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SATURDAY ..'.... March 14, 1903.
CBOSRBY S. NOYRB.......... Editor.
THE EVENING STAR has a regular and per'
manent Family- Circulation much mere
then the combined circulation of the other
Washington dailies. As a News and Ad.
vertlsig Medium it has no competitor.
1>W In order to avid pelays on account of
personal absence, letters to THE STAR should
not be addressed to any ludividual connected
with the office, but simply to TIE STAR. or
to the Editorial or Buesiess Departments, ac
cardlug to-eeor,es gurpeae.
CogPggU Next Fall?
If the Fifty-eighth Congress spends two
months in extra session next fall will it be
able to rjip,that iPnk time off the regular
session next year? It. all depends. every
Congress begins witib"a determination to
get through}.tgit tt ork as speedily as
possible. There is a lively show of industry
for a few weeks, a great hurrying to dnd
fro, numerous conferences between leaders,
and then a'subsidence of heal and a settling
down to the regulation pace. Old plans are
abandoned and new ones adopted. Public
sentiment onEetfines'chages suddenly, and
a shift becomes .necessary to meet the
change. In other words, statesmen propose
and devetoprients dispose.
The next Hot4se shopld be able, like a
sternwheel steamboat, to start right off
and be ''under liehd ay in no time. The
speakerstip Jready ,settled. Mr. Cannon
will preside, and he now has in his hands
the list of members of the House. With
many of them he is well acquainted. About
the records of the new men he has abun
dant time in which to inform himself.
There should be no, dclky therefore as to
the committees. The full list might easily
be ready -for annotmeement the second day
of the session. And then to business.
The length of the session will be deter
mined of -course--by what is attempted by
the majority. If the standlatters have
their way, very little besides voting the
supplies- for running the government will
be accomplished. They are advising against
all mention'ot' tie" tariff. They consider
that for the,present enough has been done
on the question of trusts. They have only
in mind now piidssing the Aldrich bill and
lowering some- internal taxes and then
writing finis.
But 'the length of' the session is really
not the jpiportant.aatter to be considered.
It would be better for the republican party
to protract the session until August and
give tue acouptry t#e legislation demanded
than terminate it in May, with pressing
issues evaded. The tariff must at least be
discussed. It will come up of Its own force;
and once it is up the necessity for some
revision will be demonstrated. If revision
is denied; if the brewers and the distillers
show greater influence with the party lead
ers that" the men who subscribe to the
"Iowa idea," the presidential campaign in
the northwest will take on at a little later
period an interest which will cause the
standpattera to wonder.
The Insularity of Manhattan.
It is a common criticism of New York on
the part of the rest of the country that its
Inhabitants are too Insular to know or care
to know anything about other cities. This
charge has been not exactly resented by
the metropolitans, but has rather been ig
nored, as of no consequence. Indeed, some of
the most persistent and incurable New
Yorkers have joyously admitted the accu
sation, declaring that as long as one lives
in Manhattan it is not necessary to know
anything about other places. But this is
certainly not the sentiment today of Police
Inspector Brooks, who was yesterday de
posed as chief of the. New York detective
bureau because he had not been able to se
cure evidence against the gambling Qouses
of the big city. Having been asked by Com
missioner Greene why he had not obeyed
instructions to furnish such evidence by a
certain date, he replied voluminously, show
ing that his detectives, in order to gain ad
mittance to the establishments, had to pose
as western men, and had been too frequent
ly tripped by questions designed to reveal
their familiarity with the cities from which
they claim to come. It had been im
possible, in other words, to find a detective
on the staff who was well enough acquaint
ed with the "sporty" side of any western
city to fool the fraternity. Now it will
probably be-in 'order for the metropolitan
detective to take an immediate and complete
course in American geography, especially
municipal geography. Perhaps in conse
quence of this unfortunate experience the
average New Yorker may come to realise
that it Is worth while for business reasons
to know a little about the world beyond the
Hariem, North and East rivers.
