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Consideration of
Resumed by the House.
Conference Report on the bgi"atW
Bill Adopted-Execative Session
on Canal Treaty.
Withwout preliminary business the House
today proceeded with the cansideration of
the naval appropriation bill..
When the House adjourned yesterday the
paragraph relating to the increase of the
personnel of the -navy had been reached.
To this an amendment was offered, wnich
was defeated, to provide that the grad
uates of sta.e nautical schools standing
highest in their classes should be appointed
An amendment was offered by Mr.
Perkins (N. Y.) to make volunteer officers
who served in the Marine Corps during the
war with Spain eligible to appointment as
captains on the Marine Corps staff. He
said there were but two officers who would
be eligible under this amendment. It was
An amendment was adopted giving mem
bers of the House whose districts are not
now represented at the Naval Academy
the privilege of immediately appointing to
fill such vacancies.
Mr. Kitchen (N. C.) offered an amendment
to limit the increase of midshipmen to be
appointed to two for eadh senator and rep
resentative between now and 1911. It was
lost, 76 to 63.
Mr. Fitzgerald (N. Y.) moved to increase
the number of chaplains from twenty-four
to thirty-four. His motion was lost.
Expulsion for Hazing.
Mr. Dick (Ohio) offered an ameidsent,
wthich was adopted, to provide for the sum
mary expulsion of a naval cadet found
guilty of hazing.
The Senate met at 11 o'clodk today. Bills
were passed authorizing the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company to construct a bridge
across the Allegheny river near Aspinwall,
Pa.; authorizing the Secretary of the In
terior to issue a patent to the city of
Buffalo, Wyo., for certain tracts of land;
to refer to the Court of Claims the claim
ia connection with the construction of the
ironclad monitor Tunxis.
The Quay resolution declaring* it to be
the sense of the Senate that a vote on the
statehood bill' be taken prior to March 2,
went over until tomorrow.
A House bill was passed providing for
the payment of claims of citizens of Vir
ginia for damages to their property inci
dent to the encampment at Manassas and
on the march from Camp Alger to Thor
oughfare Gap, Va., during the war with
House bills also were passed amending
the pension laws applying to remarried
widows; authorizing the construction of a
bridge across the Tennessee river betWveen
Lewis Bluff and Guntersville, Ala.
The conference report on the legislative,
executive and judicial appropriation bill
was agreed to.
A bill was passed referring to the Court
of Claims the claim of the contractor for the
construction of the monitor Etlah.
The bill making Sabine Pass a port of
entry in Texas, which hae ,caused consid
erable discussion in the Senhate heretofore,
was considered for a time. On motion of
Mr. Bailey the bill was amended so as to
apply to Texas only.
Mr. IHanna moved to refer the bill back
to the committee on commerce, but the
motion. was defeated, 31 to, 32. The bill
went over without action, when, on motion
of Mr. Cullom, the Senate, at 12:2), went
into executive session to consider the Co
lombian canal treaty.
Lieut. Cheater WeRs ' Charged With
"Reprehensible Neglect."
Secretary Moody has rejected In part the
findings of the court of inquiry appointed
by him to investigate the cornditions under
which the naval tug Leyden was casi
away on the south coast of Block Island,
January 21, during a dense fog and heavy
sea. 'The Secretary, in his indorsement
upon the report of the proceedings, recalli
the fact that It,,was. found by the couri
''that there was reprehensible neglect in
not getting soundings, a'nd that this neglect
is espeeiljy zaptipgable ia notgetting sound
lngs when in plain sight of Montauk Point.
** A sounding -at thth "time would
have been of great assistance; * * * *
and of -geaeer--eecuracy than the one
adopted in estimating the .distance by eye
The court found that no one.ws at fault
except the ecnmmading officer, but It al
luded to his trying .position and his ad
mirable oohdubt after the grounding. So it
recommended that .he be given a letter of
reprimand, and ethat no further proceedings
be had.
Secretary Moody disapproved the last part
of the findings and directed the trial by
court-martial of Lieut. Chester Wells, say
ing that in his judgment "reprehensible
neglect" should not end except witih the
Judgment of a court-martial.
Addicks Got Eighteen on the Ballots
Cast Today.
Spetlal Dispatch to The Evening Star.
DO)VER, Del., February 19.-Twenty
votes woula have elected two United States
se nators in the joint session of the legisla
ture today, but the axiom, "A miss Is as
g->od as a mile," was again applicable.
Only forty-lye members of the general as
sembly were in attendance, seven being ab
sent or paired and the voting was hur
ried In order that the legislators could
embark on a special train for a trip to
Rehoboth and Lewes, at mouth of the
Delaware bay.
The senatorial vote accordingly showed
no material change.
The twenty-aixth ballot for United Statee
senator resulted:
Larng term-Addicks. 13: H. A. Dupont,
8; ex-Senator HiggIns, 2: Edward D.
Hearne (Dem.), 17.
Short term-Addlcks, 18; ex-Senator Hig
gins, 8; H. A. Rlchardson, 2; J. Harve3
Whiiteman (dem.), 17.
No election.
State Senator Sparks (reg. rep.) inaug
urated a plan after the result of the vote
was announced today that will prevent an3
advantage being tsaken by the subsequeni
absence of members.
Hie moved that hereafter the pairs be an
nounced before the takting of the two bal.
lots. State Senator AUe, the Addicks lead.
er, seconded the motion, and It was carried.
The regular republicans and the demo
crats are prepared to leave the joint sessioni
should it be learned that- enough of their
members were absent and not paired to
Srmit the union republicans to have a ma
rity to elect senators.
