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Misses' Oxfords.
Misses' and Children's Kid ox
fm,da and 1-strap Patent Vamp
Slippers. All sizes in the OLot
Were 3110, $1.25and 31.50.7
choi.. at...........7c
Second Flioor.
The M&
Webster, In defining it,
Dropping into the Remnant Secti
Bleached Cotton,
Ecellent length's of ioc. and
12c. New York Mills
Wamsutta, Fruit-of -the
Loom and other standard
x - - - -
*New Lawns and Dimity in 12%c.
newest styles and colorings.
+ 2%.c. and 1.5c. qualities. A
Silverware for the table that will
* ost very little for you to own.
.1Soup Tureen, Quadruple plated, satin
. tnised and engraved. g
. Worth $4. To close......... *
* 2Ta Pots, quadruple plated, satin fin
* ished and engraved; shopworn. 98c
* Was $2..") To close .... ... ...
.* Tea& Set, quadruple plated, 4 pieces.
. inluding tea pot. sugar bowl, cream
. pitcher and spoon holder.$3 8
. as$611. To close....
* 1 Syrup Pitcher, quadruple plated with
tray; bright burnished; ro- $ 9
coco band. Was $3. To close.
Third floor.
Freezers and Gas Ranges.
6 "Auto-Spin" Ice Cream Freez
ers, that were used during our recent
c,demonstration of this excellent freez
-er. These are all in excellent working
Sorder and were used but little:
2 4-qt. size, was $3, for..$.48
5-qt. size, was $3.25, for.....6
- G as Range. steel frame with two
-burners on top and roomy
To close.................
Third Floor.
skirts an
*Unequaled values in these remna11
* tomorrow. Not many of these
1 Light Gray
French Voile
Suit, silk lined ~ 1
thr ou gh ou t.
Reduced from
8 Brtiliantine
yand Clot h
SSuits, in blue.
h)r own and
Sdak cl. e
e dtuied from $13.50
*3 10............ ...
141 F'ancy LInen.
Wh'Ite Duck and
P'iaue Tailor-made
S u I t a . Reduced
. from $it0 and 00
*, 20 Irish Linen
*Walking Skirts.
. kilted bottoms. f
* t,iueduced from $
. k irts Navy Bue~
eA.ll - wool Thibet$29
* lth W%alking
* Skir tReducedO
from $5 t0....
. i'i Ta 4overt Bo
.,tots, sain lined
*! throughout.Re
educed from $10 to
*Second Floor.
.Lot of 5 by S-in. WritIng Tablets. 5c.
. 4 for. .................-------e-..
e 10. and 1.30. ECnvelopes, assorted4c
* s,zes, a package.................
t ie bottles Ie P'age's Liquid Glue4c
1?., 1uires of good Writing
Pa per. in four colorings. At
Buyingt1 rIbbons at these prices is
cellent assortment for remnant
%-inch All-sIlk Satin Rib
bons. in excellent colors.
i'seful lengths. A yd..... O
3 to 4-inch Plain and
Faney Ribbons. in a
number of plain colors
and combinations. A 0
First floor
-lRemnanfts 1
An interesting lot of items at real
125 Japanese Fiber Rugs, choice <
36 by 72 in.; $1.25 and $i.-5o ki:
150 Body Brussels Rug., fringed, in a
splendid assortment of colors.l,
sises 2'? by 30 in. 4Sc. kind for...
5o. Japanese Stoop Mats, large L
else. reduced to............... *
Cottage Mosquito Net Ia
pretty dgns. 100 *, 5c.
8th St. &Pa. Ave.
igic Word"
never comprehended its true significan
here tomorrow for these Remnant
You Should Visit Our TIi
ion is a good habit to acquire. Look these bargains
- " Whil
Outig Clth,White Pique. In
Outing Cloth, effects
quality. 124,4c. ;
7 :1-inchr White M
7 C. __sN
We've just received a lot of x-- --
new Outing Cloth Rem- Ioc.- Engl
nants that are usual loc. yard.En
qualities to offer at I yard .
7% c. 20k White Or
x~ -x 12%3c.
Lawns and Dimities in 12%c. to 20c. Fancy-striped
y different kinds, a yard Madras, a yd.
4%c. 6%2c0
Genuine Bates' Seer
er Prints, a yd. 12%c. Sea Island Percale, a yd.
9 4 c IV_ _ _ _
9 Co 9%c.
About Hal
For Odd Pieces
Decorated Toilet
I Early buyers will be able to i
K up complete sets.
