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Don't lose your chance.
Don't lose your chance.
This is the wind-up
This is the wind-up
of the
Odds and Ends Sale.
Odds and Ends Sale.
Bargains of all sorts.
Bargains of all sorts.
Prices cut to shreds.
Prices cut to shreds.
All small lots, damaged,
scratched, buised, shopworn or
marred goods at sacrifice
See these values:
See these values:
$10 Inlaid Mahog. Parlor Chairs...13.50
$11 Morris Chair......................690
$12 Morris Chair.....................v.25
318 Maple Toilet Table.............80
813.50 Parlor Cabinet, mahogany...87.85
$11.50 Oak Rocker-....................35.50
36 Rattan Chair....................$3.00
814 Gilt Parlor Chair...............36.00
38 Parlor Arm Chair.................$3.90
$5.50 Corner Chair................$2.90
36 Roman Seat........................2.50
$20 Couches, tufted velour..........39.8D
i22 Velour Couch...................$11.00
$21.50 Sideboard......................$312.25
316 Oak Chiffonier....................7.90
$13 Oak Chiffonier..................$7.75
$20 Oak Dresser................812.75
324 White Enamel Dresser.........$12.00
$6.50 Oak Writing Desk..............$3.75
$110 5-piece Parlor Suite...........$59.00
32 Dining Chairs......................31.00
320 Divan.......................8.
33 Box Beat Dining Chairs........-..1.50
$1b Gilt Roman Chair ................38.00
Two-pair lots of odd Portieres:
Cut from 37 to.........................$3.98
Cut from 85 to .............. .8
Cut from $7.50 to ...........3.98
Irish Point Lace Curtains. in
small lo-s, worth from $ to
$18.50 ........................$6.98
45 pairs Nottingham Curtains.
one and two-pair lots, worth up
to 32.50................................88c.
1,009 yards short lengths of Bag
dad Stripe Upholstery Goods,
worth 31. for.........................49c.
50 pairs Defender Sheets, 63x00,
cut .................... .............38c.
$6 Couch Cover....... ......33.75
* Lansburgh
Furniture Co.,
Inter-Ocean Building,
512 Ninth St.
Last 5 Days
Grand Rapids
Furniture Co.'s
National Art
Peremptory Sale
Public Auction
To close the business at
1226 F Street N.W.
At II A. M. and 2:30 P. M.
Phenomenal Auction
There is still $30,ooo worth of
the choicest Grand Rapids
Co.'s Parlor, Library, Dining
and Bed Room Furniture and
$io,ooo, etc., in choice Bric-a
Birac, Porcelains, Pottery and
Art Goods to go to the highest
Time will not permit us to
diwell, so come prepared to bid
fast, as nothing will be reserved.
Store open at 9 a.m. for in
spection of goods.
C. HI. Luengene, Auct.,
1226 PFSt. N. W.
Telephone Directory
March 15th.
Business - - 53.75
Residence - - 53.00
The Chesapeake and Poto
mac Telephone Co.,
619 14TH UT.
E A:
At Your Urocer
Skin Humors
Scalp Humors
SPicubed by Cikanr
coa a. emsm s iWooA whm$ias
1211 F Street.
Ladies' $3.50,
$4-&$5 Boo
Reduced to:
2O O
HIS last addition to our
"Clearing" Sale repre
sents the climax of op
portunity. These are
all high-grade Shoes and origi
nally sold at $3.50, $4 and $5. A
They're great values at $2.90 h
pair. Lace and button-made
of calfskin, box calf, kid and i
patent leather. n
As the sizes are broken, k
you'll profit by early selection.
Snyder & KIdd,
Successors to Hoover & Snyder, g
1211 F Street.
Colonial Wine Co., h
"Headiquarters for Quality Wet Good."f
We are large buyers k
and sellers of whiskey t]
and we get the rockbot
torn distillery. price- f'
giving you the full benefit
of the saving on your fa
vorite brands of whiskey.
We give you original bot
tlings of- ?