Steamer Collides With Schooner and
Eaves Crew of Latter.
ATLANTIC CITy, N, 3., February i.
The steemer Golduboro, Philadelphia for
Nay York, caliMed with a four-masted
schooner oft UJtti %gg Harber -uaving
station today. The schooner smak Iis a few
minutee. It is thouht the Gdidotioro res
cued the crew at the isnemsr.
LO)NG DRhanaf ' .., Uebruary 10-A
report reeie bee tres UW.eMg Ha
her says that hesto woe loweret free the
Geideb'r afte the -sEMme at the crew
of the wrechne aGesw tm& ho the
Biot Almost Precipitated 1W U.ma
anate Chsambar - ?asttor
caught in Act.
HELENA, Mont., Pebruary 19.-A most
exciting scene occurred in the senate cham
ber last night and a riot was almost pre
cipitated when some one cut the electric
wire leading into the- capitotbuilding for
the purpose, it is charged, o. stgppig de
bate on a bill under discussion.
After the break had bies 'peltud; Sena
tor - Kennedy charged that, Jaa;tpr -Curtis.
who, it is said, was caught in the act,
had been ordered to cut the wires by
senators favoring the hi
To -Preenp. Vote.
The senate was in committee of te whole
and had under discussion a= bill providing
for a change ofvenue-in civil case&
This bill, which is said to have a good
majority in the senate, has been bitterly
fought by the Heinz people.
To prevent a vote being taken Senators
Kennedy and Tewey, Heins leaders, as
serted that they would occupy all 'night.
and from 4 o'clock in the Afternoon till 2
o'clock this -morning they alternated on
the floor. .
At 2 o'clock the senate adjourned.
Naval Collier Has Been Helplessl'
Adrift for Ten Days.
Special Dispatch to The Evening Star.
PORTSMOUTH. - Va., February 19.
There is great anxiety at the navy yard
for the safety of the. collier, Alexander,
which is long overdue
Capt. Gove is well known' here, having
been master of the yard's vessels for years.
His wife lives in Norfolk, and the sus
pense and anxiety are tellfng tip Ofher.
The Alexander has been adrift at sea
helpless for nearly ten days.
The Navy Departmenut rests'eaby in the
belief that she is in the track of the ship
ping and will be towed in speedily.
There is enough to 'eat aboard and the
ship can make her own fresh water with
her condensers, but the injury to her rud
der, it is feared, will cause her to fare
badly in a storm.
It is probably that the tail of the terrific
blow of Monday night struck her, but, with
the sail Capt. Gove had made before Offi
cer Adamson left the ship, it is believed
she could weather the blow.
The navy people at this yard try to take
the most cheerful view of the matter. The
revenue cutters and perhaps another naval
vessel will be sent. to join in the search.
Refused to Allow Age to Stand in Way
of Accepting Challenge.
BUDAPS', February 19.-A duel with
swords was fought today between Barot
Fejervary, minister of national defense, and
Deputy Lengyal, as a result of the dispute
In the Hungarian chamber Tuesday, when
the minister called the deputy a liar.
Baron Fejervary was slightly wounded
three -times in the right hand.
The baron, who is over seventy years old,
declined to refuse to accept the challenge
on the score of his age.
Ten Below Zero in Some Places and
Much Suffering Results.
Spee ial Dispatch to The Evening Star.
HAGERSTOWN, Md.. February 19.-Re
ports from the mountain districts indicate
that the temperature went down to 10 de
grees below tero in some parts of western
Maryltnd this morning.
The lowest registered in Hagerstown was
4 degrees below. Many thermometers regis
tered zero. Last night was the coldest in a
number of years.
As a result of the intense cold there is
much -suffering, many -families befhg. with
out sufficienQ fuel to keep them warm.
County roads are drifted shut, and in a
number of places men put to-wgrk to shovel
open the drifts were compelled to stop on
account of the cold.
Annual Encampment .rand Army of
Republic at Hagerstown.
Special Dispatch to The Evening Star.
HAGERSTOWN, Md. r February 1e.-The
annual encampment of -the Department of
Maryland, G. A. R., opened In Junior Hall
this afternoon and will continue in session
until tomorrow evening,
Department Commander John W. Worth
of Baltimore is the presiding bficer.
At the annual election tomorrow the In
dications point to the selection of Capt.
William Staple of Wilsen Post, Baltimnore,
as department commander.
So far as known he Is the only available
candidate for the ofice. The session this
afternoon was taken up with the considera
tion of reports and appointment of com
Virginia Senate Conslder. Bil to Aid
Special Dispatch to The Evening Star.
RICEMOND, Va., February 19.-The sen
ate was engaged today for half an hour in
considering the bill to provide for the rais
ing of bloodhounds to be used 'by the sher
iffs in tracking persons charged with crime.
The bill was advocated by Senator klbbs,
its patron. Senator Opie of St*unton fa
vored an amendment to include bulldogs,
saying the b!oodhounds could catch crimi
nals, but bulldogs wer, necessary to hold
them. The bill was engrossed.
Eighteen Narrowly Escaped Similar
late in lire on Schooner.
BOSTON, February 19-iFire which start
ed early today in the cabin of the dishing
schooner Gertrude. lying at 'her wharf,
burned to death two of her crew.
Eighteen others narrowly escaped.
The flam-s were extinguished betere the
vessel had been damaged greatly.
Young Rockefeller at Old Point.
Special Dispateh to The Eveniag Star.
'NEWPORT NEWS, Va., February 19.
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., wife and party
arrived here this mornIng from Washing
ton on the private car Atlanrta, belonging
to George Gould, and went to .Old point.
