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- Washington AgentI
sale of$
Ai unexpected piece of I
We found the maker anx
quickly. You know how fashic
that we can offer these stylish E
Satin Liberty Foulard Silk
4 white and black; trimmed with s
5 skirt trimmed with lace Insert
Walking and
Walking Skirts of Snowfiske Novelty Mix
tmre, with contrasting black
or white stitching. Lapped
~ver or stitebed seam. 7-gore.
AD Pure Wool Thibet Walking Skirts. darb
blue and black. Plain tailored. some with
rowes of stitching down gore.,
4camely stitched at bottom.....
A Great Sale of
Colored M
14 A continuation of the sale
" sult from a special purchase of a
" values are the greatest we can I
% opportunity to buy a summer <
The White Goods.
A big lot of crisp and fresh India Unen; ex
ceet raltirs; - dne and hr. Prices ar
aut w at we would have to pay at whole
n2W. India unen..........................e.
34eIdaien ...................04
30le: India Unen ................l~
SRegular 21e. White Hematitched Dotted
slw ntlerwoven 3with ff
hmell joka dots; S sed
,hamPA ee rc.......12 c
While YFlred Mercerized Madras, in an ele
msat asilt of n esigna;
Regular 2ie. White Dotted Swim, imported
from Seotland; in small. medium
1 and large embroidered dots. Sale 15c
de-lnch Paris Mis, etra due
grade for whitedrse. ae
Regular 25e. grade of 47-Inch Io
ported Persian Lawn, beautiful,
lek aished; @heer quality. Sa1e
pries ..... .....7 ---.. .-------.
1% 1s-yard 1ieca of EAgIlsh IAMgeIot. sof
sished quality. for anddrwear;
3s [email protected] to a piece; regular price: , 5.
Me. Sale pr ................
dI4-luek Swiss Organdie, i black, white, pink,
I blue. Nile, "c.; 're
p.a yard Sle
Sir .................... ...
i-Inch White aglih Madra, in a large
assortment of neat patterns;
ar 1ice, 12. a yard. Sale 9,
85-Inch White Corded Natn
seea. for underwear. regular
pries t I 1. a yard. Sale price.
Supremacy in
It is no idle boast to say ti
facts speak for themselves. 01
est prices-and we guarantee ev
three lots for tomorrow:
Special lot of 49 rolls of Lot of Ve
Reavy Seamless China Mat- Linen-warp
tings; closely woven; smooth Seamless
Seges; excellent altY' the farmfr
15e. yard. pecial, rich t
Carpets Cleaned by Our I
Laces and I
The stocks are at their re.
the buyer in New York last wei
The styles and qualities are of
Sceptionally low.
A brand new assortment of Cleny Rand.. i
S htter, cream. Arabian and 4
5White Black. Gream and Arabian All-orel
iLaees, Ia arlos new and pretty
lptterne- 15 in. wide; worth up to
5 t. yara, fo..................e
Match Sets of Nainook. Swiss and Osmbrk
5 nbrolderlie. in dainty by pat
S ei. yard.' Speclal............
Wide Valenclennes Laces, Edges and Inet
5ters. Twelve-yar piee tome
sow for................-..
Number of Incendiary ire. Cause Un
asium. -as Before Xayor
Simpson-General Items.
Evening Star Bureau.
7101 KIng Street.
Bell Telephone 106.
ALEXANDRIA. Va.. June 1, 1903.
-According to annual custom the thro
local councils of the Junio'r Order United
American Mechanics held special exercises
yesterday In remembrance of their dead
members. In the morning the members o:
James W. Jackson Council visited the cemn
eteries close to the city and placed flo'wer1
on the graves of their departed brethren
The same mark of remembrance was
shown In the afternoon by the members eo
Alexandria and Belle Haven Councils.
