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Capt. Harding's Inspection of the
Quarries in Vermont Has
That in View.
It developed at the District bulldins to
lay tliat Capt. Chester Harding's mission
to the quarries in Vermont is in the in er
ests of the new municipal building for the
District, as well as tn connection with the
construction of the new un on station here.
Captain Harding's d:ree ions from tbe
Commissioner* are to proceed to Bethel and
Barrie, Vt.. and such oiher points in that
state as he may deem necessary, for the
purpose of examining quarries in connec
tion with the construction of the new Dis
trict bu id ng and of the new union station.
It is also ordered that the expenses of the
trip. In mileage, are to be ch-.rged one
half to the appropriation for the new mu
nicipal building and one-half to the do
posits made by the Baltimore and Ohio and
Philadelphia. Baltimore and Wash ngton
Railroad Compan.es, on account of railroad
It has been understood heretofore that
Captain liardng was to be feat to Bethel,
Vt., as the official representative of th<*
District authorities, in order that he might
Inspect the granite quarry p imariiy in
connection w.th the construction of the
new un on station. In their cons deration
of the matter, however, the Commission
ers concluded that the tour of inspec.ion of
the assistant to the Engineer Commissioner
might conveniently serve the doub.e pur
j??se indicated, hence tie instructions to
that effect.
In addition to examining the quarry as to
the quantity and un fotm quality of the
granite therein. Captain Hard ng will ob
tain information as to the faeil.ties for
getting out the stone and transporting It to
this city. He will also endeavor to ascer
ta.n whether the Bethel quarry contains
snflirient granite for the construction of
the new munlcpal building. Other quarries
producing different kinds of granite and
marble in the state of Vermont will aiso
be insjK-ctcd, and Captain Harding wilt
make an extended report on the Jesuits of
his tr.p to the Commissioners trpon his re
turn to Washington.
Increase in Cost.
Bv act of Congress, approved early in
March. lHiC. the appropriation for the pur
chase of a site and the construction of the
new municipal building was increased from
Jl.fiOO.OOO to *2.000.(100. The cost of the site
and of the competition for designs amount
ed to about *557.000, and the amount now
available fur the construction of the build
ing for the use of the District government
is approximately Jl.-tKt.iKV'. The cost of en
gineering, Inspection.- etc.. will amount to
about t-KMIOO. it is stated, leaving about
$l,4oO,t*>o fur the erection of the buildintf
itself, less the architect's fee. 3 ;>er cent of
the cost of the building, wtiich it .s esti
mated will amount to about 142,000.
Commissioner Biddle estimates that the
co?t of the stone In the new District build
ing will approximate EViO.U'O. It is state!
that the Commissioners w. I Improbably ad
vertise for proposals fot the construction of
the new municipal building in about thirty
days, and the specifications will like'y ciil
for bids ob different grades of marble,
granite and limestone. Either granite or
marble seems to be the preferred s:one tor
use in the build ng.
Mothers' Club Meeting.
The semi-monthly meeting of the Moth
ers' Club In connection with the Woman's
Christian Temperance Union. 322 Oth street
northwest, was held yesterday afternoon, in
charge of Northwest Union, with Mrs. M.
J. Hull as hostess. Mrs. Hull opened the
meeting with Scripture reading, and the
president. Mrs. Jetinle H. Robinson, led in
Mrs. diaries A. Winhlgler. whose hus
band is pastor of the O Street Baptist
Church, gave an address on the topic
"How to make Sunday pleasant." Mrs.
Wlnbigler emphasized the children's right,
to a portion of the parents' time on Sunday,
and said: "The first duty of parents is to
develop character. which is not a sacrifice,
but a pleasure."
Mrs. James Hudson gave a vocal solo,
accompanied by Miss Price. Mrs. M. F.
Tighe read a poem written by Mr. Russell.
Mrs. M. E Catlin continued the subject of
the afternoon with helpful suggestions to
the mothers.
Mrs. L. D. Clark, district superintendent
of the club, being absent from the city,
Mrs. E. S. Henry, the associate superin
tendent, was in charge of the cradle roll.
Mrs. Tighe rendered a piano solo. "The
Ices and cake were served during the
social hour by Mrs. J W. Sterner. Mrs. M.
J Hull. Mrs. Jennie H. Robinson, Mrs. N.
A. Robins aivd Mrs. M. f. Tighe.
Ordered by Commissioners.
The District Commissioners today or
dered :
That the time for the completion of con
tract No. 3300. with McColrick & O'Connor,
for plumbing In various school buildings, is
hereby extended until Itecember 30. 1003,
witrsout penalty or cost of inspection, delay
not lieing due to fault of contractors.
That the compensation of James P.
Parry, superintendent of construction, of
fice of the building inspector, is hereby in
creased from $3.50 to $4.00 per day, to take
effect tliis date.
That brick sidewalk be laid on south side
of N street northeast between 12th street
and Trinidad avenue; estimated cost, $144
(abutting public school), cost chargeable to
?sidewalks and curbs around public reserva
tions and municipal buildings.