$ Wilson,
Md. Club,
Overholt, u
Saratoga, t
J. E. Pepper,
bottle. Congress Hall. p
-Then there is our own grand p
The most popular of all Maryland a
Ryes, at f
$1 qt.; $3.50 gal. t
Co1oinial Wine r
Cor. 9th & D Sts. Mh. .
Mail orders promptly filled. 0
mh2-50d t]
f 17Made Fresh Every Day.
No Piner
can be produced. This fact
in conjunction with their I
popular price has made them
favorites with every one. We
make our Chocolates and a
DAY, of the finest materials
-70 varieties-all at the
Popular Price,
A7Only Best creamery Butter Used.
Our Choice
Pies, Cakes ,
and Pastries of all kinds are '
as rich and toothsome as
Bakery Goods could be.
Made by expert bakers of the
very choicest materials, in
cluding Best Cr'eamery But
ter. Delivered to any part of
the city.
m t a'r~ ere for Lunheon. The
Reeves,' """=P
Four Depts., esg|*
A year ago my stomach and i9
Mverwer aHout f oder Bu
Amor go myhan ac anytgI de
tre al I outlfder.tal d
tisesanybody feetine as a le.f
atd it cns In abens tand
takRes eue. They doat the
ortomh anyr andtin mak ee
trd ldIvwing. rtinyd
vie anboy t ln a Ite of
to inest Ae, centins as sand
takenme Theyr euatt,
Pstmate and er and ofmakoem Pa* r
The athvete enttees ifts aeaN
Clban dinryoase.Th azy
nnual Banquet of Command
Named for Him.
rlfQu - DEO3AP20S A 3MA
m-Or Tss nom=rn.
len Who Served With the Dead Sol
dier Tell of Their Ez
General Henry W. Lawton, the army and
merican womanhood were eulogized by the
alt a dozen or more speakers who accept
i the invitation of the Henry W. Lawton
oimnand, No. 88, S. W. A., to dine with
at the Barton Hotel Saturday night. The
en who assembled about the tables in the
ing banquet ball of the hotel wgre almost
li men who have responded to the call
f their country In the time of need and
ho have performed or have sought to
arform deeds of valor on the battlefields
two hemispheres. Some of them did not
et to a battlefield until after the fight
as over and some of them, professional
ldIers, have ditinguished records for
srvice rendered not alone during the war
ith Spain, but in the Indian wars of the
rest west, and the great conflict between
e states. One or two of those present
ad never seen a battlefleld or worn a uni
rm. but they had rendered some serv
e to their country in time of need as
ying and as arduous as that which the
g'ting men had rendered.
The Lawton -comman& is made up from
nong the members of the District volun
ser regiment, with a goodly proportion of
ben who were in other organizations. There
,ere about seventy-five members of the
mmand and guests in the parlors of
e hotel when "reveille" was sousyded, -fol
owed shortly by "assembly," which was
ie signal for the diners to repair to the
anquet hall to partake of the feast spread
>r them.
The Decorations.
Hardly had the guest. secured their
laces at the table when the sharp report
f a gun was heard and in the rear of the
om the stars and stripes fluttered. to the
oak of a tall flag pole, while the orchestra
layed the "Star Spabgled Banner." The
ecorations of the banquet hall were so
nique that the diners paused for some
toments before beginning the discussion of
1e excellent menu served to examine and
nderstand all that was before them. At
ach side of the entrance of the hall were
laced two large marque tents with flag
oles rising from the center. Directly op
osite the entrance was hung a huge Iron
ot on a tripod of rough hewn rails. Be
Ind the pot and tripod was a miniature re
roduction of the block bouse on San Juan
Ill. The sides of the hall were draped
ith flags and bunting and at the end. In
'ont of the flag pole, which towered to the
tlling, was a magnified reproduction of
ie castle used as the insignia of the army
ngineers lighted by electric lights. On the
uest table, across the upper end of the
om. a camp ground was laid out. Tiny
mnts were pitched and miniature soldiers
rilled on the green award. At either end
the table were block houses over which
aved Spanish colors. A diminutive battery
I artillery covered the block houses and
ireatened them with destruction. In the
an.ter of this battlffield was perched an
.merican eagle.
