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Views of Chairman Gallinger
of Senate District Committee.
iooks for No Unusual Undertaking on
the Part of His Committee in
the Present Congress.
Senator Gallinger. the new chkirman of
the Senate committee on the District of Co
lumbia, today outlined to a Star reporter
his plan for work during the present Con
gress in the interest of the District.
Mr Gallinger said he d.d not know of
anything unusual that would enpge the at
tention of the committee during the present
session of Congress, but intimated that he
Is prepared for a large amount of work of
the usual kind. He said he Is In favor of
^ r> liberal appropriations for the D'strict.
e'og" l,ng ? that the development oi
this city which has made such rapid strides
during the past ten years, should not be halt
ed by a niggardly policy either on the part
trovenirneiit'* ?' ,he DiS""iCt ?r the national
To Meet Expenditures.
The ordinary expenditures for streets '
I" hools. police, charities, etc., must, 11P said
>e on a liberal scale, and the extraordinary
expenditures for projects such as the
t1""?"????' SX&iSt SA
Ji- did not 'share hi Sthatpre'iu ,Gail-nger said
tuner been able ? a* he had j
other municipality In the couniy does ^
1 '.veil is low. I deprecateajLvantases en- |
???untry. and whhe rU** ?pltal "f the
eral to the District th^ .S should be lib
should take a broad "and ?f thc Distr)ct
view of the immense adv ";?mI,rehensive
educational and materiaUtet 8?C,ai'
" community." 1 thej enjoy as
The senator said it will h
as chairman of the cranmitf. ? endeavor.
ales fairly and ^ ' to hoItl the
g-vernment on the o^ie'hand be'ween the
t'ict on the other as w?n * ^ the D'?"
conflicting interests of bftween the
Imitations ^ of 'idividuals and eor
The Telephone Controversy
sumption on his part to sav ?h?i r
would do rec ir iir, what Congress:
himselfS any Biven subject' F<>r
-wing the agitation for -
l.v d?cid"drtthatheth0n,tiniU1<1- "have re?nt
Phone company hk? ,J^.e^?t1and the tele
siderahly in the last Par f ltS rates ra?
Jiuits, apparatus, buildings*3 etc?* *n ??n"
I'Ut in view "rthe libera, ev. ?''ght to be
by the company md tL I ilrv" made
already accomplished i on in ra?efi
Its Patrons the reaso"able wishes of
Favors Park Commission Plan.
?f~?a,t0r Sa,d hS t00k a great interest
in the union station project, as he con
sidered that the initial step In a system of
p ements that would make Waahina
?on, Rev. Dr. S.atford
U,e cUy w*? destined to be "the Queen
of the World." ?e said the plan of ?,e
park commission is unquestionably a most
admirable one. and he hoped to see that
plan closely followed In the future location
?v buildings, the development of
?Mg 0f hri<ir0Ctl0.w ?f monun,ents, the build
iayi.:;fot trees'the
sideeo?nplqUefUoa-" h?'?aW. "the south
fares hn all {hi ^ugb
memb^r'or' fK.OWn' S*n*tor Gal,in*?r. as a
memoer of the committee on the District
of Columbia, has, during the past ten
the"? * exceed'ngly valuable work in
<Vf th??;;VT?Th?f Uie Sa'",arv c?>??tion
ii tne cit>, and he ar.nouneea his intention
to continue that work. He hope" to b2
w T," Ihy W18e and ??"d'cious legislation'
."i...} co-operation of the Associated
Charities, the health officer and the medic it
profession of the District to solv?
-531?' saas *^si
? remarks on this subject in the Senate
of t'hS Tty ?r ln8PeCt,?n through the^Ueys
f* lnally, said the senator "if Hw. ?., ?
? i?viri zi TVfX'cz&rsz
' proprietary interest In the city of Wash
Ktcn. there will he li?ie difficulty Tn ^-"
"'2 -^'dPZrtaa,rsfer^Ua,e f?r
V.c V, me,usf that
t ,ne an accornlHshed fact in due
Annual Convention of Manufacturers
in Season.
The second annual convention ot the In
dependent Tobacco Manufacturers' Asso
ciation of the United States convened at
the New Willard Hotel at noon today.
After the appointment of the usual commit
tees and the disposition of several routine
matters tne meeting adjourned until 3
o'clock this afternoon, when the actual
work of the convention was begun. The
convention was calleu to order by President
John Landstreet of Richmond. Va.
The annual election of officer* will be held
tomorrow afternoon, after which It 1? ex
pected that the convention will adjourn.
It is explained that It Is the aim of the as
sociation to protect the Interests of the
membership. The aasociatlon does not pur
pose to antagonize the tobacco truat. but. It
is explained, should the necessity arise the
Independent manufacturers are In a posi
tion to stand a fight.
The association Is interested in several
pending legislative matters, and it is ex
pected that a larger part of the discussions
at the session will be given to such-.sub
Wants Contract Declared Void.
Robert 8. Maison, through Attorneys Kim
hall and White, today Instituted proceedings
In equity In the District Supreme Court
against Clark & Co.. and the Mexican Min
ing and Exploration Company. The court
Is asked to declare void a certain contract
lor the purchase of mining stock entered
Into by the complainant with the defend
ants. and to order canceled a note for $900.
Jewell ry.
Sterling silver and gold-Oiled eA.