I l'
When a polItical boss is deposed it some
tImes means no more than that, having ac
cumulated all he-mawis, he is not averse to
giving some one else a chance.
General Miles will attend three banquets
in Boston. That city- is ready to put up
its baked bebus fUrt hnparison even with
the menus of European courts.
It would maske-eeme-mnelancholy changes
in the map if Mt. .etyvius should reriously
undertake to rival Mt. Pelee's performance.
Ettrglary sap.d Mutrder.
There Is today very little demur to the
proposition- thait The' bui'glar deserves death.
being potentially a murderer of the vilest
kind. intent upon slaying if molested in
his work: Soine -of the states have en
acted laws adding burglary to the capitai
crimes, and others are contemplating the
same action. The courts have generally
acquitte4 householders. who kill house
breakers by night, and indeed have seldom
brought themn to~ tr'Itt Wehen the facts are
well established at 4be outset. A case has
arisen In New York of' a peculiar character,
bearing in general ulion this matter. Dun
can Yuung broke into a house and was
detected and chased from the premises.
He ran''bvbi thle ,hof' to the end of the
block 01-houses .and'wMile his immediate
pursuer was striking at him from the roof
as he stood uporn tiid lire escape and an
other was firing air.hn from the yard be
low he fired at and killed the man above
him. He was captured and tried for mur
der. Hiso dehes '5aa that he was not
engaged in burglary ,when the shooting
occurred, but IMas in the act of desisting
and that he had JUt intent to kill his pur
suer save when his own life was in peril,
from the blows -frOnm above, the shots from
below and from the danger of a fall.ig frona
the Are escape. fter a long consideration
the jury co1Iridt"h of murder, under
the statute welcIi -seaminaae at such a
crim. any homicide committed while in the
act of a psna1 ~ii he case was taken
up on a writ of ersor, the defense noting
pertain exceptions to the ruling. and eharga
of the trial Judge, who had refusad to In
struct for a pOsiNg-verdict of mann.sgh
ter'. Yesterday Judge Gaynor, in the a
peme eemrt E' hrooklyu. granited a
certiScate of reoae doubt ad a now
tr1.1. Judge Geu7tpI that the taet
that the man taAmb... sa..
frou theel Mte ae(Ihsqary
was to be ---aI-u-a,me the ---se
et hew thr be.. M.s oligs aggit -thg
-wsa ca see ana ss resu the .-.
beaker. .Certainly the , haAia whe
parenes QMMbegem ey
premsiee ~amm.....a vis Uh It
ferenat frela that wstilh is wiusqde41h.1a
home. The desire to sec retbe-. sou of
the btrglar to lead to his unlshment it
strong within him. He assumes to -some
degree the role of the policeman. The in
terests of the public safety may be said to
excuse if not to demand this 'departure
from the strictly selfish necessities ot the
citizen. It is to the last degree desirable
that all burglars be caught and punished,
and if the awakened' householder tueks 11ts
head under th$ cpvrs and congratulates
himself when the marauder ies the house
there will never be an end te,thl etroeious
crime, or even. . perceptible diminution.
The burglar, it would seem 'rm ihfi point
of view, remains a- burglas< dehnitely
after he has fled the place of operations.
and if he is Identified surely "the police are
authorised to arrest him and- to:rse fre to
compel him to submit. to arrestand in the
last extreme to shoot to kill If the re
sistance Is carried to a murderats..degt't..
The law on this. apbJect oft be )nter
preted with generosity toward 'the burglar
without tenMaing'thh welf*re 6t4he coai
munity, and oyer-uling egiog3sg based
upon rlight technicalities in 'favor- of tjae
accused of this Ilk -W.ill- olushasten the
day of specific' gstpt,es punis#ng all forms
of night housebreaking robbery w Wdeath.
WaaIi.gton and. Rom..