Appropriate exercise. had been plannes
to be held in the Methodlat Protestani
eemetery by the last two councils, but thy
Inclement weather rendered a change i
the program necesarzy. Accordingly tbs
Mechanics assembled in Serapta Hall oa
King street at 4 o'clock, when addressel
were made by Rev. J. P. Stump of the
K. E. Church South, Rev. Dr. Frank J1
Brooke of the Second Presbyterian Churci
and Rev. J. A. Jeffers of TrinIty M. E
Church. At 8 o'clock in the evening' th
members of James W. Jackson Council as
aembled in the Methodist Protestant Chur-ol
and listened to a sermon addressed par-ticu
larly to them by Rev. J. H. S. Ewell, the
-a~mw lire. -atnn.
A stable on the premisus of Dr. Thomae
Gsem in Duhe stweet between Washit.s
and St. Asamph streets was partla~y de
streped by aire Sonday' evestag, and a vae
abis earriame herse esnms Ia the he0l
lag was M10u4. The fire spemad ragiily eS
the woodwerk of the Ineeter et the huse
leg. ad when the street er was brees
twas found that the berme was eone
-Ma - es~vsGe.i'..*
.e... . unreetret
R is me hiew how .h -se ad.Stms
15.98 Silk Si
ood buying fortune.
ous to dispose of a duplicate lot-and he
nable these Silk Suits are. It is ther efoi
oilk Suits at ten dollars.
Suits, in variegated polka dots of black
mall quarter-inch and fine tucks, with f
ion down gores. Regular $15.98 value, f<
Dress Skirts at Los
walki irts of mannish cloths, In light I
and n mitures; 7- Ital
* gore, hp eet of stitched ml
tabs small buttons over a"
each gore .................---- .98 aid
Dies. lengit Skirts of Imported Twine Cloth'
ma over drop. Trimmsed with stitchej wI
ba&down [email protected] asd faoyt
ta "-="eta onmns -JW$6.98 w
............................$ .r9
White Goods and
rash Goods. an
started today. The low prices re- bI
retiring jobber's stock-and the ,i,'
tope to offer this season. It is an a
Iress or two ,that few women will i's
Colored Wash Goods. ,o
82-inch Madras Gingham. in blue, pink, gray, h
lien, oblood and green; also in the
plain colors and stripes; usnally
se for 12%c. Sale price.........I.e
Fast color Russn Duck, In pain colors, dots p1
and ring designs, of navy, blac- ha
cadet and light grounds; l2%lc. e
value. Sale price............... iJ stli
Silk-stripe Gram Linen, in blue,
green, pk and black and white UeJd
stripes. Vsual 20c. value. Sale price * oti
Silk Chambray, In plain colors and fatI
dots, of blue. red. hello, gray and
I cream. Regular 3Me. value. Sale I ,
price .............................
27 and 32-inch Dress Glnghams, be
in narrow and wide stripes of dr
blue, pink and red. Sale price, tic
yard ........................... 4 be
250 pieces of Batiste lawns, In polka dots, Me
str an nM a
stries and figures; Included are AR
dsrb e ak and white effects. 5e.IC
Sale price...................... .7 e El
Batiste, In light and tinted grounds, In B B
ures, stripes and Aoral designs; Incelded are Ki
many black and white effects; Ne
re 10e. and 12%c. values. 16Ac. lk
Sa price..................... . . . Ali
Embroidered Batiste and Figured Lawns, in lot
blue, pink, green, linen gray and black and 12C
white; a very sheer quality: E
usually sells for l9e. and 5-Y
25c. Sale price.. .....
Linen-Anished Crash Sultings, for stylish Bam- 8
mer walking skirts. In snowflake mixtures of Ge
black and *bte blue and white .d
and tan and te. Regular 2e. ..T
value. Sale price . ...........
Matting Selling. 11
kat we are leaders in Mattings. The Re
ir low selling means always small- Gis
ery yard of matting we sell. These F
ry Fine Japanese S al lot of 116-warp
and Etra Heavy an 100 to 110-pound China
China Matting$; Mattings; very nest grades
are white, with Imported- qulty sold reg- 4
ld figures and lrly a C. and reg a
asi . Regular yard. Imerrow for
P%/c. 28c.