Stick Pins at 25c and. dliCi
Ladies' Solid Gold Rings, with opal.
tnrqiM.ise and ruby settings,
Children's solid gold Rings.
set with diamond chip; spe- dp fl AA
cial ut $laVV
Sterling silver and gold-filled
Lockets at "CJV.
Brooch Pins of sterling silver
and gold-filled and jeweled ef- <n>8^
foots; at ??C.
Sterling silver Thimbles, extra A (j-*, _
heavy quality, at TrVW.
Sterling silver Lorgnette
Unks^at^. .8?"d. .80,d.ered. $ ! .00
Gold-filled Lorgnette Chains, with
solid gold slide; Jeweled;
special at
; Trimmed Hats
; Reduced to % Price
; and Thereabouts.
We are closing out the Trim
med Millinery at wonderfully
small prices. Holiday goods are
crowding us hard?and we must
use the room these Hats take up
for gift goods. Styles are one and
all of the finest sort?hut the big
gest bargains are to be found
among the highest priced Hats.
.98 for $4 Hats.
M for $5 & $6 Hats
$3.98 for $7 <& $8 Hats
,98 for $ II0 <& $ II2 Hats
$110 for $15 to $20 Hats
Friday Bargains
in Shoe Dept.
Boys' regular $1.00 and $1.25 Leggins,
of corduroy, ciotii and leather, ^iQ)q
Men's and Boys' Leather and ,41
Velvet House Slippers, at Tra>t<?
Children's $1.50 and $2.00 Patent Kid
and Vlcl Kid Shoes, half heels
and spring heels, broken s zes.
Boys' and Children's Black Jersey
Cloth Leggins, regular 50c.
value, for
Men's regular $1.25 quality AjJr-r
Arctics. best made, all sizes, at..-'?v.
Children's Rubber Boots, sizes (TgSf.
0 to lOVi. good quality, at ViSS*.
Boys' Storm King Rubber Boots, the
best made, all sizes up to 2, fl?t| Ag?
regular $2.50 values, for H ."f
Women's and Children's Wool Sl'p
per Soles, all sizes, per pair, fl E?
at U a5C.
Women's regular 50c.
quality Best
sizes 2H to 3W only, tomorrow at
Lot of Children's Shoes, of solid
leather throughout, s'zes up to
11, tomorrow at
Men's best quality Rolled-edge Dull
Rubbers; all sizes, regular $1.00
value, for
Women's regular $2.50 and $3 ' 0 Siloes,
stylish las's and almost all
sizes, reduced to
Men's and Women's Holiday Slippers,
of leather and cloth. In assorted styles,
regular $1.25 and $1.50 values, irs E?,?
for V^iC.
Women's regular $3.00 grade of* T^n
Shoes, with cork soles, almost
all sizes
gBoys' CWWiriiQr and
Ion and
A lot of one and two of a kind Over
coats. left from regular lines that sold
out quickly, will be closed out tomorrow
at less than cost. They include Top
coats and Overcoats of Kersey. Mellon,
Vicuna and Frieze, in gray, tan, blue,
green, brown and red; broken
sizes. ut> to 10 years. Values (fc-T) /p. j?
up to $6.00 at
Boys' regular 25c. Elastic Web
Suspenders offered Friday at,
A tableful of Boys' and Children's
Hats and Caps of every description and
all colors, the last small lots of several
of our best selling lines, to be
hurried out Friday at
8 Boys' Navy Blue Chinchilla Storm
collar Reefers; sizes 5. 7, 9.
10. 11 and 13 years; worth
$.1.00: for
Boys' White Linen Collars, slightly
soiled or mussed; regular price,
10c. each; Friday for
Boys' Oxford Gray Long Oxford Over
coats, with velvet collar and slash pock
S ets; sizes 3. 4. 5. 0. 10. 12, 13, 14. 15 and
3E 10 years; sold for $:!.00; Frl
day at
w Boys' Russian Blouse Suits and Sailor
Collar Style Norfolks: not all sizes of
J; each sort, but all sizes in the
3>; lot from 3 to 0 years; sold up (t>D <=?E"
5 to $5.00; at
Boys' Percale and Madras Shirts, with
v and without collars; broken
w sizes; sold at 50c.; for...v
6 Pure All-wool Worsted Sweaters, for
& the little fellows from 2 to 4
& vears; sold up to $1.00 each; A
% Friday at 4<?C.
3S 0 Boys' Pure Rubber Coats; sizes 5 to
35 10 years; sold at $3.00; Frl
day at sP&.&Sj
Boys' Fancy Cheviot Double-breasted
K Suits; nearly all sizes; sold at ti Arr?.
|f $2.u> and $2.50; Friday at oP U
jS Children's White and Blue and Gray
K Wool Tam o' Shanters, which IP
sold at 50c.. Friday for aJ'iD't.
6 Boys' Long Rain Coats: sizes 0, 10,
12 and 13 years; in Oxford Gray; guar
anteed waterproof; sold at .$4.90
Smok i n g Jackets.
Two lota at reduced prices.
Lot of Men's Smoking Jackets, in plain
tricot cloth and fancy double-faced :
cloth; broken sizes. Sold up e?/\ J
to as high as $7.50. At
2 Men's Smoking Jackets, sixes 36
38 only. Sold at $5.00. Re
duced to
A Candy Special.
