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Boon Nar<
This Bargain Friday will eni
bargains of the season. Hundred
- be put on the bargain tables at pr
immediately to make room for th(
Closing=Out Pr
The entire stock of Ladies' Fine Win
9 be plenty of cold weather yet, and you w
3 of every description, and Silk Monte Car
$10.00 Coats-Price to close.......... 35.00
312.50 Coats-Price to close.......... 38.'4
$18.00 Coats-Price to close..........$10.00
$22.00 Coats-Price to close..........$15.00
Closing Out the Furs.
s Children's Fine Fur Sets $2.98
w ill be closed out at........... *
Oreat Bargain
Our new Spring Lingerie represents th
These Special Bargains will interest you t
Gowns. Large lot of French
Nainsook and Cam
bric Gowns: extra length and
width; daintily trimmed in lace x
and embroidery, bead- X
ing and ribbon. 31.50 95c
and $2 values at........... *
Special sale of high-grade Corsets,
medium and short lengths; straight and
bias gored, including the following
9 makes:
Royal Worcester, Worth
Thomson's, Up to
American Lady, pt -
C. B., $2.00.
R. & 0., Your
P. D., Choice,
H. H.,
P.N., 6 c
W. .
Large lot odds and ends in Ladies'
Straight Front Corsets; white,
black, drab, pink and blue. 2
While they.last................
10c. Hard Rubber Dressing 6c.
Com bs.............................
0 lOc. Sample Tooth Brushes.......5c.
7c. Wood Back- Hand Scrubs..... 3c.
3 rolls Sc. Toilet Paper......... c.
10c. Jergen's Honey Soap........ 5c.
5c. and 10c. Toilet Soaps (out O.
of wrappers), cake......... e "
Box 15c. and 25c. Toilet and Com
plexion Powders, shopworn....... 9c.
No. 18 Rouge; worth 19c. box.. 12c.
20c. Violet Ammonia, pint....... 9c.
1Oc. Sachets, all odors, In .fancy
Crepe Paper..................c"
Final Clearance
An immense quantity of Winter Un
derwear for Women and Children will
be closed out tomorrow at sacrifice.
Children's Heavy Fleeced
Vesta Regular 25c. qualities,
to close........................ ?
Ladies' Heavy Fleeced Vests
and Pants. Regular 50c. qual-25c
ities, to close.........
A New Branch
.Has Been Opened at
Drug Store,
2500 Pa. Ave.
Telegrams and
Cablegrams to
All the World.
F. U. wILLIAMS a 00.
20 Deaths
32 From
occurred in this city last
week. Be warned in time.
If your lungs are weak or
you are subject to coughs
and colds take "MOROIL,"
a combination of best Nor
wegian Cod Liver Oil and
Hypophosphites. It is a
most efficacious remedy for
all lung and throat troubles,
tones up the system and
builds up wasted tissues.
$1 a Big Bottle.
Temple Drug Store,
soa. Agents in Washinsta,
Corner 9th and F.
J. J. Georges &Son,
Poot FSpecial sts.
he tet bm~fS, j
3he Bargai
the great annual clearance sale an
s of "broken lots" and "odds .and ei
ces far below their cost. The balani
ices for Ladies' S
ter Coats and Suits will be closed out tom(
Ill be in need of just such garments as ar(
T. Ladies' Suits in large variety of stylem
$25.00 Coats-Price to close..........$18.Ol
.$28.00 Coats-Price to close..........$20.00
335.00 Coats-Price to crose..........$22.0
$40.00 Coats-Price to close..........$25.00
Every piece of Fur in the house will be
Ladies' Fine Fur Scarfs $2.98
will be closed out at...........
s in Ladies' Musi
e very best of the world's product-the daii
Special Lot Ladies' Fine Muslin Draw
era; deep flounce with cluster of tucks;
trimmed in Torchon Lace;
yoke band and draw string, :21 c.
at............ ............
Special Lot Ladies' Knee Skirts, with
deep cambric flounce, yoke
band and draw string. Bar
g a in F r id a y p r ic e .................. *riF
Bargain Frida;
Fo - One yard Sc. and 7
Sc. Colored Brush Bi
0Hooks and Eyes; of
dozen 5c. Four-hole
One Cent."Darning Cotton; pi
For10c . Collar
Wood Halri
Three Cents. t;it
tthed Bra
Por Clark's O. N.'