4ew Steam Process, 3c. yd. .J
diest. Special lots picked up by a*
!k result in many unusual values. u"
the highest order-the prices ex- i
French Valenciennes Laces, In twelve differ- Prc
ent patterns; every one crisp and
new; insertings to match. Twelve- C tir
yard pieces tomorrow for...... oa
Cambric, Swiss and Nainanok Edges and In
terne. Actual 10e. values, for. ---s.
A very get variety of Embroiderles In this m
lot-Inserto match. Blind e l
Patterns anBeadings. Widths 9 L(
op to 6 inebes. 16e. values... w
Fise Embroideries, in a wide range of styles,
from the daintleat hab pat
terna to the most ci rate taPI
designs. 20e. values. .....* p
but It In said to have been another of the M
many fires of incendiary origin that have St
startled and alarmed the citinens of Alex- ]
andria in the past two or three months. Ja
There have been perhaps within that pe- da
riod as many as a score of fires in which th
all the evidence pointed to the crime of N<
arson. In most cases the bulldingu at- ice
tacked were small and unoccupied, and the of
firemen generally experienced little diffi
culty in extinguishing the nlames, but some- c
times valuable adjoining property has been p1
Isaved only by energetic efforts. In some d
Instances several of these perplexing and g
alarming fires have followed each other
within a few hours of the same night.
Some time ago two men were convicted
of arson in the corporation court and sen- ,
tenced to terms in jail. Since that time no
arrests have been made for this cause, but SI
the firs continue to excite grave appre- We
hensions. - at:
Mayor Simpson's Court, - th~
In the police court this morning Mayor sil
Simpson disposed of the following cases:
James Wade, charged with being drunk KB
and disorderly, was fined $5. Walter Len- Li
ard, charged with being drunk and disor- In
derly and resisting an officer, was assessed q
the same amount. William Craig, colored.,
was brought 'up on the charge of assaulting N
Willis Petty, but the evidence showed that P
the latter was in fault, and a fine of $6 was R
Imposed. The oases of Minnie Mudd, Mollie N
R Pay, Frank Thompson, Albert Johnson andti
Bertha Johnson, all of Washington, and y
Jamnes Mudd of this city, charged with din- 01
orderly conduct, were continued until to-11
morrow morning. They were, arrested ats gj
the home of James Mudd yester alter- H
noon by Officers Allen, Young and Knight. ne
Brief Mention,.
SThe anniversar'y of the birth of Jefferson b
Davis, president of the southern confed- .M
eracy, Wednesday next, will be partlally "u
observed as a holiday in this city. The n
-schools will be closed In henor of the occan- se
alon. The 17th VIrginia Bagiment Chapter, be
United Daughters of the Confedsrsey, will h
give an entertainment that evening in the
Cenfederate Hom <lu Prince steat.
A farewell reception to Mr. Henry Uay- RI
aker wiU be given at theecnapast
SMr. UMakaer Wif lease se a r Africae
. me g amesttthe anms
lela~vmhY . . taal
ris. 10. each.
i$ts, St0.
took a loss to close them out
-e all the more remarkable
Ind white, blue and white and
*ne lace insertion;
vered Prices.
Ilue and Black Unlined Volle Skirts, elegant
e and train. Trimmed hip effect, with
liners' folds, and some trim- $5
d aeres bottom. and. from
R to back................... .9
uperior Quality Duck Shirts; black and
ito grounds, with contrasting ring dots.
mined panel effget, with
ding of plain duck; also
nd bottom.............
Muslin Underwear.
,here's a wide gulf between cheap.
erfor-quality garments at low prices
i good garments of excellent quality
fair prices. Ours is the latter.
)0 dosen Cambric Corset Covers, made full
mes front, ttght-ftting back,
shed with hematitched ruffles; C
s 32 to 44.....................