Delicious Cream "Fudge" Chocolate
and Vanilla;- trade of pure sugar,
chocolate and cream; nothing better sold
anywhere-' at any price. Our special
12c. per pound.
Last Remnant Day Before Xmas!
There will be no more Remnant Fridays until after Christmas. Holiday goods are crowding to
the front?and we must give our entire attention to the demand for the "givables." Tomorrow's
Rem riant Sale is therefore of two=fold importance?for it will be our last chance to dispose of the
accumulated small lots and broken lines for two weeks. We've made prices that will give us a clear
fie d. There's a mine of useful gift suggestions in this list for Friday ? and you may buy two gifts
for the usual price of one.
Fancy Goods.
A special assortment of Fancy Boxes,
including Work. Boxes.. Collar and Cuff
Boxes. Necktie Boxes and Glove
Boxes, in various designs, at...
Collar and Cuff Boxes of
celluloid and leatherette; spe
cial at
Smoking Sets, consisting of pipe, cigar
holder and cigarette holder;
in a fancy lined celluloid <p fl i(\f\
case, at i $ 11 .IPO
Shaving Sets, consisting of razor, mug,
brush. extension mirror and
scissors; special at
Special lot of I'hoto Al
bums, at
Children's Kxtra Heavy Quality Stock
ings, lxl ribbed, with double knee,
heel and toe. Special, per pair, lOo.
Ladies' Extra Superior Quality Fancy
Hose, including dropstitcli and
silk-embroidered styles, per pair,
Men's Fancy Half Hose, including
fancy colored and with silk clocking in
all colors; full regular made. fSflljy
Special. per pair, at wvCi
Lace Remnants.
Last of the remnants of regular $1.00
quality Venice All-over Lace, in new
designs; will go quickly- tomor- A&f
row. per yard, at
Regular 15c. arid 10c. Applique Lace,
to match the above all-over
lace, in desirable lengths, fl ((1)2/ r
Reduced to HVC/jC.
45-inch All-silk Moussellne, In black,
white and leading colors. Regu
lar 50c. value. Offered Friday at a>Ow.
Hen's Clothing.
The one and two of a kind left from
best selling lines will all be closed out
. tomorrow at small prices.
Lot of Men's All-wool Suits in Scotch
cheviots and rough mixtures, broken
sizes, which sold at prices up
to $9.(?0, for <
Men's All-wool Cassimere and Hairline
Striped, also Plain Navy Blue Cheviot
Trousers, which sold at $2 00
and $2.30 a pair, offered Fri
day at
IS Men's All-woo. < )xford Gray Irish
Frieze Overcoats, left from
our regular $10.00 and $8.50 0^
22 Young Men's 8-piece Suits, sizes 16
to 19 years; in various neat patterned
cheviots, rough Scotch mixtures and
figured effects; values up to
$7.50, at &ay.?i&
14 Young Men's Long Full-back Over
coats of Oxford gray Irish Frieze, which
are well worth $10.00. offered iCg
Friday at
Lot of Men's Fancy Silk Vests, In neat
dark patterns; values up to
$3.o0. at
$8.00: for
HJmderwear Dept.
Ladies' Extra Fleece-lined Vests, In
all siies. These are regular 'I(n)/"?
49c. garments, for oJVvi
Children's Ribbed Shirts and fl g_
Drawers; only a few sizes 1 iSt.
Ladies' Black Oneita Union
Suits, in all sizes; $1.00 quality,
Absolutely fast black.
Reran man ts.
A lot of 24-inch Plain Japanese Habu
tal Silks: all silk: heavy and strong: in
light blue, pink, hello, rose, navy, green,
cardinal, maise, cream, white
and black: 39c. value, for
Remnants of Black Grenadines. Crepe
tie Chine, Black Taffeta. Black Peau de
Sole. Black Corded Taffetas, Black Gros
Grain. Black Moire Velours, Black Jap
anese. Black Louisine, Colored Taffetas,
Colored Peau de Sole. Colored Peuu de
Cygne, Fancy Taffetas. White Corded
'Wash Silks. Satin Liberty Foulards,
Figured Japanese Foulards, waist and
skirt lengths, at deep reductions.
Cabinet Royale, containing one quire
of assorted writing paper and
envelopes to match, special at..
Sterling silver Pencils 25c,
Sterling silver Pen Holders 25c.
.High grade Stationery of kid finish
linen, paper and envelopes to ,
match; handsomely boxed, at.. SyC.
Marcus Ward's Portfolio Cabinet, with
blotter in center and side compartments
containing two quires of assorted writ
ing paper and envelopes;
Fine quality kid finish linen Station
ery, in a handsome box containing si*
quires of writing paper and
envelopes to match, at
Interest centers arpund the Handker
chief news,, because of the great favor ?
in which. Handkerchiefs are held as
A great lot of Men's and_ Ladles'
Handkerchiefs, in scores of styles, In
cluding plain hemstitched ana fancy
bordered. Fresh'- laundered."
Worth 8c. and 10c. each?at 4 il try_
for.... T 1UC.
- Lot of Ladles' Pure Linen Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, nice sheer (n._
quality, usual, 12V?c<-value, for VC.
Lot of Ladies' extra fine quality all
pure linen Handkerchiefs, usual
ly sold at 25c. each, offered Frt- fl Q _ ?
day at 11 <3C.
