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Large Reductions in Rocker:
$3.00 Rocker
$2.11. Made
heavy rattan: dol
ble woven and e
tra heavy fram
high backs; vel
strong and "cor
$1.W9 for $2.-25 ar
$2.rn Rockers. Sor
painted a en
green, others
plain natural tinis
All have doub
woven seats. Wove
and curve backs.
Fourth Floor.
Umbrellas :
The biggest bargal
brellas at $1.39; and som
\ccording to the maker from
w" .ir w.- g.t thin. every parasol and
ever> umbrella is imporfect.
S.n. of th. imp.riections are plainly
pere.-ptible, others you will fail to dis
$2 and $2.50
For men and women. Made o
A t 1- .mnw with tape edges. paragon fi
io.t .\ large range of novel effects in hi
.iv "-trirmnmed. 1>re.4den and gun-metal eff
u mhriIas have n:itural wood sticks. $1.00.
$3S tO $ 4 S
These are Umbrellas for me n
\lo:t of them the imperfection
these will not he affected in the lea
The silks include twilled silks;
In the Women's Umbrellas the:
instead of $3 to $4.
First Floor-B or g.iin Tables.
Ball Candy,
5c. ibo
Shredded Cocoa nut
Cream Itall Candy, a tooth
some summer candy. To
morrow, a lb., r5c.
* * At Special Pricings.
5 ... Snowhterry goal,. d l
cakes for........ ...-.-l0c.
" 10e. Queen Quality Toilet Soap. 3 cakes
S for ...............................Ic
c Royal Cuticle Soap, a dozen cakes
*+. for .....................-.........--...---1?C
* 10c. to 25e. Ittth Sponges. choice...... 5c.
S25ec. Long-handle Bath Brushes tor...17c.
25. Bath:rsweet. special at.......... 11. .
25c. box T.alcutine............... .c.
2'e. Turkish Bath Gloves for..........19c.
loc,-. to 19e. French Tooth Brushes, all
pure bristles, for...................... C.
.+ 1!M. Holmes- Frostilla..................13c.
A Suc. bottle Hind's Honey and Almond
'sream, for.......... ................ c.
Patevs 175e. Vold Cream for............10.
*:.c. bulk Perfume, in several odors, an
o... ....... ..IC.
' lok-. Bailey Talcum Powder for........ Me.
*' Iac. Rubber Dressing Combs for......100. ,-.
SFirst Floor.
S5 Sty les of c.
Child's Dresses,
You pay more elsewhere for a:
.good. These are Nainsook Dresses,
2 yards wide, with yokes of bunch tucks,
all tucks and embroidery-and-tucks;
also bishop style. Deep hems. Sizes
6 months to 2 years. dc.
S'econd F.loor.
New Assortment
Tabard Inn Books.
Case has just been refilled with the
neest andI most popular books.
Saitur Ilay would be an eKeellent time
for exchanuge.
Excharng" fee. 5.ic
nuy a $1A0 book-pay 10Ic. for a case
indI you're a member of the Tabard Inn
-the, greatest library ever instituted.
Third Floor.
It'9s tTh
While any of these garments
your opportunity-be wise and tal
in several pretty styles, trimmed in lace
-anid f a g ti iin g;
waists pleated and
in fanrcy effects.
Were $l'l.30 and .
51-,. Niw.........
eclIent uruality. shirred waists trimmed
in lace insertion,
skirts in flare style
with tucks, shirr
Ing and lace. W,ere.
Selling of (A)X
Is it any wonder we are doing the shoe b
season's best styles at half and less? Bc
-AT $2.89.a
Our regular stock of 531.5,.54.0 and $5.00 0
They Include finest grades tan. calf skin,.
and black and tan suede. AUl sty
BROKEN SI2FA of Women's 53 and
$3.50 Black and Tan Oxfords.