Mr. Rockefeller visited the Hampton Nor
mal and Agricultural Institute, presumably
In connection with ai that 'his father -wil
extend. This afternoon he will go to Rich
mond, and from there to Aheville, N. C.,
to join his father for a southtem.tour.
To Eramine laith Curiats,
special De-r-Ie to The asesag ster...
RICHMOND, Va., February 19.-ime bill
requiring otaratists, hith4iurists, heal
raand Christian eta. to stand an eg
amnination before the stt board of medical
examiners will be db "nthe semie
February 3?. The bili previlgs severe psm
alties for viciaters.
BTOCKB. PeknFey N-'he esatral
relief --mttee aa serwnd td'sbe ape
met er the asose of g-aa- to
be asot Se b ee mane. o ed
the - o MS 'ef [email protected]
w a u et
The regn- of the storm king an old
Boreas is at last eo=nh to a elose, and
witu the next twenty-fuwr Aoug moth i!
abdicate in favor of old Sol. This predic
tion is based upon reports from the weathel
bureau late this afternoon. At 8 o'CelN
this morning the oercury registered 4 de
grees above sero, one degree higher than 11
was yesterday morning. Although this wa
encouraging, the slight -difference was Im
perceptible, and many declared that it was
even colder this morning.
The weather wilU continue to be fair, with
a giadualy rising temperature from now
on, and as fur as Chief Moore-Of the weath
er bureau can fesitelt there will be no more
severe weather for several days at least
At 8 o'clock -tomorrow mornini the mer
cury will in asl probability register 10 de
grees above aero, with a debntinued rise
during the day.
Car Service but Little Impeded.
The street car service of the city was
but little impeded by the ice in the streets
today, and the schedule of all the lines
was maintained. The cars had many mis
haps yesterday and last evening is a re
sult of the ice. A plow of one of the motel
cars of the F street line burnt out neal
the Baltimore and Ohio depot about 5:15
o'clock yesterday afternoon, causing con
siderable excitement and delaying the serv
ice for some time. For a time it lobked
as if the car would be totally destroyed
the flames from the underground electric
rails shooting several feet in the air.
The "seeing Washington" car became un
manageable while rounding the curve a1
11th and F streets about 3 o'clock yesterday
afternoon, as a result of ice-clogged tracks
and made a wild dash for the immense
show window of the Moses establishment
The motorman threw on the brakes, thus
preventing the rear truck of -the car fron
leaving the tracks. The front truck of the
car did,Jhowever, get over on to the esat
bound tracks, blockading the line for some
time. The crew of the "ihurry-up wagon'
was enlisted and the car was finally righted
and traffic resumed.
Assistant City Solicitor Pugh and others
at the Police Court are busily engaged to
day ir Issuing warrants against property
owners and householders throughout the
city for neglecting to remove the snow
which fell Monday night from the pave
ments adjoining their houses and lots. Over
two hundred informations had been issued
by noon, and it is probable that the num
ber will be greatly Increased by the time
court closes, at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
James C. Robinson of 1800 Florida avenue
appeared in court to answer to a charge
of violating the snow law; and Judge Scott
after hearing the facts, imposed a fine o:
11, which was paid.
Rebecca Chandeler, 1736 18th street north
west, forfeited $1 collateral on a similai
Belections for Justices-Promotions in
the Army.
The following nominations were sent to
the Senate today:
Justice-To be associate justice of the Su
preme Court of the United States, Willian
R. Day of Ohio; to be United States circui1
ludge for the sixth judicial circuit, John K
Richards of Ohio; to be solicitor general
Henry M. Hoyt of Pennsylvania; to be
United States district judge for the distric
fjinnesota, Page Morris of Minnesota.
y promotions-Ordnance department
Lieutenant colonels to be colonels, Frank
H. Phippe and James W. Reilly; majors to
be lieutenant colonels, John Pitman and
Cbarles Shaler; captains to be madors, Orir
B. Mutcham and Henry D. Borup. Medica
department: Assistant surgeons with rank
of first lieutenant. Charles F. Craig, Con
neoticut, and William P. Banta, Kentucky
To be captain-First Lieut. Samuel Hof.
To be first lieutenants, cavalry arm-Sec
ond Lieut. Jene E. Stedje, 4th Cavalry; Sec
ond Lieut. John E. Hemphill, 8d Cavalry.
To be captain, Infantry arm-Chauncey S
Humphrey, 17th Infantry.
To be first lieutenant-Second Lieut. Don.
aid C. McClelland, 18th Infantry.
Treasury: To be passed assistant sur
geons in the public health and marine hos.
pital service-Assistant Surgeon John F
Anderson of Virgnia, Assistant Surgeon
Rudolph H. von dorf of the Distrlct '1
Columbia, Assistant Surgeon Horman B
Parker of Pennsylvania.
Postmasters: Californfa.-Geo. F. Hirsch
Long Beach. Connecticut-Chas. A. Keye
Southington. Illinois-Isaac Newland, 0o,
chester. Kansas-David J. Keller, Nationa
Military Home; J. H. Buckmann Lyndon
Michiga.n-Geo. Barie, Pinoonning. Minuje
sota,-anuel Sweningson, Austin. Missour
-eamsuel J. Wilson, Macon. New Hamp
shire--Waiter W. Mason, Plymouth; .Nat
A. Cram, Pittsfield. New York-Chiauncel
F. Argersinger, Albany; Alfred G. Bo*hart
Lowville; Horace L. Burrill, Weedsport
North Carolina-Wen. H. Ceoper, Io.urina
burg; Alexander M. Long, Rocklngha'm
Oihio-Otis T. Locke, Tiflin. Pennsylvania.
