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- Al
Just as a good gardener keep
the weeding process of remnants
value to you as though you paid f
About 3.000 yards of Fine. Fleeced
Wrapper Flannelette that sold for 8c.,
lOc. and 12%c. yard; all our Canton and
- Shaker Flannel that sold from 7%c. to
12%tc. yard; all of our Storm Domet
Flannel, worth 8c. and 10c. yard, and
all our Fine Gray Striped Outing Flan
nel. These goods are all in good
serviceable lengths, and have C.
L been grouped under one price for
tomorrow's selling, per yard.....
1 bale of 40-in. Pillow
Casing, In lengths from 2 C.
to 10 yds. Worth 7%c. yd.
Remnant price..............
2 cases of 36-inch New York Mills
4 Bleached Muslin In lengths
up to 10 yds. This grade
Is worth 10c. a yd. In the C.
piece. Remnant price to
morrow ......................
1,000 yde. of New Twilled Fancy Cre
tonne Drapery, In a new line of light
and dark colorings, in
lengths suitable for any C.
purpose. Worth 10c. yd.
Remnant price............
600 yds. of Extra Qual
ity Sheer India Linon that
se}ls in the piece for l0c. C.
yd. Remnant price to
morrow ......................
3,000 yds. of New Classic Seersucker
Gingham in all the latest
stripes and fancy weaves,
as well as plain colors. Ce
Worth c. yd. .Remnant
price .........................
3,000 yards of 36-Inch Percale in a full
line of light grounds printed-with neat
stripes, dots and fancy designs; also
navy blue, red, garnet, gray and black
4 grounds in all the new de
signs suitable for waists
and wrappers. Strictly Fy Ce
fast colors. Worth 10c.
yard. Remnant price.......
One lot of Jackets and Capes, the for
mer In blouse style and fly-front jack
ets made of fine quality kersey, In shades
of tan, garnet and Oxford.
The capes are made of dou
ble-faced golf cloth. Regu- 0.98
lar $8 and $10 values. Choice
tomorrow at...............
Jackets In melton. kersey, cheviot and
pebble cheviot, some in large size
for stout women. elegantly
lined. Also Capes in kersey cloth
and double-face golf materials.
Choice of ether tomorrow at.......
Monte Carlo Coats in-shades of castor,
made of superior quality kersey cloth
In corded and strap effect, with
4 new-style sleeves and cuffs, ele
gantly lined. Regular $15 values.
Remnant price.......................
Coat and Suit Department, Second F
" Tin Flour Bins, neatly japanned,
with a capacity of 50 pounds,
4 slightly damaged. Regular price, &
$1.19. Reduced tomorrow to.... 69U C
25 Hardwood Potato Mashers, all In
good condition. To close tomor
row at, each........................... .C"
2Clothes Wringers, will fit any kind or
size tub, fitted with hard rubber rolls,
slightly imperfect. Worth
33.25. Reduced tomorrow to.. $2.4
10 Tin Oil Cans, capacity of % gal.,
only a trifle dented. regular 15c.
kind. Reduced tomorrow to........ 9
2 Gas Radiators, 4 columns, alumi
num-finish, patent gas tips. The col
umns are a little dented. Reg
ular price, 32.98. Reduced to
morrow to............. E e
500 yards of All-silk Ribbons, consist
Sing of satin gros grain and plain French
a faile, 1 to 1%k inches wide, suit
able for hair ribbons and dress
6trimming. Choice of all colors. C*
Values up to 15c. yard. A big
Sremnant special tomorrow at,
per yard.......................
A pretty assortment of Ribbon Rem
Snants In all of the wanted ,colors and
Sstyles of Plain Ribbons, ouch as Louis
mne. Satin Taffeta and Plain Metallic
Taffetas. These Ribbons are of a high
~class quality, and are in
$all short lengths from 1 1F Ce
Sto 2%. yards. Values up to i J
~35c.. yard. Remna.nt price,
Sper yard..................
ibbon Department. ]!'rst Floor, See
SWomen's Storm or Low-cut Rubbers,
a good quality and equal to the
j 0c. kind, tomorrow for........ C
Mse'Storm or Low-cut Rubbers,
tha ar wothmuch more, will
Sbe sold tomorrow, per pair, at..
Infants' Soft-sole Shoes, in all colors.
'Regular 25c. qualities. Reduc-lO
Sed to........................e
aInfants' Soft-sole Shoes, in all combi
nations of colors. Regular
Sprice. 50c. Reduced to......
