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8th Street
March "Fashion!
Is Now Out.
The most interesting number yet in
Ali the doings in fashiondom illustt
and tersely described.
Secure a Copy Free at I
Pattern Department.
The Great
The most superb stock of 'fore
prices that will move 'em quickly fr
New Effec
Tempting lot of Cambric, Swiss and
Nainsook Edgings and Insertions; rib
bon beading; large range of openwork
and neat patterns to select
from; regularly 15c. and 18c. ?c
Sale price, per yard...........*.. .
4 very special items in Embroidered
Galloons; an unexcelled collection of
choice patterns.
Lot 1-Regular 12c. value.
SPer yard ................-....... 7;,c
Lot 2-Regular 15c. and l c
a 18c. value. Per yard......... c,
Lot 3-Regular 20c. val
ue. Peryard............... ,
First door, Section A.
Peerless d
At the prices we are quoting I
value is an interesting item.
Special offering in a 12-yard pieae of
excellent quality English Long
Cloth. Tomorrow only, per 79c
piece ............... "
25 pieces only of Fine Imported
Highly Mercerised Figured Madras,
seven choice patterns, none
worth less than 40c. .Tomor- 5
row, yard ..............
4 exceptional values in extra fine
sheer Imported Persian Lawn,
32 inches wide; limited quan
tity of each quality; regular c
15c. value-per yard....... *
First floor-Section C.
The New
There's not a prettier nor dai
are beyond criticism.
New Dimity Shirt Waists, with neat
Sfigures in blue, red and
* black; made with 'broad
tucks front and back; lat
est stock and cuffs; all
sizes; at......................
New Striped Madras Waists In blue
. ground with white stripes, strip of white
- pique down the front, forming vest; fin
ished with pearl but
- tons on each side; lat
est stock and cuffs;
large puff sleeve; all $11 00
sizes; at................
Linings T
Weare proud of our lining sto
the gaeyou are seeking.
Bengaline Velour, in black and all the
and adaptable for under
colr. Atecallother
We dy u Have.....
Afnise P icgs,ii
Anelegant selection of new Wash*
.colors of red, navy, pink, black and baby
cate patterns, in one-half-inch and one-i
eble for trimming wash suits and children'
* lowing prices.
:6c., l0c., 12c., 2
.Very handsome pieces of Black Spangl
STrimming; fully 4% inches wide; worth 13.
Spring Rea
43Ic laksdBlac
* 45inchBlac andWhite Mohair, ini
4checks. We have them in three check si
gant for shirt waist suits. Specially price
: 42-inch Panne Satin Prunella. One of
.*eiy's Past-black and Unepottable Fabri
Priestleys Mohair Etamines end]
Voiles, at
$1.49, $1.25 and 9
Lace Voiles, a new and bana.m m
A yard for..................
LAnsdowne-e beautiful silk and wool
40Oinehee wide. A yard.'................
35-inch All-wool Nuns' Veilig- pops
Special, a yar...........................
t CO. S
and Pennsylvan
Store opens 8 a.m.,
te Closes 6 p.m.,
he Saturdays 9 p.m. ta
Sale of Sill
i Instant F
ign and domestic silks ever brough
:m the shelves. Grasp the opporti
ts in. Laces
Lot 4-Regular 25c. value. 1
Per yard .......................... C
A decided bargain in Cambric, Swiss
and Nainsook Demi Flouncing; 10 to 16
inches wide; exquisite new patterns;
openwork, neat and blind f
fects; 35c. to 50c. values.25
Choice, per yard.................
All colors of 42-inch-wide All-silk
French Mousseline; usually
45 cents. Tomorrow, per
yard .............................. "
Special lot of Venice Lace Galloons,
Bands and Net-top Laces; choice, ef
fective patterns; actual val
ues, $1 and $1.25. Sale price, QC
per yard ..........................
Vhite Good,
hese goods it will be to your advani
Regular 20c. value, per
yard ..................... -
Regular 25c. value, per yard. 15c.
Regular 30c. value, per yard. 18C.
Extra Fine Sheer French
Lawn, 45 indhes wide, usually 1 QC"
30c. Special, yard,-..........
Coflored W
itier stock in town. The patterns
New Striped Madras Waists, white
ground with pretty colored stripes in
black, gray, light blue and Nile effects;
made with stitched
pleats to the bust
full blouse front; two
button cuffs; perfect y 2
fitting; all sizes; at....