That brick sidewalk be laid and curb re
S"t on the south side of I) street northeast
between IHh and loth streets (abutting Ed
monds School building); estimated cost.
*147. chargeable to sidewalks and curbs
around public reservations and municipal
That cobbla gutters be laid by day labor
on both sides of 30tli street northeast be
tween Rhode Island avenue and Queen's
Chapel road; estimated cost, $700. charge
able to special appropriation for said
street. 1904
That catch basin be constructed at the in
tersection of Delaware avenue and K
street northeast, at an estimated cost of
#?80. chargeable to current appropriation for
main and pipe sewers.
Imported Typhoid.
To tne Kdttor of Tbe Kveulwt Star:
I notice the statement In the report of
the health officer in regard to the origin of
typhoid fever that 148 cases in the District
were contracted outside of the District. I
presume, as was stated last year, at the
various summer resorts. If that be so I
suggest that In all such cases pains should
be taken to ascertain where the disease
?was contracted and publish it. By doing
that two good results would follow In the
first place, citizens would be warned against
going to those places, and. in the second
place, the authorities of those places, in
defense of their own interests, would soon
lie driven to the adoption of sanitary Im
provements that would prevent the recur
rence of such cases, and thus make the
lives of their patrons more secure. No
doubt the proprietors of these places would
be ofTended at ttie announcement, but both
the public and private welfare demands it;
and when they are driven to the adoption
of sanitary improvements, resulting in a
healthful condition, and the fact be
came known, as it soon would be,
they would be greatly benefited by
an Increase of custom. as people
?would naturally go to those resorts
that are known to be free from such evils.
It would be perfectly easy for the physi
cians attending these cases to ascertain
where the patient had spent the summer,
arid they should then report the facts to
the health office. W. C. DODGE.
German Cruisers Coming.
MOBII.K, Ala., December 3 ?The German
ci usul at tlds port says that Mobile will
be visited In January by two cruisers of
the German wt stern Atlantic squadron.
There are four vessels in this squadron,
and all of them will go to New Orleans
January 25 for a five days' visit. Two ves
sels will then go to Galveston and two
come to this port.
Many a Gift Suggestion in Tomorrow's Great
Hour Sale List.
Every dav sees the Hecht Stores nearer their ideal as the people's favorite shopping place?every hour sees them better ready to serve as never be
fore?every moment sees an increase in the throngs of buyers that fill the broad aisles and spacious departments early and late.- The following great list in
cludes much that's sensible and practical for Christmas giving?the kind of remembrances worth having and worth giving. Your purchases will be re
served for later delivery?and you can "pay as you say."
Friday in Men's Clothing
Will Be a Day to
Our plans call for one of the bus
iest Fridays we've ever had in the
Men's Clothing Department. Three
wonderful special sales, each one in '
itself sufficiently strong and worth
ful to crowd the store, make up the
attractions. Fortunate will be the
men who get in tomorrow.
$10 to go at
Ought to be marked $12.50, if we com
pare them with what many a store about
town is asking $12.50 for. For tomorrow
you can choose at $5.75. Just 50 of them,
and they're in the winter weight tan covert
it two shades. '
Overcoats wo rth
$12.50 to
at = =
Not a store in Washington but is asking
$12.50 for identically the same quality.
They're in the very desirable and high
quality black kersey?and 50 of them are
to go out tomorrow in a jiffy at $8.50 in
stead of $12.50.
60 $12.50
Su"? $8.50
Taken right from regular stock and worth
$12.50, every one of them. They're all-wool
fancy cheviots; new -and latest styles;
including 4 lots of neat, dark mixed effects;
tiO only to go at $8.50.
Two Specials for Friday,
A special lot of 200 of the All-wool
Gray Kersey .Trousers, which always
sell so rapidly?neat dark effects?sell
at $-6.50 universally?marked here?
Men's Fancy White Wash Vests;
single-breasted style; very desirable;
sell regularly at $2; for Friday?
9 to HO.
Children's Nicely Made W hite
Aprons, in all sizes; reduced
' to 10c. for this hour.
Lot of Shell Hairpins; black,
A.C. amber and tortoise shell; regular
" <s*"> price, 10c. dozen.
5 Lot of All-silk Taffeta Seam
f Binding; colors and black; in 8
yard pieces; regular price, 10c
Children's Short Flannel
ette Underskirts; pretty
, ^ ' stripe styles-, sizes 1 to 4
years; regularly sold at 25c.
?_ Misses' and Children's $1.25
Button Shoes; fine kid. with
patent and kid tips; all si2es;
at 85c. for the hour.
. ~ Children's Flannelette Gowns;
Alylf t 2 to 13years; exir*. weli made.
Women's Dongola Kid Lace
Shoes; patent tips; Good
year welt soles; broken
sizes', a big reduction to $1.30.
_ Boys' Casco Calf Lace Shoes;
70C sizes 9 to US1;: half heels; re
" duced for the hour to 70c.
