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The Palals RoyaL Palas aL
Tomorrow-Thursday-January 8-4S tog be the liest bargain of 1903- This may read lke a
rash statement. It is made thoughtfully. Here's oir !"White Sale" of new year Under
garments, Table Linens and Embroideries is to ^occur s Jorland nll our adespapef advertsmg,
thought and energy will be devote d to these goods. Tomorrow's clearing sale bf old year stock will be
associated with the lowest prices and best bargains of the year.
42c 39c $3 $9 49c
(75c Garments.) (5oc Fabrics.) ($7 Waists.) ($16 Beds.) (Various.>
Eiderdown Dress- Choice of Silk Finest of French Only one-a Laven- 41c. for $1 Wash
ing Sacques. Flannel- drEae'n,3c o 5
ette Nightgowns and Mousselines; Flannel Flannel W a i s t u, dr Enameled Iron Basins. 80. for 75c
Short Knit -etti- Wastings and All- those you have seen * Bed, complete with Chambers, $1.9 for
coats. First floor In wtings here at $5 to $7. springs and mattress. $4 Slop Jars, 25c. for
room adjoining ele- wool Cloth Sutings Choice tomorrow for. Nearly half price, 0c. Mugs, on base
vator. on second floor. only $3. Third floor, on fourth floor. ment Door.
29c 19c $2 $5 10c
(39c Garments.) (25c Linings.) ($5 Waists.) ($9 Blankets.)' (Various.)
Muslin Nightgowns Mercerized S i1 k 8 The Silk Waists Navajo Blankets, 10c for 25c Brush
and other undergar- and other best lin-. you have seen here making the richest Vases, Mugs, Cups
ments,some of which ings. Some were at $5. Some show of couch covers. and Saucers, Break
are 50c value. On morethan25c. Choice signs, of handling. of hauc cers, ad Sates, eak
table adjoining the for 19c yard. Second Reduced to $2. Third Nearly half price. On fast Plates, etc. On
42c table. floor, floor, fourth floor, basement floor.
59c $1.24 59c $3.50 15C
(75c Garments.) ($2 Fabrics:) ($I Waists.) ($6 Rockers.) (Various.)
Some are 9Me value, Choice of 54-inch They are all-wool Just one Willow 15C for 30c Meat
but most are 75C Zibeline and Knick- Flannel. Only grays, platter~s, Vegetable
Gowns, Skirts, Cor- erbocker Cloth Suit- blues and greens now Rocker left over Dishes, Pickle Dish
DrawCoers O nd ings, the season's ul- remain. Reduced to from Christmas. It's es, etc. c 4for But
Daweoin n tbl ter Dishes'and 4c for
adjoni the 29c ta- tra-fashionable fab- nearly half price. a beauty. On view Fruit Saucers. On
ble. ric. Third floor. on fourth floor. Base'ment floor.
79c 4c $15 $2 $2
($I Garments.) (ioc Laces.) ($22.50 Coats.) ($5 Chair.) ($5 Lamps.)
Some were as much, Superior Torchon Monte Carlo and A Gorgeous Gold- Parlor Lamps, more
+as $1.50, but early adMdc ae. Hl-itn ot. la eeto hi rIs hpon
visitors will pick Choice, of 50 pat- The season's ultra
them out. We prefer terns, but not full fashionable styles.
to say 79c. for $1.00 pieces of any one. Reduced to only $15. worn. On fourth at only $2 for choice.
Gowns, Skirts, etc. First floor. Third floor. floor. on Basement floor.
38c 21c $30 13c $3
(5oc Garments.) (35c Laces.) ($50 Coats.) (25C Shades.) ($6 Tables.)
Choice of Ladies' Superior Venice The rich Silk. Peau Opaque Window Rich Brass Tables
Warm Union Suits, Galloons. Some few de Sole and Velvet Shades, complete with solid onyx top.
+ Vests. Pants. tights Coats, elaborately with fixtures. A lit. The last two from
and Hose. See table are not worth more trimmed and silk tie lot of them, more Christmas selling.
full, near G street than 25c: most are lined. $30 for choice, or less shopworn. Choice for $3. On
door. worth 35c yard. Third floor. On fourth floor. basement floor. 3
19C 98c $6.48 $2 C
(25c Garments.) ($1.25 All Over.) ($8.50 Coats.) ($3.50 Screen.) (12y2C Matting.)