5 styles In French Corset Covers, made full
mne front, trimmed with 4 rows of Val. lace
erting dow" front, lace on neck and
Byes; some are trimmed with
ebon lace and. Inserting; sSeft
to 44; In all styles .............. 2 c
bin Gowns for summer of nainsook and
geloth; have low neck and short sleeves;
ndao me ly trimmed with
nty laces and embroidery;
Be include extra else for stout
nen ...................
adies' Muslin and Cambric Gowns 18 styles
choose frm made high, square, i and sur
me; trimmed with torebon and Val. laces;
re tucks ie yoke; others are
broidery trimmed, with hem- l
ched ruies; all sixes. Choice... .
7hlte Cambric Petticoats; 5 rows of torehon,
at de Paris and Cluny lace Inserting In ruffle,
h deep lace on bottom; some have hemstitch
tucks between inserting,
ers have embroiderp rufte,
I tucks; extra dust ruffle;
flare; worth $1.98.. . . o
Small Wares.
lupplies for the sewing basket can be 'A
tght tomorrow at little cost. Summer
ess needs demand all these little ar
les-hence the offerings couldn't be
tter timed. -
rse & Kelley's Darning Cotton, spool..... le.
rrick's Patent Shuttle Cotton, 200 yards..4c.
bon Leader Bodkin, each................5c.
book of Assorted Pins. black and white..2c.
etric Spring Hooks and Eyes. 12 dos. for.5c.
Ipt Initials, all letters, 8 doz. for........ 8.
I 6-yd. pes. Featherstitched Braid, pc.8%e.
rbour's 200-yard spools Linen Thread .....7c.
ag's 200-yard spools Cotton, doz.........21c.
r Transparent Collar Forms.....4c. and 10c
Shell and Amber Hairpins, doz......... 9e
1. King's 200-yard Spool Cotton........1age,
rk's 0. N. T. Darning Cotton, 8 spools... .c.
Indestructible Lace Pins, dos........... 5c.
and l5e. I)ouble Nainsook and Stockinet
yeas Shields, sizes 2, 8 and 4, pair....... .c.
trd pieces Black Velveteen Skirt Binding,
mod quality...........................9c.
row Herales Braid, In whitL, black and
flors. 12 yards.........................l c.
i Stars and Anchors, all colors........... 7.
muine Pearl Buttons for shirt waists.
e................ ........10c. to 98e.
be None Such Ironing Pad.' which we
aven't been able to supply enough of until
aw, reduces the labor of ironing one-half, rc
loves all the rust and roughness, imparts a
me laundry finish to the clothes.........
eloth and Matting Blnding. in all colors,
tyards for .......................l9e.
tra Double-decker hast Pins, each ....e
se Collar Buttons, large and small sises
as Head............................' Be.
Ith's Best Needl, per paper.............2e.
inch Spool Cotton. large sizes, doa.spools.10c.
od Cabinets of Hairpins..............e. '
marter Shoe Laces, doz.................. e.
r Drops for trimmings ........ . . and 12%.
Summer Needs:
efrigerators, Screens, u
Gas Stoves, Etc., at u
Economy Prices. it
anny Monitor Refrigerators. with remov
e ice cha'nher, In sections; adjustable
Ives; patent drip cup; removable waste pipe;
ked with mineral wool and charcoal shesth
galvanized iron lined; ball-bearing casters;
ca &city, 45 POUr~ds; solid ash O
i-oil finish. Special.........
rursry Refrigerator, packed with mineral
ml, galvanized iron lined, with water cooler
achament; nickel-plated faucet;
ful for Uight housekeeping... .
hampion Oil Stove, with 2 burners and 3%
h wicks; seamless oil tank; the
d that never leeka. Special. ...
anny Ice Chest, with all inm- $2
vements; family size. Special.. . YO
re Cream Freezers; 2-quart size; heavy block
eans; electric welded hoop pall; double
Ion freezer; will freeze in ?o g
mutes........................ .~~
1ak-finished Window Screens, 18
hes high, open to 34 inches; ateel~It
ters....................... i c(.
ak-finished Window Screens, 28 inches high,
a to 87 Inches; steel centers and
tal clamps; a well-made screen.... 2 c
Valnut-linished Screen Doors in all sizes,
th 8 panels and 4-Inch stiles, a well-made ~
ir, complete with fixtures, bring
ansure.......................... 7c.
ak-finished Screen Doors, with S panels,
icy corners, 4-inch stiles, an com
te with fixtures.................. oc. ~
ayo C. Brown, .T. P. Madison and George
ewart, all of Seminary Hill.