The diners were called to order after the
kenu had been served by Captain Sheridan
erree, captain of the Lawton command.
aptain Ferree welcomed the guests to the
inner and. after a few words of eulogy to
eneral Lawton, introduced General George
[. Harries to act as toastmaster. General
[arries was intimately acquainted with
eneral Lawton when he was a captain in
ie 4th Cavalry, and was serving under
olonel MacKenzie during the Indian cam
aigns in the southwest. He told several
tories of General Lawton's career in the
Gen. Lawton Eulgised.
The toastmaster then introduced Captain
loyd M. Brett of Troop F, 2d United States
avairy, to respond to the toast, "General
awton." Captain Brett served with Gen
ral Lawton during his Indian campaigns,
nd knew him intimately as a cavalry offi
er. The speaker referred to the work of
he cavalry and Lawton's pre-eminence as
n officer in this branch of the service. He
eferred to the campaign in Cuba and of
,awton's aggressiveness, and gave It as his
pinion that if the Spaniards had not sur
endered they would have awakened one
ne morning to find the American trenches
aside Santiago. Major C. G. G. Anderson,
inlted States Volunteers, who was a sur
eon In the army during the Indian cam
aigns in Arizona, and who became a vol
nteer surgeon during the war with Spain,
ras next Introduced. Major Anderson
erved In Arizona. Cuba and the Philippines
rith General Lawton, and knew him well.
Ie spoke highly of his ability as an officer
nd of his interesting career.
Secretary Shaw's Speech.
Secretary Leslie M. Shaw was then pre
ented to tell how the war was carried on.
'he speaker prefaced his remarks by stat
ig that he had never been a soldier, but
hat he had once commanded the army and
avy of the state of Iowa. He then told of
be organization of the volunteer regiments
or the war with Spain, and of the patriotic
esponses that came to the call to arms.
"One morning that grand man. William
!cKinley, wrote to Congress of the intoler
ble situation in Cuba," said the speaker.
He said that there might be trouble, and
sked Congress to give him money to pre
are for It. Within two hours and thirty
ilnutes by the watch both houses of Con
ress had passed a bill appropriating $50,
00,000 for national defense, which they
laced unreservedly in the hands of the
recutive for disposition. A few days later
he President again wrote to Congres. He
aid he had received the money appro
riated for national defense, that he had
zpended it as he saw fit, that diplomacy
ad failed, and that something must be
one immediately. Again Congress rose to
be occasion, and before nightfall had
dopted a resolution authorizing the Presi
ent to use the land and naval forces of the
Tnited States to expel Spain from the west
rn continent. Partisanism was laid aside
nd patriotism rose to the surface. Then
ras there a condition made which itartled
be universe. We had no clothes, no pow
er, no guns, and no food for soldiers. With
he money appropriated by Congress thie
'resident set the factories going and the
rmories working. Within a few weeks
here was placed in the field an army of
0,000 mnen, the grandest army that was
ver organized.
"Those soldiers looked back en ancestry
bat hai fought on every field in every
ountry, in every clime. Over their cradles
ad been crooned the battle hymns of every
ation, and to their lips swelled war cries
a many tongues. The man of the north,
he man of the south, the wild Indian of
he plains-each rushed to the front and of
ired his services to their country. Were
bose the men who had fought in '61? The
eterans of Antiem, the Wilderness, Get
rsbur and Rappmakanock? No. They
rere te young men, the sons of the men
rho fought on both sides. They were eager
er the fight. They lougedl to show theti
arents that -the red bilood of their ancestry
til sowed full and free in their veins, and
hat their patriotism and love for their flag
ras e great as had been the ptriotin
ad love- which had driven their formea+hea
a the fields of battle, to fight and to win."
The Natiemal Guard.
Mag. F.'C. Rodgeon, enomeam of the
WIet COrs, S. W. Y., wasn sNed span
in telk of 'Our assasm " Kmeager 5ma
as spoke of the ageamsa el05 th st*
reas' seelety ad it esvimn !! Na
raced the simi hstegwr ot4ha =fhma
n ad peedieted a. eh fdaase eer e.