Vests, Pants, and 18-inch wide Venice Young Ladles' Ker- A Handsome Screen, Only four rolls re
Hose, worth up to -in cream and but- sey and Cheviot filled with denim, main, 40 yards to
50c are on this table, ter shades, much in Coats; some plain, lii ddeach roll ; 8c yard.
at 19c for choice, demand. Hurry or some with triple gly fa I wn- which Is less than
Most are 25c gar- expect disappoint- capes, some braid dow display-But not cost at wholesale.I
ment met, trimmed. Third floor. 1% dollars' worth. Fourth floor.
59C 7c '$1.79 98C $2
($I Garments.) (3oc Edges.) ($3 Coats.) ($2 Pictures.) ($5 Screen.)
Will the lady reader Swiss and Cambric Infants' Long Coats Some of the frames Japanese Screen,
please Inform bus- Embroideries, up to of English Bed- are slightly scratch- 4 fold. Gold em
ed. but ten cents'
band, son or brother, 5-inch wide, really ford, with deep cape, Worth of gold paint broidered. It got
that Men's 1 'One- wth embellished w h will be more than
ta Union Suits are n roenough to make
brads nd ibbns; them as good as new. day rush. $2 insteadA
here at 59c. yard, at 7c. warmly lined. Fourth floor, of $5. Fourth Floor.
79c 9C 42c ~20% 1 Oc I
($x.5o Garments.) ((9c Ribbons.) (Linens.) (25c Soaps.)
(eaf Reception Chai
The very best Some were as much The Dainty Bib Table Linens, In Superior Tloiilee t
Eiderdown Dressing as 29c. Remnantsf
but tomorrow's early Aprons, embellished remnants, at one- Soaps. 3 cakes In
Sacques. visits w- with fine embroidery. fifth less than regu- each box, at only 1c.
visi3.98 tol $5.98 Lamp
styles. On firsat-floor sirable lengths and French styles. On lar prices. Table full box. See table full
tab(35cnarmeenats.) btcRbons. ) thid Aporn. ) ($3 scloth.) near Bsrses.)oor
I brie Corset Coers n a r rCwarse Arostey oh, ~ens oewr
anwere sold at Christ- rille wahand werisheraeinlhnkc O al
sock Drwers. O ma.. hoice tmor- le. $3n tflo orice.poreor o a 1t tee n
th~rdfloo tabe rwrt 35c yard.tae.osendfortac.
25c15 9(c25c hades.)
Most re Cobina- Some re woth Inants'Long nd iAl fPxure Lie Blnit-tos
tion ocketBooks more s,.'n'~ hort resse, of atas o w ftel, more ud ad exr
Purss an Car worh les; nl siow lwnscambic ad o4 inces; osho aond. ev ctc ol
holidas, rus. Choie for ~e. me. n *hird floor. Scn lofor
(68cBag.) $i~o Caendrs. ($iCap.) $6.5 Blnkes.)($6 Spreads.)
They ave ben usd onequartr thebe-lfrniatlankes.om
foreC h ~ ~~ a~ trmmins o rib pais sighty mus- istma Thelkling.
ofhadlng tane.OnthrdflorOnir eondt floor. bseon floor.
19c 2c$.8-3 5
(25c Fames.) (iVle)(8Cas)(o op)(iRg.
Gilttime P aes ofApiuSa-ansyCohCas, smdr onyu esrn ,x
toc areoti tabet-ie, e n ris n tefash1onabIe gtrmat fl
coste ae 25tara- ad.a 5 e alrfns. O l ero tr, o hm nfut
79c91.5 $.4 $2 8 $.4
($iUmbells.) ($.5 AsOe.) ($8-5 Coats.) -($.5 Screen.) ($2.5c Matire.)
Umbrells - b e-inerreae Bond but- adhotCts
haer sods atc in fKre n o- Ighad -oa bp ote~,s
than sual tthe man. Hurryd oruhuedfrdu
'make aseilyo mrs"Bad fTa nd Chevees.
bags here tmorrow.dBasmentcfloor
* Palailoyalwi1dentm
* e eUetbi 40 a, -S
-aumalitt. the MAieYGdssata *mse
arr of T,G00 a year, Go tow tS's Dso
assistaut ttoraen zetratat - . a 7esc
t- is provi6ed Atruey General
* delstet '24 -"he suetm o
sugh 6tfis fumie authority as he
nr see fit, and ce of the At
torney General and solieitor general he In
given power to exercise all the duties of the
Attorney General. Provision Is also made
for the appointment by the Attorney Gen
eral of two additional confidential clerks
without reference to civil service laiws.
