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Spring 0
In Infants' and Uttle C
Paris Corsets, Matinee
Jackets, Superb Paris Ha
- Offering Ric
At $7.4
Third Boor, Eleventh at.
New Sprin
For Girls a
A generous assortment here an
This year girls' garments are be
goodness, more real fitness than he
little girls up to the smartest tailor
eighteen there is an array of beaut
yrur favor. Among the most rece
The Following New
'At $5.oo.
New All-wool Cheviot Serge Sailor Dresses. with
the new round sailor collar. trimmed vith white,
blark and red braid; sizes 4 to 1:1.
At $6.75.
-New All-w,)ol Cheviot Serge Sailor Dresses, point
ed sailor collar Inlaid with blue and red broad
cloth; silk Lrald and silk tie trimming; sizes 4
to 12.
Also "Peter Thoml
of elegant quality all-wool heavy se
chevrons, etc.; sizes 10 to 18 years.
$12.50, $15.00 a
New Arrivals in Miss
They embody the very newest i
tinctly different from those of last s
New shapes, new neck trimmings, n
terials, new girlish ideas. They ar
14, 16 and 18 years of age.
$15.00, $18.50, $21.00, S
Third ftoor, New bldg.
Boys' New ST
New spring styles arriving dail
Norfolk Suits without yoke and wit
materials are fancy cheviots, all-wool
Also new Sailor Suits and new
Also new Blouses and Shirt Wai
black and white effects with high fol
New Shirt Blouses, with or without collar. In
pereales. chambrays and madras-all new. fresh
goods In this season's latest and best patterns;
sizea 4 to 16.
50c. each.
New Shirt Blouses, laundered or unlaundered;
with or without collar; neat, stylish effects, in
wit and madras; also a fte line of plain white
madras; sizes 6 to 16.
75c. each.
New Shirt Blouses, of the latest fabrie, in m-st
tish -pten,Including the pepular black and
ite efects also plain colors, plin whites aEd
al the newest and best the market affords; sizes
4 to I&s
$1.00, $1.25 and $i.o each.
A lot of All-wool light Gray Sailor Suits pn4
Russian ioos Suits; well made dress, itylish
little suits, prettily trimmed and braided; pants
lined tu hout the Russian Suits with bloomer
pants;= t 10.
Special price, $2.95 each. .
A lot of 'Navy Blue Cdevot Serge Saiflor Blouse
suits, alwool, well mnade, collar prettily trimmed
with back and white silk braid; pants lined
h=ugha"t-*ew goods; sizes p to 1X .
Special value, $3.75 each.
Third door.
Sale of
Misses' Shoes
(Under Price).
Three excellent styles of Misses'
Shoes will be put on sale tomorrow,
Saturday, at a special price.
Fine Kid Shoes, button or lace,
made on common sense last with
plump sole and patent leather tips;
sizes 11 to 2, B, C and D widths.
Fine kid, lace or button, with pat
ent tips, spring heels, made on opera
last ; sizes 11 to 2, B, C and D lasts.
All new, fresh goods, strictly up to
date, offered at the special price,
$1.60 a Pair.
Regularly $2.00.
Tird tiour, Tenth at.
Infants' New French
Hand-Made Dresses.
Beautiful new things just opened.
Dainty little frocks and long slips
and caps, hand-made, brought 'over
from Paris and priced no higher than
similar things made by machine.
'witl tueka tofr hoe; nckNand sles e $
edged with lace. Ea,ch....... .........$20
wl: i af a it and hiria nas ,and
sleeves trImmed with iac.'. Each....$25
Infanits' Hand-made French Nainsouk Short
andseves trime with lae Eah.. .00
In a"t 'an'-ma"d. .rnc "ansek. $2.5
a' withuk.hiar he an teteitchn $2Shor
finished with lace-edged zone. Each..3.00
ti ants Hand-mad F rench full Cape, close-fit
es and ae. Eh."....'""" 75c. to 3.00
TIhird flour. Eleventh at.
"American Diploma
a new book by Hon. John W. Fo
'day, the 21st instant. Orders left no
Price, $3.00. Postage extra.
*Owing to -the wide scope of th
ity of the writer upon any phase o
I rill experience a rentarkable deman
Book Dept., Baseemt.
The demonstration on the fit
IiWine Jelly is the'most attractive evi
harvey wil take pleasure in showiun
tore will close at 5390 until further no
pening of Bab;
ng Paris and American
bildren's Outfittings. Also
s, Matinee Suits, Tea 01
mid-Wrought Bridal Trousse
,h Black Taffeta Si
;0 Each. Regular Price,
g Clothing
mnd Misses.
i new arrivals almost every day.
tter than ever. They show more
retofore; and from the frocks for
made suits for the young woman of
y and variety that will quickly win
nt arrivals are
Spring Sailor'Suits:
At $6.oo.
New All-wool Cheviot Serge Sailor Dresses. square
sailor collar, trimmed with wide and narrow fancy
white braid; sizes 4 to 12.
At $7.50.