. Lot of Men's Fine Quality Pure Irish
Linen -Handkerchiefs, . with *4, % and
1-inch Terns; regular 35c. value 2
0 for one dollar.
Ladies' Neckwear
Lot of Ladles Venice Lace Collars, in
Butter, Arabian and white;
regular 30c. value, for...?s9k,
Regular $1.50 Black Silk Chiffon Neck
Ruffs, with long accordion pleated
ends; foil length; tomorrow
An assortment of Ladled' Neckwear,
?ircluding Silk Jabots, trimmed with
Venice medallions, colors of white, pink,
light blue, etc.; worth double, /Q(Q)q
Upholstery Goods,
Bedwear, <&c.
There are many =gift suggestions In
this list that tl\e thrifty-minded will
promptly take advantage of.
Lot of Silfc HettA' Rests, single and
double styles, a trifle mussed. ^(TK-,
Reduced from 5t>t*nnd 09c. to. wrC.
Lot of Go-Cart iSlAei' of Angora fur,'
well lined and fftfaiiea; reg
ular $2.25 value,^^5.
Single pairs of line quality Tapestry
Portieres, which.m>ld'-3*t $6.50 to $14-00
a pair, to be closed oat Fri- (
day at..- ..... cj>TT?
. 22-incli Sofa (?dsHl<4iis of tapestry,
finished with iiei\-y?- ^prd and
tassels. Wofth ^J'3% '/or...... Vuv,
Lot of real imp?r.te4'Irlsh Point and
Tambour Laceaf-,C##'t?,nsr heavily
worked on very,; flne mesh; one and
two pairs' ot a k^nd.^old at (0)9
$4.00 and $4.50 4V, pair?,for... ?P^o yd
Lot of Lace Beti Sets, large size for
double beds; wortii $3.00
and $3.50, ton??tpw - ? ?
3-fold Golden-Qak Screens, filled in
with silkollne, regular ' $1.00 AiTh/
valoe, for... f...v:.OVC.
Lot of large Doutfte Bed Spreads. In
Marseilles patterns, pearl hemmed,
reudy for u?e; regular $1.00
and $1.25 values, for
Lot of Ball Fringe for trimming
purposes, sold regularly at 3c. I] _
and 5c. a yard. Friday at u^.
9 pairs of very flne quality selected
California Wool Blanke's; with col
ored borders, sold at $5.00 oO
and $0.00 a pair, at.
Tapestry Cushions, for sofas and
cozy corners; rich oriental de- A.?!/*
signs; worth $1 and $1.25, for.
Baseim't Bargains.
Crystal Glass Wine Glasses In
plain and fancy patterns. Spe
cial. per dozen oJVw.
Extra Thin Blown Water Tum
blers: 60c. value. Special, per
dozen t tr?W.
Nickel-plated Serving Trays:
13-lnch size :
. 9c.
Silver-plated Napkin Rings....
Terra Cotta Jardinieres in new 1) A ?
colors; 8-inch size 11?v?
Mottled China Cuspidors; 19c. II
values 1VC.
Bohemian Glass -Water Sets of 8
pieces, in colored and crystal fJO-,
glass, gold finished VCJv.
Carlsbad China Cracker Jars.
Claret Jugs. In cut glass effect,
silver-plated tops
Silver-plated Knife and Fork Set
of 12 pieces, in neat box, $1.75 ^ |j
9-piece American Porcelain Toilet
Sets, in blue, green and brown
decorations '.
Bohemian Glass Wine Sets, consisting
of 6 glasses. 1 decanter, and
glass tray, richly finished with
gold voc.
Beautiful Glftss Vases, with ^ -J
lised flowers; gold finished ^6q5C.
Terra Cotta Busts. In an end
less variety of subjects
Japanese China Chocolate Pots
?neatly decorated
China Vases, with raised flower
decorations VC.
1 lot Framed Pictures, with 2- fl iO*_
inch mats 11 VC.
& Children's Wearables
Odds of Coutll Corsets, long and
medium styles, in black and white.
Included are Thompson's make; sizes
18 and 19 only. Sold at $1.00 Jl if>r
and $1.25, for 11 VC.
Lot of Whfte and Gingham Aprons,
long and wide, with tie
strings; offered Friday at
Ladies' Knit Fascinators, Squares,
Bolero Jackets and Flannelette Skirts,
sold up to 2Dc. each. Fri- ?(] EJ-,
day at 11 ?>v.
Small lot of Ladies' Muslin Drawers,
Corset Covers. Skirts, Chemise and
Aprons; also Children's Skirts, Aprons
and Canton Flannel Drawers, soiled.
To be closed out Friday g
12 handsome Cambric Skirts and
Gowns,trimmed with lace and embroid
ery; slightly soiled. Sold (?? fl A(fh
at $2.98 and $3.98. Choice... ^11 .UV
18 All-wool Eiderdown Dressing
Sacques. In light blue, pink and lav
ender; appliqued trimmed col
lars; broken sizes, reduced to... TTJ'V.
19 Girls' Plaid er-d Novelty Worsted
Dresses; lined waists; with bretelles
trimmed with fancy braid and ribbon;
sizes up to 12 years; reduced 79c.