While the bill does not specify that these
additional Offiers -are provided to aid thb
Attorney General in the enforcement of
anti-trust laws, that is understood to be
Its purpose.
Count Casaln Cable Decision, but Has
Taken So Action.
Except to cable ti St. Petersburg the
decision of theUnited.States SupremeCourt
In the sugar bounty case, Count Cassiti,
the Russian ambassador, has taken no ac
tion In the matter. - While he -regrets tile
difference. of opinion between his own and
the Washington government on that sub
ject, he does not for a moment think the
cordial relations that are traditional be
tween the two peoples will be disturbed.
Count Cassini Is unable to say whether his
government contemplates retaliatory meas
ures against the United States as a result
of the Supreme Court's decision. The Rus
sian government is unmoved In Its convic
tion that no bounty is offered on sugar and
is compelled to differ even from the Su
preme Court of the United States on this
Decision Regarding Admiral Melville
and Paymaster General Kenny.
With the approval of the President, Sec
retary Moody has decided that Rear- Ad
miral Melville, chief of the bureau of
steam engineering, and Paymaster General
Kenny, chief of the bureau of supplies and
accounts, shall serve out their four years'
term In such bureau offices, despite the
fact that both officers will be placed on
the retired list on account of age several
months prior to the expiration of their bu
reau commissions.
Admiral Melville will retire next Satur
day. His bureau commission, however, will
not expire until August 9, 193. Paymaster
General Kenny will retire on the 19th in
stant. but his bureau commission will not
expire until May 5 next.
It Is unusual to retain retired officers as
bureau chiefs, but there are precedents for
It, the most recent being the case of Cap
tain Lemly, retired, who Is serving as
judge advocate general.
In letters to Admiral Melville and Pay
master General Kenny requesting them to
serve out their four-year terms at the
head of their respective bureaus Secre
tary Moody said he! was impelled to Lhat
course ,n recognition of their long and
faithful service to the American navy.
Complaint of the Pittsburg Plate Glass
Company Heard.
Before the Interstate- commerce commis
sion yesterday afternoon representatives of
the Pittsburg Plate Glass Company testified
In substantiation of the charges that the
railroads are discriminating against Ameri
can manufacturers in their import and do
mestic freight tariffs: John Pitcairn, presi
dent; J. M. BellviliS,'ganeral freight agent,
and W. W. Heroy, Nqw York agent of the
company. submittdd , comparative state
ments showing, a.mong other things, that
plate glass can be transported from Ant
werp, Belgium, to Minneapolis, Minn., at
25 cents per 100 pounds less than from Pitts
burg to Minneapolis. The tariffs to other
inland cities showed similar wide variations
In import and domestic rates in favor of
the former.
Menibers of the commission left last night
for Charlotte, N. C., to take testimony re
gar.ding the complaint of the Charlotte
Shippers' Association of unjust discrimina
tion of various railroads against Charlotte.
The Sergeant-at-Arms Had to Bring
in the Members.
Mr. Nelson had not concluded his re
marks in the Senate yesterday afternoon
when that body went Into executive session
and at 4:20 ,adjourned. There was a .good
deal of difficulty in maintaining a quorum,
and it became necessary to send out the
sergeant-at-arms to bring In senators to
answer to a roll call. Senator Dubois was
in the chair when Col. Ransdell camne In
with Senator Frye, president pro tem. of
the Senate, and the Senate enjoyed the
scene. But forty senators responded to the
roll call, which was demanded by Mr.
Beveridge, and it took half an hour to se
cure a quorum. Before a quorum was ob
tained the Senate refused to adjourn on mo
tions of Mr. Pettus od' Alabama and Mr. De
pew of New York.
Latter Will Go to the United States
Supreme Court.
If existing plans carry, some time next
month the President will send to the Senate
the- nomination of Governor Taft to be an
associate justice of the United States Su
preme Court to succeed Justice Shiras, who
Is expected to retire during February.
Governor Taft will be succeeded as civil
governor of the Philippines by General Luke
Wright, at present vice governor, and the
latter place will be filled by the appoint
ment of Mr. W. W. Rockhill, the present
director of the bureau of American re
publics. There are already many aspirants
for the place which .will be vacated by Mr.