New All-wo3l'Ch-viot Serge Sailor Dresses, point
ed collar with iuMd taffeta and braid trimming;
also broadcloth sailor collar with embroidered start
In corners; sizes a to 12.
)son" Sailor Suits,
rge; made full regulation style, with
nd $18.50 Each.
es' Tailor-Ilade Suits.
deas of the tailoring art, and are dis
eason, even to the minutest detail.
!w cape effects, new sleeves, new ma
e in sizes and styles to suit misses
24.00 and $32.50 Each.
oring Clothes.
y, and we are now showing the new
i double plaits back and front; the
crashes and navy blue serges.
Double-breasted Suits.
sts, prominent among which are the
ding collar.
Navy Blue Serge Sailor Suits, strictly all wool.
made In the latest style, with two plaits back end
front and without yoke-very stylish new gools,
just arrived; sizes 5 to 17.
$5.oo each.
New "Peter Thompson" Sailor Suits, in blue
serge or fannel; best make; chevron and service
stripe on sleeve; short or long pants; sizes 3 to 12.
With short pants, '$7-50 each.
With long pants, $8.oo each.
New "Peter Thompson" Reefers, of navy blue
all-wool cloth, with handsome embroidered chevron
on sleeve-a very dressy and stylish little coat and
the most popular style for spring; sizes g to 12.
$6.oo each.
New covert Cloth Top Coats, In the fashlonible
shades of green and tan, handsomely trimmed end
finished-a very dressy little cost; sises 6 to 16.
$5.oo and $6.oo each.
Norfolk Jacket and Double-breasted Two-piece
Suits of all-wool materials, medium and light
weihts; well made; strongly sewed-mostly 1ew
; some left from winter that have ben much
more; ises 4 to 17.
Special value,,$3.75 each.
A complete Corset Store-full
of the best qualities and styles,
including latest Parisian models of
our own direct importation, for street
and evening wear.
Also a complete line of the medium
and lower-priced goods, among
which are the following:
Girdle Corsets, batiste................. 50e
Rt. a G. Corsets, extra long, medium and
short.............................. ,I.Oo
Empire Corsets, batiste..............$-5
P. N. Corsets, straight front, dip hip...' -5
w. B. Corsets, straight front, long hip..$-7
P. D. Corsets, straight front, dip hip... $2.00
J. B. Corsets, straight front, dip hip... $3.00
Bon Ton Corsets, straight front, dip hip. $3.50
Third floor, Eleventh at.
Pure Food List.
Buying in large quantities direct
from the makers enables us to offer
at all times a fresh, clean and up-to
date stock and at prices consistent
with first quality.
Baker' Coroa, can...............2c
Plymouth Itock, ethalmer's -and, Knoa' Gela
Ruord' Baking Powder b. can..........2e.
Rumford's Yeast Powder, bottle.............1e.
Durkee's Salad Dressing, bottle.............28e.
Dundee's Orange Marmalade, jar............20e.
Red Salmon. 2 cans for...................25e.
Corned Beef, 2 Cans fier.................;.2e.
Grape-Nuts, 2 pek . for.................2.
Finest Quality oster, lb. can............3e
I~3'a -Begkfast load, poe............14e
Beard.ler.s Shredded codfi.h,'pek...........e.
Naphtha Soap 10 cakes for...............4..d,
Babbitt Best.kIe's W te . . .a an .
Brooka' Cry ita?Seps, cake...............e
icy in the Orient,"
ster, will be published on Satur
wv will be filled on day of publication.
e book and the n esi.lu o
I diplomacy, it i dee hs~~~
h floor. of Tryphosa sn* I,pJa
er made in thiR atore r ZL
g the.goods. Try atp*ag,
- Clothes
Women's Paris rie,
vwns, Kimonas, mona
aux, etc.
Ik Petticoats
Ilen's Furnishings
(Main Floor, Just.Off F St.)
We Are Showing
- The Celebrated
Keiser Barathea
for spriiig,'in' the French four-in
hands and English squares. The de
signs are new, the patterns beautiful
and the collection is unusually large
and varied.
.French Four'in-Hands, $r.co.
English Squares, $1.50.
We are also showing a particu
larly attractive collection of Men's
New Cravats in the latest shapes,
representing exceptional values, at
50c. each.
Men's Store. first floor. -
Noveltie3 in Neckwear
As Seen Here.
The near-by spring season is already heralded by
many noveltlas in Neckwear.
Collars and Cuffs are in the height of fashion.
There are straight bands with 'bemstitching and
exquisite French embroideries,' some in floral,
others In conventional ideas.
Also sets in white and color combined. One of
the prettiest of these is an applique of palest blue
on white India lawn.
White and black effects are also displayed in
both simple and elaborate patterns, though par
ticularly stytlish ones are in black French knots on
fine linen or lawn, edged with very narrow stitched
The new style of three tabs in front is shown in
a very elegant stock of pale rose crepe de chine.
The tabs are 1ordered with a dainty band appar
ently held in place with tiny pearl beads, and the
stock is appropriate'V finished with sprays of lace
applique in roses. Tte same effects are produced
also in a blue crepe de chine stock.