Crochet Cotton.
For ton, black or w!
Dlt IndIin, 2plaii
Five Cents. 2
1'4 yards long,
tic, worth 10c. (length);. 24-yd. White Cott
Pearl Buttons, worth Sc. and lOc. card of
Bargains in Veils 4
Special lot Ready-to-wear Veils, made
ribbon border. Latest novelty. Regular
day ........................................
Special lot Cambric and Nainsook Eml
2 to 4 inches wide. Regular price, Sc. to 1L
Special Glove Sale. "a nt
Regular $1.00 values....................
Special Bargains in
8c. and Sc. Gold-plated Collar C
Buttons-all shapes.............
lO10. to 25c. SainWie Broodhes, 5
Stick Pins and Hat Pins......... *
Large lot Belt Buckles, Sash Pins and
Waist Sets; new oxidized and
French. gray effects. Regular --
25c. values.....................
C E;314=3
ac I :444 :a... 444404.o
A Fhie
It has just been thorough
ly overhauled and placed in
first-class condition b~y our
experts. It is a sweet toned
''McCammion"- in a hand
some rosewood case, and is
a genuine bargain at
Termns arranged to suit.
Another good special is a
Chckering Upright at
'Steinway and Other Pianos,
S925 Penna. Ave. N. W.
and all germ diseases, such
as Consumption,. Bright's
Disease, Diphtheria, Dys
pepsia and blood disorders
generally, acute or chronic,
are almost Immediately ar
rested, and, in time, com.
pletely and permanently
cured, by RADAM'S in
CROBE KILLER, the only
universal remedy foun d
on the germ theory of dits
ease. Pifteen yeasfsirno
a tr
I will offer thousands of the rarest
ads" in every-day necessities will
:e of the winter stock must be sold
aits and Coats.
rrow at below cost prices. There will
priced below. YOU CANNOT AFFORD
and colors. Long ynd Short Cloth Coats
Large assortment of fine Man-tailored
Suits. Regular $15.00, $18.00 10
and $20.00 values-Price to close
Sacrificed tomorrow. A splendid invest
Ladles' Fine Coney Muffs 69c.
will be closed out at...........
in Underwear.
tiest and most exclusive in the city.
Skirts. This is another ex
* ceptional bargain
in High-grade Underwear; spe
cial lot of 250 Fine Cambric and
Muslin Skirts; handsomely trim
med in Embroidery, Torchon,
Point de Paris Lace and
Inserting; regular $1.50
value. Bargain Friday 95c.
x K
y Notion Sale.
Velveteen Binding in colors; one yard
nding; card of 2 dozen Extra Quality
ie Belt Sc. Fancy Stitched Belting; one
Pearl Shirt Buttons; three cards Colored
er Gold - eye Needles; two Aluminum
Children's Hose Supporters, worth 10c.;
orms; 5c. Linen-finish Thread, spool; Sc.
in Cabinets; Sc. Pin Cubes, assorted size
ne Collar Buttons; Sc. White Feather
. Darning Cotton, 3 spools; ,Brooks' Silky
all colors, 2 spools; Brooks' Machine Cot
mite, three spools; 5c. quality Black Brush
ds; Dressmakers' Pins, 6 papers; Steel
i or crimped, 12 papers; Flat Shoe Laces,
1 dozen; Fancy Frilled Silk .Garter Elas
on Tape, worth 10c. and 15c. piece; White
two dozen.
mnd Embroideries.
of fancy mesh, with 3 rows of
price, Osc. Special Bargain Fri- 49c"
iroideries, Edgings and Insertings,
%c. yard. Bargain Friday..... . .
stock of Ladles' 2-clasp Prime -
Gloves... sizes and colors..69C.
Special lot Fan Chains, girt
silver, link and fancy bead ef- 1?C
fects. - Regular 25c. qUalities..
Special lot Ladles' Black
Postillion Belts; new effects;
large tabs.. 25c. values-for.... A -
Special lot Wrist Bags, black and col
ored leathers, imitatidn seal, morocco,
alligator, witih nickel, gilt and
gun metal chains. 3c. and 23c
50c. values .................... ." *
20 7th St.
We make a specialty of Fine
Mural Decorating. The most
artistic effects in colors and re-.
Roomis remodeled in any de
sired style.