!uneral services over the remains of Miss
ne M. Skinner, whose death occurred Fri
y night, took place this afternoon from
e residence of her nephew, Mr. George A.
iland, in South Fair-fax street. The serv
is were conducted by Rev. 3. A. Jeffers
Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church.
L'he annual commencement of the Epis
pal High School, near this city, will take
ace at 3 -o'clock the afternoon of Wednes
.y, June 17, in Liggett Hall, on the school
The Short Story Club.
[he last meeting of the season of the
ort Story Club was held recently at the
sidence of Mrs. M. L. Willis, 1411 N
reet northwest, who, in the absdnce of
e president, Capt. Arthur Portman, pre
led. The opening number of the pro
am was a piano solo by Mrs. Charles S.
ter, "A Valse," by Goddard. Miss Lucy
mllerhouse followed with a story, "The
ttle Face in My Old Board Fence," tell
g in a piquant style, interposed with
taint humor, a pathetic tale of a little
Itf. Mrs. Rosa L. Townshend rendered
vocal solo, "Could I,"~ by Tosti; Miss
ary C. Bennett gave a "Decoration Day
mom," and this was followed by Mrs.
V'er, with "The Sunflower Dance," by
''Christopher Clarke's Dream" was the
:le of Miss E. J. Easby's story, relating
iw an old bachelor came to be the founder
a children's hospital with a thread of
e occult interwoven in it; Mrs. Town
end sang "My Home Is Where the
Bather Blooms," by De Koven: Miss Ben
itt, after reading "Uncle Seth's Spring
am" gave her own version on "Sprln'
way of contrast.
r'be program close4 with an address by
ra. W. H. Davenport, creating moat un
rual interest. She is a Russian lady, and
well known authority on physiea train
g. many of her disciples beIng among our
cial leaders, an~d' in Europe many amess
rs of the respective royal familtes hay
g been under her training, including the
Earina of Pnmia, the Einpress of Gler
may and other ealtsed ma enage.
Asmeng thorn -rsn :we the floig
re.M. L. Wius, Mr. ?wse&N
er. Ii. Tanner, Capt. V. P.D
rs Chbs. S, flyer, Mrw. P. 3. w eas
lIe Base Teaat, Mim L, .
Ota . *andMrs iW. T
Enanygelses t per
heme. -
Manhattas As 4Ju Ute) . genter af the
fdod's fir'. The beinf fie
north and the Kausss iver from the West,
which caries the waters from. the Rubli
caD. Solomon. Saline ky ivers,
besides several large d set -at the
eastern edge of the ei1
For the past five -gregt volumes .of
water have rushed together here, form
Ing a movinig vottex which only the strong
est Iron bridges hqvp ap far been able to
The high railroad bank f the Union
Pacifc and Reck Island'alae have saved
the city from being completely submerged
and possibly'entirely swept away.
Most of the Inhabitants have moved to
the hills and are being taken care of In
the Kansas Agricultural College building.
Rained lince Thuarday.
The rain has descended here almost
steadily since. Thursday. To add to the
calamity all telegraph and telephone wires
are down and the city -Is in' darkness, the
electric plant being fooded.
At noon Friday the water subsided slight
ly, but rose in the evening at the rate of
one Inch every live minutes. Men, women
and children were carried In boats' and
wagons to the hills.
Those who were unable to secure trans
portation waded through- the water waist
Over 1,500 people were housed In the col
lege building. Four births were reported to
have occurred during the night, one Of
the little babies being -drowned in the .en-'
gine room.