A novelty is a Persian stock of pink ribbon with
ends to tie at the back of the neck. Over the
front turns a deep collar of pale cream silk orna
mented with deep cream medallions on which are
hand-embroldered in colors most exquisite clusters
of roses and foliage.
Another of the Persian novelties is a high stock
with a very long outspreading tab, the whole rich
ly embroidered in oriental designs and colorings.
Quite a stylish stock Is composed of narrow
bands of pink with similar ones of white, put to
gether with fagoting stitch and lace effects in
linen thread.
:A dressy turn-over collar Is of sheer white lawn
hand-embroidered in daintiest clusters of red ber
ries and delicate green leaves.
Artistically beautiful are the new Paris scarfs
of silk mousseline hand-embroidered In floral pat
A shower of roses style displays falling petals of
a rose and its foliage, and is bordered with a full
ruffle about six inches deep thickly embroidered in
tiny rosebuds, while on the edge are small France
A pansy scarf is daintily beautiful in the soft
and varied tints of this Bower; and one in violets
is also exquisite and very appropriate to this sea
son of spring violets.
Parisian spring ruffs are charming-very long,
very fluffy, very stylish. An elegant one, two
yards and a quarter in lengtli, is composed of white
China silk crossed from the back of the neck to
the extreme ends with luxuriant rufles bordered
with narrow white ribbon having on both edges
the effect of beading run with daintiest black satin
The fiebu style of ruff is one of the handsomest
shown. The flchu proper extends to the waist and
is ot white taffeta covered with biack Spanish hae.
On the outer edge and adown the end of pint
d'esprit, runs a full ruffle of this Dointrdered
with ribbon in exceedinigly narrow black and white
A meet beautiful ruff is of white liberty silk
accordion plaited and finished with ruchings of the
New Feather Boss are in varied styles of beauty
and elegance, light and effective for dressy occa
sions and evening wear.
Charming New Cottons
As Seen Here.
If Ootton is King in the raw state, it is certainly
queen in the beautiful materials that fashion en
thrones for the spring and summer season.
Never before have there been such exquisite
weaves, such artistic effects, such creations of
loveliness as are now shown in cotton goods.
Lalse Rtenaissance is one of the most fascinating
of the cotton novelties. The ground has very beau
tiful lace effects and the designs are quite artistic.
One picturesque pattern is a lovely lace-wrought
texture embellshed with sprays of lilies of the
valley and large petals of the Eater lily, In which
are clusters of the most exquisite roses and their
foliage, in colorings so perfect and daintii as to
resemble the most delicate hand painting.
Pointelle Grazlila, one of the prettiest spring
novelties, derives its name from tiny dots or points
in satin effect, and not larger than might he made
with a pen point, thick over the fabric, imparting
an effective shimmer. The fgrsin color, also in
black and white, are also unque.
Organdie Cosrreaux is a new creation in organdy,
having the effect of finest silk cross-barred with
satin, and beautified with floral designs One par
ticularly attractive pattemi has branches of roses
an hand-painted effects.
Mercerized Regence, to which. as its name im
plies, has been- imparted the luster that makes
the 'beauty of silk, Is a pretty and popular fabric.
Embroidered Mohair Swisses are among the most
elegant of the new Spigdress goods. The em
beolderies are very rihand consist of both con
ventional motifs and owrs in profusion. Rose,
aenre and other delicate tints prevail -in the tex
ture and, the embroidery is mostly in black or
Mohdir Swiss is especially desirable for seashore
wear, as dampness does not affect the stylish
dressing which is one of its chief charus.
Robe patterns in French Mousseline are among
the imported novelties. They are madesof at
me ta A esatifl grgag
pattra is ud.ame with ?eses. An
There are new Ressian ducks, primroes batistes
dismite. ad lawns galore, all so prett and varie4
that choice is net any easy matter, thuhthere
aire fabrics ad colors adapted to every tyle of
the fair.
A study of the prevalemt shadsdiselee the
faet, that rose pink is the favorite. shade in the
aew eettens.
N~ew Embroidered
Waist Patterns
As Seen Here.
Toatt a. -edaottee e maie
saet as ssmV e bu
ha sa aben4gnes of
-+w those deES
require but a tI t6 impress
one with their amperier excel
lence. Pay iat you will,
but you cannotget fter con
fections. Theore made on
the premises VRESH EV
ERY DAY, of thv puresf and
choicest materials. More
than 70 varieties..
Popular Price,
47c. b.
L7Only Best Creamery ]Batter Ued.
Our Bakery
produces the most-appetizing
and inviting Bread, Rolls,
Pies, Cakes and Pastries of +
all kinds. Everything made
of the finest materials that
money can buy. Best Cream
ery Butter used exclusively.
Call, write or 'phone for any
thing you desire, and 'it will
be delivered promptly.
E7VIslt our LUNCH DEPART- 11
MENT. *The most popular place In 4
SReeves', 1209 .
$ Four Depts. oGeries,
Baker Gods Lunch.
J4 9 up.