Moses A. Foits, (Rnersburg; Joseph H
Downing, Est Dowington; Wan. W. Kam,
ble, Tidloute; Wax. T. Dlants, West Grove
Tennessee-Jemes M. Pardue, Sweetwater
Texas,J. Allen Myers, Brytan, Wisconsin
Cyrus C. Glass, River Falls.
House Insular Affairs Committee tc
Nest Tomorrow.
At a meeting of the republican membera
of the House committee on insular affairs
today It was decided to call a meetIg oj
the full committee for tomorrow, when thl
course to be pursued with reference to thl
Senate Phiippine currency bill wRil be de
cided on.
There is some objection to the Pattersor
amendment to the Senate bill, providini
for an international commission to devis4
a universal gold standard for the purposn
of international exchange.
A motion may he made in the House aftei
the committee meeting tomorrow to concuw
in all but this feature of the bilL.
DOmnibus Provision for Statehoocd 'Be
ported as a Rider to the Senate.
The Senate committee on post offices and
post roads yesterday completed dtsconsidera,
tion of the post offBce appropriation bill and
Senator Mason, chairman of the committee
reported the bill to the Senate. In additlor
to the amendment providing ffom the ad
misston of Oklahoma, Arizona and Neil
Mexico as states, there were other chang-es
relating to the conduct of the Post Offici
Department. The statehood amendment is
somewhat different from the statehodd bill
as Arizona is -the first of the territories
mentioned In the amendment, whereas ii
is the laat mentioned in the bill. The
transposition was mae In order to givi
Arizona the benefit of the first vote in casi
of a division of the question.
Beconvening of the Kembers in This
Tbe anthracite coal strike commIssIon me
bere this afternoon to begin the work e
formulti+ng- their eenelusis~ and traging
their report. Al th mesmbers of the ee
mis were pebsa ha~irma Gey a
hy*a4f an hoor late, owing to a- rea.
Th.----in w.s held in the la.se,s,a,
Oa""nee eemmses bedl
Wesebs - dg S.
micea hes bec destaees el-ssedasesa
menT k Ioleft 'io to
atathoo 3NB,
fronts -thre,Pbt' as Agree
m e n t* sg'V . on His
rather seriouaitutios. Senator-Quay, the
leader of the' statehoog afit, commenced a
filibuster this morning-against the Panama
canal treaty. lii'matner and method in
dicated. detet minatlon upon his part to make
a fight of it. Senator Quay is believed to
be doing this in : order to force an agree
ment for a vote pn~is statehood bill.
When the Sente went into executive ses
sion- today, -neeting- an hour earlier than
usual, it was supposedthat benator Morgan
would continue his speech against the
treaty, and would be the sole obstructor
of the pending pro6eedings for ratification.
To the surprise of the republican managers,
however, Senator .Quay took the floor, his
desk loaded with a formidable pile of docu
ments, and began his filibustering by hav
ing the clerk read the constitution of Co
Victim of sharp Practice.
It is said that Senator Quay claimed in
eonversaition with his colleagues that he
felt .aimeelf .the victim of dharp practice
in the caucus last Tuesday night, when
he agreed to withhold the statehood bill
in order that the Panama treaty might be
pushed. He clained that he entered Into
that agreement+upon the strength of rep
resentations =made to -him by republican
senators in chagwe. o4 the business of the
Senate that the option of this government
upon the Panama property was in imminent
danger of expiring, involving possible em
barrassment in a new deal for control of
the property. Senator Quay, it is said,
pointed out that the newspapers the next
day published the text of the communica
tion of the Secretary of State to the Pan
ama company, which would Indicate that
the danger of expTration of the option had
been obviated a.d that. there was no ne
cessity for rnmediate action upon the canal
Senator Quay's dmapge of tront was a
complete surprise to the republican man
ageri and caused.a number of earnest con
ferences to be held at once. In the mean
time the clerk din4 out the uninteresting
details of the C l ibian constitution, and
Senator back in his chair, it
is said, the of contentment and
gratification t of the redoubt
able -Pennoyl or coning to his
The first s the republican ma
agers desire dQ up is to what estent
the statehood !esea back of Mr. Quay will
support him Y,. - s proposed filibuster
against mte P g treaty, if indeed he is
earnest in sub 'a ilibuster. It is known
that the demcm.ta.gith possibly three ex
.ceptions-Mes#a'gan, Pettus and Teller
-are unaizn9u4. fg{ closing the Panan&
deal and end Ying to get the canal start
ed. It is said canvass was famiedi
ately enMtN ascertain h6w far the
democrats in fav* of the eanal may sus
tain Mr. Q . e next question is
whether he icaas in- Mr. Quay's
statehood col will withdraw from the
agrelment th mntae in Tuesday night's
caucus anid j 'Mr;'Quay in filibustering.
The i ton Threat.
Another interesting fMature was added to
the legislatIve~ ituation- in the Senate when
word was pamd irodnd emanating from
the White House that.,the President would
call a special session of the Senate unless
the Cuban recip;oclty treaty-shall be rati
fled at this sesslpn. The feeling had been
growing in the Senate that if the President
should . be given, his anti-trust, legislation
and ratifiqation -of the Panama treaty he
would .not call the Senate. back in special
session for Cuba. The statement was freely
circulated about the Senate today ulion the
authority of -the President that~ he would
insiSt upon rattiati6n of the Cuban treaty,
and that if the pressure of other business'
should prevent buch "action at thjs session
he would ask the Senate to -remain after
the 4th of March and close up that treaty.