New Madras Waists, made of the best
quality material, cut with the long
slope effect; nobby stock, strapped with
white pique, finished
with large pearl but
tons down the front
and on tihe cuffs; thor
oughly tailor-made;
all sizes ................
hat Lead I
dl Low Pria
:k. It is the largest and best in tl
25 pieces of a ftni T
Percaline. A 15c. value.. o
12%c. value in a 36
Inch E)bony 'Fast Black f f
Percaline for.....
36-inch Luster Mercer
ized Sateen, in blackan
all shades. 80c. value..
A good quality of
Mercerized Sateen fJJf(
In black and colors. 1/2~V
the Trim
L'rlmmings, in fast We have the:
blue, in very deli- thing for net, sill
nch widths. Suita- yard, and variouw
a blouses at the fol
5c.yd ~ 75c., 5
5y .We have the
combination of 11
. 98Trimming Dept.,
ches Dress<(
k Dress (l<
shepherd j 45-inch Knott
.Yard... * Per yard......
ce.a iIC.4J and aH-olo
wipn-. Fast-black $ .
8c. ayde
!abl$1 ard7 , but.....
U ta,cesma
sponge it free of
let VeSOeek
s oNk
[a Avenue.
lave You Seen
Niagara Falls?
his is without doubt the most realistic
Lure presented to the American public'
thin recent years. Thousands of visitors
re seen this masterpiece during the past
ek. Come and see it. It is free.
lpholstery Dept.-Tird floor.
ks Has Met
t to this city. Exclusive novelties at -
inity of claiming these incomparable
and 1m=
8,000 yards of Point de Paris Laces
and Insertions, complete match sets,
particularly effective patterns, 1
to 5 inches wide, 8 to 12%c. val-5 ,
ues. Sale price, per yard.......... "
85 complete sets of the finest qualities
of Machine-made Torchon Laces and
Insertings; 1 to 4 inches
wide; 6c. to 12c. value. To
morrow, per yard............ "
Phenomenal value in fine Black All
silk Figured and Striped Chantilly, La
Tosca and Point d'Ensprit Dress Nets,
45 inches wide; actual val
ues ranging from $1.00 to $1.50 7
-per yard................... "
All colors of very fine All-silk French
Crepe Chiffon, 45 inches wide;
sold regularly at $1.00. Special, 69c"
per yard..........................
s Specials.
age to do your buying now. Every
12-yard piece of very fine
English Nainsook; actual
value, $1.75; per piece......
A superfine quality of
fine sheer India Linon, 40
inches wide. Special, per
yard ................... Y C
Special lot of fine Plain and
Satin Striped Oxford Suiting;
25c.. value; per yard.......... 1 e 0 h
1 case of 40-inch wide
Victoria Lawn; regular 10e. c
value, per yard............. "
zists Have
ire neat and the finish,of these waists
New Ohaambray Waists, made of very
fine material,-in blue, gray and rose;
pleated front; edged in
black and white; back
trimmed to match; lat
est trimmed stock and
cuffs; made In the
best possible manner; 1 00
all sizes, at..............
New Madras Waists, made of import
ed black and white
material; plain tailored
effect; finished with
large pearl buttons;
excellent fitting gar
ment; all sizes, at....
'Or[c Quaflity
e city. You can always find here
Guaranteed S hr unk kT
Canvas, in black, gray j
or w'hite. 12%4c. value.. U / oa e
22-inch Genuine Shrunk e
French Hair Cloth. 40c. e
8-inch Silk-finish.-e
ed Percaline, In fast ~
black and all the .~T
new spring shades. ILJil
20c. valoe..........Uo e
Dowin the
ing Dept.
Black Silk Chiffon Grape Trimming, just the
, and grenadine dresses. They come by the
sizes can be detached.
S8c. and $1.25 yd.
new Silk Venetian Braids in
hite and green, blue, red, gray -)
little trimming braid for cili
th 80c. a yd.-for.............