Small lot of Children's Cloth Coats,
heavily lined, and made with deep col
lars, braid trimmed; various desirable
colors; sizes 2 to 6 years; re
duced from $2.98 to 11 ? HJI>'
Odd lot of Babies' Caps, of white silk
and black velvet; French style, with
full ruch, embroidery and tucks;
sold up to $1.69, at
Infants' Long Cambric Slips, lace
around neck and sleeves; Infants^ Mitts,
Bcotles, Eibs and White
Silk Caps, reduced to?
8 Ladles' Taffeta Silk Petticoats, with
deep circular - ruffles; colors of
blue, gun metal and black;
were $5.98, for
4 Black Velvet Coats, heavily inter
lined; made box back, with deep collars
trimmed with lace medallions^ sizes^ ^2
to 4 years; reduced from $4.98
Dolls at
Special Prices.
Several lots of Dolls are reduced be
cause of some slight fault?that does not
hurt them In the least, however. We've
marked them at less than usual prices
because lots are not complete.
Handsome full-Jointed Bisque Dolls. 17
Inches high, with eyes that open and
shut In obedience to the will of Its little
mistress. Offered tomorrow at
the exceptionally low price of....
6 Extra Large-size Bisque
Dolls; sold at $4.98. Reduced
2' Extra Large-size Jointed Bisque
Dolls, the gowns of which are
rumpled. Sold at $0.98. Frl- rffc 1 ^/ni
day at
6 Hansomely Dressed Bisque Dolls,
daintily arrayed In laces and ribbons
and large theater hats, at half regular
lien's Furnishings
Men's Domet Flannel Night Robes, ex
tra heavy qualities, neat patterns, most
all sizes, worth 75c. to $2.00. gA/,
Remnant pricer
Men's 50c. Heavy Fleece-lined Under
wear. shirts and drawers to match,
shirts taped neck and pearl buttons;
drajiers full est and perfect fit
ting; most all sizes. Remnant
price -5 *
Men's $1.50 and $2.00 Domet Flannel
PaJajnas, in a large assortment of neat
patterns, extra well made, some with
silk frogs, others have large
pearl buttons, all sizes ^
A lot of Men s Fine Madras and Chev
iot Neglige Shirts. In large assortment
of neat patterns. strip?s and figures,
some with cuffs attached; worth
$1.00 and $1.50 "
Men's Heavy Fleece-lined Olov :s, Jer
sey palms and Astrakhan backs, b'ack
and brown, all sizes. Special
Domestic Remn'ts
Remnants of Dress Ginghams from
2bi to 10 yd. lengths, in the regular
Bates Seersucker styles In gray, blue
and pink stripes; suitable for skirts and
Children's Dresses. Rem"4^6f*
nant price ? 7^^'
Short lengths of Full Yard-wide
Bleached Cotton, soft finish, suitable for
Undergarments from 2 to 10 A "3/r*
yd. lengths. Remnant price....Trc^ajj>??
Remnants of Light and Dark Outing
Cloth and Flannelettes; all good lengths;
heavy weights suitable for undergar
ments. Waist for Friday
Short lengths of Full Yard-wide Dark
Percale, suitable for wrappers and chil
dren's dresses; all good
lengths. Remnant Price...
Toy Leaders.
Special prices for wanted Toys to gain
your early attention to this splendid
stock of good Toys and its fair figures.
Children's Morris Chair, nice
ly upholstered. Special at
Boys' Sleds, with steel spring
runners, well made. Special at. ?>5'C.
Iron Express Wagons, with 4 iron
wheels and iron gearing. Spe- (ftiQ ?
cial at VOC.
Regular 98c. Dolls' Go-Carts;
strongly made. Special at / a3C.
Suits for boys, including firemen, In
dian, letter carrier and soldier (HjQ,-.
uniforms. Special at VOC.
Polished Walnut ? finished
Writing Desks, roll top, at
Dolls' Pianos, 25c. up to S6.98
Track and Train "figure eight." com
plete and in perfect working or- jjo
der, at VCC,
Double Tracks and Two Trains, that
may race together, complete "T)
Doll's Furniture of every
sort, at 49c. to 1
89 c.
Large Crokinole Boards at.
Extension Roller Skates, per ilfk
pair, at TrVW.
Dolls' Iron Ranges, com
plete with cooking utensils,
at 98c. to
Iron Toys, including Fire Patrci, Hook
and Ladder, Fire Engine. Mule Truck
Team, Police Patrols, and many i|Or
others, at - TrOt.
Mechanical Toys of various
desirable sorts, at 25c. to '
The Daisy Air Rifle, at.... 69c,
.3% c.
Linen Remnants.
Remnant lot of Turkey Red Table Cov
ers (8-4 size), fringed all around, in
clear plaids of red and white.
Sold for 75c. Remnant price. A<Tt\~
each 49C.
Small lot of Large-size Luncheon Dol
lies. white centers, fast color, striped
borders; in red and blue; sold
for 75c. doz. Remnant price,
each OJ^gC.
23 doz. Small-size Turkish Towels; full
bleached; fringed at the ends. Ai,/ ~
Remnant price, each ^/^C.
Remnant lot of German Linen Table
Cloths (8-4 size); neat dice patterns;
plain white; also with led border;
fringed all around; sold for 79c. >1^ ?
regularly. Remnant price, each.. tttIC.