Crechet Slippers and Fur-trimmed
Juliets: the regular 31 and $1.50
kinds, reduced tomorrow to..
SMisses' and Children's Russia Enamel
Shoes: the legular 11.50 grades,
reduced tomorrow to............ C.
Filipino House Slippers, with or with
out heels. Regular price, $1,57
reduced to...................
Fett Slippers and Oriental Bath Slip
prs; the reggiar 50c. and 75c.^c
7 and 10-button Black Overgaiters,
~that sell regularly at 35c. Re- siC
duced to........................ e
Misses' Hand-sewed Patent Leather
SShoes, with spring or half heeL. The
regular $2.50) kind, tomr 1
Srow for.................... $ 39
A lot of Saunple Shoes, In sizes 3 to
S4%~, A, B and C widths, that are worth
and."'.-..*.t ' go '"*.'''ow$2.39
Nne-trap Kid Sandals, with French
Sheel.; almost every size is in
cluded. Regular price,3.
'Women's Patent Leather Lace Shoas,
with French heel. almost every sise.
jRegular price, 3850. To go
Stomorrow at................. e
SheDept., 2d flOOr.
ONS 0.
ways the Best of Ever
e opens at 8:30. Closes
s his garden free from weeds and
offered every Friday, keep our st
ull prices. Every item means mi
3 cases of New Bates' Seersucker
Gingham, in all the advance spring
styles, such as new stripes, checks,
fancy weaves and plain colors in navy
blue, light blue, pink, red, ox-blood, tan,
gray, lavender, nile and black. These
.goods are in all desirable
lengths, and sell regularly e
at 12%c. yard. Remnant
2 cases of New Pique Welts, in a com
plete assortment of light and dark
grounds, in stripes, dots and fancy ef
fects, including the new mottled effect
in black, navy, red, tan,
brown, nile, black and
white grounds. Worth 15c.
yard. Remnant price......
1,000 yards of Extra Fine Quality and
Width Sheer India Linon,
suitable for fine waists and 1 C
dresses. A regular 15c.
value. Remnant nrice.........
2,000 yards of Fine White Checks,
Dotted Swiss, Lace Lwns and Madras,
in lengths suitable for
waists and ohil4ren's
aprons and dresses. a
These are good values at
20c. yard. Remnant price
2 cases of new 33-inch Madras, in fine
and heavy cords, in lace stripes; etamine
effects and self-colored novelties, in a
most complete line of colorings, and
lengths that are suitable
for waists, dresses and
nen's neglige shirts.
Worth 20c. yard. Rem.
nant price ...............
1 case of new Pongee Foulard, in a
correct imitation of the all-silk foulard;
in navy, black, red,
pink, tan, green and 1 C.
lemon. Worth 20c. yard.
Remnant price..........
Black Jackets in pebble cheviot and
kersey, made up stylishly in double
breasted and fly-front effects, faced with
peau de sole silk; some have velvet col
lars; others are plain, all are lined with
best quality Skinner's satin. Some ex
tra large sizes are Included in
this lot. These Jackets have $10
sold for $18 and $20. Remnant
price tomorrow..................
Rain-proof Raglans, in shades of gray
and Oxford, made of English covert
cloth and heavy cheviot. These gar
ments are made in the newest up-to-date
styles, some with triple capes
and belt, new sleeves. They
are the regular $15 and $18 $
k!nd. Remnant price tomor
row ................ ............
15 Granite Iron Tea Kettles, good size.
These have the enamel chipped off a
little in some places. Worth 39c.
Reduced tomorrow to........... "e
8 Granite Iron Water Carriers. 2-gal.
size, slightly imperfect, but guaranteed
not to leak. Regular price, 60c. 49c
Reduced tomorrow to..........' e
One 100-piece Dinner Set of Imperial
China, neatly decorated in forget-me
nots, with gold lines and gold handles,
all perfect except one of the handles is
broken off a covered dish.
Regular price, $12.96. Reduced ,
to ........................... $ 9.4
Six 10-piece Toilet Sets in as many
different shapes and decorations, all
gold-lined. Regular price, $4.
Reduced tomorrow to.......... $
3,3 Colored Madras Waists. in snow
flake material, made Norfolk effect, with
strap, collar and buckle, in
red, cadet and green. Sizes $e
32 and 314. Were $2.50. Rem- i
nant price................