The following cable from Rome sho'W' a
strange misapprehension there as to church
and state in the United States:
"The situation with regard to the appoint
ment of Archbishop Ireland as cardinal is
unchanged. Personages of high authority
at the Vatican say that his nomination is
likely In two contingencies-as a reward
when the Philippine question Is satisfac
torily solved, or . the eve)t, fppis nomi
nation being asked for directl' or indirectly
by the supreme authoritytof. the United
"'Regarding the views of the apcstolic del
egate at Washington as to the wisdom of
such an appointment, the Vatican has al
ways instructed the apostolic delegates to
keep In touch with the trend of public opin
ion ever since Cardinal Satolli was at
Washington, when the Vatican. understood
that President Cleveland would view with
satisfaction the nomination' of Archbishop
For more than a decade the question of
an additional. caTdinal for the United States
has .been discussed. In this_couqtry. Every
now and then, too, the report has gained
circulation that Rome wav on-the -eve of
creating one. Arcltbishop Ireland's name
has figured in all of the speclition. Even
Protestants have expressed opinions favor
able to his promotion. He is an able prel
ate and a patriotic man, ad'd his popularity
has extended beyond the lines,qf his own
communion. He numbers among his friends
statesmen in both political partles,"lthough
his republicanism is of the robust variety.
But this feeling of admiration' for the
archbishop of St. Paul could ne'er take the
form of official action in his interests. No
President of the United States would, "di
rectly or indirectly, requedt'of the pope of
Rome the advancement of anly representa
tive of the Roman Catholic Church. No
more would he attempt to- Influence the
house of bishops in the Protestant Episco
pal Church or the Methodist Church. In
his office he does not know bishops, arch
bishops, apostolic delegates or cardinals.
His influence Is exerted solely within the
domain of matters of state. He 'Is the rep
resentative of all the people in affairs in
which all are interested alike. Church af
fairs are wholly apart from his functions.
The negotiations now in progress in the
Philippines between the church and the
state respecting the lands of the Spanish
friars have made no change in this broad
and general principle. That is an excep
tional case, and consequently is dealt with
in an exceptional way. But as soon as that
business is brought to a close, and the Eto
man Church takes up its duties in the
archipelago freed from all the embarrass
ments coming over from the Spanish
regime, the separation of church and state
in the islands will be as complete 'as it is
here in the 'United States, and wig remain
so. Catholics and Protestants will be at
perfect liberty, as they are in this country,
to work out religious ends, without inter
ference by the state or hamperings of any
kind from a political souce.
The Cleveland Boom.
The heart of ex-Gov. O'Ferrall of Vir
ginia is still true to Poli. That aggressive
democrat, who while a member of Congress
spoke so eloquently for Mr. Cleveland as
against the presidential aspirations of
David B. Hill, believes that the ex-Pr'esi
dent is the strongest man in the party and
favors him for next year's nomination.
Nor does he doubt Mr. Cleveland's willing
ness to run again. He points out of course
that it will be necessary to convince Mr.
Cleveland that the salvation of the party
and the country depends upon him. But
should that be difficult? The Cleveland
movement In 1892 took that form. The ex
President's admirers surrounded him and
explained his duty to him, 'and "she seen
it and he done It." Nor would he be un
reasonable now. The Cleveland boom
grows apace.
New York authorities - MoiIbtimes have
difficulty :in arranging A raid so that the
guilty parties-are not so well Informed that
they are out on the front steps to 1welcome
the police.
- President Rochevelt's fears for the .future
of the race are of considerably more Im
portance- than" the -apprehettsfo'lt 'tWlat 'certain
varieties of gaia will becos.extinet.
I ' ,
The kaiser has been making iistudy of
historical costuming. It cannot be that he
intends to add tailoring to his multitudinous
list of accomplishments.
Colonel Brian admits that ihe is slot liaely
to be a candidate, but that -fact does not
prevent him from, having a great deal to
Whenever the Ohio river goes rampaging
Kentucky has to endure antsther~ deluge of
sarcasm about its aversion gg,ater.
-If this country*Is"oonterrt 4o let the ques
tion "Who blew up the Mainer ?"., Spain
eught to be.