First floor, Section 0.
coods Dept.
id Voiles and Etamines in blaek 98c
French Voiles. All the new shades, includ
5, 98c. and 69c. yd.
aur.A very pretty weave 12
hite Nohair. It is a special pur
I to go on sale. Not at 75 eta, a
cloth. A 4 $1.25 vagu. We
sh.... '"'..,.r,d............98
SQUARE PIANO, . -ig to
SQUARE PIANO, Zi. 4Ulrowde
SQUARE PIANO, $W. alesrooms
sQUARE PIANO, $o. : w re com
SQUAEE PIANO, $S. to sell
oNE, off number
WHOLE rrO0 arUL o tf uare Pianos
SQUARE PIANOS, 9V fttrihce
AT prie Will
ANY PRICE AND ta1 them back
YOUR OWN TERMS. at ny time in
part payment for
A New Upright Piano
and make you a fair afowance. Any price you
are willing to pay will boy. p Square Piano from
us now, and your own tems will satisfy us.
Call early and make yout selection; the lest
one. will go Ar.t.
937 Penna. Ave. N. W.
Try "ZAMnOR"
+ -the next time you +
* For get a headache. Hun
*rs Head- dreds nd it infallible
in curing headaches ;
* aches, from all causes. Con
tains no harmful drugs.
?7n three .i.e., c., W0e. and $1. .
" mh2-m,wf PAI]IOI
American Teas
Are the Finest.
The world's finest Teas are now
grown in America. The most com
petent judges admit that our English
Breakfast and Oolong Teas (grown
at Pinehurst, N. C.) are perfect in
cup quality. Pure and, fragrant.
e7lzacked In tins to peeserve their original
strength-46c. and MOc. %4-Ib. package. p
Wholesale and REqail Grocers,
1412-1418 Penn. Avenue.
Pure Co51iver
Oil is Prescribed
. - - -i. ,r.efe -muslo.s h.
" "" aueIt Is te trength: ay
* s* be t pure and fresh
ndmay bel talonItcolntinuoualy,
* nas It wi not up.
*"" setthestoma.
TheW.S. T| ipson
Pharmacy; 73 15th St.
66 j ercules" runks.
CHRULE8". the atnggt or MSn.-" HR
CULES," 'the strongest"- of Prunks--our own make
and teed in every particular.
it Iacovered with canvas-hun extra atout hard
wood slats, protected with heavy wrougbt-iron
clamps-knees top and bottomp - heavy anchor
handles-heavy iron bottom-8 bottom cleats-every
slat Wrapped-heat Excelsior lak-extra heavy end
dowels-heavy valance -5ns02 trays 5
-full muslin lined-all trimmings I
riveted on-cannot be matched else
where at $9. Our special price.2
KNIEIESSI 425 7th.
mh29 'Phone E.
~:he Artistic in
1Flne Furniture
may be selected most satisfac
torily from our stock, which is
Sreplete with the choicest repro
ductions of various periods.
E'eare also showing Rich Upholstery
*Stuff., suitable for this class of furniture.
SRichard W. Henderson,
S1109 F Street. ~hae.
Rare Old "Saccone"
Port Whie.
Only 100 bottles, secured from naval oeer who
purchased It in Portugala.-not enough to go around
-s plc *u *re """ ons51.50 bot.
Chas. 3. Edmeestna.
2 "openstock" pattern.
S In the original
-t make wsf ,ttwa whie
One path sa elee~Us theme
m eue s fe~wu- --
D$1 rTats ~PA m.s
aOmlrs NOT3ZZ DInrsaS AT
Depiartures for Pleasure Trips South
and West-Other Interesting
The Postmaster General and Mrs. Payne
gave a dinner Saturday night In honor of
the Mexican ambesmador and Mme. Aspiros.
The other guests were - Senator Spooner.
Senator and Mrs. Dryden, Senator and Mrs.
Burrows, Mr. and Mra. RodkdM, Miss Pat
ten, Miss Jones and Representative Gitett.
The Belgian minister and Baroness Mon
oheur had a dinner Saturday dight. when
their guests were Mr. and Mrs. George
Lathrop Bradley. Mr. and Mrs. Cropper,
Mr. and Mrs. Henley.Smith, Mr. and Mq.
Walter D. Denegre, Miss Ffoulke and Mr.
Harry Thaw.
General and Mrs. Drper ve a notable
dinner Saturday ni t to the French
ambassador and me. Jusserand. The
other guests were Coptaln and Mane. Vignal.
Mr. Boeufve, Cptain and Mrs. Cowles,
Representative and Mrs. McClellan, Dr. and
Mrs. Neff, Colonel Clarence Edwards, MIss
Boardman, Miss Hagner, Miss Kean, Rep
resentative Cannon, Miss Cannon, Count
Primoll, Mrs. Forbes and Mr. and Mrs.
Charles L. Spalding.