'ol. Niwert N. Eitts. of Drsln
po- .-s of the fS re.tGhiA~e
ward, Colenel Bt*es i spe h
Jaurfy aSpr
Jackets' thg e 'made with'm
exclusivly.styl-in the latest .an
from the most fiionable and wor
chevioti-Veneti s, coverts, broa
finest weaves 'andehe choicest qua
spot. The lniga e of the fines
twilled satis. here are thfee spe
and' the. reasonalAeness 'f our Spr
Ladfes' Smat Spi g Jacket
small everes- ront tight-fitt
plain coat sleeves or with the me
We show then in: tan, castor; or
Sale Price...................
.Lafien' megant Tp Covert or Vene
tian Cloth Jackets, chic sfly front-with _
straight front dp efect- cpst, haped
collar -an smalt r e "trhed up
frot with -bag* and side
of bodices with stitched tailored self
strappings; the .pew full sieeve- wih
dainty puff-above Dent turn-back cuffs
lined throughout
with white satin
an extra speciai
value at the Intro
The Latest
All the latest models in Chi
Jackets-and Peau:de Soie Monte C
styles at extraordinarily low price
house, but already listed as barga
unusual; that's- our way.
Ladles' Taffeta S 1k Coffee Jackets,
made in the popular loose fitting front
and swagger back. Deep plaits running
length of Jacket In front and back too.
Attractive Sailor Collar, trimnmed with
flowing taba Sleeves made in the fash
ionable double ef
fect, and the entire
garment stitched
with rows of white
stitching. Special$
Introductory Price,
Numberless suggestions for p
and the added charm of price low
We'd like to show you every on
and will be proud to have you see
50 pieces of the latest shades
cluding All-silk Satin Liberty an
24 inches wide, in. such desirable s
trope, gray, navy1 tan, white wit
figures, also black ground with wh
popular polka ts{ Worth 69c. y
Tuesday .... ; .............
Beautiful Qualitseoft-finish Colored
Loulsine Silks, in all the new
spring shades, Incl4p, black 39c
and white. Special Tuesday
The Popular Strip& dnd Corded Pon
gee Silks, the late tgaze for
waists and shirt wplas, .Sels 3 c
regularly at 49c. Se ~. ...
New Shepherd Pi s daffetas. in con
servative blues, black.,d greens. An
other popular s1ll.for."thp, new
shirt waist suits. Reula price, 59c
611c. Special for Tuesday........ *
Fine. Satin-finish, c Peau de Sole
Silk, 2L Inches wi ,in:he soft, non
crushable quality that "sells,
regularly at 79c.. Special for OYC.
Tuesday............... ..........
Extra-heavy Black Moire Velour, a6
inches wide, rich designs for
waists or dresses. Regular 98c
$L25 quality. Special for....... .
27-inch Black Moire Velour, rich lus
ter, beautiful designs, never
sold under 6c. Tuesday's price c
The Best New
All the freshness and crispn
these goods. They conjure up pic
see them. Plenty of inspiration
proper amount of economy in bu
least as large a stock of White G
ask less than any and all of them.
Excellent asortment - of fine Chamn
bray Madras, 32 inehes wide. In all the
desirable spring shades,
such as light blue, pink,
linen, green, etc. At the1
special price .......
Mercerized Linen, 86 inches wide, in
plain colors of oxnlilood, pink,
light blue, etc. Special price 19
for tomorrow ..............
Beautiful Figured Silk Mousselainnes,
32 Inches wIde, in neat Dres
den patterns and stripes. Reg- 2
ular 29c value, at.... ... *
this is the first bHi to be enacted by the
national leislative houses for the govern
mnent of the militia since,.the revolutionary
war. Maj. Gen. Joseph C.: Bre*lnridge,
inspector general of the army, was next
Introduced. General Breolinridge told sev
eral storieg of the greatness of La,wton s
a soldier. Brig. Gen. George B. Davis,
judge advocate general of the. army, then
spoke briefly of the work of administering
the law relating to the army. The enlisted
man was tbe sthlect of -the remarks made
by Capt. William H. Hodges, sand the evep
lng was brought to a qos with an address
by Chaplain Charles C." Perce of the se
United States Cavalry, en "'The Amnerican
Wonma i War."'Ca~i Piercee spoke
at some length of the' %totism of the
women, whno made tbh ~Byand the vie
tory of the American tr~posible.