Curtain Rods; 4 feet long;
11 (0) to fl 11
Infants' Long Cream Bedford
Cord Coats; small priced at
$2; at 9?c. for the hour.
Cltildren's Fine Quality and
Stylish Cloth Coats; strict
ly all wool; 2 to ti years;
m' n red and navy; large cape
collars; trimmed with braid or fur; 10
styles to select from.
Women's Flannelette Under
wood trimmings; o:ik.
Heavy 10-4 Blankets;
?hite or
Men's Fast Black Half
Hose; regular 15c. value; at
8Vic. tills hour.
Men's Four-ply Linen Collars;
yC sohi everywhere at 10c.; all the
? newest shares.
Boys' Extra Well-made
Waists; heavy winter
weight percale; reduced for
the hour to 7%c.
Boys' Substantially-made
Knee Pants; fine or school
Boys' S3 Blue Flannel Dou
ble-breasted Suits; all
sizes; at $1.98.
| 7%c.
1 9j?c.
^ Boys' extra good quality
414J) Reefers of tun :?:nl brown
gu 04/?=} o ij ^ kersey ami 1 ' i" ??liinchilla;
^ sizes 3, 4 and 5 years; l~>
Doll Fiirnitrr
and sideboard
1 .1 15c.
White Enameled Metal
1 Beds, full continuous post
style; very strong and
rigid; reduced for the hour only.
t Japanese and China Matting
? Ends. lSx3t>; from 20c. to 50c.
yard quality.
_,p=r/ Yard-wide Percale Rem
/I/?.(C nants; dark grounds; regu
/ O iar 10c. value.
Odd lot Dress Ginghams;
desirable styles; 10c. value.
Unbleached ' Canton Flan
' net: mill ends; twilled, soft
'? and fleecy; 8c. value.
Choice of any Blue. Black
' and Gray Calicoes; suitable
'? for wrappers and house
gowns; always sell at 8c.
11 <0> to 11 L
^ ? Extra Good Grade Window
j) <C Shades; several colors; with
^ U all fixtures.
_ y-y Boys' Excellent Quality Shoes,
(U)n HjC* in broken sizes; sell up to $1.75
^^s regularly; at IXic. this hour.
l?i:o 111.
Skirts; 0-unch ruffle, with yoke
band; down to 25c. for this
Ay. O _ Girls' Wool Plaid School
y?Co Dresses; prettily trimmed with
velvet," plaids and stripes; 5 to
14 years; reduced to 08c. for this hour.
Women's Kidskin Lace Shoes;
patent toe caps; sizes 4 to 8; new
shapes and excellent qualities.
Children's High Quality Pat
ent Leather Shoes; all sizes up
to 11; save nearly halt at 8S?c.
tliis hour.
Extra Heavy 11-4 Blankets;
gray; double-bed size; sell
regularly at $1.25 pair.
White Bedspreads; double-btd
size; pretty new patterns; GOc.
0 value; not more than 2 to a
buyer at 45c.
Women's ?8c. Flannelette
Wrappers, jn all sizes, for the
' hour only, reduceu to 59c.
Nottingham L:ice Curtains, in
new and beautiful des.gns;
worth $1 pair always.
Box good quality Correspond
ence Paper; 24 envelopes, 24
sheets paper; worth double.
Lot of Patent Hump Hooks
?tnd Eyes; 2 dozen on card;
?this hour at V?c. per card.
Lot of Women's Hemstitched
and Embroidered Handkerchieis;
the regular 7c. value; reduced to
4c. for the hour.
?j. Infants'* Hand-turn Shoes; soft
11 VlC kidskin; for this hour reduced
11 to 19c.
White Ruffled Swiss Cuhtains;
SC. ?-<*ely finished; sell at IKic.
^ 0 pair.
Five styles in Women's Cor
sets; all standard makes; gray
and white; all s.zes.
Men's Anchor Brand Laun
dered Percale Shirts; sold
0 readily and always at 75c.
Boys' Anchor Brand Laun
dered Percile Shirts; sell reg
ularly at 50c.
Men's "Pioneer" Suspend
ers; sell always at 25c.
J | SCflWTJNC?0 )
Tanked Hassocks; 13^xl3V4;
. covered with tapestry and body
brussels carpet; sell at 50c.
? 1/fv Soft Top Mattresses, in all
SI .ovY al?si good grade ticking;
<47 U oft- ZT the rejtuIar price IS $Z-15.
15c.?Dressed Dolls; sell at 25c.
19c.?-Toy Pianos; sell at 25c.
8c.?Games; various kinds; sell
? at i$c.
19c.?Enameled Doll Beds; 30c.
A ? Boys' Excellent Quality
^ ZlO and Well-tailored Double
4''=? " ~ breasted Suits; all sizes;
regularly $4.
Boys' Overcoats, in the
smart and stylish blue and
gray mixtures; they are in
all sizes, and sell usually at $4.