12 Fine White Linen.*Waists, some em
have rows of fagoting; all e?
sizes. Were $6.50. Remnant
9 Imported Panne Velvet
Waists, in tan, white and green;
prettily trimmed; sizes 34, 36 and O
38. Were $12.50. Remnant price
Waist Dept.. 2d floor.
3 Long Coats, made of Melton
cloth, in red only; sizes 10 and
12 years. Were $5. Remnant
4 Kersey and Melton Reefers,
in blue, brown and red; sizes 8
and 14 years. Were $5. Rem
nant price....................
7 Children's Norfolk Coats.
in black and red; ases S. 10 $ 'p95
and 12 years. Were $7.50.
Remnant price...........
Girls' Wraps, 2d floor.
25 sample pieces of White French Mad
ras. 310 in. wide, for sash.
curtains. Regular price, 19c.
Reduced tomorrow to...Ih /C.
106 Italian Silk-striped Slumber Robes,
in a good assortment of colors. Regu
lar price, 98c. Reduced tomor-50
96 Portable Screens. 5 ft. high, 8-fold,
oak frame, filled with pretty silkoline.
Regular price, 75c. Reduced to- 4
morrow to........ .....
15 Utility or Shirt Waist Boxes, cov
ered with Simpson Cretonne, brass han
dles. Regular price, 12.50
Reduced tomorrow to.... .30
75 German Blankets, all fancy Jac
quard patterns used (or bath robes or
Couch Covers. Regular price,t
$2.50. Reduced to, each..........
100 pairs of White English Bobinet
Curtains. 3% yds. long, rui with.lace
edge and inserting. Regulr.
price. $s. Reduced, per 6oi, 9
25 Bamboo Corner Tables, 15in. top,
covered with matting, bottom shelf ad
strongly made. Rgarprice,
$1.2. Reduced toorwto....
Upholstery Dept.-3G floor.
thing for the Least Mon
at 5:30. Saturdays at 9
other material which impedes the gr<
cks in prime condition. These remi
ich money saved. Be among the earl;
3,000 yards of Fine Imported Cheviot
,Madras, in a full line, in all the latest
styles, in medium and heavy cords, fine
satin stripes and pretty embroidered ef
fects. All neat patterns. that are. desir
able for waists and shirt
'a ist suits, as well as
sacques and men's shirting. i .
Worth 29c. to 35c. yard.
Remnant price................
700 yds. -of fine imported -
White India Linon; extra
sheer and -fine finish; worth C.
in the piece 25c. yd. Rem
nant price...................
500 yds. of fine White Lace-striped
Pique, in lengths s itable
for waists and dresses; C.
worth in the piece 50c. yd.
Remnant price...............
2,000 yds. of fine embroidered. White
and Figured Pique, in a
choice variety of" patterns
and colors;. worth in the "e
piece 59c. yd. Remnant
2,000 yds. of fine Silk Madras. and
Gingham, in all the new fancy and sta
ple patterns, in a full. range
of colors gnd lengths, from C.
2 to 12 yds. Regular price
50c. Remnant price..........
2,000 yds. of fine Mercerized Oxford
Cheviot, in a most complete assortment
of all the latest stripes, cords and
novelty plaids in plain and two-tone
effects. These are new
goods, and are worth in the C.
piece 0c. yd. Remnant
Remnant Dept.-9d floor,
One Handsome Persian Lamb Coat of
Leipsic dye, with large mink
collar, revers and facings,
and lined with guaranteed $
lining. The regular price is$85.
For tomorrow only..............
One Fine Persian Lamb Coat, trimmed
in finest quality of' brown marten fur,
with large stylish collar
and lined with imported
brocade satin. Regular e
value, $125. Remnant
Velvet Jackets. in blouse style, trim
med with fine Persian lamb, handsome
collar and revers, and a ..?
very swell garment. The eDU
real value is $25. Rem
nant price tomorrow.....
One 100-piece Dinner Set of Austrian
China, handsomely decorated in very
effective spray pattern, very thin and
dainty, and entirely new shapes. A few
minor pieces are missing.
Regular value. $21.75. Re- g
duced tomorrow to........ T. e
Four 12-piece Toilet Sets, including
jar, all handsomely decorated in differ
ent patterns and gold-traced. Each set
has a piece or two missing.