CYBeautiful Hardwood PARQU]!IRY
FLOORS, laid complete, 25c. sq. ft.
Wurdeman &Co.,
61o 12th St. orth* fr**
We're recognized as expert
eloek repairers. We repair
Uncle Sam's beat clocks. .If
want your clock repeired
A. 0. HUTTELY, 632 G n.y.
5 RUSdE That Are
-And DO fit are the only kind to.
be found In our etock. If you find
one necessary select it here. Pro-'
fesoasare In attendance to see
thtyou are perfectly fitted and
no extra charge is made.
Evans' Drug Store,
~ 9 2-924 F St. N.W.
Consumers' Co-operative
Coal Co.,
Hlair Goods at Half Pce.
switebee at..SS.Se-amerly e.o.
Gray Uwlitehes. . . .$.W--fermerly Nib.
Gray swit.hes. ... N--Issesty Ns.
Impedial Hair Dye, $z-25
7th and
Our entire stock of Chil
dren's Fancy Stks, Over
coats and Ree reduced
one-third of. tfeA original
Rather than carry them
over another . we are
willing to sacr' them at a
loss. This is tlW method of
doing business. We start
each season with new up-to
date stylish assrnent direct
from our own Jactory-we
never have anything old to
offer you. No matter what
the former price take one
third off. Not a fancy suit,
overcoat or reefer reserved.
The entire stock must go
and go quickly.
Mothers, bring your son
with you tomorrow. Have
them fitted in a warm suit
or a new dressy- coat or
reefer. There really will be
plenty of cold weather yet
to come-then, again, you'll
have next - season- to start
This kjnd of weather cer
tainly does demand q heavy
overcoat. Why risk catch
ing cold when you.can select
any overcoat in the house at
one-third off its marked
price? This year's newest
styles-silk lined; Italian
cloth lined and serge lined.
Every one of these coats are
made in our own work rooms
-after our own- individual
ideas--that's really the rea
son why our garments have
that distinctiveness to them
which is not found in or
dinary ready-made-garments.
Outfitters for Both Men and Boy-,
Established , jftury Ago.
"ewels belong to wotis $er posession o0
them enhances their beauty-and hers."
E,Z ;, fma in the
VERY Dianignd we offer foi
sale passe' t searching
scrutiny of -pspliamond ex
perts, and :i, gAuranteed tt
be absolutely. perfect,
ioy Pennsylvania Avenue.
Fresh, Deicdous
O U'B assured Bu$ter of finest -
qulity when buin here. "Coru
copta" Brand, "Oow" Brand
" Square" Prints, "J.F.0;
Print, "Diamo d" Creamery,
Four Leaf Clover" Creamery and
other brands of note.
e7lb. boxes "Four Leaf Clover Cream
ery," $1.68.
Cor. 9th & Pa. Ave, 'Phone 27r.
-SQUARE STANDS hn'Cdin$r, K StreetRgg
and9-t End Mar#etu7t.ig
Health and Beauty
-are assured by the "Hattie if. Shacklette Treat,
ment." ft absolutely cures dandruff-sto2s the hall
from falling and creates a luxuriant .growth a
beautiful hair. 12 treatments for $6.
Hattie M. Sharcklette,
608 1-1th St. O;nlg womea
Scalp Treatment for Gentlemen.
Falling hair, dandruff and baldness effectiveli
treated by MRS. BARNES, washington Saving
Bank bldg., 12th and G. Hattie- Mf. Shacklette's
Malp Remedies used. fe1-ths&tu-28
Flour Perffection~
C EMblended of the cocs
spring and winter
BLEND 'eatflU d"Il js
FLUR 2""*r -"pe'''"
B. B.Barnsifaw& Bro.
Wholesalers, [email protected] et- 5-e
g7Great varIi pombe preeg.
JKB. Morre)rG kst
e4 - - *"-%
Weddg T t,h~
Brilliant Reception. at the Home of
Mr. and Mrs. Wynne-Dinnezn
and Other Events-Notes.
The bridal pageant to a:tend Mile. Irene
Des Planques and M. Alexander Pavlow at
their marriage tonight at the Russian em
bassy, on Rhode Island avenue, will carry
out. to perfection the details surrounding a
similar ceremony in the land of the czar
The previous weddings here where Rus
sian ecclesiastics officiated were neces
sarily limi:ed in splendor, but these neces
sities do not appeal if the case of this
couple, whose engagement and marriage
have been such a frequent topic this win
ter. The ceremony will be accompanied by
all the impressive religious rites of the
Miss des Pianques.