At thne -conaldnsion' M$f Iere's
remarks "retreat" w hd&and the
guns which oonnnd'l*~ houses
on the guestW tabie -~*gl demolishing
the block houses., h i was lowered
as the orQhestra #i~t~ mtar Span
gled Banner," an ieVeI epatted af
ter "tape' had been .Gd-The souve
nIr. of the oasio.n wseertents with
a picture of General on the side
and a silk Sag on -1o.0.
Those prieen were* p r
Capt. S heridas Fe&srst riut.
Adolph Van Reuth, SA~u~t. 6MigeU
L. Bell, Adit.- F. . s:alph, Quarters
master Charles a. Per-arter
Dufry. sergt. C. secretse
GCrist 7eo~s~ avs
ing Jackets
ost'particular care-correctly and -
d smartest spring modes-and cut
thful fabrics-such as pure wool
dcloths and pebble cheviots-the
lities that are guaranteed not to
t taffeta silks or rich plain and
cials that illustrate the goodness
ing Jackets.
s-with coat-shaped collar---and
ing back and short hip-with the
w puf at cuff.
black. Special
Ladies Rich Black Pebble Cheviot
Jackets-exquisitely man-talored fly
front-emall reveres and collar. Faced
down front with rich peau de sole silk
and' lined throughout with the best
quality taffeta.
Plain coat-shaped
sleeves and lap
pocketb - hand
somely stitched-an
unusual value at....
Silk Coats.
Taffeta Silk Jackets, Coffee
arlo Coats, the most exclusive
s here for tomorrow. Just in the
ins. You can look to us for the
- The fashionable Peau de Sole Monte
Carlo for Ladles-in three-quarter length.
in the stylish shoulder cape collar ef
feet, and flowing tabs richly embroider
ed. Sleeves made in a particularly at.
tractive manner with full puff at cuffs.
Back has the full Inverted pleat. Lined
throughout with
either white or
black twillea
satin. Anextra
ordinary value
at ...............
t Their Best
nd Lowest.
retty silk costumes in this stock,
ness to further recommend them.
e of them-We're proud of them
snd textures of Spring Silks, in
d Satin-finished French Foulards,
hades as light blue, cadet, helio
h black and colored
ite figures and the Q
ird. Special ,price LJ'YC
High Satin Luster Black Satin Re
gene, all pure, and silk guar
anteed to wear. The kind that
sells regularly at 89c. As a 7 c
special, Tuesday.................. a
Black Taffeta Silks, the heavy, rustling
quality; ~ used extensively for ' skirts,
dresses or linings. The quality
always priced at $1.10. Special
for Tuesday...................... "
Beautiful Soft-finish Black Peau de
Cygne, 27 inches wide; rich luster;
greatly in demand for hand- .
some gowns... Regular $1.25
value. Tuesday at...........
Extra Heavy Black Peau de Sole, 36
inches wide; the genuine Lyons dye,
that's so well-known to the ladies of
Washington, and, in fact,
everywhere else. Special
;1.75 value. Tuesday........
45-inch All Sflk Black Grenadine, In
plain iron-frame mesh and new silk and
satin ribbon stripes; the sea
son's latest effects; 98c. value
for........................... c
Wash Goods.
ess of a new season is instilled into
tures of balmy weather to all who
for making them up-with the
ying them here. We handle at
oods as any one in town-and we
Mercerised Zephyrs, in either plain
colors or striped effects. The plain
colors kre a perfect imitation --
of the imported fabrics that1
sell at double.............; e
Printed Madras, 82 inches wide, in neat
patterns and all the desir
able shadesy-such as pink,
light blue -and white. Reg.
ular 12%c. values, at..