Some worth more than double as]
Some a trifle less. The average is half pl
Plain White Goods cost as much. It's
that we have but once a year. Previous -%e
wonderfully successful and attended by huni
thusiastic buyers. This sale deserves your se
eration. Third
ts Suits, Rem
A chance to b
than half pi
W rpL s Lght Blue C
trimmed with
it lots for buyers who come eariy of satin ribbon
4M). Slightly
-so there's reason for haste. for this reasi
Embroidered from $6.9 to..
C o ats; reduced a
from 15 to.
4 Pongee Silk ~J
Dress Coats; tel
reduced from Such an
10 S ai k oat. ad Tuh k
lined and unlined, ed Sa
pl and trm- 7 Ih
from $1.Zi 815 . The len
El BlackPEoau deO
whit esati n=d. 0 They a
Reducd from 810 Come ea
Bri llian tine I'
C oatsa, full ?lIl
duced from ..Wete
P rietle y Were $2.50. R
C oa ts . Re- 10 fine Foulard
duced f r om O .~LV pleated to the
320 to..-.. Second Floor.
duce fom .n5c. to..
Stationer1B2y. 10ce.
2-5c. nnd 35c. Writing Paper, the
wrapprsn of.which have be
29c. and 35c. Thread-finish and Ameri
can Beauty Writing Paper, a 15c.
pound....................... . *
boken, reduced tonery,.boxes
a IRibbons. e
ilways a good investment. An ex'- Red-oea
seekers tomorrow. effects and
1 and 11%-inch Satin Taf- good stylish
feta Ribbons, 'In splendid 4duced from 48
colors and lengths. A yd...A - - - Second Floor.
fo akn ird23 c. Rem
eBar t A .yd...... CORSET CC
Bargan Tales.sook, trimmed
finished withr
Jpholstery. __E_
ly small prices. Third floor.
a d................................'h
Remaat o SikoineinGINGHAM
manycolos. 2~C.kInd ~ binations, trio
aid finished with 1
a pii~CWOS-SIIed orUs. lagd, duced from 2
~~ - PIQE HA'
LU amd gS kn~ oede brm.'
* Wo&ke'g Oxfords.
An emelee eag ent of Til
SSomewhat broken-but by oming
It~~ ?a I q ' a your
ce half so well as will those who come
Ird Floor
:e Goods. White Persian Lawn.
plain, striped and bro- 12%e. quality....................... TMo.
oc. quality, 15c.; 25c.
1sc. quality. 9%c ad c. quality.........................1S%c.
idras with lace stripes- .e. quality...................oc.
%c 18c. quality. 12%c Qu dit ...O. .
lish L Cloth scan 2. quality...................12%.
25c. quality.........................15c.
yh Long Cloth, , c. quality..................12c.
.... '.......6%c. India Linon.
~lish Long Cloth, Sc. Quality......................
........... 8Yc. 15c. quality.....................loe.
x 1c
andy. IM inches wide: . quality ..."....".."".......12%.
25c. quality........................1.
30-inch Light Percale, 10c. Calicoes. in gray, black and
quality, for red, a yd.
Sc. 5c.
Calieoes in indigo blue. e 25c. Novelty Wash Voile, a yd.
_V4c. 12V2c.
" Pretty dinner services will cost
little if you're among the first four wo
men to this department tomorrow.
1 Royal Blue Dinner Service of English
porcelain, highly illuminated in gold;
few pieces missing. A 98
$19.50 set. To be
closed out at....
3 Dinner Sets, each slightly imperfect;
one white with -gold trac
ing and two with dainty
spray decorations; $12.00
natch sets. To close............ 48
Third Floor.
ced prices. Lining Riminints can always be
ice. used advantageously. Two lots at way
below actual worth.
4BERS,49c. A lot of L4nwgem
nants suctr -at Per
ERS, 79C. calines. Mercerized
[ES, 25c. inng W'F&m
[ S 5.brics in ai' colors Oii
5C and black To lose. 0
5 * ayard..........
a clean-up Linings that sold from
s have been the piece at 10c. to 23c.
Ireds of en- yard, including many
rious consid- excellent quality Sat
Floor. eens; in remnants, at,
a yard.....................0
First Floor - p.
nants Teaows0
uy a really high-grad e Tea Gown at considerably less
-ice. Second Floor.
assimere Tea Gowns- 1 Imported Lace Tea
pleated ruffle and rows
Sizes 34 to Gown lined with light
ioiled" and
irdcdblue Jap. silk. Size 38.
ile.duaed$2.95 ""' ''.'"'$115.00
.........---.. Reduced from $35 to..:..
iks at 15e* Yd
offering in Silks as you've never before had an op
uity to buy.
f 5c. a yard for 875 yards of Silks, such as Print- 4.
in Foulards, Striped Grenadines, plain Colotred x'
-Mai, Taffetas, Corded Wash Silks.