The Italian ambassador and Mme. Mayor
des Planches, at a Saturday dinner for the
German minister and Baroness Sternburg.
entertained also the Russian ambassador.
the first secretary of the French embassy
and Mme. De Margerle, the secretary of
the Austrian embassy and Mme. von Cal
lenberg, Mrs. Hobson, Miss Langham, Mr.
H. C. Norman, Mr. Jerome Bonaparte and
Count Gherardesca.
The British ambassador and Lady Herbert
were also dinner hosts Saturday night, their
company including Senator and Mrs. Wet
more, Senator and Mrs. Hanna, Senator and
Mrs. Alger, Senator and Mrs. Dolliver, the
assistant secretary of state and Mrs. Peirce,
Representative Hitt, Mr. Robert Adams,
Jr., Representative Morrell, Mrs. Arthur
Paget, Colonel and Mrs. Archibald Hopkins.
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Webster, Mr. and
Mrs. Orme Wilson of New York, who are
guests at the embassy; Mr. and Mrs. Ward
Thoron, Miss Gwynne, Miss Tuooerinan,
Miss Elizabeth Kean and Mr. Dering.
Miss Louise Corbit and Miss Lea of Dela
ware are visiting Mrs. Arthur H. Giles at
1817 Belmont avenue.
Mrs. James W. Whitney of 1750 Q street
entertained at dinner Wednesday and
Thursday evenings, complimentary *' her
cousins, Miss Brown of Atlanta. Ga., and
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Chase of Kansas City.
Mrs. Chase and Miss Brown are daughters
of Colonel Clinton I. Brown of Atlanta.
Mrs. Robert H. Foerderer and Miss Foer
derer joined Representative Foerderer at
the Raleigh Thursday last, and will remain
in Washington until the close of Congress.
Mrs. Foerderer has been quite ill during the
winter, and was therefore unable to come
here until now. Miss Foerderer has as her
guest Miss Griffith of Chicago.
The Intermediate Society of the Ninth
Street Church was deligthtfully entertained
at the home of Miss Emily Brewood, 246 8th
street northeast, last Friday evening.
Ga,mes and other amusements were enjoyed
by the gathering. At a late hour dainty
refreshments were served. Among those
present were the Misses Grace Knowles,
Oma Winfree, Lillian Prewitt, Lulu Nichol,
Marion Wolfe, Emily Smith, Irene Engler,
Marion Kelly, Christine Weber, Nellie and
Bessie Emerson, Edith Lowry, Lucile Tyler,
Nettie and Lula Bilson, Virginia Raymond,
chairmen of social committee; Edna
Smy'the, Rae Potts and Marguerite Scott,
and Messrs. Penn Carroll, Ernest Leehr,
Abert Brewood, Harvey R. Nichol, William
MoCurdy, Vernon Isaac Richard, Orin
Kitchin, president, and A. G. Bishop, super
intendent of the society.
Mrs. and Miss Campbell, 1741 N street,
will-not be at home tomorrow.
Captain and Mrs. Francis H. Sohoeffel.
9th Infantry, have moved to 2411 Columbia
A very pretty wedding took place at the
Epiphany Chapel Saturday evening, Feb
ruary 21, at 8 o'clock, the contracting
parties being Miss Sarah E. McConnell and
Mr. Charles W. Shirar, formerly of Wash
ington. The beautiful bride wore a becom
ing dress of white voile, large white hat
to match. She was attended by her sister
Emily, who also wore white, with a becom
ing hat to match. The groom was attended
by his brother. The bride was surprised by
the vested choir, of which she has been a
member a long time, meeting the couple at
the church door and leading the procession
to the chancel, singing "Faithful and True."
The couple left on a late train for Schienec
tady, N. Y., where the groom is in business.
The Momus Club met at the home of Miss
Hortense McKee, 2401 Pennsylvania avenue
northwest, Friday evening. The parlor and
dining room was prettily decorated with
plants, cut flowers and pink lights. The
colors for the evening were pink and green,
the Idea being daintily carried out In the
tally cards, which were cut as profiles of
"the man In the moon," and In the painted
bags used In a merry "heart hunt." A
brief business meeting, presided over by the
president, Miss Nena Palmer, was followed
by the special feature,.of the evening's en
tertainment. a progressive game of "niloe,"
the prizes for which were awarded to Mrs.