Fine Quality Oxfords, 82 inches wide,
in white ground., with black
polka dots and stripes. Spe-j c
ciat value. for tomorrow at...e
3ERQ'S, -Se
?olice Squad Dedetea by Local Asko
An interesting revolver contest took place
Saturday night at the Central Market Arm
ory between a squad of metropolitan police
and the Revolver Association of the Dim- 1
trict. Ten keen-eyed marksmen lined up on
mach side, and at the end of the contest the
association was declared the winner by a
moore of 640 to 606. Bull'm-eyes were of
common occurrence, and the scores hung
up by each individual -were more thai
susaly high! Kennedy of the police squad
led his companions with a score Sf TB, while 1
Cook of the association did the best work
Er that side with figures showing 19.
-During the contest there was quite a eon- I
trovergy over four marks shmowing for five I
shots, and it was believed that one of the
shots had gone through the other on the I
target. Bell ad Kenedy of the rival'
Leamns made shots of this sort, andi it wasc
Bnafy decided to give each -mn a shot I
extra. In the shoot-ofE Kennedy ht the seom j
ad circle for a score of 6, whfle Bell I
imissed the target.
Following are -the seores in detal: -
Association-young, U; Beli, U; Eusmmers, i
ro; Hart, U: Rott, GB; Roth -d UB; Me- u
nalny, an; Farrow, Jr., 44; Cok 19; Par- i
rew, ar.;T1. Total, 640. - -
P0ee-Bun 7 ; MeCowmat,.S; -ennd, 1
r8; Newkirk, 7; r.nar - eekiagpeam .
r4; MelHeg, 3 Uhe, 3 Usam. 0; j
Bode,43. TotaL.4g
ran. anwdtes IAUSSt
mlnber of as-r
ewo mahs.u a
7th and K Sts.
ALace and Er
of Vast In
Anther purchaseand by coml
greatest achievements of this
would be right for these
An imen ma asortment of Medit an
of new patte I=g-ani
Se%s. Wfsth se to 4 inches-priced at....
Fin. Quality Nainsook and Cambria
Umbroidr7, in- beth l tng and Insert
ing; patterns Include open-work effects,
Point d'Alencoa, in match sets, and
Powi ..s designs;
som n ough for
skirting. Special pri.... 2 c,
Another new.line of Fine Cambric and
Nainsook Embrolderie. In widths up to
5 Inches; patterns comprise the most
attractive sort to be used this season;
among them you'll and
beautiful beadings- and pat
eant-edge designs. For Tues
day..........7 ce
Mattings at
It's not only buyers who won<
as we do, but men who make a bu
equally curious. Many a time we'
they were paying wholesale.
4o rolls of Fine Close-woven
Mattings, in attractive checks,
plaids and stripes, in a choice va
riety of patterns.
Regular 12c. qual
ity at ............iY8Oio~v
90 roHs of 116-warp China Matting, in
the heaviest and
finest quality that
sells for 40c. As a 2 '7 c
special tomorrow...
New Spring
With everything so new an
more than ordinarily interested i
well, we're selling on the Golden
are buying goods here at less tha
at the end of a season.
Beautiful Soft-texture All-wo
fine crepe finish. One of the po
spring, shown in all the new and d
evening wear, such as light blue, p
violet, nile, reseda, tan, castor, bi
royal, garnet, green, etc. A very s
special at......................
Four new choice materials, including
All-wool Fine Twill Whipcords. 88
inch All-wool Pebble Granite, 88-inch
all-wool, soft-finish Geaviniar; 44-inch
All-wool Cheviots; in all the
new and most desirable shades
for spring. Special price Tues- 45c.
day ..................................
All-wool heavy-weight Whipcords, 46
inches wide, very stylish and attractive
material for spring wear. Colors in
clude royal, navy, brown, gar
net, tan, castor, gray, etc. 57c.