The 1909 Penny Roai.
One of the most amusing "'get-rich
quick" schemne. of recent timcs"bas just
been exploded here, and as rapidly as the
truth can travel it is being put out of
business in the 'seqtlons n'way"ftdm the
capital where it has found a footing. Some
time ago a Waslinigton business house, de
siring to exploit its establishment and
ware., advertised that It would:buggennieq
of the mintage "adl lolS [email protected]~ihteen cents
each. 'The hint was thrown eut tht these
pennies had by g misete of spe oiners
been given a prOportion othol N the alloy
and that the investment at--ighteen cests
was therefore proitale. The hoax suc
ceeded in .dvertiifg the'9ee liy -'ittract
lng throngs eager to seli, their 3l,.pennlee
scraped t oether from aD posmib. semrce,
Some elever [email protected] by per
sons to seems. e en,.*= at4haegenIss
without arousing the sequic,as of those
who sold them cent fle oent. Locally the
crame soon diet yhen the Tees pgepart
mat fr.any eelassat. theme was no
gold 1n the pennies and that tbe' were
westh enly thetar.Jil 3lu&pPg Clnt
14* b -th-wsr -eL.no ses.eW ha
-eee nt he-sates meSth ot the wn.ae
.mbtiea s ti4 t5E' Wi
lette, M;c., uhep sem S4. -aeer eant
$g thmistMageh tier - b 45In ti
p.ama wet e Seen t. ane..7
fooled by ai - laPeopai-lQr .EEe> a
cents es , --rY s5._n u the tranoi"
tion. The price for Rt. pennies ductuated
rapidly anl pools were frnd. O oper*
toe is the penny siarket seat several thou
sand of the "ins to this city to be re
deemed by the advertising
at the 18-cent rate, but they were returned
with the declaration that the house had
not prodamed its desire to buy the entire
penny output of the mint during 1913.
It will take some time for the truth to
penetrate to the remote regine wSetd
penny- hunting is still in progress. Incred
ilous as people are in,man matters, they
are. easily fooled when told of them -
msarkable opportunities to **get something
for nothing." Ibey win, In such a, case-as
this in point. work very hard cofeetlng
peansa in order to sell them- for a prodt
of perhaps two or thee dollaa~ a poo' re
turn for the time and energy expnded.
The gambling instinct 'is toe drret to be
combated even by dlsilanlstng facts.
Doubtless, despite all the orlelal and news
paper exposures of the falsity of the re
port about the gol4 in the pennies, and.tt
widespread announcement that there is no
longer a legitimate market for th colis
even for advertising purposes, this e9c- e
ment will oontinue to affect thousaf4 oa
people and win perhaps eventually .ause
them much loss.
New York policemen are required to -iear
clean collars every day. There is no rea
son why they should not be fastidious as
to 'dress. They can afford it.
The spring sunehine will awaken hopes
among the coal dealers that consumetb '*lt
be content to let by-gones be by-gones.
The man who invested in a Panama hat
will soon be wondering whether last sum
mer's styles are going to stand up.
Mr. Castro is now allowed to go ahead
and do his best to make up for a great leaI
of lost time.
Buffalo Is attaining unfortunate rertown
as a home of tragedies.
A Simple Eule.
"It seems to be a very nice dog," 4sM
young Mrs. Torkins, critically, 'b.. lt,
isn't well bred."
"I didn't know you were so well Informed
about dogs," exclaimed her husband.
"Oh, I could tell at a .glance. He isn
ugly enough to be well bred." -
An Impression.
"What Is your idea of a popular songT*
"A pouplar song," said the man with
musical ear, "is one that Is intolerable if
any one is singing except yourself."
An Equine Advantage. .
The race horse hath his share of oats,
Howe'er the chance may befall;
But he who bets his coin or notes. .
Oft doubts if he will eat at all.
Hopeful Possibilities.
"It must be a very hard matter to be a
watch dog of the treasury."