L L the reliable makes are here at lowest
prices. BARNEY & BRRY18 Famous
Ie Skates, 50c. to $5. "Star" Hockey
Skates (used by alft leading hockey
teamis), $3.540 to $5. "Fisherl Rating
Skate. $$10. Skating Sweaters In great
W alford's9= " " -.e.
B. H. Stinemetz & Son Co.
rnces on
Rich Seal
HE opport ness of this
adds greatly to lits at
tr a c t ive'n ess. With
prices reduced throughout our
stock, of course, the response
will be generous.
We enumerate a few big bar
.gains in Rich Seal Jackets.
Was. Now..
1 Seal Jacket, size 34......$275 $200
1 Seal Jacket, size 38......$900 $225
1 Seal Jacket, size 40..$300 $200
1 Seal Jacket, size 40....$325 $250
1 Seal Jacket. size 42......$350 $275
Men's Fur Overcoats for
sleighing and automobiling
1723 per cent REDUCTION on
- Men's Fur-lined Ovyere ats.
BdStinemtz &cSon
Hatters & Furriers, 1237 Pa. Av.
For Sunday Dinner.I
hoe,Beets, Spring Onions, c
ChoteestFooeas an Poultry su8
at lowest consistent prices.
5E7Let us have your order tomorrow.
Cottage Market,,s r4th st.
th'. nneed tem wors than evr wh"en
Fo ldis ndme;50c. & 75c.
"Overhe and Rubber Boots-all
RUBBER CO., 2.%^32
The Wodd s~
are no longer i products.
Even the ssle
by' comparison with -enir -English
Breakfast and 001- eas, grown
at Pinehurst, N. C. d or their
delightful cup quaAaief~ fragrance.
Cured and handled a thh great clean
liness, ~ sr
teth dSe. and see.N a=
Wholesale and R~iGrocep
141-418 Pe Ayenue.
T". P"Iew-Daig Pla"m ed0tg
L"at Nrli\a OP
M Roosevelt will entertain jhis after
oon at a amusleale from. 4 to 6
The Russan wedding last night provsk as
wasafiticipated. the most impressive as well
as most pletureqsue spectacle of the win
ter. . The beautiful young bride, Mae. xrene
Des Planques, and tihe groom, M. Alexan
der Pavlow. bore themselves with great
dignity throughout the lengthy ceremony, as
681 Indeed each member of the bridal- car
toge. Before taking her place In the wed
ding procession the charming young Coun
teas Cassini welcomed the guests (who had
nearly all assembled a few minutes after
10), being richly gowned In White panne
velvet, and wearing many jewels. The
ushers served in securing convenient places
for the guests to witness the ceremony. They
assembled in the hall, and the two draw
ing rooms was divided by the *stretching of
white ribboft, forming an aisle for the
passing of the bridal party.
The new embassy. was already fully fur
nished, but the draperies, pictures and bric
a-brac, owned by the new tenants, give the
Inain floor a touch of oriental splendor that
is most effective. The portocochere entrance
not being used last night. the hallway ac
commodated a great divan and accessories,
transforming the space into a spacious
The floral decorations were especially
brautiful. A bank of lilies was erected
across the first landing of the staircase,
and the banisters were hidden undeg green
vines, with clusters of l'iles tied on With
bows of white tulle. White doves suspended
from invisible wires seemed about to fly
downstairs. these emblnis of purity being
also conspicuous In the decorations of the
improv!sed and flower-decked chapel into
which the banquet hall was converted for
the'cerem3nies. Pleasing effects In flowers
were lavishly seen in each room, a fair
quantity of them haxing been sent- the
bride by her Washfngton acquaintances.
The rfli.Ious r'tEs were performed by
Bishop Tikhon and four priests of the
Greek Church. whose charting was the
musical accompaniment.' After the cere
mony the bride and groom led the way to
the library, a spaciaus apartment at the
southwest corner of the house, where the
supper table was spread, laden with sub
stantial dishes as w 11 as sweets and ices.
Almost the ent!re Ciplomatic corps .was
present, the only absentees being detained
by Illness.
The prevailing epidemic of bad colds was
also a deterring cause for several senators,
,although a night session of the upper house
was the immediate reason for most. Among
those present were Secretary and Mrs.
Shaw, Justice and Mrs. Brewer, the Misses
Hitchcock, General and Mrs. Miles, Cap
tain and Mrs. Cowles, Colonel and Mrs.
Reber, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Walsh, Mr.
and Mrs. de Kovei, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ellis, Colonel and Mrs. Edwards, Miss Mc
Kenna, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Her
bert Wadsworth, General and Mrs. Bates,
Mrs. John W. Foster, Mrs. Stilson Hutch
ins, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Hill, Mr. and Mrs.
Arnold Hague, Miss Edes. Mr. and Mrs.
Richardson, Mr. Jerome Bonaparte, Mrs.
John B. Henderson, Mrs. Robert I. Fleming,
Miss India Belle Fleming, M!ss Gallaudet,
Mrs. Foraker, Miss Louise Foraker, Mrs.