Rockhill, but so far the President has made
no choice. It appears that Governor Taft
was offered a place on the Supreme bench
on the death of Jusie Gray, but he felt
that affairs in the P9jpines were In such
state as to requffe"l omn personal at
tendance, and he aaeIced the opportunity.
The President basasWt forgetten his unsel
fishness, and now feels that the work in
the arcipelago wJ in shape by Feb
ruary so that it'0~ . Il1be taken over by
General Wright.
While Mr-. Rockdll~irill receive a much
higher compensationestvce governor of the
Philippines than lj ~sas director of the
bureau of Amerl ~ ~ pblics, still his ac
ceptance of the S?'l.ed place Involves
the relinquishment le tbe many' ambitious
plans he had chierihelddoking to the exten
sion of the preseni& besseau Into an institu
tion far beyond jt-praeent Importance and
scone. ' r
A New Englis in3~l Tatuila.
Assistant Secreer arling of the Navy
Department has ltfiformed by Captain
U. Sebree, commanannt of the naval sta
tion at Page Pago. Samoa, that he has
granted permission for the establishment of
a non-sectarIan English school at Leone,
Tutulla, to be supported by voluntary con
tribution from Samlo5Zns and other residents.
The school will be conducted by Marist
Brothers under the' iretion of Rev. E.
Bellwaldt of the Ranna Catholic mission.
a == n= fo7elegraphrs.
Representative Eiiidney has introduced
abill In the 1House, making telegraph op
erators who have bse 'In the war of the
rebelhm eligible fi' penisions under the
pesfa laws of thd-UnifMd Utates~
All na
- sefuced in the, vuse NFKr Mesi of
A Feast of Specials
in Sporting Goods.
The day this department was opened It was pledged to. the "always
lowest" policy. Not only has it never departed from it, but whenever
occasion has made it possible standard lines have been offered at a dis
count from even these "always lowest" prices.
We announce. one of these special opportunities for tomorrow.
Sweaters are included; Skates are included; Cameras and Photographic
Goods are included; Golf Goods are included; Athletic Goods are
included, and Shaving Sundries are included.
Sweaters. Cameras- Golf Goods.
Boys' AM-wool Sweaters, plain a"And Suplies Guaranteed Golf Clubs, In wood or
alternate stripe; regular e iron; all styles; worth
price, $1.50 and 32. SPE- Korona -Casneras, mse. 4x5; long $1.30. Special................. .
CIAL.......................... focus; fitted with rapid convertible
lens; double valve automatic shut- Golf Balls, well-known make; reg
Men's All-wool Sweaters, in plain ter; reversible back and double ulation in size and weight;
and fancy colors; sizes 34 to o wing; -complete with plate worth $3 a dozen. Special. . $1.50
44. SPECIAL................... 9OC. holder and listed at $35. Spe- $15
cial.................................. Lot of Caddy Bags of various
Youths' All-wool Sweaters, heavy- Korona Cameras, size 5x7; exactly styles: worth up to $3.50. 7
weight; plain or fancy; the same type as the above; complete Special..........................
regular price, $4.25 and with plate holder; listed at Feb Pairs of Golf Gloves that are
$5. SPECIAL .................$3.00 $5. Special.............. e Pahsof Gorf oe a
Korona Cameras, size 6%x%; same slrihtly soil; worth 2 a $1.0
Men's and Boys' Plain and Fancy pattern as above; complete with plate '"'"''''''''''''.+
All-wool Sweaters; regu- holder; listed at $00. Spe
lar price, 32.50 and 38. cial..........................,.......
SPECIAL.......................$1.85 Korona Cameras, size 8x10; same Athletic Goods i
pattern as above; .the latest and best A G
Children's Sweaters, in sizes to fit improvements; listed at 375. Patterson Training Outfits or Ex
ages from 1 to 5 years; Special............................$43 eroisers; regular price, 31. $
regular price, $1.50 to $2. 4x5 Extension Cameras, with auto- SPECIAL..................... 73c.
SPECIAL............,... $1..I9 matic shutter, double rectilinear lens,
rising front, cycld form; complete Wooden Dumbbells and Indian
with, carrying case and Clubs; one-pound weight,
plate holder; listed at 312. SPECIAL, per pair........... c.
Skates. Seroa; Ca ;,-;;. fted 1ron-Dumbells. SPECIAL at 4%c.
Men's and Boys' All-steel Ice with double valve, two-second shut- a pound.