The opposition? to the Cuban treaty is
open on the democratic side and exists,al
though In a veiled form, in cettain republi
can quarters. It is- said that some demo
crats who favor 'the> Panama treaty would
join Mr. Quay in his present filibuster i!
they thought that by so doing they could
keep basc the Cuban reciprocity treaty if
there would be'^nb p'eciel session on the
latter. If.a the Pies tmakes it plain,
however, Abat be will have a special ses
sion, for Suba-dhes. democrats will not
have an liicsntive, to aid Mr. Quay in tili
bustering againSt the Parnama treaty.
It is learned that Senator Fairbanks ad
dressed Sir- Wlflid J.aurier respecting a
reconvention of 4the joint high commission,
as reported in the Canadian dispatches, in
pursuance of the program outlined when
the Alaskan boundary treaty wasn ratified.
Sir Wilfrid anA Senator Fairbanks are the
chairmen of the- joint commission, and
when that body:adjourned in 1900 it was
with thme understanding tbat it could be
reconvened only by .agteement of the twa
chairmen. Senator Fairbanks was trying
to effect thiat recon'vention when he ad
drese Sir Wtlfrid Laurier, but so far the
answer of the latter to the invitation has
not been received.
The Alaskan bo~uhdary was the rock upon
which the oomnilaslon split at this - ar,t
meeting, for it was -learly evident that
ulpon all the otiser iie important thougre
they were, theSewn a areasonable prospect
of agreement benes :the commissioners.
Howevqr, the rule Iti teh eases is to re
quire the commissiee- to adjust all or none
of the questi miItted-+they must be
regarded asall these other
issues went; desarikh iee failure of the
-Alaskan boi~ aIis.Now it is
the purpose, *satte having
been alitnat arrangement to sub
again and. adjelt the same propositions
that were unJr4pesideration when the
~ ast aaaetepoot
tiens .to asmend. y of Washingo so
as to paranit of warships upon
the Rainy lake ' to defins the rights
great lks the use of the
bondig intransit from
one part of th e to anothem' eressing
part of the territory of the other eenmtry.
Persiapi the pg4eitient in which the
eltive"to lb s ii e
that an aa uie
the Umited - - ath
stgebable.a a tit smten
aaval ma remaa in the
a er and perhags ai re
tit guns be piacet eulp
WANU AS mr mm O~Nof
I No XMs awtain That - Xbdftw
3ows.M1 Oo- to The ague to
3Egegget Vanmna
President Castro. through the United
States charge at Caracas, Mr. Rssl. has
premeaM'a request to the Washagton go
ernament -that It permit the United States
.gunboat moaetta to convey the eicers-and
men who are to man- the Venesuelan craft,
captured by'the blockading fleet, from La
Guaira to Trinidad, the war prises having
been left at the latter port by the allies.
The United States, it is espected, will' tender
the Marietta for that mission, and the
Venezuelan seamen will proceed to Trinidad
aboard the American vessel and there re
ceive their ships from the commander of
the allied fleet.
The German government has officially an
nounced to the various governments of .the
world, including that of the United States,
the raising of the blockade at Maracaibo
and Puerto Cabello.
May Not Go to The Hague.
It is not certain that Mr. Herbert W.
Bowen, the United States minister* to Ven
ezuela, will go to The Hague In connection
with the movement to have that tribunal
determine whether -or not the European
allied governments, which maintained a
blockade of Venezuelan ports, shall have
preferential treatment in the payment of
the claims of their citizens against Ven
ezuela. -
If Mr. Bowen's pleasure in the matter
were consulted the likelihood is that he
would participate in the proceedings before'
The Hague tribunal, but he is not willing
to resign his position as minister to Vene
zuela for that purpose, and the rules of the
State Department prohibit the granting of
more than sixty days' leave of absence in
any one year to diplomatic officers. The
Impression also obtains that the State De
partment is not over anxious for Mr. Bowen
to attend, as his presence at The Hague
might cause a belief that the United States
is overzealous in behalf of Venezuela.
In diplomatic circles and among State
Department officials considerable attention
is being paid to the provisions of the third
set of protocols, The Hague protocols, which
will have to do exglusively with the setting
in order of the tribunal's cumbersome ma
chinery. This convention, in addition to
defining the scope of tpe arbitration, will
also stipulate the number of arbitrators to
be selected to whom this important duty
will be intrusted. n the allies' protocols.
article 5 provides in these words for the
appearance at the Hague of the peace
powers as parties In interest with Vene
"Any question as to the distribution of
the customs revenues eo to be assigned
and as to the rights of Great Britain, Ger
many and Italy to a separate settlement of
their claims, shall be determined in default
of arrangement by the tribunal of The
Hague, to which any other power interested
may appeal."
The Protocol With France.
Mr. J. J. Juesserand, the French ambassa
dor, called at the State Department this
morning and saw Secretary Hay regarding
the French protocol, which he is soon to
draw up with Mr. Bowen.. The ambassador
has been given entire liberty in the drafting
of this document, and called on Mr. Bowen
to announce the fact this afternoon. The
two were in conference for some time, and
the hope Is that the French protocol may
be ready for signature within a short time.
The other claimant nations have not
yet signified their wishes regarding the
agreement which Venezuela will sign with
them, but it is the understanding that there
is no probability of a delay.