Alger, 'Mrs. -Wetmore, the Misses Patten;
the Misses Warder, Mr. and Mrs. G. L.
Bradley, Mr. and Miss Lovering, Miss Ward,
Miss Boardman, Miss Hagner, Miss May,
Miss Postlethwalte, Miss Wallach, and Mr.
and the Misses Seckendorf.
M. and Mme. Pavlow left last night for's,
fortnight's trip north, and will remain heilt
for a short time upon their return previous
to starting for Corea, the diplomatic post
of M. Pavlow.
Mrs. Wallace F. Randolph will not re
ceive after Saturday, the 21st Instant. s
The Mexican Ambassador And Mme. As
piros gave a dinner last night, when around
a beautifully decorated table the following
guests were seated: Japanese Minister and
Mme. Takahira, Minister from Haiti and
Mme. Leger, the minister from Costa Rica,
the minister from Nicaragua, the minister
from Bolivia, the charge d'affairies of Uru
guay. the Cuban Minister and Mme. Quesa
da, the Minister from Salvador and Mme.
Lopez, Mr. Loomis. the first assistant sec
retary of state: Miss Wilson, Miss Marion
Gallaudet, Miss Mattingly, Miss Curtis Miss
Eisen. the secretary of the embassy and
Mme. Torres.
The Attorney General and Mrs. Knox
entertained at dinner last evening Senator
and Mrs. Wetmore. Senator and Mrs.
hanna, Senator and Mrs. Foraker, Senator
and Mrs. Fairbanks, General and Mrs.
Bates. Mr. and Mrs. John W. Foster, Mr.
and Mrs. B. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
A. Spaulding, Representative and Mrs. Olm
sted and Mr. and Lre. Thomas F. Walsh.
Col. and M'rs. Clarence Edwafds gave a
dinner last ight, their guests being Mr.
and Mrs. De Koven, Mrs. Draper, Mr. and
Mrs. William R. Merriam, Mrs. Herbert
Wadsworth, Mrs. Henry May' Miss Board
man. Baron Gevers, the minister from the
Netherlands, Baron von Hitter of the Ger
ian embassy. Lieut. Davis, U. S. A.; E.
v. Morgan and Mr. Philips.
Mrs. Archibald Forbes has arrived from
1Dngland and is staying at the Grafton.
Mrs. Forbes was Miss Lula Meigs, daughter
of 'the late General Meigs, and a great belle
in society here prior to her marriage with
the great wai- correspondent. Since his
death she has resided in England.
Mrs. Catharine V. Young and Mrs. Bourn.
of 2027 Hillyer place will be at home to
morrow from 4 to 6:30.
Mrs. Hersdhel Main will not be at home
February 21 and 28, but will receive her
friends informally Geaturdays in March.
Mrs. Isaac Gasns of the Iowa, 18th and 0
streets northwest, wHi be at home for ahie
last -time this season Thursday, February 28.
Mrs. Bayly and Mrs. KCuhns of 2125 N
street will receive tomorrow for 'the last
time -this season.
The Misses Breuninger will be at home
Saturday, February 28.
Mrs. Showalter. wIfe of Representative
Showalter of Pennsylvania, will be at home
tomorrow from 4 until 6.
Wednesday evening the twenty-fifth an
niversary of the wedding of Mr. and Mrs.
Geo. E. Truett was marked by a, large re
ception held at their home. 1601 81st street.
ThEy were assisted 'by their alaughtera, MisB
IAle E. Truett and Miss Enman W. Tru
ett. Mrs. Truett wore the gown in whic~h
she was married twenty-five years ago.
Steel blue silk, point-lace trimmings, even
the gloves then worn. Miss Lille Pruett
was in a pink silk mousseline. Miss Em..
me. W. Truett worn a blue silk mouseeline.
Miss Evaliine Reichmnan, Miss Nannie May
Almond of Lynchburg, Va., and Miss
Louise Grunwell of Wahington asaisted in
thedeteinmantof tha gusis. The isral
dicoratioms of the parlrirere in' ink ant
whiteassse and ofrdhb i ation: hil and
dining room -were in red roses, which to
gether with palms, ferns, &c., made a bril
liant scene in the spacious and beautiful
rooms. Refreshments were serwed and great
ly enjoyed, the original bride's cake being
reproduced. Notwithstanding the invitation
cards had the words "no prssentd" en
grayed upon. thgnm the- happy couplo.rer
overruled In this mat+er by a number of
their friends ensIitng on presentinge.
with a silver token ot lt tasu. *
lette Lskedand S&
~man0 a. Pm ftobt Wswar
iw Aq w. D.. LAW06ne,s I
swi the the 4900t
. Brnown and the _s201
asowa at hornA tImaoW" at im
1eanofte street, e a ;-to ,
. dgtful smr me
wasogven Nineve Toinr -at t
oil 2tstreet northeasta ev
DM l~b"il and asnuy gams ;h
ly enjoyed by the young ftma., wen
14in as e as the I4 of ft
tunes iib E=a Dew eA Mi
Jaaes Tuner siste a"ft plin
Mangktand Eie, M4t6.4 Mas4o
Ho"P"X- Atwe"; Yemes, ~loblkTurne
and P h; Mets. Whalen, . Hal
ley, .ennings Turner, Helm, Dudley aI
Bothwel. Refreshments were served.