Every business store In filled with water
from one to ten feet deep. All passengers
are being taken good care of by the rail
Extreme Cold Yellows the Destruction
at Des RILnes, Iowa,
DES MOINES. Iowa. June L-The flood
situation In Iowa Is improving and the
Des Moines river has been falling rapidly
eight feet being reported at Boone in twelve
In Des Moines 5.000 are homeless and are
being cared for by local committees. Pro
visions and clothing have been contributed
In large quantities and It Is believed by
all here that the 'worst has passed and
that no further trouble will be experienced.
From ten miles up the river to ten be
low all the bottoms are covered and fully
2.000 homes are under water. No lives have
been lost and po fires have been reported.
The Des Moines river is now back to the
mark which was Its maximum last year
and constituted the -record prior to the
present flood.
The river is declining at the rate of an
Inch an hour and indications point to a
more rald decline from this on.
The city authorities are now directing
their efforts to guard against the collection
of stagnant pools and are preparing to
cut through the remaining levees to enable
the water to run to its normal channel.
Extreme cold continues and the flood vic
tins are still withbut sufficient clothing.
Pitiful appeals are made for dry garments
for women and children.
Epidemic of Pneumonia.
The most alarming reports were received
this morning concerning the epidemic of
pneumonia and kindred disorders. Doctors
are unable to get alfipa osW numerous are
the calls and scores 8f fatalities resulting
from exposure seem I itable.
The ' smallipox 0o9p waa stirrounded
by water. the coal and food supply was
cut off for two days. but- the anxious In
mates have been reassured by the declining
of the water.
The general food and fuel famine that
was threatened yesterday is'now believed
to have been averted, as teams and boats
have succeeded in reaching freight cars
that were stranded at the outskirts of the
Railroads Tied Up.
The Northwestern. Minneapolis and St.
Louis and Rock Island are operating trains
irregularly. boats and hacks being employed
to transport passengers to and from the
train beyond the flood district.
Other railways are still tied up. The
river has begun to decline at Ottumwa and
Eddyville, below here, leaving a terrible
trail of ruin. Conditions at these places
are exactly as they were thirty-six hours
Mayor Weaver of PbMladelphia'Wires
Mayor Burgenithal.
PHILADELPHIA, June 1.-Mayor Weaver
has sent a telegram to Mayor Burgenthal of
Topeka. Kan., saying:
"Philadelphia sends sincerest sympathy
for your people suffering from flood. Send
me word at once If we can help you."
Mayor Weaver says that If assistance Is
needed he will at once call a meeting of the
permanent relief committee, of ,which he
is chairman.
The Military to Give All- Aid in Its
Power to People of Kae"a City.
Adjutant General Corbin has received the
following dispatch from Acting Adjutant
General Wright of the Department of the
Missouri, at Omaha. Neb.: .
"The mayor of Kansas City. Kan., reports
15000 homeless flood sufferers. He asks
that the commanding officer. Fort Leaven
worth, be directed to send him 200 tents.
Request Instructions."
Replying to this pppeal General Corbin
has wired the commanding officer of the
Department of Missouri. at Omaha, as fol
"Replying to your telegram of yesterday,
the Secretary of War authorines that you
extend such assistance, to the .mayor of
Kansas City. Kan., as may be neccessary.
A commissioned officer should accompany
the tents and -see that they are duly re
ceipted for. by a rselb officer of -h
city, and .steps shouldgt betaken looking
to their safe return.
(Signed) RB1IN,
To Maj. Gen. JToh' . ,tes a~t Chicago
Gen. Corbin has following dip-.
patch: -
"The Secretary of 15ss aSthorines you to
direct the comnma?)1gOfcr at Fert
Leavenworth to- co the mayor of
Kansas City, Kan., an! enSner the suffering
people .such temporargirelief as may be in
his power to givet" -
The War Deate qe~gIts full
powers and gon to ll~ treine warrant
of the law In aiding Wht fer by flood
in the west.- Puittinginnsuma all smanl tacet
'nical objections as toiheWwer of the de
prtient to move tier without
violating the law the exed
ture of government.d
the extension of rell - that-s nes
essary to save humnan hte, and If. np0ssr
Cogeswilhe later on asked to
othsenerelse of authority.