Orthodox Greek Church, and will be wit.
nessed by a large concourse of the friends
of the Russian ambassador and the
bride and groom. The company is asket
for 101relock, and will be assembled in the
drawing rooms and hall when the bridal
procession will descend the wide staircase.
At th^ head will be Bishop Tikhon, the
primate of the Greek Church in America,
followed by four priests from the Churct
of St. Nicholas, New York city, Who wll
carry lighted censors, assist in the service
and chant the hymns.
The bridegroom will come next, followed
by a small boy, Master von Kreuter, who,
dressed in the white costume of a page,
will bear on a cushion a magnificent gold
ikon, an image of the Virgin and Child, pre
sented by Count Cassini to the bride. The
bride. escorted by her father, will be fol
lowed by the Cduntess Cassini, Mile. de
Smirnoff and Mile. Lodogensky, the brides
maids, and Mile. Janine Des Planques as
flower maid. The Russian ambassador will
escort Mme. Des Planques, and the proces
sion will close with the four best men and
the ushers. Officiating in these two groups
will be Baron Schilling, Mr. Theodore Han
sen, Col. Raspopow and Mr. Routkowsky,
all members of the embassy staff; Count
Montgelas and Baron von Ritter of the
German embassy; Count Faramond, mili
tary attache. of the French embassy; Mr.
Montagna of the Italian and Herman Nor
Mr. Pavlow.
man of the British embassy, Charles Wau
Sters of the Belgian legation, Baron Ferseti
and Pierre Rogestvensky of the Ryssiaz
embassy and Major Charles McCauley and
John Van Ness Philip of this city.
The bride's dress is to be of white satin
brocade, in which gold threads ar-e inter
woven. She will wear a quantity of jew
els. The wedding gifts from the groom are
a collar of diamonds with ruby clasps and
four beautifui rings of emeralds, diamonds,
rubies and pearls. Count Cassini has givern
her pearl earrings and the Countess Cassini
a ruby ring and a number of lace qounces.
Countess Cassini will wear white panne
velvet and the other attendants white silt
Ior satin.
[The cerinony will take about thirty-five
Iminutes. an.d during its progress the couple
will face the altar, which has been. erected
in the dining room, and decorated' with
roses and .lilies as the custom demands,
Jeweled crowns are held over the heads
of the couple- during the service, and many
other Interesting..rites followed.
Mile. Des Pianques is the daughter of
M. Gabriel Des P-kanques-of -the Russian
financial service. She is-.young and very
- handsome, and has- been educated in Paris.
M. Pavlow Is the Rusin minister tO
Corea, and eminent in the diplomiatie sery
- ee. After a usrt meier frip the coiple
will return here before leaving for their
home in Corea.
Tuesday evening a surprise party was
given-Miss Ima,ttie Teachum,.1200 New Jer
sey avenue southeast, Among thoe pas
ent were Irene Hughes, Edith Lowry, Len
una Post. May .aettley, Ma.ttie Teachuam
Jeromid Berone, Maria OniI George
Hut,-e aid' Wikiam H.. bll,Drn
the evrn he youing folks enjoyedthm
-belvee .In seeny interesting gas, aftes
which refresliaents were evd
eo the last time thi aesb trro. -
bie at tome~ ' ~ i~~~
urtheast..o8aturday vening last. Dane
agand .nunmefous anmes were the fetures'
o he evening and seemed to be thoroughly
ejoyed by "the little maidens." Amng
thoanspresent were-Mpses Emily P. Rider,
3steuta Grant. Suds Dane, Helen Bane,
Btalnehe Wi>lia. Irene wkins. Lily
Nwkini. Kathera'Tleteher. Lulu Gothe
nou and Jede M. Besselievro: Refresh
mepts were served in Study Hah No. 2.
wbich was ppr ately . decorated with
the school 66lors. bn and white. -
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Cohen will receive
3U"14*4, Fbruary 2, ftroh 7 to 10 p.m., in
honor of their son Leon's twenty-flirst an
Miss -Ida Haye entetained some of her
young friends on Monday evening- last,
from 8 to 10:30. ateher home, 107 I street
northwest. Numerous games were played
and refreshmenti were served. The dining
room was tastefully decorated with rib
bons of various colors. and this charming
effect was enhanced by the soft light from
many candles of variegated hues which
were on the table and on all sides of the
room. -Those present were: Mimes- Mired
Thwing. Mame Loud. Frances Work. An
nie Clark and Ida Hayes; Masters Walter
Miller, Lee Cary, John Foley. Horace La
brand, John Croghan. and Hamilton John
son. Miss Ida was ably assisted during the
evening by her elder sister, Miss Gertrude
Hayes, Mrs, Thwing and Mrs. Hayes.