Boys' Fine Brown Kersey
-n in, Boys' Fine Brown iversey
^ ?N OM Overcoats, strictly all wool;
cs(^ O-f o y \J> best velvet collar; sizes 8
to 14 years; ?;
to 14 years; $5 value.
Boys' Warm and Well
made Flannelette Waists;
, ? pleated fronts; reduced to
10%c.'for*the hour.
?ri ^lT / Boys' Serviceably Made
11 /li/Lr Knee Pants; strongly
11 " /Zt!< ? made and fine for knock
about wear.
/ Boys' Heavy Red and Blue
QJ)il/_ ,r* Percale Waists; pleated both
/2 front and back.
.* ^ Boys' Wool Knee Pants; well
11 9C? ma<*e an<* nice l00k'nS
Black All-silk Satin Liberty;
full 21 inches; very soft, rich
and lustrous finish; will make
a handsome waist or dress, and well
adapted for gift purposes; regular t!9c.
Black Taffeta; all silk; for
waists, underskirts and lin
ings; 3#c. value.
11 "TiTT / Children's Dress Plaids;
11 'double width; pretty
/ A * styles and combinations;
regular 19c. value.
?Cream Eiderdown: full yard
wide: especially, adapted for
# children's coats, carriage
robes, etc.; regular 5?c. "value.
2p Black and Blue Mohair; will
make up beautifully; for
0 dresses and waists; 39c. value.
, Bleached Muslin; full yard
/ftiO.r* wide; always sells at 7c.
Men^s Garters tl*at always sell
at 15c.; choice, 5c. for the liour.
Stylish Thibet Walking
Skirts, in blue, black and
^ w dark gray mixture; effect
ive hip trimming; remarkably low priced
at $2.98.
/TbO Black Peau de Soie Silk
Y) P. \Jaists; rich and handsome
^ * styles and effects?$5.DS is
the real value.
itf? ?T) /n\0 Smooth and Handsome
Brook Mink and Marten
^ Scarfs, with clusters of
tails; very well made; specially priced
for the hour, $3.98.
Heavy Stair or Runner Oil
cloth. In remnant lengths;
sells at 8c. yd.
Lace Door Panels in pretty
designs; sell regularly at 50c.
fl fl ..to 112.
ji *** Black Satine Waists, In new
W1*1 stilish effects; regularly
u priced; 98c.
Perfumed Borated Talcum Pow
<e der; large box; reduced to 6c.
_ All-silk Taffela Ribbons, in col
ors and -black; 3 inches wide;
^ ? regular v-alue, 15c.; specially re
diitiea to 9c.
. Good Qrfallty Witch Hazel Soap:
AlC 3 cakes tor 10 cents this hour, or
^ ? 4c. each.
Large White Bedspreads. In
pretty designs; sell regularly
'0 90c.; 2 to a buyer at 69c.
Women's Finest Silk-finish
Meroerized Underskirts;
l>lt*ck and white and ali
black; ab6trt 5t> styles to choose from;
reduced tp /?
Fine Quality White Wool
Blankets; red and blue
borders; sell regularly at
$4 pair.
Women's Warm House Juli
ette Slippers; black and red;
'? fur trimmed.
Infants' Soft-sole Shoes, in
U colored leather; also black; re
# duced to 19c.
Women's Patent Coltskin
yt&r Shoes: soft and easy: mostly
? all sizes; at DGc. for this hour.
^ Cashmere Bouquet Toilet Soap
fi o ~^small cakes.
?*& /TTvO Misses' Fine Quality and
Stylish School Coats; ex
cellent quality cloth; 6 to 14
years. Reduced to for this hour.
. ^ Infants' Silk Caps; dainty
ZL'y'C trimmings; at 49c. for the
Women's Black Satine Under
skirts; finely mercerized; deep.
'? fluffs' ruffles; regular price, 51;
reduced to 69c.
jd^ ji Boys' Shetland Calf Lace
eS 11 ?n?y Shoes; steel cushion soles;
^ sizes 11 to 5%; $1.75 regu
i<?? 11 D /Tt\ Mcn's Satin Calf Lace
II Shoes; the grade sold at $2;
^ this hour at $1.39.
Misses' Patent-tip Kidskin
Shoes; sizes up to 2; soft and
^"0 easy quality; down to 89c., for
the hour.
Nottingham Lace Curtains;
pretty, novelty and iloral ef
fects, sell up to $1.50; at 98c.
for this hour.
am, <r>. Heayy Tapestry Portieres
>5/ (njdj) in beautiful mercerized ef
^ # fects; sell usually at $4 pair.
Men's Soft German Linen
Handkerchiefs; value al
ways 15c.; at 8%c. this hour
8p Men's Fine Natural Wool and
5^{H Camel's Hair Underwear;
usual price, $1.50.
Mer's Dr. Wright's Fleece
lined. Underwear; value reg
0 ularly $1.50; reduced to 85c.
this hour.
Boys' "High Rock" Fleece
lined Underwear; never sold
utiuur 5oc.;" tor the hour, 2i?c.
tji jnQ jPlne Quality Blue and
STr.yB Black Lymansville Cheviot
^ Walking Skirts; handsome
ly tucked: bottom stitched in rows.