So the militey m*Ued in- thd l'ee
egion will not o*Iy Drevide tents toselr
-theisueto the i.
tressed people ofae sinlar ~pae
ratins as ca be q~wdfrthees ~ b
-ots Of eoursalt1 xetdt
soent ufibe se ~ h q ftAe,
tioes od tht 1PMlk be bid
an m-eis.B K~~seT
15,000 Yards
About HALF
morrow-the most convenient F
Table No. 1. n'P
in .natusewl
Regular 32%c. and 18o. yard values.....
Table No. 2. asu
the place.:
80c. pilee, at...........................
Table No. 3. "a
brio. Regular SOc. to S0c. yar .
regular gc.
Table No. 4. ' '
Table No. 5.I I 'a
regular Se
Our Ar
You are accustomed to look
CIAL PRICES, only a very few o
Special lot fine Muslin Gowns, tucked
yoke; V neck ruffle, trimmed neck and
35c. Each.
P. Large lot Ladies' French N
Covers, handsomely trimmed i
styles. Regular 75c. val- 4
ues .................... 7
Half= Price Sa
This great sale of Ladies' Fi
row morning. All high-grade val
newest styles, embodying every g
tailoring, in Eton, Norfolk and co
lar price is $19.98. The special s
The special sale includes a la
Silk Shirt Waist Suits, waist tuck
puff sleeves, skirt seven-gore fla
and $f8 values. Ten dollars.
Special lot of LA
variety of styles. R
$1.98 each.
srted as quickly as possible to the places
here It is needed to reopen communication.
gany Thrmling Rescues Prom ' lire
and Water at Topeka.
,Wth 170 or 200 lives lost, millions of dol
arm of property destroyed; with hundreds
t pistol shots as signals of distress, blend
ad with the agonizing cries of unwilling in
abitants of tree tops and roofs of houses
nd the waters creeping upward and then
slowly subsiding, and alternately changingr
lope,. to despair. .Topeka. Kan., yesterday
ssed the most memorable Sabbath day of
t existence. Through all this discomfort
g condition of affairs was added the
The disater that befell Not Topeka, the
manufacturing part of the Kansas capital.
aone o the met appallin In the his
helr forces In gleaning a horrible harvest
>f death.
Worked Knee-Deep in Water.
The arduous work of the heroic rescuers
was not abated In the least by the condi
fons which confronted them. For long.
Ireary hours, knee deep In water and some
:ines in water up to their necks, they work
d With might and main. Last night they
sould point to 800 or more rescued persons.
who otherwise might have been swept away
n the cent.
seen swollen by the heavy rains. The water
nay became so high as to-entirely sur
'ound Noi'th Topeka. cutting it off from the
nain part of the city. Then came flres to
f oue an met eth eithe byfre or
Irowning. Cries for help could be distinctly
ree loa flurmills, three woolen milsI
mtrl esrdd other manufacturing enterprises were
The wate supply of the itywu t pufh
ad all day with vigor.
Xa~ Thrilln 3eeme
There were many thriling esca'e. Righ
ten persons were reaeed-fromn a bouse at
L286 Moniroe street. '*' N Keppard and
wIrfe, 41n aged couple, -wsee numb they
soul& not feel. They were omda elose
~ogethe5 In the attle of thir house, and -e
meviae had been ther exiesence that theslt
niada ave way unde the stran
A Mrs.- AndesUa and her year4.M bekby
ad been tor t~ree'days i si tuee In pi
.igbt f people1 ws erse pomedeis to res
ns thema. The mother -iaa her e*m
at Center AsIe S
of the Daintie
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CHE, 314=3
they were brought to a place of safety, but
probably will not survive.
B. L. Wiese, former city engineer, wan
dragged from the bay loft of a barn. He
was unconscious and numb from cold, but
soon revived. HI story of the begiinng of
the flood is dramatic.
By aid of the small steam and gasoline
launches forty men in South Garfield Park
were rescued. They bad perched them
selves In trees.