Mrs. Charles H. Bates will be at home
tomorrow from 4 to 7.
Mr. and Mrs. George Scheel entertained
the young friends of their granddaughter,
Miss Mildred Ward, at a birthday party
last evening. About thirty were present.
many of them being accompanied by thei
parents, and a number of the intimate
friends of the ,host and hostess participated
in - the enjoyment of the evening. Miss
Mildred was the recipient of a number of
pretty gifts, and, a dainty supper was
Mrs. Howard Reeside will receive tomor
row for the last time this season.
Last night at St. Thomas' Church a large
gathering attended the marriage of Miss
,Maude Singleton Morgan, daughter of Mrs.
Lawton Morgan, and Mr. Frank Harper
Elmore, the former rector, Rev. Dr. John
A. Aspinwall, officiating. Miss Dollie Young
o. Washington was maid of hbnor, and ten
young girl friends and a married relative
of the bride acted as a guard of honor. The
ushers were Drs. Samuel G. Staples and
Sterling Ruffin and Messrs. Victor Wallace
and George Derry. The guard of honor
included Misses Mary and Margaret Har
vey, Anna Getty, Margaret Green and Miri
am Ballinger, all of Washington; Miss Jes
sie Dell of Georgia, Miss Elsie Mason and
Mrs. Kathleen Reed, wearing pretty gowns
of pale green, blue, yellow and white. The
bride was escorted by her brother, Mr.
Robert Lawton Morgan, who gave her
away. She wore white crepe de chine over
taffeta, a tulle veil and orange blossoms
and carried 'lilies of the valley and bride
roses. The maid of honor wore pink and
carried bridesmaid roses. Two schoolgirl
friends-Miss Margaret Young and Miss
Laura White-gowned in white, walked be
hind the bride, closing the procession to the
obancel. Mr. Douglas Swompayrac of
South Carolina was best man. Mr. and
Mrs. Elmore left after the ceremony and
will be at home the first -week in March at
1737 Corcoran street.
The first assistant postmaster general and
Mrs. Wynne gave one of the most elegant
receptions of the winter last, night, welcom
ing to their home on Rhode Island avenue
several hundred friends from official and
resident circles. Back of where the host
and hostess stood in their front drawing
room to receive their guests was a bank of
American Beauty roses and ferns, reaching
up to the ceiling. The mantels had clus
ters of roses set amid maiden-hair fern. In
the dining room pink roses adorned the sub
stantially provided refreshment table and
roses and tulips bloomed on mantels and
sideboards. The hall way and staircase. as
well as the walls of all the rooms, were
sprayed wkh southern smilax, making the
interior of the attractive house suggest the
tropics in contrast with the intense cold of
the night. Another pretty feature was the
conservatory where rose-colored lights illu
minated and a string orchestra played.
The charming hostess was resplendent in
a gown of white tulle pailletted in
silver with a touch of rose velvet
on the corsage. Mr. and Mrs. Wynne
were assisted in entertaining their
guests by Mr. Owen McCabe, father of the
hostess. arid 'the- two eider sons of the
household, -Capt. Frank J: Wynne, U. S. M.
C., and Mr. Henry Wynne.
Some of the, guests were the Postmaster
General and Mrs. Payne, the Secretary of
the Treasury and Mrs. Shaw, Capt. and
Mrs. Cowles,- the German minister and Bar
oness Von .Sternburg, Miss Louise lJones,
Mrs. Cameron, the Secretary of the Navy,
Justice and Mrs. Holmes, Justice Brown,
Senator and Mrs. Foraker, Senator Spooner,
Senator Fairbanks,- Miss Fairbanks, Sena
tor and Mrs. Burrows, Gen. and Mrs. Hey
wood, Representative and Mrs. Showalter.