You are almost suare of finding your
-size in on. of the many styles dis
All our Misses' and ChIldren'. Tan Roman
MEars 6 to 8, were 3.1.0 lises 8%~ to
for ..............0 31.lU ftr....
Iseond Floor.
9 P.M. af1
Tomorrow. THE Bt
md Parasols
ving of Half or More.
ns are some $3 Parasols at 98c.; some $4 Um
e $2.50 Umbrellas at $1.00.
Ordinarily the .reduction wou
Nevertheless every pisce 1s be about half what we have made. Yo
worth witbla a few oents of whaat additional saving results from the to
i that we took the maker's entire sto
it was made to s1 for. of Parasols and umbrellas rejected du
___________________________ ing the season by inspectors.
$2 to $3 Parasols, 98c.
All-silk Coaching and Trimmed Parasols, lig
00 and dark effects. The riajority are practically without I;
perfections. 98c.
good ani n $ lto $2 Parasols, 75c.
indies, Includingpli fac
ects. All men's For children. Made of plain and fancy sil'
colors-light blue, Pink, red and white. 75c.
ilk Umbrlas9 $139.
and women and made of the very best grade of silk.
s are so slight as to be unnoticeable. The wearing qualities
t by these imperfections.
tape edge taffetas; levant and yarn-dyed silks.
re is a good assortment of colors and novelty boxwood handles. $I.
Keeping Up
Cut PricQUH
$2.50 "Magic" Gas Stoves with alu
minum finish. 3 patent double burn
ers, nickel pipe. Guaranteed. Cut
to $1.09 "Star" Curtain Stretch
ers with nickel pins, adjustable. Cut
18c. "Phoenix" Patent Paper Dust
ers with wire handle, guaranteed for .Sc. Nickel Alarm Clocks, stand
a year. Cut to ard make, guaranteed for- 12
9 ironths. Cut to
f8c. set of Mrs. Potts' Famous Sad 65c. Watering Cans of best grs
Irons, consisting of 3 irons, heavy galvanized iron with
separate handle and stand; 69c detachable sprinkler; 8-qt. size. 39
highly polished. Cut to........ Cut to..............................
89c. Wash Boilers, of best grade 60c. Step Ladders of best
blocked tin; strong handles quality clear lumber; well 39
and bottoms; sizes 8 or 4. Cuta ; fami si Cut to.
to......................................fml iz.Ctt...'
59c. Granite Iron Berlin 60c. Brightest and Best Oil
Saucepans, long handle and 39c. Stoves with cast iron tank;29
cover, 8-pint................... * large wick. Cut to............
Summer Hosiery offered at very advantageous prices in orde1
effect quick clearance:
91instead of 25c. for Women's All-over Lace Lisle Hose,
I O seamless.
instead of 39c. for Women's j~in stead of 25c. for Infa
29c. Black Cotton Hose with IC. AlIl-over Lace Socks.
*white splt soles; full regu,- broidered and plain, full
lar made, extra large sizes. ular made, Hermisdorf black.
instead of 50c. for Women's for Children's 12%c. 1 by 1
5C All-over Lace Lisle Hose, *, Fast Black Stockings, all u
*Hermsdorf black, full regu- full seamless, double ka
lar made; extra large sizes. heels and toes.
Lce Best Timeo of thbe I
ill be good style for next season, yet it's our policy to begin each
:e advantage of it.
DRESSES of excellent quality taffeta jce tls hieo le lc
ilk; in stripes, checks, mottled antd plain ga;wit rme npet n
effects, box-pleated c ri-oepanwt ht t
and military style; ig krspet
$ 1 -'- a d $ 12.98J ad 2.0.No.
LINEN COATS, with cape collars, hand- A TS nbak
mely embroider leadga,lh
and medallions. & .7 lee n et
usiessoftheciy wenwe ffr tai Chlten' Camic whta
ithwoenandchldenbendld.ed andfl a4 okd ut
e hels an toes Sind $2.0 to er..