Regular 69c. value. Tuesday at
Beautiful transparent weave of All
wool Etamine, 46 Inches wide, used so
extensively for the soft-clinging gowns,
in . royal, navy, reseda, tan, castor,
pearl, steel gray, cream, etc.
Would be a good value at 89e. O9c"
Think what a value it Is at.....
Heavy grain Sicilian, 46 inches wide,
rich, handsome luster and strictly re
versible. All the new spring shades,
including navy, royal and cream. The
.proper weight for the separate
skirts and the new shirt waist 75c
suits. Special for Tuesday.... *
The new imported Voile. 46 Inches
wide., so popular for the new clinging
gowns, in such desirable. shades as tan,
castor, pearl, steel, royal,.
navy, etc. An excellent .value
at 11.25. Special price........... *
Notilons-5c. A
You'll save as generously in p
pennies as you will on those tha
tions for Tuesday:
5e. Frilled Garter Web, strip..
5c. Large Wood Cabinet Hair
5c. Treasure Safety Pins...
Sc. Oak Handle Curling Iron..
Sc. Papers English Pins....r
Sc. Boxes Columbus Mourning , I
Sc. Smith's Best Needles, per
Sc. Fiat and Round Hat Elas
.tic ....... ..... .. .
renth and! I
elved, Inquiring what amount of national
iank circulation was In actual circulation
n the tutmn of 1902, and what amount
Iould have been, In circulation if .11 the
tational banks had issued the maimum
Lmount of currency to which they were en
itled. On September 30, 19(12, the circula
ion of national banks outstanding amount
4 to 323,848,144. The capital stock of the
banks on the same date amounted to P'US,
0O6814. They could, therefore, have takan
'at $885,568.110 more than was outstmann
et that date if circulation bad been taken
t to the limit."
4be money "in the hands of the people'
.t hat time was $1,BDI1,US and the per
apita in the hands of the people was $17.U.
f the IU95,88,110 whieh was then withheld
rom circulation by the national be=ks bad
sen isBmed or had. uinder proper safe
wiard, been turned over to the treasurer
f the United States, there would then have
een f1.TT6,MG,U in the bands of the pso
ie and a per capita of about in.S7. It Is re
aembered how earnestly the treasurer, Mr.
baw, was pleading like Julius Ceasa,
'Hep us Cassius er we ink!" The per
apita tthat "bete noir" of finance) in por
boss of the British liire is in.41; In
'ace, the ideal expression of comunercial
N, 37.16. and about Hongkong, whos
usns is on the douhie quIck, it is Hd8.M
lie national bakse have asked and obtained
remn Congress the almig=hty franchise of I.
the life blood of comunere., save the
60 fUnibed States notes. Is it al
ogther the proper thing for the national
san to garner In their harvest wan. the
nshines,9 but when this agricultural stom
revs to betake Shes=lves to their eaves
dith mfenn chuckle over the fran
ie 4ert-of Mr. Ihw- to ward of a panto
ome? WouM thdre hae bean a pae last
utema It that en=M of avaiable emir
had been put in ciralaes=. and
at Mr. Fovias's serve bar.buus
I 33in Tae~er~ Would
besa -e be any nd df the ter bIN.
nbroidery Sale
parisos' it ranks high with the
urtment. A third to a half more
ut as we bought them so we'll sell
i Torchon Licea In a variety
New line of Point de Venice Laces. in
white. btter sad Arabian' also- a line
of Black and Cream Chantilly LAces.
in a variety of pretty pat
terns: the usual 12%c. qual- 9 C"
ity. Tuesday at...............
The New Corset Covers are made of
embroidery; we have a line of Fine
Cambrio abd Nainsook Embroidery to
make them of; 14 inches wide;
in a line of beautiful patterns.
About half price for them 2 .
Tuesday ........................
Cambric Embroidery and Inserting; In
dainty patterns, and widths
up to 4 inches: Sc. and 10c. A t
values. Special for........... e
About Cost.
ler how we get Matting as low
;iness of trading in Mattings are
e sold goods at the price that
I68 rolls of Heavy Seamless
China Matting, in pretty Japanese
and Carpet patterns. Mattings
that sells usually at n9
25c. to 35c., at....... 1 90e
150 rolls of Heavy Jointlesm China
Matting, close woven weaves and strict
ly reversible. The
kind that sells
usually at 20c.