Senor Pulido, the Venezuelan charge, saw
Secretary Hay today regarding a number
of minor matters arising out of the settle
ment of the controversy. lie called the Sec
retary's attention to the news 'from Caracas
of the award in the long-pending Rudloff
The Italian ambassador, Signor Mayor des
Planches, has transmitted, through the
Venezuelan charge here, a request to Pres
ident Castro that Baron Aliotti, now at
Trinidad, shall, upon his arrival at Caracas,
be recognized as the Italian charge d'af
New British Minister at Caracas,
The British ambassador has been ad
vised by his government of the relief of
Minister Haggard at Caracas, and of..the
appointment as his succeMsor of Mr. Henry
Outram Bax-Ironside, who was here until
1897 as second secretary under the late Lord
The British ambassador has informed Sec
retary Hay and Mr. Pulido of the appoint
Paving Company Begins Proceedings
Against Commissioners..
The Barber Asphalt Paving Company this
afternoon Instituted proceedings in equity
against the District Commissioners and the
treasurer of the United States, in his capac
ity as ex-officio commissioner of the sinking
fund of the District of Columbia, for injunc
tIon and the appointment of a receiver.
By the proceeding the Barber Asphalt
Paving Company seeks to obtain possession
of certain money it claims Is due it for lay
ing an asphalt pavement on M street, West
Washington. The money Is withheld, it is
said, because of a difference of opinion
regarding who should be held responsible
for the making of certain repairs to the
New National Bank Adds $50,000 to
Its Stock.
The controller of the currency has grant
ed permission to Rolbert N. Harper and
others, who were recently given authority
tu establish In this city a new national
bank, under the name of .the American Na
tional Bank. to increase the capital stock
from $200,000 to $2!50.410. Tire stock has
been subscribed, and a meeting of the
stockholders wRi be held Saturday -after
noon for the purpose of electing a board
of directors.
Under the law some time will be required
to complete the organisation, but it Is ex
peoted the bank will begin business in about
two months. In that interval the building
secured 'wiN be fitted .up and made ready
for the uses of thre new conc.ern.
Pierpont's Eudder Chain Broke and
Bhe Dritted Ashore,
NEW YORK, February 19.-The ferry
boat Plerpont, of the Hamilton Avenue,
Brooklyn line went ashore on Governor's
Tsland early today.
The boat was,making a trip to this city
when her rudder chain broke and ashe drift
ed ashore.
There were between 800 and 1,000 passen
gers aboard.
-For a time they were panic stricken.
-They aso suffered from the intensely 00ol
weather,' and it was half an hour before
they got off the stranded boat and resumed
the trip to New York.
NNW.i0sd bM U lij St iS p
oadeis W rEatis sete
Xpan p om, oTPUT
a amSEmY mmDNGO C
A isen VEa Ieag Are Th.at *s
Bitad 8an gpent I!s
waamm&a.u , February M.
tere weather continued today, and there
ws a firther restriction in the eutpat of
o06 ewing? to the tiatd of last night
sveeig the sanw into hise drifts.
hs dehtpn the seadtag of mars to the
mnee and te greveated many of the
workers frot reacmng the colieries.
NEW YORK. Fdhruary 1.-The cold
wave -whih" 'Ullored the snow storm of
the first part of this week brought the
coldest weather New York city has ex
perience hi tour years.
At 8 o'clock the weather bureau reported
that its thermometer registered a tem
perature of 2 degrees above zero, the low
est recorded since February, 180.
CLEVELAND, February. 19.-The official
thermometer at the local weather bureau
here registered S below sero early today.
while Instruments down on the street level
in many cases indicated from 6 to 8 be
Fifty-Two Miles an Hour.
A fifty-two mile an hour gale last night,
combined with the extremely low tempera
ture; caused much suffering. The railroads
continue to be hampered by the weather
conditions, nearly all through trains be
ing late. The west-bound Chicago and
Boston special on the Lake Shore was re
ported five hours late today.
CHICAGO. February 19.-The severely
cold wave which has held the west and
northwest in its grasp during the past
two days is broken, according to reports
received today. Whi:e cold the weather is
not severe.
In Chicago this morning the temperature
was 15 above, while Kansas City, Omaha,
Des Moines and other cities reported rises
of from 12 to 24 degrees. The forecast was
for moderating temperature.
Pope's Jubilee.
ROME, February -19.-The pope's jubilee,
or the twenty-fifth anniversary of his elec
tion, tomorrow, will be ushered In by a
high mass in the basilica, celebrated by
Cardinal Rampolla. Later the pontiff will
receive the cardinals and other dignitaries,
who will present him with a gold tiara, the
jubilee present of the Catholic world, which
cost $25,000. The Te Deum will be sung In
the evening, and there will be a procession
of all the Catholic associations.
Heirs Unite in Agreement to Have It
The will of Col. Robert Boyd, dated Feb
ruary 16, 1901, was filed this afternoon for
probate. Bequests as follows are made: To
his son, Frank Boyd, his watch and chain,
all his other jewelry and wearing apparel.
To his unmarried daughters, Mary E.
Boyd, Helen Boyd. Alice Boyd and Jane
Boyd, al furniture and. household effects,
they to hold the same each for the other so
long as they or any one of them remain
unmarried. Should any of them marry the
property in question is to remain in the
possession of the remaining unmarried
child or children so long as she or they re
main unmarried. -
In the event of all of them marrying.
the property is to be equally and equitably
divided among all the daughters of the
testator, namely, Elizabeth G. McKnight,
Florence Boyd Evans, Mary E. Boyd, Helen
Boyd, Alice Boyd and Jane Boyd.
To this sons, Robert E. Boyd and William
%. Boyd, $5 each I. left "in lieu of any
share or participation I the disposal of my
personal effects mentioned, this bequest to
each to be declared void should either of
them contest -this will."
George W. Evans, son-in-law of the testa
tor, is named executor, without bond. Filed
with the -will is a statement, dated the 17th
Instant,, as follows:
"We the undersigned chilfiren and heirs
of the late Robert Boyd have read the
terms and conditions of this will, and do
hereby consent to its probation. Robt. E.