Skates, in all sizes; extra ter, rising and sliding front; com
good quality. SPECIAL....... 48c. plete with carrying case Eureka Punching-bag Platforms;
and plate holder; listed at complete, with bag andL.6.
Misses' and Children's Ice Skates, $20. Special................. $9.98 swivel. SPECIAL.......... $67
clamp toe and strap heel; Saks' Dry Plates, guaranteed per- Pnching Bags, round or pear
steel runners. SPECIAL....... c. feet and rapid, in the three popular shape; regular$4.5.$5 and o a
sizes: 5x7, ti6c. a doz.; 4x5, s.
Rolled Steel Skates, full nickel fin- 42c. a doz, and 3%x3% ......... UQ $5.50 grades. SPECIAL.... e
te; highly tempered; latest 95c. Composition Rubber Trays, Boys' Boxing Gloves; good kid;
"'""''" S5x7. 18c. each; 4x5..............9c. proper padding: worth $1.50 and
Skate Sharpeners-simple- Printing Frames, sizes from 531.75 a set of four. SPE- $ 15
anybody can use them suc- 2%x2% to 4x5. SPECIAL........ Ce CIAL ........................ I
cessfully. SPECIAL............1 5c Toning and Fixing Solution for ,
Sollo paper; 8-ounce bottle; Men's Boxing (Moves, made of fine
Leather Ankle Supporters. SPECIAL..................9c. grade of kid; padded; regular price.
SPECIAL.........................48c. Liquid Developer, 8-ounce fur2. to ....or set of$1.
bottle. SPECIAL.. ............ 9A.
Steel Ankle Braces; can be- Developing Powders, warranted Cotton Gymnasium Suits, In red.
attached to any pattern of an fresh and of full blue and black; sizes 24 to
Skates.............................. 9c. strength. SPECIAL 6 ior 18c. 44. SPECIAL......... . t ..85c.
Heavy Shinmy Sticks. SPE- Flash-light Car- Ks
CIAL...................5c. tridges. SPECIAL. %P 0. Ga unr' at;fl egh
CIAL................................. Call sizes of waist. SPE
worth 48c. a dozen. SPE
CIAL....................5C Full-length Tights; In worsted and
Sanarifg Oval Mounts Cotton; the lot is broken in sizes;
- Shavinrsegoo brppis
white, worth 89c. a oenregular $1 to $2.73 grades.7c
Saks' Full Hollow-ground Razors, SPECIAL.............. ........12c. ............
In three different weights Higgin's Photo Paste; regu
and warrantedfor 0 days. .oo lar :Zc. size jars. SPECIAL.. canvc.
SPECIAL..................... Zinc Combination Washing Box and
SaDrying Rack, for plates up to and
t ae s. Brushes good. br. . -. 9c Including size 5x7; w orth
SPECIAL ....................... SPECI ........... 79c. Reversible Leather
Corduroy Cotoae R r PE
Razor Strops. leather and canvas Hypo, warranted full strength. and CIL .................... $5.98
sides and wooden handle. that usually sells for..5 a . a
SPECIAL......................14c. pound. SPECIAL.........! 4c Wind and Waterproof
Acid Hypo; worth c. a box. Coats, with facy lining.
Star Improved Safety SPECIAL........................... c. SPECIAL ..............50
Razors. SPECIAL......... $1.50 Saks' M. K. De- Boys' Repeating Air Rifles, made to
reloper foret Raeoos 6 for 25c. hold from 200 to 1,000
htpaper. SPECIAL, wt .. shots; worth $1.75
18-joint Tripqds. SPECIAL..7c. SEIL'>$ .5
Star Improved Stroping Machine, Ac-ua Tints, for coloring photo- Extension Roller' Skates,
for Safety Razors. SPE-$ 8 graphs and transparencies. with concrete rollers. SPE-6 .
CIAL .............. .......Assorted in box. SPECIAL.... . CIAL .....................