Atkinson, Miss Young-and Mr. Fowls. Miss
Young, one of the guests of the club, ren
dered a collection of popular airs. Those
present were Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Dudley,
Mrs. Atkinson, Mrs. Proctor, Miss McKee,
Miss Young. Miss Ryan, Miss Jordan, Miss
Palmer, Miss Nena Palmer, Dr. Kerfoot,
Mr. Fowle, Mr. Dudley, Mr. Laurie, Mr.
Atkinson, Mr. Crafton, Mr. Plumley, Mr.
Thayer, Mr. Simonson and Mr. Ga!ther.
Among the arrivals at the Hotel Angla
terra. Havanna, on the 20th of this month
were Mr. and Mrs. James H. Saville and
Miss Saville of this city.
Mrs. Susan Daintrey, the English author
ess, who has been spending the season In
Washington, will sail for Europe March 14.
but expects to return to Washington next
season. Tomorrow Mrs. ML. D. Lincoln and
Mrs. Daintrey will be at home informally
from 4 to 6 o'clock, 904 Massachusetts ave
nue, for the last time this season.
Mrs. John Imirie, assisted by Miss Bos
well and Miss Imirie, will be at home in
formally on Wednesday, from 8 to 6.
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Weinberg of Balti
more are in Washington. the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. M. Reichgut, 22M G street north
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Win. Haw
thorn. 5f0 R.street northwest. was the scene
of a pleasan. gathering Saturday evening,
in honor of telatter's birthday. The house
was beautifully decorated in palms and cut
flowers. An elabroate collation wassped
Among those present were Col. Stagtof
Oregon, Mrs. Wymaan,: Mrs. A. C. Smith
and Miss Madge Hawthorne Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hague left Saturday
for southern-California, Inendin=to be ab
sent from. Washington about a, month.
Mrs. A. S. Perhar- and Mi.. L. B. Hel
brook. 905 Westziinster street, wHi be at
horns to teitr friends the first two FaIss
in March.
Mrs. Win. 4. nahaMi4 he. dhentmane
her Wednesdays at hoine $Sg. the s.a..
a ng
Palms pla, eaflaz. orehids
'1i nemmima I a i oft and Mlr.
Miss entertained at dinner Sat nIh.
ther gosts ware Jsties ad Mr ,
Gen. and Mts. Leoard Woo. M. sad Mra.
Sereno L nCommimsinae and Mrs.
Mrm.anar and Mrs. aryey,
Mr. and Mr C. . Fster. Mrs. Ev5n and
8 J. Thayer.
Mrs. Flora A. Lewis, presieat
of the National Auiliary, Army a" Navy
n"h War Veterans, in honor of Mr'
y M. Avery of the national board will
receive the ladles of the auxiliaries of the
District at the Logan tomorrow from 4 to S
o'clock. She will be assisted by Mrs. John
A. Logan and Mrs. Henry A. Castle.
Mrs. Helene Kirkarck entertained at a
handsomely appo dinner on Thursday
In honor of Miss Florence Berens. The
other guests were Miss Berens, Mr. Mayo.
Mrs. Appleburg, Prof. Berens and Mr. Wal
ter Parker.' After dinner Mrs. Kirkpatrick
gave selections in both vocal and instru
mental music.
Mrs. Charles W. Russell of f0 18th
street northwest entertained at dinner yes
terday evening Assistant Attorney General
Fuller and Miss Fuller of Iowa, Represen
tative Charles W. Thompson of Alabama,
Colonel John S. Mosby, Mrs. Russell Rob
inson, Mrs. Palmer, Miss Lila Scott
Miss Amy Walpole, all of Virginia.
A birthday party was given Thursday
evening in honor of Mr. L. F. Schippel at
his residence. 58 P street northwest. Music.
singing and dancing were enjoyed during
the evening, after which refreshments were
served. The parlor, was decorated with
palms and cut flowers. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. L.. F. pobippel, Mr. and Mrs.
E. Milstead, Mr. and Mrs. G. Ourand. Mr.
and Mrs. E. Schippel, Mr. and Mrs. A. U.
Wildman, Mrs. Madden, Mrs. C. Davh,
Misses S. Artes. M. Wildman. M. Kennelly,
M. Mahoney. D. Dahle, L. Callahan. A.
Kennelly, B. Kreuter, Mildred Wildman,
Messrs. - Daniel Artes, Charles Noske. H.