Boyd, Wm. G. Boyd, Elizabeth. Grace Mc
Knight, Florence B. Evans, Mary Estelle
Boyd, Helen Boyd, Alice Boyd, Frank
Boyd, Jane Boyd." -
No. Meeting Tomorrow.
There will not be a meeting of the Sen
atr committee on the District of Columbia
Washington Stock 'Exchange.
*Sales-Regular call, 12o'cleck noon-Metropolitan
Railroad As, $735 at 107%. Chesapeake sdPoto
mac Telephone' 5s, $1,000 at 105%. Capital Trae
tion, 20 at 129%, 39 at 129%. National Safe De
posit Co., 10 at 140, 1 at 140, 10 at 140, 1 at 139,
10 at 189; 10 at 138%, 5 at 138%. Union Trust
and Storage Co., 7 at 108%. Arlington Fire Insur
ance Co., 25 at 33%. loumbia Fir Ins. Co., 25
at 12. Columbia Titib In. Co., 5 at 5. Washing
ton Gas, 25 at 80%, 25 at 80. .Mergenthaler Lino
type, 1 at 183%, 10 at 183%. Lanston Monotype,
25 at 9%, 50 at 10, 25 at 9%~. Greene Copper. 10
at 214, 40 at 24. After cal -Lanaton Mofotye
100 at 9. 10 at 9, 100 at 9%4. Mergenthaler
aioyeIat 129% '. at 183%, 1 at 184. Capital
Railroad Bonda4eital. Tractton 4., 108% bid,
109 asked. Metropolitan 84, 119% bid, 122 asked.
Metropolitan Cert. Indebt., A, 107 bid, 109 asked.
Metropolitan Cert. Indebt. B, 106 bid 107 asked.
Columbia de. 121 bid. 1%5 asked. (holumbia 2d
mort. Is, 107% bid. City and Suburban Is 97 bId.
Anacoetia and Potomac Is, 97 bid. The *rashing
ton Railway and Electric Co. 4s, 80%, bid, 80%
Miacelianeons Bonds-Washngon Gas Co. Os, se
ries.A. 109 bid. Wgsigon (a Co. Os, series B
106 bid. U..S. Electric igt Deb. Imp. Os, 1o64
bid, 106 asked. U.?8. Electrie Light Cert. Indebt.
Os, 106% bid. Chesapeke and Potomac Telephone
Is, 105%,' bid, 106 ase.Washington Market Co.
1st Os, 108% bid. Manonic Hall Association Is,
104 bid. American Graphophone Deb. Is, 95 bid.
Safe Depoeit and Trust St9eka-N%ational Safe De
Trdst. 18 bi 140 asked.W i
Security -and Trust b?id 22 asked. Washing.
ton Safe Depoit, 4 bid. Union Trust and Storage,
100 bid, -10 asked. Washington Saving. Bank,
Railroad tok-aital Tractioa Co., 129% bid,
120% asked. The WaitaRailwa and Elec
tric Co. Prof.. 43 bid. heWashinaiton
and Electric Cio. Com., 10 bid, ased2% alU5
National Bank Stocks-Bank of as on, 400
bid, 450- asked. Metropolitan, 720 bid1 asked.
Central, 500 bid. Farmers and Mechanics', 300 bid.
Second. 160-bid. Ctisen' 188 bId. Col1umbia, 196
td. Caia, 170 bid. WVest End, 143 bId, 145
asked- Trders', 140 bId, 155 asked.. Linceln, 123
bid, 128 asked.1 , 72 d, 300 asked.
Insuanc Ste - men's, 27 bid, 28 asked.
Franklin, 50 bId. 65 asked. Mletmopaolitan. T5 bid,
90 asked. Coreoran, 72 Mid.' Potomac, e2 bid, 67
asked. Arlangton, 32 bid, 35 asked. German Amer
ican, 280 Mid, 804 asked. National Unien, 1%bi
Washington Title, 2% bid. _____
Telephone and Grapasone St m* ~y--r
and Pseae Pee~ 45 bid,-48 asked. A-med
ean Gr.nabsboae bid, P asked. .Am.ne
ean Gramaho- rt.9 bid, 0asked.
Gas UtesWaIJ4o a,UI,80% asked.
.ogtown Gas, 76
Masbtne StesMersentbaler Iat
bi01883% ask.d Lston Monotype, 9
----- se See -ren CnO.
2 skd N sfalk an.dt,
hd. M..ry or. a.,.15
Alth*orm Karkaes
BAD N0PM. Ed.'ebmen 1.-31e.. dall. an
seestsue, a,d sebsrsel.
Efec of Bear Movement of
aMp bu Asr I ist n
WasXade, San."es Yiedins
sadrly Jim at Ca.
Special Dhsteh te Theaesbhg Star.
NEW YORK, tebruary 19.-The Amert
can railway shares In the London market
were again heavy, and there were declines
of from 1 to %. in that department. Con
sols for both accounts were off % per cent.
In the local stock market there was a
continuation of the bear pressure noticeable
in yesterday's late trading, although gold
exports are not looked for now on account
of the advance in Paris exchange on Lon
don, which 1* expected to, temporarily at
least, avert exports of the precious metal
from this side.
The shorts, however, were encouraged by
their efforts yesterday, and were imbued
with the idea today that no important
movement would be undertaken by the big
interests, in view of the coming three days'
holiday; they also' argued that the con
tinued interruption to wire communication
with the south and west was also in their
favor, With the big interests seemingly
willing to encourage short selling just now,
It was not surprising, therefore, to witness
a rather heavy tone at the opening and to
see the traders testing for weak spots in
the market.