Saks and Company: Pa. Ave. & 7th St
Will Give 1l,500,000 to Philadelphia Barber and Ross, 11Ith and G Sts.
to Build Branches.Ca
A dispatDr from Philadelphia yesterdayfu
says: Andrew Carnegie has offered to givez
to the city of Philadelphia 31,500,000 to be 1 P LH eates
used in constructing thirty brandnes of thea
Free Library of Philadelphia at a cost of
puON eSent... Me
minationcwdsHmade todayhby5c.hn bho.
master, wh communicaedolpst-fSturdayoan n
to Mr. Tomson hs Intenior.ofPaEingLti.... oorle
Followingjthetrulepladd.downCbyLhim whe
he inuguraedAteuplaToftdstriutrngao erinyhoo
hare o his vst weathaamon aitietandsparenciance
tows hee te ee offre ibaryfai- Ganray Urnr PnSulE nD,4
tie wa aparet t hi, M. Crneie prvemnt alj FLesOORait YPE- wi .25 fidh
stipulatedFtla-lheng1, T0,h00;shll berused anthe
to renderularge1t27 andes.eeti
the giftshall bc~mReavrlableeteLcityeorinncon
libraies, he ciy mut equp thebuilings ~. oi andin and FiraStsproof, ng
wit funitre nd ook an mut bnd horughy Coatwn hfa nablsg.t
eBoyieti'LreeatingrRfemaet -
eachhotbraryrth,01.7a year.2. .
It I no exectd tat ll f te cty Th bet Ol Hates o th maketat Exdtescon slle Sthes, oa
brancheswill be uilt atonce.cWncretno. $ol$4.5.andPE
definite~~Asotd nbe.SECA... C plnhsbeComltdfruil-*____________ _ rtIL.......................... t en n
ercStebaceknlsfatand Company:na.n-e 7h S..
acodtooth Buity arans.
cated Mnre. Carnegies offere to truse.*ria ega hatr.G sL s - -$4 0
toste ciof hruselphhave1,5been tol be a-e a Haes...
Aouncemnao Mr. Carnegies d er-0 G s rte
migniedwihuqullcation, heiraaeStallyCyliJoer Thoin
pov the rojct. yathortyo mtte willron-s......$.2 lc ni n 20
lai Mer Theo trsitentso of meeting on GsRdaorh.....$2isrs ndrn 45
his one of the nefale ifs bny. Safr dres $
Foll0,0owr the ule aid on bygeity ihn
Wasingonaed $7,000,00 for ditrbtchnia
tonstute Ptther needaolfreeribraryaacm s.
tere was littlendt tham, Mr. Carnegie~L~~ u g a
tgift all bece availae the sty -or ~twate .s
riedd uallyus frd the spt fo the ~ ~ h tgtg
Cibareie brhetymst wintece the ostdingsl
amtset appropriated forttheamafortenance offd5 n ca t a ds w s
ofeah e Library, ich year. 1000 )5'-ayoycnajs
-atdiourot expectedt tha-theknobfsohndsity
br nnchsi be bui oma one . hl o -wilci ihsmls~3
Meiniter planghas nformaed the tat9 eti-t
eret baheoy tast rince uinan
cein CudtomsCmisinrCn of Chee city__warrants._
beten Canegcomsioers te trusees.R EI R SS i a d ~ s
Tosof d ruee wihof Sghai avend
Cfwapt Gerge Carngoerpose od ance.- -__vc alc ors eind
Wagifetown aualct, Wtheron Fatp- LvePitlgt dt sitn
povl the proeeject. HTbor mattBerN.iClvic
Maid. Theflihthohs boardhaseseaty Morisetpomoten
geon at Fort orte N.otabegfs be or-.mn h ihhuekeesi teff ~ Nm~~lu i~md
whneo eI is gexcedt ny at Ba ie doa ssatkeei lc fW .J~ea oehgn ae .Tws olc
tontrc Surgeon00000fo HBuorie has Newerk
ordered00 totorahe dualtackrgesty bain ge.IacC ekn o aecuto utmditito atr aya
absece in titl couty thave been CareresrmYr ptigtt ol rplgt luetr Ksu-.N.Cio,
gito woil thei rcegpts now the cthe Phlpsumaeby sscod.assatast . asn em.As ee
amountblacphearthaaed lastaeyearlfor service
I~u.Cm.0.i.nndners on, Ca.var; ~ 1~ fDihee y ________
Minser .H Cor h formed Rh Stat
Pei, u tom Commisnr Car of. hee-s hre'W atistai'Goe5 oers h utro h
1tfo atry Huan Klciann S hgh an kaeepro obPn aPtmcrvr sn,~ u~w-pe~r
been aite~l.d commissioe t thev JSt. rbfsuayacn s~tatUi~ tis algteel
O ietoalprdetiotersdra
- vicelea and n*~na
~~ - 4&9odrlss9 e RcmSO

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