An exceptional offering
of Women's $19.98 Fail
Walking Suits, in tho
blue, brown and black cheviot: various
smart styles; ^11 very modish and hand
/to CI <o. ^men's Finest Velvet
>5 JL ^H,sts in the very new
^ ^ eslttof the late designs?new
stock collars, siole effects In various
patterns; ^tpeuU .buttons and braid trim
mings; they rfr? in black and fancy vel
vets?colors including reseda, old rose,
royal, navy; garnet, gray, black and all
the evening ehades. Values up to $7.98.
dp -T> /f>C) IUacl{ Taffeta Silk Under
r} v sklt'is: deep accordion pieat
? ing and ruffles; $ti.9S value.
Stylish Mink Fur Scarfs;
smooth and good quality;
$3,}$ value; this hour only
- $1.98.
-t!.| . ? ?
111 to 12.
4fo _ - . Brown Marten Neck Scarf*;
YJ long and fine: very glossy;
will be sold at $6.98; for
this hour special at $3.98.
Very rich and elegant Long
Boas, of the fine Isabella
Fox; full bush and four
large tails: marked to sell at $14.98.
a **0 Stylish Long Kersey Capes;
Sa/jl (U)a? marked to sell at $6.98; for
^ ' the hour reduced to $4.98.
a 4 a. /vrt Women's Stylish Corset
m H ^ 'U'r^ fitting Coats of Covert
?4/ ii ?*a ^ kj cloth; seams full strap
ped; tan color: value, $16.98.
4 m,it / Boys' Heavy Cheviot
I Waists, with side pocket:
/ Ji ? never sold under 25c. usu
Boys' Long-lasting Corduroy
Knee Pants; positive value,
* 75 cents.
Boys' Good Quality All-wool
Knee Pants; value. 75 cents;
? at 39c. for the hour.
Boys' Overcoats, in the
smartest novelty and new
Russian styles; finest grade
of kersey: light and dark blue, red,
brown, castor, Oxford, tan and black.
Mostly in the new Russian belted back
style; some with double rows of brass
buttons;, some with large pearl but
tons; silk-embroidered emblem on
sleeve: sizes from 3 to 8 years; range
in value as high as $7.50; choice this
hour, $3.98.
^ 5 m Q Boys' Fine Blue Kersey
Overcoats; strictly all wool;
^ sold readily at $5; all sizes.
Boys' All-wool Double
breasted Suits; positive
value. $5.
iOvQ Lot of Dressed and Undressed
Dolls; in boxes slightly broken
in packing; worth up to $2;
will be sold as they are at 98c. choice.
39c.?Boys' 50c. Tool Chests.
19c.?Doll Trunks; sell at 30c.
15c.?Boys' 25c. Drums.
2g> White or Tan Blankets; 10-4
size; -colored borders; this
hour, 25c.
Nottingham Lace Curtain
lengtlis: most match In i>airs:
some sl:ghtly imperfect; sell
up to $1.50 pair.
Fully Guaranteed Oil Heat
ers; will heat large room;
the kind sold usually at
Carpet Rugs; 27x54; fringed
0 ends; sell regularly at $1.25.
?11 Table Damask; full 58 inches
II ^Co wide; very select patterns;
good wearing quality; 33c. val
ue; quantity to a buyer limited.
Best Toilet Crash; twilled;
red borders; usual 6e. value.
Turkey Red Table Covers;
ready for use; size 8-4; fringed
all around: one to a buyer; 49c.
<1 a Wool Dress Serges; full 36
11 <i5Co inches wide: for children's
Dresses. House Gowns, etc.;
garnet, new blue, red and black.
?5 *-?. Choice of any Colored or Black
?>^C? Satins, for holiday purposes,
fancy work, etc.; 50c. is the
regular price.
^ ? White Moire Silk Velour will
mah:e dressy evening and re
ception gowns; extra fine qual
ity; regular value, 79c.
Black Storm Serge; full 40
inches wide; good black; 39c.
Unbleached Shaker Flannel;
soft and fleecy; reduced to
0 4%c. yd.
Outing Flannel Skirt Patterns;
striped and checked effects;
? crocheted edge; 29c. value.
3 Women's Dainty Boudoir
Clippers; red, brown and
black; sizes 2. 3 and 4.
1 i/4c.
JI to 2.
Oak Curtain Rods; 4 feet
long; wood trimmings.
Women's All - Wool Flanrol
Waists; all colors: all rizes;
* one-third below regular for
this hour only.
Nottingham Lace Curtains;
pretty designs; worth 65c.
Combination Shoe Polish; the
kind that always sells at 15c.
112 to 11.
^ Women's Embroidered Turn
over Collars, the regular 5c.
0 kind; reduced for the hour to
2 for 5c? or. each, 3c.
"Cold Cream" Toilet Soap; for
the hour reduced to 3 cakes
for 10c., or 4c. cake.