The Initial dealings in almost every in
stance showed declines of from % to %.
The Gould group of stocks was attacked
vigorously, and Missouri Pacific was forced
down % per cent, the Wabash issues lost
fractionally, and there appeared to be a
good deal of liquidation in Pennsylvania.
which lost about % per cent. Missouri Pa
cific, however, rallied easily after each sell
ing movement, and received fair support
from the insiders. St. Paul lost about %
per cent, Union Pacific %, Southern Pacific
%, and the coal shares were also fraction
ally lower.
After the first few minutes of specula
tion the bears uncovered some stop orders
in Metropolitan, which lost nearly 2 per
cent, and Brooklyn Rapid Transit and
Manhattan lost about % in sympathy with
the decline is Metropolitan. In the indus
trials there was quite a selling movement
noticeable in Leather common, but the steel
shares and Sugar held fairly well, and al
though Copper issues were of slightly from
yesterday, they .still held a. pretty good fol
lowing, who were bullishly inclined.
There appeared to be a willingness to
cover short contracts in New York Central.
which caused a little improvement in that
stock, but the talk on this security con
tinges bearish on uncertainty as to the form
Its new borrowing would take.
After the drat hour the market became
a little less active, but the undertone con
tinued weak.
Sales up to noon were 225,100 shares, and
the market at that hour was- a shade bet
ter, helped by the covering movement in
New York Central, which carried that
stock up 1% per cent from the early low
figures. Some delayed western selling or
ders came in for execution in the early
afternoon, but the market at that time
was inclined to steady up a little, and the
stocks were well absorbed.
Mexican Central acted well and the buy
ing was said to be for interests identified
with the property who are well satisfied
with recent earnings and anticipate a con
tinuance of the good reports. The Traction
shares, with the exception of Brooklyn
Rapid Transit, were the heaviest as a
group, Metropolitan and Manhattan both
showing rather sharp declines.
In the active railway shares St. Paul
acted the weakest for a time, possibly on
account of the western selling, and perhaps
occasioned by the decision yesterday, at
Chicago, against the beef trust. Indeed,
this decision, showing that the trusts are
not invulnerable to- a right interpretation of -
existing laws, it is thought, has had a good
deal to do -with the heaviness in the stock
market today.
Around 2 o'clock another attack was made
on the keef lilist and priees-gleded rather
easily. Missouri Pacific and copper sares
were the weakest on this drlve and some
liquldatitu of long ntock occurred In both
of these specialties. 'here was renewed
talk of gold export , and khe general im
pression -appeared tbo be that- there were
possibilit4es of ..a.ihipmet the latter part
of next Week uless there iW a greater o er- .
ing of bills. - .
In banking circles, however, the situation
looks as tigiagh actual. e:rporta have al
ready been discounteil In the tharket, and
there is no certainty th#t . .y may not at
the last moment be e.ve te&ust as had
happened previbuiga' - rn tihe dlate traing'
there was a ilttle covering of shorts, which
rallied the' nla7rket sMtktly. --Misaouri Ma
cufl and Colper both leading with a point
As there .werxe allx.Jio 11RJavoratle die
v-elopments aside from the- h~icago beef
trust delsnand vreterat^ed 'umora of lii
pending gol4 exports, the Ipaghet has had
decline enough in the prast few days to
warrant purchases, for a turq, at least.
Ney YorkAtockXMerket.
Furnished by W. B. Nibbs & Co., bankers
and brokers, 1419 F Ut., members New York
stock exchang'e, .Washipgton stock ex
change and Chidago board of trada.
A mal. mated Copper. If LOW. 8 P M.
Am. r & Foundry ...... 41 4W W
Am. Car & Foundry, pfd. geI 8i 3 .i
American'Smeltin...51 i rj
American Smelting, pfd 98 9
American Sugar......... 181 181
Anacond .............. - 1i20 118 118
Ath. Top. & S. Fe , 6 100% . 10 a~
Baltimore & Ohio ... ..... 90%g', 96 g6gg
Baltimore & Ohio pfd.. .... .......-.....
Brooklyn Rapid Trn.. 68 -
t'anadian Paciflc............ Z%h7 W .lsTs
Chesapeake & Ohio ....51V5. 50
Chicago & Alton..........355 85
Chicago & Altos. afd-... 7l 713475
Chicago Great Western, 2747 V5 6
Chicase. Mil.& St.PanLl. I l~17 L
Chicago, 1.1 a P...... 47% 4Sgg
Chicago.R.L& P., pM 80 80%4 4 80
Colorade Fuesl & Iron,.... 7434 7 74 75
Consolidated Ga....,,219 213 218% 218M
Delaware & Ennsma.. 179%4 179% 173 173
Erie. laompfd................. 8
Illinois Cantral..:.....3 0 146 144
Meninrola 8sd....., 1N$ 184
Mo.. gan. &Tex.cosa... mi 86
Mo.. aan.aTex,..-s.. 406 61 si%
3Elmouri Pacific -.......... 11% 11Sg
Sew York Caneats...,... 1es7 16 ig
24. Y.. Oak ,Wela... US
Nortoik & Western.........
eeesGas of Chicage 101i4iS 0
Preemee smelar...,.......i 6%
Resm n ...........,. g
Bea ding :Ist pM........... ...,.. ...
St. Leers Uoaa t 81 &
WI, Leuis S. W p01....... 4i 13MM 61%4 61!
Southern Fus......... ft I s
Southern al........ IS
TUnteds Oa fl..46%
Tasas,Pfet. -.
Websa.... "::5am

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