(ths are such that can be put to good use, and at *
iculously iow price quoted it will be economy to buy
a future.
e Silks worth up to 75c. yard.*
rly tomorrow and secure first choice at a yard, I5c.
'ash or Silk Waist is wanted here's yo'r opportunity.
N LAWN WAISTS, broad pleat effect, finished down
2 rows of dainty Swiss emrbroidery; sizes 34 to 40. J*JJ
EMNANT PRICE......................................
Silk Waists in black and navy, with small white dots; 29
bust; sizes 38 to 44. were $5.50. REMNANT PRICE.. e
nant TimmingsJ
Remnants of Fancy Guimpes and Braids, in black,'
white, plain colors and corrbinations--some gilt and Persian effects.X
4 to 6 yards in remnants, and worth l9c. to 2Zc. Half and less to.
nniaints Kimonas.
LONG KIMONAS of excellent qua1liy sheer India linon,
pretty Persia, trimming down front an ound sleeves, finished
with white stin ribbon bows. Regular' 1 kind. Not many, but
take these at 08c. Second Floor.
mants JMilinezry.
lats. In black and white Flowers in buitess kinds, embracing
retty colors,I pretty ros s, daisies, but
shapes. Re- C, tercups, etc. Reduced5c
.to . ....fr m 1 ...to ...... e
nants Undermauslinso
WVERS-odd lot, miade of camiA'Mr nain
in embroidery and cotton torchon and- VET. laces,
ibbon. 50c. and 68e. kinds, for........ ...-.........
S-ocabiwihlawn.. rufHle trhmmed in7 c
eks.Redcedfro 98.to......................
LIden's AppareL.
DRESSES, in red, pik,geu ani4oid rose color comn
med in white pique; aaio~ collr anfSSld belt; als
lack velvet beading. Sises I , 12 and 14 yd!ars. Re
--in pgnkonly Made with button crown and2 ,
Alb flDB " f fA
Robberies of AilWay Trains Said to
Have Been Trequeat- Ge
eral Item&
Special correepoodence ot The wesing Star.
ALHXANDRIA, Va.. August 4, iML
Ernest Mills and James. better khown as
"Barney," Richards, arrested on suspicion
of treaking into a frieght ear on the
Southern road with intent to steal there
from, were called before Justice Caton in
the police court this morning. Owing to
the absence of Commonwealth Attorney
Brent the preliminary hearing was post
poned until tomorrow morning.
The men were arrested by Officers
Knight. Bettis and Beach. An attempt of
two men to force an entrance into a ear in
the railroad yard on North Fairfax street
was discovered and frustrated by the night
watchman, who ran the intruders away
with his pistol. The seal of the car had
been broken and the door almost forced.
The arrest of Richards and Mills followed
a short investigation of the matter by the
Railroad robberies, not to mention numer
ous unsucessful attempts, have become no
ticeably frequent in and about this city in
the past several months. It is stated that
In the past year or so many thousands of
dollars have been lost in this way by the
railroad companies, whose lines center In
Believes He Will Be Nominated.
Mr. James R. Caton of this city Is at
tending the annual session of the Virginia
State Bar Association at Hot Springs. Mr.
Caton is a candidate for the democratic
nomination for lieutenant governor, and is
quoted at Hot Springs as expressing the
belief that he will be nominated. The oth
er candidate who has announced himself
for the honor is Mr. Charles T. Bland of
Portsmouth. Both are members of the
hctse of delegates. Mr. Caton has repre
sented this city and county for the past
two terms, and has done important work.
notably as a member of the constitutional
General Matters.
The funeral of Capt. Joseph Massey.
whose death occurred Tuesday, took place
yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock from the
undertaking rooms of B. Wheatley, on
King street. Many rivermen who were
formerly associated with the deceased at
tended. The services were conducted by
Rev. C. Adam Kress of the Free Methodist
The funeral of John O'Neal. who died
Monday. took place this morning at 9
o'clock from St. Mary's Church. Rev. Fa
ther H. J. Cutler officiated, and the inter
ment was made in St. Mary's cemetery.
The Friendship fire company is making
arrangements for its appearance in the pa
rade here during the annual convention of
the Virginia State Firemen's Association.
Among the members of the Friendship
company are some of the oldest citizens of
the city.
The monthly meeting of the city school
board will be held this evening, when the
time for the opening of the schools for
next session will be decided upon.