"The position has its reliefs," answered
the statesman. 'When a man is recognised
as a watch dog he may often keep other peo
ple so worried about their own. appropria
tions that they are not disposed to make
much trouble about his."
Well Bepresented.
"Does your wife favor woman's suf
frage?" -
"I don't know that she does." answered
Mr. Meekton. "There's no use of her dress
ing up and going to the polls to vote when.
she can send me."
The Base BaU Enth lst.
Once more the frail arbutl smile -
And wakes the soul to song.
The springtime blossoming beguiles
The heart, but not for long.
For though the sunkissed blooms be sweet.
Their joys 'ere long must pall.
My happiness is not complete
'Till some one smites the ball.
The gentle birds who soar on high.
With songs so sweet and clear,
Are not so welcome to mine eye
As that well-batted sphere.
In sylvan haunts I would not dwell.
I'd rather, once for -all,
Sit on a bench and whoop and yell
When some one smites the ball.
The Cotton Crisis.
Frpm the Boston Transcript.
If anything were needed to stimulate the
English and German spinners in their ef
forts to find a. substitute for American
grown cotton, it is found in the present re
markable conditions in the domestic staple.
With nothing approximating a positive
knowledge as respects the extent- of the
crop, the cotton speculators have under
taken to make values for it regardless of
conditions-prevailing in the field, the ware
house or the mill. Basing their contentigg
upon estimates which have in the past
proven as often untrustworthy as other
wise, prices .have. beemi - carried to a point
which In some years and for some gradge
of goods would prove almost If not entirely.
prohibitive. The prediction is sent ahto.d
that twelve cents will be :the prevailing. Ag
ure soon. Why the speculator's draw,the
line at twelve cents, when so -insignificant
a consideration as t-he welfare of a legitI
mate Industry may be all that stands be
tween speculation and its game, Is not ex
From the Phulaa 1ihja Press. .
To assump that the esar's new
points the way to the rpeettw
ciple in the great empire- sould be'
to magnify its import. But the in
of local freedomi plants the seeds' ch
other movements in the futurw may wales
and ripen into a harvest of guarded and
conservative parliamentary governent .Ig
any event, the present stpisa a-long .ad
vance, and the acknowledmets of th
world will go to the liberal emperor on'
his great and .benign. act..
Cubah Treaty Knifed?
From the New Yerk Ibesing Poet.
The Cuban treaty is to be rati
neatly killing It. That, as we must
pret thle Washington news, Is what -i
ly intended, The lurking enemies of the
treaty have walked up to it with sl4s
have said to It, -"Art thou in healti,. my
brother?" and 'have deftly inserted a.
under Its fifth rib. -This weapon waa wrap-.
ped in an amendment, accepted by them
mittee on foreign relations and repoleia
the Seate. in these terms: "This ,t
shall not take effect until the same sbil
have been approved by Congress." **
Site City iteauttegL
hmemn the Toledo Blais.
Washington city is the property of. the
whole nation. It Is under the -direct' e
trol of Congress. Its populatien i rael
made up of governmuent minleyes an
who rese there been-an It is the metentan
eapitaL. It is nots aim=nbthg -nor a
commercial city. Its -entIre inipertaes
eomes from the feet that it is the sat Of
the, gover=s=t of the- Simlta. *U
der the fostering eOre of g~sme ti
beseste~sg one of the mneat haantitfsm
im.ng it== or the world; Vggms
is wise in aipiga nhm. pefley tu
the city. TeUnited Bsimm need. a pi..
tal which shall he, arclectusaflir sa. atB
erwise, in harming il the imn.tai
and iamda=e. of the gecat-wepb.'-f
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mens, including in part:
rory and Porcelain.
ed, in Ivory, Vienna Bronze.
yx, Porcelain, Vienna Bronze.
un Metal, Linen, Leather, Italian
and Vienna Leather.