IP Babies' Soft-sole Shoes; col
ored kid. In various shades;
broken sizes.
A a Women's Imported Boudoir
^V-^l-C0 Slippers, black and red leath- .
er; gold and silver trimmed; 1
a very attractive special at 44c.
^ Men's 39c. Reversible AU
11 silk Four-in-hands; newest
* and most stylish effects; this
hour only at 19c.
Misses' and Children's Rub
bers; almost every size; 45c.
Little Boys' Rubbers, in the
small sizes mostly; 45c. reg
Boys' Shoes, in small sizes
only; excellent wearing
0 quality.
Women's Excellent Quality
Ribbed Fleece-lined Under
wear; usual price, 35c.
Men's Cardigan Jackets;
extra good quality; sold
everywhere at $2.50.
Extra good quality Stair Oil
cloth that sells regularly at
25c. yard; reduced to 15c.
M/OvO Finely Tailored Gray.
?Vf? B,ack and Blue Thibet
,TUWn Iking or Pedestrian
Skirts; trimmed with inverted pleats,
finished with ornamental buttons; a
big special at $4.98; bought to sell at
nearly double.
Ingrain Carpet sample
ends; worth 35c. to 50c.
yard; at ll%c. this hour.
Oak or Mahogany-finish In
dia Seats; sell at all stores
? at $1.75.
Boys' Blue Cheviot Knee
Pants; will look well and
last long; never sold under
Best 12^0. Outing Flannels;
all the season's newest
? stripe and cheek effects.
Best Amoskeag Gingliams;
all styles and checks; regu
lar 8c. value.
Bleached Bolster Cases; ready
for use; hemmed and hand
torn; 39c. value.
Bleached Bed Sheets; ready
for use; hemmed and hand
torn; size 54x90.
trti/ry Women's Crocheted Slippers;
WC. seU high 88 50
/r>E? Men's Wool Sweaters, the
!xS*C? <lualit>r sol<3 everywhere at $2.
/fTvrflk Boys' Wool Sweaters; value
yy(* always $1.50; reduced to 99c.
for the hour.
off / Boys' Heavy-weight Percale
/ Waists; substantially made
/^*^#and away below cost at 7MtC
II />H / Boys' Serviceable and
II Well-made Knee Pants;
reduced to 10V4c.
19c.?-Toy Steel Wagons; value
ioc.?China Tea Sets; sell at
12c.?Games; large variety ;
25c. value.
Oak Medicine Cabinets; mtr
(?)/C ror <5?or: sell everywhere at
# $1.25; for the hour, 67c.
X est Fine Quality Moquette Rugs;
(n)\fsell at $1.25 always; for 67c.
v this hour only.
pyx Choice of any of our 12\jc.
yard-wide Percales; all this
7<?> 0 season's newest patterns.
. f=s / Choice of best Blue. Black
an(* ?ray Prints; assorted
/fcy patterns; regular 8c. value.
Dress Flannelettes; good
1) 1,ne ot pretty styles; the
usual 12&C. value; not a
large lot.
,py/ Unbleached Muslin: full
yard wide; fine and soft
7 O quality; never sells under
a f=j/ Bleached Linen-finish Tea
41 /&&C Toweling; red borders; fast
/O edge; 8c. value.
2 to 3,
_ _ Women's extra good quality
O^jT* Juliet Slippers; a fine sample
line; felt, satin and leather;
sell regularly up to $2.
Nottingham Lace Curtains, in
new ana pretty designs; sell
readily at 90c. pair; this hour
at 69c. pair.
Standard Perfumes: lasting
f odors; sell regularly at 15c.
0 ounce; this hour, 9c. ounce.
Pyralohl Collar Buttons; regular
o5G? price, 5c. dozen; at 3c. dozen this
?*>*> Choice from 4 styles of good
nUjrCo <iuality Corsets; long, medium
and short, all sizes.
Girls' Sailor Blouse Suits;
prettily trimmed with sou
tache braid; fall-weight
twilled serge; a big reduction at $1.98.
^ b Heavy 10-4 Blankets In tan
/.sf and white; pretty borders; 25c.
this hour only.
Children's Good-wearing Shoes
OVC. ?^mostly all sizes.
Blue Ribbed Fleece-lined Un
derwear: regular price, 75c.;
at 39c. this hour only.
Children's Heavy Ribbed
School Hose; excellent
wearing; 15c. value.
All-wool Reversible Stair Car
pet; to % yard wide; regular
price, 65c. to 75c.; special at
Solid Oak or Mahogany Finish
Tables; top 24x24: nicely
* turned legs; regular $2 quality.
B Dressed Dolls; sell up to 50c.
Dolls' Enameled Metal Beds;
i 30c. value.
11 /^>C.
Blue and Red Percale
WTaists; heavy quality;
reduced to 11 Vic.
Boys' Wool Knee Pants;
good- wearing quality;
away below cost at 10^c.