Tomorrow at........
Dress Goods.
I attractive, no wonder you're
i this department. We've bought
>erg margin and the result is you
i you'd ordinarily expect to pay
>1 Albatross, 38 inches wide, with
ular materials to be worn this
-sirable shades for both street and
r,k, old rose, turqubise, lavender,
cuit, pearl, steel, French blue,
perior quality offered 3 5c.
All-wool, soft-filnish, close-twill Ven
etian. 52 Inches wide. with very smooth
finish; In all the leading spring shades,
such as navy, royal, French blue,
brown, tan, castor, pearl, steel, green,
garnet, etc. Regular price. 98c.
As a special offering Tues
day..................................7 e
Silk and Wool Aeollenne. one of the
new light-weight materials. 42 inches
wide. in all the new spring
shades. Regular value, 98c. 5F
Reduced for Tuesday to........ *
Cream Bedford Cord, 38 Inches wide,
with heavy welt, the material so much
in demand for Infants' Coats and Sepa
rate Skirts. The quality that
can be laundered. Regular25C
price 38c. Special Price......... *
Beautiful assortment of the most beau
tiful patterns in new Wool, Challies,
also the plain effects, with the
satin stripe. An excellent ma
terial for House Gowns, Kimo- 9C
nas, etc. Special Price..........
Both the Plain and the Novelty Mo
hair, 88 Inches wide, in pretty shade Blue
and Cream. also the Polka-dot effects and
figures and stripes, with grounds of
Blue, Black and Cream. An ideal
fabric for pretty Waists, Skirts
and for full costumes. Special 49C,
price for tomorrow................
rticles at 22c.
roportion on purchases that take
t call for dollars. These illustra
Sc. Twilled Tape Measure.
Sc. French Horn Bones, dos.
Sc. Tubular Shoe Laces, dos.
Sc. SilkL Stitched Whalebone
I c. Ger n8Lye Thimbles.
C c. Initials, all letters.
Sc. Linen Thread, large bank.
Sc. Maame Louise Hair
Sc. Bone Collar Buttons, dosn
Sc. Kirby, Beard A Co. Hair
K Streets.
larly striking are the desorations surround
ing the elaborate display of early millnne-r
goods. AN the pillars of the salon are
decorated to resemble palm trees, while
palms and -tars are distributed about the
room In profudos. Suspended from the
ceiling are three large floral usbrellas. one
of orange and apple istmn. another cf
liies and roses and the third of lnles. A
number of han=gi.g rustle ba*ets add nov
city to the decoratie scheea
The principal flstares of the dislay of
millinery goods are the hats and bonnets.
These are of both Paris manl and of the
original design of thO -aa.me
The three cases contani= hats of wMite.
-red and violet colors, respectively, florm an
especaft attrative display. There are
bats of- all the latest styles and tints ar
ranged effectively in aooord with the color
scheme of the reom. The eaneinn of
flowers, fruits, raks.n, foliage and other
the dsla. Th aggrn of aity morn
ing goods. -..... ha., e....... r.civ.
the approvat of the shoppers. Thte opnng
closes Wednesday evenlbg.
-Artiols of Zaoorpe.=+Ua. Wiled.
CereMos.e. vir bs.-.se~ilsn we filed to
day in the yeas of 'Ms eoeder of deeds
Thte W b-da,i Aariem Ce n,
thel.mmp~r bola C. Myrea Thoaa,
K. N. 'sh-- an a . Ueesar.
* ae tarar W. a. Lrase. o(a.peny.
time incsss=m . heag s ahts Laichner.
Andrk uman and ,WMan g, M .o
- Tihe Wb -s- - -. 94 iany, the
lsopnnem. being T. H, Webba A. 1Mee
Milland W . S, Malena.
The espe aug M--4 ag caepwa.
esetan...e.. sem , r.
(nasteah *.* Ma-.,

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