Senator .Beveridge, . Commissioner and
Mrs. Henry L. West, Miss West, Com
missioner and Mrs. Macfarland, the
Haytian minister and Mme. Leger, Miss
Bourke, the Cuban minister, Count
and Countess Quadt, Senator and Mrs.
Quarles, Senator Kean and Miss Kean,
Senator and Mrs. Kearns, the minister
from Peru and Mme Calderon, the first sec
retary of the Peruvian legation, the minis
ter from Nicaragua, the minister from Sal
vador and Mine. Lopez, Col. and Mrs. Bing
ham, the Speaker and Mrs. Henderson,
Gen. and Mrs. A. W. Greely, Represe'nta
tive and Mrs. Mann, Representativ'e and
Mrs. Boutell, Representative and Mrs.
Grosvenor, the first assistant secretary of
state, Mr. Loomis; Mr. and Mrs., Perry
Heath, Miss Stell-wagen:Col. and Mrs. Ains
worth, Miss McCarthy. Mrs. T. C. Noyes,
Solicitor and Mrs. O'Connell, Miss O'Con
nell, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Culp, Mr. and Mrs.
Tweedale, Representative and Mrs. Burke,
Miss Burke, Representative and Mrs. Warner,
Miss Warner,Representative and Mrs. Grigg,
the Misses Seckendorf, Mr. S. E. Johnson,
Rev. Dr. Stafford, Rev. Charles M. Bart.
Rev. Edward Buckey, Rev. Dr. and Mrs.
Hamlin, Mr. and Mrs. John W. Foster, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles E. Foster, Dr. and Mrs.
-Magruder, Dr. and Mrs. Charles Richard
son, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hall, Mr. and
Mrs. Colbert, Miss Sullivan, Judge and
Mrs. Barnard, Judge and Mrs. Anderson,
Miss Anderson, Mr.. and Mrs. Spalding, Mr.
and Mrs. Madden, Mr. and Mrs. Vander
grift, Mr. and Mrs. J. Lyon Gooch, Repre
sentative and- Mrs. Burhanm. Miss Burham,
Representative and Mrs. Bremer. Senator
Bacon, Mr. Rudolph Kauffmann, Represen
tative and Mrs. Norcroff, Representative and
Mrs. -Gardner. Representative and Mrs. Lou
denslager, ' Mr. and Mrs. Yerkes. Mr.
and Mrs. Barnes, Dr. G. L., Scott, 1 -. S. A.;
Mi'. and Mrs. George. Rouzer, Cant. Leon
ard, Lieut. Bowman, the Misses Joyce, Mr.
and Mrs. Lisner, Mr. - and Mrs. Edgar, Mr.
and Mrs. Wm H. De Lacey. Mr. and Mrs.
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Halste3, Mr.
F. A., Richardson, Mr. George Gili.anxd, Mr.
and Mrs. Dolining. Mr. John Sh"river. Mrs.
McKnight Moses, Mr. and Mrs: D. S. Barry,
Col. Reed, U. S. M. C.,, and Mr. and Mrs.
Jules Gut,hrldge.
Miss Eugenia D. Borden wIll receive to
morrow, for the last time this season, be
tween 3 and 6 p.m.,.1822 Q street northwest.
Mr. and Mrs. William Eleroy Curtis en
tertained at dinner' last night the Baroness
Moneheur, Mr. and Mrs.- Robert Patterson,
Mr. and Mrs. Charies. Spalding, Commander
and Mr.Southeand4 sMrs. Arthur Murry
Dodge, emerer, Miss Curtis, Mr.
Ldials. ,a susieretary 'otr siate; Mr.
6ordon Streng. Mr. Durhans White Stevens
and Mr. Remoen Whitehouse.
Mrs. Roosett, who'ssturned from Phila
elal .la yeterayafternoon, spent an
. Mrn 4Nufingat the Academy of
Fine Arts, with Mr. and Mrs. John -W.
Brock, her hos, hnjoying the new pictures.
Mrs. G; Theoa&eN Thomas of Pittsburng,
hucompantiqd bp' her~ dgughter Elisabeth It
on -an extended visit to her mnother-in-law,
Mrg.'% Ms !hoa, 6.5 K street. --
Ad Mr. George HoWad l 0 ol o
a hundred cosa l. Thela were Several I.
ror figures and a sonvenir one. 111e Mt of
those invited ws- as- foSwar
Baron von Bitter au Grunstien. Count A.
von Montgelas. the Russian ambasadr.