Commissioners Not to Beconstruct
Anacostia Bridge Without Draw.
Secretary Taft today approved the rec
ommendation of Gen. Mackenzie, chief of
engineers, that the District Commissioners
be informed that their plan for the recon
struction of the Anacostia bridge without a
draw had been disapproved on the ground
that a structure of that character would be
an interference with the navigation of the
The local engineer office, to whom the
matter- was referred, reported that a -full
investigation led to the conclusion that the
,new Anacostia bridge should be built with
a proper draw. In order not to be a serious :
obstacle to navigation. "Harbor lines have :
been established on the Anacostia river."
he said, "up to the Pennsylvania railroad
bridge, approximately 6,000 feet above the
bridge in question, and it is proper the
owners of the water front should be able to
utilize that portion of the river. There are
already two wharves constructed above this
bridge, one belonging to the Washington
Gas Light Company and the other to the
Allegheny Company, the business being
principally the handling of coal. These
parties claim a business of about 180,000
tons per annum. In order to handle a
business of that or any other character
above the proposed bridge vessels should
be able to approach the wharves without
evious handling of. the cargo. That
wuld not be possible with an existing
bridge below without a draw. I therefore
recommend that the proposed bridge be
built with a suitable draw span. If the
bridge is built as recommended, with a:
draw span, that span should be located as:
nearly as may be midway between pier
lines as determined. The draw span should
have a clear channel width of 100 feet."
Gen. Mackenzie approved this report, and
the Secretary of War has directed that the
District Commissioners be notified accord
ingly. The plans of the Commissioners
called for a fixed bridge with a maximum
clearance of 21 feet above low water and
sninimum spans of 150 feet.
Pertilizing Company to Improve the
Garbage Service.
Assistant Superintendent Twohey, who
is in charge of the street cleaning de- :
partment during the illness of Mr. Stut- =
ler, reported today that he had received
fifty-nine complaints from citizens today
relative to the failure of the garbage
Company to remove garbage. Yesterday
the complaints numbered ninety-five.
At the headquarters of the Washington
Fertilizer Company today It was stated
that the company has made arrangements
to remedy the lyad conditions existing for
the past few days, with reference to the
removal of garbage, and that the com
pany believes there will be no further
trouble over the matter. The garbage
company was inclined to blame the rail
road company for the conditions, stating
that the railroati company has failed to
move its garbage cars promptly.
Commissioner West today received a
communication from W. D. Duke, general
manager of the Richmond, Fredericks
burg and Potomac Railroad Company, in
which it. is asserted that the railroad
company is not responsible for the condi
tions of the past few days.
"'Of course," says Manager Duke, "it Is
natural for the fertilizer company to put
the blame upon the railroad company,
but I do not think that you can reason
ably expect us to move these cars at any
hour of the day or night, as there are cer.
tain conditions over which we have no
control which regulate the movement of
trains into and out of Washington.
"If the fertilizer compahy will put more
cars Into the service, which we have sug
gested more than once, it seems to us
that the demands during the summer
season could be more easily met. It is
not safe to count upon moving a load 6f
garbage to Cherry Hill and returning the
empties to Washington within, twenty
four hours."
District Depsanenmt ~3eperte Deelne
Th of Nearly 30 Per Cent,.
Teweekly report of the health depart
met. qubmitted to the Commissioners to
day by Dr: Williams C. Woodward, shows
that there were 102 deaths In the District e
of Columbia during the week ended on Sat- a
rday, July 30, 19U6. This Is A deimu of 0
hearly 30 per cent, as compared with the
number which occurred during the weeg
bere. This mortality represents a death 0
ate,-eer 1000 of the entire por**fam of
i7.S which Is the saane death rase as the
erresponding period of last year. Of thU *
*umer (IeMIR e of giwiepPb
SEtr. CsOems at S .'Cuesk.
314-311 SEVENTH ST
In addition
to the thousand
"odds and ends" that
are marked as though they
were of no value to us we will in
clude immense varieties of -Women's ap
MEDIATE CLEARANCE. No thrifty shopper
should remain away from the Bon Marche to
Hose, 10c. pair. Untr'm'd Hats,;* *' 19c. Each
Fine quality black This Is the clearance price for Lades' and Children's
dropstitched. For rn- untrimmed hats In large variety of styles-Tuscan lace
day only. and fancy braids in black; and colors.
Summer Suits, Coats & Skirts
Vests, 6c. each.