We hae comined ll ou Misss'aan
Chiere' $15. No.....25ad.0 WKri$1A .
uses ofre itysu ahnd we et
bth womn weand tofedi children 'sbenened..
5frd AND LL IES11.
Satndalsd an t cobs t, ies athersee fnli
11. wer Ieryl ruof2e ered signe anttoi
.ehelsan toes........e........to...14... year....................Ths
| At 79. | .6 f
L op
ST.8PA.AVE. .. 91P
A 1aker's Rei
One of the best known maker s of neckwear c
You've never been offered a c hance to buy re
ld assortment includes:
7 Kinds of Stylish
champagne and white etamine, trimmed -
in feather stitching and fagoting, plain
and colored borders. with and without
ht button hole for ties. 10c.
lars of heavy French embroidery. 10c.
lawn with Val. lace: and muslin em
broldered borders. 10c.
These are Ne& Pieces that were brought out l
such a small price-you can buy a generous supply t<
50c. Promenade Stocks, 25c.
Entirely new. Made of white pique with lace in
sertion tops, complete with four-in-hand silk tie of red.
navy,. white, light blue and green peau de soie.
- Made to sell at 50c. Because we bought these half price
of we shall sell them at 25c.
$1 to $1.50 Dutch Collars, SOc.
39 Dutch Neck Collars in a myriad of pretty styles,
and only one of a kind.
You pay half and a third original worth for these.
First Floor, Bargain Tables.
the Iirterest fin
t1 O
40c. Granite Iron
Saucepans with long
handle and cover, 5
pint size; cut to
9 7 q5c. H e av y
, - Glaanized Iron 4c. Challenge
Garbage Cans. T o i l e t Paper,
riveted handles, large siz e r,
Best quality Hard- ;J f.covers. ex- large size, high
wdClte-.Pn. tra good size. grade perforated
wood 'ClgthestiPIns. Cut to tissue. Cu: to
100 for
9c. 59c. 2c.
de; Best quality patent end Cover- __ Mc. Granite Iron
ed Gas Tubing, all lengths, cut 2C Milk Boilers. 3-pint
to. a foot......................... to...................
---+ $10 Condor Ref.rige
E7 Gas Ranges, 2 patent burners on case, galvanized line
top, mammoth burner un- eral wool and char
der oven: family size; guar-.V0 9 movable ice chamn
anteed; cut to.............. sliding shelves; 10)
ice capacity. Cut to
60c. Granite Iron Drip Cof- 7c. large bottle Amn
fee Pots, 2-quart size, cut to.. 39 * 9c. Mottled Water
l19c. China Cuspidors
t Carriage Bags and I
Cariag Largely Reduce
CaraeBags in latest styles,6ftted with card c;
purse ; all colors. $1.49 kind for.... ... .... .. ..
full 51 and ;1.50 Carriage Bags, fitted with Carriage Bags, 6-i
card. caand purse, sotieawith pus rus leather, fitted i
em gilt or oxidzed. All colmso klors. Reduced too
**- 69c. 4
Rb Women's g0c. Silk Bets in all sizes, r-duced to ...........
ees, Women's Smak Belts i newest styles. Made to sell for P. Il
First floor.
fear to
season with entirely new goods. It's WiePr
or se|T;"*ftti ;ng. b od aouM ea mailtry aeil, b o d
sh- silk and embroid- j Jf odanywisi
S ered ornaments. e. W
Were $18.5. Now,. UPt4.
WALKING SKIRTS of &an- tcigbtene
ama. voile and fancy fnyht~ttb
mJE ixtures, nicely tailor- bLad
ed and in pretty styles. ~B U 1
Were $7-96 and [email protected]
. Now......,........__
Second Floor, .zut&Io
Undermau s$ orw netiu
if s can be. i
rers, finished .with embr~ g . wn oi
ioles. Sizes 3 to II years e~'m .Soesilda
- Musir. Petticoats &aan
brcrufBle, embroidery
a med. 1ise d to 14; at . ......