INothing to Eat for Thirty-liz Hours.
They bad bad nothing to eat for thirty
six hours. These m aen were kept In a
fenced grove where they could not keep a
close watch on the situation. All they
eould see was the angry water rushing
about the trunks of the trees. One of the
men said they could not hear the others
speak above the roar of the Water. Uacer
tainty was thus added to their other misery,
and not one of them had any hapes of
Patrick Beline. his wife and three small
children were taken from the attic oft their
small dwelling. The parents were obliged
to hold the two younger children constantly
to keep their heads above 'water. They
were nearly starved and probably cannot
3'lood at Kansa= City.'
With the waters of the Kaw and Mi.
souri rivers nearly four fleet above the dis
astrous level of 1881. and their swollen tide
spread over twelve square miles at the city
and its suburbs, Kansas City last night
was in the worst flood of its history.
In the valley of the - Kaw. or Kansas,
river, between Kanas City. Mo., and Kan
satrCity, Kans., a report had it that a
number of lives had been lest. One report
said fourteen and another fifty, but In the
midst of demoralsation of traffic and the
ordinary means of communication it was
Impossible to verify these reports.
Twelve Rod. les'oated Ry.
Twelve bodies were counted as they float
ed past during the day. In nearly every In
stance they were lyIng aeress pieces of
wreckage. On the reef of a cabin that
came swirling dowfl ebl be seen the body
of a weeman and her ehild.f
The heaiviest less was at Armourdals,
where the lo==ms to the p~ahne indutg
sad ethers weoe placed annmeevatively at
PMSil0000 Argentine. another suburb, suf
jergd )emsesti-mna-ed at $I0UU&0
Armeourdase with a pnnwaatia of 1440
people, was deserted last ai. ad t sits.
mtarked only by the tops of audmgs and
a nusiaber et baes
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xrs. Sadie lenk=. rake= Attempt to
Commit Sicide.
Mrs. Sadie Jenkins, twenty years old, at
tempted to put an end to her existence
about 6 o'clock last evening at the bome of
her mother, Mrs. Sadie Dudley, In a tene
ment at 1010 32d1 stre'et northwest, by'
drinking a mixture of carbolic acid, water
and sulphur match head.. Mrs. Emma Cut
shaw, who also resides In the tenement,
witnessed the rash act and made an outcry.
thus saving the young woman's life. It is
stated that the 'attempt at suicide was
caused by Mrs. Jenkins' -despondency.
Mrs. Jenkins stated to a reporter of The
Star this morning that the 7th of Apuil last,
James A. Jenkins, an employe of one of the
local street car lines, made her his wife,
and that they went to boarding with his
friends at 911 Grant avenue northwest.
She soon tired of his mode of living and
suggested that they go to housekeepig,
explaining that it would give her something
to do during the day. The husbndacscord
ing to the story, assured his spouse that it
was much more expensive to keep house
than to board. Notwithstanding these ar
guments, the young wife continued to beg
him to grant her wishes, and being refused,
Mrs. Jenkins decided that she would put
an end to her trouble. She said she was
closely watched At her boarding house, and
she went to the horn of her mother Sat
urday. She did not return to ebe ar
house Saturday evening, and this sed
the young husband much anxiety.
When he went to the bomne of hId mothr
In-law last evening to escort her home his
wife iormned him that unlese heaequiesced'
in her demands she would net return to th
boarding house. Following a nmild quarrel,
the young woman made up her mind ils
carry out her intentions of suicie. m
pfeue aboua tesonfu of coit
little water and added about a deaen match
heed. She the wet nto the bak yad
:thd.. em contents of the gi.s
Mrs. Re..a Cutshaw, who was leaning out
of one of the upper windows, yelled at the
hranateto kncth glass from
her lips. Failing In this Mrs. Cutsha,
rpn down stairs and apurised Mrs. Dudsy
of her danghter's act,
By this time the woid-be suenide haL
I~etrougkh teeea-*and weg mak
her ay own3M street, toward the

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