'est ' ' atwAbout Half theCostof flaking
Beat whitecotn
taped neck and arms. - White India Linen Shirt Waist
For Friday only. Suits; embroidery. tucked and
medallion trimmed styles; worth
:4 and $3.
Gloves, 10c. pr. Stlbh Linen Coat Suits, }$
O lovts, natural blue 'nd other
Fine lisle, two clasps, shades; worth $10.00 and $12.00.
black, white and colors.
Regular 25c. quality. A l ine rt it adtch
styles ; worth 4.0. $5 i00t and 2.9
Embroideries, Silk Coats, anl styl
6c. yd. ;tb,
Immensequan Closing Out the Linen Waists.
E d g i n g 9 I The final reduction in waists will be made tomo,r
Beadings (odds and row-entire a:ock of fine India Unen Waists will be
ends), 2 to 6 Inches wide. put on tables at the following sacrtflce:
79ce $ 1.25 $ $1.49
whn k, atua For W aist. For W aists
s hde 2;worth up to 1.00. worth up to 1.73
wort;hrt 4.0 $,0 n
7 c " a 9' 2 % a n d 1 l c . -
Tbrodered faand rdtohem- Unsemln in waiti be a t
stitched. Some slightly OF EVERY KIND IN THE "ODDS
___________AND ENDS," SLIGHTLY M U S S E D
Veils, 1c. each. TOMORROW
Handiae Ready-to- At About Half Price,
rnWt. black, Th e Lace Trimmed Cor W t
broded nand hem- UCovers. Tucked Draws
btitche. navye slghtlyemcedDaeC
champagne; hemstitch- Shor tce etcas Choie.fres
ed all round. Regular t -
prc_s3c Daintily Trimmed Corset Covers.
Ve, Night Gowns, Fine Petti
Take Cobination Cf Vteonhe,1
rSilk Ribbons, md Drawers.......
ed a d. Worth Your elgubau trimmed Garments.
-8y c. yd., 17c.td.InldgGon,Pt
y.Ucoats, Drawers. Ce- 68C
This price is for Fri- miss and orset Covers.
day only. All styles. hoice Choice..............
plain and fancy, black.
white and colors; 3 and Corsets. 19c. Bus , 12 c.
i Inches wide. Summer Corsets worth Gray, black. pInand
50c.; sohs 1s and 19-In. blue* Bustle. worth lo.
Fine Flowers, 3c Kimona, $34. nl Nntlgenl12.48.
Ol on;Blue fllll.
Bunch,. Worth Dainty S w I as ; only Lace trlmmned; worth
5A. and 19c. one; worth S&0L. MMSE.
Will close out all bro
ken lots of Roses, Fol- Less Than tHaf for Children's
a e, Forget-me-nots The Dawerst
Sweet Peas and Violets: Garments. Clearance ole.
c Unprecedented bargain. All broken lots In Children's India
valus u to$mis. Flri atey pri m-O~
mdSix Special close....................................
Children's White All-wool Serge Coats
~.a Iworth $4.98; for quick clearance .........$ 1.98
Children's Body Pettioats. sizes 6
- Pearl Shirt Waist Sets; months to 3 years .....................U 7 C
worth 15c.9 19cB .
and 25c.; set Children's Cambric Drawer Bodies;
19c. Fish Net IOc ages 2 to 14 years ....... ............ 9C.
25c Ptetatimm e.;.only. Lace.tr.ma.ed;..ort
Leter es.. n lt.
ChilrenceWhienteia inenrgain.
.Sarg ains. Cf
Pind.C 2 c.se... Flneet cus..........
19c. WFihteakt b hlrnsCloe iga r5~
seihoppinegs C
stone....P...9 ykeebrter tiee;siesunt tC
Leather Blts...rs
Pitawfns. foCho.....ce.................
Mi aPo ARns.1430S vet t
C arnens "ar^a ofe
Piano brke OrganCilrns.d
vpcalue for to$1.75. Frida'sphc,tly
UcdL od s ............................
Childr$85 SecWial, A$-wo3Srg0. as,
Infders' SDay aip;nc ands.eve
1327 trme Stre............
Chldenscolored Ihbtns fte ittI e ciga weresrprtu sa;wr
eased ram , thenymke repord s ey triscamed hieas e un tomu
ape whte nd Scolred Infants' a presty dinper wo upt
Threw.. 5 etl e arane1 Sle of -
Swh n tpia fowr. P reay-3 Sgty
Useas I Ludwg at i24 drcIareacheand ~ vl
Sanders& Stayman Co.,
132 Fw Sreet.
'-ter adahr'eo2.7prtm=*a fthna th cls ofatreo, is.,'

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