Regular price, $8.50. Reduced $ 4
to * 8........................ 4
Two 100-piece Dinner Sets of Imperial
China, handsome violet decoratiofi and
gold-lined, very neat shapes; 2 plates
are missing to each set. Reg
ular price, $9. Reduced to
morrow to........................ "
Housefurpishing Dept.-third floor.
One case of 36-inch Book-fold Sateen
Rermants, in a mercerized finish. Most
of these are in fast black, but a few
colors are included. These are worth,
when cut from the
piece. 18c. yd. Offered S
in desirable remnants
tomorrow, at, per yd..
*One large bargain table filled with Per
caline and Mercerized Lin- j
ig Remnants, in fast .'AC.
black and all colors. Spe -a,JOJ
cial Remnant price, per yd.
Lining Dept.-lst Floor-Section E.
Remnants in
Art~ Needlework.
Pure LUnen Damask Scarfs, hematitch
ed and fagoted ends, stamped or plain,
2 yards long for 59c.; 1% yards
long for........................ C.
Pure Linen Damask Tray Cloths, hem
stitched, elaborate fagoted border,
stamped or plain, worth 49c.
each. Reduced tomorrow to...., ?iC
Pillow Covers, stamped and tinted
in six new designs, top and back.' g.
Tomorrow for..................
Spachtel Scarf, 18 by 54-inch, with
shams to match in elaborate de
signs. .Reduced tomorrow to.... '
Roman-stripe Pillow Slips, with tas
sels on corner., new designs and ~3.
coloring.. Reduced to.........
Center Pieces, stamped or tinted on
colored art canvas, size 27 inches, to be
made like our finished samples.
Reduced tomorrow to...........
Art Needle Dept.-1st Floor-Section B.
6 pairs of "Nemo" Self-reducer Cor
sets, made ef black coutil,
boned with wlbalebones. Sines
regular $5 quality. .Tomor
row for...................
2 Silk Petticoats, made of good quality
Taffetn,* in nIle green, with deep u
brola rufie and small rBEss finished
wIth seven rows ef ben-.
stitcbing, extra dust rule. S .O
and silk ties and hangqrs. Ass
$8.510 Shirt. Tomorrow for...
A lot of Dusting Caps, mad.eof
gingham, pereale and black Gc.
sateen. Remnant pries top.('
Underwear Dept.. cond HBOigg
BY. l -
p.m." .
>wth of the plants 36 =1rougfi
.atlts are in -every instess much
callers tomorrow.
800 yards of a miscellaneous lot of
Sil.cs, in most excellent lebgths, consist
ing principally of plain colored and all
silk Yama-mea Taffetas, Corded^ Wash
Silks, Printed Foulards,
Striped Wash - Taffetas, -etc.
Values worth up to 45c. C.
yard. Remnant price. tomor
150 yards of Plain All-silk Panne VeI
iret, in a very good assortment of
shades, in lengths from 1%
to 4 yards. These fine Panne
Velvets sell regularly at $2 C.
yard. Remnant price, per
yard .......................
Silk Dept., 1st floor, Section B.
Odds and ends in Colored and White
Milan, Bone and Silk -Bittons,
that always sell at Sc. dosen, C.
tomorrow we shall sell cards
containing 2 and 3 dozen' for...
Colored and Black Hercules
Braids, %4 and %-inch... wide; C.
worth Sc. and Sc. yard. Rem
nant price...........................
Trimming Dept., 1st floor, Section.C.
Remnants in
Children's Apparel
4 pairs of Children's Canton
Flannel Night Drawers, slight- 9'rC
ly soiled. The regdlar 50c.
quality. Tomorrow for...:...
5 Coats made of Fine Badies' Cloth, in
tan, with large ciritr llar inlaid
with velvet and trifm k* h two rows
of lace insertion a.n9
small collar. -Sizes 2 ap.9
years. The regulaid
kh)d. Tomorrow for.y.. .
Children's Dept., Second Floor, Front.
One lot of Pictures, bit si ht
ly damaged; the reg{ar k50
and $,Zhu values. itemnnt
Price .............. . n
One lot of Fruit Faisteie and Colored
Prints, in brown sad,gilt
veneered frames; a good value 98c
at $3. Remnant Price.....
20x24-inch Facsimile Water Colors, in
8-inch gilt frames. orna
mented corners. Remnant 9
Price......... ............. .