Second Floor. Pplr8etM
r Fifty-Piese$.2o$
orl Frome d6.50.
he Puter
broa plats fi
Whit Perian
Steapn Cookers
Aboiat ha4treluced.
W e offer - sies in 'tie
efl very latest Improved Steam
Pgitively no tainting of
the food when several dif -
tn ferent kinds are cooked
Odors do not escape into
the room while cooking.
.M It is a real advantage and
saving in cooking a whole
meal at one time with one
gas. oil or coal fire.
rrow. The cooker has an auto
matic whistle alarffn, which
gives warning when atten
tion is needed.
$5 size, $2.79. $6 size, $3.39.
$8 size, $4.79.
Third Floor.
nnant Lots of
S Than Half
osed out the entire balance of his summer stock.
11 25c. Neck Pieces like those for so little as Ioc. The
Neckwear at l0c.
. STOCK COLLARS of lawn,
with Val. lace insertion tabs. in all
C white and white and blue, white and
jpink and white and lavender. lbc.
net foundation. in White and blue and
white with Persian colorings. 10c.
LAWN STOCKS, with buttei -
fly bow trimmed in Val. lace. 1Oc.
te in the season, and are now greatest in demand. At
tide you over the summer season.
$1 to $2 Yokes, 50c.
So sheer and fine that at a single glabce you
recognize them as worth double and four times asked price.
They are but ofne of a kind. and represent a manufactur
er's sample line.
Innumerable styles. See table. 50c.
25c. Four-in-Hands. 17c.
Four-in-Hand Ties, in popular colorings of car
dinal. navy, brown, green. also black or white.
You have always use for an extra tie.
Crushed Raspb-erry,
mServed as Sundae or ice
cream soda at the fountain
tomorrow at a glass, 5c.
Quenches thirst.
fo Jewelry
Impopted Brooch Pinsd Were oOc.
shade. Cut to.............
SiOc. Gold Shell Rings, set with I Qic. ~
assorted stones for
98c. Sterling ailser har Pins, set
with white stonesw formin-..
50c. Pearl,top Ht Pins for. 25c. -.
$1e5i or Red- One-piece Godozaen King Col
ona .... 3lar Buttons
Ither s. . ..1 c
ing Lamps, cen
ter draught First Floor.
burner. co-co
piete with white ..
porcelain dome Ic. S repe Suaper, I Oc.
cream. soda attetonti
shd.Ct"t New things.~ from the mills and
specially priced for tomorrow. Choice
variety of Japanese and Rose decora
Rice or tion. Rolls are 10 feet long.
size, cut 44c. Stationery Dept., First Floor.
ratorsI genuine ashin. Wr
. packed with mn- set with
cosheathing; re
ler; . Attractively Priced.
Ibs. Inverness Linen Box Paper, that is
" " " equal to any 23c. grade. Spiecial. 4c
a box ...........................
ona......... 98c. Paper for the little ones called Juven
itchersw tc. hle Sports, in pretty picture ef
m ottled ....... . fe t in color on each sheet. A 2 4 c.
box .......... .. . fo........ *
Romanesque Writing Paper, a pretty
crash weave in white mr azure. A
v a r ie t y o n J a p n e d a n p R e e c +
d. sheeron fabric,r in anetr long. ,4
SainrDet.First Floor.