Boys' Fine Grade Sailor
Blouse Suits of blue and
brown cheviot; small col
lar: brass buttons; embroidered em
blems: very smart and stylish: sold reg
ularly at $5.
? Unbleached Double-bed Sheets;
?? hemmed and hand torn; quan
tity to a buyer limited.
Fast Black Percaline; full
yard wide; regular 12??c.
7O value; quantity to a buyer
taFJ/ Sateen, in light blue and
5^jgc. a smaI1 lot: 12v4c
2= Choice of any 39c. Colored
<3 Henriettas; ail colors and
/n. Black Moire Velour; extra
?WC.heavy and very suitable for
^ coats and skirts; 69c. value.
3 to 4,
Cabinet Hairpins; for this hour
reduced to 2 for 5c. or 3c. each.
Women's Black and Red Felt
Juliet Slippers; sheepskin
0 soles; the regular 75c. grades;
at 44c. this hour.
White Applique Bureau Scarfs
s and Shams; sell up to 40c.
White Featherbone Collar
Forms; sell everywhere
? at l#c.
Men's Satin Calf Lace Shoes;
good wearing and nice looking.
| (Tft Boys' Lace Shoes; all solid
, 1 7 leather; value, $1.75.
I Nottingham Lace Curtains, in
pretty styles and patterns; sell
# at |1.50 pair.
Women's Excellent Quality
Kid Gloves; the regular $1
0 values; 49c. for the hour.
Women's All-wool Golf Gloves;
the quality sold universally at
* 50c.
Very dressy and finely tai
lored Kersey Capes; will be
largely worn; marked to
sell at $6.98.
(tirfC /ThO Beautiful Isabella Fox. Sa
SO.yfi ble and Brown Marten
^ Boas; very rich and b uid
some; extra long; reduced to $6.98 for
the hour.
3 to 4.
fl T) <0,0 Women's Suits, mostly
Jy B In line all-wool cheviots;
blue, brown and black;
long-coat and Eton-blouse styles; some
with new postilion backs; effectively
trimmed with silk braid ornaments. The
tailoring is of superior grade through
out, and not one of tljese suits sells reg
ularly under $20.
<] /rv f-yn Women's Extremely
5) II 'y.Stylish Suits, In novelty
^ v mixtures, all-wool im
ported cheviots, and the very smart zib
ellnes; light and dark colors; skirt
coat styles; 7-gore, close-fitting skirts.
These elegant suits are man-tailored
throughout, and are extremely stylish
and up to date.. $30 and more are the
regular prices.
Q/Tl) lowest $7.50 Velvet Waists,
bought at a price that en
ables us to offer them at
less than half their real value. They are
in the very newest or the late designs
new stock collars, stole effects in vari
ous patterns, metal buttons and braid
trimmings: they are in black and fancy
velvets ? colors including reseda, old
rose, royal, navy, garnet, gray, black
and all the evening shades. There are
nil sizes and a multitude of styles and
I /f> (O Fine Black and Colored
la Ppau de Sf,ie Si'k Dress
Waists; handsomely de
signed and made in the latest modes;
positive value, $4.98.
Dress Skirts, excellently
taiiored and in the newest
S2 98
^ 0 shapes; black and blue
cheviot; hip yoke effect; smartly trim
med; very desirable and superior qual
ity throughout; regular value. $4.50.
Oak or Mahogany - finish
Clothes Trees: 6 pegs; very
"strong and serviceable; sells
usually at 85c.
Ingrain Art Squares, in all
0 sizes; usual priee, 55c. square
yard; for this hour. 29c.
Enameled Doll Beds; 50c.
o value.
Boys' $1 Express Wagons.
Boys' Cheviot Waists;
0 heavy quality; side pock
et; reduced to lOVic.
Boys' Wool Knee Pants; will
9 both wear and look well.
Boys' Excellent Quality
Sailor Blouse Suits; deep
collar: all sizes; always
sold at $3; reduced to $1.98.
Satin-striped Wool Dress Clial
/yr lies for evening waists and
* children's wear: pink, light
blue, cream and black; 44c. value.
Ail-silk Pleated Chiffons, in
brown and blue; well worth
Lunch Napkins, plain and plaid.
SeU at 15c dozen.
_ Huck Towels: bleached; hemmed;
red border; 8c. value.
Pillow Cases; bleached;
hemmed ready for use; l<tc.
4 to
Women's Pearl Stock Pins, as
sorted colors: % dozen on card;
reduced to 2 for 5c., or 3c. each.
/TkO Children's Fine Quality and
efr 11 ? Vu Stylishly Tailored Cloth
^ Coats; 2 to 6 years; positive
value. $3.98.
Men's Satin Calf Lac*
Shoes: worth and sell for
$1.50 and $2.
Women's Lace and "Button
' Shoes: mostly all sizes; fine
dongola kid; sell at $1.30.
White Ruffled Swiss
# Shams; 2 to a buyer; sell
at 30c. usually.
aq Women's Heavy Madras Shirt
Waists; also Vesting Material
0 Waists; all sizes; famous Mar
quise make; can be worn all winter;
worth $1.50 and $2.
d Women's Patent Leather
Lace Shoes: Goodyear welt
sole; $3 grade.