Dress Goods R'rn'ts
Remnants, including double - width
Plaids, Figured Nun's Veiling, Wool Al
batros and Wool Danish Cloth, in de
sirable lengths; offered Friday, A J/ r
yd., at........
Remnants of 36-incli Wool Cashmere,
36-lnch all-wool Suitings. 36-inch Vene
tian. 36-inch all-wool Albatross, all-wool
Figured Challie and Mercerized Wait
ings, sold up to 50c. a yd., of
fered Friday, yd
Remnants of all-wool Dress Fabrics,
Including Snowflake Mixtures. Zebelines,
Ca3hmere, Batiste, Crepe Albatros. Mo
hair, Cheviot Serge, etc., from 38 to 42
inches wide; sold off the piece IP
up to 75c. a yd., for
Remnants of finest quality Dress Ma
terials, including Flaked Zebelines.
Snowfiakes, heavy-weight, double-faced
Cloths. Prunella. Scotch Mixtures, etc.;
48 to 56 inches wide: values well
worth up to $1.48 a yard, for /?>W.
Glove Bargains.
Ladles' and Children's Black Worsted
Mitts, good heavy quality, j| 'JX/n
regular 19c. values, for
Ladies' regular 25c. Black Fleece-lined
and Fancy Colored Gloves, all sizes in
the lot, but not of each sort, fl Kr
Friday at U?U"^.
Ladies' Regular 39o. Fancy Silk-lined
Gloves for winter wear, ail
sizes in this lot. Friday at
Boys' Scotch Woal and Astrakhan
Gloves, in plain and fancy col
ors. Friday, per pair, at
The last of those regular $1.00 Poster
Hook Kid Gloves for ladies will be
closed out tomorrow . at 55c. a pair.
Black and leading colors in the lot?but
not each sort in every size.
Friday, per pair ^
'-h'v '."-V ' - .
Odd Lots of
Women's Skirts,
Suits,Coats, Fors
at Quick-Selling Prices.
3 Black Peau do Sole Silk Dre?a SklrU.
trimmed with fancy tailor
made effects and lace medal- ep aQ
lions: worth $15.tK>, for .pd.VO
4 Misses' Dress Skirts of Imported
Black Panne Cheviot; elabo
rately trimmed: sold at $6.98,
4 Black Zibellne Corset
Coats, which sold at $12.00. a> e? ,n>o
so at $5.?0
4 Imported Metallic Dot Velvet Walsta
which sold at $5.00, will be
closed out at.
3 Imported English Covert Corset
Jackets, which sold at $16.98, #0 rp
Friday, at
4 Black Peau de Sole Louis XIV
Blouse Coats, lined and inter- /ryo
lined: sold at $12.98. for ?p0.VO
2 Black Peau de Sole Silk Coats; long
stole effects, and double
$CS f^x..front; ^ at $7.g>8
2 Dark Oxford Gray Cravenette
coats, which sold at $15.00
offered Friday at
3 Genuine Priestley Cravanette
coats, which sold at $3??ij0 <]/
and $22.50. will go at K
One handsome XXXX Quality
Seal Fur Jacket, with sable mink
revers and cuffs; lined with
brocaded satin: r-duced
from $?.?>.no to
One Genuine Persian Lamb Fur
Jacket, size 38, which sold dj ^ Q rp
at $100.00, reduced to
2 Imported Robe S'lk Net Dress Sk rts.
over taffeta silk drop; trimmed off with
heavy brocaded medallions; (P/n\ iVhirt.
hold at $22.50 and $25.00, for.. ^V>.yy
2 Misses' Imported English Novelty
Mixture Walking Suits, long {P g
coat effect, sold at $10.98. for
4 Misses' Military Effect Winter
Coats; full length; sold at y /rjiQ
$6.98. Friday for
4 Misses' Zibeline Coats, full length,
with double capes and satin 3 /rtiS
pipings; were $7 98, for aPaJ.yO
1 Genuine Electric Seal Fur Jacket,
broad collar and reveres; lined with
satin duchess. Rt duced <P fl Q irrO
from $25.00 to 3 11 O.VO
3 Imported Panne Cheviot Blouse
Suits, that sold at $25 on.
will be hurried out tomor
row, at
2 Ladies' Suits of Black and Blue
Cheviot, trimmed with novel
tv buttons, etc. Reduced from <PQ <n>S
$18.98 to $Q.yi3
17 Ladies' Black and Blue Panne
Cheviot and Imported Covert Walking
Skirts, left from lines sold up ^ T>
to $10.00 and $12,110, at
Lot of Children's Fur Sets, consisting
of muff of imitation Persian Iamb, trim
med with angora fur, with QO?
stole collar to match. $2 value.. "Ovi
and Waists.
2 dozen Ladies' Fine Quality Navy
Blue Silk Embroidered Dot Mohair
Waists, which sold at $2.98. will ASf
be closed out tomorrow at VCSV.
3 dozen Flannelette Waists, odds and
ends of "our regular 50c. line; of- fl
fered Friday at ? '*?