Attra,o wX- w otil Crds,
Tats fora the unsucalle suellng
The re entprety pnctur bea'f
,.mottled.......1c. theti colorn ad theet Afute
5 NelLoss.
From 98c.to$.5
iah frawn o Wasso odqu-t,wt
ish ped d Awn frontwt ie uk.Al-ie
awn aistsof f ReomaesqeWring Paper W ais trtty
Old M5c.ispefec Bo tn.pu.ht.hn
andros f cuser roshe fbroa, s in n setnag dw
cuews sAll shaeet Ap tox......25 0
Seiond Floor.
sic vca ad huiri- Tha' 2 l.f eus uai~ wlln seg
ihtytoi-a3 where fomins an ther ar5furee
edcet. i.. lshc. TotinfsI tdiic otyoe
,at acoyiffeny vilewqs.y Spcal pisfr at
52 SSrday on2y. 2
styleswaLohts of
Tsh hit Wy m aists
From 50c t $.25a4.
ipse on rn with finea ts. Al izes50c
nats to ie bust fin-Dst
teng Al 5ce .kaC#* s eis. 8c
hite hbsa asaWit. rme
Al s .s.pto4......
Russia Payg Compersatien to Ownez
of Seized Vwseis-Kuroki's
Two Vietories.
A cablegram from Chefoo says: The
steamer Wuchow, which has arrived
here from Nauchwang. brings further de
tails of the latest Japanese assault on Port
Arthur. When nearing Chefoo the Wuchow
picked up a junk carrying seven men, four
women and one boy, who left Port Arthur
yesterday. They reported that the fighting
north of the city of Port Arthur occurred
r.t Wolf Hill and was sanguinary. r-sulting
in the repulse of the Japanese. Yts hil is
situated near the rallro:ad and eig: tra'ns
were kept busy bringing the wounded sol
diers into the city. The wounded nien
from the east forts reached Port Arthur in
all kinds of vehicles, many, however., cotn
ing afoot, dragging shattered limbs.
The Russians unite in declaring ti-at the
fortress will never fall, but they t xlwct
that scarcely a building will be left in the
city, where now there is scarceij a whole
pane of glasa. The Wuchow cotIrnn. the
statement that the fighting al:tted during
the night or July :M. but had not ...mpp te
ly subsided when the refuge., lVft. The
Russian fleet from its anchorage sh"' 1- I tn -
advancing Japanse after retur-.ng from
what seems to have been a re'onnoit."ring
Forts Bristle With Guns.
The Chinese arriving here recently say
that the Japanese captured two light gar
risoned forts on the east shore, but ;han
doned them when their comra.lbs were re
pulsed from other positions. The liusaians,
however, insist that this is untrue
The forts at Port Arthur lristle with
guns, including many of eight-in-. cliher
but the naval artillerymen a-e ail-grd to
have inflicted the heav!et lusas -t the
The present unusual exodus from P'ort
Arthur is due to the granting of errnis
sions to leave the beseiged city. whii.t !:rr,"
tofore the Russian offielais h.iv. with
The Japanese are now occuping the cut
post trenches. which they c.tptur.,l from
the Russians. Roth the Japatn.se and the
Russian fleets are reported to be in ex
celle-t condition.
Owners of Vessels Compensatej
A cablegram from London says: The
Times insurance correspondent says: The
Russian government has paid the com
pensation to he owners of the British
steamer Foxton Hall for damages sustain
ed during her detention inst February at
Port Arthur, and all claims of the owners
against the underwriters have been with
drawn. There were special circunstanees
in this cape which makes it quitc distint
from th- recent Russian proceedings
against neutral shipping. The Foxton lail
had taken coal at Port Arthur for the use
of the Russian admiral, and was detained
at the outbreak of war in order that the
coal on board might he tak.'n out.
"The Russians consequently were part
ners in the adventure, and weredict
responsible for any d:amage suff'red by the
vess.l during her detention. At the same
time it must be admitli that the Russian
treasury has shown a re:ison;able sense of
its obligations toward neutrals. and the in
cident may improve the prospects for the
display of a s:mil:tr reasonable spirit being
she,wn with reg:ird to compensation for
sinking the Knight ('ommander. Some
Knight (ommander war ri.,k policies on the
cargo. belonging to Americ:n shippers, are
payable in Yokhama. Steps, however. have
been taken to change the plac." of payment
to New York, in order that the owners of
th cargo may make their demands for
con pensation through the Washington gov
ei nment.