One lot of Hand Colored
Plaques, the regular 25c. kind. Or
Reduced tomorrow to, each...... "
Genuine Oil Paintings, in veneered
frames and with oval open- -
Ings. Remnant price tomor
Matted Pictures; all new sub
jects. Remnant price tomor
row .................................... "
The "Cock Fight," a sub
ject every one is familiar
with. Remnant price to- -
morrow................... a
The "Fencing Girl." At
the remnant price tomor- -4o
row of.................. ......
One pastel In handsome
oval gilt frame. Remnant $ 9
price tomorrow............
One picture entitled "Au
rora." Remnant pripe to-$l. 9
Picture Dept.-Fourth floor.
Two sets of Green's Short History of
the English People, in 5 vol
uines, handy size and cloth59c
bound. Remnant price, per set
Three sets of Oliver Optic's Works, in A
3 small volumes, bound In
green cloth and with gold title. 9
ltemnant price, per set...
Ten copies of "Our New Possessions,"
containing 100 l)ictures from
photographs of Manila, Porto
Rico and Cuba, cloth bound.lO .s
-Remnant price, per copy... e
Five sets of Vanity'Fair, -in
2-volume editions, clot-h bound ~ - !
and nicely boxed. Price, per sett a
Six copies of the History of the Trans
vaai, by Rider Haggard, in
large type, cloth bound, - Regu
lar 75c. editIons, reduced to-25c.
morrow to..............,... e
Two copies of His Neighbor's Wife, by
Willets; 2 copies of The, King'in Yellow,
by Robert Chambers; 1 copy of the Cap
'tain's Romance, byO ed.; 1 copy
of The Hour of a Pr e' by
Scribner, cloth bon,~ d' r-1~5c.
duced tomorrow, .... - ..
Boy.* Stories, by'- sKWidgg. choice of
10 first-class titled;s a mf75c.
cloth-bound editIion s Imeed5c.
16 Assorted Wl~idU 81ver Bound
Devotional Books, ehll,of'such title. as
Like Christ. My KiaxOiut of
the Deep, Poems, etc1 Rauced fY
from 25c. copy to.... J... e
Two copies of RelY~aily Physi
clan, over 900pae gunl9
medical and pbscby
edge. Reduced fromoy
tomorrow to..-.. ..
Three coples 'of thef*sof an Um
pire, a strong~stlrn ijce by H. C,
McRlwaine, beautfununn
A P1 edition, but o~aqutof
its being slightly. h~e 2 c
pries tomorrow wBi be....
II0 Assorted Titles of 1iles,'Poems ad
Fiction, eloth bound, iiigood
desirable titles -by authors of 1c
renown. Chotce tomsow.t,.
nete over a-re
torn.Stduced rom g
00k Depattanent
Handsome Structure to Be Erected in
This City by the
The board of managers of the Masonic
Temple Association met last evening at
Scottish Rite Cathedral, No. 1007 G street
northwest. The president, J. Henry Small,
Jr., was- in the chair, and there was a large
attend$nce of the membership of the board,
including Grand Master George H. Walker.
The reports of the executive committee of
the association, the building committee, and
the consulting architect of the association,
Mr. Edward A. Crane of the supervising
architect's office, were received. Both the
committees and the consulting architect
had considered for some time the six dif
ferent plans submitted by competing archi
tects for the new temple. The several
plans had been presented to the board and
its subcommittees, and the consulting archi
tect, without identification. -At last night's
meeting the reports of all were made. They
agreed in favoring the design lettered C.
Upon the opening of the envelopes this de
sign was found to have been' submitted by
the firm of Wood & Donn of this city.
After some dicussion the- plans of this
firm were unanimously accepted by the
board. Their selection carries with it the
appointment of Messrs. Wood & Donn as
architects of the new temple. At the same
time it is understood that the plans as ac
cepted are in a sense only tentative. The
plan of these architects - caspe nearer to
meeting the desires of the board than the
others, although it' is agreed that all of
those submitted had excellent features.
Temple's Front Elevation.
The illustration presented herewith by
The Star is of the front elevation of the
new temple according to the Wood & Donn
designs. It will be seen that the home of
the Masons of Washington is to be a beau
tiful and imposing structure, one of the
finest buildings of this character in the
United States.