Comtesse Cassini and Mr. M. Routkowsky,
the Mexican -amb-assaor and Bengra Gar
cla de AsOres. Senor Don Rodrigo do As
piros. the Italian ambaasador and Signora
-.. des Pianches. Signor Giulio C. Montag
na, the British ambassad and the honora
ble lady Herbert. Mr, H. C. Norman, the
Austrian amboiMador -and Mme. Hengel
mueller .von Hengervar. Baron George von
Frankenstein. Baroness von Palm. the min
later of Cuba and Mme.- Quesada, the min
ister of Sweden and Norway, Mr. C. Hauge,
the minister of Denmark.. the minister of
the Netherlands, the minister of Japan and
Mime. Kogoro.Takahita. Mr. Durham White
Stevens. the minister of Peru and Mrs.
Calderon. Miss 'Calderoti. the minister of
Persia. the minister of the Argentine Repub
lie and Senora de Garcia Merou, Senor Don
Augusto F. Pulido. Mr. Henry Stroehlin.
Swisa legation, the minister of Belgium and
Baroness Moncheur, the minister of Portu
gal, the minister of Spait, Senor Don Juan
Riano. Mr. and Mrs. Pierre De Margerie,
Senator and Mrs. R. A. Alger, Col. and
Mrs. Charles T. Alexander, Miss Alexander.
Dr. and Mrs. Aberombe, - Mrs. Chandler
Andtrson. Mrs. and Miss Atmy, Mr. and
Mrs. A. D. Addison. Mrs. J. C. Audenreid.
Mr. and Mrt. J. Hubley Ashton. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank W. Andrews. Mrs. Robert An
derson and the Misses Anderson. Mrs. N.
S. Anderson, Mrs. Mah'on Ashford and Miss
Ashford. Mr..and Mrs. Stone Abert. Mr. and
Mrs. Larg Anderson, Miss Archibald.
Mr. Justice and Mrs. Brewer. Miss Brew
(Continued on Eleventh Page.)
MUIRRAY-FAi NCE. On February 1S, 1903. at St.
Dominic i Churcb. by the Rtev. Father Kent,
FAl'NCE, both of this city. "
BOARMAN. At the home of Mrs. E. C. Wight,
Maryland. op Wednesday. February 18, 1905.
Funeral from residence of Mrs. S. .W. Hattaway,
1645 K street northwest. at 9:45 Friday. Pale
ruary 20. Mass at St. l'aul's Church, 15th and
V. at 10 o'clock. Friends invited. *
COHEN. On February 19. 1308. at 3:20 a.m., of
spinal meningitis. REBECCA LOUISE. beloved
wife of William K. Cohen and daughter of Ed
ward F. Simpson.
Funeral from her late residence, 202 15th street
northwest, Saturday, February 21. at 2 o'clock
p.m. Relatives and friends invited. Interment
private. s*
GRANT. On Tuesday. February 17, 1905. DORA,
beloved wife of the late Donald Grant.
Funeral Thursday. February 19, I p.m., Hanover,
Pa. (Baltimore papers please copy.)
KUHLAND. At Anacostia, D. C., Wednesday.
February 18, 11108, at 7:40 p.m.., Mrs. MARY
A. KUHLAND, widow of Nicholas Kubland,
aged ninety year.
Funeral from residence of her son-in-law, H. A.
Linger, 512 Harrison street. Anacostis. Febru
ary 20. at 2 o'clock. Friends invited to serv
ices. Interment private. "
LIPPITT. On Thursday. February 19, 1903, ELIZA
WElB LIPPITT, aged seventy-eight 'years.
Services will be held at the home of her son-in-law.
Captain C. W. Rae. U. 8. N., 1827 .Jeferson
place, on Saturday. February 21, at 11 o'clock
a.m. Interment at Charleston, S. C.. , 2
McEIFRESH. On February 19. 1903, at 6:30 a.m..
the late Geo. S. McF.lfresh.
Funeral from late residence, 919 L street north
west. Saturday. February 21. at 2 o'clock p.m.