A lot of several dozen good quality
Flannelette Wrappers, made in best
dressmaker style, and trimmed with
ruffles and capes; regular $1.00
and $1.25 values, for
Lot of about 4 dozen Ladies' and
Men's 26 and 28-inch Silk Gloria I m
brellas, steel rod and paragon frame;
handsome handles. Regular
$1.50 values for
Lot of Children's Navy Blue Serge
Mackintoshes, warranted
rainproof. Regular $2.25 value $1.08 I
A !arge remnant lot of Black Fabrics,
including 5<>-in. A it-wool Voile. 50-in.
All-wool storm Serge, 50-in. All-wool
Zebeline. 5n-in. Mohair Sicilian. 46-in.
All-wool Henrietta, 4o-.n. Surah Serge.
40-ln. Brllliantine and 45-in. All-wool
Mistral Suiting. Values worth 19
up to 75c. a yard, for aJ't/W.
A big lot of Ail-silk Narrow Ribbona
for fancy work, in all colors of the rain
bow; regular price, 2c. a yard. Offered
in bunches of from 2 to 4 yards
tomorrow, per bunch, at
Remnants of Numbers 5 and 7 All-silk
Taffeta and Satin Kibbons, In desirable
widths and all colors; regular T)JI/r
5c. and 8c. values. Per yard.. ?
A good remnant lot of Best Quality
Ribbons. in very wide widths. Including
All-silk Taffetas, Liberty Satin and
Double-face Taffetas and Louisines, in
best colors and desirable lengths.
?orlues... ,u.p... ,to....19c:...yard: 6%c.
Art Department.
Spachtel Bureau Scarfs and Shams,
22c.?reduced from 25c. and 39c.
Handsome Spachtel Scarfs and Sliamf,
reduced from 79c. to 48c.
Spachtel Scarfs and Shams to match;
worth up to $1.60, at 98c.
Tinted Pillow Tops, 18c.
Pillow Cords. In all colors, 23c. each.
25c. Colored Linen Centerpieces. 1 lc.
$1.98 Ready Finished Pillow Tops. 9Sc.
Bear Brand Shetland Floss, all colors,
8c. hank.
Germantown, all colors, ;lc. hank.
6-piece Opal Sets, hand-painted colors,
Some Ohio Political History Furnished
a Roosevelt Opponent.
8p?oial <;orr?t|>of.denr? of The ETvqlng Star.
COLUMBUS. Ohio. December 10.?The
Evening Dispatch, independent republican,
which is owned by Joseph J. Gill, who re
cently resigned his seat in Congress (six
teenth Ohio district), prints the following
"The Cincinnati morning republican
newspaper that is congratulating itself on
the theory that President Roosevelt sits tn
mortal terror because of Its editorial ut
terances on the subject of his renomina
tion is the same newspaper that served no
tice on the republican party of Ohio a few
months ago that it would be unwise, im
politic and disastrous to nominate Myron
T. Herrick for governor.
"And yet Col. Herrick was nominated by
the republicans by acclamation, and was
elected by a majority of considerably more
than 100,000.
"As a molder or as a reader of public
sentiment It will not be entirely truthful
to say that the Cincinnati Commercial
Tribune has been infallible within the past
six months."
Filed for Probata.
The will of Mary Powers, dated the 1st
Instant, was filed this afternoon for pro
bate. Her daughter, Anna J. Doyle, is
named beneficiary and executrix.
By the terms of the will of Sarah K.
Proctor, dated March 29. 1807, and also
placed on record today, her estate is left
to Immediate relatives.
Entertained at Tea?Leaves for Wash
ington Tomorrow Night.
SprUi Co nnpondtnoe of The Kveiling Stur.
NORFOLK, Va? December 10.?Miss Helen
M. Gould and party arrived here this morn
ing: from Old Point ?Comfort, and after a
long carriage drive, including a trip to the
navy yard, Miss Gould spent several hours
with Internal Secretary W. B. Miller of the
Naval Y. M. C. A. work at the Norfolk
Navy Association building, Inspecting the
aame and ascertaining its needs for next
year for successful work among the men of
the navy coming to this yard.
This afternoon Miss Gould was entertain
ed at a tea given at the colonial residence
of Mrs. Barton Myers, wife of the British
consul here and president of the Woman's
Auxiliary to the Norfolk Naval T. M. C. A.,
organised by Miss Gould last year.
The 190 lady members of this organisa
tion, including the ladies of this naval sta
tion, were present to receive Miss Gould,
who tonight appears at a public mass
meeting at Epworth Methodist Church, to
be addressed by Rear Admirals Harring
ton and Wise and other naval officer*.
Miss Gould and party leave tomorrow
night for Washington, D. C.
Miss Helen Gould, while en route from
Old Point Comfort to Norfolk this morning,
was given a surprise reception by 200 sail
ors from the torpedo flotlta bow in Hamp
ton Roads ready to start for Manila.
At Norfolk-on-the-Roads, a transfer point
for. the Gould party, the sailors came
ashore, and on the wharf formed two lines,
with heads uncovered. Between these Miss
Gould passed from the ferry steamer to. a
special car, upon which site came on to
Norfolk. The occasion was a. most notable
one and pleased Miss Gould unspeakably.
Hold Twenty-Thlgg Annual Meeting in
Baltimore Today.
BALTIMORE, , J^ecember 10.?The
National Civil Servine tBeform League be
gan its twenty-third-iantlUal meeting In this
city today, and will cfJntinue until tomor
row evening.
