Cambric Em
broideries; both edging and Inserting to
match; beautiful open work patterns;
Point de Alencon effects, etc., in match
sets and point applique designs, some
are wide enough for skirting; qualities
that would be a bar
gain at 19c. For. this sale,
ep accordion-pleated ruffle with small
A WrapI
That's a
-Closed out the balance
half and less th
Maker's Stock of Wrap
$2.00, $2.50 and $2.9
250 dosen of the Finest Persian and (
about 33c. on the dollar. Thoroughly good
ribbon,, laces and insertions; some In bol
lars trimmed in lace; others trimmed wit
finished with silk-finished sateens; others
bands and Persian trimmings; also some
monas, with wide band trimmings to matc
man Elderdowns, handsomely trimmed in
are represented-pink, light blue, lavendE
garnet, &c. All sizes up to 44; the finest
wrappers that are made to sell at $2.00,
Tomorrow's prIce.;...........
renth and I
Decision of New York Coinss..on 0n
Traction Problem.
A dispatch from New York yesterday
mays:: The state board of railroad~ commis
sioners, which has been conducting hear
ngs on the -jamming in the "L" cars, made
lublic its recommendation today. It directs
hat 100 extra cars be placed in service
writhin three months; that the so-called rush
iours service be continued from early morn
ing until midnight, and that third tracks
se built on 2d avenue from Canal to 129th
itreet; on 3d avenue to 80th street, and on
ith avenue from Cortlandt street to 14th
Nonvention of Ex-SlaTeg In Maminno [
Ths City.
The supreme session ef the national in
lustrial council and ex-slave congress is
,eing held In this city at the headquarters
if the council, 50 D street northwest. It
3 stated that the conel today began
btlve work ini support of the Blackburu
ill now pending in Congress providing for
he pensioning of aged ex-slaves. The
ouncil will probably be in session here for
en days, during which time the deleg=ae
will es11 on President Roosevelt, and will
nake every effort to 1brIng their measure
s the attend~en of Congress. The follow
Eg eensg= of the r nmatla -are In the
lity: 8. P. Mitchell, Kentueky, president;
i. B. Bar'tley, Elorida, vice president; I. I
Valton, Arkanas, secretary and treasursar;
>. C. Poweil, a Lonen supreme diathtor.
L'he Rev.. Smith Franetoa of South (iro
lhs. al a. II. Johnba of Math Carela
ire among the delegates in .tteundanee
It is stated that a stempt wRil be male
his week to consolidate the national iSdus
eIal en and the Mu'Tual Relief Bonty
ad PanAssoaiation, which has head
kuarters at M101th M northwest. The
bes.thiat s is. t is sail, are
This aoisg et the eenventien,
is at as iD se.et, astabilup hy the
en assetha of the qustiSg -ate9 the
y o Bisd~t
7th and K Sts.
a great sale last year
goods to offer you at
most forcibly. Clean,
st, prettlest, most up
see in the regular lace
wing the careful plan
ork under most favor
Ladles' Short Petticoats, With deep
umbrella ruffle. trimmed with
embroidery, lace and tucks;
23 to 31 Inches long. Annual 4 c.
Sale Price ..........'...........
Ladies' Muslin Gowns with yoke of 16
tucks, cambric ruffle around
neck and sleeves; long and
wide; all sizes. Annual Sale
I4dles' Gowns, made of good muslin,
8 rows of Hamburg and lace inserting In
yoke, sleeves and neck trimmed with
embroidery and ruffles; V and
high neck styles; all sizes. An- 49cO
nual Sale Price.................
Lot of not less than 35 styles of Mus
lin and Cambric Gowns; V and high
neck; su llce. and empire, handsomely
trimmed with fine lace and embroidery,
tucks, and ribbon; extra long
and wide; in all sizes. Annual
Sale Price...................... - .
Splendid line of fine Nainsook. Muslin
and Cambric Gowns, well made and
prettilytrimmedwithVal.,Point d'Esprit
and torchon lace; also fine embroidery
and inserting; all the new styles; short
and long sleeves: all sizes. in
cluding extra size for stout
women. Annual Sale Price.... *
Special lot of 200 dozen LAdies' Muslin
Corset Covers in two attractive styles;
high and .low neck; all *
seams felled; all sizes. To
go at this Annual Sale Price * *
Lot 5
Choice of very fine and glaborate Em
broideries of the finest quality, in nain
sook,. cambric and Swiss; patterns are
as exclusive as they are handsome, in
cluding the very desirable applique and
openwork effects; widths wide enough
for flouncing; qualities that are
actually worth up to 2c. yard.
For this sale, yard............ e
Lot 6
Beautiful patterns of fine Nainsook
and Swiss Embroideries, in the much
sought-for match sets; the patterns are
exquisite; wee the elaborate Irish point
and applique patterns in this handsome
assortment; one of the best and dain
tiest lots of Embroideries ever
offered; actual values up to
0c. yard. For this sale....... *
ruffle on bottom;
per Sale
of a maker's stock-at
an half price.
ifrs, worth d
.W.. . 8c.
riental Frendh Flannelle Wrappers at
wrappers6 trimmed in silk and satin
aro effects; some have the sailor col
t yokes of black, white stitched and
set off in Persian
Persian effect Ki
I. and some Ger
braid. All colors
r, rose, tan, navy,
and prettIest
$2.50 and $2.96.O
( Streets.
opened this morningr at the establishment
of S. Ka="" Sons & Go. In tour huge glass
cases are shown the crown of Russia, the
crown of Italy, the crown of Sweden and
Norway, the crown of Pertugal, the crown
of Spain, the scepter of Pope Leo XIII, the
crown of Great Britain, the orb of Great
Britain, the crown of Austria, the crow
of Germany, the orb of Japan, the crown of
the Netherlands, the Iron crown, the crown
of Denmark, the crown of Napoleon, the
crown of Josephine. the mrows of Slam, the
crown of Nero and the triple crown of the
ilhe "American crown" Is represented by
a duplicate of the silk hat worn by Presi
dont Roosevelt.
The Imitation Fryal crowns were made by
and are the property of Mr. U. D. Inbes of
Peekrakenl, N. Y., and are In charge of the
latter's manager, Mr. Ralph B. Chase, The
basic mnaterial used in reproducing the
crowns was gold plt.The olleetla Is
valued by Mr. g~ at 32A.00. The
orowas were made especially for dIspar at
the St. Ilatli exposition, but as the opening
of that onterprise was postpone one yeaa
the coileeton Is being shown in the mean
time In the large cities of the csantry. The
crowns may be seen at the "Bsy Corner'
during the nat two weeks,
Naakt a COs/s Imiprovmmnts.
The announcement Is made that Hecht &
Co. wfll shortly erect a extensive addi
tion to their present stores em Tth strest.
This Improvement will besone of the esa
sons Imaportant and attractive haulage=
events. The firm has- lonng felt .e need of
a larger and miere spauisus bmuI~ag and
tosup is the sepryegintag the
and upon this the~ adeten wiU be bunt.
With the compleasen of thIs addIflo ehkt
& CO. 1wil oecupy en. of the larsest and
meest mnodern eSelUmeidngsy In this
The firm begern this smerais e reduce ts
stgek In order to amake see fr the baUl
Xaburmsi..m. ha usree.,wede b the
.annettha e. Uu&e'L Untalri hem been
- hrab the .Weet at TiYte, B. D. as
- h-eI~p m m.'~se
se ss. e o sa

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