Friends invited. Interment ptivate. 2*
McGILL. At his residence. 459 Massachusetts
avenue northwest, on Thursday. February 19,
1903. at 5:1L a.m.. THHoMAS HOWAtDI Mc
GILL. son of the late Thomts and 'Mary Mc
Notice of funeral will be given. *
PERKINS. On Thursday,, Febtuary.,19. 1913, ab
2:25 a.m., at his rrside'nee. 1009 231 street
northwest. EDWIN IER, beloved husband of
Jennie Perkins.
Notice of funeral hereaft-'r.
SHAFER. On Thursday. February 19, 1903. at
- 7:30 a.m.. at -his- residence. No. 6 M street
northeast. FRANCIS E. SHAFER, aged fifty
five years.
Funeral from St. Aleysia. Church. with r.quiem
mass., on Saturday, February 21, at 9 o'clock
a.m. Interment private. 2*
WILSON. On Wednesdey. February 18. 1903, at
12 o'clock in.. LITTE.L WILSON, beloved hus
bargd of Mae Hamilton Wilson.
Funeral from the residence of his mother. in Rich
mond. V., on Friday. Febiary '20, at 3 p.m. *
In Memoriam.
BEAN. In sad remembrance of my- dear mother,
ELIZA BEAN. who l.asn'd away two years age
today, February 19. 1901.
Loved in -life. renmeni.ered in death.
BEAN. In sad bui loving rnlembrance of . ur drar
mother. ELIZ.1 BEiAN. who departed this life
two years ago today-Fcbruary,19, 191)1. .
May the soul of the faithfpl departed rest in p'ase.
M. C. IOHR. *
GREENE. In sad but loving remembrance of our
dear father. THOMAS K. GREIENE. Jr.. who
died ten years ago today. February 19, 1893.
Gone, but not forgotten..
Dearest father, thou hast left us,
We thy loss most deeply feel.
But 'tis God who bas bereft usst.
He will all our sorr.ws heal.
HARDEN. In sad but lovlng remembrane o~f my
dear friend. J. MILTON IIARDEN, who depart
ed this life 'evn years ago today, February
19. 1896.
I have often dreamed, Milton,. that you were not
And yon came to rme and it seemed you said:
"All's well. beloved--be of good cheer:
We are heatt to heart. andi there's naught to fear.."
And it s.eemed I waus glad with 'g14dnesa de.ep
In my sleep, ah, JMod' in my sleep-my sieepi!
* Your devcted friend. RIATl'lE C.
hIARDEN. In loving but sad. remembrance of my
devoted sou J. MILTON HARDEN, who de.
parted this life seven years ago tuday -Febra
ary 19,,1im6.
.i-t. In P.
Gone from earth: yes, gone forever;
T'ear-dimmedl eyes shall faze in vain,
We shall see his face, oh. -never,
Never more en earth a-rain.
. Gone, but not forgottein.MOHR
HIART. In loving remembrance of my dearly be.:
loved daughter no- our sister, BESSIE A.
HART. who died fifteen years ago teday. Feb.
ruary 19. 1888S. Anniversary mass at Ut.
Aloysius Church at 0:it) o'clock.
HOPKINS. In . loving re.membrance et my deas>
mother. Mrs. CATHIEINE HOPKiNS, who
died six years air- l'ebruasry 19, 1807.
G~one.' but not forgotten.
SCOTT. In sad but loving vemembrance of wi
dear sister, ANNA I.t iECO1TT ince E'oihounl
who died one year ago today. February19
W. R. Speare,
Undertaker & Embalmer,
Everything strictly first-class and on the meet
reasonable terms. Telephone call 340. ael3-tt.1W
Service and prices uaranteed satisfactory.
1880 14TH ST. N.W. 'hone MaIn 1000. -eStf
1525 14th St. N.W. Tel4phone Maim m
ins WWEN~Tf or." u.W.
de8-78t* Telt.Thbe CalL. Main 1918.
Adolph J. Schippert,.
2008 Pa. Ave. N.W. '"gi .
' ucEnOR -To R. W. DAnrKER, .
612 11th aLst.w. Telsehone No.. Main ISP.
J ILLIAM LEE, Pdmneal Director
and Embalmer. Uawery In enemaetes -Oainasi
chapel and mnoderm ereatoimIn. Modest psksa
PS1wi~a aye., a Tsls9hme esli, 1
A~AND R3fn u-MKR.
n~~' ee. if 0i s.*. BL.Wet Tf
Joseph.P*Birchs Sonse
es MStN. W.
- C31~ BJ~~L ne

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