Sohmidt, A. Haufman, A. Bauer, J. Mad
den. 8. Davis, B. Gibbs. Barker Healy, F.
Kohles, H. Rupertus, Waterholder, E. Ken
nelly and Masters Elmer and Howard Wild
Miss Alice Clapp of Vermont avenue, ac
companied by her brother, Mr. John H.
Clapp, returned from Palm Beach, Fla..
last Saturday, called home by the severe
accident their father, Mr. J. M. Clapp, met
with last week. Mr. John H. Clapp is a
member of the law school at Cornell Uni
versity, but is now taking a vacation on
account of the typhoid epidemic prevailing
Mrs. A. Maurice Low will not be at home
tomorrow, but will receive Tuesday. the
10th, for the last time this season.
Banquet Given by Local Chapter of
Phi Delta Phi.
Justice Ashley M. Gould of the Supreme
Court of the District of Columbia was the
guest of honor at a banquet given last Sat
urday evening at the New Willard by Mar
shall Chapter of the Phi Delta Phi-the
Greek letter fraternity of the law schools.
During the evening, which proved a thor
oughly enjoyable one, Mr. Willis Van De
vanter, recently appointed a circuit judge,
was initiated as a member of the fraternity.
Justice Gould was welcomed by Dr. Chas.
W. Needham, who said, in part:
"The first name on the toast list this
evening is that of our guest of honor, a
man whom we all love and honor, a man
who has distinguished himself in the prae
tice of the law, a man who stands high- in
the profession at his age, a man who has
distinguished himself as a legal educa4or,
for I believe it to be true from all I have
heard, and I have heard a great deal, that
he is and has been in every way successful
in that work. Not only has he been called
into a wider field, wider in opportunities for
doing good, but he has kept In that high
position the good w.al of every one who has
observed his ability, and I am sure ev4ry
man at this bar, and it is a great pleasure
to me to introduce as our guest of honor
Justice Ashley M. Gould."
In redponding Mr. Gould said:
"In no formal words of thanks I desire to
-express my great appreciation of the honor
that has been done me this evening by this
very delightful banquet and this very de
lightful, assemblage of friends. There is
somethli* about the iiemberahip of the
bar which is ordinarily cold and practical,
but which, as a man grows older, he appre
ciates as a deep and living sentiment, and
I think that those present will agree with
me when I say- that that feeling grows
with a man as he grows older at the bar.
"There is no profession where men are
weiglhed as accurately and estimated as
justly by trieir fellows as that of the bar.
Neither in the theological nor medical pro
fessions is there the esprit that maintains
at the bar in any city where there has
grown up a bar of any sise. Men touch
elbows in friendly companionship and meet
in tihe court room and at the council cham
ber and form their respect for each other
and become wielded together in a common
freemasonry and contract a strong appre
clation of the good will of their fellows."
Mr. Foster R. Greene was then Introduced
as toastmaster, and he called on the fol
lowing for remarks on the topics mentioned:
Mr. WiUlls Van Devanter. "Acceptance;"
Mr. William F. Adams. "'Active Chapter;"
Mr. Fritz von Briesen, "The Alumni;" Mr.
A. A. Birney, "Reminiscences;" Mr. J. li.
Chamberlain, "The Phi Delta Phi Spirit;"
Mr. J. T. Hendrick, "The Lawyer In Busi
ness:" Mr. H. Prescott Gatley, "Phi Delta
Phi to.-the Lawyer;" Mr. Robert W. Wells,
"The ILawyer In Politics."
The attendance Included H. Prescott Gat
ley, Morven Thompson, J. H. Ballinger,
Irmsby McHarg, Samuel Herrick, E. B.
Kimball, George B. Cuyler, Foster K.
Greene, A. A. Blrney, J. M. Chamberlain,
Fritz v'on Briesen, John Thilman Hendrick,
James L. Norris, jr., Robert Scott Hume,
William H. Batting, Alan 0. Clephane,
Frank H. Hitchcock. G. H. Johnston, Wal
ter S. Pratt, jr., Clarence W. De Knight,
C. H. Kreps, J7. H. Milans, H. S. Wood
ward, C. T. Milans, Arthur L. Bryant. Rt.
W. Bishop, C. H. Coryeli, Ge,rge L Morton,
R. S. Blair, Jesse B. K. Lee, W. Clyde
Hackney. R. D. Engel, L. A. Janney, J. B.