The hospitable home of Xr. and Mrs. Goar
land -Skinker was the scene of the fourti
Lprograimbve euchre of the Misfit Club o
Northeast Washington, Tuesday evening
Much Jinterest. was manifested during th
games, wh!ch were close and exciting. ani
which resulted In Miss A. Spinks and Mr
7rank Porers carrying off the ]tonors to
the ladies and gentlemen. respectively. Th
pres awarded were unique and appro
priate. A bountiful repast was served b;
the hostss, and the meeting, one of th<
most enjoyable since the organization o
the M!sft Club, adjourned to meet on tho
4th proximo at the 'home of Mra. A. Hard
ing. Those preset were Mr. and Mrs. Bob
erts, -Mrs. Harding. Mrs. Dunston; Missm
Rucker, N. Spinks and Reed, and Meserm
Adams and L. Harding.
Mrs. Allen Monroe Shepard and Mis
Shepard will be at home, 2116 18th street
for the last time this seson this afterneen
Dr. and Mrs. Geo. Boynton celebrated
their twelfth anniversary by giving. a
euchre party last even!ng at their home, 91
1st street northwest. They were assisted Ii
receiving the guests by Mr. and Mrs
Warnke. Among those present were the
following: Dr. and Mrs. Geo. Boynton, Mr
and. Mrs. Thomas Bynum, -Mr. and Mrs
Frank Crown. Mr. and Mrs. Warren J
Coffln, Dr. Constantine, Mr. and Mrs. David
Hardester, Mr. James Johnson, Mrs. Joseph
Johnson, Dr. and Mrs. C. Kraus. Mr. and
Mrs. Guy E. Padgett, Mr. and Mrs. A. R
Waite, Mrs. Jas. Walker, Mr. and* Mrs
Warnke, Mrs. Laura Warnke and the
Misses Hulvershorns of Evansville. Ind
The gentleman's prizes were won by 'Dr
Kraus and Mr. Bynum. The ladles' prism
were won by Mrs. Bynum and Mrs. Waite
Light refreshments were served.
Miss Gertrude Bayne has gone to Phila.
delphia for a week's visit to attend the
Mrs. John W. Bayne and her daughter
Mrs. Theall, will be at home tomorrow for
the last time this season.
Mrs. Wilbur F. Dales and Mrs. Willian
Ayre Swan of 1212 12th street will be at
home tomorrow from 3 to 6 for the las
time this season.
Gen. and Mrs. Jchn Watts Kearney en
tertained a large company at dinner las
Mrs. John B. Wight, formerly of Wash
Ington-, now of Easton, Pa., will be with
Mrs. Dalzell.tomorrow, and will be glad tc
see her friends.
Mrs. and Miss Draper will be at home
Saturday, February 21, but not on the 28th
A little folks' masquerade party wai
given Friday evening last at the residence
of Mr. and Mrs. Hettenkemer, the occasior
being the 11th -,birthday anniversary of
their son Louis. Games and amusements
were enjoyed by the little ones until ra
freshments - were -served. Many present.
were received. those present were: E11
Lewis, Roberta Neuratt, Addle Jonscher
Ethel Thrift, Laura Falvey, Katie Boteler
Carrie Gooch, Matilda Els, Myrtle and
Holly Hettenketner, Masters Qrlando. Wil
lie and Henry BowSe, Charlie and Harr3
Boteler, Freddie Lewis, rles Hayden
Mr. and Mrs.. Henry Ott?,Ur. and Mrs
John L. Neurath, Mrs. J. R. Tune, Mrs
Els, Misses M. Neurath, Mary Oliphant
Mary Eberling, Mr. Henry S. Boteler, Os
born and 1Drnest Prangley.
A surprise party was tendered Miss Nellie
Prender Wednesday evening, February 18,
at her residence on Capitol Hill. After a
delightful evening spent in dancing, music
and recitations,. the company adjourned for
refreshments. Presept were the Misses
Jennie Caton, Mattie Ruark, Annie Caton,
Mira Higdon/ Lula Smith, Edith Prender,
SaIdee Higdon, Sadie Prender and Mra
Buell and Messrs. Bernard Stein, William
Witham, Chester Scala, Bernard Carol,
Harry Clark, John May, Harry Buell and
Allen Prender.
Mrs. Walter A. Johnston and Mrs. Jo
seph W. White will be at home to their
friends informally today from 3 to 9 at The
Villa, Kensington, Md.
Mrs. Charles D. SigNbee has gone to New
York for an extended stay, and consequent
ly will not be able to resume her social du
ties for some time.
Mrs. and Miss O'Connell of 2116 0 street
will be at home- tomorrow.