Busts and Figures; Bronze Figures
onne, Royal Moriage, Cobalt, Royal
trian llass V*es, Galle Glass
Pocket Books, Wrist Bags, Card
itted and unfitted), Jewel Cases and
lru!; Lizard, Altigator, Seal, Vienna
Spangled; in blaek and colors, with
net,- with and without handles,
ses, -Key Chains' Cigarette Cases,
ils, etc.
Botes; Salve jars, Tooth Powder
ttles, Vases, Salt .jars, Ink Stands,
Files, $loe Horns, Manicure Sets,
lver, Coral. Roman Pearl, Cut Jet,
arls and Diamonds, Enamel and
in Gold and Silver.
Rhinestones. and Pearls.
rer; also Hand-painted Shirt Waist
rench Gilt.
ar, Enamel, Diamonds, Opals, etc.
I Gold and Gun Metal-plain and
back ; also set with Pearls and trim
op Hair Pins.
I Bowls, Berry Bowls, Vegetable
:r Dishes, Loving Cups, Sugar
is, Jelly Spoons, Sugar Spoons;
Fruit; also Table Knives, Table
awn-work-Tea Cloths, Centers
ian, Renaissance, Mexican and
ious new designs and dainty color
Rabbits, Chickens and Real Ducks,
he Beautiful
3s Goods
ag and Easter.
ich exquisite creations, such artistic
now present in the standard weaves
ish novelties.
-those beautiful materials that lend
draping, etc.-constitute the lead
e Plumetis, Voile d'Acier, Dentelle
ies, Etamines, Eoliennes, Crepe de
ton T'wines.
,Fancy Cravenette Mohair, Shep
ays, tans, etc., brightened up with
Silk and Wool Fabrics.
Silk al Woes Crepe de chine, Pi.s to eP.50
P1 mm olUlen rp, artses with
mTbese .er hani and popua. light ol
-r dots n haa o inw amen paia.ap.: dant
dTafo a~E- i ng ludaiin .
so.senhitul. b ueo ain. li.e... mle. .a
idaifcfues haveodon theirm. cut
s-selected as the season's favortes.
lea4,a popularity-the Voiles,
to-the coarsestbetamine, canvas End
French Vailes,Rsf Mistral, Den
Emhn Lwxm Pi Cm~
ette, Tanse~ Wool Crash, Natte,
th rop,
Eastr 0140.4.~
The custom ofrgiigtEaster pres
ents has groogito be so general that
extensive peeparations are tnecessa
rily made to.meet the detiands of the
great spring vat, which now ri
vals Christas in-the, erchange of
gifts and 90 ".d : +
Varied at> bka6ltIla EaO pres
ents-are [email protected]& thitt floor
of this esta nu"I
-ew Iwe:ry in 14-karat goW aeeds estre at
mtany eba-mfag Z7stOfis, e art ei the
fashlnable g."W of the semson. :ae baee ate levely
tmpearted- broee, ia sesle, t%,C.=ne
ehearts, Sewr-delis and ether 'MIidsgsaealu, ,e i tat K tisitase
designs ate also ..hqb. aisj iSa I5dsquisite
Pans in many, beaatf,4 stylss are seassnable
gifts, and there are ari faa chats of coral, tar
quolse, crystal and jet.
Pocketboks, Chatelaines and Hand Sags are
displayed in railed styles and are suitable Easter
present Woods.
imported gifts therh''are from rsaiisi' countries
tiant produce tbe must beautiful jarie-s-brec.
Tepitts ornamabits 1-O ivury effects are wery
attractive gifts trey iLtra.
Basal Bono gd sgadrd dtp preneato
plany elegant art -
Sadlni, every piece artist-slgned, Is one ot the
primed Italian 4t bt47by pldies beiag
particularly unique. - -
Clilsonne, also Moriage. colleetkms have many
rare gifts for peranwors have taseri' aapauese
Cobalt ware in very rfll riderings and eilaborately
decorated with guld Is aewn In various rare oraa
Egg-sbaped t I dark blue, with the
covera. displayl - sees. and aished with
goid, are quite g4psjrt{ to Easter.