The corner stone of the building will be
laid during the administration of the pres
Good Templars Entertained by Local
The Good Templar Grand Lodge officers
-paid an official visit to Minnehaha Lodge,
in Society Temple. Tuesday evening. They
were introduced by Past Chief A. N. Can
field, in a brief address, to the chief templar,
Miss Agnes Pollock, and were received with
the honor. of the order. -A brief regular
session of the lodge was held, after which
the visiting officers took the chairs, Grand
Templar S. W. Russell presiding.,
The chair, in a brief address, alluded to
the cordial relations between members and
lodges of the order in the District, and ex
pressed the wish tha,t these might be
strengthened in the exercises of the evening,
in which all were invited to take part. Past
Chief Jessup. chairman of the lodge com
mittee on good of the order, called the num
bers on his program, alternating -with the.
reports and addresses of the Grand Lodge
The program included an address by
Grand Counsellor L. L. Corby, upon the
many signs of general progress of Good
Templary; a .vocal solo by Mrs. Carrie
Smith; an address by Grand Vice Templar
Mrs. Alverda Cogswell, adverting, to the
"home-like influencest" apparent in Minne
liaha Lodge; a recital by Miss Mira
Speer of Sunshine Lodge, Va.; an address
report by'Grand Secretary John Bryson, in
which "the better forms" for keeping min
utes were explained, and high credit given
to the work done by the lodge secretary,
Miss Elite Bundick; s, vocal solo by Mr. J.
Brown; an address-report by Grand Treas
urer John C. Daley, in which the lodge was
congratulated upon the high-class work of
its financial secretary, Mr. E. E. Wqson; a
recitation by Miss Stella M. Wilson of Sun
shine Lodge; an address by the grand chap
lain, Mr. Nettle Cole, pointed with some
pleasing reminiscences; a humorous reading
by Mrs. May Dimmick; an address-repor't
by Grand Marshal Forrest D. Yowell-, ii
which reference to tite general excellence
of the officers' work in- Minnehaha Lodge
was. made, and some "good points" in his
own lodge, Silver Star, alluded. to; a humor
ous composition was read by Lodge
Deputy Henry F. Smith; an address by Past
Chief A. N. Canfleld, in which was a vivid
description of a recent suggestive colloquy
in one of' the Senate committee rooms; a
piano solo by Miss Agnes Kaiser, and an
address by Mrs; Irene Hernandes, in which
some recent events In Cumberla:nd, Md.,
were pleasanty narrated. Each and all who
responded ts the call on .the -progrant re
ceived marked tokens of appreciation.
In Hands of Register.
By thle terms of the will of Eliza-Williams,
afternoon for probate, Louisa .Taiser and
Mary Jaiser are named benneeisries.
-The wifl of Abrahamn Harzsher, late pri
vate Coumneny G, 5th United States Ja
fantry, who died while in the service of the
United States November 14, l00, was transa
milted to the register of wiRls yeedayv
afternoon by the aditor for the War: De
partment. The latter received it with thi
e*sets of the .s-e. The ~leienws:
ent grand master, and the occasion will be
made a Masonic.- celebration of great im
portance. The President of the United
State. and many other Masons of note will
particiDate in this, event.
The Masonic Temple project, now success
fully concluded by the adoption of the
building plads,' originated about alx years
Heavy Artillery to Participate in War
College Ceremonies.
Capt. S. B. R~avis, commanding the United
State. anny quartermaster's departmnent
lighter Kearney, has been ordered to have
his steamer In readiness to transport two
companies of 'heavy ai'tillery from Fort
Washington, Md., to this city Saturday
ne:at, to take part in the laying of thbe cor
ner stone of the Arr War Colliege build
ing in the Washing,ton Barracks Park. The
troops will leave Fort Washington about 7
a.m. Saturday and will return to the fort
a.fter the ceremonies are over. The Kear
ney, which was hauled .Out on the marine
railway at Alexandria, was pu-t overboard
yesterda:y and cgane up to this city.
Presiding Elder and Pastor Indorsed.
Trinity M. E. Church, Rev. C. J. Nichol
son, pastor, held its fourth quarterly con
ference session Tuesday evening. Dr. H. R.
Naylor, presiding elder of the Washington
distriot, presided at tihe session, and there
was a large a'ttendance of the officials of
the ch'urch. All reports showed the church
to be in a very heal-thy condition.
The conference evidenced appreciation of
the faithful services of the pastor, a,nd also
those of the presiding elder, by adopting
resolutions to be bent to the bishop at tihe
annual conference requesting their' return
to their present oharges for the ensuing
Dr. Nicholson made remarks e:mpressive of
Msi appreciation of the haranony and good
wrill of his congregation. The conference
adjourned to meet at -e call of t:he pastor.