Notwithstanding the severe weather, a
large attendance of members and their
friends was present last ni:ht at the
monthly sociable of the Ladies' Auxiliary
of the Caledonian Club. A program of un
usual excellence was presented, folowed by
refreshments, The following took part in
the program: Mrs. Woodhead, Mr. George
Mellis, Miss Susie Jost. Miss Grace Thor
nett, Mrs. Lambert F. Bergman, Miss Quig
Icy, Mrs. G. Jenkins, Mr. James Painter,
Mr. William Qardner, Mr. Richard Back
ing, MV. Waiter Dunn, Mr. G. F. Jenkins
and 'Miss Taylor.
Department Com nder, G. A. B., n
Party at Hagerstownr
Department Commander Kimball, accom
panied by a number of members of his staff
and other veterans of' the Department ol
Potomac, went to Hlagerstown, Md., yester
daty to pay a fraternal visit to the depart
ment encampment of Maryland, in session is
tha,t city. The encampment helM Its ses
sions in Junior Hall, the department coen
mander, John W. Worth of Baltimore, pre
siding. The veterans from the Departmenl
of Potomac were received with honors by
the Maryland encampment, and very little
business was transacted during the after
noon, most of thne time being taleen up- with
addresses of welcome and responses. 'The
return trip from Hagerstown was com
menced at 4:50, and the city was reached
about 10 o'clock. The trip to the national
.encampmnt at Saa ..Fraccisco was dis
cussed, and the Department of Maryland
wili probably join with the Department et
Potamnea in engaging a special train for the
on ri~across the continent, w'hich will
takea l ive days under the very beal
The party consisted of the following:
Judge Ivory G. Rhmball, department com
mender; Capt. B. F. Chases, A. A. G.; Col
Hiram Bucldeghhm, ~3. V. C.; Col. B. F,
Randolph, A. L. G.; Col. John McElroy, pasl
senior vice comna-nder-in,-chief; Elphnonac
Young., Charles Boyd, CoL. B. F. Ringham
eost department cnmm*mn;--,Dr. Ma
Loal -Nunihim cl. John E. King, Mmr
hd L. Chase and Mrs. Isabel Worreli Dalt
um tProm.. Afords Ample Oppor.
tqatty for Sport.
There were numerousnetghing parties or
ii,streets throsigot the city last nighi
theo merry lauighter and jingle of slteg
bells, estlnet far into the night. Pen.
dvani sebetween th. peace msna-.
matw an etgo ry Depastmet isem
tab.e ge for tBi merry makers, and
ttat wae fewas eroweas with oluigiu
IMttted ,'!ennmam- Ey Sr laj nc.
*mvt In adn* teaue0s the bict frbi p
setting up any ciao to the property men
tiusk undeir certain aulme sales for de
11t11t 1a,the Paymnent of taWm.
The omiLainaw aver that an taxes upon
the preadi have bees paid se 1 , but
that -pon the rssce. are certain assess
a toraer owser, who died
X, I4. . The mere fact that the
ta semabed wtpmsa the 'esords, it is
a ms conatItuted no oeeelon to oir
_01"d upon the tle to the operty when
the mnPlainalsi bought.
plementaties of **eeb.
At the last regular meeting of Mithra
Lodge of Perfection. Scottish Rite Masnry,
Franci J. Woodman conferred the four
teenth degree on a class of four candidateM.
-r. U . George Lind presented to W. L.
Boyden, past'venerable =4ster of Mithfts
Lodge, a thirty-third degree jewel. and Mr.
Boyden presented to Dr. E. F. Frost. th
musical -director of the lodge, a thirty-see
ond degree jewel.
Perint to ze"t Building.
The Commissioners have granted permis.
sion to the Philadelphia, Baltimore and
Washington Railroad Company to erect a
one-story brick office building In its yards
just south of the 6th street passenger sta
tion. The building is within the limits now
occupied by the railroad company.
Recoption and Banquet.
The senior class of the National Unirer
sity Law School has arranged to give a re
ception and banquet at thellotel Johnson.
13th and E streets, Saturday eveninpr next.
Eugene Carusi, dean of the school, will be
the guest of honor.
KOENIG-DITTRCH. On February 17. IDWS. b,y
Rev. Enoch Schroeder GUSTAVE A. KOENIU
BETH MATHEWS wa married to Mr.
1908, by the Rev. Father Lee. at a nuptial
mane. in the Chapel of St. Anthony, St. .Mat
thew's Cutch.
BRYAN. On Thursday,'February 19, 190. at 8
o'clock a.m., WALTER A., beloved son of the
late Jno. V. and Virginia E. Bryan.
Funeral Drivate.
IN RK. On Thursday night, February 19. 190t,
at Garfield Hospital, after a lingering illness,
CALHOUN CLARK, slxty-fnr years.
Funeral from John R. W I t's Chapel. 1837 10th
street northwest, on Saturday, February 21, at
8 o'clock. interment private.
CLARK. On Thursday, February 19. 1V03. at
Garfield Hospital, CALHOUN CLARK member
of the Firemen's Relief Association, b. C.
Funeral Saturday, February 21.- at 3 p.m.. from
Wright's undertakin establishment. Members
are rnested to attend. By order of T. J.