Johnston, Fred A. Service, Leon Le Lanne
French, Evans Browne, E. T. Clark, Harlan
Moore, W. F. Adams, R. W. W'Plls, Charles
F. Consaul, Waiter Scott Penfield, Robert
L. Williams, George X. McLanahan and
Frank G. Butts..
Xr. Harry 3. Parker Stricken With
The condition of Mr. Harry B. Parker of
the firm of Parker. Bridget & Co., who was
stricken with paralysIs In his store last Sat
urday night, Is reported to be still serious,
but the physicians at the Emergency Hoe
pital state that the chances for hiis recov
ery are favorable. He is still in a semi
conscious state.
Mr. Parker was busy in the store all day
Saturday.' and seemed to be In excellent
spirits, showing no signs of illness. About
ten minutes before 9 o'clock he started to
rise from his chair, when he fel1*forward,
Mr. Johnson, the .window .trinmmer, was
standin near by and caughit him before he
struck t* foor.
.ft was at once discovered that Mr. Parker
was unconscious, and a carriage was isa
mediately called and the stricken man was
driven to the Etnergency Houpital. Dr.
Harry T. Harding; the family physician,
rached the hospital a short time afterward.
Mrn James E.' Raenethal, another .mhe
of the krs. and Mr. Monry Sheclelsi, man
ager of the store, had oomse to the hospital
In the carziage..
Dr. D ,astaat residnte physician,
ponoun&'Mr. 'Parker in a very serious
condition. Whes.Dr. Harding arrived a
cnsultation was -hoe, and It was deter
ine that a bloed vessel of the banhad4
burst on the left'side, thea s a that
side of time boedy garaiyhed. another
-_ ur~gaed~and
aa eiy deora e g the the
Os esem beo gre. were
nume h ers aad bs e nets of cur
go-ers. as are of wbte aad
The pa of g oo was ally at
ttraeti. s ad e ha coab, With
de tebaneM broadeloth amt9i, alk
Irts of strik oom wau of auk sad
other a -ateriale, and other articies
designed partisdarty uer wear.
The opening will oelada nedau
evenaim. Tonight th. etabas.mt will
be opea entil o'clock. Mr. 0. Nordiager,
for many years a resdent of thu city. is
a member of the Orm and ameawer of the
Washligtof branch.
"it tdr Damaf4a I
Suit at law to recover dumewneu In the
sum of $10.000 for alleged breach of non
tract has been instituted in the District
Supreme Court by Charles V. Richey.
through Attorney, M. W. Richardson and
James A. Cobb, against Edward T. Fen
wick. The contract related to a blue
flame oil pa burner.
Mr. s. H. TROMAs. Cdarvinle, p e writes:
"I was Mieted with a
AYNE'8 11EP201nBANT CUR= la."
MeAMEE. Born, at Waabiagtoa, D. C., February
27. 1lry to the wifs o Capt. M. K. McNamee.
14th Omvalry, a son.-e
R0E On Sunday. March 1, 1903, to Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Eoe, a sea. 0
BARNES. Deprted this life es atdy._eVbr.
2 RS. ,se9 at 9 a.m., CEta JrR W.
Funeral ftron his late residence, Conduit road, D.
C4 Tuesy, March 3. at 30 A.m. Services at
atemeetery. kre i n
relatives invited to attend. e
BAZLffi.Suddeuily a M y4m~ March 2, 113,
seventyf fta year.
huneral from her late residence 1881 L street
northwest, Wednesday March 4, 3 p.m. (Kenla.
Col"mbus and CIhcianetl, Obie, papers plase
copy-) 3*
BROOKS. Departed this life, Monday. March 2.
1006, at 3 a.m. at her residen.e, 1831 15th
st=eet. 96IB C. BROOKS, beloved wife et
Charies 3. Breas.
Notice of funeral hereafter. e
OABROlU1 Sddely', asnal NMarch 1. 130.
at 11:20 p.m.. RAH CAUi e
wife ot Joh J. Carrell, in the -t.eevemth
year her age, at her res ., 113 4th street.
FImetal notice later. frow, . T.. papers please
CHAPPEL. On Sunday, March 1 1909. MARIA
CHAPPEL, widow af Allan (mappel, in the
seventy-frst year ot her ae.
eswces at her late residence, 813 I street enoth
east, Wednesday., March 4. at 1 p.m. Interment
at Rock Creek cemetery. Relatives and friend.
invited to be present, 2*
GILiARD. On M March . 190, at 4
o'clock a.m., Wi. GILLi aged foarty
seven years, bookblader, printing edtco. (Phil.
adel papers copy.) e
HAYDEN. On Saturday. February *, 1306, at 12
.m., infant son at Olive and Robert J. Hay
LOCKE. Departed this life Saturday Fsbreary
2, 1903, at 12 p.m., RICHARD . 0R,
beoe usbad at BesMe Lefle.