Exquisite ittle French china cups and saucers.
with-pretty pictnres very richly antlined in geM,
are among the dainty gifts provided for Easter.
Art china. painted by ? l inavey large
collection, ofrers gifts offea -e1i.jiee In vases.
rose bowls, platsaf setg, -w Sage and ether
charming things.
Silver deposit rat sli b silver
designs an crimson and Iridescent glass in
clude superb gifts in decanters, vass an*Idpgaet
holders. There -are. a, Auirjat a graments
with mottled efects.
s t
Sterling silver vases and other .Oaments In
Butler finish are elagant presets. Strlting silver
and, also,: quadruple-plate tble. wares sae suitable
for Easter presents. -
Bronzes, which are always hadome gifts, are
shown in figures, and here are WSe electrollera
with Jeweled bulbR, also wlth, slk, sss fringed
with beads. -
Marble bsb and-pedes"elb-will 1esh those whO
seek gifts of ane art. And there are mast ez
quislte cabinet dteamie"t' r I"baW.asmeebl-nae
the Greek temple of Vesta, ant"r ,th Pantheen
at Rome.
Cabinet oenameits fef lrotY emabdae some groups
that are specially laptable as BastEr gifts, being
a young girl and swdq, yag girl, Rlt gosalg.
There are, also, imitations of Ivory which are so
perfect as to appear quite gemia.
Novelties in deet ftr"tris*gs re quite pretty
and useful presents. There Is something new in a
desk set of leather. 'lk -refls, and gld pens, and
fountain peos, aiss, asw -wlsr things may be
utilized as seasonable gifts.
Fancy papers, Highland and two tones of linsa,
In pound packages, or decorated boxes. offer gifts
always acceptable. toi may procure a boa of pa
per-the ornamentation of the boa appropriate to
the season, and withia a card of suitable greeting.
Easter Cards and Booklets are In lovely new de
signs and all the dainty leaings of spring. Rab
bits and Chickens there are-true to life. Aess
real Ducks mounted on cards in appropriate de
signs for Easter.
Rooks are standard gifts, always appropriate, a!
ways acceptable. 5qu u-Il A.d in'er Buck Stose,
in bssemeut, inpst, Iamntiful, spost artistic, most
interesting books, to delight your friends on Easter
mornaing, and to bec.uealifeqai suvesira of a
barpy Eastertde..
Foi the.itteFok.
Fofamerly the niftb sR a sp toga at
Christma E~ow East9r alo e ses. A
very aings P.t4sf as -e. ..-.
for boys and stre. et all ages.
E..t.r phet gra.bs'ia. :h.re".m a the
Art Union. There are4tiaue ju'a ate'en= and
b.oken *b.us ha dIa.... ---n Tbe.ueltfr.
were srigiaphly d..s.i sr an E..:dine p.il,,
ad they may beh s a 5OU1es.g! y
Tne ney Departent eoat--* ew a.d eh.ra.g
Easter novelties. Theraeare osl eg st the
little faMk u-nd kith aer..e .f
thenm have sem a
'--Foy G...da,-af...y- ....'n h. it.
.ed .eokl .a v,5swet. es-m.assy a= egg
shell, is one moest talked abeut and. sopular.
Equglte Easter novelies madie of -cbhna and
Mlagne may weig be age ed a tr tigfgetiial as
rememmbrases of the' senmen, doi psett$ sahe di'tnty
are they. One et special daintlens re,p(seste a
beatiful Mlrdag standing sbove a broken shell,
the t..lde of which s. decrat.d with tiny .prays
of U.wers ad lavms,
And IsM
IH you are not already accnstmed
to the shopping-card syatem, you
wilad it gteayto yoter advantage
totry it with8uek9n>AM for a
shoppiug card -when you couie to the
storee and -leas by'aeuwc# heW
usue ime clsimoyn tbwIl ave
y annd hea asd .Qaai your
shopping. .Y skippeai
e nd .a esa;edmaa4y.oe

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