BROWN, President. 0. G. ACHSTEFrr'Vit,
COREN. On February 19. 1906, at 3:20 a.un., of
spinal men tie, REBCCA rATUISE.-beloved
wife of. WIam K. Cohen and daughter of Ed
ward F. Simpson.
Funeral from her late residence, 2002 15th street
northwest. Saturday, February 21. at 2 o'clock
p.m. Relatives and friends invited. Interment
private. 20
GAVIN. On Thursday, February 19, 190. WIL
T-TAM J. GAVIN, eon of the late Thomas and
Margaret Gavin, aged twenty-six years.
Funeral from the residence of his aunt, Urn. A.
McMahon, 2305 H street northwest, on I-atur
day, Febrar 21, at 8:30 o'clock- servica sat
St. Stepheh's Church wbch will e In charge
of the 9panish-Amerlcan war veterans.
GIBBS. HERBERT A. GIBBS. beloved husband
of Mary Larman Gibbs, died February 18, 1903,
at 12:10 p.m.
Funeral services at 1 p.m. Saturday, February 21,
Chestnut avenue, Takoma Park, D. C. Inter
ment at Glenwood cemetery. 0
KING. On Thursday, February 19. 190, at 6:45
p.m., JAU:S R., beloved aon of the late James
R. and Mary A.King, in the fiftieth year of
his age.
Funeral will take place from the residence of his
brother, Robert I. King, 211 5th street south
east, oh Sunday, February 22, at 2 o-c1ock p.m.
Relatives and friends invited., Interment at
Congressicnal cemetery. 2
LIPPITT. On Thursday, February 19. 1903. EJZM
WEBB LIPPITT, aged seventy-eight years.
Services will be held at the home at her son-in-law,
Captain C. W. Rae, U. S. N., 1827 Jetrerson
place, on Saturday, February 21, at 11 o'clock
a.m Interment at Charleston, S. C. 20
McELFRESH. On February 19 3, at 9:30 a.
Mrs. EI-ZABETH M. McEUREH. widowo
the late Geo. S. McElfresh.
Funeral from late residence, 919 L street prth
west, Saturday February 21, at 2 o'clock p.m.
Friends iuvited. Interment private. 2*
McGILL. On Thursday, February 19, 1903, at 5:15
a.m., at his residence 459 M ssave.
nue northwest, THORAS HOWARD UT4J
- son of the late Thomas and May MCGilL
Funeral Saturday, February 21, at 2 o'clock. from
the residence. Relatives and friends Invited.
Interment private.
PERKINS. On Thursda, Februar 19, 190
EDWIN DYER PERKINS, In his lfty.aiutk
yar, son of the late WM. H. and Susan ker
Funeral from his .late residence, 1000 25d street
northwest, Saturday, February 21, at 4 P.Ma.
Relatives and friends Invited. .
RrTCHIE. Suddenly, en Thur af, February 1k
190, at 4:15 p.m at the resdompa of her sis
ter, Mrs. RobertKig tma, this city, Miss
VIRGINIA RITCHIE, yougetdaughter of the
late Thomas Ritchis of Ricmond, Ta.
Notice et funeral later. .
SENGSTACK. On ?rideyFebruary 20. 1908.ED,
WIN IDU1 EHRH * infant son of Charles
H. and .Tessie F. Senstack, aged tea daya.
Funeral (private) Saturday, February 21, at 11
a.m. *
SHAE. On Thursday, February 10, 10, at
71:30 a.m., at his residemee, No. 6 hi street
northeast, FRANCIS E. SHAF1EB, aged fit
five years.
Funeral from St. Aloysius Church, with wquiem
- ms, -on Satuda,February 21, at 0 o'clock
a.m. Interment prvt. 2*
WALKER. On Thursday, February 10. 10, at
7:40 p.m., NATHAN( W. WALKER, aged
seventy-seven years.
Funeral -from his late residence, 1247 8th etreet
softhwest, on Saturday, February 21, at a
p.m. Interment at Oak Hill cemetery. *
AMAN. In lovn remembrance of ear dear husband
and father, SEASTIAN AMAN, who died eight
eyears ago tody Februry20, 1895.
SHIErDS. In loving- remembrance of ADDlE 3.
SHIffrnR who depred this life ems year ag.
today, February ,-c1902.
Loved in life, remembered t. death.
129 11th at. s.e. WPhose E. 12S..
W. R. Speare,
Undertaker & Embalmer,
Everything strictly flrtclas and em the moea
reasonable tes. Teleihene ea5l 540. sel-t.o
-vU n.frDiRS AND mUaUnaI:an
-t8rn 1th -Bt. N.W. - 'i ea .
d.l.,st. - Teie.h... C.ll. Mai. lessO
Adolph J, Schippert,
-2008 Pa. Ave. N.W. '"J I.
MjUOCnbOB 10 R. W. 3AK,i
612 11th at. n.w. Taerhabm N.,. ean 1807.
eng maam=esaeim estmtn
Psnsmla e. a.w. T*uahe 93.R, 18.
e-t. ~ IE K 1S

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