Fneral from Mt. Zlon M. E. (Besch Wedaeeday
March 4, at 3 o'clock p.m. Friends and
relatives are invited to attend. All the Wash
ington delegation to the last 8. i. 0. are in
vited to attend In a body, and will please meet
at the church. 20
OG1"" n" Mn.der. March 2. 190p. at 1:30 a.m..
JOHN R. OGLE, father ot Ir. WH. Bobinger,
at abn J.oan lirdge. In the forty-fifth year of
his age.
Interment at Ho Rood cemetery Wednesday at 10
a.m.. preceded by requiem mom at Saint Ann's
Church. Tennallytown, D. C. Fuiends and rela
tiee invited. 3
PAGE. Departed this life .in Philadelphia Friday,
February 27, 1903, WILLIAM A. PAGE, the
beloved eon of Idttleton and Llmie Page. and
brother of LAiea Maddix, Jeanie Ranand
Leather Pae.
(Boston papers please copy.)
PETERS. On Monday, March 2, 1903, Mrs. JOHN
T. PETERS, mother of Prof. rH. Peters
of United States National Obserary
Interment Hartford, Oona. (Hartford, .. pa
pera please copy.)
SCHNIDE. At her reaiderse, Ne. 1009 Mas
eachusetts avenue northwest, at 10:90 o'clock
P.M., Sunday, March 1, 190w, Mrs. JAN
BCHNiDEB, widow at the late Louis U.
Funeral service at the house., 11 o'eleek Wednes
day, March 4. Interment at the eoamene
of the family. IMaltemse and Philadelphia
paper. please copy.) 3
SKIRYINfl. (On Saturday, Pbbieary 1S 009 at
the Oxford Hotel. Waabtoptpa D. , MART
Funeral from chapel at Oak H1il emetery, Tues
day. March 3, at 11 o'clock. Relatives and
friends invited. '
PALIAFERRO. On Monday. Marc 219 at 1:11
a.m., WTlLiAM A. TA he.TA
eon of Edward H. and Sarah Tiafenro. Ar
thirty-eight years.
Funeral at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. March S, from his
late residence. 1410 8th street northwest. In
terment at Rock Creek cemetery. Friends in
V,NNUM. At Providence Hospotal. n Febroat,
228, 1908. BENJAMIN F.VN M, In bla
Will buried fm LaLe's (avel at 2 o'clock.
Tuesday. March S.e
In emnorlamn.
DICK. In sad but loving remembrance of our he
loved mother. FR.ANCES DICK, wh, died two
years ago today, March 2, 1001.
Sleep on beloved.
Sleep. and take thy reet.
ElMER. Departed this life one yesr ago today-.
March 8, 1902-MATILDA KELR
"One year ago today, dear wtfe,
Istoee you dying bud
And saw you pasm away.
"An angel stood there, too, dear wife,
To guide you to your home
Thsat borne of blesed peace ad reet,
That hoe ouusl on.
"Farewell, our mother dear'
We have spent one ead and Iconly year.
You left us with an aching heart
The day that you fro udidpa.,
"Rest on. dear mother, thy labor Is o'er;
Tour willing hands will toil no moee
A faithful mother. both trep kM,ad
A tuer mote yo D Y HER SONS.
"Loved in life; rememnbered In death."
Baltm..re papers please cop.b -
GARIRA. In loving remeombranco ot my dess
wife and our mother. LAURA 3. GandA,
who died one year ago today. March 2, 1863*
Gene, but ot furgottom.
Uls SyeNH 5T. N.W.
des.,se.ep--re can. Main aMi
Adolph J. Schippert.
2008 Pa. Ave. N.W. Yhee1.
412 11th at. a.w. Teiphen N., Main 285.
5. WILLIAM [EE, Fasral Drster
mad Embeamr. livery to -e-s-eeihn Gmee
me?sneiv atoae. mw. n,e
*esjpeeIese 230 u.w. West IL
Joseph P. Birch's Sons,
S34 M St. N. W. Si

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