"The war risk market is active, but there
are not many mcre inquiries for rates than
the actual business done, as it is felt that
Red sea saptures winl begin again soon, this
toime by authorized cruisefes.
Kurphi's Dooble 'Ttory.
A cabletram from Tokyo says: The
two battles fought simultaneously by Gen.
Kuroki had for their object the driving
of the Russian divisions under Gen. Count
Keller, which Gen. Kuropatkin had placed
between Liao-yang and Gen. Kuroki's
army. The fighting took place on the
northern road and on the main road to
Liao-yang, with the result that the Russian
screen has now been forced back to sli
tions only fourteen miles from Liao-yang.
Russians Destroy Their Ship.
A cablegram from London says: The Dai.
ly Mail of yesterday had the follow
ing from Niuchwang, under date of Au
gust 3: "The Russian gunboat Sivoutch
(which has been in the Liao river since the
beginning of the war) has been deserted
and blown up near San-cha, and the crew
with the vessel's guns have started fur
Liao-yang. Two Japanese gunboais went
out Monday to reconnoiter the position of
the Sivoutch, and were fired upon.
A dispatch fromn Niuchwang. Jumy hl, aid
it was reported there that the Sivoutch had
been destroyed at a point thirty miles up
the Lia river. On July 29I a Tokyo paper
reported that the Sitroutch had been captur
ed by the Japanese.
Senator Hoar Able to Sit Up-Ailment
an Old One.
A-dispatch from Worcester, Mass., last
night says: The slartming reports concern
ing United States Senator George F. lioar's
health, printed this morning, have no foun
dation except in the fact that his daughter
returned from a visit to Pigeon Cove yes
terday. She was not summoned home, and
the senator had no sudden illness.
Senator Hoar is ill from an attack of
lun-bago, complicated by what is called
malaria. He was troubled by lumbago for
the last four weeks of the last session of
Congress, and re'nained In his bed nearly
the whole of that time, although he was
permitted to go to the Capitol two or three
times for committee meetings and matters
of special importance in the Senat.
At the end of the session he was pro
nounced cured by his physician. but was or
dered to abstain from any public speaking
or any considerable mental effort for sev
eral months to come. On his return to
Massachusetts he disregarded the physic
itn's injunction so far as to deliver an ad
dress in the-open at the Sutton bicentennial
celebration and. another in the Worcester
court house in honor of his friend, the late
Colonel Stodcard.
He had another attack of lumbago which,
was quite severe and which kept
him in bed most of the time for several
weeks past. Though he sits up part of ev
ery day his physicians say he is sariy
improving, but that the cure will be slow.
Re receivs visitor's at any time and is in
good spirits. He does not expect to be of
much servies In the early pert of the po
litical campaign unless possibly by writing
one or two letters.
lather Shot His Sam by Xistak&
A special dispatch from Harper's Ferry.
W. Va., last night says: Tonight, about ii
o'clockr, T. 3. Jones, a liveryman. was
awakened out of his sleep aad theught he
heard burglars in his house. He caater
downstairs and saw his son, Ashton, whom
he did not recognise, running down the
alley by the house. Thinking his son was
a piurglar, Jones ired, and shot his som
through the right side, the puliet going
elear through him.
Three Drowsed in a Creek.
A dispatch inns Cambertand, Md., -mst
night says: While endeavoring to save his
two eons from drowning. Is Knapp's ereek,
nesr Mariitem, W. Va., yesterday evening,
William Westenhinder of Lee Bell, W. Ta.,
sank with the boys, and the three were
drowned. Mra Westenmbnder and her
daughter stoodE on the hank and witnesed
the tragedy, beiag poweuies to give aid.
Tbb famsily was oa Its way to Yizginla.
The beys were antabg ta a deep hole
tabove an anasOUSs4et desve er wMk
p9glegs, when cssgt by a esseent ad
innn st the ;is. Na fspis seet

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