Men's 28-inclt Umbrellas; sell
readily at $1; reduced, to 59c.
for this hour.
Men's Domet Flannel Night
Shirts, selling at $1 always.
Men's Domet Flannel Paja
mas: regular price, $1.50.
A A very special hour sale
yQ leader of new and stylish
u * ' Walking Skirts that sell
always at $6.9S: tailoring and every de
tail up to date, and a big chance to save
at $4.98.
jrvQ Taffeta Silk Underskirts, in
? 'U'? black and colors: fine pleats
and ruffles; $T>.98 value.
Smooth and handsome
Brook Mink Scarfs, with
clusters of tails; very well
made; specially priced for the Ij^ir,
Extra heavy and hand
some Sable. Fox. Mar
ten and IsabeUa Fox
Neck Scarfs; very glossy and fine; wit!
sell at $19.98.
id1? H a(3 Stylish Tan Covert
n II JL ^JfCy Coats, in the smart cor
0 set-fitting patterns: full
strapped and tailor-stitched seams;
$16.98 regularly.
Women's Warm Hand-knit and
Worsted Slippers; sell -at $1.50
and $2.
115 Axminster Carpet Rugs:
27x54; fringed ends: sell
regularly by the yard at
$1.75; for this hour. $1.29 each.
Quartered Oak or Mahog
any-finish Parlor Rocker:
saddle seat: very highly
polished; value. $4.50; for the hour, $2.19.
fl (Hi*-* Furniture, Sideboards and
11 yC? Bureaus.
Boys' Very Fine Quality
Sailor Blouse Salts; stylish
gray mixed cheviots; silk
tie: mostly small sizes: up-to-date and
finely tailored. Small priced at $5.
Boys' White and Percale
Laundered Dress Waists:
'? "Mother's Friend" waist
bands. Special this hour at 39c.
. ?.rr /? Boys' Warm and Well
fl yll/^ir made Domet Flannel
11 a /Z& Waists. For the hour re
duced to 12%c.
Boys' Corduroy Knee Pants;
39Co soid usuaji-y at "r,c
Brass Extension Rods; com
plete with all fixtures.
Seventh Street
Immense Crowds Drawn by a Variety
of Attractions.
The big "Alt Deutschland" carnival and
festival, now in Its second and last week
at Convention Hall. Is regarded as one of
the mo>st uniuue and novel exhibitions ever
witnessed in this city. Wonder and admira
tion are expressed by every visitor. A mile
of sights are to be seen as the crowds pass
up one aisle and down another, and thou
sands of colored lights are visible on atl
sides. In fact a city by itself is presented !
as the people enter the hall, and bands, or
chestras. singers and warblers are heard |
The German village, where all kinds, of
refreshments can be had, ts specially at
tractive. added to which are the dancing
pavilion and numerous free shows on the
stage, including the old country exhibits,
Santa Claus. the mammoth Christmas tree
and myriads of other novelties.
One of the strong features that has been
engaged is Morris" volcano in awful erup
, tion, an electrical ntaterpicce of the mod
em times. The effects are marvelous, re
producing an feJeetric tropical storm and
showing the explosion of the mountain, the
burning of the city and shipping in the har
bor. Lust teut not least Is the "Midway."
where numerous refined shows can be seen
at nominal prices of admission?the doors of
"Alt Deutschland" open at 7 p.m. and close
at 12 p.m., thereby giving the public five
hours of solid amusement tor the nominal
admission fee of 10 cents.
If you want work read the want columns
of The Star.
Jfcev. Josiah B. Perry to Go to Natchez,
Rev. Josiah B. Perry, rector of St. An
drew's Episcopal Church of this city, has
accepted the call which, as stated tn yes
terday's Star, he received several week*
ago from a church in Mississippi. This la
the Trinity Episcopal, at Natchez, the larg
est of Its denomination in the state. He
???r */r ? -/??" -'IV- -rt\- -/!*" W */JV ?7P? W -7IV* 7T$\ '/l
has tendered his resignation to the vestry
of the local church, and it has been ac-'
cepted. If his present plans are carried
out he will leave Washington about Janu
ary 15.
Rev. Perry was ordained to the priest
hood In the Church of the Epiphany in this
city and has done all his work In this dio
cese. Me has been the faithful rector of
.St. Andrew's Church for the past twenty
three years, and has a wide circle of friends
.here, all of whom are sorry to bear of bis
near departure.
Changes in Police Department.
The Commissioners today approved th?
following changes In the police department;
Private J. E. Schuyler, dismounted on .ac
count of 111 health, and Private H. K
Galpln mounted; William T. Walker, re
appointed additional private for duty it
Baltimore and \. jio freight yards; Willl&n:
J. J. Young, reappointed private for dut]
adjacent to Market space; William 3,
Shreve. reappointed additional private f*
duty at wharf of the Home Ice Conuxuur.

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