Danielle. GHman.fgfe^&ent of the league,
opened the coaventaeuvwlth a few appro
priate remarks. T|fl? sibling's session -was
taken up chiefly wr^f J;^'reading of reports
and discussions uggn She same. Among
these were the annxot ritport of the council
and reports from th?> jwjWben'a auxiliaries.
Among the notabjfS^dul^gatee present were
Carl Schurs, Ed^fd^: Wheeler, Homer
i Folks and Edward Cafey of New York;
James R. Garfield and W. E. Cushlng of
Ohio; Richard Henry Dana, Charles J. Bo
naparte, John R. Proctor, Charles Richard
son, Elliott H. Goodwin, Alfred W. Cooley,
Henry F. Greens and Henry W. Farnam
and Wm. D. Foulke. Many of the delegates
are accompanied by their wives.
After the adjournment of the morning ses
sion the delegates were entertained at
luncheon by the woman's auxiliary to the
Maryland Civil Service Reform Association.
Gold and Copper Company Incorporated
A certificate of . incorporation of the Green
Monster Gold and Copper Company, capital
stock $5,000,000, was placed on record here
this afternoon. The incorporators are
Samuel S. Toder, Gutter T. Bride aa4-8tU
son Hutehina. .
Slow Pace Marks Fourth Day?Eight
Teams Tied for First Place.
NEW YORK, December 10.?The fourth
day of the six-day bicycle race found eight
teams still tied for first place, and Moran,
and Keegan just a lap behind, having been
unable to regain the lap they were penalized
when they Joined forces after losing their
first teammateST The other three teams ap
parently have little chance of catching"the
leaders, though the pace is yA-y.slow.
At 10 a. m. the Contenet-Breton, Leander
Butler, Floyd Krebs- Peterson, Newkirk
Jacobson, Bedell brothers, Root-Dorland,
Bowler-Fisher and Walthour-Munroe teams
had completed 1,408 miles 9 laps; Moran
Keegan, 1,406 8 laps; Samson-Vanderstuyft,
1,406 9 laps; Frans Krebs-Qougolti, 1.40T
miles 9 laps and Dove-Hedspeth, 1,306 miles
6 laps.
At 1 p.m. the score of the eight leading
teams was 1,468 miles, 3 laps; Moran-Kee
gan, 1,466 miles. 2 laps; 8aaison-Vand?r
stuyft, 1,457 miles, 3 laps; Frans Krebs
Gcugol?s, 1,486 miles, 3 laps, and Dove-Hed
speth, 1,445 miles.
Naval Aid to the President.
Commander Cameron McR. Wlnslow has
been designated as naval aid to the Pres
ident, to succeed Capt. W. S. Cowles, who
has been assigned to command the new
battle ship Missouri.
If you want work read the want columns
of The Star.
Resumption of Proceedings in K. of L.
Hearing was resumed today before Jus
tice Anderson in Equity Court No. 1 in con
nection with the proceedings Instituted by
the Burns faction against the Hayes faction
of the order of the Knights of Labor. The
court is asked to decide which of the two
factions comprises the duly elected officers
of the order. The hearing was suspended
the first three days of this week for the
reason that Justice Anderson sat with the
Court of Appeals during that time.
Edward ll Greer, a witness for the Burns
faction, was recalled today for further
cross-examination, and then John W. Hayes
of the Hayes faction resumed the stand.
| Replevin Proceedings Instituted.
R. Harris ft Co., have instituted replevin
proceedings in the District Supreme Court
| against the superintendent of police and the
property clerk of the police department,
and against Burnstlne's loan office. The
object of the suits was to 9ecure to R. Har
ris ft Co. certain diamond jewelry of the
value of about $3,000, alleged to have been
pawned by a salesman formerly in the em
ploy of the firm in question.
An Assignment.
Francis P. Smoot, engaged In the grocery
and provision business at 800 B street
southeast, today made an assignment for
the benefit of his creditors, naming John K.
Shields assignee. His assets are stated to
be About $300 and his liabilities (536.80.
Smoke Law Case.
The United States government was named
as a defendant in the District brahch of the
Police Court today when Edward M. Daw
son, chief clerk of the Interior Depart
ment. was arraigned before Judge Kimball
as being responsible for a violation of the ,
anti-smoke law at the department recently.
Assistants to the Cn.ted States Attorney
for the District Mullowny and Given ap
peared for the I'nited States, and on behalf
of Mr. Dawson instructed him to enter a
plea of not guilty and asked for a trial by
jury. The attorneys were granted the
privilege to withdraw the ple?. and demand
for a jury trial at a later date If they de
sire. The court accepted Mr. Dawson'*
personal bonds to appear in court when
the case is set for trial, wh.cb will prob
ably be during the first part of January.
English Notables Arrive at New York.
NEW YORK. December 10.?Henry
Phlpps and Sir Horace Plunkett arrived to
day on the Oceanic from Liverpool.
Fatal Collapse of Building.
YOUNG8TOWN. Ohio, December 10.-The
toot of the casting house of the Andrew*
and Hitchcock furnace In Hubbard, five
miles from here, collapsed at midnight, kill
ing John Patrick, a Slavonian, and probably
fatally injuring two other men, both for
James Williams, a colored boy, flftea*
years of age, today In Criminal Court Na
1 pleaded guilty to * a charge of bwm
breaking. Justice Prttchard seateaoed hid
to the reform school during minority.

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