Additions to Poor Pund.
The Evening Star acknowledges receipt
f the following contributions to the poor
!nmd: V3K., 110; F. N) B., $2; "A Friend,"
41; JT..E., 15; total, $18,
The Star has also i-eeived $5 contributed
by G. H. La Petra, to be added'to, the fund
f the Associated Charities.
Memorial for Dr. Curry.
At a meeting of th.e trustees of Richmond
(Va.) College yesterday it was.resolved to
establishi a school of technology, to be
samed in henor of Dr. J. L. M. Curry,'who
wras for thirty-five years connected with.
that institution,. first as one of its profes
lors and during most of the time as trus
ise 'and president of the corporation. Dr.
Curry was long an advocate for the estab
lishenent'of such a school, and' it is con
siderjed highly appropriate 1:ha t such a
imemorial as is obutemplated slhould take
this form,.
mdda Prei Gro mam
Rteliable reports from all- portions of
Ioth -lorlds. indicate that the fruit crop
ass suf'eed no serious iagnae.from the
aolfwpanter. :Thetenspe'rature droppud to
rasion dieliwythe. freesig point Tu/
lay night, sne there ws a slight formna
ien of la-yesterday eerig ASl danger
e. fruit ls-rgs"* -anst.
ago. It has been faithfully and earn
advanced by the Masons of .Washlnt
and generously supported by the genes
public of the capital. Two great Ma=onig
fairs- were given to promote this enterprise
and each of them resulted in securing mang
thousands of dollars for the constructes
Commissioners Write [email protected]
Babcock on the Subject.
Repiresentative Babcock lias received a
communication ismm the District Commis
sionc rs in answer to an Inquiry regarding
the sale and delivery of coaL Complaint
has been made. as wcil as inquiry as to
whether a weight ticket should be required
to be furnished with the delivery of coal.
In answer to this the Commissioners quote
the law of March 2, 16.%, for the app.nint
me nt of a sealer of weights and measures,
section 12 of which provides "That no per
son shall seil or deliver any coal within the
limits of the District of Colu'nbia unless
there shall be delivered to the person in
charge of the wagon or conveyance used in -
delivering such coal a certificate duly sign
ed by the person selling the same and show
ing the weight of the coal purporting to be.
delivered, the weight of the wagon or con
veyance used in such delivery, the total,
weight of coal and conveyance and the
name of the purchaser."
Section 13 provides "That no person in
charge of the wagon or conveyance used in
delivering coal, to whom the certificate
mentioned in section 12 of this act basn been
delivered, shall neglect. or refuse to deliver
such certificate to the sealer or - asIstant
sealer of weights and measures, or to ay
person designate'd by them, or to the pur
chaser or intended purchaser of the coal
being de'ivered; and when said officer., per..
son so designated or such..purchaser or i
tended purchaser shall demand that the
weight shown by the certificate be verified,
it shall be the duty of the person delivering
such coal to conveys the same forthwith to
some public scale of the District or to say
private scale the owiner whereof shall con
sent to such use, and to permit the verify
ing of the weight shown, and shall, after
the delivery of such coal, return forthwith
with the wagon or conveyance used to the
same scale and verify the weight of the
wagon or conveyance."
. Section 16, providing a penalty for viola
tion of these provisions, reads:
"That any person who shall violate or
who sall neglect or refuse to comply with
sections 6, 7 and 8 of this aet, or any per
son wiho shall deliver or attempt to deliver
coal of less weight than that set down hn
the certificate hereinbefore mentioned, hall
be punished with a fine not exceeding $M
and costs of prosecutioti; and the court
may make a further sentence that the of
fender be imprisoned in'the District jail uin-,
til the payment of such fine and costs; pro
vided that the term of such imprisonment
shall not exceed six months."
Commenting further, the letter from' thes
Commissioners states:
"It is not possible nor expedient to weIgh
all coal intended for private enu tk
on public scales, and it would require
very, large number of such scales In all
parts of the District and an extra foee of
"From time to time the saler of weights
and measures taked up eatu or convey,.
ace. loaded with coal on the streets an4
verifies the weight, and as a rule ha. found
the doal . ercbanzts $iving the proper
weight as indicated on the certite. Ia
all cases the coal dealers are noified of the
lindinygs. and If the load is short an ex
planation is re5~sed, It further inves
tigatlons show t t there I.en latest to do
trand the utter Is akIes to the Police
Court. *
- gsad Dsua

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